Sunday, August 3, 2008

Both parties suffer high casualties in Mallavi fighting

Fierce clashes erupted between the Sri Lanka army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on Friday (1st) when the tigers resisted the SLA push towards Mallavi. The tigers mounted an attack on soldiers constructing defenses on newly captured areas south of Mallavi. 21 SLA soldiers were killed and 55 were wounded in the clash. At least 20 LTTE cadres were killed and over 30 were wounded.

Some pro LTTE media reported that a Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) of the army was captured by the tigers in this battle. This claim is inaccurate but the tigers did capture a jeep transporting SLA casualties from the front line. 3 SLA soldiers on board the jeep were killed and their bodies were captured by the tigers.

Despite high LTTE resistance, SLA operations in south of Mallavi and Tunukkai are still continuing. High resistance in these areas is understandable as the fall of wither town will effectively bring the de facto capital of the LTTE, Kilinochchi, within SLA's artillery range. The LTTE has deployed fighters from their Imran Pandiyan and Charles Anthiny regiments to Mallavi and Tunukkai to face the regular infantry units of the 57 division.


  1. Defencenet, thanks for the update.

    May the soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice attain nibbana! Our hearts are always with you!

    Keep up the good work everyone from the defence establishement speically the bravehearts from commandos, STF and LRRP units! We owe you more than you know.

  2. we'll wait and see... keep your moral up.

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  4. DefenceNet, thanks for the update.

    it looks like the Tigers have little choice now: they have to move some cadres from the Northern most front towards the Vanni to bolster the fragile defences, leaving the FDL at Nagarakovil, Muhamalai and Killai much more porous than before. Tigers may give up on Elephantpass at some point, if the military thrust continues at this rate from the South.


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    I think the euphoria will die down soon. Don't forget when President Premadasa was in power, freshwater fishing was banned and we all know how far it went.

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  7. LTTE has successfully completed the operation Red bird 2. They was able to recapture Illuppaikkadavai and Vellankulam in a single night.

    LTTE will target Vidattaltivu in the next phase of the operation, "Operation Redbird 3".

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  10. Out of the topic:
    Not 100%. But phonographic can be banned effectively upto a certain content.

    This is how it works:
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  11. qrious

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  12. OT,

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  13. ruslan

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  14. Shan,

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  16. I'm against the porn ban. As much as I believe that we should protect our kids from porn, its not the presidents or governments job to do it. Its the parents job to keep an eye on the kids. What an adult does in his or her privacy, be it watching porn, isn't the governments business. This law is unconstitutional. Porn comes under freedom of expression.

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  18. Commando,
    Very well said.May our brave troops who made the supreme sacrifice attain nibbana! Our hearts and prayers will be with you always!."Theruwan saranai" to all our troops.May god give you courage and strength to defeat the LTTE.

  19. 57 division is in a state of disarray from what i hear. LTTE elite formations have taken control of the situation. They have also recaptured Vellankulam.

    The SUV ambushed by LTTE well behind SLA lines carried an SLA major. SUVs are not used to carry lesser personnel on the battlefield.

  20. Whoever who call sri lanka "pundey", should know they were fed, educated and given identity by sri lanka, the funniest part is after getting everything free some people forget where the roots are,

    Don’t betray your mother!

  21. It is raining cats and dogs - how about Tigers?

    When it is raining heavily - I mean, pouring - the English used to say, "It is raining cats and dogs." I always wondered how this phrase originated and did a bit of research on it, in my spare time.

    In fact, there are records among Europeans to show that animals did come down with rain. Believe me, I once saw frogs coming down with the rain when I was a small boy and my grand dad did not show any surprise at it, when informed; he just rubbished my observation that made me dropping a few tears in disgust. However, later on, it transpired what the great old man actually did was not belittling me, but refusing to be surprised at something that he knew was in existence.

    I didn't turn to biologists asking for explanation about the phenomenon for obvious reasons. They know the fall of animals with rain does take place and as usual, don't run away from it; they have explanations, no matter how ridiculous they sound.

    Biologists say these animals go up with tornaedoes, cyclones and storms only to come down with rain at unsuspected times.

    Any idiot who has witnessed a tornaedo knows very well the chances of survival of a living creature when caught in the bloody funnel: it shreds houses, cars, trees and buildings to pieces, yet these learned men want us to believe that these creatures remain unscathed until they come down in a less-than gracious fall.

    This is a crazy explantion and only biologists are good at arriving at things of this sort.

    So, the fact that animals come down with rain is not a figment of someone's imagination; nor is it an invention of a fiction writer.

    The explanation only calls for sanity. We, the open-minded folks, have no problem with it as we are prepared to accept anything that makes sense - with no particular allegiance to any particular camp, whether it is scientific or suprstitious.

    European thinkers of 17th century have widely written about this phenomenon. Swedenbirg, Lorber and Mayerhofer were a few who were at the forefront.

    Accroding to ancient texts, this unusual phenomenon of birth takes place in the upper atmosphere by the combinations of spirits, ions and of course the electic currents as well. Besides, the phenomenon has not produced just cats, dogs, fish and frogs. It can even go further.

    Being armed with new-found knowledge in the above concept and boundless enthusiasm, I scanned the Northern front with my third eye as recently as yesterday.

    I saw our national traitor who has been tormenting us for three decades while giving instructions to blow up our women and children when his henchmen hack our innocent peasants.

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    Senior Prabhakarans may claim for this despicable possession, because he grabs headlines. Parents love when their children just do it and even are prepared to pay for journalists to get it done.

    It is very unlikely that this savage came out of a womb to suckle on human nipples for nourishment.

    He should be branded extra terrestrial and banished from the surface of the earth as soon as practicable.

    Then the phrase, 'It is raining cats and dogs,' must be revised as follows:

    "It is raining cats, dogs and Tigers."

    Then, at least future generations will be on high alert before feeling collectively sorry, at a later stage.

  22. someone - after a long while - said,

    57 division is in a state of disarray from what i hear. LTTE elite formations have taken control of the situation. They have also recaptured Vellankulam.

    The SUV ambushed by LTTE well behind SLA lines carried an SLA major. SUVs are not used to carry lesser personnel on the battlefield.

    If blatant fabrication is vice, wishful thinking certainly is a relative virtue!

  23. Entirely blocking all P2P or any other protocol, programs and sites used to distribute porn is not the answer. There are many legit uses of these mediums and majority use the technology for something useful. Shutting down one distribution medium to prevent a few folks from downloading porn is a crime. They might just as shut down the whole internet, that way no one would ever download porn again.

  24. porn DVD/VCD will be still available

    doing this will not help the kids

    sorry DN for this post


  25. guys, check out this ltte base

  26. re-opening the cement factory at Kaangkeasanthu'rai...

    news item on the reopening of the cement factory with Indian and Japanese assistance.

    The cement factory, which was started in the 1950s, was closed down in the 1980s due to the civil war. The first casualty of the factory was a hospital functioning at Kaangkeasanthu’rai, which had to be closed down and shifted to Thellippazhai.

    Ahaaa... These are the releasons why I'm so confident of terror is coming to the end.
    International community started to invest the money in Sri Lanka.....

  27. SL

    Google Map

    Thank you for sharing the above map details. Lot of concreate kind of base there. Surely Govenement should have more details about this place.

  28. perein,

    I believe they do have intel about it. This building is so shiney, its hard to miss from spy sats lol

  29. maybe defensenet can fill insome info about the building.

  30. perein,

    Here if you are interested, another base, much smaller then the one I showed you and it is more towards the north west.

  31. They are very similar in apparence though.

  32. sl-
    Have checked with open map .
    However cannot spot the same thing. Google map could be more upto date....

  33. if you look carefully, there is a square very shiney looking structure that looks almost like a satellite or radio tower to the left of the structure.

  34. did you try my link correctly? let me post again..

  35. Thank you for the 2nd map too. Did you notice the Square pillar kind of thing on it? It's looks like a air trafic controller ..

  36. Sl-
    Funny, you and me both has noticed the White Square there :)

  37. here is the base 1 that i showed you, since you wanted to see it with open map, here it is. :)

  38. that looks like an ltte graveyard. shiny building is prob the main entrance/ admin to graveyard. highly doubt ltte wud be stupid enough make something important so conspicuous.

  39. "Thank you for the 2nd map too. Did you notice the Square pillar kind of thing on it? It's looks like a air trafic controller .."

    If only you could zoom in closer for a closer look!

  40. mboi, i know what you mean. Good chance it could just be a grave yard. But do check out the second base I posted.

  41. SL-
    Well noticed in Open map.
    Did you notice the Mulliyawalai, Vidyananda college marked next to that.
    SL Gov should surely have the details about the area as well as what's that building is about !!!

  42. SL-
    You keep beating me to the info :) .. Good stuff bro. Keep up the good work.
    Wonder how difficult SL Gov to pay for a upto date satalite pictures these days. Then get few officers to zoom in.

  43. perein, i believe they are already getting help with lots of satellite images.

    i'd be a little skeptic to know that they would have a huge graveyard next to the school.

  44. sl-
    I do n't think it's a graveyard, as mentioned surly not closer to a school.
    Usually there are lot of wells around those areas for watering etc. Due to health hazards etc. surely wont have a grave yard next to a school/s.
    Also from that place towards (North east more like) east (From the possible base) coast of the sea is not too far.

  45. mboi,

    here is a cemetary

  46. perein, we'll have to see what defense net thinks about it! Nonetheless, they are good maps.

  47. sl-
    Time to catch some sleep mate.
    Take care and good night.

  48. //Sri Lanka Navy's Rapid Action Boats Squadron (RABS) and Special Boats Squadron (SBS) destroyed an LTTE make-shift camp located on Iranathivu Island off the North-western coast, destroying one LTTE boat, killing four LTTE cadres and capturing two LTTE boats, in the evening on the 02nd August 2008.//

    What's the difference between RABS and SBS?

    [Now any one knows where is the LTTE 'Mannar operation command' is located? And also, what LTTE's marine commandos' are doing?]

    SAARC is over. Nothing happened, why? Becuz ZTTE had a 'unilateral ceasefire'. LTZE better extend that 'unilateral ceasefire' by another week. In that way they can say to di-ass-pora "SLA is capturing our homeland just becuz we are in a unilateral ceasefire, otherwise..." And int. media also can write "GSL capture rebel areas while rebels are on a ceasefire...". LTTE can expect some extra help from NGOs as well towards 'negotiations' by extending own ceasefire.

    After capturing Vellankulam SLA has options to go north or east. What would be the best option?

    SLAF will get MIG 29s soon. Are we going to see some (annual) tin can show again? Or only the operation red bird?

    DELON takes aim at Eelam’s Most Talented Brapper: MATHANGI ARUPRAGASAM (a.k.a MIA)

  49. delon sucks, and i swear Mia is like a tamil suicide bomber. her hair is crazy, her style of music is crazy. its like as if she is having a jungle warfare in her own music.

  50. but u know what, i like the new rap song he made going against MIA and her BS freedom fighter stories in her songs! DeLon, keep rapping man! spit em the truth!

  51. commando,

    We have come to a place for LTTE will put up highest resistance possible, i.e. do-or-die attacks. I hope our bravehearts will overcome the resistance slow and steady. Slow and steady is very important at this point to eliminate the CA, Imran Pandiyans, and Ratha bands. Once we go pass this stage, I believe that the rest will go little easy. May be it is the time to open an 8th front along the Vanni front, probably to boost 59th.

  52. thanks DN for the update.

    for the first time in a LONG TIME, LTTE casualties were lower than SLA casualties in a battle.

    i blame the SLAF for this. they should use jets to bomb this type of HUGE LTTE build-ups. anyway there is another chance as the thrust has not stopped. Mi-24s were used at a very low intensity and frequency.

    mallavi is the fourth largest town under the LTTE. so they will do everything to protect it.

    the mallavi battle offers an ideal opportunity to HARVEST a large number of QUALITY tigers. this battle is unique as future battles will look like this in terms of LTTE's HIGHER resistence.

  53. "i blame the SLAF for this. they should use jets to bomb this type of HUGE LTTE build-ups."

    Actually this brings up a Q I had on many occations, Defencenet or others, how are those LTTE cadres jsut standing around the ambushed jeep like that, why can't the SLAF target them? They don't seem very concerned of such action either?

  54. my profile id is 00636548935052852126.

    Some Kind of animal using my nick name.

  55. jack,

    MILs would be ideal for such a mission.

    the constraint is NOT resources or timing. its the FOCUS. this was discussed in GREAT detail in DW & DN sometime back.

    ALTHOUGH recently SLDFs focus slightly moved to a MORE killing strategy, STILL their main focus is NOT "killing as many tigers as they possibly can".

    this was challenged by many of my friends here, but UNFORTUNATELY this is the reality according to those in the forces.

    there is another connected issue. given the MASSIVE cost of crafts, weapons, operating cost, etc., etc. SLAF jets and gunships can ONLY go on a mission AFTER a series of approvals on IDENTIFIED targets. although this is a very prudent way to do things, it doesn't allow for proactive and/or spontaneous missions.

    one suggestion was to use low cost crafts on limited and not-so-demanding missions so that the bigger (more expensive) ones are relieved.

    another suggestion was to have an overall commander. this structure was approved a few months back but we are yet to see any further developments.

    but still it requires a change in the MAIN FOCUS which is not likely to happen soon although SLDFs have come a long way from where they were.

  56. sl, perein

    did you guys see cern's google map on the location of recent SLAF hit on ablack tiger camp.

    nothing on it though the UAV image does hve buildings.

    both locations look the same.

    take a look at cerno

  57. Some freaks use ma name as his Nick ..may be ma name is his Surname ..who knows ...!

    Yov dude whats the purpose of using ma nick to comment ....

  58. reports how ranil and another UNP MP had tried to implicate gotabhaya in their crimes.

    generally in these cases bodyguards take all the blame and save the big shots. may be the use of some "interrogation" methods will help bring out the truth.

    interestingly the abduction of journalists stopped when the visa racket was exposed.

    captured white van jokers need the real white van treatment!!

  59. For the 1st time today i read about the Navy Rapid Action Boats Squadron. Exactly what is this unit? Can't be another special forces unit, Navy already has the Special Boats Squadron. Anyone has some info on this unit?

  60. The Mig-29 deal is to be followed up by more Mig-27s, in replacement of recent loss.

  61. Navy Rapid Action Boats Squadron are maybe more S.E.A.L.S. ??? for rapid deployment when needed and whenever it is necessary.

  62. TS
    you mean the belly landed 27 is not in repairable stage is it?

  63. (redbird) Kuttu-Shyam-Thiru,

    SAARC is over.

    Do we have to wait until the Olympic is over.

    LoL :)

  64. punday_Lanka,
    i was kind of surprised by your comment.As opposed to the past the FDL(forces) is not etched in stone(a big big mistake made by the forces in the past).Ie fluidic.This is why the forces have been so successful in "maveering" so many LTTE cadres even if they have "global human rights watch(+any caucasian who has had a bad night)and that Tchelvam smile".So this so called LTTE penetration info FDL for want of a better word is insignificant.However if the 57th div is in disarray thats very serious.Under these tragic? circumstances the only option left to both of us is to pursue Canadian caucasian pussy with much more vigor for some consolation.Long live EELAM in Canada!!

  65. I got to know that Theepan who was defending the northen FDL of the LTTE has been removed and has been brught down to defend the SLA offensive from the south. If Theepan has been removed who is the commander of the FDL of the LTTE in Muahmalai and Nagarkovil???

  66. B#1-

    (redbird) Kuttu-Shyam-Thiru,

    SAARC is over.

    Do we have to wait until the Olympic is over.

    LoL :)

    Is that the China 2008 or London 2012 ?

  67. I got to know another thing as well. SLA spies have found out that the LTTE has a plan of attacking Muhamalai and Nagarkovil in a large scale using air and ground troops and after that attacking Jaffna .Hence the SLA has been strengthening the FDL of Muhamalai and Nagarkovil. The increase of SLA artillery attacks are due to this reason. The use of snipers has been effective because they observe the FDL of the LTTE and give us valuable info while taking down atleast 3-4 LTTE cadres as well.
    More troops have been brought in to reinforce the FDL as well. But with Thileepan gone south i doubt whether LTTE will try to attack the jaffna peninsula.

  68. Guys,

    I just got some hot news from someone who knew the Tiger hireachy very well in the past.

    It was reported sometime back that Soosai of Sea Tigers went to Singapore for treatment for a wound he suffered when IPKF were in the North.

    What actually happened, according to my man, was that Soosai had actually left the movement after an argument with Prabhakaran and ended up in Singapore to move elsewhere.

    Then people like Anton Balasingham got involved and an amicable settlement was reached. Soosai, changed his mind and went back. However, the wounds have not been healed fully, I heard.

  69. I'm not sure about the facts of my last post cos they aren't official facts. So nothing to worry about yet!!!

  70. virus alert,
    As long as poonaryn is in LTTE hands we will be open to attack.I seriously doubt mass troop movement unless the cadres are sleepers currently in jaffna whcih will be problematic to say the least.

  71. Srilankan -
    Bro, I think we should stick to original moto of "We wont die for ours... Let them die for theirs".

    If you remember, During early days of Mannar we were at same place for a few weeks by killing LTTE members. Then all most whole area fall apart from LTTE.

  72. Qrious-
    I'm sure lost love will never get heal

  73. This thing about 57 Division in disarray and LTTE counter attacks in Vellankulam, are they BS or is there any truth in it?

  74. Very Good Article....

    ***(July 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Veluppillai Prabhakaran, once again has declared a unilateral ceasefire for 10 days, to cover the forthcoming SAARC summit. However the Government of Sri Lanka already rejects the LTTE proposal and says they are ready with the necessary security strength to counter any LTTE activities and that they need no LTTE ceasefire these days to keep the country safe. The government’s rejection of the offer has marked new fear in the Tiger mind. This is the first time any government has rejected the Tigers’ tactically proposed cease fire.

    Actually the Tigers have been trying to implement their old tactics in the present situation in the country. Even if during the SAARC summit period they target any leaders or civilians in Sri Lanka it would be a reason for more and more support to the government to eliminate the LTTE. So the offer is ab initio empty of any content. V. Prabhakaran’s plan seemingly is to create another communal riot between communities but it has so far failed because large numbers of Tamils reject the LTTE today and they are hoping for a new leadership to emerge within their community.

    Now, why is V. Prabhakaran planning to have 10 days of cease fire for their cadres? The reason is clear. It is to silence the government’s guns. The LTTE needs time for reconstruction of the movement. Presently they even have redeployed civilians as troops at their FDLs. According to reliable information, some poor families are deployed to live inside the bunkers at their FDLs as cadres of the LTTE. Others think the government’s LRRP have targeted a few senior leaders of the LTTE during the past and as a result some of them are indefinitely reporting sick because of the effectiveness of the unrelenting attacks from the Sri Lankan Air Force.

    On the one hand as the political wing of the LTTE is going down in strength, on the other, the military wing of the LTTE is now limited to a small number of senior experienced cadre. The LTTE leadership needs more and more time as respite because this situation, unless somehow reversed, can create much harm to the Tiger leadership.

    According to Sun Tsu, the world famous war thinker from ancient China, “Now, when your weapons are dulled, your ardour damped, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent, other chieftains will spring up to take advantage of your extremity. Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue.”

    Furthermore, he notes in his famous book ‘The Art of War,” “Thus, though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays”.

    As a military movement, the LTTE is going to lash out with their guerilla tactics. In the past they have acted as an offensive movement but now they cannot even face the government’s determined might as a defensive movement. But the LTTE cannot be so easily written off. They are waiting and observing the weak points of the Security Forces. They are still capable of attacking security bases that are located outside the war front like Panagoda, Ambepussa, etc..

    But the most important motivation behind the Tigers is seen in their letter of Unilateral Ceasefire: “For sixty years, the Sinhala leadership is continuing to refuse to put forward a just solution to the national question of the Tamil people. The Sinhala nation is not prepared to deal justice to the Tamils. The politics of the Sinhala nation has today taken the form of a monstrous war. Because the chauvinistic Sinhala regime is putting its trust in a military solution, the war is spreading and is turning more and more intense.”

    This is the government’s weak point. Whatever the Tigers noted here about Sri Lanka still having a vacuum of solutions to the minorities’ problem is very true. So long as this remains true there will be some sympathy for the Tigers from the Tamil population. The Government of Sri Lanka cannot limit itself to the military war without addressing the Tamil people’s political needs. It will be good for the Sinhalese to be enjoying a war victory. But it is different for those of the Tamil community – they have been badly affected by the war during the last 25 years. Do not forget that the GoSL cannot sell the War to the Tamil people.

    If the Government of Sri Lanka can be concerned with the real needs of the Tamil people they can win their hearts and minds. But now the Tamil people have been suspecting the Government policy over their problem. In general a people find it harder to believe in and put their trust in an unknown god than a known devil. This needs the immediate attention of the Head of the Sri Lankan state if our poor bleeding country is ever to find true peace***

  75. Fall of Vellaankulam

    may the triple gem bless you all!

  76. balaguru,

    no mate. this is an "innocent-looking" TRICK played by pro-LTTE cowards (and petty brains) now. they want the govt to bring political proposals IN A HASTE knowing fcuking well that,

    1. NO POLITICAL SOLUTION can be implemented which requires 2/3, etc. in a HASTE. the war can be won before that.

    2. IF the LTTE is weakened, people's desire for RACIAL political solutions reduces. why a RACIAL political solution NOW, most of them will ask.

    3. political solutions during times of war WILL NOT be suitable for times of peace.

    4. during war, there is NO condusive environment for political solutions. FEAR & FAVOUR confuses the real solution.

    5. as long as the LTTE is there, MOST tamil people will NEVER settle for anything less than TAMIL ELAM or something that can EASILY exchanged for tamil elam

    6. a political solution is needed NOT ONLY FOR THE TAMIL PEOPLE; muslims also want it, sinhalese also want it and the country want it TOO.

    BUT what these jokers want is a political solution ONLY for the tamils which will NEVER happen in a democracy.

    but the govt seems to have learnt the lesson. they have deferred it until the war is won. then without FEAR or FAVOUR a political solution can be discussed and agreed for the benefit of EVERYONE not just tamils.

  77. Blogger Mohammed said...

    This thing about 57 Division in disarray and LTTE counter attacks in Vellankulam, are they BS or is there any truth in it?

    August 4, 2008 1:53 PM

    not hearing anything about that

    LTTE supporters are spreading these stories

  78. i get the feeling that LTTE barbarians will stage an attack soon as their crap ceasefire has ended.

    after all, they have to show that their "ceasefire" meant something.

  79. Lkdood: Thanks machang. Multiple Shyams and Kuttus with their fake posts have confused me a bit, its Monday morning and my mind is not sharp yet. I fear the fake Shyams and Kuttus may have chased the real ones away. We need the real ones back for comic relief. Otherwise who is going update us on the progress of red birds?

  80. tangara,

    where the bloody hell are you, mate?

    give us a shout.

  81. There is an eerie silence from both sides since the fall of Vellankulam, no real news from either Govt. websites or Tamilnut. Have things gone queit on the battle fronts?

  82. "MCNS: Heavy Clashes in Vellankulam area; Twenty-six terrorists killed and Twenty-seven more wounded.
    4 Aug 2008 - 09:33

    MANNAR: Heavy confrontations occurred in VELLANKULAM area throughout yesterday (03). Twenty-six terrorists were killed during the incidents and Twenty-seven more were wounded. Troops have also managed to successfully avert two attempted attacks by the LTTE.

    Troops attacked a terrorist camp located North of VELLANKULAM around 11.35 a.m. yesterday (03). According to troops the LTTE terrorists put up heavy resistance and the clashes left five terrorists dead and another six wounded. Two soldiers have laid their life in this incident. This is another heavy blow to the LTTE terrorists.

    Troops state that a group of LTTE terrorists attempted to attack the Army North of VELLANKULAM area around 4.30 p.m. yesterday (03) however it was successfully averted by the troops. Three LTTE cadres were killed during this incident. Six soldiers were also wounded in action.

    Meanwhile Troops successfully averted another LTTE attack in North VELLANKULAM around 6.05 p.m. yesterday (03) evening. According to troops a group of LTTE terrorists had attempted an attack on the Army. Nine terrorists were killed during the resulted battle while fourteen more were wounded. One soldier laid his life during this incident and four others were wounded in action.

    Nine LTTE terrorists were killed and seven were wounded during heavy clashes in VELLANKULAM area around 7.45 a.m. on the same day. Two soldiers laid heir life in this confrontation.

    In VELLANKULAM North around 5.00 p.m. on the same day one soldier was wounded due to an anti personnel mine explosion".

    LTTE counter attacks?

  83. I cant believe the idiots in the Air Force wanna but the MiG-29s. What a waste of money. Better to invest that in some more attack birds like the MiG-27, Su-22, Su-25, or any other low cost attack aircraft.

    We don't require an dedicated air superiority aircraft.

  84. Sammy,

    These MiG-29s have been adapted for air-to-ground attacks and have night flying capabilities. The suit of armour that they carry are suited for air-to-ground attacks. They also retain the interceptor capabilities, our helis and jets have so far failed to shoot down the LTTE Tin Can aicrafts, so the need for them is justified. The Sukhois are a good option, but they are too expensive for us.

  85. sl,

    "Navy Rapid Action Boats Squadron are maybe more S.E.A.L.S. ??? for rapid deployment when needed and whenever it is necessary."

    SEALs are commando units that are used mainly in unconventional warfare and not only direct engagement. Our SBS is more like that. But from the name 'Rapid Action Boat Squadron' it seems that rapid deployment is their main purpose. Maybe engage detected enemy forces until more stronger reinforcements arrive etc. (I'm guessing here) Probably equipped with fast boats and light/medium firepower. These units were deployed in the 'diyawanna oya' around the parliament during the SAARC. I saw few zodiac type boats and several motor boats - probably arrow boats.

  86. [[Mohammed said...

    Lkdood: Thanks machang. Multiple Shyams and Kuttus with their fake posts have confused me a bit, its Monday morning and my mind is not sharp yet. I fear the fake Shyams and Kuttus may have chased the real ones away. We need the real ones back for comic relief. Otherwise who is going update us on the progress of red birds?]]

    Yes dude, I totally agree with you.

  87. Its the fake one. The real one does not have a sense of humour.

  88. You're right mohammed. This shyam has joined blogger on August, but as we know our beloved real shyam has been providing us with jokes a lot earlier than that. The fake one's ID is 00636548935052852126, and the message posted saying that this was the real ID also seems to have been posted by the fake one. Real one's ID seems to be 00491643194712962581, or maybe he uses a shared IP.

  89. Chamal. Yes machang. I fear we have lost the real Kuttu/Shyam/Thiru forever.

  90. New reporter here...


  91. kuttu, Shayam,

    Please come back mates. We are really missing you. A lot of folks made their sentiments clear about the loss.

    On my part, I will not bring kuttu's mum or Shyam's missing ball into discussions.

    Please come back and we can put up with your one-sided comments, dreams even red bird.

    This is an earnest appeal.

  92. This could be the start of a beatiful solution...

  93. Hope Saman will come up with some good news tonight..

  94. I agree with Mohammed and Qrious.... We are making discussions related to a war here, and you can't discuss things like that with the views of only one side. We need the views of the other side too (even though they are sometimes stupid and racist).... Anyway, it would be good if we can keep going as we did earlier, especially since a lot of earlier contributors have left these blogs.

  95. thambala

    that report also contains the line

    "Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan was not available for comment"

    where is this fellow? a mahavir now?

  96. Got to know that Army is pounding heavily on LTTE defences and getting the maximum opportunity to engage with the LTTE senior cadres in Western front right now. Army's biggest issue has been the barrages of Mortars. They want the SLAF to track and attack LTTE mortar launching pads and tractor movements.

    About the Jeep we lost. The unit leader has sent his vehicle to pick some injured soldiers and deliver ammo and equipment to an advanced team. By a mistake, the Jeep has taken the wrong route and gone into LTTE held territory, and it has cost them their lives.

    But now real pounding has begun. Special teams and Commandos are leading.

  97. Is there a news blackout re-military affairs??

    Last time 57 went so quiet, we heard vavunikulam captured and many tiger hardcores ambushed.

    Was this operation only an ambush like the previous operations, or did the SLDF consolidate their newly captured areas?? Anyone knows?

  98. I am sure Shyam and Kuttu are blogging elsewhere, let's hunt them down and gatecrash their blogs. Any volunteers?

  99. i do agree with all of you guys

    kuttu, shyam where art thou?

  100. Riyaz, its all gone very very quiet from both sides. Looks like a news black out. Rasiah may have entered mareevar land.

    Noltte = Peace, are the Mi-24s in action at the western theatre?

  101. We all know 57 commander's capabilities, I am sure he has a few bag of tricks for theepan and his co.

  102. We need some A-10s. Su 25's would be an option but they are past their sell by / use by date. Last thing we need are some rust buckets. Would the US be willing to sell us some A-10s? They were very effective in the Gulf was for CAS.

  103. Shyam / Kuttu: Please come out and play, we promise to be nice.

  104. As I understand MI-24 gunships are not invincible. They can be brought down by AA Connon Fire, RPG, or even by a shot-gun if the right vulnerabilities were exploited. Therefore, I believe that SLAF is taking only the calculated risks.

    We have lost few battle tanks and Naval cannons to LTTE in the past. They have very long-range and large barrel sizes. They may not be highly accurate when firing at an MI-24, but with LTTE, everything is a possibility. So, SLAF may be taking precautionary actions.

    I think that they are doing a good job with their MI-24s.

    But I personally think that SLAF can get more work done in helping ground troops through UAVs.

  105. This just in at

    Tigers’ Mallavi Losses Stand Twenty-five Killed

    2008-08-04 08:03:03
    MULLAITTIVU: TECHNICAL SOURCES and monitored LTTE transmissions in the Wanni on Monday (4) confirmed the fact that intense fighting for capture of MALLAVI Tiger strongholds, about thirteen km west of MANKULAM on A-9 road has inflicted Tiger (LTTE) losses as high as some 25 terrorists killed and over 60 injured, Wanni military sources announced.

    Heavy rounds of fighting erupted in MALLAVI, following Army’s entry into the area on 31st July went on till late Friday (1) evening, as terrorists stepped up their resistance against advancing troops. Initial reports said only nine terrorists were killed and twenty-seven injured in the fights for supremacy.

    However, latest reports confirmed Tigers badly affected by the loss of twenty-five of their cadres in MALLAVI, were hurriedly sending SOS appeals for blood and medicine as terrorists sustained injuries during those confrontations were sixty, contrary to what was reported on 2nd August (See Situation Report titled “Intense Fighting Erupts in Mallavi”)

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. noltte=peace: I fully agree with you. Not sure if you have seen it but there is a video of an Mi-24 being downed by LTTE pigs on youtube. However, I think the rebuilt Mi-24s have effective counter measures againts SAMs and its the pilot's skill to avoid AA fire. But the point is that we should not duck out of CAS just to minimise hull losses, distressed soldiers must be rescued and its the duty of SLAF do that. PS, I verified that Bell 212 emergency landing with my source. It never happened, but admiitted that they have been taking pot shots at our helis using arti. Either they have run out of AA rounds /SAMs or they are desperate.

  108. Things are hotting up:

    Anyone else thinks the progress of 59 division is a bit slow?

  109. What we need are COIN Aircraft, counter-insurgency. Aircraft that can loiter over a battlefield and when required come in to support ground forces with Cannon and Rocket fire as well as conventional bombs.

    We had such an aircraft in the Pucara in the past. Moderd COIN aircraft include the SU-25 and A-10. However the Americans will never sell us the A-10 as the GAU-8/A 30mm cannon can fire depleted uranium armor-piercing shells.

    However the A-10 is armored like a tank and can take hits from 23mm guns and still fly. Tough little aircraft.

    SU-25 is also a tough aircraft able to absort hits and keep flying, while being able to lay down heavy firepower in support of ground forces. And the new versions are night capable.

    However the best aircraft we could get would be the AC-130H Spectre gunship. That bird can fly around the battlefield and bring hell to earth for the LTTE with 20mm, 40mm and 105mm Cannon fire. Providing the Americans decide to sell us 1 of 2 of their old aircraft :)

    I still say using jet fighters to shoot down piston engined aircraft is a huge waste of resources. The solution? Get some of our KFirs upgraded to the C-10 Standard and arm them with Shafrir 2 or Sidewinder heat seaking missiles.

  110. Mohammed said...

    Shyam / Kuttu: Please come out and play, we promise to be nice....

    Its never gonna silent us ,but if we start to play the same game this blog will be suffer from annoying messages ..i think DN already had this kind of situation before .....

  111. Sammy, you seem to know what you are talking about but are there new versions of the Su-25s? As far I am aware, only the 1970s versions are available and these are likely to be rust buckets. The AC-130 is an effective weapon and has proven its worth in Afghanistan but:
    1) They have recently been retired by the USAF
    2) No one will sell one to us.

    A-10 is out of the question, no one will sell. Pucara is a flimsy aircraft, I think we sufferred some hull losses in the mid 90s.

    Sorry, but I have a bit of a bias towards big jets. I have seen the Mig 29 displays at the Farnborough airshow and if anything else, they will scare off the enemy with its thunderous roar.

    On the practical side, what we need are some new Mi-35s. These don't have the troop carrier capabilities so it has a distinct advantage over the Mi-24s as its lighter, more agile, and dedicated to CAS.

  112. Mohammed said...

    noltte=peace: I fully agree with you. Not sure if you have seen it but there is a video of an Mi-24 being downed by LTTE pigs on youtube....

    This is a fake video. Watch it frame by frame. Notice how the background changes!

  113. Prabha, the video might be fake, but I think the actual downing was real. I believe we admitted to that hull loss.

  114. Shyam (if you are the real one). Welcome back. We will request DN to delete the posts of the fake Shyams / Kuttus. Please stay with us, we need a balanced view.

  115. [61 Tamils arrested in Negombo
    - TN]

    Well, as far as the government and the Sri Lankas are concerned, it's 'Sri Lankans' who were arrested... and there's no need for an additional 'label' from a plathora of lables.

    Profile, fingerprint and monitor movements of ALL suspected LTTE coolies on our soil...

    That system worked and works like magic. ...We need to do this often.

  116. Sammy,

    It's no use dreaming... We are not going to get any military equipment that has the label 'Product of USA' on it. But let's say for the discussion's sake that US was willing to sell us military equipment. Even then:

    The A-10 has not been sold to any other country, not even closest allies of US. We are not likely to be chosen as the first customer. On the other hand, unit cost is US$11.7 million.

    The AC-130. Unit cost:- US$132.4 million for AC-130H and US$190 million for AC-130U. OK we can cut that off our list... no need to even consider it any further...

    Sukhoi SU-25 is a more realistic option and that's the one we can get if we are going to chose from these three. But even that, unit cost is US$ 11 million. Far more expensive than our Kfirs (double) and Mig-27's (almost triple)

    [I still say using jet fighters to shoot down piston engined aircraft is a huge waste of resources.]

    I agree. Even our existing Kfirs have interceptor capability. Shafrir and Python AAM's can be used by them. But the Kfir has not been used widely in this role and has only one victory to it's name, which is probably why SLAF went for a more 'reputed' aircraft. But then, technology and superior weapons are no use if you don't use them properly.

  117. "Its never gonna silent us ,but if we start to play the same game this blog will be suffer from annoying messages ..i think DN already had this kind of situation before ....."

    WOW!!! The 'chandiya' is back... Looks like he's going to embark on a dangerous mission to annoy the enemy. Something to be really proud of, annoying the enemy in the fight for a separate state.

  118. defencenet/guys

    is it confirmed that we are gonna get Mig-29's soon? why on eart are we wasting so much public funds fo unnecessary aircrafr? just to have air parades and shows,i spose or most definitely to inflate the ego of the Air chief?

    If we already have F-7G's for air superiority and upgraded Kfir C7 AND Mig-27's for ground attack, then getting these 5 aircraft is an utter and complete waste of money and of course an excellent opportunity for private bankers in switzerlnd,cayman islands,singapore to grow their wealth management portfolio!!!(at the expense of an economy that has gone down the STEEP pallama)

    Anyways,im in favor of purchasing upgraded Mig-27's and more Mi-24 gunships for the SLAF. For the SLN, maybe a brand new missile corvette or OPV should be fine,alternatively we could upgrade the existing Sukanya-class OPV's with big-guns,like 76mm and above.The army has all its requirements met,but i would propose to purchase a few self-propelled howitzers, which shud increase mobility of the artillery corps.

  119. defencenet/guys

    is it confirmed that we are gonna get Mig-29's soon? why on eart are we wasting so much public funds fo unnecessary aircrafr? just to have air parades and shows,i spose or most definitely to inflate the ego of the Air chief?

    If we already have F-7G's for air superiority and upgraded Kfir C7 AND Mig-27's for ground attack, then getting these 5 aircraft is an utter and complete waste of money and of course an excellent opportunity for private bankers in switzerlnd,cayman islands,singapore to grow their wealth management portfolio!!!(at the expense of an economy that has gone down the STEEP pallama)

    Anyways,im in favor of purchasing upgraded Mig-27's and more Mi-24 gunships for the SLAF. For the SLN, maybe a brand new missile corvette or OPV should be fine,alternatively we could upgrade the existing Sukanya-class OPV's with big-guns,like 76mm and above.The army has all its requirements met,but i would propose to purchase a few self-propelled howitzers, which shud increase mobility of the artillery corps.

  120. by the way, any pix of the not-so-new now F-7G SLAF jets??

  121. Qrious & others,
    Thanks for the Feed back..
    As the current discussion is about Birdies, I will not try to change the topic.

    As I see using Mig 29 Jets to just bring down Tin Planes,is like going on a racing car to catch a Bullock cart...
    UAVs will become more important in the comming monthes to track down the Teras formations infront of the firing lines,PRECISELY!!
    By the way does our Forces use some thermal imaging devices?
    I think it would be more effective in Night time warfare than the Nightvisions..

    Just my thoughts & correct me if I am wrong...

  122. Someone said,
    I still say using jet fighters to shoot down piston engined aircraft is a huge waste of resources.

    Why cant we use MI-24 helicopters to shoot these buggers down. If they attack colombo again we should get those MI-24's in the A'pura air force base and they would be even able to take them down with their machine gun i guess. The zlin does not have any armour and if they go really high we could take them down with AA guns. Do these helicopters have AA misiles???(they got to have them) Then it would be easier!

  123. //Its never gonna silent us ,but if we start to play the same game this blog will be suffer from annoying messages ..i think DN already had this kind of situation before .....//

    Fake one ??

  124. ninja,

    No, that's the real one. I checked. But there's really no need to check, you can tell by the vocabulary...

  125. should be the fakeone..
    coz the Real Shyam will not be writing complete Sentences.he will just Curse the other one & cut & paste some tamilnet things. Then some KIA & Other casualties of SLDF & etc...

    I really cant imagine how would Asithri would react when he get to know of these M.I.A.!!
    For the first time after going through the blog, He will Cry !!

  126. Its the real one. Its his style of writing.

    Don't underestimate the strength of the Tin Can aircrafts. They can be used for suicide missions. Once we capture them, let's use them to spray our chenas with pesticide which is what they were designed to do.

  127. We always need to maintain a level of caution in military operations with limited resources. Although SLA is in a leading position we should not forget our past mistakes:

    Source Tamilnet: Jayasikuru Analysis

    Victory less assured
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 13 November 1997, 23:59 GMT]
    The Sri Lankan military's largest military operation is 6 months old today. The much vaunted Operation 'Jaya Sikirui' ('Victory Assured' in Sinhalese) was launched on 13 May 1997, with the stated aim of opening a supply route to the SLA's Jaffna garrison, isolated by a broad swath of LTTE held territory. However things are not going as planned.

    The Sri Lankan offensive to open a main supply route (MSR) to the Jaffna peninsula was widely anticipated since October last year, when the Sri Lankan army finally wrestled the town of Kilinochchi from the LTTE after fighting pitched battles for two months, losing more than six hundred soldiers and heavy armour.

    Ratwatte & Rohan
    Sri Lanka's Deputy Minister Gen. Anuruddha Ratwatte (right) and Lieut. General Rohan Daluwatte in Jayasikurui operation
    An estimated forty thousand Sri Lankan security forces can be supplied only by air and sea now. The Monsoon weather, the LTTE's Surface to Air Missiles and the ferocious attacks of the Sea Tigers continue mount severe pressure on the lines of supply to the north the Sri Lankan government is trying to keep open.

    Though the publicly stated objective of Operation Jayasikurui was to secure a supply route to the Jaffna peninsula, the Sri Lankan government had other objectives also. These were

    drawing the LTTE into open confrontation and breaking its back through superior firepower, thereby securing political kudos amongst the Sinhala people and hence setting the political temperature right to unveil the government's devolution proposals. Strategic analysts also believe that a secondary objective of the operation was to depopulate the Tamil areas between Vavuniya and the eastern coastline, thereby preparing the way for the expansion of Weli Oya (Manal Aru) further into the northern province. Weli Oya is a military zone where thousands of Sinhalese were settled by the Sri Lankan state after forcibly evacuating the Tamils living there in 1984. The SLA therefore ignored the easier route to Jaffna along the Vanni's western coast and began preparations for a major operation along the A9 trunk road which runs through the centre of the Vanni.

    But LTTE had sufficient time to construct its defences, prepare its military machine and plan for contingencies. The LTTE was also able to devote considerable resources to securing more of the strategic east of the island: from October to April, LTTE units decimated Sri Lankan patrols, overran military outposts in the region.

    Things were made much easier for the LTTE as the Sri Lankan army has had to pull out a large number of troops from the eastern province, abandoning in the process several key camps. Military observers agree that the LTTE was firmly in control of 80% of the eastern areas of the island by April 1997.

    Furthermore, the Sri Lankan government had inadvertently set a deadline to successfully conclude the war : In early 1997, the government promised the Sinhala public that it would 'end the war' by December 1997. Similarly, in a move to maintain international support for its military onslaughts in the island's northeast, the SL government also promised to deliver the 'political package' by November 1997.

    The SLA said it expected to capture the 45 miles of the A9 from Vavuniya to Kilinochchi, within 4 months, before the monsoon set in and turned the mechanised assault into muddy chaos.

    The SLA launched Operation 'Jaya Sikirui' (Victory Assured) on 13 May 1997 (the date was chosen as it was said to be auspicious, according to the Sinhala Buddhist calendar). Over 20,000 troops, backed by tanks, artillery and air power pushed into the Vanni region.

    LTTE units
    LTTE Units
    The LTTE fought back bitterly. For the first time, the Tigers deployed artillery (captured from the SLA)) and mortars on columns of the Sri Lankan army that were trying to advance on the A9. And Jaya Sikirui stumbled almost immediately. Heavy casualties caused Sri Lankan blood reserves to drop by half within days, prompting urgent appeals for donors.

    Stiff Tiger resistance from bunkers and trenches slowed the Sri Lankan advance to a crawl. When the SLA captured the two initial objectives of Omanthai and Nedunkerni towns, the operation was already behind schedule.

    As the two columns from Omanthai and Nedunkerni moved towards the obscure village of Puliyankulam in a pincer movement, the LTTE launched its first major counter-attack. LTTE commandos penetrated deep behind SLA lines to smash a major staging area, destroying vast quantities of supplies and killing hundreds of SLA troops. Two other similar (though smaller) LTTE counterattacks inflicted further casualties on Jaya Sikirui later on.

    Puliyankulam was meant to be the linking up point for the twin prongs of the SLA assault. The SLA was so sure of its progress that it even went so far as to declare it secured before the troops even reached it.

    But LTTE had built very effective defences at Puliyankulam. Straddling the A9 route, the small town was the gateway to further progress along the highway. A few hundred LTTE troops, backed by artillery, beat off repeated SLA assaults for three months, destroying several SLA tanks and inflicting heavy casualties.

    Stung by the humiliation, the SLA ignored conventional military strategy of bypassing the village and instead launched ever larger assaults upon it. Many were repulsed. After several weeks, the SLA inched forward to reach Puliyankulam railway station (in the west of the village). The rest of the town is still yet to be secured.

    Like the garrison of the Alamo in another war, the Tigers defending Puliyankulam had achieved a significant objective: they had irrevocably delayed their enemy's advance. Jaya Sikirui could no longer be completed on time.

    Several belated attempts to bypass Puliyankulam (west of the town) were slowed by LTTE ambushes and counterattacks. Attempts to take Kanakarayakulam, further up the A9 were also repulsed.

    After a lull, the SLA decided to secure an alternative route through a little known jungle route that ran parallel to the A9, but further east. Pushing north from its positions along the Puliyankulum-Nedunkerni raid, the SLA reached the Mankulum-Oddusudan road (running east-west).

    The Tigers launched a major counterattack on the SLA columns strung out in the jungles east of the A9. In 5 days of heavy fighting, over 500 SLA troops were killed and a massive quantity of arms and ammunition captured (including a million rounds of ammunition). 162 Tigers died in this assault.

    The accurate picture of the current situation is difficult to ascertain. Both sides are maintaining a studied silence as to the situation in the Vanni. The Sri Lankan government had banned reporters from the war zones (for several years). What is certain is that the A9 between Puliyankulam and Kilinochchi remains in Tiger hands.

    The SLA has said that its troops are occupying 'a line' on the Mankulum-Ottusudan road, and that it is preparing to launch the 'final phase' of the operation. The LTTE says that the isolated SLA camps are under pressure. Meanwhile, LTTE units are slipping into areas recently captured by the SLA and staging guerrilla attacks in the rear.

    The heavy monsoon rains lashing the Vanni region have further compounded Jaya Sikirui's problems. The SLA has revised its timetable. It now says it will secure the MSR by February 1998.

    It has also raised another division (9,000 men) and thrown it into the Vanni and is stripping the east of the island and even the Jaffna peninsula to beef up the Jaya Sikurui troops. There has been a sudden, corresponding surge in LTTE activity on the peninsula.

    Throughout the Jaya Sikirui operation, the LTTE has avoided getting drawn into direct confrontations where the Sri Lankan military can easily deploy superior firepower; except in a handful of decisive counter-attacks where the Tigers have surprised the SLA and prevented it from using its heavy weapons successfully.

    By contrast, the LTTE has been able to use been able to effectively deploy 122mm artillery (the LTTE is said to have captured 5 of these) and scores of 120mm and 81mm mortars to slow Jaya Sikirui's advance.

    Though the LTTE has lost about 750 troops in the past six months, it has replenished these losses with fresh recruits (although it will be six months before they are sufficiently trained to be deployed in battle). The Tigers have also captured a staggering quantity of arms, ammunition and vehicles from the SLA.

    Though the Tigers have lost some ground in the Vanni, they are consolidating their grip on the east. Furthermore, analysts say that even if the SLA opened a supply route to Jaffna, the route will be a very expensive to maintain.

    The Sinhala populace has been less than impressed with the government's achievements on the battlefield, despite a concerted PR campaign, complete with suitablly inflated Tiger casualty figures. The Sinhala press has become increasingly critical, and even strongly nationalistic papers have ridiculed the government's battlefield claims.

    Military columnists and analysts have been united in their criticism of Jaya Sikiru's approach, results and even objectives.

    Desertions continue to plague the SLA and the general sense of malaise has extinguished any interest amongst the Sinhala youth for a military career.

    The future of the government's peace package, which has been presented to parliament, hangs in the balance The government is threatening to go to a referendum over the proposals and is hastily trying to mobilise public opinion in its favour, a task hampered by the rising price of essentials (due to taxation to fund the increasingly unpopular war).

    In effect, none of Jaya Sikirui's have been achieved six months after it was launched (and two months after it was expected to conclude). The Sri Lankan government however, has staked everything on the success of this operation. It is therefore expected to doggedly back Jaya Sikirui, even though with each passing day, victory seems less assured.

  128. Mohammed said...

    Prabha, the video might be fake, but I think the actual downing was real. I believe we admitted to that hull loss...

    I'm not sure.

    But, as I can remember, somebody has identified that the downing scene was taken form some foreign video.

  129. What is this guy, ogre up to?

    Is he going to convert us to his side or rebel against the MR government?

    Or, is he a preacher on peace and non-violence?

    His main source of information, facts and statistics is Tamilnet, though.

    That may raise a lot of eyebrows.

    Guys, who is this woman? Is this Prabha's daughter or he is into polygomy?

  130. Good evening patriots!

    Operation Red Bird seems to be a resounding success.

    See progress of ZTTE dreamlaam®... appropriately marked in blood red.

    Before 2006

    As of July 2008


  131. qrious said

    Guys, who is this woman? Is this Prabha's daughter or he is into polygomy?

    The look in VP's as if there's nothing there. No heart, no soul....just a glassy emptiness.

    It's as if he knows all his efforts and all the misery he's caused has been a total waste...and will be for nothing...and, like so many of his comrades, that he is a dead man.

  132. Qriuos,

    I am not sure which camp Ogre is in. S/he may just be showing caution. A few more posts from Ogre would hopefully clarify.

    "Guys, who is this woman? Is this Prabha's daughter or he is into polygomy?"

    About the woman in the picture...both your assumptions above could be right at the same time.

  133. Balance,

    What you have observed in the picture is right. We don't know for sure when this picture was taken though. It may well be in recent times when the noose is being tightened around his fat neck.

    See the pictures on TamilNut where VP celebrates black tiger day 08. His expressions on those pictures would depress anyone.

  134. I am in the process of saving lives of our own! that is SLDF not LTTE's !

    There is a saying if you forget history it repeats...let us not forget as thousands of our brotheren sacrificed to make sure we remember. That we do not repeat those mistakes either one way or another..

    we have a habit of analysing our operational details while not even talking about what LTTE is up to or where they may be planning the next attack.

    I think it is more important to keep analysing LTTE than contemplating and discussing future operations of Sri Lanka defense forces. This is why Iqbal almost got is ass beat.

    please put your collective thoughts in to where LTTE is up to than thinking and exposing where our boys are up to next...

    remember..LTTE has a separate Intel Unit to read all sinhala blogs/Bulletin boards/newspapers...
    and oh reading all that you can easily figure out where SLA going to hit next...and no one has a freaking clue of LTTE...because
    we spent so much time .... on SLA!

    Do you guys get my point...?

  135. I think OGRE has a point here.....there is so much of information , some even coming from inside the army it self on current operations, and sometimes even on future plans, and hints on where the next thrust will be...etc..etc

    All though I m not naive to think that the main source of intel for the LTTE is actually the WWW and blogspot(I m sure they have atleast a half a dozen sinhala traitors on their payroll in side SLDF it self) , I think it is at the same time quite possible that they do keep some track of what is been said and pick up any new tit bits of information that they may deem usefull.

    Coming to think about it, where was the last time you saw a detailed, indepth and well written blog on the LTTE, their plans and strategies? They keep all their cards(though how few they may have) close to heart while we are spilling the beans here and there and where not......

  136. Ogre definitely has a point ..

    there certainly is a shipload of information here and other blogs about our forces and where we are going and such that it wont be too hard to calculate next steps..

    obviously we dont have extra sensitive info here but it wont be too hard to deduce and narrow things down to a few possibilities.

    im sure the tigers.. or whatevers left of them are thinking of some means to inflict the maximum possible damage to the army and take a zillion pictures so that they can post it up...

    it shows in the desperate way they put up army jeep and our soldiers up as soon as possible.

    our brothers on the field are no fools though... seeing some of the well planned attacks we did recently ( the triple ambush ... a gem! )

    lets shift some attention to the ltte and think about what their final options are instead of boasting about our progress :) although it does feel good to do it ... its better to celebrate after killinochchi is down and VP is captured alive... ( frankly i doubt he will be captured alive .. a 200 year long prison sentence isnt a glamorous living )

  137. Guys Yes, OGRE has a great point.. because we always talk about what SLA will do next but we rarely think what are the options availble for the LTTE.

    we are waiting for an major counter strike but just waiting that to happen.
    Its time to think from LTTE pespective, put your self in the VP shoes and think where SLA is at weakest.


    because we dont want to give them ideas to attack against us do we? Our Ideas may be crazy but it still they run the risk of helping the enemy..


  138. //LTTE has a separate Intel Unit to read all sinhala blogs/Bulletin boards/newspapers//

    So what about SLDF? Do we have a unit to read/ monitor tamil or any pro-LTTE newspapers/ websites?

    As I know many assasinations (Kadir/ CBK..) they hinted in web sites.

    Tamiznut don't write analysis for us to correct our mistakes or any thing. It is mainly for diaspoara to keep their moral up and to feed our military analysts with demoraling info. But it may be usefull and its upto us to take advantage of it.

    Ogre claimed he served in SLA. Let us know your experiance if it is ok to share.

  139. Pakka-Lanka said:

    "About the woman in the picture...both your assumptions above could be right at the same time".

    Ha ha ha ha ha, LOL, LMFAO, ha ha ha, thats a good one that is.

  140. Perein,
    Many thanks for your comment bro.Dont let the situation worry you in the least.Thankgod we have very able commanders at last.The army is sticking to "We wont die for ours... Let them die for theirs" policy it seems at least "timewise"..that is if they take their own time to advance but the disadvantage in that is that you give time for the enemy to reorganise.However at this advanced stage the army needs to push these LTTE bastards not just hard but very hard and at a time of the forces choosing.Thankgod that we dont have any ratwatte "nari" in command whose purpose of being in the army was for purely "consumer relations"-ie pictures in some trashy newspapers.Jayasikuru was conducted according to the ethics of the U.K..i forgot GOD IC..please forgive me GOD..oh GOD IC.When this is more controlled we need to start a limited "witchhunt" and expose all these shits for what they really are/were in local newspapers.IE people who held key positions in srilanka while living overseas "mentally".

  141. SriLankan-
    Bro, What I mean by earlier comment is, just to keep our selves for limited operations.
    So we could get lot more with less casualties.

    btw, good to see ya :)

  142. SLA is now attacking Nachchikuda ???

  143. Fellas, now the real fun begins ! BTW, can someone tell Iqbal Athas,in his Situation report sunday he ID the SLAF Sheyang F 7 to a Mig 27 Flogger !! Man, can he get this right ! Dumb, Also those monkies at Tamilnet garbage on "capturing" a jeep ? Hey ya morons can ya get it right huh ? SLA will still kick you sorry ass !

    Good post Denet !

  144. Alohabeausri

    nice profile picture


  145. What is this?

    LTTE’s killed list July 1-15?

  146. the woman in picture...

    a good screww....

    looks somewhat like mathivathani; may be the irish climate had its effect. dwarga waiting for deeep penetration teams to arrive ????

    so EVEN vezapillai has things to protect in vanni.

  147. The monkeys were claiming yesterday that some of those coastal areas been re-captured by them.

    What is the correct position?

  148. Ban porn?

    The SLG is becoming a second LTTE.

    Next they'll ban sex too.

  149. I guess SLDF is doing the right things now. SLA advance along weat and east coasts, SLN too attack sea tiger camps, SLAF will multiply their attacks once MIG29s are added.

    It is good to see now SLN going on offensive.

    BTW is that true real kuttu was abducted by a white van driven by fake kuttu?

  150. Guys,

    this is regarding the Birdies, this is for the guys who thinks MIG29 is incapable of shooting down of slow moving aircraft. in this video it shows that Georgian UAV is shot by a MIG29 of Russian Air force.

  151. This is From LNP member MIG29, regarding the MIG29SMs we are getting,

    The MiG-29SMs on order will each be equipped with a Phazotron Topaz-MP (N-019MP) Multi-Mode Fire Control Radar. The unit can track a Cessna sized target from about 150km and engage it at 85km. It has the capability to track 10 and fire at 2 simultaneously. It also has advanced air-to-surface modes that include Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS), Synthetic Aperture Scanning (with a 5x5 m resolution) and Moving Target Detection (MTI). It can track and target a truck sized target from 25km and a motorboat at 120km. It can simultaneously engage 2 ground targets at once. It has a new mission computer in the MVK-04, which is substantially more powerful than the Ts100.02-02 digital computer found on the MiG-29A.

    The aircrafts original OEPS-29 IR Search and Track (IRST) sensor as found on the MiG-29A is replaced with an Improved version of the KOLS-29 IR/Laser-Ranger. The nominal IR tracking range has been increased from 18km to 25km in the rear-hemisphere with a range resolution of 3 m. The new unit has far superior search limits in the azimuth and elevation. It is able to search, detect and track targets against their thermal radiation at all altitudes, in the lookup and lookdown modes, day and night and in a jamming environment as well as provide air or ground target ranging by means of a laser range-finder. In upgrading and integrating the optical electronic fire control & navigation systems, a new data display system is used in the MFD-54 multifunction colour display complex, with an additional weapons store management display unit in the centre console. Flight navigation and radio-communication is also added to the multifunctional computer, along with the GPS receiver and additional radio-stations. The aircraft also feature a new wide angle HUD.

    Most importantly, the MiG-29SM avionics are linked though a MIL STD 1553B data bus.

    The armaments suite selected will include Vympel R-73E IR-guided AA missiles, R-27ER1 and R-27ET1 medium range IR/R-guided missiles, as well as several KAB-500L, KAB-500Kr laser/TV guided bombs. It would appear the SLAF has acquired several manportable ground-based LDR-3 laser target designators from Pakistan's Al technique Corp to guide these munitions to their targets.

    Also to be delivered in this time frame are 3 x Oboronprom JSC Mil Mi-35M attack helicopters.

    The Mi-35M's for the SLAF will come fitted with a 9K113K all-weather weapons suite. This includes the Urals OPS-24N 'Zarevo' optronic system - which includes the GOES-342 gyro-stabilised chin-mounted turret, IRTV-445MGII thermal imager with a 4km range, and the BREO-24 radio communications suite. The Mi-35M's cockpit displays are NVG-compatible.

    The aircraft will have an all new main and X-shaped tail rotor fabricated from composite materials. While its main and tail rotor hubs and gearbox are the same as those developed for the Mi-28NE attack helicopter.

    The original wings on the Mi-24 are replaced with new stronger, lighter weight stub wings on the Mi-35M, each equipped with twin APU-8/4U weapons pylons, each of which can carry four or eight supersonic anti-armour guided missiles (130mm 9K114 Shturm-S with 5km-range or 9M120 Ataka with 6km-range) depending on the weapons configuration.

    The order also covers an unspecified number of 9K114M (HEAT) and 9K114F (Thermobaric) Shturm missiles.

    While the SLAF will be responsible for first and second level maintenance of these new acquisitions, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indo-Russian Aviation Ltd (IRAL) will provide flying training, technical type-training and depot-level maintenance support for them. IRAL is currently providing similar product support to the SLAF's existing Mi-17V-5s, and Mi-24V/35P HIND Attack Helicopters, and for the 7 x Ex-Ukrainian MiG-27Ds and one MIG-23UB trainer of No5 Fighter Squadron.

    This fact was a closely guarded secret until recently. However, it is only a matter of time before this is made public.

    Further to these acquisitions from Russia, the Sri Lankan Air Force is also upgrading several of its Kfir ground attack aircraft, along with a few Mi-24V's.

    The SLAF recently acquired 2 - for the time being let me say - advanced UAV's from Israel. I will keep the make and payload capability a secret for the time being.

    Anyway, along with this acquisition the Sri Lankan Government also negotiated a deal with the Israeli Government for Elta to supply 4 x EL/M-2032 advanced Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radars to the SLAF. Crucially, this upgrade to the SLAF Kfirs was to be carried out by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) - Sure to raise a few eyebrows is the fact that it is the Indian Government that is paying for these radars, not the Sri Lankan Government.

    The EL/M-2032 has greatly enhanced Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Sea capabilities compared to the Elta EL/M 2001 on the existing SLAF Kfir. In the Air-to-Air modes, the radar enables long-range target detection and tracking for weapon delivery or automatic target acquisition in close combat engagements. In Air-to-Ground missions, the radar provides very high-resolution mapping (SAR), surface target detection and tracking over Real Beam Map (RBM), Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) and High resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) maps in addition to A/G ranging. In Air-to-Sea missions the radar provides long range target detection and tracking, including target classification capabilities (Range Signature (RS), Inverse SAR (ISAR)).

    The plan is to upgrade 2 x C.7s, 1 x C.2 and 1 x TC.2. The Kfir C.7s will be flown to India later this year, followed by a C.2 and a TC.2 early in the new year.

    Indian companies are once again involved in the SLAF's second major upgrade programme. The contract to upgrade 6 existing SLAF Mi-24V's into the Night Attack Role was given to a joint IAF/HAL initiative last year. Two aircraft have already been upgraded with a limited Night Attack capability. The remaining 4 will be given a more extensive mod.

    The new upgrade will include replacing the existing cockpit displays to accommodate the ANVIS/HUD-24 Night Vision system. A new composite main and tail rotor, along with a new main and tail rotor hub and gearbox - inline with the Mi-35M upgrade. The existing L-166V-1E Ispanka microwave pulse lamp 'Hot Brick' IR jammer is to be replaced with the more capable Ukrainian KT-01 AV Adros IR Jammer - field tested to have successfully jammed the SA-18.

    This upgrade is planned to begin by the start of the new year.

  152. LTTE parody

  153. OMG!

    the upgraded Mi-24 (Mi-35M) will wreck real HAVOC on tigers and there will be very little they could do about it!!!

    SLAF seems to be gearing up for HIGHER number of PRECISION attacks. exactly what we need in a situ where LTTE will be under seige.

  154. Much talked about Theepan (the Malay Tamil of LTTE), and the rare glimpse of SL Navy attacking the land based targets..

    Sorry folks some Muhammalai debacle pictures also there....That's a lesson on what not to do.

  155. THE FUCKER MI 29 is Iqbal Athes...sniper wanted!

  156. Red Bird 2 in progress.. Leaders pitures released..

    managed to get LTTE leaders rare picture..

    note: don't forward this url to any one.. white van will catch our balls..

  157. Yeah, Defa.. I like the Latest Upgrades on MI24s.. Specially the Chin mounted Gyro-balanced Gun.. What a Beast!!

  158. Orge
    Do you guys get my point...?

    U are right.

    you know what our collegues talk all about? they say machang LTTE ekata mokuth karanna be 3000k witharalu inne baduth nelu gahanna. ape ewung kilinochchiyatath gihing. thawa masekin okkoma iwarai.

    these ppl simply cant believe that LTTE can do a counter attack or some sort of you know. the reason clearly brought to me was. they are only believe rupavahini and ITN has the real news and thats the truth. they dont know really whats going on. they newer know ltte over ran on 2nd either. thaey are not in a stand of believing other.

    really MODAYO. sorry for my collegues. not that we know every thing..

  159. I think Iqbal athas should refrain writing Defence columns, if he couldn't identify the difference between a MIG27 and a F7G. he's becoming a Clown day by day..

  160. Sea Tigers withdrawing from the west coast have started crossing the Palk Strait to India, as Navy operations to cut off the movement was stepped up this week. The Tigers still operate safehouses in Tamil Nadu from where they smuggled in military supplies until recently.

    The Army's advance along the A-32 seems imminent. To add to the Tiger's woes, the Navy too has started harassing Tigers, giving them no chance to regroup. The 58 Division (TF-1) of the Army has 27kms left to reach the strategic town of Pooneryn along the A-32 after having advanced 3kms from Vellankula by this evening. Pooneryn is situated 70kms north of Mannar.

    By the time they reach Pooneryn, the Navy may very well have exhausted the Sea Tigers at sea. Sea Tigers, at present, can only operate between Nachchikuda upto the Kilali Lagoon. But this is highly limited and vulnerable to attack by Navy operating in the main islands of Kyts, Delft and Mandativu.

    In a measure of things to come, the Navy's Special Boat Squadron made a landing on the Iranativu island on Saturday, an unmanned island north of Mannar, following several recce missions. Iranativu is situated to the northwest of Nachchikuda and was used as a mid-way point. Tigers also have a small presence at Kakativu and Irumaitivu, northeast of Iranaitivu.

    More operations of this nature will be witnessed in this area in time, as the firepower and manpower of the Sea Tigers continue to dwindle, both on the ground and at sea.

    This is the second offensive operation planned and executed by the SBS in three weeks. Small teams of sailors completed night-time recce missions using Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Crafts (CRRCs) prior to the attack. The SBS is trained by the amphibious assault teams of 2 Special Forces.


  161. Guys Yesterday.. WellanKulam in Mannar District


    DN Mokada Nihanda..any apdats on this?

  162. "
    EL/M-2032 - Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radar
    General Features Operational Modes
    More Info:
    EL/M-2032 Brochure
    ELTA Systems Group

    The EL/M-2032 is an advanced Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radar designed for multimission fighters, oriented for both air-to-air and strike missions. Modular hardware design, software control and flexible avionic interfaces ensure that the radar can be installed in fighter aircraft (such as F-16, F-5, Mirage, F-4, Mig 21, etc.) and can be customized to meet specific user requirements. The EL/M-2032 radar integrates ELTA's experience with real operational feedback from Israeli Air Force combat pilots.

    The EL/M-2032 greatly enhances the Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Sea capabilities of the aircraft. In the Air-to-Air modes, the radar enables long-range target detection and tracking for weapon delivery or automatic target acquisition in close combat engagements.

    In Air-to-Ground missions, the radar provides very high-resolution mapping (SAR), surface target detection and tracking over RBM, DBS and SAR maps in addition to A/G ranging. In Air-to-Sea missions the radar provides long range target detection and tracking, including target classification capabilities (RS, ISAR)."

    lifted from IAIL page

  163. Hey DN,

    Do u know any reason for the sudden rush of SLDF? earlier the main objective was killing as many tigers as possible. But now it looks like capturing LTTE held areas.

  164. i agree with ogre. we should think twice before publishing any important events or plans in any blog.If not we are doing what Iqbal Athas was going to do.
    but we should share some thoughts after the mission has been completed so we could stay up to date and sometimes point out any gaps or holes in the plan.

    But there's something like this as well. Most of the info published here are taken from or or some other site. so the LTTE can go through them anyway. But still we should be careful as we discuss the matters that are stated in tamilnet or . but the guys with ears from the inside should think thrice before publishing any info from those sources.

  165. Blogger Ogre said...

    THE F***ER MI 29 is Iqbal Athes...sniper wanted!

    August 5, 2008 9:52 AM


    don't openly use bad language

    use ****


  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Blogger CriMeWatCh said...

    Guys Yesterday.. WellanKulam in Mannar District


    DN Mokada Nihanda..any apdats on this?

    August 5, 2008 11:14 AM

    army is moving on the A9

  168. Perein,
    Bro i agree with you fully.However i cant see it happening in the near future because eventually troops will have to occupy more and more land.There is also the question of guarding your extending supply lines which have to be guarded on a permanent basis which cannot be considered a limited military operation.Thats the danger.Anyway lets hope the LTTE's norweigian aircraft carrier group wont join the foray in which case we are finished.The only way to findout for sure is to ask Simon Gardner.He is an expert on LTTE affairs or any drunk on the streets of london/oslo for that matter.

  169. Guys,

    CriMeWatch is at it again; he wants us to see some recycled pictures. These were what we saw on the Tamilnet last week when there were some army casualties.

    There are semi-savages who put on a sympathetic face highlighting the plight of our soldiers while enjoying the spectcle from inside. To fool some of us - not Qrious, though - they may use some Sinhala phrases too while on that bloody mission. We have to take these false sentiments and ridiculous analyses not with a pinch of salt, but with a kilo of that substance.

    Exactly as all straight roads in Europe lead to Rome, these analyses, ultimately, converge on to the same source, that propagated Tigers' power in the first place.

    We have been there before: on the verge of the liberation of Jaffna, we were told by analysts about the existence of fortresses, tunnels, rail links and helipads; when the East was being liberated, the infamous withdrawl syndrome came and went and the dream of re-grouping for a foray was spread across media.

    When the blog is idle, these rascals come here to discourage us and paint a bleak picture. Counter attack; counter attack; counter attack. The motive is clear; sapping our morale. I must tell the bastards they are not going to achieve that here.

    Enough is enough, folks. Don't give a damn to these rascals who are here on a well-orchestrated agenda.

    Those who are obsessed with counter attacks and those who fancy the same, wishfully think that our soldiers just sit and relax inside the camps, in the liberated areas, only to be decimated by the savages. That was the scenario during pre-Fonseka era. Not any more. Soldiers are constantly on the move in small groups and electronic eyes are busy in telling them what is going on around.

    Turning blind eye to this fact and encouraging others to do the same, is a part of the same tactics employed by the enemy. Are we inadvertently falling into it? Of course, it is a choice. I am sure majority of the folks chose not to.

    The movement will be on its last legs; but the propaganda machine will function for some time.

    The civilized world still pursues Nazis despite the menace being wiped out, decades ago. Skin heads still raise ugly heads in Europe from time to time and so do the folks with xenophobhiac instincts.

    Die-hard racists will still play the race card even if the Tigers are wiped out. But we can live with it; it may never be a force to reckon with during our life time - again.

    Beware of traitors folks! beware of sheep in the wolf's clothing. Thee are plenty.

    If you watch crime, use your third eye!!

  170. I couldn't help it but I want pull up this topic again..

    Can't we use zeppelins to aid in the battles agains the LTTE terrorists?

    For example.

    1. a Zeppeling manned with one or two personnel equipped with some form of target locating optical / radar devices to locate where artillery is fired from?

    2. Equipped with Infrared optics to locate terrorist movements in the night?

    3. More than one zeppelin can be used on shift basis?

  171. Guys,

    Taminet now publishes the photos again; there is a mountain of ammunition with a single dead body. Keep an eye on the green sacs - a topic for debate in some postings.

  172. qrious,
    Could it be that the Teras are now looking to capture some much wanted ammunition?

    Obviously we are now getting a beating. This also indicates that LTTE cannot tactically withdraw anymore. It is a good indication in a way.

    I think we need to make some changes. And Quickly at that! May be tactical may be strategical.

  173. I think we need to shift to harvesting mode slow down the aggressiveness a bit on the Mallavi and Vellankulam zones. Do something unconventional. We have a number of fronts. Put some pressure to a closer front to the Mallavi, Vellankulam fronts and distract the enemy!

  174. Actually what I meant is be aggressive on a harvesting mode and slow down on the offensive mode.

  175. Qrious,

    Well reply for the people who are trying to watch crime here. Very well said brother.


    Once you said, only few people know about our LRRP/DPU units (what is their mission and where they operate). As we know they operate inside the LTTE territory. So, is it not possible to get caught these units when SLAF bombs LTTE positions???

  176. ..The confrontation at PULIYANKULAM at about 12.00 noon caused the death to the above leader...

    Are we closed to PULIYANKULAM? So we can cross A9 at PULIYANKULAM.

  177. Guys can someone point me to a good map indicating the divisions in battle and the front lines?

  178. I don't know how the SLPA says exact figure of LTTE casualties by a Arti fire .. some times these guys have been watching where the arti falls .... i wonder are the people in lanka believes the stories directed by the SLPA ...

    hahaha so sad dude ...feel sorry for the SLA supporters ... just be ready to decorate the roads with white colors ....

  179. Kumaran Master dead at 12.00 noon today...

    Who is this bugger?

  180. thambala said...

    Kumaran Master dead at 12.00 noon today...

    Who is this bugger?

    Ask the director of the story,the ideal SLPA

    Lol ;-)

  181. thanbala

    di you mean to get back to attitio mode.

    there was a lot of criticism on the blog for concentrating on attrition and being slow and that SLA needs to get a move on when they were in the Adampan area. don't you think the dividends of that slow attrtion phase is showing up now and it's once again to shift to that mode.

    i m sure moshe will have a lot to say about it.

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. Shyam what do you mean by SLPA?

    Also, Shyam talk is cheap ("just be ready to decorate the roads with white colors"). Same kind of big talks given in 2006 in the miserably failed Jaffna attack.

  184. thambala

    very sorry mate, typo on your name. my apology once again

    second line should be corrected as 'did you mean get back to attrition mode'

  185. hey guys look at the Ideanty card of captured SLA body ..he is just 17 yrs old ...he should be joined in the army more than a year .. otherwise a regular army never let its soldiers in FDLs with out proper training and experience .. for this its take at least a year can anyone join the army in his age of sixteen...?

    Whats the age have to be if anyone joing in army...?

    IS army don't have good soldiers to face the FDLs .. forcing the Kids on fields

  186. Blogger thambala said...

    Shyam what do you mean by SLPA?

    SLPA - SL ponna Army ...

    i was waiting for a log time for who's gonna ask the question but u did are the man ...

  187. Shyam, are you saying that the LTTE is a superhuman fighting force? None of it's leaders can be killed even this critical stage?

    If you don't know just keep quiet.

  188. thambala

    re: map showing divisions's ORBAT has two maps at the bottom showing the mannar/vavuniya front and the Mullaitivu with the divisions clearly marked.

    not the map on top but the ones at the bottom of page

  189. Shyam,
    Oh really innovative, very nice, pat yourself on the back. Go and have a treat.

  190. Shan,
    Sorry for ignoring you.

    I am a novice to military strategems definitely.

    But what I meant was be aggressive than the attrition phase but focus on making maximum casualties rather than really trying hard to launch an offensive and capture locations of strategic importance (i.e. three pronged offensive to capture Mallavi)


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