Saturday, August 16, 2008

LTTE expands secondary runway : Mullaithivu

Latest UAV footage suggests that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are expanding their smaller runway in Puthukuduirippu, Mullaithivu. The exact reason for this is still unknown but the situation is being closely monitored as per MI warnings.

Intelligence reports from the Wanni indicate that as much as thousand more new tiger recruits are being given combat training in hidden jungle bases in Vishwamadu. LTTE has increased it's forcible conscriptions as SLA troops inch closer to their major strongholds in Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv. Current position of one of the brigades of the army's 58 division is now just 14km north east of Kilinochchi town and 18km south of LTTE stronghold of Pooneryn.

Meanwhile SLA's 57 division is continuing their march towards Tunukkai. Small squads from the army's special forces regiment are also active in this area. Forces are facing heavy resistance as the tiger try hard to save both Tunukkai and Mallavi from falling to the SLA. These areas are heavily mined and booby trapped hence the operations are continuing at a somewhat slower pace.

In other news has posted video footage of a rescue mission conducted by the SLAF. The video shows a gunship and a transport helicopter with reinforcements rescue a group of Special Forces soldiers who were on a LRS mission deep inside LTTE held territory in Kilinochchi district. 2 SF members were lost and one of the bodies was captured (and later retrieved via ICRC) by the LTTE. The rest of the group who valiantly held off the tigers until help arrived, were saved in the daring rescue mission. You can view/download the video from this link.


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  2. wow... Watch the real Rambos in action...

  3. Thanks DN for update
    This new runner way for what purpose? I can guess few things may be they might want to use few aircrafts at once to carry out suicide mission…or expecting big aircraft from somewhere ? may be from foreign country? Or high jacked air craft to land in Vanni to escape VP? However this is going to be very interesting to see coming months how LTTE would react for SLF ..there are so many rumours going on that VP might flee the country asap. Anyway I hope that SLF are monitoring the situation carefully as they penetrate to Vanni. Is there any chance that our brave DPU team to reach this area? I mean at least close proximity? Or destroy the area before they build any more?

  4. Hoo Hoo ... its a nice movie ... but have you watch the SLPF they ran near the chopper and when the chopper landed in the base they need stretcher to carry them.. and the 2nd thing is the Fireball use..whats the purpose of using fire balls when there isn't any missile locks ... are the LTTE locks the chopper 4 times .. the Choppers flying attitude were very low even though there is a threat for AA fire ... i think it impress the Modayas .. and the landing place also perfect .....hehehehe just slap on ur buts after watch the dream story ...

  5. DW thank you for sharing the info with us.

    Yes there is a high possibility of foreign air craft to land in Vanni.
    Or it could be a way to mis guide all of us and run away via sea route.
    We should make sure Navy would be vigilent too.

    Are you worried about the movie you have watched in ? There is no copy rights, feel free to distribute with LTTE. They will have a better idea about the location and the mission carried out by LRRP. (In another word how LTTE has failed during that mission)
    I see the "Hoo Hoo" with lot of fear? Is that because your investments via LTTE is no longer safe any more ?

  6. Shyam -
    Since you have watched the movie and trusted what has happend was true. I trust you do now beleve in Therefore below link is for you.

    Another one for you Shyam. Keep counting the numbers

  7. Are those people on groud LTTE?
    When they were comming closer, BELL was alredy air borne.

  8. @andare..

    No i think it was Special forces waiting for the chopper to land.. otheriwse they would have fired at the chopper at that cloase range

  9. shyam,
    Rather than worrying about fireballs and injured soldiers, you should worry how they managed to land a chopper deep inside LTTE territory and return without a scratch.
    Does the fact that a 6 man team infiltrated 25kms into the heart of the LTTE also look funny to you?

  10. andare,
    "Are those people on groud LTTE?
    When they were comming closer, BELL was alredy air borne."

    Those were SF

  11. Shyam-
    Forgot to let you know....
    Qrious was looking for you. Why do I get the feeling that you are just about to loose the remaing ball too :)

  12. Guys, the landscape we are talking about is very large.
    The LRRP guys don't call in choppers like you would call a three-wheeler from where you are, in Colombo. Tehy walk miles and call them in from a secure location.
    If I understand it right, generally there would be at least 4-5 locations identified as possible extraction points at mission planning stage.
    These guys had obviously neutralized all threats on the ground at the pick up location.

    The speed of the choppers once airborne is tremendous, probably doing around 600MPH. At tree-top leevl, they could be on any location and gone very fast before a sighting or lock can be obtained. Of course they'd still be vulnerable to a random/lucky strike. At that speed I'd guess the flare dispensation would have been automatic.

  13. ltte trying to lure slaf by working on the runway and has lots of aa guns nearby?

    or launch all their takaran planes for 9/11 type suicide attack?

  14. The video doesn't show the fight that had taken place there, it only shows the going in and evacuation of the team. The SF team wasn't just waiting for the helicopters to come and pick them up, they were under attack. The second SF team in the Bell and the MI-24 would have attacked the LTTE cadres and then got those people out of there.


    "the Choppers flying attitude were very low even though there is a threat for AA fire ..."

    Hasn't it occurred to you pea sized brain that flying low gives less time to get a IR missile locked on to you from the ground? The helicopter is seen for a lesser amount of time that it would if flying higher. Also it makes them harder to spot from far away.

    I'm getting tired of saying this but, "Don't show your stupidity in punlic"

  15. Or was it that they avoided the pursuing LTTE cadres and got to the extraction point quietly? But Defencenwire has said that the reinforcements 'decimated the attack'....


    "or launch all their takaran planes for 9/11 type suicide attack?"

    They don't really need to expand the runway for those planes.

  16. Looks like packing up to leave Killinochchi..:-)

  17. Kaatikuddupaan,

    What is the difference between the "LTTE SBS" and the Leopards? Have the Leopards been replaced by sea commandos, or are they the same?

    "The ratio is about 1 Lt col ( experienced ) for about 15 conscripts."

    That is hard to believe- there would be no less than 400 LTTE Lt cols. They are literally a dime a dozen!

    Can you tell us more about the LTTE rank structure? How does one get promoted from vira vengkai to 2LT, 2LT to 1LT and so forth? How many members does a 2LT command, compared to 1LT or a captain?

    Iqbal Athas wrote an article awhile back on LTTE organization (, saying that LTTE's forces are organized in groups of 9 (squad), 42 (platoon), 145 (company), and 450 (battalion). Is this accurate?

  18. Guys,

    I think this is red-herring; they give the impression of an escape by air while conteplating on somehting else - may be by sea.

    Those who are capable of hiding cache of weapons in graveyards will go to any extent to do dubious things.

    When the survival is at the tether's end, the intensity of that nature automatically elevates.

    Monitoring on all fronts with an open mind is the answer.

    asithri, I may considre an interview between you and Rayappu in due course.

  19. Another 1,000 conscripts being trained by the LTTE. I suppose we'd be hearing how these chaps are going to deliver eLam like home delivery pizza. And when they get creamed, it will be bloody murder civillians...more of the same sht..some people just neevr learn.

    The SLA needs to rev-up the psych war targetting these guys as well as the raw monkeys in the trenches. The offer to walk away, if necessary shoot the seniors who try to stop them and obtain a free pass to a different ball game should be a regular 'manthra'. This is where guys like Doug Devanada should come in handy.

  20. Wijey

    They don't get promoted the usual way.

    Kill 10 civillians - 2nd Lt.
    Kill 20 civies - Sergeant
    kill 30 civiies - Capt.
    Be a cook & die in SLAF strike - Major
    Be a joker & die in SLAF strike - Buri-gediyar

  21. @ Tropicalstorm: the choppers were doing about 60-70 knots. 600mph (mach 0.5) is the max cruising speed of 747s, A340s at 35,000 to 42,000 feet altitude, no chopper in the world can do 600mph, not even Apaches, not even Airwolf! The speed seems tremendous as they are flying at low altitude.

  22. Landing strip preparation may be a decoy, or it may be the real thing too.
    If it is a decoy, the logic would be to compel SLAF to stay in 'ready' 24/7, burning up jet engine lifetime.
    If real, well, that comes with plum pickin's.

    Either way, a coupla manpad carrying LRRP in the general area should neutralize the equation quite nicely.

    SLAf should also put a few pot holes on straight stretches of the A-9 and at regular intervals on the two runways.

  23. mohammed

    says max. cruising to be around 140knots (appx 161mph/259kmph).

    Guess I was wrong.

  24. There could be a lot of intel organizations watching SL space right now, specially the Indians. There's news of Chinese sat coverage, we know the US wants part of the action as well.

    Maybe it is time someone talked to the Norwegians. If anyone knows the game, it would be they.

  25. Given the modus operandi of LTTE, any real use of this runway is an unlikely scenario. If Veza-pillai wants to escape, this air route is the most dangerous given the fact that both Sri Lanka and India are monitoring the air space over Vanni. I addition, this expansion of a runway is clearly visible to our air surveillance. Therefore, this can be a clever diversion of our attention from the real motive. I strongly believe that Veza-pillai will use the sea as an escape route or escape along with refugees in disguise. One good way to understand Veza-piilai is to put yourself in is shoes and imagine what you would do in this moment. If I were him, I will leave Sri Lanka probably in coming weeks via the northeastern sea board. As far as SL naval blockade is concerned, it is not air-tight. Therefore, I have higher chances of escaping a naval blockade there. Given the fact that Government of India is after me, I will not walk in to the Lion’s den via the western seaboard. After all that seaboard is shrinking by the day. On the other hand, I can take my chances by staying out where I get highest levels of protection in Vanni.

  26. Something to be added to this list:

    "Kill 10 civillians - 2nd Lt.
    Kill 20 civies - Sergeant
    kill 30 civiies - Capt.
    Be a cook & die in SLAF strike - Major
    Be a joker & die in SLAF strike - Buri-gediyar"

    Be any rank higher than Capt., die in LRRP strike - civilian
    All ranks of Sea tigers, die in minor sea battle - fisherman/tamilnadu fisherman(higher status)

  27. Guys, this runaway thing is a red herring. It is a ploy to get our SLAF to waste ammo. SLAF is in tune with this hence the reason they are not paying much attention to it (altough there is 24/7 UAV surveillane). The Island Newspaper can speculate but its not based in good intel.

  28. The terrorists are probably expecting to loose the Iranamadu runway together with the Kilinochchi town. This may be one reason why they attempt to expand the smaller runway.

    That indicates one thing. They probablhy expect Mulativ, Puthukudiyiruppu to fall last.. after Pooneryn and Kili.

    At the same time this could be a diversionary tactic as well. While pretending to be expanding the smaller runway.. they might be making good use of the Iranamadu runway as well. Hope MI is looking at all these possibilities.

  29. I fear an LTTE attack deep down in the Vavuniya battle front. The target of the terrorists could be the 56th division.

    Due to the fact that we are holding on to Omanthai check point without advancing, i guess this particular point could be vulnerable if LTTE use the Full Force in there. Additionally I guess this is where we might be least expecting an attack.

    Then again it might be difficult for the terrorist to initiate a mass movement towards Omanthai, without being detected on MI suvailance

  30. @chamal
    They don't really need to expand the runway for those planes.

    wat if they send multiple plane airborne at once??

  31. [The speed of the choppers once airborne is tremendous, probably doing around 600MPH.]


    You meant to say 600 m/s ? LOL

    600 mph = 268.22400 meters / second

  32. guys is this runway out of artillery reach??

  33. @chamal,
    i meant what if they are planing to send multiple aircrafts at once??
    then they need some more runways. besides, with the air surveillance that our air force has it's hard to take off without being noticed. so to confuse the air force they might use all of the what is left of their takaran army and maybe use them in a suicidal mission to colombo or some place.( they must've watched pearl harbour). while this happens they could start a counter-offensive and our ground forces will be without air support for some time.

  34. but of course the ground forces can withstand any tiger attacks at the moment. even if they attack with their full strength. our lrrp guys and the sf and the commandos are haunting the jungles in mulaithivu and kili.

  35. I agree with mohammed. "Tamileelam Air Force" has been a total flop. Over time the Vaan Puligal have become less and less effective. The last strike was against SLA troops and only caused one injury.

    I didn't think much of Ravindra Wickremasinghe's article- too much paranoia and speculation not based on capabilities. If the LTTE had 2000 Black Tigers then there would be far more dead SLA. Using airplanes as kamikaze bombers will be a sign of desperation and weakness.

    I cited previously Long Ranger's article on Counterstrike. The LTTE has not made any credible counterattacks so far unlike what they did during Op. JS. Something must be wrong in the Wanni.

  36. guys

    maps on's this link has been updated.

    note troop poistions around nachchikuda

  37. wijayapala

    I agree with mohammed. "Tamileelam Air Force" has been a total flop

    so charles anthony has failed his father..

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  39. Shan: Contrary to popular belief, Charles Ponna Anthony did not study Aeronautics at Dublin, he studied IT. So unless he intends to firewall us to death, he is not to fear.

  40. DefenceNet said...

    worry how they managed to land a chopper deep inside LTTE territory and return without a scratch.

    Who knows thats s LTTE control area or not ...

    Does the fact that a 6 man team infiltrated 25kms into the heart of the LTTE also look funny to you?...

    There is no proofs of infiltrated 25 Km's.. whats their mission what are the Objectives just be inside in tiger Uniform...? it doesn't carry any meaning ...they infiltrated 25 Km's and did nothing.. at least they didn't explode a Claymore ...!

  41. Most of the guys here just talking about the runway which LTTE is expands as secondary runway in Mullaithivu may be a new story to you guys ..but LTTE made a successful airborne from the Runway to bomb the MANALARU FDL's.. i mean there was a runway in that region but they may expanding it now ..but its not a new one ....

  42. //Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has continuously engaged its artillery batteries from the Northern Front, Mannaar Front and Ma'nalaa'ru Front with grinding bombardment during nights targeting residential areas in the rear of all the frontiers of Ki'linochchi and Mullaiththeevu districts since Tuesday. The systematic barrage has destroyed several tamiz houses properties and tamihz cattle abandoned by the fleeing residents besides damaging countless tamiez fruit trees. ...?//

    --Air strip--

    Air strip is probably to divert attention. If the trend (= SLA move ahead by little or big distance, more than 10 tigers KIA daily) at some point SLA will capture whole north with tin cans and big guns. Thus before that LTTE better use tin cans for some show. I think SLAF should expect some tin can show soon with or without using extended air strip.

    --1000 tigers getting trained under theepan--

    Using 1000+ tigers with child soldiers in the front wave and then thier best (CA/ rada/ victor/ IP/ black tigers/ etc) against 100-200 reguler SLA troops and break the SLA defences some where may be one possibilty for LTZE. Specialy if they can break throgh Kalvilan and seperate 58D by taking control MSR Vallankulam - Thunukkai this will create a favarouble ground for ZTTE. But it is hard to beleive SLA top brass forget this and just moved north along A32.

    Simple logic is out number reguler SLA troops by man power and fire power and get some SLA bodies and capiotalize on that and continue the trend. But even LTZE manage to do this once I don't think they can continue this. I hope SLA has plans for such a situation.

  43. Dear "Usama bin Laden" mohammed

    "Contrary to popular belief, Charles Ponna Anthony did not study Aeronautics at Dublin, he studied IT."

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Thalaivar Jr.'s name is Charles Anthony Prabakaran. If "Ponna" is not really Jr.'s name then I can presume that your name isn't the same as the Islamic terrorist scumbag. I'm game if you want to make fun of Jr., but it doesn't help to use anti-Tamil crap in the process.

  44. Cadres normally relax by playing volleyball or cricket.

    Also at night they watch HOllywood war films dubbed into Tamil ( at cost of 1 lakh ) per movie.

    Otherwise, we can tune into Sun TV news and at 10:00, its time to watch the tamil eelam national broadcast ( NTT ).

    For low rung cadres in the frontlines, they wil listen to radio of pullikalin kural.

    In LTTE nobody has a rank, it is given only after death. However there is a system of managers "porrupallar" which is similar to the Ltcol, col system. I guess to be a LT. Col you need to have done something really great and be dedicated for organization. COl rank is only for the old men of the first Indian trained batches and they are very few in number.

    However in LTTE, if you are equal to LT. COl rank and you do something stupid then you get demoted straight away and get sent to frontline.

    E.g there was one man fo LT.col rank with about 5 others who was escaping away from army in Eastern province.

    They decided to sleep in the forest without keeping continuos sentry. Army team found them and killed them all.

    This man was demoted to Lt , because of this.

    However being a Lt, Lt.Col or whatever is of no real substance in LTTE. You don't get paid or get to build up wealth or even get to have private weapons. It's really all bullshit.

  45. Kaatikuduppaan

    How are LTTE cadres paid for their services?
    Do they get a monthly salary/allowance or do they all feed off the food sent by the govt?

    Your insights are really very much appreciated. You have seen both sides in this war and have the ability to be impartial. I would like to ask you to do that; point out what you see as practical or not towards finding a lasting solution, objectively and also irrespective of some of the usual flak you are likely to draw when it rubs either party the wrong way.
    [The best way to deal with the tantrums is to ignore them, if they are unworthy of a response.]

    As SLA forces get stretched upwards along the western coast, the LTTE is going to have a great opportunity presented to them when the monsoons start and the roads become virtually impassable for heavy vehicles. Many pro-LTTE tamil media is speculating on a formidable counter-strike by the LTTE to cut thru the lines and aim for the coast towards Mannar, or their former sea-tiger base.

    The general idea seems to be to carry out a devastating series of attacks in a number of different places and then 'acquire' some heavy fire power. SLA needs to adopt fall-back options to prevent heavy armour, especially MBRLs from falling into enemy hands.

    I'm not kidding. This could be serious and it could happen. The Army's vulnerability exists, the LTTE possesses the capability, and the motive is strong; it is a matter of survival and death.

    SLA's battle planners must also have contingency plans to deal with such an eventuality.

  46. LTTE members get no pay, except if they have married and have family so they then get 8,000 a month + some milk powder and supplies. Which can buy you nothing in Wanni because everything is inflated in price due to LTTE tax

    All you get in LTTE is every month 1 x sunlight laundry soap,2 x lux soap, 2 x chik shampoo small 1Rs pack , 1 Bic razor.

    Thats it !

    Food is from LTTE farms, or from Tsunami stock e.g canned Norway mackeral fish or from government rations.

    Even all the medicine is marked by SL government.

    I think best thing for SLA is to make an all out push now in the Mullathivu region because that's where most of the main LTTE camps are and really try to kill as many cadres as possible and increase the intelligence/informant network to kill the high level Lt. Col e.t.c

    Also SLA should get as many soldiers as posible in the newly captured areas in Mannar and totally dominate it. Also prepare to destroy and infrastructures should tigers come too close

    The rains that come this year may not be as bad as last year, so we have to pray that this is the case.

  47. however I am no expert military planner. Just a simple kaati kuddupaan so I will leave the strategies to Fonseka''s hands :)

  48. Kaati,

    "In LTTE nobody has a rank, it is given only after death."

    I got a different impression from reading a Tamil book about the Charles Anthony Special Regiment. The book talked a little about Gopith, the present commander, and how he was promoted from major to lt. col.

    "However there is a system of managers "porrupallar" which is similar to the Ltcol, col system."

    Yes I've heard of this. UTHR wrote recently about them:

    The LTTE’s control hinges on poruppalars (persons-in-charge or divisional heads). The official may be in charge of a political, administrative or a security division. They are the virtual maharajahs or fiefs. Many of them live in luxury houses amidst so much drabness and poverty. While ordinary people could hardly afford the highly inflated prices at which the LTTE sells cement, the poruppalars frequently have garden walls with well-shaped black stones. Anyone peeping inside would see a well-maintained garden.

    The poruppalars duly acquire the mannerisms showing off their absolute power and the lowliness of anyone else besides them. They grow into the habit of commanding by grunts and a non-vocal economy of gestures, such as thrusting the thumb behind over the shoulder or ordering a person to come by lightly flicking the forefinger.

    Are the poruppalars war veterans, or are they just some fat slobs who got good jobs by sucking up to Thalaivar?

  49. indian site timesnow has a vid on ltte smuggling from rameswaram. everything is done by indian fisherman recruited by ltte agents in refugee camps. apperently is is still very active.

  50. LTTE's 'Jeevan Base' falls to Security Forces- Welioya

    LTTE terrorists sustained another heavy blow on Saturday (August 16) when troops of the 59 Division operating ahead of the Welioya battlefront in the Eastern Wanni frontier forced into 'Jeevan Base' a large underground training facility of LTTE at around 4.30 p.m.

    Jeevan base was located in general area Andankulama, and was known as a major LTTE underground training facility consisting at least 100 bunker defences, security sources said.

    Military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara speaking to said, that 67 tombs of deceased terrorists were also found at the underground bunker complex which also consisted of 4 main buildings each with an area of 1250sq.m2.

    The LTTE bunkers were constructed with thick concrete to sustain heavy artillery fire and aerial bombardments security sources said adding that troops have also came across 4 torture cells used by the LTTE during subsequent search operations. More information will follow.

  51. Clashes in VIDATHAL TIVU...

    8 SLA wounded in Vidathal tivu clashes on last Friday and admitted to the Mannar Hospitals ...

  52. SLA and the police is planning a search operation In colombo ...they are trying to search each house located in Colombo Region

  53. PONNA wijayapala says

    "Correct me if I'm wrong but Thalaivar Jr.'s name is Charles Anthony Prabakaran. If "Ponna" is not really Jr.'s name then I can presume that your name isn't the same as the Islamic terrorist scumbag. I'm game if you want to make fun of Jr., but it doesn't help to use anti-Tamil crap in the process."

    PONNA wijayapala

    Why are you so worried when mohammed called Charles as PONNA Charles. You PONNA wijayapala, I think the best treatment for you worries is RED BIRD treatment, go to your Hon. VP he will give you a real RED BIRD treatment. Then you will able get a relief from your worries but definitely there will be pain in your ASS.

  54. Shyam,

    I had a respect for you in last 2 3 days since there were no posts from you, thinking that you wont come and post in DN or DW until LTTE could recapture a land from the Army.

    But it shame on you to see you again. Please at least stop the childish post and write something what we can read.

  55. those porrupalars you talk about are from political division. They are mainly war veterans or as you say thalaivars tail catchers.

    Also I don't like mohammed calling Charles anthony "ponna". Who is this thoppiratti jihad group muslim to talk about charles like that.

    He can't even do the most simple things that Charles can. I'd say in my experience both Charles and Thuaraha are firm believers in eelam cause. However that is their way and who are we to talk bad about them behind their back.

    We can fight them and their cause but talking like this is unacceptable.

  56. great news from weli-oya front. 59 has finally broken through to the nayaru lagoon. this area is like the viddathalthivu of the east. map at army website.

  57. When the LTTE is history - not another Singapore please!

    The Tigers are in disarray; to put things right, it needs more than a miracle. Even the Almigty will not do anything at this stage - He doesn't want to contradict his own laws, the Law of Diminishing Returns.

    A lot of people, quite understandably are waiting to celebrate the big day - the absolute liberation. I am not one of them. I just want to breathe a long sigh of relief by murming 'Oh, the bloody thing is over – at long at last.'

    There are no winners of this battle; soldiers sacrifice their lives for us to live in peace; hundreds of thousands are still suffering - directly or indirectly - due to this menace. The destruction of well-known landmarks, fauna and flora, objects of archaeological interest, wild life is immense and often has gone past the point of no-return. And above all, a generation of Tamil youths have paid the ultimate price for a dream of a lunatic.

    Everyone is full of hopes for an economic miracle taking hold of the island straightaway. Good luck to them.

    Of course, the standard of life will certainly improve and the cost of living that is on an upward spiral will certainly come down - due to both the feel-good-factor and the conducive atmosphere that follows, for increased production on many fronts.

    This is where our ambition that borders on over-zealousness, can take us along the wrong path - to be another Singapore.

    The man who is blind in one eye is a hero in the land of the blind. In the same way, a first time visitor sees Singapore as a model economic power house.

    It is an efficient economic model indeed. It is just skin-deep, though. Unfortunately, underneath what you see on the surface, there are dangerous undercurrents, that ominously monitor its citizens - 24 /7.

    To its credit, there are a quite a few things that the state of Singapore must be congratulated on and the its public must be sympathised with: the cleanliness in the streets; crime free atmosphere; order at all layers of the society; racial and religious harmony; very low corruption in government institutes, according to Transparency International.

    Unfortunately, these good things come at a price for its citizens. If you go to a restaurant, for instance, the people sitting next to you may be in the business of intelligence gathering under the pretext of fellow diners; If you happen to be in the company of a Singapore citizen, the prospect of being surrounded by the diners of this league, gets to a more intense level. In short, wherever you go, whatever you do is under the keen eye of a Big Brother.

    In private, Singaporeans do not love to bask in the glory of its economic achievement.

    A few years ago, I met a Tamil Singaporean girl in Scotland, in the UK on a business mission. She had got married to a Malaysian Tamil, but he was not allowed to settle down in the country for obvious reasons: there is no room for any more human settlements in Singapore, it is already house-full. This is very problematic for girls; if they fall in love with a foreign guy, there is no way they can live in Singapore as a couple; they have to go elsewhere. The law prohibits that. It is not easy for a girl, especially from an ethnic group other than the native Chinese, to find a groom of her choice. As you can imagine, this has led to a collective frustration, especially among the girls of Indian origin - Tamils, Sikhs, Gujaratis and Hindus. So, most girls have just abandoned the prospect of getting into marraige and it will have huge repercussion in the distant future. They simply don't want to go abroad to live with strangers for the sake of making families.

    Win the trust of a Singaporean in private and he will tell you the side the foreigners often don't see. He will summarize his experience in his own country like this: 'We are being tamed to behave to the tune of the state, here.'

    Singapore became a buzzword in economics during 80's and 90's owing to its breathtaking economic achievement - of course at the expense of human freedom and choice. It did stand out at that time, as the odd-man-out, because the region in general turned its back on the market economy while struggling to come out of the shell of controlled economy, the socialism. Since that scenario is no longer the case, Singapore is gradually in the process of losing its significance; there are plenty of regional players around to look up to now.

    Being a country with a very little land mass and hardly any natural resources, Singapore relied on its performance for survival. Lee Kwan Yu was a visionary in this sense. He did transform once-backward nation to a global player. Even he said recently that only five years all it takes to reverse everything that he so painstakingly achieved.

    He was partially referring to the social dissension that is brewing underneath the illusive affluence: people are becoming ruthlessly ambitious; every human move is evaluated in terms of Singaporean Dollars; the very first question a Singaporean may ask a foreigner may be about his earning capacity; the old, including own parents, are often neglected and would be dumped in an elderly home at the first opportunity, if they can bypass the laws that were brought in to deal with this vile practice.

    So, the list of ills of this economic power house is already large and has the potential to grow to the point of collapsing.

    Singapore came to this point by talking only in terms of supply, demand and inward investments. In this climate, the social duties and values flew through the ceiling; the inhabitants just became the victims of their own success. Talk to them in private - after making sure spies are not in the vicinity - they will pour their frustration over to you.

    Of course, we want our country to be developed economically. However, doing things in haste will create more problems than what it solves.

    A European model or the American one is far better than the Singapore one, if we are obsessed with emulation. Lee Kwan Yu did not emulate anyone in developing Singapore; it is his vision. That is why he succeeded.

    Our late JRJ wanted to turn our country into another Singapore. However, Ronnie De Mel, the then Finance Minister blocked that move. He explicitly and quite rightly said that is something he never dreamt of.

    Despite minor faults, both Europeans and Americans are nice folks with good ethics and values. You only see their nice side when in trouble: most are kind, compassionate and generous.

    I am not aware of a single occasion when Singaporeans showed their generosity towards others - fellow Singaporeans, let alone outsiders. That is not the way they look at things; everything is fiscal; everyone must work hard that includes cripples, handicapped, mentally retarded etc etc!! No prospect of hand-outs, when someone is in trouble.

    One of our major issues is the diminishing size of our labour force. This is pretty serious. There are no people to work in paddy fields, pluck coconuts, clean the streets and serve tea in restaurants. Adding insult to the injury, we, the society, look down on the folks who are doing these things. This is a major catastrophe in the making. Let's blame the government for that too!! We are very good at finding scapegoats and often get herds of them!

    Do we need another wave of illegal immigrants from the Indian Sub continent to address the labour shortage or change our attitudes to treat people with some dignity without looking down on them?

    It is a choice of course, the outcome of which will decide how we will live the next fifty years.

    So, in this context the last thing we want to emulate is a country like Singapore. We have the habit of barking up the wrong tree.

  58. Shan,

    this link is the parody and this is the real video. Check it out.

  59. :::Hot News:::
    LTTE's 'Jeevan Base' falls to Security Forces- Welioya
    watch now.

  60. Guys,

    Thank you all for taking pains to put these video clips for us to see so quickly; it is really nice of you all. We are proud of you - the true patriots.

  61. @ Wijeyapalanthan:

    By going on the rampage againts me, you have shown your true colours, i.e, black stripes on an orange background. You worked hard to build up your credibility as a Sinhala, and at one point I almost believed it. Now with that one post, you have covinced me and the rest about your true identity, i.e. Dieasspora shit VP ass licker.

    To Kaati: apologies for calling Charles Ponna. I am sure that you will understand how one feels when his extended family were driven from their homes and some went to work and never returned. We forgive you now, but the sentiment still remains. I feel very sorry for poor Tamil village boys being used as cannon fodder in the front lines.

    For Wijeyapalam: I checked with my Sinhala friends and they said Wijepala or Wijeypala is Sinhala, they said Wijaya is distinctly Chola and Tamil. They even said Wijeypala or Wijepala has not been used as a first name since the 19th century (a slight exaggeration) and no mother would be demented enough to give you a "goday" name like that. Smoked you out bloody peelamist didn't we? You couldn't even find a convincing Sinhala sounding name to post as your dieasspora brain is clouded in peelamist BS.

    PS, not every Muslim is Taleban. We enjoy the occasional drink, ham and pepperoni pizza and the odd visit to "massage" parlours.

  62. Dear Wije (Wijepala aka Wijayapala),

    I thought my hard medicine had worked on you when you stopped calling people "Sinhala modayas". Again I was mistaken.

    You called mohommed a Taleban because he is a Muslim! How pathetic? ALWAYS you think along racism! Shit!!

    Anyway you failed to answer my questions.

    Wije, can't you think without racism? I bet you can't. If you can't, please seek medical attention.

    There is absolutely no reason for you to get so madly pissed-off just because Charles Anthony was called whatever, unless you are a LTTE supporter.

  63. the video clip was pre planned cos MI send behild just to ta ke video footages of the story invain. hmmm
    Have a piece of kevung. Ulead expess making Propaghanda videos of rocodiles. ENJOY.

    CANT blane LZZT too, cos they do the same ( video) you may say NO cos MR fans just enjoing some KEVUNG from Arali Maligawa.

    Every body laughed at their ass one day while looking at a MI walling into sea/river/lagoon which LZZE claims they are done it. its a video for oppositions to laugh..

    DN good work.

    IF you deny you will fall in to M category..

  64. Kaatikuddupaan – “Cadres normally relax …”
    Once again thanks for your reply. Hope our brave soldiers will eliminate these jokers ASAP, so that we all Sri Lankans can visit any part of this beautiful country and meet each other without any hindrance.

  65. Crimewatch,

    "the video clip was pre planned cos MI send behild just to ta ke video footages of the story invain."

    Anybody can see that. When the mission was decided to be carried out their commanders must have decided to record it. I don't think gunners in a Hind carry video cameras in their pockets and record missions as a hobby. Of course it was for propaganda purposes, what else would the military issue their mission footage to the public for? It's not a cricket match...

  66. Oh did you mean MI-24? Why the hell did you use MI for that, when MI is used more commonly for 'military intelligence'.... The hind was sent as the escort for the Bell. And to neutralize any enemy forces threatening the Bell and the SF team while extracting. Obviously...

  67. thambala

    i posted the link to the parody deliberatley, was hoping the monkeys would react

  68. Chamal,

    Videos can be used to study the operation and perfect it.

  69. Kaatikuddupaan i am no military planner either but Gen Fonseka knows what he is doing.i have an idea of his logic here and it is ruthless so dont worry about it.I cant tell you what i am thinking of for obvious reasons.Keep studying hard and get a good job.

  70. Child soldiers to latest killed Lt Colonels 16-08-2008

  71. Read a small story about our heroes here,

  72. Mathamathica,

    I know, but the only purpose of releasing it to the public is propaganda. That's what I was talking about.

  73. Moshe

    check out this link at the Ranjan Wijeratne Foundation site which has some of the Navy Vessels.

    Rememebr we discussed the 'Gabriel' missiles on SLN's SAAR4's.

    the site has a picture with a caption which says "Missile ship Suranimala firing a Gabriel ship to ship missile.Unfortunately the accuracy of this type of operation became an issue. Therefore it was eventually abandoned and was replaced with conventional usage of firing guns

  74. andare

    I don't think your question was answered correctly.

    If you watch the video closely, you'll notice a beak in the film between the last frame from the circling Mi-24 showing the Bell-412getting close to touch down and the SF guys walking towards it. And then it jumps to the high speed 'eggress' (military term for exit from a conflict zone).
    when a chopper touches down, it is very vulnerable and so they do not spend much time there. In one recent extraction, they took 7 SF +1 wounded on board and lifted-off in 4 seconds. That must be a world record.
    The reason for the break in the video could be the Mi-24 breaking to the right to check on the surroundings/ provide covering fire, or any number of other reasons. It is also possible the remaining video coverage is unclear due to the dust storm blown up by the Bell's rotors, and thus edited to make the video short.
    Don't let the 'on vacation - walk in the park' attitude of the SF guys fool you. They obviously fucked'em and fcked 'em good. There's not a standing pussy around obviously by the time they left.

  75. shan and moshe

    The SAAR's Gabriels have been pretty much moth-balled for the reason that we do not have the capacity to identify a threat beyond visual distance yet.
    This is why our ships sail into range, visually identify, challenge 'em and make artificial reef. This is a precaution we are compelled to have, given the geo-political realities; we cannot afford to make a mistake in a major naval adventure.

    Once within visual range, guns are a whole lot more cost effective. The noise toys are fun and provide the boys with live-target practice; a luxury not even the world's richest Navies have.

    Our Navy is one of the world's most experienced, as is the rest of our armed forces. By a ratio of size to combat experience, we must have out-performed the monstrous USN and everyone in human history already.

  76. noltte

    Read a small story about our heroes here

    thanks for the link,

  77. Dear palan-Wijey;

    I don't know what bridges you are trying to cross in this forum, but you certainly keep falling off the 'palama' (bridge) each time someone snipes on you.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. new reports of heavy fighting in the north

    what is going on is unclear

    anybody hearing anything more ?

  80. a lot of the news is not comming through. I am eager to know why thre is a runway expanded? And the reason why our military has not done "anyything" lol..

    Hope we find those "tin can planes" aka "paper planes" reall soon

  81. They are truly expanding the runway as a way to get the SLAF attention because our slaf has enough radars to cover those airspace areas. Also, there is tension on the jaffna front. Either ltte or sl army wil make another push (i dont know if this is a good idea) as the army pressure comming from the south west is pushing up.

  82. Then read a statement from bogus HR champion who harbored suicide cadres in his den............

    "Lanka-e-News, 2008 Aug. 16, 3.40 PM) Indian security advisor Narayanan was lucky that he did not end up in the disappeared list. He and Indian authorities should thank Lord Shiva for that no white van abductors bothered to adduct him when he was walking in Colombo streets without the possession of national identity card and police registration sheet said WPF Leader and Civil Monitoring Commission Convener Mano Ganesan in media statement issued by his office. Ganesan further said in his statement,

    It is reported that India s security advisor Narayanan risked his personal security by walking back to his hotel closer to Kompany Veediya area in Colombo. We do not want to comment on the aspect of security lapse as it is a closed subject. But the other aspect of the issue is that Narayanan also faced the risk of white van abduction. This is because he was walking in Colombo streets without the possession of national identity card and police registration sheet. And he does not speak Sinhala. Generally Tamils and dark skinned strangers in Colombo are not given time for explanations if they do not carry the all important NICs and Police registrations in all times. Any Tamil looking person under suspicion is bundled away in a offensive manner in Colombo. There can be some clever academic denials. But I am aware of this reality by all means as the Member of Parliament for Colombo.
    Narayanan walked because he had to be with his prime minister. He walked to his hotel situated opposite Galle face green from Kompany Veediya area. This is a white van spotted area. Enforced disappearances of members of Tamil community had been reported in this area. During the run-up to the SAARC convention houses of mostly Muslim Colombo citizens were demolished in this very area. As a follow up to this issue white vans were seen in this area searching for the SLMC Colombo Municipal Council members who led the agitation against the demolitions."

  83. Shan,

    thanks very much for the link. bullseye!

    thanks for the info.

  84. Source:

  85. TN reports somewhat close quarter combat using mortars along northern FDLs. we know SLA is not advancing.

    this means tigers are trying to disrupt the northern FDLs. according to my sources (civilian) people have left this area FEARING an LTTE assault CONTRARY to what TN says. according to TN, ppl have left due to SLA shelling!!!

    things are hotting up. according to same sources, SLA is shelling the lagoon as well. i think the type of conduct is utterly WASTEFUL and STUPID just to keep tigers at bay. instead they should target tiger build-ups ONLY (unless they plan to advance).

    night shelling has continued for a week now with not many tiger casualties. its like a blind man throwing expensive stones! UAVs have been used to minitor LTTE activity but shelling had NOTHING to do with that. firefinders are obviously not helping either as tigers are not using their arti. tiger mortar fire launchers are as usual VERY HIGHLY MOBILE.

    its good for SLA to stop 'indiscriminate' shelling (unless they plan to advance) and only target LTTE build-ups. it only shows their fear to their enemies.

    also MILs can be used to hunt down MANY SMALL tiger groups.

  86. Dear Kuttu,

    "Why are you so worried when mohammed called Charles as PONNA Charles."

    I get worried whenever a so-called "patriot" here refers to anyone else by an anti-Tamil slur. The Eelamists are always on the lookout to prove that Sri Lanka is an anti-Tamil racist country and some of the Modaya statements here help out greatly. Remember Kuttu, the Modaya is the LTTE's best friend.

  87. Dear kaati,

    "I'd say in my experience both Charles and Thuaraha are firm believers in eelam cause. However that is their way and who are we to talk bad about them behind their back.

    "We can fight them and their cause but talking like this is unacceptable."

    I disagree. What is wrong with making fun of Thalaivar Jr. or Dwaraka? They received a foreign education and all the benefits at the expense of the impoverished Tamils in the Wanni. I feel bad when I hear about Tamil civilians getting hurt or killed but believe me I will shed no tears if an LRRP blows out Jr.'s brains, or if Dwaraka meets with an "accident" in Ireland.

    I have no problem with anyone calling them names as long as the names aren't racist. There is such a large choice- son/daughter of bunker pig, muttaal, even "son/daughter of whore" is ok with me. "Ponna" is an anti-Tamil term but some people in this blog are too stupid to realize that.

  88. Dear Mohammed,

    "To Kaati: apologies for calling Charles Ponna."

    I'm glad that you came to your senses. My post accomplished what it was intended to.

    "I checked with my Sinhala friends and they said Wijepala or Wijeypala is Sinhala, they said Wijaya is distinctly Chola and Tamil."

    Your Sinhala friends are obviously classic Modayas. Go to google and type in "Wijayapala" and see all the Sinhala people with that name.

    As for Chola names, if you don't know anything about Tamil names (as you clearly know nothing about Sinhala names) why don't you grow a brain cell and ask a Tamil person instead of your Modaya buddies?!?!?

    If you can't find me ONE Tamil person with the name "Wijayapala" or even the "Wijaya" part in his/her name, then you'll have to accept that you are dumber than even a Modaya.

  89. One more comment, Modaya-hammed,

    "PS, not every Muslim is Taleban. We enjoy the occasional drink, ham and pepperoni pizza and the odd visit to "massage" parlours."

    I don't drink any alcohol, eat pork (or any other kind of meat), or associate with prostitutes as you do. That does not make me a Muslim. Similarly, not every Sinhala is a Modaya, and not every Tamil is a pro-LTTE scumbag.

    I am sorry that the Muslims suffered at the hands of the LTTE and other anti-Muslim Tamils. But that is no reason to blame Tamils who have nothing to do with LTTE. I can't blame all Muslims for the Khiljis' destruction of Nalanda University or the Taliban's destruction of Bamiyan statues.

  90. Dear tropical-fart,

    "Dear palan-Wijey;

    "I don't know what bridges you are trying to cross in this forum, but you certainly keep falling off the 'palama' (bridge) each time someone snipes on you."

    I'm not trying to cross any bridge in this blog and I'm not trying to make any friends, especially with Modayas who are not really contributing anything towards defeating the LTTE. If I run into stupid people and nobody is doing anything about them, then I slap them regardless of who they are. It's not my fault that some bloggers here make it too easy for me.

  91. KaatiK

    [Who is this thoppiratti jihad group muslim to talk about charles like that…We can fight them and their cause but talking like this is unacceptable]

    Now OaO Asithri is well know in the www for not pulling punches, not hiding behind popularity contests and basically, yes calling a spade a spade…

    Now in that context, KaatiK, what is the big fucking deal in Mohamed calling Charles a “ponna”…???

    Let me get this straight…you want bloggers here to be selective in what they call the LTTE? Come again?

    LTTE represents to us Sinhelas and also to most peace loving Sri Lankans the most heinous form of a human being (after all, what human being would take an infant by the legs and smash their skull on a tree-trunk/wall just because that infant happened to be born to parents who were the poorest of poor Sinhela farmers eking out a living in the dry-zone’s so called “border areas of Tamil homeland”…???

    This is just an appetizer of the LTTE wonton atrocities against hapless civilians in SL, be they were Sinhela, Tamil or Muslim and I will stop at that as it is not a topic that I will want to get going…

    As such the LTTE represents to us Sri Lankans a most horrific form of a beast and in my view, no name-calling however filthy it may be against the LTTE is an issue we Sri Lankans have to worry ourselves about.

    I for one is a Sri Lankan who advocates the termination of LTTE “with extreme prejudice” and that prejudice comes from the fact that the LTTE are not mere Tamils, but bloody horrific monsters who have carried out wonton, sadistic killings of non-combatants in SL!

    So, let me get this straight…yes, I think Charles is a bloody fucking PONNA…there is no other way to describe him or his monstrous father…who run an organization that takes delight in wonton killings of civilians!

    Now what amazes me is how you went on a religious-bigotry attack on Mohammed on account of him calling Charles, very deservedly as I said, a PONNA…it amazes me to no end that you Tamils who scream bloody “discrimination” at the hands of Sinhelas see it quite in order to go on bigoted, filthy racial attacks against the Muslims of Sri Lanka!

    OaO Asithri

  92. Wijeyballa

    ["Ponna" is an anti-Tamil term but some people in this blog are too stupid to realize that.]


    How the fuck would you know that you piece of filthy bloody feces if you are a “Sinhalaya” as you claim to be in this forum?

    Listen motherfucker…I know scores and scores of moderate Tamils and none of them has ever told me that the usage of “PONNA” is offensive to TAMILS ONLY!

    In Sinhela too we use the term PONNNAYA to describe a bloody backboneless piece of shit (like Ranil Wickremasinghe) and no, no moderate Tamil ever told me not to use it as it is exclusively offensive to Tamils in a racial sense. I have seen this issue with you in the past too when I used it on Ranil and yes, then too I have seen you go on this fucked up theory!

    Listen whore-motherfucker…you are no Sinhela…you are no moderate Tamil…you are a bloody filthy piece of undercover LTTE shit coming here and pretending to be everything you are not! When LTTE is losing we quite expected your type of racist, rabid dog cum-drop to drop in on this blog in “undercover”…but phew, you are indeed a bloody specimen!

    So do us all a favor…how about you go and fcuk your mother tonight you piece of LTTE “undercover” feces…?

    OaO Asithri

  93. Wesaballa

    [Dear tropical-fart]

    Aha, a sense of jealously I detect?

    Yes Wesaballa, you piece of rabid dog cum-drop will never ever come close to any kind of fart any living being on this planet will ever let out and as such I see you are squirming with envy???

    Rabidly racist LTTE undercover motherfucker…want me to show you how to do the DPU on your mother? Come to poppa…come come…


    OaO Asithri

  94. OK, time to go hump the fat-mule...

    :)) :)) :))

    Wesaballa...I know you don't approve of this type of escapade from humble OaOA!!!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    Catch you patriots not let these undercover LTTE MF’s get to you...this is the "Trojan Horse" we were expecting and what we must watch out for!

    OaO Asithri

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Guys, I am shocked with the crap u guys writing about race and mix-race. I am bit disappointed about Wijayapala lowering his standards too low. I still think Wijayapala is a genuine as he says and I am fascinated by some of the posts by kaatikuddupaan it opens up whole new world/ experience for me and wish we (kaati) can share a beer so u can tell me few stories/facts about ur past.

    Mohammed, ur a ripper! I love ur explanation of moderate life.. ha ha count me as a brother!

    About the race thing, I know u guys are proud about ur race and all. But do u think the "Pure Bread" is a good thing? It is not! Have u ever heard of the pygmy race found in Pacific Island like Papua New Guinea ?? The scientific explanation is " The researchers believe that the extremely small size of the first Palauans was due to the limited food items, tropical climate, lack of predators, a small founding gene pool and isolation.

    "Pure bread " ( like Hitler wanted) lacks the "gene pool" and "isolated" and won't be advancing but will extinct soon! So, think again all u die-hard Sinhala only, Tamil only and Muslim only ur race is still advancing because u r race is already mixed with other races and got a big gene pool that will make u survive the wild! Only the strongest will survive! So, if ur alive then ur mixed my brothers!

    Some time I wish I am mixed and got a special gene like the "X-Men" guys got. So I can go invincible/jump to VP's bunker and give him a surprise "BOOOO" that will make him shit in his pants! Ha ha wouldn't that will be awesome??

  97. Omar Abdul Mohammad forced his 13 year old daughter to marry Assithiri who promised Mohammad that he will pray 5 times a day in return. LOL!

    May be our Mohammad in this blog follows the footsteps of former Taliban leader,Mohammad, who forced his daughter,age 17 then, as 3rd wife of old fart Osama Bin Laden whose age was late 40s that time. Well, when Prophet Mohammad set the record straight as pedophile by marrying Aisha who was only 9 years old that time, why can't the old Muslim men rape toddlers?

  98. Dear Wije (aka Wijayapala),

    I know I'm wasting my time here.

    Your answer to mohammed is hateful. First you start by "Dear Mohammed", then it turns to "Modaya-hammed"! You know fcuking well that mohammed comes from the name of a religious figure and no matter how angry you are, you cannot make a mockery of such a very highly known religious leader. You are showing off your EXTREME RACISM and stupidity.

    "Rabidly racist LTTE undercover motherfucker…" by Asiri describes you very well.

    You told Kuttu (I think Kuttu is a Tamil as he shows to be).
    "Why are you so worried when mohammed called Charles as PONNA Charles."

    "I get worried whenever a so-called "patriot" here refers to anyone else by an anti-Tamil slur. The Eelamists are always on the lookout to prove that Sri Lanka is an anti-Tamil racist country and some of the Modaya statements here help out greatly."

    You meant to say that calling Charles Anthony PONNA makes Sri Lanka an anti-Tamil racist country! What an idiotic thing to say Wije? That proves you are the Modaya here. Most people call Ranil Wickremasighe PONNA Ranil. How about that? Is it also "anti-Tamil slur"?

    Then you make a self confession, "Remember Kuttu, the Modaya is the LTTE's best friend." Of course Asiri said that too.

    Wije you are SICK. I noticed that your brain sickness increases when LTTE suffers more and more. Please seek medical attention my friend.

  99. Amma Gahai/Gahawi

    Well said mate!

  100. [Mohammed, ur a ripper! I love ur explanation of moderate life.. ha ha count me as a brother! ]

    Amma Gahai/Gahawi(wtf id is this?),

    The all Sinhalese will become sisters and brothers to phedophile Muslims in 10 or 15 years as you have already lost 1M Sinhala women to ME allah fuckers. Well, losing the women into another Race has more impact than losing the men- ask any historian. Oh Amma Gahai,you should start female genital mutilation and male circumcision on your kids- Oh Allah you are great,thanks for giving me the license to fuck from goat to toddlers- if my lust still not fulfilled, i can mutilate the girl's vagina,oh allah..

    --cheers from no so fake bhairav---

  101. guys
    SLAF crafts have a manual override option for their ECM's...
    I was told by an SLAF guys that our gunship pilots fires these flares manually as a precaution when flying over tricky areas...
    Even USAF gunship pilots in iraq was doing the same...
    Some large aircraft too fire flares manually when they are on approach for landing etc...

    about the runway being expanded story... maybe it's psy ops to keep up busy watching that area...or maybe it's to get a larger craft like a hercules or certain antonov transport aircraft that can land in dirt runways...
    maybe this might be used for extracting a big wig ltte'r or maybe they are awaiting supplies...something like SAM's??
    A c130 or similar plane can touchdown and drop off cargo with a chute and take off within a matter of minutes...

    C130 dirt landing

    C17 dirt landing

  102. Ranil, I agree, C-130s can land in the most inhospitable runways. The runway is being built for two things:

    1) Waste SLAF ammo and UAV resources
    2) Possible escape route.

    Patriots: Thanks all for defending me.

    Wijayapalanthan: Go to hell and hope you get DPUd there. PS, Vijaya is a Tamil name. Its roots are in Sanskrit. My previous boss's name was Vijayaraghavachari. He is an Iyengar Brahmin Tamil.

    Kaati: Don't fall for for Wijayapalam's tricks. He is your typical dieasspora fund raiser. Recently, his line of questioning towards you has turned into gathering what specific unit you were serving to uncover your identity so that he can send his peelamist thugs to your home, don't fall for his tricks, that's my friendly advice.

    Bhairav: You have an inferiority complex. I recommend you see a therapist ASAP.

  103. Guys,

    It is very unfortunate that four soldiers have been killed on Welioya front due to lightning.

    This is not the first time, soldiers died this way.

    They operate in the jungles and when a thunder storm is around, this can happen due to tree cover.

    It is reported that they had been travelling in a tractor when the mishap happened. So, the most likely scenario could be them going under a tree for cover from rain, as a tractor normally does not have a roof.

    I wish they were given some basic survival tips regarding this random phenomenon: staying in the open is far better than taking shelter under trees, is the most basic of all.

  104. Dear Palam-Wijey

    Just as you keep falling off the palan you try to create, your arrogance tells the story.

    It's the hallmark of an idiot that you wear with pride, and it fits you quite well.

  105. Obama Campaign Accepts Funds from Pro-LTTE Donors?

    check here

  106. Bhairav,

    Why are you so worried about the Sinhala race dying out? Isn't that what you wanted all along?

  107. The reason of LTTE's success all these years is because of secrecy and also the infamous method of misleading.

    I also learned these and always practicing it.

    Anyways, even if they manage to find me. There will be a lot more maveerars in the making,
    these "diaspora" geeks don't have the balls to do anything. They are too afraid of their visa getting cancelled or their mother shouting at them.

    All they are is just keyboard commandos

  108. Pervez Musharaff announces his resignation.

    Is this going to have an effect on us?

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Kaati..

    interesting posts man, but as mentioned above be a bit careful.

    its one thing to share your experiences... which def opens up more avenues of looking at and understanding the real LTTE and not what they try to show the world and the diaspora.
    the sad thing is ..the diaspora has blood of their own people in their hands... while at the same time they think they are helping them.... craziness.

    qrious, i thought its a bad idea to be out in the open when there is chance of lightning...because the charged up clouds will try to ground themselves by finding the closest possible means, i.e. tallest thing around

    so it is possible that they were just driving around in arelatively flat area.... sad scenario.

    also, i just want to say that we should use this blog that DN and their contacts maintain so faithfully for better things than to just get some good stories and have a drink.

    ...nothing against that but self amusement shouldnt be the main benefit... maybe it goes without saying but just wanted to put it out there

  111. Take a look at the comments in the link extreme gave. Compared to those comments kuttu, shyam etc. actually appear to be intelligent. I can't understand why they are so reluctant to accept defeat. When SLA lost important locations like Elephant Pass, Mullativu nobody tried to deny it. Nobody said that SLA is actually winning the war. What is wrong here now?

  112. aqua said,

    qrious, i thought its a bad idea to be out in the open when there is chance of lightning...because the charged up clouds will try to ground themselves by finding the closest possible means, i.e. tallest thing around

    It is relatively better: the worse is seeking a shetlter under a tree; the taller the tree the more dangerous it becomes.

    When you are struck while being under a tree, a part of the massive electic current - in the regions of 10000 Amps - tends to go through body that turns out to be fatal. The smaller the current, the more inward it tends to move, which in turn causes the death. It is a fact that the larger the current, the more it moves towards the surface.

    This is the little science behind it.

  113. That Gunaseelan character seems to have ruffled a few LTTE feathers on the Tamil Canadian forum. I personally prefer our Shyams, Kuttus, Thirus, Wijeyapalans, and Bhairavs to the LTTE bigots in the Tamil Candadian forum (the commentators on Tamil Canadian are the extreme hardcore "smart" dieasspora shits). Any volunteers from here to gatecrash the Tamil Canadian forum? Our LTTE friends are beginning to feel like old friends here, they are quite endearing and we really miss Kuttu.

  114. Tharanga,

    [the commentators on Tamil Canadian are the extreme hardcore "smart" dieasspora shits]

    Yes, but "A high IQ doesn't make up for a lack of common sense". Blind followers. I mean, we support the government troops but we criticize their actions when they do something wrong. We have seen that happen in DN & DW blogs a lot of times. But they won't hear a thing against LTTE. Look at the way they are blasting away that fellow who said LTTE is losing. A saw one guy saying that they haven't lost the east, and another one providing a link to prove a grand strategy that he claims is being used by the LTTE to retreat and attack later....

  115. Chamal: Yes, I saw all those comments, but the scary thing is that these "high IQ" dieasspora shits will keep the movement going even after the LTTE is militarily defeated. They will continue to fund the LTTE who will become insurgents and continue terror and bus bombings long after the military defeat. Its these shits that will become the enemy going forward. I live in a country which the LTTE is officially banned, but these dieasspora shits continue to publish and freely circulate LTTE newspapers, run LTTE Cash & Carry Shops, restaurants etc. and hold numerous Ponna Thamiz celebrations and festivals and parties to raise funds.

  116. The fact is they have put too much effort and funds into financing the LTTE. Its like a simple mutual fund, the dieassporas haven't seen a healthy return on their investments this year, therefore they are screaming for their equity back. The LTTE are the fund managers and the dieassporas the clients, therefore, its a simple fund manager / client relationship. You have to realise that these dieassporas are second or even third class citizens here, therefore they need a fall back option (Eelam) when are they kicked out of the host country. Bear in mind the dieassporas have $$$ in their sights, therefore Eelam is a business interest as they can take a piece of the cake when they achieve Eelam (which will never happen I might add).

  117. Tamil die-ass-pora have invested lot of money on a Mythical Tamil Homeland - the Punnakku given to them for many years has made them believe that they have a legitimate claim.

    This racist Tamil separatism destroyed Sri Lanka as a whole and the Tamils themselves. Fortunately, much of the Estate Tamils did not fell into this separatism trap, and they were saved from extinction.

    Now being reduced to the lowest minority (as Muslims have overtaken the Tamils in numbers), Tamils have no hope of any racist separate state.

    The best they should do is to abandon this meaningless destruction and learn to live peacefully amongst the rest.

    Separatism, Terrorism, Racism achieve only destruction.

    But learning to co-exist could bring lot of good returns and prosperity.

    Tamil die-ass-pora should learn this, and should pressure LTTE to abandon this false destruction and come to the main-stream.

    What we need is a united Sri Lanka that competes with the rest of the world, as a single nation.

  118. People have screamed here about Charles Anthony...

    It reminds me a story that someone who had been involved with early lives of Vezapizza told.

    According to him, Duwarka is the only child of Prabhakaran, and the father of Charles Anthony is Pottu :-)) He was very much believing in this.

    He says, one of the reasons to kill Mahattaya was he knew the secret.

    This guy was challenging me to look at the photos of Charlse Anthony, and asked whether he resembles more to Pottu or to Prabhakaran.

    When I challenged this guy. He was saying that "the people know" is not a big secret. But no one talks, because if talked, you are a dead man.

    He was telling that unlike Vezapizza, Pottu was seducing any woman he come across. He was telling that Pottu was very handsome and looks like an Indian film-star, that he is a women magnet.

    BTW, bulls*t it may be.. an interesting theory.

    I have another interesting story about this guy, and will let you know when I could find time to type.

  119. I am still here...watching and waiting….last few miles….but could be quite hard. Well done boys & girls! You make us all proud.


    About Wanni runway....may be we should hire some green campaigners from the UK who protest against a 3rd runway at Heathrow and Stanstead airport expansion to come here to protest against the LTTE runway expansion. We can offer them a few days of all expenses paid holiday at a lovely beach hotel as a “thank you”. Shaaa..good idea no?

  120. 1000 people joined in LTTE to fight against the state terrorism today ...

  121. tata-

    are you one of them?

    Assumed LTTE is not that dumb yet :)

  122. Pakka-Lanka-

    About Wanni runway....may be we should hire some green campaigners from the UK who protest against a 3rd runway at Heathrow and Stanstead airport expansion to come here to protest against the LTTE runway expansion. We can offer them a few days of all expenses paid holiday at a lovely beach hotel as a “thank you”. Shaaa..good idea no?

    Very good idea bro. May be JVP can do all a favour by starting somthing useful like this at least.
    Usually JVP good and protesting for anything and everything :)

  123. Gentlemen,
    We are here to discuss the LTTE and NOT fight among ourselves.The people here are ..genuine supporters of the govt and pseudo supporters of the govt missioon to liberate the northern poeple and those who support the LTTE.It is to our advantage that we have muslim and tamil people here who support the govt.In our cause to rid our beautiful island of this LTTE murderous filth we have to join hands in unity.

  124. kaatikuddupaan,
    Dont subscribe to bravado and underestimate the diasphora.Use them to your advantage without them realising it and improve yourself.

  125. Fellas....why expand a runway....could be a ploy or remember when Bala left for Maldives on that Norwie piloted twin otter ? well,could this be to land something big like a An 12 or 24 to take Pottu or fat ass PB ? Or maybe all them ltte wanna have a revival before they all got to hell ????
    Comon whatcha think guys ?

  126. tharanga

    Stop worrying abt the expat diaspora. They may think they are getting away with financing terror, but they will have time to rethink and regret.
    The important thing right now is finishing the war.

  127. Some people who jump in fear of every shadow are talking of a 'Georgia' happening to SL, if India decides to play the same game. Some of these nuts seriously need psychiatric help and the papers that publish these wanton hooplas need to have their own editors' heads examined.

    Some of the writers lack any foundation in rational thinking or a proper geo-political understanding and think they can hide behind glib verbaige.

    IN the meanwhile, the LTTE is pulling in some of their strieke forces from Weli-Oya theatre, ostensibly for a counter-strike in the Wanni. THis could also be a box and slaughter for either side, depending on who has better intel and moves faster.

    SLA has the option to drop the 53 from Jaffna into Pooneryn and striking southward. We are going to see a sky-rocketing of the body count in this phase of the game.

  128. [Pakistan’s ammo for Sri Lanka’s big push

    Monday August 18 2008 02:12 IST
    P K Balachandran

    COLOMBO: Pakistan has sent to Sri Lanka a large quantity of ammunition from its ordnance factories and reserves to finish off the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the final phase of Eelam War IV, according to the independent Colombo-based weekly newspaper, The Sunday Leader.

    “Pakistan has promised one ship-load of wherewithal every ten days in the coming months,” the paper said in its edition dated August 17.

    It is generally believed that the Sri Lankan armed forces are in the final stages of their campaign in the Wanni, and that the LTTE, as a conventional fighting force, will cease to exist by the end of this year.]

    Thank you Bon-Ami Pakistan…for this kindness, generosity, and loyal friendship and we Sri Lankans in deep appreciation are soon going to rename Killinochchi as PAKKILINOCHCHI…!!!

    ;-) ;-) ;-)

    OaO Asithri

  129. [Military tells LTTE to surrender
    Aug 18 (DM)

    The military yesterday called on the LTTE cadres to surrender giving up their arms and said action would be taken to rehabilitate them. “We are calling on the LTTE cadres, who were fighting in the northern region to surrender to the military as soon as possible,” military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.]

    Now in my view, this announcement should go further…it should state (as another blogger said) that if the cadres were to go on mutiny and shoot (not necessarily, even a good dose of stabbing of the MFs would do) their bunker-leader in the process of deserting the LTTE, then there would be a special reward for them (e.g. like fast-tracked processing to get an overseas job).

    incentives..incentives...incentives...the three most key operatives words at this critical hour!

    OaO Asithri

  130. Got to run patriots…got to go pick up the SL and Pakistani flags and go to the Colombo harbour to welcome the first Paki armament ship due to dock there very shortly!

    RM-70 babies…here we come, 40 comptriots at a time, screaming at you to extinguish your fcuking pathetic terrorist life!


    OaO Asithri

  131. Shyam said...

    "1000 people joined in LTTE to fight against the state terrorism today ..."

    If you do not already have a shovel get one and start digging a thousand holes in the ground.

  132. My dear Mohammed,

    "Kaati: Don't fall for for Wijayapalam's tricks. He is your typical dieasspora fund raiser. "

    You may not have noticed but Kaati for whatever reason doesn't seem to like Muslims very much. Perhaps certain questions such as "what have Tamils contributed to Sri Lanka" may have led to this.

    If you want to talk to Kaati I suggest you do something about your latent anti-Tamil feelings, and avoid some of the racist talk used in this blog.

  133. Dear Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

    "I am bit disappointed about Wijayapala lowering his standards too low."

    You are correct- there's no reason for me to lower myself to the level of the dumbasses here I make fun of. It's a waste of time. I'll only limit my sarcasm to the Modayas who make racist remarks.

  134. Come on guys, can we keep this tamil-muslim-sinhala $h!* down? This isn't LNP.

  135. chamal

    well said but but will they ever listen?

    so many have tried to stop racism doesn't seem to work. one monkey dops a comment and so many get caught in their subtle tactics and get dragged in to unwanted

  136. Dear Asithri,

    "Now in that context, KaatiK, what is the big fucking deal in Mohamed calling Charles a “ponna”…???"

    The big fucking deal is that it is a term to put down Tamils specifically. "Ponna" or "ponnaya" is a Tamil name, as opposed to a word like "Modaya" which has a specific meaning (i.e. stupid).

    Sinhala racists use that term to describe other Sinhalas who are accused of betraying Sri Lanka. For example, Ranil Wickremasinghe is called "Ponnaya" or often "Ranilan Wickremasingham" to show that he is less than Sinhala- in other words, Ranil is really a TAMIL. Because only TAMILS are anti-Sri Lankan.

    If Mohammed has no problem using the term "Ponna" then he shouldn't have a problem if somebody else refers to him as "Usama" or "Saddam Hussein." And if you're fine with using anti-Tamil language, dear Asithri, then you shouln't be offended somebody calls you a racist Modaya.

  137. Wijayapala,

    ["Ponna" or "ponnaya" is a Tamil name, as opposed to a word like "Modaya" which has a specific meaning (i.e. stupid).]

    Are you insane or what. The word is intended to mean something like 'eunuch' in a derogatory way. It is NOT a derogatory word for tamils. Though of course, it's not what you would call a 'civilized' word. Where in the world did you learn that?

  138. Oh c'mon mates...
    leave the political bullcrap at LNP...this is a defense blog...
    let's keep this clean to discuss important issues...

  139. Dear Wijayapala,

    This is the problem when you pretend to be someone you are not.

    "Sinhala racists use that term to describe other Sinhalas who are accused of betraying Sri Lanka. For example, Ranil Wickremasinghe is called "Ponnaya" or often "Ranilan Wickremasingham" to show that he is less than Sinhala- in other words, Ranil is really a TAMIL. Because only TAMILS are anti-Sri Lankan."


    Ponna or ponnaya means eunuch or homosexual. It has nothing to do with race. If you have been to a school, or played with friends, you would know that ponnaya is a very popular offensive term.

    Don't get confused with different languages.

    Ex. The word "charm" has opposite meanings in Sinhala and English. I know many confused people.

    Ranil will remain a ponnaya as long as he talks, walks, thinks, dances like a ponnaya and associates other ponnayas.

    Charles Anthoney is a ponnaya who cannot take over from his father the bloody terrorist organisation his father created.

    Modaya has many meanings. One is a "stupid person". Another one is a "person who is a shoddy pretender". Another is an "ignorant person". So you are a tripple MODAYA!

    Wije, at least now shed your woolly sheep skin and stand tall with your stripped one. We don't hate you for it.

    You make yourself a modaya or an idiot by pretending to be someone you are not.

  140. Kaati,

    "these "diaspora" geeks don't have the balls to do anything. They are too afraid of their visa getting cancelled or their mother shouting at them.

    "All they are is just keyboard commandos"

    There isn't a huge difference between Tamil "keyboard commandos" and the Sinhala variety. Both are pretty harmless except when some diaspora LTTE supporters get dumb and try to bribe the US State Department.

    Thanks for sharing info on the poruppalars. How do military wing carders like yourself look at others in the political wing, intelligence etc.? Do all of you get along, or are there problems between the different divisions? What can you tell us about the LTTE kaavalthurai (police)?

    Do you know anything about the senior LTTE leaders, like Pottu Amman and Castro? I heard that the Vadamarachchi bunch (Castro & Nadesan) do not like the leaders from other parts of Jaffna (like Pottu Amman & Thamilselvan). Is this true?

  141. Priyashantha,
    It looks like that the word "Ponna" has a different meaning in Tamil than in Sinhalese. That must be the reason this Wijayapala is dancing on his tiger tail. Actually the word is very much suitable for him who has no balls to admit who he is.
    Having said that I think you are wasting your time on this tiger shit. Your points are well directed and observations are very intelligent. Why don't you share your observations about the current politico-military situation?

  142. Hemantha,

    Point taken. Thanks for the nice words, brother. I enjoy the links and insight provided by you; very relevant to the topic always.

    On my part I prefer to remain an observer most of the time. Victory is not far away.

    GR and SF and the team is doing what need at the right moment.

    Ex. Some bloggers were blaming them for "lack of speed". Now they understand why it was slow at the start. A slow but solid start from all fronts gave SLA the ability to speed up when required and slow down again as needed.

    As we say, everything is happening "welaawata kalaawata". There is no need to get excited.

  143. Guys, as someone said here before, it is impossible to fly in a C-130 undetected. C-130 is a heavy lifter and in the air it is a sitting duck unless it has fighter escort.

    Also, the LTTE won't be able to dupe the UN to fly in relief missions as the govt has never stopped sending essential supplies to the Wanni, so effectively they haven't got a leg to stand on in front of the UN.

    Also, someone said here the LTTE may have acquired Mig 21 Fishbeds, I say so what? Its not a threat. Mig 21s first flew in the 1950s and is essentially a rust bucket and used mainly by air forces for training missions. Can you imagine the extent of maintenance required for these cold war relics? And don't forget you need very skilled and experienced pilots to fly this higly manual and complex aircraft. I don't think the idiot LTTE pilots (who I don't think even have an O'Level education) can fly these rust buckets. It is possible to get mercenary (ex Soviet) pilots to fly but its suicidal to pitch these aircraft againts the Chengdus and Mig 29s.

    As I have said before, the runway is a ploy, Kaati said here before the LTTE are experts in the art of deception, I agree with him.

    On a side note, the Chengdu F-7 uses the same airframe as the Mig 21, but thats where the similarities end, the F-7 is a radically different aircraft (avionics, engines, armaments etc.).

  144. In LTTE everyone has to take a "turn" to go and do battle in the frontlines. Political, military or intelligence.

    A big problem in LTTE is one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

    Everything is so top secret and everyone is paranoid of each other.

    It is hard to co-ordinate between divisions.

    E.g the "hardcore" cadres are not really the do it all A-team. Each member will be specialised with one weapon.

    E.g just to become specialised with a PKM machine gun there is a 1 year course ( during CFA period ) RPG commando is 1 year.

    I think this is totally unneccessary since you can teach some one how to use the PK LMG in 1 hour he just needs to be strong and fit enough to carry it all day.

    So they get too speicalised in one thing and don't know how to use other weapons or even about strategies.All they are is simple "├┐es" men.

    The only real commando teams (in military sense ) is the Black tigers, but even they are seperated from the rest of LTTE into isolated camps where they are always preparing for a particular type of mission.

    E.g Sea black tigers, Amphibious e.t.c

    Whereas in army, the soldiers come with all types of arms and they know about different things.

    Kaavalthurai are just civilians who get paid Rs 8000 a month and just stand around at traffic junctions. THey also investigate civilian crimes like theft, rapes They are powerless in terms of military.

    I'm not sure about the competition between the colonels from Vadamarachy and those from Jaffna.

    In these deperate times it doesn't make a difference, there is nothing to compete for. All are in the same sinking boat.

    Thalaivar knows everything and really promotes people on their merit not really on where they are from.

  145. Thanks Kaati for your post. Can you shed some light on the Tamil Eelam Airforce? There are rumours that they have acquired Mig-21s, is this true? Have they got mercenary pilots? In your experience have you come across mercenaries working for the LTTE?

  146. KKP-

    Kaavalthurai are just civilians who get paid Rs 8000 a month and just stand around at traffic junctions. THey also investigate civilian crimes like theft, rapes They are powerless in terms of military.

    Do you have any idea how much would the others in LTTE get paid ?
    If so can you please share with us.

  147. Kaati,

    "I think this is totally unneccessary since you can teach some one how to use the PK LMG in 1 hour he just needs to be strong and fit enough to carry it all day."

    Being able to fire a gun is not enough is it though? That's why people are trained. Other wise they can just give them a gun, tell them how to fire it and send them into battle without wasting hundreds of precious bullets at the training grounds. If you want your men to survive and if you expect them to do what they want to do, they have to be trained well and they have to be skilled at whatever they are doing. Good soldiers are not born, they are made. Training is what makes the difference between a commando and a normal soldier.

  148. Tharanga
    i think ltte pilots are not like the average ltte cadre... these guys are trained pilots...
    end of the day they managed to fly in the night all the way from their hiding place to colombo without being challenged, do their little thing over our most valuable city, fly all the way back unharmed... That's no small feat IMO...

    I doubt ltte will go for jets since they lack facilities to maintain them etc and their cost is not justified especially after Zlins not being able to do any significant material damage...
    They would need long paved runways etc too and those can be easily targeted by SLAF...

    About the C130 etc... it doesn't really have to be a C130... some smaller crafts too can land in dirt runways and all ltte might need is just that...
    My guess is that this whole extending runway thing is nothing but psyops...But it's good to be prepared for the worse most impractical thing cos ltte has shown in the past they can pull off that sorta stuff

  149. This comment has been removed by the author.

  150. LTTE fired Artillery & Mortar in the morning

    looks like not all have been moved to the south

  151. tharanga,

    you are wrong about mig-21s and tiger pilots, mate. they are still in use (more than 10,000 were produced and a LARGE number has been scrapped though)and there are many "upgrade packs". fitted with these it is a power to be recon with. TAF pilots are well trained according to what i know in piloting their crafts. some tigers had been given advanced training according to some source, jet piloting.

    our chinese (J-7s) variants are a DERIVATIVE of the FISHBED.

    a contest between J7s (our present interceptors) and MiG-21s fitted with upgrade kits would be far unfavourable to us than our handling of zlings (to say the least).

    of course these won't stand a chance against the Mig29.

    suppose tigers have a fishbed, it will be used only once or max twice. it cannot be hidden. IF tigers get one, they will "neutralise" our AF like what the IAF did to egypt, jordan and syria in 1967. (of course our friendly countires will come to our rescue).

    anyway there is no evidence to proove that TIGERS HAVE a jet.

  152. Moshe,

    Disagree. Yes, there are many refits of Mig-21s being used by Indian Airforce, Pakistan Airforce, China, Iran etc. However, I fail to see how these refit models can be procured by the Tigers. First of all, they are expensive, secondly and most importantly, no legitimate goverment would sell these on to the Tigers. However, you can get second hand rust buckets in serviceable state from the black market in ex-Soviet states (did you know that you can get 70s version on Mi-24s from the black market, these were used by mercenary pilots in Angola to attack rebels!). The main point is that it needs a lot of servicing, maintenance and expert pilots to keep these in the air (and don't forget jet fuel). Hence, I agree that the TAF don't have jets. I think I did mention that the F-7 is Mig-21 variant, but its onlt the airframe that is the same, everything else is different.

    On TAF pilot training, you can get a licence to fly during day time after 16 hours flying time and after a further 10 hours, you are qualified for night flying. Where I live, school children have pilot licences to fly Cessnas and other light aircraft. So I don't think TAF pilots are highly trained. Also, what is the incentive for jet enginge trained pilots to serve in a rag tag airforce? They would go on to do better things. These guys are trained to fly light crop duster aircraft, no more, no less!

  153. You may ask me how you can buy a jet fighter in the black market. Easy, these rust buckets are stored in remote locations, all you need to do is pay the middle man and he will sort everything out including the purchase price, bribing security at the storage location and transporation. There is a lot of ex-Soviet military hardware that weren't subject to Start-1 and Start-2. If you can buy nuclear warheads in the black market, you can buy Fishbeds.

    If they can smuggle in boats, artillery, AA guns, light aircraft, Manpads, SAMs etc., I fail to see how they can't smuggle in a Mig-21. Remember the KP Branch is very effective. But from a practical operational perspective, I don't think they can cope with a Mig-21 and I don't think they have it (they want us to believe they have it, thats py-ops!)

  154. LTTE Suicide Torpedo kit

  155. from my post at DW

    take a look at the weapons captured at Uylankulam.

    have any of you seen photos with lppe cadres carrying new T 56 rifles? all those captured in battle are old rifles.

    any thoughts?

  156. TropicalStorm

    They obviously fucked'em and fcked 'em good. There's not a standing pussy around obviously by the time they left.


    Well, obviously not, because they called for backup and lost a few men... If they really messed them up, they could have just got out of LTTE territory themselves, like the other DPU commandos.

  157. shan,

    I don't think the LTTE ever had any weapons that were on the same technological level as the SLA. After all, they bought all their weapons illegaly and had to smuggle them in, so they would obviously be of lesser wuality, compared to the SLA who could buy their weapons all legit off other govts.

  158. tharanga,

    You have to realise that these dieassporas are second or even third class citizens here...


    Don't quite know what country you're on about mate, but quite a significant proportion of the Tamil population in the UK are highly successful. Thousands of Tamil people who escaped from the problems in Sri Lanka have become doctors, lawyers and successful businessmen. Just lok at the huge numbers of Tamil doctors on the NHS or the hundreds, if not thousands, of Tamil owned businesses.

    The standard of life here is a lot higher than back in SL. If they are pushing for Eelam, I don't think it's cos they want a place to go back too... rather that they truly believe in the movement behind it.


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