Friday, August 22, 2008

Tunukkai falls to the army

Soldiers of Sri Lanka Army broke through LTTE defences today morning to capture the town of Tunukkai, despite LTTE attempts to reinforce the defence lines. Tunukkai was one of the larger towns under LTTE control and was besieged by the army 57 division for days. Special Forces (SF) units operating behind enemy lines assisted the infantry formations of the 57 division in the operation. Casualty details are not available.

Meanwhile the 58 division soldiers, assisted by commando units, were able to reach the first LTTE defence line in Nachchikuda, Kilinochchi where a major sea tiger base is located. Heavy LTTE resistance is expected in the coming days as this base is strategically important to LTTE operations in southern Kilinochchi as well as sea tiger movements along the North western coast.


  1. ohoma thak sDN, appreciate the update

    koti than pooso wela......naguta hangagena moodata pannina thamai wenne

  2. the begining of a new phase in the war.

    tiger supply routes are blocked and one of the main roads blocked.

    ohoma yang!!

  3. Jayaveva!

    Congratulations SLDF! You do us proud.

    My heartfelt thanks to the brave soldiers of SLDF and deepest condolences to those who lost members of their families. They died not in vain. The whole nation is indebted to your sacrifice.


  4. We Sri lankan Salute our heros..
    we done guys....ohoma yang ..thawa tikai..

    Bless you all.

  5. Desha hithaishee sahodara sahodariyani,

    Avurudu thihak thissay apa ratata vada dun koti veshayen hiti balallungen apa lakbima mudavaganna mohotha than lungvee thibay. May athishaya jayagrahanaya nihathamanee lesa samaranna soodanam vemu.

    Namuth eeta pera, Lankavey saama jathiyakata saha agamakta ayath siyalu lankeeka puravesiyan ekamuthu vee, may avasana jayagrahanaya kara peratama yannata thrividha hamudhavatath, poleesiyatath apagey sampoorna shayogaya dena lesa ma ayachana kara sitinava.

    PS. Could someone please tell me how to write in Sinhala text in the blog? I remember Qurious did it is some of his posts in the past. Thanks in advance.

  6. these are all BS by singhala modayas. my sources in canada said that SLPA is retreating very fast towards mannar. lots of premature ejaculations by modaya.

  7. Wanni Ops video footage dated 20th August has a short clip of MBRL attack. From the launch angle it looks like the target is not very far at all.

  8. bhairav,

    I didn't know Kiliinochi was in Canada.

  9. bhairav Terrorist,

    Pala hutto yanna.. ponnaya

    dekata navila ate deka wikaaganin.. eeta passe VP ta pika deepan..

  10. Wow, SL army marching towards Canada.

  11. Piyadasa said...
    dekata navila ate deka wikaaganin

    Piyadasa, I don’t know if he can do it or not!
    Well, we will ask him!

    bhairav aka Reves can you try that?

  12. bhairav
    Sinhala = dekata navila ate deka wikaaganin
    English = bend over and bite your own balls

  13. I didn't know LTTE intelligence in Canada had 'Diwes'. But you're right bhairav, they are retreating all right. In fact, they are retreating so fast, they've already broken Ussain Bolt's new world record as well. Oh, BTW try to guess who 'they' are. Are you happy now?

  14. There are more details and pictures on the website these days, than More information about the military advancement is all over the press - pro GOSL and independent.

    All pictures, video and articles suggest SLDF advancing (not retreating). Even if they are exaggerated the simplest of intellects would have the presence of mind to comprehend that the SLDF indeed have the upper hand (to put it very mildly).

    One must be completely self-brain washed, completely thick (as planks) or both to believe otherwise.

  15. Our Soldiers doing very well over their.
    These heroes are good example to our motherland as well.
    Because of our war heroes, our people living with full confidence to eat something.
    This is the final battle and we all should motivate all our heroes including chief in commander as well.
    Any case all elections should win by the HE President for maximum moral against LTTE Terrorist.
    Any how or any cases, President should win all elections comprehensively for to answer international terrorist plus NGO double games.

  16. No.57 bus...all stop...Mallavi.

  17. Hey All,

    Its really great that we captured Tunnukkai. But i wonder whether this move was influenced by the election and we lost more soldiers in the process.
    If this is the case, its not very good when we think about the furure of all these operations.
    But anyway, the government should win this election if we want to win the war.
    So even if this move had a political influence, that is ok for some extent.

  18. chamal, Pakka-Lanka,

    The above comment is from fake bhairav.

    I think the real man is bit more intelligent than other die-ass-pora crew.

  19. No_mess,

    Thanks for the information. Could you please put up a link to the articles in Washington Times?


  20. Tunukkai took our forces some time to crack. Next up Nachchikuda!

  21. Goda inna bahaa - Army / Airforce Ghanawa
    Deyee innna bahaa - Navy / airforce Ghanwa

    Only way out is to bury them selves... Better call TC and ask him to reserve somthing underground space. Soon the space gona run out due to execution is too high.

  22. @LionHeart..

    I think its the other way around because of the election they kind waited to capture the town till the last minute even though they have surrounded it. You know capturing it just before elections.

    Sooner the election business is over more better for the army..


  24. I thought so called unbeaten Thelepan will not allow to capture Thunukkai (hehehe) what happen to the leader?
    May the triple gem bless you all ! I read somewhere once whoever gets control over Mankullam will win this war? Our Forces are not far from Kokkavil & also Mankullam
    Can any one tell me what’s going on now?

  25. prabha” The above comment is from fake bhairav”

    Agree with you bro, the real one is thinking
    ‘At the right time the mighty Srl Lankan army will retrieve south - from Mahamalai to Colombo via Kilinochchi’

  26. fake

    original ID

    Fake id is already in action.

  27. WTF, see which ID came first.singala modayas trying to get my name.

    original ID


  28. No_mess,

    Thanks for the link. I will have a read at leisure.

    Fake or genuine a terrorist is a terrorist. One gets the same penalty if they were to carry a fake weapon in a commercial airplane as they did a real one. So we must serve the fake and the real with the same proverbial spoon.

  29. "..Muhamlai to Colombo via Kilinochchi.."

    I like the sound of that!

  30. WOW great victory for all the sri lankans ,niyamai ohoma yan

    rata wenuwen divi pidu weera soldaduwanta ape pranamaya!!!!!

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  32. first warning for the bloggers here; you know what happened to the DW last days;if the fakers continue to murder the tamils voice in this blog; u r just killing your voices too (i think you got ma point) ..if the fakers continue again then the blog will face a annoying problem

  33. horey,

    Such a big thing to do isn't it, filling a blog full of crap? You must be so proud of yourself.

    Please don't act like a 1st grade kid. (unless you're one) We have enough jokers on this blog.

  34. DefenceNet,

    copy past fu*ker HOREY has come to this blog, anyway now he has shown his true color and admitted that he is a LTTE supporter. DN, Please delete all of his posts if he try to do his copy past job here.

    Horey this is the first warning, go back to your rat hole or you will face an annoying problem here, I think you got it.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. first warning for the bloggers here; you know what happened to the DW last days;if the fakers continue to murder the tamils voice in this blog; u r just killing your voices too (i think you got ma point) ..if the fakers continue again then the blog will face a annoying problem

    hi hi

  37. hi hi

    see, what has happened to Copy Past Horey as soon as he comes to DefenceNet, he got the Peelam LOGO hi hi.

  38. Horey

    We don't want to hear about what LTTE coolies have to say. Go and read Tamilnet news.

    Always trying to come to places where you guys are not welcome. GET LOST!!!!


    hi hi

  40. Horey brother

    This is an advice to you, please go back to place from where you have come, before you will get real RED BIRD treatment. Hi hi

  41. Qrious and nemesis where are you guys - the two pronged posts eagerly awaited

  42. Horey, (real one)
    Go and try to scare your 3 year old brother/sister. I'm not sure if you'll succeed but it's worth try.

  43. Ado Horey

    Did youra herea wot kuttu sed, noe GOT LEST

  44. horey brother,


    hi hi

  45. Horey has succeeded to a certain extent... i.e. some people are responding to him.

    Idiots! Ignore these distractions stay focused

  46. I dont believe it!!.I never thought this day will come in my lifetime!."Theruwan Saranai" to ALL our forces.May God lead you to victory over this LTTE filth.

  47. Fake bhairavs are killing Tamils.. it's Tamil genocide at it's best!!


  48. Once again a Catholic church has been exposed as a storage site for bomb making equipment - this time in Colombo, down busy Olcott Mawatha of all places.

    It really is high time that Archbishop Oswald Gomis released a statement condemning the use of churches as sites for storing weapons - whether it is in the north of the country or in the south of the country. It is also high time Archbishop Oswald Gomis voiced concern at the way certain Catholic priests are siding with a terror group and aiding their terrorist activities.

    Numerous Sri Lankans have lost their lives at the hands of suicide bombings carried out by the LTTE. Two very notable victims include the ex-prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and the president of Sri Lanka Ranasinghe Premadasa.

    The Archbishop's silence in these matters is concerning to Sri Lankans of all ethnicities and religious demoninations for as the adage goes, silence is acquiescence. As head of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka he is duty bound to ensure that his flock do not act in ways detrimental to the interests of the nation.

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  50. Tiger Money!

  51. Concerned,
    First things first mate.We really want these crooks to surrender because we dont want to kill them.We prefer them to join society as productive citizens of SLanka.However if they are stupid enough to believe a concept that only suits these LTTE di-ass-phora fellows then it just too flipping bad.I feel sory for them because they have become the scapegoats of these di-ass-phora buffoons.Since the di-ass-phora really admire the LTTE ever so about their children joining the LTTE on the frontlines?

  52. Thanks fake defencewire-fart, we know that nothing is going on. According to Bahirav, "SLPA" is on the run to Colombo.

  53. Do your self a injury fake defencewire.

    Have the LTTE Diaspora become so desparate as to resort to impersonating bloggers? Pathetic!!!

  54. Looks like Horey is in action!

    What kind of pathetic sole this vermin could be!

  55. my made up stories are really beautiful

  56. the mother fcuker who used a similar profile as mine is a desperate arsehole.

    we can see more of such MFs when SLA goes RAPING their beloved tigers in all fronts.

    this HOREY bastard is the miserable arsehole behind this crap. he has a habit of stealing others' fathers.

  57. 57 and 58 are playing the long version of the national anthem on the hyenas' asses.

    But as sea-denial tightens up the logistics and the frontlines close in on both sides into an attritional war, the LTte will be driven by desperation to launch one or more all-or-nothing attacks. These promise to be spectacular, and the counter-measures by the battle hardened and well experienced SLA to be a match. The difference between the two put the Tigers one up on sclae; it is do-or-die time.

    SLA must remember that the Tigers have always pulled virtually impossible stunts when cornered and this time they face oblivion. In a war strat game, we once hypothesized a similar situ and named it 'Operation Over-lord" the one which kills the birdie who wants to be god.

    A strike, suicidal in nature, the Tigers very badly in need of right now is one in which they manage to capture and put into use one or more MBRLs, even if it kills any soldiers or not. This would perform a very important function of causing shock and confusion among the battle ground commanders, perhaps providing the initiative needs to the Tigers to break thru the SLDF lines and possibly attack the rear. This type of attack will be on the cards and SLDF needs to consolidate and dig in with credible defensive capabilities now that we are eye-balling the final conflict zone.

  58. Oh wow! I've got a double now. How nice! Anyway, this is the real me. I've been on blogger since January 2008. The fake guy's profile shows that his name is 'Mahinda' and been on blogger since August 2008. Please don't kill me for his crimes :)

  59. The keyboard warriors must be really proud of themselves. They've just rendered an immense service to eelam.

  60. The LTTE Tamils are very angry and bitter.

    They showed up here and tried to de-rail this blog a few months ago by posting rude comments to piss of the Sinhala posters, so that this blog would be turned into pissing contest instead of a defence blog.

    This tactic failed when fake identical Tamil screen names started appearing and posting hilarious comments to insult the LTTE.

    This fustrated the LTTE Tamils here even more, because now they can't ruin the discussion flow of this blog.

    So now they have resorted to spamming this blog in order to destroy it.

    Why do LTTE Tamil posters come here to ruin the blog?

    There are no Sinhala posters trying to ruin Tamil blogs.

    This shows to everyone in the outside world who is evil. We have been dealing with this bullshit for 2500 years.

    But don't worry you colonial menial day-loborer coolies, your end will soo come, even the former white masters oceans away can see it.

    DON'T WORRY....Extinction is near after 20 years of war and shooting yourselfs in the foot by using women and children for battle.

  61. New article on GroundZeroLanka


  62. new article on groundzerolanka

  63. Some of the lunatic bastards are the proof why the eLam joke turned into a pure fck-up; they cannot tolerate dissent, will resort to violence when they become incapable of dealing with the verbal defeat. It's always been the hallmark of the stupid and the illiterate, who always gravitate towards destructive behavior immediately. And that was why when power was given on a plate by ponsy-Rani and puk-Mangalika, all that the Wanni monkeys could do was torture and kill each other, as is now being publicised even in Canada.
    By thw way, pay attention to the news from Canada regarding the display soon to go public by tamils who had been tortured by the LTTE.
    That's exactly the reason for failures and losers; whose existance sociologists always blame on 'majority culture' while the only rational reason is that destructive behavior is hard-wired into these monkeys DNA.

  64. Goldeneagle;

    There are no pro-LTTE forums that ever allow dissenting opinions. Anything that is posted is subject to censorship and is never published if it opposes their view point.
    For the Tamils who may crave true democracy and the right of self-expression, it must be a thorn in the ass, but one they've learnt to live with. And that is why they live among the singhalse and the majority never headed for the glorious monkey-lam.
    The only forums that tolerate dissent are those run by the Sinhalese. I challenge any of the pro-LTTE key-board warriors to prove me wrong.

  65. From the eariler thread,

    Shan, Noltte=peace,

    Your welcome mates…. Yes, it could very well be a ventilation shaft for a underground bunker.


    I see your point, good eye you’ve got there…see if you can dig up some more. I read some where that digital images have the serial no of the camera imbedded in the image it self. May be worth a bit of digging eh?


    Thanks mate. I, as I have said before is just an “ordinary” guy :)

    But yes, there are many in the forces (whom I know of and have befriended) who are highly proficient in their respective fields.

    We can rest assured that those who guard us (though not quite “cultured” in Her Majesties English and etiquettes by the standards of few in some cases) are the very best our land can produce at this stage in the current environment.

    They are tougher than nails and can out con any fox and are sharp as a rapier. Hope this answers your query.

  66. Way to go, Our lads in the 57th and 58th are ripping uncle prabhas boys to shreads.

  67. DN,

    Any news on the Chemical weapons conf. to he held in colombo in the next few days?

    How could one attend it? Is it only for military/Gov. people?


  68. Request from blogger 10302179933477078076,

    Please STOP doing this. People find difficulties when they access defencenet through their mobile phones if you continue like this.

    Warning !

    Defencenet will response you by some other way rather than deleting your posts.

    You got my point??

  69. "Be sportive and take the game to your opponents other than opting for the shortcuts by using the fake IDs to undermine views of Tamils- it looks to me very kiddish attitude."

    Is this a joke bhairav? If not, how about you practice what you preach? I don't see any of you being 'sportive and taking the game to the opposition'. All I see is blaming everything on 'sinhala modayas' and a lot of 'we will succeed' theories.

  70. Bhairav,

    Some entertainment isn't it? But I guess that's a relief for your smarting asses, having had no good news for months now. Enjoy the montessori level vandalism, since that's the only type of attack you can launch now. Imagine it as LTTE attacking SLA. That'll be soothing to your retarded mind. By all means continue to rain crap down on me and the rest of the bloggers here, if you think that's going to hurt us. BTW, why do you want to see Moshey and Asithri being victims of such an attack? Because you can't argue (or even think about arguing) against their ideas? Get back into the real world and get a life. This is not Kollywood my friend, where you can run around holding up your sarong and murder everyone who opposes you.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Guys,

    Tiger supporters are active once again. I was forced to interview Mr Nadesan, who recently said that the army will be taught a lesson soon.


    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, very good morning to you, sir!

    Mr Nadesan: Good morning, Mr Q Rious.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, every minute counts now; your enemy?

    Mr Nadesan: Right here, on our doorstep.

    Q Rious: Isn't that scary?

    Mr Nadesan: Not at all; on the contray, we love it.

    Q Rious: If you spell it out a bit.....

    Mr Nadesan: Our leader has the solution, the final one

    Q Rious: Where does he keep it - up in sleeves?

    Mr Nadesan: I can't tell you, my friend; our leader is a symbol of surprises.

    Q Rious: I have a vague idea; can I guess? I think, it is chemical weapons.

    Mr Nadesan: I am not going to be explicit; that is one area of strategy.

    Q Rious: I think it is acetic acid.

    Mr Nadesan: Of course, we have barrels of them in stock.

    Q Rious: I was pulling your leg, Mr Nadesan. It was vinegar!

    Mr Nadesan: No time for jokes, my friend, things are really hotting up here.

    Q Rious: Where is Mr Prabhakaran, quite honestly?

    Mr Nadesan: Inside a special bunker now. He is alive and kicking.

    Q Rious: Mathivathini and the offspring?

    Mr Nadesan: She does a wonderful job by looking after the children

    Q Rious: Her own, I suppose!

    Mr Nadesan: Of course, Mr Q Rious. Why should she look after someone else's? We have a little problem with the eldest. We don't have his food in stock anymore and he is a bit fussy when it comes to food.

    Q Rious: What is he missing Mr Nadesan?

    Mr Nadesan: You know that Italian thing - pissa or something. He is just addicted to it and can't live without it.

    Q Rious: Oh, Pizza! If he keeps eathing them, he will take after his father soon.

    Mr Nadesan: He has already taken after his father; silly boy. Very lazy bugger.

    Q Rious: This is between you and me. You have an exit strategy, don't you? Come on man! You are not going to just die without any reason.

    Mr Nadesan: I am the luckiest. My wife is from down south. I can use her contacts. All I need is a new costume to cross over.

    Q Rious: Your friend, Rev Rayappu is quite too.

    Mr Nadesan: He is already on the other side with the enemy. That is his nature.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, your leader did a serious miscalculation this time, didn't he?

    Mr Nadesan: I disagree with it. He never calculates, because maths has never been his strongest subject.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, that is why I say he is miscalculating all the time. This is the worst of them all. Mr Nadesan, do you honestly believe all these senior commanders are prepared to commit suicide or die in vain? Hand on heart please!

    Mr Nadesan: Mr Q Rious, you asked the most difficult question. Oh my god, how do I answer it?

    Q Rious: I will be fair by you. Don't be explicit. Just say yea for 'yes' or nay for 'no'

    Mr Nadesan: Nay!

    Q Rious: Well done! good boy!!

    Mr Nadesan: Hak hak haa; hoo hoo; hak hak haa.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, you nearly choked on emotions. Every liberation ends up on a funny note, doesn't it?

    Mr Nadesan: It does my friend; it does. The Singhalese have tale about a man who held on to a Tiger's tail. We had a taste of it in real life for thirty years. It is a complete waste of time and diaspora's money. At least, I educated my children in time.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, one last thing. Are cracks appearing?

    Mr Nadesan: Yes, but I can't elaborate. I can say that the blame game is in full swing.

    Q Rious: Thank you, Mr Nadesan. Take care while moving into the hands of your relatives in the south.

  73. washington times front page news (not an open-ed piece) about '112000 ethnic tamil displacements'. so go leave your comments people.

  74. Qrious
    Thank you for publishing another interview by Mr. Q Rious..
    as Kuttu would says.. He he he...

  75. chamal, perein & DN,

    thanks guys and sorry about falling into their trap by responding to them in a language they understand.

  76. qrious,

    nade-sung seems to be your favourite interviewee!!

    good work, man.

  77. Moshe-
    Nade-sung's Nadee Sunee Sung soon :)

    On the other hand, just wondering how we can rest some of our troops prior to walk towards Killi City.

  78. Moshe

    your annoyance is quite understandable but should ignore these branless robots, if not they've achieved and they get the chance to divert the blog to a political and/or racial platform

    take care mate

  79. no_mess,
    With regards to the tactic that should be used on seems like the exact idea has been used by non LTTE tamils in Canada..see this is exactly what should be used on brucie.I am sure when these LTTE buffoons are "exposed" brucie will have to fight more and more to get his money from his "mates" the tiger sympathisers.I am sure he is feeling great these days..real great!!.Guess we dont need to engage in pointless arguements with brucie now..we will wait till campaign is over before we start.

  80. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for removing Cut & Past jokers from the blog, still there is a one monkey with profile no 10302179933477078076. DN, I hope you will take care of this monkey also, thanks.

  81. funny looking armour plated tractor used to transport ltte bigwigs left behind at tunukkai

  82. Shan,

    yes. that was a momentary lapse of concentration!


  83. Srilankan,
    I’m happy as long as something is done “now” to counteract brucie and the mob. Mind you, I did not expect it to happen in the heart of eelarm – Toronto!
    What we need now is similar events throughout the “Developed World” – London, Paris, New Yoke, and Oslo.

    BTW, from your reaction to the liberation of Tunukkai, I can see it has a special place in your heart. Hope the rest of the zoo is cleared ASAP, so that we can all see a vibrant Sri Lanka in our lifetime. And we should never forget the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives and the families they left behind.

  84. It is Joe Biden...[Terrorists have rights too. They are like that because their mommies didn't love 'em enough. Hugs and kisses. Let's all get along together, if not let UN solve all your problems...This boy will talk circles around himself, until everyone gets a headache and just wants him to stop]

    Time to engage some of the so called 'elite' monkeys, SLA. Do not let the ones in K'chchi escape into Mullativu. This should not be a flush-and-fill op, but a hunter-killer. Perhaps issuing a personal challenge to the top honchos to come out and fight, without endangering the civillians..would be fascinating.

  85. Guys, I think you should not get distracted by the stupid juvenile comments and actions by these LTTE retards. This bird-brain Shyam doesn’t even know why a chopper flies at tree top level, Bhairav & Thiru have been brain washed (or should I say brain-dead) and seem unable to read between the lines. It seems that Thiru understands only one language, you have seen it. On the other hand what else can one expect from the worshippers of grade 8 drop out VP, (of course they are in the same wave length and need to flock together) who are unable to develop a decent conversation. I suggest that they should go back and read their ‘Hansel & Gretel’ but if it’s too advanced they can always contact us for help.

  86. n,

    What makes you think they have brains in the first place?

  87. quite a few intersting articles on Six Silent Men - LRRP on the web

    Camp Steel Wire seemes to have moved here.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. THUNUKKAI falls to LTTE again ..SL Coolies have been chased out of Thunukkai

    August 23, 2008 10:58 PM

  90. THUNUKKAI falls to LTTE again ..My other ball also lost

  91. Shyam,

    'THUNUKKAI falls to LTTE again ..SL Coolies have been chased out of Thunukkai'

    Take a hard copy of the above article & fold it twice then roll it and poke it in your _ _ _ _ << the place where your male friends & male neighbours are very familiar with and also the place where you make your living with.

  92. So many doubles! That's how some release thier frustration over Thukkai. Thus we should expect more doubles.

    SLA is winning the war. But who is winning the propaganda war. check:

    Some of the comments:

    //Then Rajapakse dispatched his 99% Sinhalese forces after minority Tamil rebels. The Sinhala forces slaughtered at least 7000 Tamils civilians (between 2005-2008). The slaughter wasn't personal. It was business. It always is with Mugabe like war mongers. The bloodshed allowed Rajapakse to feed the blood thirsty Buddhist Clergy , enabling him to establish a one-family government.//

    //..and the hawkish Srilankan government wanted to cash in from these four willing partners to crush LTTE rebels at any cost ignoring the increasing human rights violations such as daily abduction, raping, and killing etc.//

    //Sri Lanka government is continuing its ethnic cleansing in the name fighting LTTE. Their weapon of choice is starvation. LTTE has been more then willing to negotiate a settlement for the conflict. Sri Lankan
    government will not, because they want to carry out their final solution for tamils.//

    Nice to see how hard some try to support LTTE, spread misinformation and how nice some are dreaming. Those who are experts in writing better respond.

    [When one is a tamil he can be a innocent civilian, mahaveer sucide bomber, liberation fighter, fisherman, sea tiger ....etc both while he lives and dead.]

  93. This is a very urgent need.

    GOSL should create mobile units to electronically register IDPs.

    Every IDP should be photographed, their details to be registered, and an ID should be issued.

    This would allow genuine IDPs to be protected from LTTE infiltrations.

  94. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  95. Qrius,

    Nice one!

    You seems to be very soft on Padesan.

  96. this garbage man is none other than bahirav.

  97. Guys,

    Awatit the "Bassaas" (Owls)...
    The army is reding to field a new type of unit :)...silent death just got better..may be DN can shed some light in due time.

  98. This level of personal frustration is really nice to see.

    Last game is on. My only worry is the 57 and special forces teams working with them have been on continuos deployment. Do the 'cutting edge' troops get rotated out for R&R in a regular basis?

    How far are SLDF from completely overwhelming Pooneryn? That could be the final nail in the coffin for the LTTE as there would be yet another front opened, right on its door step, and it would be facing well trained, heavily equipped and well rested troops with many years of experience. Death and defeat would be swift and hopefully merciful.

  99. Nemesis,

    The new unit is called NWM.

    It is going to be about 10,000 in the next six months.

    Great innovations.

  100. hey Nemisis...what the OWLS? While DN may take some time to give a more detailed answer, can u plz update us?

  101. Shyam,
    Don't you think that your time can be better spent?

    I do not know what is contained in the article you posted from tamil win. But certainly Tamilnet does not seems to be aware of any of this. I wonder why?

  102. Guys,

    The above post is by a fake Qrious (11795080273887779343).

    The real Qrious blogger ID is

  103. DefenceNet

    Please delete all the postings by profile No 10302179933477078076 who is a frustrated LTTE keyboard warrior. Since he is trying to destroy this blog by cut & past garbage, only solution is to remove all the postings by this mentally upset person.

    To 10302179933477078076

    If you don’t like the information and discussions appearing in this blog, don’t come to this blog again, I can tell you a nice place where you can play as you wish happily. First visit LNP, if you don’t like that place also then there is only one place available for you. That is the one and only TAMILNET.TV

  104. Congratulations Qrious. You have a double now!

  105. Qrious 11795080273887779343


    last wonning fore U

  106. New qrious (fake one),

    Get out idiot. You are using a new account created only recently. The real qrious has been here for months. Why the hell would he suddenly decide to create a new account with same name and start writing crap here? Go try and fool a montessori kid.

    P.S: You're not that good at acting either.

  107. Qrious 11795080273887779343,

    ... dai stop this. Sinhala modaya will start to think that we are licking the war...

    The real battle will start when Army try to reach the Mullaithivu the heart of LTTE... Wait and see..

  108. Ooops.. Sorry.. It should be Kilinochchi...

  109. shyam 14456515085534801229

    I agree with you brother

  110. fake qrious
    this is beginning of new phase of war. cyber war
    how can i be alter ego of asithri when my ass is sore from his fingerfcking( his micro flaccid dcik wont enter)daily??!

    ohoma yang!! we will harvest more and more commissions while sitting here in A/C office in US. let the modayas die in wanni. jaya wewa n ohoma yang!!

  111. Oh cr@p, a fake moshey as well...

  112. good job Defencenet thank you,

    chamal 06127419044238870804 this is lst an last warning or we will send Gota to assfck you .
    ID 02130865281526770482 is fake b#1

    realID is 11553575476849786172

  113. This doubling is so funny (when it is done wisely).

    Last (political) hope now gone for tigers.
    One shot and Gun shot are puss shots. Pon shot now can lick the a$$ of vezapillai.

  114. Guys,

    Don't be fooled by these idiots; the interview is from real Qrious and my ID ends up with 4274, if you can't remember the whole number.

    No one has mimicked me yet; but they play a different game now. I will find out the f***** and his f******* mother too and deal with them in the language they well understand in due course.

    pereien, Shan, Moshe, #B1, noltte for the feedback.

  115. Morning guys,

    Have you seen some of the comments on this article? Sudek awith kiyaneva ape ung AI/UN eka kotio kiyane ekate ung hinna wena bave. Gon pakaya, give some support patriots.

  116. a fake moshe!!

    i'm sure i screwed at least 5 vanni kundis in 2002-2005. i'm positive that a PRODIGY (like me!!!) is born out of them.

    he is trying to steal my ID now!!

    hay listen to your biological dad. stop this crap. ask your mum to come home from the LTTE camp. else you will SOON have brothers & sisters!!!

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. Parachute - is this the silliest invention of modern warfare?

    “I love parachutes,” to clear the air of prejudice first. I have never been with one of them, but I have been on a hot air balloon. It is fascinating indeed to fly over beautiful European countryside on a hot summer day.

    Parachute, when opened, is controlled only by the buoyancy of the air and the gravitational pull: the former acts upwards and the latter downwards; when they are equal, the parachute comes down at a steady speed known as the terminal velocity, in the absence of nasty cross winds.

    So, before dropping parachutists, the cross-wind factor must be taken into account. We have to take the weather factor on board.

    Parachuting is more of a showing-off phenomenon than an effective war game. With the threat of terrorists hiding in any corner of the globe, parachuting does not stand out as smart warfare any more. Experimenting with parachutists in modern warfare is a very cautious business nowadays.

    That is why we haven't seen the role of parachute regiments in the theatre of any war recently.

    We had wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and on our very doorstep, but without the participation of parachute regiments.

    The only conflict that I remember with the participation of parachutists was the attack launched by the IPKF, the Indian peace keepers, against the LTTE in late 1980's. That was a disaster of monumental proportions.

    The Tigers knew well in advance about the operation that was to be launched against them in the Jaffna university grounds and laid in ambush.

    The aircrafts dropped the parachutists, some from the elite Ghurkha regiments, to the pre-arranged location only to be decimated, one by one by the ground fire. That sealed the fate of the Indian peace keeping mission in Sri Lanka.

    Parachute was invented in the pre-terrorist era or possibly pre-helicopter era too. The inventors may have thought only of conventional warfare and the issue of collateral damage was non-existent at that time. Once the area in question was fully cleared, there was no room for any humanbeing let alone terrorists who play the game of hide and seek.

    I can't imagine the Nato dropping parachutists in the region of Tora Bora where Osama Bin Laden was thought to be hiding. With so many caves punctuating the land mass, the Al Qaida would have written history books if that were the case.

    Even in our own war, I haven't seen a role played by parachutists yet. I think Special Forces sliding down ropes from a hovering helicopter can do a better job. It is not easy to drop a parachute in a jungle terrain for obvious reasons.

    So, I draw my conclusion that a parachute is a very silly invention as far as terrorism is concerned. A terrorist, by definition, is someone who least care about the accepted norms. So, a last thing you can expect of a terrorist is not to shoot at a hapless individual who is at the mercy of two natural forces - the air resistance and gravity. Will they take heed of it?

    Not Tamil Tigers, of course.

    So, a parachute regiment is ideal for military display and fun –

  119. ConDom - is this the silliest invention of modern warfare?

    “I love condoms,” to clear the air of prejudice first. I have never been with one of them, but I have been on a hot aircondom. It is fascinating indeed to fly over beautiful gampaha countryside on a hot summer day.

    condom, when opened, is controlled only by the buoyancy of the air and the gravitational pull(since my dick is shrunken): the former acts upwards and the latter downwards; when they are equal, the condom comes down at a steady speed known as the terminal velocity, in the absence of nasty cross winds.

    So, before dropping condoms, the cross-wind factor must be taken into account. We have to take the weather factor on board.

    condoming is more of a showing-off phenomenon than an effective war game. With the threat of terrorists hiding in any corner of the globe,condoming does not stand out as smart warfare any more. Experimenting with condoms in modern warfare is a very cautious business nowadays.

    That is why we haven't seen the role of condom regiments in the theatre of any war recently.

    We had wars in wanni, eelam and on our very doorstep, but without the participation of condom regiments.

    The only conflict that I remember with the participation of condoms was the attack launched by the SLA, against the Tamils in 1980's. That was a disaster of monumental proportions since our Sinhela dicks are microscopic( to benefit of Arabs).

    The Tigers knew well in advance about the operation that was to be launched against them in the wanni and laid in ambush.

    The aircrafts dropped the condomists, some from the elite Gemunu regiments, to the pre-arranged location only to be decimated, one by one by the malathi brigade. That sealed the fate of the sexist sla mission in Sri Lanka.

    condom was invented in the pre-sinhela era or possibly pre-helicopter era too. The inventors may have thought only of conventional warfare and the issue of collateral damage was non-existent at that time. Once the area in question was fully cleared, there was no room for any humanbeing let alone sinhela terrorists who play the game of hide and seek.

    I can't imagine the Nato dropping condoms in the region of Tora Bora where Osama Bin Laden was thought to be hiding. With so many caves punctuating the land mass, the Al Qaida would have written history books if that were the case.

    Even in our own war, I haven't seen a role played by condomists yet. I think Special Forces sliding down ropes from a sigiriya can do a better job. It is not easy to drop a condom in a jungle terrain for obvious reasons.

    So, I draw my conclusion that a condom is a very silly invention as far as terrorism is concerned. A terrorist, by definition, is someone who least care about the accepted norms. So, a last thing you can expect of a terrorist is not to shoot at a hapless individual who is at the mercy of two natural forces - the air resistance and gravity. Will they take heed of it?

    Not apey Sinhela army, of course.

    So, a condomregiment is ideal for military display ,but the fun is enjoyed by the Arabs and Germans

  120. Nice analysis Qrious (real one) but parachutes are cool, man. But you're right I guess about the 'display'. The 'airborne' badge certainly does give a soldier some higher respect.

    Qrious (fake one) nice try but you still can't act or even imitate someone.

  121. no_mess,
    Thanks for your post mate.Every town in the north is an important town.For a person who has spent the best part of his life reading articles to the effect such as "LTTE "heroes" drag a soldier across "ceasefire line into LTTE" area" or "LTTE "heores" cutoff soldiers hand and drag it off into LTTE area" or "1000 soldiers in army camp die in LTTE missile attack" know what i mean...every town is very important.After all these attacks you see the LTTE cadres responsible in photos with "very broad Thaamilchelvan smilles" on their faces.See this has been a "Game" of "cops and robbers" for them until recently.As for brucie...What we want is Brucie producing articles detrimental to Slanka which are countered by people of the SAME ethnic group that it is supposed "represent" as well as members of the majority.We want this fellow to have to fight "ever so hard..ever ever soo hard" for his EELANG money.I guess Brucie loves money ever so very much since he is living in a one bedroom "villa" in SLanka.Once this is over our next giant step is educating our soldiers in lucrative professions so that they can lead productive lives in society as this is the best way for the govt to show their appreciation.

  122. no_mess,
    As you know this being over militaryly is just one facet of this LTTE filth..a lot more facets of this filth has to be destroyed and certain sinhalese people and some SLankan nationals of foreign descent living in the south taken into custody or asked to explain themselves.

  123. Aha i still remember the days of using Condoms.. those were the days!! Thalivar used to penetrate my A** through each and every day.. if not for the condoms.. i wouldn't survive for today!

  124. So Bagirav has started talking truth after seeing the dead end...

    Were you talking about the time you spend at the brothel where your mother was employed as a low end prostitute? So bad she was so busy and ignored you leaving you to get screwed....

  125. Agree with Shyam that the Mullaitivu will probably be the 'final frontier' of the 'final war'. Hopefully it will also lead to 'finally over'. [yes, yes, yes, it will lead to eLam, shyam. Stop fussing and fuming...]

    There is growing indecisiveness in the US abt what will happen in Iraq and Afghanistan if Obama wins. There are some who say nothing will change, since no matter what they say to get into power, the realities of power will keep them in the rut Bush put the nation in, for the foreseeable future. Mr.O has never given anything for nothing. Yet a lot remains to be seen.

    There's some talk that the LTTE diaspora is funding the Obama campaign, which maybe a bit of a stretch. In most cases the contributions to various politicos never went beyond a couple of thousand dollars. Mr.O is unlikely to be tainted by holding hands with or taking money from terroristi.

    The air-war will have to be faught with increased vigilence. Our forces are arriving in the population centers and the role of the SLAF will gradually become more of CAS and support to the navy on the high seas.
    The navy is going to have a big job keeping the Kilali lagoon sterile once pooneryn is taken. There will be a few nightmarish ground holding problems that can cost lives in that process.

  126. Guys, personal attacks are ok sometimes, but overall it should not overwhelm the topic of discussion.

    Right now there's more personal crap than discussion and that needs to be toned down.

    Please excercise restraint in responding to others' opinions. Sometimes, the comments may warrant a reply, but mostly they don't.

    After all this is not about anyone's bread and butter. Neither are we competing for p*ssy.

  127. Entering K'nochchi - Small groups, hand to hand combat, backed by specialized assault forces will most probably be the tactic. K'nochchi can be divided into seperate sections and taken using different and divergent tactics.

    Once seperate teams enter along different paths, they can converge or simply set up kill-zones to draw in LTTE. Similarly the LTTe will be better placed to playthe same game on the SLA. Those who have eyes in the sky and live intel will have the upperhand, even though the defender enjoys traditional advantage of beingable to create/alter ground conditions before the fight begins.

    Both sides better have plenty of medical, surgical services and an abundance of body bags in reserve.

  128. machang,

    The guy you are talking about is not an American. He is one of the smooth LTTE supporter with a face mask. His style is pretty much in line with the LTTE front organization "Tamils for Justice." Now that they can't send money to LTTE directly and LTTE is cornered, a sudden need to address HR issues has come up. They try to prosecute General Fonseka, Col Rajapakse, and Basil Rajapakse for bogus war crimes while conveniently ignoring countless and true war crimes by Veza-pillai and LTTE. This particular “John” tries to portray him to be an American assuming the others to be idiots. We have to make aware Washington Times that they are taken for a ride by the LTTE terro

  129. Breaking News:

    According to Puthinam:

    Rajapakse has promised to Indian brokered peace talks with immediate halt to hostilities after the provincial elections.

    India had threatened consequences if Rajapakse broke his promise.

    I can also confirm from LTTE sources that Tunukkai has not fallen to the SLA. An attempt by special commandoes of the SLA was attempted, but the attack was thwarted, with heavy losses for the SLA. Two armoured vehicles including a T-55 were lost and LTTE has captured two dead bodies.

  130. Oh upul is back just in time,

    Never mind upul, as Bahirav said earlier "SLPA" is running back to Mannar. That is a fact and you need not to fear about it. We are just a few days away from establishing Eelam. By the way, the world should know how unbiased and reliable Puthinam is when it come to reporting the Sri Lanka/Eelam war to the world audience in all languages. No photos at all, all what you saw was some staged photos of a few buildings in Thunukkai. Yes, that is a clear indication that the Army Commander just went somewhere else to congratulate the 57th division for walking in a park in Colombo.

  131. Hey fake Qrious with the ID ending 8229

    I have a feeling that your mum's pet dog must have f***** her using a condom.

    I know your dad is the primary donor of sperms; but there is plenty of room for the secondary or even tertiary donors to blend things. Some mums love the combination and your mum certainly must have loved it.

    I know this development can worry you. But, mate, take my word for it. Your dad's genes are still the more dominant.

    That is why you can come on line, surf for the defencenet, type in something for the sake of it, scratch your smelly balls in disgust, and commit identity theft in broad daylight.

    Having said that, the genes inherited from your mum's pet dog still play a role in your life, despite being less dominant.

    I am sure you are curious enough to know what they are.

    Poking nose in others' buisness is one of them. A dog is excessively curious and you show the same traits. Don't get me wrong, mate. You are not a dog; you just show some characteristics of the dog.

    Now, I have to make an appeal to you. I know you are not going to ask your mum about it. But you are certainly going to turn the tables on her while picking on very silly little things. My advice is not to do it. There is a way around it.

    If you live in a western country, go to a kennel and pretend that you are looking for an orphaned dog. Get close to a bitch and indulge in the very act that your mum did while closing your eyes.

    What you perform is called reversal.

    Afterwards, if you don't feel like committing identity theft, especially that of Qrious, you have made it. Now of course, you can congratualte on yourself and your tiny penis.

    You can cash in on the proper human genes that you got from dad.

    God bless your mum; mating with a dog is not a crime; just a passion when a insatiable woman is on heat.

    Take care mate, especially in a place with so many bitches. They can sense you are around!!

  132. qrious,


    good stuff mate

  133. Guys,

    To deal with the f****** mimic, just click on the Qrious and find the number of user views. The fake f***** who has the genes of a dog due to him mum's mating ritual may have one or two user views. Please don't click it; that may move the number up; mine ending with 4274.

    I hope defencenet will kick this bugger out tomorrow.

  134. Guys,

    A rule of thumb

    The fake f***** cannot come up with anything of his own. So, his stuff always follows me.

    The first one is from your beloved real Qrious.

    The second one comes from the fake one.

    You don't have to be Einstein to get this round.

    Fake f***** can take refuge in a kennel now with fellow inmates.

  135. qrious,

    don't worry mate, we know the difference between the real one and the fake one.

    it is like sri lanka and tamill elam. however much tamill elamists scream EVERY country knows sri lanka and north & east of the island are its parts.

    that is why they are SO GOOD at toilet cleaning. others crap and they wash it as if they did it!!

    a clever application of a bad trait!!

  136. This is a great reference point of LTTE barbarism,

  137. upul:

    Who gave the video footage of thannukkai to rupavahini? LTTE?

  138. BLog ID of Qrious (real) is 04389611860445104274.
    Others are fake.

  139. Defencenet,

    Thanks for sending 3SF to rout the LTTE blog terrorists.

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. [BLog ID of Qrious (real) is 04389611860445104274.
    Others are fake.]


    DW gets the nod over when it comes to quality of analysis. Your news are mostly from the archives of while DW gives inside analysis along with current events. Meantime, the son of Queen Elizabeth,Mr.Qrious, always finds fault in DW's English and the article, that's because he indirectly wanted to promote you even though you are the one who lacks the quality?

    While many others suffered from these ID hijackers, you haven't reacted but Qrious. When you show the selective preference on certain users, your reports automatically will lose its merits.

  142. "While many others suffered from these ID hijackers, you haven't reacted but Qrious. When you show the selective preference on certain users, your reports automatically will lose its merits."

    It is very strange and funny that the one of the biggest spammers and ID hijackers is talking about spamming and ID hijacking. Good lord, this the racist LTTE terrorist who judges others by how they look and ethnic purity, talking about fairness and merit.

  143. Bhairav,
    DW is better than DN there is no doubt about that. Important thing is that we are united against a common enemy so your attempts to create rifts between DN and DW will clearly be a waste of time (and it's embarrassing, really).

    And yes you are the one to talk about comment spamming lol.

  144. "When you show the selective preference on certain users, your reports automatically will lose its merits."

    Well then you are also given preferential treatment; we haven't deleted any of your comments for being an unwanted assclown.

  145. bloodyrav the unwanted assclown,

    you can get "better" analysis at tamilnation and sangam websites. only problem is they don't allow dissenting views, like the LTTE.

    bloodyrav, you are unwanted in SL (that's why they chased you) and now in DN & DW.

  146. Upul-

    " Breaking News:

    According to Puthinam:" ....

    Since you are a belever of the Puthinam, can you kindly share the URL which LTTE publish the dead LTTE terrorists daily basis ( I would say only the higher rank terrorists)....
    I happened to hear they do not update that URL any more... Is that true? If not I'm sure you will share those details with us.

  147. Moshe-

    I think Bhairav is the clever one... He keep funding small chunks to LTTE. So get away from the possible issues towards him and family can face...

    But he's wise enough to realise, that stoping by Sri Lankan web sites and blogs can find the truth of LTTE terrorists.
    Do n't you aggree Bhairav?

  148. Appata eppa bim Agalakwath... Anunge Deseka Mhaa Polowe...
    Malath Nodami bim Agalakwath... Apaa ipaduna Mee Maww Polowe

    Just came across with Anti terror demo vedio, held in London.

  149. defencenet

    Thank you for coming down hard on identity theft.

    I am sure this is committed by the rogue elements among Tiger supporters who are used to credit card fraud. So, they are no strangers to this game.

    bhairav is bringing in a hollow argument. As far as I know, no one was victimized here for being a Tamil or harbouring Tamil sentiments. Of course, we hate Tigers, as we are not prepared to classify them as Homo sapiens yet.

    There are Tamils and Tamil speaking folks who contribute constructively to this site. They are always treated with respect.

    At the same time, there are determined saboteurs who just come here to provoke others by making childish silly gestures – he he ho ho and so on.

    Those who read the forum get fed up with that and react in different ways – the mildest being faking the identity. Everyone knows, including those idiots, that they write pure garbage. You must be thankful to those who fake them for getting rid of that trend, instead of moaning.

    I want to remind my friend; once again, this is not a site to analyze defence stuff. We are not AFP or BBC or AP or Reuters. We are not getting paid by interested parties to promote gloom. We are patriots and want this war to be over soon. Of course, we turn deaf ears to bad news and are eager to embrace good news. We never think it is a sign of weakness; on the contrary, it is our resolve to see the end of this menace.

    If you can’t live with that, just catch a glimpse of the forum and look away. Don’t stay for too long for health reasons.

  150. To raise a point..

    Wasn't it these LTTE supporters that started this business of faking IDs some time ago?

  151. thambala-
    Mate, let's avoide trying to find who started etc.
    Let's keep up with what we can do to keep the blog up and running in clean format.
    Sooner we give the blind eye is better.

  152. I guess there is a big confusion after ID theft and truly it was an annoyance indeed. back to defense related topics....

    What if our guys cut across vellankulam - mankulam axis upto the eastern front and divide the wanni into 2... will that be a disastrous situ or will it be to our advantage??

    I feel that would isolate the tiger pussies from north and south.... But is that a feasible thing??

  153. moshe, pakka, qrious and all the patriots read the above post and post ur views pls

  154. Guys,

    Until Mallavi falls, let' take thing lightly and have some fun. I just want to talk about a very serious devil who is setting his sights on the Northern front. Here it is:


    This is a name that makes your hair stand on their head. I haven't seen him nor am I gifted with the optical nerve substance to see it, according to my horoscope. However, I don't rule our his existence. I am sure it is not figment of imagination; he exits.

    Mahasona, according to those who have witnessed him, comes in the form of a black dog, I was told.

    A woman friend of mine, an architect by profession, from Cardiff, UK, told me a story about Mahasona, which I found very interesting and scary.

    The mother of the woman in question, seriously fell ill and had been admitted to a merchant ward in Kandy general hospital. My friend flew back from England to be on her bedside for a few days. The mother was in a coma and on a certain day at night she noticed the scary thing. She and her mum were at a top floor and she saw a big black dog going out of her room, then along the corridor, only to vanish in a second. Petrified by the experience, she summoned an army of nightingales only to be scoffed at: "there was no way a dog can enter this building, especially this far, said they in unison."

    She made a few inquireis as she was convinced it was a true experience told it was Mahasona in his favourite disguise - the black dog.

    When these things fell into my ears, I always do my research and come up with a credible hypothesis.

    I think Mahasona is hanging around with the folks who are about to make the trip to the 'other side'; the black dog is a kind of protocol creature, to take the hapless soul to the other side.

    Of course, no one says Mahasona is a saint and his abode is heaven. He is a devil and he is here to carry folks who should be in his abode.

    My friend is a nice woman; but I can't place her mum on the same wavelength; she has been particularly horrible to her domestic servants. I found the treatment pretty gut-wrenching.

    So, I made the connection. That woman was for Mahasona and he made an effort to take her. But I have to say she did recover from her ordeal. May be, Mahasona thought her time was up only to be disappointed. That won't stop him from making a second trip. He is a tireless stalker.

    I am pretty sure Mahasona is active in the North now. There are plenty of folks with devil mind set who chose to be sitting ducks in that part of the county. So, Mahasona's protocol is busy in making arrangement to make the transition smoother.

    When it comes to the chief, my guess is, Mahasona will personally get involved in taking the brute over.

    Devils are evil and have rivals. I don't think Mahasona loves to have a rival. So, he may subdue Prabha violently so that he may not pose him a threat once being on the other side.

    If people notice bitings on the corpse of the big brute, don't blame on the army. It is Mahasona who does that coming down as the black dog.

    Prabha, prepare yourself for the oucome. Supporters, you will be next.

  155. 4 Commandos shot by LTTE 2 Dead 2 Wounded. Heavy use of mortars by LTTE. 1 Soldier Dead in Mannar.
    heavy Shelling reported in Mannar front and Muhamalai.How ever eye witness says LTTE is running for their life in mannar front when Special Forces counter attack.

    57 and 58 gap is creating a possible rear end attack for 58.
    Let us hope 57 catches up with 58.

    ............\O.....Posible Attack

  156. Riyaz,
    When it comes to the north small group operations are the best.The idea is to kill as many cadres as possible with minimal loss although i prefer forcing the conscripts to surender.I suppose we can think of it as a killer disease invading our body gradually.Mind you i am no military man.

  157. riyaz,

    great minds think alike!!

    your topic is discussed at DW. join in.

  158. Onecountry,
    The video showing the SLankan flag is false...It was filmed in a studio in LTTE bollywood.There is no need to provide "news coverage" to anyone..There is always the B.B.C to do that when it comes to SLanka.

  159. qrious

    does dog eat dog? even if the dog is only the protocol...

  160. srilankan,

    Of course I am with u on the small group attacks... That has so far worked fabulously in our favour.. but what I meant was the whole line move parallell.. I suppose 57 n 58 is trying to do that... If 59 also joins it still would be small group attacks.. but FOL's will run across the A9 dviding terrorist ussies into two sections

  161. So far our good general has guided this war brilliantly, He obviously has a plan and good one at that...lets wait and see how things unfold... He surely has a few bag of tricks still to unveil... and at the same time the divisional commanders are giving invaluable support to this mission.

  162. Qrious - Mahasona …Scary!!

    By the way, you have solved one of the great mysteries of our time – how come a barber gets so many razor cuts whilst shaving?

    Now we know -

    The sticky plaster was covering the bite marks!

  163. Riyaz,
    Many thanks for your comments.Good read on DW.New article.

  164. So, Tamilselvam got mauled by Mahasona's canine friend…eh…fine by me, I say. With a bit of help from SLAF fighter jets, MBRL, SLA artillery and commandos, Mahasona’s pet Kaalasunaka would be kept rather busy…rr..rr…Ruff….grr.


    It is impossible to say what the best offensive strategy is. There are many variables on the ground, some we can control and some beyond our control. Civilian population, military intelligence, geographical restraints, enemy supply routes, unexpected events and a host of other realities dictate the course of action. Thankfully, SLDF are in a position by now to dictate most of these variables. I.e. SLDF call the shots (excuse the pun). Personally, I am confident that the commanders of the forces are competent and the fighting wo/men are trained to a standard to defeat the LTTE militarily. Other factors like morale, purpose, motivation, resources and political backing are at an all-time high. As king Elvis says “It’s now or never”.

    The odds are enormously in favour of GOSL in terms of military might, so even small mistakes could be recovered from without too much ado. If the two sides are of equal standing, then the side which has the smarter strategy would eventually get the upper hand. But the truth is that SLDF are now a fighting force with purpose and resources. Therefore we need no exceptionally clever strategy to take this operation to a military conclusion in our favour. We just need to employ the tricks of the trade we have accumulated over the years and make sure we make no grievous mistakes, particularly we do not repeat past mistakes.

    After the war is won there would be insurgencies and “fire fighting” for a while to come. This is where political intervention & solutions come in. Knowing the of majority of politicians of pukka land this is where all the yeoman efforts of our heroic defence forces could be wasted away. Well, that is for another forum to discuss…



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