Saturday, August 30, 2008

Explosion in Colombo Fort

An explosion has occurred near the Central Bus stand in Colombo a short while ago at around 12.20PM. According to available information over 40 people have been wounded in the blast.


  1. No deaths.... not yet anyway. And that's good news at least. No accurate details yet about where the bombs was, or anything specific like that...

  2. After a long gap... they must have set up new cells after the earlier ones in Colombo were disrupted/crippled by security forces.

  3. Its very close to the Temple.

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  5. 43 Wounded in Bomb Blast In Colombo (Updated 4)

    (August 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The bomb which went off in Pettah injuring at least 43 persons was believed to planted close to a Clocks stall on Olcott Mawatha, Police said. The explosion went off at 12.15 p.m. and the area was crowded at the time of the blast .

    The condition of five persons are reported to be serious. More deatils will follow
    - Sri Lanka Guardian Read more!

  6. bomb was hidden in an apple cart or a watch sellers hut. this is why we need to get rid of all pavement hawkers.

  7. With respect to the bomb at Olcotte mawatha,I was there last Saturday to buy an old Sinhalese film Video and since most of the shops were still not opened for the day, desperate enough to go to any video shop to look for this old film. In one shop mainly selling Indian and Tamil films I asked if they had the film I wanted, the two Tamil lads working there responded with some cold hostility, indicating hostility towards anyone speaking in Sinhalese, this attracted my attention that the terrorists sadly could have sympathizers among our shopkeepers etc.

  8. kevin,
    Sometime ago when i was in the military i visited some shops in Jaffna. I met the same cold hostility. They were quoting very high prices to us being sinhala. Thats understandable in Jaffna. It deppressing when we meet same hostility in Colombo. U could meet this same hostility when u meet sri lankan tamils abroad.

  9. 'The explosion was caused by a tiny designed bomb, according to initial assessment by the police.'


    Adding a little bit of glory to the bomb for the consumption of diaspora.

  10. I have experienced the same hostility in Tamil shops in Colombo and the same again in dieasspora shops abroad. But I have never seen Sinhala traders show the same hostility towards Tamil customers.

  11. Another happy day for diaspora.

  12. My experience is that generally Sinhala shop owners are the most hostile. Next Tamil and Muslim shop owners are the best.

    Any way it is sad that some people still rely on racism. They are too unfortunate that they will never ever learn.

  13. The way to deal with the hostility is to smile, chat a bit, crack a joke may be, stay longer than you would normally have... and if you still have your suspicions-report it to the police/see that something is done about it. This is the advantage of living in SL.

  14. LKDOOD,

    just as you said couple of days back.

    it is now all too familiar how tigers operate. they first attack civilians in vanni and then claiming to "retaliate" attack civilians in the south.

    the bottomline is LTTE has killed civilians in the north and the south DELIBERATELY.

  15. tharanga,

    are you tangara????

    just a suspicion, mate.

  16. I have the similar experience from Tamils. This time indian tamils.
    They are so selfish like the conterpart in SL.
    I think this selfishness exist because of their primitive cultural behaviors.
    It is easy to understand by the GODs they used to worship.

    So way to go for them to get rid of primitive things kile worshiping Elephants, Penis, Octopus like creatures, scary faced figures etc.

    You can find, lots of primitive tribes in Africa, who follow very similay costumes and way of worshiping like tamils.
    BTW, It is no wonder, since tamils are a decendent from some tribes in Ethopia.
    Because of this extremely selfish behavior, Finally I had to advice, HR to not to recuit indians with tamil origin to my section (but north indians are welcomed).

    One of my friend, a ethopian said, he went to south india for studies and he felt no difference their, other than the language.

    It is not easy to control primitive creatures, That is why, GOSL will have to implement tough laws to prevail racial hormany, after winning the WAR.

  17. Lakbima 31/08/08 says VP picture with LTTE pilots is fake any comments?

  18. Lankaputhra,

    "Lakbima 31/08/08 says VP picture with LTTE pilots is fake any comments?"

    This was discussed in the last thread, before it appeared in the newspapers. Here are the pictures:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    In the first pic, VP's ass is about 5 inches off the chair. He's clearly pasted on to the image. In the 2nd one, look at his cap and you'll see that that image too has VP pasted into it. And one of the pilots is not even wearing boots. What kind of an idiot will go wearing half a uniform to meet the high commander?

  19. update on strategypage

  20. Yes, I can clearly see the margins of 2 nd picture looks like embossed. if you look at carefully 2nd pic you can see it's faded right the side of VP on to the back ground seems to me someone there as well…as always Tigers are too smart to fool the world…

    see the cap of big pig wearing and the margin in below pic.[Photo:%20LTTE]

  21. An interesting article about the state of eelam, and some good comments too. Unfortunately he suffers from the same “our people” sickness (I’ve counted 27) as that other great Australian, Dr Brian Seneviratnam.

    Let My People Go In Peace

    By Dr Noel Nadesan - Editor, Uthayam (Tamil Community News paper in Australia)

  22. @MD: Nope, I am not Tangara, I am Tharanga, many people confuse me though, I am fairly new to this blog unlike Tangara who I believe is a veteran.

    On the issue of Tamil, Sinhala, Traders, those Sinhala traders in the provinces are indeed hostile, those in Colombo are more friendlier, the friendlist are Muslim traders, thats because they are good businessmen. On dieasspora shops, some Tamil traders are very friendly towards Sinhala although they are blatant LTTE supporters (e.g. North London), some are quite nasty (e.g East Ham, Croydon) and no Sinhala in their right minds would go near them.

    @Andare, you must be referring to low caste South Indians. The Tamil Brahmin (Iyer and Iyengar) caste Tamils are sophisticated and they hate the LTTE as much as we do. I have worked with both castes and I feel no difference between the Sinhala and the high caste Indian Tamils (i.e., they both hate low caste Tamils and LTTE). In fact the high caste Tamils believe they are descended from north Indians, I am inclined to believe it as they do not resemble the low caste ones at all.

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  24. tharanga,

    ok. from what i experience now in tamil shops in the country i presently stay is that they have become VERY rude to sinhalese RECENTLY.

    i actually discussed it here with tangara about 2 months back. this rude conduct has increased thereafter. this has slightly affected my 100+ tamil friends (all of whom are "from" jaffna though). they have become more hardliners. anyway there is nothing we can do. solving problems is not about pleasing people.

    racial discrimination and business don't go together.

  25. This looks more like a time bomb. The good news is that there are no deaths so far and only 3-4 people seriously injured.

    As for the blast guess we saw this coming when Tamilnet carried out news stories about 'DPU' raids on civilians.

  26. This event with the bomb just serves to reinforce the fact that the LTTE are in full control of event for the benefit of this LTTE di-ass-phora..its as simple as that..After all the LTTE is a company with a balance sheet now.I wish all the victims a speedy recovery and god speed to the forces to exterminate this LTTE filth.

  27. Tamils in India/Sri Lanka is not Aryans. It is evident from the fact that Tamil language is quite different from most of the other south Asian languages.. Sinhala is an indo-Aryan language. So does Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. English, German and French are also Aryan languages. This indicates that they had common beginning to their origin. Tamil is not an Indo-Aryan language. It is Dravidian language.

    When a Sinhala person listen to Hindi, Bengali or Urdu it seems so familiar because the language structure, vocal variation are quite similar ( being in one language family). But that is not same when listening to Tamil. It is very hard to guess anything.

    Sinhala, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali languages have common root- that is Sanskrit. That gives a clear indication of that Tamils are not Aryans and they do not posses Aryan qualities which intern explains their current behavior.

  28. Andare!

    highly skilled manipulation of human civilaization.

    so where do you think the Sinhalese come from?

    From them Lion's p***y isn't it.thats what the mahavamsa says.

    atleast tamils are from human beings.

    get your fucking facts correct before you enter anything in this blog.

  29. srilankan,

    "After all the LTTE is a company with a balance sheet now."

    very well said mate.

    + profit and loss
    + future cash projections
    + a "share price" in the minds of the pro-LTTE die-ass-pora.

  30. anaconda,

    you nicely explained some FACTS. but you concluded with BS.


    i don't think the lion story is in the MAHAVAMSA. it is in the RAMAYANA the same book that talks about ravana screwing sita.

  31. Moshe!

    i dont give a fuck about ravana and sita.

    but dont use this blog to manipulate the evolution of human race whether its tamils or sinhalese or any other race in the world.

  32. real,

    did i "manipulate the evolution of human race"??????

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  34. Bro. Moshe Dayan

    “Moshe Dyan said...

    you nicely explained some FACTS. but you concluded with BS.

    I respect your right to disagree with my conclusion/opinion/thinking. I respect your right to stand for what you think is right. I will never carry a T-56 and kill you for that as NON-Aryans do.


  35. Hello Real,
    Here are some real Facts,

    The origins of the Dravidian race is buried in Ethiopia and North-Africa, But later un-civilized hunter-gatherers of the Negro-race coming out of the African interior, encroached on Dravidian settlements of the southern Nile regions.
    The Negro's encroachments was the catalyst that drove Part of the Dravidians out of Africa. The Dravidians migrated eastwards, using the warmer and safer southern route (so not to infringe on Caucasian territory) into the Arabian peninsula then southern Iran and finally into India.
    East Africans clearly retained some of their original Dravidoid facial features, despite some mixing with the later Negroid encroachers. During the end of the old kingdom of Egypt, Caucasians from Syria migrated onto Egyptian soil (the Eastern Nile delta) bringing with them their knowledge and skill of Archery, horses and chariots to Egypt (wich was unknown in Egypt until then) and most likely inter-bred with the local Dravidoid Egyptians. Later they arose to power over all of Northern Egypt and became the 14th and 15th dynasties of Egypt. Thus Ancient Egypt was originally Dravidoid and later became mixed with Caucasians (Hyksos) and even later than that it became totally Caucasian because of the Greek invasions, but 6000 years ago Egypt was pure Dravidian, only later the Negro's infringed on their territories in Ethiopia and later the Caucasians infringed on their Northern Egypt.
    Never-the-less Dravidian blood is still present in the veins of East and North-Africans, Arabs of the south coast Arabian peninsula, Southern coast of Iran, and especially in India.

  36. anaconda bro,

    people become what they are by their different conduct/thoughts/upbringing/values. it has nothing to do with DNA or "race". but i appreciate your non violent disposition.

    what i believe is this.

    sinhalese come from yavana (from greece)+ kamboja (from north iranian/thurkmanistan) + saka (from north iranian/thurkmanistan) people. +++ many other mixures

    all the above are aryan races which has nothing to do with ARYAN (great) qualities.

    tamils come from pronto australis + negrotis peoples. +++ many other mixures

    (please excuse me if what you believe is different)

    hitler killed millions in the name of ARYANISM. today aryanism is active again in the US, russia, sweeden, germany, etc. while MOST of them restrict to WHITE ARYANs, i know some groups that call all ARYANS to unite. they call EACH aryan race by name including the sinhalas. but once again (i don't know why) these groups are anti-sematic. there is no VALID reason why aryans should be against the jews. cannot ppl come together for the sake of doing so without finding an opponent?

  37. Blogger Moshe Dyan said...


    just as you said couple of days back.

    it is now all too familiar how tigers operate. they first attack civilians in vanni and then claiming to "retaliate" attack civilians in the south.

    the bottomline is LTTE has killed civilians in the north and the south DELIBERATELY.

    August 30, 2008 2:32 PM

    Moshe Dyan

    tamilnet is reporting

    SLA shelling kills 5 IDPs, children in Puthumu'rippu

    everybody needs to be on alert

    LTTE is again starting to target innocents in the south

  38. Easy way to deal with hostility; keep chatting, ask for everything you see on the topmost shelves, and open up the merchandize most difficult to re-pack, and then not buy anything.

    And get the word out to the cops.

  39. Moshe

    The White 'Aryan' phenomenon is a losers' game. These are dregs of human society, barely literate and looking for something to make them feel good when everything abt the real world tells them that they aren't.
    I lived in Kentucky among some of these monkeys for a while and after a while they accepted me somewhat. I could never accept any of 'em for the simple lack of intellect and education, the basic lack of civility and consummate arrogance which is the hallmark of the idiot, all characteristics they carry with pride. This same group hates Jews based on the ancient perceptions of the Jews as long-bearded, money lenders and the betrayers of God. The real truth today is that the Jews and Asians outclass these monkeys by generations, and the so called white Aryans are a non-issue. In search of recognision these guys wear the confederate flag; which is an insult to the old confederacy which stood for valour and gentle life.

  40. Guys

    Ramayana and Mahavamsa aren't fact. They are myths.

  41. Brother Moshe,


    A person shall become a Brahman( a good person) or wasala ( a bad/evil ) person , not by his/her birth but his/her conduct. – Buddha..

    Well…the conduct/behavior is not entirely controlled by the environmental factors but biological factors as well. Tamils do have some qualities (bad) that are common for them (ex: selfishness / animated aggressiveness / unrealistically being positive). I don’t agree with your thought that it could ve been caused by the environmental factors. There is something to do with their blood too. Those qualities are common for most of them (wherever they live in the world) because of their common root.

    I don’t support any racism in the name of Aryans and by being Aryans. Not that. Hitler is a maniac.

    But my intuition says ( you may not agree) that Sinhalese are relatively compassionate/less selfish/less violent /….. because of environmental factors ( ex. Buddhism mainly ) AND that they have originated from more civilized ancestors than that of Tamils.

    That is a privilege and a gift I got from my birth. Being proud of that, and telling that would not make me a racist. Would it?


  42. LeN says the STF allowed the arrested LTTE Batti commander Kanthan to commit suicide by jumping into a lake. Bravo for him, if HE infact did that voluntarily. That's commitment!.

    These guys are generally taken around in handcuffs and closely surrounded by very capable men.

    Raises some interesting questions..

  43. TS,

    thanks for the comforting news. but still we know that these groups are active. recently a massive rally was held in sweeden by them. there is very little they can do. nevertheless these are worrying developments globally. this is thus far happening away from the other BIG thing - islamic fundamentalism. very unlikely that these two movements will converge. according to some, the only place any possible convergenece can fuel is in --.

    BTW as regrads mahavamsa, it is not entirely myth. more truth than myth.



  44. its very sad to see the pictures on tamilnet

    they look real to me

    what do you guys think ?

  45. I agree lkdood, I don't want any civilians dead on either side. To be honest, I don't think we target civilians in the Wanni (unlike the LTTE in Fort), it could have been their own artillery that killed them or shells gone astray or LTTE were active in that area and the civilians unfortunately got caught in the middle of it. In any case, civilian deaths are unneccessary on either side.

  46. lkdood,

    These are definitely not fake. I don't think SLA shelled the village itself though. Probably the target was an LTTE position, but civilians must have been in the vicinity. Might be people being used as 'human shields'

  47. I think even the racism has some sort of evolution. In the west it evolves towards a muslim and non muslim devide. Which is understandable, given the way muslims behave not giving a damn about the rest of the world. In sri lanka we are going backwards in evolution. Racism in sri lanka is more in tamil minds than in sinhalee.

  48. "Racism in sri lanka is more in tamil minds than in sinhalee."

    Reason is simple; they are fed BS

  49. 20 SLPA killed and 21wounded in today's clashes in Alankulam * Thunukkai... 4 bodies found by the LTTE....

  50. Moshe,
    This balance sheet is a real problem for us SLankans.If you watched a clip..i cant remember which..this fat LTTE fucker with a red shirt is speaking about EELAM and not VP as before.Once the military campaign is over the next line of attack is education.Just shows you what a lot of power non LTTE SLankans living overseas have.Some time ago the only so called "protesters" overseas were these LTTE bastards.thankgod the situation is changing now..thankgod.

  51. 5 people killed and another 4 wounded in SLA arti fire today ..

    Looking for another braking news

  52. Obama,

    U said that u were x-PA when did u run out of it ahh .. You said that u were paid more money buy goods coz u are a sinhala in Jaffan ... I just wanna ask Is any SLPA personlas pays money to but good in Jaffna .. You mother fucking robbers just rob everything fromt he Tamils .. and we know how you sons of Manapuchchala having a rich life by robbing the tamils ... so stop lying man . ..

  53. Anaconda,
    Tamils in Tnadu protected buddism historically speaking.We have to distinguish between members belonging to EELAM PLC including the multiple CEO's and others including tamils who dont belong.

  54. obama said...

    . Racism in sri lanka is more in tamil minds than in sinhalee.

    I think you are very new to this blog..what kind of Funk ass P-Army was you .. just check out the earlier posts of the fellow bloggers ... then you will find who are racists ..

    What ever and how ever you try to say the world know who are the racists in this Island ...

  55. only 20 people killed..which is tragic..may they attend Nibbana.However should it not be 10,000 as promised by that bastard "Bala the para balla" and drunk.what happened?.Anyway i think he enjoyed "serosis of the lever" immensely.

  56. Defencenet,

    I heard in a radio news broadcast that the explosives used were something like 100-200 grams. Not much more than a hand grenade is it? (I'm not sure about how true this is, I just heard it in passing. I don't even know the channel) Can you provide more information on this when you have any?

  57. Tharanga,

    Let him shout like a hyena. Who cares? He and his friends are free to say whatever comes into their retarded heads. You can't make them see sense, we've tried.

  58. "just check out the earlier posts of the fellow bloggers ... then you will find who are racists .."

    ROFLMAO..... I'm sure he will. Obama, make sure you read them.

  59. real

    'fucking facts'????

    this is not a porn site so mind your words, you're using this word too many a time.

    get your defence related facts right and discuss wth out trying to intimidate people with four letter words,

  60. guys watch your words

    this is a family blog


  61. Civilian deaths are exactly what LTTE want right now. May be LTTE itself has shelled the village. We do not know.

    However, LTTE should not use civilians as Human Shields and let them come freely to the liberated areas.

    It is sad to see anyone being killed. But LTTE always goes into the lowest levels to protect themselves, Tamils should defy LTTE orders and should come to the liberated areas.

  62. Lkdood,
    As chamal said these are real photos, but only Tamilnut and carry this story as an original. Tamil Eelam News Service caries it as a cut and paste whilst all the other terror sites are silent so far…is this story aimed at IC? We’ll have to wait and see.

  63. Anaconda,

    "But my intuition says ( you may not agree) that Sinhalese are relatively compassionate/less selfish/less violent /….. because of environmental factors ( ex. Buddhism mainly ) AND that they have originated from more civilized ancestors than that of Tamils."

    Intuition doesn't count for much if it's not guided by substantive knowledge. The Sinhalese are equally as capable of violent and selfish actions as the Tamils. "Buddhist compassion" did not stop the govt. and JVP from murdering 40,000-60,000 people from 1987-89.

    "That is a privilege and a gift I got from my birth. Being proud of that, and telling that would not make me a racist. Would it?"

    There is nothing wrong with being a proud racist as long as you're not a proud racist dumbass. The real Buddhists I know do not have the ego to claim that they have a superior birth than others.

  64. Dear shan,

    "this is not a porn site so mind your words, you're using this word too many a time.

    "get your defence related facts right and discuss wth out trying to intimidate people with four letter words,"

    Does this apply to EVERYONE in this blog, or just the LTTE supporters?

  65. Hey, guys, take a look at this propoganda video, trying to make it look like we deliberately target schools, SLAF do not deliberately target civilians, fullstop! And don't go saying that we killed schoolgirls, they weren't schoolgirls, it was a female LTTE training camp.

    PS, I wonder who is funding and running these schools and hospitals? It is it the LTTE?

    PSS, Wijeyapla, get lost, you are the worst kind of spy as written in Ummagga Jataka as mentioned by Shan.

  66. [LeN says the STF allowed the arrested LTTE Batti commander Kanthan to commit suicide by jumping into a lake. Bravo for him, if HE infact did that voluntarily. That's commitment!.]


    He was forcibly drown by STF. A bullet would have given him a good death, i hope he did not suffer much.

  67. Shyam,
    I like your spirit for relentlessly pursuing the dream of eelam. In fact I encourage it. More and more stupid, racist, short-sighted, and selfish Tamils like you should support it, Take arms and fight us. Good thing is then we can kill you. Like dogs. Then more than the Sinhalese, innocent tamils can live in peace. Their children will take up pencils and papers, instead of guns.

  68. Guys,

    Can you believe this? This is D B S Jeyaraj.

    Pakka-Lanka, Shan, su, Moshe, Riyaz

    Thank you for enjoying the interview between asithri and Rev Rayappu.

  69. Qrious,

    Great map man. TX for the link.

    It shows clearly what Moshe, Shan and Tropical was talking about Omanthai. I found it difficult to believe but now I see.

  70. Moshe,
    Could you please enlighten us little more on the origin of Sinhalese? Please give us reference if you have.

  71. Sunday observer says, four sailors died in the LTTE air attack..

  72. suwaganak,

    A good way to get a better handle on Sinhalese if to understand how the Sonhala language evolved.

    Insular Indo-Aryan

    Then the Sinhala language was developed in 4 stages

    Sinhala Prakrit (until 3rd century CE)
    Proto-Sinhala (3rd - 7th century CE)
    Medieval Sinhala (7th - 12th century CE)
    Modern Sinhala (12th century - present)

    Prakrit was the language spoken in the ancient Indian Kingdom of Magadha, one of sixteen kingdoms in Buddha's time. Magadha also is the origin of Maurya (Emp. Ashoka) dynasty and Gupta dynaty (Emp.Chandragupta). If you check with wikipedia

    "The kingdom of the Magadha roughly corresponds to the modern districts of Patna and Gaya in southern Bihar, and parts of Bengal in the east. It was bounded on the north by the river Ganga, on the east by the river Champa, on the south by the Vindhya mountains and on the west by the river Sona. During the Buddha’s time and onward, its boundaries included Anga."

    In addition, Sinhala language is heavily influenced by Pali and Sanskrit while lightly influenced. In addition, there is some influence of Gujarati also.

    Anyway, the evolution of the language is a good indication of the ethnic origin of any community in old days where we had no fast ways of communicating.

  73. suwaganak,

    Sinhala language was also influenced by Dravidian languages like Tamil.

  74. Sam Perera,

    There is some thing huge missing in your details on Sinhala language - the base of 'Hela' or 'Elu'.

    Any language get enriched by association with the other languages and simply it has been happening since the Helas got exposed to the outside world.

  75. noltte=peace,

    I believe that the hela or elu is Sinhala-Prakrit or Proto-Sinhala. Nevertheless, language is a good indicator of ethnic origin in the absence of modern communications.

  76. wijayapa

    i have specifically addressed it to real, i don't see ay reason why yu should wer the cap.

    you can be assured i will never post anything to you or respond to your posts, not worth it

  77. suwaganak & sam perera,

    "language is a good indicator of ethnic origin in the absence of modern communications."

    this is NOT entirely true (partly true) in the case of sinhalese. although sinhala LANGUAGE evolved PRIMARILY from indo-aryan languages, there is no single ethnic (race) identity for the sinhalese. sinhalese are NOT single origin, so to speak. however, all COMPONENENT groups making up the sinhalas are ARYAN. TF the above statement is partly true.

    e.g. tamils have an ethnic identity. that is IF you can find a few "pure" tamils, their DNA would be VERY similar. IF you can find a few "pure" sinhalese, their DNA would be different.

    can't recollect where i read it but the following is some reference.

    i personally ascribe to this view. i may be wrong and i'm not a 100% sinhalese. so if you don't agree with it please excuse me. i meant nothing bad.


  78. Wipala : The real Buddhists I know do not have the ego to claim that they have a superior birth than others.

    Prince Siddhartha, the future Buddha, at his birth claimed
    “Aggo Hamasimi Lokassa,
    Jetto Hamasmi Lokassa
    Setto Hamasmi Lokassa”

    Now, Mr. Antaon Balla claimed himself to be a Buddhist specialist and lectured about Buddhism in Great Britain and Mr. Wipala is not much better!!!!!!

    Buddha showed that the ego is an illusion because everything exists as a function of all other things (Anathma concept).

    You = You + Rest of the Universe, funny ?

    This You has many faces as imaged by Shiva. Nirvana is to go beyond this You and become nondependent on anything.

    In fact you are the Universe and that is the basis of Buddhist compassion – least you can do is to be kind to yourself, right?

    A real Sri Lankan Buddist must have an ego which would cover at least all the Srilankans, protect them and uphold them and fight against Aalavakayas like VezaPizza & Co with no reserve, or as Asith say with “Extreme Prejudice TM”

  79. Can we please keep posts related to DEFENCE MATTERS? It is really pathetic how there seems to be more posts on extraneous issues than there are posts focusing on the war. This blog as far as I know is not one that focuses on anthropology. Once this war is over you (the folks who are interested in such stuff) can argue and discuss about ethnic origins/language origins/who are real buddhists till the cows come home. But this is neither the place nor the time. This is just my opinion of course.

    The bullshit posts (sorry, that's what I think of them) just detract from what is at hand.

  80. sooraya, well said. lately dw and dn has been plagued with a racist bunch of self proclaimed experts discussing all sorts of crap to do with race, religion, caste, sex and all sorts of crap that has no place here. looks like the publicity these blogs r getting lately has been attracting the scum from places like lankanewspapers. you gotta scroll dozens of worthless posts to get to anything to do with defence.

  81. hi mboi, I don't think anyone is "scum." People are entitled to their opinions and views even if they are racist, left wing, right wing, separatist, whatever; it's better they use the pen (or computer) rather than setting off bombs and killing folks left and right. I just don't think that this blog is the right place for the above topics (or any other non-military topics for that matter) that have been clogging up this forum.

    Okay that's the last from me before I become a hypocrite and clog this blog up with my ranting.



  82. soorya/mboi,

    i have been harping on discussing DEFENCE issues here for a LONG TIME although what DN describes DN as discussion "MILITARY" activities.

    IF you have FORMALLY studied DEFENCE, you will know that unfortunately, (connected)history, (connected) politics, (conected) economics, HRs, etc. DOMINATE defence studies THAN just guns and bombs. MOST stuff discussed here under the current topic ARE about those CONNECTED stuff.

    this was a concern some had after completing formal defence studies. they thought they would end up knowing the functionality of ICBMs but ended up knwoing more about history & politics!!

    just checked the curriculam of other defence studies offered by other unis, etc. only to find that they are the SAME!!!

    if we go off the TOPIC of defence here that is wrong but not if we stay within defence but go out of military stuff.


  83. My dear Shan,

    "i have specifically addressed it to real, i don't see ay reason why yu should wer the cap."

    Ok. I was just checking whether you 1) wanted EVERYONE here to avoid using 4-letter words, or 2) are a hypocrite applying double standards to different people.

    "you can be assured i will never post anything to you or respond to your posts, not worth it"

    Unfortunately, it seems that you had already responded to what I posted. Oops!

  84. Guys,

    After reading some ideas and experience from several guys I wanted say something I have come across.

    Most of my SL Tamil friends are from University. I haven't met them for years but we keep in touch through fb etc. Most of them were originally from Jaffna but are scattered all over teh world preswently. We are still good friends. We still make dirty jokes of each other...

    To say someting about global 'Tamil' issue...
    Unarguably homeland of Tamils is Tamilnadu, the heartland of Chola empire. There was a movement in India, called 'Dravidian Movement', to make Tamilnadu a sepaprate tamil country. Dravidians are the indigenous peole of India. They didn't have a caste system. Aryan braught hundunism and the caste system. Tamil brahmins were originted by mixing between aryans and dravidians. Now, tamil is a nation spreaded world over. In Singapore and Malasia tamils are among the dominant ethenic groups.

    Dravidian movement FAILED..... It failed from within, becasue tamil brahmins, who had the power, did not want to lose their power in a tamil country not having a caste system. Some professionals did not want to lose the advantage they have when they go as Indians. Even here in America, I know the low caste tamils call brahmins as traitors.

    However, I have a large group of Indian tamils as my friends. They are not much concerend about issues of Sri Lankan tamils. Even though Sri Lankans in America, in general, dislike Indians, Indians really like Sri Lankans. Probably cricket is the reason. Inidians initially assume me to be Indian and don't care much. Whenever they come to know that I am Sri Lankan, they start openly showing their interest to be friend..!!

    HOwever, a friend of mine in Minnesota said he had some bad experience with Indian tamils. In fact he had talked about LTTE issue in the International day' and trashed LTTE alot. Probably this hurt the general Indian tamils... I am just guessing.

    ONe reason for a genreral Indian tamil to be indifferent about SL Tamils is taht SL tamils are part of Sinhalese. Genetically SL tamils are closest to sinhalese. This is an iorny, but that is hte truth. Recent 'tamiz Izam' movement represents only SL tamils. They are no longer a part of Chola empire, even though LTTE terrorists use chola war hymn as their own. Probabyl they try to get sympathy of Tamilnadu tamils. Well, sl tamils might have originated from Chola empire. Invadors like Raja Raja brought large numbers of tamils from Chola and left in Sri Lanka. They gradually have induced into maojrity sinhalese more or less.

    It might be worthwhile to comment on our ancestry too. Genetically, we have the major contribution from Inidan tamils. Second major contribution is from people of Bengal. Most probably, Sri Lanka was populated by People from Bengal and then theyh mixed heavily with dravidians. Roma people, gypsies origined India, have a genetic code so close to Sinhalese. Probably they have a simillar ancestry as us.

  85. LTTE Pig are running Out of Srilanka!!! What's going on to those invincible Tigers? They must got their tails burned!!!

    Watch this video LTTE pigs are truely running.

    LTTE Pigs are Running Out of Country


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