Friday, August 1, 2008

LTTE lose another 'Lt Colonel' as army enters Kilinochchi district

Yet another 'Lt. Colonel' ranked member of the LTTE was killed by the Sri Lanka Army in a confrontation that took place north of Kiriibbanwewa today.The female fighter, identified as 'Kumawei Thangeiamma' was killed while trying to resist the advance of the army's 59 division. Another 'Lt Colonel' of LTTE's women fighter wing was killed by the army on Tuesday (29th) north of Weli-oya.

Meanwhile infantry units of the 58 division and the 2 Commando regiment crossed the borders of Kilinochchci district last evening marking another significant milestone in the Wanni operation. The 58 division units secured an area of around 5 square miles and recovered bodies of 7 LTTE cadres as they laid siege to LTTE held Vellankulam.

In another front, small groups of soldiers from the 57 division kept hunting LTTE cadres south of Tunukkai. The 57 division aims to capture the town of Tunukkai, which plays a vital role in handling supplies between sea tiger bases in the western coast and LTTE bases in Wanni.

With forces breaking through LTTE defences into Kilinochchci district, the Wanni operation enters a more decisive phase. The army has achieved much progress in the operation so far but it has not been without sacrifices. For the first six months of 2008, nearly 650 soldiers have laid their lives for the motherland. A further 4400 suffered injuries. The LTTE has suffered from much higher casualty figures during the same period. According to LTTE released figures, the number of LTTE deaths for the first 6 months of 2008 is somewhere around 1100. According to military intelligence, the figures is a lot higher. The loss of cadres has prompted the LTTE to take forcible recruitment to the extremes; in some areas of Wanni military training is mandatory for all civilians between the ages of 18-60.


  1. defencenet, do u have a number for the missing in action for the first 6 months for the SLA? or is that irrelevant to you?

  2. Defencenet, just a couple of quick q's as you are usually here after a new post (I hope).

    Heli story of LTTE media any truth to that? Heli taking shrapnel or whatever damage.

    Fighting south of Tunnukkai any updates on that?


  3. DefenceNet,
    Of the injured how many are P1,P2,P3 etc.

  4. Thiru said,

    "ltte counter attack SF at Vavunikulam area, 30 SLA killed and 60 injured, many bodies are recovered along with military vehicles and ammunition"

    What is your source???

  5. :

    several soldiers have been killed and others suffered wounds

  6. Ok let's wait till the story develops

    Ape kollanta yodha bala yodha shakthiya lebewa!

  7. Jack/others,
    fighting still continues south of Tunnukkai. No exact casualty details are available but nothing in the scale of what Puthinam reports.

    Sorry about the delayed responses. It is not possible to connect to internet most of the time.

  8. srilankan,

    Sorry dont have stats on P1, P2 P3. As usualy majority are p3 and most of them have already rejoined the ranks.

  9. thanks for the update Defencenet....
    may triple gem bless our heroes

  10. thanks for the quick update DN

  11. thiru like kuttu is expecting a 'tremendous attack' which can never happen


    there will be counter attacks but 'ceaseless' waves are highly unlikely to happen

  12. who is this ??

  13. thiru seriously man... get a life... your concern about our casualties... you should worry 'your' casualties.

    hypothetically lets say the army lost twice the number of casualties of what the LTTE claim. whatever said army recruitment is high... and for the last 2 years we have only heard military capture this the military captures that... what has the ltte captured?

    until your leader is able to pull something off shut the fuck up and piss off... and worry about your casualties will worry about ours!

  14. that dude is balraj i guess... that dumb ass that died few weeks ago...

  15. oh..forgot about him

    thanks ares

  16. LTTE don't have tanks, attack air craft, UAV's

    odds are against the LTTE

    red birds will not save them


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  19. ares, i missed ur little tantrum at the beggining there, u say u worry about urs and i should worry about mine? Well, according to ur fellow modhayas, we are all srilankan, so are u sayin a tamil doesn't have a right to know the casualties of the "bravehearts", or is that only classied info for the singhalas? I support ur mentality, that is what we want, we want eelam. But thick headed modhayas don't understand this concept, i guess their blood has to be spilled in vanni for them to realize.

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  21. feeling depressed ?

    watch this

  22. Wanni Operation - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 01/08/2008

    click here

  23. Aren't you too old to be have temper tantrums? Clearly, Mom and dad didn't discipline you enough when you were a little girl...

    Seriously, I would guess, based on the maturity level of your posts, that you're a teenager. Maybe 16 or 17, at most.

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  25. Guys
    Lets get serious here!
    Where is that tippex?
    Our time is too valuable….

    Bit concerned about Soosi’s buddy being living in a refugee camp in TN.Perhaps there are others, though few in numbers might spring a surprise on us from the West(sea).Such an surprise in small numbers could cause much damage. They could even land in Negambo bay and attack the Air Port or reach the Colombo harbour and destroy any cargo vessel in the harbour. Desperate as they are now,they need a morale booster with a daring mission as numbers does not matter with a surprise operation. Perhaps the TN cops and RAW are aware of a such a plan, reason for this guy’s ‘detention’ until their PM leave the island after the SAARC circus another reason for the heavy Indian navy and forces deployed close to the island.
    Perhaps after this Colombo circus they might unleash somthing in Colombo or at the AB from sea. I hear this Naveen guy has been leading some spectacular sea attacks.

  26. There's conflicting information being recvd from different sources.

    I heard that there were sporadic ground attacks in Pooneryn. At the same time the govt media says the forces are yet to take the A32.

    Does anyone know which version is correct?

  27. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your reply.Greatly appreciated.

  28. Guys watch out,

    This Smartt is an LTTE coolie who comes here to disrupt the blog. He starts fake fights with other LTTE posters here to ruin the blog.

    I bet smartt stands for "smart tamil", thats what the extra t at the end is for.

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  33. Heavy clashes erupts in Wanni, troops encounter stiff resistance from terrorists

    Heavy clashes have flared up in the South of Tunukkai and South of Mallavi areas since this morning (August 1), said the defence sources in the Vavuniya - Mannar battlefront.

    According to the sources, troops of 57 division continuing their advance towards the strategically vital Tunukkai town and Mallavi town have come under stiff resistance from LTTE terrorists struggling to hold their strongholds. Terrorists have lobbed hundreds of mortars in order to slowdown the advancing soldiers. However, troops have effectively overpowered the terror attack and taken the situation under control, the sources added.

    According to the available information, several soldiers have been killed and others suffered wounds due to the enemy mortar fire. The terrorists too have suffered serious damages. The battle is still on, the latest reports said.

    More information will follow..





  34. Thiru you dead LTTE fool lern how to write in english because we don't understand what you write.
    You can go to your homeland just like any other LTTE cadres when they get killed by our army. It is called elam hell. You can join them too & can be arranged if you try to fight our mighty army.

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    his gay partner kutto is also missing today

  36. What is happening with Imran-Pandiyan and Ratha? Ihaven't heard of those units for a while. Are they reserved for Veza-pillai's but saving? Can somebody update us on the other LTTE hardcore units?

  37. Smart
    Sorry to say I am just the opposite to what you said.They are working for me.Are you in SL or abroad ?

  38. I have seen diagrams that show "57th devision", "task force1", "task force2" which are operating west of mankulam-omanthai.

    But some time back I saw some posts in other websites saying that "58th devision" was also operating in mannar region.

    ("61st devision" is acting as a defence unit in the liberated areas and currently doing clearing operations.)

    What I wanted to know is where exactly is the "58th devision" ?(mentioned in various other web sites). Diagrams in only show the other devisions that I mentioned earlier.


  39. Smartt,
    Are you living off the income you get from the clicks you get from those links?
    Tell us. We like to help you and we'll click them.

  40. Defencenet Editor!

    Please remove posts of users that give out links to other web sites. (Mostly with unrelevent content)

  41. DefenceNet,
    Please remove the crap from comments.

  42. Amavi,
    58 (Task Force 1) is the division which moves along the western coast (V'tivu, Iluppaikkadavai, Mundampiddi and now is at Vellankulam).

  43. Guys,

    Can somebody tell me what is the government expenditure on war for 2007, the planned expenditure for 2008 and what is the percentage of this expenditure that will continue irrespective or war coming to an end?

  44. I did know about the "taskforce1".

    Is 58th devision a.k.a "taskforce1". Or are there some additional elements in "taskforce1", and 58th devision is just one part of it?

  45. "Is 58th devision a.k.a "taskforce1"?"


  46. Guys Tamilnut says 30 SLA killed... and say heavy fighting looks like we surfered few casualties.. Anybody got info?

  47. //Tamilnut says 30 SLA killed//

    How do they know 30 SLA killed? They don't have a single body. (If they have 30 bodies we have to accept.) Usually SLDF say when they refer to enimy casualties "LTTE communications reveals...", "ground based inteligent reports...", etc when you don't have bodies. But tamiznut just say 30 SLA killed and how did they get that info? tigers said. We know ont tigers said to taminut tiger to write 30 but how the first tiger got that figure?

    (This is not a question for diaspora as they belive whatever in pro-LZTE media as the bible. ANd this is not a question for us as we know the nut lies. But still this should be a question for an independent reader.)

  48. "We suffered 11 soldiers killed and 20 wounded and the terrorists lost seven killed and 27 wounded," Nanayakkara said, adding that the fighting had subsided by Saturday morning.

    For their part, the Tamil Tigers said they had resisted a major military onslaught against them and claimed killing 30 government soldiers and wounding another 60.

    The pro-rebel website reported that the Tigers had also seized a troop carrier that was trying to evacuate wounded soldiers. The guerrillas did not give their casualties.


  50. mboi said...

    "We suffered 11 soldiers killed and 20 wounded and the terrorists lost seven killed and 27 wounded," Nanayakkara said, adding that the fighting had subsided by Saturday morning........

    Army said 11 Killed andthen it should be more than 100 ...during the Muhamalai clashes also he told that only 20 KIA but actual is more than 120 ...

  51. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your reply.Hope you have a nice trip.

  52. Shayam,
    Even if 200 die nothing is going to help EELAM xxxxvi at this stage-This is "the great patriotic war" of ALL peoples of SLanka.I think some people think that this is their fight against a "GOOD terrorist organisation" who were mollycoddled in the U.K over the past 30 yrs-see they were "good fellows" who had the wellbeing of the tamil people at heart.Of course at that time they were blasting buses in Slanka and showing their "BRITISH" passport at BRITISH immigration-accompanied by the TChelvan smile:):)of course.

  53. Shyam

    Dont talk like a fool... (Then again you are one)

    yes Army says that 11 have died and Tamil Nut say 30 so i guess the actual figure is around 20 SLA gave thier lifes..

    This is to expected otherwise this wouldnt be a war..

    As long as we did enough damage to the enamy i dont see any reason to be worried. If they didnt put a fight then only we should be worried because then somethig is not ok

  54. Tamilnut has relegated the "30 SLA Killed" to second place. The headline is now about some obscure opinion poll in Thamiz Nazu. If there is any truth on the figures, then that article would be kept in top place and they would publish pictures soon after. We have been watching Tamilnut for a while and have learned to predict their behaiviour.

  55. Yeah most of Tamilnut's news is just lies and LTTE propaganda.

    I wish I could get my hands on the publishers in Norway and send them to Eelam

  56. Does any know whether this Jayantha Gnanakone fellow is Tamil or Sinhala?

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  58. With the security forces tightening their grip in Mulathivu it is highly likely that velu.prabha will try to escape (with other civilians) or disguise himself, or hide temporarily (by loosing weight, growing a beard etc. look at past terror leaders like saddam hussain/Radavan karadich).

    So it's better for the navy to intensify its activities along the Mannar, Kachchathivu cost and also the east coast.

    (Like one of my army friends who told me recently) May be the army can even bring in another new division south of 59th division, so that the 61st division can focus more on the defense/search operations Mannar region. This will also enable the 59th division to focus more on offensive activities between "Nayaru lagoon" and Otiyamalai, limiting the LTTE heavy artillery activities south of nayaru.

  59. lankaputhra or lanka-huttha???!! u seem to be a racist MF as ur unlawful "srilankan" flag logo indicates.maybe in da same league as those sihalaurumya(fuckurumya) clan i spose....

  60. Not trying to be a military strategist, just wrote some thoughts.

  61. thoughtful guy,
    what is your source???

  62. Now SLDF has to change the tactics to get rid of casualities from ARTI & Motar.
    Reson is , LTTE is now concentrated in to small area and they can move their 130mm motar and Arti to attack any front of SLDF with very short notice.
    It is like a DDOS attack in the computer networks.
    LTTE can direct their indirect fire to a one destination from different ARTI locations.
    But SLDF is streching more and more and that capability Of SLDF can reduce conciderably.

    There is only one quick solution for over come LTTE ARTI & Motar and SLDF alredy knows about it.
    But I do not know, wether they will have a urgency and will to execute the plan.

  63. Perein, thanks, I had done that search earlier, but the info on them is a bit vague and doesn't really reveal the bios. This guy has been bankrolling the Tamils for Justice movement using the services of that leech Bruce Feinn.

  64. Mohammed-
    What's your mail add pls?

  65. SLA has officialy confirmed that Vellankiulam has been captured by our forces!!!!!
    Great!! great!! great!!
    Now lets march to K'nochci.

  66. My respects to the fallen SLDF personnel in the Battle at Mallavi..

    Has the battle ended? Are we not in a position to surround the enemey?
    Was sufficient air support given?

    Why did we suffer at this battle?

    What is the real casualty figure of SLA?? Defencenet, others some input please..

  67. Sri Lankan forces seem to be getting over-confident and assuming that the tigers are finished. That could and will prove to be a very bad mistake to make. The LTTE is on the verge of losing everything they've amassed over teh past 30yrs and its leadership is not averse to committing mass scale genocide at this point, even if it kills every tamil person in the area. In fact a large number of Tamil deaths will further re-inforce the 'glory' of their cause and legitimize the victimology central to the psychotic mindset.
    The military has been capably led so far, but by all indications, the LTTE appears to have successfully retained its strike capability and majority of the heavy weapons incl over 100 units of artillery over 80mm. That is very high fire power, especially when our forces are within 5-10 miles range. That will become a virtual killing field and our guys are getting close.
    My take on this is that the speed needs to be slowed for the mass movement of soldiers and assets, while intense human-intel (humint) activity needs to be engaged in to identify two specific targets in real time, the heavy gun locations and key field command personnel of the LTTE. The forces should prioritize liquidating these in substantial numbers before consolidation of medium and short ranges from the big LTTE installations.

  68. Great News in Vellankulam!!
    says...withdrawn via see routs..
    Typos Continues.....

    Fully Agreed with those two points.Should not be fall into a False sense of Security.

  69. Did any one noticed the river passing by Vellankulam. Try Zooming in using earlier given link.
    Wonder how bigger part area can help us with using the river flow..

  70. Official confirmation of the fall of Vellankulam:

  71. Tamilnet has posted pictures on the Mallavi battle.

    Analysis time people..

    You can see the vehilce they captured was a jeep. Definitely not an APC. They seem to be overjoyed with the capture of it, putting up a tiger flag over it. A little embarassing isn't it?

    They terrorists there are wearing some head gear. Are they from some LTTE elite formation? The vertical striped uniforms seem to suggest so.

    The caputured arms seems sizeable? Is it? That mortar launcher, what calibre is it? what's that other RPG looking weapon with bipods?

    What's in the green bags?

    What's with the mamotties?

  72. Any concentrated artillery points (of LTTE) can be delt with... There are various ways ...... and the miltary has already used them on several occassions.

  73. thambala,

    The RPG like weapon is an RPG-7 derivative, they do come with bipods, the heat guard is just painted black or is a black polymer. that’s all, this example has no optics, just iron sights. Also there are a Type-56 LMG (Chinese copy of the famous RPD) and a Pakistani(copy of a Chinese mortar)/Iranian 60mm mortar. And a few famous "$5 greandes" (Type-82/2)

    There may be a few ltte "elite" unit members there, at least from the CASR. Note on the last pic and on the one with the ltte flag over a Land curser "APC" (wow Toyota might be thrilled) guy carrying a Type-97 bullpup 5.56 assault rifle, he is in civvies.

  74. Nemesis,

    A bullpup assault rifle? Is this a US made one?

  75. I feel damn thrilled to see these bloody Tiger supporters get frustrated up to their shit hole....

    See the comments of renegade! .....he got pissed off b'cos lankaputhra wished "Triple Gem Blesses" to our forces.....

    Seems to me he must have lost his Cyanide capsule....if so... pls find a rope and hang... that'll relieve your frustration and you don't have to live to see SLA captures Killi...!

  76. Out of the topic:
    You find warriors not only in the war field.
    (For only sinhala readers)

  77. Nemesis,
    What is the green beret that one of them is wearing? Is it from a SLA soldier?

  78. thambala,
    What's in the green bags?

    The bullets that were displayed in the Captured weapons photos should be the Mystery ones inside those green bags.
    The Ranabimen in "Swarnawahini" confirmed this. The reporter asked from an army trooper who was carriying simmilar sacks the Same Question..
    He said Bullets!!
    And he also said of 20~ 30Kgs.!!
    So really if a retreat was to happen these have to be abandoned...

  79. I was looking at the Tamilnet pictures.

    Not all the battles could be won and this is minuscule compared to the overall gains that SLA has achieved.

    Every this kind of instance is a small lesson.

    From the photos, I can say that our soldiers have got the needy equipment in their hands.

    This is perhaps a small oversight that has cost them their lives.

    LTTE will get thousand time more than this.

  80. yes,but with superior Air power at hand...
    Our forces could have attacked these groupings...
    Even the place can be known as this is a place where Army had to withdraw...

    Could have had the chance to Slap them back...
    If just a MI 24 birdie was around....

  81. thambala,

    the green beret, I don’t think our lads carry ceremonial /regimental dress items to the forward battle ares.

    There are some tiger units that ware green & black berets. So I guess it is one of them, or it could be a trophy he picked up.

    About the bullpup, it is a NORINCO Type-97 (the version of the QBZ-95 chambered for 5.56mm NATO), seen with LTTE bodyguard units, black tigers (like the once who attacked AAFB) and some of the CASR.

  82. noltte=peace,

    yes mate, just the fact that they called a Land cruiser an "APC" shows how desperate they are..which it turn shows that the war has greatly swung over in our favor in spite the chance counter attack like this one.

  83. tigers starting to 'harvest' the invaders

    sinhala troops continue to move on the A 32 'death road'

    smart move..hehe

    operation jayesikura 2 continues..

    saarc going on...very boring as usual....hehe

    tiger unilateral ceasefire ends on 4th August...

    many operations are ready to go including the highly anticipated operation 'red bird' & operation 'red bird 2'

    on holiday...i love the sunshine & beach

  84. ["Those who congratulated me when I successfully led the military operation against the LTTE in the war front have been now carrying out a slandering campaign against me. Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army now moving forward in the war front against LTTE are also to face same fate in future," said Major General (retd) Janaka Perera.... Friday.]

    How sad.... he has begun to unceasingly talk about...'' while also trying to divide our
    soldiers on political lines... just like an old school politician.

    The best thing Sri Lankans should do is to quietly vote this idoit out.

  85. hey guys can anyone point a website where the LTTE said that thy have captured a APC .. as i read news related to this incident that they have mentioned about a Land Rover ... not a APC

  86. Janaka Perera is a tamil killer

  87. shyam

    many people here see things...hehe

    they need to see a doctor & get a check up on the brain

  88. DefenceWire has a funny post

    go & check it out...

    i can't stop laughing..hehe

  89. DW,

    God sake hey didn't say all the Charles Antony brigade destroyed by the LRRP ...

  90. kuttu,

    My red fat Sinhalese boy is ready for you, mate.

  91. Look who is back... It's the one ball counting boy :)

  92. Shyam-

    "God sake hey didn't say all the Charles Antony brigade destroyed by the LRRP ..."

    You do not have any idea about the LTTE or SL forces. You are just a little boy who's keep barking.

    Why do n't you ask the 2nd red bird to show you the way to have transplant, at least you could be a .... :)

  93. These Kuttu/Shyam/Thiru characters are fed such a diet of rhetoric and propoganda at these Ponna Thamiz celebrations that they have their head up their arse and cannot see the wood for the trees. One little attack on our forces and they start ejaculating. Dudes, its time to wake up and smell the napalm. It's only a matter of time.

    Also some pig said here that Gotha was a petrol pump attendant in America before he became the Defence Secretary. What he forgot to mention was that he was Major in the army before he went to America. He was involved in the Vadamarchchi operations and would have kicked your asses once and for all had your sugar daddies not come to the rescue. Here is a picture of Gotha with Denzil:

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. kuttu

    don't use bad language

    keep the blog clean

  96. The Mig-29s will be in on the game soon, possibly as early as in August.

    Though not convinced of its need at this time, thermal imaging capabilities to pick heavy weaponry and vehicle movements along with precision delivery capabilities of this asset could become very useful.

    Pooneryn may be a candidate for a first visit for the Mig-29s along with the Navy singing chorus. The Navy should consider mounting a MBRL capability on at least one of its faster ships for this particular job.

    Such a softening could pave the way for a walk over when the tired boys of the SLA get there.

  97. It's not me you idiot, it's this fake.

  98. Hey Shyam-the-single-ball,

    Learn to write a proper sentence in English before commenting on heavy issues like Economy, welfare and war strategies.

    We don't mind helping you in that regard, if you make an effort.

    Write simple sentences to begin with, without copying others for the sake of it.

    Gods sake and stuff like that lift your rank from a damn fool to bloody idiot. Combine that with the absence of one ball, it will be the mother of all humiliations, isn't it?

    Make a bluetack ball and stick it at the right place to improve on balance of mind and your writing.

  99. kuttu the stupid LTTE refugee. Are you writing in latin? Surely you are not writing in english. You are confused with what write as well as your knowledge about the current situation in srilanka.

  100. DW

    Heavy fighting erupted yesterday between the Army's 57 Division and the LTTE's Charles Anthony, Imran Pandian and Intelligence Wing cadres south of Mallavi. Fighting erupted as the LTTE's cream made a counter-attack on regular troops of the Army after the 57 Division captured an area of around 900m2 in one day.

    The army lost 20 men, five went missing, the bodies of three of whom were captured by the tigers. The LTTE went away with at least 20 dead in its own ranks and 30 wounded, all from the three 'elite' units. LTTE leader Banu was heard advising his troops to make maximum effort to capture at least a few SLA bodies.

    The Tigers managed this goal by ambushing Army casualties. As the fighting raged on, the Army dispatched a jeep to bring back the injured. A tiger ambush team fired an RPG at the Jeep, thus killing 3 soldiers, including the driver and two casualties being rushed to hospital.

    A few days ago, a SLA LRRP team was detected in the area just south of Kilinochchi at Kokavil by a group of LTTE civilian force members who called in reinforcements. The team of six special Forces fought valiantly losing two men in the process. Finally, a chopper full of Special Forces was brought in, who decimated the LTTE attack and rescued 4 men and one body. The other body was captured by the Tigers.

    Last Wednesday, three Special Forces teams lay in ambush along the Vellankulam-Mallavi road waiting for a group of Charles Anthony cadres to arrive. The first team ambushed a team of Charles Anthony unit cadres as they came along the road. The Tigers rushed in a second team of Charles Anthony, which was also ambushed by the 2nd SF team. In desperation, Tigers sent in a 3rd team, which to their horror was ambushed by the 3rd team lying in waiting. Altogether a total of 24 Charles Anthony unit cadres were killed in the attack.

    In the meantime, the Army's 58 Division (Task Force-1) captured the strategic village of Vellankulam. The SLA's next direction of operations remains to be seen.

  101. //One officer who commands the battle front said 'Army don't have forward defence line, but the Army do have forward offensive line'// -AT

  102. STF said...
    kuttu the stupid LTTE refugee. Are you writing in latin? Surely you are not writing in english. You are confused with what write as well as your knowledge about the current situation in srilanka.

    August 3, 2008 3:31 AM


    its not me who is using bad language

    its some sinhala animal

    2 fake Kuttu's here

    my profile id is


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  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. DN

    remove the posts made by the fake kuttu & animal smart t

  106. my profile id is


  107. saarc show ends in 2 days..

    with new tiger operations...


    'The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.'

    Abraham Lincoln

  108. I was appalled to see all the big guns of our defense establishment, GR,SF, the Air Force chief and Navy Guru in one room in Vavniya.. Are they crazy?? Have they not learned from Kobbakaduwa and the crowd’s death? This is one single strike where all our successful military operation against the tigers can come to a dead halt just like with Kobbakaduwa and the crowd’s assassination. It is like a defeated boxer in the last thirty seconds of the last round managing to pull one solid punch against the overconfident opponent with his guard down and all that the victorious fighter did in all the previous 11th rounds goes down the drain. Please, can some one drive some sense to our most important assets. If they want to commend the troops, please do so separately one at a time so that the tigers cannot launch a decapitating attack which can turn the table around for the tigers. This is the tigers last hope. Do not open up any loop holes to these maggots now. Kill them, eliminate them and then we can rejoice. Foolishly dead heroes do not serve any purpose to our dear motherland

  109. not just new tiger operations

    with specials like operation 'red bird' & 'red bird 2' there is nothing to worry about

    let the sinhalas party...hehe

    more than 500 SLA are MIA last month...

  110. when there is heat the sinhala robocop boys start to go missing

    lets see what happens in the next few days/weeks/months...

  111. My Dear friend kuttu,
    "lets see what happens in the next few days/weeks/months..."
    How long do we have to wait???? Coz you are repeating this over & over for a long time ah?
    About MIG 29'S, Some 5SQDN pilots got the training from India & they are ready to take over the Fulcrums.

  112. According to kittu and shyam LTTE retreats are "tactical-retreats".

    This has been said since the "mavilaru" operation.

    Every time the armed forces come near a camp they (the LTTE) do thier "tatical-retreat"...

    PS: They seem to be redefining the word "tactical-retreat" if you ask me.

  113. Anyone remember the Irish lecturing to us sometime ago?

    Well, the news is that Paddy is back to their ol' tricks again. The Brits are going to be so sorry they allowed teh Irish terrorists a respite during which they managed to re-group and re-arm.

    Once a terrorist, always a pussy.

  114. Iqbal Athas needs soem serious help.

    The caption which says ".A Russian built MiG-27 bomber of the Sri Lanka Air Force lands at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) on Friday afternoon. It was returning from a bombing sortie on Tiger guerrilla targets in the Wanni.." is actually a Chinese built F-7G.


    6:10 to 6:12 some lessons can be learned.

  116. //How long do we have to wait???? //

    So its kuttu who knows the answer. hehe hehe

  117. 4:01 - 4:04 lot of Cannon Fodder yes!

  118. noltte=peace,

    do you know where someone could get hydrographic maps of the area around SL ?

  119. If LTTE locate there artillery guns in civilians area and attack the advancing troops continuously, how we can retaliate???

  120. b#1,

    this will be the MOST important issue to hit the MoD pretty soon.

    1. use MiG29s with advanced precision attacks.

    2. use small groups to attack (DPU)

    3. disperse civilians peacefully (leaflets, etc.) coupled with not-so-peaceful methods

    4. attack tiger weapons warehouses and big guns even if it creates civilian casualties. this is allowed and is not a war crime.

    a classic example is afghanistan. russians could beat the mujahiddin in afghanistan UNTIL fresh supppies of weapons/cadres/plans came from pakistan. it also provided a safe haven for mujahiddin topcats. US is not doing the same mistake. they are attacking pakistan as well.

  121. "Thionyl Chloride" is the chemicals the dumb LTTE are trying to use, and the sri lankan forces are fully prepared for any chemical attacks!! Keep spending more tamil disporas money!!heheeheehehee

  122. by the way kuttu is still being tracked :) looks like the fake kuttus are also dropping in for some fun! :)

    sure enough, cant wait to post pictures of this man as I have done with the other old "kuttus" on the internet along with their home addresses lol

  123. kuttu, how was the big "event" on friday?

  124. tamil disporas!!!!
    it should be tamil di-ass-pora


  125. It went all fine. Only my ass a bit sore now!

  126. sl,

    The MOD or DMI should hire you!
    btw, are you sure are boys are ready for a chemical attack?

  127. Who is this ugly cow:

    Kuttu's bitch?

  128. Original kuttu has hehe at the end of every sentence. (Even when vezapillai dies he will say hehe.) Fake kuttu has no hehe. ANyway kuttu has his clone now and no need to worry about going to FDL.

  129. "kuttu screwed by his own dick"
    as someone said in an earlier thread

  130. Guys,

    D B S Jeyaraj on a totally different note!

  131. Kuttu you said that your ass was sore.
    who sh*g your ass? Is it your uncle
    Praba? He does that to all LTTE cadres not just you. That's called operation red bird.
    we all know that your LTTE have a new operation. It's called run for our lives.

  132. Isn't it high time that we offer a general amnesty for Tiger Cadres? We can offer an amnesty to encourage desertions / surrenders with the promise of rehabiliation and gaurantee that they won't be hunted down or prosecuted / persecuted. This should be a sincere amnesty. Seeing that the LTTE won't surrender as an organisation, the amnesty should target individual cadres. I am surprised that this hasn't happened already. The expectation is that poor Tamil village boys / girls (who are fighting againts their will and are essentially lamb being sent to the slaughterhouse) will surrender leaving the hard core brainshed die hard non surrendering pigs to be hunted down to extinction. Any thoughts?

  133. Breaking news

    Vellankulam has recaptured by LTTE s Special division called RED BIRDS around 2.30 pm today, according to a reliable source. Tamilnet has not published this information yet. It also says now they are marching towards Mundampiddi. GOSL causalities more than 50 KIA. he he he he he he

  134. even rats leave sinking ships

  135. The Navy says it had raided the Iranativu Island in the North, the first raid on the LTTE controlled location, and set fire toa LTTE camp.

  136. Things are hotting up. Not sure if that news was from the real Kuttu or Kuttu's nemessis, Kuttu Kilangu and Kuttu Roti.

  137. Kuttu you said that your ass was sore.
    who sh*g your ass? Is it your uncle
    Praba? He does that to all LTTE cadres not just you. That's called operation red bird.
    we all know that your LTTE have a new operation. It's called run for our lives.
    Not only my ass, my mouth also he he he.

  138. Kuttu you might be interested in this:

    "Daily Mirror: Sri Lanka Army this morning, at the Omanthai Entry / Exit point arrested the driver of a Canter truck carrying contraband KY Jelly to the uncleared areas. The goods lorry has been impounded at the local police station while the investigations are carried out by the TID. It was believed that this truck was destined for Vellupillai Prabhakaran's bunker. Rumours are rife that the LTTE is running low its supply of KY Jelly used to initiate young boys to the outfit".


  140. "The Navy says it had raided the Iranativu Island in the North, the first raid on the LTTE controlled location, and set fire to a LTTE camp. A Tiger boat was also destroyed."

    Dailymirror's rubbish

    mohammed, you wait and see what will happend to Mundampiddi, he he

  141. And Finally our sailors spring into action, what a great news. is it going to be an isolated incident or the trend of the future?? Remains to be seen

  142. Rapid action boat squadron and SBS involved

  143. Operation Red bird continues …… wait for more news he he he

  144. I can understand the plight of poor old kuttu, He is haunted by his own ghost lol

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. Riyas,

    Don’t worry about my dreams,

    Ape hela ranawiruwanta theruwan sarani
    VP th Anton Balage pihiti

  147. Kuttu I didn't say anything regarding dreams mate.. U look really haunted lol

  148. Nemesis,

    Some entities come to my mind,

    Irrigation Dept of Sri Lanka

    Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture

    or contact an enthusiast like Jagath who works on GIS focusing internal waterways of SL..( ) or Pierre and ask for reliable resources where we can find the maps.

    I hardly believe that much of the maps are up to date; especially about the North.

    I know that both the World-bank and the EDB released massive loans/aids to Sri Lanka for waterways charting and irrigation mapping in many occasions.

    Surely all the mapping data go as a copy to the Survey Dept of Sri Lanka too. That may be a good source.

    In addition, inquiring the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute - used to have some large maps that have been done in the 80s too in their Torington SQR Library.

    Just few of the thoughts.

  149. Sri Lanka Police first publish their findings and then go to arrest people - this is like telling the culprit in public that we are coming to get you in few days, and escape ..

    This is not the first occasion.

    The difference in the other professional investigative bodies are that they do not release anything until everyone is netted.

    When are we learning the lessons???????

  150. kuttu is again in a foot-in-the-mouth, .....sorry..... dick-in-the-arse situation.

  151. nemesis

    an institute in germany called international landkartenhaus bought practically all types of maps the survey dept. had in the early 80's, before the restriction of the sale of certain maps came into effect. i did a bit of search and i think it's by name
    though I am not sure because it was long time back and before the internet era.

    they might still have them.

    another option is, if you can find, a copy of the 'National Atls of Sri Lanka' published in the early 80's. this is a very large format very detailed atlas worthy of the name. It's out of print since the late 80's but should be available in the US library of Congress (18 copies purchased0 and this Landkartenhause which bought about 50 copies.

    the local supplier made a lot of money in the supplied but rgerteted later on as the thought crossed his mind that these were bought by a ltte front.

    in Colombo, you can find these maps and atlas at the survey dept. library and the national library

  152. mohammed,
    It is a good idea to grant LTTE cadres hiding in the south an amnesty to start with and see if it works.Dont know how if it can be applied to the LTTE in general.The surendees will have a lot of precious info which can be used by the force to their advantage.We have to consult Mr chandrakanthan about this as well.This war has to come to an end.

  153. Shan I did a little digging on that title you gave us, not sure if this would be the same atlas, but there is a 1995 ed, electronic (pdf) version is $32, print is a $150.

    The National Atlas of Sri Lanka

    I am tempted to buy it, but not sure of the quality, don't want to find that it is no better than maps we have already.

  154. Qrious,
    Out of the Topic...

    "Obscene Websites to be FILTERED"

    So seems some Restrictions are taking place to Save the Next Generation.(Though this is not given a Great Publicity, this is really a MAJOR NEWS !!!)
    just read the Article...
    But then again the Free EVERYTHING Groups will come out in saying The GOSL is going to make a IRAN or a CHINA...
    Just hope that these will not be just Plans in the drawing boards, but turned in to effect soon...

  155. Operation Redbird continues…..
    LTTE special forces gun down retreating Singala Modayas from south of Tunnukkai.
    he he..

  156. But my ass still hurts... he he

  157. SLA continuously march towards Pooneryn. Now they are 3km ahead of Vellankulam.

    -Live at 8 news.

  158. Jack

    the link you gave is to a journal that has a review of the National Atlas. checked the survey dept. site and they have a 2nd edition published recently

    there is a link on the left pane "new'" click on that link. the products page doesn't list it

    this doesn't seem to have hydro maps

  159. LTTE has successfully completed the operation Red bird 2. They was able to recapture Illuppaikkadavai and Vellankulam in a single night.

    LTTE will target Vidattaltivu in the next phase of the operation, "Operation Redbird 3".

  160. "the link you gave is to a journal that has a review of the National Atlas."

    Ah my mistake, serves me right for reading too quickly :)

    But it would be something nice to have during the upcoming months to see where things are happening.

  161. The LTTE Terrorists have started littering the blog again. It is one thing to see the LTTE news from a credible source and it is a totally another thing to see cooked up news like Red Bird. DefenceNet, can you please delete this grabage?

  162. "Obscene Websites to be FILTERED"

    Who is going to decide what is "obscene"?

    Are there any nationally published guidelines?

    Are we going to have an "Obscene Council"?

  163. "Obscene Websites to be FILTERED"

    Well i think its a good thing.. because comparing to my younger days getting hand on adult material is so so easy through the net. I think at least to protect the younger gerneration its good.

    But as NOLTTE=Peace said what is limit and who decide it. Because I dont want our internet to be like of berma, where even they can not goto a blog like this..

  164. nemesis,

    They are aware of certain chemical attacks. To pull it off, it will not be easy but we are prepared to a certain extent.

  165. obscene websites, which would prima, rily mean pornographic websites. not worry, our country would never be able to censor to a point like burma or china lol

  166. Noltte=peace & shan,

    Thanks a lot mates, that was a very useful.

  167. sl,

    yes it is by no way an easy task, but if they do put a crude one off, that could have an massive phyOp's effect on many :(

  168. “இருண்ட பொழுது விடிந்தே தீரும்”


    A 2% Environment Levy will be charged on mobile phone bills and motor vehicle revenue licenses with effect from August 15. In addition a tax of Rs.3 will be charged from bulbs over 40W.

    Api Okkolawama VATuwa

  170. Congratulation to the SL's world famous giant cabinet and its constant efforts to suppress the public and make them poorest in the world.

    Posted By: JR QATAR

    daily Mirror-posts

  171. "Chinthana aiya ratata dena panividaya"

    P**a denawada Wedi Kanawada?

    Kolambatath kekiri, babalatath kekiki, mulu ratatama kekiti.

    P*nna w*sige puththuta rupiyal 10,000ta (pow) lunch.. (Mr saha kela ta kiri)

    Powkara janathawa.. dunnanam windawapang Rilawo..

  172. "VAT"uwa Income - Payee Tax
    Water - Tax
    Electricity - Tax + Bulb TAX (40W monawakarannada)
    Phone Subscription - Tax + Mobile Phone Tax All imported House hold Goods has TAX MILK POWER - Tax shopping Bag - Tax (Silisili malla) Vehicle licence is a tax + additional TAX Loo TAX Parisara Tax Fuel Tax luxury Vehicle Tax etc. etc tax etc etc.. we are paying all these without knowing while paying Payee tax. Sandane ppl does'nt know these taxes.

    tax + tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax +tax = Tolal Tax Salary - Total tax = Rs. xxx.xx (10%)

  173. Hon. Delipihiya in ACTION

    Mervyn Vs. Media once again...

    The Sirasa TV crew who went to cover the opening of the second flyover in Kelaniya met with hostility from the bodyguards of Minister Mervyn Silva. An eye witness at the scene claimed that the minister had inquired whether a Sirasa TV crew was present and upon identification had ordered his guards to forcibly remove the video tapes from the camera.

  174. So what is the solution crimewatch?

    Wating for a reply.

  175. As SAARC comes to a conclusion, south will now become a target of LTTE.

    The solution to this is not merely a larger security presence but a carefully laid out intelligence network.

    LTTE's biggest bomb making cell was broken up just a few months ago. There are still dormant players who are keeping low.

    In the meantime LTTE still in Yala, there are reports some families have become VERY wealthy suddenly w/o a cause...there is strong suspicion that these 100 odd LTTE cadres are paying a fortune to Sinhalese/muslims for supplies.

    Infrared thermal cams in solution...(we will supply those Hon Def Sec soon). they are common in USA/UK used for search and rescue operations in forests.

  176. Any problem for defencenet???

  177. Yes, looks like something wrong with the blog.
    I too can't see latest comments in the lstest article.

  178. Thanks for sharing this educational document here with us.Great work keep it up.PSD to WordPress


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