Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tigers announce unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have announced an 8 day unilateral ceasefire during the SAARC summit 2008. The full statement including Pro LTTE media comments can be found here (If you are accessing Internet from Sri Lanka, click here).

Strangely enough, LTTE's latest move comes in after a series of defeats suffered at the hands of armed forces in the Wanni theatre of battle.


  1. LET'S NOT TRUST LTTE. Still be on our toes.

  2. Historically, LTTE has carried out attacks specially during the last day or day after any kind of ceasefire period.
    Wonder our forces can adapt that closer to Vanni :) !!! Let's get the terror by using terror sinarios.

  3. [From earlier thread]

    //This means that the government has to reject the offer.//

    Actually GSL do not need to reject or accept. It is ofered unilateraly. This means they just don't attack and (just recruit, reorganise, inflitrate, locate moles, etc now and attack later.)

    Since GSL withdraw from earlier CFA now GSL has not accepted any LTZE territory, its all one SL and GSL has all the rights to deploy its troops to maintain low and order in any where in the country. So SLDF will just do that which is same as continuing the ongoing humanatarian operation. If LTZE or any one do not make any disturbence then they will just go ahead. If LTTZ or any one make any resistance they will deel withaccording to the constitution. That's it.

    So LTTE has the option to follow their ceasefire and let SLDF do their job or theycan violate their own ceasefire and fight. Its upto them.


    //LTTE announces unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit//

    Joke of this is as per LTTE they nver withdraw from the earlier CFA, they follow it 100%, GSL was the one who abanded the CFA, and LZTE was following the CFA even after GSL withdraw it. But LTZE forgot that and now they offer another ceasefire. So two in one or buy one get one free !!

  4. he he he ....KOTIYA pulli marukarana hadanawa wage ....
    sakkiliya sakkiliyama thamai..

    crush them all and protect our helabima from sakkili

  5. Ninja,
    "So LTTE has the option to follow their ceasefire and let SLDF do their job or theycan violate their own ceasefire and fight. Its upto them."
    A good point.

  6. LOL... I hope SLDF wont make any reactionary alterations to the military plan based on ceasfire.. continue as it never there...

  7. So everybody agrees that we should avoid this ceasefire. So how are we going to that? There might be some international pressure. We can use numerous violations by LTTE during the earlier ceasefire and can state we can't believe them. What else?

  8. [Tigers announce unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit]

    Gilenna yana eka piduru gahe hari ellenawalu.

    This is a clear sign that LTTE terrorist dogs are losing big time, on the run and ... yes... want to rest, organize themselves and continue to KILL US...

    There was never a better time to wipe out the LTTE. Period.

  9. what did the tiger say when he had trouble crossing the road? 'CEASEfire'!!!

    i say we press the LTTE even harder during this period. would you trust a chronic liar, who would kill you, and all you hold dear, in your sleep if they could?

    the 'unilateral ceasefire' is a joke, nothing more.

  10. Also according to past just before the ceasefire LTEZ shoud have some 'show'. (like getting a wicket just before rain under duckworth-lewis) SLDF be better prepared well.

    //At the same time if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.//

    This is the part I like most in Nadesan's essay. I hope SLA will make sure that part and only that part will materialie.

    Also, the usual way LTTE show goodwill, ... we all know. Recalling how they showed goodwill to Rajiv Gandi and Premadasa, may be enough.

  11. hemantha-
    What I feel is we may have the out side pressure to keep limited operation during the SAARC.
    We should look at the well deserve rest during those days for brave forces. (Should be on toes still)
    That way we keep the SAARC members happy and while getting ready for the next move.

  12. hemantha, f*** the intenational community- they don't live in sri lanka, we do; they couldn't care less what's in the best interest of sri lanka, we do.

    say it with me peeps:

    f*** the international community
    f*** their pressure

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  14. Guys,

    Let's just get on with what we have been doing - and very successfully too - and let them declare ceasefire or breakfire as they like.

    I am glad that the government takes it with a pinch of salt.

    They have not many options left now that Mullathive front is also hotting up - on the western front - other than taking the government for another ride.

    They certainly need time to move bulldozers in Killinochchi area to construct another stupid damn to keep the invaders at bay; it is like wearing a loin cloth to stop diahrea and the spread the stinking.

    Tigers are beasts; but we didn't know they are bloody jokers too.


    There were a few comments/inquiries in the previous thread directing at me. I apologize for the delay in replying as I was working flat-out to beat a deadline of a project. Hopefully, I may be in the usual gear by tomorrow afternoon.

    Remember me in your prayers, folks!

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  16. Perein,
    I don't think we should slow down at this juncture. LTTE is asking for a ceasefire bec. they need it. So we shouldn't give it to them.

  17. Well we are in little bit of bother hear. By any chance even a small commotion during the SAARC times by LTTE would look bad on us from IC.

    But we know why LTTE is doing this. I would say we have no choice but to press hard against the LTTE now and take a break between the SAARC.

    I am sure LTTE will use this time for find weak links in Army and try to do something..

    On second thought what the heck we should reject it and try to give full security to the SAARC summit and if we pull it off that would boost our military strength throughout the IC

  18. as you can see "operation red bird" is underway

  19. hemantha-
    It's not giving to them mate. We should stay in full alert with limite operations.
    Should think about our force movements and deserved rest towards our forces too.
    During last 2 weeks we have moved xx number of KM's forwad. To keep the area under our control would need more members deployed etc.
    Moreover we need SAARC members support more than any time in history. We are closer to the end. Let's end THE END with all possible support.

  20. LKDOOD said...
    what will the government do ?


    break the ceasefire & continue the war

  21. Perein,
    In the last thread I wrote
    "They want a breathing space to form and fortify new defence lines to face Mannar+ Vavunia offensive. I think they (LTTE) caught napping when 58 moved faster than they thought."

    That's the reason we shouldn't.(What I think.)

  22. So Ok ltte fags want a ceasfire ! Huh ! let me guess which means they can load up the front lines during the lull, then pound the SLA after the conference so they can plaster their crap all over the world for the Diaspora. Now, where have we heard this one before fells ? Why dont you kiss mt Ass you faggorts ! You deserve everything ya getting from General Fonseka. Nice try with the 2 fishermen killed by the SL Navy.Wanni Jackasses !!!

    Pound Them SLA! Pound them !

  23. ["Tigers announce unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit"

    Bloody LTTE killers never offered a ceasefire on Xmas, Wesak or Sinhala New Year... instead bombed innocent civilians in hundreds... on those festive days.

    Offering one now on their part is very clever... to test us.

    We must pass this test... in flying colours.

  24. Blogger Gringo said...

    We must pass this test... in flying colours.


    sinhalas always get a big fu**ing F

  25. kuttu,

    You are playing too much with this red bird, mate. If it creeps into your mom's underskirt, don't scream that a lion got there!
    Lions are not like that, if you intelligent enough to know what I mean.

  26. Rajarata said...
    So Ok ltte fags want a ceasfire ! Huh ! let me guess which means they can load up the front lines during the lull, then pound the SLA after the conference so they can plaster their crap all over the world for the Diaspora. Now, where have we heard this one before fells ? Why dont you kiss mt Ass you faggorts ! You deserve everything ya getting from General Fonseka. Nice try with the 2 fishermen killed by the SL Navy.Wanni Jackasses !!!

    Pound Them SLA! Pound them !

    July 22, 2008 1:53 AM

    Mr bigmouth keyboard hero

    what will get pound is your head

  27. Kuttu..

    Are you sure its operation RED BIRD..

    Because to me it looks like operation "WHITE BIRD" Kiss Gosl ass..

  28. Qrious said...

    You are playing too much with this red bird, mate. If it creeps into your mom's underskirt, don't scream that a lion got there!
    Lions are not like that, if you intelligent enough to know what I mean.



    you always try to bring up my mother

    talk to the point

  29. Guys,

    It is funny that no one takes this ceasefire seriously that includes the usual suspects - the BBC, AFP, AP, Reuters etc.

    May be only kutty and I take it seriously. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I want him to marry a Sinhalese girl and am prepared to find one for him. He is evading at the moment, for reasons only known to him. I once again remind him of Nadesan's marriage to a Sinhalese woman.

  30. malin

    we will see who's a** will be on fire soon

  31. Qrious said...

    It is funny that no one takes this ceasefire seriously that includes the usual suspects - the BBC, AFP, AP, Reuters etc.

    May be only kutty and I take it seriously. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I want him to marry a Sinhalese girl and am prepared to find one for him. He is evading at the moment, for reasons only known to him. I once again remind him of Nadesan's marriage to a Sinhalese woman.



    stay withing the subject

    is this a marriage blog ?

  32. See. This is why they want a ceasefire. They want to finish this wall.


  33. Kuttu..

    Can’t you understand why Qrious always talks about your mother..

    It’s because is so curious in finding out whom f... ur mom to bring out a mal formed idiot like you...

    Hope I didn’t hurt you feelings..

  34. going for lunch...will be back later

  35. kuttu who says that I write BS - might stands for Best Stuff, who knows - also said,


    you always try to bring up my mother

    talk to the point

    What is the point?

  36. Hope I didn’t hurt you feelings..


    Qriou is a crazy a** mother fu**er

  37. kuttu,

    I used to hate you because of your infamous he he.

    However, now I see your funny side and don't want to lose you. Please stay with us. Please come back after lunch. Insult us and we can live with it and it sounds funny too.

    You are a god-given gift; we hate boredom here and got a boredom-buster - brother kuttu.

    Please take my proposal seriously; I know you are fun, but not the proposal. It is dead serious.

    How the hell you are going to reject a fair-skinned nicely-brought up Kandyan girl? Just explain me.

    This is not a marriage blog; but folks will put up with this deviation - because it is for a good cause.

    Be serious, drop a line.

    I won't talk about your mom anymore, if you don't like. A Tamil friend of mine told me, ages ago, that if a boy behaved badly, his mother were to blame. I just stuck to his advice! If you want to ditch the advice of a Tamil friend, I will just do it then.

    Stay on the topic - the marriage.

  38. Even a day is enough to scatter a few ap mines between themselves and our soldiers. No let up!!!

  39. kuttu

    You just said that you were going to have lunch and you are back. What did you eat, mate?

    A mother f***** - very quick meal!!!

  40. [going for lunch...will be back later]

    Why do you want to come back? For what? Who wants to know?

    Anyway...watch for the 'red' lights... and tomatos!

  41. This bloody, no good useless and extravagant SAARC seems to come just in time to bail out the terrorists, perhaps paid by them to some extent? Perhaps to cover the facts of this scheme the tigers seems to be ‘not in favour’ of SAARC.This SAARC is a waste of time and is disturbing the economic life of Colombo. They must have these extravaganzas in a place like Bintanne away from people care less about the SAARC and no wonder General Musaraff doesn’t want to attend.Feel sorry for the poor shanty dwellers who lost their livelihoods and homes for this nonsense. Country is at war and this bloody nonsense. We are so glad that this event did not occur in Kandy. India who gave all the initial backing to tigers may use this event to put conditions and pressure on the gosl in favour of the failing terrorist in Vanni similar to the parripu drop.

  42. Mostly agree with Kevin.

    SAARC is some tea party. GSL try to use it to show to the world SL is doing fine. India try (and will) to use to influance GSL. This tigers from the rat holes in wanni jungles also try to use it by a ceasefire.

  43. So LTTE now has a naswer to the diaspora. "SLA attacked us, but we were in uniltateral ceasefire, becuz of SAARC, so we didn't fight, that's why SLA could take our land, otherwise....."

  44. Also, now every one talk about this useless ceasefire: Not about fall of Vid or other areas. (who told tigers are dumb?)

  45. Guys,

    Tigers may be alarmed at the arrival of the Indian defence folks too; the warships, helicopters and all the rest of it.

    Tigers may be thinking they will scan the Eelam too for the sake of security. Of course, Prabha and Pottu have to be careful with that prospect.

    All pro-Tiger sites as well as our pro-Tiger fellows here launced a concerted effort to turn the public against the Indian coming, with the subtle interpretation of an imminent invasion.

    Luck is not with the Tigers, though. Everything they try fail these days, for reason. We call it in the west - omens don't look good for the bastards.

  46. Wanni Operation 20th of July 2008


  47. there has never been any ceasefires in the war; there will never be. what were called ceasefires were surrenders. in 2002 GOSL surrendered to the LTTE and now LTTE has surrendered to the GOSL.

    SLDFs have beaten tigers to a ceasefire (surrender), a temporary one. we are doing something right! this means we should continue operations BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMANITARIAN OPERATIONS.

    lose the grip on the tiger's tail, you are history.

  48. Another way to understand the ceasefire: You kill few south indian tamiz fishermen, and blame on SLN. Activate all the supportive gruops in tamiznadu influencing TN CM to influence the central goerbnment. Recall Nadesan begged for ceasefire earlier and was rejected by GSL. Then he begged for TN CM to intervene and influence for ceasefire. Then you offer unilateral ceasefire when Indian PM is here. And you expect Indian PM to tell to MR, "I have some problem is TN, why don't you negotiate, accepting this ceasefire?"

  49. Tactical withdrawals, unilateral ceasefires..these are not due to SAARC...

    Velu ran out of ED tablets...

  50. ..And to our brother SL Defence Force personnel here in the US on training; hope you have a great stay and learn much.

    Will be seeing some of you for a beer before you head back home to victory..

  51. There is one and only one option available to these jokers.

    Unconditional surrender!

    We will need to see the fat slug bring his pistol and offer it on bended knee to General Fonseka and beg for mercy.

    Otherwise, no deal.


  52. "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have announced an 8 day unilateral ceasefire during the SAARC summit 2008"

    Yeah right... Probably planning to set of a string of bombs and say it was the 'infuriated people of the south. we are innocent, we are on a ceasefire'

  53. fine ltte can cease fire.. sla won't!

  54. LTTE announces unilateral ceasefire during SAARC summit : Why ?

    LTTE has never been honest in their dealings. So what is it this time? Here are my thoughts

    1. Try to cover up impotency in the organization. (i.e. They know their inability to do anything significant during the summit)

    2. Do something stupid and put the blame on the government. ( e.g. blast a Bomb and say it was done by x and y)

    3. Gather reinforcements ( Caders, supplies, treat wounded).

    4. Bruice Fein agenda behind this (?) e.g. a publicity stunt after getting all the beating.

    Please comment.

  55. Patriots…
    I, for one, suggest that GOSL should give the LTTE a signal that it appreciates the offer of a temporary “ceasefire” during the SAARC conf...


    Well and truly hammer the Puuthas…with greater ferocity than ever before, on all fronts!

    Yes, while signaling appreciation for the offer of a “ceasefire” publicly, SLDF must mercilessly adopt a take-no-prisoner and scorched earth attitude and KILL every single LTTE MF’s now cowing in fear after having tuck tail and run from Vedithativu and Iluppaikadavai…!!!

    Yes, SLDF, pls. maul the filthy MF’s who now terror stricken (the same terror that they periodically dish out in the South with bus/train bombings!!!)

    Just think of all the deceptions the LTTE MF’s perpetrated upon us Sri Lankans over the past 30 years (with all the consequent horrific death and destruction each time) and as such, I say it will be truly marvelous to dish that DECEPTION back to them in grand style…

    Yes, that will show them how much we respect their word and themselves as a “worthy opponent!”

    This war against LTTE terrorists MF’s must be won “By Way of Deception” is the motto of humble, OaOA and so should it be of all!

    OaO Asithri

  56. [Gringo

    Let's not underestimate the LTTE but redouble our efforts to make the summit a success while TIGHTENING THE GRIP AROUND THE NECKS OF THE LTTE PIGS... wherever they are found.

    KILL MORE... during the summit and show our resolution loud and clear to the IC, which is]

    I love it bro…keep ‘em coming…!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  57. Hema
    [I think they (LTTE) caught napping when 58 moved faster than they thought.]

    Was it the 58 or Task Force 1?

    Either way, I agree the LTTE whores got caught napping…didn’t know until the beautiful RM-70 shells landed and went up their asses, ripping them to shreds!

    Soooo Coooool!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  58. bungu,

    more or less.


    1. to seek sympathy from the IC especially india

    2. try to show to the world that THEY ARE ALSO A DE FACTO PART OF SAARC (as a nation)!!! my arrse

    remember the CFA time when all arssholes visiting SL had to visit killinochchi? they try to project this two nations bullsiht.

    3. 26 july to 4 august also marks some events of the black july which is the begging bowl of the LTTE.

    there was an article in TN recently about how to make SAARC meaningful. this hints at some reasons.

  59. They are playing games as usual. There is nothing genuine here nor there will ever be anything sincere with this scum.

    They have put the govt on the back foot. They want some RnR for some immediate future action to remove the threat of the army marching in and decimating trappings of a 'defacto state' in Kilinochi. Although their carder may be demoralised, their numbers still remain unchanged. Unchanged because they fight with claymore, IDE and then run. The gradually decreasing land area will end up having a high concentration of LTTE.

    They are trying to break the momentum of the armed forces and unleash a plan they had for a while into action. These are dangerous times for the military and they must be prepared for sudden massive attacks from any given direction.

  60. Hey TropicalS

    Saw an earlier post from you about making contact...good idea, let's do it, but I need to initiate certain actions as given that I have had to deal with LTTE's death threats in the past, there are certain steps I MUST follow and only then I can (or will be permitted) do it.

    Bro, I can't go into details here, but will pursue this soon.


    OaO Asithri

  61. Moshe,

    Thanks for the input. Your 2nd point has a greater weight I guess.

  62. Moshey

    [remember the CFA time when all arssholes visiting SL had to visit killinochchi? they try to project this two nations bullsiht.]

    Yup…you got to thank Ranil the Ponnaya for that!

    Actually, he did it not solely because he was a Ponnaya, but also because he was sucking up to the TNA to get the required support to survive as the governing party in the parliament! Crafty bastard he was…i.e. a Ponna-Sneaky MF!

    When all this is “said and done” (never mind how "said" but hopefully “done” with extreme prejudice as I always say! LMSSAO!) this Ponna-Sneaky MF should be tried for treason and shot at the Galle Face and given a honorable state funeral in TamilNadu!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

    Greets to all you patriots…I got to run…too damn busy these days. Keep up the great posts…I will certainly visit here to read and enjoy! OaOA

  63. We have had enough of this UNILATERAL CEASEFIRES in the past and paid the proce. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  64. Navy destroys one LTTE boat, damages 2 in a sea battle - Pulmoddai


  65. another BS CEASEFIRE

    Army, Navy, Air force should just carry on doing what they have being doing

  66. Heres ShhhHHaaaAAArrrRRRpppPPP! (Thank you for pronouncing the way it is spelt!)

    First of all, dear advent children of the..umm... generations of Ancestors shining in

    all academic, social, intelligent, philosophical and technical understanding...

    Unilateral :
    1 a: done or undertaken by one person or party b: of, relating to, or affecting one side

    of a subject : one-sided c: constituting or relating to a contract or engagement by

    which an express obligation to do or forbear is imposed on only one party

    Therefore a Unilateral Ceasefire means it is one sided. The other party does not need to

    repsond, at all.

    Now I hope, no more primitive feces slinging is done by the primates in here as to

    whether to accept the Unilateral Ceasefire or not....Dear Lord, I hope I have gotten

    through to them...dear friends in here I hope you help your mates to see this.

    NOLTTE=Peace said...

    But BBC M&Frs, AFP, and this kind of LTTE biased overt reporting with covert agendas

    harm FDI.

    - The truth does leave a violent burn, doesn't it? Hallucinating is not going to make it

    better, neither is it helpful to deal with the upcoming wave.

    bungu said...

    4. Bruice Fein agenda behind this (?) e.g. a publicity stunt after getting all the


    - dude, it is the same unilateral ceasefire offered before KN->EP offensives started.

    But stopped at Jaffna sparing the Sinhala fighters due to a huge deal that was brokered.

    What that deal is, I will not say.

    some other pms lady said,
    hat I have had to deal with LTTE's death threats in the past, there are certain steps I

    MUST follow and only then I ca

    -LOL, you equal yourself in value and importance to your fighters at the front lines

    risking their lives everyday.. or equal to MR or GR, SF. What value could you be in

    against the LTTE? Your superior keyboarding skills and polished nails going at 80WPM?

    Pathetic. It is okay to involve your self in something, but trying to influence others

    and make them think that you are some VIP is pathetic.

    Dear friends do not let the names of those who have fallen.. and the news batches about

    to fall be equaled to those hiding behind CRT monitors (lol). I hope you see what i have


    Keep in mind, as in the past, this Uni-CFire is a signal to upcoming fatalities in the

    thousands for Sinhala forces. Also, in the journey from KN to EP, the SLDF had info on

    all the troop movements of the LTTE, but were unable to do anything about it. Also, LRRP

    and small teams were used in the past as well, but went missing in the hundreds. This is

    not something new the SLDF is using. The only reason so much info. ahem lies..ahem i

    mean info is being put out is because there has to be a boost in morale of the Sinhala

    people and the Sinhala Army. Earlier, even the SLDF soldiers knew nothing about the

    LRRPs because they wanted it to be top secret. Unfortunately MR and crew have increased

    exposure on these men, just to keep the population happy and make them think new teams

    have been formed.

    OaO -SHARP->
    "Hit! Myyy Music.."

  67. red bird = red herring = ceasefire

    Also, SLDF should take extra precaution from now till SAARC starts. [Because ceasefire is only during the summit. Not that we trust the Z people. It's just a Red Herring. That's all.

  68. Government rejects the ceasefire during SAARC summit - Keheliya

  69. Guys!! do you think Fonseka & Gota are kids!!!

    They are the heroes & they know the Art of war better than all of us.

    Even if this government lose the elections Gota & Fonseka will form a military government & win the war

    According to some information majority of the Forces are pro Fonseka & non of them so far met who talks good about Ranil

    That means Ranil doesn't have military support

    without military support you can't rule a country. He might be killed by his own forces if he betrays the army

    According to my findings almost all army personel are aginst 3 people

    1) Ranil
    2)Laksman Kari alla
    3)laxman Seneviratne

    Ranil might appoint the Ponna Hero "One Shot" as the defence secratery ????who knowa???

  70. Here’s Asithri...ramming his baseball bat up ShhhHHaaaAAArrrRRRpppPPP’s you-know-where!


    Hey LTTE whore-dog…did you LTTE sakkili-mother scream at you that you were “ShhhHHaaaAAArrrRRRpppPPP” when you mounted her upside down first then down side up? Must be…as I cannot see what else “ShhhHHaaaAAArrrRRRpppPPP” can mean!

    Now whore-dog, pray tell me something…surely, being the cheap LTTE sakkili copy-cat that you are, did you try to imitate OaO Asithri on how he mounted her the other day when you were eating a banana and watching with all serenity…?...you devil…you should have asked humble OaOA…as he would have told you that he did so with plenty of used-crankcase oil truly befitting the character of that filthy bitch whose son AND part-time lover you are!

    See what happens when you try to copy OaO Asithri on the sly?



    No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  71. Shhhaaaaarrrppppp

    ooh, Sorry gentlemen, I forgot to mention one thing. Does anyone know who the first person responsible for the LRRP missions was? I mean during earlier times, not now.

    If you know why that person was sacked, then you know what the man who is commanding them today is being forced to do... some of you may comprehend...most of you may not. DN would not either, since his history nor background do not include some really important high security clearances required. ; )

    OaO SHARP->
    P.S. IT seems some feathers have been ruffled, and some inner intentions exposed because of my previous post, which made someone go on another tantrum again. Must be the PMS. My My, the limit of vocabulary for "it" to express itself in times of extreme anger does justice to "its" ancestors.

  72. Asithri bro.,
    You should visit us more often. And I was talking about TF1 (58 div).

    Proposed ceasefire:

    There is an easy way out.

    We are going to watch LTTE and they are definitely going to violate their own ceasefire (wink). Problem solved.

  73. koliKUTTUupmyass,

    operation red bird... he he he

  74. Unilateral ceasefire..

    good.. they have run out of ammo..

  75. "SL Defence Secretary rejects ceasefire"


  76. `If we have to believe the LTTE they should first disarm themselves and then surrender,` Defense Secretary was quoted as saying in the government media.

  77. NOLTTE=Peace said,

    Economist issue

    Mate, I take seriously your concerns. Yes, it is a widely-read magazine by business folks, but its judgements have not been always accurate. So, any sensible person, who reads magazines of this kind exercises caution before abosorbing their forecasts.

    As you know, the global economic outlook is not good; high oil price is a thorn in the flesh.

    For instance, the USA, UK and Spain are feeling the pinch very bad: house prices are falling; personal debts are mounting; unemployment figure are dreadful.

    Yet, economists give us conflicting reports. For instance, an economic correspondent in the BBC wrote, a few days back, that the UK house price has slightly picked up, when the contray is true, to which a reader responded, "stop massaging statistics; we had enough." At least, thanks to the internet, we can now confront them and their hiding places are on decline.

    I am not an economist. However, I used to read these columns, written by learned people, as they claim, in the field. None of them forecast the situation we are in now; it all happened in a matter of months, not years. When things went badly wrong, they tried to hide behind this index and that index, but to no avail. In short, their credibility is now on line.

    These economists, like their comrades - journalists - are shrewd folks. So, they take precautionary measures now: any bad reporting ends with a bit good or encouraging news or vice versa.

    The writers in the Economist are no exception. They are all the same. The envy factor is also there; especially, regarding the well-paid folks in the financial markets. You can see a very thin thread of envy crisscrossing these articles. They love to see the collapse of the empires of investers and stock-brokers; so they imply it all the time.

    And also, these writers cater for a certain audience; so, they write what the audience likes to hear, obviously. So, the articles are often shrouded in prejudice and racial superiority too.

    If they write something about China, the end bit - gloomy bit - comes in this form: "although, the economy shows a staggering growth rate, the dissension among peasants is alarmingly growing," "China is doing very well, but the pollution in its big cities can bring down the economic gains," to name but a few.

    If they talk about India, the gloom bit even takes an outrageously offensive turn.

    So, sensible folks in the west, now takes the forecasts by the economists with a pinch of salt - not as gospel truth. They are catching up with the Human Rights Watch. People know they are crying wolf. The Economist is no exception.

    Mate, in my opinion, based on experience, they will never write something favourable to us, as long as they can scan the horizon and find a beggar in our streets or a barefooted peasant in our remote villages. They make a mountain out of a molehill and as I said before, appease the particular audience, who loves to see things that way - the Third World is still developing, not on a par with them.

    If you want, I can write to them, of course. They may publish it as well. However, their attitude towards our countries will remain the same for the reasons I mentioned above.

    My advice is not to be affected by these articles. CEO's read them and then see the thing to the contrary, in reality and then get confused exactly as we humble mortals do.

    Be optimistic and focussed. You will weather the storm. We did exit with a wonderful history that span over 3000 years without these people.

    If you can get hold of a copy of Economist that was published about 20 years ago, have a look at what they said about China and Inida then?

    The journalists who wrote the stuff then, if shown back to them, will certainly commit suicide in shame.

    I am sure you will draw a ray of inspiration from that.

    Good luck with your joint venture!


    Thank you very much for your compliments and the publication interest mate. As you know, I am someone who writes for fun in my spare time with a proper profession to make a living. I am busy with that work at present; if I can see a respite, I might think of writing a book. If so, we may be able to get in touch with each other.

    Thanks again; enjoy the blog and I will make my positive cotribution to make you all happy, focussed, brutally optimistic with regard to the war.

    Take care, mate.

  78. Let them Go on a Ceasefire...we should not ceasefire.

    they "sellam pennanawa"
    Api ahuwei owata..

  79. LOL :)

    What happen to your "he he he" tone?

  80. Can you join?
    Sri Lankan expacts to hold demonstration urging stern action against LTTE- UK

    Venue: Opposite British Prime Minister's Official Residence

    10, Downing Street, London

    Date: 27th July 2008 (Sunday)

    Time: 1.30 PM- 5.30PM

  81. Hemantha-

    LTTE ceasefire could be due to run out of fire arms too :)

    Since Giant tank is now under SL control..."Kotiyata Mhudee thamai pannina wenne :)"

    As for the "Red bird" could be due to it's period :)

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. [SLAF confirms 22 LTTE Black Tigers have been killed due to an air attack carried by SLAF today morning]

    Ceasefire Idea does not seems work??

    What is NEXT?

  84. Guys,

    Gota has just officially rejected the ceasefire. We instinctively knew it was never going to happen.

    So, until our next big news, may be on Vavunia Front, I decided to keep to my promise, by contacting Mr Thamil Chelvam through a meidum - at a fee.

    I dedicate the interview to my mate, kuttu, who shies away at the prospect of a Sinhala bride, depsite my cast-iron guarantee that she has everything that he expects of a Tamil girl - no need of a hair-raising anxiety.


    Q Rious Mr Chelvam, nice to talking to you. Is it morning, noon, evening or night there, to greet you.

    Chelvam Ha ha, I am on this side now; none of that Mr Qrious; just greet me, 'Good eternity.'

    Q Rious You left us in a hurry; give us a chronological account, please as to what exactly happened. Reports are conflicting.

    Chelvam No problem, Mr Q Rious. As you may have heard, I came from Pooneryn, the previous night, to Killinochchi. My aunt brought my favourite mutton curry and pittu for dinner; I had it with her, then met Sashirekha, my ex wife, for a quickie - it took only fifteen minutes, then went into bunker to sleep at 10'o clock with Alex and three other chaps. Then early in the morning, a big noise woke us up and I found myself in this strange place.

    Q Rious Did you look down to see what was going on?

    Chelvam Yes, I saw my own body which was intact; Alex was in pieces; Pottu was elated; and Annai, Prabha, was weeping like a toddler.

    Q Rious Why did you put Alex in a higher level in the bunker?

    Chelvam In the organization that I belonged, any one can go quickly up in the ladder of rank. That was the official position any way. I am not a Tamil Tiger any more, so I don't have to defend them.

    Q Rious Ciritics say you keep the lower rankers on the upper deck of a bunker to bear the brunt of the force when being bombed. Any thoughts?

    Chelvam I won't disagree with them.

    Q Rious Are books opened?

    Chelvam Not yet.

    Q Rious Nervous?

    Chelvam A bit. We are in a queue at the moment - a very long one. We are waiting until our names are called upon.

    Q Rious Do you see any famous people out there?

    Chelvam Yes, I see Pol Pot there, right at the front. Oh, I see our Bridadier Charles as well.

    Q Rious How come? I undrestand the presence of Pol Pot. Charles came there much later than you did. How did he jump the queue?

    Chelvam Shu, shu, Mr Qrious, he didn;t jump the queue. On the contrary, his sin-list is much more serious than mine and longer as well.

    Q Rious Oh I see. You haven't committed many sins then. How are you going to defend you?

    Chelvam I am going to say that I was just following the orders. I did kill, but only in combat. I didn't plot and kill as Pottu did. So I stand a better chance for being forgiven by the Almighty.

    Q Rious Do you see the hell from where you are?

    Chelvam Yes, I can see and it is scary - a lake of sulphur. So many folks are burning and screaming. I am scared to the core.

    Q Rious Don't cry Mr Chelvam. You will get away with; you were just following orders. Do you see any known faces?

    Chelvam I recognize Balasingham and some underworld figures there. They are screaming and fling their hands at me. I am equally desperate. What can I do?

    Q Rious Do you spot President Premadas in the queue?

    Chelvam He narrowly escaped the punishment thanks to Gam Udawa and Janasaviya. God loves charitable deeds.

    Q Rious You helped folks out in tsunami. Didn't you?

    Chelvam That was credited to Soosai's account, though.

    Q Rious Do you see angels?

    Chelvam Yes, lots of them. They are beautiful. I thought Aishwarya Rai was the prettiest when she was crowned as the Miss Universe. How naive had I been? When I look at angels, I felt really shame about my ignorance.

    Q Rious I think the word, universe confused you. You extended it beyound earth. Yes, it looks like a big mistake.

    Chelvam Do you miss me? I always looked after you journalists well. Have you seen my ex-wife, Sashirakha?

    Q Rious Yes, we certainly miss your beautiful smile. With regard to Sasirekha, she is in civies now, not in combat gear any more and well-composed.

    Chelvam She must be meeting Annai, Prabha, then.

    Q Rious What's the problem? Mathivathini is there, anyway.

    Chelvam That's the problem, not Annai.

    Q Rious That is news to us. We didn' know the new development.

    Chelvam It is not new. But it will take a new dimension now.

    Q Rious One last question and be honest. Will Annai take the cyanide?

    Chelvam Hak hak haa. Annai is a baby. He is someone who cries for very little things. I know Annai more than any one else. He won't take his own life. I am looking forward to meeting him, but he may be placed miles ahead of me. That is sad. We may never see again. That is how it operates here.

    Q Rious I will contact you again when I Annai makes the transition. I have to stop now. My medium says the light is fading. See you soon.

  85. Qrious another excellent one mate, But there are some unexplained matters hope u could clarify them

  86. the whole idea of this ceasefire is
    1)To regroup and reorganise "offensive formations"-(not surprising to find that 22 LTTE suicide bombers have been killed by the SLAF.I have a very bad feeling about this.I think as suspected these LTTE bastards are planning a "division" of suicide bombers.This fellow Vp is trying to write himself into the history books.He is just too important to die simply.He has to keep up with neelam and maduri dixit.
    2)Oh god here we go again.Pandering to this ever so wonderful fantastic "internationl community".Right now they seem to be holidaying in greece.
    I hope the offensive operations against the LTTE continue.
    It is very nice to hear about the protest in london.Just shows you one aspect of what a gathering of non ltte srilankans living overseas can do.
    Watch your Back."Theruwan saranai".

  87. SL Defence Secretary rejects ceasefire

    good decision

  88. 22 black tigers! a coincidence!

    last week (?) someone here mentioned that 22 black tigers have been readied for an attack. now defence.lk says 22 of them killed.


  89. I forgot to add
    3)try to break the spirit of the SLDF through these "peace offers" and attack them while offguard. Bottomline-it only takes a female LTTE cadre+a large bra+10Kg C-4 or a male LTTE cadre who has swallowed 1kgs of C-4 contained in a bag+timer and Mobile phone+one stupid (TChelvan)smile
    4)Make attempts to get the hard line LTTE moneymakers currently in overseas jails released(italy).
    5)Plan an attempt on the presidents life and that of his family.

  90. a gem...

    my offer is still open.

  91. Moshe i suspect some captured cadres are "singing".the more this simon gardners "LTTE area" keeps shrinking the forces are able to gather more credible intel(thanks to some brave souls in the north)

  92. Blogger Moshe Dyan said...

    22 black tigers! a coincidence!

    last week (?) someone here mentioned that 22 black tigers have been readied for an attack. now defence.lk says 22 of them killed.


    even if 22 are dead there can be more


  93. 22 brainless suicide cadres!!!

    Wow, even if half of them is the real figure still a great success.


  94. 22 black tigers! ...Wow.... story is getting better and better...

  95. Most effective way to stop violence!! Way to go....

    quoting cricket terms, A wicket is the best way to halt opposition side, in that regard This could be a big morale boosting victory and a greatly demoralising effect on the enemies!!

  96. I have some concerns regrding this unilateral ceasefire.

    Tigers were definitely expecting that government would reject this.

    LTTE might use this to justify a devastating attack on the civilians during the SAARC summit.

    (Remember, One of there 1 ton bomb lorry is still at large)

    They might even try to subotage the SAARC summit and put the blame on the goverment.

  97. Ceasefires, declarations of war and other such proclamations are made by established, legitimate and accepted governments and defence forces. Any declarations by terrorist groups are not worth the paper it’s written on and don’t deserve an iota of consideration or recognition, particularly when they are made by a desperate & depraved group like the LTTE.

    Let us continue BAU – business as usual.


  98. DefenceNet

    Any news on the claim that 13 LTTe boats were destroyed in air strikes?

    Initial reports said 3 which later were changed to 13. That certainly looks like a case of the 'embelished' truth.

  99. TS,

    What is the source?

    [Navy destroys one LTTE boat, damages 2 in a sea battle - Pulmoddai; defence.lk]

  100. 22 Black Tigers - may be the same team or different team.

    Nevertheless, I got a different request from a different source. There are few tigers (do not know whether they are Black Tigers) who have been stationed in the South want to escape the outfit and go to their relatives abroad. But they do not have any identity papers with them. The relatives want to take them. But they do not know how.

    As understood there are more than 10, who have been stationed in Giri Ulla, Yatiyantota, Dehiwala and Gampola.

    GSL needs to do some kind of PR and Amnesty campaign for LTTE men and women who are based in the South to surrender, so that the GSL can help them to escape to safety of their relatives abroad.

    According to the source, many who comes to the South do not know the language, places, what to do etc other than following the orders of their handlers. They are trapped, and get wasted when the handlers give their final mission.

  101. The ceasefire is a ploy. The LTTE knows full well that the government will reject it. I think their intention is to launch a large scale offensive or carry out a high profile suicide bombing and blame the government for rejecting the ceasefire. The Tigers have lost their stripes, everyone has full view of what their intentions are. Civilians and the army should be on the highest level of alert during the SAARC summit.

  102. tropicalstorm,
    Any news on the claim that 13 LTTe boats were destroyed in air strikes?
    Initial reports said 3 which later were changed to 13. That certainly looks like a case of the 'embelished' truth."

    We only have info that suggest 6 were destroyed. 3 out of the 6 were variants of Muraj class so its a killer blow anyways.

  103. Eight LTTE bodies recovered by the SLA ..

    MANNAR: TWO-PRONGED ATTACK was mounted on terrorist strong points in the general area of MURUNKAIYADIPPUDI, about 5 km northeast of ILLUPPAKADDAVALI, MANNAR, causing heavy casualties to LTTE terrorists Monday (21).

    Troops on advance using heavy firepower destroyed terrorist positions killing nearly twenty four LTTE fighting cadres deployed in those locations. Troops believe over fifteen cadres were injured.

    Search operations conducted by the triumphant troops in the area recovered two female dead bodies and six male dead bodies of the terrorists killed in the Army fire.

    Four T-56 assault rifles, one 81 weapon, four hand grenades and one I com radio set were among the other recoveries made by the clearing troops.

    Four soldiers sustained injuries during clashes.

    Clearing operations are continuing.

  104. Suspect 'shooting' Kandy Hospital photos nabbed
    A suspect taking pictures of the Kandy General Hospital using a digital camera was arrested by officers of the Kandy Police Emergency Unit yesterday morning.

    The camera was also seized by the Police. Police said investigations revealed that the suspect, a resident of Kalmunai, had been lodging at a Cultural Hall in Kandy earlier used by some suspects in the Sri Dalada Maligawa bombing.

  105. lkdood,

    rfard&cable and cable said that 22 black tigers are on a mission.

  106. Shan, thanks for the offer mate.

    At this point, it is diffucult for me to committ myself to a serious writing project now, as I already contribute to a scientific journal.

    I will contact you in due course, if time is on my side.

    Thanks mate.

    Riyaz thank you for the compliments.


    One terrorist has been captured alive in Viduthalathive, according to my man, who wear boots and a hat. I didn't know that until today and nor does any website shed some light on it either. It is a good development, if the folk remains alive to tell the rest of the tale!

    The signs are clear; the Big Brute now knows his days are numbered. He can use Roman or Arabic numerals to start the countdown now.

    Bloody idiot!!

  107. Well we have seen in the past Army / Police Uniforms & Stars they wear been taken in to custody.(Having been smuggled by ltte)
    So is this 22 are planning to come in as a Army or police unit?

    They could come in a Bus & make Hell !!!
    Just my thoughts..

  108. R*C*,
    Quite some time ago you spoke of a another major split in the LTTE.

    What happened? Or did that happen?

  109. watch the video of SLN attack on LTTE boats.


  110. Tangara,

    The video is not there. Looks like it's been removed, or else it's not put there yet

  111. try right clicking and save target as.. some times this works..

  112. I have seen this with a lot of videos on defence.lk recently. There's a link to a video, but when you click on it you get a black page saying [no video]

  113. One LTTE cader captured in Vedithalathivu...

  114. Video is there , do not click on the video .
    cut and paste the link I gave...

  115. or you can go to defence.lk and view it. i checked it out now.

    visibility is low over the sea. couldn't see the boat. but debris fly all over after the strike.

  116. Tangara,

    That's what I did. But I got this article with the balck square on the left saying [no video]. Maybe its something to do with my browser...

  117. TN reports large scale ppl movement away from paliaru area to avoid artillery fire. seems like SLA is heading north today.

    once again the ST incident disappointed me. 5 boats were there according to defence.lk and only one was destroyed. a success rate of only 20%. the others escaped to sri lanka!!

    anyway the close cordination of FACs with the SLAF is commendable. SLAF can finish the job without risking anything. STs may have planted sea mines when they attracted SLN attention.

  118. chamal,

    Regarding the video,

    Please look at the top of your browser; if you see a brown strip, just accept the activex control. It may work.

  119. I can't see it either, been trying since it was posted

    looks like something to do with browser

    any solutions mates

  120. If you are going through a proxy that has blocked video content it may cause a problem as well...

  121. "'Our Lady of Madhu' returns at Omanthai -Vavuniya

    The sacred statue of 'Our Lady of Madhu' was brought Tuesday, at 11.10a.m., into the liberated area, across the Omanthai Entry/Exit point following consistent appeals made by the Catholic community, all Sri Lankans and the international community for its immediate release from the clutches of LTTE. "

  122. Good that the ceasefire was rejected.

  123. perein, thanks mate, for the news.

    Now I am going to fully forgive Rev Rayappu; but he should stay away from politics.

    He may pray for the Tigers who certainly need a lot of that in coming weeks.

    As long as Father Rayappu remains in religious realm, I have no more quaralles with him.

    May God forgive him and bless him!


    There is an intersting article about today's raid in the asian tribune. It is worth reading.

    Shan, my pleasure.

  124. Hat's off to Minister of Defence for his brave and blunt rebuttal of the desperate plea for a ceasefire by the LTTE barbarians.

    However we should not rest on our laurels... lot of work remains to to be done... Vigilance is JOB# 1 of all proud Sri Lankans in the country.

    The positive conclusion at this feedback time.... is the our resolution to eliminate the terrorism is WORKING LIKE MAGIC.

    Nope... we don't want the advice of Sri Lanka experts in the viking country or Igloo country.

    We shall fight the LTTE barbarians to the END OF TIME.

    Kill more LTTE pigs and achive more peace. Incredible formula.

  125. Tangara, thanks for compliments machang, although I think I was stating the obvious and repeating what others before have said. On another note, I request everyone residing in the UK to attend the SLAT - UK demonstration. See link below:


    Please kindly attend if you can. Hope by these demos we hasten defeat of the LTTE scrouge once and for all so that I can leave this miserable s*it hole and return to the Motherland! It was a real shame and an embarrasment to witness the recent Ponna Thamiz celebrations held recently in the UK. The High Commission should have done more to stop the rally and it also exposes how disorganised the UK Sinhala community is in countering LTTE propoganda.

  126. Qrious-

    Still not sure Rev Rayappu can be granted out of Hell :)

  127. LTTEnet sorry Tamilnet is not reporting the return of the Madhu Shrine. Typical! There were the first to report that it was taken away. I would just love to see the faces of the journos in the Tamilnut office right now!

  128. "R&C who are you?"

    A blogger, privileged to be associated with a bunch of liberal thinking Tamil folks from the affected parts of North.

    If the GSL needs info, there are hundreds of Tamils willing to provide them. GSL does not tap into them. These Tamils are scared to give information to GSL thinking that someone in GSL will leak back their details to LTTE. -they have no trust!

    The Tigers who have been deployed in the South listen to Tamil music radio channels. If the GSL want to give assurance to them to turn in without any fear of torture or reprisal, then Tamil Music Channels is the best to advertise the procedure and assurance.

    Quite some time ago you spoke of a another major split in the LTTE.

    What happened? Or did that happen?"

    It is still a mystery! No news! As I did not know the name, I was guessing it was Balra. But he died.

  129. Perein and Qrious,

    Thanks for the suggestions but the damn thing is still not working. I'm going to give it up now :)

  130. Followings are the comments made by Gen. Fonseka just after LTTE took away the statau.

    "Asked whether the Statue has been taken to a safer area as claimed by the priests, the Commander said the LTTE will have to take the Statue to another place once the troops capture that area too, as they cannot take it abroad."

    Then the Statue was taken to Vellankulam area which may fall any time. Gen SF kept his word.

  131. tharanga,
    The High Commission should have done more to stop the rally and it also exposes how disorganised the UK Sinhala community is in countering LTTE propoganda.
    The Tamilnet Recently published a story about A Picture Exhibition done in the UK Parlimantary premises to Show the "Supression of Tamils by Sinhala Gov"....
    So Hope you guys will Show the Otherside of the story with the Pictures showing the Brutality of ltte to ALL of SRI LANKANS North,East,South & in West...
    Wish you ALL the Best for the Demonstration !!!

  132. today rupavahini showed a video of troops being transported in to the mannar front by helicopters(mi17). the helicopters have deployed units several times. (approx 7).
    will this mean that another offensive from the mannar front is going to happen?? or it maybe to fortify the front defense line as we hear that LTTE is about to counter attack in a large scale.

    anyway good for the SLA.

    got to know that the madhu statue was brought in a Ambulance!!! did rev. Rayappu steal it from the LTTE???DN do you have any info???


  133. tomorrow is july 23

    we will remember forever....

    sinhalas refused the goodwill gesture of the leader for a ceasefire

    warmonger government will face "the power"

  134. Chamal

    pereins link works, try again


    this will open your windows media player

  135. Thanks for reminding the Day...
    Otherwise I could have forgot what day is Today !!
    So you now know to tell the date also !!!
    Good improvement.
    Keep it up.
    By the way Hope you are Feeding The Red Birdie....

  136. Tharanga
    Will you be attending the demo on Sunday, perhaps some Norwegians might attend that too to give us support. For obvious reasons I may not attend by some of my friends will?

  137. Su, thanks. A representive of the High Commission went to that exhibition that you mentioned. I am not sure why he went, probably to escort the TNA MPs who were visiting the exhibition. If he had any spine, he should have warned the exhibitors not to repeat it as it is a well known fact that BTF is an LTTE front, BTF openly collected on behalf of the LTTE, this was revealed on an Al Jazeera report (its on YouTube).

    Personally, I don't think we need to exhibit the attrocities committed by the LTTE as we don't need pity and sympathy from anyone. On the other hand, we should organise fund raising for the Army (there have been some, but its not enough and insignificant compared to the amounts raised by the dieasspora). Besides, the exhibition might backfire as most of the attrocities were committed by the Karuna group who are on our side now.

    But there is something we could do, but it needs to be done in the high courts or the parliament in Sri Lanka. How is it that these TNA MPs openly express support to the LTTE (who are banned in Sri Lanka as well) and attend the funerals of high profile LTTErs. Put this in context, would an US Congressman or Senator get away with expressing support to Al Qaeda or attending the funeral of Al Qaeda members. They would be tried for high treason and executed. We should do the same in Sri Lanka. Somebody needs to stand up in Parliament and bring this up (someone more credible than Mervyn) or someone should start court proceedings. I am surprised that no one has thought of this before. How can we let these Tiger proxies to get away with high treason?

  138. tharanga,
    So the High commission members also were there? Shameless
    Well As this is the time LTTE is talking of CEASEFIRE, the killings they did in the Recent Ceasefire time bus blasts(Kebithigollawa), Army & Police Intelligent officers killings & many can be used which would show how they did the ceasefire..
    But I dont think British People would like to see Blood Stained pictures So pictures of people who are still suffering (Children & relatives), Rows of bodies ready to be burried & that sort will be more humane...
    But if there are no counter measures for their exhibition then will the Correct picture be seen by the British?

    Hope somebody who has the ability will take that TNA matter in to the Courts..

    Good Luck For the Demonstration !!!

  139. Kevin,

    I wish I could attend the demo but I am in Devon that weekend. This demo maybe a success as I believe the usual crowd from the London Buddhist Vihara will be attending. Also if there any UK based readers out there, I appeal you to boycott Anglo Asian and other Tamil run Cash and Carrys. I know that you may face some hardships as we can't get Sri Lankan stuff anywhere else (the only Sinhala run Cash and Carry: Kandy Traders doesn't stock up much)but please bear till we finish this scum off. Two weeks I went to Anglo Asian (a cash and carry) and I was disgusted to see the Ponna Tamil poster being blatantly displayed. What was even more disappointing was that I know this shop is owned by Sinhalas yet employs LTTErs. I stopped going since. The LTTE has appealed to Tamils to boycott Sri Lankan airlines and other Sinhala owned companies, so lets do the same to them!

    PS, I hope the new High Commissioner has more spine than the last one. The last one's husband allegedly had links with LTTErs.

    Sorry if I went a bit off topic, I know this is a defence blog.

  140. [Air Force spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to defence.lk said that 22 LTTE suicide bombers (Black Tigers ) were killed in the air raid carried out this morning (July 22) at the Uddayarkattukulam LTTE camp.]

    Addikum... addikum... and more addikum.

    Fry these MFking LTTE bastards alive... who butcherd 70,000+ of my brothers and sisters for no fault of theirs.

    Most extreme pain must be guaranteed to this stupidest but barbaric cult in the world.

    They should have chosen to fcuk their mothers as a cult-ritual... instead of killing us on a daily basis to boast about.

  141. Tharanga,
    The LTTE call for tamils to boycott Srilankan airlines was a failure.I would not take a flag displayed in a shop to mean anything.I am jumping the gun here but i would say that there are members who support other tamil parties also living in england?..like the EDPD,TMVP, etc.Tangara we the general sinhala population were never the enemy of the tamil people ...far from it.All this started because at that time 50/60/7080's we were politically immature but thankgod attitudes are changing now.Taranga this situation is not that "black and white" a situation.

  142. Gringo,
    More of these LTTE "fireworks" are coming after the summit but in the form of DPU operations..we need to be ready and keep our eyes open and ears to the ground.going to logoff now mate.these guys are feeling the pressure in welioya.They are planning to destroy the 58th division? assualting welioya from bothsides.DPU's from the south (blocking their retreat with mines etc).motive to create the maximum number of army casualties and break the spirit of the forces..their forces from the north and kind of box them in.

  143. The cat has come out of the closet.

    LTTE is resorting to the last tactic "Humanitarian Crisis".

    That's why they herded people not allowing them to leave to government controlled areas when the Army is advancing.

    They want to keep people leaving them and hide behind them.

    Read between the lines of this article

  144. Evolution of terrorist operations

    Operation Ceaseless Waves: 1999-2000

    Operation Ceaseless Running: 2007

    Operation Ceasefire: 2008

    And the grand Finale...
    Operation Unconditional Surrender: 2009


  145. Srilankan mate...

    The writing is on the wall.

    Facing the LTTE head on (on 'no-matter-what' basis) has brought us three priceless results:

    a) We managed to kill a comfortable, heart-warming number of Tamil Terrorist pigs spilling their red hot pig blood.

    b) We have proven to all concerned that LTTE is nothing more than a big terror machine... not a great fighting force as their coolies wanted us TO ACCEPT. (Remember Norway's attempts to get Military 'balance' for the LTTE?)

    c) For the first time in 30 years... we have proven (to ourselves) that we have the ability to finish off the LTTE without any expert advice from the drooling 'wolves' watching from ourside.

    Take care.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. Read this.

  148. DN-
    Thanks for sharing the article with us.

    "Pretty please with cholocate sauce and cherry on top :)

  149. [Bruce Fein – Honeymoon with LTTE may be Over!
    Wed, 2008-07-23 04:38
    By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

    Well, well, well. Now it’s getting really interesting. According to the Guardian yesterday, Bruce Fein, Esq., the infamous former Deputy United States Attorney and Beltway legal and PR mercenary who has been representing the alleged LTTE front organization, Tamils for Justice, appears to have a few problems on his hands. (It’s not exactly "alleged" since it is headed by Jayantha Gnanakone, who’s been pimping for Prabhakaran and the LTTE for thirty-five years.)

    Apparently Mr. Fein and his boss, Mr. Gnanakone, have had a parting of the ways, and money Mr. Fein collected from Tamil supporters in Canada during a recent panhandling expedition has gone missing (now we’ll never know how many millions he raised). It also seems that Mr. Fein is now working for a new organization called "Justice for Thamils." Mr. Gnanakone is quoted by the Guardian as saying Mr. Fein has "joined the fraudulent organization called 'Justice for Thamils' started by various nefarious people of the Tamil race." (Different name, but it smells the same to me.) Calls have been made from the Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights, an NGO in Australia, to the FBI and the American Bar Association to investigate Mr. Fein for representing a banned international terrorist organization. Well, it’s about time!

    I sensed something was amiss when I looked at the Tamils for Justice website a few days ago and saw some contradictory remarks (in both black and blue typefaces) about the huge success of Bruce Fein’s fundraising mission with the Tamil community in Canada. In one place it said that all the money they needed for legal fees had been collected, so they have stopped collecting funds for this expense item as of July 1st. In another paragraph it said that 95% of the money had been in cash, and they are still waiting for an accurate accounting so they can maintain their transparency with the Government of Canada. They also said that Bruce Fein opened up a bank account in Canada to make it easier for the good Tamil people to contribute. Now that we know the money is gone, and we know that Mr. Fein likes money (even blood money raised for suicide bombers), we might surmise that he has a hand in it – literally.

    I smell a scandal brewing of huge proportions here, so this is your chance Government of Sri Lanka. Make the most of this amazing opportunity that has just fallen into your lap. Make all the noise you can about this Bruce Fein character and expose him for what he really is. He has crawled so far up the rectum of greed and materialism that now there’s really nowhere out for him. He can’t turn around and go back into the light and pretend to live a clean, virtuous life. All he can do now is stay in there and hope Prabhakaran and his hit squads don’t find him. We all know the history of those unfortunate ones who crossed the LTTE – especially when it involved money business. Are there any still alive?

    I suggest that your Foreign Secretary, Dr. Palitha Kohona, make a phone call down the street and invite the Hon. Robert Blake, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, to come to his office for a little chat. Ask him to explain how a former US Deputy Attorney General can represent a banned terrorist group, stir up all sorts of trouble for your country, and get away with it. Ask him to start an investigation at the FBI, Department of Justice, and the State Department. Don’t let up on him until he gets you some answers.

    I also suggest that your new Ambassador to the United States, the Jaliya Wickramasuriya, capable man that he is to start doing the same thing in Washington D.C. Call up the FBI. Call up the Justice Department. Call up the State Department. And don’t forget to call up the American Bar Association and get Mr. Fein strung up for breaking ethics codes and bringing shame to his profession.

    While you’re at it, don’t forget to call CNN – better yet, call Anderson Cooper at CNN. Invite him to come down to Sri Lanka to do a follow-up on his brilliant pieces on the tsunami disaster. Tell him the truth about your fight against terrorism, and maybe he’ll get you some air time to tell your side of the story. Call up the BBC. Call up Fox News. Start telling the world about the good things in Sri Lanka – the beauty, beaches, the kind, generous people – of mixed races who, for the most part, all live together in peace and harmony on the small island they call home. And don’t forget to call Al Jazeera – I’m sure they’d love this juicy bit of news about a tainted US Attorney named Bruce Fein who’s involved himself in the terrorist affairs of another country.

    You’ve got to start protecting your boys at the Defence Department. Bruce Fein’s intention is to haul before the International Court and get them hung for genocide and human rights abuses. All of you readers everywhere, start calling or writing to people you know who may be able to get the truth out about this heartless legal prostitute who collects blood money to tell lies about the good men who are trying to put an end to terrorism in your country.

    What makes me so mad is the pious hypocrisy of the United States, my country, unfortunately. They introduce a Congressional Resolution last week (by three idiot Congressmen who haven’t done their homework) that totally misses the point. They "got" part of it right, granted, but they didn’t “get” the whole point. What also makes me so mad is that our lame duck President Bush manufactured a war in Iraq so he could go after the terrorists and capture the oil. It’s all so plain now for the world to see and crucify us for it, so why should we be surprised that there are morally bankrupt Deputy US Attorneys who would suck up to terrorist groups just to line their pockets?

    Do you remember that classic movie from 1976 – “Network”? One of the greatest scenes in modern cinema is when Peter Finch’s character, the news anchor, starts screaming on the air, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna’ take it any more.” He gets the whole country to start screaming out their windows, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna’ take it any more!” Pretty soon everybody in America is shouting this paean at the top of their lungs! So take this as an example and get mad as hell about the lies being spread about your beautiful country. Start making some noise. Express some outrage of your own. Use this Bruce Fein scandal as an opportunity to set the record straight, and get square with the world’s opinion.

    If you let this golden moment go by without taking advantage of it, then you have my sympathies.

    - Asian Tribune - ]

  150. [ smell a scandal brewing of huge proportions here, so this is your chance Government of Sri Lanka. Make the most of this amazing opportunity that has just fallen into your lap. Make all the noise you can about this Bruce Fein character and expose him for what he really is. He has crawled so far up the rectum of greed and materialism that now there’s really nowhere out for him. He can’t turn around and go back into the light and pretend to live a clean, virtuous life. All he can do now is stay in there and hope Prabhakaran and his hit squads don’t find him. We all know the history of those unfortunate ones who crossed the LTTE – especially when it involved money business. Are there any still alive?

    ha ha ha... this is really going raise some hot sh*t!

    Opportuninty... never to be missed!

    Take a deep breath LTTE coolies... and prepare for more and more!

    Formula for success?


    Full credit our proud troops, to MR and GOSL.

  151. Gringo,
    Thanks for you comment.Very well said.However Gringo these LTTE guys are not really interested in any activity other than their money laundering operations going astray overseas.They are also very keen on creating more human suffering by killing as many forces personnel+civilians as possible.you need to keep the di-ass-pora happy see.They are happy only with army bodybags.

  152. A Sticky Episode - very ingenious act

    A protester from an organization called, plane stupid that aggressively campaign against the environmental issues, has met the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, while smuggled some super glue in his underwear.

    He applied the super glue on his palm and put his hands upon Mr Brown's suit and they got stuck together for a while, before Mr Brown shook the guy's hands off.

    The guy later said he made the point!!

    And he is not going to be charged with security breach.

  153. Three Tamil youths were taken into custody by the Kandy Police Monday evening on receipt of information that they had been taking photograph of the Kandy Teaching Hospital. They had been residents of Ampaarai and Kalmunai, police sources said.

    The youth had been taking photograph of the hospital when the police team rushed to the spot on a message sent by the hospital authorities.

    They are being detained in the Kandy Police station and being interrogated by the Terrorist Intelligence Division, police sources said.


    talking pictures of the hospital for what ?


    good job by the hospital authorities & the police

  154. //Q: But the Opposition has claimed, that Vidathalativu, was abandoned by the LTTE some weeks ago and now dominated by the military, has become a show piece to get political mileage during the forthcoming North Central Provincial elections?

    A: I feel the Opposition must be conducting some reconnaissance missions in these areas. The military is no doubt entitled to get a political mileage especially after capturing areas like Vidathalathivu and Mannar.

    Most probably we will capture many more places before the elections. Are they expecting us to sit and wait until the elections are over? We would like to know who the people are keep monitoring our movements from their houses.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

    UNP ekath illan kanne. I actually didn't see karipalla saying this time SLA captured Vid. by giving money to tigers or some thing. But it seems some one has done that.

  155. //Q: They also claim that the Army helps the government to take political mileage through some of these military victories. How do you see these allegations?

    A: The President of the country being the Commander in Chief is entitled to get the credit for all these military victories. He is the one who takes decisions and responsibilities of launching these major offensives. Wars are launched by the governments and credit of its success will naturally go to the government and not to the Opposition.

    Do they expect the Army to lose these battles and face reversals? So, then the credit will not go to the government like what had happened in the past.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  156. //Q: You have set deadlines to capture Wanni in the past and also gave an assurance of a turning point in August. Is the military ready to go for this target now or do you have to reset another time-frame?

    A: No, I never gave specific deadlines as such but what I said was that I will here to capture Wanni during my tenure of office. And, I never said as to when I will be finishing my term. That depends on how long the President wants me to serve. I will do my best to finish it within a reasonable time.

    I don't think any layman would ever think of capturing such a massive area killing 8,000 to 9,000 terrorists in the process within an year.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  157. //Q: You have taken part in almost all the major military operations in the last 25 years. Where do you think that we had failed and why?

    A: We had failed due to many reasons. The main reason was the Army did not have an overall strategy to fight and capture the LTTE controlled areas. We were only going for very limited operations. We launched offensives without aiming to capture Jaffna and there were no plans to liberate the East.

    We commenced operation 'Jayasikuru' and fought for three years without a proper plan to eliminate LTTE cadres from that area. We merely captured camps. We were limited only to certain operations like the rescue of Jaffna Fort or the Elephant Pass. The Army started Eelam war I and II just to rescue camps.

    At that time we did not have plans to deploy troops to hold on to these camps. While we were conducting operations in the North the Army vacated all the camps in the East. When I was the Brigade Commander, Welikanda, I remember how we vacated Mavil Aru, Vakarai and Kadiraweli in 1993 and in 1994 because we were attacked from the Punani - Valaichchenai road.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  158. //Q: The Chief Opposition Whip, Joseph Michael Perera has accused you of having a special squad to attack media personnel who are critics of the military. Is there any truth in what he says"?

    A: I have a large force operating with a strength of 162, 000 who have been trained to kill and not to assault. He who says all these things must furnish all the details to the police if he has all the information. I think he has lots of sympathy for me. No point in him talking inside the Parliament, where nobody is going to take any action. As far as what he has mentioned all what I can say is that these are baseless allegations.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  159. //Q: Some media organisations claim that the military wants to cover up reality in the name of war. What is your comment?

    A: I hope I have explained the reality of some of the media people in this country. Those who are criticising on the progress that the Army has made, by confining to their editorials can come with us to have a look at most of the bunkers.

    It is a shame that some of these journalists who criticize the military have never gone beyond Madawachchiya. When the offensives were going on in the East they had never stepped beyond Manampitiya.

    This is how they write their criticisms claiming the military assault and the media to cover up the reality. So, we can arrange these media personnel to listen to terrorist transmissions. But they have to write what exactly that they listen to.

    Meanwhile, I want warn these media guys to beware of those disgruntled high ranking military officials. They are the ones who are leaking out misleading information to the media. We know about them and have sidelined them now.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  160. //Q: There is a claim that certain top military officials are frustrated as they are not getting their due promotions. What are the steps taken to rectify the situation?

    A: Yes, they are frustrated because we are now not looking after them. I want the Army to look after the welfare of the country. Our army officers can not walk around like US or British Army officers.

    These people are frustrated because I am not going out of my way to look after their welfare at the expenses of the Army welfare. If I put a weak man to command a division and thereby sacrifice hundreds of soldiers like what happened in Mullaithivu, Elephant Pass and Killinochchi.

    Then I will be really looking after them. Those who ran away leaving their command posts in Mullaithivu, kilinochchi and Elephant Pass are senior Generals in the Army now. Their welfare have been perfectly looked after that time. But who looked after the welfare of those who died and went missing? Do they want me to do the same? No, I will never do that.

    Those who can't produce results will not be looked after and the only way that I can help them is by helping them to get a job outside. Because, there are lots of jobs for retiring Generals and Brigadiers.

    There are others in the Army who deal with anti-war NGOs and the media to insult the Army. These are the people who leak information and pass the wrong information to create unfortunate situations.

    So the media should be careful about these disgruntled top military officials. I am not occupying this seat merely to look after those failured officers.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  161. //Q: President Mahinda Rajapaksa has reiterated the willingness to resume talks with the LTTE, if they lay down their arms. Do you think that holding peace talks is necessary when the LTTE is getting cornered?

    A: Yes, only if they lay down arms and come for peace talks after totally stopping terror activities. In such an environment, the President's willingness to negotiate with the LTTE is absolutely a correct decision.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  162. //Q: If the LTTE accept the condition to commence peace talks will the military be confined to the barracks?

    A: That will never happen. They can continue with the Talks but we will clear the North. The President had never said that forward march of the Army to liberate the North will have to stop. Our troops will carry on.//

    -Gen.Sarath Fonseka

  163. //Q: We can achieve military victories against LTTE terrorism. But do you agree that the national problem can be solved only through political means?

    A: Yes, I think the whole country needs some political changes to solve certain problems. So these political solutions have to come not only for Tamils but for all the communities.

    Some Tamil political, especially the couple of TNA MPs who say some thing here and utter differently when in the LTTE controlled areas may have some serious political problems which no one can address as their aspirations are totally different.

    In those war torn areas the people are facing tremendous hardships.

    The damage due to war is huge and they do not have better infrastructure like roads and bridges like in other areas. People are uneducated and children are suffering from malnutrition.

    These problems cannot be solved by making R. Sampanthan or somebody else the Prime Minister of the so-called Eelam. These people need solution for these problems.//

    -Gen. Sarath Fonseka

  164. Somebody please tell Sarath aiya to shut the fck up on politics and do what he is paid to do; fight the bloody war.

    This has gone well so far because for once the politicians have kept their hands off the military decisions. Now the military is starting to make political decisions and that will be the same disaster in reverse.

    By the way, wipeltte, thanks for the article you posted.

  165. 'Victory day not far off'- An interview with the Army Chief, Gen. Sarath Fonseka (defence.lk)

    Sorry for the multiple posts. But if you just read the defence.lk's summury you might get the wrong picture. Please read the interveiw fully. You will understand the present day hero.

  166. '22 suicide tigers killed in air-strike' says bloomburg.com...

    Any news, anyone?

  167. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aVv2ii5ClUEM

    They are quoting SL defence sources.

  168. its on defence.lk also

    the attack happened today(22 July 2008) morning

    can they get the casualty figure that quickly ?

  169. all 22 dead are also 'black tigers'


  170. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  171. 22 black tigers dead, 30 injured, in air strike. Lakbima reported they were doing rehesel on attacking a model SLDF camp, at the time of air strike. If true this means they have mole in some SLDF camp. It seems we don't have info on which camp they wanted to attack.

    This clearly shows how was that ceasefire going to work. If GSL also go to ceasefire they will get this AA type victory and close the battle with victory. If GSL rejected the ceasefire it shows their 'strength' and also done by some other onknown group.

  172. Ninja said...

    22 black tigers dead, 30 injured, in air strike. Lakbima reported



    you have a link to the article ?

    i can't find it

  173. lkdood


    It doesn't give you exact page, check 'puwath'.

  174. //Somebody please tell Sarath aiya to shut the fck up on politics and do what he is paid to do..//

    If we had this kind of commander do you think then president ordered to hand over whepons/ money to the enimy? Do you think he ordered to srrender 600 cops to get killed?

    SLA was for rich, english speaking kids for until late 80s. Thus even in end of 90s many senior officers were some people who joined SLA just to do sport etc. When these incompetent officers became responsible for debacles they became obediant servents of whatever poltical party and leaders just to make sure they will get their perks. Its nice to hear now situation is changing. However still gen.SF lives with the officer who tipped to LTTE about his movements.

    Gen. Kobbekaduwa and Janaka Perera just didn't have suitable leaders to work with. We are lucky this time we have the 'matching'.

    All the democrat loving HR heros who oppose so called military rule, MR junta, etc have no whatsoever problem with vezapillai's very democratic rule.

  175. I Advise you guys to Read MIG29Cs Following "Very Valuable" Article..

  176. I Really Inspired by the MIG29SM s Capabilities.. Way To Go SLAF!!

  177. Ninja

    Sarath Fonseka is a capable soldier. He needs to stick to what he is supposed to be doing. He opens his mouth too often since of late to make political statements which need damage control later.

    SL has suffered because the politicians made military decisions for a long time. Now that that has stopped, it is time the military learnt not to start making political statements.

    What next? Military govt?

  178. War after the fall of Vidattalthivu - Col. R. Hariharan


  179. I was wondering if any of you guys saw this appeal from the MOD, posted on mawbimalanka;


  180. Thank God for the safe return of the Madhu statue.

    GOSL did it's part and of course the LTTE also did its part.

    however, there was a clear difference in how GOSL acted on the whole episode than before. it was the HIGHER aggression of the govt that won us both the church and the statue. had the govt followed what meekly CBK did, SLA would have gotten neither and lost gound too.

    when 2 kids are fighting for the same thing, mom or dad would give more concessions to the most aggressive and uncompromising kid (normally the younger one).

    during CBK's time it was the LTTE, now the govt. this is VERY important in the theatre of psychological warfare. if extorrionists, hijackers and terrorists know who is the boss, they crumble.

    SLA capturing almost all the mannar parish area also helped. but still tigers would have defied kasippu joseph and taken the statue elsewhere. they couldn't bcos of the uncompromising stand of the govt.

    it is believed that the path the statue travels will be peaceful. it was proved in 1974, 2001 and now in 2008. SLA liberated the relevant area already!!

    god helps those who help THEMSELVES!!

  181. Terrorist is terrorist. There are no good terrorist or bad terrorist in the world.
    What is their business hug?
    Killing people and try to destroy properties of government is their aim and targets.
    We would like to see our strong government Responsibility and commitment against terrorism and developments of the country.
    The day LTTE Finish, Sri Lankans can think about developments and peas harmony of the dreams.
    President Mahinda Should not agree and he have to finish LTTE Terrorist, because that is his responsibility and Commitments to his people.............

  182. LTTE is trying to show they are very good Terrorist in the world and respecting to international community at moment.
    This is where LTTE trying to bomb blast in the Colombo city and buses and trains and tell that government is not willing to accept so that they done so ect.............
    We should not believe these idiots and we have to finish LTTE Terrorist and what ever terrorist in the Sri lanka and give international people to learn how to finish Terrorism from the world

  183. Two Tamil labourers working in a shop along Galle Road in Dehiwala in Colombo were abducted by a group of persons dressed in police uniform Monday night. The gang arrived in a white van and forcibly took Muthukumar Selvakumar and Palaniyaandi Shanmugarasa from the shop, according to complaints lodged by the owner of the shop with the Dehiwala Police and humanitarian organizations.

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers opened fire on three youths Tuesday around 1:00 a.m killing one and injuring the other two, along Loaddan Veethi, Maanippaay in Valikaamam, according to the report submitted by Maanippaay police to Mallaakam magistrate court. Police claimed that SLA soldiers on road patrol had opened fire on the youths when the youths tried to run away when ordered to stop. The injured youths are admitted for treatment in Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

    Unidentified armed men arriving in a three-wheeler abducted Friday night a Tamil youth from his house in Kalmunai in Kalmunai police division in Ampaa'rai district, according to the complaint lodged with Kalmunai police by his mother.

    Three unidentified armed men shot and killed Tuesday around 9:00 a.m a trader in front of his shop at Karaveddi in Vadamaraadchi while in a separate shooting two unidentified gun men arriving on a motorcycle shot and killed an employee of a video rental shop in Yoakapuram area in Urumpiraay around 10:30 a.m,.

  184. Now Da Ponna Vdhdha Kuveni Vesige Puthala incresed the activities against the tamil civilians ...The Only language is these ponnayas know is killing them ...

    Ponnayonda kotin ekka gaganda barima nikan inna minisunwa marenawa ... Ponna SLA ....

  185. On Saturday "Daily News" interviews him. On Sunday "Observer" interviews him. On the next day "Rupavahini" or "ITN" interview him. All these are government media institutions. Did you wonder why? The good general was just responding honestly.

    Yes, I think his comments are tiny bit over the top. But still he is much more effective than the politicians. People believe him.

  186. Shyam,

    Are you a KOTI or NOT?? How do u describe a KOTI??

  187. In 2003 he (SF) had to fight with everybody to save high security zones. It was a politician's job but was left on him. He had to sacrifice his post (SF commander for Jaffna). But the high security zones were saved.


  188. Guys,

    Sarath Fonseka's statements rang political overtures because he was attacked in parliament by Joseph Michael Perera, a UNP MP, alleging that he orchestrated the attack on journalist.

    Any MP can go on doing this business under the cover of Parliament priviledges against any civilian, yet the civilian can't reciprocrate it. Gen Fonseka is no exception.

    So, he is forced to defend himself inside newspapre columns and television interviews.

    We have to take into account the interpretaion of war according to the opposition - the Kiriella doctrine. The army is fighting a fake war, according to that despicable assesment.

    So, the commander of that great institute has to come out and defend it; it may not be conventional if the statements made by him touches the fringes of political realm. This is not a conventional war after all.

    It is the bloody opposition that shoul shed their opportunistic image, not the great soldier, who works day-in-day-out without a rest to make the country safer for us.

    What is better?

    Let your political instincts be known while in service or hide them until you retire from the service.

    It is debatable once the war is over.

  189. "LTTE can’t be defeated by year end – TNA"

    That means they think LTTE can be defeated later???


  190. TS

    (You didn't understand me or mis-understood me. Political and military decesion making should not be mixed: I am with you. (Military rule is not possible in our culture.))

    But GenSF didn't make above statements just to speak. There is a background. Totaly unable opposition was critisising him from thoppigala to viduthalathiv. I don't think its wrong to answer such allegations through media interveiw. Yes, he speaks straight and clear. And I don't think he was doing any political desecion making (via those interveiw). If he stays silant some might think allegations are true.

  191. Unfolding events will show LTTE's military strength'

    APRC a farce to cheat international community

    Pillayan operating death squads for government

    Tigers pledge not to disturb SAARC conference

    No talks based on na‹ve demands says Nadesan

    The LTTE claims the government is carrying out false propaganda on the war effort to mislead the Sinhala people and that unfolding events will clearly illustrate the Tigers' military strength.

    In an email interview with The Sunday Leader, LTTE Political Wing Leader P. Nadesan said the Tamil people are concerned about the defence cooperation between India and Sri Lanka and that the Sri Lankan government is using this cooperation to destroy the Tamil people.

    Nadesan also accused TMVP's Pillayan and Karuna of leading an undisciplined para military group and added they were operating death squads for the Sri Lankan regime.

    Commenting on the up coming SAARC Summit, Nadesan said the LTTE was not na‹ve to disturb it since they were confident that some day the SAARC countries will recognise their struggle.

    The LTTE Political Wing Leader also dismissed the APRC as a farce produced by President Mahinda Rajapakse to cheat the international community.

    Following is the full text of the interview:

    By Vimukthi Yapa

    Q: The government recently announced that it had captured the 1-4 Base and the Mannar rice bowl and that the LTTE has been destroyed as a conventional army. How weakened is the LTTE militarily in your view?

    A: We don't have an installation called 1-4 Base within our territory now. Sri Lankan armed forces are targeting the civilian population in the Mannar District forcing them to displacement. These paddy fields are the livelihood of the people in the Mannar District. Evicting the people from their livelihood by military offensives and claiming that it has captured the Mannar rice bowl clearly shows the mindset of the Sinhala regime.

    For almost 30 years the Sri Lankan state has been engaging in these types of false propaganda. All throughout, LTTE has been able to maintain its conventional military capacity and its capability to protect the Tamil people from all forms of Sri Lankan oppression. We always use various strategies and tactics according to the ground reality. In the past and also at present, the LTTE has clearly demonstrated the potential of its military machine to face any military challenges.

    Q: There were a series of bomb explosions in buses and trains in the recent past in the south, which has been blamed on the LTTE. Is targeting civilians on a large scale due to the fact that the LTTE has been militarily weakened in the north and east?

    A: We never target civilians. We have not been weakened militarily and we are continuing all our activities in our homeland. It is the Sri Lankan government that is targeting the civilians. Mahinda regime is in a war with the journalists to stop them from bringing the facts to the people. Why do you think this is so? A lot of money is being made by the forces top brass and the arms dealers in the purchasing of arms. These people will never allow the war to stop. They use the paramilitary groups to do the dirty work to ensure that the war continues.

    Q: The LTTE is reputed to have a very good intelligence network. If you claim the LTTE is not responsible for these bomb attacks, then who is responsible according to your information?

    A: Yes, we do have a good intelligence network that is engaged in the protection of our people. It does not waste its energies for other purposes. I can, however, venture to speculate on who might be behind these attacks. A team is operating in the south to threaten or eliminate those who express opposition to the current regime. People like Mervyn de Silva are part of this team. This same team will not hesitate to kill Sinhala people in order to gain political mileage.

    Q: Should you not know or use your intelligence network to find out who is responsible for such attacks on civilians if the LTTE is not responsible, because, it is your organisation, which is being blamed by even the international community for such attacks?

    A: We are saddened that the international community is making such conclusions against us without any evidence. I would like to bring to their attention that the Sinhala regimes of the past, in 1971 and 1989, did not hesitate to kill even young Sinhala people.

    Q: If you say the LTTE is not responsible for the attacks in the south, then by the same token, is the government also not justified in stating that the security forces are not responsible for bombings of buses and other civilian targets within areas under the control of the LTTE?

    A: We have plenty of evidence that the Sri Lankan regime is behind these attacks in our area. It is the Sri Lankan regime that is blocking international media and observers to come and study the evidence.

    Q: The government has appointed a commission to probe the massacre of 600 policemen in the east in 1991. Your former eastern commander Karuna who returned to the country recently has told the media that he was not responsible for the killings and that they were handed over to the LTTE intelligence wing, headed by Pottu Amman and that they had killed the policemen. How do you respond?

    A: We are a liberation movement that demands very high standards of discipline from our members. Karuna was to be reprimanded for his indiscipline when he escaped and he is now working with the Sri Lankan regime as a paramilitary group. LTTE has always treated Sri Lankan military personnel in its captivity according to the Geneva Conventions.

    Q: President Mahinda Rajapakse had said recently that the government is prepared to resume talks with the LTTE if it lays down its arms. Are you prepared to enter into talks with the government on the President's terms? If not why?

    A: Peace talks must be conducted in a conducive environment without any preconditions. We took up arms 30 years ago to protect our people. We cannot give up our duty to protect because of naive demands made by Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Q: Army Commander Sarath Fonseka addressing the Foreign Correspondents Association recently has said that since 2006, 9000 Tigers have been killed and only 5,000 more remain and that in the same period, 1700 soldiers of the Sri Lankan security forces were also killed. Would you agree with this assessment? If not what is your assessment of the military ground situation?

    A: He often contradicts his own numbers. His assessment is intended to mislead the Sinhala people and the international community. Innocent Sinhala youths are being sacrificed at the battlefront so that the Sinhala political and military leaders can enjoy a life of luxury.

    Q: The Army Commander has also said that the LTTE can last for another 20 years and that the insurgency can go on forever with the LTTE having at least 1,000 cadres, because there are those who are supporting the cause of Tamil Nationalism. Going by the Army Commander's statement, will not the cause of Tamil Nationalism disappear and with it the LTTE as a military force, if the government addresses the political aspirations of the Tamil people?

    A: For the last 50 years the Sri Lankan regimes have failed to address the grievances of the Tamils. I can state many examples from Banda-Chelva pact to PTOMS. LTTE exists as a people's struggle because of these failures by the Sinhala regimes. This struggle will continue to exist until the political aspirations of the Tamils are fulfilled.

    Q: Does the LTTE fear that the APRC will come up with a Federal formula to address the aspirations of the Tamil people which, if implemented fully will completely take away the justification of the LTTE to militarily wage war on behalf of the Tamil people?

    A: APRC is yet another drama, this time produced by Mahinda Rajapakse to cheat the international community. There are many contradictions within the APRC and it will never produce anything that will meet the aspirations of the Tamils.

    Q: Is the LTTE carrying out a campaign to destabilise the south to prevent the SAARC Summit from happening?

    A: We are not na‹ve to disturb the SAARC conference. We believe that the other countries in the SAARC group will support us in our just struggle for the freedom of the Tamil people.

    Q: Given the military onslaught of the government, which is said to have weakened the LTTE, do you regret calling on the Tamil people to boycott the presidential elections in 2005?

    A: Tamil people rejected the unitary Sri Lankan state system and its executive presidency. Therefore, Tamil people have no interest in influencing this political system. Indeed, the Tamils gave the mandate to the LTTE to form an independent state.

    Q: The LTTE aircraft, after its initial operations, have gone underground. Is that a reflection of the government's military operations working and the necessary systems to counter LTTE air attacks, which are now operational?

    A: Our military actions are based on strategic needs of the given time. They are not carried out simply to demonstrate our capacity.

    Q: The government has vowed to capture Wanni and finish the war by mid next year. The LTTE also keeps saying that they are fighting a defensive war. Is that alone not an admission that the government's military campaign has succeeded and the LTTE's offensive capability has been destroyed?

    A: This is a very erroneous assessment that does not take into account our mode of operation and our grand strategy. Unfolding events will clearly illustrate this.

    Q: Now that the government has abrogated the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) and de-merged the north and east and conducted provincial elections in the east, is the LTTE prepared for negotiations at a future date, if the government so wishes, without a new CFA in place?

    A: People of the Tamil homeland did not separate it. Tamil homeland is still comprised of the north and east. This has been proved beyond doubt by the voting pattern in these two provinces again and again. The CFA created the necessary environment for the talks between the Sri Lankan regime and the LTTE. It is the Sri Lankan regime that abrogated the CFA.

    Q: What is your view of India's role in the Sri Lankan conflict and is the LTTE worried about the increased defense cooperation between the two countries?

    A: Tamil people are concerned about this defense cooperation. They know that the Sri Lankan regime will use this cooperation to destroy the Tamils. The Sri Lankan regime has done so in the past in its attempts to establish its hegemony over the Tamils. Despite the cooperation extended by India, the Sri Lankan regimes have acted against the interest of India when India was facing problems. Past history demonstrates this.

    Q: India has expressed concern over the government's gravitation towards Pakistan and China for defence support. Is the LTTE concerned about the growing defence support the government is attracting from these countries?

    A: The Sri Lankan regime is trying to handle India, China, Pakistan, and Iran for its war efforts. But in the new world order this is not an easy task. We, however, firmly believe that the time will come when these countries recognise the freedom struggle of the Tamils.

    Q: With Pillayan's appointment as Chief Minister of the Eastern Province has not the government effectively shown to the world that there is no longer a justification for a merged province or even a separate state, which covers both the north and east?

    A: Pillayan is a leader of an undisciplined paramilitary group operating death squads for the Sri Lankan regime. Your question is, therefore, not at all credible.

    Q: How effective has the international bans on the LTTE been in preventing the organisation raising funds in countries like the US, Canada, Europe etc.?

    A: The funds from these countries are given by these citizens to assist their brethren in the Tamil homeland through organisations like TRO. Banning this humanitarian assistance at a time when the Sri Lankan regime is blocking even international humanitarian agencies from carrying out such assistance for the Tamil people is tantamount to siding with the Sri Lankan regime to destroy the Tamil people.

    Note that this is taking place at a time when the Sri Lankan regime is targeting and displacing Tamils in large numbers under the pretext of waging war against the LTTE.

  192. B#1 said...

    Are you a KOTI or NOT?? How do u describe a KOTI??

    Tiger - Kotti - Puli (In tamil)

    then what man.....

  193. Sorry. This comment(I made earlier) should have been addressed to Tropicalstorm.

    "On Saturday "Daily News" interviews him. On Sunday "Observer" interviews him. On the next day "Rupavahini" or "ITN" interview him. All these are government media institutions. Did you wonder why? The good general was just responding honestly.

    Yes, I think his comments are tiny bit over the top. But still he is much more effective than the politicians. People believe him."


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