Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mig27 skids off runway at Katunayake

A Mig27 jet bomber of SLAF's 5th Jet Squadron skidded off the runway at Katunayake while landing after an air raid on a known LTTE position. The exact amount of damage caused to the aircraft in this incident is still being assessed.

Meanwhile the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) marked the 21st anniversary of their first suicide bombing today. The first ever suicide bombing of the LTTE was carried out by 'Captain' Miller (Valipuram Vasanthan) on 5th of July 1987, when he rammed an explosive laden truck into the Sri Lanka Army base in Nellyadi. 39 SLA soldiers perished in this attack. Since then the tigers have been carrying out frequent suicide bombings in both civilian and military targets alike. According to LTTE released figures, 356 cadres have committed suicide for the organization.


  1. apparently slaf has only two mig-27fighter jet in working order now, after today's crash. One other mig-27 has been in a state of disrepair for some. the Kfir are collecting spider webs after israel refused to provides spares and repair material.


    what ?

    Mig's are Russian !

    Air force can get everything from Russia

  2. It is ok, even if we loose a mig, I think SLAF used for many succesful missions, unlike in the past, in which migs were mainly used for independent day parades. On the other hand SLA is getting into artilary range of main tiger camps, so we won't have to used expensive options that SLAF have. May be buying MI-24 will be good for futher missions.

  3. Certain state elements trying to split TMVP – Karuna

    While maintaining that he still remains the leader of the TMVP, Karuna Amman admitted there was an attempt by certain top government officials to split the outfit without the knowledge of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Speaking to the Daily Mirror Karuna also insisted that he never framed Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa or any other government official during court proceedings in London over how he obtained a false passport to enter the UK illegally.


  4. Lalinda,

    No it is NOT okay to lose a Mig (or any military assest) while they still have useful life left. Please don't be flippant with such comments. These aircraft were purchased with blood, sweat and tears of hard pressed and over burdened people of our country who sacrifice enormously towrads the liberation effort.

    We may be within artilary range and the choppers may be of more use at this stage, but it is not all over until the FAT LADY SINGS (in our case, until the FAT PIG is brought to account). Even after that we have to be on high alert against any insurgency for a very long time. The use of MI-24s must be out of choice and the Mig options must be open to us.

    We must feel the pain of loss or damage to our military assets and do all we can to prolong their life span and preserve them.

  5. 1. MIG27 skids off runaway due to pilot's error and LTTE claim its dur to thier AA guns.

    2. MIG27 skids off runaway due to technical problem and LTTE claims its due to their AA guns.

    3. LTTA AA gun fire hits MIG27 and SLAF claims it was a technical problem.

    #3 is the serious one. This implies
    a) in that area high ranking leaders are staying (hence AA guns were located) and SLAF got good info
    B) SLAF was tricked to fly there after locating AA guns.

  6. Canadian Tamils hold rally, condemn Ottawa's ban


  7. Tharisanam TV, the UK based Tamil pay channel of the LTTE was closed down just a week ago. Since then, Deepam TV - which is usually encrypted - has gone free to air and has started promoting Terrorism from London. BTW, the last time this channel went free to air, it carried VP’s 27th November speech live from SL.

    Just to give you an idea of what’s involved: They collect approximately $5million / year on subscription on top of advertising revenue. The satellite footprint covers an area bordering Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.

    Come on UKHC and other EUHCs – Nip this in the bud!

    Deepam TV violates Terrorism law in the UK

    Deepam TV
    Ebury Business Centre
    Unit 1 Staines Road 161 - 163
    Hounslow Middlesex TW3 3JZ
    United Kingdom


  8. NoMess,

    You should forward this info to SLDF.

    When the presure is coming from a government security body, these SLEEPY high commissioners go to top gear..

    I find the Australia's high commissioner in Canberra the most sleepiest of the lot.

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  11. thanks DN.

    we cannot afford to lose a single plane. MiG27s proved very effective against the tigers.

    but i find it difficult to accept that we have only 2 MiGs in working order. surely we had more than 4 in the first place.

    MiG29s have still not arrived(?). is it too late to cancel the order and replace it with more suitable planes?

    months ahead will require more and more services of jets and this is the time to be extra careful with them. possible sabotage/negligence should be investigated.

  12. Mr Compassion alias Col Karuna

    I am a fan of Karuna. He causes sensation wherever he goes and never leaves us bored. So, I like him and want him to be a shining star among our politicians.

    I am someone who belives boredom as the second most terrible thing that can wipe out the mankind from the earth, after terrorism. Col Karuna alias Mr Compassion is an ideal destroyer of boredom. I think our boring diplomats who can't talk in English, can learn a few lessons from Col Karuna by hiring him on a contract basis - or giving him a contract to shoot them in the arm, when lethargy sets in.

    Col Karuna was an instinctive commander when he was the special commander for the LTTE in the Batticoloa region. Even his enemies admit he was a force to reckon with, who fought his battles from the front. Karuna was without a match.

    The LTTE maintained that Brigadier Baluraj was the best and say that he led the battle from the front. In fact he led another battle from the rear too, but on home front. So, his better-half left him in disgust and left this planet in peace, respectively.

    Karuna has critics and there are many of them. They say Karuna has a taste for women. Who doesn't folks? Who doesn't?

    Prabhakaran confered the title Karuna on his special commander for Batticoloa. Col Karuna is the only one who knew how to market this quality in packets of compassion. As anyone else who goes to the United Kingdom in pursuing a qualification, Karuna did it too and became a marketing expert for compassion.

    He sold his first packet to Amnesty International. So, the organization did wait until Karuna left Britain to make a fuss over it. The organization decided to keep mum about Adelade Balasingham who was caught handing out cyanide capsules to virgins. Kaurna even sold a packet of compassion to a TNA MP. So, only charge he made against Karuna was a minor immigration offence - going abroad on a false passport. So, Col Karuna who was once a feared commander, is now a marketing sensation in the making.

    The LTTE was in the habit of giving Sinhala aliases to its top commanders: Mahendraraja - Mahaththaya means gentleman; Illanthirayan - Marshal means guardian of teenage girls; Chelvam - modaya means the wisest.

    I tried to work out the logic behind this nomenclature only to fail miserably.

    So, as a last resort, I tried to come up with a mathematical model to crack this riddle.

    I added the ascii code of each letter in these aliases and plotted it against that of their real first name. I saw the trend and found the formula too.

    So, I extend the formula to other top commanders who haven't got their aliases. My model produced the following set:

    Rev Rayappu: Kattadiya

    Nadesan: Ralahamy

    Mathivathini: Chandrika

    Vidusha: Rosy

    All in all, the alias, Karuna perfectly fits into the ex-specail commander for Batticoloa, according to my model.

    So, he may have had a soft spot for his victims, even if he committed atrocities against his enemies, by following orders.

    I think we must spare him and pursue his superiors with the vigour of a rhinocerous.

  13. upul the LTTE terrorist,

    The rightful place of LTTE racist terrorist scum like you are the unmarked graves reserved for faceless terrorists. You neither have nor deserve a place in the civilized world. You are mere nothing. Please act knowing where LTTE terrorist low life scum like you are destined to be at.

  14. well upul the terrorist,

    By looking at the garbage poring out of you foul mouth, I can say that you are a perfect fit in the LTTE terrorists. Therefore, you shall know where you are destined. Once again, act knowing your position in the civilized world, i.e. refuse.

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  17. lkdood,
    "apparently slaf has only two mig-27fighter jet in working order now, after today's crash. One other mig-27 has been in a state of disrepair for some. the Kfir are collecting spider webs after israel refused to provides spares and repair material"

    Do not lie lkdood,
    My bro is from 5-SQD and i know everything,
    I can only say you are a big liar.

  18. sam the man,

    save your breath mate.

    there is no point whatsoever arguing with these LTTE CRAP. they come in different shapes, names and handles.

    one thing is common to them all. they are all MFs.


    1. bcos, LTTE has killed generations in the war. by sending child soldiers to war, they have extinct their own race. this makes them canibals.

    2. i calculated and showed in a previous post that population growth in LTTE controlled areas is NEGATIVE now.

    3. LTTE calls this war a 'genocidal' war.

    4. now they PRETTY BADLY need more cadres and they have resorted to OTHER acts of barbarianism (anyway they were barbarians all along) to increase their population.

    5. hitler used polish women to produce more german children. vezapillai don't have such conveniences. so he uses what is available. this strategy has made LTTE supporters MFs!!!!!

    6. LTTE has taken its own kind many years backward. no one can challenge this reality.

    so please don't reply to them.

    they only vent out their frustrations here and beg us TAMILL ELAM. when we don't give it, they verbally abuse us. still they won't get it.

  19. bhathiya,

    agree with you on MiGs. and appreciate that you quite correctly didn't reveal any info, mate!

    but lkdood is not a big liar. he is a good guy here. only in this instance he, well......., lied.

  20. Suddenly the pace of SLA movement went in Wanni from 100 mph fast ball to knuckle ball. The LTTE sluggers are getting ready for biggies, most probably, you will see home runs in the Manalaru front.

    Meantime what happened to the filth talking Assithiri who was encouraged by early news of no Canadian Pongu Tamil event, now he would have disappointed from the yesterday's event? Once he is on board, he will spurt his filth orgasms and his followers will lick it from his arse.

  21. Daily Mirror Monday July 7


    By S.L.Gunasekara

    Major General [Retired] Janaka Perera, it has been announced, is to be the candidate of the UNP for the post of Chief Minister of the North Central Province at the forthcoming elections for the Provincial Council for that Province.

    In nominating Janaka Perera the UNP has departed from the practice common to all parties of nominating some political `hanger on’/stooge of no quality, with no achievement or record of service to the People to his name. This has been the tragic history of politics in our land.

    Whether one likes Janaka Perera or the UNP or not, there can be no doubt in any person’s mind of Janaka Perera’s tremendous record of achievements and service to the country. So great are they that even the dictates of modesty do not restrain Janaka Perera himself from extolling them. The question that does rightly trouble one is how genuine is the UNP in so nominating him ? Has the UNP after an unusually long slumber, finally realized Janaka Perera’s enormous worth ? Or as I believe is the UNP, after an unprecedented string of defeats, seeking to use Janaka Perera to gain a victory at the polls and thereafter discard him? How is it, that if the UNP genuinely appreciated Janaka Perera’s achievements and worth, it did not even consult him before entering into the disastrous Ceasefire Agreement with the LTTE; or appoint him as Secretary Defence or Chief of Defence Staff when it formed a Government in 2002?

    From the several interviews given by Janaka Perera to the media, it is evident that he:- believes that the LTTE must be eliminated militarily in order to restore peace; believes and/or has been made to believe by the UNP that he would be its `Defence Spokesman”; and c) believes and/or has been made to believe by the UNP that he would be placed in charge of Defence and Security in any future government headed by the UNP.

    The UNP however, has not committed itself to any of these matters. It therefore behoves the UNP to officially announce, in the interests of transparency in which Janaka Perera affirms he believes:- whether it is committed to the elimination of the LTTE militarily to restore peace; and, whether it is committed to making Janaka Perera, who is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable about Defence related matters among all member of the UNP, its Defence Spokesman and thereafter placing him in charge of Defence and Security in the event o it forming a government either by itself or in coalition with others

    This is not all. Janaka Perera is not only justly proud of his achievements in stabilizing, developing and rehabilitating the villages in the Weli Oya sector, the residents whereof are entirely Sinhalese, but deeply conscious of the strategic importance of that sector and the need to maintain, develop and strengthen it. As a Patriot, an Officer and a Gentleman Janaka Perera would be the first to acknowledge the debt owed by the Nation to the countless number of patriots among the troops and residents of the area who sacrificed life and limb to stabilize, develop and rehabilitate those villages; and that it would be an unthinkable act of unadulterated treachery to dismantle a single village or evict a single resident from any of those villages.

    The very existence of the villages of Weli Oya are, however, anathema to the LTTE and to its lackeys, the chief of which is the TNA, namely, an officially unacknowledged political ally of the UNP with which it has been co-habiting for several years. What is the policy of the UNP in respect of Weli Oya ?? Will it give an official solemn undertaking to the Nation that it is in agreement with Janaka Perera’s views on the matter; that it will maintain, develop and strengthen those villages; and will not, under any circumstances, dismantle a single village or evict a single resident from any of those villages?

    If the UNP cannot commit itself to the above matters, it must follow as the night follows the day that it merely wants to use Janaka Perera to gain an electoral victory and then discard him. In such event, can Janaka Perera, as a Patriot, an Officer and a Gentleman remain within its fold as Chief Ministerial Candidate or otherwise?

    There are other matters that deserve the attention of Janaka Perera which he, not being a `common’ political `carpetbagger’ must disclose to the Nation as a Gentleman Among them are the following:- Janaka Perera has expressed the view that Karuna and Pillaiyan must be charged with the murders of the Policemen in the East on the 11th June 1990. While there can be no question about the involvement of the former in that horrendous crime, the question of whether Pillaiyan, having regard to his age, was involved is in doubt. However, if there is evidence of his involvement, nobody could disagree with that view. The moot point to which Janaka Perera must, perforce respond, however, is whether he agrees that the cabinet of the then UNP Government [which included UNP leaderRanil Wickremesinghe] which was responsible for betraying those 600 odd Policemen by refraining from going to their aid, and refraining from giving them air or artillery support despite their repeatedly pleading for it when under attack by the LTTE; and finally ordering them to lay down arms and surrender to the LTTE, should not stand in the dock alongside Karuna and Pillaiyan on charges of the abetment of mass murder ?

    The UNP has expressed the view that it supports the `merger’ of the Northern and Eastern Provinces which would necessarily result in the Tamil Population of the near mono-ethnic North `swamping’ the multi-ethnic population of the East and converting the Moors and the Sinhalese who together constitute the majority in the East to a politically insignificant minority therein. Does Janaka Perera agree to the gerrymandering of the electorate by merging the North and the East so as to deprive the Moors and the Sinhalese of their `voice’ in the management of their own affairs in the Eastern Province and vesting that `voice’ principally in the Tamils of the North? One officially acknowledged political `mistress’ of the UNP, namely, the SLMC , demands the creation of a separate autonomous `Muslim Unit’ within a merged North-East Province. The UNP has made some `noises’ expressing agreement with this demand and never rejected it. What are Janaka Perera’s views on the matter?

    Janaka Perera is no `ordinary’ candidate. He comes forward in these polls with a record of achievement and service to the Nation that no candidate of whatever political colouration has come with in contemporary times. He stands high in the esteem of the People. The responsibilities cast upon his broad shoulders are therefore all the greater. He must do something that no politician has done in contemporary times, namely, `level with the People’. Despite his undoubted achievements and service to the Country, and the esteem in which he is held by the People, Janaka Perera is not exempt from the fact that a person is judged by the company he keeps.

  22. "Do not lie lkdood,
    My bro is from 5-SQD and i know everything,
    I can only say you are a big liar."

    Nope he wasn't lying. He was just quoting a comment made by an LTTE shit (crimewatch? from the earlier thread I guess) without quotation marks.

  23. lkdood,
    Sorry I misread your massage.

    Dear Bhairav and all LTTE supporters,
    Please practice to use a pleasant language when you are posting something here,
    As I know this blog is dedicated to discuss about Sri Lankan forces and matters, we are not enemies personally. But in the battle you (LTTE) ppl are enimies, so we try our best to kill you and you are doing the same,
    So why don't you ppl leave us and create an own blog and discuss what ever you want,then this will be a much pleasant place for us.
    I'm not gonna write more than this coz, it's wasting my time.

    Thank You,

  24. "apparently slaf has only two mig-27fighter jet in working order now, after today's crash. One other mig-27 has been in a state of disrepair for some. the Kfir are collecting spider webs after israel refused to provides spares and repair material"

    Thats a load of crap. I saw 3 migs taking off while I was in the departure lounge at the airport last week and a whole load more on the parking apron. They don't bring them out of the hangars when they're not in use as sometimes you don't see any at all.

  25. "slaf has only two mig-27fighter jet in working order now, after today's crash. One other mig-27 has been in a state of disrepair for some. the Kfir are collecting spider webs after israel refused to provides spares and repair material"

    That's horsecrap. SLAF has more than 10 supersonic bombers on active duty in 10 and 5 squadrons combined.

  26. Defencenet,

    What happen to the MIG 29 deal. Is it worth to get those after the war is finished??

  27. Defencenet said,

    That's horsecrap. SLAF has more than 10 supersonic bombers on active duty in 10 and 5 squadrons combined.

    Well said, defencenet! Well said.

    I don't understand why some of our folks love to embrace gloom at the slightest opportunity. This is the same damn thing played up by some of our media:

    Karuna changes strips again

    Karuna spills beans

    We have two MIG's and one of them skidded off leaving one in active service

    Economy is heading for a crash while forecasting a 6.4% growth

    Did this gloom-embrace cause by a germ, spread by an NGO ? I don't know. However, I do know that is already in our national psyche. It is truly pathetic.

    By the way, the Pongu Tamil events in Canada and other countries reflect what I have been saying about our diplomatic folks; useless men and women without backbone and vision.

    I think the whole diplomatic core must be brutallay politicised, while kicking out their so-called qualifications - degrees, Masters, foreign language certificates, IQ.

    Appoint politcal folks and at least they will hire competent folks to do the stuff that they can't do, that include speaking in English in a smart way, to win an audience, not to put them into a slumber.

  28. tangara,

    Thanks, point taken.

  29. qrious,

    it is disappointing that a spate of ponnaku thamiz have taken place recently. but there is little SLs can do. an outright ban on PTs is not possible which violates FRs of a section of these countries citizens.

    there is no NECESSARY link between PT and material support/financing terrorism ALWAYS. so some PTs can be blocked but not all.

    had the misfortune of meeting one PT organiser (there are ALOT for each PT) sometime back. he seemed to be possessed!! also the organisers have a cut and that motivates them. there are lawyers backing them and they know what to avoid.

    there are some preparations to hold rallies, photo exhibitions, stage plays, video clips, religious events around the world on black july day and many ppl (including I) have personally informed police about it. but there is very little police can do to completely stop them.

    re: diplomats.

    diplomats should be genuine patriots with other requirements (language skills) from any political background.

    however there is another danger. diplomats should not be seen as anti-"tamil" by their hosts. unfortunately "tamil" doesn't mean "tamil" in these countries if you know what i mean. since ALL active tamil groups are pro-LTTE, ppl of these countries identify tamil with them.

    for example trying to stop black july crap by diplomats got to be done very carefully. for foreigners "tamil" slogans and SL slogans are of equal relevance.

    hav tried to get anti-LTTE tamils together with the help of some tamil friends. but it has not worked.

  30. hi all,
    don't take notice on what lkdood says ,they lies becuase they can't appreciate anymore thier(LTTE) defeat.Well Done SL defence forces!!!!

  31. An explosion took place at a shop in front of Pasyala Maha Vidyala.

    Any updates??

  32. An accidental explosion inside a fridge repair centre in Pasyala kills one person while three people injured-MCNS

  33. With the bravehearts of SLDF knocking on their door Poddu has just about managed to force a smile for the birdie, VP seems to be soooo worried.

    What happenned to Mr Vezapizza (Photogenic)Prabaharan's smiley face? Lament not! Go back to your bunker and play your new Anuradhapuram album and do a little jig. You'll feel a lot better (for a wee while at least).

    Way to go SLDF!

    Come on, give us a smile Mr VP!


  34. "don't take notice on what lkdood says ,they lies becuase they can't appreciate anymore thier(LTTE) defeat."

    lkdood's username was impersonated by someone who wanted to show off their e-penis. Anyway we deleted those comments so you are probably talking about some other comment by him.

  35. Gas cylinder explosion in Pasyala
    A gas cylinder explosion took place in Pasyala, Gampaha moments ago. Police confirmed that two people were killed and two more injured from the explosion that took place at a repair shop.

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  37. Eelam, the land of farces and pariahdom

  38. pooof! There it goes in to thin air

  39. Real names of historical Tamiz Eezzam (before subhuman Sinhaloids, Encyclopaedia Britannica and other anti Eezzam Tamizphobes changed their names and deconstructed history).

    Yazpanam, Anuradhapuram, Sri Jayawardenapuram, Senkadagazam, Ruhunam, Mayam, Nuwaraeziyam, Rajaratam, Ethugazpuram, Yapahuvam, Sigiriyam, Nugegodam, Kohuwazam, Dehiwezam, Pasyazam, Eezzam, Cozombomb!

  40. LkDood,
    I dont get it.two days ago Commander Karuna rejoined the LTTE? he is saying that there is a conspiracy against him?..what next Commander Karuna and Hon President attend the same barathanatyum dancing class?..whats going on.I am sad to say that i am one of those gullible people who swallow all the horseshit printed in the press.According to my close confidant the chinese have decided to invade SLanka.

  41. The SLAF has lost all its planes in a freak accident.The air force commander said that their new strategy was to attack the LTTE in trishaws all guns blazing-According to my canadian sources who work in a "presigious" takeout in canada-ontario.

  42. B#1,
    Dont write the LTTE off yet.It will take many years after the war is over if it is ever possible because there are 10,000+ hard core LTTE cadres happily living Canada.The final war will have to be faught "financially" overseas to a "stalemate" the best we can hope for i think.
    In the near future we have to expect a lot of bloodshed..with a division of LTTE suicide bombers ramming everything tht moves and is stationary.If Vp is going to die he would do it in style (to be remembered in history)acording to western and bollywood action films.He does not want to be remembered as the "village idiot" who decimated the tamil population of SLanka.

  43. Are we heading for another police dissaster..?

    "Sri Lanka’s newly-appointed police chief has come up with a novel idea to tackle the rising crime rate.

    Inspector General Jayantha Wickremeratne, who assumed duties last week, says camera phones could play a bigger role in crime busting.

    “If someone comes to rape you, use your mobile phone to record it,” he said addressing journalists in Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy yesterday."

  44. since an indian company has been given permission to seek for oil in the mannar maybe ltte naval force around the area will decrease??if the ltte try to attack or do something to the indian company they will not stand back. the indian naval force will block all the arms ships aka the floating armory's or just destroy them.
    but there is a risk that while these things start there might be a chance for VP to escape to India.

    i just got this idea

  45. Our defense forces need to think hard about defending liberated regions from LTTE infiltration to prevent what happens to American Army after the fall of Iraq where many troops die each day of Al-quida behind the back attacks than direct combat related deaths.

    We should all discuss this here.

    My suggestion here is:
    1) More spies in liberated areas.
    2) Better random checks

  46. i agree with wipeltte but the thing with the american army is that they do not have the support of the local people as much as we have. the people in the north are not feared by the SLA but by the ltte only. hence they have a great respect fot the army.(except for the ltte supporters).
    maybe we could hire some men from the tmvp to spy on ltte.but the main problem is that the tmvp spies cannot even find the ltte hidden in the east.
    we should take the eastern ltte suckers out as soon as possible cos they will be a threat in the near future.


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