Monday, July 28, 2008

Plans to recruit more Special Forces

The Sri Lanka Army plans to increase the manpower of it's elite special forces (SF) regiments to 8000. Majority of the new recruits will be drawn from recent and ongoing recruitment campaigns and the rest from existing formations of the army. Currently there are 4 operational Special Forces regiments with around 3000 personnel on active duty.

Meanwhile LTTE casualties from recent fighting in Mallavi are much higher than the initially claimed figures. The army has recovered 38 bodies as well as remains of at least 20 more. However the actual LTTE deaths are exceed 100 according to ground based intelligence sources. The number of LTTE cadres injured is not known. SLA casualties stand at 18 killed and 24 wounded. LTTE's claims of 26 SLA Special Forces units being killed in battle are false. Majority of SLA casualties are from the 57 division.

The army has recovered a haul of weapons during recent fighting in Mallavi region and these include a 120mm mortar launcher and two 81mm mortar launchers.


  1. Thanks Defencenet; the thread is well-timed.

  2. Good news!

    I feel sorry for the hapless LTTE pigs waiting to be slaughtered...

    But feelreally happy for their distant relatives in the West... looking and sounding DUMBFOUNDED.

  3. Good move!

    How about converting existing offensive regiments to at least "SF-Like"?

  4. Look at the 2008 photo from this Tamilnet banner.. Looks like a dead LTTE terrorist who attacked the Anuradhapura Airport base (this photo is very familiar to me)...

    However, it shows how LTTE lies try to hoodwink naive foreigners.

  5. It is said that ltte is to hand over a DPU members body & the tamilnet is connecting it with that claymore attack also saying Recovered near there & also that he wore a ltte uniform etc.

    But they earlier said Under the Presidents Speach that 26 Army Dead & 1 Body Recovered!!!
    So this body must be THAT body. Surely of 57 division...
    Any News of a Missing Soldier?

    I also dont think DPU go along or will leave behind any Fallen Heroes.

    Just Another Propaganda Stunt...

    Any other views?

  6. It's so hilarious even to imagine how on earth a band of ruthless terrorists holed up in a patch of land... find courage to boast that they can beat up a well organized Army, Navy and Air Force... who are equipped with deadly arms and... licensed to kill.

  7. Guys,

    A new search engine is born. It is called Cuil - pronounced cool.

    This is developed by a lass called Anna Paterson, an ex-Google employee, who used to develop Google's massive index - billions of pages.

    So, she has the know-how in abundance and claims her search engine is much more efficient that Google, due to better indexing. Technically speaking, it makes sense. Whether she can challenge the giant is to be seen.

  8. Recent security forces maneuvers were amazing. Definitely, LTTE was caught unprepared.

    Wanni Operation - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 28/07/2008

    click here

  9. Hope some of the new recruits will get a chance to do the Rangers course
    Brother 2 Brother

  10. "Plans to recruit more Special Forces"

    more are needed as many are dead & injured

  11. army offensive repulsed in Paalamoaddai

  12. LTTE to hand over dead body of SLA DPU soldier

    nice catch...hehe

  13. new reports of army going MIA

  14. nothing is going on in the "Real" world


    July 28, 2008 10:45 PM


    stupid dude

    you will see very soon...

  15. [you will see very soon...]

    You are very welcome... but one question.

    Would the scenario be inside trains / buses / fish markets full of civilians or.... in the great battlefield called Wanni... where you can teach some lessons to a bunch of stupid and poor sinhala villege boys?

  16. more news about Tamil gangs in UK


    ztte ekata niyameta alawal kapanda puluvan.

  18. Guys, to those of you who want to believe me you can. I have nothing to gain from exposing info and everything to lose.

    When communicating with the Kannini pirivu, you have to call up 1-4. It's walkie is continuosly manned by atleast 3 woman cadres who are always busy like a big telephone exchange.

    I'm not sure where in the complex the giant water tank is but it is there and was constructed under great expense and secrecy during late ceasefire period.

    Most LTTE cadres eat beef, they are not hindu, but communist and will eat anything even monkeys and pythons.

    Kanini pirivu has bases all over Wanni but the main complex has the walkie codename "1-4" with the number 14.248

    Also in tamil, all carbonated soft drinks are generally called "soda".


  19. India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

    An Indian soldier has been killed by Pakistani troops who crossed the Line of Control dividing the disputed territory of Kashmir. Shots were exchanged after an argument and firing had continued until Monday evening.


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  22. This a very good article (written by Col. Hariharan).

    click here


    numbers of divisions may be wrong, but good maps.

  24. DefenceNet

    Are the captured weapons [1x120MM and 2x81mm] the same ones referred to in your previous article?

  25. Hi Nemesis,

    You have requested me and few others comments on the idea of acquiring 6 OPVs in an earlier post. Honestly, I may not be the right person to ask the question in military perspective. However, here are my comments. Having being an island, Sri Lanka should definitely have strong maritime capabilities. No argument about it.
    If we have 6 OPVs with the necessary equipment and intelligence platforms + consistent policy framework that would prevent arms smuggling, certainly LTTE would have been history long time ago. However, such coverage should be augmented with several layers of barriers and it should include only OPVs, but lesser size intermediate level patrol vessels too. So, I agree with GE's point of having some frigate-class vessels in between down to Fast Attack craft and shallow-water operable Inshore Patrol craft too. So, as the logic goes smaller the size of the craft more of them are required. However, one has to adapt the number depending on the ground situations.

    The biggest issue of building larger naval capabilities is the cost. The costs are astonishing to acquire these systems from the open market. In addition, still being in the virtual third-world having an trade deficit all the time, we have to think twice before acquiring them, and also we have to think what to do when the conflict is over.

    Having a superior Navy buy you nothing much in a peaceful environment (it would be a very expensive affair to operate a large naval fleet to prevent any none-military goods smuggling, other than the drugs -but drug rings can easily be busted locally with lesser costs if the Police really wanted to).

    Under the current financial crunch the GOSL going through, I would like the GOSL to stop wasting money on early Provincial Council Elections and purchase Two Beechcraft and two additional OPVs or at least one OPV and one Frigate Class vessel from that money. Certainly the Colombo Dockyard can build them cheaper.

    Sorry to reply you late mate... Keep up the good work!

  26. noltte=peace

    you're quite right, the ltte is trying to hoodwink NAIVE FOREIGNERS WITH THE PHOTOS

    I don't see the photos as from SL, appears to be from some other country. On the photo on the right which says 2008 -look at the helmets, not the type SLA uses. These are more squarish and more like the german hemlmets. Our soldiers use more roundish helmets.

    The civilian in some khaki uniform certainlyis not s policemen and doesn't match to a local scenario.

    I oooked carefully today at some local MP's 'cause of a hunch I had - the arm band with MP doesn't seem to match either.

    the purpoted photo marked 1983 doesn't seem to be SL either - the helmet again..

    I keep using the word seem because I'm not certain and these are hunches.

    Thambala, Moshe what say you?

    look at the photo on tamilnut

    this is a photo in a placard at a sydney pro ltte demo.

  27. Minorities - appeasement VS address

    Minorities are everwhere. Some become minorities by birth on the grounds of race or religion or both. Some can become a minority by choice too.

    For instance, when I am on holiday in Sri Lanka, I become a minority by choice - refuse to hurl a stone at stray dogs who are after me for some food. Majority hurl stones at them, yet love to be branded as compassionate.

    When I was a little kid, I had the taste of both incentive and on very rare occassions bribe too.

    My parents, for instance, would say, "Get the top marks for mathematics in the class and you will get such and such," which is an incentive. So, I would seriously put my mind into the task to earn it.

    In my early teens, I was once offered a bribe. In retrospect, I think it was far too early to be bribed. I happened to be in an up-county bungalow with a couple whom I used to call auntie and uncle because of their close friendhip with my parents.

    The aunt offered me a bribe during my stay with her. She wanted me to spy on uncle: "Son, listen to what uncle is talking on the phone, when I am away and tell me; you would get a beautiful mountain bike to ride across the estate," said her, of course, in the absence of my uncle; so, I just did that and spied on him to tell the aunt later.

    The conversation did take place on the phone as anticipated between the uncle and the mystery caller at the other end; I was too young to interpret that strange language at that time. It was puncutated, however, with these: shooh's, shaah's, aahhh's, mhhh's, hohooho's in addition to some colourful language, amplified by giggles and moan at both ends.

    This is the first time I realized that there are guardian angels who kept an eye on me to rescue me from potential disaster; I had the presence of mind: I decided not to tell aunt what a heard; I told her a well-fabricated lie instead, in such a way that she believed my story, potraying uncle as a reliable husband. She was so convinced that I got my bike.

    In contemporary politics, my naughty aunt represents the UNP and the bike represents what it offers to the minorities - the unpalatable carrot in the long run. Since mid-eighties, it has been bribing our minorities, but to no avail.

    I am a great admirer of late Mr J R Jayawardena - not vindictive, cool, great sense of humour, brilliant orator when he spoke in English, simple, no taste for excesses.

    However, with regard to the issue of minorities, especially Tamils, he not only did mess the whole thing up but handed down that gift in exact form to his nephew, the present incumbent - Ranil.

    Late JRJ - quite foolishly - thought he can be in the good books of India by giving late Thondaman a stange political lease of life to do what he liked. Thondaman, who used to jog in Torrington square while his security people ran circles in jeeps following him, was in the sole business of provoking the majority and JRJ just put up with it as if it didn't exit. Of course, Thondaman became a political irrelavane later in his life, that is a different matter.

    The sad saga, however didn't end there. JRJ was so scared of J N Dixit, the late Indian High Commissoner for Sri Lanka, that he would bend the rules to make the man happy. In addition to that, some of his policies were dictated by affluent Tamils in the so-called Colombo high class at the expense of commonsense.

    When we look back on that era, it is blindingly obvious that none of them worked and some of them even backfired. Indian media, for instance, had been less than flattery for JRJ, by calling him The Old Fox; he didn't win admiration of the minorities either.

    It didn't end there. We were diplomatically impotent: no one would sell us arms; India dropped dhal in Jaffna; they forced us to sign documents; they sent in their army. The blunders were too many when the UNP was in power.

    His nephew, Ranil, is in the same sinking boat, doing the same damn thing - appeasement. Even Prabhakaran has been reported to have said that Ranil was cunning and he reciprocrated in kind at the last presidential election.

    Mano Ganeshan, who is the champion of urban affluent Tamils is a political darling of Ranil. This rascal is no better than late Maheshwarn who earned the nickname - keorsene Maheshwaran - for selling kerosene to poor Tamil peasants in Coke bottles, while appearing to be their saviour.

    When did they last talk about Tamil pesants who sleep under trees while being caught in the conflict? May be they are not too smart - scantily clad; full of dust; cooking by the main roads - to be caught by his moral camera.

    As long as the UNP scan the ethnic issue using telescopes like Mano Ganeshan, they will see the flip side. Dancing to his tune or that of the likes is, bribing the minorities, not addressing their genuine concers, that are many.

    A strong leader needs the drive to go straight into the centre of minorities to catch a glimpse of the grivances without relying on individuals who have their own agenda - image making.

    I hope circumstances would force this party to distinguish between the appeasement and address when it comes to a national issue.

  28. Qrious,

    What are the other Languages you can read, write and speak apart from English??

  29. Is the SLAF following the ceasefire offered by subhuman LTTE????

    We have not seen any action lately, I am sure the other troops need their support very much at this critical Juncture.

    Anyone has news??

  30. are the operations toned down for SAARC? or is there a kind of a blackout in military news till its over??? Anyone knows!!!

  31. 2 Tamil youths abducted in Kotahena

    Two Tamil youths, who returned from Qatar in Middle East and had been staying in a lodge along Vivekananda Hill in Kotahena to go again for employment abroad, were abducted by a group of armed persons ....while 30000 security personals guarding colombo and the surroundings .....

    Security personals might be washing the Nankilage dirty panties during the abduction

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  33. Shyam,

    They might have any relationship with LTTE. If they don't have any connection with LTTE, they will be return within 5 days after questioned. Don't worry.

  34. Qrious-
    I like to see your openion about below please ...

    When I was a little kid, I had the taste of both incentive and on very rare occassions bribe too.

    My parents, for instance, would say, "Get the top marks for mathematics in the class and you will get such and such," which is an incentive. So, I would seriously put my mind into the task to earn it.

    Look at the above scenario, apply that to the salary you get from current work place, do you see that also as a bribe too?

  35. riyaz,

    no real SLAF action for the past 5 days!!

  36. India is behind all, if there is any limitation of the current operations. Why do we need to listen to India??

    Are they afraid if SLAF will bomb where their VVIPs are stay in?? :)

  37. SLAF non action is really of very much concern as we know when the birds fly the rabbits soon vanish inside the holes.

  38. B#1 asked,


    What are the other Languages you can read, write and speak apart from English?

    Singhalese of course and Latin. My wish list consists of Tamil and Hindi.

    Thanks mate.

    perein asked,

    Look at the above scenario, apply that to the salary you get from current work place, do you see that also as a bribe too?

    No, mate it is what I deserve; neither bribe nor incentive. But we have verygenerous incentives, based on performance. That is not bribery.

    However, if a woman boss unlock a button of her blouse, when it is not too hot in the office, that has the potential to evolve into a bribe!!

    That's the difference. Thanks mate.

    ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

  39. Guys,
    Check this out...
    (A picture is there of some LTTE girl child soldiers)

    TIGER TERRORISTS, in disarray in the face of mounting pressure, now being directed by advancing troops through different fronts in the WANNI theatre of operations, appear to have gone berserk with excitement, as they were fast losing credibility and popularity among the very people whom they claim to represent in KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU districts.

    The latest move by so-called Tiger “liberators” has forced householders who have returned to Tiger dominated areas in KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU areas on different grounds after 2006 to join their terror outfit for a limited period or face consequences. This inhuman PRABHAKARAN’s diktat, spread to JAYAPURAM and KILINOCHCHI areas has reportedly infused fear-psychosis in young people, prompting many husbands and others to creep into jungles to avoid forcible LTTE conscription.

    More interestingly, PULENDRAN, a Tamil civilian, said to be a close relative of a Tiger terrorist who had died recently in MANNAR stirred up trouble in the LTTE cemetery at VISHWAMADU a few days ago when his slain teenager was brought there by LTTE for interment. Grief-stricken PULENDRAN, unable to overcome the loss of his cousin-son has gone on assaulting about ten Tiger members present on the occasion for burial after a heated argument developed over the vanity of LTTE’s armed struggle.

    However, PULENDRAN was subsequently surrounded, overpowered and kidnapped to the so-called WATTAPALAI “LTTE Police Station” but that did not end the matter there. As the news on his detention by LTTE broke out, a large gathering of PULENDRAN’s friends and relatives had reportedly stormed the LTTE detention spot and finally secured his release, striking a major blow to terrorist leaders.

    In another episode, members of the LTTE intelligence wing in JAYAPURAM area while grilling a thirty-year old young man over a certain matter had to meet with their Waterloo when the youth in question unexpectedly grabbed a weapon belonging to one of those LTTE interrogators and shot three of them dead on the spot at pointblank range. The young assassin, well aware of inhuman LTTE consequences, has however committed suicide swiftly using the same weapon, according to reports that reached the Security Forces.

    In the same manner, information reaching Security Forces said that Tiger leaders in VELLANKULAM, MANNAR district have begun to dispose corpses of their dead LTTE cadres even without informing even their family-members, next of kin or parents.

    So-called “LTTE Maha Veerar” families in the meantime are now faced with a dilemma. It was also reported that Tiger leaders have now begun to send only a mere Rs 5000/- plus a passport-size photo of the dead LTTE member to the deceased’s relatives immediately after death. Again after a month, it is said, Tigers prepare a larger photo of the dead cadre for public display and dispatch it to the deceased’s parents/next of kin along with an additional sum of Rs 5000/-, it has been revealed.

    One more episode speaks louder. Back in March this year, ten so-called “LTTE Policemen” have gone to JAYAPURAM area in KILINOCHCHI in order to nab an LTTE deserter, but the absconding deserter with his LTTE weapon on seeing the approach of LTTE members has gone on firing at them killing three “LTTE Policemen” on the spot. As other LTTE men tried to nab him alive, the LTTE deserter has promptly taken his own life using the same weapon.

    Those episodes clearly depict fast simmering outrage of the public in Tiger-held areas and also desperate and sordid developments unfolding in the LTTE hierarchy and its fight for survival as their days are getting numbered.

  40. qrious

    mate how would the scenario change if it was a woman collegaue or a subordinate...

  41. Now this is going to increase traffic to this blog...

  42. Qrious-
    Simply ... Thank you mate.


  44. Guys,

    In case of recovery of Child solder's body, what should be the procedure SLDF should follow??

    01.Buried them secretly

    02.Show them to Media with their images.

  45. Qrious-
    Since it's the SAARC week and we all keeping away from possible attacks .....

    Seen the Cuil "Cool" yesterday morning. Have tried just before you have posted the details in blog (Thanks to bbc).
    However I do find it's still very slow compared to Google.
    May be there are teething issues as well as more servers in local locations could possibly help!!!

    My personal opinion is to make something to beat google will take much longer than the time has taken to beat Windows (Not sure still Linux has taken over the Windows!!).

    Google is not simply a search eng. Now it has other components like Calendar, igoogle, chat etc. Whole portal system is a cracker inc. google finance technology.
    While Virgin is getting ready to take the people to out of space, Cuil vs Google should take all of us to improved version of Web.
    Competition is good. It's there to get the best out of people.

  46. Moshe Dyan and Riyaz: Agree with you on SLAF non action. Its gone all quiet on the western front. Nothing on apart from the usual "Wanni Liberation Continues" article that was posted yesterday, and also nothing on Tamilnut apart from their repititive "SLA offensive thwrated". Are we observing a stealth ceasefire during SAARC? I smell a rat, and that rat smells of India!

  47. B#1 said...

    "They might have any relationship with LTTE. If they don't have any connection with LTTE, they will be return within 5 days after questioned. Don't worry."

    If then why don't you use the police or the crime forces legally ..if you have doubt then arrest them with the Uniformed guys with their Police vehicles not with White Vans ... Isn't their any rule in srilanka like Anti terrorism Act...

    Ok now you have agree with the the Srilankan forces is related with the Abductions .. what about the money the forces get as ransom is this all about for money ....?

  48. Looks like the navy has deployed the SBS or some other 'special' unit around the parliament. I saw some zodiac type boats in the 'diyawanna oya' today. A lot of motor boats are also there. Security around the place seems to be really tightened for the SAARC

  49. got to know that the LTTE has attacked the muhamalai FDL.

    DN do you have any info about this???

  50. Shyam,

    "Ok now you have agree with the the Srilankan forces is related with the Abductions .. what about the money the forces get as ransom is this all about for money ....?"

    B#1 is not the army commander. He doesn't know anymore than you (or any of us) do about these so called 'white vans'. You think the army tells us what they do and don't do? They don't tell us "hey machan we're going to kidnap shyam tonight. how much do you think we should ask for him?" How the hell can we know if the SLA is connected to anything like you say, even if there is such a thing? But if you really want to know what happens to the money, I guess they use it buy 'gal arakku'...

  51. Moshe Dyan said...

    no real SLAF action for the past 5 days!!

    this what i mention in ma earlier postings ... as i know Indian radars are watching the whole Island now .... why is need of the Indian forces even thought the LTTE announce a cease fire agreement ...?

    Indian forces are know that the LTTE won't do anything to Disturb the SAARC while they looking for the good name of the IC and they not here to just provide security to the SAARC ; they are just here to show they are the BOSS and Srilanka is under their command and control .they just saying this message to the PAKISTAN & CHINA... Its the reason for the Pakistani's president isn't participating SAARC and the Blasts in India and clashes is India Pakistani FDLS.....

  52. tharanga,

    "I smell a rat"

    me too.

    the biggest problem of SLAF not doing rounds is that it allows LTTE to do whatever thay want in mulaitivu, killi, etc. these areas can be attacked only by air as it is now.

    TN reports UAV and jet activity over killinochchi but there has not been any attack!!! mystery deepens.

    most likely they wanted to make their presence know to tigers and drive fear into them. a psy op. and they stopped at that.

  53. chamal said...

    i think u don't have any idea ..can a single person abduct anyone and go through check points ..specially this kind of situation like 30000 SLPF guarding Colombo ....

    i think B#1 should know something better than you ... i can judge them by the comments he postings ....

  54. virus

    yes that's true. LTTE has broken its own unilateral ceasefire and is attacking the Muhamali defences with Artillery

    Tv channels are just breaking the news

  55. shyam,

    "they not here to just provide security to the SAARC"

    a little truth in what you say.
    suppose LTTE attacks the SAARC meeting, etc. what can those ships do???

    nothing at all

    somewhere it reported that 6 indian warships are now in close proximity to SL.

    OTOH if STs attack some place in SL coastline. so what for the indian PM? he is not affected anyway, isn't it?

    this is a show of force to china and pakistan among other things. IF SO that is not good for SL. suppose SL wins the war. then what? than india cannot come to SL cos there is no reason to do so!! (IF the above is true) it makes sense for the indians to see that the war is continuing.

  56. "somewhere it reported that 6 indian warships are now in close proximity to SL. "

    sorry. its 3.

  57. Shyam,

    You must understand that Ealam War IV is not like the previous wars. "Pothe hatiyata wada karanna giyoth hamadhamath anaa gannai wenne."

    And you should not forget that SLDF are fighting with the Terrorists.

    Its not a secret that most of the INGOs, foreign countries & foreign/local medias supporting LTTE due to various reasons.

    So.. we should solve our problem the way we want.

    You are still dreaming that LTTE will recapture the land. Sorry my dear friend, you cannot copy and paste history this time.

    Ealam War IV is strange than others. Winners are true patriots. Come and join with us and rebuild Sri Lanka.

  58. shan said..

    yes that's true. LTTE has broken its own unilateral ceasefire and is attacking the Muhamali defences with Artillery

    Tv channels are just breaking the news

    July 29, 2008 5:52 PM


    "..if the occupying Sinhala forces, disrespecting our goodwill gesture of our people and our nation, carry out any offensives, our movement will be forced to take defensive actions.."

    sinhala army continues to attack not respecting the goodwill gesture of the tigers

    tigers are taking action

  59. LKDOOD said...
    10 attacks on the FDL

    July 29, 2008 5:55 PM


    more on the way...hehe

  60. This is all I could find on the Muhamalai attacks:

    LTTE fire small arms at Muhamalai FDL
    29 Jul 2008 - 10:35
    JAFFNA: The Forward Defence Line in MUHAMALAI was attacked by the LTTE terrorists using small arms around 11.40 a.m. yesterday (28). Troops sustained no damages".

    No more, no less. Anyone has anymore info, which TV stations are reporting?

    Moshe, agree with you mate. Maybe this stealth ceasefire was what our old pal Kuttu termed as the "operation red bird". More like a red herring I'd say. Looks like India has twisted our hands again. Reminiscent of Operation Vadamarachchi sans the bags of dhal and rice (or is that on its way too, keep an eye on the skies!).

  61. Tharanga

    Len is also reporting on the Muhamalai attack

  62. lkdood,

    It's just artillery attacks, not LTTE attacking the FDL to capture it. You should have made it clear, now look what you've done... Poor kuttu got really excited and nearly wet himself thinking the elite LTTE pink tigers have almost retaken Jaffna. Just imagine the disappointment you've caused him...

  63. dailymirror

  64. Chamal, LoL :p

    Kuttu, where are you??

  65. chamal

    yes. its artillery

    kuttu will get exited even if LTTE fires just one bullet


  66. Kuttu, where are you??


    he's in dreamland waiting for red birds


  67. Chamal, please don't be hasty and please don't shoot the messenger. Maybe there is more than meets the eye. However, I don't think its a full scale counter attack like Kuttu imagines it to be. If it was a counter attack then the BBC and its little brother Tamilnut will pounce on the news like Murali and Mendis pouncing on the Indians at the SSC. So far nothing on BBC and Tamilnut apart from the "SLA Operation Repulsed" which plays over and over again like a broken record.

    Actually, I am rather enjoying this as we have just offerred a red herring to Kuttu. Now he is playing jumping jack flash.

  68. stupid dude & b1

    wait for the action to start...hehe

  69. “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

    -Saint Augustine

  70. Saint Augustine also preached about "just war" i.e. war for a good cause. So what the army is conducting is a "just war".

  71. indirect fire at Muhamalai and Kuttu eja******s.

    poor kuttu, qrious offered you a solution, accept it and you are ok.

    news of indirects fire and it's PME and then gets back to he he he and wait and see or more on the way.

    when will all this happen , after the SLA captures killi and mullaitivu?

  72. kuttu said,

    “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

    Qrious said,

    Wisdom, if partial, is much worse than outright ignorance

    Kutty, this is your new Sinhalese mate, Qrious, mate.

  73. Tharanga,

    "Chamal, please don't be hasty and please don't shoot the messenger."

    I wasn't shooting the messenger mate. I was just kidding. And and I wasn't hasty either. It was obviously just an artillery attack, nothing more nothing less...


    "Patience is the companion of wisdom."

    Indeed. Then can you please explain to me why the hell you got all excited and started yapping instead of waiting patiently for the correct news to come through. If you had kept your patience and stopped yourself from typing those 'hehe's until you had at least made sure it actually happened, you wouldn't be so embarrassed now.

  74. kuttu said...
    “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

    -Saint Augustine

    ha ha monkeys have started to talk about,rofl,roflllllllllllaughing!!!! kuttu did you consider about qrious's proposal??

  75. i cant stop myself !!!! please someone help me!! rofl!!

    kuttu that was a great joke !!!!!!!


  76. shan, have all the fun you want now being a keyboard warrior like your filthy bitch asithri, but in times to come you wont be ejaculating but pissing in ur pants when the true strength of the tigers is shown, Do all of you retards think that this is all the tigers have to show after years of preparation? The truth is none of us know their true capacity and that's what scares you modhayas!

  77. Chamal, sorry mate, I didn't know you were joking.

    I saw that youtube LTTE video propoganda on a bunch of tigers "cadres" shooting bushes. The more I watch it, the more I think that this rag tag bunch of morons will be finished off soon by our gallant, well armed and well prepared SLDF. We'd have finished them off in Vadamarchichi if it wasn't for the oily haired Indians. The more I think I about the more I realise that this war was lost by lack of political will and the apathy of the general public. In the past when they attacked the FDLs, the strategy was to withdraw and "readjust" the FDLs, now its attack, attack, attack! Way to go folks!

  78. qrious has just started to haunt Kuttu in his own inimitable way, not long before kuttu breaks the marathon record

  79. The Videos from Muhamalai showing the Arti hits were shown. 2~3 hits were shown while 2 soldiers were said to be injured. Army said 130mm artlery was used & the Attack was said to be from Puneryn.

    Seems We are in to the CEASEFIRE than the LTTE...

  80. The arti. rounds fired by the LTTe is in self defence, this was initiated by the army who fired a volley of MBRL's yesterday.

  81. அந்தக்காலத்தில் நடைபெற்ற 'ஓயாத அலைகள் மூன்று' சிங்களப் படைகளை வட்டக்கச்சிக்கு அருகிலிருந்து ஒமந்தைக்கு விரட்டியது. மறுபக்கம், பரந்தனிலிருந்த படையினர் முகமாலைக்கு விரட்டப்பட்டனர்.

    அன்று வன்னிக்குள் ஆழக்கால் பதித்த படையினர் காட்டிய முன்நகர்வுடன் ஒப்பிடுகையில், அதில் 50 வீதத்தைக்கூட இன்று சிறிலங்கா இராணுவம் எட்டவில்லை.

    விடுதலைப் போராட்டங்களில் பின்னடைவுகள், கள இழப்புக்கள் என்பன ஏற்பட்டுக்கொண்டுதான் இருக்கும்.

    சீனத்தலைவர் மா சேதுங் புரட்சிகால கட்டங்களில் போர்க்களங்களில் 6,000 கிலோமீற்றர் தூரம்வரை பின்வாங்கிச்சென்றார். பின்னர் வென்றார்.

  82. word is out

    sinhala army is going to move from Jaffna

  83. Army is just lying as the LTTE fires arti to to describe the LTTE won't come for the Peace talks and just to make the people forget about the continues MBRls and atri attack on LTTE's FDL's....

    We never violate the Cease fire agreement ...

    Why don't the SLPA didn't neutralize the LTTe guns by the newly purchased Fire finders ....

  84. SLA fires artillery, MBRL from Northern Front
    [Monday July 28 2008 09:26:29 PM GMT]

    A barrage of heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) fire from the Northern Front was launched by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Sunday and Monday into Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) controlled territory in Iyakkachchi, Pazhai and Vadamaraadchi East villages despite no provocation from the LTTE side, sources in Kilinochchi said.

    The artillery attack from Mukamaalai was launched by the SLA from 10:00 p.m. till 11:20 p.m. Sunday. The attack resumed again at 6:20 p.m. Monday.

    Meanwhile, two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Kfir bombers flew over Kilinochchi around for fifteen minutes from 1:10 p.m., and surveillance aircrafts were observed from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    The LTTE is observing a unilateral ceasefire during the period of SAARC summit in Colombo.

    May be a reply frmo LTZE that they are on allert.

    any way guys its a good opertunity to attaack EPS and muhamalai during tiny ceasefire yar?

  85. sinhala army move on EP is imminent

  86. thiru

    what you said could have been said in a much nicer way,i wasn't nasty and neither did i call names. there are a lot of gentlemen on this blog and many more are welcome. those who are not are also welcome to try as hard as possible to be gentlemenaly. If one cannot there's no help here either.

    yep, you are right no one actually knows the ltte's capacity, this has been said and accepted many a time.

    in response to you saying

    "Do all of you ***** think that this is all the tigers have to show after years of preparation"

    why words only and no action, whatever action has been countered very well and would be the same in the future as wel.

    it's sad when one prepares for years and still cannot perform when required - that thiru is called PME

  87. fire finders, fire dragons, fire elephants, fire crows

    sinhala army has magical weapons....hehe

    with a robocop army & magical weapons even god can't defeat the sinhala army......hehe

  88. why words only and no action, whatever action has been countered very well and would be the same in the future as wel.

    my point of view.. its a tric. lets enjoy for the moment

  89. kiya kiya karanne ne, karala kiyanawa.

    eppa waru eppudi warunnu yarykkum theriyadu, warumpodu parkalam..

    bye 4 now

  90. DW has a new post

    have a read & have a laugh


  91. Qrious,
    Cheak what is said by Rev.Rayappu.
    You may begin a interview with him....
    He is saying the PEACE ZONE is a necessary to have the August Festival & many more which will interest you....

  92. shan, in response to ur comment, i didn't come into this blog for nasty comments either, i was provoked by singhala racists in this blog such as Asithri and Sam perera, I enjoy a good debate and good points, if you are not like perera and asitrhi then i admit my mistake in grouping you with them.

  93. Can anyone tell me what type of headgear the LTTE "cadres" are wearing? They don't look like helmets, looks more like balaclavas, also it sort of looks like the headgear worn by tank operators. They all seem to wear this type of headgear only. I haven't seen a single one wear a conventional helmet. You can spot a tiger "cadre" from a mile by the headgear and the slippers.

  94. tharanga,
    Though that looks like Tank operators Head gear, thay are made from materials like "Goni".
    Just for camouflage purpose.

  95. Colombo snaps outside communication with Vanni

    Sri Lankan Telecommunication Department has cut off the telephone numbers with +9421228 format (Ki'linochchi lines) for the last few days, disabling the only available mode of communication to the outside world from Vanni at a time when more than 100,000 civilians have displaced in Ki'inochchi and Mullaiththeevu districts due to the Sri Lanka Army offensive. Fundamental services such as hospitals, civil services and media dependent on telephone communication have been severely affected, according to civil sources in Ki'linochchi.

    Around 500 lines were operating in Ki'linochchi, covering hospitals, government offices, NGOs, local organisations and other agencies serving civilians.

    The Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari division, S. Vimalakumar, who was slain last Friday in a Claymore attack allegedly carried out by a Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit, was carrying documents that were to be faxed from Vavuniyaa as telecommunication facilities were cut off, government officials in Ki'inochchi said.

    Financial transactions in the branches of the banks have been paralyzed.

    Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless phones and cellular telephone services have been disrupted also in Mannaar, Vavuniyaa and Jaffna districts.

  96. Why does the LTTE held areas need any government controlled services like telecommunications? Don't they have their own public services like Eelam Police, Eelam Courts, Eelam Bank etc. in their "de-facto" state? By admitting to the legitamacy of the government controlled services, the LTTE is admitting their illegitamacy. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that provides enemy combatants with food, medicine and public services.

  97. Kuttu,
    Why Depend on Sri Lankan Telecommunication Department ??
    Use the Tamil Eelam Department of Telecommunication.
    Well What does that Dreamy Departments head/Media spokes person says?

  98. thiru

    i don't see any sinhala racists on this blog. asithri and sam do their part in their own way and i have never read racist remarks by them, the language they use is quite tough and i don't like it either, but they certainly are not racists.

    the rascists are the likes of you kuttu and shyam

    let me make one thing clear, i don't want to take this discussion any further. i don't discuss anything with racists and people who make and have made racial remarks, this and my previous post were to make a point and certianly not to start a discussion.

  99. Tharanga-
    Spot on mate.
    Funny LTTE is missing Sri Lankan infrastructure while talking about so-called independent country.

  100. Yes, and when they miss the infrastructure, they start complaining. I guess the diasspora money is not going to fund essential services (we all know where it is going). We didn't start the war, if they stop fighting and surrender, they will have all the public services! And adding to that, when they withdraw they take the civilian population with them to LTTE controlled areas and then complain that they are facing hardships as "IDPs". We didn't displace them, they did! Had they stayed back they can enjoy the benefits of public services.

  101. The Videos from Muhamalai showing the Arti hits were shown.

    SU do you have a link to these thanks.

  102. Finally we are becoming serious about this war by cutting communications. This is a war against terrorism and the fixed line and mobile telephones in the Vanni are being used for terrorist purposes.

    It is also time for SLAF to target LTTE military power stations. Its a valid C3I target as LTTE terrorists have targeted transformers in the South. Will make use of our infrared/night vision systems that much more effective.

  103. jack,
    Saw it on TV.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. sinhalas are too stupid to understand that tigers use satellite phones & radio

  106. //Meanwhile, four of the thirty dead bodies were handed over to the LTTE through the ICRC by the SLA, were not identified as belonging to LTTE fighters, the Tigers said.//

    They don't know who were their fighters!!!

    //If then why don't you use the police or the crime forces legally...if you have doubt then arrest them with the Uniformed guys with their Police vehicles not with White Vans//

    Police get info on a sucide cader is staying in a lodge. Police send come in a jeep, hone twice, knock the door, sucide cader open the door and say hi how are you, police say we have a doubt you are LTTE, please come to police, he take his sucide jacket and get on to the jeep and go to police. Nice.

  107. OneSpirit said...
    Finally we are becoming serious about this war by cutting communications. This is a war against terrorism and the fixed line and mobile telephones in the Vanni are being used for terrorist purposes.

    It is also time for SLAF to target LTTE military power stations. Its a valid C3I target as LTTE terrorists have targeted transformers in the South. Will make use of our infrared/night vision systems that much more effective.

    July 29, 2008 10:40 PM


    be careful what you wish for

    power in the south can be targeted by the tigers

  108. why is that the sinhala air force is not targeting "LTTE military power stations"


  109. Sorry..
    Saw it on TV.

    ah no prob, I misunderstood, thanks.

  110. SLT ... ? SLT is belong to Srilankan Gov...? Dialog is Srilankan ...? Yov guys LTTE holds more than 35%shares on Dialog GSM ..and unfortunately SLt is not belog to Gov of Vedhdha its just private and the people pays the rentals and all

    another thing is Jaffna and Vavuniya are under control of LTTE ... ? These Modaya's Don't understand anything ...

  111. Kuttu- By looking at the comments that you write we all know who's stupid. LTTE is stupid to fight for somthing that they can never ever get. Tamil people
    who believe the Ltte & give money(like you) are
    stupid & dumm, naive to do so.

  112. stf

    we will get there

    don't you worry

  113. SLT ... ? SLT is belong to Srilankan Gov...? Dialog is Srilankan ...? Yov guys LTTE holds more than 35%shares on Dialog GSM ..and unfortunately SLt is not belog to Gov of Vedhdha its just private and the people pays the rentals and all

    Well Then WHY COMPLAINING to Sri Lankan Government?
    So LTTE has cut the lines them selves?
    Just like "My Car, My petrol" isnt it?
    So dear seems No use in holding on to ENEMIES Shares, So What would be the plans to do with this Share holder DISSATISFACTION?

  114. Kuttu,
    Get where?
    Mahvir Tomb Stone?
    "Here Lies the Great MAHAVIR KUTTU, who is NOW in his DREAM Land.... He He He..."

  115. shan, you by supporting those two sons of whores have also shown your true color. "doing their part" that is the biggest bull shit statement i have seen in a long time, shan the time will come soon when ur singhala forces will be chased out of our homeland. Power in the south is a key taget for the ltte, and if vanni lines remain to be disrupted there will definitely be a price to pay after the ceasefire period in retaliation.

  116. btw kutu,
    what's going on with that red thing of yours?

  117. Kuttu
    Even if your telephone system is cut off from the rest of the country, you should be able communicate within your areas of control, unless the trunk links to various hubs within your area is disconnected.
    Perhaps the tigers own part of the mobile phone company but you definitely have a mole or two there because before the jets take off, prior to that the cells in the vicinity of the AP being disabled by dialog on the instructions of the authorities are being communicated to vanni giving them ample time to move away from the intended target. I think since this being informed to the people who run the operations, they may have taken the needful steps.
    Also you may not paying the tariffs due to overseas providers for all the calls you make abroad using our SL gateway i.e. we have being paying for your calls and electricity as well?

  118. Plea to gsol
    Keep those links to V open as it makes our jobs a bit complicated, if you get my drift
    Sats were down,was it knocked out?

  119. tata, wait, be patient, 30 years.

  120. Can we have list of the 35% LTTE shareholders in Dialog please? The white van men would like to see it.

  121. tata said...
    btw kutu,
    what's going on with that red thing of yours?

    July 30, 2008 12:13 AM


    'Red bird' is delayed a little bit due to some developments

    i can't get into more details for obvious reasons

    'Red bird' is significant & its coming

  122. KUTTU-Only in your dreams. you are only a talking LTTE pimp.
    We can talk because we have a home land & we can go back when & where we want & our heroes are making the LTTE
    sh*t them selves.
    Kuttu you only have a homeland may be in your next life depends who you are.

  123. stf said..

    KUTTU-Only in your dreams. you are only a talking LTTE pimp


    we will see

    godspeed Red Bird !

  124. Vellankulam captured !!! ???

  125. Maybe we should take this "Red Bird" thing seriously. This Kuttu might be referring to the LTTE's use of chemical weapons, rumours of their development have been circulating for a while now. Our army I believe does not have counter measures or the equipment to deal with chemical warfare. If the LTTE does use chemical weapons, that will the end of their organisation as even Norway might ban them.

  126. Video of LTTE arti attack on Muhaimalai FDL:

  127. Mohamed
    Lots of ltte money may have being invested in our ventures as they have to launder their vast sums collected from their schemas which may be subjected to scrutiny in the West. Perhaps this money is invested in Colombo, one never knows. I doubt that the gsol is too worried about any foreign money coming to SL.

  128. 17 Tami civilians arrested in Colombo

    Seventeen Tamil civilians including three women were taken in to custody Tuesday in a cordon and search operation conducted in Wellawatte area in Colombo by the police with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA). All of them were natives of north and east provinces and had been working in shops and staying with their relatives, friends and some in lodges in Wellawatte to go abroad, human rights sources said.

    They are now detained in Wellawatte police station and being interrogated as some of them had failed to prove their identity and provide satisfactory reason for their stay in the location, police sources said.

  129. Huge container of chemicals that can be used to develop nerve gas was confiscated few days back by the customs. This container has been imported on false declarations by some Tamils.

    If those chemicals were smuggled into the North or exploded attaching to C4 explosives in crowded areas in the south, it would have been devastating.

    On a separate note, few days back SLDF found small 200g packs C4 explosives with detonators in N'Eliya (

    There could be many such small packs distributed through LTTE terror networks in the South, and LTTE may have been planning to attach Nerve Gas chemical bottles to the C4 explosives and detonate in the South. This would create some havoc.

    In addition, the President is also vulnerable to such attack. Therefore, SLDF vigilances and cracking down the roots is necessary.


  130. Army enters Vellankulam

  131. Have you seen this? Two thangachchis,* one on screen and one off-screen, presenting pro-LTTE news in Sinhala. The off screen maiden has less of an accent than the on screen one. Pukka, I say! Shame they are on the wrong side of the divide.

    Sinhala in Tamil!

    One little item the LTTE TV channel needs to update though....the map of dreamllam in the background needs to be shrunk by at least a factor of ten. At the current rate dreamzam map is shrinking, they would need a separate budget and dedicated staff to adjust the map daily. Under the current economic situation of dreamland they must be cutting costs I am sure - wait another few more days and they can remove the map altogether and save a few $s.

    *word used to point out that the ladies are Tamil by race, not intended to cause offense.

  132. Pakka-Lanka

    thank you for the link

  133. PL,

    is this channel telecast in free tv in SL?

  134. PL
    Thanks for the link.she speaks like a robot,sure she is a real person?

  135. PL/MD

    What happened? It seems now there is no one t listen LTTE (tamil) media. So now they try a new market segment, right? But this seems like another UNP/ mongala/ Lasantha clan job to me.

    Whatever they do thay have to do it now, after one year ezam may be in canada but not in sl.

    (As I know 1 guy went missing in vivnia or weli oya front and probably that's the body of him if he is SLA. DN can confirm this?)

  136. ninja/PL,

    can SLs revceive this channel as any other?

    IF so it is a very dangerous development. imagine al-qaeda running a TV channel in afghanistan!!!

  137. MD

    I don't know what is this chanal or one can see this in TV in SL or in which country one can see that. This can even be some internet clip targeting sinhala veiwers who usualy see 'war situation' by ITN or S'vahini clips. Credibility of some news is low. In claimed DPU body its just some pics they show not video and hospital seens it can be one taken at any time ago.

    When you listen to that it is clear this not 'news' but some propaganda/ some one's (LTTE) veiws, rsther than news.

  138. I am baaaaack!

    Let’s see, who missed humble, OaOA…Mmmmm…found one!


    [shan, have all the fun you want now being a keyboard warrior like your filthy bitch asithri, but in times to come you wont be ejaculating but pissing in ur pants when the true strength of the tigers is shown]

    Thiru…thiru…get a hold of yourself…now now, none of this profanity in this blog…get it? Yes, there are some here who are allergic to it…they have tried to pounce on humble OaOA for being too raunchy…but alas, I don’t see them ganging up on you…wow! I think I pointed this out earlier…in very eloquent terms I must say, but it never hurts to drive in the point home now and then! LMSSAO!!!

    OK, now that the niceties are out of the way, let’s get down to truly OaOA dishouts to LTTE filthy sons-of-whores’s sons, the likes of Thiru the LTTE terrorist- sakkiliya by saying:

    Stinking terrorist sakkiliya…I strongly suggest you should go for an enema…as I think it is high time you expelled my German Sheppard’s "seed-of-life" out of you!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. warm thanks for expressing how you missed me!

  139. [“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” -Saint Augustine]

    "Foolish optimism is the companion of imbecile" – Saint OaO Asithri

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  140. B#1
    [You must understand that Ealam War IV is not like the previous wars. "Pothe hatiyata wada karanna giyoth hamadhamath anaa gannai wenne."]

    Well said mate!

    Yep, we will screw these bastards left, right and centre with deception if necessary…the way they did with us, with all the bogus “peace-talks,” “cessation of hostilities,” “confidence building measures” etc. etc.

    The difference this time is there is a fearless, new clique ruling the neighborhood…soon the cheap but horrific neighborhood thug will be made history! One bastard/bitch must be preserved in tact, as I always say, to put in a large glass vat containing formaldehyde and place in the Museum, so that future generations can see what a “terrorist” looked like.

    Trust OaOA to come up with novel ideas!!!

    OaO Asithri

  141. Welcome back!

    Life is normal, it seems now.


  142. donkey fu**ing, blood drinking worm Asithri

    always pops in here to poop on the blog

    please kill yourself mother fu**er

  143. PakaLanka / Qrious

    Saw earlier posts from you mates giving your own form of vote-of-confidence to yours truly here...

    Apprecite very much...

    What fine gentlemen you are...and yes, sadly there are only a few of us around these days!

    ;)) ;)) ;))

    OaO Asithri

  144. he he Kuttu

    [please kill yourself mother fu**er]

    I almost did yesterday when I “mounted” your mother all night long! Wanna try your grandma today?


    OaO Asithri

  145. [Welcome back!

    Life is normal, it seems now.]

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    Hooooooooooooo!!!! I can't stop laughing!

    You are a riot man!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  146. he he Kuttu

    [sinhala army continues to attack not respecting the goodwill gesture of the tigers]

    "goodwill gestures" from tigers?

    I guess that will happen when a four-legged tiger copulates with a Jaffna goat!

    [tigers are taking action... more on the way...hehe]

    What action…he he Kuttu…are you watch porn flics again?

    :)) :)) :))

    This is too much…I am now in pain from laughing…I better leave soon….

    OaO Asithri

  147. he he Kuttu
    [sinhalas are too stupid to understand…]

    Racist terra-sakkiliya…yes, these sinhalas are too stupid to understand that the only way to treat your racist-terrorist kind is to “white van” you SOW's mercilessly!

    Damn those white vans where are they…now KeheliyaR even said the best way to stop these “white van” incidences is to stop importing white vans from Japan! He replied so when a reporter asked him about it and I loved it! I could have hugged that man!


    OaO Asithri

  148. kuttus have a nervous breakdown when he said "donkey fu**ing, blood drinking worm Asithri

    always pops in here to poop on the blog

    please kill yourself mother fu**er "


    i bet if he had a bra bomb like his friends, he would of pulled the bra strap by now!

  149. kuttu, u dirty dark skinned oily faced animal, you make me laugh!!


    oh man, comedy of the day!

  150. OK...time to go make my donation to the WTM and then do the "hump the mules" dance at the local "pongu thamil" chapter!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    Catch you patriots later...keep up your good postings!

    OaO Asithri

  151. someone tell a white van to find kuttu, better yet, i better give them his address LOL..

  152. sl

    Greets brother...go castrate 'em "with extreme prejudice" as we say in the business!

    :)) :)) :))

    Catch you later bro...


    OaO Asithri

  153. asthiri,

    This is so true. I 100% agree with you when you said "One bastard/bitch must be preserved in tact, as I always say, to put in a large glass vat containing formaldehyde and place in the Museum, so that future generations can see what a “terrorist” looked like."

    LOL!!! All the donation as an entrance fee to see the fat pig in a glass should go to the forces for new houses that will be built for them in kilinochi and other areas.

    I cant wait to see these underground terror bunkers as trourist sites one day! Ill be the first to piss inside one. heheheheh

  154. DefenceNet

    Looks like Charly Anthony's are worm-feed mainly, and the Army probably doesn't even bother with them much anyway.
    But there seemed to be be some concern with the Jeyanthan guys now transited to the East. Aren't these Karuna's own, from some time ago? I thought they were predominantly eastern Tamils and the Army even 'hired' a bunch of them that were previously tortured by the Wanni LTTe to work behind the lines.
    Who, or which brigade would offer the most resistance in the final fight? Have the Tigers withheld any formal and clearly identifiable fighting force held in reserve for Wanni defence? If so, could you provide a description of any such force for the readership please?

  155. Pakka-lanka,

    "Have you seen this? Two thangachchis,* one on screen and one off-screen, presenting pro-LTTE news in Sinhala. The off screen maiden has less of an accent than the on screen one. Pukka, I say! Shame they are on the wrong side of the divide."

    There was a nice non-racist gentleman who commented on the anchor's "Pundeyandi accent." The important thing to note is that while there are plenty of Tamils, even pro-LTTE Tamils who can speak Sinhalese, there aren't many Sinhalese who can speak Tamil and thus really take the information war to the Tigers.

  156. Wijeypala

    You make some astounding assumptions. Most of the military and majority of officers who serve in the N/E do speak tamil. The scene is so much changed from what it was 20 years ago. Today our officers speak all 3 languages, even though their English is generally nothing much to boast about.

  157. I don't speak Tamil, so cannot comment on the fluency levels there.

  158. Parakrama, from another thread:

    "There are many more things in common between ancient invaders and current LTTE. After all, if you've read anything about VP or know him personally, you'll know that he got inspiration from Chola invaders. As Su mentioned, even the idea of Tiger came from Chola invaders. So, there's much more here that both being just Tamil."

    It doesn't make a difference what motivates Prabakaran; the fact is that he bears no resemblance to the ancient Tamil kings. Do you really equate Prabakaran with a Tamil king like Elara who was praised in the Mahavamsa for his sense of justice?????????

    The Tamil kings like Elara and Rajendracholan most resemble the original Sinhala kings (i.e. Vijaya) who invaded Sri Lanka.

    Let's take a look at our friend's response:

    1) Mass attacks/slagughter of Sinhela civilians (including women and children) and drive them from their lands and forcefully occupied them with a view to either capturing the whole of Sri Lanka or forming a racist, “thamileelam” separate state

    2) In frenzied bigotry, attack Sinhela Buddhist sites and plunder, desecrate and even totally obliterate them (like how the Telaban did in frenzied bigotry in Afghanistan)

    3) Kill Buddhist monks (some killed and bodies displayed naked!) as a “lesson to the Sinhelas”

    As I noted earlier, this type of racial/cultural/religious genocide against the Sinhelas must be fought with all our might…and the perpetrators must be caught and “liquidated with extreme prejudice” (like how our bravehearts are doing today!)

    As you can see for yourself, the threat is not to Sri Lanka per se, but specifically to the Sinhalese. In other words, only a threat to the Sinhelas is a real threat to Sri Lanka.

    No mention of the LTTE's massacres against Tamils and Muslims. I suppose we can overlook these crimes, since they don't involve Sinhelas.

  159. Even with over 15,000 personnel pulled into Colombo's security ops, the armed forces are kicking ass.
    This leads me to believe that even if we were to agree to yet another cease-fire, the LTTe would never be able to match them qualitatively or quantitatively.

    The point of no-return has been passed in this conflict.

  160. TS
    very true...more and more SLDF folks in operational areas can understand tamil and some of them even can speak quite fluently...
    things have changed over the decades for the best :)

  161. tropicalstorm,

    "Most of the military and majority of officers who serve in the N/E do speak tamil."

    From my experience traveling in the N-E this is not exactly true. I've heard that the Special Forces receive Tamil language training to help them operate in LTTE territory (DN and others can comment more on that). The regular SLA and police in govt.-controlled Tamil areas on the other hand may only know a Tamil words, like asking "peyar enna" at a checkpoint (and their mood definitely brightened when I responded in Sinhala).

    The point I'm making is that it would be very difficult to find an average Sinhala who can turn the tables and hold a youtube newscast in Tamil. The pro-LTTE Tamils clearly don't have such difficulty. They know more about us than we know about them.

  162. Wijeypala

    Give it another generation.

    This war will be over. There'll never be an elam.

    It'll be a muslim nation.

  163. Wijeypala

    Unlike any other, the low-bred, illiterate tamil is a special species. That perhaps was the reason for the long-term and very rigid caste system that held them at bay. (Justifications not a consideration)
    Velu is from that level. Bestial behavior was second nature to them.

    The July-83 riots caused a phenomenon very few really understand. The Colombo and Jaffna based 'upper-caste' T's had more in common with the Sinhalese, even while pandering to so called 'nationalistic' movements, which they automatically assumed would bestow power to them. The low-end sakkiliyas were never intended to have any of the cake, except maybe a few crumbs and lick the plate.
    The riots dis-inherited the high-class T's and told them that they are 'not-Sinhalese'. Nada, nyet, no way- jose. That dis-ownment threw them in lot with the low-end, which gave them an itch that refuses to go away.

    Obviously they hate the Sinhalese for that.

  164. apologizes to NGO which through selective negligence supported terrorism in SL.

    This is really annoying..
    '...While conveying our regrets to the NPA over any hurt that our revelation may have caused to the expatriate and other staff of the INGO, we would like to point out that we had only reported the facts we received from a very reliable source in Wanni. As the NPA officials had chosen not to report the incident to the Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order of Sri Lanka or any law enforcement agency, for reasons best known to it, we were in the dark whether the said vehicles were taken "forcibly" or not. Hence, in our article we had only mentioned that the vehicles were "obtained" by the LTTE since the vehicles are...'
    Deal with them firmly Sri Lanka.


    from TN

    "SLAF fighter jets bomb Vanni
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 30 July 2008, 01:07 GMT]
    Two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers dropped at least four bombs Wednesday morning between 6:20 and 6:35 a.m. targeting a location southeast of Ki'linochchi, according to initial reports. The aerial strike comes as the Sri Lankan government has rejected to respect the unilateral ceasefire announced by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in connection with the SAARC summit taking place in Colombo from 26 July to 04 August.

    A surveillance aircraft was circling over Vaddakkachchi and Ira'naimadu area from 3:00 a.m. before the bombardment took place.

    Further details were not available at the moment."

  166. Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources said the targeted "Black Tiger" camp was operated directly under guidance of LTTE's notorious intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman. The target was obtained after receiving real time ground information that an activity of suicide bombers was going on at the camp, said the sources. The exact location of the target was in the Thirivaiaru area , just 3 Km off from the LTTE's main stronghold at Kilinochchi, the sources added.


    People let's make some noise here. It seems somehow or the other what is being discussed in DN and DW do trickle down to the Sri Lankan Defence establishment.

    May be it's coincidence, but why wonder and die?

    So we need gas masks,.. and what else..?

    Also in this regard and other unconventional abhorred weapons and tactics it is good to keep the LTTE terrorists on a leash of hope of ceasefire and probable birth of xezham.

    Let's keep this topic active.


  169. Tropicalstorm,
    Your observations are evry correct. This is a some degree of paralality to the JVP movement at grass root levels. Initial LTTE uprising was more less against ther oppression from their high cast rather than from sinhala government. Today there is power, recognition and pride for the uneducated, jobless tamil youth if they join LTTE. Otherwise they would be nobody.

  170. Guys,

    I thought Rev Rayappu is a changed man; No, I got it wrong and so did the other folks who prayed for this man for sanity.

    He seems to be at it again. So, I decided to interview him again - this time very aggressively, though.


    Q Rious: Good morning to you, father. How are you keeping?

    Rev Rayappu: It should be Rev, my son. What do they say in the south about me?

    Q Rious: I am so sorry, Rev. Very bad things; I mean very nasty things.

    Rev Rayappu: You are forgiven. Spell it out for me, my son.

    Q Rious: Forgive me, for telling this: some want you to be crucified on a bill board; some want you to be thrown into a shallow well; some just want you to be shot with sugar so that ants can come and keep biting at you for a millenium. These are the range of measures that our folks contemplate on.

    Rev Rayappu: Rather cruel, my son.

    Q Rious: Southerners say the measures are proportionate.

    Rev Rayappu: What else do they say about me?

    Q Rious: They imagine how it would be like if you were to go on honeymoon.

    Rev Rayappu: I am not married; nor am I allowed.

    Q Rious: I know, Rev. It is a hypothetical scenario that people just visualize.

    Rev Rayappu: OK, if I went on honeymoon, what would have happened to me, according to these southern dreamers?

    Q Rious: They say that you would have demanded that the potential bride removed each and every pubic hair before sharing a bed together.

    Rev Rayappu: So, they imply that I am a man who is after unfair demands. My son, can you tell me where I displayed that streak.

    Q Rious: The army spent 1.5 millions to renovate the church and you demand a peace zone before moving the statue into the church. people ask what did you do when the Tigers planted land mines and installed heavy guns in the church premises on your watch.

    Rev Rayappu: Oh, yes, I must have turned my spare eye to it.

    Q Rious: Rev Rayappu, you got a third eye as well. Sorry, for the intrusion; where is it?

    Rev Rayappu: Yes, my son. It is my blind eye. It is right here, just below my naval.

    Q Rious: What stops you from turning your blind eye again to what is going on around the church?

    Rev Rayappu: I don't have it now. It was on lease; it belongs to the Tigers and Mr Nadesan lent it to me.

    Q Rious: I shouldn't ask about your superiors. What is your assesment about the Archbishop Gomes?

    Rev Rayappu: The best Sinhalese that I ever came across. Whatever I say, he accepts it - and word for word. Why do southerners have reservations about him too?

    Q Rious: People think he shoud grow a spine.

    Rev Rayappu: He should grow a goaty-beard, instead, my son. Hak hak haaa. Don't tell him; he is tall enough to be Santa.

    Q Rious: How do you keep your Tamil nationalism at bay while discharging your religious duties?

    Rev Rayappu: That question is very offensive, my son. I have no taste for nationalism. I am a Catholic priest and nationalism is taboo.

    Q Rious: So is child-abuse. How do you account for countless law-suits that crop up across America against the very institute that you represent?

    Rev Rayappu: We have our black sheep, my son. You have yours as well, hak hak haa. Some want driving licenses; some go to gym. Haak hak hak.

    Q Rious: You may be right. But my issue is not comparing two faiths. I want to highlight that priests can err.

    Rev Rayappu: To err is human, my son. Hak hak haaa.

    Q Rious: To forgive is divisive ?

    Rev Rayappu: Whaaaaaat? You missed it, my son. It is divine.

    Q Rious: They are the same, aren't they?

    Rev Rayappu: No way , my son. No way.

    Q Rious: Your next ambition? may be a post of Cardinal.

    Rev Rayappu: I don't hide it from you, my son. I am ambitious - in religious sense, of course. But I have to create more sound and heat for that goal.

    Q Rious: That's what you are doing right now, critics would say.

    Rev Rayappu: That's what I used to do, I must correct that conception.

    Q Rious: If that is the case, what you do now is just putting the finising touches.

    Rev Rayappu: Forgive our sins Lord, Amen!

    At this point, someone from behind pattend me on the shoulder with a very gentle paw. It was such a comfort, at the beginning. But, a minute later, the full horror was revealed. The paw emitted dangerously long nails in front of my very eyes. It was Satan who was in disguise. He signalled that I should wind up the discussion. I obliged. He kissed Rev Rayappu in the cheek and disappeared.

    Q Rious: God, bless you Rev Rayappu, although you don't need it. Good bye.

  171. thambala,

    "It seems somehow or the other what is being discussed in DN and DW do trickle down to the Sri Lankan Defence establishment."

    yes. i said this 3 months ago and some bloody tigers had made fun out of it in LNP. i never visit LNP. but when checking something i had posted b4 in DN/DW from google i came to know. they called it the joke of the day. my arsee

    but the chemicals recently captured was for the traditional terror "gas" HCN. this works effectively only in enclosed areas.

    there were reports that LTTE had used different agents in 1991, etc. its good to be prepared anyway. tigers will try to do different "force multipliers" in war and in terrorism now.

  172. Chemical Whepons !!! Don't forget that it was already used by LTTE in the Kiran camp attack.

    Obviuosly, IF the current trend continuoes then LTTE and ezzam will be over and SLA take control of whole island within an year or so.

    Apart from standard (expected) tactics LTTE has to come up with some thing new which turn around the trend.

    List of Expected tactics in generel:

    1. Killing high rank SLDF officers (MR/ GR/ GenSF etc)
    2. AAB type attacks (out side the battle fronts)
    3. Unceasing wave type attacks (in the battle fronnts)
    4. Using chemical whepons
    5. Combined sea-air-ground attack
    6. Usual bus/ train bombs

    Specific tactics - finding and preventing is alsmot up to MI.

    In any of succesfull past attacks common thing is
    1. Inside/ real time information - Their mole or bribed high ranked officer
    2. Some new/ 'innovative'/ tricky way to succeed without getting cought to SLDF
    3. Selection of location and timing

    LTTE introduced their tin can show and we spend more than one year and invested a lot to face it. But the next time it can be some thing else. what about submarine/ under water things? SAMs?

    Current trend as I can see preveil now for more than one year, at this level. We keep things in a constant level for one year means we give time LTTE to understand and adjust to our new improved conditions. LTTE has a very good learning curve. We atleast need to improve both our defensive and offensive tactics in an exponential level. Waiting until surprise from LTTE need to avoid by giving surprise by SLDF.

  173. thambala,

    It is true, some of what comes on the blogs do make their way to the defense estb. But sadly few is taken seriously, the possibility of a CBRN type crude attack by the tigers (like the one against the army detachment in Kiran, batti in 1991, they used CL2 cylinders for that attack ) cannot be ruled out, I have discussed this with several friends in the military and they are concerned and… well that’s all that I can tell you.

    Well gas masks are no silver bullet, to prepare for a CBRN type situation there needs to be lots done. Education, awareness, preparation, equipment, mitigation and clean up equipment, quarantine preparedness, medicines and rehearsals (joint/and local) are key in an effective counter measure system to such an event.

    A doctrine has to be established, manuals be written, curriculums drawn up and taught, protection gear drills be incorporated to BMT and all civil medical and ESP personnel (first responders) trained accordingly.

    A proper, secure mass casualty’s evaluation/ evacuation and treatment plan has to be set up and run until, the people involved know it like the back of their hands (day/night, urban/ outskirts)

    Solid C4I between military & civil response/ treatment and containment there is a lot to do.

  174. Another point: Though many of us give credit to LTTE for their innovativeness many tricks they used can be seen in western movies. Some of the things we can see in movies can be done practicaly, specialy when the oppenent is like GSL.

  175. The SLDF can do some propaganda in the following way to keep a diplomatic leash on the PSHHTTE against abhorred attacks.

    Organize a war game simulating a Chemical attack. Give wide publicity to it. Make sure to include the Chlorine Gas attack on the Kiran camp of yesteryear. Feed it to hungry media both international and local. Lobby if possible to tighten the leash on BRRZTTE.

  176. Guys,

    Chemical Warfare at this juncture

    A highly hypothetical scenario; that will never happen.

    A big bomb, if it can be smuggled in, is likely, but remote. No way that they are going to plant chemical bombs to kill folks in major cities, especially with a sizeable Tamil population.

    With regard to bombs, the brutes can select the target very carefully - gathering place of just Sinhalese.

    With regard to chemical bombs, they can't make that distinction, can they?

    Even Tamils are going to inhale the nerve gas at some point as long as our atmosphere does not choose to be notoriously static, in the event of this eventuality.

    Very hypothetical folks; sorry, I must be fair by you by not robbing you of the fun of that discussion.

    Forgive me folks; forgive me.

  177. Moshe,

    Seems like SLAF guys reading what we write here too..

    SLAF Birds on the skies again, great news, I am sure all the UAV and jets going for recon missions are not in vain..

    We can imagine how they would feel when jets zoom around over their heads, Must be shitting inside their pants.Even when it goes without bombing

  178. qrious,
    I was thinking more on the lines of attacks on the SLDF.

    When the fronts converge on Giranikke and Moola Duva the density of troops will increase won't it? At least that could be one possible scenario. In which case isn't this likely?

  179. LTTE may well be trying to develop some kind of Chemical/Dirty/unconventional bomb or explosives. As some other guy pointed in DW and as soothula Kutthu always mentions about a red bird, Something is fishy, Hope the SLDF guys do know more about it!!!


    check the front page picture.

    No one knows how SLA advance this fast even after LZTE biuld 10 feet deep/ 10 feet hight bunker stuff.

    A good chemical attack may be the final goal of LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Extinction).

    BTW, I found what is that red bird operation. Its the name given to next successfull LTTE attack, if ever that happenes, where ever, whenever, whatever it would be.

  181. thambala,

    Very unlikely mate; even these brutes are scared of its imapct. First of all, these things haven't been tested on a mass scale to asses the damage. My guess is, if they have them in stock, they must be very crude. Being crude, by defnition, makes them deterrent. Senior Tiger are not ready to die yet. The last thing they want to inhale is these fumes.

    Asian Tribune carried an article of this giving credit to Charles Anthony, Prabha's lazy fat son.

    We now know very well about his great aeronautical skills. His skills in chemical warfare cannot be any better than that!!

    The Tigers are in the business of image making - even at this eleventh hour. And they are good at it.

    We should not give them a new lease of life - inadvertently - by being unnecessarily serious about these things, mate.

    The intelligence about ground realities is pretty good at the moment. D B S Jeyaraj warned us against false pits, impregnable walls, trenches to fool the mechanised divisions that were in place in Vanni. The way things unfold show they are not as smart as that smart they sound.

    The way their defences crumbles is ample proof.

  182. Qrious,

    //The Tigers are in the business of image making - even at this eleventh hour. And they are good at it.// -Exactly.

    //D B S Jeyaraj warned us against false pits, impregnable walls, trenches to fool the mechanised divisions that were in place in Vanni. The way things unfold show they are not as smart as that smart they sound. The way their defences crumbles is ample proof.// -Exactly.

    Let me add one more thing. Never over estimate your enimy. Never under estimate your enimy.

  183. So far the operations are going pretty well, Guided by a good management and led by an able skipper the team is doing really well. But Our brave troops needs to take all the precautions coz we know the terrorists are a bunch of crazy and weird people, They would go to any extent to achieve their dreamland. So better to be alert and on guard all the time.

  184. Some papers report about the capture of Vellankulam. but so far no updates on or

    Any news guys??

  185. When crunch time comes and there is no way out LTTE Behaviour may become irrational and unpredictable.

    I say we try to gather intelligence on the possibility of CHEMICAL ATTACKS, BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS etc. and then make necessary preparations to face them.

    Also what do you think about propaganda campaigns to keep LTTE on a leash?

  186. DN and DW are doing really great job. Some time ago 'war' is some thing need to be done by 'anduwa' and SLDF and we just had to blame them whenever LTTE stroke. It seems things are changing now.

    If we can break this boundary which is computer + internet + English then I am sure these discussions will be done with greater public involvement which in turn make GSL to do their job perfectly. Thus if we can extend this kind of discussion to 'game kopi kade' I think it would be better.

    Some time ago (even now) rather than involving constructive manner what public (mainly opposition party people) did was spread myths about own forces and LTTE. I heard by at that time from opposition supporters following two stories.

    1. President RP was doing peace talks with tigers. He get a phone call asking to send a soldier who injured due to AP mine, to Isreal for surgery. Then a tiger said, oh no, no need to send him abroad, we can do the surgery in our under ground hospitals.
    2. SLAF send a helicopter to bomb a jungle. Bombing is done by a soldier get off from the helicopter using a rope and drop a fuel barral then make fire. (Thus burning top of trees but nothing happening to tigers on the ground.) Story is pilot was waiting to soldier to get on but he was missing. (Tigers have shoot him down.)
    [3. There were many stories explaining how Rohana Wijeweera escaped to another country etc. too.]

    Besides these what we did displaying a banner 'ranaviruvanta ape pranamaya' and playing 'ranaviru gee' on radio in the morning. Now as generel public its time to take more active role and get involve to end terrorism. Its us - general public, who get killed when ZTTE expolde bombs in buses.

  187. operation redbird may be some kind of suicide attack by a Zlin 143 like 9/11
    this time we must be in full alert

  188. Tropical Storm,

    The word “regret” is not the same as “apologise”. This word is often used to politely say “We are glad we did it to you and you have acknowledged you’ve got whacked by us”. So has not apologised, only added insult to injury.

  189. Guys, does anyone have an intel on the LTTE's chemical and biological warfare capabilities? So far we have only heard scraps of news. Recently I believe a Chinese national was arrested for smuggling dual use chemicals to the wanni. Also Asian Tribune noted that VP's son Charles Anthony has developed a secret chemical weapon. Does anyone have any realiable info?

  190. OMG

    Charles Anthony has developed a secret chemical weapon?

    its a hot news? I dont think so.. biological is not allowed any more. if that happens IC it self finish the LTZE.

  191. Yes, but before the IC finishes them off, they might finish the army off (and maybe even civilians). The IC does not live in Sri Lanka to finish them off, we do, so we should be careful and not joke about it. Its time to take this threat seriously. The LTTE is capable of ruthless acts.

  192. Air Force Fighter Jets destroy training camp of LTTE suicide bombers [Updated]

  193. Moshe,

    I think the “news” clip is from a pro LTTE TV channel being aired (illegally) in Europe. May be someone living in Europe could confirm. It is a shame the EU are displaying double standards and breaking their own laws by not taking any action to shut down these terrorist propaganda efforts. As you said it is like allowing a pro-Taliban channel.


    Yes the narration is robot-like but I am sure the young Tamil lass is almost human. She is probably reading the words transcribed in Tamil. Sinhalese people could also read out news in Tamil using Sinhala letters to write the Tamil script. Being a phonetic language, if you know the Tamil alphabet (aana, avanna, eena, eeyanna, etc.) you could read Tamil. There would be a non-native accent of course until one practices the accent by listening and speaking.


    As I said in the post, that map in the background is changing rapidly. They are fast losing the support of the Diaspora. In their desperation and stupidity they are trying, (just trying) to gain the support of the Sinhala speaking people, I guess. Or it could be just an effort to insult the GOSL; as you pointed out, the content is more propaganda than news.

  194. Paka-Lanka,

    Sinhalese people could also read out news in Tamil using Sinhala letters to write the Tamil script. Being a phonetic language, if you know the Tamil alphabet (aana, avanna, eena, eeyanna, etc.) you could read Tamil. There would be a non-native accent of course until one practices the accent by listening and speaking.

    Mate, I think we are better off staying with those who know Tamil well to read the tamil news as it happens now. (Ignore the fact those terrorists trying to use a Sinhala broadcasting, those are terror media tricks)
    It's time us to stop insulting each other and kill the terror together.


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