Friday, July 18, 2008

Air strikes continue on LTTE positions north of Viduthalaithiv

After the army's capture of Viduthalaithiv sea tiger base on early morning last Wednesday (16th), LTTE activity further north of the base has increased. This is due to the fact that some of the LTTE cadres who were manning the base fled in the face of the army advance along with some of the hardware on the base. Around 30 LTTE cadres are believed to have been killed in the battle during which the army took control of a well fortified 2km long defence line in close proximity of the base. Exact number of LTTE casualties are not known. The rest of the LTTE cadres manning the base have fled further towards the north along with some of the military hardware (while leaving behind some) in the base.


Image: Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army after the capture of Viduthalaithiv. One of the boats left behind by the tigers can also been seen. Source :

The air force has been actively targeting the cadres who managed to escape and who are now trying to station themselves further north of Viduthalaithiv. On the 16th, Mi-24 helicopter gunships attacked two boats around 5km north of the base. On the same day, SLAF's bombers attacked a medium sized sea tiger base some 40km north of Viduthalaithiv. On yesterday (17th), Mi-24s attacked another LTTE regrouping attempt in Iluppaikkadavai which is located 5km north of the fallen base.

The army will maintain a permanent presence in Viduthaliathivu due to its strategic importance in the defence of the western coastline of the island. Naval Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) along with other regular and elite infantry units of the army will most likely be stationed there once ongoing search operations in the area are completed.


  1. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Some expert from LTTE here wrote Vidu. is not stratergicaly importent. If he told that to LTTE earlier LTTE could withfraw from there without getting killed those 30 mahaveers. Also, he better say to LTTE (and us) what is not stratergicaly importent (Punarin, EPS, K'chi ...??) so that LTTE can make comfortable tactical withdrawals.

  3. Guys,

    According to my information, the army is confident that by October this war will have peaked the climax.

    May the Noble Triple Gem bless our brave soldiers and those who lead them!

  4. Army in Vedithalativu * pictures *


  5. either SBS has not been very active in offensive moves or their achievements are under reported.

    regrouping stage is more vulnerable than thereafter. SLAF, etc. should not allow tigers to establish north of V. although they already have plenty of small camps there, another one would add to the burden. as long as these are active our island bases will not be safe.

    OTOH there is no point trying to capture these without depth (inland). so the present operational moves of "box-ing" should continue.

    i'm kind of disappointed with SLN. after november last year they were not so successful. would like to see a resurgence. SLN's (potential) role in months/weeks ahead is increasing as,

    1. the land to coast ratio increases with the SLA advance

    2. the proximity to sea increases with the SLA advance

    3. likelihood of big tigers escaping increases

    4. tigers ONLY way out of vanni (when SLA further and further advances) for terrorist attacks in the south becomes the sea!!

    5. it is WIDELY believed that the last battles of this war will be fought in the sea!!

    this is why i want MORE than ever SLN aggression in times ahead.

  6. Moshe

    The SLN is capably led. There are stories abt the army and the navy not seeing eye-to-eye. That's a general trend in many countries, particularly at times of war.

    The Navy definitely is led with a strategic objective. At this point, by getting close to the shore they probaly will open up the seas to arms smugglers. The ground and air forces are currently quite capable of dealing with the ground war, while the Navy maintains a larger boundary around the country.

  7. Saman said...
    Two websites so far failed to publish the news about capture of Vidattaltivu.
    One is TamilNet, the other is

    They are probably heart broken by this greate victory and pretend that they do not hear anything.

    Loosers, HOOOOO!

    July 18, 2008 2:47 AM


    keyboard hero saman


    the people who run those sites decide what to report NOT you

    they have no room for 'great victory' articles because sinhalas army is having a 'great victory' everyday....hehe

    Miss, if you try you may be able to get a job in the censoring department in the sinhalas government, then you can decide what you want to see in the news

    > everyday air strikes
    > camps,cities,rivers,trees,
    animals,ships,bunkers etc. captured
    > DPU strikes everyday
    > etc....

    most important news that is underreported is that sinhalas army is not human & they are really like Robocop

    no sinhalas army has died or wounded in the 'great victories'

    keep drinking the juice....hehe

  8. hemantha said...
    Defence Column-Daily News

    click here

    July 18, 2008 2:46 AM


    sinhalas junk newspaper....hehe

  9. DN

    "Air strikes continue on LTTE positions north of Viduthalaithiv"


    good articles from you DN...

    lets keep the fat ladies here happy


  10. TS,

    partly agree with you. there is no doubt of strategic leadership skills although there are avenues for improvement.

    i don't agree to a situ where the army and the navy don't see eye-to-eye in the SL context. agree that this is so in some BIG militaries. but again that is not due to personal issues. (i'm not saying that those stories are the truth)

    it is the increasing potential of the SLN that i'm pointing out.

    also i'm kind of disappointed with SLN. after november last year they were not so successful. would like to see a resurgence given their increasing potential contribution.

  11. Anybody got prepration-H? My hemroids are hurting too much.

  12. DN,
    thanks for the update!

    was the area booby trapped? or they just left in a hurry?

  13. LKDOOD said...

    Army in Vedithalativu * pictures *


    Thanks mate! I was looking for some pics :-)

  14. Moshey/TropicalS

    [i don't agree to a situ where the army and the navy don't see eye-to-eye in the SL context]

    Totally agree!

    This is all cockamamie nonsense propagated by RW-NP=LTTE traitorous bastards for their own personal gains.

    Believe me I can vouch for this…but I will not go into specifics for obvious reasons.

    However, let me only say that Def. Sec. Gota is "THE MAN" and he has no time for these petty differences/jealousies between the fighting arms of our defense forces and, believe me, any dissentions are squashed summarily I hear.

    This is where what I call the “effective leadership” comes in…and it is that leadership that has enabled us the achieve all the victories we have thus far attained!

    And, it is the leadership we would have NOT had if Ranil the Ponnaya had come to power!

    Time for a realty check my brother...

    OaO Asithri

  15. Pondey Kuttu

    [Anybody got prepration-H? My hemroids are hurting too much.]

    LTTE pundey, I have a better idea....

    Come to me and I will have my German Sheppard (fondly, I named him “Kuttumani” so you and him are kinda close, uh?) do a prostate-examination on you with his “male-member” …and that should be as good as Prep-H…!!!


    OaO Asithri

  16. KUTTU,

    I reckon you can't face the reality. I know its pretty hard for you to see those pictures of the captured LTTE camps by Sri Lankan Forces.

    L.T.T.E (Loosing Tamil Teens for Ealam)

  17. Vidattalthivu – soundbites!

    [By this time columns of troops advancing from an east to west direction were operating ix kilometres behind the defence line but managed to get maximum killings targeting LTTE cadres fleeing Vidattalthivu. As per ground confirmation a minimum of 35 to 40 Tiger cadres were killed after getting caught to ambushes laid by the troops operating east of Vidattalthivu whilst a considerable number of cadres were wounded and killed in the Southern FDL. As the Commando troops came from east to west direction, they observed dead bodies lying on the ground with vehicles and motorcycles on the site.]

    Wow! Wow indeed!

    What a good harvest! Very cost-effective too!

    Let's continue to eradicate the parasitic worms - "with extreme prejudice!!!"

    OaO Asithri

  18. [L.T.T.E = Loosing Tamil Teens for Ealam)]

    I like this better:

    L.T.T.E = Leading Tamils To Extinction


    OaO Asithri

  19. Spoke to “someone” from MOD who described some of the …let’s say…”unpublished details” of the Vidathalthivu capture and I heard some real admirable stuff about Commander Task Force 1, Brigadier Shavendra Silva.

    Mark my word patriots…this is a name we are going to hear more in the coming weeks and likely when we raze Killi to ground and burn-to-ashes the LTTE honch motherfcukers there hiding in bunkers – too afraid to die, but will gladly let a poor, kidnapped teenagers (boys/girls) die from an uncontrollable and deadly RM-70 barrage!

    OaO Asithri

  20. Asithri,

    [L.T.T.E = Leading Tamils To Extinction]

    I like it! I like it!

  21. have the navy set up shop their yet?

  22. ok guys now celebrations may be over for Vid or do we have more? oh yeah we should celebrate it with our bravos in SLA however I think this is time for another military - political analysis from the gallery, though I don't know how many read this.

    It seems SLA is doing great, things are fine in the battlefronts, but are we missing any thing? What will LTTE do next? What GSL should do? Let's see.

    First see on SLA. I would say SLA still should not go for land and rather focus on promoting LTTE cadres into higher ranks. Say, 65/35 method. 65% weight on killing the basterds and 35% weight on getting land. If SLA just try to get land at some point LTTE will have high concentration of man power with whole lot of fire power in some naturally favorable land and SLA have to fight. This may result in large SLA casualties and we don't need it.

    It seems a new offensive division will open a new front at some point of time. Strategy should be make LTTE fight every where all the time and go for permanent sleep. Thus the FDL should move such a way it maximize fighting fronts, maximize LTTE casualties, minimize SLA casualties and prevent LTTE infiltrations or attack to the tail. Also, it is important to keep defensive divisions in capture areas together with MI guys. If SLA can secure the two coastal lines and box LTTE in middle of the land annihilation is almost done.

    For SLN we didn't hear any good news. When he saw SLN sinking LTTE vessels we knew 10 were gone and we didn't know how many slip through SLN. But when we don't see any offensive from SLN we know zero sea tigers/ assets destroyed and we don't know how much was smuggled. It seems SLN attracts least number of recruitments compared to SLA and SLAF. This is some thing SLN need to work on seriously as it will be 100% their duty to protect Sri Lanka once SLA is done their job.

    It seems now SLAF fly in the night and it is very impressive. I wish good luck for them.

    There are number of options open for LTTE. Now what they do is keep fighting, delaying SLA advance, apart from killing civilians in south. They expect some political change/ international or Indian influence; economic issue will halt the offensive later. Another option is attack Jaffna in huge scale or goes for counter offensive in wanni. In such a case if they succeed LTTE will get an extension on ezam struggle and if they fail they go for extinction. Such a case will be an golden opportunity to SLA to go for harvesting, if they are prepared.

    Another option which Nadesan tried is go for CFA. This is the best at the moment and GSL need to avoid- (ceasefire not peace talks.) Of course other terrorist options we all know, going for KAB/ AAB type attacks or suicide attacks on MR/GR/SF. Given the certificates on innovation abilities of the outfit MI need to work hard to prevent any LTTE success.

    SAARC is important. Holding international conference means country is doing ok, stable and fine. This is a great opportunity for LTTE go for big attack at this time and show to the diaspora and rest of the world they are not weak, still 'good terrorists'. SLDF need to avoid this.

    GSL is doing well in military front and only in that front. If GSL need to destroy LTTE fully they need to open another front which is political front. When GSL withdraw from CFA officially GSL closed that front. Now for LTTE, they don't have another option other than fighting. That's too bad. Problem here is sinhala mass don't understand how powerful is the political process together with a tough military process. Rather they misunderstand that as giving elam. MR needs to somehow manage JVP in this issue and go ahead. As JHU is not opposing strongly and it is JVP and JHU who usually capitalize on this issue if MR can manage those two parties he is almost done there.

    We observe whenever LTTE made their famous tactical withdrawals civilians already gone to inside LTTE areas. Total civilians can be low as 200,000 and high as 500,000. Thus at some point LTTE will use all these civilians against SLA.

    GSL need to convince these civilians it is not worth dying for ezam and it is better living in Sri Lanka. You can study, do a job, own a house, your kids are safe, you can enjoy the life, there won't be any language or racial issues. Then apart from hardcore cadres rest will support SLA. To approach this GSL need to have some thing on the table. If GSL offer sound political solution alternative to fighting these civilians will think why we should fight why not LTTE go and negotiate. That's why GSL need to keep other options open for LTTE. If GSL offer only military solution these civilians will be reluctant to support or trust GSL and chose dying for ezam.

    Hard part is it is so difficult to convince this to sinhala mass in south thanks to JVP and JHU. Even recruitment process can go down. Since now north and east are separated at least GSL need to run that APRC show together with Karuna/ Pillyan. And show a model using rapidly developing east.

    One may question if you fight and also say willing to talk what does that mean? True, it is a mixed signal. Put it this way. GSL goal is to annihilate terrorism and provide economic facilities to all the people without leaving any problem to any one due to ethnicity, within one country. So now LTTE has the option to give up ezam, (at least agree to) decommission arms and negotiate. However no CFA will be there and military strategy will continue as long as terrorism exists. Thus practically it will be the same unless LTTE agree to pre-conditions but this will put GSL in very comfortable and strong position. So if LTTE choose to fight SLDF finish them and GSL implement political solution, like in east, which make administration easier to (both sinhala and tamil) civilians. If LTTE choose to negotiate they will lay down arms and do that which we don't expect to happen.

    We should note on these pongu tamiz worldwide. It is freedom of expression or some human right crap allowed these fund raising campaigns. GSL need to work on these issues with western governments and make sure those who paid LTTE to kill civilians in south will get what they deserved.

    On another note, we know past LTTE success stories. They attack when SLDF don't expect it. There were elections, cricket match, super star, sinhala new year etc. They attack when there is some celebration: vezapillai's b'day, black tiger day and it shows they can even attack in such a way. In AAB/ KAB attacks they knew every thing inside. All the time there were video team who showed the show to diaspora and collect the payments. Recently, SLN lost one dovra in mulathiv seas, Vessel in Trinco and beaten at two small posts: what corrective action was taken, we don't know.

    It is important to keep the economy runs smoothly but thanks to JVP GSL now have to deal with another issue. (Koti madiwata harak) General public need to be vigilant and supportive to SLDF in an increasing manner. If we had 150,000 SLA in 83 compared to 15,000 things will be different now. We need to think in the same line for SLN for the future.

  23. Moshey,

    I saw an earlier post from you about SLDF not terminating enough of these MF's when they were retreating northwards....

    Bro, at face value this looks bad I agree, but bear in mind that SLDF was successful in liquidating about 100 MF's (including the ambush by the Commandos, north of V, that was a prize-catch..I heard the full details) so I would not let this dishearten us.

    Believe me brother when I say that LTTE losing 100 in one incident is like SLA losing approx. 786 - per the mathematical demand-resource model!

    According to this model LTTE needs to CONSISTENTLY have a kill ratio of around 20:1 in their favor if they are EVER going to form "thamileelam" (and yes, this model was done by non-Sri Lankans!)

    I am a math/stats/finance guy working in a leading International Finance/Investments firm in the US so naturally my faith with math/stats/predictive/models...that have more often than not, proven their value as "decision support tool"...!

    OaO Asithri

  24. More Vidattalthivu soundbites…with humble OaOA’s comments:

    [It was after an initial attack on one selected portion of the 10 Kilometres long defence line the troops understood the fact that the LTTE cannot withstand the fire power and the aggressiveness of the soldiers who assailed the FDL. ]

    Naturally, I heard the RM-70 MBRL barrages were more than 3 times what was aimed at Sampoor! Literally, the defenses were pulverized and ….

    [“They started to flee leaving behind their positions. They were running faster than they ran at the time we captured the ‘Rice Bowl,” the Brigadier added. ]

    Aha, see what happens when you are shell-shocked, especially shell-shocked by the RM-70 deadly babies?

    And then….

    [Their so-called commanders were not aware of what was going on there and were not in a position to control the demoralized cadres who had been forcibly conscripted to the outfit. The intercepted radio transmissions of the LTTE confirmed that they were totally disobeying the senior cadres and running for their lives. ]

    Wow! Wow Indeed!

    So patriots…do you see what’s happening?

    LTTE as a terrorists MF force is crumbling…not unlike how all other once-formidable evil forces (Nazis, Khamer-rouge, SaddamH) collapsed. The first sign is when the forward defense lines crumble this fast and this easily (as they are manned by unwilling recruits – this happened with all other evil forces I noted earlier).

    OaO Asithri

  25. OK, one last note...and this is for the LTTE motherfcuker "Sharp"

    Healthy Advice: DO NOT USE "OaO" ever again as prefix to your bloody filthy handle...get it?

    "OaO" is copyrighted by yours humble OaO Asithri and only SL Patriots have been given carte-blanc freedom to use it – not filthy LTTE mother-whores like you.

    Do you LTTE pieces of filth have no shame...don't you have any pride in what's called "originality"...??? There was a LTTE bastard here who once tried to assume “OaO Asithri” and when he was exposed and castrated, he became “Crimewatch”…!!!

    I guess you motherfcukers have not shame in copying (yes, not surprising for a bunch of SOB's who wanted 50% GUARANTEEED representation for Tamils - a 8% minority - in the SL parliament once!)...

    So, warned...humble OaOA will not only castrate you, castrate your father and Grand-father too, and delightfully, he will shove their cut-off filthy "dongas" up yours your mothers - IF YOU EVER USE "OaO" in your handle again!

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri (who else?)

    :)) :)) :))

  26. OAOA,


    i was bitching about not harvesting enough LTTE MFs for few hours but my prayers were answered!!

    did i tell you that your DEVASTATING verbal bombardments are ALSO enjoyed by a group here that know nothing about the SL war!!!

    totally agree with you on leadership especially by GR. southerners have no time for BULLSHIT. they want RESULTS and they know how to get them!!

    but mate i won't drop my longing for a better harvest, especially from the SLN.

  27. Jets Attacked three large LTTE boats in Mullativu today. Two boats completely destroyed. Heavy weapon location destroyed.-Airforce-DailyMirror

  28. Guess their gonna open a seventh front from further north from illupakaddavai. thats why the 57 brigade going further going towards northern coastal belt just to clear the area for the 7th front. what do you think guys?

  29. Our Sri Lankan MI requires special ICT squad that rapidly response to intelligence needs that requires none-traditional communication and Information Technology skills.

    Some of these requirements include analysing Mobile Phone linkage through numbers dialed by each phone.. (if you would know the principles behind how Linked-In work, you can understand what I talk about).

    Such unit should be able to obtain necessary Court Orders quickly and move rapidly when the time is the essense. The current processes at TID is very disorganised and cumbersome. When the results come, most of times the horse has left the stable.

  30. reports indicate that slaf jets have taken on a "l;tte heavy weapons deployment" and "two logistics boats'.
    all targets neutralized.

  31. Ranil,

    I like the word "neautralized"...!

    Millions of Sri Lankans are waiting to hear the words "LTTE was neautralized from Sri Lanka"...

  32. dhinuksha,

    "they're gonna open a seventh front from further north from illupakaddavai."

    what's the source?

  33. Moshe,

    that's just a asumption. i still believe that Army's gonna open it's so called 7th Front from northern front, while we still holding from Muhamali.

  34. Hello to all patriots,

    Thanks DN and DW for keeping us updated about the current situation. According to SF our valiant troops are psitioned very close to some important locations. Thunukkai, kumulumunai and iluppukadavai. Soon we could hear some more tactical withdrawals with more losses to terras. Once these areas come under our brave troops Kili and M'tivu would be well under arti fire. That sounds cool isn't it.

    But One thing i would like to stress upon, Please make sure no complacencies from our part. That would undermine all the effort taken by our valiant troops.

    Our hearts are with the brave soldiers.

  35. Its good to see the SLDF is moving at a rapid pace, in that way they are not letting the Tigers take a break.

    Did anyone notice an important thing in liberation veidthaltivu. that is lesser detection of IED's AP mines and Claymores. That means we have moved at a rate that the tigers could not lay enough traps.

    In direct contrast to Weli oya the mannar now has become the fastest moving unit.

  36. when the SLDF moves faster absence of mines in the batte field and absence of disruptors in the blog..

    What a coincidence!!!

  37. dhanuksha,

    a proactive-looking assumption that is!


    welcome back.

    yep. i did. in the previous post.
    + when they tried to lay APMs when it was toooo late commandos got them!

  38. Thanks Moshe,

    I have a feeling pretty soon 57 would make some incisive action as they were the fastest moving battalion.

  39. I think the idea is Cornering the Enemy and hammer them Violontly with Arti Batteries and MBRL fire. no escaping routes to india from that side since Navy can put a prety good Blockade from Mullathiv sea.

  40. Now talking about Muramaale (Muhamalai or Mukamalai or Mukamazai ),

    Do the LTTE cadres there get updates on current affairs?

    Such as what happened to the rice bowl and Andaradoova (Viduthalathivu) and how their colleagues improved their running times?

    If they are not should we not oblige and may be drop leaflets periodically to some of the LTTE concentrations?

    Is it possible to update them by using a strong flash light and flashing messages on to the sky in batman style?

    Along with that we could make some offers that they can't refuse?

    what do you think, eh, eh?

  41. very soon the tigers and tiger supporters would say kilinochi is stratgically important too!!

  42. Guys,

    Our next stop is Illuppaikkaddavai and its fall is imminent. Briadier Shavendra Silva has become the milirary equivalent of unicorn and he is unstoppable.

    Until we get the next big news by the great commander, Sarath Fonseka, I contacted Soosai, the leader of the Sea Tigers, to get his side of the story.

    I dedicate the interview to our one-and-only Kuttu so that he can keep it next to his cradle.


    Q Rious Mr Soosai, things aren't good at your end, yet you look remarkably calm. Any secrets?

    Soosai Hak hak haa, nothing much left to lose brother. So, I just emulate Nero.

    Q Rious You look baby-faced, smart, serene these days. You seem to have lost a lot of weight too. Can you enlighten us?

    Soosai I am on a diet - pure vegetarian. I do Yoga and meditation too, to purify my soul, just in case anything bad happens, I mean accidents. That is why I look calm and may be young too. Thanks for the compliments, brother, anyway.

    Q Rious You had some personal losses too?

    Soosai Yes, I had. I lost my wife to tsunami and then my son, Shankar, mh mh er er mh mh, in an accident.

    Q Rious Just tell me a bit more about the second one, the accident. There were a lot of confusing reports.

    Soosai I was inspecting a parade that day. And I just kicked an explosive-laden boat and it bloody exploded.

    Q Rious Suicidal thoughts are to blame?

    Soosai No no brother. We have cyanide capsules for that. I think it is just mischief on my part. You just said, I look baby-faced, didn't you? Hak hak haa.

    Q Rious Then you were in a coma for months?

    At this point, Soosai wanted me to turn off the tape recorder to say something off-record. I obliged.

    Soosai I pretended to be in a coma by tightning my eye lids all the time. My sea training, earlier on, helped me with that. I just wanted a well-earned rest. So, I just did that and had my rest. You can't do this bloody fighting 24/7/365, can you?

    Q Rious How can you pretend that you were in a coma? Doctors can force open your eyes and find that out?

    Soosai Which doctor would dare open Soosai's eyes in Killinochchi, brother? You tell me, you tell me.

    Q Rious Oh I see, I get the point. I get the point. You are losing your bases one by one. Any plan 'B'?

    Soosai Yes, this time, I won't lie to you with these withdrawals. It is hitting us hard and I do have a plan B. But I can't talk for others. I am looking after my own defence now.

    Q Rious The movement is crumbling?

    Soosai I won't go that far. This is our pet project any way. It is wrong of me to turn my back on it. But I have my own defence at the hour of need - a very state-of-the-art boat.

    Q Rious Is it a big one? Tell me a bit more about it.

    Soosai It is 60ft long; fitted with 20 engines on either side; estimated speed on water is 250 naughtical miles per hour; full of rations, medicines and fuel to last for three years.

    Q Rious Destination may be Zimbabwe and at the speed of a jet liner!

    Soosai Hak hak haa; it is land-locked brother; not there. I won't tell you. It is top secret.

    Q Rious Please, tell me the first letter; I won't tell any one.

    Soosai Ok, first of all, hold your palm in vertical position, in front of your heart. Ok. It starts with 'E.'

    Q Rious No room for your boss and the family?

    Soosai Not in this one; no way. This is mine. I ordered one for him too. But people in Tamilnadu caught it. It is not my fault.

    Q Rious You are going to desert him, then, in the last minute. Will he swallow the capsule?

    Soosai If so, I will go back to my coma. Don't believe it brother. He is not going to take it. He is like me; we love to live and long too.

    Q Rious Stakes are high!

    Soosai So are the tides and waves! who cares anyway now.

    Q Rious Do you still have those virgins who wear black uniform when on suicide missions?

    Soosai Yes, they are with me. They have nothing to lose, my brother. You said I looked young and I am a widower. Can you bridge the gap? Hak hak haa.

    Q Rious And that is liberation. Thank you very much Mr Soosai. Bon Voyage!!!!!!!

  43. Revisiting earlier operations to Viduthalaitivu

    With the capturing of Jaffna in 1997 the government wanted to open a road to the Peninsula through land. For that purpose on May 13, 1997 security forces launched an operation, code named ‘Jayasikuru in order to capture A-9 Jaffna-Kandy main road.The operation, which was the longest military operation in Sri Lanka’s history, was able to capture a large area including Mankulam and Kanagarayankulam, despite heavy resistance from the LTTE. In order to minimize the pressure on the military, the security forces planed to open a new front and mapped out to take control of the Mannar-Pooneryn - A-32 road.

    On March 1999, under the code name ‘Ranagosa’, the security forces launched and operation in several phases from west of Mannar area. The troops advanced despite highly fortified bunkers and defences in the area. At the Stage 4 of the Operation, the main task was to capture Viduthalaitivu area. That was June 23, 1999, and troops from 55 Division started to move to Viduthalaitivu and the 53 Division to Periyamadu.

    After days of fierce battles, the troops were able to enter the Viduthalathivu area on June 26, 1999 destroying the LTTE forward defence lines. But at that time some hundreds of soldiers sacrificed their lives and a large number were also injured. But the troops were unable to capture the Viduthalathivu town and the sea base.

    Soon after capturing the FDLs, the LTTE launched a massive onslaught against the military, resulting in almost all the area captured by the military from both the ‘Riviresa’ and ‘Ranagosa’ being recaptured by the Tigers within two days. After destroying the FDL line of the military at Oddusuddan, the LTTE step by step captured Mankulam, Nedunkerni, Olumadu, Kanagarayankulam and several other areas up to Mannar and Vavuniya. Because of the debacle, the government sent several top military officers home for failing to do their duties. "

    - Difference this time, MR is dumping all the dead bodies in the sea to stop the media, Sinhala population to know what's happening to their sons. Sad....I feel for the loss of innocent lives among the Sinhala poor who have no option but to fight the dirty war. Poor, misguided souls these people are, and those who cheer MR, have no idea, that if they army lost many lives when failing to capture V-theevu, imagine how many lives of Sinhala people, perished when capturing it? What is going to happen if the LTTE , again re-captures the areas in only a matter of days! Just wasted lives of the Sinhala innocent, for the extremist war-mongers.


    -OaO SHHHAAARRPP!- (thank you for pronouncing the way I spelt it ;)

    PS. OaO is copyrighted by SHARP. The only reason that some other "guy" came to know of my use of OaO and uses it as because he saw it jabbed in his face, from a "member" of mine, while he was rolling around in a human "sac", of which he came out of and grew up to be noone other than the poster Asi**i <-sorry filth had to be censored!

    (who else?).....LOL...

    Also Read my interview with Qrios!

    Hi I hear that you're QueeRious.

    QueeRious: YEs, Yes I am, very much so. I am fed up with ppl mispelling my name as Qrious.

    I apologize earlier for calling you so.

    No, its ok....I'm niceee. hehee (giggle and shakes))

    Immediate Cancellation of Interview...

  44. The match will be more interest when the commentator is Tony Graig.

    Qrious, You do the same here. Keep it up..

    An interview with Ranil, will be excellent. Please.


  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Sharp,

    [What is going to happen if the LTTE , again re-captures the areas in only a matter of days!]

    If you have Two Balls, do not come and post in this blog until LTTE recapture one Inch Land from SLDF.

    I challenge you.

  47. another excellent one from qrious!!

    What about an interview with pottu!! He seems the most reclusive person on earth now

  48. B#1,

    Brother dont disturb the fun, After all its nice to have a funny guy to make all of us laugh!

  49. sharp,

    A sage once said, "Imitation is suicide," and you proved it right.

    You emulated me and conducted an interview with my mirror image and after just three questions got bored of yourself and then exhausted - and ran out of steam too.

    At least, you know how difficult to conduct an interview in the first place.

    To make it eye-cathching is a Herculean task. Don't attempt it again. Channel your energy elsewhere, mate!

  50. b#1, Riyaz,

    Thank you for the compliments. I will certainly interview Pottu at some point.

    However, with regard to Ranil, I have a doubt that he is stammering. If not, I may do that too.

    Once the army liberated the next 'joint,' I am planning to interview Thamil Chelvam through a medium. It is going to be an intersting one, because it is going expose the traitors in the movement who tip the SLAF off his whearabouts! Please wait - and patiently too.

    Take care, folks.

  51. Guys,

    The US is now very keen on establishing diplomatic contacts with Iran - a component of the famous axis of evil. Things are moving very fast and unprecedented too.

    Consistency may be at stake! This is international diplomacy anyway.

    Both Ahmadinaja and our own MR proved one golden rule in politics right. Stick to your guns, come what may. They are right.

  52. From StrategyPage

    Army Reaches The Coast Again
    July 18, 2008: The tempo of combat continues to increase, but the LTTE have developed a recruiting and training system that enables them to continue resisting the army. LTTE recruiters keep track of births and go looking for boys and girls when they reach 17. Potentially, that's over 10,000 recruits a year. But with those in hiding, or girls who are married, they get about half that. This includes those who desert from training, although most go for the indoctrination and become loyal LTTE fighters. But these are young and inexperienced kids with guns. The LTTE cadres (veteran fighters) act as sergeants and officers to supervise the kids, who don't last long in combat. But this forces the army to fight bunker by bunker, and town by town. That reduces the amount of LTTE territory, and population, and the available recruits.

    The air force has increased reconnaissance activities, partly because of new Israeli UAVs that arrived recently. The air force is looking for the LTTE construction equipment (bulldozers and such), that are used to build new bunkers, behind ones recently lost to the army. The construction equipment can build new bunkers quickly enough to halt the army advance. Building new bunkers by hand is not nearly as quick. In many areas, the LTTE already has a second, or third, line of bunkers built. But not everywhere, and that has made construction equipment a prime air force target. And it's hard to hide the construction site, and the newly turned earth.

    The army has been using more commando style raids to take bunkers. Since the LTTE fighters holding the bunkers are often newly recruited teenagers, it is easier to surprise and overwhelm the defenders with a precisely executed pre-dawn assault. This puts fewer soldiers at risk, but requires experienced troops trained to a high standard.

    The LTTE asked for a ceasefire, but the government refused. A ceasefire at this point would only serve to enable the LTTE to rebuild itself, in preparation for another round of fighting.

    July 17, 2008: The army captured the northwestern town of Vidattaltivu, a LTTE logistics and naval base. The LTTE had controlled this town since 1990. This comes two weeks after another LTTE held town, Mannar, was captured. The LTTE controlled territory is being broken up by the capture of these coastal towns, and that is the beginning of the end of LTTE control in the north. For while the LTTE can scrounge up more fighters to man bunkers, they can't create more land.

  53. It has transpired that some of the LTTE leaders are only wearing salt (not KCN, but NaCl or CaCl2) filled capsules around their necks. This is after an LTTE medic had told them that in the event of a air raid, the if a KCN capsule is damaged, it could find its way into the body through a cut in the body. So only the foot soldiers are now wearing the real KCN.

  54. Actually, this may explain (I am not sure about this), how TC died without any apparent external injuries during the air raid.

  55. Qrious-
    Nice interview bro. Next time off to see those guys, please take somthing nice to eat.
    I'm sure all good vegetatians like somthing nice (Apart from black tiger virgin meat )

  56. government rightly refused calls for a ceasefire. we must finish this cancer once and for all and not give a breather to these guys.
    Superb to heard that SLAF is better equipped with new UAV's and also taking on targets like construction equipment. they might not make headlines and get cheers but loss of those machinery to the ltte'rs wil be a huge blow as explained in strategypage.
    Great job SLDF...keep it up :)

  57. Sri Lanka journalists harassed: media group


  58. Colombo closes in on victory in Sri Lanka's long civil war


  59. @lkdood
    is this Vancouver sun paper sympathetic towards the tiger???
    cos the bloody writer is saying that the only solution to the conflict and the wish of sri lankans is a semi-autonomous state in the conflict zones..
    what is this guy on??? the usual ltte prpaganda??

  60. also the government has to be much smarter when in comes to handling the media. maybe they should implement some guidelines in conjunction with media folks ensure that freedom of media is insured and at the same time journalists are held accountable for the inaccuracies of their reporting if there are any.

  61. Ranil,

    government rightly refused calls for a ceasefire.

    No, I think the government is ever ready for a ceasefire and negotiations IF and ONLY IF the LTTE disarm themselves. The moment they disarm, a ceasefire will take place automatically.

    VP is trapped by his own ego and he will not lay down arms. He has past the point of no return with regards to disarming and/or considering a non-violent democratic solution. This suites us fine because the eradication of the LTTE could be justified and executed WXP® - with extreme prejudice.

  62. defence news: hundreds of ppl evicted from their homes in slave island. although demolishing illegal houses is the right thing to do, i feel very sad about them. where will they sleep tonight? especially children?

    the houses they were living were horrible and they would have suffered from mosquito borne diseases. but they need housing.

    i also sympathise on police officers and UDA officers who are onlt doing their jobs.

    my thoughts are with them. may God bless them and protect them all.

  63. Ranil,

    Totally agree with your comments about handling the media.

    Freedom of any sort has corresponding responsibilities. Media should enjoy the freedom not at the cost of responsibilities. Violating responsibilities eventually takes away the freedom. Spot on mate. This is why we should always be positive when talking about peace negotiations, ceasefires, etc. We are always ready for these BUT with fundamentally reasonable conditions.

  64. Rover,

    "Actually, this may explain (I am not sure about this), how TC died without any apparent external injuries during the air raid."

    In a bomb blast, external wounds caused by fragmentation is not the only way that you can die. For example, sometimes overpressure can cause severe internal damage, while leaving very little visible external damage. The heat waves produced can also do considerable damage...

  65. The poeple evicted will be getting small house (well huts as i saw them in news) they are very small and made out of wood. compared to what they were living i feel sorry for those poeple.

    Anyway security wise its good decision but human wise i think government should have handled it in better way.

  66. according to sources LTTE has recently received new supplies

    the nature of the supplies are not clear

    it is also learned that more supplies are inbound

    navy must do more to stop these supplies from getting to the destination

  67. Biggest problem to us is if LTTE manage to get their hands on any surface air missiles.. because so far LTTE have been pulling back may be because they are waiting for new equipment.

    The way things are going for the LTTE we cant rule out the fact that foreign states who would like LTTE to be in power could helped out with these type of equipment.

    So it is paramount we try 100% to stop these new supplies...

  68. all the guys interested in the v'thiv camp should somehow watch the 'Vanni Meheyum' done by the rupavahini today(friday,18th july,2008).

  69. [So it is paramount we try 100% to stop these new supplies...

    The only practical and surefire way to TOTALLY eliminate the agendas of of some Canadian / Australian / UK 'citizens' to play havoc in Sri Lanka is only in OUR HANDS.

    We have to take bold, unique and extreme but quite legal avenues available to defeat them... and make sure they lose in every department...

    As a great starter, I am relieved to hear that OUR Navyis going to have a PERMANENT base in Vidattaltivu.

    Simply a brilliant move to make Tamil seaparatists piss in their pants while day dreaming.

    Recommneded next moves are:

    a) Profile all TASSLs... and if necessary SISSLs as well.. include the fingerprints.

    b) Finger print ALL VISITORS to the country.. Yankees do it...while you wait!

    c) Plan to relocate SLA HQ KILI... or Mulathiev. The significant threat to the country is from the North... that's where we should have our 'playground'.

    d) Move SLAF HQ to Jaffna.

    e) Pardon 50% of prisoners...batch by batch... at the fall of each LTTE bastion... if they are prepared to start a new life in the North / East... getting into agriculture and fishing industries.

    f) Issue free land from the North to landless Sri Lankans

    g) REWARD all troops and their loved ones by issuing free land from the North.

    h)Create 3 lane-highways linking the north, south and the east.

    These action will surely fix... once and for all, the SELF-INFLICTED 'discrimination' wound of LTTE coolies begging at the international stage, insulting proud Sri Lankans.

    That will be the fitting tribute to all those died in this conflict.

    Just Grin..& Go.

  70. [all the guys interested in the v'thiv camp should somehow watch the 'Vanni Meheyum' done by the rupavahini today(friday,18th july,2008).]

    Any Url?

  71. Qrious

    you're getting better with every interview mate...

    do take perien's advise and take something made with 'thala thel'

  72. From Reuters...

    [Analysts say the military has the upper hand in the latest phase of the long-running war given superior air power, strength of numbers and swathes of terrain captured in the island's east.]

    Hello... Hello analysts...!!!

    You forgot to add that pinch of salt .... 'but there is no clear winner in sight... '

    Kill more and more of these nicely fattened (A++ in stupidity ) LTTE pigs... and these 'analysts' would soon be re-located to some banana republic.

  73. [You forgot to add that pinch of salt .... 'but there is no clear winner in sight... ']

    ... and no military solution to this conflict.

  74. saman...

    [... and no military solution to this conflict.]

    According to the heroic LTTE pigs and their coolies living in igloos... that applies to GOSL only... not to LTTE.

  75. [According to the heroic LTTE pigs and their coolies living in igloos... that applies to GOSL only... not to LTTE.

    ah.. so called ICs.
    IC < 10 countires.
    Not even all contires in EU share the same idilogy.

  76. What is the problem that the Tamils have that Sinhalese or Muslims in Sri Lanka not have?

  77. NOLTTE=Peace

    [What is the problem that the Tamils have that Sinhalese or Muslims in Sri Lanka not have?]

    I am still looking. Closest I found is as below.

    To quote Velu himself in his 2007 speech...

    'My beloved people,

    We are an ancient people with special qualities. We have a unique national identity and national foundation.

    There you go!

    They are slightly above-the-rest, different and superior... When they say they have special qualities, we'd better accept... When they say they want this and that... we have to respect their desires... and respect them...

    Or else...

  78. From the same speech... another 'classic' grievnace...

    "We face this situation alone because, although 80 million Tamils live all around the globe, the Tamils do not have a country of their own"

    Quick... quick...We do have to take this madman seriously...

    Or else...

  79. perein, shan

    Thanks for the compliments; the comments are taken on board for future interviews.


    I share the sentiments that some of you expressed at the eviction of these poor people. I must say I am disturbed too at the sight of weeping human beings, especially little children.

    It is badly handled and poorly planned. There are more humane ways to deal with these things and hope authorities will learn the lessons in future operations.

    Things of this nature trouble our national conscience which is already burdened by so many moral issues. We have paid the price for short-term victories based on brute force and don't want more of those, any more.

  80. ["We face this situation alone because, although 80 million Tamils live all around the globe, the Tamils do not have a country of their own"

    ... And out of all places, tiny Sri Lanka is the ideal homeland for that 80 million 'Tamils'...

    Also the majority of the villege boys there are a frightened lot chicken... just massacre some of them in cold-blood... and when they retaliate call it 'genocide'.. and 'human right violation...'

    Who knows... with a little bit of luck... there would be a few smart folks like me on world stage... That's why I complained to IC in my speech.

  81. ops sorry tangara already pasted the article here. :D

  82. Blogger bungu said...

    Thanks mate! I was looking for some pics :-)

    July 18, 2008 6:26 AM


  83. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  84. Tamil Samurai 'beheading' gang jailed -BBC

    Very inteleginet diaspora did what they were tought by vezapillai and UK send them to jail for whole life. UK is violating of taimz rights which all LTTE tamiz can enjoy in wanni.

    The most reliable news sourse in the world reporting tamiz affairs to the world failed to report this crucial tamiz affai.

    Vid. is also not tamiz affair any more. Now it is SLA affair. That's why tamiznut didn't report it.

  85. KUTTU - Keep playing the violin when ltte is berning to ashes like nero did. Your child solders,old men praba &co. , slipper warriers stand no chance with our mighty army.
    Airfoce bought a new radar from Israel that detects the night movements of ltte so we can bomb them at night. YOU LTTE ARE DONE.

  86. Guys just ignore Sharp who is stupid & blunt. He and brother kuttu or kottu is just good enough to clean pumps in petrol stations.

  87. Today is an excellent day for the LTTE coolies to demand from the IC that... military balance of LTTE needs to be maintained against the failed Sinhala State of Sri Lanka.

    Norway... where are you? Have you stopped the mantra? "sinhala state... failed state... Tamil cause... sinhala army... village boys...... no military solution..."

    OK... OK... if not Norway... may be Obama will get us our Elaam... or MaCain... or BJP... we have to maintain our formidable military power... right Nadesan?

    Now who said 'Bruce Fein'?

    Aney hukay... !

  88. Sea Tigers trapped in a Gulf-DW


    Sharp, Kuttu, Shyam, etc will write one day "hoo hoo, whole North and East is not stratergicaly importent, whole north is a jungle, you captured a jungle land, 1000s dead, they got $150 per month, we earn $15000 per month, hoo hoo, etc etc. We had a lot of tiger terras in this blog. They have either dead in some FDLs or still in pongu tamiz rallies.

  89. All-
    Hope we have not forgot about those LTTE toy planes.
    Since our brave men/women are are getting closer to the main LTTE area, it would be matter of time before LTTE may try to use those planes for the last time !!!!.
    Let's not forget about that possibility and keep all eyes open.

  90. "Sea Tigers trapped in a Gulf"

    oh..poor tigers

    i'm crying...hehe

    operations are underway with supervision from Col. Soosai

  91. Defencenet Thanks for the article

  92. 5000 LTTE left : Army Chief

    how many are there ??

  93. "Sea Tigers trapped in a Gulf"

    may end up in Tamil Nadu,may
    help Waico to ask FOR A Tamil Elam,as PRABA FAILS


  94. dude juice drinker

    LAST YEAR-Army Boss:

    5000 tigers left

    NOW-Army Boss:

    5000 tigers left

    sinhalas army says 5000+ tigers have already died(from January to now)

    sinhalas people can't add up numbers....hehe

    future headline

    Conspiracy by IC

    dead tigers are coming back from the graves....


  95. E.U. delegation to visit Sri Lanka


  96. Kuttu,

    Every single LTTE carder who gets killed, is going to the Dreamland "Eelam". I hope you also can join them pretty soon.

  97. Kuttu the only dream land your people can have is where ever you can lift your both hands, surrerder & become a refugee.
    Now go and drink your own juce.

  98. let there be 100,000! we have enough ammo. the higher the better!! the harvest will be bountiful.

    + there will be lesser guerillas when the fullscale war ends.

  99. Guys

    Re; TC's death- It is not only direct pressure or impact that kills. There are a number of other factors as well. Take for instance the way a high-velocity projectile kills; death occurs due to shock when kinetic energy from the deceleration of the projectile within the body. The kinetic energy is absorbed by the nervous system which overloads and stalls teh heart. So the bullet does not even have to hit a vital organ.

    Similarly, a weapon needs only any which way for its kinetic energy tobe transfered into the nervous system of the target/s, for the job to be done. That can be done in the form of a shock wave or even noise.

  100. Asithri

    Apparently you and I have a lot in common. I am also a Finance major working for a major Inv/Finance Institution in the US.

    I have some ideas I'd like to discuss with you and other like-minded patriots. If I send you my contact info thru DefenceNet, would you contact me, please?

  101. Kuttu

    If you think the Sinhalese have a problem adding things up, you forget that it is your dead that we are counting...It is scarcely suprprising that guys like you who hide sh!tless in fear overseas and send money for terrorism could not think that far.

    As the thrust continues, the military needs to provide adequate time to rest and replenish the front line troops so that the 'cutting-edge' remains sharp.

  102. Do anyone have the video of defence update last night telecast on ITN News???

    Its surprising MI-24 flying such a low altitude and attacking.

    Please if anyone have, upload it and give the link.


  103. malin,
    Nice EYE...
    Aishwarya's isnt it?

  104. B#1,

    "Its surprising MI-24 flying such a low altitude and attacking."

    Our MI-24's only use rockets, autocannon and machine guns. To be effective with these you have to fly low. And anyway, helicopter gunships can operate at lower altitudes than jet fighters.

  105. Chamal,

    Im not military expert. But is it not possible to shot them down by using even a machine gun??

    Did you watch the video (last few minits)?

    Once defencewire said, one Apache was shot down by using a AK47 in Afganistan.

  106. Gringo,

    Thanks for your great research and feedback into understanding why these LTTE Tamils ask an Eelam from Sri Lanka.

    "So your research points to Vezapizza's claim of,
    1. Tamils are a Superior Race
    2. There are 80 million Tamils in this world, but there is no country for them

    So, that's why they want to carve out a separate portion from tiny Sri Lanka to make it the Tamil Country.

    Looks like they want to home 80m Tamils in a land area currently less than 500,000 Tamils live.

    As I understood, LTTE is claiming nearly half of Sri Lanka's land mass and two third of the Sea Mass for this dream homeland.

    I believe that Sri Lanka's population is around 21M and the Tamils are less than 1.5 million now.

    This is getting very interesting.

  107. B#1,

    "Im not military expert. But is it not possible to shot them down by using even a machine gun??"

    I'm not a military expert either... but a Hind's armor is very strong. It's rotor blades and cockpit can withstand even a hit from a 50. cal bullet. Unless you get a lucky shot to some sensitive spot I don't think a hind can be shot down with a hand held weapon. You'd also need to use a considerable amount of bullets to get that lucky hit and the Hind is not going to sit and wait until you get it, the pilot and his gunners will certainly focus on eliminating the threat to themselves. A missile would be the best option, as we have seen before. But I think now they are equipped with the necessary countermeasures. And honestly, I can't imagine anyone shooting at a hind with his personal weapon when it's shooting rockets all around you. But this is war, and everything is a risk.

  108. Chamal,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Guys, can anyone imagine why LTTE is silence for long time?? What will be their NEXT Attack?

    01.Can it be a multiple suicide attack on a High Profile??

    02.Attack on SLAF Assets??

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Guys,

    Colonel Soosai

    Colonel Soosai, who is known as Sera Osca to the wireless sets, is a very big man. He is so big that if you call him a fat man, he will certainly take it as a compliment; it is not the right adjective to describe this man.

    The secret of Colonel Soosai's size and that of other big Tiger commanders lies in their breakfirst; everyone of them eats two roasted wild boars for breakfast.

    This form of energy booster was essential for Sea Tigers, which began with a few fishing boats. It was a mammoth task those days, to push them around manually while pulling wool over the eyes of then defence authorities.

    Col Soosai was instumental in developing Sea Tigers to a formidable force. Iqbal Athas always saw it as a fully functionning Navy: he used to regularly issue thinly-veiled warnings about its power against our Navy and that of our neighbours too. Athas even elevated the threat to a regional disaster.

    However, the Navy run by Col Soosai was engaged in the kind of things that no legitimate Navy would ever contemplate, let alone, do while wearing uniform - creative smuggling and Kamakazi missions.

    Col Soosai, according to Athas, has a bullet stuck in his back. According to this famously-biased journalist, the bullet gradually comes down towards Soosai's anus, at the rate of one micrometre per day, that causes him a lot of pain. Athas is no stranger to analysing the stinking side of any issue and his knowledge about Soosai's bullet and its exact anatomical position, must be taken on board, in this context.

    When in pain, Col Soosai is a totally different charatter: for instance, he no longer displays his babish smile, to start with; he becomes unpredictable; destructive thoughts invade his soul and he may just try a stunt if Pottu Amman is generous enough to keep some black Tigers at his disposal.

    It is reported that Pottu Amman and Col Soosai are not the best buddies in the world - at least the world of Tigers. The hostility stems from the allocation of Black Tigers for fireworks; Soosai demands more and Pottu puts a cap on it.

    Col Soosai lost his wife to tsunami and his son in a mysterious explosion. He is tight-lipped about it. He emerged as if nothing happened when everyone was biting nails fearing the worst as to what happened to Soosai.

    Cynics say he was just pretending that he was in a coma. Noone would dare open his eyes to verify it, anyway.

    At present, Col Soosai faces a crisis. His main mode of transport is in serious short supply - boats. He doesn't want to explain how they got diminished in large numbers, in a matter of months, to a such a low figure. So, he resorted to sort of things which no legitimate Navy ever does: robbing poor fishermen of their possessions. But it was nowhere near enough to restore Sea Tigers to its former glory.

    Col Soosai hails from a sea-faring family in which his father was a fisherman. So, emulating fisherman, deed for deed, while running his organization, doesn't sound strange to Soosai: Col Soosai swears at everything that moves, for instance, while at work.

    He is someone who doesn't want to smile. However, he may show a forced smile at times; when he does it, you are reminded of the fox who was cajoling the legendary cheese-eating crow.

    If someone's luck is the length of a boat, Col Soosai is nearing the end of it, which is, in a way sad. Col Soosai used to entertain us in our seas for so long, before Cameron came up with The Titanic.

    If he takes a trip down the memory lane, the losses, both personal and career, stem from the same source - ruthless ambition to appease a boss with megalomanical aspirations, at any cost. When you force other peoples' children to blow up, you don't have a right to mourn your own son, even if it is an accident.

    Col Soosai has one last opportunity to perform a sensible thing; raise a white flag in one of his boats - if his flagship had been blow up by the SLAF - and surrender in the name of commonsense.

    God save Col Soosai and what is left of his Navy - from total annihaltion.

  112. Guys,

    It is 12 years today since the loss of Mullaitivu. 12 years since we lost a lot of real patriots of the nation, people like Col. Lafir. The fall of Mullaitivu was a big defeat for us, but these people should be remembered even more gratefully for that, who fought for their motherland and their comrades knowing that victory was nowhere in sight for them. This country needs more people like them, who think about others and their duty before thinking of their own skin.

  113. q

    do you imply that though Soosai is projected as 'oblelix' he is a 'cacofonix' right now?

  114. shan

    He aspired to be Obeliex junior, but in vain.



    A junior tiger at it - total savagery.

  115. We are glad to hear that a forward air controller of the Air Force is working on the ground at the front lines giving the direction and coordinates to attacking planes. This strategy in unprecedented if it’s true, shows the coordination and cooperation between the army and the airforce.As the forces approach Poornyan same coordination should be adopted by the Navy and latter seems to be silent these days while the Air force seems to be chasing and attacking the sea tigers. Perhaps they are protecting the East coast?.

  116. Halt of offensives after Vedithaltivu - 'Lanka'


  117. "Halt of offensives after Vedithaltivu - 'Lanka'" reported in lanka dissent

    the truth or false of this can be seen very soon!

    unfortunately most media with no credibility get away with false "predictions" as there is NO FOLLOW-UP REPORTING on news items in SL! readers, etc. do not demand such a practice and media mudalalis and journalis-politicians don't practice it either!

  118. surprise...surprise..

    Brother Obama is all for going after terrorists after all.

    He is determined to go after terrorists where ever they are..

  119. "Halt of offensives after Vedithaltivu - 'Lanka'" reported in lanka dissent

    What ever the consequences we face from India and IC,forces commanders must peruse this offensive until the terrorists are routed out. It’s a shame to stop now. We have heard rumours about this plan to seek a stop to the offensive and the war has continued this far since that rumour is a relief.

  120. Kuttu

    Did you know that Vidttaltiv was captured by the Sri lankan cricket team's ground staff led by Sanath Jayasuriya while on vacation?

    Check out the picture of 'em taking a joy ride on that boat. Sanath is seated right at the front of the boat...

  121. Kevin

    Re; the Navy,

    My understanding is that they are primarily tasked with keeping the boundaries secure from a distance, since a single ship load of weapons landing at a time like this could make a crucial difference to how the game goes.

    There are some in-shore activity, but the FACs and OPVs seem to be focussed more off-shore.

    There's enough fire power on the ground and in the air that can be directed with precision. And precision is the important factor now, since noticeably high civillian casualties WILL cause a huge mess. Naval gun fire can be imprecise and that needs to be avoided.

    The fact that the Navy seems silent is because they've already done the big job. Now it is the mopping up for them, and that doesn't make headlines.

  122. I blame the forces for not perusing the war rapidly and bring it to an end from what we hear from the Diaspora in the know is to seek the Indian govt. to give safe heaven for some top leaders and smuggle VP and pottu another country, like Burma. so come lads go get them soon before the politicians cave in to demands and good luck to you all! Another CFA is the best option as they see ,but can we afford another CFA,with so much sacrifice of our lads giving up their lives? I hope the Hon President would give the nation a statement and assure us.

  123. American helicopters are coming to Lanka with president Hamid Karzai

  124. Guys,

    Halting the offensive

    We have been there before. The president said as late as two days ago, that he would pursue the offensive regardless of the obstacles he may face; I am sure he meant the concern by the western powers, and to some extent, that of India.

    Tigers create the atmosphere of a catastrophe in the event of the attempt by the army to capture Killinochchi; they did the same during the capture of Jaffan. The western powers believe it and may be putting pressure on the government.

    But the forces carry on what they have been doing: no rush; no deadlines; The anxiety of the troble-makers die down as fast as it rises.

    Need a bit of proof?

    Just think about the headlines we saw when the Indian delegation was here recently?

    Indian warning; Indian threats; just rubbish.

    This is a part of psychological warfare; LTTE is clearly behind it and some parties with vested interest too.

    If we get swayed by a headline or two, it shows the weakness of not only beaten Tigers, but also that of ours too.

    Let's be focussed on the ultimate goal. We must take President's word seriously; he was not playing to any gallery. He sincerely want this damn thing over and done with.

    With regard to the Indian factor, it is Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the Congress Party, who actually is calling shots. It is beggars belief that she has a soft spot for the beasts who killed her husband so brutally in his prime.

    It is intersting that the site which reported this stupid news is called lankadissent. It is brewing just that - dissent, not optimism or victory.

  125. Well explained Qrious!

    —Synonyms 4, 6. disagreement, dissatisfaction, opposition. Dissent, dissidence mean disagreement with the majority opinion. Dissent may express either withholding of agreement or open disagreement. Dissidence, formerly much the same as dissent, has come to suggest not only strong dissatisfaction but a determined opposition.

    For them, nothing positive about Sri Lanka.

  126. All transport links to Jaffna to be severed during SAARC


  127. DMK leaders on fast to protest killing of fishermen by Lankan troops


  128. guys, LTTE is planing some thing big.
    That is why they are silent, brcause they must be planing and reharsing a big attack on the south.
    That big attack will never be in the North or East, because SLDF is fully prepared.
    It is definitely in south. It can be multi pronge attack by sea, ground and air to several locations.
    Taking hostages also a posibility.
    There can be big ships, which are familier to colombo port used as a trojan to suddn infiltration to the port.
    LTTE will not try SUBs or small boats, because we have enough protection to protect from those.
    There will be lots of Helicopter hoovering around colombo belongs to different conuntries during SAARC and LTTE might use their small helicopters to carryout devastating attacks.
    We expect plans from LTTE, so they might use helicopters.
    Explosive truck and after disguise LTTE as commandos/ STF can be another posibility.

    LTTE might use NGO or REDCROSS to carryout sudden attack on colombo.

    LTTE may be alredy infiltrated to the HOTELS, where SARAAC leaders are going to stay.
    Each and evry hotel staff and hotel suppliers should be under close scrutiny.

    It can be the trinco harbor, because the incident 3 months before can be a reharsal for it.

    What I want to tell you, there is something big is on the way.

  129. bungu, thanks mate.

    LKDOOD said,

    DMK leaders on fast to protest killing of fishermen by Lankan troops

    Not, fast unto death mate! We see this phenomenon in our own country
    all the time - just one day going without food. I do it when I suffer from diarrea and so do all of you too.

    Karunanidhi was a film script writer; I wonder what stopped him from becoming an actor. He is becoming a joker now, in this advancing age. Not good for his fragile health.

    It is not Satyagraha; it is (A)satyahagraha in disguise.

  130. What I want to tell you, there is something big is on the way.

    July 19, 2008 8:58 PM

    the question is what are the targets ??

    one attack or a series of attacks ?

    LTTE may also target critical infrastructures like dams, power plants, bridges

  131. Andare,
    Taking hostages also a posibility.
    They would not do it, Coz the way the So Called International Community reacted to that School & Film Hall Hostage crisis In Russia will make them stay away from it.But Bombs using so called Ellilans could Intensified...

  132. Well a Suicide Plane Full of Explosives into a Dam like Victoria !!!
    Nothing to loose for them in another few monthes...
    With High Water containments with the current rains the results could be catostropic...

  133. they may just fire some RPG's ???


  134. Situation report

    operation 'red bird' is underway

  135. more information about operation 'red bird' cannot be posted right now

    we will update as we can

  136. So it seems then,
    Tiger in the Red background is ending..
    So why not a "Red Birdie" for the Mark of the Dream land !!!
    Keep us updated...

  137. LKDOOD said...
    DMK leaders on fast to protest killing of fishermen by Lankan troops


    thank you tamil brothers & sisters for the fast

    dude thank you for posting this very important story

  138. Blogger kuttu said...

    Situation report

    operation 'red bird' is underway

    July 19, 2008 9:58 PM

    LTTE has names for operations ??


  139. andare said...
    guys, LTTE is planing some thing big.


    why do you think that way ?

    all tigers are dead....hehe

  140. LKDOOD said...
    All transport links to Jaffna to be severed during SAARC


    July 19, 2008 8:54 PM

    more suffering for tamils

  141. LKDOOD said...
    Halt of offensives after Vedithaltivu - 'Lanka'


    sinhalas master is indians....hehe

  142. Kuttu,

    Operation "illuppakadavai" already done today.

  143. From DW..

    Illuppakadavai captured

    Troops from the 58 Division (Task Force 1), spearheaded by Commandos today reached the Sea Tiger camp at Illuppakadavai. A heavy firefight ensued today for nearly two hours. Tigers received a severe beating and survivors took tail. Exact number of casualties is unavailable.


    Opps, LankaDissent is talking of halting the offensive after Viduthalthevu.

  144. LKDOOD said...

    LTTE has names for operations ??



    stupid sinhalas

  145. Andare,

    I am in agreement with you about LTTE planning to do something big in the South.

    LTTE knows that they 'Only Sure-Fire" way to stop their defeat is killing or outsetting MR.

    Therefore, they will use simultaneous multi-method attack on MR. That may include,
    1. Multiple suicide cadres
    2. Shape-charged disposable RPG (very easy to transport)
    3. Snipers
    4. Throwing a bomb from distance
    5. Roadside or under the road bomb
    6. Commando raid

    So are we ready to protect?

  146. Under sea jetty of LTTE located

    Security forces have reportedly located an under sea jetty of the LTTE from the newly captured Vedithalthivu.

  147. stupid sinhalas

    keep partying.....

    years ago sinhalas army controlled more area than they have now

    sinhalas lost the battles

    this is good juice for some kids here who don't know history

    DW/DN can do some history articles to explain the kids here what happened some years ago

    more areas captured=more trouble for sinhalas

    problem with sinhalas is that they have memory loss problems....hehe

    can anybody remember east ?

    its getting hot.....hehe

    President Mahinde best president in the world like Mugabe

    are they brothers ?

    Zimbabwe government to introduce 100 billion dollar bank note


    Sri lanka is the next Zimbabwe

  148. Ogre said...

    stop and consider:

    LTTE giving ground to Sri lanka army offensives along the coast line.

    LTTE is doing this with very smart intenstions.

    LTTE is holding back about 2000 heavily trained cadre to mount two significant attacks against SLA.

    SLA is over-extending itself along the western coast line. for each mile you need at least 200 more soldires on the ground and another 10 times to support them (rations/supplies/weapons)

    LTTE is gathering the first half the 2000 cadres about 1000 of them in Malavi waiting to attack.

    the objective is decapitation attacks by hitting the 30 mile flank along the western coast in the middle and cut it in to two

    then move cadres in north of pallikuda downsouth with heavy weapons and outflank them from the sea

    the goal of this is to deprive the strike battalion of supplies and then hit them hard on the head.

    the other force 1000 is getting positioned along the south mulativu lagoon. they are in the process of infiltrating along the lagoon next to Mulativu jungles. thier goal is to hold the walioya front in check while the battle on the west coast is ongoing.

    LTTE does not anticipate any further attacks on national front as civilians are now trained to man the motor locations and reload, they are already aimed as set positions all the way 5 miles in to EP (ltte had broken each sector down to 5x5 meter section and has positioned motors on each).

    I agree we should establish blocking positions before we head north, it is up to the generals to decide.

    remember the goal is to KILL them not to get land
    and i hope that should be only reason.
    the sarrc is a big distraction for sri lanka. and I believe LTTE will try to attack SLA during 7-31 8-3 period

    SLA better prepare, strong advice against moving north.
    LTTE never gave land willingly, and when they did like in operation ranagosa - they did to spread the units of SLA

    remember the numbers again.

    July 19, 2008 9:26 PM

  149. DefWire reported..

    "...three large LTTE vessels of the type captured some time back were completely destroyed and sunk in the sea."

    Way to go SLAF. Well done!

    I hope MR would not bend to pressure to stop the offensive. Too many lives have been sacrificed and it would be sacrilegious to even think about stopping now.


  150. Ogre

    good post

    these blogs need good posts not BS posts by blood drinking worms

  151. Desperate tigers might target the most important economic and military target that might have a strong impact on the country’s economy and on the present military offensive and it’s possible a such a target would be the Katu..,Rathmalana ,and Anuradhapura airports. with a few number of their elite units involved, that may have been lingering in the south and in central provinces.SAARC may be fairly safe due to a such an attack might bring them no sympathy from the SAARC members. Desperate tigers may not jeopardize any reputation or sympathy they desperately need from the member states.

  152. kottu- Who's fault is that tamils are suffering? Because of people like you , your brothers & uncle braba. When you look at LTTE cadres who look like come from Ithopia, their crappy old tractors,takkran bankers it doest look like Kuttu the money that you send to your uncle praba is well spent. Your uncle is saving it to spend, in his life after death.

  153. Does anyone know what currency they use in Dreamlam? Have they ever tried to print their own (mickey mouse) money?

  154. Kev,

    I agree with you. It would be political suicide to attack any SARRC delegates. It would be worse than Rajiv assassination right now to do anything to harm a delegate. They will attempt an unlikely target and/or use unlikely methods. Unlike some idiots who post enemy plans here, I do not want to write what I think here in case I give them ideas.

    If what these imbeciles say is true, it is stupid to expose their plans to a forum like this for there could be a slight chance that the information would filter through. If not they are outright lies and/or red herrings which no self-respecting person here would believe. Either way they lose the bunch of losers!

  155. Kuttu
    How on earth 2000 take on 7 fronts of nearly 3 to 4 divisions, specially with a poor kill ratio ? Should they attack with their very best, no doubt in one or 2 places, then SLA could over run the rest of the areas which would be make the tigers venerable .So far sat pictures show that your units are small in numbers at any given area. Perhaps a miracle might increase those numbers? As you can see from the latest achievements only few of your combatants were kia or captured proving my point that you have only a few scattered and it would be interesting to see how you can face a sudden surge of the SLA at all fronts. It is high time the security forces got into a higher gear without giving any excuses and finish this off before the enemy put pressure with the help of the IC for another absurd CFA.

  156. //Guys, can anyone imagine why LTTE is silence for long time?? What will be their NEXT Attack?//

    SLA is now able to go on effensive continuously. Earlier SLA had to limit its offinsives to limited offensives. In cintrast LTTE never able to strike continuously. Usually one nig strike per year. Its getting close to one year after AAB attack. Thus it is time for some show for diaspora. Continuous beating in north has demanded hitback and SAARC has given oppertunity.

    If LTTE need to survive they desperately need some 'victory' now. (You need a 'wicket'.) What will be that may be the question even for MI.

    //Opps, LankaDissent is talking of halting the offensive after Viduthalthevu.//

    Lankadissent is another UNP/ mongol site. LTTE don't want people to back the war firmly. They need people to be uncertain about the war if not opposing war. This will affect moral of troops. for UNP same will affect MR rule. That's why both parties critisize war, SLDF, GR. Be reminded when Indian group visited it was to advocate sto the war, to merge N and E, force political solution etc. That's waht Kiripalla said. Objective is to put the war agande in some uncerainty and trouble.

    For LTTE (same for JVP) what matters is what's the other's estimate on their ability and not thier real ability. even if they weak another AAB type attack (say to haober) will make things ok for LTTE. (similer to JVP going for 1 day/ 3 day strikes.) For the past 30 years this phsycological operation paid huge dividends for LTTE thanks to media coverage they usualy get.

    If LTTE go for big offensive now in north it will be a huge gamble and it may be the begining of the end. Chances are high LTTE go for some show in Colombo. Even two plane air force may give them some thing.

  157. Pakka-Lanka / Kevin-
    As mentioned by you, it's very unlikly LTTE will attack any foreign SARRC delegates. However we should be careful with not exposing our own delegates during the time.
    Moreover LTTE is now down to last few tricks. Let's hope we can avoid the following saying "Yanaa Yakka Korahath Bindagena Yannawa" .

  158. [Let's hope we can avoid the following saying "Yanaa Yakka Korahath Bindagena Yannawa" .

    I believe Jeyaraj was the koraha.


  159. Minister Keheliya Rambukwella targeted ?

    Tamil bank employee arrested in Kandy

    "...He had videoed the entire house of Mr. Keheliya Rambukwella"


  160. MF BBC at it again..

    Why cant they tell the two sides of the story. MF..........ssssssssssssssssss

  161. Pakka lanka and Perin,
    I doubt the terrorists will take any hints off us as with their enormous recourses of money they may be hiring the best of the war strategists in the world, who may give advice, ball by ball. We in outside too could monitor troop movemets,instructions given to our forces by any medium of communication. Surly they must be running out of arms and ammo by now, unless sadly a loophole has been created and this supply will be endless, Perhaps the captured weapons and ammo might give the year of manufacture etc.We must have tight control of their boarders as one or two lorry loads of ammo getting through will further day of reckoning and a cost to us in unnecessary lives. Any flying tin cans and any microlights they may have may be used effectively to be fully alert 24/7 is the best defence and offence we have. To underestimate the strength of the enemy is a mistake then we will be cautious. Must remember that the determination of the most ruthless terror group has infiltrated the highest echelons of the world governments with their Diaspora money. If for any reason if this SAARC is to be to their benefit they may have even sponsored it with their monitory power, reason for Gen.Musharaff not attending, due to the overenthusiastic presence of the Indians here with their forces.JVP must me thanked for showing a concern as their presence in a sovereign nation reminds me of the navy soldier’s welcome gesture on Rajiv Gandhi with a rifle butt and gave him a wake up call that he ignored to his fate.

  162. kuttu,

    I really want you to be integrated into my Sinahlese community, so that your racist views dies out through the natural process of maturity.

    Therefore, I am prepared to be a matchmaker - free of charge - although it is not my trade, to find a Sinhalese bride for you.

    Never say never; Mr Nadesan is a die-hard Tiger, yet his wife is a immaculately Sinhalese woman from Matara.

    I will make sure the potential bride is not too dark, comely, pretty, not too educated for peaceful co-existence with you and of course, guess it - very sexy.

    Kuttu, you are a testesterone monster and needs a woman of the right calibre to neutralize it.

    Drop a line mate; it is more sensible than wasting your time here writing stuff even Tiger supporters are embarassed to read.

    Don't get angry; you are hot tempered!

  163. Since I have a little bit more time to be on this computer and I will add another cent to a hunch we had for some time. Should the SLA control the entire west coast, perhaps thinly spread if numbers are taken interior to finish off the battle, then they might have an escape plan for some by having a, say 300 or more well trained cadres suddenly coming from Tamil Nadu attacking the western coast and making a safe passage to some of their top leaders to escape to Kerala or Tamil Nadu to fight another day.

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. The significance of the Vidattaltivu victory

    * Gains in Weli Oya also as troops make headway further north
    * A commission of Inquiry may probe killing of Indian fishermen
    * Tightest ever security since NAM summit as tense Lanka prepares for SAARC

    By Iqbal Athas

    There was a great sense of elation in the security establishment, quite justifiably, over the Army's re-capture last Wednesday of the coastal village of Vidattaltivu in the Mannar sector.

    It was the location of a major Sea Tiger base. Its importance grew after Security Forces launched an offensive in this sector since July 2 last year. After losing the coastal areas of Silavathurai (south of Mannar) in October 2007, for Tiger guerrillas Vidattaltivu became a landing point for military and medical supplies. This was across the Gulf of Mannar from "safe houses" in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
    The once busy One Four Base of the LTTE in the jungles north of Weli Oya. Guerrilla leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was known to have lived here before and during the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) presence in Sri Lanka.

    There is also a lesser-known fact in Wednesday's Army success that adds to the elation. Whilst troops re-gained control of the areas around the base, their colleagues continued their advance further northeastwards seizing more territory. Yesterday, troops re-captured the coastal village of Iluppaikaddavai located further northwards. They were positioned outside the town area last night. This gives greater depth and protection to Vidattaltivu. The troops are were now some five kilometers away from Thunnukai.

    The final moments before the fall of Vidattaltivu were without any confrontation. Two soldiers, however, were injured after they stepped on "Battas" or improvised mines. Air Force Mi-24 helicopter gunships fired at fleeing guerrillas. The original aim of the offensives in the Mannar sector, since July last year, was to gain control of areas in and around the Madhu Church, sacred to Catholics. Mid way, a second aim to re-capture the Sea Tiger base was included. Two columns of troops advanced northwards, one from west of the Giant's tank and another from the east. In April, troops re-gained control of the church area. Thereafter, during their advance, the two columns merged and headed for Vidattaltivu.

    The success there, no doubt, is a credit for the Security Forces personnel who laid down their lives, were wounded and those who fought against all odds. It has been a practice for the guerrillas, more often than not, to offer stiff resistance and back out when they come under heavy military pressure. The aim in such circumstances is to inflict damage to troops whilst they dismantle and remove most of their infrastructure except immovable items.

    This happened when the Army launched "Operation Riviresa" (Sun Rays) in October 1985 to regain control of the Jaffna peninsula. Whist offering resistance to troops, the LTTE moved a sizeable volume of its armoury and other assets across the Kilali lagoon to the Wanni. There have been some exceptions, too. One was when "Operation Jaya Sikurui" (Victory Assured) was launched in May 1997 to regain control of the land mass between Nochchimodai (Vavuniya) and Kilinochchi.

    This was to link the Jaffna peninsula with Vavuniya, both sectors under Government control. The guerrillas assumed a conventional posture to resist the troop advance. This offensive became the costliest for the military both in terms of human and material losses.

    "Operation Jaya Sikurui" was called off in late 1999 on the orders of then President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. Similarly, Army's onslaught at Vidattaltivu prompted the guerrillas to shift base from there before the final assault came.. According to intelligence sources, they had moved to Nachchikuda, where another major Sea Tiger base had functioned for many years. However, that will not make things easy for the guerrillas. From their earlier base at Vidattaltivu, it was a straight run smuggling military and medical supplies across the Gulf of Mannar. This was using fishing trawlers. The shallow seas there have restricted the movement of Naval craft in the Gulf of Mannar.
    Fighting in the Mannar sector has prompted some civilians to flee the area for safety. Here is a scene from Mallawai where a family is moving their belongings in a tractor.

    A longer course across the sea and continued naval patrols will entail more problems in using their base at Nachchikuda. Making it difficult for the LTTE to smuggle in logistics supplies is not the only gain from the Army's success at Vidattaltivu. In extending their control of the coastline northwards from Mannar until that village, the troops have effectively placed a barrier against the outflow of refugees to Tamil Nadu.

    At present more than 120,000 Sri Lankan refugees are housed in camps and cared for by the Government of India. Almost the entirety of them had crossed the Gulf of Mannar, some paying large sums of money to boat operators. Successive governments have also accused the LTTE of promoting or even arranging for an exodus of refugees to Tamil Nadu to exacerbate Indian Government's concerns.

    As the troops, continue their advance in the Mannar sector, what their next aim here is not clear. Even if its known, media reportage would only constitute advance information to the enemy - which is one among a few taboos in this new century that has ushered in a communications revolution that has impacted immensely on how wars are fought.

    However, Defence Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told Thursday's news briefing that the next aim of the troops would be to re-capture Kilinochchi, now the heartland of the LTTE. For reasons that are now too obvious, the pros and cons of such a move cannot be examined. So are the analytical aspects arising out of them.

    The second thrust of the Army, north of the Weli Oya sector, continues. Troops advance into the jungles ahead of them, before the LTTE's main fortifications, weeks ago led to their seizing the once renowned 1-4 base. This is a camp complex where LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was known to be hiding before and during the period when Indian Peace Keeping Troops (IPKF) were in Sri Lanka. Thereafter, it had been abandoned. Troops also captured the "Michael Base." The guerrillas had weeks earlier abandoned this base after blasting some of the buildings there. Army sources say guerrilla intelligence cadres who were scouting around the area occasionally used the 1-4 base. At the time the troops seized the base, they found fresh evidence of a group of some eight to twelve cadres having cooked meals there.
    If the re-capture of Vidattaltivu and its domination by the Security Forces would lower if not prevent altogether the exodus of refugees, an irritant in Sri Lanka-India relations, there are other issues at sea that are causing equal if not more concern in New Delhi. The latest is the killing, allegedly by the Sri Lanka Navy, of two South Indian fishermen from the coastal town of Nagapattnam and the wounding of another on July 11. The incident is said to have taken place on the Indian waters off Point Calimere (the Indian coast across Point Pedro). The move has triggered off pressure from the Tamil Nadu state Government on the Central Government in New Delhi.

    So much so, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is scheduled to arrive in Colombo next month for the summit meeting of leaders of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) in Colombo, is to raise the issue with President Mahinda Rajapaksa during bi-lateral talks with him. Mr. Singh's Congress Party Government is facing a trust vote in Parliament on Tuesday raising an element of uncertainty on his visit if the motion is lost.

    The Sri Lanka Government has strongly denied allegations that the Navy was involved in any shooting incident. The Foreign Ministry in Colombo issued a detailed statement. The move appeared to underscore the seriousness of the situation.

    Here are edited excerpts from the statement commenting on Indian media reports:

    "When reports of this nature are received, a rigorous procedure is instituted by Naval Headquarters in Colombo, in keeping with the firm resolve of the Government of Sri Lanka to deal in a humanitarian manner with fishermen apprehended in Sri Lankan waters. The procedure includes Naval Headquarters ascertaining from the Area Commands as to whether any vessels of the Navy were involved in operation in the area of the alleged incident, as per the reported date and time. The preliminary findings in this case are that there were no Naval units operating on the Sri Lanka side of the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) in the area off Point Calimere on 11th July.

    "However, there was an incident that same night at 21.10 hours at a completely different location, namely approximately 8 NM (nautical miles) East of Point Pedro when two Sri Lanka Navy fast attack craft deployed on a routine patrol detected on their radar, a boat moving in a suspicious manner at high speed of around 34 knots.

    "The night vision cameras of the Navy vessels further discerned the suspicious craft as having the configuration of an LTTE low profile boat. The video pictures of the suspicious boat as recorded by the cameras are available with the Sri Lanka Navy, which it is willing to share with the Indian Naval authorities, along with other relevant information. When the suspect boat failed to respond to warning to halt, the Naval craft were constrained (sic) to open fire.

    "It was not possible for the Navy vessels to assess the outcome of the action taken by them and accordingly the possibility of the suspect boat having continued on its northerly course cannot be ruled out. The attached map (Annex 1) (Note: This was not released by the Foreign Ministry to the media) provides the maritime location of the action taken by the Sri Lanka Navy vessels at 21.10 hours on 11th July. It is clear that the incident took place well within the Sri Lankan territorial waters and around the sensitive area of Point Pedro, from where the LTTE Sea Tiger wing has frequently engaged in terrorist activities, including attacking cargo and passenger vessels operating to and from the Jaffna peninsula."
    The contents of the official statement were formally conveyed to Indian authorities through diplomatic channels. In addition, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in New Delhi, Romesh Jayasinghe, also met Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherji this week to explain the Government's position.

    Despite Sri Lanka Government's repeated assertions, the same sources in New Delhi said, the Indian Government has raised issue with Sri Lanka at the highest levels. As a result, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has agreed to appoint a Commission of Inquiry in Colombo to probe Indian allegations. This is besides the Government's own investigations that are already under way. There was, however, no official confirmation so far in Colombo. Senior Government officials contacted by The Sunday Times declined comment. The modalities of the proposed commission including its terms of reference, composition and mandate are yet to be determined, the same sources said.

    Amidst this controversy, other issues have also cropped up. The Sri Lanka Navy said one of its patrols had apprehended an Indian national whilst returning to Tamil Nadu by boat from Tiger guerrilla-dominated Wanni. He was apprehended and handed over to the Indian High Commission.

    It is in this backdrop that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherji , among others, are scheduled to visit Colombo for the SAARC summit. This week, two high ranking officials of the Indain's Prime Minister's Special Security Group (SSG) were in Colombo to further examine security conditions in the city and the immediate suburbs. Heightening Indian concerns are fears of any possible attacks by Tiger guerrillas.

    The Sri Lankan Government has shared the same concerns. So much so enhanced security measures have been taken weeks in advance of the summit. The same consideration has led to using the Parliamentary Complex at Kotte-Sri Jayawardenapura as the retreat for the heads of State and Government. There, they will take part in a lunch on August 3 that is being restricted to the leaders, their Foreign Ministers and the Secretary General of the SAARC numbering only a maximum of 25.
    SAARC events will begin on July 27 with a meeting of officials. On July 31 and August 1, the meeting at Foreign Ministers level will be held at the BMICH. A dinner hosted by Foreign Minister Rohita Bogollagama will take place at the same venue on the night of July 31. The summit level meeting will be held on August 2 and 3. An event for wives of the visiting dignitaries is to be held at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

    The Government is expected to declare August 2 a public holiday on account of SAARC.
    All heads of State or Government arriving at the Bandaranaike International Airport will be flown by helicopter to their respective hotels. Foreign Ministers and Foreign Secretaries will be escorted into the City by road for which one segment of the Colombo-Katunayake dual carriageway will be closed.
    Contrary to media reports, there will be no large Indian military contingent from India. The maximum number of security personnel to cover Premier Singh as well as Foreign Minister Mukherji and their entourages will not exceed 125, according to official sources. Besides a helicopter for use by Premier Singh and his entourage, India is also providing another VIP transport helicopter at Sri Lanka Government's request for use by visiting dignitaries.

    The case of two Indian Navy vessels remaining berthed outside the Colombo harbour is also still under consideration, according to same sources. "We have to respond to some procedural matters raised by Indian authorities," a defence source declared. During the period, India is also to deploy Naval vessels on its side of the IMBL in the Palk Straits.

    Since the Non Aligned Summit Conference in Colombo in 1976, this is the first time security considerations have become a nightmare for the defence and security establishment. From now until the summit is over, there will be many a nervous moment. And more than the visiting dignitaries, it is the Sri Lankan public who will be forced to bear the pressures imposed by the need for even stricter security. Under military pressure, the threats posed by guerrillas, particularly outside the theatre of conflict, remain high.

  166. Fall of Vedithalthivu

    * Troops push further northwards as Tigers prepare for showdown in Thunukkai

    By Ranga Jayasuriya

    Few in military circles believed that the Tiger cadres would give up Vedithalthivu, the main sea Tiger base in the north western coast without a fight. Not long ago that a senior -most commander in the military acknowledged that a swift assault on the sea Tiger base would cost 200 troops and an equal number of Tiger combatants. Therefore, the military strategy was to encircle the Sea Tiger camp, cut off the supply routes and forces the defending cadres to vacate the camp.
    By Thursday, that strategy appeared to have worked out. The reports from the Mannar front revealed that the Tiger cadres were deserting the Sea Tiger Base. But, the pull out appeared to have been pre-organized. According to senior military sources citing intelligence reports, the sea Tigers had moved boats to Pooneryn. A boat was found abandoned in the deserted sea Tiger base, which functioned as the main launching pad of the sea Tigers in the north western coast.
    True to its strategic importance, the Vedithalthivu Sea Tiger Base was heavily fortified. A trench was built from 2 km south of Vedithalthivu on the coast to Paramarayankulam, which is located 10km east of Vedithalthivu. That trench line functioned as the primary defence of the sea Tiger base. This defence line had been fortified with eight feet high sand dunes and the vicinity of the camp and its access routes had been heavily mined with anti personnel mines and booby traps.


    Inside the trench line aka primary defence line, the secondary defence line was located. Bunkers had been built in close proximity to each other and battle hardened Tiger cadres of the Charles Anthony Brigade had been assigned to front line duties.
    Vedithalthivu had been under the control of the LTTE since the departure of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in 1990. In 1999, the security forces engaged in operation Ranagosa and attempted to seize control of the sea Tiger base, but in vain.
    The military operation to capture the Vedithalthivu base gathered momentum after the clearing of the Rice Bowl area of the size of 152 km2. With the capture of the Rice Bowl area, the security forces succeeded cutting off the supply routes to the Vedithalthivu sea Tiger base. On June 30, the two military divisions - 57 and 58 Divisions- who are inching into the Tiger hinterland of the Wanni linked up in Pallaimadu, west of Vedithalthivu.
    Early this month, 10 Gajaba Regiment and 12 Gajaba Regiment attached to the 581 Brigade began to advance further northwards from 12th mile post on the A 32 Pooneryn Sangupiddy- Mannar road. The two battalions were supported by the fifth armoured corps.
    On the southern flank, troops of 6 and 8 Gemunu Watch pushed further northwards. From the eastern direction, two other battalions - 9 GW and 12 GW- advanced towards the sea Tiger base. Second commando regiment was deployed in small teams to engage in reconnaissance duties, ambushes and sabotage attacks on the enemy logistics. Some military officials told this writer that the Tigers appeared to have believed that the defences in
    the Vedithalthivu base were impregnable for the moment. Yet, on July 3, three small groups of four -man commando teams shattered the perceived impregnability of the camp. This swift assault during which four commandos lost lives had been a turn around in the battle for Vedithalthivu. The capture of about 200 meters of the southern perimeter defence of the camp killing at least 28 cadres- according to figures provided by the Army- had been the prelude to a series of daring small group operations which were to dominate the Mannar front during the last two weeks.
    For the first two weeks of this month, commandos operating in small teams had been carrying out surprise attacks on selected strategic locations in the LTTE defence line. Small groups of commandos approached the camp in every direction, mainly conducting reconnaissance missions on the LTTE build- up in the area.
    One such group, code named the Alpha team attacked a group of Tiger cadres killing seven. Five bodies of the slain Tiger cadres were retrieved by the commandos. Two other teams, each consisting of eight commandos approached the Tiger base from the direction of Paramarayankulam tank and Uvilanundiya Aru.
    Both teams reached their assault positions by Tuesday. Based on information provided by the commandos, the army bombarded the identified LTTE positions using multi barrel rocket launchers and artillery guns. By Tuesday noon, the LTTE began to pull out from the camp.
    Based on information provided by the Delta team which was engaged in reconnaissance operations, the army bombarded a team of about 150 Tiger cadres who were on a hasty withdrawal from the camp.The Tiger contingent came under ground and air attack as they were moving through a Teak jungle located in Thaddampiddi.
    By Wednesday, troops monitored the Tigers pulling out. Water tanks which supplied water to the main sea Tiger base were blown up in the morning. Commandos ambushed two Lorries which were heading to the Tiger camp, apparently to transport military hardware from the besieged camp.
    By Wednesday noon, the troops were in control of the Vedithalthivu town and the sea Tiger base.
    As troops closed in on the sea Tiger base, Tigers moved their boats to Pooneryn.


    The MI 24 attack helicopters were called in to target the sea Tiger boats. Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force also conducted several sorties against another sea Tiger camp located in Vallaipadu, north of Vedithalthivu
    The only casualty in the military mission was Lance Cpl Kumara of the Delta team of the 2 commando regiment. He was caught in a booby trap as he stormed an LTTE bunker. On Thursday, Army Headquarters announced the capture of the Vedithalthivu sea Tiger base.
    Vedithalthivu, located 20 km from Mannar is the main sea Tiger base in the North Western coast, which also functioned as a smuggling hub for arms and ammunition from Tamil Nadu and earlier from the ships anchored in the Arabian Sea.
    Last month, sea Tigers staged a surprise attack on a naval outpost in Mannar. Sea Tiger boats were launched from Vedithalthivu.
    By the end of last week, troops were advancing towards Illupakadawai. The air force carried out several raids in LTTE positions in the area.
    Further northwards, the 57the Division of the army is pushing towards Thunukkai. Thunukkai, which is also the entrance to the Tiger- stronghold of Mallavi, would like to be the next flash point in the Wanni front.

  167. DefenceNet,

    A determined saboteur seemed to be at work; it is high time you dealt with at your end, please.




  170. Smartt,

    Can you edit your comments mate?

    It is the wrong HTML tags you are using..

    I don't see any smartness here, it is

  171. Did anyone hear about the radar that SL airfoce bought from Israel to detect night movements of LTTE?


    70 year old surveillence aircrafts...

    Local defence anlaysts will scratch their heads who said, MIG 27 were too old and called them flying cofins.


  174. There was a talk of Canada giving away one of its advanced maritime radars to the SLN sometime ago.The reason for Canada to scrap the multimillion dollar project was the radar's interference in local communications or something like that.
    Sri Lanka was to benifit from this issue.

  175. Here are the links..

  176. Sri Lanka is Island in Indian Ocean with 1700km length coastline and 6900000 km2 EEZ

  177. What?? If you psot the link why you copy whole thing?? Also, I think if you want to advertise in DN blog procedure is different.


  178. Nadesan - Sunday Leader Email interview

    Q: The government has vowed to capture Wanni and finish the war by mid next year. The LTTE also keeps saying that they are fighting a defensive war. Is that alone not an admission that the government's military campaign has succeeded and the LTTE's offensive capability has been destroyed?

    A: This is a very erroneous assessment that does not take into account our mode of operation and our grand strategy. Unfolding events will clearly illustrate this.

    Full interview


  179. "This is a very erroneous assessment that does not take into account our mode of operation and our grand strategy. Unfolding events will clearly illustrate this."

    I have a strong suspicion that the LTTE's grand strategy is to kill us all by making us laugh to death.

  180. Divaina is states that SLAF has got a new UAV from Israel. Is this a new/more advanced type?

  181. Eelam war and the external battlefield–Dayan Jayatilleka

  182. sorry, that should be *is stating*

  183. Malin,

    What else would you expect from the MF&r Swaminathan Natarajan, who is behind many such articles in favor of LTTE written Sri Lanka in a dim light.

    The MF&r has nothing good to say about East.

    Would the Mf*r say anything bad about LTTE ever..? He knows that it would be the end of his d*ck, and the payroll!

  184. Ground Zero Lanka,

    Can you please list Defencenet also on your site?


  185. Every Sri Lankan should read this article.

    Every Sri Lankan..

    Patriots, please save this page as a PDF (you can use CUTE PDF writer) and email to every Sri Lankan you know.

    This is a decisive moment!

    When the LTTE is over, we can take up our grievances about corruption of the government. Until the LTTE is finish and vanished, we need to keep this momentum going.

  186. Chamal

    The new Israeli UAV/s said to be a far more advanced version, capable of day/night recon.

    However, the general feeling is that the loss of the sophisticated surveillance aircraft has yet not been fully recovered from even by any of these.

  187. STF

    You may be referring to the UAV/s. A radar is not the ideal thing to detect human presence since the body does not bounce back radar waves. Passive sensors such as infra-red thermal detectors are more suitable..

  188. this week is 25 years after black july. tigers will try to do something BIG.

    if they are after a milotary target they must be thinking of an attack capable of saving them.

    trinco is a perfect target as it can cause IMMENSE trouble to jaffna based troops

  189. will they be trying to repeat the KAB attack or similar in colombo?
    any views?

    or any other economic (economic cum military) target?


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