Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Air Force raids LTTE training facility

A group of bombers from the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) 10th fighter squadron took to the skies from their home base in Katunayake yesterday (22nd) at 8.15 am. Their target was an LTTE training facility located north east of Uddayarkattukulam, Mullaithivu. Intelligence sources had previously suggested that a group of LTTE fighters were undergoing training at the target location. Fighter pilots confirmed that the target was accurately hit.

Air Force intelligence units now believe that more than 20 personnel from LTTE's notorious 'black tiger' suicide squad were killed in the attack. According to intelligence sources, these cadres were undergoing special training in a training facility deep inside the jungles of Uddayarkattukulam. Uddayarkattukulam is located 20kms east of Iranamadu, which is another tiger stronghold.

Meanwhile the sacred statue of Our Lady of Madhu has now been brought back to government controlled territory. The statue was moved further into LTTE held territory (to a church in Thewayampiddi) when the army closed in on the church.


  1. on one hand a ceasefire, on the other a black tiger drill!!

    days leading upto the 26th is crucial. tigers can attack, but we will have to tone down operations a little bit in view of the SAARC conference.

  2. DN-
    Any upto date pictures of the area we have captured / Madu stature / Black tiger training base bombing?

  3. days leading upto the 26th is crucial. tigers can attack, but we will have to tone down operations a little bit in view of the SAARC conference.

    bulshit.should never tone it down,no matter what.they should be crushed ASAP.longer they alive mean more civilians die ,more property will be destroyed.

    they wait for the morment to come,we shoulnt be listening to extremists until we finish our job,until we finish the last tiger off.


  4. Folks

    I'd like to reopen the (much talked about) ltte counterattack.

    I'm copying a section of Long Rangers article 'Counterstrike: The last gamble of the Tamil Tigers' I hope I'm not quoting the Ranger out f context by copying only a section.

    the full aticle is on . please read.

    'When SLAF for the last 6 years have slowly increasing its capabilities to counter mass waves of Tamil Tigers and its support fire, so has the SLA with almost triple the amount of artillery assets and fire locating radars than it previously had during the late 1990s and early 2000. The most notable of the additional assets has been the RM-70 MBRL with its superior rate of fire it can suppress enemy fire and movement for a considerable period. The lack of any successful military campaign since the capture of EPS in early 2000 especially the battles to capture Jaffna in September 2000 and August 2006 speaks great volumes of the effectiveness of the new fire power of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    The other dimension to the Tamil Tiger failure on such a counterattack has been its lack of leadership and SLA's pursuit of eliminating key Tamil Tiger field operatives. Not all commanders have the ability to lanch a counterattack battleplan. As much as a commander that leads an offensive into enemy territory needs to be dynamic and bold, the commander who launches the counter strike needs to be even more dynamic and even more bolder often because he himself has just suffered a defeat and he’s just got to take on an enemy that’s just won a victory and exploit a certain success that might not be eagerly apparent to him. What he needs to do is to move quickly, he needs to be fast and above all, he needs to throw caution to the wind. With the Tamil Tigers losing its premier commanders with the likes of renegade Karuna, Balraj, Charles, Thamil Chelvan etc it is unlikely that the replacements will be able to emulate and deliver the same dynamic bold feats and charisma of these late commanders.

    The Sri Lankan armed forces with its multi-pronged approach to Wanni since the liberation of the Eastern province has surely put the pressure on Tamil Tiger battleplanners to turn the tide in its favour. With no successful offensive since the year 2000 Ceaseless Waves III coming forth and with three bloody noses - twice in Jaffna (2000 and 2006), once in MUTHOOR/TRINCOMALEE in 2006 - the onus is on the Tamil Tigers to fulfil the aspirations of its ever dwindling Diaspora support base. Only time will tell...


    The pictures took on Black july 1983.. it clearly shows the Sinhala people's crucial mind and their psychology ... today is the 25 th year of the terrorism which can't be forgettable but it still continues against tamils ....

    No gain with out pain ....Tamils thurst is Tamil eelam ...

    If Srilanka gives equal rights to the tamils then the Srilanka will be Beautiful...If tamils takes what they need then the TAMIL EELAM will be beautiful......

  6. Shyam-
    You are full of bulls**t. Pictures does not say the half of the story.
    Talk those who were there.. How most of the Sinhalese have helped fellow Tamils.
    People like you cook stories to get some money into your own pockets. Open your eyes and stop the blood baths.
    If you cannot stop any LTTE blood baths move away and stay away.
    You have a brain unlike most of the other LTTE Supporters. Try using with out letting LTTE to brain wash you more and more.


  8. Hey Guys,
    In welioya Front,Nithyakaikulam tank is under Army Control !!
    Any News about this?

  9. DefenceNet,

    Air force spokesman has mentioned the black tigers were simulating a suicide attack when they were attacked. Can you confirm this ?


  10. Dear Shyam,
    this is what you do...

    1983 never happened again… Tamil population now in Colombo...(or out side Jafna) more than it was in 1983
    please correct if I m wrong

  11. sad to see people living in the past,
    Specially when people talk about things that happened before they were born, key board pansies at their best, please grow up

    ask yourself what have you done to make things better?

    not much? yeah it shows.

    Thanks DN for the great updates... keep up the good work

  12. US Tamils to hold Black July rally, vigil
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 23 July 2008, 11:23 GMT]
    People For Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL), an advocacy group composed of over 1,800 Americans concerned about the crisis in Sri Lanka, is organizing a protest rally and vigil in Washington DC on Thursday at 12 pm to remember the victims of Black July 1983, an ethnic pogrom, where organized mobs backed by the Sri Lankan government killed approximately 3,000 Tamil civilians, displaced several thousand Tamils and destroyed over $300 million worth of Tamils’ property. The rally will be held at the Russell Senate Park, at the intersection of Constitution Avenue and Delaware Avenue, Washington DC, according to the organizers.

    Black July Flier (Courtesy: Campaign for Burma is also joining the rally to remember the victims of the Burmese uprising on 8-8-88. The joint rally will protest China against its military support to Sri Lanka and Burma whose governments are accused of committing grave human rights violations.

    Members of Congress and human rights representatives are scheduled to speak at the rally. Speakers include Lucie Morillon, Director of the Washington Bureau of Reporters Without Borders, Nick Gaw, Executive Director of STAND, and Chad Hazlett, Director of Civilian Protection at Genocide Intervention Network.

    The rally will be followed by a silent vigil to remember the victims and honor the survivors of Black July.

    The vigil starts at 3:30 pm. Survivors of Black July will speak about their experiences during the pogrom and testimonials of survivors will be read at the event, according to organizers of the rally and vigil.

  13. Even after 60 years of conspiracy and 25 years of armed conflict these idiots still think they can attain Eelam.

  14. RomeoAlphaFoxtrot-
    Air force spokesman has mentioned the black tigers were simulating a suicide attack when they were attacked. Can you confirm this ?

    Has to be true. Now they know what it's like after the the death too :)

  15. romealpha,
    "Air force spokesman has mentioned the black tigers were simulating a suicide attack when they were attacked. Can you confirm this ?"

    That's what the intel suggests. But their actual target is not known. Anyway they usually simulate the whole thing before the actual raid (sometimes even with makeshift structures similar to the ones present in target location) so it's a possibility.

    Right now, don't have any. Will upload if and when we get them. sorry.

    shyam get a life dude.

  16. Got this Reliable News !!!
    Tamil Eelam has been Formed.

    The informant said that it is ruled by a Military Government.They are waiting till the Supreme Leader comes to complete the Cabinet. Ministers like Balraj,Balasingham,Charles & not forget the Ever Smiling Chelvam are all there & Awaiting the Arrival of the President of "Dreamers Republic of Tamilealam"
    Hopes They would not have to Wait Long !!!!

  17. Shayam,

    Can you give us an update on the status of LTTE Military Co-ordinating Centre in Mannar, which issued several victories over poor vilage boys a few weeks ago?

    I'm impressed!


    anyone know whats up with this image? i just saw it today.. looks like a legit target.

  19. Guys,

    Terror supporters here are quite happy to boast about this festival or that festival, in Europe or America, under the illusion that European folks are interested in seeing these things.

    The fact of the matter is they are fed up with refugees in general and a bit tired of uncontrolled immigration.

    So, the last thing they want to see is these bloody festivals of so-called suffering. They know public display of these things mean the arrival of more refugees and they just loathe these things now. Only lunatics think otherwise.

    Well, you can force or beg of people to come and watch; they watch while cursing under their breath for not leaving them alone.

    Refugees and would-be refugees are not welcome in this part of the world anymore neither are the silly shows that implies the potential to arrival more of these endangered species - Tamil Tigers. They paid back the courtesy and genorocity of the Europeans, exactly they do in this area - fake the credit cards.

    So, let's be sensible when advertising these events - just attention-grabbing rubbish.

  20. Sorry for offtrack

    As part of its efforts to significantly upgrade its offensive airpower capabilities, the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) will by the year’s end begin receiving five RAC MiG-built MiG-29SE multi-role combat aircraft and one MiG-29UBS tandem-seat operational conversion trainer worth USD 75 million, plus three Oboronprom JSC-built Mi-35M attack helicopters — all from Russia. While the SLAF will be responsible for first- and second-level maintenance of these new acquisitions, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Nasik-based India-Russia joint venture — Indo-Russian Aviation Ltd (IRAL) — will provide flying training, technical type-training and depot-level maintenance support for them. IRAL is currently providing similar product support to the SLAF’s existing six Mi-17V-5s, 10 Mi-25s and three Mi-35Ps of No9 Attack Helicopter Squadron, and for the 10 ex-Ukrainian MiG-27Ms and one MIG-23UB trainer of No5 Fighter Squadron. In addition, state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) is likely to be involved in upgrading the SLAF’s two Israel Aerospace Industries-built Kfir TC.2s, two Kfir C.7s and eight Kfir C.2s of No10 Fighter Squadron. The SLAF wants these Kfirs to be retrofitted with ELTA’s EL/M-2032 multi-mode monopulse radars (which HAL is presently installing on board the Indian Navy’s Sea Harrier FRS Mk51s) and armed with RAFAEL-built Python-3 air combat missiles. The SLAF has also requested the IAF and HAL to help upgrade its Mi-25s to enable them to have a modest night-fighting capability. Another noteworthy addition to the SLAF’s combat aircraft inventory has been five Chengdu F-7Gs and one FT-7G (both armed with PL-5E air combat missiles), which were delivered last March by China free of charge. These aircraft have supplemented the SLAF’s three F-7Bs and three FT-7Bs that were acquired in the late Nineties.

    The MiG-29SEs on order will each be equipped with a Phazotron JSC-built Zhuk-ME airborne radar, which has a 80km target detection range. It also has modest air-to-surface modes that include Doppler-beam sharpening, synthetic aperture scanning (with 5-metre resolution) and moving target detection. Powerplant for the MiG-29SE will comprise twin Klimov RD-33-3 turbofans. The armaments suite will include Vympel R-73E air combat missiles, R-27ER1 and R-27ET1 medium-range air combat missiles, as well as KAB-500Kr laser-guided bombs that would be guided to their targets by manportable ground-based LDR-3 laser target designators supplied by Pakistan’s Al technique Corp.

    The Mi-35M comes fitted with a 9K113K all-weather weapons suite that includes an Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant-built OPS-24N ‘Zarevo’ optronic system, GOES-342 gyro-stabilised chin-mounted turret, IRTV-445MGII thermal imager with a 4km range, and the BREO-24 radio communications suite. The Mi-35M’s cockpit displays are NVG-compatible. Its main and X-shaped tail rotor blades are all-composite, while its main and tail rotor hubs and gearbox are the same as those developed for the Mi-28NE attack helicopter. The Mi-35M’s twin stub wings are each equipped with twin APU-8/4U weapons pylons, each of which can carry four supersonic anti-armour guided missiles (130mm 9K114 Shturm-S with 5km-range or 9M120 Ataka with 6km-range, both built by the Kolomna-based KBM Machine Design Bureau) or four Strelets air combat missiles. Powerplant for the Mi-35M comprises twin Klimov VK-2500 engines that enable the helicopter to be operated under ‘hot-and-high’ conditions at elevated humidity and high temperature levels.

    not to mention most of the upgrades done in india are paid for by the indians...materials inclusive

  21. 1983 never happened again… Tamil population now in Colombo...(or out side Jafna) more than it was in 1983
    please correct if I m wrong

    Even in 1983 a lotof tamils lived out side of north than now ...

    it won't happen again ..its just happening can't u identify 1983 sinhala people killed the tamils most of the Sinhala mobs did this to rob the tamils...but the same thing is done by the Sinhala forces by abducting tamil for money and just started a killing spree ...

    in 1983 only 3200 tamils were get killed but now its more than 5500 people killed or missing ..

    both are nearly same ...

  22. hey keep up the good work birds....
    i think baribaharan don't have any other option other than using shame full black tigers.... think that's why they are being trained when the air rade was he's running out of options.... he....he....
    give it up....shit head it's going to be iver very soon..........

  23. Shyam i know how you feel..soon we tamils will be an extinct species..thats fate.. >.<...we tamils have a big problem or should i say...its in our blood.. we dont prosper nor do we let others prosper.. no offence bro...we mite have been powerful during historic times.. but in future well just be history ourselves....

  24. Some people who are talking about 83 even not born at that time. LZTE need another 83 and we need not to happen it again. That's it.

  25. Qrious,
    Once I had an opportunity to see such a refugee demonstration in Oslo. There were 3 buses full of people herded by a group of thug looking men in front of city hall.
    These people (including women & children) had to pose for some photographs holding some placards and posters. It lasted less than 15 mins.

  26. Vikram,

    Are you quoting LNPs MIG29Cs post? saw the article. its quite a handful acquisition for SLAF! Bravo!

  27. "Lankan government killed approximately 3,000 Tamil civilians,..."

    This is a lie. During the black July period only 471 civilians were gotten killed by the criminal mob. This doesn't mean it is lesser of a crime. Every life is precious. My point is these terrorists were using that 25 year old incident stating distorted facts and killed multiple thousands of civilians in gruesome manner and still continue to do so. They train their cadres to kill civilians (Imran Pandian). Still the funny thing is that they are the ones who make the loudest noise for Human rights. Europeans have no idea how to deal with them. They gobble all the lies and help terrorists in sheep skin to kill more innocents in our part of the world.

  28. hemantha said...

    Hemantha Have some idea to comment on the posts .. its have been just accepted by your own gov ...atleast try to get to know ...

  29. Hello Dhinuksha,

    nope im not quoting lnps Mig 29c post.. the source i got it from was out from june 2008..the chinese and pakistani deals arent mentioned in mig 29c post...

    chk out

  30. but then its true that india is practically paying for all the upgrades done on our fleet... this can prolly be seen as a direct competition to china and pakistan...

    though china did provide... 5~6 f-7g free of cost..

  31. Guys,

    This happens in Europe! Hope extremists from the minority read this.

  32. "Hemantha Have some idea to comment on the post"
    I have some idea. From an unbiased source (Dew Gunasekara in the communist party).

    "accepted by your own gov ...atleast try to get to know"

    Accepted by gov. Prove me, Shyam.

  33. The "SIRASA News" has a SPecial Segment About these white Van abductions.
    The Strange thing Is that at the start of that segment in the background a RECYCLE MARK is Visible !!!
    I Cant think What is Sirasa Guys Expecting From That...
    May be Hoping those people are Recyclable...

  34. "That's what the intel suggests. But their actual target is not known. Anyway they usually simulate the whole thing before the actual raid (sometimes even with makeshift structures similar to the ones present in target location) so it's a possibility. "

    Would it not have been better to observe this 'training' rather than blowing it all up, might have give a clue as to he next target and be ready for them there? This way there might be a second team and info on a potential target may have been lost?

  35. [[TamilNet, Wednesday, 23 July 2008, 10:38 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Cement Corporation’s newly appointed Chairman S. J. Paranagama said that steps are being taken to recommence cement production in Kaangkeasanththu’rai (KKS) Lanka Cement factory, ]



    Here lies a potential big future problem.

    Next week, the spelling would be:


    How on earth proud Sri Laakans are going to rememer this and other sililar names in the North and East?

    This naming code is an area I invited attantion of a number of proud Sri Lankan leaders.

    It's high time we name these vital towns and cities with simple easy remember names which can be easily pronunced even by foreign tourists.

    I'm serious folks. Now is the IDEAL time our GOSL leaders do some research and introduce new names.

    Also we can 'Name', as we Go! We can even have contests to come up with creative names!

    The fake historical traces of misplaced identities must be made to vanish FOREVER.

    That'll make the LTTE separatist coolies play pocket billiard... while helplessly looking skywards!

  36. When it comes to 83 every one talks about what happened to tamil people. Its true, but why its not like some politicaly backed sinhala thugs just killing tamil civilians. It happened as a reaction to killing of 13 SLA troops in Jaffna. Ofcourse, how GSL acted at that time is totaly unacceptable and it should not have happened.

    However, many including int. media intentionaly hide the fact that LTTE killing 13 troops, GSL unnecassary making arrangements to do the funeral in BOralla forall instead of allowing family members to do it in their own villages, and riots started inBoralla cemetry when they did the funerla.

    Again, there is no way to justify the bad incedent. But hiding the full truth and show it as "sinhalese attack tamils for no reason" is some thing else.

  37. DW has a good article

    post your ideas without the BS jokes

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Ninja-
    Do n't forget at that time we never heard about 13 getting killed in SL.
    So Army did that funeral to respect those who unfortunatly passed away.

    There were lot of security present from Army since the early part of the day. However no one smelt any event like what has unfortunatly happened in 83. (One of the senior policeman was responsible for the event too on the day. Not sure how many of current blog members can withness the event on the day. inc. Defencenet)

  40. Shayam,
    Did these black july pictures also show the many kind SLankan citizens like my friends and their families who put their lives at risk to safe the lives of their friendly tamil neighbours?.Sham this LTTE has become a farce to benefit a few at the expense of a larger group of tamil people who are suffering as a result.
    As for these "speeches" in foreign countries..we have moved past this bulllshit of panicking in fear everytime some caucasian gives a speech.We are more interested in ground realities and believe you me Gen Fonseka is not a person to be trifled with.Why i say this:He came very close to death and has sampled it for a short period of time.So now he knows what the experience is like and he is not scared to die.We fear the "experience" that we have not had.Once you have that experience and survive you become very hardy..cant describe it to you

  41. Army Commander:

    Not stopping operations during SAARC


  42. //hehe// is this some new english word, can some one tell me?

  43. New UAV footages are so cool that the operator can even tell the type of guns that the terrorists carry. Good move SLAF.

    Beware and look up, the god is watching you day and night! Afraid, be very afraid!

    You carry a gun and then you are phooh in the next minute!

  44. [Is Praba preparing to flee?

    A vertical dam is being constructed around what is thought to be Prabhakaran’s bunker in the Wanni in order to construct a deep underground railway tunnel, as an escape plan in the event the security forces capture Killinochchi, intelligence sources told The Daily Mirror yesterday.

    According to intelligence sources, tension now exists in Wanni as several escape routes are being constructed around LTTE bunkers in the event the security forces make their entrance into the area.]

    Defensenet is this true? Looks like end is near for the terror pig!

  45. wipeltte we have no confirmation on that.

  46. "New UAV footages are so cool that the operator can even tell the type of guns that the terrorists carry."

    Yes one can even zoom in to clearly see the number plate of any vehicle on the ground.

    Would it not have been better to observe this 'training' rather than blowing it all up, might have give a clue as to he next target and be ready for them there? This way there might be a second team and info on a potential target may have been lost?"

    No that would not have been the best option. It would have been impossible to track and monitor the movements of those tigers 24/7 and if at one point we lost intel on the team the team it would all have been for nothing. Besides they will change the entire battle plan if they knew they were being monitored.

  47. Kuttu,

    Don't be a racist; accept my marriage proposal. You are evading my offer; it is not nice or decent. Please reply and then swear at me, in that order.

  48. DW says as SLA advance they get thined and also political influance is there to advance before PC elections. If true this means SLA need more time to get trained troops and until then should advance slowly but due to political influance otherwise hapening. (But I don't see such political infulance.)

  49. Sri Lanka War Situation Report 23/07/2008
    click here

    SLArmy (The level of Confidence)

    click here

  50. MiG-29s by year end?

    so something really big is planned thereafter. will that be the ultimate harvesting time?

    going by the capabilities, they may not only be deployed for defensive op.s including maritime op.s

  51. Hemantha,

    "During the black July period only 471 civilians were gotten killed by the criminal mob."

    I believe that is the official figure given by the govt. (the same government that more or less organized the riots). Independent human rights organizations provided the estimate of 3,000 and that number sounds accurate to me.

    I don't know a single Sri Lankan Tamil who was not affected by the 1983 riots in some way.

  52. from DW,

    IF this is happening it is total nonsense and confirms my fears mentioned in a previous post.

    "The other potential debacle is the political deadline issue by the government for the military operations. The focus is again shifting from the battlefield to the North Central Provincial Council Elections. This is an all too familiar road, one that has led us to more bad things than good things in the past."

    politics and military op.s don't mix up at the party politix level!! if we mix we are in shitt.

  53. Security for SAARC meet strengthened


  54. Blogger Moshe Dyan said...

    politics and military op.s don't mix up at the party politix level!! if we mix we are in shitt.

    July 24, 2008 4:54 AM

    100 % true

  55. Hemantha

    The news presenter in the video you posted says 900 killed... does that reflect the numbers killed in that front over a period of time, or in a single battle?
    The numbers do not jive with any other statistics for the region.

    could you confirm please?

  56. ----------------- 83 ----------------------

    What happened in 83? All the sinhalese killed all the tamils? OR...

    //The riots occurred following a deadly ambush by a Tamil militant organization known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which killed 13 Sri Lanka Army soldiers.//

    //The rioters initially targeted government properties.//

    //As it had happened many times before and after, most of the people who gathered at the Borella Kanatta, where the Dead army soldiers were supposed to be buried, directed their anger towards the Government. Later it developed into a full scale violence, targeting Tamil citizens and their properties.//

    //..sporadic violence continued in other parts of the country over the next few days, mainly in response to rumors that "kotiyas" (i.e. Tamil Tiger) were coming to attack the city.//

    //One of the most notorious single massacres of the riots[16] took place at the Welikada high security prison on July 25. Thirty-seven Tamil prisoners, most of them detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, were killed by Sinhlase prisoners using knives and clubs.//

    //Mobs were also seen stopping buses to identify Tamil passengers and subsequently these passengers were knifed, clubbed to death or burned alive. One Norwegian tourist saw a mob set fire to a minibus with 20 people inside, killing them all.//

    //Although it started as a spontaneous reaction by Sinhalese mobs gathered at the Colombo Cemetery where the bodies of the soldiers were to be buried, elements associated with the ruling United National Party (UNP) was actively involved in the organization of the riots.//

    //Even though some Tamil politicians accused the ruling UNP for not taking appropriate actions to prevent the riots, the government in fact took vital counter measures from the very early stages to combat rioters and safeguard the Tamil community. Curfew was enforced immediately after the riots broke out. The attacks, according the government, were carefully organized and government properties such as trains, buildings and buses were the initial targets.//

    //While a number of Tamils fled the city, many of the Sinhalese people tried to save the lives and properties of Tamils despite the activities of the gangs. Many Tamils were sheltered in Sinhalese houses during the following days.//

    //A brief span of rioting broke out on July 29 when police shot dead 15 Sinhalese looters.//

    //The estimates of casualties vary. While the government initially stated just 250 Tamils were killed, various NGOs and international agencies estimate that between 400 and 3000.//

    //..18,000 houses and numerous commercial establishments were destroyed..//


    This happened, is unfortunate. (Fortunate for LTTE.) Two major issues. 1. GSL itself failed preventing it. 2. Even after that GSL failed to punish any one who is responsible for this. Becuase of this all the sinhalese are now blamed for this by int. media/ LTTE fronts.

  57. DN

    Gen.SF said now SLA strength is 162,000. Can you tell us, is this including those who are under going training and 12,000 reserve? If not how many are under going training? And what's the usual length of training period?

  58. Ninja

    IGP Rudra Rajasingham was appointed by JRJ in the aftermath of teh July-83 riots.

    Plenty of those who committed the crimes were caught and prosecuted. Many were also given the 'police treatment' after arrest, as was usual in those times.

    I am a friend of the Rajasingham family and am aware of this at a personal level.

  59. Tropical,
    "The news presenter in the video you posted says 900 killed... does that reflect the numbers killed in that front over a period of time, or in a single battle?"

    I found the video while searching the Utube. But I know for a fact that 900 is the total for the front after its inception.

  60. 83

    Main reasons for 83 can be identified as:

    1. Sinhalese as a community was unable to seperate tigers from tamils.
    2. GSL was unable to take quick preventive actions
    3. GSL was unable to take legal actions against the thugs.
    4. Sinhalese had no idea how well LTTE will use this for their advantage.
    5. Racist elements in the sinhala community had some power over the vast majority of normal people.

    Even after 25 years the best thing LTTE expect is another 83. Vezapillai knew how good was the dividend for killing 13 troops and he was highly motivated. But laer 1000+ troops KIA in overnight, nothing happened. In the same way LTTE capitalized on the incedent, thousands of tamils got chance to migrate to western countries, opening an unceasing funding chanal.

    If you read what many LTTE supporters here and elsewhere in the web write, you see they have little sorrow about who got killed. (its sad to see, some people even born after 83, talk like they witness it.) Some thing happened bad and wrong, then corrective action need to be taken and that part was done by GSL. But what diaspora need is by showing, recalling this event, growing anger against SL and fund the terror outfit which inturn kill same innocent tamil and sinhala people, in the name of racialy pure dreamland.

    World knows how the black white issue was in USA few decades ago. When they realized it was wrong government make relevent laws and people follow it. Still there may be some incedents but legal actions taken. A black guy now run for the president. He doesn't talk about any racial bulshit, he talks as an american. Unfortunately, greedyness of some influential tamils were too much. They thought they can get ezam just becuase of 83, and keep funding terror. Now this is like some "happy black july" for diaspora.

  61. TS
    Thanks for the info. In Rwanden genocide 500,000 to 1,000,000 killed. In 83 it is 500 to 3,000. But thanks to GSL sleeping beauties in foriegn missions and due to well organised LTTE propaganda one might think 83 is some thing like Rwanden genocide.

    also, //Prime Minister Ranasingha Premadasa formed a committee to organize shelter and feeding for an estimated 20,000 homeless Tamils in Colombo. These temporary shelters were situated at five school buildings and an aircraft hangar. These shelters, better known as Welfare Centers to the public, were protected by the army soldiers and not a single act of violence nor any discrimination towards Tamils were reported inside them.// -wikipedia

  62. TS,
    I didnt watched the Video. But the figure 900 is a estimated ltte combatant deaths in the welioya front after the present offensive began...
    So this may refering to that figure..

  63. DN,
    If even the Numberplate of a vehicle can be taken from that UAV, Why cant we locate more Miraj type big vessels Hiding places in Mulaitivu?
    When they comes to land, Jets can destroy them easily then isnt it?

  64. //Yes one can even zoom in to clearly see the number plate of any vehicle on the ground.//

    As I knew, 10 years back also, SLAF had this kind of UAVs.

  65. SLAF jets bomb LTTE training centre

    Air Force jets bombed an LTTE training centre in Oddusuddan, Mulaitvu this morning.

  66. Su,

    "If even the Numberplate of a vehicle can be taken from that UAV, Why cant we locate more Miraj type big vessels Hiding places in Mulaitivu?"

    Good question...

    I also always wondered how such large boats disappear.

  67. Su,

    They might not keep their valuable Sea Assets to see from the air, but they remove their assets by using
    once the task is complete.

  68. Guys,

    Potential Dangers of Partial Learning

    "Empty vessel make most noise," said the sage, ages ago. We have a Sinhala equivalent of it and hope there is a Tamil equivalent as well. It stood the test of time and absolutely correct. Our own kuttu and CriMeWatch prove its validity all the time.

    Let me recall an incident, that took an embarassing dimension, with catastrophic consequences during late Thondaman's time in an upcountry tea estate.

    A few decades ago, the old monster, Thondaman, who was in the business of humiliating the Sinhalese at every possible opportunity, had something of a brainwave: the need to deal with the alarmingly high birth rate among poor labourers of Indian origin.

    So, he contacted the learned professionals at the family planning institute and a visit by one of them was duly arranged.

    The learned man appeard on a podium, that was erected in a tea-leaves collection centre, in front of a packed audience: women were understandably shy; men were noisy and some were even fighting for a better place in the audience; a few were making frequent trips in and out to spit the remnants of chew of betel. The excitement was palpable, I was told.

    After delivering the first part of his lecture, while focussing on the need of keeping the family size to a minimum, the learned man then turned to explain the nitty gritty of it: the women cupped their mouths while blushing; men just loudly laughed implying the approval. In short, it was fun.

    In the middle of this drama, the learned professional now reached the climax - climax of the occassion, I must insist. He took a condom out of his bag, put it into his middle finger and told the audience - quite bluntly and in no uncertain terms - how to go about with their mating ritual from that point onwards, not to have babies while having fun.

    Then women no longer looked in the eye not after being mesmerized by this little device; the men, however, nodded their heads, hinting that the message, in fact, has been got through. The learned man promised to come back in six months, something he kept to, unlike our public servants.

    The learned professional came in th hope of arriving to a heros' welcome. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed at the very first glance of the audience. The men were flinging their hands in the air in anger; the women were pointing fingers at their inflated bellies, cursing both the professional and the device he introduced - condom. There were a very large number of pregnancies - much more than usual.

    Thanks to his training, the learned man had the courage and patience to face the hostile crowd with dignity. Once the pandamonium had died down, he called the leading man in the crowd, to the podium and asked what had gone wrong.

    Much to his dismay, the man described the disaster that was unfolding: the men had followed his advice literally - word for word. They had put the condom in the middle finger - exactly as they were shown during the demonstration - and carried on with thier mating rituals, that include some folks who were not very keen on this game on a very regular basis - as it sounded excitingly novel during the lecture.

    This is not the first instance of dangers unfolding on our doorstep due to partial learning; nor will it be the last.

    The fat man who took up arms against us, nearly thirty years ago, always quoted two things to justify his manouervers: he saw policemen hitting unarmed Tamils in 48 riots; he saw Sinhalese killing Tamils in 53 riots.

    With regard to the former, I am intrigued to the core. Velupillai Prabhakaran was born in 1953 and if he knew 1948 riots that took place 5 years before his birth - and so well - he should have been one of those policemen who beat up the Tamils, if reincarnation is a universal phenomenon. He implied that the policemen beat only Tamils at that time, which is equally wrong: how about the people who sell locally made liquour, known as kasippu to make a living; have the policemen ever been kind to them?

    With regard to the second incident, he must have been just a baby. The last thing babies want to see - without wetting their nappies - is riots. I don't know how this man, Prabha, has such vivid memories about that riots too, when he was physically a baby.

    It is clear, however, someone had been in the business of feeding his head with this information - somewhat distorted, but true - to ignite a hatred towards the majority. Whoever did that, he was a clever chap in the short-run; the tormentor's dream came true, but not that of Prabha in partiuclar or Tamils in general.

    I suspect it could be Prabha's father himself, who happened to be a government officer at the time. I don't know, to be honest.

    If he was the man, he may be the folk who is having the longest bouts of insomnia in the modern history, in his old age.

    So here we go again; an ill-informed ill-educated man judged an entire race by the misbehaviour of a few errant policeman. Very illuminating indeed!

    So, partiall learning is much more dangerous than the outright ignorance; the latter can even be a relative virtue, in a sense.

    Tamils, please stay away from this ignorant machine. It may suck up the whole race to destruction.

  69. Qrious..
    You area very Good Story Teller !!!
    Nicely Written.

    Thankyou for the link. But When we have Jets which can reach Mulaitivu in 15 Minutes (Max).
    these trailers will not be of use.
    For example in the Recent Navy Battle.If UAV was UP there after the battle start(NAVY have to inform the AIR FORCE about the battle ofcoz), The Big ltte Ships could have been TRACKED back atleast till it comes near land & BOOM !!
    Well No use of the Trailers then...
    I think the Navy & Air Force Cordination is a MUST to make these a Reality...
    Isnt that so?

  70. If we are to use UAV to see the Miraj ships in a Jetty, We are doing a BIG Mistake.Those Trailers along with Natural hideouts will make them Invisible from Air.
    I Agree.
    But If We could Track them in a fight just like I said earlier I cant see how we going to Loose sight as Only 15 Minutes Needed for the Jets.
    Have I missed Something?
    Or Am I Asking for more?
    I dont think so...


  72. Tell me,
    Is this statement racist or not?

    "Sadly, the Tamils’ thuggish mindset has infected the Canadian Tamil community as well: Tiger front organizations have extorted millions of dollars from Tamil businesses in Toronto and other cities, often threatening harm to relatives back in Sri Lanka if business-owners fail to comply. "

    In the same eye could the part "Tamils’ thuggish mindset" be true?

    If so can it both be racist and true at the same moment?

  73. Here we go..
    Elooo Elooo Ghanawa...
    SLAF raids LTTE leaders' gathering point- Mullaittivu

    We would like some commentry on above event please.

  74. Army captured an area 3km South of Mallavi. 25 Tigers killed. 120mm gun and two 81 mm motar guns recovered.


    operation "red bird" is still underway

    he he he.. :) kuttu, where r u?

  75. Ada derana says Army captured vavunikulam tank.

    Can any one confirm ???

  76. 25 years ago yesterday I was in the middle of Wellawatta an hour after when it all started to happen. I was taking people home in our car. The main roads were blocked and we had to take back routes (Peterson Lane, etc.). I wish I never saw what I saw that day or heard what my ears heard. The cruelty shown by one human to another on that day is surpassed only by the LTTE and the Nazis.

    @ bloggers here who are only aware of one side of the story, please be aware there is another side to this story which the LTTE would not tell you because they want your minds to be full of poison and hatred. Here are just two things I (and my family) did to save and safeguard our Tamil neighbours during that terrible time. Here’s just a tiny glimpse of the other side of the story.

    While moving slowly down one of the back lanes of Wellawatta a group of thugs with empty cans and tubes to siphon petrol stopped me and asked for petrol to set fire to a house and its occupants nearby. When I refused a knife was held to my neck in front of my mother who was seated next to me. He did not hesitate to use it. Though I was very young I was driving the car (without a licence of course as you do in Pukka Land) because my mother was too nervous to drive amidst this calamity and narrow lanes. Only a timely God-sent brain wave helped me to convince the thug that I had already donated earlier (which I hadn’t). The idiot believed me and allowed me to move on with my arteries intact. I risked my life and the lives of the occupants of my car to minimise a potential danger to a Tamil person.

    We provided shelter and provisions to a Tamil family in our house at the risk of reprisals from mobs for a few days. Then we took them to a camp (Thurston College, Colombo 7) after obtaining curfew passes, etc. We visited them regularly, provided them with clothes, medicines, sanitary materials, etc., until they relocated. We kept their valuables with us until such time they were safe enough to reclaim them. It was a risk. I remember a jeep full of armed police officers coming to our house accusing us of stealing valuables from Tamils because some neighbours who were jealous took this as an opportunity to tip the police off and get us in to trouble. BTW the officer who questioned me for a few minutes said they see no truth in the allegations and went away with his men. He didn't even bother to search the house despite my offer.

    Would I do it again? A ten thousand times YES but I hope a million times that it would never ever come to that again. I hope some of your biased minds would just take a moment to consider reaching a healthy and balanced view point.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. This is how LTTE announces when they killed another Tamil

    "unidentified armed persons" is the key word identify LTTE.

    If an LTTE scumbag was killed, the code word is: "Tamil youth"

  79. Thambala,

    Glad you asked. The answer is NO, something cannot be racist and true at the same time; they are mutually exclusive.

    It is a racist comment because it paints Tamils as thugs. Also the statement cannot be true because it implies all Tamils are thugs or thuggish, which is clearly not true.

    It is non-racist if the comment said “Sadly, the LTTE’s and their supporters’ thuggish mindset…”. Firtsy, because it is the truth and the truth can never be racist (or any other –ist). Secondly, the LTTE is not a race (as much as they love to believe it). LTTE supporters are also not a race.

    By definition, a terrorist is committed to violence and terror; hence the words “thug” or “thuggish” could be used to describe them as a whole and some of their characteristics. Those who actively support a terrorist also identifies with the terrorist’s actions, thus befitting the same description.

    BTW, where did you get that that excerpt from?

  80. Pakka,
    He he..
    Glad you asked.

    Here it is. It is not a sinhalese however..

    Do me a favour. Will you remove Lanka from behind your pakka?

    Be a pukka sahib.

  81. I am afraid LTTE terrorists may not be lucky and may not get a chance to counter attack.

    The SLAF seems to be softening them up big time just as we saw while the Vanni ops got under way.

    Pussa binda wage thiyeyda kiyala hithenawa..

  82. Thambala,

    Cheers mate. I will take a look at the link.

    My name caused many a controversy when I first started blogging. I did explain it routes and came to a compromise and spelled it “Pakka Lanka” instead of my real spelling which is “Pukka Lanka”. Now you are asking me to change it further. Respectfully I refuse brother. The whole essence is lost if go by the cartoon character Pukka Sahib. Sorry mate, hope you understand.

  83. Unfortunately, Sri Lankans in general (be it Tamil,Sinhalese or other) are brought up with racist prejudices against each other’s race. Hence the derogatory descriptions such as “sakkiliya”, “bothal pattharai”, “thambiya”, "sinhala modaya", "singalas", etc., used even in this very blog.

    Cleaning toilets is a job. It is a legitimate service provided to the public and private sector. Therefore deserves dignity. I’d rather a man cleans toilets for an honest living than does a multi million dollar deal from which he got a massive illegitimate commission. The “sakkiliya” is nobler in my opinion than the “respectable” businessman and one day would be judged as such.

    As our brother Asithri keeps harping on, we must be very careful to proactively differentiate between Tamils and the LTTE, Sinhalese and the corrupt politicians. Us Sri Lankans must unlearn some of these prejudices we have been brought up with and embrace all races as human beings with all our human weaknesses and strengths.

    Please hear me right, I don’t care what you call the LTTE as an organisation. But be careful and think carefully when you describe people/humans, not to be racist.

  84. Pakka-Lanka-
    Well said bro. Let's try to have respect to each other. Sooner we do sooner we all can move forward.

  85. "in 1983 only 3200 tamils were get killed but now its more than 5500 people killed or missing .."

    most of the people who talk about these disappearances do not talk about the number of the people who are returned.that may not be a large number but still that is something notable.
    and i must say that some of the ex-LTTE guys use this as a way of getting away from the LTTE.they tell their families to report to the police that they have been abducted and they escape into a foreign country. after a while when things cool down the family joins him or her. if this act is not done the LTTE pistol gangs will come to their homes and kill the family or kill a relative in the north.

    also nobody talks about the killings that took place in the time when millennium city incident occurred.
    how many sri lankan tamils were killed.

  86. Perein,

    Thanks matey, glad you agree.


    Having read the full article, I see it as factually acceptable to a greater or lesser degree but careless in its presentation. I.e. the portion you posted is clearly racist. Take that part out (or rephrase it) and the article is farely okay.

  87. VA,

    The bit about how LTTE cardres escape the outfit is quite enlightening. Thanks


  88. During the last 2 years , LTTE fired 7 missiles at SLA aircrafts.


    Since current hostilities in the Northern theatre began at the later end of 2006, SLAF MiG's, Kfirs and Mi-24 attack helicopters have been shot at on 7 different occasions. Four times over Killinochchi and thrice over the Mannar region. The missiles failed to lock on 3 occasions, and on the four occasions a lock was achieved the countermeasures were able to deflect the path of the missile. All but one of these encounters has gone unreported in the Sri Lankan Media.


    Read how the SLAF/LTTE played out the war in coming months.

    How many missiles LTTE will fire...

    Read the rest here...

  89. According to Mig29C from LNP,

    LTTE lost one Zlin and left with 4.

    The Thamil Tigers still have 4 operational Zlins left. One was destroyed on the ground in a chance air raid.

  90. Guys,

    The possibility of the spectacle of counter-attack, as some folks here quite feared, is fast fading. The capture of heavy guns is very significant, especially in the context of its proximity to a main Tiger location.

    Now, I can sense what General Fonseka meant by bringing the war to a truning point by August.

    It shows that his assesments must be seriously taken into account. What he says is not just rhetoric.

    He is running an institute that has the manpower of almost 2million folks. As the administrator of the most successfully run entity in the country, he has every right to be strong and not to appear to be weak and indecisive. His interview with the Sunday Observer must be analysed in this context.

    Watch his lips folks in the coming days. He says what he does and vice versa.

  91. Q

    making us so scared.. Give support to SLDF to Protect the nation. Counter LTTE

  92. Virus alert said...;

    i just mentioned the number of people who are Killed or still Missing ...

    158 Tamils were reported to be missing last month and only 32 returned ..

    "most of the people who talk about these disappearances do not talk about the number of the people who are returned.that may not be a large number but still that is something notable."

    It clearly shows the srilankan Ponna forces doing the terror to the tamils...

  93. Blogger tangara said...

    During the last 2 years , LTTE fired 7 missiles at SLA aircrafts.

    Dude LTTE used missiles in only times and those are really successful

    * AAB attack ..the SLAF helicopter shot down by the LTTE

    * When the battle started at mavilaru, MI24 gunship shot down by the LTTE while it was giving a support to the SLA ..but it wasn't in Srilankan Media's

    LTTE used the AA's for the other incidents ...

  94. Shayam,

    In AAB incident it was not conclusively proved that LTTE AA fire brought down the bird.

    The second incident you mentioned it was a hoax.
    That was one of the imaginations of Tamilnet webmaster.


  95. Blogger perein said...

    SLAF raids LTTE leaders' gathering point- Mullaittivu

    How many LTTE leaders are there ...?

    if there is still LTTE leaders alive then how many targets of SLAF was succesful ... ?

  96. Shayam,

    Live with the nightmare that Velu lost all the gains in just under 2 years. Good for the canibal Velu...

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. LTTE fired mortar from Kanchikudicharu forest,on SLA who were establishing a camp near the jungle .. waiting for casualties ...

    Kanchikudicharu is In EAST rite...? (anyone correct me Lolzzz)

    Liberated the east ...hmmm

  99. Shayam,

    How about this?

    If Velu didn't close the Mavilaru anicut 2 years ago...

    TC might still be laughing in Wanni.

    Balraj might still be boasting about capture of EP.

    Velu will be going around in Vanni opening homes for elders.

    East might still be under LTTE..

    Karuna and Pilliyan might be removed from the scene.

    Eric Solheim might be planning to nominate Velu for Nobel price..


    Those were the days...

    Now Velu is counting the days when
    Wanni is going to fall.

    Oh that annicut...I love that annicut.

  100. Yep.
    That Annicut has open the fllod gates & the Ltte is been Flushed...
    Someday future Sri LAnkans will rememeber that annicut as the "JayaBhumi" of all the Sri Lankans..

  101. Shyam as I remember the last time you told that A SPECIAL ELITE COMMANDOS of ltte, returning after a SO called Mission after Destroying a STF camp in to pieces, We heard Nothing except few miss guided mortars.
    Well Thats just sums up the ELITES of ltte.

  102. Dont you know how the ltte has leaders?
    Well when the first set of leaders get killed the remaining ones get promoted.
    So When it will be the final Group of ltte fighters, dont be amazed if allof them are cols.& Brigadiers...

  103. Voices of 1983: Basil Fernando's poem remembered
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 24 July 2008, 10:18 GMT]
    A poem, based on an eye-witness account of an event during 1983 pogrom captures the determination of a Tamil father at the time of his agonising death. The poem by Basil Fernando, a Sinhala lawyer, encapsulates the impelling spirit of the Tamil struggle of the post-pogrom years. Mr. Basil Fernando is at present the Executive Director of the Hong Kong based Asian Human Rights Commission.

    The poem is reproduced here with courtesies to the author:

    Yet Another Incident in July 1983

    Burying the dead
    being an art well developed in our times
    (our psycho-analysts have helped us much
    to keep balanced minds--whatever
    that may mean--) there is no reason really
    for this matter to remain so vivid
    as if some rare occurrence. I assure you
    I am not sentimental, never having
    had a 'break down' as they say.
    I am as shy of my emotions
    as you are. And I attend to my daily
    tasks in a very matter of fact way.

    Being prudent too, when a government says "Forget"
    I act accordingly. My ability to forget
    has never been doubted, never
    having had any adverse comments.

    On that score either. Yet I remember the way they stopped that car,

    the mob. There were four
    in that car, a girl, a boy
    (between four and five it seemed) and their
    parents--I guessed--the man and the woman.
    It was in the same way they stopped other cars.
    I did not notice any marked

    Difference. A few questions
    in gay mood, not to make a mistake
    I suppose, then they proceeded to
    action, by then routine. Pouring
    petrol and all that stuff.
    Then someone noticed something odd
    as it were, opened the two left side
    doors, took away the two children, crying and
    resisting as they were moved away from their parents.

    Children's emotions have sometimes
    to be ignored for their own good, the guy must have
    thought. Someone practical
    was quick, lighting a match
    efficiently. An instant
    fire followed, adding one more
    to many around. Around
    the fire they chattered
    of some new adventure. A few

    scattered. What the two inside
    felt or thought was no matter.
    Peace loving people were hurrying
    towards homes as in a procession ....
    Then suddenly the man inside
    breaking open the door, was
    out, his shirt already on
    fire and hair too. Then bending,
    took his two children. Not even
    looking around as if executing a calculated
    decision, he resolutely
    re-entered the car.
    Once inside, he closed the door
    himself . . . I heard the noise

    Still the ruined car
    is there, by the road-side
    with other such things. Maybe
    the Municipality will remove it
    one of these days to the Capital's
    garbage pit. The cleanliness of the Capital
    receives Authority's top priority.

    The poem was initially published in New Ceylon Writing, Vol. 5

    The poem mainly features in an article " The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Pogrom, Southern Lanka, July 1983" by Michael Roberts, a Sri Lankan sociologist in Australia. The article and the poem were translated into Tamil by R. Cheran, in the July 2008 issue of Kaalachchuvadu, a magazine published from Tamil Nadu, India.

  104. aqua,
    that must be a secret hiding place for important ltte figure that's why they very strong in this national front.that image clearly shows greeny trees specially planted in the center to cover the house or complex

  105. Shyam-
    My good old buddy, who is still a happy terrorist puppy while living safely. Good to see you are safe while other innocent Tamils are mainly been force to fight.
    Personally I would like to see you grow-up with out wasting too much time.

    If you can let me know your location will try to look for some counseling advicer and let you know. May be that will help you to become a normal human.
    Have a good day my friend.

  106. Pakka-Lanka

    ‘Unfortunately, Sri Lankans in general (be it Tamil,Sinhalese or other) are brought up with racist prejudices against each other’s race. Hence the derogatory descriptions such as….

    Well said! This kind of talk get us nowhere.

  107. [July 24 (Island) The Indian Government has advised the Sri Lankan government to abide by protocol when politicians visit India to avoid any ununcomfortable situations. India’s External Affairs Ministry, in a special missive to the Sri Lanka’s New Delhi mission, has said that many Sri Lankan ministers arrive in the country without prior notification. ]

    Great to see India acting indeed like a respectful elder brother.

    This is a thundering slap on the face of the Tamil separatists and LTTE coolies who are always at the feet of the Injuns since donkeys ages.... begging to PUNISH MOTHERLANKA.

    Never conclude that these decisions came by 'accident' or out of sympathy to us.


    Had we been 'talking' to or 'appeasing' those bloody killers... we would have been labeled as a CHICKEN NATION... and would have received only 'warnings'... these countries.

    But there's more to go.

    Re-double that determination... and kill more and more of these LTTE killers... for the sake of our beloved and proud Motherlanka.... and even the remaining Western countries would also distant themselves from the separatist coolies.

  108. Kevin,

    You said "This kind of talk get us nowhere"

    I do beg your pardon but I can't work out whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with my post about general prejudices. I do value your opinion. Please clarify. Thanks.

  109. "" shyam said...

    Dude LTTE used missiles in only times and those are really successful

    * AAB attack ..the SLAF helicopter shot down by the LTTE

    * When the battle started at mavilaru, MI24 gunship shot down by the LTTE while it was giving a support to the SLA ..but it wasn't in Srilankan Media's

    LTTE used the AA's for the other incidents ...""

    if any of these words are true then the tamilnet is the first to show the pics of these helicopters!!!!then the bbc!!
    none of these were true and it was all just propaganda to boost the ltte morale which is down below, so below that even if VP comes out and talk to them(which he would never do hehehe) they might runaway the next day!!! i'll tell you something people should accept when they are getting beaten. even the SLA did not do this in the past. but when LTTE is shrinking in like a tornado.....hmm... or rather like some water going into a kitchen sink hole you guys should accept the defeats..... but false propaganda can be very dangerous. the senior LTTE members know about these lies and what happens is that their morale goes down rapidly.(which is good for us).....

  110. Pakka

    What I mean is when people write on web derogatory remarks about the minorities in the country, then the minorities feel hurt and won’t be a part of the nation because they feel alienated in their own country of birth leading to conflict as we see now. I totally agree with you on what you have written somewhere above, which I partly quoted you. In future, nation building after the war, we need true racial harmony in the island otherwise this will go on from conflict to conflict.

  111. Kev,

    Thanks bruv. As you say, there should be a paradigm shift in all Sri Lankans’ thinking in terms of race, culture and other diversities if we have any chance of moving on from here after the LTTE is busted.

  112. Kevin-
    You gona be around on Sunday in front of 10 Downing?


    # Vavunikulam Tank bund falls to Army: 25 LTTE killed, scores injured- Mullaittivu

    At least 25 terrorists were killed.
    Troops have also recovered:

    7 LTTE bodies
    5 x T-56 assault riffles
    01 x 120 mm heavy mortar gun
    02 x 81 mm mortar guns
    over 100 x mortar rounds
    2 x motor bikes
    4 x I-com

    # Navy thwarts sea tiger movement: 3 LTTE boats destroyed off Mullaittivu


    # Reflections on Black July in art, literature and theatre

    # Voices of 1983: Basil Fernando's poem remembered

    # Looming humanitarian crisis in Vanni (operation red bird)

    # Thousands flee SLA artillery barrage

    Any one knows Moon’raampiddi, Paaliyaa’ru, Ka’neasapuram, and Theavanpiddi situated in which district?

    [Thousands of civilians from Moon’raampiddi, Paaliyaa’ru, Ka’neasapuram, and Theavanpiddi areas are moving out of their villages due to continued artillery attack by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on their settlements, seeking temporary refuge in Vannearikkulam and Akkaraayan areas in Ki'linochchi district, sources in Vanni said.

    45,338 additional persons have been displaced in Mannar, Vavuniyaa, Ki'linochchi, and Mullaitivu districts, due to the shelling and aerial bombardment by th Sri Lanka Security Forces in the last four weeks, adding to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) population of 107,048 in Vanni, said a report released by the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO). The report warned that the restrictions imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka to humanitarian agencies to attend to the IDP needs have created conditions for an imminent humanitarian crisis in Vanni.]

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. [Re-double that determination... and kill more and more of these LTTE killers... ]

    ... Am i not so relieved to read this?

    [Vavunikulam Tank bund falls to Army: 25 LTTE killed, scores injured- Mullaittivu

    System works!

    Bloody bunch of SOS, short for Sons Of Sakkiliyas called LTTE(never a part of proud TASSLs) heavily miscalculated that Sri Lankans were a bunch yellow cowards to be conquered through fear.

  116. Watch this clip by the LTTE.

    Bunch of losers

    Please note:

    1) A lot of talk in a bunker - just hot air (I wish I understood everything). Is this the best the rag-tag motley crew could do to keep the Diaspora interested? Dismal…

    2) The fighters move backwards more than they advance. No one seems to be interested in going forward. If they had tails they would be firmly tucked between the hind legs.

    3) Small-arms firing is haphazard and random towards the bushes; again a lot of shouting - to drown their fears I suppose.

    4) In the end, there is nothing to show for all the firing and shouting. No SLDF bodies or prisoners, no hardware, no nothing. What a pathetic show.

    Worse still are the imbecilic minds of the supporters of the LTTE who swallow such propaganda hook line and sinker.

    What a bunch of losers!

  117. pakka lanka

    Actually I can't understand tamil. However I think you may have misled by somme comic clip. Really they just fire right on the bushes 5 feet in front of them. Is that website some comedy thing like Or should we belive diaspora get thriled by this kind of comedy and give money to basterds?

  118. Ninaja,

    No machan, it's sira LTTE clip shown on a pro-LTTE TV channel - check the channel logo. I too thought at first it was a mickey taker. You would be forgiven for thinking it was a comedy channel by the way those bunnies are performing!

    Ho ho ho my giddy aunt!

  119. Perin
    My friends are going to be at 10 and I will be getting 2 of my foreign friends to be there as well.Beacause of the type of my work I can’t but my support is there in many ways. My business partner will be there.
    All those who attended the Parliament photo show done out of courtesy but not supporters of the tigers. Most of the onetime supporting MPs kept away and Lord Nasby and former liberal leader were there out of curiosity and the only one from the HC was the young press officer,I too happened to be there for some other bussiness.GOSL got rid of the people from HC who had some control over the affairs here and sadly is a hopeless situation. We will see! It started with Pongu T,this photo session, may be many of their events to come

  120. P-L
    That may be a part of 'operation redbird - hehe'.

    The three heavy guns recoverd is for the first time in wanni to recover three such heavy guns at once.

    BTW, there was a great post from wijayapala answering to peter in DW earlier post.

  121. I think if Vaunikulam has fallen, the all important Mankulam junction and Malavi should be within reach. This will definitely cut a sizable and important part of Mullataue and vanni un cleared areas to the all important West coast, perhaps their supply line from outside world. Now the limited option available to them should be able to cordon of effectively to deny them all the military logistics.


    Chemicals used for mass destruction found by custom !!!

  123. [Chemicals used for mass destruction found by custom !!!

    We will only harvest these criminals... only if we go by our paramount principle:

    [LTTE and their sinister coolies are VERY BUSY... planning 24/7 to kill us... be it wartime or peace time]

    We must take that noble challenge, gotta be quick and make sure these well-fattened pigs are found and roasted alive... 'well done' to be specific..

  124. I have a concern about the SAARC event.

    I hope measures are been taken to ensure any tiger attack wont happen using the Beira lake.
    we all know its a pretty dirty lake and wont suspect anyone trying to get anywhere swimming in it..

    but desperate times call for desperate measures so we should watch out..

    not sure whether voicing such concerns in this blog can do such a thing but I have faith that DN and some readers can make somethings happen

  125. Dear Qrious,

    "The fat man who took up arms against us, nearly thirty years ago, always quoted two things to justify his manouervers: he saw policemen hitting unarmed Tamils in 48 riots; he saw Sinhalese killing Tamils in 53 riots."

    This information is wrong. Prabakaran had heard about the 1958 riots (I never heard of any 1948 or 1953 riots) when he was a child from adults who were discussing them. He never witnessed such violence firsthand. Actually I don't think he had any real contact with any Sinhalese in his youth.

  126. Dear pakka-lanka,

    "As our brother Asithri keeps harping on, we must be very careful to proactively differentiate between Tamils and the LTTE, Sinhalese and the corrupt politicians. Us Sri Lankans must unlearn some of these prejudices we have been brought up with and embrace all races as human beings with all our human weaknesses and strengths."

    Are you talking about the same Asithri who refers to corrupt politicians as "Ponnaya?"

  127. Lets not forget who started the troubles in 83 LTTE by killing 14 in SL army. Looks like it has become a curse for the tamil people. that is history now.

    The cardinal in srilanka Oswald Gomas believs crushing mindless LTTE is the only solution to the current problem in srilanka.

    Lets face the reality the LTTE supporting mupports the only elam you can get is eastham in london.

    The Government has every right to
    sortout every LTTE supporting tamil , sinhelese or UNP. If necessary send them to moon or any planet so they can never return to habour terrorisem.

  128. LankaENews and LankaDissent are being watched and are to be censored, says LeN article.

    The Madhu chruch is back in business and guess Rayappu is too.

    Interesting views of Cardinal Gomis, which could be pretty decisive in policy matters of the Vatican vs SL.

    Were the 120mm and 2x 81mm guns the only big haul in the wanni area in recent times?

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. Dear wijepala,

    This information is wrong. Prabakaran had heard about the 1958 riots (I never heard of any 1948 or 1953 riots) when he was a child from adults who were discussing them. He never witnessed such violence firsthand. Actually I don't think he had any real contact with any Sinhalese in his youth

    I am sorry, I can't agree with your last point - contact with the Sinhalese youth.

    His father used to be a government servant in many parts of the south. So, inevitably, he may have had some schooling in that part of the country when he was very young.

    The Interpol says he can speak Sinhala; his fluency level must be as good as that of English, though.

    So, whoever put those evil thoughts into his mind, in his youth, in such a way that it had a profound impact on him, as he claimed, is as guilty of crimes against humanity as Prabhakaran himself.

    Prabhakaran senior's reportedly pious nature does not immune him to the wrath of moral guilt, if he was the one who corrupted the young mind.

    Of course, we have our share of guilt in many respects; if a person judges a race by the stupid or barbaric acts of a handful, it is outright naivity. Prabhakaran is ill-educated, ill-informed and dangerously prejudicial.

    How he attracted such a wide audience is a mystery - and in many ways a great embarassment as well.

    The longer he lives, the more wedges he drives between the two communities. Therefore, the sooner he goes, the better.

    Thank you and take care.

  131. from,

    "Navy thwarts sea tiger movement: 3 LTTE boats destroyed off Mullaittivu

    3 LTTE boats were destroyed, many damaged when the Sri Lanka Naval elite Fast Attack Craft (FACs) engaged an LTTE boat movement at Chilawattai in the seas 2Nm South of Mullaittivu, today (July 24) at around 6.30 p.m.

    According to the Naval Spokesperson Commander D.K.P Dassanayake, 10 LTTE speedboats were making-way along the Mullaittivu coast and the sea battle erupted when the LTTE boat cluster was detected by the naval FACs on patrol. Rest of the LTTE boats beached and the terrorists have fled into a jungle patch seeking shelter from the seaborne naval assault, he said.

    No damages were caused to the naval craft, Spokesperson Commander Dassanayake further said."

    the way to go. destroying LTTE men & capabilities is the surest way to extinct it. while tigers will go extinct, they will become toothless pretty soon at this rate.

    HOWEVER, once again the success rate was only 30%. the other 7 boats escaped to SL to fight another day!!! we have to up the success rate little by little.

    avoiding own damages is imperative!

    well done SLN. SLN is on the aggro gear again. with the shrinking of the eastern coastline, the significance of the western coastline increases for the tigers.

    i noticed that the report avoids mentioning the direction STs were travelling. the direction is highly significant. based on recent similar attacks and the location, i guess these boats were moving southwards towards TRINCO at 6:30 PM; would have reached trinco after 7:30 PM; galle the next day early morning!!!!

  132. Pakka-Lanka

    "As our brother Asithri keeps harping on, we must be very careful to proactively differentiate between Tamils and the LTTE, Sinhalese and the corrupt politicians.

    Thank you brother! I am glad that there are patriots who’ll always remember me for what I stand for!

    Although my ancestry is in the proud Ruhuna (no offense to other patriots as I firmly believe each has right to feel proud about their ancestry which is inalienably intertwined with antics, heroics, and even hilarious foolery from their ancestral hometowns), my clan has lived in Colombo as well for generations and I attended a leading Colombo school (actually, the best, but I concede it’s only my opinion…I will, however, go to war over that if need be, but alas, there is a more important war to finish yet! LMSSAO!) and I remember growing up in Colombo and not giving a bloody second thought to who my fellow schoolmates were (although I was in the Sinhela medium) and partaking in rugby and cricket and other school teams/events with not the slightest inhibitions re. who my fellow mates were. So much so, at big-match time we would all cram into the same trucks/jeeps and have fun in Colombo, often sharing the same cigarette around and even drinking from the same akki bottle!

    I curse the LTTE bastards and their supporters who brought this racist war upon us – a war that has brought untold miseries on the very Tamil community they were supposed to be fighting for!

    [Us Sri Lankans must unlearn some of these prejudices we have been brought up with and embrace all races as human beings with all our human weaknesses and strengths."]

    This to me, unequivocally, is the Gem of the Day!

    OaO Asithri

  133. Wesaballa

    [Are you talking about the same Asithri who refers to corrupt politicians as "Ponnaya?"]

    No, not that Asithri. He might be the one who visited our mother last night!

    This Asithri refers to as “Ponnaya” only to those LTTE supporting, traitorous and backboneless motherfcuker- politicians such as Ranil Wickremasinghe, Kiriella, Attanayaka, etc. who are also quite capable of putting their own mothers into prostitution – if it helped them to win power! Obviously, I concede that reading this will be painful to you as you are nothing but a LTTE=UNP=TNA arsehole hiding here under a Sinhela sounding name!

    Did you say Corruption?

    Aha, that is not the burning issue right now. Time will come – after the last LTTE son-of-whore has been liquidated “with extreme prejudice” I might add modestly (LMSSAO!) – when we patriotic Sri Lankans will go after the fat-cat corrupt bastards who filled their pockets at the expense of the poor, hardworking masses…let’s not complicate issues…one issue at a time!

    The fat-cats to be accounted from will include ALL irrespective of party affiliations – and yes, most decidedly, they will include the casino-mafia green fat cats who got bloated overnight during RW Ponnaya’s brief period!

    Anyway, what’s the interest in picking a spat with poor, humble, OaO Asithri?

    Are you a LTTE=UNP=TNA kinky motherfcuker who is also into S&M and is that why you would do so, so that OaOA can lash you first with his baseball bat (sorry, I am not into leather whips – not yet anyway!) before driving the bat up your, you-know-where?

    LMSSAO!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Bloody pathetic MORON! I wonder what level of English comprehension you have – judging by what you asked!

  134. News News News...

    [Prabakaran targeted: Norway wants to remove him to a safe haven

    Fri, 2008-07-25 04:50

    Colombo, 25 July,

    ( Sri Lanka war weary troops have begun to lay siege of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts, targeting a high valued crucially figure. In the meantime ‘Asian Tribune’ reliably learnt that an untenable situation has arisen over the safety of Velupillai Prabakaran, the reclusive Leader of the Tamil separatists and terrorists outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as the defensive arrangement to safeguard him turning out to be more and more porous and indefensible.]


    I am in ecstasy even without my...well,let's not go there!

    ;-) ;-) ;-)

    OaO Asithri

  135. Sorry, forgot to add...

    Norway can have the filthy fat bastard's carcass - only after we make sure it is saturated with maggots!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  136. Today's kill-ratio

    50:4 in SLDF's favor!


    For a bunch of terrorists who have to CONSISTENTLY maintain 20:1 kill-ratio in their favor if they are ever going to form this cockamamie racist "thamileelam"...they sure have the equation going haywire!

    Freaking bloody IMBECILES!!! Keep sacrificing your children for a cause that WILL NEVER BE WON! We resisted you racist sons-of-whores for 2500 years and we will do it for the next 2500 years if need be! This simple fact you can't get into your thick skulls uh?

    On second thoughts, IMBECILES is too kind a word!

    OaO Asithri

  137. Aha, a hard days work just finished!

    OaO Asithri had the blog to himself - kinda like a separate state and he did not even calmour for one!


    Greets to all my patriotic bros/sis...

    Catch you later...take care.

    "I will be baack"...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  138. Hi there Asithri.

    it seems that the curse of norway is not over yet.

    despatching VP will be the symbolic end of TE. he may face the ICC for his war crimes.

  139. //Obama urges Europeans, Americans to defeat terror (AP)

    Cheered by an enormous international crowd, Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama on Thursday summoned Europeans and Americans together to "defeat terror and dry up the well of extremism that supports it" as surely as they conquered communism a generation ago.//

    mmhhh... it seems even Obama wins (most probably he will) ZTTE is not going to get any luck.

  140. Asithri

    I do apolgise for some crosstalk with you quite some time back.

    was quite new t the blog and mistook your intentions.

    once again sorry mate..

  141. DN-
    Can you please confirm, below is the Vavunikulam Tank bund, we have re-captured on 24/07 ?

  142. //LTTE suffers heavy beating: 22 bodies found - Mallavi

    Heavy ground battles were reported between troops and LTTE in general area North of Vavunikulam Tank, Southeast of Mallavi in Mullaittivu District as troops mounted intense counter attacks thwarting an LTTE offensive attempt killing over 30 terrorists including a deputy of the 'Charles Anthony' band on Thursday (July 24).//

  143. LTTE suffers heavy beating: 22 bodies found - Mallavi

    The eagerly-awaited counter attack has come then - and gone as well!

  144. “Pallavan & Ambu” Among 22 Dead Tigers in Strategic Attack.

    LTTE regional leaders, “PALLAVAN” and “ANBU” of the so-called “Charles Anthony Brigade.” Those two terrorists were ranked as “Lieutenant Colonel” and “Major” in the terrorist organization.

  145. B#1
    What about 'Lieutenant Colonel' Kuttu?

  146. "Banu a senior cadre was identified speaking over the LTTE communication circuits leading the LTTE offensive and have reportedly fled deeper into Kilinochchi unable to withstand the military onslaught."

    ANBU & BANU two different names but same letter.

    Defencenet, any latest update??

  147. Ninja,

    His full name is 'Lieutenant Colonel' VP_da Soothula Kuttu. LoL :)

  148. B#1
    No wonder ZTTE beaten like this, this offensive was caled operation red bird and the mastermind is Lieutenant Colonel kuttu, and we all know about him, hehe.. Another news, vezapillai has ordered nadesan to write a poem on unilateral ceasefire.

  149. I hope tamizhnut atleast will say SLA offensive repulsed or something. But this is their news:

    //Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari (Pooneryn) division and a development official at Ki'iinochchi District Secretariat, Santhalingam Vimalakumar, 33, was killed Friday morning following a Claymore attack that targeted his motorbike at Kokkaavil in Oddisuddaan. Mr. Vimalakumar was on his way to Vavuniyaa on official engagement while he was attacked, according to officials at the District Secretariat.//

    BTW, in generel how many spelling/ pronounciation versions a tamil word has?
    pooneryn/ poonakari...

    I tried to contact 'rebel spoksman' Rasaiah Illantherian, but he was not available to comment. (my bad)

  150. Nija,

    This "Operation Red Bird", cannot be a joke as we should consider this seriously.

    Reliable sources from Jaffna said that one operation is underway (red bird) and LTTE is going to use latest weapons in that operation.

    Can any military expert here explain, is it possible, LTTE to use this kind of weapons in near future since they have reached to the final breath?

    LTTE's Latest Weapon

  151. DN-
    Is it possible you to publish below in main page.

    All, Please try to join below.

    Sri Lankan expacts to hold demonstration urging stern action against LTTE- UK

    Venue: Opposite British Prime Minister's Official Residence

    10, Downing Street, London

    Date: 27th July 2008 (Sunday)

    Time: 1.30 PM- 5.30PM

  152. ninja,

    I also wondering why tamilnut hasn't repulsed a SLA offensive for a long time. At least, after the "counter attack".

  153. i get the feeling that tigers might call off their name-sake ceasefire nonsense blaming the govt.

    yesterday's attempt by sea tigers was a VERY significant one. luckily it was foiled by TIMELY action by the SLN.

    today's confrontation is not likely to be a "counter attack" by tigers although SLA has classified it as such. it is more likely to be a SLA initiated strike in their attempt to go eastward.

    SLDFs must be wary of force multipliers (FMs) used by tigers at this stage. tigers are trapped into a compact area than b4 and they will depend HEAVILY on FMs to face the SLA which is manytimes stronger.

  154. describe a story that the LTTE made a counter attack against the SLA and bring a bad name for them that they are trying to go for some offensive even though they announce a cease fire due to SAARC .. u can't fool IC

    "'Pallawan' a deputy leader of the Charles Anthony band was also among the killed"(

    Pallawan ..never heard of him ..He was the SLA's dream guy who is leading LTTE

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. This link has quite a good information about on going operations...

  157. India's IT hub hit by explosions

    Interesting how the wiping out terror going to come to SAARC meeting after this event

  158. Development official killed in DPU Claymore attack
    [Fri, 25 Jul 2008, 05:35 GMT]
    Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari (Pooneryn) division and a development official at Ki'iinochchi District Secretariat, Santhalingam Vimalakumar, 33, was killed Friday morning following a Claymore attack that targeted his motorbike at Kokkaavil in Oddisuddaan. Mr. Vimalakumar was on his way to Vavuniyaa on official engagement while he was attacked, according to officials at the District Secretariat

  159. Haven't some people seen that the SLA has blasted the living day lights out of the LTTE terrorists financed by credit card frauding all over the world.

    Now they've been caught over at Kenya..

    What an international pariah movement!

  160. Shyam,

    "Pallawan ..never heard of him ..He was the SLA's dream guy who is leading LTTE"

    Whether LTTE terrorists counter attacked or not.. the essence of the story is that 30 terrorists have gone to eLam.

    You may be right saying, never heard of this terrorist by the name Palawan (or whatever).

    SLA having sent most of the terrorist menace to eLam, its very good to hear that even coolies like you, do not know the new ones by names. you better watch out as in the times to come there will be so many "Never heard of" conscripts.

  161. Shyam you know the names of all the deputy leaders in the LTTE dont you?

    Dumb fool, shut your trap and stop confirming our long held suspicions that your a real fool with only air between your ears.

    At somepoint your stupid tigers had to launch a counter attack, and in all likelihood they got slaughtered by indirect fire, just like they did when they launched an aborted attempt to capture Jaffna in August 2006.

    I suggest from now on you just keep your trap shut

  162. 22 bodies found...
    29 bodies found...
    30 bodies found..

    Man, what happened at Mallavi???

    What sort of battle took plac over there? Anybody able to paint a picutre for us here?

  163. "Pallawan ..never heard of him .."

    Not surprising, looking at the number of so called majors, lt. colonels and colonels there are in the LTTE.

    Don't worry, they will promote several more private nobodys to colonel rank to replace him. Won't make much of a difference as all the training they need to be fully qualified is the ability to point and shoot at something, and being able to send your subordinates forward to get slaughtered while you save your own ass.

  164. What is happening in Malavi… said 25 believed to be killed now 30 ….well done …some media do not believe so means they killing more than they predict.. go SLF go …kill all sukkili …maggots we need one lanka …well done brothers….
    Can you update us difencnet please

  165. Ninja (and other),

    I think I found a copy of the poem Nadesan wrote to VP. Sing to the tune of a gay/disco anthem of the 70s.
    Boss man, there's a terrible sound
    I said, boss man, pick yourself off the ground
    I said, boss man, 'cause you’ll be in a new town
    There's no need to be unhappy

    VP, there's a place you can go
    I said, VP, now you're short on your dough
    You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
    Many ways to have a good time

    It's fun to stay at the Oslo hotel
    It's fun to stay at the Oslo hotel
    They have everything that you need to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the boys
    You can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal
    You can do whatever you feel

    Old man, are you listening to me?
    I said, boss man, what do you want to be?
    I said, VP, you can keep all your dreams
    But you know you’ve not got a thing!

    No man does it all by himself
    I said, boss man, put your pride on the shelf,
    And just go there, to the Oslo “hotel”
    Not sure even they can help you today

    It's fun to stay at the ….

    Boss man, I was never in your shoes
    I mean who would be allowed in them boots
    But I’d love to be it when you’re away
    Cause I know you don’t care if I were alive.

    It's fun to stay at the ….


  166. is reporting FAKE news

    latest from the battlefield south of Mallavi

    270 tigers dead

    780 injured

    many tiger leaders dead not just "Pallawan"


    Senior tiger leader who is injured in the fighting told

    "we can't fight the super sinhala army"

    "sinhala army is robocop"

    "we are 100% defeated"



    Operation "Red Bird" continues

    Sinhala forces are taking major hits in South/South East of Mallavi

    i will update as i get more info....

  167. DN-
    There is a news in town saying that Charles Anthony, VP's son is dead !!
    Just wondering you have heard the same news?

  168. "Sinhala forces are taking major hits in South/South East of Mallavi"

    You mean LTTE forces are taking major hits.

    Your beloved tamilnet hasnt uttered anything about the SLA losing forces in Mallavi.

    And I am sure they get their information from much more reliable sources than you, or make it up.

    So please dont come here and blow your trumpet.

    Accept the facts, your getting hammered. Deal with it, or get some counselling and go for therapy.

  169. Ninja said...
    What about 'Lieutenant Colonel' Kuttu?

    July 25, 2008 12:24 PM

    hehe...Ninja the joker

  170. kuttu,

    You are back and we love it mate; how are you keeping by the way? Just drop a line or two for us, not necessarilily in the military sense, just as an ordinary folk.

    You take care amidst all this fighting. We are concerned.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  171. perein said...
    There is a news in town saying that Charles Anthony, VP's son is dead !!
    Just wondering you have heard the same news?


    VP is also dead with his son

    all tigers are dead


  172. Here are some pictures guys .

  173. kuttu (the Koli Kuttu)-

    Have a good look at the pictures which is in above post.
    I assume you are safe while those who are been forced to fight for is dead.
    Shame on you..........

  174. When a candle is about to run out of wax and extinguish the wick burns brighter of just a second.

    “Red Bird” could refer to an intended one final attack. “Red Bird” or not, it is prudent to be prepared for an unconventional retaliation at this stage, like a chemical attack. A more appropriate code name would be “Operation Yana yaka….

  175. from,

    "MI-24 Gunships neutralize LTTE mortar launching pad- Mullaittiuvu
    SLAF MI-24 helicopter gunships Friday (July 25) have totally neutralized an LTTE mortar launching pad located 3.5km Southwest of Tunukkai in the Mullaittiuvu district, during close-fire-support missions launched assisting the advancing ground troops.

    According to Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, 4 Mi-24 helicopter gunships have engaged in the daunting mission at around 3.45p.m., despite an array of LTTE counter fire.

    The target was located at an abandoned construction site and ground troops also confirmed that the LTTE mortar shelling have died away following the air assault, the Spokesperson further added."

    this is part of the battle in mallawi. if you look at the map,3.5km Southwest of Tunukkai where 4 MILs (which means a very serious affair) have attacked, is towards the western side of BOTH mallawi & vavunikulam.

    if it was an LTTE initiated attack as says (i have my doubts), then that means it was a flank attack by tigers to surround on all four sides our advancing troops in mallawi.

    any views? am i missing something?

  176. Moooooooooo sheeeeeeeeeeee

    "if it was an LTTE initiated attack as says (i have my doubts)"

    there was no attack by the tigers

  177. thanks perein for the link. excellent.

    however, according to close sources the same battle is still waging.

  178. what about SLPF casualties .. how many ran to home today ...

  179. shyam
    all sldf ran away and are back in colombo... ltte has done what they always do...sent sldf in bodybags...
    stupid sinhalese think they are winning the war

  180. Attack going on in poonerian (poonagari) by SLN,

    SLAF is in action at Kilinochchi

    Palamoddai, Kurungikulam fight on going by LTTE..

    What else?

  181. Attack in Ampara yesterday? more bad news are hiden...

  182. Yov how come the LTTE atarted the counter attack where they are still holding the position this funny Bastards are just making up a story ...

  183. ranil,
    100% agree with you.
    Just as Kuttu says,
    "there was no attack by the tigers"
    Army is Running back to Colombo even before the ltte has started attacking!!
    Infact the dead 30 ltte fighters happend when the whole brigades were running back & these poor fellows just ontheway of the flleing army & died from the boots of the flleeing Army!!

  184. CriMeWatCh said...
    Attack in Ampara yesterday? more bad news are hiden...

    July 25, 2008 7:16 PM


    presidents propaganda machine is going on full speed....

    sinhalas are falling for it....hehe

    how long will it work is the question ?

  185. Ranil said...

    " all sldf ran away and are back in colombo... ltte has done what they always do...sent sldf in bodybags...
    stupid sinhalese think they are winning the war"

    thats quite true man; Lets have a look at the SAARC 27000 SLDF is provide security for it ..but they ned the help from India with 3000 IF clearly shows that SLPF don't have the capabilities to guard just the colombo city...

    Hooo Hoooo

    SLAF is to postponed all Air raids On LTTE for the next week and India is to take the control of the Srilankan Skies ...

    Can't you people secure yourself perfectly , then why are you trying to Liberate(In your cunning words) the tamils who live in undercontrol Areas

  186. A time not so long ago the dumb terras were having happy weekends by blasting bombs in the south, trying to gain maximum coverage.

    Now the situation is the other way round, they are getting pounded for maximum negative coverage..

    last friday vedittaltivu & Iluppukadavai.
    This Friday Tunukkai, Mallavi, vavunikulam + 30odd bodies of charles anthony brigade..And to put the icing on the cake Some pieces of military equipments..

    What a turnaround....

  187. Come on Kuttu ...
    Let's show them lazy sinhalas who's winning. I have further (and very reliable information) that in support of operation red bird, operation stinking bird has been carried out by the mighty eezham air force. B-52 squadrons have already reduced several major cities including Colombo to dust, and are attacking many more cities. In addition to this A-10 and SU-25 squadrons are attacking the retreating SLA forces, but keep missing their targets because SLA is retreating too fast for them to aim properly. Do you have anything more to add to this? Maybe some more reliable 'inside' information or some 'hehe's?

  188. Shyam-
    Little poodle.. did you liberate your self using Sri Lankan passport?
    Be a nice puppy & keep barking..... are you counting the days or the hours before the final drama.

  189. who ever denies, one thing for sure...Properganda in in high scale.. cos majority is there to belive the pro-ganda.

    Sri Lanka Men thats the way it is.

  190. [SLAF is to postponed all Air raids On LTTE for the next week and India is to take the control of the Srilankan Skies ...]

    well sldf and slaf is helping ltte to secure ltte areas...
    you will see for yourself whether slaf will be out of action in the coming weeks or not :) :)
    IAF and indian navy are looking after our skies and the summit while we help our your ltte

  191. For KUTTU and SHYAM

  192. CriMeWatch said,

    Attack going on in poonerian (poonagari) by SLN,

    SLAF is in action at Kilinochchi

    Palamoddai, Kurungikulam fight on going by LTTE..

    What else?

    It looks like you hate to watch violence. Then why don't you look away?

    Are you coming here to look for potential converts to baptise in the new-found-compasion doctrine?

    A very long way to go mate; you are still a renegade in that lengthy process!

  193. Raptor said...
    For KUTTU and SHYAM


    enjoy the

  194. I will, and you enjoy Tamilnut


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