Monday, July 7, 2008

More additions to the Commando Regiment

203 Sri Lanka Army soldiers who completed training in the commando training center in Kuda Oya graduated today (7th). Revamped commando training now includes training in deep battle space operations in addition to the regular courses. The new additions to the commando regiment comes at a time when the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) is locked in a full scale war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

In the past, army's elite troops in Commando and SF were used extensively to carry out special operations and deep battle space. The situation now has somewhat changed with even regular infantry units (specially in 57, 58 and 59 divisions) receiving specialized training and thus obtaining the capability to successfully carry our special operations.

In addition to the Commandos , there are around 2500 special forces (SF) in the army as well as around 7000 Special Task Force (STF) personnel in the police.


  1. thanks for the update DN.

    that is good news. more personnel to carryout deep space op.s?

    that means further strengthening of the killing strategy. whether they are either directly into decapitation attacks or HUMINT (for eventual decapitation or devastating air attacks) ultimately it is about "harvesting" in an are we had never before laid our nets properly!!

    each stage of the SL war from 2006 should be objectively documented.

    how the war evolves with changing priorities is fantastic. the ability of SLDFs to change so much quickly was previously unthinkable.

  2. i meant " "harvesting" in an area we had never before laid our nets properly!!" - a new SIZABLE frontier in other words.

  3. Moshe,
    Well said mate.I hope they are deployed in the eastern province..lets provide a "welcome" party(barbecue) for the 34 cadres+others who have infiltrated the eastern province according to Defencewire.

  4. Must have an eye on East. Yesterday also STF personnel killed in Ampara.

  5. I have no knowledge of military science, but I think SL military is fast becoming extreemly lethal to the enemy. People of SL must be grateful to Sarath Fonseka and his contemporaries. SL military is the best functioning organization in SL, LTTE is probably the next.

  6. There is something I must confess. When SLDF started operations to liberate the east, I was not too impressed with the advancements for two reasons. One, the east was not the area occupied by the LTTE top dogs and therefore would not be defended as vehemently as the north. Second, it was rumoured that SLDF received a lot of help in terms of intelligence and manpower from the Karuna group. Therefore in my mind the victories could not be attributed fully to the abilities and competencies of the SLDF. The victories were somewhat diluted.

    I measure success of SLDF by (1) the number of LTTE cadre eliminated (2) the amount of offensive hardware and strategic locations neutralised (3) the level of prevention of atrocities in the south (4) ground area gained and successfully defended over long term.

    1, 2 & 4 above have been significantly successful while 3 has a lot of room for improvement. I see improvements in this area too (thanks to gentleman & white van). I did not expect the military operations in the north to be this successful during a relatively short period of time. There are many contributing factors to this success internally as well as externally via foreign diplomatic missions.

    The most prominent of them is the offensive strategies employed by the SLDF, morale of troops and the resolve by the government to defeat terrorism. I now have no doubts about the ability of our DFs to defeat the enemy of terrorism. Each victory is fully deserved and glorious!


  7. Pakka-lanka
    You are just trying to be a smart-ass here. What you just wrote is a file of garbage. Here is a place for posting your opinions, but not boasting in the guise of posting your comment.

  8. Joke of the Week "When a fighter craft is hit above Killinochchi it skids at Katunayake"

  9. IA
    heh heh...thought the same thing mate :) ltte must be really really desperate to have not been able to put out a show to di-ass-pora :)
    Jets skidding of when landing is nothing new... there are so many variables a pilot has to get right to make a proper landing and a last second sudden gust of wind alone can make this happen :lol:
    these ltte goons are hilarious...
    maybe they saw AA bullets hitting the jet when it was stopped in mid air cos the pilot wanted to take a pee break over peelam :)

  10. Pakka-lanka,
    One of the happiest times for me was the eastern liberation.This is because it is really nice to see the contribution made by the TMVP cadres.We could have conquered the east without them. however it would have taken so much more time/resources(bombs,armaments etc) and more loss of army lives.We have to be grateful to them for having the wisdom and courage to switch sides and not turn against us with the pretext of helping us while in combat.For these brave young men and women this is over.Next education is on the agenda provided by govt free of charge.I remember the horseshit that was in the papers during this time.It was ludicrous not to mention utterly insulting.

  11. Blogger Moshe Dyan said...


    agree with you on MiGs. and appreciate that you quite correctly didn't reveal any info, mate!

    but lkdood is not a big liar. he is a good guy here. only in this instance he, well......., lied.

    July 7, 2008 8:05 AM

    Blogger san said...

    hi all,
    don't take notice on what lkdood says ,they lies becuase they can't appreciate anymore thier(LTTE) defeat.Well Done SL defence forces!!!!

    July 7, 2008 1:55 PM



    it was not me who made that comment
    about the planes

    i was quoting upul or kutu(can't remember who)

    one of them made that comment

  12. DN

    thanks for the update

    Good news on the Commando Regiment

  13. Srilankan,

    ”We could have conquered the east without them.”

    Yes bro I am now fully convinced of above because our SLDF have proven it in the north. Jayaveva! to all our brave hearts…

  14. Lalinda,

    Do I sense a bit of vengeance? An attempted tit-for-tat from a past post? If you don’t like my opinion that’s your problem; just grow up and get over it. Please don’t display your incoherence to the world.

    I never respond to LTTE sympathisers here but I respond to you because I believe we are both on the same side.

    There is a civilised way an informed person expresses disagreement to another person’s opinion - to find out how, read my disagreement post to your view on a previous thread.

    There is an idiotic and uncivilised way to do the same - to find out how one should watch a debate in the Sri Lanka parliament or read your post above. Congratulations! You seem to have mastered the art of debating in the SL parliament.

  15. does the snipers belong to the LRRP or the commandos??

  16. Virus alert,

    I stand to be corrected by DN or anyone who knows more. I think the snipers are specially trained marksmen/sharpshooters chosen from regular slodiers. They are armed with expensive equipment and strategically located to take accurate pot-shots at the enemy. They are not LRRP but there may be snipers among the LRRP teams.

  17. SLDF's deep penetration is now becoming so good that Mathivathini also feels and loves it :-)

  18. @kuttu

    So does many young boys in the north. But what have LTTE given them.. A gun & bullets instead of bat & ball... I bet there are lot of carders who love to play ball....

  19. LTTE spokesperson recently responded to a SL military claim by saying LTTE is still a powerful force. When they respond to someone's comment, they usually have an objective. It could be either to maintain the confidence in Tamil diaspora or they have already planed a big attack on a military camp. I suspect the latter, especially something like Anuradhapura attack.

  20. @Kuttu

    "one day when the tamil state becomes a reality everybody can play cricket"

    State did i hear state? I thought you were fighting for seperate country why state.. Oh does that mean tamils have undestood that thier is no Elam.. he he good very good?

  21. Sri Lanka warns of rebel attacks in Colombo


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  24. everybody needs to be on 'alert' mode

    black tigers may come back to katunayaka or anuradapura

    lets hope these attack(s) can be defeated

    navy big ships in trinco are also in danger

  25. Sri Lanka to continue with Esala Perahara in August


  26. is it smart to have the perahara ?

    it can become a target

    India's Cairn to invest 100 mln dlrs to explore oil in Sri Lanka


  28. @Kuttu

    Your Correct.. State is a country. But still in your dreams only.. :)

  29. I meant your elam (In your dreams only)

    Till sinhalese are the majority there will be no Tamil Elam. The best thing you lot can go for is power distribution to relevent Districts.

  30. DN

    How many in commando regiment?

  31. ninja,

    How many in commando regiment?"

    Around 2500 personnel. Not sure about exact number in both CR and SF as both have been frequently recruiting.

  32. Thanks DN for the quick answer.

    2500 in SF, 2500 in commando, 7000 in STF. I guess LTTE total strenght is around 30,000 now and 5000 may be elite level. SLA strength is around 200,000 and elite level is 5000. (STF is not involve in current offensives.) Does this mean we need more elite troops?

  33. Some valuable analysis on bus bombs

  34. Another nice reading folks,

  35. My apologies for multiple postings,
    here is another article for digestion

    I am a huge supporter of Knowledge Economy, and this article talks about it.

    This article directs the nation towards it. Great work!

  36. UTHR
    "There was a long controversy about the 54 young schoolgirls killed in the aerial bomb attack on a camp in Vallipunam on 14th August 2006 where it was maintained that the girls were receiving first aid training. Residents now confirm that the girls were forcibly taken by the LTTE and the training was of a military nature. This does not however justify the Government bombing the schoolgirls.


  37. lkdood-
    "India's Cairn to invest 100 mln dlrs to explore oil in Sri Lanka"
    Fully aggreed. When there is foreign money, they want some return. Therefore they would indirectly forced to keep the terror away from area.
    Let's find somthing in Vanni (May be some iron!!) and get some one to dig that too. :)
    Game would be all most over then.

  38. perein

    [Let's find somthing in Vanni (May be some iron!!) and get some one to dig that too. :)

    If we don't find that 'something'... let's dare to CREATE that 'something'!

  39. //Let's find somthing in Vanni (May be some iron!!) and get some one to dig that too. :)//

    I don't think there is any thing in wanni. Bcuz given the depth of rat holes digged by vezapillai he should have found even oil if it is there.

  40. one important strategy to take is to increase the pay and benefits to informants from LTTE held areas.

    People are scared to come forward because they feel they'll be hauled away to the 4th floor or Boosa.

    A public announcement and well advertised paid amnesty is what's needed.

  41. Who is this?

  42. I heard that LTTE big rat praba's daughter is studying somewhere in Ireland. I think SLDF should have a Israel MOSAD type hit squad in Ireland typing to capture and toucher Praba's daughter to make her dad into submission. We need do the same for KP and fat pig Charles too.

    Our hit squad should let them know that green pastures is not safe for these ruthless rats!

  43. kaatikuddupaan,

    I totally agree with you! There are hundreds of anti LTTE peace-loving Tamils, who wants to eliminate LTTE for the good of all the Tamils.

    However, they are scared to come-up with information thinking that it would get them into unnecessary trouble.

    I can not agree with you more. The government should have some clear communication and a program.

    $1M reward and a safe passage to a foreign country would get Vezapizza.

  44. lkdood,

    sorry mate. i didn't read the LTTE scummie's comment. anyway its not worth reading it, isn't it?

    anyway i called you a good guy!


    thanks for the links, good reads.

  45. Wanni Operation 04 July..

    Check the USAID

  46. Subscribe to this folks

  47. ninja,
    "I don't think there is any thing in wanni. Bcuz given the depth of rat holes digged by vezapillai he should have found even OIL if it is there."


    on a serious note i recon there are heaps of stuff in vanni. TN has big deposits of substances. vanni should have (these 2 were PHYSICALLY connected sometime back). we have not explored for 60+ years bcos of neglect (1948-1983), war (1983-2001,2006-2008) and surrender to the LTTE(2002-2005).

    it has HUGE paddy fields (google-earth) and HUGE HUGE agricultural potential.
    + fish
    + eco tourism
    + jungle industries (MAINLY good ones)
    + bunker safaris!!!
    + A9, A32, etc.
    + all the benefits a peaceful vanni can bring to other parts of SL

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  50. War Situation Report 07/07/2008

  51. War Situation Report 05/07/2008

  52. Hey Punde.....,

    Can you give proof for the below quote?

    "The first thing catholic karava fonseka did was to demote all the kandian govigama generals, brigadiers and majors."

  53. kaatikuddupaan said...
    one important strategy to take is to increase the pay and benefits to informants from LTTE held areas.

    People are scared to come forward because they feel they'll be hauled away to the 4th floor or Boosa.

    A public announcement and well advertised paid amnesty is what's needed.


    These are very good suggestions. Also, the police and civil defence agencies should start recruiting Tamil members from the civillian population in areas under government control.

  54. Pu L,

    so Buddha didn't want karawala caste ppl??
    what crap.

    OK chamal is an idiot but he is not into major decision making regards the war/economy.

    don't you know that MR won so many buddhist awards including SRI ROHANA DANARANJANA?

    how about ranil the ponnaya?

    who cares about KARAWALA/GOVIGAMA & BUDDHSIT/CATHOLIC & SINHALA/TAMIL as long as they do the right thing?

    about your 2 brothers who sacrificed their fcuking lives for their country -
    MoD did the right thing by not informing their homes.
    1. they didn't have their names at the MoD/SLA registers
    2. they were BADLY scrrewed at the time of finding them
    3. they were wearing stripped uniforms

    ask nade-sung and he will show you a mahavir cemetary.

    i can see that you are a CASTE/RACE/RELIGION concious fellow. in other words a RACIST. like the liberation tigers of TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL elam.

  55. Pundey Idiot,
    Fonseka is not a catholic. And Rajapaksha is not karava. If these were the case nobody would care (other than you I guess). But one thing is clear. You definitely are an LTTE low life.

    An old article.

  56. Many Pundes came here before too trying to create ethnic, caste, religious etc etc divisions..

    What we are standing up is not for division, but for unity. That's why the racist LTTE Punde's are losing!

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  58. DefenceNet

    "Passed-out" versus "graduated"

    The better word for an individual or group completing a course of study successfully is better represented by the word 'graduated'.

    "Passed-out" is really like, you know, when you mix the high quality weed with vodka and use beer for a chaser early in the morning, after a heavy night with Velu's wife...not what you really want to convey to the reader...if you get my drift...

  59. Gem of the Day:

    [Noltte=ecstasy: SLDF's deep penetration is now becoming so good that Mathivathini also feels and loves it :-) ]

    Bro, I loved it!!! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  60. OK that's enough Pundeying for one day with the online LTTE bitches in-heat...

    Time to go for the real thing...time to go hump the fat mule in red and yellow!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

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  62. hemantha & punday L,

    thanks for the link.

    lankaweb has done a great job in pioneering pro-sri lankan web publications.

    it was a gem when the country was under VP arselickers.

    who cares the CASTE of the lankaweb guy? if you are SO patriotic as you want us to believe, how can you redicule everything NORMAL patriots like?

  63. Pundey..,

    Man, the civilized world has moved on from this stupid castes systems, and moreover ethnic divisions..

    But idiots still embrace all of it..!

    Get over it man... feel sorry for you , as you seem to be truly in it.

    World is much brighter than the tribal thinking.. there are a lot to embrace in this world..

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  66. Pakka_lanka,

    Get the banana's over here Machan.. another one has dropped..!

  67. P L,

    You are the one who got the correct spelling for "Pundey", so i doubt you are a Girl/Woman.

    Why did u delete your previous posts??

    BTW, would like to know about your dead brothers. Are they underage and forcibly recruited??

    Are you sure they didn't taste the cyanide before they were killed??

  68. Guys let the monkey live!

    Here is some another reporting that needs some banana too

    "Two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked a residential area twice Sunday afternoon at about 4:20 p.m. destroying properties of several hundred civilians in Vaddakkachchi located around 7 km from Ki’linochchi, and affecting the normal life of village residents, sources said.

    At least 15 houses sustained serious damage while a large number of valuable trees including 29 coconut palms were completely destroyed during the aerial bombardment.

    The houses damaged include the residence of village level administrator (Grama Sevaka) Roopasingham. The father of Roopasingham was also injured during the aerial attack. Two civilian settlements were also completely destroyed .

    The bombardment took place at Naavalar Veethy in Vaddakkachchi, a GS area in Karaichchi division of Ki'linochchi district.

    The attack was reported 100 meters away from the Multi Purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS ) and 200 meters from St. Joseph’s church.

    Thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have been forced to move with their belongings from their temporary settlements due to the SLAF artillery attack."

    Now there is some bombardment and artillery attack. Have the SLAF Kfir's bomb them as well as used it cannons or this reporter has actually been hit on the head by a falling banana?

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. tropicalstorm,


    "Passed-out" versus "graduated"

    The better word for an individual or group completing a course of study successfully is better represented by the word 'graduated'.

    "Passed-out" is really like, you know, when you mix the high quality weed with vodka and use beer for a chaser early in the morning, after a heavy night with Velu's wife...not what you really want to convey to the reader...if you get my drift..."

    Thanks for pointing it out. Corrected.

  71. gringo,

    I hope the president will do justice to us SISSLs... allowing to buy and sell land from the North and East...

    But still Land in Jaffna can not be bought Even if someone is willing...
    WHY Cant Someone Sue Stating As a Sri Lankan & Isnt that a Breach of Human Rights??
    Any Thoughts Why Anyone not Bothering to Sue??
    Why do we need to go to talk into peoples Caste or religion?
    judge People by What they Do..
    Any Caste, Any Religion Has Every Possible Variation of Humans & not to say monsters..
    But Everybody should have Equal rights to live as Humans..
    So Any Idea Why Not Any Capable True Sri Lankan Not Suing For that Legal Issue?

  72. I've been reading DefenceNet for some time now, and find it a great and reliable source to keep up to date on the war back home. Keep up the good work.

    Thought i'd share this great editorial from Canada's National Post criticising the recent Tamil nationalist rally to demand the lifting of the ban on the World Tamil Movement.

    I rarely see eye-to-eye with conservative right-wing politics or their media mouthpieces, but I've got to agree with this one though regarding international fundraising for the Tigers.

    Well-written and hits the spot, though at the same time managing to give the current conservative Canadian government a pat on the back while taking a few jabs at previous liberal regimes. Funny game this politics.

    Here's an extract:

    "A contributing factor to the Tigers’ poor battlefield performance may be traced to Canada’s own government: As Canada, and other nations, have worked harder to shut off the flow of money to the Tigers from inside Western nations, Colombo has been able to establish a decisive advantage for the first time in a decade or more."

    Here's more:

  73. Tamilnut is shedding Crocodile tears for youth who abandoned LTTE and surrendered to the Army for protection from LTTE.

    However, the Kitten has jumped out of the bag, when it says the following,

    "Three of the youths who had sought protection with Jaffna office of HRC were shot and killed within the past three months. At least 20 youths released from Jaffna prison have been slain by unidentified men."

    The unidentified men = LTTE scum bags!

  74. Sri Lanka beefed up security on Monday and warned of possible rebel attacks around the capital Colombo as the island's Tamil Tiger rebels marked the 21st anniversary of their first rebel suicide attack.

    bullshit. the do their mission at an enexpected time and target. as we all new last month 19-20 LTTE have informed fisherman's that, they are gonna attack Jaffna. just miss guiding ppl

    you know on my view this propaganda is to stop JVP/UNP strike.

    GOSL may do some sort of blast to prove if LTTE not in action.

    Like what did near Hilton. Pillayan it self planned to get a publicity. like what CBK did at Town Hall (BlasT) Publicity purposes only.

  75. As I said before, the LTTE terrorist leader looks quite sombre in the latest "edited photos" released by the LTTE media unit published on TamizNUT. They have released several music albums to commemorate the black tiger day.

    On one hand it looks like “Neva gilunath band choong”. However, from facial expressions of all (bar Poddu) it looks like the albums would be celebrating the death of the LTTE.

    Neva gilunath band choong

  76. Guys,

    The behaviour of Bhairav, CriMeWatch and other Tiger supporters forced me to conduct my second part of the interview with Mr Nadesan, may be the last one, too.

    I pretend that I am Q Rious from a news organization called UFO. Excerpts:

    Q Rious: Good Morning Mr Nadesan. How are you sir?

    Mr Nadesan: Very well; thank you Mr Q Rious. A good journalist never leaves us alone. Hak hak haa.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, straight into the subject. Your enemy?

    Mr Nadesan: On the run!

    Q Rious: Which way?

    Mr Nadesan: Towards Vedithalathive.

    Q Rious: You are going to push them into the sea, then, aren't you?

    Mr Nadesan: Too early, Mr Qrious, too early. Must give them a good beating first.

    Q Rious:You are going to chase them out further and then destroy them, aren't you.

    Mr Nadesan: Yes, you hit the nail on the head. We will chase them out up to Poonerin and the push them into the sea. They haven's seen our full stripes yet.

    Q Rious: Tigers are getting bolder and bolder after recent battle successes, I suppose.

    Mr Nadesan: I can't disagree with you.

    Mr Nadesan did sound plucky, but not very enthusiastic about the victories. May be they were closely guarded secrets. So, I changed the topic.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, how about Mr Ilanthirayan?

    Mr Nadesan: What did I last say about him?

    Q Rious: You said he was struck by an evil spirit and couln't talk. Also, he was in care
    under the exorcist Father Rayappu.

    Mr Nadesan: First part is correct; but there is a little change in the second part. Father Rayappu feels under weather.

    Q Rious: Another spirit attack?

    Mr Nadesan: No, it is a Satanic attack.

    Q Rious: We, journalists are very concerened about Mr Illanthirayan; we consider him as one of our own.

    Mr Nadesan: How come? He is a fighter.

    Q Rious: A Journalist and a rebel without cause, are just a few dollars away, Mr Nadesan. A few dollars Mr Nadesan. Your organization is jolly good at bridging the gap.

    Mr Nadesan: Mr Qrious, don't take light of an attack by an evil spirit. We must get rid of it; the sooner the bettter.

    Q Rious: If Father Rayappu, is indisposed. Who is going to take over the exorcising?

    Mr Nadesan: Pottu Amman has already taken it over.

    Q Rious: Does it come under the purview of his expertese?

    Mr Nadesan: Oh, yes; oh, yes. Do you remember a chap called Mahattaya? He was struck by an evil spirit and Pottu is credited with getting rid of it.

    Q Rious: Mahattaya's own spirti left, I gather, after that operation. Any comments?

    Mr Nadesan: It has nothing to do with us. No spirit wants to live in a corrupt body. It is as simple as that.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, how does Pottu remove the evil spirit from the victim?

    Mr Nadesan: You see, it is very complicated. When someone is struck by an evil spirit, it spread all over the body in a matter of minutes. So, the exorcist, Pottu in this case, has a harrowing job to perform.

    Q Rious: If you can be a bit more explicit...

    Mr Nadesan: Pottu starts at the extremes first; always at finger nails, and then moves inwards. So, he forces the spirit to move upwards and eventually come out of the mouth.

    Q Rious: I wish them success.

    Mr Nadesan: Who, Pottu or Mr Illanthirayan?

    Q Rious: Both.

    Mr Nadesan: Just choose one Mr Q Rious; not both. Just the exorcist, not the victim.

    At this point, Mr Nadesan wanted me to turn the tape recorder off and talk something off-the-record. I obliged.

    Mr Nadesan: Mr Q Rious, you work so hard getting our message acros the world. You need a good holiday; we will take care of it. Just walk into any of our offices in the world and they will do the needful.

    I protested vehimantly as it was against the code of conduct of journalism. But Mr Nadesan wouldn't have any of it. He insisted that that I shouldn't be a black sheep. I reluctantly agreed, with a very very heavy heart.

    Mr Nadesan: All the journalists are the same; they always refuse a kind offer, Initially, hak hak haa. Where do you want to go, Mr Q Rious?

    Q Rious: A tropical place would be good; may be Sri Lanka.

    Mr Nadesan: Oh, my god. Do you want to committ an expensive suicide? Don't go there; place is full of troubles, bombs, you know. Go to Thailand, man. Nice girls. Some people even extinguished their liberation flame there.

    Q Rious: Who do you mean?

    Mr Nadesan: Karuna. Another one nearly lost it, before we draggeed him back - Chelvam.

    Q Rious: Oh, I see. Thank you very much for the kind offer, any way. Mr Nadesan, what do you want me to write about casualties on your side?

    Mr Nadesan: Just write it is 33.

    Q Rious: Mr Nadesan, it is too low, far too low. I don't want to make a mockery of my journalism. Please tell me a realistic figure.

    Mr Nadesan: Put 41, Mr Q Rious. You are a fussy man. Everyone takes figures from us without any fuss. You are naughty, Mr Qrious, you are naughty.

    Q Rious: Still too low; far too low. How about enemy casualties?

    Mr Nadesan: Put 3722 casualties.

    Q Rious: No wonder, your enemy call you an extremist. See you go from one extreme to another. It is far far too high, Mr Nadesan. Too high.

    Mr Nadesan: You are the fussiest journalist I ever faced. Very fussy man. Ok, just put 2891 then.

    I reluctantly agreed to Mr Nadesan's request. I was sandwiched between my forthcoming all-paid holiday and the code of conduct of my profession. The squash caused me a dizziness and I wound up my interview with Mr Nadesan, which may be the last one.

    Q Rious: Thank you very much Mr Nadesan. I hope you will succeed and may god bless you!

  77. it looks like the albums would be celebrating the death of the LTTE.

    Of course...

    But when they counter attack then al you will talk about the weakness of our forces. its happen within us. you all are blasting LTTE and their supporters on this blog and asking LTTE MF supporters to go to a new blog etc. and you all the ppl who sit and browse Pro Ltte Sites. and commenting here.

    Good example is the Katunayake Attack (Air) No body could not reach Tamil Net Site cos of Band width. soon after GOSL blocked Tamil Net. Do you think all these Ltte supporters are hanging on Pro-Ltte sites? NO.

    Ppl like Asithri and our # baiya was hanging on.. "those indiappa rotikala yapane demalunta baninawa"

  78. Pakka-Lanka,
    Many thanks for your comment bro.In parliment right now there are a lot of traitors.However right now in order to stabilize the country the Hon President needs them.Without stability we cannot conduct a war.I am praying that Commander karuna and Hon chandrakanthan(pillian)+a elected member(s) from the north are given places in parliment once they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are for a united Slanka.Under these circumstances and after the end of the war the Hon president can look at said traitors(buffoons) in parliment SEVERELY punish the guilty(by confiscating property&assets) and kick the useless out.We need to expand the number of "tea boys-(thea mahaththuru)in parliment. Right now i suspect that MI is gathering info about these guys from this guy nathan or whoever-cant remember.As for their behavior it cannot be really helped right now.There may be just one/two ways to calm them-offer Canadian/US citizenship to those who are civil for xxx yrs in parliment or employment at a "prestigious" Mcdonalds overseas of course in the guise of a DPL posting.Right now i have high praise for Hon President&Prime minister,Rajitha senarathne,Hon douglas devananda+few others

  79. srilankan,

    i don't much like a UNITED SL. if you rank the alternatives...


    we are at 2. should we go to 4 which is closer to the two countries alternative?


    what does SL need? i think 1,2 or 3.

    thankfully we have a pro-GOSL guy as the CM in the east. imagine rauf hack-him became the CM (which was VERY MUCH possible)?

    in 2001 he declared a seperate *STAN in the east WITHOUT controlling the EPC. with it under his control what NOT will happen?
    under whatever conditions perumal did it and i'm sure a future CM will do it.

    then the govt MAY dissolve it. then what?
    if it was not dissolved, then what?

    these are scary questions we MUST answer b4 it is too late.

  80. Qrious,

    It is a good interview. Sounds almost real. Perhaps, you forgot to ask how the exorcist coach Nadesan to make sure that he will not be caught by an evil spirit. This should be the Tamilnet story of the month.

  81. Moshe,
    Thanks for your comment.I am for unitary.Let this war finish first.this entire problem is to do with the number of displaced people who have been denied their initial homes.I think that is the key..when that is sorted i dont think there will be a problem for a unitary SLanka.

  82. srilankan,

    with you 100%.

    good piece of work qrious. nade-sung seems to answer every question and didn't slip one! a happy nade-sung using carrots on you.
    next time you should raise the hurdle. he might use sticks!

  83. Criewatch,
    "But when they counter attack then al you will talk about the weakness of our forces"

    Yes correct. This is the difference between Pro-LTTE & Anti-LTTE persons.

    Anti-LTTE: when they see a weakness of SLDF or something which could not be accept, they will speak against that and they will blame for that. Reason: they are not brainwashed and they have a brain to think.

    Pro-LTTE: 100% accept whatever the garbage from LTTE. Reason: brainwashed and brainless like you.

  84. Qriuos,


    Here is an idea.

    Call Nadesun for real if you can find a number. And make a real fool out of him...

  85. Qrious -the giftec,

    Nice and entertaining..

    Padesan is busy attending funerals these days.. no time in Calendar for an interview!

  86. Turkish PKK running guns to tigers


  87. Sri Lankan military says planes bomb rebel base


  88. Pundey-Lanka
    Before I went to bed last night at 4 am I seem to have read 3 of your comments about MR and VP are Karvila or something and they are both Catholics. What is it all about? Was I dreaming or what? Sounds absurd to say the least. I think this not the time to snipe at MR,just as our rathhu brothers and UNP trying to create street protests. Perhaps you are from the CBK camp? There should be unity in the party as well as in the country at this crucial moment.
    Karuna and others should only be given a Parliamentary seat only after a bi election somewhere in the country and before that they must renounce violence and even after that responsibility for law and order,defence,civil and criminal law and that aspects of governing the province should not be given to them nor any more advantages or favours than that is not normal to other provinces. We must not reward anyone, just because they are from a minority sect and because they have unfairly rebelled against the state.Gosl should have been disciplined and strong enough to put down any rebellion in the country without seeking the help of any renegade or any ex rebel.Karuna is in a weak position, even if he rejoin the rebels, due to the SL forces doing the job now they are assigned to do, therefore the gosl should be able to call the shots on Karuna and anyone else that is willing to lay down arms and join the political process. Then it is up to the Election commissioner to decide the suitability of a person like Karuna to be a candidate. Horse trading with rebels and ex rebels is not proper, that only exposes our weakness as a state. Whatever it costs we must have full control of the defences of North and EP.

  89. A country's power should be with the Central Government on few key areas,

    1. Military, Police and National, regional Security

    2. Land and mass resources

    3. Diplomatic and Bi-lateral Relations with foreign governments

    4. Law (other than bi-laws)

    5. Currency and Central Banking function

    6. In Sri Lankan context - Higher Education

    If those to be given away to provinces etc., we would be in a huge jumble in few years

  90. Guy Read this..

    Tmail Gang Attacks LTTE Arms Dealer in UK

  91. DN / Moshe / Perein

    ORBAT on has been updated to show the current position of all divisions with 61 placed in a holding role.

    It also shows 56 division in Vavuniya. havne't heard of 56 in this area befoer, have they been inserted recently?

  92. It has been published in May 07, but worth a read!

    "“The LTTE’s main strategy for implementing their Colombo plans is very complete. They have invested lots of money in Colombo hiring Tamil businessmen, with two conditions. One was a percentage of their profit being put into LTTE accounts annually. The second was that any persons sent from the Wanni or any other place by the LTTE should be engaged with their business without any fuss,” he said.

    In all likelihood such persons who are sent from the Wanni by the LTTE are working as intelligence officers for them. Their task was simply to collect information on their enemies or be sleepers till the day they are activated for some mission. An example is when the Black Tigers come to attack and stay for short times in the area. It is a non-suspicious way to strike at the right time without being caught or suspected.

    Intelligence services in Sri Lanka have been monitoring this kind of Tiger strategy and started taking counter-measures again such Tiger moles. But the specific unit assigned this task against the LTTE is established under politicians. The late Minister Sripathi Sooriarachchi especially had given his full support and backing to this unit but he had leaked lots of secrets when he was ousted from the Government by President Rajapakse.

    The LTTE’s Colombo network was facing a very troubled situation when Col. Karuna Amman broke away from the LTTE in 2004. The LTTE faced severe challenges to their money collecting operations in Colombo because Karuna’s members started collecting money for themselves from Colombo. Some intelligence services members also supported Karuna and they came to be aware of core LTTE sources and elements in Colombo. They can break the LTTE network from Colombo if they wished."

  93. 1 four base still not captured by SLDF

    --Live at 8-- Rana bimen Atata

    LTTE trying their best to hold the 1 four base and sathese base..

    Defence Medea said earlier 1 four base seized

    DN any updates?

  94. DN,

    Why did you delete my posts? I better post in DW, after all you are home of garbage just publishing .lk punnaku.

    My deleted post which questioned about the $500k+ benz for Sarath Fonseka in this critical time, you have just deleted. It shows that this blog runs by some goon who is related to SF.

  95. Would that $500K Benz protect Sarath Fonseka from LTTE's cowardly suicide acts?

    If the answer is 'yes', then it is worth it!

  96. CriMeWatch said,

    1 four base still not captured by SLDF

    --Live at 8-- Rana bimen Atata

    LTTE trying their best to hold the 1 four base and sathese base..

    Defence Medea said earlier 1 four base seized

    The army captured only a few of them, mate. They were in bad shape and the army is whitewashing them and making the calculations to send the bill to Vanni. They were really in a run-down condition.

    I think your concern of not fully seizing on the base is addressed.

    Bhairav said,

    My deleted post which questioned about the $500k+ benz for Sarath Fonseka in this critical

    We don't mind him buying a benz for $500000000000000000000, if it exits!

    He deserves every cent mate, he deserves it.

  97. bahirav said
    "My deleted post which questioned about the $500k+ benz for Sarath Fonseka in this critical time,..."

    critical time = Tiger castration season

    what was your question again?

  98. "Why did you delete my posts? I better post in DW, after all you are home of garbage just publishing .lk punnaku. "

    Yeah punnakku so please go away and post wherever you like except here.

    "LTTE trying their best to hold the 1 four base and sathese base..

    Defence Medea said earlier 1 four base seized"

    1-4 base is not seized yet but 4 of the satellite camps (there are around 14) have already been overrun. LTTE is putting up fierce resistance there so it may take longer.

  99. shan,

    "It also shows 56 division in Vavuniya. havne't heard of 56 in this area befoer, have they been inserted recently?"

    They've been stationed there for some time although not exclusively.

  100. [We don't mind him buying a benz for $500000000000000000000, if it exits!

    Very well said.

    We have seen these divisive reporting not only by LTTE coolies... but also MFking reporters everywhere... eating crumbs thrown by the LTTE and their coolies.

    Sri Lankans can afford to pay any price necessary to hunt down and fry any bastard... if they touch our proud security forces guarding Motherlanka...

  101. Thanks DN...

    and very apt response to Bhairav, ofcourse let the sods post elswhere if they don't like your rules.

  102. Noltte=peace and others who would like to give back to SL..

    visit "Sri Lanka needs you" @

  103. Gringo,
    Very well said mate very well said.By the way can anyone confirm this figure of a $5 Billion Benz was it?..i think i made a mistake in the figure it was $50 billion.
    Nevertheless Gen Fonseka has done a great job and he has to be protected at all costs.I assume it is bullet/bomb resistant.No this LTTE horseshittery has to END after 30 yrs.Start EELAM in Toronto/Kent.

  104. Noltte=peace,
    Many thanks for your comment.It makes you wonder what other shits like this fattty Sripathi Sooriarachchi("jayawewa")are currently in parliment.No sense of social/civic responsibility at all.No wonder every INGO coolie is given the opportunity to manipulate the events in SLanka.

  105. SriLankan mate...

    Come to think of it there seems to be a relatively better peace now in country, compared to what we had during the CFA.

    Thanks to our wise leadership and the brave professional troops... we have ourselves CREATED this situation.

    Imagine if we waited Norway or any crooked outsider to 'BRING IN' peace to us.

    The golden opportunity we are seeking is in ourselves. It is not in our environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in ourselves alone...(anonymous)

  106. Sri Lankan..

    I was merely copying and pasting an article from Sri Lankan Guardian

  107. The reason the mercedes may be so expensive is because may be bullet proof. He needs the best protection.

    We know the LTTE want to target him, and mercedes are known for making some of the most reliable bullet proof cars in the world. Only the best for our commander.

    Those LTTE coolies who are worried about the $500,000 mercedes for SF should instead worry about the billions of Canadian dollars VP has in his Swiss bank account.

  108. Noltte=peace,
    Thanks for the info bro.If our politicians had any sense of social responsibility our country would not be in this situation now.These days you see various ministers going to various places in the country.MOST of these fellows like to sit in their offices masterbating during office hours and returning home after a sumptious lunch in the canteen free of charge.It seems that the Hon president is pushing them to transport their arses and do some work(manifesing itself in stupid smiles,pointless handshakes inclusive).So they seem to be doing a bit of work at last!!.

  109. [Canadian Tamils hold rally, condemn Ottawa's ban - report]

    Keep the flags flying high, songs long... and ceremonies pomp in Canada.... go further and ask for a piece from that vast country as well. who knows... you might have a better luck there... Create it Elaam there and fly bombers from there to bomb Sri Lanka!!!

    But if you ever try to grab land from us.... it'll be ARMED, V-I-O-L-E-N-T... RESPONSE FROM US.

    Try it and see, LTTE coolies!

  110. Gringo,
    Very well said bro.."api whenuwhen api".Very well said.If not for our Hon President&family, primeminister+our brave forces we will be dead.Our forces are financially poor and the tempation to give an LTTE buffoon(wearing a $1000 suit)vital info for Rs 10/= (in canadian terms)must be immense.FULL CREDIT to them for their sense of responsibility.FULL CREDIT TO THEM!!."theruwan saranai" to ALL our forces.

  111. Gringo,
    Norway's involvement in SLanka is hilarious but the situation is complicated.What the FOOK does this bauer bugger want with SLanka now.??.I think i have an idea..Looking out of your window at snow covered services in large cities must be adversely affecting brain.

  112. GEagle,
    Very well said bro.Very well said

  113. Sudar Oli Editorial


    It is history that during Indo-China war and the Indo-Pakistan war, the Sinhala governments were anti India and that on all those occasions, the Lankan Tamils were fovurable to India and were supportive of the interests of India.

    But, today, when the Lankan Tamils fight for their freedom, India supports the Sinhala government. It is our expectation that India must reciprocate and extend its solidarity with the freedom struggle of Tamil people




  114. [Canadian Tamils hold rally, condemn Ottawa's ban - report]

    Some time ago some people shouted this country is bad, this government is bad. So those people went and settle down in some good country with good government. Now the same people shouted "this country is bad, this government is bad". I think some thing is wrong with those people: not with any countries or governments.


    [India says Sri Lankan refugees can't buy land in tamilnadu - report]

    Some time ago some people had the 'privilage' of not selling thier land to sinhalese. But they were unhappy about not having all the land in the country and left to neighbour country saying all our borthers and sisters are there, we live hapilly there. Some how those brothers identified them as refugees and now live in refugee camps while thier brothers live in thier own homes. Some of those refugees try to buy some land there to build ouwn house by hard earned money from others credit cards and toilets. However, brothers said " brother, No land for you here. You are still refugee, stay in the refugee camp."


    Yahoo answers

    Q:Why any tamil nadu govn is not interested to help our brothers in srilanka?

    A:India should give Tamil Nadu also to the Sinhalese and Sri lanka can also be part of India. They'll atleast make law abiding nationalistic citizens unlike the racist tamilians who discriminate against every other Indian and the Sinhalese!


    Jokes are over. Be vigilant on expected LTTE attacks in Colombo and other places.

  115. Sam Perera, Moshe>, NoLTTE=Peace, and bungu

    Thank you for complimenting my interview with Mr Nadesan. I might interview one of our diplomats and Rev Rayappu in due course, when the time is ripe.

  116. War Situation Report 08/07/2008

  117. What kind should be the punishment that this Prison Jailer receive?

    These are the type of people who destroy this country.

  118. Hi Asithri,

    Yes man.. I temporarily ventured into your territory ... but surely, I will not claim a Peelam from your territory though! ;-)

  119. Most of my Tamil Nadu visitors say that they are not happy about SL Tamils coming to their country to make mischief against another country, besides they have little connection with the Tamils of SL,just has the English speaking New Zealanders have with the Brits.They are not happy with their TN politicians who are trying to cash in to our problems which the voter in TN will not buy. They are not in sympathy with the terror outfit in Vanni.

  120. Tamil Nadu fishermen helping LTTE: Lanka


  121. Indian support is a fluid concept right now. It is in their best interest to prevent both sides from winning and having a slightly unstable Sri Lanka.

    If the Indian government lets the LTTE win, then the next day they'll find that the will be fighting tamil seperatists in Tamil Nadu.

    However if the Sri Lankan government wins and stablizes the Sri Lankan economy then Sri Lanka will be a competitor, with a much better location.

    Morale of the story: Don't trust other countries, they always have their own agenda.

  122. 2 things of interest from & TN.

    1. 12 civilians have escaped from north of puthukudirippu. this is marvalous! they can be VERY vital sources of information into this HIGHLY secret location and its surrounds. they seem to be providing it too!

    2. 2 air attacks on paranthan. aparently MiG27s were the main players. TN claims those have caused huge craters in paddy fields.

    A. if true, SLAF gravity bombs have gone off-target as there cannot be a "base" in the place shown in TN pictures.

    B. if half true, may be the 1015 strike has be a bit unsuccessful but the follow-up strike at 1330 had taken out the targets.

    C. if untrue, that means a self-constructed display by the LTTE itself, LTTE may stage "retaliatory" attacks for attacking their "economic" targets. even A or B would.

    one more thing.

    A. july has seen high terror activity.

    B. it is the 25th BLACK JULY!! the jubilee for ALL terrorists!!

    C. no major attack for 8+ months like the AAB attack.

    D. SAARC

    high possibility of attempts by LTTE. VERY high probability of REPEAT targets. col. harbour and oil storages are likely to be HIGH in terror target lists. white vans are a MUST to take out LTTE groups BEFORE they strike. there is no time to experiment. also IMMEDIATE and VIOLENT retaliation or re-retaliation is ESSENTIAL as a deterrent.

  123. Pakistan raises SAARC safety concerns


  124. Qrious & DN

    Thanks for ur reply

  125. Guys,
    I have a serious proposal. Once our SLDF finishes the job, we can do the formal submission.
    I propose Mr. Vezapizza for the prestigious Darwin Award for the service rendered to humanity by eliminating quite a number of undesirable genes from the human gene pool.

    If you read the qualifying criteria for this award (link below), you'll see that Vezapizza is over qualified.

    I'll bet no one else will beat him for a long time. (He has quite effectively removed all such persons from future too! That's what this award all about.)

    Wiki Definition

  126. Most of them are using "Z" for as a replacement of "L"

    Its Wrong. Tamils use "Z" for a reason. There are three type of Character used to sound "LA" (layanna, Sagnaka layanna) so you cant use for all L's

    Eg: Vizha - (is vila staight)

    Nothing serious just telling you all in general

  127. if u see clearly photos of prabakaran in this article he looks very different than previous photos i think he is under pressure this is taken in july according to tamilnet

  128. Some words of Gem from a Genaral,

    "I think we all agree that terrorism is the most serious sickness

    of the 21st century although we cannot agree on a definition of it," he said.

    "...the terrorist organization PKK/Kongra-Gel is responsible for 80 percent of the heroin smuggled into Europe, extortion in several European countries, and even running guns to terrorist organisations like the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. "

    Buyukanit said no type of terrorism should be considered legitimate, no matter what the organisations ideals are.

    "More than that, even tendencies to legitimise terrorism are unacceptable," he said. "

  129. This is a good development

    SLAF being called to destroy LTTE boats,

  130. A. what the hell is this 'poottuwa'? from tamilnet,

    1. ".........take part in the island wide general strike scheduled for July 10 in a show of support for the one-day token strike organized by the Marxist Jathika Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) with......"

    2. "White van involved in attack on Anuradhapura JVP offices"

    so the sympathy of the LTTE has fallen on the JVP ONCE AGAIN!!!

    B. ms. waduge has raised an important question in lankaweb. JVP strikes to get Rs. 5,000 pm salary hike. so if the GOSL gives them the increase they will call it off. BUT to call it off they have OTHER demands that have NOTHING to do with WORKERS!!!! these bullshitt include implementation of the fcuking 17th amedment, etc.

    LTTE is also VERY desperate to cling onto ANY crap that looks like providing some support to them.

    JVP becoming dogs should be stopped b4 it is too late. we don't want another 1987.

  131. noltte=peace,

    wow! you bring goodnews! thanks mate.

    something i have bitched for so long. i'm more interested in the percentage success rate.

    = number of ST boats destroyed/total ST boats * 100%

  132. Kevin,
    According to a tamil gentlemen(an ex child soldier) living in france has had a book of his (detailing the suffering of child soldiers under the LTTE) translated into english (originally written in tamil).I wonder if we can use this book in anyway to educate the nordic population and use it against the LTTE.Wonder what bauer will have to say..

  133. Moshe,
    i think the people(the bahuthara janathawa)seem to have FINALLY worken up to what all these strikes are really about because it is mostly their sons/daughters that are dying on the frontlines."Theruwan saranai" to them.this is good news for the LTTE websites which will carry a large selection of photos of MILLIONS OF SRILANKANS(say 20Mil approx)protesting against the govt about the C.O.Living.Why does this stink of Ranil.Lets see how many actually attend(ed) and of these how many are "purchased" by the UNP to participate.

  134. srilankan,

    yes. but most workers in the "target group" WILL go for the 5,000.

    =5,000*12 = 60,000

    if salaries are raised for half a million ppl, tht means,
    =60,000*500,000 = 30,000,000,000!!!
    a fcuking 30 BILLION rupees.

    this has to be collected from ADDITIONAL tax. who pays? those who didn't get the 5,000. this is BS. it will continue to raise inflation.
    bcos NO INCREASE in output!!

    JVP idiots know this very well. they want to make things miserable for the pll and the govt so that they (think) JVP will become ppl's sweethearts.

  135. As sinhalese we are a dam stupid to do things like this. We are creating our own downfall because of these stupid politicians. JVP only think about making havock and UNP only thinks about coming into power why for god sake these idiots can not do something for coutry for once.

    Economic hardship is true but then ask things for the working poeple than demanding stuff on political issues.

  136. we need a ruling party with SLFPs nationalism and (AT LEAST) UNP's economic management.

    in short a strong RIGHT WINGED party like the BJP or the republicans or the liberals or the conservatives.

  137. If there were to be any bombs going off tommorow i am sure these idiots will say its the work of the goverment.. wait and see..

    If they wanted to strike why choose July?

    Knowing its black july?

  138. Malin A,

    and the funny thing is for this type of CRAP the JVP, UNP, TNA, etc. are all UNITED!! i'm sure the CWC and UPF will also join in striking sooner or later.

    as i explained above, it is the non-striking ppl who will eventually bear the tax bill to pay for these bastards at a time when the country goes through an economic turbulance!!

  139. Moshe,
    I agree with you.However lets wait and see what happens.I would not jump to conclusions just yet although what you say is a possibility.Keep in mind that this is an LTTE ploy( a financial/fiscal attack by the LTTE) a first step in order to bankrupt the SLDForces.Correct me if i am wrong but did the govt not offer an increase of Rs 1000/-?.We have to await the outcome of the strike.If they have to increase taxes it depend on what tax(es) will be increased.

  140. Unrelated, but interesting,

    This tells about our country to some little extent.. No one has been arrested despite violation of court order and fire-arm offense..

    Why the law work differently to politicians?

  141. Moshe,
    When this war is over hopefully things will look much brighter.these LTTE fellows know that they cannot allow this war to end because they know that if it ends and ALL our peoples have a period of peace followed by economic development,people(except hardcore terras) wont be too keen to rejoin the LTTE.Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  142. noltte=peace
    politicians have always evaded law and have gotten away with everything under the sun when only minions get caught and punished...
    The problem with our people is that they are so bloody gullible and can't think beyond what's been dished by propaganda arms of politicians...
    Lotsa folks takes all MR's mistakes, screwups, corruption and other F_ups as ok cos our forces are doing well. I'd say that's bloody idiotic... This country, it's people and it's resources are not bloody politicians god given gift to flogged around the way they want.

    getting back to your point...A president who can take on the world's most deadliest terrorist outfit can't handle cheap thugs like mervyn and duminda etc... what a disgrace

  143. Moshe,
    When this war is over hopefully things will look much brighter.these LTTE fellows know that they cannot allow this war to end because they know that if it ends and ALL our peoples have a period of peace followed by economic development,people(except hardcore terras) wont be too keen to rejoin the LTTE.Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  144. MR. MD

    yes. but most workers in the "target group" WILL go for the 5,000.

    =5,000*12 = 60,000

    if salaries are raised for half a million ppl, tht means,
    =60,000*500,000 = 30,000,000,000!!!
    a fcuking 30 BILLION rupees.

    Ya Its huge, But at the current situ of the civilians Rs. 5000 is not enough. even 20000 minimum salary is not enough a person to run their family. Who ever talking about this Rs. 5000 will be getting more than Rs.70,000 as their salary or more.

    Majority is Poor's think about them. (they might be getting Rs. 9000 to Rs.15000) War created my Moda GOVT issues not by Civilians.
    Let the GOVT Suffer More.

    MD, SriLankan Your state was correct if poor's (Middle class) getting above Rs. 20,000 at least.

    For you all Talking in Billions cant live five days with Rs. 20000 with current COL. Can U?

  145. Moshe

    well said mate, agree with you wholeheartedly

    i heard the deputy finance minister say today the increased expenditure for 5,000 rupee salsy hike would amount to 72,000 million because it also involves increase in overtime rates, holiday pay, bonus and pension / EPF payments. it's much more complicated than just the raise.

    also said the development will slow down. obviously because though salaries are increased there'll be no increase in output of these government employees. the additional expnditure will only be a burden on the economy and the taxpayer (who works very hard to pay for the non starters)

    no issues on increases or whatever is given if it increase uotput and provides a better service to the public

  146. MR. MD

    Every body's hope is to end this war. NEED Peace not PIECE. but the war never ever ends. Even if Sarath Fonseka doubles the force power. beet you.

    All are playing a game till next Election. IF MR Elected Second time the next 6 years will be worse than the current situ. Spend Rs. 100 for bread ha.

  147. on COL, folks living in SL earning in rupees will only know the true hit of this :)
    and talking about expenses...can't the government also shed some extra weight like all people are doing in SL now and help the situ a wee bit...
    maintaining a jumbo cabinet with all their add-ons also can't be a cheap exercise...
    Financial cock-ups like mihin air etc is also not doing any favors to the country...
    people suffer from all sides while the government is nicely chilling out with all luxuries...
    Maybe i'm wrong but there's something not right with that situ!!!!

  148. CW
    i do agree with you on sufferings of the people due to financial situ of the country but i do disagree when you say this war can't be won...
    few months, years ago... chasing ltte from east was not possible... taking on 1-4 base in mullativu was not possible and the list is long...
    admittedly there are pockets of ltte folks in "liberated" areas but you do have to agree their major firepower and admin capabilities are long gone...
    Has ltte been able to launch a major counter-offensive against this major push by sldf so far? what were all these ltte boot licking goons were saying about sldf never been able to take on wanni?
    War wont be over soon but what's sure is the end has begun and we're making good progress like we have not done before...
    And what's the alternative....give into some under-educated murderous terrorists claim of a fake uni racial homeland???
    what's wrong with the present government is that they are using the gains made by sldf to their personal gains and living off luxuriously with that blood money and tears and sweat of the people.
    fighting terrorism is no excuse for corruption and abuse

  149. shan,

    thanks for correcting me, mate.

    i took half a million as an example. surely it is higher plus the add-ons as you said.

    so the figure is 72 BILLION. OMG!!

  150. Srlankan
    I wish had a copy of that article by that ex ltter as we had a very successful gathering at the House of Lords on the 7th and I would have presented it them. Please let me know if I could extract a copy from a web site as I would meet a roving diplomat that visits frequently from Norway.
    With respect to this strike the gosl should have done much more to avoid it by getting other parties like JVP and UNP involved. It looks like the UNPers are hell bent in toppling the government. My partner tried his best to get the President’s staff to make arrangements for Mr Somawansa to meet the President in the same flight they were from London to Colombo.Mr Amarasinghe travelled in the economy class and so many hangers on in that travelling party would have offered one’s seat in the business class so that such a gesture would have strengthen bridges between the government and opposition. You mentioned about divide and rule by the IC but we don’t need their help but we are doing it so well before the colonials and after the colonials.Kehelia too says that the JVP is in league with the tiger terrorists and this is utter rubbish and he his doing some cheap propaganda to rubbish the patriotic people who seem to have a different political view. I don’t agree with this strike but we are a true democracy and as long as it is legal then they have that right but the question is if it is appropriate and proper and if the people in the country is not in the mood for a such an event then they will not forget these parties during the next election. But we must not allow the country to a state that of Zimbabwe whre any kind of opposition is brutally opposed. People who agitate against the government must go by the mood of the country and gosl must respond to this mood as well by cutting down on waste etc.Also by being more accountable to the people who put them there and it seems that the politicians in power in the third world detach them selves from the electorate nor sooner one get in to power and you know who will be their sidekicks from then on, people who did nothing to get them elected in the first place. Here in UK we could write to any MP and we get a personal reply and they too will do their best to meet you and that’s democracy.

  151. ranil,

    agree with you.

    shouldn't it be better to negotiate a corresponding increase in output as well? salary hikes for so many ppl without any value addition in return only raises inflation. then we are in worse shitt.

    govt should also (in addition to long term plans) look at some short term cash generating industries as well. some cash crops, some fish produce, etc. can earn alot of hard currency. these short term avenues should be encouraged. a cash-strapped situ is very dangerous.

    also govt should expand wholesale and retail outlets including the damned co-ops. if managed properly ppl can buy at fairer prices, farmers can get a fair deal and will become a source of revenue for the govt. but the challenge is to manage profitably without political influence. otherwise it will add further burdens like mihin.

    hopefully tensions around iran will fade away. this is one fcukung big reason for price hikes. but the news from there is not good. if a war erupts and if iran manages to block fuel supplies as they have promised, ALL military ops will come to a standstill not to mention the whole economy. i think the rest of the world should do more to settle this.

  152. MD
    what's pissing me off is that when "people" as for something... it's a huge issue... But when politicos are loosing money in millions cos they want their bloody name on an airline etc etc nobody says anything...
    I work for private sector and earn a decent living compared to most sri lankans but still it's a struggle to get through a month. I can't imagine how poor folks are doing...
    Maybe asking for such a raise is not fair at this juncture and at the same time all these government corruptions are also not fair.
    People will be silenced one way or the other but politicos always gets away with everything...
    In-efficiency is government institutions is also partly politicos fault... they appoint their stooges to these places when the said place is already over staffed etc and what do you expect... Sometime ago i was told by a persona at lakehouse that there are over staffed by a thousand or so... who is to blame...
    whose finally picking up the tab...
    the whole political culture of this country has to change and that wont happen if people don't make a change. People can't make a change cos they don't know the true story about everything cos bloody media is controlled and not strong enough... It's a vicious cycle..
    This is why a country with so much of promise with so many great minds is still suffering the way it now...

  153. Dear Kevin,
    Many thanks for your comment.I know exactly what you mean.About this does not give the publishers details.The first step is to findout who is publishing it.I think all big book stores..foyles dillons,waterstones, etc are sent a letter with the titles of new books these guys publish.Its not that difficult as it sounds because you only have to look at the name of the author because i am sure you will recognise the name simply because it is long and does not end with cyzcwz..polish.Lets hope that gives details of the publisher/title.On the other hand this guy lives in france so it is very likely some members of the tamil community or our embassy in france close to the Eiffel tower has an idea.Through your friends in france.On my part i will do my best to find out as much as i can or get a copy of the book and let you know when i do.It being on the internet is out of the question right now.The other idea is to try these anti LTTE tamil groups in the U.K..but i dont think this is wise right now.

  154. This comment has been removed by the author.

  155. Srilankan
    I have already sent 3 of my staff to look for this book in the West end and one is assigned to telephone around with our contacts in the T Diaspora etc am running out of time here in UK as I have to visit SL,Malayasia and Singapore soon. Perhaps I could present it the appropriate people there as well.

  156. haha so funey. MR cannot manage his OWN MIHIN LANKA (PVT) LTD. (calling it as Govt Organization as well AS Mahinda Chinthata - Its his future chintana) Trying to control PPL in this contry.

    ppl cant take a day off for strike thats the current situ, cos they will loose their day pay (they cant let that happen).

    If All country join hands to gether raise against COL MR chinthana okkoma P*ke gahagena thamai Duwanna One.

    I agree MD your pointings but it want feed kids hunger. a mother cant enjoy WAR while his daughter son cry for milk.

    Think an average person getting Rs.20,000 a moths salary devided by 30 days. Rs. 666 a day pay. (have to feed father mother wife childrens etc+ other day today expence) can you manage? not enough for your fuel even per day.

    but for # malli can drive his car without issue (HE IS GETTING FUEL FOR FREE CHINTHANA MAMA UTA NIKANG DENNE)

    in that situ u cant blam the ppl for asking for more salary. I am on the ppl's side.

  157. Ranil

    Well said bro.

    people in this country doesn't know whats happening. Rupavahini and ITN are Boru lokayak mawala pennanawa. Ape game heththa ewa balala choon wela Handiya gane bajaw danawa.

    Kata kiyannada?

  158. Kevin,
    Hon president has made a lot of mistakes.However you cant go back in time and change them but change your attitude about what your going to do in future.Hon president has always wanted to get the UNP and JVP involved but it seems that they were/are un interested.Kevin it appears that Ranil+co are still convinced that they can win an eletion after the war is over blaming the govt on C.O.L for starters.They(UNP) dont want to change.As for this jumbo cabinet the president cant do anything because he needs to stabilize the country right now..if not you cannot conduct a successful war.See the UNP are still of this mindset that the "bahuthara janathawa" are gona's who says "Jayawewa" to any goat who gives them bread or says "i live in a big house in ward place".I think happily for me the rural people are changing their attitude fast because they can see light at the end of the tunnel.

  159. Kevin,
    Thats very nice to hear.Hope you find it before your departure.If you find it maybe one of your staff can convert it to a PDF file and load it onto a USB for you which saves you carrying hard copies if your constrained by baggage weight.

  160. Hon president has made/will make a lot of mistakes.

    Cos the surrounding was thugs. end of the tunnel ppl see litted hell not light. you all are live in heven. dont compair your self with an ordinary person he will kill you.

    MR is a nariya, to come to power used JVP and kicked off. Vimal and them never ever can come to power IF stand for election by them self. Kata hari Mukku gahagena godayana minissu saha athmarthakami.

    i dont blaming you Mr SRILANKAN. there are two sides to look in to.

  161. SriLankan mate
    if i may butt in...and btw i aint no UNP real name is what i've been using and sadly it's got a bad name :(
    with all due respect ""bahuthara janathawa" are gona's who says "Jayawewa" to any goat who gives them bread" that's exactly how MR also won don't you think. I'm fully on with his ways of tackling the LTTE cos to my limited knowledge i don't see any other way to sort this. But that is absolutely no reason to be doing the things he's doing. And no it's not Hon. President has made mistakes he is still making them.
    Mihin affair is a classic case of short sighted ego trip... All that money down the toilet and it's not like his daddy left it for him right...
    If people don't criticize when they see something wrong that's the best way ensure things like that will continue...

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
    Edmund Burke

    good night guys. 8.10pm in colombo and i'm leavin office :)

  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. CW
    last note to you sir..
    Nariya or whatever he seems to be the only solution to the ltte menace... If only he can clean up his act :(

  164. Ranil

    Hope So...

    I am happy man. you have said same thing what i have posted at the same time.


  165. Ranil&CW,
    I sincerely hope you are both mistaken.Lets wait and see and i am sure the people will decide for themselves.i am logging off.

  166. Parliament debates on a bullet proof car given to Pillaiyan

    The Government Chief Whip Dinesh Gunawardhana said in the parliament today (08) that under the present parliament, 31 bullet proof vehicles had been imported and to whom they were provided could not be revealed due to security concerns.
    In response to a question raised and given time to answer by MP Ravi Karunanayaka, The Chief Whip said that the vehicles had been imported from the countries like UK and Germany.

    An interim question of MP Ravi Karunanayaka asking if Pillaiyan was also given such car, the Chief Whip refused to answer and stated that it could not be revealed due to security concerns.
    When MP Karunanayaka stated that the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe had not been provided the pledged bullet proof car, the Government Chief Whip said that the government had provided maximum security to the Opposition Leader.

    The Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe rose at this moment to say that his security was affected due to probes against his security staff based on anonymous complaints against them.

    The Chief Government Whip Dinesh Gunawardhana promised to look into the issue.

    Security needed for all jumbo cabited ppl + ordinary CM's ha. apita hulang

  167. lanka is a &&&&ed up country now

    rajapaksa is doing a great job

    > money wasting(mihin lanka etc.)
    > inflation will be 20%(central bank)
    > real inflation will be higer than 20%
    > government is too big(100+ ministers, government servents)


    even a 5000 raise will not be enough soon

    how can you feed the children ??

  168. The Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union extends support for General strike

  169. Defencenet will delete my posts very soon

    no free speech here

    tamils have no rights

    sinhalas who have other opinions have no rights

    is Defencenet a government hack ?

    i better log off now white van is approaching my shop

  170. kuttu,

    send your money to Tamil teacher union instead of LTTE.

  171. 95% vans in Sri Lanka are white. shit in pants now.

    hee heee

  172. Our GOVT failed to do even a propper movie against LTTE. A faild "Prabhakaran Movie" by thushara. could not reach 50 days at least.

    MFers Still running at a good strenth in Over seas and in the first place.

    MR cant even do a propper Properganda scent even on internet. Internet is the easy reach medea all over the world. but its limited only to ******.lk 90% pro ltte sites and 10% Pro Govt Sites. thwama nahinawa.

  173. bungu
    95% vans in Sri Lanka are white. shit in pants now.

    hee heee



    another 10 year old sinhalas keyboard hero like asithri

    soon you will be shitting in pants a lot

    get use to it

    go do your homework

    i will tell mommy & daddy


  174. bungu from ministry of transport. 95% sudu hunu gahanawa wage aiya. ohoma yang

  175. Apart form few Tamils (<4) come here to post something bad/insult about MR, GOSL and Srilankan Forces, others are in full agreement that MR's military campaign is the best treatment for Tamil Terrorism.

    On the other hand MR never had better economic plans or policies. Lets deal with terror first then economics.

    If some idiot here thinks financial hardships would make people force government to stop defeating LTTE then it must be daydreaming.

  176. If Mr cant handle the First thing ECONOMIC properly cant handle the war dear. dont think he is a super humen


  177. DN
    Chatter here is that VP is trying to escape, perhaps to Burma ,any more new about this?


  178. 10 day Military training for all aged 17-50 in LTTE areas


  179. kevin
    Chatter here is that VP is trying to escape, perhaps to Burma ,any more new about this?

    Kevin nice dreamer



  181. "If Mr cant handle the First thing ECONOMIC properly cant handle the war dear. dont think he is a super humen"

    mokada malli andanne? It is already evident to us if he can or can't handle the war.

    Why wimps like you come here and beg us to chase away MR? we shall keep him there as long as we need. When a son of Prabakaran like you come here to beg us all we can do is laugh.
    hee hee

  182. Kuttu
    Did I touch a nerve? Must be true?
    May be the same dream the sole rep has for his promis land.Good luck to him if he could escape,after all the forces are moving in fast or he could do a Karuna,perhaps get a seat in the Parliment,just a thought...Anything is possible in that island.

  183. guys just one thing..please see the LEN news.everyone can undertand what is and how is media in srilanka.they saying "horikada udgosanayata kunu biththra".
    i am not rasing any politial issue but see how the so called media giants behaving.this mean people who are not suporting to the strike are "horikadas".simply they asking to hit them.look at this.i think at least people need to point this,,, otherwise we can even think about wining the war...

  184. Ravana,

    I fully agree with your comment.
    So funny. This is the reality of so called free media.

    LEN = fully UNP biased website

  185. Nemesis,

    Thank you for inviting me to contribute to Defence 'Country First Scheme'. Surely, want to do something..!

    BTW, you should be the one there with your vast knowledge on ordinance.

  186. "horikada udgosanayata kunu biththra".

    LeN states: they are not involved/ funded by any political party or NGO. They get money from some individuals who 'love' SL. They stand for media freedom, HR, etc. However some times they can't hide thier true nature.

    Now they have gone one step futher and now they give judgements on what protests are horikada.

  187. I am always opposing any kind of strike.... Strikes are the tools of idiots. This July strike will take us back for another few months as a nation.

    I totally agree that the cost of living and inflation is high, and we need to do something about it.

    Salary increase without any return is not a great answer. GOSL can increase the salaries by printing more money. Then again, the adverse affect on the economy would be much more higher, and there won't be any meaning to it either.

    There are several 'extreme' as well as 'difficult' measures that the government can take to finance a salary increase without increasing the level inflation.

    One of the extreme measure is to cut government jobs by 30% and increase the salaries of the rest.

    Do the government workers want that? I guess not (however, J.R. did it).

    Then would the government workers take measures to improve productivity at least by 20% or cut down waste of resources by at least 30%?

    The above would instantly provide the boost it needs to increase salaries.

    Else, there are other moves too that may not be highly favorable to the masses. One such strategy is to create/restructure a 'tiered fee structure' for different government services, depending on number of variables. One variable may be 'speed'. If you want 'One Day Service', you pay a higher fee etc. Unknowingly, this may increase employee productivity too.

    Other strategies could include, mass economic i.e. put higher taxes on certainly none-essential items to meet the wage costs.

    Above all, the best strategies include, bringing in more and more investment to the country. FDI is one of the key. BOI should work twice hard with the Diplomatic missions and promote more and more investments. 'Investor confidence building' is one of the key factors in this regards. It needs lot of talking to the investors. Investors ignore war when the facts are presented right. Therefore, loads of promotion and active investor confidence building is necessary.

    All the developed countries are in that state because of 'Good Governance Practices'. We have to bring those to the country.

    We all agree that war is an economy as well as social killer, and the Vezapizza and his immediate team should be destroyed for the good of the whole nation. While we are at it, we have to promote all the rest too.

    I am running out of time folks..will talk sometime soon!

  188. Saduni


    I fully agree with your comment.
    So funny. This is the reality of so called free media.

    LEN = fully UNP biased website

    July 9, 2008 10:04 PM

    hehe...nice couple...

    when is the wedding saduni ?

    can ravana get it up ??


    Rupavahinie & ITN are free media...hehe

    some sinhalas are not just stupid they have no brain..hehe

  189. NOLTTE=Peace

    I am running out of time folks..will talk sometime soon!

    July 9, 2008 10:58 PM

    Oh..please don't go...hehe

  190. kevin

    Did I touch a nerve? Must be true?
    May be the same dream the sole rep has for his promis land.Good luck to him if he could escape,after all the forces are moving in fast or he could do a Karuna,perhaps get a seat in the Parliment,just a thought...Anything is possible in that island.

    July 9, 2008 9:36 PM



    don't you worry about tamil leader

    he will be ok

  191. Ninja
    "horikada udgosanayata kunu biththra".

    LeN states: they are not involved/ funded by any political party or NGO. They get money from some individuals who 'love' SL. They stand for media freedom, HR, etc. However some times they can't hide thier true nature.

    Now they have gone one step futher and now they give judgements on what protests are horikada.

    July 9, 2008 10:36 PM

    who gives a f&&& about Len

  192. This comment has been removed by the author.

  193. bye for now...its lunch time


  194. Kuttu
    Having lunch! Where are you in US or Canada?

  195. Great work man.. great work!

    The LTTE Intelligence Leader of Vavunia has been caught with another two.

  196. Guys,

    The military thrust moves forward steadily with the intending target at the core taking the form of a bubble - sending the fighters who refuse to surrender to their Maker.

    The logic is simple: we can go for land grabbing and then grab eye-catching headlines too in its stride. The savages, then creep into jungles, come back at a time of their choosing, cause mayhem, later, giving plenty of food for thoughts for our wonderful opposition. In this context, the current military thrust is the most intelligent operation ever mounted against the savages, while keeping our own casualty figures to a minimum.

    A general strike is looming over our motherland and everyone is going to stay at home. This is a bit boring.

    So, I ventured out, boarded a plane and caught up with one of our diplomats for a chat, as they are not the most admired folks in the land at presetn. I want to get their side of the story.

    A diplomat, by definition, is someone who leads a double life: in real life, he acts; in the un-real life he lives; in real life he is sober; in the latter, he is under the influence or ethanol, the substance that is going to replace petrol and make cars doped and zig-zagging on our highways.

    So, we were sipping coke in the first part of our chat. Excerpts:

    Q Rious Good morning sir, Q Rious from the news organization UFO

    DipLowMatVery nice to meet you, Mr Q Rious.

    Q Rious You are a Sri Lankan diplomat, I presume.

    DipLowMat Yes, I am. I am the ambassodor to Disneyland.

    Q Rious Oh, I see. What a place to represent your motherland! I am sure you are honoured.

    DipLowMat Yes, I am. The best place out of all my postings. People are very relaxed here. Cost of living and inflation never exist. It is so fantastic. But picketing exists, just for awareness.

    Q Rious Is this the world's newest state?

    DipLowMat No, it is Eezam, isn't it? Disneland has been in existence since Walt Disney had that famous brain wave - quite an old state.

    Q Rious Who are the heads of state?

    DipLowMat The President is a chap called Mr Snooty, and the Prime Minister is an equal laid-back man, called Mr Sooty. They have one more in the top hireachy - the Prime Suspect. His name is Mr Micky Mouse.

    Q Rious So, basically these three chpas run the show - I mean the country - and pretty effectively too.

    DipLowMat Spot on, Mr Q Rious, spot on.

    Q Rious How do you account for the harmony among the citizens of this country? I never heard of any grievances or strikes.

    DipLowMat Pretty simple, Mr Q Rious. The top three people, Mr Snooty, Mr Sooty and Mr Micky Mouse, all have one thing in common - big ears. So, they always listen to their people and address the grivences; the bigger the ears, the bigger the input.

    Q Rious I didn't notice it. Yes, the big ears is the secret. Now, let's move on to our real discussion. Diplomats come in for criticism from all quarters. How do you defend yourself, sir?

    DipLowMat It is all rubbish. We do a very good job in the most difficult circumstances, yet only get insults in return. Typical Sri Lankans! just typical!!

    Q Rious Is it really difficult to become a Sri Lankan diplomat? How do you get in?

    DipLowMat It is very difficult, Mr Q Rious, very difficult. If you fancy, dream of Spice Girls, but never ever dream of becoming a diplomat with us, it is a non-starter. You need a very high IQ, a collection of degrees, a broad smile, good personality and the ability to communicate effectively.

    Q Rious You people take the flak from the journalists and bloggers for failing on the last one, very badly.

    DipLowMat F*****n B******s

    The diplomat suddenly started freezing up and sweating profusely. He seemed to be down, but far from out

    Q Rious You lost your nerve, sir!

    DipLowMat You misread me, Mr Q Rious. It is a coded-message for - Oh, I see - in our diplomatic circle. You get what I mean.

    Q Rious Oh, I see. So, you have your own language too. By the way, you said about the need of high IQ for a diplomat. What is it for? They are not in the business of invetion or creation?

    DipLowMat Mr Q Rious, you got that one wrong. We are in the business of inventing. We cook up stories.

    Q Rious You cook up stories: but they are not marketable; nor are they best-sellers. What's going on?

    DipLowMat Of course, we haven't come up with a Harry Potter yet, but I can tell you we have done quite a few Winnie the Pooh.

    Q RiousI certainly agree with that. They all stink! How come Pongu Thamil becomes such a big event under you breath?

    DipLowMat Well, I can't speak on behalf of my fellow diplomats. But, a big but, these events are very common in Disneyland and they don't get any unusual publicity or notoriety. So, my hands are clean.

    Q Rious It shows our diplomats are not efficient folks. Your comments?

    DipLowMat On the contrary, it shows Tamil Tigers are good at organizing and our people are bad at sabotaging. What is the more noble in diplomatic sense, Mr Q Rious?

    Q Rious Of course, the latter. The English skills of the diplomats is an issue too. Your views?

    DipLowMat We devoure Shakespher, then vommit the Merchant of Venice. The rest is absorbed, by default. This simple mechanism makes us fluent in English. Of course, we may not sound intersting on the small screen, because we feel claustrophobic in studios, that is all. Is it a big deal? We are after all human beings, when we are out of our embassies.

    At this stage, I thought of suspending the sober part of chat with the diplomat. Since I was not over the international waters in flight, I couldn't punch him in the face for fear of prosecution by the relvant country. So, I took a well-earned nap befor starting the second part after a few glasses of whisky. You may see that part later, at some point.

  197. Qrious

    what a big moron

    posting fake interviews


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