Friday, July 11, 2008

Public transport attacked in Buttala-Kataragama road

A public transport bus was attacked in Buttala - Kataragama road today killing at least 3 people and injuring 15 more. The bus was en route to Kataragama from Monaragala when it was attacked.

LTTE activity in this region has gradually increased over the last year.

Update: 4 killed and 25 injured


  1. It was a good thing that the driver had the guts to drive through the rain of bullets in to the hospital..
    If the bus had stopped or got off the track, casualties would have been much much higher....

    So the Elites,Commandos of ltte are VERY BRAVE it seems...
    Now just tell me which Human Rights Group would say this is ltte? They will say there are armed groups in east operating with gov forces & that Never even telling that ltte is involved. So Much theit Love For Human Rights that they dont see Every Sri LAnkan as Human, but only the people with tamil identity is Recognized as Humans...
    Its the Money that Speaks Actually..

  2. I didn't know there were people in the bus. So surely there was no harm done.

  3. bloody ltte pansies can't even attack a civilian bus properly these days.
    Hope SLDF increase the dosage in all fronts and bury few extra ltte'rs

  4. Have they run out claymore mines then?

  5. expect more "DPU" attacks in vanni. that is the only language LTTE understands and that has been SL's "tactical' deterrence.

    preventative measures had been not very successful in this area although GOSL should increase them. deterrence is the surest way.

    there can be some connection between yesterday's shooting an today's incident? in that event the involvement of another group cannot be ruled out.

  6. Here is just an idea from my pea.

    This terrorist group in Buththala must keep communications with some kind of a leader.

    How about tracking mobile signals emitting from the said area?

  7. @ DN
    When I was travelling the road near the start of this year the army had patrols at every km along this road. What is the security for this road at the moment?

  8. su,

    Thanks for the comments in the previous thread.

    Tissa Hamy I am glad you are alive and kicking.

    I think the savages resorted to this action as that is the only way possible at the moment to cause carnage.

    The bushes on either side of the Buttala - Kataragama road have been cleared - up to 50 metres, I suppose - in such a way a claymore cannot be placed without the prospect of being detected easily. Otherwise, they would have gone for that option.

    This must be the work of a lone gunmen, because the presence of too many would have cause suspicion or detection. However, a few may have been in vicinity for a back-up.

    A thorough search on the basis of perimeter-to-centre may work, if it had been launched that way. We don't know anyone in the bus alerted the police by mobile phone before being driven to Kataragama hospital.

    It is again the sheer desperation on the part of the savages. It is sad three innocents laid their lives.

    May the culprits rot in the hottest corner of hell!

    Kuttu-the-He-hee, you are warned!

  9. As I get to know, 3 terorists has fired on to the bus. Seems they were not equiped with RPGs & only with T56.
    I just wonder...
    Coz as I get to know, buses in these type of routes are to be guarded with two armed personnal.
    If they were there they could have tracked some of these running teras so that the incomming Security personnal will have a much eazy task..

  10. Damn morons can't even hot a bus properly now..acts of sheer desperation.

  11. Guys,

    I notice something disturbing among our battle-hardened heroic commanders. It is something close to my heart as they render a yeoman service to let you and I live free in the motherland.

    Their waist size is a concern for me. These commanders may be in their late fourties or early fifties and if this is not addressed in a practical way, their health card may get in the way prematurely.

    Brigadier Char Gallage was forced to abandon his wonderful contribution due to sudden illness, at a crucial time.

    I am sure they have facillities for exercising in the army camps. But these soldiers are in the battleground and have not access to these facilities. Adding insult to injury, the kind of food they eat is also contributing to aggrevate the problem.

    We admire them for their bravery. We want them to lead hethy lives too.

    I think the Defence Secretary has set an example of how to stay fit with the right physical size. I hope the officers take care of health factor as a matter of urgency. It is an individual choice, and not necessarily a component of army's code of conduct.

    I am aware of some officers who cut short of thier otherwise illustrious military career due ill health. The disproportionate consumption of meat, especially wild boar, is a very serious factor, when they are involved in jungle warfare.

    This is an issue among the enemy too. The pot-bellied, less-agile, slow-mobile Tiger commanders also have a less-than-perfect health card.

    Let's hope our officers take care of their health as a matter of urgency.

  12. Trying to give a new meaning for asx ! you know what.. all the fkin organizations are dumb fools.. for them LTTE's farts even smelling gooooood. thats why they are silent like dung eating moooorons.

  13. Qrious-
    Bro... What do we have here...
    Nadesan never mentioned this to you...
    LTTE says ready for ceasefire and peace talks

  14. Freddy said...

    Damn morons can't even hot a bus properly now..acts of sheer desperation.

    This means most of the Lankans expecting to most number of deaths of their own people ... Holaaaaaa

    The answer for your post is..SLA have destroyed the forrests near the road and build 10 army camps on that road and guarding every 100m of the road ... due to this the temperature of the place is up and suffering with out rain and water ...


    @ katharagama Hill they build a pansala where the Hindu statue(the Vel) was located they moved it away and build Pansala ..Vedhdha gov keeps on eye to destroy the hindu's history in this Country...

  15. Hello shyam,allrighta.........

  16. LTTE is just a hypocritic mafia and an international one at that. An international pariah entity that now being realized by most of the world.

    compared to this other mafias are much better. They don't pretend to be liberators and human rights princes.

  17. Don't let these filthy excuses for human beings divert the discussion.

    The LTTE Terrorists blatantly, deliberately with callous intentions opened fire on civilians. This is called terrorism.

  18. firerain,
    "When I was travelling the road near the start of this year the army had patrols at every km along this road. What is the security for this road at the moment"

    Security has always been tight since the initial incidents but it's impossible to cover every inch of all major roads in the area. It's relatively easy for a few assclowns to sneak in and attack a civilian bus even with routine patrols.

  19. Shyam says,
    @ katharagama Hill they build a pansala where the Hindu statue(the Vel) was located they moved it away and build Pansala ..Vedhdha gov keeps on eye to destroy the hindu's history in this Country...
    Hey just dive in to the sea near the Famous Kovil in Trinco & you will find what has left of the old Temples which stood the ground of the Now Kovil..
    Even the BO tree was there till late 50s or 60s...
    Hindus surely co exhisted with buddhists from the Pollonnaruwa era...
    Just dnt make the Wrong Aligations...
    Dnt forgetthe Number of Buddhist Temples Destroyed by ltte & replcing with new Concrete Kovils just to IMPROVE the HINDU History...
    The Newly laying History...

  20. Defencenet,
    I sent you a mail few weeks ago can you please check?

  21. Just dnt make the Wrong Aligations...
    Dnt forgetthe Number of Buddhist Temples Destroyed by ltte & replcing with new Concrete Kovils just to IMPROVE the HINDU History...
    The Newly laying History...

    tell me some examples pls..? don't post lies and your dreams this how you people developed your history ...

  22. Many Buddhist people still worship hindu Lords ok... there are sinhla Hindus in Srilanka so why are you destroying the temples ..what are you people Up to ...wipe out tamils from this country ... ?

  23. You bloody idiots. Why do you always eat the bait that these LTTE farts dangle?

    They are diverting the discussion. I am bloody pissed off after so long and some people can't seem to focus.

  24. perein, your comments are taken on board.

    Shyam where have you been? I assume you didn't play the role of Kuttu. He is the bloodiest fool I have seen here; doing this childish - he he heee.

    When you did it in the past, you just did it once - hee. Not that many times.

    So, you are much more mature than Kuttu

  25. yes it is impossible to patrol all the time and even with patrols terrorists can easily target soft targets.

    the only workable strategy is tactical deterrence.


    On the basis of the above analysis one may outline a strategy for deterring terrorist organizations based on four main pillars: ( 1) direct military deterrence towards the terrorist leadership; (2) threatening the institutionalized assets of the “host” country; (3) pressuring the host population; (4) covert “human influence”operations (psyops); and (5) pressuring the terrorist organization’s patron entities.
    Direct deterrence. The first pillar — direct military intervention and disruption — has been the core of Israel’s de facto deterrence of Hezbollah and Palestinian organizations. Israeli disruptive actions against the Palestinian organizations — particularly targeted killings of top-level activists — have had a temporary deterrent effect. The most salient example has been the series of targeted killings that Israel implemented in 2003. During that period, every activist at any level had to take into account that his movements might result in his death. This eventually brought the leadership to a de facto moratorium on suicide attacks. This period also gave birth to the discussion of a cease-fire. Paradoxically, while the assassination of key leaders has raised the price for surviving leaders, it has frequently disrupted their chains of command and complicated the implementation of decisions.
    The more a terrorist organization takes on the attributes of a state, the more susceptible it becomes to deterrence."

    all five of the above modes are appilcable in the case of the LTTE. in short this is known as "retaliation" or tit-for-tat action.

    SL used this at various stages. it should be used on carefully selected LTTE targets that may be difficult to be targeted other than in a "retaliatory" attack.

  26. ["Public transport attacked in Buttala-Kataragama road"


    Judging by this feedback, it seems we are indeed getting closer to totally wipe out the LTTE pigs!
    Consistency in our policy is bringing slow but steady results.

    Well done GOSL and full credit to our troops.

  27. My first astronomy lesson for teenage Tigers

    The booklets found in the possession of dead teenage girls of the Tigers, show a heart-breaking tendency: they all wanted to study and make a contribution in their own way to their families. That humble dream had been cut short by the combination of forced conscriptions and economic hardships.

    When they are dumped in bunkers, the only thing they can do is to look at the stars , planets and galaxies while taking the advantage of the perfect darkness.

    I wish I could be the village school master employed by the Tigers: I imagine myself pacing up and down with a stick in my right hand, while combing my moustache with the left hand in a commanding way, while making use of the opportunity to teach what is only possible in the circumstances.

    The Solar system consists of the star - the Sun - and nine planets, I would say at the beginning. The planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Plato.

    I am sure these teenagers would tell me they can't remember them in order. I have the answer. I would come up with an acronym, using their first letters to address the issue head on:

    My Very Eager Megalomaniac Just Served Us Nine Pressure-mines.

    I am absolutely sure these teenage girls will never forget the solar system, thanks to this acronym.

    Once they learnt the Solar system, I would ask them questions:

    If your leader, Mr Prabhakaran, looked at these plantes through his binoculars, what message would he see written on the plantet that is between Saturn and Neptune?

    I am sure these innocenet girls would tell me it is Uranus. I would bark at them for mispronouncing the message.

    For prabha, it would read as U. R. Anus

    I am sure these girls will have the first laugh since they were taken away from the loved ones!

  28. Bullet Proof Car To Lokkas +

    Canada - 31 ministers for 370 million people

    India - 20 ministers for 1000 million people

    Russia - 25 ministers for 150 million people

    Malaysia - 23 ministers for 25 million people
    Bangladesh - 22 ministers for 150 million people

    America - 15 ministers for 274 million people

    Pakistan - 13 ministers for 130 million people

    Sri Lanka - 108 ministers for 19 million people

    Monthly salary of a cabinet minister ? Rs. 65,000
    Monthly salary of a non cabinet minister ? Rs.63,500

    The incentive for participating for a parliamentary session ? Rs.500

    The incentive for participating for a select committee? Rs.200

    Monthly fuel incentive for a cabinet and a non cabinet minister ? Rs. 75,000

    Monthly fuel incentive deputy minister - Rs.50,000

    Monthly incentive for the personal telephone ? Rs.20,000

    Monthly mobile incentive ? Rs. 10,000

    The facility is provided to take an unlimited amount of IDD and local calls from the official telephone for a month.

    Every minister has a right to employ 4 secretaries as media, personal,

    coordinating, and public relations. Vehicles, fuel incentives, telephone

    incentives and limited entertainment incentives are provided for all ofthem from the ministry.

    For the 18 cabinet and non cabinet ministers, the monthly expense for fuel

    From the government is Rs:1,350,000. Also for the 10 new deputy ministers, Rs:500,000 should be separated. The total monthly fuel expense for them is

    Oh.... what a blessed Nation.....

  29. Shyam said...
    Many Buddhist people still worship hindu Lords ok...]

    Yes yes why not! Karuna Amman is one example.

    You and CW are trying to divert the topic of LTTE terrorists attacking innocent civilians to something else.

    Are you a member of the Tamilnut's etymology team?

  30. Crimewatch,

    Please give us just one year. We will start to develop our country from North to South.

    I can understand how your feelings change day by day when Army close to Mulaithive.. :p

  31. kongu. said...

    You and CW are trying to divert the topic of LTTE terrorists attacking innocent civilians to something else.

    It doesn't a big matter to discuss coz its nothing new...when the tamils get kill you guys shut ur mouth and ass together ... and says the LTTE killed them ...

    3 sinhala businessman shot killed by the Pillayan's team yesterday at Kalmunai ...

    Who pays the Pillayan - Mahinda
    Who orders pillyan - Mahinda
    who is in charge for everything done by Pillaya - Mahinda

    so so so shut ....

  32. "The innocent mother, Mrs HERATH MUDIYANSELAGE KARUNAWATHIE and her son, MADHUSANKA (12) of PUWAKGODA, DAMBAGALLA died of terrorist gunshot injuries. One more dead woman was yet to be identified. Those remains are lying at the KATARAGAMA district hospital. Nineteen seriously wounded have been admitted to HAMBANTOTA base hospital where some of them were undergoing surgery and treatment."

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. SLDF will have a tough time catching these ltte elites cos they are far superior in their withdrawing abilities. No human can run through jungles and evade a fight like the bata slipper gang

  35. Ranil

    Ah ranil you are kind hearted man i think .. do u know 2 civilians were bunt and another one's face was burnt and thrown in the road @ Vavuniya .. so where have your kind heart gone....

  36. shyam
    sources mate?

    and killing civilians is wrong no matter who does it...
    You guys starts makkal padai or whatever and get civilians to carry arms and fight, you should know the results of such actions...

    And on targeting civilians, your goons are the ones who deliberately targets civilians in broad daylight...from the inception of your terrorist outfit... and quite a few of them are tamils who opposed you great sun goats view

    SLDF is doing a great job annihilating terrorist bastards from this country... high time they go after terrorist cheerleaders and supporters too

  37. All the LTTE Terrorist Stooges,

    This must be a very satisfying experience for your blood thirst. Also, this must be a great act of heroism in your standards. Without trying to divert, can you please tell us little more about how you value this heroic act of claymore attack followed by gunfire on innocent civilians? I beg you to reveal the inner logic of your sub-human LTTE racist terrorist brains.

  38. CriMeWatch said,

    bullet proof cars for lokkas

    I think there was a bullet-proof car for your lokka too in the last shipment of arms that was sent to seabed by the Navy.

    I don't understand the inequality you justify here by saying it is good for North Lokka and bad for South Lokka.

    An explanation is welcome!

  39. The inhuman blood thirst of LTTE Terrorists is unparalelled. It cannot be compared to any action on the part of SLDF.

    There might be unintentional civilian casualties due to SLDF missions. But never intentional butchering of innocents. The LTTE Terrorists have no limits. There is ample example of barbaric slaughter by LTTE cadre of even infants.

    If a few dark horses of sri lankan armed forces did kill tamils on a handful of occassions we condemn that outright. And we don't raise the red penant screaming "revenge" and look at killing innocent tamils even if there is a killing of civilians by LTTE Terrorists. But of course don't blame us for intensifying the chase on the cowardly LTTE terrorists following such incidents.

    What is this "shut shut"? You Terrorist cannibals thought you were all powerful and created an image of invincibiliy after you scoundrels flouted the CFA but it has all gone up in to thin air. Yes we are shutting. Shutting the daylights out of dozens of LTTE Terror zombies.

    Soon you will have to shut your nether mouth too.

  40. Blogger Ranil said...

    sources mate?

    here they are ...

    another tamil shot killed in Modara today]

    more than 20 tamils have been missing or killed in last 7days

    everything is done by the Gov of srilanka .... Only the SL forces is able to abduct people and bring through the check points ...

  41. Yes terrorists are people too. They exempted themselves of being qualified for human beings when they became terrorists. Don't blame whit vans for it.

  42. well said Thambala

    guys please take serious note of what Thambala says "You bloody idiots. Why do you always eat the bait that these LTTE farts dangle?

    They are diverting the discussion"

    this is wat they are doing talking about Temples and Ministers.

  43. Qrious & MR # Baiya

    I am not a LTTE super or either MR Fan. I told you all once. I am talking about the reality. Kaputawa kochchara heduwath Suduwennene. Oyalata kochchara therung karala dunnathe modakama iwatha yanneth ne. so you better watch Watch and watch. as i told you this war is not gonna end for ever.
    truth hurts. puluwang nam chinthana aiyage P*iya kate thiyagena Urapang. thwath sepai eth k*ri peni rasata thiyei.

    Modakamata beheth netho.

    Don't think you and your ideas are rite always. if you are rite or genius you will hold a digreee PHd, MA, BA etc and you will be studying at Oxford for your higher studies/ or done already.

    Hariyata OL D pahak ganna wathkamath neti huththala kiyanna enawa. loketa parakase gedarata maragethe. kanna wathkamak ne MR ta Puka denawa.

    B# thambi remember? annanukku udukkadikkudam, thambikku drum set wenumam.


    Thanakke umbudam Mattukku Paruththikottayam.

    not one year dude you can extend for life.

  44. SLDF will have a tough time catching these ltte elites cos they are far superior in their withdrawing abilities. No human can run through jungles and evade a fight like the bata slipper gang

  45. ranil
    ‘SLDF will have a tough time catching these ltte elites because they are far superior in their withdrawing abilities. No human can run through jungles and evade a fight like the bata slipper gang’
    We knowing this area well, visited year after year, it is possible for only 2 or 3 rebels involved, perhaps with the help of the Sinhala tigers and ganja dealers, specially operating from Tisa as guides on jeeps that may have connections with these rebels would have escaped swiftly on 2 or 3 motor bikes into the thick jungles. Though there is a elephant infested jungles the interior could be easily accessed by motor bike or by a 4 wheel. some of these tracks are made by these 4wheel drives and elephants that come out of the jungles and wait at the electric fence to be fed by the passers by. Most of the locals here are very poor Sinhalese farmers, but we expect a influx of Tamil pilgrims that usually come to the Katharagama festival that is due soon. Authorities should be vigilant for suicide bombers mingling with the pilgrims. I think in year 2006 there was a such a person in the perahara crowd as the perhara was approaching nearly 100 Tamil spectators seated on the ground moved out very rapidly without watching the perahara and the barefooted cops asked us why. I suspected that there was a bomber close by and got my friends and family out across a small bridge and I continued filming everything around me, just in case. Due to a very happy, beautiful like carnival like atmosphere, the bomber must have had second thoughts, melted his heart to a such an extent he gave himself up to the police next day. I have mentioned this incident many times and I hope the police make note of it. Also the tour guides operating off Tisa wewea took us and my foreign guests to yala park, where we saw evidence of infiltration of army like foot prints and boats being dragged inshore off the sea. These guides went mad when we walked regardless towards this area and threatened to abandoned us there. Then they took us along the jungle path through an elephant track, a track that started in a place near an open prison or some prison complex in the thick jungle area north of Katharagama. We went almost 7 miles into the jungles and passed through a small ganja plantation, perhaps there were huts in the interior. They seems to know the area, but the kingpin of this gang operates from his house where he had a couple of Land rovers parked in his premises about 1 mile away from the Tisa weva safari pick up point, were the normal land rovers are parked. His catcher works alone in front of a small tea shop by the side of the lake and in front of the rover stand. I hope the authorities will make a note of this. We will there soon and we will personally meet the authorities there and I have much of my video materials kept either in Malaysia or Singapore and make an effort to go the first before coming to Sl.Ther’s definitely a local connection with the tigers. Tigers are there in numbers off Lahugala all the way to Katharagama and they seems to send people to buy food stuff from shops in Siambanduwa etc.when shops are over thriving in a area that hardly justify a supporting local population then the authorities must find out why? Mus go sorry for any mistakes,v. busy day for me.

  46. Crimewatch,

    Whats your retired Uncle doing these days?? Still advising you?? Don't let him to cheat you. He is trying to Fcuk your mum by telling political "Rasa Kathaa".

    Umbatath kawadha hari wenne Retired Uncle_ge pukata diva daanna... LOL

    Pukath deela kelath denna wei.. balan hitapan.. :p

  47. Sinhalaya modayo kewung kanna yodayo kiyana wachanaya demalu kiyapu deyak nemei, eka demalinuth ne. umbalge Widwathun/Nuwanakkara eththola hadagaththu dewal.

    don't blame tamils. oh ye!

    SLDF wedithiyanakota bullet/keri pitawenne LTTE withrak Soyagena wenna ethi. SLAF Bomba danakota Koti bunker/atip points/ FLD's/ Gathering points/ LTTE camps/ walata witharak wetenawa ethi. nikang lenak wage rite?

    LTTE area eke civiliand merenakota DPU ekak army eke ne, hebei Charls merenekota DPU thiyenawa. ammata hudu. thiyenawa nethiwenawa nikang megic wage. widak kemathi widak akamethi.

    Abduction - nirwachanaya kaloth -
    dekkoth buwa nodhekkoth ebuwa - its the GOVT and P*nna Fonseka's policy

  48. Shyam,

    "It doesn't a big matter to discuss coz its nothing new..."

    It may not be a big matter to you because you endorse these killings.

    Come up with some proof of killing civilians by GOSL. Do not quote tamilwin, puthiam, tamilnut and other sites supporting tamil terrorism.

    Let me remind you that we all are in this armed conflict because of bunch of racists like you took arms and resorted to terror.

    Why terror ? Because Tamil leaders could not get enough seats in the parliament. Your leaders asked for 50 - 50 when there were less than 20% Tamils in the whole country.

    You are just a puppet manipulated by Pirapakaran.

    Now you shut!

  49. # malli

    tho hithuwada thowage ponnayek kiyala?. ape uncle thamai thoge ammata puke eriye ei mathaka nedda tho lampu allapu heti. kata wahagena hitu, neththam thota puke erala keri kate gananawa balaganing.

    kata deela puka narakk karaganne nethuwa. hitapang. paraya.

  50. Well said vrime watch ..

    IF every decision of these guys are correct then they have already won the war ..there won't be any black marks in their war history . missions like Jeyasikkuru .etc etc..and the recent comando landing in Mannar

  51. Crime,

    Thoge amma wesakame gihin umbawa wadhwata Api monawa karannada malli???

    Umba umbe uncle ekka ekathu wela thoge ammage kimba dekata palala Yapanen kochchi miris gennalla kimba athulata obala diva daapan???

    Umba wagema thawath kochciyek ipadei.

    Ponna wesawa..

  52. demala minissuwa kolamba + rata wadema maranawa. ewa penne ne me ponnayontai defence puke engili gahagena inna parayontai. ape sinhala minissu merunama site eke ali pukeng danawa. even on dailymirror they don't report/DN ta ewata wela ne.

    MR lickers witharai molakarayo. anith okkoma 49.7% who voted agains are ponnayo. ane hithagena ethi CHINTHANA paiiye peni berenawa kiyala.

    OHOMA yang.


    aiyaiyo White van eno... Mama Nano..

  53. thambala,
    You bloody idiots. Why do you always eat the bait that these LTTE farts dangle?

    They are diverting the discussion. I am bloody pissed off after so long and some people can't seem to focus.

    Agreed 100%
    Hands up...
    Just ate the bait....
    Couldnt resist the temptation to go Headon to Shyam after the BRAVE ltte ELITE Attack....

  54. #

    PALA keriya yanna. thowage ponna wegayek nemei mang.

    Ammata udu Blog eke okkoma umbata polimak danawa. herila balapang.

    Didenakota ohomathamai. ei tho demalek nemeine.

    nondi wenne nethuwa palayang. balla booruwa "SAMANALAYA"

  55. SU

    funny attacks going on.

    I Stopped.

    for another counter attack

  56. Is this a Defence or a XXX Forum?
    Is this the Normal way you speak?

  57. Shyam

    I am not supporting LTTE Like you. but don't give up - I will be there for TAMILS/Poors

  58. SU

    Got the point.

    that's the way LTTE has Born. Ninang hitapu ekawa usi hennuwoth elawa elawa gahanawa.

    "NAI" ewagemai.


  59. No foreign army for SAARC security – Govt.

    Leader of the House, Nimal Siripala De Silva, told Parliament today (July 11th) that no foreign troops would be brought down to Sri Lanka for the security of foreign delegates attending the SAARC summit in Colombo next month.

    He said that media reports that claimed the arrival of a team of soldiers from India was false, and a propaganda attack by the JVP.

    The minister was responding to JVP MP Bimal Ratnayake, who wanted to know the truth of media reports that alleged the presence of a 1,500-member strong Indian military contingent since July 09th.

    indian PM not coming ?

    some sinhalas got excited that the indian army are coming. now sinhalas government says no indians


    indians playing games with lanka


  60. Watch malli,

    Oyage pakse hamadama paradunata sinhalayanta waira karanna epa! Demalunge ange ellunata oya pakse dinanneth ne!

  61. su said...
    Is this a Defence or a XXX Forum?
    Is this the Normal way you speak?



    this is not a forum

    this is a blog


    this has turned into a freak show blog because of bad language, blood drinking worms like asirthi

  62. bungu said...
    Watch malli,

    Oyage pakse hamadama paradunata sinhalayanta waira karanna epa! Demalunge ange ellunata oya pakse dinanneth ne!

    July 11, 2008 7:13 PM

    writing in sinhalas so people like me can't undestand


    i don't write tamil here

    lets all post in english

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. kuttu,

    That was meant for someone else.

    Do you understand English ? Your past posts suggest otherwise.

  65. BONGU Aiyandi.

    Mama RW ta denne ne. MAMA CBK'ta Kathire gehuwa ekith pissu keliya. MR uth kelei ediriye.. oyath balana inna honde.

    Ahuwenna epa. Mama Sinhala Minissunta Adarei. Bohoth Bohoth sukriya.

    Mama kiyanne kata katath adare da neddha kiyana eka nemei. me lankawe nawa pipideemak one rata jathiya hadanna. me athmarthakami parlimenthu yana heththata ta kawadawath be. Nawa parapurak negeee sitinna one. DONT BELIVE IN THESE ADARA SCENE. SUNDARA waradaki.

  66. Watch malli,

    Mama kohomath dannawa oya RW ge golayek nemei kiyala. Mama kiyapu de hari neda oyage pakse gena? Oyage pakse nayakayanta kisima darshanayak ne. Adu gane thamange bada genawath.

  67. Kuttu

    So sry. english cant work to explain things. sinhala is da only language, as far as i know, can brief thing in Filth. in english there is only the word FCUK to explain many expressions.

    Oh ye. Sinhala language is in the first place For FILTH briefing, there are many words/ways can express our self. got it mate. even in tamil less filth.

    i cant tell in my own language to tell you sry.

    Sinhalen Wachana Mawala denna puluwang.

  68. bungu

    Do you understand English ? Your past posts suggest otherwise.

    July 11, 2008 7:22 PM


    very funny...

    your picture shows who you really are

    very smart...hehe

  69. Guys,

    The Nelson Touch in warfare

    If you happen to be in Europe on New Year's eve, there is an interesting place to visit. It is Trafalgar Square in the heart of City of London.

    On this occassion, you can kiss any woman of your choice and get away with it, be it a teenager, married woman, a prostitute or even a lesbian, without offending a soul. Afterwards, you can join an army of jolly folks who share the penchant for fun, while drinking whole night until the new year dawns.

    Watching this drama on a tall column is a relatively diminutive figure with one hand and one eye. He is Lord Nelson, the renowned military genious.

    Horatio Nelson was born in an English village, Burnham Thorpe in the county, Norfolk. Since I adore this man, I visited his birthplace about 8 years ago and then felt very emotional at the place, I must admit. He was born into a very large family in which the father was a priest. He didn't show any obvious skill to be in the military as he was a very weak and fragile soul. His relatively small physique did not support for such and adventure either.

    However, Lord Nelson, time and again, recalled a certain incidence that changed his life for ever: his presence of mind, according to him, awakened a very strong drive within him - "I have a duty to serve my country."

    That is what exactly he did. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 12, at a very low rank. Then his rise in rank was almost meteoric.

    He rarely lost a battle; and his fame spread far and wide across the globe as a serious force to reckon with. He lost an eye in the battle and then an arm too. However, being handicapped on two fronts, did not stop him from fighting for the country and winning all of them, because it is solely driven by his vision, not his ambtion - serving his country of birth.

    Since he was a self-made Admiral and his gift lay in his instincts or presence of mind, not the military trianing. He often disobeyed his superiors, often making excuses that did sound far-fetched, as keeping the binoculars on his blind eye that stopped him seeing the order. However, the Royal Navy did not fire him as he was indispensable.

    His real brilliance shone in the battelfield in Trafalgar, that happened to be his last too, when the Roayl Navy had been outnumbered by the French in a very big way. Defying the conventional wisdom, he took his flagship - HMS Victory - into the line of fire and started directing fire at the French fleet. A French sailor, on recognizing Lord Nelson, by the way he held his telescope in his hand, fired at him, that fatally wounded him. Even in his dying moments, it was reported, the great sailor murmered - "I did my duty for my country." Nelson died inside HMS Victory and became a legend in warfare and the Battle of Traffalgar created history. Against all odds, England won the battle and Napoleon lost it spectacularly. The phrase 'Nelson Touch' became synonymous with military ingenuity.

    If you happen to be in England and are a military enthusiast like Qrious, the great ship HMS Victory that Lord Nelson commanded is at present anchored in the English port city of Southampton.

    About five years ago, I visited the ship and the place where Lord Nelson died inside the ship too. The vessel is about 300 years old and its structure was amazing: the captiain' cabin and its field of view are fantastic; the rows of cannons on either side, rum barrels and the rest of it make it a memorable journey, folks.

    As the saying goes that every successful man has a woman behind him, Lord Nelson proved not to be an exception. He had a woman behind him and it was not his wife. It was his mistress - Lady Emma Hamilton - the wife of an aristrocrat who fell under Nelson's spell. A sex bomb, by nature, this menacingly beautiful woman did distract the great Admiral, but that did not get in the way in his military achievements.

    Are there any contemporaries who showed Nelson Touch? Yes, quite a few, folks.

    Norman Schwarzkporf, the American General, who was the head of the allied forces in the First Gulf War, showed Nelson Touch at a time when everyone thought the war was going to be a stalemate. He came up with a plan that mesmerized Sadaam's forces and the battle was won.

    Our own Colonal Prasanna Silva - now Brigadier - showed Nelson Touch during the battle of Vakarai. The amphibious attack that he launched, just made Tigers run helter skelter in confusion.

    The recent attack launched by the soldiers led by Briadier Shavindra Silva is, I am sure, also a product of Nelson Touch.

    A very few of our enemies has shown Nelson Touch too. They are no longer alive and the glorification is not worth it.

    However, Velupiilai is not one of those; because he is a coward and never has been on a battelfront. Nelson Touch is for commanders in the battlefront and not behind it.

    We are lucky the outfit has no more commanders left who are prepared to lead from the front. But we have.

    Their single-mindness for victory without keeping an eye on medals, make them qualify for magical Nelson Touch. Let's bless them, folks!

  70. Bungu,

    I don't care about me, i don't sound for me either. i voice for poor people and middle class people. not for those who live in rosmid place or in ward place.

    THIS GOVT could not give a solution for poor KIDS Education as well as for Grade one addmission. legjja nethuwa adikaranayata yanawa adahas wimasanna. padayak eriyoth adhikaranayata kiyanawa.

    Manthila path kale owatada?
    Suludeyak karanna sarath N silva one nam. okkoma ekathuwela eyawa Janathipathi karamu. samanna deneema nethi udawiya list ekeng path wenawa ne. owata kawda waga kiyanne?

    Oyage lamayawa iskole danna ekalenam genta wage danna ethi , deng kale eta-deka ugas thibbath danna be. Oyage lamayawa langa thiyena game pasal yawanawada?

  71. Nishantha and three others indicted

    Indictment served on Air Force officer Nishantha Gajanayake and three others on the charges of abducting a Tamil businessman and taking Rs.6 million ransom. They were granted bail and ordered not to leave the country.

    Anduwa Mukku gahanne owata thamai.

  72. Kalmunai Police Inspector shoots himself dead

    The Headquarters Inspector of Police in Kalmunai, .C.Wijetilake, committed suicide by shooting himself in his quarters in Kalmunai Friday morning around 5:45, according to Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) for Ampaa'rai region,.A.Rajapakse.

    Api okkoma raja horu okkoma wesiyo..

    Inspector OF police even cant face the world. so what?

  73. ["we will soon be able to hold the National Sports Festival in Kilinochchi" - President
    President Mahinda Rajapaksa assured that the country will soon be able to stage the National Sports Festival in Kilinochchi when the region is liberated from the clutches of terrorism.

    President made these remarks when he addressed the gathering after declaring open the 34th National Sports Festival at D.A. Rajapaksa Stadium in Beliatta.


    Great to hear this from the president himself.

    This should be the goal of all political parties.

    I HAVE NO DOUBT...that the president would think like me and walk the extra mile... and relocate the SL Army HQ to Kiliinochi... and watch the fascinating mass suicide drama of LTTE coolies in the West!

    Hey Bruce... squeeze out the maximum from the LTTE collies....BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

    Smart ass!

  74. CriMeWatCh

    Nishantha and three others indicted

    Indictment served on Air Force officer Nishantha Gajanayake and three others on the charges of abducting a Tamil businessman and taking Rs.6 million ransom. They were granted bail and ordered not to leave the country.

    Anduwa Mukku gahanne owata thamai.

    July 11, 2008 7:45 PM


    No law in Sri lanka

    these people will be free some how

  75. we will soon be able to hold the National Sports Festival in Kilinochchi" - President

    even the president is a joker

    more juice...hehe..

  76. Nenappu tha polappa keduththichcham.

  77. Kuttu-the-W*****,

    Grow up man, grow up!! Grow up for f***'s sake.

    If you think you are a grown-up, you have a mental age of five.

    If you think that is not the case and you are a teenager, you must be looking at your erected penis, as the first thing you do in the morning, to draw some inspiration of strength.

    You are mistaken, mate; you are mistaken.

    Your morning erection is not fuelled by testestorone, but by urine.

    So, don't congratulate yourself on that, too much.

    You are such a w***** who are such a pain in the a*** let alone a mental retard.

    I am still sticking to my earlier therory: your mum fancied a monkey while mating.

    Prove us if it is not the case.

  78. Q

    oh yea, you think u are a GENIOUS.

    Carry on man, time will prove. U and Me are just a dust.

  79. ok man.

    Let me go home peace fully. End of the days counter attack.
    white VAN waiting for me.

    Budu ammo...

  80. Gringo said...

    ["we will soon be able to hold the National Sports Festival in Kilinochchi" - President

    Have your president forgot what happened to the person who told the same story and what happened to him
    I mean Late minister Mr. Jeyaraj fernandopulle he told the same story and finally went to say start signal for the Marathon Race but some one said 1..2.....3 and BOOM

    Ane pala huthala yanda ...

  81. CriMeWatch,


    oh yea, you think u are a GENIOUS.

    Carry on man, time will prove. U and Me are just a dust.

    How do you know what I think, when I just awakened your comrade-in-stupidity -, kuttu?

    Are you telepathic?

    If an idiot keeps making remarks like he he heee, does that show his maturity to be in a forum like this?

    I know you are hurt. But you bark up the wrong tree. Correct that idiot. He needs serious help.

    Of course, we have fun; we are sarcastic towards our enemy. We never claim we are saints. Nor do we tolerate Tamil-bashing just for the sake of it.

    If you come here - a patriotic site - you got to expect that.

    Why the hell you come here, if you don't like us?

    You lot may think you are clever enough to convert us to your cause. That may be one reason for your gate-crashing here. The other may be just to provoke the folks here. I am more inclined to accept the latter. So, you get the response in kind.

    Call it ingenuity or whatever you like. The ferocity of counter attack in the event of provocation is as certain as night follows day.

    You can go to dust, because Tigers bury the bodies, turning their back on Hindu traditions. I am not going to go to dust; I would rather go up in smoke!

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. From

    7/11/2008 8:52:23 PM Two LTTE strongholds fall to troops - Vavuniya front

    [ Security forces personnel engaged in counter terrorist offensives made another major breakthrough capturing two more LTTE strongholds in Vavuniya front this afternoon, July 11.

    Despite the heavy resistance, the troops in 57 division approached towards LTTE territory and captured the Naddankandal area while the troops in Task Force 2 captured Navvi area in the same front, defence sources said.

    Fierce gun battle between LTTE terrorists and security forces were took place during past few days in these areas and the troops were fighting through the resistance to capture these LTTE strongholds, sources added.

    The offensive operations to liberate Wanni continues. ]

  84. India asks LTTE intelligent wing commander Pottu amman for Rajiv's murder ..if the LTTE handover him then they are ready to support LTTE .....

  85. "At least four people have been killed and 25 others wounded when gunmen ambushed a crowded passenger bus in Sri Lanka, the army has said."
    BBC News.

    "Unidentified gunmen Friday morning attacked a passenger bus, killing two females and a 12-year-old child in Buttala, Police said."

    none of these state that this attack was done by the LTTE. even the defence ministry has said that this is an LTTE action.
    according to the bbc says it was the SLA who said that these were gunmen. but the tamilnet states that the it was the police who said that it was gunmen. BUT IN BOTH OF THESE ARTICLES, IN THE BOTTOM LINE THEY SAY THAT THE DEFENCE MINISTRY IN COLOMBO BLAMES THE LTTE.
    This clearly shows the similarities between the BBC and the Tamilnet.

  86. no india in SAARC meeting


  87. we need to ask following questions on the economic front:
    1)Are there any focus on what we plan do when the war ends?

    2)Since many will be left without a source of income and a large number of soldiers will have to be provided alternative occupations.

    3)The disabled need to be taken care of, and helped to enter into mainstream life as far as possible.

    [ Attracting expatriates to invest in Sri Lanka

    "In a climate such as this, expatriates are attracted to the returns offered by investment houses in Sri Lanka ranging from 15-20% on deposits. However, the government has made it extremely difficult for expatriates to invest in Sri Lanka due to the lack of clear cut policies and information that provides a level of comfort for those living abroad."


    by Anjalika Silva

    (July 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) With the world economy in turmoil, Sri Lanka is suffering the ripple effect of the oil price hikes that affect every aspect of life. On the one hand, the economy is drained by war. The lack of funds for infrastructure investment is also an outcome of corruption that continues unabated. The government appears to be focused on ending the war but is there any focus on what we plan do when the war ends? Rhetoric is one thing but at the end of the war, many will be left without a source of income and a large number of soldiers will have to be provided alternative occupations. The disabled need to be taken care of, and helped to enter into mainstream life as far as possible.

    All of the above require funds and we are not generating the kind of revenue needed. The government has failed to tap a large resource base - retiring expatriates who although enticed by high interest on investments in Sri Lanka , fight shy of the draconian conditions laid out for expatriates who wish to invest in Sri Lanka.

    We all live in hope of the promise that the war will end soon and that prosperity will return to the country. However, it is not adequate to live on hope and words. The government must have a vision for what they plan to do for the country. If the war ends, what happens next? How are the soldiers to be employed? What are the development projects in the pipeline? All the plans have to run concurrently. If we are so positive about winning the war, we must be positive about what we do when we win the war and have our wish list lined up. Of course, developing the country, generating income and preventing crime and corruption should be a priority on the agenda.

    We would like to see the pre 1983 growth and development that was so abruptly taken away from us. The pivotal years around 1983 that drove many disappointed people away from the country should now be turned around for developing the country. Rather than donate to the LTTE, the large expatriate population should be made to contribute to development. The professionals, who benefited from the free education system claimed discrimination, making that the excuse to donate for destruction. They should be the first to participate in the redevelopment of the country. Apart from this group, there are others who can be encouraged to invest in the country.

    It is surprising that we don’t have any plan in place to tap into that great resource base - retiring expatriates. We are now approaching the third or fourth generation of immigrants who have established themselves in developed countries. The baby boomer generation is now approaching retirement if not already retired. In relation to career and earning potential in this age range among expatriates, planning for retirement and the desire to return to their homeland plays a major role. The decision depends on the attitude of the government.

    Authorities in Sri Lanka may or may not be aware that today, in the United States of America, the return on investment for individuals range between 3% to 5% in secured low risk investments. This income is taxable and leaves an even lower return. The real estate market is in a slump. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that every 3 months, 250,000 families enter into foreclosures due to their inability to meet monthly mortgage payments. It reports that more that 6 in 10 home owners are delinquent in their mortgage payments. Not only Sri Lankans, even foreigners will be interested in the high rate of return on investment in Sri Lanka if there is some flexibility offered for the benefit of the investor. Even considering inflation, if the tax is lowered to a reasonable rate, investors will come out on top. Costa Rica is advertising to attract US investors looking at more lucrative returns to invest in property in that country.

    In a climate such as this, expatriates are attracted to the returns offered by investment houses in Sri Lanka ranging from 15-20% on deposits. However, the government has made it extremely difficult for expatriates to invest in Sri Lanka due to the lack of clear cut policies and information that provides a level of comfort for those living abroad.

    The fear that expatriates are subject to higher taxes and the requirement of a national identity card from those who left the shores as long ago as 25 years are all deterrents. Fear of being penalized for not having an NIC even though such NICs are so outdated that the individual cannot be recognized, keeps many away from investing. There is also the fear of having to pay an exorbitant fee for dual citizenship in order to have investments in Sri Lanka. These fears will naturally prevent a huge amount of resources from being channeled back to the country.

    If an expatriate is willing to invest US$100,000 in a fixed deposit that pays a modest 15% return at the conversion rate of Rs.107.5 per US$, the monthly income an individual can obtain is approximately Rs. 134,000. This is revenue that remains in Sri Lanka and it is highly likely that expatriates visiting the country will spend these funds in the country while the government has the benefit of the US$ remittance for investment. Even small amounts should be encouraged. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Small time investors in large numbers may be more valuable than a few big time investors. Educating even the smallest investor is a key factor.

    Even if they don’t return to live in Sri Lanka, expatriates can be enticed into investing while living overseas if the "Fear Factor" is removed. As things are today, those of us who have toiled hard for decades working in stressful jobs that demand a high standard of service in developed countries would not like to be treated as discards or be dictated to in government only projects when we have the potential to help the country in many ways. The question is does the government want us? The only time expats are thought of is when they need funds for disasters and for donations to projects that are of no benefit to the donor. Investment opportunities with private regulated institutions in Sri Lanka if liberalized will benefit not only the government but also individuals. A lot is said about the domestic and other skilled workers who bring revenue to the country but, they all get roughshod treatment from the minute they land on Sri Lankan soil.

    The anti expatriate sentiment has to change and greater flexibility provided for naturalized citizens of other countries who are of Sri Lankan descent. Even discounting for inflation, there are people willing to invest if the tax structure is not so unreasonable. Some taxation is understandable but a "punish the foreigners" attitude is not going to win.

    If the government is really interested, they need to survey the opinion of expatriates through the foreign missions overseas and come up with a plan that is of advantage to the investors as well as the country. Of course, the investors need to have full control of their choice of investment. No individual will be willing to invest in government projects and wait endlessly for a return. Nor is the exorbitant one time US$2000 fee for dual citizenship the answer. Many keep away from dual citizenship and resent giving handouts to the government knowing that it does not go toward any visible development for the country. ]


  88. from what i hear there is increase 'chatter' in Paris, London about major developments coming in lanka

    lets hope the forces & the government are ready to counter

  89. 'major developments coming in lanka'

    another new minister
    food prices up again
    fuel prices up again


  90. 'we need to ask following questions on the economic front'

    no need to ask questions

    sinhalas country is destroyed

    sinhalas leaders stole the wealth of sinhalas, tamils etc.

  91. Virus alert

    This clearly shows the similarities between the BBC and the Tamilnet.

    July 11, 2008 10:09 PM


    yes..they report the truth

    you have a virus in your brain so you can't think...hehe

  92. Qrious is one big looser


  93. Shyam said...
    India asks LTTE intelligent wing commander Pottu amman for Rajiv's murder ..if the LTTE handover him then they are ready to support LTTE .....

    July 11, 2008 9:49 PM


    interesting news

    sinhalas better hide under the bed if indians come...hehe

  94. True_Lankan said...

    7/11/2008 8:52:23 PM Two LTTE strongholds fall to troops - Vavuniya front


    hehe..all tiger strongholds have fallen.....hehe

    True_Lankan or are you BS_Lankan ??

    keep drinking juice

    10000000 air strikes

    1000000000000000000 tigers dead

    500 tigers left


    get your brain repaired...hehe

    when tigers launch attacks/operations....dead tigers are coming back from the grave....hehe

  95. Kuttu kutti,........whats that in the picture?
    mattu vandiyaaaa?

  96. According to official report MR has gone to Kerala again to worship at that temple.

    PM M Singh has mentioned he may not come, but regardless the 3000 Indian troops will be coming. Now MR's loincloth is missing and has visited the Kerala temple for one last prayer, fearing all hell is breaking loose in the south once the Indian troops arrive.

  97. JVP has been covertly rearming itself a little earlier than when Wimal Weerawansa left the party.

    JVP's super secret military wing is headed half sinhala-demala.

    JVP has also received logistics and weapons from LTTE. LTTE has helped set up trainning facilities and provided upto date weapons (short of mortar, artillery)

  98. JVP and LTTE are worried Indian Army will be able to detect this secret plan once they are here. MR has brought Indian troops fearing, JVP backed army division might stage a coup d'etat.

  99. LTTE made a three decades of genocide by killing thousands of innocent Sinhala, Tamil,and Muslim civilians in a false pre-text of 'liberation struggle'.

    LTTE's main backbone of these atrocities committed in Sri Lanka is the fund collections made by LTTE in foreign soil.

    Countries such as the Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Australia gives a blind-eye to LTTE's fund-raising in various disguise in their countries. This highly Laissez-faire style of these countries make it possible for LTTE to raise nearly $ 1 Billion world-wide every year.

    If there is genuine and active contribution from these countries to curb LTTE fund-raising in their soils, it would be possible to stop civilian massacres created by LTTE.

    Therefore, all the patriots who embrace humanity and LTTE led brutality in Sri Lanka should take this matter strongly to the respective countries they live.

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. noltte=peace,

    yes we should bribe these white foreign officials to do what we want. Thats the fastest route to get things done, maybe even organize "sinhala girls" talent show in western capitals, (in places near red light district).

    We should also organize neighbourhood watch in western capitals and organize spy organization to spy on activities of ALL tamils. We should act friendly with the demala there but feed info to police as to all the bad stuff they are doing, like gangs, rap music, sending money to LTTE etc etc.

  102. There are two important things that the Patriots of Sri Lanka can do at this important juncture,

    1. Put organized pressure in respective foreign governments to eliminate LTTE fund-raising in their soils.

    2. Investment Promotion - influence foreigners to invest in Sri Lanka on legitimate industries and create jobs. It does not matter whether it is in the North, East or any other part of the country, the most important two factors are job creation and contribution to the economy.

    Give it a try.

  103. Yes, we should seek investement in a couple of key areas:

    Sweatshop garment industry
    Sweatshop toy industry
    Underworld training and recruitment business
    Provide education service,training in bribing, corruption and financial mismanagement degrees (masters, PHDs)

    Provide friendly countries with military training services, particularly how to get away with large scale civilian killings, torture, acts of terrorism, blind bombing etc. etc.

  104. kuttu said,

    Qrious is one big looser


    Your mom is even bigger looser; she regrets fancying a monkey while mating to bring you into this world. Instead, she should have fancied a hyena that makes - hik, hik, hik and never stops. At least that beast sends a signal to others about the presence of a prey. You don't.

    Very soon, the axe of Defencenet is going to fall on what you call postings.

    Then come on all fours begging of mercy.

    You did it once and will do again.


    LTTE vultures are circling again in droves. May be death around! Ask your dear and near ones to take precautions.

    I have a feeling the savages that opened fire at defenceless innocents may have come in disguise as pilgrims to pay homage to Kataragama. The Monaragala area did not see much activity of late. The sudden rise of violence can be attributed to it. That means there may be hidden cache of ammunition in the jungle. This is just a line of thought.

  105. Also we should export our strategies as to how quell descent. Namely how to abduct journalists, government and trade union workers.

  106. LTTE managed to kill 4 civilians travelling on a public bus. LTTE diasspora is soo happy. Very usual in this blog.

  107. There are two types of people. They all obtain free education, free healthcare, free welfare thanks to the hardworking honest people of the country.

    1. One type enjoys all such benefits but totally sh*t on the hand the country that feed them. They do all what they can do to destroy the country.

    2. The other type are very thankful to what they have received, and look into ways of making a contribution back.

  108. US 'killed 47 Afghan civilians'

  109. pundey-lanka said,

    Also we should export our strategies as to how quell descent. Namely how to abduct journalists, government and trade union workers.

    Your list of export is uneconomically short, mate!

    How about these skills?

    blowing up women and children; sending conscripted kids to death while educating your own in foreign universities; stealing money from very people's credit cards who once provided the sancturary for survival; blowing up the prime minister of the neighbouring state who once provided the much-needed refuge to the tribe; launching a freedome movement by killing an individual of the same tribe - the Doraiappa phenomenon.

    The list is quite enviable now, isn't it?

    I squeeze my puncher while imagining it represent your balls.

  110. Amnesty condemns Buttala attack


  111. Blogger Shyam said...

    India asks LTTE intelligent wing commander Pottu amman for Rajiv's murder ..if the LTTE handover him then they are ready to support LTTE .....

    July 11, 2008 9:49 PM

    New Delhi demands "Pottu Amman"


  112. My thoughts are with those innocent civilians who lost their lives and injured in this LTTE attack.

  113. // LTTE says ready for ceasefire and peace talks -Press Trust of India:

    Facing a concerted military offensive by the Sri Lankan army in its stronghold of Jaffna peninsula, the LTTE on Thursday expressed readiness for ceasefire and peace talks with the island government.

    LTTE's political wing chief, V Nadesan, said that the group was ready for a ceasefire now, while accusing the Sri Lankan government of "abrogating" the six-year-long ceasefire which came to an end early this year.

    Nadesan, in a telephonic interview to Times Now television, said the LTTE was not against peace negotiations. "Yes" was his answer when asked whether the LTTE was for the ceasefire starting again.

    "It is the Sri Lankan state that unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire agreement and is unleashing a war against the Tamils in their homeland," he charged.

    "We are not against ceasefire or peace talks," he said. .....

  114. Ninja and lkdood.

    Looks like LTTE wants to play its usual ball game.
    I doubt the GOSL will fall for this unless India put presure to talk.


    Following yesterday’s incident Police and Army launched a combined search operation and two suspects had been arrested and were being interrogated, Police said.

    Hope these are the real culprits.

  116. Kudos to the brave driver who drove the bus to the hospital.


  118. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  119. If LTTE is really planing on "CFA/ peace talks" SLDF should be very vigilant and be prpared on huge scale LTTE attacks.

  120. any truth in reports carried by pro-UNP and pro-JVP news media (these media have little or no credibility) that china is offended that SL offered an indian company to explore oil in mannar?

    china was seriously interested no doubt. but has china got offended as these media say to the extent of cutting down military aid?


  121. Moshe Dyan

    time will tell if China is offended by the oil deal


  122. Pundey_lanka said...

    qrious you are faggot.

    July 12, 2008 4:12 AM

    100000% true


  123. Blogger Ninja said...

    If LTTE is really planing on "CFA/ peace talks" SLDF should be very vigilant and be prpared on huge scale LTTE attacks.

    July 12, 2008 4:28 AM

    everybody must be on RED alert

  124. LKDOOD said...
    Moshe Dyan

    time will tell if China is offended by the oil deal



    China will kick your ass


  125. Blogger tangara said...

    Ninja and lkdood.

    Looks like LTTE wants to play its usual ball game.
    I doubt the GOSL will fall for this unless India put presure to talk.

    July 12, 2008 3:47 AM

    i think the government will push against this pressure from IC

    remember the last ceasefire ??

    war will go on...

  126. Blogger tangara said...

    My thoughts are with those innocent civilians who lost their lives and injured in this LTTE attack.

    July 12, 2008 3:32 AM


    small kid & his mother got killed in the attack

    it just makes you really sad when you see the picture of the dead boy


    these attackers will strike again

    they must be found

    any search operation going on ????

  127. Time for pottu to die?

    " ...Narayan went further and said "Leave alone LTTE leader Prabaharan, should not you hand over at least Pottu Amman, who designed and made orders for assassination, to be punished? Is your side prepared for it?"

    A startled Sampanthan avoided a direct response, and the Indian delegation knew very well that there was little that he could do. But their expectation was whether he could convey it to the LTTE leadership and bring their response. Sampanthan, it appears, did not follow it up and there is no information that he conveyed it to the LTTE.

    But, sources confirm, that India is keen to know the LTTE's response to their request through Sampanthan. It is clear that one of the objectives of the India delegation was to convey this message to the LTTE..."

    Interesting development. What is quid-pro-quo?

  128. That was from Sri Lanka Guardian.

  129. I think it is time for Defencenet to kick out these real fagots who have become a nuisance.

    The whole Peelam is full of these fagots who are just bunch uneducated thugs, who have no maturity or social respect whatsoever.

    Even after being exposed for using multiple logins and different handles in making comments and approving their own comments, these fagots keep coming back without any shame whatsoever.

  130. Shalom Mr Moshe Dyan

    to me,the answer is in your post itself, 'the pro unp jvp media' one of the consoctions they usualy put out. laughable as much as RW wanting the control of military handed over to parliament. any country that has been that stupid to compromise national security?
    RW didn't report anything military to parliament during his short reign that was 'aborted'. not even the CFA nor the numerous shipments of waepaons that they allowed the ltte to bring in freely. hypocricy, is that what you call it?

    geting back to oil the MR govt. has a habit of testing waters in crcial situations. they have handed over only 1 of the 3 blocks have been given out. the other two are insurance, carrots to get what they want. MR plays his cards smart and cose to his heart.

    i am in no way a political ally but hats off to his foreign policy and how he handles them. the major donors who dictated terms throughout the past have been sidelined. geopolitical truths have been used to advantage.

    MR would rather antogonise india than china, has proved this by his yourself wrote very correctly on this mater some weeks let me not write more...

  131. please disregard the typos - these blogs should use autocorrect - such as 'consoctions'which should be concoctions... etc.

  132. Amnesty International has finally come up with a very vague condemnation on LTTE terrorists attacking and killing civilians in the South of Sri Lanka.

    Their statement looks like they do not want to get LTTE annoyed. Perhaps, they may not want to lose the generous handouts they receive from them.

    We saw recently the LTTE crowd behind one of the demonstrations organised by AI.

    You can understand the daily dose of lies that AI hear from them about Sri Lanka.

    Having said that I have not seen any other organisation after UN who got beaten recently for going to market for terrorists. Nevertheless they keep coming back like a toothache, mainly owing to LTTE funders' pressure.

  133. Shan

    I don't know your rationale for the foreign policy statements made herein..But China has been there only for the money while india has been both friend and adversary from time to time. If there is a reality that is permanent for SL, it is India, and not China.

  134. Where did the Japan go in this whole business of friendship?

    As someone rightfully pointed earlier in this blog.. there are no friends..

    But every country has 'interests'..

  135. TropicalStorm said...

    [ Time for pottu to die?

    Sampanthan went on knees begging India to save Tamils from a genocide. . Indian delegation was tactful enough to chase away Sampanthan by simply throwing a question.

    Thats all!

  136. "Countries have no friends, just interests."

    I guess thats the quote that you were looking for.


    China will not give up on Lanka so easily just because of India. We could provide them with far more than most people know, thats why India is so eager to help us wrap this conflict up.

  137. There is no genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.. However, now there is something similar to a genocide happening against LTTE terrorists. Sri Lankan forces are professionally defeating them in every corner, and their days are getting numbered.

    What Sampanthan like LTTE stooges want is to stop LTTE being militarily defeated. They want LTTE to further ruin the lives of Sri Lankans for another few decades.

    India may love to see that too. Therefore, we have to support the GOSL in defeating this LTTE menace for good. Then we can live peacefully with our Tamil and Muslim brothers of Sri Lanka.

    Do your part.

  138. Punde-Lanka said,

    Qrious, you are faggot

    And so are you, little w*****. You lot talk to yourselves and don't get a fraction of attention here.

    How about your immature comrade-in-stupidity kuttu? Give him some education too, showing your bloody brotherhood.

    Your boring postings don't deserve any bit of attention;

    Getting involved with them is a waste of time.

    Now, go and cleanse your bloody mouth and a***, vulture!!

    Enjoy the bloodshed of innocent women and children in the name of your liberation.

  139. TS

    to me India has always worked with ONLY India's interest at heart. In the recent past a friend when they have to be one, way back with the Gandhi's and B'naike times there was very good relationships which deteriorated bady guring JRJ. since it's onlt been India's interst and have always steamrolled us and other smaller sovereign nations. rememebr the famous parippu drops, indo lanka accord etc.

    China sells weapons for money alright but what is the volume in comparison to what they earn from other countries.they can aford not to with not much change to the defence industry or the economy. India doesn't sell us even for a higher price and doesn't like others selling to us either, for obvious selfish reasons.

    Ofcourse China has other geopolitical reasons for it, but India also does have the same.

    OTOH whatever China has given s has been as grants and complete for that matter. Examples are monumets liek the BMICH which they still maintain and provide additional buildings and resources even after more than 35 years. The new cultural centre coming up is an outright grant. there has been many more just a few quoted.

    China has never overtly interfered in our internal affairs, covertly I don't know and they canb't be matters that would require a major shift in policy.

    pl. correct me if I am wrong but that is my line of thinking.

  140. Hey GE,

    Nice to see you are back!

  141. NoLTTE=Peace,

    Yes I agree to the fact that there is no Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka, but a total annihilation of LTTE MFrs.

    Agents like Sampanthan has an agenda.

  142. shan,

    The Indian factor is exaggerated by a certain section of media and political establishment according to their agenda.

    We have to distinguish between the Indian people and Indian politicians.

    The former don't give a damn about our problem, apart from a tiny minority in Tamilnadu. The rest just wish the killings were stopped.

    The Indian politicians come and go. They just try to survive in the political scene as long as they can, which is by default, very short-lived.

    Of course, they make statements, when they are prompted to by various parties. That's it.

    India may be a bit worried about China's involvement in our military issues. I am sure China is not worried about India's involvement in our affaris, as they know that have been going on for thousands of years and are beyound its control.

    I think we will exist by the side of our big Neighbour exactly as we have been doing it for the past thousands of years in harmony. Occassional mishaps will correct themselves.

  143. Mr Q Rious

    jolly good interviews those....

    agree 100% with your points other than one, it's more the bureacrats that dictate policy than the politicians. Politicians come and go but those Bureacrats live on. Having said that yes, the little mishaps havecorrected themselves and will.

    One thing that'll be difficult to stop is the domination in business and economy. you would see how much they've taken control. This naturaly brings about the state involvement to protect Indian interests. This I suppose is something that happens with neghbouring states especially the smaller ones and also a fallout of the global village.

    digressing but cannot help but ask, any luck with your attempts to interview VP....

  144. Guys,

    The pro-Tiger vultures are circling here in droves again. The death is around. Ask your loved ones to take care of themselves again.

    So, in fear, I sought the assistance of Father Rayappu. He quite happily came forward to help us while displaying his religious credentials. He wants us to forgive the three vultures who enjoy the bloodshed of our innocent women, men and children - Kuttu, CriMeWatch and Punde-Lanka

    Father Rayappu wanted me to forgive the three sinners, which I did, and I am sure you folks would do as well.

    The interview is therefore dedicated to three vultures. I must insist that it is genuine and no post-interview comments are dealt with.

    As usual, I was in the business of pretending as the journalist, Q Rious from the news organization UFO. Excerpts:

    Q Rious: Good Morning Father! Q Rious, from UFO.

    Rev Rayappu: Good morning, my son. It is Reverend.

    Q Rious: Very sorry, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: Sins are forgiven, my son. Mischief is forgotten.

    Q Rious: Reverend, where have you been all these months?

    Rev Rayappu: I have been underground, overgound and on the ground, my son. All over the place.

    Q Rious: Didn't it hamper the communication with the Almighty?

    Rev Rayappu: Not a bit my son. He is omnipresent, isn't He?

    Q Rious: Yes, Reverand. Let's move straight into the core issue - the statue.

    Rev Rayappu: Ha hak haa. It is with me. I am the in-charge-of it.

    Q Rious: You have your critics, Reverend.

    Rev Rayappu: Jesus had traitors, my son. Did you know who Judas was? That is my point. By the way, what do they talk about me?

    Q Rious: They say you switch sides: you always get into the company of the stronger.

    Rev Rayappu: The stronger, the more righteous. What is the wrong with it? Hak hak haa.

    Q Rious: You may have been inside a bunker, I assume.

    Rev Rayappu: Yes, I was; a bit claustrophobic and have to fight for oxygen.

    Q Rious: Did you have anyone to deal with spiritual needs?

    Rev Rayappu: Yes, I had a young Sister - Maria.

    Q Rious: A companinon in the darkness!

    Rev Rayappu: A spiritual one, I insist, my son.

    Q Rious: Wasn't a superior Mother more appropriate in the given circumstances?

    Rev Rayappu: Son, I am past my middle-age. The last thing I want, is another old woman in these most challenging circmumstances to move around, with me.

    Q Rious: You must be in touch with Bishop Tutu.

    Rev Rayappu: Yes, I am. But he has a little problem now due to a short-circuit.

    Q Rious: If you spell it out, Reverand.

    Rev Rayappu: He doesn't do what he says and he doesn't say what he does.

    Q Rious: So, you have to reverse everything he does and says.

    Rev Rayappu: Exactly, my son. Hak hak haa. For instance, I asked him to voice his support in favour of Sri lanka on that human rights issue and we all know what he did.

    Q Rious: Did exactly the opposite!

    Rev Rayappu: Spot on my son. What can we do? The old bruiser is so stubborn these days.

    Q Rious: Doesn't he get the help of an electrician to rectify the short-circuit. Sorry, Reverend, a consultant.

    Rev Rayappu: I have given up on him my son; completely given up.

    Q Rious: He keeps talking when started. It is very difficult to stop him.

    Rev Rayappu: A very serious form of short-circuiting.

    Q Rious: Reverend, will the statue be back at the Madhu church?

    Rev Rayappu: Tell the people in the south that it will be back soon. And they can come and worship it too.

    Q Rious: I want you to pray for three sinners, especially, Reverand.

    Rev Rayappu: Who are they? Tell me their names, son.

    Q Rious: Punde-Lanka, Kuttu and CriMeWatch

    Rev Rayappu: Sound, very vulture-like!

    Q Rious: That's exactly the problem, Reverend. They enjoy bloodshed.

    Rev Rayappu: A crime against humanity; a certain qualification to be in the lake of sulphur. I will certainly pray for them and you too, my son.

    Q Rious: God bless you, Reverend.

  145. peace on you Shan.

    i really don't know if that news item is true or not. but as you said it is kind of "testing the waters".

    anyway we cannot disregard the chinese-indian competition to outpower the other. it is only a competition at this stage and i think SL cannot escape it. time will come VERY soon when SL will have to decide FROM A MILITARY FRONT if we want more of china or more of india, not both.

    there cannot be 2 asian superpowers as some have pointed out.

    yes i agree that there is vast difference between indian national interests and the interests of political parties.

    none of these are, unfortunately, in the SL interest!!

    india wants both LTTE and GOSL to survive and co-exist so that it has a choice of manipulating either one or both parties to its advantage.

    we should not forget that india has NO friends in its neighbourhod as some have correctly pointed out. this speaks volumes of what the true conduct of india towards its neighbours has been.

  146. Air Force Jets attacked LTTE defence lines and a machine storage yard south of Thunukkai, in Mullativu this morning

  147. shan and Moshe,

    Thanks for the compliment; I may interview Pottu sometimes later in the week, if it safe for both of us.

  148. qrious,
    A more Human touch to Rev. rayappy it seems...
    May be due to the Current trend in the Battle Field had some Effect...

  149. su said,

    A more Human touch to Rev. rayappy it seems...
    May be due to the Current trend in the Battle Field had some Effect...

    Yes, Rev Rayappu is a changed man now. He has mellowed a bit. He promised me he would return the statue to its former glory and warned Tigers against any potential trouble-making. Let's hope he will live up to our expectations!!!!!!!

    He has forgiven the three sinners -CriMeWatch, kuttu, and Punde-Lanka. So, please forgive these three idiots if they spill blood here. It is much more noble than hitting back with vigour, that I did.

  150. next interview with pottu!! my my!

    redicule him for always being VP's number two without any promotion.

    ask him about his notorious desire to eat roasted goat blood.

    i have never seen or heard of any interview with him!!
















  152. Military on theoffensive

    LTTE on the defense

    What will LTTE counter offensive be?

  153. "What will LTTE counter offensive be?"

    How about a chemical attack, for starters? The you can move on to dropping nuclear bombs on the major cities with the bomber wing of the TAF. But I think a more likely situation will be a race among the top pigs, with the finish line definitely well outside the country (preferably in a country like Norway)

  154. had some not so pleasent experience today at a party. it was of a tamil friends and most of my friends from SL are tamils. there were more than 30 known guys there. i knew that all of them and their gf.s/wives were LTTE sympathisers but moderate supporters.

    today i noticed a noticable shift in their "moderation". all of them have hardened their stand. now they are a bit more stronger LTTE supporters.

    the last time i went into such a gathering was about 7 months back and there is a BIG noticable difference in them.

    i guess it is bcos the hotting up of the war theatre.

    SLDFs are fighting a professional war and there is no alternative unfortunately. some ppl although they are otherwise good ppl find it impossible to accept.

    but SL should do what is right by SL and its people. working for the gallary is not going to help solve a national problem. hard decisions need to be made.

    anyway the shift is neither from anti-LTTE to pro-LTTE nor it is from neutral to pro-LTTE. it was from mild pro-LTTE to stronger pro-LTTE. anyway it is pro-LTTE to pro-LTTE so it doesn't make any difference after all. only thing is from a personal note i was a bit disappointed.

  155. shyam

    yes, counter attack(s) can happen

    LTTE is not all gone

    the questions is how effective will be the attack(s) ?

  156. qrious you faggot, you need serious mental help. No kidding. Go see a doctor in the emergency department. Who have had a jolt to the brain and come up with conversations instead of posts.

  157. Two Demala invaders from India killed for illegally poaching Lankan waters.

  158. Warm Sinhala hospitality for foreign Christian conspiracy missionaries.

  159. Catholic Percy Rajapakse and wife only visits Budhist shrines because he is 10,000% Budhist.

  160. Ultra dangerous terrorist uses poisonous words to kill people. He must be detained forever. He is a serious threat to Sinhala Budhist kachan race.

  161. Failed State Index is great white tiger conspiracy. Sri lanka is the best nation in Asia and Africa, has an impececcable human rights record. Since Mahinda has taken over, we can all afford rice, bread, - we eat jam and use butter.

    No one from lanka wether sinhala or tamil is desperate to leave in the back of container trucks, or ricketty boats. All those negative news items are lies spread by LTTE propaganda.

  162. Mr Q Rious

    I ilke your style, you seem to respect hierachy, bottom up. So you prefer the pottu and then the boss though under pressure to interview the boss VP himself.

    Or are you hiding the good stuff for later. I shudder at the risks you take to keep us lesser mortals or the scaredycat keybaord warriors informed.

    Can I remind you of Moshe's request on the two specific quastions when you interview the Potta amman, specificaly the one about him being second to the boss forever. either he doesn't have the courage or is a mere demotivated moron who hides behind a facade. find the answer for us pl.

  163. as kuttu said, Bungu looks very civilized. His profile pics clearly shows he can get an iq of 200+.

    We shouldn't be discriminating against overhaired people, considering we don't discriminate against Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and all the other sh*t lot. Although I have to emphasize, we (Sinhala kachan race) were here first. All the others we unwanted s, but we are kind to let them rest here for a bit. But they must leave soon or we need to kick them out. We are half lions (don't ask me how we onced mated with lions), but I'll get you a documentary on the subject done by a noble prized quality researcher from one of our budhist universities.

  164. His profile pics clearly shows he can get an iq of 200+.

    You exhibit your IQ!


  165. Bungu looks very similar to a dark demala invader/warrior barbarian. Therefore we have to tell him to go back to his homeland in tamil nadu. We are pure milk white aryans (half lion blood) and cannot tolerate low IQ dark skin invaders here in this forum.

  166. Moshe, shan mates,

    Your comments are taken on board; the next interview will be conducted accordingly.


    Go see a doctor in the emergency department. Who have had a jolt to the brain and come up with conversations instead of posts.

    At least my problem is curable according to your admission by a doctor. Yours is not curable. Because it happens in the middle of the very createive process; when you keep writing stuff in a forum that is visited by patriots, they don't give a damn about them; yet you keep writing rubbish, with the suppport of another maniac who says - hic hic.

    If I go by number of chromosomes, you are entitled to be called a human. Then the immediate problem arises as to how to account for blood thirst. This is the difficult bit.

    The secret lies with your mum; she may have fancied a dracula while mating to produce you. So, you have this insatiable appetite for blood and provocation.

    Unfortunately, it is too late; at least, you want me to consult a doctor and cure my problem. I am the luckier and congratulations!

    Now, go and F*** O** bloody W*****

  167. qrious you faggot, it seems you here searching for male partners. sinhala budhist nation doesn't tolerate male hanky panky ? Got it. So go play with Bungu, he maybe more accepting of you!!

  168. Sri Lanka tightens use of mobile phones to fight terrorism


  169. Pundey_lanka said...

    qrious you faggot, it seems you here searching for male partners. sinhala budhist nation doesn't tolerate male hanky panky ? Got it. So go play with Bungu, he maybe more accepting of you!!

    July 12, 2008 8:28 PM


  170. Sri Lankan jets bomb rebel bunkers


  171. 'SAARC meet would focus on evolving strategy to combat terrorism'


  172. Pundey aandi,

    Pirapakaran has prohibited you from having sex with thangachchis. That explains why you have turned in to a gay.

    Or perhaps you are a eunuch in the Maalathi brigade.

  173. Two Indian fishermen killed in Sri Lankan navy firing


  174. Bungu,

    I know Percy Rajapakse owns a couple of strip clubs... You seem desperate to gain employment there. Maybe you should send in a resume and qualifications. They will have cage for you. You be a hot ticket item for the likes of Qrious type folks will no doubt be good for business.

  175. Yov Who ever says the tamils homeland is India,reconsider your opinion ancient father came from India (Kerela) .. so you guys e ready to go ..

    Don't you have atleast some ideas about history ..have you ever heard the race Iyekkar, Nagar ...

  176. It is amazing Tiger supporters exist in pairs now. Of course, when innocent girls are sent out on suicide missions, what is left.

    Pundey_lanka gets really hurts when kuttu is attacked and vice versa. So, I conclude they are gay.

    Nothing wrong with being gay, mates. Admit it and get on with it.

    Let kuttu grow up first. He is such an idiot. Borrowing terms like 'faggot' without knowing its broader sense is a sign of literal bankruptcy, nothing else.

    What a pair of vultures!

  177. a kid is wounded in todays air raid ....

    26 SLA wounded in Wanni due to Booby traps and land mines

    Pongu tamil have began in London with thousands of people ...

  178. Pongu Thamil- LIVE VIDEO FROM UK


  179. LKDOOD said...

    Two Indian fishermen killed in Sri Lankan navy firing


    india must stand up for its citizens

  180. Moshe said,

    today i noticed a noticable shift in their "moderation". all of them have hardened their stand. now they are a bit more stronger LTTE supporters.

    It is an interesting development. I think they may have acted being moderate in the past while harbouring the sympathies in their hearts. Don't forget there are Singhalese who are die-hard LTTE supporters by stealth - arms dealers, contract killers, UNP-Ranil wing, to name but a few.

    In Europe, there is a renewed enthusiasm among a minority of Tamils for this so-called Pongu Thamil event.

    Most of these folks are ex-asylum seekers. So, their immigration status is constantly being reviewed. As soon as the LTTE becomes history, the European governments are going to give them the green card - to go back home. There are thousands of them who fall into this category and they are understandably scared of this prospect. So, they go in huge numbers to these rallies to raise the awareness. But they can't fool the Europeans anymore. Whenever they take credit cards out to make a payment, they think of LTTE gangs and what is left for their cause just evaporates and the anger takes its place.

    I know a lot of Tamil folks here. Some of them are direct victims of 83 riots and they don't hate us. They are intelligent sensible people and aware that it was the work of a minority. There are a lot of Tamils who support our cricket team during matches and even proudly wear the Sri Lankan T-shirts.

    I am sure the time will heal these wounds.

    The majority must respect the rights of the minority and minorities must adapt themselves to live with the majority, without relying on outside help, because it comes with strings attached and there is no guarantee that it would work. That is the lesson to learn from this conflict that did span well over 30 years. Majority paid a price too and no winners. A generation of Tamil youth paid a heavy price and for nothing other than appearing on a poster.

    The world is not sympathetic any more. The movement is crumbling.

    Division doesn't work; what works is integration at all possible levels.

    Just after partition in 1947, a lot Indian Muslims migrated to newly created Pakistan, mostly from Uttar Pradesh. They thought they would be absorbed to the Pakistan society seamless. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. They felt they were treated like seconc-class citizens. The MQM - Mothahida Quami Movement - movement was born to fight for the rights of Indian Muslims, known as Mohajirs. The live predominantly in Karachchi region and always up in arms against indigeneous Sindhis and Punjabis. Karachchi is very volatile. I have some Mohajir friends here and they tell me it is quite serious again. The division goes right up to the centre of administration. For instance, President Musharaf is a Mohajir and ex-premier Nawaz Sharif is a Punjabi. You can see where the root cause lies, now.

    It doesn't end there. The Tribal belt of Northwest Frontier province wants to stay semi-independent. The central government has very little role there and it is very dangerous as far as Pakistan's own existence is concerned.

    If Binladen does any more crazy thing, the American may nuke these areas.

    So, divisions do not necessarily bring the desired results.

    If Eelam was won in 80's, by now the Eastern revolution against it may have started. We may have supported Eastern folks and India may be wrestling with Tamilnadu to hold the union together. In retrospect, it would have been a regional catastrophe.

    Let's do our bit to raise the harmony.

    Let's not hesitate to annhilate racist bastards by egxhaustion.

  181. Qrious

    most tamils in the UK have become citizens or have permanent residence

    they have no immigration issues

    some tamils are underground(illegal)& in immigration detention

  182. LKDOOD

    most tamils in the UK have become citizens or have permanent residence

    they have no immigration issues

    I don't agree with that mate; there are folks who with asylum status - pending. There are folks who just live illegally with a stroke of luck by avoiding detection. The former has a legal uncertainty; the latter has perpetual uncertainty. Both are being exploited by certain Tamils - mostly Tiger sympathiesers - cashing in on their labour.

  183. Someone said,

    india must stand up for its citizens

    Oh, yes when a noble world citizen says, so!

    Who do you think you are to dictate terms on India, idiot?

    Grow up first and then be ambitious!!

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.


  185. Vidalathivu area under government control


  186. all areas are under government control


  187. Guys,

    I have to back off for a while before interviewing Pottu as promised before.

    However, I found a medium to contact Thamil Chelvam. So, you can expect a glimpse into the other side and betrayl by some comrades to this ex-commander in my next interview.

    PS: It is not for those vultures who loves the blood of our women and children. They are warned to look away.

  188. Qrious,

    agree with most comments.

    "I think they may have acted being moderate in the past while harbouring the sympathies in their hearts."

    no, they didn't act in the past. they showed clear signs of supporting the LTTE at a "moderate" level (of support). they were quite open about it.

    earlier it was at 60 km/h in the speedometer, now 180 km/h!!

    these guys are all citizens although i know there are hundreds of illegal immigrants throughout the world.

  189. kuttu,

    very soon your signature laugh will be turned upside down as they did with you.

    then you will laugh or cry like this:

    eh eh!!

    enjoy the funeral version of punnaku thamill!!

    you can have puunaku tamil only in other countries NOT in tamil elam. what a shame?


    you came from a toilet pit. that means your homeland is KAKUSU. not even tamil Madu.


  190. SLA deploys night recon flights to deter LTTE troop buildup


  191. always keep the eyes on the enemy

  192. Guys,

    I just saw a clip of Ranil & Co doing this thovil with Kerala fellows. It is really funny. I saw him bearbodied; very enviable!!

    Will women have a crush on him? Poor Maithri!!

  193. lkhood,

    "Vidalathivu area under government control"

    Irudina is another joker website to help the spineless opposition. If you read further in to news there, you should be able to see mounds of garbage there. I sincerely hope that these LTTE lover UNP members vanish in thin air soon leaving UNP back in patriotic hands.

  194. Life in Wanni..

    Read the full story.

  195. Moshe_dayan,

    You are right..All LTTE diehards have hardned their attitudes towards Sinhalese..

    I used to visit tamil shops in Southern hemisphere to buy groceries..Not any more..I stopped the practice about one and a half years ago..

    Everyone is suspecious when you go to tamil shops these days.


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