Sunday, July 20, 2008

Army captures Illuppaikadavai while Air Force targets sea tigers in Nachchikuda

Sri Lanka Army's 58 division and the Commando regiment brought the town of Illuppaikadavai under their control today (20th) after a prolonged firefight with LTTE cadres in the region. Illuppaikadavai housed a large LTTE base which was used for multiple purposes by the tigers including land and sea operations. Regular infantry units from the 58 division as well as small groups of army commandos had surrounded the area by yesterday and moved ahead of their positions early morning today. LTTE retreated further north after suffering casualties at the hands of advancing forces. Illuppaikadavai is located around 10km north of Viduthalaithiv, where the tigers lost control of a major sea tiger base recently.

Map image

As we reported earlier, the Air Force has been continuously targeting LTTE cadres who retreated from Viduthalaithiv. A sea tiger boat movement was attacked by SLN patrol craft and by SLAF bombers today evening just 3km south of Nachchikuda. 3 boats were confirmed to be destroyed while another 3 more are believed to be damaged. Nachchikuda, where LTTE maintains another sea tiger base, is located a further 15kms north of Illuppaikadavai. It is believed that a large number of LTTE cadres who fled Viduthalaithiv are currently stationed in this base. It can be assumed that the 58 division will soon lay siege this base, considering the fact that they have already advanced two more kilometers north after the capture of Illuppaikadavai.


  1. Destroyed boats are believed to be similar to this one:

  2. Good news keep coming on...
    Bless all our forces !

  3. DN-
    Thanks for the updates as well as the images.

  4. defense net, how long ago is that boat that was captured in that picture?


  6. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for the update.

    Please give these folks some information about the defensive formations in place, if you can, as they are a bit scared of a counter-attack.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. smartt is a sabateur; may be a Tiger sympathesiser too who is hell bent on defecate the blog in the face of obvious defeat.

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    Here we go...

  14. @ whack jobs,
    When (and if) LTTE launches the counter strike, we'll report that too. The problem here is that you folks are already celebrating an imaginary counterattack while nothing of that sort has even been launched. Too early, dont you think?

  15. sl,
    "defense net, how long ago is that boat that was captured in that picture?"

    That was around one year ago (Jun 2007), if memory serves correctly.

  16. DN

    why are you deleting my comments ?

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  19. LTTE only strategy would be to thin out the army and then attack with motars or a special suicide mission on bases, but there are surprises comming from the SL Army very soon, just like they did with the commandos.

  20. defensenet,

    "A Sri Lanka Navy patrol conducting a search operation around 5.30 on Friday (18) evening in the MODERAGAM ARU AREA, WILPATTU recovered a 18 foot Fiber Glass boat fitted with a 9.9 HP Out Board Engine (OBM) and a Fiber Glass “TEPPAM” (A local fishing craft)."

    any info about this incident that was found on the 18th?

  21. I love this great mans and what he said, "[“The Sinhala nation (majority Sinhalese community) has to sacrifice if you want to protect the country and survive,” the commander said.

    “If a minority is ruling the majority that is a dangerous situation and it is a problem. That is unrealistic. This country will be ruled by the Sinhalese community which is the majority representing 74 percent of the population.” ]

    This is very true. Simple and Honest and straight forward. Any country majority woudl agree. If a minority is ruling a majority, there is definetly somethign wrong about that. Sri Lanka is a land for any ethnicity but one must not forget, Sri Lankans are majority Sinhalese and it has been there homeland and it IS there only homeland from history to the future!

    ha ha ha he he he ho ho hooooo

    General Fonsekas quote will be in history books one day and in a movie of what he said!

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  23. kuttu asked,


    why are you deleting my comments ?

    Hak hak ha; because, this is his blog, mate!

    I am glad and thankful for Defencenet for addressing the issue of this hypothetical counter attack, when there is not a trace of it, apart from the figments of imagination in certain media guys with vested interests.

    57 divison is not just basking in the sun; they are on the North-western flank towards Thirukkal or whatever. So, 58 divison does not move forward in complete isolation.

    Counter attacks are possible, but not on large scale. If so Tigers have to forget about other fronts
    to focus on a single front - it is nothing but suicidal. This outfit is suicidal, any way.

    General Fonseka drew a nice analogy recently with what is left of Tamil Tigers - the tail end of a cricket team.

    Of course, their batting performance is not excellent; however, their can be wild strikers though. They hit fast, score a few quickies and then just get out without a style.

    We may be able to witness a theatrical war, in the coming weeks.

    Gen Fonseka calls it - quite rightly - the turning point.

  24. kuttu,

    I contacted Thamil Chelvam through a medium - comes at a price though. I am planning to publish it in the full glare of publicity. He tells me who betrayed him; so, don't defend the indefencible, for very long, mate.

    You are quite fun, in a way. I used to hate that he he; but not any more. I am warming up to it, I must admit.

  25. Illuppaikkadavai under army control * Pictures *


  26. "Why are you angry DN ?
    lets see if DN reports the counter attacks
    counter attacks are definitely coming..."

    Dude, Just hold it in till it actually materializes before you begin fantasizing and crapping all over the blog.

    "i posted yesterday about operation 'Red Bird' "

    We have launched our own little operation here as well. It's called operation "Delete_crazy_ass_Comments_by_

  27. Dear Defense net

    I am not celebrating, but as a person who had witnessed carnage on battle front and mistakes that were repeated, I cant not stay silent any longer...

    ask this...why is not LTTE using motors and artillery anymore?

    they have quite a bit last time i checked...and need to ask MI to see how much they have.

    the question is why is LTTE allowing SLA to move forward so easily

    SLA fires artillery LTTE moves away reply..this is so much like 1995...and early jayasikuri and and ranagosa...

    something does not smell good...on the other hand our generals have already anticipated these issues and are having people on the ground...

    we got our own men and women out there watching...

  28. Ogre,
    "SLA fires artillery LTTE moves away reply..this is so much like 1995...and early jayasikuri and and ranagosa..."

    You are lying. Read the history again. Don't have to read much. Just cover Jayasikuru- Vavunia to Puliyankulam episode. There were six counter attacks. Then if you want more, read from P'kulam to Mankulam time period. About how long the forces stayed one mile away from Mankulam without capturing that city. My point here is that the mood was completely different then. LTTE was more upbeat and always harassing us. And Karuna was leading most of the counter attacks.
    By the way, you are not a sinhala guy. Don't waste your time on that.

  29. Hemantha

    What ogre sai is "LTTE just allowed SLA to advance and LZTE will hit back soon like in jayasikuru. So don't advance any more or go back to Vavnia." Advice is due to his 'increased' concern about men in SLA.

    //We have launched our own little operation here as well. It's called operation "Delete_crazy_ass_Comments_by_

    How many dogs barked to moon?
    What happened to the moon?
    What happened to the dogs?

    How many dogs barked at defencenet?
    What happened to defencenet?
    What happened to the dogs?

    [Some dogs seems dissapeared permenantly (white vans? or became mahaveerayas?) Defencenet runs as usual.]

  30. hemantha, good looking out bro!

    For those who are concerned about why LTTE has not used their mortars, yes there is a good reason. Eitherway, the miliary is aware of it. LTTE cannot risk using all its firepower at this point, specially when they are being targeted by SLAF.

    They are fighting against the wall. And they may concentrate on hitting Colombo and saving their leader then holding ground and fighting face to face with Sri Lanka.

  31. This article by Fonseka, shows his confidence in our military at this point in time and his pride in the country!!!

    Everyone should read this article!


  33. Ninja and Sl,
    ""..So don't advance any more or go back to Vavnia." Advice is due to his 'increased' concern about men in SLA."


  34. Hemantha

    I forgot to mention one thing. If you don't beleive me wait little bit. Kuttu or some ZTLE expert will recomend orge's advice or give warning which all the tigers were giving to us for past year or so.
    (Some times I feel like appointing these ZTLE guys as human resource officer in SLA or trade minister in SL or something. They have real biggest concern about lives of SLA guys, cost of living etc, despite giving money to LZPE to kill civilians in buses.)

  35. We all know LZTE don't have to worry about going after some standard targets. Eg.
    1. GR/ GenSF/ MR
    2. KAB/ Harbour etc
    Vezapillai doesn't need to think 'should I kill GR or not....'. Its clear if they have the chance, they locate the mole, we make the mistake, they go for the target. If they succeed vezapillai will not get any ezam but more money from diaspora and more time to stay in rat holes. If they failed they loose little.

    However this dreamed and expected counter attack will not be like that for LZTE. There are issues they need to resolve before going for that, there are many possibilities.

    1. ZLTE go for big counter attack and 100/ 1000 cadres get KIA - no land gained.
    2. LZPE go for big counter attack and gain some land but 100/ 1000 caders KIA.
    3. ZTLE don't go for counter attack and get prepared for long erm guarilla war.

    I forgot the first one, say No 0. LZZE go for counter attack, gain all the land, 1000s SLA KIA, zero ZTTE KIA - one injured. (No need us to think a lot of this possibilty, as laks of diaspora dream this every day.)

    In the past they attacked first in south (centra bank/ dalada maligava/ KAB) then with some high moral of cadres with leaders like karuna and baluraj they did the counter attack. At the same time SLA was in low moral with politicaly influenced weak military leadership.

    At present things are other way round. GSL has given only the militay option for LTZE and it is natural to expect some counter attck. If ZLTE choose to go for counter attck at what time, what places, what scale, what combination- sea/ air/ land/ north/ east/ south..? MI need to know. SLA should not under estimate and also over estimete. Atleast SLDF should expect some show intended to satisfay diaspora and be prepared.

    LTEZ may not go for counter attack at all and save cadres for long term guarilla insurgency while increse their activities in int./HR/media/NGO fronts. See ponku tamiz/ exhibitions/ tamilnadu issues/ bruce fein etc.

    We like it or not GSL have to deel with these fronts now or later and be prepared with some political proposal. This is the whepon in this front. Unfortunately public misunderstand this as giving elam.

    One thing should be clear. Peace talks and ceasefire are two different things. GSL should be ready for peace talks at any time but NO ceasefire.

  36. guys,

    there is alot of truth in what ogre says. may be this is not exactly same as in jayasikurui, but a storm is gathering.

    LTTE canibals have fortified their few remaining bunkers with more HUMAN SHIELDS. behind these shields probably they have hidden their artillery guns. plus they have a large number of cadres too.

    killing tigers should be the priority, not capturing land ALTHOUGH it is the next important priority.

    you got a point there. tamil ppl came back to jaffna.

    but tigers released them when they realised that the riviresa op. is coming to and end without hurting them in vanni. vanni were safe for tigers until july 1996. parts of east were safe until 2006.

    now tigers are screewed from all sides and badly needs a hiding place. their best hiding place is behind civilians. that way they can,
    1. make things very difficult for the army
    2. attack the army while hiding in relative safety
    3. get IC's attention
    4. get tamil nadu attention
    5. force the govt to give food, medicine, diesel, etc.
    6. drag the war

  37. all and all guys this is unbelivable..why the LTTE not atacking.what hapened to the there fire power.i am sure something big inside this.we have to think this securly before we dig into there sides.otherwise this whol e opeartion migt be a disaster to our brave soldiers.
    DN what is your opinion why are the not attcking?are they have plan B?

  38. ninja,

    that also points out to the avenues available to vezapillai.

    he knows well that a GOOD POLITICAL LEADERSHIP AND A GOOD MILITARY LEADERSHIP at the same time has been VERY VERY RARE in SL. (i don't think anyone can dispute this)

    destroy especially the present political leadership (just ONE man) and the DOMINO effect takes over. GR will be not what he is without MR. SF, etc. need a STRONG pro-war political leadership to function properly.

    then there is a STRONG anti-war camp in the opposition heavily backed by rich NGOs, mass media, high cost of living, lack of leadership in the nationalist camp (in that event), etc.

    empathising VP in his dirty shoes is a good way of looking at his option. he has quite a few!!! if i were VP i know how to turn the tide.

    MR should be forced to groom a team capable of taking over from him NOW.

  39. Ninja,
    Everything depends on the military strength of LTTE right now. If they let 57 and 58 to carry on like this they will be loosing their life line (north western coastal area)very soon. North Eastern sea is already dominated by the SL Navy.
    So this is a do or die situation for them. So my conclusion is that they are going to strike back. Few weeks back they had a better chance of doing that. Then 57 had a soft under belly (Something like Oddusuddan in 1999). But it was strengthened by deploying Task Force two. During the past eelam wars LTTE used infiltration, concentrated and high intensity attacks on some weak areas on our defence lines and of course "the element of surprise". They used to break the line and then cut loose. The best Example is Oddusuddan in 1999. As I heard 300 terrorists infiltrated first and another 1500 attacked from the outside. Our defenceline was manned by GR and Navy personnel. Terrorists were successful. And you know the aftermath (Again it was led by Karuna). Here again "element of surprise" played a huge role. So I think they are goint to attack joined Mannar and Vavunia front. If they loose they will have a quick death. If they don't give a try they will have a slow death. So for their survival hey have to repeat Jayasikuru. The question is “can they pull it off?”

    My feeling is that they are doomed to fail. But I am biased in this regard. So I will let others consider few important factors.

    1. Strength, morale and leadership of our armed forces (I think we have a good idea in this regard).
    2. Number of LTTE hardcore cadres and their morale (unknown to us and hope Gen SF has some idea).
    3. Quality of the LTTE leadership (LTTE lost many leaders including their greatest asset Karuna).
    4. LTTE fire power and their stock of arms (unknown to us).
    5. “Element of surprise” was their greatest weapon. Do they still have it? (SL Army now deploys many small teams in front of their defence lines.)

  40. SL armed forces are not going for land even though it looks like so. They are going for LTTE supply lines (especially to block arms and ammunitions). The aim is to starve them to death. If successful we will be able to save many of our lives later.

  41. LKDOOD said...

    [ Illuppaikkadavai under army control * Pictures *]

    Thx mate. I like pictures. They look sexy too...

    Can somebody tell me why don't we destroy these captured bunkers?

  42. first, MR has back up leadership, I heard his brother is even better.

    first i would like you to pay attention to these news articles.

    1. Navy and Air Force attack LTTE boats - South Nachchikudha

    [July 20 2008]

    2. Two consecutive air raids targeting LTTE heavy weapons and boats - Mullaittiuvu
    [July 18 2008]

    3. News on LTTE vacating hard targets all along the mannar--poonaryan road

    SLA may be doing something smart or folding in to a LTTE trap.

    volume counter fire from LTTE has deteriorated. Now a major factor for this has been the effective use of Mi24s in tandem. which i think is an awesome idea which should have been executed back last year. We have been quite brave because we now think LTTE is keeping their MANPAD SAMs in mulativu for strike force II. LTTE will attempt to bring big guns to disrupt supplies to front line forces first then attack them head on the eastern side.

    this is my take and criticize if you want

    interposed map on satellite map of Mannar and vanni whole

    choke point for SLA is vellenkulum junction
    all the big guns are in malavi and surburbs (see if you know any MI to confirm and our boys are already down there observing)

    LTTE will definitely try to use diversionary attacks first against softer units and then cut through main axis.

    The goal should be encircle, go in to blocking positions and design killing zones and destroy the terrorists.

    In sri lanka we have failed to do that in the past, and I dont like that habit. Our country men are not hunters like the white people that type of thinking is not there circle your pray leave a point for them run through....and in to the jaws of the hunting the killing fields...

    on a blessed good end up killing at least a 1000 LTTE cadre this war would be over!

    good luck and god speed lions

  43. Of course LTTE has been retreating during the last few weeks. They began their retreat at the end of the rice bowl and are still continuing it. Why? Is it a part of a some master plan? I don't think so. Following is my reasoning.
    When 58 reached the end of the rice bowl 57 broadened their front and was able to reach closer to Tunukkai. If you look at the map Wellankulam lies horizontal to Tunukkai. So any LTTE unit stays below Wellankulam faces a real threat of being surrounded and cut off from their supply lines. If they stayed in greater strength they would have been annhilated. LTTE was not that dumb to let that happen. They chose to retreat and live another day to fight.

    Now they saved lot of men and resources can plan a counter attack. Weather they will be successful or not is for the future to decide.

  44. Agree with Hemantha and Moshey.

    Secret of current SLA is success is political and military leadership. Eliminating MR/ GenSF will be key for LTTE. A leader like MR has to be born, difficult to create. Atleast a proper system should be there build up by MR/ GR/ GenSF so that next person can run it.

    Earleir SLA went on offensive and gave break to tigers. (SLA itself wanted a break due to man power issue. Now itis 24/7 every where thus no breas. But if they have a problem it should be about man power: Deploying enough troops in captured areas. Though high numbers join SLA we need time for training and that time gap should match with time gap for demand of more troops for north. This is where SLA need to manage the speed.

    In jayasikuru objective was to open a suply root to jaffna. Now, yes, it seem to block Indian supply root to LTTE. Given the past perfomance, yes, LTTE might come back with a deadly strike. However when we compare with the past we need to consider it with the respective backgrounds.

    Thus when consider leadership (MR/ GR/ GenSF vs CBK/ Ratwatte/ Gen** vs karuna/ balraj/ susai vs current***), moral of troops vs moral of cadres (jayasikuru LTTE handed over SLA bodies vs now SLA hand over LTTE bodies, cadres surrender, civilians move to SLA areas), ground level leadership and public support me too guess LTTE will suffer large casualties if they go for counter offensive now any where. Only thing SLA need to make sure they don't make any theoratical errors. However we need to wait and see.

    Also, SLA is under no pressure (political/ military or other). What public says is "don't go too fast, be carefull, ...". On the other hand LTTE is under preassure: They need to convince diaspora their money was not wasted and keep diaspora with them.

    In east SLA blocked escape roots but tigers ran to wanni via jungle roots. But in wanni at some point they will get boxed. Thus before that do or die need to be done. SLA obviuosly must know this and be prepared.

    It seems SLA advance 3km per day has given some unconveiance to 'us' after their usual slow advance in elam war 4 (final war).

  45. with you ogre. i'm sure your concerns are being looked into by relevant authorities. please continue making your concerns known. as they say in the US, dissent is not treason.

    but about basil rajapaksha....he lacks many people qualities his highly successful brother has although he has a VERY SHARP intellect. i liked his no-nonsense approach before he became a MP; had a few discussions then. but this not going well with ordinary ppl.

  46. ninja,

    nice way to put it!!

    yes, it has another example as you pointed out. while SL is blessed with CONCURRENT good leaders, LTTE is cursed with loosing theirs!!

    however, "BOX-ing" tigers + alot of civilians should be reduced as much as possible. a daily harvest will ensure there are not many tigers to hide among civilians. it will also help the civilian resistence movement which i believe is getting all its ingredients ready now. tigers have failed to feed, etc. its own ppl. this will be the ultimate thing.

  47. Sri Lankan Defence News Aggregator is now online.
    Use this to read all the reliable defence news from sources at once!


  48. Moshey

    When one says 'jayasikuru will/may repeat' he need to consider why some thing should repeat. Sun rise in east and i repeats becuz the reasons that make sun rising in east repeat or stay there. There were reasons to jayasikuru collapse. And most of them are now replaced by opposite factors in both sides. Its true we need to wait and see. But when LZTE experts say jayasikuru repeat....we all know they are very very smart eh..

  49. One more thing my friends. If you belive it or not tomorrow sun rise. But some time you need to beleive in some things. Body langauge speaks in cricket match. Our LTZE diaspora beleived (actualy was cheated) in ezam and now they are realising it is un-doable. You may not beleive in SLA advance or SLA victory but troops are realising it. What matters is not our moral in front of key board, moral of troops. Recent sucess speaks about that, of both sides.

  50. friends I am very against the fact of giving upto date information of SLA operations in a summarized web page.

    Please for heavens sake let us not help the enemy.

    I know where the troops are, and how the war is actually Under REPORTED..he he but that is our strategy.

    Def net, thanks for the updates.

    In regards to air war:

    I hope we get the birds soon for the next phase....

    and for Navy: there are two more armouries floating in the NE/ES seas off sri lanka. so at some point we may need maritime fixed wing scout planes to track those as well.

    this operation is costing bloody hell...but it is for OUR survival as a nation...

  51. ninja,

    yes, agree. only LTTE supporters (including one peter in DW) says jayasikuru will repeat.

    but the concerns (inclugind those aired by ogre) are real and we are taking precautions against it. it will not be like the story of the rabbit verses the tortoise! now if tigers try similar tactics it will be like the harvest coming to us!!!

    i pray that the election has absolutely NOTHING to do with SLA op.s

    my biggest concern is (as regards retrieting tigers) that these MFs will hide behind civilians. that makes things very difficult for us. in other words terrorism is going back to where it started - hostage taking!

  52. Moshe

    yes, this issue with civilians will come into the picture at some point of time. But I think it will take number of months. What LTZE can do is fire SLA using both long and short range whepons keeping them as a sheild, making media 'crisis' with r2p int./ indian attention, etc.

    I hope SLA has a stratergy to deel with that, probably different to vakare case.

  53. Moshe ur prayers are getting answered!!

    Commandos have ambushed a gropu of retreating tigers 3Km north of Iluppu kadavai. I think the harvest strategy is well on place.

    Besides we may never get the full count as the enemy will try to hide info as much as possible.

  54. Ogre has serious concerns, Which every patriot should have. I am pretty sure the MI has plans for any contingencies. If the troops trap LTTE into a counterstrike mode and as MD always says a proper harvesting could be done this would be over sooner than anyone could think of.. Hope things move that way.

  55. Guys if you note the map posted in DW, vellankulam and tunukkai lies in a parallel line. So The COs of respective divisions Must be having a plan of some sort.

    besides we have not heard much of 57 activities lately. We cant think they are having a rest LOL. I am sure they too are moving as fast 58. So they are doing a good backup job for the 58.

    Anyone's opinion on this??

  56. sounds like we should invite a counterstrike from the tigers on the mannar front

    think about it,....

    1-we are anyway in harvesting mode.
    2-57 div'n and leadership is proving extremely capable.
    3-58 div'n is in close proximity to carry out any backup plans/contingency actions.
    4-one solid "harvest" along A32 can be the necessary body blow for the ltte along the west coast.

    my view is this,

    the next medium to heavy seatiger camp (im thinking a few klicks ahead )should be approached and annihilated by the sla.emphasis on not allowing ltte to retreat from there with casualties."harvest" need not be in the no of thousands- just 90% of the defenders of that camp,...that ought to drive home the msg.

  57. Also a point to note is iluppukadavai lies inland and it is a regular base. And the Commando ambush has taken place more to the east of Iluppukadavai. they were able to kill 13 and capture a 12.7mm which is great.

  58. fully agree with silent knight. Maybe we should try to bypass the next station and attck in advance.
    It would be a good time for harvesting..

    SLN and SLAF actions too should be highly commended at this point. They are doing a tremendous job now.

  59. riyaz & silentnight,

    SLAF did this actually in early july before we captured V.

    yes; i'm very happy that we are on the harvesting mode. but there is a long way to go. inviting tigers for a "ceaseless waves" type of attack will be the icing on the cake!

  60. another thing to note is once the vidattaltivu was captured, The navy got into attacking mode. So importance of this Sea tiger base is highlighted. CPC's chased the tiger boats upto nachikuda, a long way from the SLA positions.

    I feel the navy is in a better position than ever before

  61. Upadted maps of the presen positions

  62. silentknight, moshe

    agreed on the counter attack. And yes the 57th has shown great capability, flexibility and some sound leadership.

    btw, the shrub/open area above mannar could see the employment of mobile AAA by the tigers in ground support role, specially against AFV/APC..

    It would be highly effective if the armored column is caught in a "bottleneck" or advancing/flanking armor in open terrain and 14.5mm API or the 23mm HE-I/API-T would go right through the side or even the frontal amour of our Type-92s/BTRs or BMPs easily killing or wounding the crew or infantry squad inside,

    This could be something to keep in mind, because of the high velocity & RPM of AAMG/AA cannons and its effect on armor, if a direct line of sight presents it's could be a shoot and scoot scenario, for the tigers…and they wont let an opportunity like that go to waste…

    Since we are gaining ground fast, the need for consolidation is important in order to secure or supply lines.

    just a thought.. your views please

  63. nemesis,

    this is how tigers have been fighting in open terrain. chances are that they will risk alot of men and materials in doing so if they decide to stay and fight back. however, to do that they need a number of highly dedicated cadres. their perishability is 100% guaranteed.

    your strategy was used in august 2006 in a LARGE scale VERY effectively and was expected to be used on April 25, but didn't happen.

    the high number of walking soldiers and the broad fronts make it difficult for tigers to STOP the SLA by such FRONTAL attacks.

    the (AFVs + MI) to (conventional infantry) ratio of the 57 & 58 is low. SLA is following more of a "hunting" strategy in little LTTE pockets as can be seen from video footage. TF attacking the few AFVs from close quarters will not be much effective than now.

    the advance has been so swift that tigers couldn't even lay too much APMs!!

  64. lots of crosstalk of the so called 'COUNTER ATTACK'

    I pickout DN and q's confidence (of a non event or stillborn) and Moshe's concerns.

    Overall we must understand the current military operation is neither 'Jayasikurui', 'Ranaogosa' or 'one shot'. This is a whole new ballgame by an army thet has been transformed from what it was with courageous and brave leadership. I deliberately omitted using able because I believe we had able commanders before but not brave and courageous leaders.

    the dificulties that stack against ltte in counter attack is on the table. plese allow me to quote from some of you '58 is not moving all alone' . yesp, the flanks are well protected with 57 and even TF2 further.

    defence is much deeper and straong with a lot of enphasis on it for instance 61 which is trained and geared to 'hold', unlike units that were used in ops like 'jayasikurui'

    the strength on the ground is much more with so many divisions and areas clearly demarcated. It's a much more suturated defence that is holding.

    as GZL mentoned, over 1200 ltte cadres with equipment and logistics support are held in the Jaffna front with them unable to be moved elsewhere.

    We don't seem to have thin fronts those similar to ones that ltte was able to breach from one side and exit from the other.

    the other side of the coin is that the ltte didn't retreat or give up an are without heavy resistance. there's a lot written by the 'long ranger' on this. SLA overran terror defences after heavy fighting. It's not the same ltte either, they are not able to withstand the SLA advances.

    what I am trying to say here is that the comparison with previous battles and ltte regaining territory cannot be compared with the current scenario. It's a hwole different 'ballgame'. it's not as easy for the ltte to launch a counter as they did. they lack cadres, leadership, motivations and most importantly supplies - not getting them as did or would like to ...

    this gentleman is as a citizens sees the situ(voter silva's view, if I may) and not a soldiers viewpoint.

  65. Guys my two Cents... WHO CAN WE TRUST?
    I have read many comments by you all and both sides have good facts on, who think LTTE will counter attack and who think they are too weak.

    Best persons to know this info is SF and MI. Personally I am afraid because in the past we have fallen to this trap so that why I have a doubt.

    But think this way nobody can be sure who post information in this blog. For one thing I believe in what DN says but, even he can be someone working for LTTE (just an example). And if he wanted he can make us think like LTTE is weak or that they are still strong. I don’t know how much of influence he can be.
    My point is “All we can do is have hope in SF who so far has done the job. And let the military assess the situation and take action”

    DN I took you as just an example! so please dont be offended. And please keep the information coming because we depend on you for accurate info.

  66. a tine correction if I may and I trust i didn't annoy both the gentlemen

    the first line should be corected as 'I pickout DN and q's confidence (of it as a non event or stillborn) and Moshe's concerns.

  67. apologies for few writing errors in the previous post.

    there is no argument about consolidation. actually officially reports capture when preliminary consolidation work is almost complete.

  68. shan,

    value your comments.

    i explained earlier my concerns of a counterattack like in 1999. if i were to give a probability, it will be 25%. nevertheless we are not taking chances as it can happen. long ranger has a detailed analysis of counter attacks and "hints" its relevance to the LTTE.

    but my main worry is tigers running away and hiding in unliberated civilian areas (say mulaitivu, killinochchi) with their weapons. my apologies if i didn't make it clear.


    it is VERY difficult to hide one's true colours here. we are talking about life and death and no one can wish death on his own ppl unless .........

  69. Guys,

    When the End is nearing...

    It needs more than a miracle for the LTTE to revive its fortunes at this stage; the Tigers are busier than ever before in Killinochchi to convince the trapped masses that thing are normal and they are well in control.

    For instance, we see a lot of football mathces between rivals - without a league: the players stir up dust on a barren ground, turn their clothes dirty, hand shake with Mr Nadesan, get certificates and then just creep back into combat gear - where they come from.

    The players are Tiger cadres; they can't go on with their normal routines, as the UAV's are always on the lookout; so, Prabha came up with this novel way of giving them a bit of physical activity, in the assumption that the SLAF would not bomb them to trigger off an international outcry - for bombing a football match.

    The Tigers have an insatiable desire to get certificates and issue them. The strange thing is neither the recipient nor the giver ever look in eachother's eyes during this event; they both look at the camera or if the giver turns out to be Prabha, just looks beyond the cameraman for potential intruders.

    We must admit they still have some civilian supporters in Vanni. They may well be on the LTTE payroll. We can't just eliminate them when Vanni falls. What do we do with them?

    When the American and the British forces entered Berlin, once the Red Army had done the job for them on the ground, they faced the same dilema. One of the first things they did was to film the barbarity committed by the Nazis and making short movies. Then they ran them in cinemas and forced the Germans to watch them: some were not aware of they ever took plance under their nose; some pretended that they didn't know it happened; some reluctantly watched them.

    There was a story about three German girls who came out a certain cinema laughing after one session. The British soldiers caught them, forced them to watch them again and again until they were exhausted and then cried in shame.

    They were lucky to be caught by the British. If they were to Red Army soldiers, these lasses would have got a fine taste of collective rape for days or even death, in the end.

    I think we must contemplate on the same thing; these Tiger supporters must be forced to watch the atrocities committed in the name of liberation, then cry in shame. Of course, then they can be forgiven and absorbed into the civilized society.

    Then we inevitably bump into the issue of Sampanthan, the silver-haired old folk, who talks like someone with sore lips after having a very hot cup of tea, in a haste.

    He had been doing LTTE's dirty work for years, when his contemporaries chose otherwise.

    I think we must force him to lead a herd of buffaloes in rural Vanni and ask him to train himself to be a good shephered, instead of a bad one, that he had been - in the presence of school kids who had been exposed to this nightmare for so long.

    Then, I wouldn't object against the gesture of the old Geeza being forgiven.

  70. Mr qrious
    i m a publisher, ready to publish yur writing anytime you have a manuscript ...if you have not, how can i motivate you to..

    you write damn well should pursue writing in addition to what you do for a living right now.


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