Monday, September 1, 2008

Mallavi under siege

Sri Lanka Army's 57 division has overrun a part of LTTE's defence line west of Mallavi and has taken control of several outposts in the area. 57 division infantry units backed by armor and heavy artillery moved forward from their positions yesterday morning despite heavy LTTE resistance. Mallavi is being attacked by three different fronts and SLA units are currently only 2km from the city.

The probable fall of the city will negate a strategic advantage held by the tigers as A-9 and A-32 main roads connect through Mallavi. Mallavi is one of the largest cities in LTTE held Wanni and is located along the road which connects Vellankulam and Mankulam. Although the city had a large civilian population, the LTTE forcibly moved the civilians further north towards Kilinochchi before the army laid siege to the city. According to Military Intelligence, civilians in Kilinochchi are now being transported towards Vishwamadu and Puthukuduirippu in Mullaithiv district.


  1. thanks for the update DN

    yes, mallavi has a HUGE strategic advantage.

    tigers were preparing to face SLA along roads at the start of the campaign. how they must be shitting.

  2. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Simply the best....

  3. Shan,

    good timing mate. DN has posted this thread no sooner you typed.

    palamodai & mallavi......

    we discussed earlier that 57 is unlikely to cross the A9 at anywhere below kili. this helps ppl from LTTE areas to reach OMANTHAI. the importance of OMANTHAI is only symbolic now as ppl are forcibly moved eastward by bloody tigers. yet the govt will keep all roads leading to it ACCESSIBLE for ppl/tigers.

    TF, 57 will move northward and/or north-east-ward. though they may take a few kilometres of the road stretch towards mankulam. i doubt very much they will take mankulam.

  4. ran,
    "Payback for all the evil things they did to the Sinhalese and Muslims."

    And for Tamils and other races.

  5. Defencenet,

    ..And for Tamils and other races.]
    Thanks for correcting him.

    Not all the Tamils are Traitors, there are some Patriots who loves Mother Lanka..

  6. ran, no one has caused more harm to sl tamils than the tamil tigers.

  7. @defencenet: While you are here, can you please tell us the situation in Nacchchikuda? Reports are that we moved east of Nacchikuda, what could be our strategy?

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  9. Well-done boys!

    Defencenet any idea what LTTE is going to do with civilians ? LTTE is forcing them to go further inn because LTTE might think that civilians might come to Gov control area ? or what! I hope all civilians are not supporting LTTE but may be compelled to support …SLF have to be very careful now than ever before ….

  10. Shyam, its your dreams (nightmares?) that you should be worried about.

  11. Ran, I don't like to get into politics as this is a defence blog. However, what you said isn't going to work, our enemy is not Tamils, it is LTTE scum. So let's get rid of them and leave the Tamil civilians in peace.

  12. LTTE separatism arose because of decades of neglect and disenfranchisement of NE Tamils. If we follow the model in East, the seperatists will not have a leg to stand on. So let's hope we clear the north ASAP and put in a pro government political party in power that can serve the interest of the Tamils and retain unity of the Island.

  13. Ran & Shyam - mirror images of each other. Brilliant! :)

    Now, back to military matters rather than fevered fantasies of ethnic purification.

  14. hah let the two racist idiots finish each other off.

    or maybe ran is a diaspora keyboard warrior pretending to be a 'racist sinhala modaya'

  15. Ran, agreed with all that you said. But that is the past, we need to look at the present and the future. Currently, the NE and the North are the most under-developed parts of the country, even basic utilities and services are missing, so presently the Tamils in those provinces feel neglected (as do the Muslims and Sinhala people who live in those areas), so let's finish off the LTTE scum and develop those areas. The current problem is due to LTTE pigs, not caused by Chelva, Jaffna high caste Vellar caste or anything else, so let's leave the past behind and move on. The root cause of the present problem is LTTE terrorism, not past actions / inactions of bigots like Chelva.

  16. However, I agree with the solution of ethnic mixing. This was tried successfully in Singapore. In the 60s in Singapore, the ethnic Malays hated the Chinese and vice versa and they both hated the Tamils and vice versa. What they did was put everyone in housing schemes and mixed everyone up and forced them to get along, which they did and now everyone is proud Singaporeans first, then Tamil, Malay or Chinese second. They are all unified.

  17. Is this the most painful sentence Jehan Perera has had to write?

    "However, recent developments on the ground and in international politics suggest that the struggle for Tamil Eelam will not be successful."

    Look here:

    Hmm.... isn't it amazing how 'facts on the ground' (continued destruction and grinding down of the fighting units of the LTTE with loss of LTTE territory) make what was once considered impossible and beyond the power of any government (military defeat of the LTTE), now seem perhaps possible and even desirable?

    A question I'd love to ask him is, would we be where we are now, if the 'peace' option rather than the 'war' option had been followed by the current administration? And then watch him wriggle.

    Mohammed: totally agree with you about looking to the future rather than the past. If we only look to real and imagined past glories and injustices, the future will pass us by. By us, I mean all of Sri Lanka.

    Some writer once described Cyprus as having ""produced more history than could be consumed locally." There's evidence that that quote applies perfectly to SL!

    The example we should emulate is Vietnam. That country was devastated by the US, yet they don't appear to hold a permanent grudge against the US and instead are moving forward, to get rich and develop their country. with US assistance.

  18. Please don't post racist comments.

  19. Moshe

    we miss nemesis, tangara, GE and thambala to discuss in depth

  20. Guys, please listen to what the Blog Admin Defencenet has said.

    @DN, can you kindly let us know the position in Mallavi and Nacchikuda? Thanks.

  21. Lankaputhra,
    "Defencenet any idea what LTTE is going to do with civilians ? "

    LTTE needs civilians to survive; to reinforce the whole 'freedom fighter' brand etc. That won't work if civilians move into govt held territory. Plus the human shield beats every defence the LTTE has against the SLA.

  22. mohammed,
    The situation in Nachchikuda is that 58 division did not take the route LTTE expected them to take. LTTE have constructed this massive trench some 20kms long so SLA will try to overcome this hurdle first. Anyway nachchikuda is pounded with arty daily and several airstrikes have also been launched on identified positions.

    As for Mallavi we are yet to take control of the city and around 2km away from city center. SLA is attacking on three directions with the attack from Western Mallavi being most successful yet.

  23. defencenet, why didnt the air force do anything about ltte building a massive 20km long earth bund? surely they could've used mi-24 or something to destroy the earth moving vehicles.

  24. DN-

    LTTE have constructed this massive trench some 20kms long so SLA will try to overcome this hurdle first.

    When did the constructed these? Is is possible us to target the LTTE equipments they have used for trench?

  25. mboi,
    The idea is to destry it after it is built not they can build a new one.
    Very well said..NO ONE is against the peace loving Tamil people of SLanka even if some idiotic goat shoots his mouth off on the street.Just ignore this dunce.He is a born looser.You have to try to understand that the riots of 1983 was NOT done with the consent of the general population.Shows you the legacy left by 2 idiotic monkeys who ruled SLanka.
    In my opinion this LTTE shit was formulated well before 1983 by a few people living overseas.They required that tamil people in SLanka suffer for the financial benefit of a few people overseas...these people may not necessaryly be only SLankan tamils..even though VP is the military head.

  26. srilankan, i hope you are being sarcastic. because sla has lost quite a few soldiers trying to cross these earth bunds over the last week or so. things hav come to halt for the 58 because of this massive earth wall between nacchikuda and akkarayan. it must've taken ltte quite a lot of time to construct it and they've obviously used heavy earth moving equipment. which begs the question why arent the air force destroying them?

  27. @ Mohamed,

    Been away from the computer for a few days.

    If you click on my handle you will be taken to my profile. There you will find my email address along with other information. Or simply copy from here

    Look forward to hear from you.

  28. yes Shan. also hemantha. i hope tangara would come back again.

    going by DBSJ's map, SLDFs have captured slightly over 35% of the total area that was under tigers in the north.

    nachchikuda is refusing to give in to SLA. SLAF carried out so many attacks using both jets and gunships but still tigers are very active in the area.

  29. Trpoicalstorm has posted a link to an interesting article on how laser guided munitions such as the US built JDAMs find their way to a laser illuminated target, once air-dropped from an air craft.

  30. Lankanews,

    Can't see it on or (yet). What is your source please?

  31. Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole is a professor of Electrical Engineering in my faculty (engineering – university of Peradeniya) and is respected by many as a scholar (triple PhD as I know) and a liberal thinker. < He is a not an Aryan by birth but by his behavior and thinking>

    He was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna and did not allow to put a single step on her soil by LTTE baggers.

    Read this speech he has done at Canada. Very interesting.

    for sinhala readers

    for English reders

  32. Pakka-Lanka said...

    Can't see it on or (yet). What is your source please?

    LTTE’s Mallavi Nerve Center Nearly Cleared & Captured

    Mallavi Town

  33. Anaconda,

    Thanks for the links; I will read them at leisure.

    Your comment about your professor not being an Aryan implies that Aryans are a different type of humans. Just one question mate, how are Aryans different to the rest of humans?

    Since this is not the appropriate forum to discuss this, you may email me please if you will - address in the blogger profile. Thanks in advance.

  34. Achilles,

    "Nearly captured.." is not "really captured...", but I am sure it will be captured soon enough.

    Thanks bruv, for the links. I'll check them out.

  35. Achilles, Lankanews,

    It does look like Mallavi is fully captured!

    Well done SLDF.


  36. This is great news and most certainly a hard blow to LTTE’s morale. In the time of Jayasikuru, LTTE’s first press release after the fall of Kilinochchi came from their makeshift capitol Mallavi. That was the first time ever I came to know where Mallavi is. I hope that this is not just a chase-away strategy! What will our planners do next is anybody’s guess now? It is very interesting to see how SF and GR duo reclaim our homeland while earning the best harvest in Moshe Dayan’s terms.

  37. One more thing, any structure built by LTTE without the permission of the GOSL shall be bulldozed unless SLDFs has any utility values like the new naval base SLNS Manthota in Vidaththalthivu courtesy of LTTE supporters. Anything that glorifies LTTE terrorists and their savagery shall be razed down to nothing.


  38. Interesting point there about LTTE casualties, unless SLA is deliberately refraining from mentioning a body count. If not, is the LTTE simply engaging in a fighting withdrawal, preserving their heavy weaponry and experienced units until they can launch the much-anticipated counteroffensive?

    To launch such a counterstrike, they have to concentrate men & material incl artillery, ammunition, build mortar pits etc. Are our forces capable of spotting such a build up?

    If you were in the LTTE, you'd make very certain to keep all such movements secret including a strict prohibition on signal traffic.

    Do our forces have infra-red capabilities to locate LTTE build up areas and start lines?

    What's been done with the various LTTE cemetaries? Have they been bulldozed or kept intact?

  39. mboi,
    i am not being sarcastic.My opinion of this is that the airforce should let them keep building it and not detsroy it.However in the meantime kill as many cadres as possible who are participating in the construction by means of MI 24. why is the SLAF not destroying it is a good question.Lets wait and see..they have a plan i am sure


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