Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Explosion in Horton Place - Colombo 7

An explosion has occurred in Horton Place, Colombo 7 few minutes ago. According to available information the bomb was placed inside a bus. However, the timely detection of the suspicious parcel which was on one the seats at the back of the bus, has averted disaster.

The explosion occured inside a CTB bus bound from Moratuwa to Mattakkuliya (Route 155). An alert passenger who noticed the suspicious parcel had notified the conductor.There were no people inside the bus when the bomb went off.

4 people received minor injuries in the incident. One of them was admitted to the Colombo National hospital.


  1. I am glad the public are vigilant enough to avert any fatalities.

  2. ooops, sad day for diaspora.

  3. "CriMeWatCh said...
    4 died and few injured rushed to t he hospital"

    From where did you get this info?

    or are you purposely trying to mislead ??????

    whoever you are, dont play with human feelings just like a dumb ass!!

  4. This confirms the accuracy of morning air attacks on LTTE targets.

    We have to be more vigilant on these types of attacks and support our brave soldiers.

    Hat off to people who have detected the bomb

  5. hah UN says ltte are already retreating from killinocchi to areas east of a9

  6. Di-asspora must be very upset...

    good example of how to beat the terrorism ...well done !

  7. Most of the people travel by 155 rout are tamils. If the bomb was under a seat, the person might have got into the bus before the Modara Police junction bus halt.

    So this tells there may be lot of bombs hidden in Colombo 15. The searching operations done so far in that area are not quite good.

    STF persons who are riding the bikes are doing really well in the area.

  8. No civilian fatalities were reported due to the explosion, Colombo National Hospital sources said, adding that 4 people have been admitted due to shock caused by the explosion


  9. Tamilnet article to justify the bomb attack

    "SLAF bombardment kills 3 civilians near Mu'rika'ndi"

    Guess this was prepared hours ago to publish when bomb explosion news arrives.

  10. LTTE once again proved they are barbarians. Lets get rid of them.

  11. See the blast of the bus if there were people in the bus how many would have been died...
    well done whoever found the bomb...

    LTTE - Real barbarians

    I hope all these Sakkili (LTTE) will be finished by this year...

    Everyone (Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese)….please be vigilant

  12. According to the comments made, our ppl are good at talking about the "war" more than doing anything useful to help the efforts. I propose you guys should go to the war front and fight and do something for the country!

  13. Heard the Driver has taken the bus to a less populated place risking his life after letting all the passengers get off from the bus.

    Hats Off for the Driver of the Bus. Mr Driver you are a real Sri Lankan Son who thinks about the country before self.

  14. photo update


    This is the second time Driver & Conductor saved many lives...
    great job..

    Bless you all...

  15. Riyaz and Mohammed,

    while I do not agree with Kaati's views on Muslims (I was lucky being educated in St. Peters where there were students of all communities in my class), you have to understand how his views have been formulated. You have to agree that the chance of someone who was brought up in LTTE held areas to develop a normal friendship with members of the other communities are practically nonexistent.

    Having said that IMHO the Muslim community in SL has to change how they do things if they want to avoid enmity. Just visit any large cooperation in Colombo which is owned by a Muslim and you will see what I am trying to tell you. Holiday Inn, Bhaira (hope I spelt that right) are 2 that come to my mind. You will notice that the staff is almost exclusively Muslim. I wish the government would look into these hiring practices so that the population of SL is provided with real racial equality.

    As I said earlier defeating the LTTE is the easy part of the task set ahead of us in order to (re)build this nation.

  16. chanchoon,

    and just what are you doing about the war?

    dumb AOL troll

  17. "Most of the people travel by 155 rout are tamils. If the bomb was under a seat, the person might have got into the bus before the Modara Police junction bus halt."

    As far as I know (and I work at Barnes Place, a few hundred meters from where the bomb exploded) the bus was traveling from Ratmalana TO Mattakkuliya, so comments about there being lots of Tamils in Colombo 15 is a bit idiotic. Are there lots of Tamils in Ratmalana also, B#1?

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  19. ONE possible reason for the increased attacks TODAY may be the possibility of the fat-ass going for the thileepan's crap. he should have got shit scared hearing the jets.

    it started yesterday and commomorations will last till the 26th of this month.

    i expect trouble around then and also on the 19th which is this friday (according to some sources).

    what canibalistic barbarians are these bloody LTTE terrorists? whenever they CELEBRATE or COMMOMORATE something they need human flesh and blood!!!!

    no wonder the CHOLA empire has now become the CHOL(ER)A empire!!

  20. Look at BBC...nothing is published about today's bomb blast..

  21. blacklightarrow,

    Sorry about " plying from - to " concept.

    But are you trying to say Tamils travel only from Mattakkuliya to Moratuwa?? Then how they return home?? By Auto??

  22. choknuti,

    You wanted to know what I do about the war. Well, I am not doing anything about the war, because it's not "my war". The people who benefit from the war are the LTTE and the corrupt politicians. You ppl shout loud and sling mud at each other for nothing! Your last comments makes me think you are a shallow, ignorant and immature creature!

  23. B#1, your genius deduction was that the bomber got off before the Mutwal police station, which was what my comment was addressed to.

    There was a bomb on the track at Mount a few days ago. Where did that come from - the Sinhalese? Making broad generalizations helps no one and in fact actually distracts from locating the real terrorists. Most of us know next to nothing about the LTTE and their tactics. Try and find out a bit instead of just spouting theories because the internet is free.

  24. "පොඩි එකො, උඹවත් හැදියන් මං වගේ පාහර මිනීමරුවෙක් නොවී!"


    බොලේ! ඒ පාර මූත් ළමයි වඩාගන්න පටන් අරගෙන!

  25. BBC reports

    Meanwhile, a bomb has wounded at least four people on a bus in the capital, Colombo, police say. There have been a number of such attacks blamed on the rebels in recent months.

    It also says

    Sources on the ground say civilians are fleeing Kilinochchi into areas to the east, and rebel fighters are going that way too.

    They make it sound as if the LTTE are following the lead of the fleeing people. These are the subtle methods used by BBC Sinhala Service in its continuing efforts to betray our motherland. The traitors…

    The likely scenario is..

    “..the LTTE terrorists are fleeing Kilinochchi into areas to the east, and civilians are being forced that way too by the LTTE fighters at gun point.”

  26. Chanchoon,

    With respect, if you are doing nothing, please don't do it here.

    Also, be careful not to slip up and break your own high morale standards by "slinging mud" at Choknuti and others.

    Thank you.

  27. 4 injured in Colombo blast

  28. Pakka lanka

    "They make it sound as if the LTTE are following the lead of the fleeing people."

    You're right there. They're making it sound like LTTE is leaving only because civilians are leaving and for their sake, and not because of SLA advance.

  29. Chanchoon,

    Thanks for the lecture on who I am. I would have never guessed without your input. Before you continue trolling or making judgements about my character please refer the following: Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that ye be not judged"

    You have got the wrong impression here about our opnion on the war. I guess i can speak for everybody here (except for the terrorist maggots) when I say that we do not want the war but it is the only way to get rid of LTTE terrorism.

  30. Heroes of the Day….


  31. Video about the blast,

  32. Chanchoon,

    [Well, I am not doing anything about the war, because it's not "my war"]

    Nice thought. If everybody in the world thought like you, WW1 would still be going on.

    As Pakka Lanka said: "With respect, if you are doing nothing, please don't do it here."

  33. The Notable Absentees of a Dream in Flames

    Velupillai Prabhakaran cuts a solitary figure now. We see him lighting flames, quite appropriately, symbolizing where his big dream is resting at present - in flames.

    His facial expressions indicate that he is really an angry man and wants us to be on our guard all the time.

    What is missing in the photographs are his senior subordinates holding the rank Colonel, who used to stand to attention on occasions of this kind, earlier on. Judging by the way things are going, Velupillai is back in square one; he is back at the point where he started this menace, three decades ago - as a solo maniac, on his own.

    The absence of seniors may be due to two reasons: either they are busy in defending what is remaining of the dreamland or the disagreement about the strategies may have come to a head. The true picture is yet to emerge.

    After looking at the most recent picture of Velupillai, I have come up with my own hypothesis about his desire to light lamps or stay near flames.

    I reckon that he is thinking of his move to the other side. He knows who are waiting in the wings when he goes there - the chaps who were sent to an early grave by his misdemeanours. These young souls will be at this man's throat and Velupillai knows it. So, he in the business of appeasing the departed souls in the hope of getting a diluted response from them.

    Velupillai is a Hindu who hasn't collected enough credit to attain Moksha. So, he may be thinking of getting into the next available slot in the spiritual vending machine.

    If he thinks he can dictate his destiny this way that thought is as silly as his dream of having an Eelam in our motherland.

    I wish a disgruntled cadre lit his pubic hair from behind, while Velupillai is lighting lamps for the perished Tamil kids - after sending them on murderous missions, while jealously guarding his own.

    His epitaph will then read as 'The Greatest Hypocrite of the Tamil Community in a generation'.

  34. I didn't see a single bearing ball damage at the explosion site (Any comment about this DN). May be this bomb was created in a hurry or it is just to make panic among people. Anyway a big thankyou and salute to the coductor and driver.

  35. Dileepa,

    "I didn't see a single bearing ball damage at the explosion site "

    Yes, they don't seem to have been used here. But fragmentation is not the only way to cause damage with a bomb. Ball bearings and other metal pieces are used only to increase the damage. Shockwaves and thermal waves can still cause considerable damage.

  36. Swarnavahini Live@8 said,
    "There said to be a GAS attack onto 57th Brigade and they have Sucessfully dealt with it..."

    Any News about this??

  37. Swarnavahini Live@8 reported a gas (chemical?) attack at Akkarayankulam. According to the report 6km to Kilinochchi.

  38. 4 civiliand killed and 6 wounded in todays air raid...

    su said.prabha said...

    hey guys its just a smoke grenade ...ohhh how funny u guys are

  39. DN, DW,

    LTTE captured Akkarayankulam area again? Any info on this??

  40. prabha

    Akkarayankulam never all to army to recapture it again...ok

  41. Shyam,
    "Akkarayankulam never all to army to recapture it again...ok"

    Yes. Trinco as well! Isnt it mate? ;)

  42. Guys
    Ltte sponsored gathering in London ended up in disaster where the tiger goons have jeered the Hon Foreign minister and the well respected Mr Jayadevan was assaulted by these goons in front of their one time supporting British MPs.Now this MPs will know what they are up against. Tigers have cooked their goose with respect to their reputation here. The MPs left the meeting abruptly leaving the tigers’ reputation in tatters and they must expect more raids and arrests in future. sin any!

  43. Gas attack?
    Could it be flatulence by VP? After all our boys are moving in fast, India wants him there and his mates have abandoned him and the departed waiting for him down there to get even with? This definitely his own man made gas.

  44. //Most of the people travel by 155 rout are tamils.//

    This may not be true. I think at any time majority of people in any bus (in south) are sinhalese no matter the route or area. But there may be more tamil in 155 route buses compared to some other bus routes.

    It might be the terrorist traveled in that bus with the bomb in order to set the bomb in another bus but for some reason he had to leave the bus leaving the bomb there.

    [Some people actually think LTTE will not explode bombs in buses like 155 etc based on many tamils travle on those buses and LTTE don't kill tamils.!!]

  45. //According to the comments made, our ppl are good at talking about the "war" more than doing anything useful to help the efforts. I propose you guys should go to the war front and fight and do something for the country!//

    //You wanted to know what I do about the war. Well, I am not doing anything about the war, because it's not "my war". //

    OK we have an advisor for "other people's war".

  46. SLA find 44 sea tiger boats and 50 destroyed sea tiger boats in Nachchikuda ???

  47. chanchoon,

    I am confused. First you propose not to blog (may I ask what you are doing?) and actually go to the war and do something about it. Then when asked as to what you do with regard, you say you are not doing anything, because it is 'not your war'. And then you say 'presumbly on behalf of every one of us' that you do not want the war, but that is the only solution to the LTTE problem. (which is genius of you, cause' I would have thought that we are at war, not because of the LTTE terrorist but because we revel in killing people!!)

    Don't you think you need to be a bit clearer? Meybe my IQ level is not up to your standard?

  48. kevin,

    "Ltte sponsored gathering in London ended up in disaster where the tiger goons have jeered the Hon Foreign minister and the well respected Mr Jayadevan was assaulted by these goons in front of their one time supporting British MPs.Now this MPs will know what they are up against."

    that is great news. disaster upon disaster coming their way thanks to some ULTRA RACIST rage affecting these ppl. they tolerate no ALTERNATIVES.

  49. Moshe

    Could you publish a link to the article please?

  50. ninja

    This shows the future attack strategy of the LTTE. It was suspected that they have gone into boat building business big time to try a 'swarm attack' targetting at least one major SLN ship, or even more.

    An attack by over 50 fast moving suicide craft would be fatal for any of the SLN's slower, big ships.

  51. Grious

    You make a very valid point; Velu is at square one and has tremendously subsidized the southern sinhala crazies' wildest dream of decimating the tamil population to a negligible level. He's their boy, even though they hate him.

    If you ever get to meet Velu, give him this advice, in the hope that he's at least now learn to break the vicious cycle. That for a man who has an itchy butt, biting nails can bring no end to the suffering.

  52. TS,

    about the happenings in london...
    source: kevin

    re: thileepan...
    source: http://www.ltteps.org/?view=2257&folder=17

  53. Terrorism should be defeated minimizing damage to civilians.

    India sees Tamil people and LTTE as two phenomena. Although the military action taken by the government to defeat terrorism will be alright, India will be concerned of the damage to civilians, he said.

    - new Deputy High Commissioner of India


    You aew welcome sir, we are with you!

  54. [[LTTE high-tech facility destroyed]]

    Since majority of the LTTE Photoshop® brigade were maarvred, LTTE has announced vacancies for graphic designers. Little knowledge on Adobe Photoshop® (ie. the ability to cut and paste faces/heads of new maaveers) is sufficient, no expert knowledge is needed.

  55. Wanni operation: 57D advanced 7km within 48 hrs. 50 LTE (CA) dead. 70 LTTE (CA) injured. 6 km to K'chi. 4 km to Mankulam. 2 km to A9. 59D close to Nayaru. (Sep16) see here .


    58 captured/ destroyed 100 boats and a communication tower. Two LTTE leaders dead. Sep15. see here .


    Gas attack - Swarnavahini report Sep 16.


    58D at 20 feet hieght trench Sep 12.

  56. BTW, defence.lk is very slow on updating. It seems they mostly work on INGO shifting and civilian issue. This does make sense. GSL now removed INGOs from wanni (though they left heavy vehicles and high tech equipments there.) Next step would be to remove civilians (and also to make sure LTTE cadres will not infiltrate pretending civilians.) As time passes SLA will complete the rest of the job.

    Given the past experiance, civilians in south must be too vigilant as LTTE explode bombs killing civilians when SLA captured key areas, just to give good news to diaspora and keep them happy.

    TS, I doubt those boats are high speed ones.

  57. [[Ninja said...
    58D at 20 feet hieght trench Sep 12.]]

    Great Wall of Peelam!

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. DM report on 'gas attack'.

    SLA better be prepared specialy after avacuating civilians.

  60. Prabaharan killed once again....


  61. I recently red the book “Inside an Elusive Mind : Praba” to try to understand actually what’s in his mind. But unfortunately I could not get fcuking clue from this book.

    So, I decided to fly to Wanni and get a one-on-one with VP. Remembering my father collected his 1st Class train passes for 3 years (from 1983 to 1986) which issued by Ceylon Electricity Board so he can get plain tickets for the young family to fly from Koggala to Jaffna to see our brothers on other side I rang my father. And he said Yes, thanks to fcuking JR and fcuking VP I still have those tickets which we never get to use.

    I landed on Iranamadu Air Port and 4 guys from “Imran Pade Unit” checked me out and after promising 4 x Sponsor letters to get them to Australia they took me to VP.

    Considering all the shit going around VP still looked well and fat and eating very well. He had a “Suicide Case” massaging his legs and sent 2 x Black Tigers to kill a “Wild Bore” for lunch.

    So, DN and DW readers get the exclusive peak at VP’s twisted mind. Bit long and so comes in 2 parts. This is part 1 and I tried my best to make it interesting!


    I first spoke to VP’s wife and my 1st question was the romance they had when they were young. And she said “romance?? What romance ??? I was on a “fast-unto-death” and was on Saline drips fighting for my life when Fatty took me to the jungle! I was hallucinating and I couldn’t figure out whether Fatty was trying to give me mouth-to-mouth to save me or was trying to have sex! Fatty was lucky I was hallucinating; other wise no way Fatty make love to me! I always fancied Amman (later Pottu Amman)! But it’s ok! I no Jealous!!!!

    Mahathaya and Amman story:

    Main reason VP got pissed off with Mahathaya was he had 257 Tamil friends in his FaceBook page and VP only had 5! So, he got Mahathaya into the jungle and asked:

    VP: So, u don’t care about my command any more?
    M: No, I do care. I’ll do any thing u want me to.

    VP thought for a second and said : OK, get ur Left leg up and stand on ur Right leg only and stand still for 5 mints.

    Mahathaya did it with easy and VP got more pissed-off and said:

    VP: Oh, u think ur tough guy ha? Get the other (right) leg up too!
    M: what??? If I take both legs up, on what I am going to stand?? On my D#ck? U dumb c@nt!!!

    VP got so pissed off and he starts shooting @ M’s right leg and missed and hit Amman on his left eye! ha ha ha I know it is fcuking funny! Don’t ask me how he managed to did that! ha ha ha

    Watching Amman getting shot in the eye, Balraj could not stop laughing and he said “look at him… ha ha …… POTTA Amman!!”

    Hearing this, Anton Balasingham who always looking for a way to impress VP said “ Balraj, u r racists! Don’t use Sinhala word. Make it Tamil, so how about we call him “POTTU Amman”??? So, Amman to Potta Amman to Pottu Amman!!!

    Adele Balasingham, who was a lesbian (some says she was a Nurse and nothing wrong being a Nurse anyway) making out with few underage LTTE girls heard this and said “yes..yeeesss……ooohhh yeeesssss”

    And all this time VP was taking pot shots @ Mhathaya’s one leg and another miss bullet hit Thamil Chelvem on the hip! And Chelava said “ Ohhh… u dumb c@nt... Now I have to walk with a stick for rest of my life”. And VP said “ ohhh… u think u r a fcuking genius ha ?? so if u r so good how come a Barber himself got such a bad hair cut?” Chelva just smiled!!!

    Karuna, on a side watching all these comical events unfolding nod his head and muted to himself “I don’t know what the fcuk I’m doing with this retarded bunch! I’ll just wait for my Swiss and Norway trip”

    Finally Mahathaya had enough with this sh#t and on the tradition of “Fernando of Moratuwa” ( AKA Puran Appu) he said “If we had 10 c@nts like u , then I won’t have to shoot my self to get killed” and took the gun off VP and shot himself! Sad but the saddest part is VP killed Mahathaya’s all 257 Tamil FaceBook friends and dump bodies in a mass grave. Now that is s a fact!

    To be continued….


    P.S. bandar: pls don’t try replying to this! Go back to watching Wiggles and Hi-5

    Part 2 is about Premadasa Killing, Chandrika Story and Why pissed off with Mahinda. Hope u guys enjoyed Part 1.

  62. b#1,

    "The ill-fated CTB bus of the Mattakkuliya Depot was plying from Mattakakuliya to Moratuwa on the 155 route when the incident occurred" - http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=26550

  63. 4.5km to Sakkilinocchi…

    Wow! SLDF bravehearts, you are the best!

    Dear MotherLanka, I love you…you are in my blood, you are in every breath that I take irrespective of where I stand…and it is truly heartening for me to see how you are winning over the heinous evil that made you bleed!

    For a struggling, “developing nation” Sri Lanka you have shown others, including others who are much well endowed in resources and technology, on how a “war against terrorism” should and must be executed!

    Kudos to the likes of GotaR, SarathF, and the other heads of the respective forces...and most importantly, the brave fighting men/women in our SLDF!

    I agree it is too premature to un-man the battle stations, roast the pig, and let wine flow freely just yet, but this is the beginning whether you like it or not…it sounds like, smells like, feels like when the horrific Khamer Rouge Pol Pot regime was about to be liquidated by the North Vietnamese Army! I was only a lad then…I still remember being glued to the TV in Aberdeen Scotland when that watershed was achieved!

    Aha, the sweet smell of success…yes, I get a whiff of it and I will savor every moment of it!!!

    LTTE hardcore motherfuckers…I suggest you wanker yourself to death as I agree this would be something you will never ever recover from!!!

    Ouch, that hurts I bet!

    OaO Asithri

  64. Amma G/G

    [Karuna, on a side watching all these comical events unfolding nod his head and muted to himself “I don’t know what the fcuk I’m doing with this retarded bunch! I’ll just wait for my Swiss and Norway trip”]

    Yeppie...now he's the CM of the East and he and his poras are now even into traveling the world to promote the East Sri Lanka as a tourist destination!!!

    Eat your heart out LTTE motherfcukers...you are nothing but idiotic, filthy scum...destined to rot into oblivion!

    OaO Asithri

  65. Prabha

    [Great Wall of Peelam!]

    Good one mate…I am truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  66. Amma G/G

    [Adele Balasingham, who was a lesbian making out with few underage LTTE girls]

    That was before we had the RM-70 babies and their rockets…so, now if she is arrested in SL (for promoting TERRORISM), the first thing that the SLA has vowed to do is to have her sit on one of those RM-70 rockets…just to compare notes!

    Filthy bloody white-trash bitch!!!

    OaO Asithri

  67. Hey Asithri,
    I just moved to NYC, would like meet up and get to know you. Let me know of a way to contact you.

  68. Intelligence agencies in Sri Lanka are examining what they consider are international mercenaries fighting for the LTTE, particularly with regard to the "Tiger Air Force" or TAF.

    We have discussed this issue in early September this year following our own investigations into the Trincomalee attack. These suspicions first arose during an investigation on the bombing where an F7B Pilot had locked its radar on a Zlin, only to lose it in a second.

    The Pilot claimed the Zlin pilot went into a dangerous dive as soon as his radar tried to lock the plane. He claimed at the time that the dive and subsequent evasion tactics were 'unusually good' for a rookie pilot and instead resembled more the tactics of a seasoned fighter pilot.

    The second clue comes more recently during the attack on the Vavuniya Air Force base where one pilot's performance stood up against the rest. This pilot, having observed the AA batteries in operation, pretended to retreat towards Mulaitivu then half way there, suddenly turned back and bombed the base. One of these bombs landed close to Special Forces CO Brigadier Nirmal Dharmaratne's official quarters but failed to explode.

    This pilot's accuracy was comparatively much better than that of the other pilot who was subsequently chased and shot down by the F-7. This has given rise to considerable suspicions that one of the two planes that carryout the bombings is piloted by a foreign mercenary. He/they would act as instructors, guiding the Tiger pilot to the target. It is a case of leading by example.

    The Tigers weren't the first to use foreign pilots in actual combat missions over Sri Lankan airspace. Pilots from the former USSR flew MIG27 jets in military operations against the Tigers many years ago, before SLAF pilots were on par with them.

    A famous such operations was the bombing of the Navatkuli Bridge when the Army started retreating towards Jaffna Town. SLAF pilots followed close behind but the Russians took the lead in the bombing run and helped the SLA delay Oyatha Alaikal from reaching Jaffna in a hurry.

    Experts who spoke to us confirmed that many mercenaries, having retired from leading armed forces of the world, would take such risks in consideration for large payments. Until the recent downing of the Zlin , SLAF did not pose much of a threat to such pilots. Even if they did, the evidence presented earlier indicates that they have escaped unhurt on both 'close calls' while the unskilled Tiger pilot/s perished.

  69. blacklightarrow,

    [hiru said...


    "The ill-fated CTB bus of the Mattakkuliya Depot was plying from Mattakakuliya to Moratuwa on the 155 route when the incident occurred" - http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=26550]

    Yes at the beginning all the media reported bus was plying from Mattakkuliya to Moratuwa. That's why my assumption was made like that.


    Thanks brother. :)

  70. //[So all this time the diaspora have been celebrating looking at maintenance crews.]

    LOL...probably the buggers who wash the planes before photoshoots.// (DW)


    You beat Quriuos and Asithri. elama kiri. Keep writing.

  71. @ Amma Gahai/Gahawi

    That was fantastic !

    Keep them coming !


  72. Boys, Thank u and appreciate the feedback! Part 2 is ready and will post as time permitted

  73. Guys,

    We are on the doorsteps of both Nachchikuda and Nayaru. With that, the sinking of Sea Tigers becomes complete.

    Killinocchi is just a stone's throw away and SLAF is pretty active. The activity and very successful hits reflect how far LRRP teams have ventured into.

    As this is the case, encouraging news will trickle in. In the mean time, I wish to focus on something that has become a global catastrophe - the bloody economy.

    Greed and Financial Gridlock

    The German ambassador has recently scoffed at state of the economy and blamed the government of Sri Lanka on the war it has waged against the Tigers. The big man, in fact, has talked tongue-in-cheek: he conveniently had ignored the fact that the German economy is also on the brink of recession - and without waging a war on its soil. It shows that war is not the sole factor that determines the health of an economy. The ambassador in question may have thought our countrymen don't read papers or don't go on line and take his words as gospel truth. I am not surprised if he was someone with that mind set - the exaggerated snobbery.

    In fact, we are doing relatively well, compared with big players who are not at war with terrorists like we do. The only peopel who don't think so are the UNP.

    The German economic growth has been negative for two successive quarters - the definition of recession spells out three of those - so have those of the UK, Spain and, of course, USA.

    Lehman Brothers, one of the giant investment banks has just collapsed in America and the biggest insurance giant in the world - the AIG - is on its knees, begging for federal intervention. It looks like the Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank may step in with an injection of cash.

    We were told the freedom from the government control is the way forward for a healthy economy. However, when these financial giants turn to governments for cash-hand-outs, the opposite seems to be true.

    A few months ago, a giant bank in the UK collapsed and the Bank of England literally bought it - nationalized the bank.

    With these developments, the much-hated phenomenon, the nationalization is about to make a come-back, at least to rescue struggling financial institutes that grow in number by the day.

    When all known indices fail to account for this less-than-graceful falls, sensible folks start talking about a less-smart factor that may have caused the fiasco – the greed.

    The US Presidential candidate Mccain already identified the greed factor in financial turmoil and politicians across the spectrum will follow suit.

    A banker employed by these institutes works for a livin, which is perfectly right. However, they can earn a huge bonus, if they walk the extra mile. That is where things can get dodgy.

    Sometimes, bankers walk extra light years to earn the handsome bonuses They indulge in dubious means to get it: forecast manipulation; cajoling and in the ludicrous scenarios, even gambling.

    In the face of all that, the government will be forced to intervene more vigorously in the day-to-day running of these institutes. That means more and more layers of bureaucracy and headaches for customers.

    Capitalism has an ugly face; uninhibited greed is one part of it. If we don't deal with it in a sensible way, the devil we collectively kicked out - the socialism - may try to stage a come-back, at least through the backdoor.

    Clever economists who got everything wrong so far, can at least make sure socialism is not coming back with blazing horns.


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