Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The truth about Vavuniya attack

When it comes to suicide attacks, LTTE's Black tigers rarely disappoint the organization. Today was one of those rare days on which LTTE's primary weapon disappointed its leadership. 10 Black Tigers (5 male and 5 female) were mercilessly gunned down by elite troops deployed at Wanni Security Forces HQ while they attempted to beach the installation's defenses under the cover of the night.

For the first time in the history of the Eelam War, tigers launched a combined attack using their ground units, Mortar regiment and air tigers on the Wanni SF HQ. The black tigers were tasked with the destruction of Indian made Indra-2 radar installation while the mortar regiment and the air tigers kept SLA personnel 'busy'. The flaw in this seemingly brilliant plan was that the tigers did not know SLA  intelligence units had warned the base of similar attacks (in fact of a series of possible attacks) beforehand. Therefore the security had been tightened and elite troops had been deployed in the Wanni SF HQ.

10 members of LTTE's 'Black Tiger Commandos" were annihilated 200m from their target by a group of Special Forces soldiers deployed at the base. The SF unit hunted the hunters to perfection and did not suffer any casualties in the process. Although the Tamilnet front page proudly displays a group photograph of Black tigers, it was LTTE's mortar regiment and the air attack that did actual damage to the base premises and radar installation. The LTTE fired more than 60 artillery rounds which fell in and around base premises. In addition to these, two LTTE aircraft dropped two gravity bombs each weighting around 25KG. Speaking of damages, the Indra 2D radar installation sustained minor damages after being hit by shrapnel from exploded artillery shell or a gravity bomb. Several other structured in the base have also been slightly damaged due to artillery fire. 10 SLA soldiers have been killed and around 30 more security personnel have been injured. All of the injuries are due to artillery fire. The damage is nothing catastrophic as pro LTTE media claim.

It is believed that around 20 LTTE cadres had managed to infiltrate the FDL and stealthily move near the SF HQ. 10 of these were suicide cadres and the rest played support roles such as artillery spotting. SLA has recovered 11 bodies of LTTE fighters, including the bodies of all 10 suicide cadres. The rest may have escaped.

The other setback LTTE suffered in this attack came when one of their light aircraft was shot down over Mullaithiv skies. One recently acquired F-7G fighters managed to score SLAF's first air to air kill at around 3.50AM today when it shot the LTTE plane down. According to F-7 pilot and 59 division soldiers deployed on Mullaithivu frontline, the Zlin crashed into dense jungles south of Mullaithivu after being hit.

Despite the interception, one worrying factor that the SLA/SLAF should immediately address, remains. This is the ineffectiveness of ground based anti aircraft guns. LTTE aircraft managed to evade AA fire from the ground yet again and would have safely returned to Wanni had it not been for the interception by the F-7. SLAF cannot afford to allow the Zlins to deliver their payload as there is the remote possibility of LTTE aircraft accurately bombing the target unlike in previous attempts.


  1. Thanks for giving us accurate picture of whole scenario…in fact I came to know what happened by seeing the TV footage published by Rupavahini…well done boys…you are the best…I hope this hurts many LTTE supporters..espacialy who send money to kill their own blood in SL

  2. DN
    Do they (SLAF) have any supporting evidence to prove that one plan shot down?
    I have contacted one of media personnel in SL and according to him shooting down story is made up by SLF to cover up the damaged cause to the base (I know that’s not true anymore) but If they can provide some evidence to show that SAF is capable of pacing these shitty aircrafts that would give the edge for our on going war …and for moral boost as well..
    Anyway thanks for the update please keep it up with good work…

  3. haha the kaati's strike again !

    If the MI wasn't forewarned it would have been disaster for one of the main forces HQ in the country.

    This is similar to the August 2006 attack on Muhamalai e.t.c

    A man from the Ellai padai passed on the info to the SLA that a major assault was imminent. That's why SLA pretended to withdraw and then boxed in and slaughtered the tigers.

    After the war I hope that a memorial is made to the numerous spies and defectors which has brought LTTE to this level.


    Guys take your time to sign the petition

  5. kaatikuddupaan,
    Katti a memorial by all means yes DEFINITELY!.but NOT with their NAMES..we have to protect the other members of their families.We have to find a more productive means of helping the remaining member of their families in secret such as free education etc and focus their attention to good jobs etc .We dont want these LTTE supporting buffoons overseas to target their families due to the fact that funding the LTTE for over 25 yrs has not produced any tangible results in SLanka...a loaded statement..

  6. kaatikuddupaan,
    you should not even mention places by name.

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  8. Security Forces crush major terror attack at Vavunia
    Wanni Operation 09 th September 2008

  9. If what defencenet says is correct. MI played a vital role here in preventing a disaster. Army should take more measures to develop our intelligence community. MI no doubt the best weapon we have against the LTTE leadership.

    As kaatikuddupaan says we should never forget our fellow countrymen Tamils who risks their lives daily to provide valuable Intel to MI units. These individuals have to be protected and rewarded and so should be their families. Damage they have done to fascist LTTE org and continue to do should never be forgotten.

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  11. sldf,

    "As kaatikuddupaan says we should never forget our fellow countrymen Tamils who risks their lives daily to provide valuable Intel to MI units. These individuals have to be protected and rewarded and so should be their families. Damage they have done to fascist LTTE org and continue to do should never be forgotten."
    This is something I always promote. They are our Sri Lankan heroes behind the screen. We need to protect them with our lives. We need to provide them the very best we can. These are true symbols of a united Sri Lanka. This is why we need to implement a decent political solution as soon as possible. Matter of fact, we should strengthen the hands of TMVP, EPDP, TELO etc with real judicial and executive powers. Most significantly, we should bring those Sinhala basterds, like Kulasiri Udugampola and his political bosses who betrayed these true sons of Lanka, to justice (I personally prefer to give them the traitors’ farewell at a public square).

  12. kaatikuddupaan, sldf & sam,

    Long-ranger, in answer to a question i posed agrees with you:

    We certainly need to protect where needed and reward where deserved.

  13. Defencenet,

    Can you ellaborate us why the SLAF didn't deploy the SAM's against the Zlins?

    This infact being an attack on the SLAF base, no SA missiles were fired..

  14. It is good to see the SF taking down Black Tigers even before they pulled a trigger. This is another proper use of Army Special Forces. By the way, does anybody know the status of SLAF RSF? All what we hear mostly are about Army SF, never about Navy's SBS or Air Force's RSF. Can somebody educate us please.


  16. DefenceNet

    Was this a guns kill or A2A missile strike?

  17. LTTE Artillery formation targets Vaviniya Air Base again

  18. Sammy said,

    My sources in the Sri Lankan Army and AirForce have both confirmed that the damage is more severe that we are lead to believe.

    The Radar suffered moderate damage and may be out of action for at least a few weeks. Which leaves the skies open for the LTTE aircraft.

    The base also took several arti rounds causing some damage to infrastructure and resulting in the deaths of at least 12 soldiers. With at least 2 dozzen more with moderate to seious injuries.

    AirForce source confirmed that no LTTE aircraft was shot down. The pilots did make contact with 1 LTTE aircraft for a brief moment but could not fly low enough to successfully engage it with cannon and missle fire.

    My souces are both high placed and reliable. Looks like we came off worse that we are lead to believe. Its about high time our Military planners took a fresh look into the problem of the LTTE airforce and come up with a realistic plan to combat them.

    MiG-29s is not at all a realistic solution. And it is obvious the ground based AA weapons we not currently have are ineffective. The time for action is now.

  19. Kaattikudduppan,

    Still you havent answer my question.

    Eththani Sinhalavanukku unta kommavai koottikkuduththani?

  20. Dear Chaps,
    Bravo! Outstanding job done by our fly boys and SF chaps. I hope they have already painted a kill flag on the F-7G fighter for the hot shot pilot. Wonder if the goons have enough tin cans left for one of our fly boys to become an ace with 5 kills.


  21. ltte has fired artillery at vuvuniya air base, details are still sketchy. On another note, if the SLA and, defencenet, and defencewire are so keen on saying that the radar installation is still in tact then why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact?

  22. [why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact]
    It's rather unfortunate that the government was unable to produce a picture of the intact radar installation.

    However the Rupavahini TV chaps did show the viedeo of the intact radar installation. I wonder if that's be enough for you?


  23. Sammy,

    Who the fuck do you think you are? The Supremo of SLDF? Listen undercover LTTE motherfucker…I have a humble request of you (in the traditional OaOA style)…and that is, let’s make a deal…I will buy your “abysmal failure of SLDF” story if you buy the story that I “serviced” your whore-mother last night first going up-side-down and then down-side-up…so, do we have a deal?

    Listen undercover LTTE sympathetic bastard (either a hardcore, a TNA, or a Ranil the Ponna supporter…all cut from the same cloth)…so, you have “realiable sources”…uh?

    What a bloody hilarious laugh…Patriots, get a load of this…this motherfcuking cunt has “realiable sources” in the SLA and after garnering info from those sources, the bastard comes in here, to a public forum, and publishes what they told him (info. that his so called buddies gave him with the strictest “confidentiality” one would guess)…!!!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    LTTE=TNA=RW arsehole…did you think we are “konndey bandapu cheenu”..???


    Arsehole…let me tell you something ...I and my “associates” here have access to the “highest echelons” in many of the SLDF branches (right down to the level of calling them on their mobiles) and what I have heard from the ones I called (including from ones who are not-too-thrilled with the MR GOSL) is the complete opposite to what you have published (as also confirmed the opposite by DefNet in this artile)…so, please do us all a favor and go protect your LTTE whore-mother from a marauding “dakuney Sinhela-hottie” like moi! Phew!!!


    OaO Asithri

  24. Never seen pic of LTTE in Wanni![/IMG]

  25. Another confirmation...

    Since the SLAF was on a "deep orange" about imminent TAF (takaran air force) nuisance-attack on vital SLDF installations, everything was “laid out and ready” I hear when the scramble came about the Vavuniya attack and then the SLAF birds (that were actually “primed and waiting ready” at that moment) took off and that’s how the chase-down and the summary blasting had happened (what brought the tin-can was a missiles I was confirmed). Evidently, SLAF is now ready for the next tin-cans too…based on this success, they have honed in the strategy they had deployed and the next time it will be undoubtedly “total-kaput” for the TAF I am told). This is not classified info. as SLAF/MOD has issued many statements directly/indirectly to this effect.

    There, you have it…

    OaO Asithri

  26. Patriots, be cautious of many LTTE hardcore mother-so*omizers coming here under various names, many new handles, and often using Sinhela sounding handles too, to push forward the LTTE propaganda.

    Evidently, the bastards took a substantial hit recently when the “southern masses” elected MR GOSL for those two governing provincial councils and I hear (from my anti-LTTE Tamil sources) the LTTE "civilian field agents" have been asked to do a "do or die" attempt to demoralize the "Sinhala Population" and each mother-so*omizer maggot has been given a role to play...some very prominent and others not so!

    So, be warned...being forewarned is forearmed!

    OaO Asithri

  27. UNP says radar installations are totally destroyed, and Your PM says there are 155 SLA deaths and 983 injured for august! WOW, that's how much he admits which means the real number is significantly higher and when you count the deserters and the MIA, that's a pretty heavy modhaya toll.

  28. Crimewatch

    [LTTE have shot down several Bombers in vanni in past years..]


    So what was the exact number of SLAF “Bombers” LTTE shot down? LMSSAO!!!

    So, now let me get down to some real “Maradana language”…

    Ado, patta-balla…how about you disappearing from this blog…as someone suggested the other day? You write total cock in this blog…and have never ever contributed anything of remotely value!

    I suggest you go join a pro-LTTE forum and write you cock as that’s what those sites are anyway!


    OaO Asithri

  29. Thiru

    [UNP says radar installations are totally destroyed,]

    And the UNP also told that you came out of your LTTE whore-mothers arse instead of her rotting yoni…now do you believe that also?


    OaO Asithri

  30. Asithri

    I guess you have misunderstood 'Sammy' in the sense pronuncing. Its actually 'Sa(r)mmy' who is in the kovil. His source is sun god's friendly god. So don't tell sex related stuff to him, you know why.


    Now I wonder….

    Twinkle twinkle little star…how I wonder what you are…

    But Dear Star, first pray tell me why are these dirty little men kissing the dirt and why are they doing acrobats in strange positions…?

    Twinkle twinkle little star…

    Little Sweet OaO Asithri

  32. Ninja,

    Good one brother...I am LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  33. [UNP says radar installations are totally destroyed]
    According to these jokers the Rupavahini TV chaps reconstructed the whole base as a movie set for this viedo. I don't think the Hollywood movie moguls could have achived such a miracle. This is to the point of being silly or nonsensical or as ancient Romans used to say 'ad absurdum'.


  34. asithri, my favourite son of a molested modhaya, i was hoping to hear from you...the truth hurts that much, the young modhaya mind can't come up with any new comebacks i see, use the same old come out of arse joke over and over again, but wat else can i expect from a singhala modhaya such as come in this blog and show everyone the true singhala chauvunistic cannot handle a proper discussion and have to resort to your pathetic keyboard attacks.....Asithri i know it must hurt you to hold on to those dark secrets and hide in the closet, but don't worry that's normal for any child that has been molested at a very young age.

  35. guys,

    check the following ROUGH calc. sorry for the distorition.

    detection time 1 326
    detection time 2 331
    take-off time 2
    Initial rate of climb 400m/min
    take-off to detection time 0
    bombed vavuniya camp 345

    if bombed by the first plane, it has traveled (min) 21
    it has travelled (km) 82
    max speed 235km/hr

    if bombed by the second plane, it has traveled (min) 16
    it has travelled (km) 57
    cruise speed 215km/hr

    time SLAF shot down the crap 355
    time for TAF crap to travel from vavuniya to mulaitivu jungles 10
    distance travelled 37

    remaining distance (min) from crash site 21
    remaining distance (max) from crash site 46

    F-7G min speed (km/h) 950
    boeing777 average cruise speed 885km/h

    F-7G max speed (km/h) 2100
    distance from KAB to mulaitivu jungles (approx) km???? 300

    minimum travel time 9
    max travel time 19
    take-off time and take-off clearence (minutes) 10

    time from detection to shoot down 29

    minimum delay (minutes) 0
    max delay (minutes) 10

    1. tiger landing strip may be 21km - 46km away from crash site. (assumption-radar and HIGHLY SKILLED personnel detected TAF planes upon ascend)

    2. TAF landing strip is somewhere in mulaitivu area NOT iranamadu/A9
    (only 1 bomb each was dropped; mighty hurry to get back; so used the FASTEST way)

    3. SLAF lag time was from 0 minutes to 10 minutes which is acceptable (assumption - take off related time was 10 min)

    suggestions for correction/refining are MOST welcome.

    where can i find the detection times of previous TAF attacks?? i have attack times; moon rise/set times

  36. Thanks DN for your efforts to always provide the most bullshit-less possible news whenever necessary.

    and Asithri.. you too machang .. thanks for clearing that sammy thing up.

    The way things are going.. it clearly shows that VP and his remaining people are on their last straws and are going for last ditch efforts to score some major attacks.. failure on their end shows that for one.. our troops are on a high tide.. and they know that ltte can be eliminated ..but also that they cant spend much time planning and practicing missions to execute them successfully because our guys are making them sweat and slip.

    ofcourse i am stating the obvious.. no sources of my own .. just coming in here to stay in touch with the progress.

    keep up the good work people.

  37. --LTTE propaganda and diaspora--

    All earlier times tamilnut published 'TAF returned safely' just after the mission. But this time they even had problems what to write. (See my comment on first and third lead TN report in previuos thread.)

    Attack was total failure but duty of LTTE propaganda team is not 'reporting tamiz affairs' as they say but rather keep the moral up of their support base.

    This time TN even didn't say they send TAF cans. This means in the event SLAF publish good vedio they can simply stay mouth shut. (so SLAF downed some one else zlins like their vessels.) Finally after 24 hrs after realsing SLAF has no vedio they say TAF came back with some photoshop job. Further they said what are the damages to SLAF base as well. (Actually those are the damages the black tigers were supposed to make but couldn't make.)

    So this gave a chance to diaspora to have some good feeling and also permited int. media like BBC to write zlin shot down - rebels deny. [We note when some thing happen good for LTTE heading is for them, fast news, GSL deny at the end VS whatever happened bad for LTTE late news, dull heading, rebels deny first.]Also this is what now Kariella/UNP has to say in next media meeting.

    Actually if DN/DW are not on the web LTTE has one horse race and 100% diaspora, 100% opposition supporters, 50% ruling party supporters buy LTTE propaganda without knowing it. Thanks to DN/DW picture has changed now. But it is a pain to LTTE diaspora.

    Thus we see 'inteligent' diaspora come here with tamil, sinhala, english names and write the 'truth' from 'inside sources'. Or begging for videos and photos.

    We observe one difference on which real Sri Lankans can be proud of. While diaspora demands what they like to hear avarage sri lankan demands and seeks the truth.

    What we need to understand is what the real purpose of pro-LTTE media and how good are they in their job. LTTE propaganda is there to keep the pelaam dream alive, moral up of a motivated diaspora and they are extremly good in their job, specially given the 'inteligent'ness of diaspora.

  38. Incidently, when I asked one SLDF honcho that there is skepticism about this shooting down of this TAF (takaran air force) “polkichha,” he laughed and said,

    “listen buddy, if GOSL wanted us lie it would have done long ago…about “downing of a TAF”…like after the attacks on the KAF, AAF and other nuisancical attacks that were ten times more prominent (i.e. involving civilians in the south) and enmeshed with dire political implications (like when MR GOSL was on a political campaign for example)…therefore, why would we utter any lies now when we are at the doorstep of Killinocchi and winning and when after MR GOSL has won handsomely the provincial elections..?”

    I guess a good point on his part…

    OaO Asithri

  39. "UNP says radar installations are totally destroyed"

    UNP says mr. ranil w (not mrs.)
    UNP says they won the last 2 elections
    UNP said they would form a govt in 2007
    UNP says mano ganesha is NOT a sakkiliya, not a tiger BUT a HONEST politician (my ass)
    UNP said any ass can fight. OK asses can fight; horses can fight too. MOSTLY they fight for breeding rights. but why then MULES can't and don't fight???

    bcos MULES can't breed!!!!

    the PRESENT day UNP has lost men and credibility. it will jump for joy everytime VP farts.

  40. //Patriots, be cautious of many LTTE hardcore mother-so*omizers coming here under various names, many new handles, and often using Sinhela sounding handles too, to push forward the LTTE propaganda.//

    Well, this is not new here. Time to time in large and small numbers tigers do this. Some start as 'patriot' but concerned sinhala guy and some sre good in sinhala too.

    Some times difficult to detect in the first post but sooner or later they will be esposed. This just show how good is DN/DW on their job and whats the level of frustration of diaspora.

    I would say let's give first priority to discuss things which lead to victory of the war. Secondly, respond to these diahrds, retaderds and terrorists when we need some fun.

  41. MD
    If any thing starts or ends from 'UNP says' nothing to worry about that unless you are a UNPer and expecting UNP come to power in near future.

  42. Thiru

    [i was hoping to hear from you...]

    Sounds like you are in love with me scumbag...ah I guess it's nice to be loved by friend and foe alike!!!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  43. aqua,

    Greets brother...good to see you here...yep, we go back a long way I remember (to those "dark LNP days" LMSSAO!)...


    OaO Asithri

  44. [If any thing starts or ends from 'UNP says' nothing to worry about that unless you are a UNPer and expecting UNP come to power in near future.]

    Very true! Words of a wise man!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  45. OK time to go make my contribution to the "TAF APPEAL" fund...there's a SOS out!

    Catch you patriots later...

    OaO Asithri

  46. //why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact.//

    There many LTTE dihards and that 'very concerned patriotic sinhalas' who keep asking videos, pics of intact radar, downed tincan, missile which downed it etc.

    If GSL releasy any such pics videos they will say these are false and modayas are fooled. I am sure even we take them in front of radar and show it they will say this is fake.

    But most interestingly they never ask pics or vedios of tincan which was not downed. OR they never ask pics of destroyed radar or destroyed xx SLAF asstes from LTTE. Becuz they beleive thier propaganda machine.

  47. Dear Patriots,
    Lets talk about more important things than wet dreams of ZTTE goons. How about the design of the kill flags for our fly boys jets. I think given that the death cult doesn't represent an actual country with a recognized flag, we should use an image of an ape or a monkey to represent a single air-to-air kill of a tin can. What say you?


  48. Media updates elsewhere say it was a missile strike.

    BTW the F7G interceptors scrambled also can carry US built Aim-9 sidewinders. Whether these were used or Chinese PL5s is unknown.

    Rupavahini shows one of the radars continuing to work. There were 2 sets in Vavuniya.

  49. Guys

    LTTE didn't plan this attack to be such a failure and relax. If LTTE succeeded after that they don't relax and for sure capitalize on that in the battle field. In other words there should be some thing already planned specially in wanni/jaffna fronts to be performed after the 'successfull devastating' attack.

    Thus we better expect that sooner or later and be prepared. Thus apart from celebration SLDF need to work more hard.

    After downing the tincan it seems SLAF guys throwing parties. What will happen just after downing of zlin LTTE send another tour? I don't think SLAF were ready and prepared.

  50. ‘Basil asked me to get LTTE support’ charges Mano

    [Tuesday, 2008-09-09 22:18:30]
    The Western People’s Front (WPF) Leader and Parliamentarian Mano Ganesan yesterday charged that the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) had questioned him over the visit to Kilinochchi because he rejected an appeal made by Senior Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapakse to meet the LTTE Leader Velupillai Pirapaharan to obtain his support for Mahinda Rajapakse during the 2005 presidential election.
    The WPF Leader at a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday charged that both Basil Rajapakse and former Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle had requested him to get the LTTE support in order to defeat UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, which he had turned down..
    "Why should I support the UPFA candidate when we were canvassing for the UNP Leader. Although I have met the LTTE leader officially he was not a personal friend of mine. Since I did not support Basil Rajapakse on that occasion they are now trying to label me as a LTTE supporter and also as a drug and weapons smuggler," claimed Ganesan. .
    Accusing the Rajapakse administration, Ganesan further said that although the government tries to tag him as a LTTE supporter who had secretly visited Kilinochchi on several occasions all his visits to the north were made with the then President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s knowledge..
    "In 2005 I had to meet the LTTE leader in order to convey President Kumaratunga’s assurance that the peace process would not be hampered though the president had to give protection to Karuna Amman. On my return from Kilinochchi when I met President Kumaratunga the present Transport Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna too was with her. So with all these transparency what was the reason for this government to question me over and over with regard to my Kilinochchi visits which were made with the knowledge of the then President and Prime Minister?" queried Ganesan..
    According to Ganesan the former President has assured him from London that once she is back in the island in October she would reveal all the details of his visit to Kilinochchi, which was done, on her request..
    Accusing the TID of leaking his statements made to the CID to all the government media institutions, Ganesan said that this was the first time that CID has leaked a statement made by a suspect. .
    "During the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) not only myself that visited Kilinochchi but also Ministers G.L. Peiris, Arumugam Thondaman and P. Chandrasekeran. If the Rajapakse government could question me over my northern visit why don’t they question G.L. Peiris, Thondaman and Chandrasekeran about their visits," alleged Ganesan

  51. MD

    Nice Calculations of times..
    Wondering IF the F7 takes 9 min from KAF to mullaitiv. in such speed how can a f7 attack a zlin. cos a f7 will pass zlin in nano second..?


  52. TropicalStorm

    "Rupavahini shows one of the radars continuing to work. There were 2 sets in Vavuniya"

    even Swarnavahini did show the radars continuing to work.

  53. Lot of people seems to be hypnotized by the latest Tiger Takaran-Tin tactics but these are nothing really new. These are tactics used by an inferior enemy to face a superior opponent. Tigers are using 'Cunningness' as a force multiplier. Tin-cans are nothing but low flying death beds, but being able to fly slow and tree top low has its advantage of being able to evade some of the modern day detection systems. Sri Lankan Forces needs to be ready to tackle an invasion by some cheap ultra lights carrying gravity bombs, which will be harder to detect although easier to down with simple rifles if and when detected.

    The same goes for weaponized See-Doos.. Cheap and deadly force multipliers

  54. Hopefully, this bombing run will bring us more good news.

    Bless the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our tomorrow!
    Bless and protect the precious lives of our brave soldiers!

  55. hiru

    Did they show both units as functional? I live abroad and do not get to watch SL news very often.

  56. Perhaps the SLG should've announced the radars are out of action and switched them off temporarily.

    That would have encouraged a return attack by the takaran weedwhakers...

    Our guys shot their mouths and also lost KP in Thailand.

    when will these people learn to thin befoe they talk? Real results are more important than big talk.

    Wisdom is such a sad achievement when reached only in hindsight.

  57. Crimewatch

    We would like to have better info on this A2A interception, but the govt needs to excercise caution in making such data public knowledge for obvious reasons.

  58. crime,

    yes it will pass very quickly. BUT that doesn't mean it cannot shoot the target down.

    the relative speed of the F-7 against the Z143 would have been MAX (2100-215)= 1,885 km/h when it was shot down.

    this is nothing.

    interceptors (including F-7s) are designed to take on even SIMILAR aircraft travelling at ANY direction. imagine an enemy F-7 was travelling in the opposite direction (coming towards it). then the relative speed is,
    (2100+2100)=4,200 km/h

    still it can handle it. no problem.

    i know this is not TOPGUN (the game) but still this is so. modern interceptors do not have to go behind the enemy to shoot it down.

  59. sam,

    yes mate lets hope for a bumper harvest and a PRECIOUS catch

    "The attack follows a step-up of air offensive mission by the SLAF, who reportedly gunned down an LTTE aircraft while fleeing towards Mullaittiuvu, after its failed air attack at the Vavuniya Air Force base, yesterday."

    i like this "step-up of air offensive missions".

  60. TropicalStorm

    Sorry I wasn't that clear on it. Only one was visible in the brackground of the live@8 reporter

  61. this is what makes me hug the TN editor's thangachchi.

    "Meanwhile, the SLA has closed the Omanthai exit point in Vavuniyaa, on Tuesday, after the LTTE attack SF Vanni HQ, which is located in Vavuniyaa town."

    didn't i say so??? at last.

    overrun it.

  62. MD

    didn't i say so??? at last.

    ya true..

    Remember i posted few weeks before.. LTTE will attack the tail not the head...

  63. [SLAF raids LTTE intelligence nerve center in Kilinochchi]

    How come SLAF got fighter jets to bomb TAMIL EELAM SOIL??? They were all burnt to dust by black tigers right?

    oh we MODAYAS thought that only 'SINGALA' media delivers PUNNAKKU to SINGALA CHAUVANISTS. But it looks like we have been given PUNNAKKU by our ever reliable TamilNut.

    i dont get it did any of the fools know why did tigers did this attack?
    in outside view you geese thinking that they are up to the radar. lol did anyone wonder why they didnt attack any of your massive forces pushing them to their heartland? and how did these 20 commandos came in to vavunia?
    if i tell i would be fool like the rest of you! wait and see kids, you have more news to put it in this blogs
    till then you can enjoy this victory[LMAO], i am amazed that DN is posting this tread as a victory to Srilankan Army.
    you will get some more good news fellas ,so go on and enjoy the day or week ;).

  65. 10 SL Army look a like uniforms Rs.5000

    60 Arti shells Rs.18 million

    1 Crashed flying Tuk Tuk Rs.100 million

    5 male black tigers and 5 female black tigers doing a one last group s@x orgy knowing they are going to get killed by SL SF next morning….. ……..PRICELESS!!!

  66. to Amma Gahai/Gahawi
    begging and getting the Radar from the india = FREE
    recruited those innocent Singlalese armies who died in that HQ = around Ruppe 5000 each heads

    having those mercenaries from india : Around 50000 ruppees each month

    getting ass wooped by the LTTE by their attack ...PRICELESS

  67. //Well informed sources said that had Sri Lanka acquired Chinese-built 3D radar as originally planned by the Sri Lankan government, the SLAF could have easily wiped out the so called Air Tigers. Unfortunately, the government had to give up the plan due to India’s concerns and install Indian-built 2D radar capable of giving direction and distance whereas the state-of-the-art 3 D radar would provide the height of the target.

    Although Sri Lanka installed one Chinese 3D radar last year after LTTE aircraft almost succeeded in hitting the Katunayake-based jets, undoubtedly the primary offensive asset of the Sri Lankan forces, it would not help the SLAF to detect the approaching enemy aircraft over the Vanni. Despite a proposal to shift the Chinese installation to a better location, the government was yet to act on it, the sources said.

    Minister Rambukwella said that they believed the LTTE had three aircraft.

    The navy in a two-day operation conducted 2,800 kilometres south-east of Sri Lanka in September last year, destroyed three LTTE ships thereby thwarting an attempt to bring in three additional aircraft. The LTTE cargo, according to the SLN included three aircraft in knocked down condition.

    Pro-LTTE Tamilnet claimed success in their operation which involved Black Tigers, artillery units and Air Tigers. But it did not comment on the SLAF claim of shooting down one of their aircraft.

    The sources said that SLAF would have comfortably zeroed-in on the LTTE aircraft when they were returning to Mullaitivu after bombing the SLN base at Trincomalee over two weeks ago, had 3D radar coverage been available.//

  68. Visitors are reducing day by day on this blog...MD remains as daily blogger..

  69. @ Watcher of Crime,

    The fact that a lot of us do not post frequently does not mean that we do not read the blog. I wonder how you can claim to know the amount of visitors to this blog without being a part of the Defencenet team. Unless you are employed at, which still would not give you the info since, internet companies do not release such information to their toilet cleaners.

    Some info on the tamilnut site for those who asked a little while back. Network solutions is just the domain registrar and do not host the site. Tamilnut is hosted in the UK. Its IP address is which resolves to . I wonder if the management in Moran Hotels UK knows that its IT staff is hosting pro-terrorist sites on their server. Maybe someone in the UK could look this up? Even if tamilnut is considered a legit site, I think the management would not be keen when they find out that they are paying for all that traffic.

  70. Crime-Watch-Doggy,

    The funny part is you are visiting the site, and also commenting on reduction of visitors.

    How can the site reduces its visitors when you visit and post dumb comment again and again?

    If you want to reduce the number of visitors, why don't you initiate it in the first place?

    We'd love to see you leading the other maggots out of here.

    Anyway, check this site's Rank/ Hit rate if you know how to do it. :D

  71. bandara,

    you posting crap here to get off 'the pain and shame' of a failed mission + descending dream of Eelam = Priceless for us.

    Please continue! We love to see your comments! :D

  72. choknuti: good job finding that info about the Tamilnet its really usefull. thank you
    to ninja:
    please wake up, you still sleeping.
    kaatikudupan: you think you can live forever under the Singala asses?

  73. to intelattack: why do you choose that username intelattack while you dont even know why that attack happens? and what is going to happen next?
    lol you are indeed hilarious

  74. If thats the case, I can ask you 100s of questions about your name here. :D

    But it's useless to talk with extremists and terrorists. They only understand 1 language most of the time.

    So, please enlighten us about the next attack. We love to crush that too. :)

  75. IntelAttack:
    "So, please enlighten us about the next attack. We love to crush that too. :)"


    bandara: go jump to a lake! or find Vezapilley's open pit toilet and jump!

  76. @ intelattack

    I meant the exact figures, but I guess an alexa lookup would show a general graph that be sufficiant to disprove him.

    Sorry no compremendo

  77. Bandaara kari ponnayo..

    yako.. hutto.. thoge ammata haminena welaawaka Bandaara kiyala pawichchi karanne ai kiyala hithala balapan.. man hithanne umbe amma walawwaka wadata yanna athi ee dawas wala.. heh heh.. hondata puka palal karagena indapan maha kotiya umbe puke arinakal..

    dan ballek wage reply karapan..

  78. to piyadasa:
    Ojadda Oluva Vadak Naane Malli..

    why would i need to tell you the tigers next attacks, if i tell you that , that wouldnt be more fun to see you people flee, or wasting your gun ammos to the the Zlins for half an hour by looking at the sky, care full dont shoot those poor crows, lol they may look like planes in your freaked mind too.

  79. TropicalStorm,
    After killing 50 troops the tigers became too enthusiastic and overplayed their hand.Basically with the death of the 10 black tigers for nothing-not achieveing their objective..these murderous LTTE buffoons and their supporters overseas have slapped themselves in the much for over enthusiasm.

  80. Guys,

    UNPeeeeee-s and all over the place!!

    Our great opposition party - at least some boisterous elements in it - are at it again: they see yesterday's early morning attack as something of catastrophic proportions; they even go to the extent of predicting a doomsday, when the explicit evidence from reliable sources and even the implicit evidence from pro-Tigers media say otherwise.

    The rascals in the UNP who up until now pointed their guns at its leader, have a change of heart suddenly.

    Ranil is a simple man with very few hobbies. One of them is collection of ear-wax - mimicking stamp-collection of kids - that in turn has made him impervious to the calls for his head. The morons, who turn up heat on the defence establishment, were in fact after him like a pack of wolves until very recently; all of a sudden, they have taken the eye off the ball. One thing is certain; these folks have a very fertile imagination for multitudes of weeds to grow to full extent.

    They had been dreaming of installing a very ambitious chap called SB at the helm, in the hope of coming to power through a short-cut. The prospect of that becoming reality is fast fading. The recently held election, despite the high cost of living, war on all fronts, did not go in their favour at all.

    Failing in that mission - very miserably of course - they have chosen the next available weed that has the potential to grow very well in their fertile imagination - ridiculing the armed forces and belittling their achievements.

    Turning their political radar towards Vavunia is an attempt to shore up dwindling morale of rank-and-file. Unfortunately, radar is capable of picking up any signal - good, bad, silly, stupid, vulgar and ridiculous. When the immature politicos of the UNP think that their political radar picks up the signals that only favour them, what in fact, happens is the accumulation of other signals by stealth while keeping the political idiots in the dark When the signals thus collected are played out in the public domain only, do they realize the stupidity of this exercise; the signals that they don't want us to hear are going to be audible too, that expose the motive of this grand exercise.

    Those who feed these bankrupt politicians with half-baked information are disgruntled elements in the defence establishment itself - the arm-chair generals; those who do not excel in combat; the corrupt; people with political agenda. These people model the battlefield failures in the political field with the aid of politicians of the same wavelength.

    The catalogue of failures that the Tigers now encounter, take our eyes towards the beacon of hope that is lit in the distance. Those who look at it wearing dark glasses are the failed politicos of the UNP. No wonder they see gloom not only in the battlefield, but every corner of the earth.

    I have to warn these people. What they witness is a medical condition that is much worse than tunnel vision. At least, the tunnel vision is temporary and something that can be dealt with.

  81. Piyadasa-
    It's not worth replying or reading those well known terrorists posting in blog.
    Ignore them mate.

  82. Doomsday signs for LTTE Black pussies!!

    Guys, up to yesterday's attack, the LTTE suicide pussies/black pussies were one of the most successful ambush teams in the world. Success rate is over 95% in terms of purpose and efficiency,better than even the best military forces in the world.

    But yesterday's attack is the signs of beginning of a losing trend for black pussies. By looking at the pics posted we can see they were not even close to their objective this time and even the suicide kits were all intact. Our troops are now one of the best anti terror fighting armies in the world now. When this war is over with there will be great demand for our Military personnel, Dont be surprised if UN inducts loads of our guys for their missions.

  83. DN,
    small err in 1st para of your Post>
    ..attempted to beach..

    Yep, ltte hoped to show as the Tide has Changed with trying to comeup with this after their temporary successes in the Soil Bund. But Seems their Determination led them to a 33.33% Reduction in their SO Called AIR FORCE....
    You can have a Great Interview with Mr. Ranil Too..
    Lots of Interesting Developments!!

  84. its funny that tamilnet has put up a picture of an LTTE base getting bombed

    in :

    The last pic on the right has a house surrounded by characteristic steel sheet fence, satellite dish and even a solar panel for night time lighting.

    Its first time I've seen them put up a pic of an LTTE base getting hit.

    Good job SLAF

  85. From strategypage

    The War In The Air
    September 9, 2008: So far this year, nearly 6,500 LTTE fighters have been killed, about ten times more deaths than the army has suffered. The government forces are coming up the northwestern coast of the island, the last bit of territory the LTTE controls.

    After 18 months and seven attacks, the small LTTE air force of single engine commercial aircraft, has lost one of its planes to an air force fighter. Two LTTE aircraft had made a bombing attack on a government controlled town in the north, but to no effect. The air force radar system spotted the LTTE aircraft, and was able to vector a jet for an interception.

    September 8, 2008: The LTTE continues to interfere with the efforts of Tamils to flee LTTE territory. Partly, this is to keep potential military manpower handy, partly it's for propaganda purposes. Civilians controlled are a sign of political power, and they can also be used as human shields, to provide some protection from artillery or air attack. If civilians are hurt by artillery or bombs, you can accuse the government of atrocities. The LTTE was also using NGOs (foreign non-governmental organizations) for political purposes. So the government has ordered foreign NGOs out of LTTE territory, at least until this final battle is over.

    The LTTE are now staging counterattacks, but none strong enough to stop the army advance.

    September 7, 2008: While 7,500 army deserters took advantage of a recent amnesty, several thousand did not. So the police have begun looking for them, and 305 have been arrested.

    September 3, 2008: The army captured Mallavi, a northern town long used as a LTTE base. The town contained an LTTE hospital for wounded fighters, and sits astride a key supply road for its forces in the north.

    September 1, 2008: The army is within 12 kilometers of Kilinochchi, the town the LTTE uses as a headquarters. The LTTE are expected to put up a strong resistance defending Kilinochchi.

    August 31, 2008: The LTTE openly complained of army commandos sneaking through LTTE territory and sometimes ambushing people on the roads and trails. The LTTE vows retaliation in government territory, and this is thought to mean more terrorist attacks.

    August 30, 2008: In Colombo, a bomb went off in a market area and wounded fifty people.

  86. su, shan

    Thank you for showing the enthusiasm, along with other guys. I will interview pottu amman, first and then another guy from near-hell. Later on, at some point, Ranil too.

  87. qrious,

    UNP (the present day one) is now pronounced as URINE-PEE.

  88. LTTE group photo only shows 10 cadres who took part in the operation. However SLA found 11 bodies.Now the question is who is the 11 attacker?
    May be he was mole....

    HOPE SLDF check this fact.

  89. Guys,

    I warned you against creating a black hole on our earth recently. The experiment - the most expensive ever - that I was referring to has just started along the France-Switzerland border; if you are a physics enthusiast like me, please follow this link with a lot of patience; it is bloody busy, even for Europeans.

    I am a skeptic about the outcome of this experiment - revisiting the scenario of the Big Bang.

    Let's wait and see whether a Black Hole develops in Europe to suck up the earth, as we are being warned by some physicists of the opposite camp.

    My instinct is that this is going to be a very expensive farce. It is high time European tax payers took up arms!

  90. Moshe,

    Your assesment of UNP is noted.

  91. Vigilante,

    11th one is the cameraman.

  92. This photo has been taken from one of the key LTTE offices in Kilinochchi. SLAF should have used bunker busters and not air-burst.
    Both the houses are LTTE offices, but Tamilnet does not show the main office with the big bunker here.

    Sad to see any civilians getting killed. Civilians are held in gun point and LTTE is trying to showcase a Human Catastrophe by purposefully stationing them closer to LTTE installations.

  93. "However SLA found 11 bodies.Now the question is who is the 11 attacker?
    May be he was mole...."

    It was most likely an artillery spotter. SLA suspects there were more and that is why the search operation using special forces was launched in the morning (After the raids).

    The photo only contains 10 cadres as only black tigers (and occasionally 'pilots' who are strangely absent from the scene this time around) get the 'privilege' of posing with Prabha.


  95. DN,

    The picture of 10 Black terrorits is a FAKE one. I pointed out it earlier with clues.

    No one has a privilage to pose with Praba!

    I think maybe a Bunker Buster would have a chance in the near future.

  96. DN, I am not saying that you are wrong but how can soldiers at the FDL see the Zlin crash into jungles at night when it is pitch black?

    Unless the Zlin exploded in a fireball in which case it would have been lost to the radar at once and then there would be nothing left to crash into the jungles.

    Is there not a possibility that the Zlin landed (crashed?) safely in the jungle after being hit by the missle?

  97. anymouse

    no offence intended but are you awake?

    suggest you read DW's and DN's posts where it's clearly mentioed that the ZLIN exploded in a fireball and crashed

  98. Shan that's what I am asking here,

    How can the Zlin crash if it exploded in a fireball? There will be nothing left of the plane to crash.

    Secondly how can the soldiers at the FDL see this crashing?

  99. One has to ask what our Airforce was doing when LTTE heavy earth moving equipment was digging miles and miles of trenches that are more than 6ft high.

    Now we are sacrificing our soldiers for those mistakes.

    If it was for Israel, they would have destroyed all the earth moving equipment when it first touch soil for digging trenches.

  100. I am wondering why ZTTE hasn't released the pics of pilots this time.

  101. @ Choknuti and other againts Tamilnut:

    Moran Hotel where Taminut is hosted has two locations in London:

    1 - In Cricklewood Broadway. There is a patriotic restaurant and shop called Lihiniya restaurant in Cricklewood. Plus lots of Sri Lankans live in that area.

    Crown 142-152 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3ED
    Moran Hotel +44 (0)20 8452 4175 | +44 (0)20 8452 0952 |

    2 - In Chiswick. This is near the London Buddhist Vihara. A lot of patriots go to the Vihara.

    Chiswick 624 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5RY
    Moran Hotel +44 (0)20 8996 5200 | +44 (0)20 8996 5201 | Enquiry Form

    If there are any patriots with contacts at 1 and 2, please go and have a word with the management of Moran Hotels.

    Just doing my bit.

  102. Blasts blasts.....any ifo.....?

  103. Madayan Shyam check your beloved TamilNut for news from Civilian Sources....

  104. Ayubowan All,

    I've been reading this blog for sometime but this is my first posting. Just wanted to prove some wishful thinking on the part of some VP worshiper that visitor numbers to this blog is dwindling wrong.. Please keep your good work up DN. You area guiding light in a jungle of mis-information and spin.
    By the way an explosion a short while ago on the railway line near the Mount Lavinia railway station. No major damage or casualties reported according to local police.

  105. Sammy said,

    Shan... 'who says jets need to fly low to fire missiles at a target, aw c'mon mate these birds have more sophisticated fire power.'

    FYI... the IR signature of small turbo prop aircraft is far less than that of jet aircraft... ask any aeronotical engineer that.

    Flying close to the ground is one of 2 tactics to avoir IR Seeker missiles. The ground emits a lot of heat that can confuse any IR missile.

    If they were F-7Bs, they don't have the fire-control radars that are required for accurate gunnery. However the new F-7G does have a good fire-control radar.

    And looking at the approach speeds, a pilot will have no more than 2 seconds to line up, set up a defelction angle if required, then fire off a burst. Which is pretty hard to do even for the best polits given the time limitation.

    Bottom line... the maximum flying speed of the Zlin Z-143 is far less than the stall speed of an F-7. So there is no way a F-7 can stay with a Zlin for too long.

    The F-7 is limited to carrying 4 heat seaking Air to Air missiles. They are not equipped to fire Radar Guided Missiles. Chinese missiles are not as effective as the AIM-9 Sidewinder or R550 'Magic' missile.

    Like i said my information is from reliable sources. People i grew up with and who i trust. Thats why i cant give names or ranks.

    As much as i dislike the LTTE and wish them all dead, we have to be ojective and realistic. No vitcory is won without sacrifice. And one has to face defeat every once in a while. Learning from past mistakes and making up for shortcommings is the way to move to the future.

    Mi-35s... yeah get more of those birds. MiG-29s i still have my doubts. Keeping the MiGs is gonna cost us dearly.

    September 9, 2008 10:24 PM

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. there will be more explosions in Colombo , until you dont target civilians in Vanni.

    Get prepared.


    more than 90 SLA were killed in Vavuniya attack.

  108. noltte

    what you say has eventually happened today

    which says targeting place where LTTE cadres were building a new defence using earth moving vehicles in the East of Akkarayankulam area

  109. choknuti,perin.

    We know about Moran Hotel in Cricklewood and their other connection the Crown pub next door.After all VP had his child educated in Ireland?
    That’s the clue.

  110. The only way to get publicity in the UK is to contact the non-leftie newspapers, which I'll do tonight. These include The Sun, The Mail, Evening Standard and Daily Express and perhaps the Daily Telegraph.

    The BBC is hopelessly pro-LTTE and will probably ignore this. Moran's an Irish name and the Irish republicans have always admired the LTTE's commitment, desire to cause huge civilian casualties and single-minded ruthlessness which they never managed to emulate (except for one hunger striker).

    As long as you keep your emails factual, dry, polite and unemotional you're likely to be taken seriously.

    Send emails to the attention of the News Desk.

    Email addresses are as follows:

    The Sun:

    The Daily Mail:

    London Evening Standard:

    Daily Telegraph:

    For oher media outlets, this is a good list of emails and contacts:

    Let's Go!

    Kevin, what's the connection to The Crown? Is it an IRA pub? Bad luck for Cricklewood, eh? First the IRA sympathisers, now LTTE sympathisers :)

  111. Mango
    Crown and Morans are the same people.

  112. this is an interesting article about Vavunia attack and air mission...

  113. This is my first post to I am a Sinhala research engineer living in the US who has worked for many years in defence & weapons R&D.

    Supersonic fighter jets are a costly overkill for defending against ultralight aircraft. They are too fast, consume too much fuel, and cannot fly low enough. For defending against ultralights we should deploy some long range propeller-driven WWII fighers (such as the P-51 Mustang) fitted with cannons, air-to-air and air-to-ground rockets. These planes are much cheaper to buy and can be deployed in large numbers to maintain a 24 x 7 air defence umbrella over the Vanni and offshore along the coastline.

    Ape Rata Rakina Weerayanta Jayawewa!

  114. you mother fuckers df, live with all your lies..jeyaravardne.premadase vikremesinge.sanhirika..and now your kotabaya in rajafuckse.. onece and all tamils will finish their in mind this word...can you remember what happend to them....?


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