Thursday, September 25, 2008

LTTE targets near Pooneryn and Kilinochchi hit in SLAF night time bombing raids

The Sri Lanka Air Force was at one point heavily criticized for it’s inability to conduct night missions. Since then, from night time bombing raids (SLAF have been flying night missions for a while now) to an aerial interception of a tiger Zlin at 4AM, the Air Force has definitely improved its night flying capabilities. On the 23rd and 24th of this month, SLAF hit two LTTE targets in Pooneryn and Kilinochchi under the cover of the night; A LTTE safe house in Piramantalkulam, Kilinochci was bombed by Kfir bombers at 8PM on the 23rd while MI-24 gunships raided what was believed to be a LTTE radar installation in Nagavanthurai, Pooneryn yesterday night at 10PM. There are no confirmed details on LTTE casualties in these raids so far.

Meanwhile several civilians in Colombo panicked after mistaking a low flying SLAF PT-6 aircraft for a Zlin143 which the tigers use in their ‘bombing missions’. This was in fact yet another test conducted to verify the proper functioning of the air defence radar system and was nothing out of the ordinary.

In other news 13 bodies of LTTE cadres killed in battles at Akkarayankulam and Mallavi were handed over to the ICRC yesterday. According to SLA sources, more than 40 LTTE cadres have been killed in the past two days on these two fronts alone.


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  2. Adikum.... Addikum.... Addikum.

    Very soon a fat pig will be speaking in Sinhalese in a mythical kingdom of Elaam!

  3. Sri Lankan troops on outskirts of Tamil Tiger HQ: army chief
    57 minutes ago
    COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lankan government forces have advanced to the outskirts of the northern Tamil Tiger rebel capital of Kilinochchi, the army chief announced Thursday.
    The government, which pulled out of a Norwegian-brokered ceasefire in January, wants to capture the town and deal what would be a major military and psychological blow to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels.
    "Our forces are around four kilometres (2.5 miles) from Kilinochchi town. In fact we can see some of the buildings," Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka said.
    He also said the leader of the LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was "now a caged animal."
    "Our military campaign won't stop until we liberate our motherland from the LTTE," Fonseka added.
    Kilinochchi, the political capital of the LTTE's northern mini-state, is where the rebels have hosted visiting foreign dignitaries and peace brokers. They maintain their police headquarters, courts and own bank there.
    Fonseka, who was speaking at a book launch in the capital Colombo, did not say when he expected the town to fall. But he suggested a fresh offensive would begin in the coming days.
    "We will fire the first shots towards Kilinochchi town next week," he said.
    There was no comment from the LTTE, and independent confirmation of the current front-line position is difficult to obtain because journalists are barred from the area.
    However, foreign aid workers who evacuated the north last week have confirmed that the fighting has drawn steadily closer to Kilinochchi.
    Meanwhile, Sri Lanka's defence ministry reported that 36 rebels and one soldier were slain in the latest fighting across the north, where government troops are attacking the LTTE on several fronts.
    According to ministry figures, the Tamil Tigers have lost some 6,898 fighters since January. Military authorities say 673 soldiers have also died during the same period.
    Casualty figures also cannot be verified.
    Aid organisations say the recent fighting has forced around 230,000 people from their homes in Kilinochchi and nearby Mullaittivu -- a major LTTE military base.
    Sri Lanka has poured a record 1.5 billion dollars into the war effort this year, and hawkish President Mahinda Rajapakse has ruled out any return to peace talks.
    "Our government would only be ready to talk to this illegal armed group when it is ready to commit itself to decommissioning of its illicit weapons and dismantling of its military capability, and return to the democratic fold," Rajapakse said Wednesday in a speech to the UN General Assembly.
    The government argues that the rebels only used the peace process to bring in more weapons. The rebels, however, say the island's ethnic Sinhalese majority were never sincere about peace.
    The rebels have been fighting for an independent homeland for the Tamil minority since 1972. Tens of thousands have died in the conflict.

  4. Agree… people criticize the 3 armed forces unnecessarily. They expect them to perform well all the time… its unfair…
    Our Forces are doing a marvelous task with the limited resources they have. Let the capable men do their job! They very well know what they are doing and what needs to be done!

    Do we have the MIG 29s in action now?

  5. Sri Lanka has poured a record 1.5 billion dollars into the war effort this year, and hawkish President Mahinda Rajapakse has ruled out any return to peace talks.

    No Worries for the Dollars part, But if AFP calls the MR Hawkish, what would they be calling when they refer to Leaders of US, UK & their alliance countries?
    India & Pakistan & even the Iraq & Afgan leaders who are pouring money to protect their countries?

  6. puffy,
    It would not be Good to Stop Constructive Criticisum...
    That will be beneficial in many ways..

  7. Great Night time Bombings!!
    So the tigers are not even allowed to DREAM their Eelam...
    Dreams will be Nightmares to be precise...
    Rupavahini says(News bar),
    LTTE Muhamalai Leader killed. ANy news on it?

  8. "The rebels, however, say the island's ethnic Sinhalese majority were never sincere about peace."

    I believe Sinhalese were always sincere about peace.

    Peace != Piece.

    Rebel idiots do not understand that, never will.

  9. Moshe, Adrenaline,

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no a$$ licker of anyone.

    I was mainly talking about the statements regarding 3000 cadres and December deadline.
    Whether these statements are BS or not, depends on what GenSF had in mind.
    Was it deception, some other purpose or just BS, I don't know.
    TF I would keep an open mind about those and not worry too much.

    Some of his other statements were interpreted by different ppl in different ways to suite their agendas.

    About UNP and some others making propaganda mileage out of it, who gives a flying fcuk about those loosers.
    The more they preach, the more they loose.

  10. Perein,
    Yeah, right.
    Then we need govt. sponsored brothels to practice the traditional art of love making. :)

  11. Tata-
    I think we have to easy on these things. Legaly or not, these things are happening.
    May be let them grow illegaly then before the havest let capture all and use for medicine :)

  12. Tata-
    I think we have to easy on these things. Legaly or not, these things are happening.
    May be let them grow illegaly then before the havest let capture all and use for medicine :)

  13. Su,
    "No Worries for the Dollars part, But if AFP calls the MR Hawkish, what would they be calling when they refer to Leaders of US, UK & their alliance countries?"

    Well said!!!.su accrding to my friends the past leaders of the U.K were "decent".."fun loving people"..this is why they mollycoddled and are mollycoddling the world's worst terrorist organisation for over 30 yrs...because these LTTE terrorists are "decent people" who have a "continuous welcoming thaamilselvan smile". however when bombs went off in London some goons in politics opened their eyes...According to my friends who were at Gatwick recently noticed that the "polis" at the airports were carrying DOUBLE barreled machine guns..It appears that the polis are ever so keen on upholding the "Human rights" of would be perpetrators by pumping them with bullets first and extensively..extensively questioning their corpses later..ever so keen...

  14. Co-chairs emphasise on immediate humanitarian concerns
    [TamilNet, Thursday, 25 September 2008, 08:58 GMT]
    "We're placing a lot of emphasis right now on the protection of human rights for civilians who are caught in the fighting, and the democratic government's responsibility for extending - for respecting and extending human rights protection to the people in the areas that they take over," said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Affairs, Richard Boucher, in a statement on Wednesday, after a meeting of the 'Sri Lanka Co-Chairs' in New York.

    "We wanted to get out on the record from the Co-Chairs that we did have a meeting, but also to emphasize the humanitarian concerns at this particular moment," read Mr. Boucher's statement, issued to media by the U.S. Embassy in Colombo.

    Full text of the statement issued by the U.S. Assistant Secretary follows:

    Assistant Secretary of State for
    South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher
    On Sri Lanka

    September 24, 2008
    New York, New York

    ASSISTANT SECRETARY BOUCHER: We had a meeting of the Sri Lanka Co-Chairs today. That's the United States, Norway, the European Union, and Japan. We meet regularly on the subject of Sri Lanka, and we had a meeting today in New York because, for many of us, it was convenient to be here and others, like our Japanese colleagues, were willing to fly in.

    We had a very thorough discussion for about two hours of the whole situation and outlook in Sri Lanka. I think it's characterized, first and foremost, by a notable convergence of views, both on the short-term needs and the long-term. But we wanted to say that one of the areas that all of us emphasized were the immediate humanitarian concerns, and that involves several issues. The fighting has been expanding, heading towards the north. We're placing a lot of emphasis right now on the protection of human rights for civilians who are caught in the fighting, and the democratic government's responsibility for extending - for respecting and extending human rights protection to the people in the areas that they take over.

    The second is humanitarian access for - to care for the needs of those who are displaced and affected by the fighting, where both sides need to make sure that they're not catching civilians in the crossfire, that they're letting people go to places where they can be safe, and that humanitarian deliveries can take place for these populations that are affected by the fighting.

    And the third is sort of a corollary to that, and that's our very strong support for United Nations organizations and humanitarian actors who are trying to take care of the displaced people and people affected by the fighting, working in government areas, working with the government. But we think they themselves play a very important role.

    We're all having meetings in New York with representatives of the Sri Lankan Government. Some of the parties are in touch with the Tamil Tigers during the course of their activities, and we are making these points - each of us, I think - to the parties that we speak to, and particularly this week in New York, to the representatives of the Sri Lankan Government who are here. And our ambassadors, envoys in Colombo, are making them as well.

    So we wanted to get out on the record from the Co-Chairs that we did have a meeting, but also to emphasize the humanitarian concerns at this particular moment.

  15. Perein,
    Missed your comments Bro.Sorry.

  16. Perein,
    That's exactly what they are doing now (if you read the article to the bottom, it says that.)

    The problem is, doctors don't get enough of it. When police cease these stuff, they keep their share. Then court examins and they keep their share. Finally when it reaches doctors, there's just not enough stuff to keep them going. Let alone treating patients with The Medicine. ;)

  17. Well it seems that history WONT repeat itself Thankgod!.We have to wipeout this LTTE filth from our land for the benefit of ALL our peoples

  18. say what about these "Human rights" groups?..where are they at this critical juncture when the LTTE appears to be needing some GOD IC help?..Where is that wonderful reporter Simon Gardner?..

  19. I knew it..the U.S seventh fleet is heading for SLanka under the Flag of the LTTE to honour the noble "human rights activist" VP..His record of humanitarian activites has astonished..astonished the pope as well!!I just knew it!!.I am sure the LTTE enjoyed the speech given by the leader of the "sinhala buddist chavenistic govt".How dare he???..didn't he know that SLanka was run by a few LTTE di-ass-phora goons overseas!! dare he!!!.

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  21. Puli said...

    NamilNut bla.. bla...

    BOUCHER bla .. bla...

    Instead of cutting & pasting, express your ideas brother.

    If you are not in a position to do the job assigned to you, you will get the Red Bird treatment very soon, so be careful brother.

    hi hi

  22. Srilankan,
    Agree with you and as I remember there was an incident where a Brazilian was Shot by the London Police in Mid day after those tragic bomb blasts..

    Those blasts surely did made an impact on the UK policies. But what I dont Understand is the DOUBLE STANDARDS for different countries...

    When the Super powers do things they are Always right.When lots of civilians get killed by the US Air raids in Afganistan & Pakistan they are just SMALL stories of SHORT lifespan and they never comes up in a NEXT article linking what has happend in the past.

    1.Just think how many have died in the LONDON bombing series?

    2.Just how many get killed in Iraq & Afganistan along due to MISTAKES by the Occuping forces?

    But what would you remember 1 or 2?
    Surely it should be the more widely covered #1.
    But when even a small error happends from SL forces all the Foreign Media will come up with Stats & Articles fulled with Rebels, Majority Sinhalese Government (Well its SRI LANKAN Government, they never talk of the ethnic composition of US,UK,AUSTRALIA,INDIA or take any powerfull & ones who thought as the most INTELIGENT to teach the world...)
    They claim they are UNBIASED by giving the same status to ltte & Government.
    All of these are drawbacks of being a small country which cannot do a Big impact to the World economy...

  23. Su,
    It is all about votes bro.That is all that counts overseas.If you noticed..this is why i have encouraged ALL our peoples to expand their horizons by living overseas even for a few years.We are sick ..i mean sick to death of a few LTTE "thaamilselvan buffoons" ruling SLanka while living overseas!!.On the part of the west it is also a way of keeping control on various parts of the world..Some countries think they own the whole world (i am not speaking of the U.S here)..their past shitty legacy..
    What happened to the "human rights" of the georgians?.or is it that you cant shit with Russia and china..and i forgot..those wonderful contracts British gas/petrolium have with russian oil companies.What will happen if the russian companies cancel them.It will be ever ever so so bad..bad bad bad.economically.
    LTTE "Humanitarian activites"..WOW!! you see some innocent northern tamil civilians crying out of sheer pleasure

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  25. Su,
    Fully agree bro.So much for these "humanitarian concerns" of these LTTE buffoons..what a joke!!

  26. Height of Democracy:
    Having members of parliament who are direct representatives of a terrorist group who had killed many members of the same parliament, including a president.

    Challenge so called democracies to beat that if they can!


  27. with regards to government wanting to grow weed, i found it hilarious.

    but this is one of the endearing things about sri lanka. nothing seems too far-fetched or impossible.

    didn't someone get caught growing a plant or two in the parliament complex a few years back?

    i'd say as long as it's not class-A drugs let it be. i don't think any stoner has ever done any harm to anybody.

  28. sala,

    all good. noted.

    he probably mentioned the body counts as part of a propaganda campagne or for psychological effect.

    when it comes to these things, understandably nothing is ever what it seems like.

  29. [was believed to be a LTTE radar installation in Nagavanthurai, Pooneryn]

    LTTE radar installation! Hard to believe! Have they got a radar system also?

  30. salang & adrenalin,

    with you mates.

  31. News from Killi says LTTE run for cover imminent. Screams for help to TN and elsewhere will crescendo now, as the monkey balls feel the iron wrench. Looks like the herd from Killi have been driven like cattle further north so that the big sakkiliyas can hide behind the women and children, begging for mercy.
    In the meanwhile, there's more and more truly impressive proof that our boys are the best in the game. Unfortunately some of the operational details of things they've accomplished will probably never be published for security reasons. Talk of 'even if militarily defeated...' is all fart with no shit. The devils have been let loose and they will clean out the bleeding wound.

    The best is yet to come; the SLDF still hasn't unleashed its true potential and that capacity may never need to be tested.

  32. What's happening to the LTTE is similar to what happened to Hillary C campaign; didn't think it would be a determined push, and didn't measure what a series of consecutive victories for one and defeats for the other would be like, in mass psychology.

    SLDF is on a roll and other nations facing terrorism are watching fascinated. Until now the theory bandied by miscellaneous wonkeys, monkeys, gays, lesbians, norwees and ranils had been that terror cannot be defeated militarily. That error is now being rectified, terror can and must be defeated.

  33. Prez MR's speech to the UN and talks with the salmon-mongers are classics.
    SL needs to set up a series of policies where national defence, economy, international relations, education, medical and welfare standards are concerned. These policies need to be formulated with public accountability and supreme court judicial oversight built into them. That way consistency that has eluded our nation can be achieved, leading to stability and peace.

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  35. TS,

    "Looks like the herd from Killi have been driven like cattle further north so that the big sakkiliyas can hide behind the women and children, begging for mercy."

    this is why SLDFs should NOT drive them away but HARVEST them. easier said than done, i know.

    but at least now the KILLING/DRIVEN ratio must improve.

  36. A judge on Thursday found a youth suspect guilty in a plot to bomb Canadian government offices and attack the prime minister, in the first trial of a member of the so-called Toronto 18.
    Lankan found guilty in Canada Terror Plot

  37. Good find True Sri Lankan.
    It's just the tip of the iceberg I believe.
    This is what we call "ahaka yana nai(koti) odokkuwe dagena kanowo kanowo kiyanawa kiyala".

    We just have to sit back and watch. And maybe time to time send some Sri Lankan NGOs to Canada to help them and teach them HR. :)

  38. Kilinochchi

    Secret of present military success is the separation of politics from military. And we need to keep it as it is. Mainly SLFP politicians' work to rely on military success and in fact taking of K'chi is not good for the health of SLA.

    Many people are waiting for fall of K'chi. I am not military expert but I firmly believe SLA should not take K'chi unless it is military wise approved and should not agree to political influence such as taking K'chi and go for elections.

    Up to my limited knowledge I am not sure about MSR for K'chi if we don't have A9. If SLA take K'chi without A9 I think it gives a good chance to LTTE to cutoff other MSR and isolate troops in K'chi. In contrast we have A32 very secured MSR in west. Thus if SLA advance along that towards Pooneryn while attacking west of A9, I think it is safest strategy.

    This will cut off 100% south indian supply root for LTTE, no sea tiger activities in western seas, thus SLN just need to be in defensive mode there while get more chances to go offensive in eastern seas, eliminate south indian fishermen issues and refugee issues and make Jaffna more safe from Palali side.

    On the other hand, K'chi is the symbol of de facto peelam state. But even without taking it and just keep fighting daily around K'chi and making 10 LTTE cadres dying per day for the peelaam capital it automatically becomes civilans less unfunctional ruined city. Thus even without footing there SLA can negate its affects which is the LTTE administration. However fall of K'chi and fall of diaspora funds, fall of LTTE moral, rise in SLA moral and public support will be postponed.


    SLA never tried to take A9. But it is unsafe to LTTE as well, as SLA close to it. I think SLA may take A9 within few days if they can attack K'chi, Mankulam and Puliyankuam simultaneously. In this way SLA can take the fighting into east of A9 and there by make it safe for civilian passage. But dragging a fight along A9 will not be good for SLA as it contradicts SLA's safe corridor for civilians and also it may increase own casualties.

    53D and 54D

    I don't think it is a good idea to advance these two divisions into wanni soon. As LTTE remove cadres from there at some point of time LTTE may withdraw (of course, tactically) from that front after that they can walk free way. As LTTE need more cadres to protect vezapillai and Mulathiv area where he lives and given the daily vanishing rate this can happen.


    As per GSL all the civilians in wanni are innocent and forcefully kept by LTTE. Opposite is civilians are with LTTE, against SLA. Truth should be some where in between. There will be some hard core civilians truly supporting LTTE while majority is simply helpless under a military group.

    Good point is SLA has correctly identified the crucial factor if this part of war as these wanni civilians. Rather than waiting they take a risk, oppose LTTE and march even risking their lives which is unlikely to happen, GSL need to work more hard on these factor. Separation of civilians from LTTE make wanni a free play ground for SLDF and just seal the victory.

    Heavy weapons

    I am not sure how LTTE will use 122mm and 130mm arti guns in the final stage. Can some one tell how deal with these guns lately.


    It is highly likely LTTE send tincans for another show. I think SLAF need at least 30 mins of TAF flying time to intercept. Thus TAF just need to stay less than that time in the sky, drop the two or four bombs some where, go back unhurt, usual propaganda (they can add "SLAF said it downed a zlin" with good pics will make diaspora happy and feel LTTE is still there.

    I don't think LTTE burry these tin cans like in east they did for big guns rather they use it. But also don't think they send a suicide mission this early. SLAF/SLA have to down them this time before they take the U turn. Rather than sending their pilots on a suicide mission LTTE might use them on hijacking SLAF/ commercial asset and using it.


    Recent news of arresting 10+ black tigers in south and recovering of suicide jackets confirms LTTE is working on their usual recipe for south. Public need to be more vigilant while MI needs to avoid next LTTE 'innovation'.


    Recently exposed - Dulith Herath. I really don't know he runs LNP or not. Contrary to their statement, they don't put SL news paper news only there but mostly tamilnut articles relating to defense. This gives some credibility to tamiznut while it gives a chance to make counter attack from the opposing front. Problem is admin is biased to LTTE side. It is like playing cricket in Australia. People who oppose LTTE were treated an unfair manner while LTTE supporters enjoy the space.


    Out side the battle field, when we deal with LTTE we need to do it civilized decent way. "Game chandiya" method is not acceptable in the INGO,UN, media and international fronts. This is some thing we and our GSL ministers need to keep in mind. We need to defeat LTTE in these fronts 'professionally'.


    It is intersting that GenSF always keep 'remaining LTTE fighters' around 4000. I think MI has told him it is the number we need to give to public so that this will work. And for his credit, our diaspora has just one complaint against him. That is not saying the right number.

  39. LTTE boot lickers here know that the general public do not even read TN. That's why they publish TN articles here.

    DN: Why don't you erase them?

    This blog is not a clipboard to paste. especially from PRO-LTTE sites.

  40. Ninja

    Killinochchi is going to be a drive-thru. The strategy is going to shift again from territory occupation to hunter-killer mode.
    Once Killi is taken, the area south of that point is going to fold up fast, and the battle lines will shift N/NE ending in E'Pass.

  41. infinity,

    "Forces repulse Tiger 'waves' as Kilinochchi beckons"

    thanks for the link. but i really wish these guys could write properly. reading that gave me a headache.

    oh, just realised it's the daily news. ; P

  42. gringo,

    "Very soon a fat pig will be speaking in Sinhalese in a mythical kingdom of Elaam!"

    Remember he said he doesn't understand Sinhala when someone asked him a question in Sinhala in 2002?

    According to interpol, bugger speaks in Sinhala too.

    If he is trying to intermingle with people and survive he will have to speak in Sinhala soon.

    Okata thamai koluwo kiyanne, "urage maalu urage angema thiyala kapanawa" kiyala.

    Velupillai Pirapaharan - Anichchaawatha sankhaaraa!

  43. Sri Lanka Air force Mig 29 Jets
    Now in Action.

  44. The Sri Lanka Army's objective is becoming gradually clear with each day passing. The Army is trying very successfully to reach Kilinochchi, but that is just part of a much bigger plan to bring the entire Jaffna Peninsula and the western flank under its control.

    Velupillai Prabhakaran must act before October Monsoons if he wishes to maintain hopes of Tamil Eelam. The Army's target is clearly not just Kilinochchi Town, though it is an important breakthrough along the way, but the more distant goal of capturing Paranthan, Pooneryn and subsequently Elephant pass in that order. This remains to be the main strategy of a grand plan to win the war. In addition, it is now trying to evacuate the last remaining groups of civilians from LTTE areas.

    Needless to say this is potentially a very dangerous situation for the LTTE. It could release two more offensive formations and a Mechanized Infantry Division capable of offensive as well as defensive (holding) operations within a matter of weeks from now. It could also guarantee safe passage to the military and drastically improve logistics by linking the north with the south.

    The LTTE must strike back before the Monsoon hits. It is imperative. If the Tigers wait till October, the Army would have reached Paranthan. LTTE units stationed at Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali and also along Nachchikuda to Akkarayan on the western flank would stand very little chance of survival against four of the Army's best Divisions backed by 1, 2 and 3 Special Forces Squadrons, 1, 2 and 3 Commando Regiments and the Air Mobile Brigade.

    If this scenario develops into reality, the LTTE would have no real base to operate from, except Mulaitivu north. The Mulaitivu jungles have been systematically conquered by the 59 Division to ensure that a Thoppigala-like situation would not arise in the Wanni where the LTTE gets holed -up inside a dense jungle.

    A guerrilla movement like the LTTE cannot afford to lose a base to operate from. It is not withdrawing like a coil to spring back at the SLA at an opportune moment, though it still could. Instead, it is being drawn into skirmishes on a daily basis and being stretched to its limit. It is now digging into its reserves from the Jaffna Front. This is a very dangerous phenomenon.

    An organization like the LTTE must maintain a semi conventional military capability at all times to maintain its integrity and identity. This requires the maintenance of a reserve force. The cadres the Tigers are increasingly deploying from Charles Anthony, Imran Pandian, Ratha Regiment etc are exactly that reserve and these units are suffering daily losses.

    The LTTE cannot afford to be relegated to the status of an insurgent or terrorist group. It would harm the organizations core value and identity and gravely undermine the organization's funding/support base.

    The Army has got its work cut-out. Its must avoid Pyrrhic War by drawing-out the last of the civilians in LTTE clutches. But it can create only the conditions for such a release and wait. After all, the decision is in the hands of the people and the LTTE. The coming week would be crucial. All eyes will be on the two sides until the civilians are released. Once they are released, the International Community wouldn't spare much though to the fate of the LTTE. Its priority would be the civilians. This is why the LTTE holds on to them.

    A situation slightly similar to this occurred during Operation Jayasikurui. Military operations stopped and the gains were completely reversed by the LTTE in seven months. They had the civilians with them that time. Is this still a possibility? The best answer to this comes from the silence we now observe in the battlefield and amongst the hard core civilian supporters of the LTTE. Predictions of a large onslaught completely reversing the advance have now stalled. Although it does not mean that all is now lost for the LTTE, it does still mean that the tables have now turned.

    The ramifications of an LTTE defeat are colossal. Many powerful state actors would identify with such a victory and even secretly wish for it to happen in this tiny island in the Indian Ocean. It would send a powerful signal to other non-state groups who use violence as means of achieving power and control. Sri Lanka could become the first country in the world to have defeated a guerrilla/terrorist/insurgent group within its own borders in modern history.

  45. according to SF has told that SLA with SLAF will launch a major push INTO kili next week.

    although he said next week it may be one or few weeks later but definetely we will be in kilinochchi before the end of october.

    every patriot should do his/her share to keep the international community at bay for a few more months until we totally screww the tigers. this is a historical time and we should thank God for it.

  46. MD

    S Fonseka and Air Marshal replied in a media guy's q. that the Army is gonna launch a heavy battle toward Kili and also said the SLAF will do the rest. Ponseka and the great team have planned another massive event next week.

    we have to just sit and watch the progress. "Jayawewa'

  47. A dedicated web site for 'war Heroes' was re-launched yesterday

  48. Here is our beloved General in a public address. Air Force chief was also present. Just a thought that came to my mind. Is it wise for two very important leaders to be together in a public appearance. Whole of Sri Lanka needs these two great sons of Sri Lanka to continue their service for the country. There are ruthless tigers prowling around to harm them. No matter how tight the security they could sneak in. Long life to our Generals....
    "We will only rest after defeating LTTE" says Army Chief

  49. crimewatching dude..
    u might be pon... but our army chief is Fonseka...
    Dont think that all people in this world are same as u.
    nice day to u no matter what illness you have.. I pity u..

  50. Haven't seen monkeys for a looong time.

    TamilNut ekath welenawa.

    Need some ent.

    Amma G/G,
    Why do you think SLAF was able to get the barber.

  51. True Sri Lankan,
    I share your concerns bro..very much so..However Gen Fonseka has gone through "hell" as a member of the military(when he was younger) and has sampled death..after the attempt on his life.Sadly i dont think he is afraid..and no one can tell him(including me) how he should live his life and what precautions he should take...He is not afraid..His death will be a monumental tragedy but there is nothing anyone can do except to beef up his security and hope for the best..On the part of the population..we have to keep our eyes and ears open and report EVERYTHING suspicious..

  52. Guys,

    General Fonseka says the first shot towards Killinochchi will be fired by next week; it means, at any time from now on. May all the deities bless the great soldier!

    There was a bit of a debate about what I see as a slip of tongue about the Sinhalese and Sri Lankan, as mentioned by the general in an interview.

    These things always happen when self-righteous agenda-driven journalists put words into his mouth and try to extract the thing they want to blow out of proportion to make headlines to belittle the great man, his achievements and the institute he leads - the best organization in the country.

    A man cannot be good at many things. Gen Fonseka's gift or skill lies in military planning, executing and seeing through what he starts with a straight spine. He is not a politician and nor does he need elaborate words to appease audiences. He may good at explaining military strategies and politics is not his cup of tea. Therefore, it is journalists who are at fault to put him in a situation which he has no desire to be in. A good general talks straight and it is not always music to some peoples' ears.

    He is a man who almost saw death and then made a comeback. He did not deserve that 'treatment' when a ceasefire was in place, just because he was the army commander. So, the savages who tried to blow him up, their local boot lickers who drew satisfaction from that macabre practice and the diaspora whe were cheerful at the news cannot expect something of a sympathy from a human being, let alone a general. General Fonseka never claimed he has a priestly-leaning. I am sure, despite being fully recovered, he still carries some painful memories of that day. So, brutes cannot expect a respite in his resolve to finish them off - and once and for ever.

    He is not a racist; he is a pragmatist with a strong patriotic leaning who is on a noble mission. Let's bless him insead of damning him. After all he is a human being.

    So, the choice of words for a political question shoud not judge this man who has become our saviour of the hour - for Sinhales, Tamils, Muslims and the rest.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Denzil Kobbekaduwa, A Great Hero!

    Something which take tears to your eyes..! Wonderful collection and he was a down to earth General. No second though abt that.


  55. President Rajapaksha’s address to the UN

    You can listen to him speaking in Tamil, 00:50 seconds into the sinhala Video.

    All Sri Lankan media that covered this story mentioned that he spoke in Tamil, even the Daly Mirror. Sadly, our soul brothers at BBC Sinhala did not report this point. If you think that was peculiar, by the 25th September the story was no longer on BBC Sinhala main page. It had been relegated to a sidelink from “Envoys discuss Sri Lanka violence”

    I suppose there are more important stories to fill up the main page, such as “Sri Lanka to test milk powder” from 19th September.

    BTW, after last years UN speech, BBC Sinhala reported “Addressing the UNGA in Sinhala he emphasised that his government is committed to find a negotiated settlement to the national question”

    Every move you make……bond you break……game you play……

  56. Security forces on the doorstep of Kokkavil - Mullaittivu front


    LTTE 'capital' within our firing range: army chief (India eNews)


  57. LTTE will most likely try a suicide mission next time they get airborne..

    Their target might be one of the top ten targets of Sri Lanka. Most likely multiple targets with suicide missions. They might try to distroy the Vauniya Radar with suicide mission with a single plane then they migth try to fly South for the rest of the mission.

    Now they know, they can't wait any longer. At this rate within weeks SLA will occupy whole of Wanni.

    The KAB, Colombo port, the VVIP, Trinco and Jaffna Palally base are their supreme targets.

    It is likely LTTE migth try to attack Jaffna with their available assests and occupy it.

    Please be ready.

  58. No_mess,

    Here in Pukka Land we have a saying...

    ..linden vathura beela, linden vathura nala, lindata gal gasala vathura bora karai Priyatha...

  59. Something big gonna happen today

  60. Shyam said: "Something big gonna happen today"

    Yes, your arse will be set on fire.

    PS, do you think the SLA are spectators to sit and watch the LTTE?

  61. My mate, Shyam said,

    Something big gonna happen today

    Yes, Adelaide Balasinghma is going to lay two eggs today: one gold and the other silver.

    It is really exciting, isn't it? Don't follow her, though.

  62. you fools are still waiting for some thing big to happen. from the biging... from the very first date.. you were waiting for some thing to happen... fools.. utter waste... if you don some thing else.. by this time.. you could have filled up a land with sea sand some where in between thamilnadu.. and SL. then could call it peelam..

  63. Diffence net
    A massive hall of weapon and explosives found in Negombo.The forces said it was kept their for the attack on KAB.

    Any details about this

  64. [[Shyam said...

    Something big gonna happen today ]]

    Yes, something big happened today. Police found more than 100Kg of C4 at Nigambo.

  65. prabha -
    Where did you get the info from please?

  66. If I interpret one-ball correctly, tigers have planned something and fed the diaspora with titbits about it.

    However all those previous red birds became total flops.

    SLDF was prepared with greater intel, and smart decisions allowed them to have the upper hand everytime.

    So, one-ball, its better to wait and see if its all fart no shit as before.

  67. hey newbie here !!!!
    boys did you see the latest pic of big jack doing the whole oops i got u killed scene is said they play Britney spears "oops i did it again " song at these services :) .... dooo notice the sri lanka map behind poor shankar seems they have a real time update system cos i think they have removed the areas lost to the army ..cos mannar and the east is not in the traditional color of red !!

  68. bungu said...

    Rebel idiots do not understand that, never will.

    Dear bungu...

    LTTE is a Terrorist organization. They are NOT rebels. For western media like BBC, LTTE is is a rebel organization but Al qaeda is a Terrorist organization.
    i can give you so many examples why LTTE is considered a Terrorist organization. just message me if u need to know more.

  69. 100kg's of Composition 4 would have done a great deal of mischief!!

    That is one or a few instances of carnage avoided. Could have been for one car/light truck bomb (with ANFO would have been more devastating) or scores of bus/trains bombs and a lot of transformers/ infrastructure sabotage too. People need to be more vigilant.

  70. The blood thirsty tigers seems to be trying on something big again in Colombo. A recent recovery in Wattala, and now in Negombo! People.. Be alert!
    Loads of bombs and weapons found - Negombo

  71. Hmm..
    We are yet to cut through the A9 isnt it?
    As far as I know what has been taken is kokavil Railway station. I think forces have gone up route where the Former Railline was & if that is true, A9 is still untouched.

    Is this the case....

  72. Shyam said...

    [Something big gonna happen today]

    Yes brother you are very true, just bend and look at your balls (sorry you have only one ball no), you will see a bigger ball today (pls don’t tell it to anybody this is due to Red Bird operation.)

    hi hi.

  73. [Something big gonna happen today ]

    Sure... sure.

    Maximum limit of your actions has been terrorism... We will (and we can) stomach it.

    ... And then we will (and we have)make sure that Elaam indeed remains as a sweet day-dream.

    Bring it on!

  74. what not these barbarians did for 32 years.

    did they achieve tamil elam by bombs?

  75. Priyath Liyanage .. The traitor .. should be White Vaned, asa he touch the Sri Lanka.

    He is using pictures from cambodia/vietnam war ear, to potray different image regading the IDPs in SL.

  76. LTTE leader pays homage to Thileepan, Sankar
    [TamilNet, Friday, 26 September 2008, 12:22 GMT]
    Velupillai Pirapaharan, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Friday paid homage to Lt. Col. Thileepan, a political leader of the LTTE, who fasted unto death in 1987 and Col. Sankar, a senior commander and the founder of the Tamileelam Air Force (TAF) also known as Air Tigers. Col. Sankar was assassinated by the Sri Lanka Army on September 26 in 2001 when the LTTE was engaged in peace process with the Norwegian facilitators.

    LTTE leader pays homage to Lt. Col. Thileepan

    Col. Sankar, a close associate of the LTTE leader, together with the then LTTE Political Head S.P. Thamilchelvan took part in the meeting between Mr. Pirapaharan and Mr. Erik Solheim in October 2000. Sankar was slain when LTTE was actively engaged in the peace process and Mr. Thamilchelvan was assassinated in a targeted Sri Lanka Air Force bombardment three months before Colombo withdrew from the Norwegian brokered CFA.

    Lt.Col.Thileepan (Rasaiah Parthipan), fasted unto death in a twelve days' campaign putting forward five demands to the Indian government to meet the aspirations of the Tamil people, soon after the signing of the Indo-Sri Lankan agreement in 1987 when the Indian army was in occupation of Jaffna and most parts of the northeast.

    Lt. Col. Thileepan began his fasting, without food and water, on 15 September 1987 in front of the Nalloor Kandasamy temple and he passed away on September 26, 1987.

    LTTE leader pays homage to Col. Sankar

    LTTE leader pays homage to Thileepan, Sankar

  77. Phantom X,

    I was quoting part of AFP article. I had used the word rebel to be in the context.
    May be I failed to express it in correct English ;-)

    I believe

    LTTE = Terrorists

    LTTE != Rebels


  78. A major portion of the war is fought in the international arena as well. All Sri Lankan should get together in the effort to take the correct message to the world. This is a war with terrorists, Not with innocent tamil people!
    US State Department’s Boucher and LTTE in same Frequency: Sri Lanka’s Humanitarian Efforts ignored

  79. 100kg C4, claymores, night vission equipements found - Negambo.

    When SLA walk into LTTE areas attacking targets in south is usual LTTE practice. Please every one be vigilant.

  80. Puli

    It is very sad, now who is going to pay homage to Hon VP. Brother you are very lucky you will be able to do that.

    Then Tamilnut will say PULI pays homage to Hon. VP


    When LTTE fires artillery, it kills soldiers, when SLA retaliates, it injures fishermen, and I am a monkey's uncle. Note, the injured fisherman has three names, must have one heck on an ID card.

  82. [100kg C4, claymores, night vission equipements found - Negambo.]

    Sri Lankans need to realize... that LTTE coolies... comfortably sitting in the West... have made sure that 80% of the world production of EXPLOSIVES was sent to LTTE to KILL Sri Lankans... in cold blood.

    We need to round up the Tamil terrorists and their supporters hiding in the high risk area... from Panadura to Puththalam.... and Eelamize them after getting all leads....

    These are the areas where the Tamil terrorists and their coolies can easily hide behind the great hospitality of fellow Sri Lankans.

    Wake up... wake up... alarm has been going on for 25+ years!

  83. C4 found in Negombo

    152 KG C4

    suicide kit found

    2 arrested

  84. LTTE associates attack a London temple after President visited it

    Even lankaenews reported it but not in news for BBC. BBC is having a hard time with LTTE loosing every day.

  85. ninja,

    your link is to rivira columnist TRP. he is the one in the book launch where SF and RG participated??

    that adds some credibility to this guy over other 'defence analysts'.

  86. MD

    Yes, Thissa Ravindra Perera is the auther of the book and also the Rivira defence columnist. Link is to Rivira defence column.

    I think TRP does a great job. Of course, he doesn't write like some "unbiased, rational, independent, expert, military pandithaya". He knows his side and he writes in that way. His writing always make SLA heroic, but he doesn't lie, though 100% truth may not be there at times.

  87. The London LTTE'ers are clearly upset over the current situation. Poor fellows, Must be feeling sad and angry cos their dream seems to be fading away...
    Suspected Pro-LTTE vandals attack Buddhist temple in London

  88. I see there were some discussions about Lt. Gen SF’s statements recently.

    Before anyone of jumps into conclusion and attacks him, I think it is wise to step back and “take stock” of the issue in proper context.

    In essence, SF’s message was quite to-the-point as:

    1) Sinhelas must consider SL their Motherland and be willing to have their sons/daughters fight for it’s survival as an independent, sovereign, nation. There is nothing new or insidious about this. From the time that Sinhela civilization began on this nation 2500 years ago, it was the Sinhelas who sacrificed themselves (mainly) at the battlefield to maintain it as an independent country. If not, SL would have been another sub-province of TamilNadu long ago!

    2) SF said yes, the majority of the country is Sinhelas and as such, having a predominant Sinhela character in the nation’s fabric (like having a predominant “English character” in England) is not something anyone needs to have an issue with or be ashamed of. Today there are many Irish, Scot, Welsh in England including in the government, legislature, and even in the armed forces, but they do not get offended by the special place accorded to the English culture or even the English icons (such as the Queen). This is a stark fact that all minorities in SL too must buy into and adopt themselves to live with. The Sinhelas are realty as Sri Lanka is realty and no, they are not going to go anywhere any time soon!

    3) By calling SL “Motherland,” SF unreservedly conveyed the patriotic fervor that many Sri Lankans lack (which is why this “issue” has gotten this far in my view).

    4) SF made it amply clear that all minorities are an integral part of Sri Lanka and have the same rights as Sinhelas and as such, no, they do not have the right for any “special” or “reverse-discriminatory” privileges – such as having their own racial enclave!

    5) In short, this man made it abundantly clear with his statements (not necessarily with every single word I concede) that NO, it is NOT a shame to be a Sinhela in Sri Lanka (as Ranil W ponnaya, the racist Tamil-eelam MFs, and the stealthy Evangelical movement has tried the damnedest best to indoctrinate)!

    6) SF is no stranger to the anti-Sinhela racism AND violence from the rabidly racist Tamils. Evidently, when he was a kid of 5 years in Ampara (yes, he was born in Balangoda in our Ruhuney), there were many occasions where he had to run into the jungles with his parents and hide when racist Tamil mobs would descend upon their impoverished Sinhela village - where both his mother and father were school teachers – and loot and set fire to houses. He remembers vividly the sheer fear and misery he experienced seeing the houses go up in flames and wondering if the Tamil racists would come into the jungle too, to kill him. So, when SF speaks the way he speaks, one must understand the context before prattling criticism!

    OaO Asithri

  89. Vezapille payed homage to Thileepan for the second time in this month. Is this the usual practice?

    However, for sure, we know this is his large homage to Thileepan.

  90. prabah,

    That photo in TN has no year identification. I strongly suspect that these photos were taken, probably,last year.

  91. Sam,

    I checked all thizeepan ceremonies held in previous years. There is no evidence to prove your idea. However, I think both the events (this year) were held at the same place on the same day with minor modifications to the background.

  92. Pakistan 'kills 1,000 militants'

    There will be a similar event in Sri Lanka soon.

  93. Just finished watching the McCain vs. Obama debate...not certain who had a clear edge...although being a the Republican supporter that I am, I was dismayed to see the unnecessary anti-Iran rhetoric from McCain but even more appalled to see the totally unsubstantiated, virulent attack on China from Obama!

    Today Iran and China are in the short list of top-most "best friends" SL has and we would not have been able to sustain our own war against LTTE terrorism without the help from these friends and as such...

    Proves that when it comes to SL's welfare, we Sri Lankans must not look to either US party to do the right thing by us...that we need to look out for ourselves - Api Wenuwen Api basically - and continue to steadfastly maintain our good relationship with these friends who have not hypocritically imposed "human rights" demands on us like the US.

    OaO Asithri

  94. [Suspected Pro-LTTE vandals attack Buddhist temple in London ]

    Two things clear from this incident:

    1) Filthy LTTE motherfuckers are desperate; now they have realized that their peelam dream has gone they way my pee went this morning - down the tubes

    2) The British are the highest hypcrites in this world (even worse than the Americans!); that is, all their claims of cracking down on LTTE in the UK is all a hog-wash! As such, Sri Lanka: The next time the British tell us to talk to the LTTE, tell the gooks to have a Royal fcuk-off!

    OaO Asithri

  95. [LTTE 'capital' within our firing range: army chief]
    Well good Sire, what are we waiting for? Let those the many many MBRLs (including the 20 units SLA recently had delivered to in Vavuniya) let loose!

    Let’s vaporize the LTTE baby-killer MFs for good.

    OaO Asithri

  96. Time to flee...all my bags are packed and I am ready to go...the Zlin is waiting...


    OaO Asithri

  97. Asithri

    I had the very same thoughts watching these two guys debate. Obama is a liberal and that spells trouble, while McCain would not be able to deal with the issues facing the US either. Neither could potentially be a friend for us, nor essentially an enemy. Though some Lankans seem to think Obama may support the LTTE, I doubt that once he gets to go thru what the FBI and defence intel puts on the desk in front of him.

    You are quite correct. SL needs to go at it while balancing the local scene like our guys have done so well for so long. With India-Pak-China all three supporting us, there's really no need worry about other friends.

  98. SLAF may need to be relocated elsewhere to prevent a repeat of he KAB disaster.

    Sigiriya may be a good place, since the area is relatively less populated, and thus easier to monitor and interdict human movement, though it would be easier for a multiple suicide strike to break thru conventional guard measures, withut civillian casualties. Everything in life comes with plus and minuses.

  99. Asithri Bro,
    SF is from AMBALANGODA. Towan in between Galle & Kaluthara.

    You know, people around Ambalangoda, Balapitiya, karandeniya area are a totally different specie.
    WALI Kings and Life will give any for a good cause.

    SF, Kapila Hendawitharana, Sanath KArunarathna, Pervious Air force chief, Police chief before the former one , are all from DARMASOKA COLLEGE AMBALANGODA.

    Trere are lots of low rankers in the front lines and I can tell you one thing, those guys will never runaway in any evantuality.

  100. Guys,

    I have some doubts too about the photograph in which Prabha was garlanding that fool who committed suicide for the second time.

    I noticed Prabha's size; he has lost some weight in recent photographs, yet in this one he is back in the old self.

    It is clearly for the diaspora, not for us.

    If it is true, even then I am not surprised. He may be thinking that he would join the departed one soon and he doesn't want them to be hostile to him. So, he is appeasing them. Its effectiveness remains to be seen.

    Shyam's predicted event came and went!!

  101. Qrious,
    Something big did happen last night – Pottu lost his harem.

    “The site is known to be the main female black tiger training and coordinating facility and a most frequented location by LTTE's intelligence wing chief, Pottu Amman, military sources said”

    Air Strikes at female 'black tiger' training facility- Kilinochchi

  102. guys,
    we misssed pottu agian,,its realy difficult to get info.shit just missed or i am getting wrong info?

    more information will follow.....

  103. andare
    Yes, Lt. General Fonseka, a product of Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda!

    btw. i am from Ambalngoda :)

  104. perein,
    No:3, Air Strikes on harem –
    Even with only one CRYSTAL BALL - Shyam got better Intelligence than Pottu.

  105. tamilnet says civilian settlement bombed around 12.30 Pm on the 27th, the camera time captures a wounded patient (baby) in hospital after the attack @ 12.24 on the 27... time travel has been invented just tht we were not told

  106. VP's and Pottu's haunts have been bombed e afer the other persistently. SLAF may have missed both of them but they have both on the run now scared for dear life. Both cannot stay in one place or attend long meetings or even sleep peacefuly.

    the rats have to go underground either way. be it six feet or 30

  107. reports on the air strike targeting LTTE suicide barbarians goes.....

    "Armoured LTTE vehicles fitted with anti-air guns were observed rushing to the target location immediately after the attack...."

    SLAF pilots should be given SOME authority to target these WHEN OBSERVED.

    TN claims civilian casualties (1 dead and 2 wounded). that means the air strike has been VERY successful COMPARED to USAF attacks in afghanistan/pakistan.

    ponna amman may be SHITTING now with fear. at no time of this war bugger was made to feel so vulnerable and in-danger. bugger is given a chance to feel a fraction of the pain he created by barbarianism in civilian areas. pay and die ponna amman; your potta eyes will never see the daylight of tamil elam.

    "Even with only one CRYSTAL BALL - Shyam got better Intelligence than Pottu."

    ela ela!!

  108. fracster,

    good pick, mate.

    but kind of gives it away. it says 12:15.
    attack would have lasted 15 minutes.

  109. whatever the meaning of VEZAPILLAI, prabhakaran means the ONE WHO BRINGS SUNLIGHT.

    it is hillarious how THE ONE WHO BRINGS SUNLIGHT cannot see the SUN in the first place!!!

    his stupid TE project is as hillarious as his name.

  110. Asithri,
    Well said bro.The temple was attacked to show the whole world that "singhala buddists are chauvenists..+..+..etc".I hope the chief mahanayake thero "prays" for these vandals and keeps the police informed as much as possible.Let the police do their own work.This LTTE is obsessed with showing this GOD sorry..LORD GOD IC..what brutes the monks are and therefore the is also a ploy to entice the govt and population of SLanka to openly insult the current british Govt and create an "I told you so" scenario.Its all about control..afterall the only people who must have jobs overseas are these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons and no one else from SLanka.The recent trend of an increase in overseas employment of the "sinhala buddists" and other peoples of SLanka is the greatest threat these LTTE buffoons are facing and they know it..I hope the Sinhalese living overseas dont react "violently" over this temple is all to show the entire world what the magnificent LTTE "freedom fighters" are fighting for..

  111. We should always be positive of our Motherland's victory. Do not leave room for any negative thoughts. We can win and we will win!
    Sri Lanka 'on verge of victory'

  112. Andare

    [SF is from AMBALANGODA]

    Indeed, my mistake…should know better as I pass there all the time when I travel to Galle/Matara to visit my own ancestral hometowns.

    Yep, I know well what kind of Poras are in those areas you mentioned…and real proud of the products from those areas, including from Darmasoka Vid in Ambalangoda as Achilles pointed out.

    Hey Achy, good to know you are kicking around bro…if you are the same one, yep, I recall some good times we had in LNP bashing the LTTE MFs…

    OaO Asithri

  113. srilankan

    Point taken bro.

    With warm regards,

    OaO Asithri

  114. [“reliable sources in Wanni said that people were ordered to stay away from the main roads in Kilinochchi by the outfit”…"Armoured LTTE vehicles fitted with anti-air guns were observed rushing to the target location immediately after the attack...."]

    oh oh…sounds bad…real bad.

    Looks like SLAF has scored another Sencholai (or Chencholai or Choo-Choocholai or some shit like that…cannot remember exactly) bulls-eye and the harvest has been abundant!

    Way to go SLAF! You bady-mady-boyz…you are the best!

    OaO Asithri

  115. Shan
    [SLAF may have missed both of them but they have both on the run now scared for dear life. Both cannot stay in one place or attend long meetings or even sleep peacefuly.]

    [ponna amman may be SHITTING now with fear. at no time of this war bugger was made to feel so vulnerable and in-danger. bugger is given a chance to feel a fraction of the pain he created by barbarianism in civilian areas. pay and die ponna amman; your potta eyes will never see the daylight of tamil elam.]

    Well said bros!

    Yep, instant death is too kind of these MFs…they must live in fear constantly…when one lives in fear constantly, one is always sweating, has loose motions, heart palpitates, even an already limp dick (like in this case) goes further limp, becomes irritable with anything and everything, and dies a thousand deaths before the real GRAND FINALE.

    This is whatz befitting these baby-killer LTTE MF honchos.

    OaO Asithri

  116. This recent catches in the Wattala/Negambo is indeed cause for concern.

    Wonder what gives here...

    Is a higher than “normal” percentage of people in areas (presumably Sinhelas) been gotten to by the LTTE and/or is it that the local police is either incompetent or turning a blind eye to LTTE activities (been gotten to, too perhaps?)…

    Either way, appears it is time for some white-van rounds in this area…

    Trying to contact “Colombo” on this but no success yet.

    OaO Asithri

  117. OK time to go milk the cow with the red and yellow udders...

    :)) :)) :))

    Catch you patriots l8r...

    OaO Asithri

  118. Ninja

    Did you see my view about Sarath Fonseka's comments and context in a previous thread:

    "LTTE targets near Pooneryn and Kilinochchi hit in SLAF night time bombing raids"

    I suggest you read it as it is a view that’s shared by many SL patriots today.

    As for TNA mf’s, the whole world knows they are essentially a proxy for the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. So, I would not put too much credence into what the TNA screams about to the IC.

    OaO Asithri


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