Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 dead, 9 injured in LTTE suicide attack in Vavuniya

A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber blew himself up in Vavuniya town today, causing 1 death and 9 injuries. A three wheeler carrying police personnel seemed to be the target. Driver of the three wheeler (a civilian) was killed and 9 others including 7 security forces personnel and 2 civilians sustained injuries. The suicide bomber appeared to have used a bicycle to reach the target. This incident confirms previous intelligence reports of LTTE leadership commanding a group of Black Tigers to carry out a series of attacks against ‘smaller’ targets such as troop transports, in public areas.

Meanwhile a group of LTTE fighters raided a TMVP (Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal) base in Thikiliveddai, Batticaloa today (28th) at 2AM in the morning.  2 TMPV cadres were killed and a further 7 were injured in the incident. Pro LTTE media incorrectly stated that “a joint military and paramilitary camp” was attacked. DefenceNet can confirm that there was no SLA presence in this small TMVP base which was located deep inside jungles north of Batticaloa.


  1. Hi Defencenet
    Could you plese give an update bout Muhamalei and Nagarkovil area? Is there a offensive or just a limited operation?

  2. Seems like that Italian has opted to come out of the rat hole. He has decided to stay back on humanitarian grounds as opposed to earlier reports of him joining the LTTE. Anyways this individual should be grilled!
    Errant INGO manager ordered out

  3. has a mini camp in Batti run over by LTTE? I think they try to make a unstable situation in east to break the military focus on wanni. perhaps, military should expect more of this kind of operations in the coming months. Isn't it too early to raid killinochi, I thought it would be more effective if it came after capturing poonaryn. I am no military expert, just my thoughts,

  4. saduni,
    There is no major troop movement on Nagarkovil/Muhamalai front. Limited ops are continuing as usual.

    And folks SLA were able to take control of several positions of LTTE's Nachchikuda line. LTTE are using C.S. gas repeatedly on this front and even used once on Mullaithiv front as well.

  5. lalinda,
    yes they are trying to create an unstable situ in the east..more ammo for "human rights" groups to intervene.A more sinister motive may appears to be to provoke the population into another 1983 back lash and to convince "LORD GOD IC" that the eastern people are "suffering" more after the eastern province was liberated..according to the LTTE way of thinking..the sinhalaya is a "modaya"..and he is incapable of logical thought.Our future generations have to prove them wrong...

  6. DefenceNet,

  7. true sri lankan,
    Ordering him out is no good..he must be given an escort to the airport...He is such an important man in this world..Given his vital services to our nation we have to honour him by providing him with an escort..he must be searched prior to departure...we dont want him transporting info vital to the LTTE..

  8. Every little positive comment is vital as it's yet another small step forward
    SL not a R2P case: Int’l crisis group

  9. 1. We may expect chain of small scale suicide attacks all over the island. (like in Iraq)

    2. This can be a divesionary tactic as well.

  10. Slowly but surely we keep hearing disgruntled noises from around the world. If only we could get a top scalp (even No2 or 3), close to the fall of Kili….

    Sri Lanka: Can the Tamil Tigers save the Tamils?

    “We have a leadership that cannot step into the world because they are banned. We have a leadership that cannot step out of their house because they are hunted by their enemies, some of whom are among our own people”

    “The longer Prabhakaran continues in the saddle the more will be the despair of the Tamils. He must go – and he must go NOW for the sake of Tamils”
    Editorial - Uthayam Australia


  11. [Yet another white van abduction

    Sritharan. A 35-year-old resident of Sri Saranankara Road, in Kohuwala, was allegedly abducted on September 19 by a group of armed men dressed in civilian clothes. The missing person is Subramaniam Sritharan.
    According to Mr. Sritharan’s brother, Mr. Nagapusanan, a white van stopped outside a catering service in Kohuwela, where Mr. Sritharan was working. Four men got out of the vehicle and demanded that Mr. Sritharan and a colleague get into the van, saying they were being “taken in for questioning”.

    After the van had travelled about 100 metres, Mr. Sritharan’s colleague, a Muslim, was asked to get off the vehicle. It was he who informed Mr. Sritharan’s family about the abduction.

    Mr. Sritharan, who lives in Canada with his wife and daughter, came back to Sri Lanka four years ago to do the paperwork necessary to get permanent residency in Canada. According to his brother, Mr. Sritharan had no known enemies, and was planning to return to Canada.

    Mr. Sritharan’s family has lodged separate complaints with the Kohuwala police and the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission about the disappearance, Mr. Nagapusanan said.]

    As found in in:

    AND then we have this news in The Nation:

    [Vigilant security pays off

    ...Meanwhile, security forces and police continued to be on maximum alert, especially, in Colombo this week, knowing very well the Tigers were bound to make some desperate attempts in the South, in a vain attempt to put the forces on the back foot. Such alertness brought some good results as well, when police commandos recovered 565 grammes of C-4 plastic explosives from Hekitta, Wattala, along with a T-56 assault rifle, two magazines, 125 bullets and a map on Wednesday.

    At Kohuwala on the same day, a Tiger cadre was nabbed with a micro pistol.]

    Read in (scroll down a fair bit):

    See patriots, you get it don't you?

    While RanilW the Ponnaya affiliated news paper goes on a GOSL slander by calling attention to “Yet another white van abduction” and gives details about an “innocent Tamil” being abducted….other independent news media tell the true story…that this son of a whore was no innocent Tamil, but a hardcore LTTE MF from Canada who was waiting with a micro pistol to carry out an assassination (likely a VVIP) at the opportune time!

    Yep, an “innocent Tamil” living in Canada, leaving his wife and daughter in Canada, went back to the “Sinhala-chauvinists Govt ruled, Tamils-harassed, Colombo Sri Lanka” and was working at a catering service there uh?


    Nice try filthy MF…I hope the “van owners” deliver you to the Twilight Zone soon after you “sing” like a chirpy bird!

    OaO Asithri

  12. I hear Richard Boucher has asked MR to negotiate with the tigers and I think it’s brilliant idea if US leads the way by negotiating with Bin Laden. I think we could have all the 4 persons to the present conflict, the conflict of the west with the Islamic terrorists vs. the Western nations and GOSL vs. Prabakaran.I think it could be a historic event, perhaps that could be venued in the oval office of the Whitehouse. How benevolent of the people in the state department to suggest a such a wise move. Then we must encourage the Taliban to grow better variety of poppies in Afghanistan with the help of USAID.God save America!

  13. On a hilarious note....

    There was once a hardcore LTTE MF with a handle "Sritharan" in I wonder if it's the same bugger who, instead of staying in Canada as a keyboard-terrorist, went to SL and picked up a micro-pistol and ended up taking a sweet "white-van" ride...?

    Yep, OaOA has a memory of an elephant...although he does not look like one.


    OaO Asithri

  14. Every person in SL the right of expressing his own veiws. TNA MP Sampanthan and GenSF has the same right.

    Unfortunately, a person like MR, GR, GenSF has to limit this freedom of expression as opposed to Mr.Perera or Mr.Silva has. Simply becuz media and the enimy find some thing wrong or give own interpretations for enimy's advantage.

    I think GSL propaganda need to do some thing to 'balance' the affect crated by GenSF recent statement of SL belongs to sinhalese rather than giving oppertunity to enimy (TNA ect) to capitalize on that.

  15. Ninja

    Did you see my view about Sarath Fonseka's comments and context in a previous thread:

    "LTTE targets near Pooneryn and Kilinochchi hit in SLAF night time bombing raids"

    I suggest you read it as it is a view that’s shared by many SL patriots today.

    As for TNA mf’s, the whole world knows they are essentially a proxy for the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. So, I would not put too much credence into what the TNA screams about to the IC.

    OaO Asithri

  16. About the TNA…

    TNA is an illegal entity in the national assembly in SL - as they won those through LTTE's viloence and intimidation against the hapless Tamil population in N E as the promise from the LTTE terras was "if our candidate does not win, you and your whole village will pay a heavy price."

    As such, the TNA's “wins” should have been rejected outright by the GOSL...except the former Prez CBK the Docile Cow was so screwed up with fear of LTTE taking off her other eye as well that she blindly (pardon the pun) gave into anything and everything the LTTE asked for...including as demonstrated by her blind (pardon the pun again) willingness to let LTTE have access to nearly $1.2Billion in Tsunami aid - which the LTTE was salivating at mouth with great expectations of converting for military purposes (but to this Docile Cow that was of no consequence!).

    OaO Asithri

  17. Kevin,
    It seems this LTTE di-ass-phora is getting to Mr boucher?..I hope the president does not give in..The poor people of the north can bear only so much..and they have been through hell..Is this why the Hon president said the tigers have to lay down arms first at the U.N.. i wonder..

  18. DefenceNet,

    What is our answer to CF gas other than gas masks? If LTTE uses chemical weapons repeatedly, what are the accepted norms in warfare to counter such wanton violations of rules. I guess that these acts fall in to deaf ears of Terrorist Right Watch and Amnesty International. I sincerely hope that we will not take any of the LTTE terrorist barbarians to courts. Just kill them with a single bullet.

  19. Asithri,
    Very well said bro..Well it shows you what happens when people try to rule SLanka according to the "british" way as per "political science" classes..Did her daughter not marry a british doctor..was probably scared that her daughter will be deported?

  20. Asithri

    Yes, you and me don't have any issue wih GenSF's statement.

    //"I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people...We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country...We are also a strong nation ... They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things."//

    And also we all know about TNA, Hakeem and other pro-LTTE groups who fired against GenSF for this.

    But when you consider LTTE, their tamilnadu front, HR heros, pro-LTTE media (BBC,AP etc), IC and all the pro-LTTE elements in the international ground giving this statement to a canadian newspaper seems to me like "andanna balan inna minihage ahata angillen aneema". SL need to work on very carefully in the international front without making even a minor mistake, is my veiw. Some times you better stay silent if it is not the best moment to speak the truth.

  21. DefenceNet,

    Has the 22nd division entered the battle to help 59? ITN news cast todays says that 15SR of 223 is playing a side support role for 59 around Gajabapura, specifically the "Kent farm.". Can you keep us enlightened when you get a chance?

  22. true sri lankan,

    "The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) this week introduced fuel-air bombs for the first time, more than matching the battlefield stakes raised by the LTTE early last week by its gas attacks on troops at Akkarayankulam".

    yep. SLAF did use them. TN carried a photo of a child partly burnt. KAB-500/1000 or Mk-80 series bombs do not GENERALLY cause this type of wounds.

    it MORE THAN compensates for LTTE's use of CS gas (hilarious).

    this is FANTASTIC although sad that a civilian got wounded. i can only imagine (WITH PLEASURE) the havoc it would have created on the TARGET. OBVIOUSLY the DIRECT targets would not have survived (although PONNA AMMAN survived) with JUST skin burns!!

    well done SLAF. tigers have met their match.

    i was a LONG TIME proponenent of USING SIMILAR (or WORSE) weapons IF tigers EVER USE chemical weapons.

    using CS gas in the battlefield amounts to the use of chemicals in the battlefield.

    true sri lankan, value your UNIQUE contrubution here mate. keep it up.

  23. Guys,

    I went for jogging this morning, and took few snaps of Calgary's natural beauty.
    freshness of Calgary

    It's me Bhairav


  24. Last time I posted a comment I got in to trouble with the boys here with my “colour –full language”. Sorry about that! Now I am a “born-again clean mouth”! : ))

    Thanks DW and DN for up-dates and keep up the good work.

    Anyway, boys and girls (and anyone in between- nothing wrong with that anyway) hope u all had a good weekend! (HAWKS won AFL so I had a massive weekend)

    1) I think guys should get off wijayapala’s back. I don’t think he is Pro-ltte. This is my gut feeling and I trust it. If u have had read all of his posts carefully u can see he is totally against LTTE. He may have his reservation when it is come to Sinhalese and nothing wrong with that!

    2) priyashantha: long way to go for u my friend!

    3) Apino: I Lost in Translation : ))

    4) Athas, we should be able give constructive criticism on his work. When he makes a blunder like the “Indira” thing then yeh… spry him for sure.

    I did an Open Letter to Mr. President himself and email it through appropriate websites.

    Pls read below if u like.

    Open Letter to: Hon: President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha

    Congratulations and my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards you for your endeavor to eliminate LTTE terrorist group from Sri Lanka. All the best to Sri Lankan forces and the defense establishment, safe and happy return to loved ones after done the good deeds.

    Intend of this open letter is to suggests an initiative that may give Sri Lankan government a considerable boost in national and international frontier and specially to win hart and soul of various Tamil people who think their being discriminated by previous Sri Lankan governments.

    As you may aware, new Australian Government headed by Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd apologized to the “Stolen Generation” of Indigenous people of Australia. This was done to strengthen the reconciliation and to move forward as a one nation and word “SORRY” been used unlike previous Prime Minister John Howard who refused to say “sorry”.

    As we all aware, LTTE terrorist group and LTTE Diasporas use “Black July 83” as the prime motivation to get more people and to collect funds and also to give Sri Lankan a black mark all around the world to the date. And also lots of moderate and neutral Tamils are still having reservation of a same event happening in the future.

    I think it is the best time Sri Lankan government to organize a reconciliation process and say “SORRY” to the Tamil people who got affected by the events in “July 83”. And also give assurances to the Tamil people and the rest of the world that event like that will not happen again. This will effectively nullify (at least for some extent) LTTE terrorists and supporting Diasporas use of a single and unfortunate event happened 25 years ago. And I think it is smart politics to pro-active and show the world that we (Sri Lankan) as a community care for all.

    I understand it is very hard to organize something like this while running a successful military operation against LTTE terrorists. I understand that it will not be likening of the some of the extremists elements in Sri Lanka and there will be lot of people (public) may reject the proposal.

    I believe this is the best time to take such initiative rather than wait till end of military campaign.

    There is some disturbing news appearing on media reports that few religious places in Sri Lanka being attacked by narrow minded and uneducated thugs. I am sure your government has taken quick steps to lock up and punish these tugs already. This is not a good trend to let spread in this crucial time especially when military wining and that’s why Sri Lankan government should start the reconciliation process now not tomorrow.

    Thanking You,
    Yours sincerely,

  25. 27/09/2008 NDTV India
    New Delhi: Defense Minister A.K. Antony said here this morning that the Indian Navy was keeping a close watch on the coastal waters to prevent any LTTE cadres moving into Indian Territory. He further said that all adequate steps have been taken to safeguard the coastal areas and there would be no compromise on the safety of the country.
    Minister Antony was also asked about the air power of LTTE.
    Minister Antony said "We are very much aware of the fact. At present,
    It was little or no threat. But we cannot take chances.
    We are closely monitoring the development."
    "The moment we realise it is a threat to us, we will gear up fully to meet the situation. We are keeping an eye, monitoring and keeping the South India
    Air Command on Alert”


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