Thursday, September 11, 2008

LTTE's Kilali area leader killed

LTTE's area leader for Kilali was killed along with 3 other cadres during a confrontation with SLA soldiers early morning today (11th). The group of LTTE cadres was attacked by a small attack unit of the SLA operating ahead of their forward defense line. Although not given much publicity, small attack teams from the 55 and 53 divisions have been constantly engaged in small scale skirmishes with LTTE cadres along the National Front for the past few weeks.

Meanwhile an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of SLAF was forced to make an emergency landing in Anuradhapura Airbase today. According to available information the reason was a technical fault.

In other news SLAF has been bombing LTTE targets in the Wanni several times a day for the past two days (9th and 10th). MI is still trying to determine the actual damage caused by these raids specially about the raid on LTTE intelligence wing HQ in western Kilinochci, which was bombed on the 9th.


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  2. DN

    any semblence of truth behind the high profile ltte'r killed in the SLAF bombng?

  3. lankaputhra

    link to the images/ideo pl

  4. sorry

    meant to be ... link o images/video pl...

  5. Damaged house

  6. Something fishy about yesterday’s air attack on LTTE intelligence center… just imagine 16 houses damaged one with Satellite Antenna…and only 3 civilian got hurt …LTTE says it because they all in bunkers ..see the damaged caused …quite remarkable …I think something happened there…
    When you see the house with antenna and solar panels I do not think it belongs to normal civilian it must be someone special….
    Good work by SLAF…


  7. this is what I was thinking ..if so (very much in DOUBT)

  8. I am glad to hear that the authorities have suspended cell n/w of Dialogue in Batticoloa and I hope it will be extended to KAB areas as well, until the security situation in the island is brought to an end. These companies have an obligation to the country during this crucial time.

  9. Qrious,

    Just hope you was not at his Office when the Bombs came Down Singing.
    Anyway You could be late to get that interview From Pottu.You could be forced to go to the other world & interview him like you did with the Other Mahavirs.

  10. lankaputhra-
    Well noticed the Solar panel.
    You have a very good point there.

  11. I am not sure how effective these air raids are. LTTE must have taken all possible counter measures to minimize the damage from SLAF bombers. I think it is time to make a surprise for LTTE. Isn't it possible for marines to make a landing in north of A-32, while giving an artillery support from the peninsula. I know it is easier for me to say, I am just suggesting a change of strategy. I strongly support the effort by three forces.

  12. another big dumb story by Srilankan gov i guess, or by the "Poster" No name, no location , no shit!

    Prove it then talk, when you post a news you need to prove!!
    if you put a unknown news that means rumour you dumb fucks
    get a life

    another happy dream day for singala rascist

  13. btw dumb fucks solar panels are everywhere in vanni , thats how tamils get the most of the domestic electric power for their house holds, you can find it in many rich civilians houses

    lol you people are so pithetic

  14. August Alone 155 SLA died, 939 SLA were Wounded In Actions: Srilankan Prime Minister Stated.

    ஓகஸ்டில் 155 படையினர் பலி: 938 பேர் காயம்: சிறிலங்கா பிரதமர்

  15. according to tamilnet civilians in wanni are all displaced and living under trees etc...
    solar panels and sat dishes are way off their budgets...

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  17. Bandara:
    According to your Eelam police report how many (LTTE)died in the month of August mate? I m not talking about solar panel.. I m talking about Satellite dish there idiot …why Wanni aththo wants to see western music or porn?

    Accoring to your LTTE web sites people in Vanni crying for food and shelter now you say you have satellte dishes & Solar Panels in their houses ...f** liar..

  18. A blast has been reported in the Sedawatte area , in Orugodawatte short while ago. According to the information, the blast has been taken place on the railway track close to the Kelaniya railway bridge. More

  19. Explosion in Welempitiya
    Police says suspected explosion close to railway track near Black Bridge in Welempitiya.

  20. During the peace time, Most of the news houses in vanni were built with solar panels. There was company from France working in this project. They knew the electricity will be cut If the war starts again. So the solar panel is some thing that you see every where in vanni. Specially new houses like that was bombed

  21. pulenthi ammaan
    thanks for explaining why these solar panels came and when it came on those roofs to this dumb fucks mate,
    btw there is no Saterlites seen in those building you blind cunts, see the pics before you all bluffs.

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  23. calculation of your army commanders and analysts about the death tall of the tigers would hit the moon, or the even the tamils population so , dont try to be smart, tigers are not as SLA shits who thinks they are equal to the tigers , no wonder they are bringing 20000 army to kill the 5000 tigers [estimated] lol

  24. Shyam,

    Thanks for being so vigilant about blasts!

    You're doing a great work!

    Keep us updated about all the blasts.


    Good analysis on the Army commanders and others press releases and death tolls.

    Keep up the good work! I think everyone should follow geniuses like you!

    By the way, Why don't you 2 start a news site or blog? So we can get more in depth analysis on blasts and calculation? ;)

  25. Bandara (dumb M* F*)

    See the link:

    and tell me whether I am wrong or not…

  26. lankaputhra ;

    Dude if any1 use solar power unit then they are LTTE according to ur Knowledge don't prove that that u r such a fool .... go and check the Madavachi and the residents near Udawalawe scheme u'll find lot of Sinhala Kotti

  27. Lankaputhra and all

    check he link for if you dont have an Idea about a solar power Kit and y the satellite dish is Using for....

  28. Shaym,

    Are you REALLY claiming the satellite dish is there as a solar furnace/Cooker?!?

    Will they climb up to the roof each time they want to cook?

  29. Banda in which 'lime' u were born?.You carry that Sakkili languge.

  30. shyam
    now that's a good one !!
    you ARE as dumb as you sound

  31. those saterlites were provided by Ltte because of their channel have been brodcasting
    Tamileelam Channel , we have to have attena to hear the radio of Tamil tigers in vanni do you know that?
    ok do you atleast know that vanni people have more advanced tech computers ?
    because on the peace time from america tamil group went to install the vanni tech programs there?
    do you atleast know how the vanni looks like?
    all you see is after the war, and vanni's village people who fled to the heart of vanni kilinochi! you can find everything you want.
    thats why i posted early on you people have to wake up from "your" sweet dreams lol

    phantom X: im not desperate , but just got pissed by the retarded topics this blogger posts. thats all

    this site is extreme singala people only, i think i got it in to the wrong blog thinking of this blog gives moderate and factual news site,
    i dotn want to waste time anymore on this pithetic site with some dumb extremists
    they are just another JVP shits

  32. Very sad to hear about 7 people killed in Simbalanduwa I think they are simple wood cutters and cultivators killed by the tiger terrorists lurking in the thick jungles of Lahugala.They may have used these folks to do errants to places like Simalanduwa perhaps to buy food etc.Three weeks ago when we were there we were told that there is a considerable number of terrorists living there all the way to jungles bordering Yala.These are innocent simple folks.

  33. I dont know why you people fingting even on the net.
    I came across an article by X RAW officer Raman. Its more factual than illusion. Have a read.

    Vavuniya raid : By B. Raman

  34. yes. solar panels were distributed in rural areas by NGOs during RWs gov. However now we all know that most of these NGOs had ties with LTTE.

    I am wondering why these sorry asses like bandara and shyam didn't vote for Ranil in 2005.

    Fat pig has betrayed you bando...

  35. //7 people killed in Simbalanduwa//

    This may be part of huge attack in east. They were killed just to avoid leaking their presence.

  36. shyam dumb C*nt, do you really think that satellite dish was used for cooking or something? That is the dumbest sht I have ever heard. Get out of here fool, you're just embarrassing yourself.


    get your head out of Shyam's butt man. Let me clear things up for you, a solar panel generally is used to describe something which heats up water/ a solar Cell/Photovoltaic Cell describes a device which converts solar energy into electricity. either way it's highly unlikely these so called "IDP's" would be running around with photovoltaic panels, let alone satellite dishes.

    however, I'm pretty sure their Plasma TV's and Satellite dishes are hooked up to that one photovoltaic panel. that's right, all that, plus a few laptops (including the LAN router) run off that super efficient panel. ;-)

  37. Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers fighting a defensive battleSep 11, 2008, 00:37 Digg this story! The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is increasingly under pressure due to a war of attrition waged against it by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the areas controlled by it in the Northern Province, launched a surprise land-cum-air attack on a vital military complex of the armed forces at Vavuniya, about 260 km North of Colombo, in the early hours of September 9. Even after allowing for the usual exaggeration by the spokesmen of the Armed Forces in projecting the progress made by them, it is evident from independent reports that the LTTE [Images] has been forced to fight a defensive battle to retain the territory under its control and to prevent a weakening of its conventional capability due to the loss of its weapons holdings during the battle and its inability to replenish them through smuggling from abroad. While the morale of the LTTE's experienced officers and cadres remains high, it has not been able to reverse the tide of the battle against the armed forces. Even its wing responsible for mounting acts of terrorism in Sinhalese territory has been facing a difficulty in mounting spectacular terrorist strikes due to a shortage of cadres trained in suicide terrorism and low stocks of explosives. While the Army's oft-repeated hopes of being able to defeat the LTTE decisively on the ground by the end of this year seem over-optimistic, the tide of the war continues to be in favour of the army. There are two questions involved -- defeating the LTTE conventionally, and destroying its capability for continuing its struggle for Tamil Eelam through acts of terrorism. The achievement of both these objectives will depend upon a critical weakening of the morale and motivation of the LTTE officers and cadres, leading to increasing desertions and splits in the organisation. There are no signs of such a weakening of morale and motivation. Despite the repeated and ruthless use of air strikes against the LTTE by the Sri Lankan Air Force and despite the vast superiority in numbers and equipment of the armed forces due to regular flow of supplies from Pakistan, China, Israel and even India, the LTTE has been fighting doggedly, inflicting increasingly heavy casualties on the Army, which is not admitted by the government. Thus, the attrition is on both sides. The only advantage enjoyed by the Army is that it is able to make good the attrition through material procured from Pakistan, China, Israel and India with money given by Iran, whereas the LTTE has not been able to make good the attrition. The continuing strong morale and motivation of the LTTE officers and cadres and their ability to take the armed forces by surprise became once again evident from the spectacular and audacious attack jointly mounted by the planes, artillery and suicide commandoes of the LTTE on the Vavuniya military complex, which co-ordinates the operations of the Armed Forces against the LTTE. It was as spectacular and audacious as a similar attack on an SLAF base at Anuradhapura in October last year and as well-planned and well-executed. The operation, which lasted about three hours, started with a sustained artillery attack in the dead of night followed by bombing by two aircraft (Zlin 143) of the LTTE and this was followed by the infiltration of the complex by 10 suicide commandoes (Black Tigers), five of them women. All of them died during the attack, but not before killing 11 security personnel and badly damaging the equipment kept in the complex, including an Indra radar supplied by India. Among those injured were two Indian radar technicians. It is not clear whether they had been permanently attached to the radar station or come there on a short visit to do the periodic maintenance of the radar. The injuries sustained by the two Indian technicians were not life threatening, but required initial hospitalisation at Colombo. While the LTTE has stated that both its aircraft returned safely to base, the SLAF has claimed that one of its fighter planes (F-7s), which had taken off from the Katunayake airfield near Colombo on getting information of the approach of the LTTE planes, managed to chase one of them as they were returning to their base after the bombing and shot it down over the skies in the LTTE-controlled Mullaittivu area. However, the SLAF spokesman (Squadron Leader Sanjaya Adhikari) admitted that it had no video coverage of this engagement in proof of its claim. As it did after the Anuradhapura raid of last year, the SLAF has tried to project the LTTE raid as a fiasco which failed in its objective. However, independent reports say that as had happened in the past, the SLAF was once again taken by surprise and was slow to react. The LTTE aircraft managed to drop their load of bombs in the vicinity of the radar station and flee from the scene without being intercepted by the SLAF planes. While the Air Force version of the incident claimed that the Indian-supplied radar did not suffer any damage, the version given by the Sri Lanka [Images]n Navy in its web site did admit some damage to the radar, but it claimed that it was slight. A blog run by the Sri Lanka Naval Intelligence said: 'Reports indicated that the radar system was slightly damaged after a bomb fell close to it. Two Indian nationals operating the radar system were injured in the blast.' The two LTTE aircraft were over the complex for about six minutes. During this period, any SLAF aircraft taking off from Katunayake could not have reached Vavuniya and intercepted the LTTE aircraft. While the Sri Lankan Armed Forces repeatedly exaggerate their successes and play down their losses, the LTTE generally gives a factual account of the battles. Even if it did badly in the battles, it does not try to cover up its failures. This is one of the reasons for the high credibility enjoyed by the LTTE's statements in the eyes of its cadres, the Tamil population and diaspora abroad. The LTTE version of the Vavuniya operation has more credibility than the version put out by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. Even if it is established that the radar has been severely damaged, if not destroyed, this should not affect the ongoing ground operations of the Sri Lankan Army. The mastery of the skies enjoyed by the SLAF during day time ensures that the LTTE planes do not pose a threat to the troops engaged in battle. The absence of a radar would not also affect the punitive air strikes made repeatedly by the SLAF on LTTE-held positions. The successful Vavuniya raid would be a morale-booster for the LTTE cadres, but would not turn the tide of the battle against the armed forces. (The writer is additional secretary (retired), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, New Delhi [Images] and, presently, Director, Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail:

  38. Stupid Bandaram your ltte pigs will be bombed & will die like a bunch of ants. Wait few weeks until the end of the time scale given to civillians to come out to army controlled areas.
    After that sorry for poor tigers.
    bandara on drugs
    come out of your little drug world and face the real world.

  39. [Among those injured were two Indian radar technicians. It is not clear whether they had been permanently attached to the radar station or come there on a short visit to do the periodic maintenance of the radar.]
    (The writer is additional secretary (retired), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, New Delhi [Images] and, presently, Director, Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail:

    Bugger claims that SLAF didn't hit tiger plane but he does not know what two indians were doing there... lol

    where do you get these juice puli? tamil nut ?

  40. SL doctor does it best

  41. The TNA nattamis have been asking for it for some time and are crossing the line into illegality, posing a direct challenge to SL's national soveriegnty.

    Requesting foreign intervention is an act of treason against a soveriegn nation and they can be banned from Parliament and also jailed. SLG should look into that.

    Democracy goes just so far.

  42. Bandara go to tamilnet mate they can entertain u.

  43. An excerpt from a great analysis of the post-Vavuniya fiasco (thank you Infinity for your link):

    [However, one point is obvious following this attack. That is, the LTTE is fast losing their well trained cadres who can accomplish their deadly terror plans as they have sent very young cadres to carry out this operation.

    They have sent five young girls who are in their 18s and 19s to accomplish their mission. They ultimately gave their lives for a failed mission. ]

    Five young Tamil girls…who will never ever be mommys…never ever have the joy of watching kids grow, study, graduate, marry…

    How bloody sadistically warped minded the LTTE chief MF must be!

    His wife gave birth to kinds, sent them to school, watched them graduate…but alas, that is only for his own “young Tamil girl”…not for others who are forced/brainwashed to fulfill his (hopeless) racist dream!

    I feel fcuking nauseated!

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  44. More from that great analysis…

    [Intelligence reports also indicates that the LTTE pilots of the two light aircraft had come reluctantly as they had a narrow escape when they came and dropped bombs into the Naval Dockyard in Trincomalee a few weeks back. This is a real indication that they are on the verge of losing their elite cadres and their fighting spirit in the same manner they are losing their territory in the Wanni which they have defended for more than 25 years.]

    OaO Asithri

  45. However, this is what really caught my eye:

    [Questions also arise as to why the LTTE made this desperate attempt targeting the radar system at this juncture. There are doubts whether the Tiger leader is planning to flee Wanni using an aircraft as his strongholds are falling daily with troops marching into Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. They are in constant fear about their lives as the SLAF is taking accurate targets even aiming at their leaders.]

    So, looks like the chief MF wanted the Indra-II radars knocked out so that he can keep his “getaway” all ready…kinda figures as this is how most despotic, ruthless fucked up cult-leaders plan their exit.

    I dearly hope the SLDF catches the MF alive, like the US marines caught SaddamH MF alive, except in this case not admitting it, gives the MF the “works” (slowly, but for as long as possible) before secretly burning the bloated carcass and scattering the ashes in a SLA toilet cess-pit.

    OaO Asithri

  46. One last word before I fly off into the search of “willing fat mules in red & yellow”…

    Spoke to "Colombo" today and was told we can expect the delivery of some "big & lethal hardware" soon from our dear friend - the has been very lavishly and warmly promised by the Chinese Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

    Stay tuned...especially LTTE MF's...when you realize what this means, you will only have a millisecond of a regret before you leave this planet!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  47. satellite dish surplus and a "space blanket" made of silver Mylar plastic ........ you can make a powerful energy collector that can operate a boiler and run a small generator.

    its just not only a cooker but also a energy collector...

  48. What is this that i hear from my sources that the SLA is relocating their HQ from vuvuniya to mannar, if it wasn't destroyed then you should ask yourselves what the reason for this is.

  49. thiru

    your 'source' with its head up Shyam's ass is hearing his gas..

    Of course it would all make sense to you..

  50. Does anyone have an update on the success/failure of those who tried to oust Ranil and save the UNP?

    The revival of a credible opposition becomes an imperative for the future of our country. Removal of Ranil from the leadership is essential for this to be accomplished.

  51. tropical storm why don't u ask ur dear defencenet to confirm this as they will not reply to a tamil's request but maybe if a "superior" modhaya such as urself licks his ass the right way u might get an answer.

  52. thiru: why don’t u ask ur self “ why not fcuk-off from “"superior" modhaya” blog and get my “low-life ponnaya” together and make a new blog and have a good time?”

    Have u seen AmmaGAhai in any of ur blogs and trying to preach BS like ur doing here?? Get off ur high-horse and try to be useful.

    If u can’t … then….
    Just FCUK OFF mate!!!!

  53. where is our DN where is his news? still thinking of taking some innocent name to put as a Kilali are leader's place lol
    you all funny
    get a real news you all dumb fucks

  54. when we send u the parcels opf all the SLA bodies you will see who is dreaming u MR asslickers

  55. when i was kid i saw all the dead SLA bodies in vanni burning after the gov refused to get the bodies of 1234 SLA soldiers from the mullaithivu attack

    atleast Tigers know how to respect he enemies bodies as like soldiers , not like gov did to tigers carrieng around all over the place as a show

  56. thiru: defencenet not replying to u not because of ur a Tamil but because of ur a dumb c@nt! If I ask the same question from DN then he will laugh his ars@ off!! What do u think DN is? Freaking god with ten heads and ten hands??

    So, if u rang LTTE and say “I am a Tamil and can u confirm what happened to the flying Tuk-Tuk?” what would be the answer? Most probably LTTE will tell u to “take ur dumb Tamil ars@ up to the hill and jump off the cliff ur head first”

    I suggest u do the same now, u annoying little peace of sh#t!


  58. LTTE leader pays tributes to Black Tiger commandos on Vavuniyaa mission
    [TamilNet, Friday, 12 September 2008, 04:16 GMT]
    Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Leader Velupillai Pirapaharan on Thursday paid his last respects to the ten Black Tiger commandos, who laid down their lives during the Tiger operation on the Vanni headquarters of the Sri Lankan forces (SF HQ) on Tuesday. The Tiger mission has destroyed the infrastructure of the joint operations command of the Sri Lankan forces in Vanni. Mr. Pirapaharan paid his last respects with garlanding the photographs of the Black Tigers and by lighting the flame of sacrifice at an undisclosed location in Vanni, LTTE officials told media.

    Visit TN for pictures...

  59. Did a foreigner man the LTTE aircraft?

    Army repulses major Tiger attack on military complex

    According to intercepted LTTE ground information, the two pilots of the LTTE air craft had continued to communicate with each other on their way back to Kilinochchi. But suddenly, one of the Tiger aircraft had lost contact with the other. Soon one of LTTE pilots had informed the LTTE in Kilinochchi, about losing communication with the other.

    The night was darker and cooler than it was the previous days, and the Sri Lankan Army’s elite force -- the Special Forces-- members were on duty at the Security Forces Headquarters Vavuniya and the adjoining Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) base which was equipped with the Indian made radar system named Indra-2 .

    The SLAF base and the Vavuniya SF Headquarters are situated side by side and are divided by only a fence and a road that is not opened to the public. Bordering the south of the two bases is the jungle that leads to the Irattaperiyakulam area.

    The SF personnel suddenly detected a movement at the outer fence from the Irattaperiyakulam jungle. It was around 3 am in the morning on Tuesday. After monitoring the movement the SF identified it was a group of Black Tigers of the Liberation Tigers Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Although the SF personnel detected the LTTE intrusion they did not retaliate, but waited patiently observing their movements. The Special Forces allowed the Tigers to get through to the Army fence-line and without their knowledge stealthily encircled the rebels. This took several minutes. After the eleven-member Tiger squad had entered the premises the cadres had sent several messages to the LTTE Headquarters. Later it was found that these messages had been sent to commence the operation to attack the military base.

    Meanwhile the Black Tiger squad had been unaware that they had been encircled by the SF. Once the order was given, the Special Forces swung into action at the most opportune time. Just as the SF personnel began firing at the Tiger cadres, a barrage of 130mm Artillery shells fell on the Army base as well as on the air force base, creating consternation among the high ranking officials at the base.

    The Tigers continued to fire heavy artillery shells in at least three directions from the Omanthai area. Later it was revealed that one location where the Tigers fired artillery was Semamadu area along the Old Kandy road in Omanthai.

    Subsequent to the commencement of the ground attack from the south of the Air Base, an unidentified object appeared on the screen of the Indra 2 Radar monitor of the Vavuniya air force base at around 3.26 am and the object continued to move from Mullaitivu in the southern direction. Immediately, a message was sent to the Air Force Headquarters in Colombo, which in turn ordered that the air defence system in Vavuniya and its suburban areas be activated. It was by then clear that the object on the screen of the Indra 2 radar was the LTTE’s Zlin 143 aircraft, which was heading to attack the Vavuniya base in support of the Black Tiger squad on the ground. A second LTTE Aircraft was also spotted five minutes later. Anticipating that the LTTE’s intention was to launch an air attack on the base, orders were given for several Chinese built F-7 interceptors to be airborne to intercept and shoot down the aircraft.

    F-7 supersonic jets Vs Zlin 143

    Eight minutes after the detection of the first Tiger aircraft, a fleet of super sonic F-7 interceptor jets took off from Sri Lanka Air Force Base Katunayake to engage the enemy aircraft.

    Meanwhile, as the two enemy aircraft approached the skies of the Vavuniya base, their aim appeared to be to bomb and destroy the Indra-2 radar system. But the heavy ground fire made it difficult for the two aircraft to target the radar system. Instead th two Tiger aircraft appeared to give up the plan and return. But four bombs weighting some 25 kilos had been dropped from the two light aircraft onto the army complex premises.

    The two aircraft were over the skies of Vavuniya for more than six minutes and both had moved away one to fly towards Mullaitivu and the second to the Kilinochchi area. By this time several F-7 aircraft were over the skies of Kilinochchi and Puthukuirrippu. Their main purpose was to bomb the two runways at Iranamadu and Puthukuirrippu. Several sorties were carried out causing heavy damages to those runways, which made it difficult for the LTTE light crafts to land in those two runways.

    In the meantime, one F-7 jet was on the tail of one of the Zlin 143 aircraft, which was heading towards Mullaitivu. The pilot had kept contact with the Colombo Operation room and had informed that they were chasing the enemy aircraft.

    The F-7 aircraft, which has missiles on board and could fire air-to air, had the opportunity to destroy the enemy aircraft. It locked into the target which was the low flying light aircraft of the LTTE now over the Mulliayaweli area in the Mullaitivu district and was some eight miles south west of Mullaitivu. Once the target was locked by the Jet, and the missile released, the missile would navigate itself to find the targeted object. As the target was just below the jet, the pilot asked permission from Colombo to release the missiles. The green light was given and the F7 released its missiles about 3.50 am. In a few seconds the pilot on board the F-7 had seen the enemy aircraft catch fire and go down into the jungle.

    The pilot immediately informed Colombo of this latest success and again flew over to make sure that the target had been clearly hit.

    According to intercepted LTTE ground information, the two pilots of the LTTE air craft had continued to communicate with each other on their way back to Kilinochchi. But suddenly, one of the Tiger aircraft had lost contact with the other. Soon one of LTTE pilots had informed the LTTE in Kilinochchi, about losing communication with the other.

    Later, ground troops also intercepted some radio communication among the LTTE, asking to check every area to find any debris of their missing aircraft.

    The pilot of the F-7 had reported to the Air Force HQ that he had suspicions that the LTTE aircraft had been flown by foreign nationals, due to the manner in which the aircraft had been manoeuvred. The reason being that type of aircraft could not be flown at such a low altitude bypassing the supersonic jets without an experienced pilot.

    Intelligence units are attempting to verify this aspect of the attack by the LTTE aircraft.

    Ground battle and artillery fire continue

    On the ground, the Special Forces were able to kill all eleven members of the Black Tiger unit within an hour from the start of the Tigers’ mission, making the mission a total failure.

    Amidst heavy retaliation, two of the Black Tigers who were unable to hold back the military fire blew themselves to death. All the cadres had come disguised in military attire.

    Later the troops recovered eleven bodies of LTTE cadres clad in army uniforms -five females and six males from the scene with a stock of military items. Among the items found were one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), 2 Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers (RPG) with 4 bombs, 1 grenade launcher (40mm), 6 T-56 assault rifles, 27 hand grenades, 4 radio communication sets, 3 suicide jackets, 14 jackets, 32 pistol rounds, 1 GPS and other accessories for weapons and bombs.

    The Tigers, in the meantime continued to target the base using heavy artillery rounds. In retaliation, the army until sunrise responded with 130mm artillery guns set up at the base towards the LTTE firing location. Some of the LTTE shells had fallen on to Thekkawatta village, adjoining the military base.

    By 6 am, the area was calm, but again the Tigers started to fire artillery and after a few seconds it had ended. By that time more than 70 artillery rounds had fallen on the military base.

    A total of 12 soldiers, a policeman and a civilian were killed during the attack while 15 others suffered injuries and five Air Force personnel also suffered injuries. The military says the deaths and casualties reported were due to the LTTE air bombing and artillery attack.

    The military believe that there were several other LTTE cadres who were in the vicinity and had given information to the LTTE in uncleared areas on positioning and aiming the artillery fire. They also believe that the Tiger team had come to the area through Vedivatchulla in Welioya and the Yakawewa, Sithambarapura IDP Camp to Irattaperiyakulam area. On several occasions warnings had been given that the LTTE may use this path to carry out attacks in Vavuniya and its suburbs.

    Despite the increasing battlefield losses in the northern war front, the latest raid, similar to the Anuradhapura Air Force base attack, could have been carried out by the Tamil Tigers in order to boost the morale of their cadres and to convince the Tamil Diaspora that its fighting capacity was intact.

    However, there was no independent confirmation as to whether the Tiger aircraft was shot down or not, but again it shows the shortcomings on the part of the security forces to respond to LTTE light aircraft using anti-aircraft guns or any other air defence system, set up in and around the Vavuniya base. The two light aircraft of the LTTE were able to come to the ‘no fly zone’ and hover for nearly ten minutes dropping bombs and return to their control area without any harm on seven occasions either due to the fault of the radar system or some other error.

    Despite the government claims that they prevented a major attack on the base, the Tigers could have destroyed the entire base in a suicide mission. If the aircraft had crashed into the base it could have caused much more damage than on earlier instances, without allowing air force fighter jets to destroy the returning aircraft.

  60. do you know how long it will take the supersonic to start the engine and to climb from the ground?

    well do you know that DN posted here there was 20 commandos came to fight only 10 of them did the breakthrough attacks and rest of the 10 commandos supported them , in this situation you are saying your Olite soldiers of SLA rounded them up stealthily,

    the LTTE planes spent only 5 ministes in the vavunia base they they head back to their base, in this situation what kind of supersonic mode you guys have?

    can you elaborate that a bit mr ILHAM - The Boss

  61. "well do you know that DN posted here there was 20 commandos came to fight only 10 of them did the breakthrough attacks and rest of the 10 commandos supported them"

    So Bandara, you only believe parts on DN's report that is favorable to LTTE? You dont believe that an LTTE plane went down (which is mentioned in the very same article few paragraphs below) but you believe what DN says about the 'commandos'?

  62. hi all, if any of you guys want to block all these comments from the bandara, shyam and the like... look here ;)


  63. Girls and Boys,

    Got some news. F-7 Pilot story was fabricated - need proof? Ask your contacts as they would provide some startling news. The mention of foriegn nationals suspected to pilot the Tiger Airfcraft by the SLA pilot was to make a sophisticated story so that it gains some credibility and diverts any attention away from the 2 Indians wounded in the attack - to support the initial denial of Indian men by the spokesperson, which eventually crumbled to the truth.

    Military records from SLAF prove impossible interception of TAF aircrafts, although records indicate missiles may have been fired.

    It seems some key SLAF personnel have died too along with significant damage to equipment, which needs to be replaced or repaired (at 6 figures) along with replacement for the destroyed gear and radars. Any more news on that from anyone?

    Amazingly, the details from the divisions further up north witnessing a fireball going down into the forests up north in Mulaiteevu have not recorded/given any official statements - which is suspicious given the initial claim that many soliders saw it.

    SLA trying to save whatever face they got left since 7th TAF attack went unanswered by SLA, so had to come up with something to show/impress their Indian masters. Indian Defence is now having heated discussions with SL on security for their men. IF they pull put completely, SLA will need to start manning the new radars themselves, but you gotta read the manual, for which you gotta know English, for which you gotta start cracking on those English books..and work your racist Sinhala un-educated ass upto a standard technical English now start with..A for Apple... B for Bloody Embarrasment...

    And those who think that they destroyed and damaged the other radar in order for the Leader of the Tamil Liberation to escape are dumbfoundedly wrong. If that was the case, they would not target the souththern areas - I beleive this is enough said.

    Something is looming on a larger scale...better buy those diapers and heart-medication, you just might need it for that right occasion.

    take care,

  64. if we leave you would have no one to argue , or post a comment with more factual methods, is that what you want go ahead and install after that this blog will be filled with only singala rascists lol

    to violated: DN only accepted some of the parts are true which is a fact that commandos were there, as like they did in the anurathapura attacks , so thats why i quoted the DN otherwise i wouldnt , about the plane chase and shoots are total BS because gov wanted to save their ass because they bought the new weapon which became useless, so they are filling the fake news by saying they are using those stuffs, remember those planes of "supersonic of yours speek is only around 700km/h ,in 10 min they 20 min they reached the zlins? from katunajake[those kind of planes will take atleast 14 mins to take off does anyone know that? its not a howercraft to take off instantly lol, that tech never come to srilanka in our lifetime lol.

  65. Guys,

    If the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed ...

    A clear pattern emerges from the string of do-or-die attacks launched by the Tigers against the security forces, recently.

    In most cases, the damage is more of an embarrassment than actual physical disaster which the terrorist hope for. The speed at which the news finds international media, reflects that aspect of these so-called operations.

    The recent attacks on the Navy base in Trincomalee and the Vaunia camps highlight the desperate trend.

    In western nations, adrenalin-fuelled teenagers are usually engaged in dare-devil acts and they want them to be known as stunts: the risks associated with them are well-known and the folks are prepared to pay the ultimate price - even by death. What motivates them to get into this mode is a mystery to both loved ones and psychologists. Some say it is thrill; others say it is the fame; cynics say a bit of both made into a cocktail of mischief.

    Velupillai Prabhakaran has been performing stunts for well over three decades. He had a young audience at the very beginning which in turn was attracted to this murderous phenomenon; exactly as straight roads in Europe led to Rome, Velupillai's stunts ultimately led to wanton destruction and death.

    Velupillai may have been an adrenaline-fuelled hot head at the outset. However, the same hormone is now in short supply for the insulin-dependent diabetic. So, the physical ingredients are not in the famously-portly body to run the remaining wheels of the machine. We don't see the spark of the stunts any more; nor do they attract the Tamil youths in droves for the cause with no goal. On the contrary, they have all the hallmarks of utter desperation of a man who is under immense pressure from several quarters to perform one last act of summersault.

    In his latest mission, he may have thought of making history by attacking two camps simultaneously – by land and air; he posed for a photograph with those who participated in it with a view to glorifying the act later. It failed miserably and Velupillai is a man who has burnt both ends of the stick, at the moment. As far as the defence establishment is concerened, the latest attack is a blessing in disguise; we know how Velupillai’s mind works at the eleventh hour and the options left for him for survival.

    If we drag an element of superstition to the latest catalogue of failures, the omens are not good for the brute and the organization he leads.

    He may try a few more stunts in the coming days. However, the ever-shrinking land under his control will make sure the room for manoeuvre is just a fraction of what it used to be. As far as Velupillai is concerned, the death of stunts is the end of the mission. He created his own legacy on the pillars of stunts, which in turn, made him a mythical creature among the very racist elements of the Tamil community.

    Judging by the recent pattern, it is clear that if the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed - and profusely, of course.

    If this is the ultimate violent death that they envisage, then it is entirely up to Velupillai and his henchmen now - to taste it.

  66. SLAF went on a raiding spree for the last two days and then today it is back to normal business.

    what a joke is this?

    retaliation is good; but it should be reinforced with consistency.

  67. qrious,

    "If the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed"

    well said mate. this is what is known on modern day counter terrorism warfare as deterrence which is the most important aspect of anti-terrorism warfare.

  68. sharp/other 'non believers',

    Let's just say SLAF didn't shoot down a Zlin and Wanni HQ is razed to the ground. Stop trying to prove a point to yourselves, as it fills this blog with unwanted spam.

  69. [vvlrrp said...

    hi all, if any of you guys want to block all these comments from the bandara, shyam and the like... look here ;)

    you are the man!!! thanks

  70. hmmm I miss the fun without jokers. so its a no go :-)

    it can be used to block spammers though.

  71. Out all these stories about LTTE attack on Vuvnia, I like this bit.

    Two commited suicide!!!

    In the name of Eelam, in the name of sun god prabakaran. Why the fuck they couldnt fight to death? Too scared? They surely must have pissed in their pants. The great worriers pissing in teir pants.

    Lesson is, more to come. The diaspora should pay more of their hard earned or scammed money so that LTTE can mass produce cyanide capsules.

    Then they could join the eealam up there!

  72. guys, when you are free visit 'tamil and read the comments. You could see how dissapointed the diaspora is. Poor chaps, cleaning the toilets and send all the money so that their own brothers and sisters get killed.

  73. ltte diehards

    don't believe what DW and DN says or anything on

    believe only what tamlilnut says and if it is true, AAB has been destroyed, Vavuniya SHFQ destroyed, KAB destroyed... yet SLAF flies...,.and bombs every day and scares the sh** out of you guys by just hovering around at night...

  74. Moshe Dyan said...

    "If the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed"

    - What a sentence to boost Racist Sinhala Morale which is suffering on the shock of Tamil Tiger attacks and on the tide of what's to come. You know there are more waves coming - not of battle-hardened military units of the LTTE forces.

    Sadly you swallow all the garbage defence provides you since it is comforting to believe that rather than face facts. There are still some that think only 1 or 2 aircrafts got destroyed and all the BLACK TIGERS were killed off before they could do any "serious" damage @ A'Pura.

    This may be so,...
    "If the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed"

    But bruises can be from fatal blows that don't show up very easily and the victim will succumb to their injuries. Remember as it is symbolic of SLA, all it's blood is under the skin.

    The LTTE openly bleeds blood, nothing to hide , but the wound heals.

    What you gonna do Racists?
    There is a shadow govnt in SL ready to take over when current collapses under failure on the Battlefield. - Final War, with good reason.

    SHARP >>>>>>>>>

  75. breaking news...pottu amman killed in airstrike!

  76. VP is back on

  77. holy crap!!! WOOOT!!!!!!!! another one bites the dust!!!

  78. Don't believe comments of the people here without any credible source (Like TamilNut. ;-)).

  79. ooh please dont kill Dream Boy pottu he wants to die in Country o fEelam...

  80. Breaking News!!

    Leader of Liberation of Tigers Tamil Elam (LTTE) was killed in an air raid. at 5.40pm today. Await more details.

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Sri Lanka Air Force spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara says that the Air Force bombed a place believed to be the Leader of the LTTE Veluppilai Prabhakaran killed. further said that the pilots verified the target was achieved.

    Awaiting confirmation from the MI. More details will follow.

  83. crimewatch,

    Please keep up with posting garbage. That will ensure you spammer status.

  84. Crimewatch just lost his day job.Await further details...


    till another one..


    I really cant believe this war

  87. Crimewatch and other donkeys

    Don't you have anything better to do with your time than behave in a sophomoric fashion? While the BS you guys normally post is sometimes entertaining since it shows everyone what morons you are, Posting falsehoods like this doesn’t achieve anything except unnecessary spamming of the blog.

    I could be wrong and maybe that is your purpose: To spoil an informative truthful blog from which the non-hardcore (that is the Tamil how know how to think and not the toilet coolie variety who believe every word that tamilnut says) Diaspora could get a clearer picture of what is happening in SL.

  88. In Swarnavahini Live @ 8, there was a video on the FDL captured by SLA @ Nachchiuda.

  89. Do you know what is really surprising...

    the LTTE has aout 3-4 thousand hardcore experienced fighters and maybe a few more thousand civilian militia... the Sri Lankan forces on the other hand are a professional military some of whom has been trained in foreign countries... we have over 200,000 personal in active duty in all 3 branches of the military making it one of the biggest armies in world when you compare population to military personal ratio.

    BUT when we battle the ltte we lose more troops than the ltte, they are able to repulse all our attacks even though we are in their back yard... its funny really...

    we may or may not have brought down the plane... but given the superior technology we posses we could even might) have brought down the plane... the ltte supports in these forums talk as if whenever something happens absolutely so damages are done to the ltte...

  90. [[[the LTTE has aout 3-4 thousand hardcore experienced fighters and maybe a few more thousand civilian militia... the Sri Lankan forces on the other hand are a professional military some of whom has been trained in foreign countries... we have over 200,000 personal in active duty in all 3 branches of the military making it one of the biggest armies in world when you compare population to military personal ratio.]]]
    well that 200,000 includes Police and homeguards if I am right. Still we should remember american green parrot trained 10,000 SLA guys cant defend this elephant pass during 2000. Well anything can happen. I dont say history will repeat. One thing for sure If LTTE can bring 1-2 ships of weapons and replenish their armoury, theere might be any sudden changes. It all depends on SLN and SLAF guys. Not with SLA ..

  91. choknuti

    True enough.. first time i am going thru the CW footage's..

    nothing wrong in sharing with u.. learn from the past.

  92. Ares,

    If you are given a 9mm, won't you be able to shoot down one or two soldiers at a check point in Colombo?

    You probably could. This is because of the nature of the war we fight. Its war against terrorism. Terrorists hide among civilians. Army does not.

  93. ares

    what is surpising is your attitude

  94. Hi all,

    Pottu killed?
    Any clue about that?

  95. shan, what is my attitude? describe it...

    i've told this once before in this forum. it was when this was a much better place to talk about stuff... before a bunch of jobless morons hijacked it... those were the days when even defence cared to update us regularly... remember those days???

    this war isn't like a cricket match... you dont win a battle by one life by killing 1 extra person from the other side...

    our economy is very resilient... no matter what they say we sri lankans can and will sustain this war for as long as it takes... ltte should come to its senses...

    after 30 years of war what have they achieved? more tamils live abroad than ever before... more tamils live outside the northeast than ever before... ltte has created a generation of uneducated tamils! how many more tamil generations will have to suffer?

    we the sinhalese do suffer but we as a population don't suffer as much as the tamils... people living under poverty line is at an all time low... unemployment is at an all time low... on the other hand FDI is at an all time high... all this with a bloody war...

    imagine when we actually have peace (someday we will) and if we can utilize potential of the north and east as well towards our gdp...

  96. mrbrown,

    with the police and CDF it increases to over 300,000

    as per information i have...

    army: over 162,000
    navy: 20-25,000
    air force:10-15,000
    stf: 5,000+

    police: 100,000 +-10,000
    CDF: around 40,000

  97. DN please tell me who is spamming in this blog, read after the Sharps last post, bunch of spamming unreal news filled as spam!!!
    isnt that call spam, or somethign the person arquee about the news is fact or not?

  98. Blogger Saduni said...

    Hi all,

    Pottu killed?
    Any clue about that?

    September 12, 2008 10:06 PM


    he's ok


  99. not so Sharp said,

    Moshe Dyan said...

    "If the army gets bruised, the Tigers are going to bleed"

    - What a sentence to boost Racist Sinhala Morale which is suffering on the shock of Tamil Tiger attacks

    What an idiotic assesment by a fool of a special kind!

    What is racist Sinhala Morale, fool? Morale is morale; how the hell you attach a racial element to it?

    We are resillient enough to keep our morale up; a stupid operation with all the hall marks of a disaster will not shake our resolve. Even if the operation developed into one of Anuradhapura base one, we will still recover and turn the tables on bloody Tigers.

    You are obsessed with Tiger victories; plot some graphs on Excel about battle casualties of the army, stand on your head, make sure your balls symmetrically lie around the little penis and stare at the graphs. Now congratulate yourself for the battle successes!


    Thank you for the comments, mate.

  100. qrious,

    no worries mate. but its better to avoid these cesspits; they drag us away from the main topic.

    anybody knows who are racists. if in doubt there is a simple test.

    who are the parties to the war?

    1. liberation tigers of TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL ....elam; TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL....national alliance; etc.

    2. sri lanka army, sri lanka navy, sri lanka air force, special task force, special forces, etc.

    now where do you find the RACISTS?

  101. As the heat builds up, the most likely targetting will be the Prez and other Defence top numbers in Colombo. A fairly indepdendednt India based defence analyst predicts increased attampts in this direction between now and Velu's b'day in November.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what brought the Chinese top runger to SL recently? Just an arms deal, or more than that?

  102. A bit of truth from thr recent past, dedicated to shyam anna,sharp,upul and beloved kuttu

    I came across this heart-rending lament of a friend of Aarthy who took arms for what she thought was right. I noted her tribute to a dead comrade, killed by beasts in human forms crying for “justice for Tamils” as a cover for their deadly conspiracy to create a Fascist state, could be repeated hundreds and hundreds of times for the vile cruelty at which the Wanni terrorists are degenerate, depraved monsters. Children and young ladies suffer the most and the latter are systematically abused sexually, the children both male and female are subjected to all kinds of atrocities. The Tigers have set up orphanages of infamy for the pleasurable activities of its senior cadres and as institutions that provide soldiers for the frontlines and suicide bombing expeditions.
    The fate suffered by Aarthy is certainly not an exception. It is virtually an everyday happening in Wanni. There is a guy who keeps cobras, vipers and scorpions merely to use them as aids in torture. Known as Cobra Castro, he is the most senior of the Wanni leaders after the Wanni Monster himself, Pottu Amman and Soosai.
    Aarthy: My sister My friend
    When the hatred rules,
    When the jungle law prevails,
    Justice lose, for which I cry,
    She was once a freedom fighter,
    Fought many a war,
    Sacrifices her young life,
    For the Eelam cause,
    Now a traitor for her faith,
    For she stood for her truth,
    Ferocious Vanni forces,
    Crossing Verugal river,
    Warriors from Tamil Eelam,
    Becomes warriors from hell,
    She surrendered, they captured,
    She was striped, she was bitten,
    She was pushed to death,
    Shot in her vagina by "northern warriors"
    Once brothers, now gods of death,
    Justice lose, my heart freeze,
    Blood lose its values,
    Water becomes thicker than blood,
    My sister, My friend,
    The Verugal river cries for you!

    By Chitrapathy of Batticaloa
    Aarthy, a women cadre loyal to Eastern tigers was sexually harassed and later shot in her vagina by the advancing Vanni forces from Prabhakaran’s clan during the infamous blood bath near the Verugal river when she surrendered to the Vanni forces. (Courtesy of Denmark Tamil Web site)

  103. Actually I thoght DN/DW was lying and SFHQ, SLAF assests all destroyed and Zlin not shot down, after reading sharp, shayam ect's relaiable and convincing arguements. But they try to convince us too much and now I think DN/DW could be right.

  104. Vezaplillai killed, Poddu Amman killed,.. these are the news we need to hear at the end not now. These two ate most effective tools GSL has against tamilnadu LTTE front/ India.

  105. Infinity said...
    [Updated situation maps:

    Map of Western Situation as at September 10]

    Infinity, old chap, thanks for the maps. Looking at the maps you can see how the terrorist supporters are like the provobial crabs in the boiling pot. SLA keeps putting more logs on the fire and the water keeps getting hotter. But the terrorists supporters are happy, because though they keep loosing, there are some terrorists still alive. So they keep up their bravado. What's going to happen when the water starts boling?


  106. Another faux pas by the LTTE:

    This faux pas is from a long line of faux pas which included firing upon Norweigan monitors, anicut closing and the mother of all faux pas - assasination of Rajiv Gandhi. Keep those faux pas coming, we like it.

  107. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  108. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  109. LTTE concrete complex pounded by the SL Air Force
    Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jet's launched an air strike to a heavily reinforced concreted building complex concealed in 01km north of Iranamadu in jungle area around 08.00a.m today (13).

    The complex had been used by the LTTE for various terrorist activities. The pilots of the fighter jet planes confirmed that the target was successfully engaged

    Courtesy : MCNS

  110. Navy refutes bogus 'reportash' by B.Raman

    Sri Lanka Navy wishes to unequivocally deny with no uncertain terms the contents under sub heading 08 of the article appeared on the page 06 of "The Island" on 12th September, under the heading "Vavuniya Raid- Conflicting Versions" written by one gentleman by the name of B Raman ( South Asian Analysis group) who is said to be an Additional Secretary (rtd), cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute for Tropical Studies Chennai, as it contains an erroneous and false citation and a bogus quotation referring to the official web site of the Sri Lanka Navy.

    Sri Lanka Navy wishes to state that it maintains and updates only one web site namely http//, and therefore, the Navy plainly and undisputably denies the reference made to the Sri Lanka Navy therein under subheading 8 "..., the version given by the Sri Lanka Navy in its web site did admit some damage to the radar, but claimed it was slight".

    Moreover, the self acclaimed writer makes a bogus quotation stating that 'A web blog run by the Sri Lanka Naval Intelligence' is said to have stated "Reports indicated that the radar system was slightly damaged after a bomb fell close to it".


    //'A web blog run by the Sri Lanka Naval Intelligence' is said to have stated "Reports indicated that the radar system was slightly damaged after a bomb fell close to it".//

    This web blog is defencewire. If you check the DW post under "Zlins target Indra II Radar" (second para.) you see the exact sentence.

    So according to Raman DW is run by SLN intel. (Raman retire wela ne, wayasa athi, eya honda sihiyenda inne?)

    However, DW changed their stand later, in the next post: if they mean their own report when they say 'contrary to earlier reports'.

    //Further pleasant news awaited the Security Forces. The Radar system was still in tact. Contrary to initial reports, the Radar station was able to...//-DW

    If this is the case it seems Raman the so called expert read DW to get military info and he failed to read updated version before he finished his expert article.

  111. DN,

    Please update us on battles in the North.

    Everything is quite since Vauniya episode..

  112. Blogger Vigilante said...

    Everything is quite since Vauniya episode..

    September 13, 2008 3:41 PM


    things are quite

    no major developments except few air strikes, light fighting

    there is speculation

    big LTTE leader killed

    i don't hear anything about any big shot getting killed

  113. Guys

    These two clips Rana Bimen and Rupavahini Wanni Meheyuma clips show places in the Nachchikuda akkarayankulam trench breached/captured by SLA.

  114. assasinrajive

    ube post mare post thama


  115. Shan,thanks for the links.
    20 ft! , so DN was right when he first said it was a 6m earth bund. This construction would have taken weeks if not months to complete. It’s strange that nothing was done to stop it… unless it was decided at that time better a digging tiger than a fighting one.
    We should have taken them on, whilst digging their own graves.

  116. The LTTE campaigners are widely circulating their brief for the forthcoming meeting with the Foreign Minister Lord Malloch Brown.A memo is sent to the pro LTTE persons attending the meeting to be addressed by the Foreign Minister that will be held at Zoroastrian Centre, 440 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 9TL on 15 September 2008 (Monday) at 6.30pm.

    LTTE men prepare to confront the Foreign Minister with prepared questions

    'Those who attend Brown’s meeting must use the time wisely and effectively:
    -Human rights violations and internally displaced people....
    -Compelling case for separation...
    -Call for the road map of how Sri Lanka government intends to implement political and human rights of Tamils and if not, withdrawal of EU-GSP....
    -Do not fall into the propagandas and fall victims to criticise Brown for shaking hands with Pillayan....
    -Please remember we can only save, protect and look after only if we can make India rise from its slumber....
    Hope the London HC is working flat out to combat this LTTE propaganda event.

  117. My frined Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

    to this I give you 10 stars cant be better than this..simply the best machan.. :) :)

    Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...
    Boys and Girls and anyone in between - nothing wrong being in between anyway : ))

    2 things I noticed recently:

    * Frequent use of word "Modaya" against Sinhalese by Tamil LTTE supporters.

    * Frequent use of term "Tamil Home Land" by Tamil LTTE supporters.

    Tamil LTTE supporters' use these terms trying to get few points (some of it is utter BS) across. But if u think backward or "out of the square" then it is time for a hypothetical…

    As most of the Tamil LTTE supporters claims, before King Vijaya 505 BC. establish Sinhala monarchy on this fair Island called "pearl of Indian ocean" Tamils were running the joint and having a "smoke & a pancake" in their home land.

    I am not sure when Tamil LTTE supporters claim to have a Tamil home land that it is only the north and east of the Island or the whole Island. I am a very giving person so I'll give u the whole Island. and so

    Hypothetical: Tamils were running the joint before Vijaya crash their party with few of his friends who had few too many to drink.

    So, when Vijaya and the boys sail in to Mannar port on this beautiful day the so called Intelligent Tamils who were running this joint but:

    1) Failed to identified the threat pose by Vijaya and the boys whom had a moderate views and a sporty life style : ))
    2) Failed to kick a bunch of boofe-heads out of their home land
    3) Could not protect the best looking women on the Island ( Kuweni ) getting knocked-up by a hunk Vijaya
    4) Didn't had enough fire power to kill a gang of 800 or less
    5) Vijaya and the gang of boofe-heads out-smart so called genius Tamil race
    6) Vijaya and the gang of 800 bunk down and fought with few (10?? Or 15??) millions of Tamils and won the land
    7) When out-smarted, so called smart Tamils failed to negotiate or offer a solution
    8) So called Tamil warriors failed to fought back to win their land back
    9) Failed to negotiates with their cousins in Tamilnadu to come and help them to kick Vijaya and boys out
    10) Failed to produce a beautiful enough women to get Vijaya to marry after he divorce his first wife so lost the last chance to protect the crown.

    For the next 2000 years (until English crashed the party), Sinhala people:

    • had their " smoke & Pancakes"
    • knocked-up few "Miss world" from India
    • went to Thailand for a quick massage
    • Did "Ding-a-Dong" with Chinese
    • Smoked best from Afghanistan,
    • Rode Iranian horse and bet for the winners,
    • Had a drink with Roman emperors and olive oiled skinned hoties,
    • share a laugh with funny people from Russia,
    • rap few songs with African home-boys,
    • talked philosophy with Greeks after few drinks,
    • swooped architectures with Egypt and bet they had a crack @ Cleopatra,
    • built massive swimming pools and relaxed with Europeans

    and ofcoz looked after and developed the beautiful country too!

    So called brilliant Tamils lost the plot and whingh for next 2000 years??? and sabotaged the development of this beautiful county every time they could with the help of equally retarded cousins from Tamilnadu???????

    So, who are the real modayas??????

    And honestly speaking Tamil Ellam/Ezam/ or Meepasanam a bunch of retarded scums and no way Sri Lankans going to loose their land to MODA LTTE ponnayas!

    So, MODA LTTE/Eelam/Eezam and MODA DI-ASS –PORA the only way to survive and develop is to join Sri Lankans and move forward.


    P.S. Tamil Ellam/Ezam/ or Meepasanam : This is only a "Hypothetical" and u never ran the joint. So, snap out of ur wet dream before u have an orgasm.

    Any "Tight Ars@" reply with-out sense of humor will be dismissed just like Eelam

    bandara: pls don't try to fill blanks but try coming up with an original (bet u can't) so better try finding that "open pit toilet"

    Even though u guys didn't care about MasterCard and VISA commercial rights pls respect my "copy rights" on this piece.

    If u guys felt like I rub salt to ur wounds pls donate some money to "Tsunami Fund". VP need money as he began up-grading a flying Tuk-Tuk with Gold plated toilets, massage seats, personal bar with "Kassippu on the tap" and have employed few Buxom Blondies from Norway for his planed escape to Africa.

    September 11, 2008 5:05 AM

  118. Ninja, Kunja, Asithiri, Quirious can apply for this

    only paid job, in Sri Lanka

    look at the tears of the poor mothers!

  119. All government news agencies are biased and not disclosing the real truth to the general public. Only for those who are keen to know what exactly happening there.

    Click Here (Don't click if you are faint herated)

  120. Extreme,

    Is the dog is 'Indian' to come to maintain the Radar

  121. Anaconda,

    Very well said bro. One of the best comments ever ..

  122. The SLAF site is getting better... better late than never..:)

  123. See latest videos from

    Tigers halt INGOs from moving heavy vehicles in Wanni

    The first video looks like it was taken end of last month ( 26-08-08?), the second video ( 11-09-08?)

    It’s about time we show the world what kind of humanitarian projects these highly paid souls are involved in.

  124. “Of course it is a compromise between the speed which we can leave Wanni and the amount of equipment actually taking with us”

    -Gordon Wise, the spokesman for the UN office in Colombo - Responding to claims that UN had not brought back some equipment from Wanni.

    UN relocate in Vavuniya

  125. To Dear Sri Lankan Tamil Friends:
    please read....

    Selva Gnanam. Melbourne
    > I was not at all surprised to read the article by Dr. Nadesan in the 'Asian
    > Tribune' explaining why it was time to release the long suffering people
    > from the clutches of the LTTE and their despotic leader. I applaud him
    > wholeheartedly for writing what most Tamils wanted to say, but did not have
    > the 'ticker' to take the first step.
    > I, as he once was, was an ardent supporter of 'Eelam' I came to this
    > country by using the excuse of 'genocide' by the Singhala, Buddhist people
    > when in reality I left the country with a passport issued by the Sri Lankan
    > Government, and boarded a plane from her international airport. Before
    > 'becoming a refugee' I lived amongst the Singhala people all my life, went
    > to school with 99% of my friends from that community, enjoyed life with
    > them and graduated from one of that country's premier Universities.
    > I was able to find gainful employment(yet it was more difficult than back
    > there, because of my so-called 'Indian accent') in this country because of
    > the quality of education I received, free of charge, from that country. As
    > soon as I landed in Australia, I began working towards obtaining my
    > Permanent Resident Visa by betraying and demonizing my best and dearest
    > friends. I used the '1983 black July' riots to justify my case, when I knew
    > very well that no decent Singhala person was even remotely involved in it.
    > I knew it was not an 'ethnic problem. I knew it was a 'social' problem
    > whereby the people living on the fringes of society, made use of the
    > situation to loot and grab whatever they could from wherever they could.
    > They came from all ethnic groups including Tamils. I was frightened but I
    > also knew that it was temporary. All this while the people whom I demonized
    > (when I came here) were my 'guardians' They lived in our homes till the
    > situation became normal. I blamed the government of the day entirely for
    > letting the situation get out of control, and I still do.
    > As time passed, I began reflecting on what I had done and was continuing to
    > do. As a devout Hindu I could not justify my support for an organization
    > that had decimated the Tamil population, eliminated its academics and
    > leaders, taken our youngsters and turned them into killers but claimed to
    > be our 'sole representative' I read of young girls(who had escaped from the
    > Vanni) being raped by senior LTTE cadres and later offered to foreigners as
    > 'entertainment'( These girls would later volunteer as suicide bombers
    > because they were not 'pure' any more)
    > Then I realized why so many Westerners came to the Vanni for 'direct
    > negotiations' with the LTTE, and why they were backing the LTTE in Sri
    > Lanka, while fiercely opposing terrorism in their countries. It was an
    > 'erotic escapde' in an exotic island, far away from wife/husband and
    > family.
    > I heard of Tamils terrorizing their communities in Australia, Canada,
    > France, Germany, etc., to collect funds for the 'cause' I heard of some of
    > them 'living it up' with these funds. I realized, slowly and painfully,
    > what was happening to our people in the guise of 'liberating' them.
    > We had created a huge monster which was devouring our people but had no
    > power to destroy it. A 'Global business' with ships, credit card frauds,
    > people smuggling, narcotic trading, arms smuggling, a band-wagon of NGOs
    > and the 'international community' to support the 'cause' BUT the 'cause'
    > itself was now nowhere in the picture.
    > The 'effect' or the outcome of the cause was far better than the actual
    > 'cause'. It was big money and living the good life in the West, as it also
    > was for the Tiger 'big wigs in the Vanni. So who cared about the helpless
    > people in 'Eelam' We had taken the 'tiger by the tail'
    > First the Tamil diaspora began whispering these concerns. Now they have
    > began writing about them. Soon it will become be a huge roar. But will it
    > be too late for our people 'back home'
    > We need to act immediately. Let the people living in the Vanni decide their
    > future. Let the 'international community' the NGOs, church leaders, Human
    > Rights organizations and everybody supporting the LTTE come and observe who
    > decides to leave our 'Eelam' Let the Government afford safe passage to
    > anybody who wants to leave. Offer them decent living conditions in safe
    > refugee camps, till they are able to go to their homes once the fighting
    > ends.
    > Let us add a little prefix to Dr.Nadesan's article heading and say 'Open
    > the gates of hell - and let my people go in peace, to wherever they want to
    > go'
    > Selva Gnanam.
    > Melbourne
    > 01/09/08

  126. 59D captured "Kasthro base" in Mulathiv.

    New LTTE group in action in Colombo after 4 groups (50 terras) were arrested previously. -Divaina

    >> More civilian killings, bus/train bombs.

    INGOs "donated" vehicles, fuel and other assets to LTTE before leaving. Around 1500 INGO employees now to be worked "directly" under LTTE.

  127. Anaconda,

    Well said bro..

    Keep them coming..

    Copy those comments to suite websites like when they publish Sri Lanka related articles.

    Here is an article from strategy page.

    Ron Harvey The END for Tamil Terrorism 8/30/2008 1:25:13 PM
    The end for Tamil Tiger terrosim looms near. The Sri Lankan forces have given no quarters and have carried out this fight very much in their cricket playing style, best described as a modern form of blitzkrieg. The most decisive support factors that have prevented international interference in this 'final war' started by the Tamil Tigers have been the United States and India.

    Many analysts forecast different outcomes in the aftermath of the fighting. Needless to say, the deepest wounds would be the psychological, and problems of assimilating two communities divided by decades of hostility will come with its own boatload of difficulties.

    Sri Lanka possesse the wisdom of decades of democratic institutions and also centuries of civilization before the arrival of Europeans, to guide their decision making. They have always been an accomodating society, even if descipline and law enforcement at a national level falls behind many other nations, and will predictably adjust to their new realities within a short time. However, it will take another generation at least before the wounds are completely healed and will disappear with the disappearance of the generations to the conflict.

    The nation has tremendous potential as an emergin market, for the investor with holding power. It is yet another economic miracle waiting to happen, and the only thing that could stand in its way are its own future leadership decisions. To mitigate that risk of failure Sri Lanka has plenty of friends among the rich and the powerful, who have vested interests in seeing this nation prosper and become a beacon of hope for other struggling nations.


    Check the comment by Ron Harvey.


    our suspicions about LTTE using machines and ppl to dig trenches is confirmed. good that SLAF is doing something about it.

    the way to go.

  130. For the benefit of those who respond to the pro-LTTE bloggers here and elsewhere - Keep this in mind.

    The attempt is based on a few ideological compulsions

    -Fear of the truth being told
    -Fear of being unable to keep the falsehoods created for the benefit of the international community from falling apart
    -Fear of being unable to control moderate Tamil voices from being heard
    -Fear of misguided pro-LTTE youth beginning to percieve the true realities of where they are versus where tehy could be
    -Fear of freedom of expression reaching the people under the shadow of the guns

    Target these fears and you'd see panic, anger and quick degeneration into bestiality. Keep poking in the eye, until either blindness or anger makes reactions predictably animalistic, racist and degenerate. The world is needs to see.

  131. [INGOs "donated" vehicles, fuel and other assets to LTTE before leaving. Around 1500 INGO employees now to be worked "directly" under LTTE.]
    This is outrageous. Government should charge these cads with aiding the enemies of the state. Hope we can throw few of these terrorist lovers in the slammer so the others will high tail it out of the country.


  132. Nice video..

    So, why we are complaining?

    We should be doing exactly what Israel do in such situation.

    Use precision bombing to take out each and every heavy earth moving equipment that digs trenches.

    When you start taking out 3-4 of them, they should either disappear from the scene or would be left idling.

    Are we waiting for more earth bunds to be built that would be deathbeds to our valiant soldiers?

    Aren't our soldiers' lives deserve more?

  133. In another piece of BS by Athas, he calls the Indian RADAR to be "Indira" not "Indra." First I thought it was a typo. However, then he goes on t say that "named after late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi." When would this fake analyst check facts?

  134. I think it is better to ignore Athas and move on.

    We have more valuable things to discuss than Athas I believe.


    is it technically possible to put something in the body and track it?
    there might be an ethical dillema in fiddling with a dead body and the technical challege of getting a transponder that manages to do its job without getting detected, but if VP has these black tiger photo ops in his bunker, then anything to try and locate it is advantageous.

  136. Sam

    You are correct. Athas invents as he goes by. The guy has an imagination which helped build an instant career in an era when information was hard to come by and the same imagination is causing his downfall in the age of instant communications. This s-o-b has nevertheless pursued one objective all his life; attempting to demoralize the Colombo elite society into accepting the inevitability of an LTTE victory. He was almost successful many times over, to the extent where the LTTE had a direct dialogue with him.

    This 'contract' fell apart when a certain friend of mine, reporting directly to an armed forces commander kicked his ass in public. That ended in courts, leading to serious consequences for the particular officer, who did play vigilante. The law took the side of the bad guy and a patriot suffered.

    But today the game is different. Guys like you and I are skinning these bastards without mercy, and there's plenty of us to carry out the job. That job is important and needs to be carried on, relentlessly. You also can send your comments in a letter to the Daily news, opinions.

  137. tt

    I think it is possible to implant a GPS chip and track it using satellite technology.

    There are also some types of radio chips which will stay dormant until activated by a radio signal, to squeal their position when hit by the the correct frequency/code. I do not know how it all works, but they seem to be related to the plastic radio tags you find on clothes in stores.

  138. Brother Observer, Vigilante,

    The comment I posted above is not mine.I copied and pasted it from Defencewire.

    The original post was from the contributor “Amma Gahai/Gahawi”

    So the credit should go to him. Now we have a competitor to our best aesthetic defencenet contributor OaO.
    OaO , you have a game on brother. See the post from “Amma Gaha;/Gahavi”

    You guys are simply the best…

  139. Seven refugees drown while returning to Sri Lanka

    RAMANATHAPURAM: Seven Sri Lankan refugees, who made an attempt to flee to their country, drowned at midsea when the boat in which they were travelling capsized in the early hours of Saturday.

    According to reports, 13 Sri Lankan refugees, including five women and two children, from different camps, including Palani and Thiruvannamalai, had boarded a country boat at Thonithurai, near Mandapam, on September 11 to proceed to Sri Lanka. Owing to rough seas and strong winds, the boat capsized at mid-sea in the Palk Straits. All occupants were thrown into the water.

    Six of them managed to swim and reach a nearby islet, while seven others, including two children, were feared to have drowned.

    The six refugees who swam to the islet remained stranded on it for 24 hours. However, three refugees, including Ravi and Suman and the boatman, swam ashore leaving three others, Reginald, Selvanathan and Ithayarani on the islet.

    Personnel in an Indian Navy vessel, who were on patrol, spotted the three and brought them to shore and handed them over to Dhanuskodi police for inquiry.

    Chandran, Rameswaram tahsildar, and a team from ‘Q’ Branch questioned the refugees who escaped death.

    Refugees coming back to SL from India?? Tamiz brothers in tamizhnadu have treated very well to their refugee brothers.

    Sinhala apith ekka kumburak karan, bath tikak kala, andala, jeevath una nan mukuth na. koheda diasporata tamiz homeland epa! ahinsaka minussu muhude gilila malath unta ganak na.

  140. puli said,

    Ninja, Kunja, Asithiri, Quirious can apply for this

    only paid job, in Sri Lanka

    look at the tears of the poor mothers!

    mhhhhhhhhhhhh.... You have a sense of humour and the only soul thinks so is just you, mate.

    Yes, the loss of a child is unbearable to any mother.

    I can think of three scenarios:

    Mother losing a child in the battefield while protecting his motherland, enlisted voluntarily, with a good understanding of the risks;

    Mother losing a child when he /she is on the way to school, work or place of worship by a deliberate bomb attack;

    Mother losing a child due to forced conscription at a tenderly age what he really needs is a cuddle from warm hands;

    If I give an index to the sorrow of a mother on three occassions, on a scale of 10, the respective indices are 3, 5, 7.

    Puli, you try bring economic factor into the scene by implying that these brave folks just joined the army to make a living; the BBC provided you the platform for jubilation.

    We never think that the BBC is an impartial organization; nor do the Brits. The British public are up in arms that it wastes tax payers money on silly projects; it has been fined by the regulators in their own country for fradulant gimmicks. So, the BBC will be a moral yardstick for you not for the majority of Sri Lankan.

    So, your argument is logically bankrupt.

    I wish I had a stick, your skull and a dumbell. If I hit the last two with the stick, both will ring hollow.

    I have to conclude that you may be someone on a banned substance; it is injurious to your health, mate. I see the first signs of that tendency.

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. guys & gals, over the last few weeks i've been noticing a tamil tiger propagandist have infiltrated the australian political website they've been reproducing pieces from tamilnet, tamilealamnews etc attacking sri lanka. this is the no.1 hitwise political website in australia.

    here's one such piece today claiming slaf bombardment is killing tamil civilians.

    pls send your views known to their editor by emailing

    or you can freecall (aus only) 1800 634 206
    call international +61 2 9690 1220

  143. "Seven refugees drown while returning to Sri Lanka"

    Karma for the killing of seven Sinhalese labourers in eastern Sri Lanka?

  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. Guys,

    The war front is not passive; it is active with no day-to-day updates, because plenty of surprises are in the pipeline.

    The army is just 4-5 km away from Killinochchi; metaphorically speaking, if the Temple Trees is in Killinochchi, the army is in Dehiwala - just a stone's throw away. That means, the LRRP units are even further ahead!

    The hit on the intelligence units of the Tigers was a direct one, thanks to the exact coordinates collected from the ground. The big brute, Pottu, may have cheated death one more time. That is the way it should be; he is not entitled to a peaceful death - even by a bunker buster - according to the Law of Karma. His brutality is quite unprecedented even by the guerrilla standard.

    The concrete complex that was hit yesterday was another success story; the correct coordinates played the most vital role again.

    In my riotous imagination, I visualize an aircraft hanger in the complex. In the absence of secondary explosions, the possibility of it being an ammunition dump is ruled out. So, my feeble hypothesis may be right. I further support my dream by its proximity to Iranamadu, where the so-called air-strip lies in.

    Those who speak on behalf of the brutes are on the decline. The only man who now speaks is the old bore, Sampanthan. Being a grandpa himself, he is blind to see the carnage unleashed on the hapless Tamil children to be suicide bombers. He delivers thinly-veiled threat about the territorial integrity of our country, as if the International Community had no other important buisness except breaking up nations along racial lines.

    If I can approach the old bugger, I will suffocate him with toothpaste for a few seconds, and then hypnotise him to drain the perverted doctrine from his soul.

    If I succeed, he will be made the Santa Claus for the kids in the liberated north for Christmas using his only valuable asset - the silver hair.

  146. people are still talking bullshits

    to the topic creater,blogger, or who ever that is THE TITLE IS STILL RUMOUR, NO PROOVES EVEN AFTER THE WEEK PAST!!!
    what a shame that singala Rascist happy by writing and ONLY Dreaming about killing the Tigers lol
    bye bye to the good neutral Poster OF DN, now we have only BS topic maker as a Blogger[DEFENCENET]

  147. Qrious,
    (only paid job, in Sri Lanka)
    Oh boy, that was a cluster bomb of a reply. Don’t expect a sensible answer from the pulli gona, before Monday night – he has to ask his primary school teacher to explain your post.

    By the way, please check the link below- scrolled down to the bottom left hand picture. What the hell is he doing among the top kotiyas?
    We need an explanation. Tell him my neighbour thinks he looks very sexy- bigger the nose…..


  148. as it says you guys can win the small battles but not the War against Tamil eelam and its TIGERS , to gain the victory over the war you have to get the support of the tamil people, which is wont happen in this Millenia, except those traiters as we have some singala kottiyas ;)

    to those Singala Bitches out there, now everyone know who makes the BS posts and talks about only roumours instead of News

  149. to Qrious: your post about the Brits and their BBc seems funny because, thats is the only had a largest empire in the world, then your great grandfathers were under their asses licking and cleaning their boots when they ruled Srilanka of yours, if there is no political strat, or public support to the gov that country wouldnt be like your country now stands, please educate your selfs before post some BS, all the world know about the BBC news and the british people so keep your toungue behind your teeth or you wont be find that soon.

  150. No-Mess, thanks mate.

    bandara said,

    to Qrious: your post about the Brits and their BBc seems funny because, thats is the only had a largest empire in the world, then your great grandfathers were under their asses licking and cleaning their boots when they ruled Srilanka of yours, if there is no political strat, or public support to the gov that country wouldnt be like your country now stands, please educate your selfs before post some BS, all the world know about the BBC news and the british people so keep your toungue behind your teeth or you wont be find that soon.

    Hey, the identity thief. Listen f*****. You can't write a sensible sentence in your third language, yet you tell us you are knowledgeable in our history, geography, politics etc.

    This is like your leader, Prabhakarn, interpreting Bhagavat Gita.

    What is the wrong with licking a w**** a**? You do it all the time. don't you: you go to them asking for salvation; you seek their help for liberation; you want BBC to air your grievances;

    Do you think these services come free in a society that works on free market capitalism?

    You have to pay for it; of course, you don't pay by monetary means.

    So, you resort to what our grandparents used to do, as you identified them in the form of licking the selected bits of their anatomy.

    bandara, you are a shame on the Tamils; an embarassment to commonsense.

    Please approach your mum in wee hours and ask her who your real father is. If you were born in a European country, she may have fancied a mule on a green pasture.

    The mule reflects the stupidity whereas the green pasture does the prosperity.

    So the birth of a donkey in a prosperous land is explained.

    If I am wrong, correct at the approrpriate points. I will accept it. But I need some writen evidence from your mum.

    If you want to improve on what you lack in, I have a solution.

    Just tip-toe under the belly of a mule three times a day for a whole month. You will come clean, mate.

  151. guys

    rious says "The war front is not passive; it is active with no day-to-day updates, because plenty of surprises are in the pipeline."

    no doubt it is the situation. If you've seen the Rupavahini and Swarnavahini clips (the links were on a previous post)they show the the parts of the trenches/earth bunds captured by the valiant troops.

    Troops must be dominating the areas for the camera crews to move in. moreover,the two clips show two different locations. maps show a significant gain on the mankulam sector with troops moving towards mankulam as well.

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. “All Sinhalese are racists” as per some Tamil LTTE supporting buggers here. I m a Sinhalese and I m a racist. (In my own terms and in my own way)
    People can be proud about their race and still be peace loving people. If majority of Sinhalese are racists, how majority of Tamils of this country live with Sinhalese without a problem of fear being killed by bus bombs.

    Not many Tamils are killed by bus bombs-coz they know where and when those will blow off. Please define ur term Sinhala racists. It more suits to Tamils than Sinhalese.

  154. anaconda,

    i 'disagree' with you.

    1. who has RACIST political parties?

    2. who has a RACIST country?
    e.g. TAMIL ELAM

    3. who has RACIST aspirations?

    4. who has RACIST homelands?

    5. who has RACIST grienvances?

    just replace the RACE above with other races and see if it rings a bell????

    so now who are the RACISTS?

    definetely tamils are NOT racists. it is a few lunatics with in that community that have taken that community for a ride.

  155. Sundaytimes Today "The radar was damaged and two Indian maintenance technicians - A.K. Thakur and Chinthamani Rant - sustained injuries. They were later driven to Anurahdapura and airlifted to Colombo. Another Indira II to replace the radar that was damaged was hurriedly moved by the Air Force on the same day from their main base at Katunayake. The aim of the guerrillas was to destroy the Vavuniya air defence radar, the one that was usually the first to locate any guerrilla aircraft that is airborne from the Wanni. By moving a replacement Tuesday evening, the Air Force denied the guerrillas any freedom of movement over the air in the Wanni theatre without being detected." - Today

    The government announced that the radar station at the Vavuniya air force base had been the target. According to reliable sources, the attack caused considerable damage to the Vavuniya radar station. Sources said that some equipment had been moved from the Katunayaka radar station to Vavuniya as a temporary measure in order to continue with surveillence. However, government military spokesmen made no mention of the damage caused to the radar station. Therefore it is not possible to independently verify this information.

  156. Reports on the Vayuniya Attack . - Today
    "The government announced that the radar station at the Vavuniya air force base had been the target. According to reliable sources, the attack caused considerable damage to the Vavuniya radar station. Sources said that some equipment had been moved from the Katunayaka radar station to Vavuniya as a temporary measure in order to continue with surveillence. However, government military spokesmen made no mention of the damage caused to the radar station. Therefore it is not possible to independently verify this information."
    "The government announced that the radar station at the Vavuniya air force base had been the target. According to reliable sources, the attack caused considerable damage to the Vavuniya radar station. Sources said that some equipment had been moved from the Katunayaka radar station to Vavuniya as a temporary measure in order to continue with surveillence. However, government military spokesmen made no mention of the damage caused to the radar station. Therefore it is not possible to independently verify this information."

  157. definetely tamils are NOT racists. it is a few lunatics with in that community that have taken that community for a ride.
    But WHAT to be done with these LUNATICS?
    If Anyone of their Own Community comes with any Different View, Then He/She will have to Sacrifice his/her Life..
    Only the Ones who are inline with LTTE + Sampanthan Bloody Thinking Line be Safe & those who refuse has to get into the Government to make a Difference & that too has some short commings. But We can not see a More Democratic System of Hmmm..
    freedom to Choose for themselves from the Remaining Leaders of tamil community.the situation is Just like what has happend to UNP after many Leaders died.
    What the community can hear now is mostly the same words & false Promises from Different mouthpieces of Ltte.
    So the Ride will Continue for Quite a long time...
    The So called Leaders are Keep on telling about Self Determination (Internal/External)& things only Leading to seperate Our Mother Lanka. Why cant these Leaders see that the Problems faced by Normal SriLankans are the Same regardless of the Races?
    Do we have to Divide the country to serve the Sri Lankans at need?
    But they will never understand Or Do they WANT to understand...


  158. Qrious says,
    The war front is not passive; it is active with no day-to-day updates, because plenty of surprises are in the pipeline.
    Yep, The Silence From the SL Forces are indicating the Heavy Storm that will pass through the Uncleared areas in the comming monthes.
    But silence from ltte?
    Well we are continuing to see their SILENCE from the Mavilaru Humiliation.So their silence is just coz of Inability & ofcourse will try their last Heroic attacks with their BRAIN WASHED carders.
    But Outcome of the Battle needs NO Guessing..
    The "Flame of Brainwashed death" will continue to be lit by VP till Someone has to lit it for him.But I like to see him captured & may be having a More Deserving Unofficial End ...

  159. Bro Moshe Dyan,
    A Sinhala student (a university colors winner a very bright one) was killed at Eastern University. If you are from a Sri lankan local univerity, you might know what kind of harmony are there in the universities in Sinhala majority area.

    There are almost no racial discrimination for Tamils (I can say about Peradeniya, Ruhuna, Kalaniya and Colombo). There could be only very few incidents in past.

    But situation of Sinhala students that are selected to Jaffna and Eastern Universities are pathetic and dangerous.

    There are no NGOs HR activist groups to raise their voice against the killer of eastern university Sinhala student (he had only 3 months to pass out). But no one speak out. Coz speaking on behalf of Sinhalese will label u as a racist.

    My experience. More than 80% Tamils support terrorists and that is a fact. You do ur own servey and see.

    They know very well that they can live with Sinhalese with harmony. (Look at Wellawaththa.. Nuwara Eliya).
    But they don’t want to.
    They are the largest race in the world having no coutry. Is it Sinhaleese fault.

    “You want to live in single country or be divided???”

    You ask this question from a Tamil and a Sinhalese. You will know the answer of them better than me.

  160. Qrious said – “metaphorically speaking, if the Temple Trees is in Killinochchi, the army is in Dehiwala - just a stone's throw away”
    Ninja said (on a previous post ) – “When eight wickets gone, 100s to score, a last man score a boundary, some people shout like they are going to win”

    metaphorically speaking.....
    On our march from Dehiwala to Temple Trees, we need to go past two or three safe houses in Wellawatte. So, there could be a missed field here or a dropped catch there and maybe a pitch invasion by some INGOs too.
    But the good news is it’s only the 3rd day of the match, clear weather has been forecasted for the next few days… and, Murali and Mendis are in top form.
    We all know who will win this test series.

  161. Sam,
    To add little more into your nice observation about Athas the liar...

    In wikipedia it says;

    INDRA = Indian Doppler Radar

    what a looser..!!!

  162. Anaconda
    With respect to a Sinhalese student killed in a university where the majority of students are none Sinhalese goes to show how sectarian the minorities like Tamils are. This is what I have been telling the IC for a long time. Average Sinhalese person is very tolerant and accommodating and being taken for a ride by these bigoted minorities and our politicians too.
    There’s nothing to apologise to any one if the state make it government policy to integrate people by force, just as in Singapore as it will be a vital factor of our defence and wellbeing.GOSL has a duty to all of us in the land to avoid being biased towards one religion as the government getting involved in a religion will spell disaster to the nation.Suprime court’s stand on the loudspeakers should be applauded where the politicians are helpless to intervene for obvious reasons. Must have the cooperation of all communities if we are to fight the terrorists in the island. There are many disgruntled people in the island that are the victims of the restrictions imposed by the security in the major towns, thus affecting their livelihoods. There are better sensible ways to tackle this just as we are doing in UK.When ever we indicate a lapse in security ,the reaction is to close down the roads and access to the public while some are privileged to overcome these as privilege and as a demonstration of power and arrogance and this very privilege and arrogance will let the terrorist and weapons through and I saw this to my self once again during this perahara in Kandy and this will be the last I will attend for years to come. I must say that we had the best sleep at night without the blaring loudspeakers of the mosques etc,thanks to the SC judgement. We are truly disappointed with the Provincial election and that’s another story..

  163. SL decided to buy 5 Mic 29 before the end of this year to counter attack the LTTE air crafts ..they decided to buy coz the F7G's couldn't destroy the the TAF on air..... Mic 29 is equal to F15 and 17 fourth generation planes ..and each Mic 29 is costs $15 million .... (Lets wait and see what are prices gonna inrease)

    If they have destroy LTTE aircraft on air hey why they are looking for the Mic 29's ...truth comes out and looking for more truths to come out

  164. PuliGona

    [Ninja, Kunja, Asithiri, Quirious can apply for this only paid job, in Sri Lanka]

    Qrious, bro thanks for that “middle stump” delivery to this Puli-Gona! LMSSAO!

    As for humble OaOA, yep, he would gladly apply for this job (it will be an honor), but alas as fate would have it, he cannot now. Just as well, as he would be likely court-martialled in no time as knowing him, he would go to the front with his own customized high-velocity munitions, just for the thrill to see baby-killer LTTE MFs’ skulls explode upon deliver!

    Ouch! It’s so despicable, I love it!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  165. Shyam

    [the F7G's couldn't destroy the the TAF on air.....]

    Still harping on that lost tincan uh?

    Come one, get over it Maggie…most idiotic LTTE Tamil Diaspora has now realized that the one last moda-choone they had to cheer themselves up, pat themselves on the back, jump up and down like the retarded monkeys that they really are (i.e. the TAF –takaran air force) went down in a ball of fire. Hereafter it is inevitable that any TAFs will meet with the same fate (as SLAF has now perfected the attack preparedness/strategy I am told)….so hereafter be a good LTTE coolie-boy and just waker yourself to a cheap thrill by browsing porn.


    OaO Asithri

  166. Anaconda

    [Now we have a competitor to our best aesthetic defencenet contributor OaO. OaO , you have a game on brother. See the post from “Amma Gaha;/Gahavi” You guys are simply the best…]

    Thanks brother…yes, AmmaG/G is a slugger to be reckoned with and humble OaOA is only too glad to have him around…we are actually a tag-team…and love cyber-castration of baby-killing filthy terras!


    OaO Asithri

  167. Got to run...Durwaka just called and said daddy is having loose motions...

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. asithri, su

    Thanks for the input mates.

    You guys highlighted what Iqbal Athas has written in Sunday Times with regard to Vaunia attack.

    I normally don't read his column; its contents are a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned; he spins and then twists his story to depict a picture of army losing the battle on all available fronts.

    As you folks brought up the subject, I just scanned through what he has written. It is the same old garbage.

    He is the one who implied the extensive damage to the army camp. He didn't stop at that. He invented another theory by taking a swipe - a very gentle one - at the Tigers, for cropping up a photograph: Athas implies that there were more than 10 cardres in the photograph, but it has been edited. By doing so, he cunnigly creates a picture of the participation of more than 10 cardres in the operation, although we killed 10.

    Athas is writing this column for Tamil Diaspora - the LTTE supporting wing. His employers know that and they make a meal out of this fan club.

    Athas has gone to such an extreme that even people who once used to read his columns now know the opposite of what he writes is true.

    In Saudi Arabia, if a citizen has been treacherous, he is risks being disown by the state. Osama Bin Laden is someone who experience this.

    I wish we had a similar mechanism to disown the clowns like Athas.

    He cannot enhance his credibility by expanding the acronmym INDRA - Indian Doppler Radar - as Indira Radar. It is a sign of both bankruptcy and desperation.

  170. Some of you guys missed the bus. Some may even be on the wrong bus..

    The SLAF went shopping in Russia for high-end toys at a time the Chinese suppliers were getting ready to pull the plug on SL due to delayed payments. Russia provided a credit line to attract the business, and that's how the Mig29 deal came about.

    Then the Chinese realized they are about to lose a lucrative customer. So they gifted us the 5 Mig21 clones (F7) in an attempt to re-establish the relationship. They also threw in a few PL5 A2A missiles and probably even trained our guys on how to fire them. It worked.

    Good move, since it also proved to the SLAF that there are cheaper alternatives to the high-end toy Mig29, that the Chinese could still be our best bet into the future. They've clearly proven they have the goodies, and they are cheaper in the chinese store.

    Nothing personal, it's just the way the business world works. Hope this helps.

  171. grious

    I always read Athas and bite back if i find any loose threads. quite obviously I am not the only one, since the pressure is starting to show.

    I thought this present article to be very ordinary and a 'safe' article, in which the prime objective seems to be to avoid counter-attacks coming from all over. And then the presumptious fckup does that 'indira' thing, which is simply too pathetic to hit back on. I almost feel sorry for the dickhead.

    The damage caused to the radars seems real, whether our guys want to admit or not.

  172. The airstrike in Iranamadu is classic. It appears to be a high altitude strike because even the UAV is at very high altitude, and still misses the flyby. So the attack hieght can be assumed to be either equal or close to the UAV's though the jets would still maintian at least 5-10,000 feet from the UAV to avoid it.

    Spot on!

  173. lol, i never mocked the brit people as you did then again you saying me im also a**l*** lol.

    btw morons you still keep away from the tracks, the topic is about ""LTTE KILALI ARE LEADER KILLED" still rumour no news, no evidences , what a pithetic attempts of DN trys to mke his blog "famous"

  174. //If they have destroy LTTE aircraft on air hey why they are looking for the Mic 29's ...truth comes out and looking for more truths to come out.//

    Shayam in action

  175. Potential U.S. Congresswoman Declares LTTE terrorism and Sri Lanka Tamil Grievances do not Tally

    Prof. Dina Titus: “I am aware that the Tamil Tigers was not sincere when they came to the negotiating table.”



    BBC Sandeshya is making glaring mistakes favorable to the LTTE in their reports


    Vaiko's request to air drop food to K'chi rejected. (divaina)

    LTTE leaders thretened and stopped civilians coming to Vavunia along A9. (divaina)

    7 km to Mankulam. 8 km to K'chi. (oh ya we don't have hurry, take your time, good luck to brave troops ! please liberate innocent civilians from terrorists.)

  176. This is what the most pesimistic self appointed defence analyst had to say about the devastating attack on SFHQ-W, apart from "indira radar".

    //This is after a close examination of the sites that have been badly damaged. Roofs of buildings near the Air Force installations were badly damaged. In the Police sector at SFHQ-W, there was a sigh of relief. The roof of the main armoury of the division was badly damaged but a concrete slab below had protected the weaponry from being destroyed. Six vehicles including a bowser, truck, van and a tractor were damaged.//

    I beleive wanni SFHQ should be much more than two roofs and six vehicles.

    //Initial reports to the media by Army officials said bodies of ten Tiger cadres, including five females, were found within the military complex. As this news spread worldwide, the LTTE repeated the same figure in a news release. Their idea was to hide the exact number of cadres who were assigned to carry out the attack. Later on Tuesday, another male guerrilla body was found bringing the LTTE death toll to 11. Preliminary investigations by the Police have revealed that 14 guerrillas entered the military complex and three later got away.//

  177. shyam

    You should visit London soon, in time to attend the big tamasha planned by Gareth aiya.
    Make sure you wash your ass well before you get anywhere near Lord Malloch-Brown who is being brought in for another lambasting for the pro-LTTE diaspora.
    Some of your bretheren are gluttons for punishment, and are in store for another round of asswhacking from the old man.

  178. bro anaconda,

    agree with you in most part. why i (within quotes) 'disagreed' with you earlier was for just one sentence.

    i haven't been to a uni in SL. but i know the COMPLETE peaceful atmosphere and COMPLETE LACK of racial feelings in universities (as regards racial matters).

    most of my friends are tamils and i say over 95% of them are supportive of the LTTE. it's a sad situ. but in SL this % is less. this is due to tamil RACIST politicians over the years brainwashing them with racism and LTTE giving them hope that TAMIL elam can be achieved. when both these can be destroyed, racism dies a natural death.

    unfortunately the political solution these same RACIST tamil politicians talk about is also RACIST (they are now prisoners of it) and TF it can only keep the problems forever.

  179. Dear Kevin & Anaconda,

    "Average Sinhalese person is very tolerant and accommodating and being taken for a ride by these bigoted minorities and our politicians too."

    As I've mentioned before in these blogs, the Tamils and Sinhalese are not very different in terms of "racism" or perceptions of others. I have lived and worked in the N-E and I can tell you that the average Tamil (and even Muslim) is just as accommodating and tolerant as his Sinhala counterpart.

    I've noticed that in general people who live in Sri Lanka are far far more open-minded and tolerant than the expatriates, regardless of ethnicity. Maybe because they don't have the luxury of being keyboard warriors.

    There are not many racist Sinhalese, but the few of them out there tend to get a lot of power and clout. The JHU does not represent even 5% of the Sinhalese yet it gets a lot of leverage in govt. and media attention. The same applies with the Tamils. Most Tamils (in Sri Lanka) do not agree with the LTTE's concept of wiping out non-Tamils from the N-E, but these Tamils don't have much of a say because they don't have any guns.

  180. Dear Patriots,
    President Rajapakse has emphasised that next year s national literary festival will be held in Kilinochchi. This is a commendable goal on the part of the President. However I am afraid we will need to re-civilize the populace of Wanni which had led a barbaric existence under the jackboot of a death cult. We will first need to do the following before having literary festivals for them:
    - Teach parents to send kids to schools not to terrorist training camps
    - Teach kids to respect elders and parents not shoot them like the way terrorists have taught them
    - Respect the priests and not to shoot them in cold blood like the way terrorists have taught them
    - Follow the legal orders given by proper authorities and not to throw hand grenades at them like the way terrorists have taught them
    - Protect the public infrastructure and not blow them up like the way terrorists have taught them
    - Write poetry to celebrate life and not to live in a culture that glorifies suicide over life and where cemetery is the public square

  181. The two airstrikes are beauties to watch.

    The second one is a low-altitude hit, and you can even see the jet (looks like a Mig27 in combat mode with wings swept back) on its egress. Yet again a pin point hit.

    Let's hope the SLAF has a 'performance bonus' structure for these guys.

  182. wimaladharmasuriya (aka konappu bandara??),

    well said mate.

    but doing so will attract STIFF (i mean blooody stiff) resistence from TNA, TULF crap barbarians.

    they will demand how come there is a national literacy festival (which includes CHINGALAM, MUCHLIM, etc. cultural acts as well) in TAMIL homeland.

    remember although we can ANNIHILATE the LTTE, unless the 6th amendment, section 157A or at least the PTA is enforced, TNA, TULF,etc. toilets will SURVIVE.

    so we need to first implement the law against them immediately following the annihilation of the LTTE.

  183. Wijeypala

    You make a very valid point. The sinhala majority who want the LTTE defeated at any cost do not represent an 'extreme' view, as the pro-LTTE lobby attempts to say. These people actually want the LTTE to be destroyed so that the ordinary people (incl moderate tamils) can go back to ordinary life.

    The real extreme sinhalese lunatic fringe have a different agenda. They want the war to continue unfinished, so that over the nxt 20 years the SL tamil population can be forced into extinction thru absorption into the other ethnic groups.

    Their theory is similar to Velu's, almost identical and argues this conflict in a historical perspective as the final tamil-sinhala war saga. Their justification rises from that argument; by wiping the tamils out thru long term attrition, there never will be another war by them against the sinhalese. It defies imagination that such people exist and even worse is the fact that their argument can be very pursuasive for those who've been affected by this war.

    This is exactly why it is imperative that the LTTE be defeated and moderate tamil leadership given powers to define their people's destiny within a unified SL. It can be done and is the only realistic solution.

  184. Wt you guys think about the political solution after the war? ( if really needed-This is my idea and also related to defense )

    1. If a person comes and ask something by the power of guns, I have 2 choices.

    (a) Fight back and kill the bugger ( or u will be killed)
    (b) Run away – so you loose everything you have
    (c) Negotiate (negotiate with a person having guns????)

    This is a complexity. My solution is to this crisis is-

    1. Kill the terrorists ( that will never change) - which is being done
    2. Give a respectful administrative power to the people in respective areas.---

    Ok. To give respectful administrative power – I think the best geographical entity is “District”- .Most of our Governors and Chief ministers in Provincial councils does not know at least the problems that are there in their very own town ( May be too tiny brains ) ..There should be a way to represent these district authorities ( like senators in US – not an good example I know) to represent the parliament. A person in sri lanka never proud (except – Southern and Northern) about their province. Don’t ve feel about the province. People happy to say that they are from Kolombo, Kandy or Trinco- rather than saying from West, Central or north east. Whether we like it or not people of this country are linked to districts. Not provinces.

    So it is natural to have a strong political administrative system based on districts and a person who has executive power should look after each district. They should be responsible for the parliament.


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