Monday, September 29, 2008

Explosion near Malwaththa Road – Colombo Fort

An explosion occurred in Malwaththa Road, Colombo a short while ago. According to available information 6 vehicles have been damaged in the incident. No human casualties have been reported so far.

It is believed that the bomb was placed inside a parked vehicle.


  1. great job By MI ..this is one of a great job by MI to wipe out tamils from colo .....

  2. Shyam,

    MI do not need to wipe out Tamils from Colombo, but they need to keep the people on alert all the time in order to avert the disasters. :)

  3. 6 cars damaged. LTTE need to destroy some thing..if not human lives...any thing. Even if LTTE break a glass in SL I think now that's also a big thing diaspora to be happy. What to do..vezapillai has to make them happy or money...

  4. chik MI is doing a lousy job trying to wipe out tamils from colombo, colombo tamil population has been going up.

  5. Shayam,
    We dont need to...your liberator is doing all that by himself.this is why he shot an unarmed boat load of people who were escaping from the north a few days ago..He killed a husband and father..His "humanitarianism" has astonished the world..Why dont you ask LORD GOD IC to award him the peace prize...hell like that..more money more weapons..

  6. if it was in a car, then it woulnt ment to blast there in the car park? could be coming out from some place.. or going some where... and missed time...

    as ninja said, even break some glasses would be a big thing for diaspora now..

  7. there's pictures on


    ZLIN down confirms by escaped civilians.

  9. The Tamilnadu Factor and Funny Developments

    As the total annihilation of the LTTE savages is drawing closer and closer, a section of the political establishment in Tamilnadu has started what they usual had been doing at this sort of juncture - playing the Dravidian card to shore up the sentiments.

    Most of those behind this boring agitation are bankrupt politicians who can't lead a herd of cows, let alone a sensible political party. Nedumaran, Vaiko and some communists head this league.

    It is reported that they are to go on a fasting campaign over the Tamil issue. We must keep in mind that these campaigns were never elevated to fast-unto-death, as these folks are very fond of life.

    They have got the blessing from an unlikely ally - Jayalaitha Jeyaram of AIADMK. Against this backdrop, the reported clash between the Navy and the illegal fishermen in our waters cannot be a mere coincidence.

    Jayalalitha, a convent-educated Brahmin is notoriously known for her inflated ego - for being superior to the rest of the political players on social grounds. This attitude has taken its toll on her political fortunes; her recent public declaration that she is a true Dravidian may be an act of desperation to shore up the grass root support to make a comeback for power.

    As that manoeuvre did not help much, she has embarked on the other remaining mission - poke her nose in Sri Lankan Tamil issue. This is her second attempt to turn southwards to grab headlines, since the failed mission to get the Kachchative island back through the Indian Supreme Court.

    The influence on us by Jayalalitha and the newly-formed un-holy alliance is nothing more than a minor irritation. Because, there will be folks in certain local media organizations to blow that up, for reasons best suited to them, as if the island nation was going to be swamped by a Dravidian invasion on the instructions of Jayalalitha.

    Jayalalitha is someone who carries a political thermometer in her arm pit all the time. As her age has made most of hairs fall, the sensitivity of the area has gone up considerably, leaving the instrument very active and volatile too, that account for her somewhat erratic behaviour recently. She tests the political waters much more often than an average Tamilnadu politician, just to check the pulse of her arch-rival, Karunanidhi, the sworn atheist and ex-script writer, who is a bit inferior to Jayalalitha in caste.

    The reactions of Jayalalitha is activated by Karunanidhi's pulse and very often they are politically complementary. For instance, Karunanidhi is maintaining a calculated silence over the Tigers and jayalalitha is promoting the opposite. Jayalalitha is using proxies for the game - the failed Marxists - as she doesn't want to be instantly become an object of hypocrisy; her views on the LTTE are well known and well documented too. She used to brand them as a bunch of ruthless terrorists.

    To nutralize Jayalalitha, all it needs is a few words from Karunanidhi on the predicament of Tamil Tigers now. If he utters a single word in their favour, Jayalalitha backs down and in effect, the protest campaign grinds to an inexplicable halt.

    All in all, we must be thankful to the Almighty for creation of this pair in our neighbourhood - Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi.

    Since they occupie diametrically opposite positions in the political landscape while dealing with anything ranging from the height of a cardboard cut-out of celluloid heroes to the welfare of the poor illiterate peasants, we can breathe a sigh of relief – they will never be united to make us a real headache. Let’s bless them for being who they are!

  10. Grious

    The SL tamil issue has been only a ticket to power for South indian politicians. Starting with MGR they've all played this game and Karunanidhi actualy perfected it.

    So far, they've ALL put India before everyone else and Sri Lankan tamils have only been an expendable and convenient stepping stone.

  11. USA must sink the gun running ship held off Somalia. Perhaps all the terrorists in the world have banded together on this perhaps they have made the lawless state like Somalia a storehouse for weapons to be distributed world wide to other terrorist organizations. I would suggest the US navy act boldly and sink it to the bottom of the sea. This will send a strong message to the illegal arms suppliers, terrorist fund raisers and others involved in transporting them worldwide. Some of them find it’s way to the rebels in SL as well. Go round them up sink them to the bottom!

  12. [So far, they've ALL put India before everyone else and Sri Lankan tamils have only been an expendable and convenient stepping stone.

    ... And in turn, the self- appoited 'Tamil liberators' first deceived, then started murdering the unsuspecting Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans.

    Oh... LTTE coolies... you would rot in hell!

  13. "This will send a strong message to the illegal arms suppliers, terrorist fund raisers and others involved in transporting them worldwide"

    Kevin perhaps you are forgetting the 20 odd innocent crew members held hostage on board, responsible governments cannot act like brazen terrorists now can they.

    Defencenet, whats going on in the east, this increase in small scale attacks and now some story of attack on muslims (in Tamilnet) is this LTTE work to cause rifts between TMVP and muslims, or actual TMVP elements or what. Thanks.

  14. Jack,
    Your seeing the LTTE at its best..causing rifts amongst the ethnicities of SLanka.They think it is going to "save" them..lets wait and see..

  15. Acute & Chronic Conditions

    Acute Condition

    The most acute condition we are facing which requires immediate attention is unarguably the problem of terrorism. Regardless of how and why it all started, the challenge we are facing is eradication of this acute problem of LTTE terrorism within our sovereign borders as quickly as possible. If not we would have no choice but to settle for a constant state of looking over our shoulders and continual suffering caused by terrorists from within and without, like it is in Israel.

    Thankfully, the present democratically elected government is doing something right in remedying this problem; the main thrust being the military offensive against the LTTE. A team of well qualified people have been drafted in to do the job, headed by a man who has first-hand military experience.

    We have also worked on other fronts with greater or lesser success, in limiting resources and life support of the terrorists, surely but steadily constricting their free reign.

    In one sense this is the easier task.

    Chronic Condition

    The chronic condition however, is much more complex and much more challenging to cure. Since independence, the cancer of corruption has been growing steadily and spreading to every nook and cranny of socio-political anatomy of our nation. The heavy fly-wheel of corruption has been gathering momentum over 60 years of independence. Anyone trying to stop it or at least reduce its speed, is bound to feel somewhat helpless.

    The million dollar question is this; “Is there anyone who is qualified even to try to put the brakes on our proverbial fly-wheel?

    The person specification for the job looks utopian in perfection and practically impossible to achieve as the two qualities seem mutually exclusive; in a country like Pukka Land.

    1) The person must be in a position of great authority and influence. In case of Pukka Land, it must be a politician because, rightly or wrongly, it is the politicians who wield the sceptre of authority. Any radical change of direction must come from the politicians.

    2) One must be detached from the evil they are trying to eradicate. Therefore the person must have a clean track record with no skeletons in the closet. If not the multitude of enemies he/she is bound to make for themselves would be able to laugh their efforts off, rendering their quest rather futile indeed.

    Hands up anyone with influence and power with nothing to hide?

  16. Jack
    Do you really think that there are 20 innocent crew members in that arms ship? They may be nothing but mercenaries and even terrorists working for the underworld and illegal arms dealers. They are transporting items that will bring death and destruction to people world wide if allowed. US navy could blockade this ships movement make the surrender and release them once their identities are verified. Should they be allowed to our areas then the Navies of Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka should keep an eye on them. This not the time to pussyfoot with gunrunners.

  17. Guys, I have a question...

    Is the main gun on the arrow boats a 20mm or a 14.5mm gun? wikipedia says 20mm, but I am not sure of wikipedia as a source.

    I know that a handful are fitted with 23mm guns, but what do the vast majority of them carry for a main gun?

  18. Kevin,
    Fully agree with you bro.It is better if we can blast it out of the water which we cant because it is a russian ship..if i got my facts right..

  19. And these LTTE buffoons think that after what all our peoples have been through for over 30 yrs this mission of the govt is going to stop simply because they break a few coconuts..what a joke..

  20. I do not have second openion about defeting LTTE in war.

    But what SL forces doing now are not acceptable. The pictures of injured childrean are really hurtfull. I think there is no need for air attacks now except in FDL.

  21. sathyan,
    your opinion is shared by a lot of sinhalese including me(belonging to the sinhala buddist chauvenistic govt of you know).I think the plan is to destroy LTTE cadre concentrations as opposed to when the cadres offer resistance using people as human shields which will lead to many more innocent deaths.Believe you me the forces have incredible firepower rightnow and they will loose 5000 troops and blast their way all the way to jaffna killing everything in their path and more..The only person stopping this is the Hon President because Gen Fonseka is a man with an incredible frame of mind and he is NOT scared to can cal it an IRON WILL. My sincere apologies about the injured kids.

  22. "Do you really think that there are 20 innocent crew members in that arms ship? They may be nothing but mercenaries and even terrorists working for the underworld and illegal arms dealers. They are transporting items that will bring death and destruction to people world wide if allowed."

    Mate this is a legitimate arms shipment between two governments so I think its not fair to caracterize the ship's crew in this way. Doesn't Sri Lanka also get arms from Ukraine, who knows maybe this same ship and crew have delivered such in the past, so how can you be so callous in throwing away their lives?

  23. sathyan,
    It is also to provide a means of escape or enhance it for the innocent northern people of SLanka.People cannot escape if there are cadres guarding them with instructions to shoot the escapees.

  24. The next LTTE stooge after Kiriella has joined the SLDF demoralization campaign. His name is Vajira Abegunawardena and he wants the war to stop saying that nothing has ever worked with any war. Perhaps, he can tell the same to LTTE and ask them to surrender. It is very interesting to see one monkey after the other comes to bail LTTE out today. This may be a time to look in to their bank accounts to see if the have been paid by LTTE. Further more somebody shall teach this monkey how Prince Gamini and Kiththi saved us from extiction.

  25. Sam Perera,
    Sam there will be lots of changes in SLanka afer this is over hopefully..keeping my fingers crossed.

  26. Sri Lankan,

    Thanks for sharing the pain of Tamils. You are so honest. Not an ignorant as some people.

    I do understand forces do not do this with intention. If killing Civilian is the intention we can not imagine now.

    But unforunatly these things happen. What can we do?

    on the otherhand we can blame LTTE human shield for everything. Even if LTTE prepared to release them, not all can relocate. They are very poor people. But I think forces can be more carefull with air strikes. They can avoid unnessary Air strikes execpt in FDL.

  27. Fasting in Canada This is really good for thier health, weight loss etc. Now please don't get confused with

    No barriers any more

    No barriers any more 2

    CJ ordered to remove all the barriers in the Galle raod, including along temple tress, as it creates traffic jams.

    I think if VP complained to him saying SL citizens' rights getting violated due to wanni operation he will order to stop wanni operation too.

    I am happy to see SLDF removing all the barriers and people drive in Galle road without traffic jams. LOL

    Wajira Abewardana (MP/Galle-UNP)- the new challenge for Karialla


  29. Sathyan,
    Many thanks for your comment.Lots of sinhalese share your pain sathyan..not just me..If the innocent people of the north are allowed to leave at least temporaryly..then the LTTE will be there is no way for the LTTE to make more money..and the war will be over..because the northern people will be able to vote freely.But this will also isolate the LTTE which they dont want to happen because all the info we gather will be passed on to international agencies as well and everything the LTTE has done to the good tamil people of the north will be news which the LTTE dont want others to know including the disbursement of funds ..
    I have no answer for the 2nd part..sadly except..
    The forces are counting on the intelligence they gather from the surrendered they will be more accurate and the Astrikes will be more accurate.what the forces are doing is liberating more areas so poeple will find it more and more easy to escape.Why do you think the forces want to engage tiger units in an all out "conventional war"? that more people can escape more easily. We have to wait and see..

  30. One more

    Too good soldiers dying for too bad people This soldier was lucky to die rather than living with this kind of neighbours

  31. Sathyan,
    Dont forget..even if the cadres are not there to stop the people there are extensive minefields which the army is diffusing so that people can use the roads/known paths to safety..

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Ninja,

    Sarath Silva seems to be overstepping his limits. He has no authority over the matters pertaining to national security. That part belongs to the executive branch of the government. Simply put, our armed forces are not under the command of the chief justice but the president. Somebody can't just bring in a law suit to halt our soldiers trying to control wanton acts of terror by LTTE. Recently, I saw him getting in to politics also. Just like lots of other things these days, roles of each branch of the government seem to be getting messed up. One thing we can do here is to track down and hunt the people who bring in bogus law suits to destabilize the country at this critical juncture.

    Bless SLA, SLN, SLAF, CDF, and Police!!
    Bless Sri Lanka!!!

  34. News Flash...

    [UNP condemns Army chief's remarks
    Sep 29 (LD) The UNP has condemned the statement made to a Canadian newspaper by Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka regarding minority communities.

    The UNP organized a media briefing at the Opposition Leader's Office in Colombo this morning (Sept. 29th), where MPs from Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities spoke...

    MP Ravindran, a Tamil, said he was grieved to hear such a statement coming from a responsible public official.

    He called for an end to war and for a negotiated political solution, and said statement that divided the communities should be condemned.]

    Wow! Wow indeed!

    So patriots, do we not see the plot uh?

    This UriNe Pee Tamil MP was criticizing SF and by the way, the filthy MF wanted “an end to war and for a negotiated political solution,” - yes, can you believe this?

    UriNe Pee, instead of throwing its weight behind the GOSL/SLDF to defeat the LTTE terrorists, is now into cheap politics to discredit the GOSL via the SLA Commander!

    It even presents UriNe Pee Tamil MPs, evidently LTTE undercover MFs, who are now calling for a “negotiated settlement” while picking up on SF’s statements as the cheap-political football!

    SF and SLA…do march forward and do continue to liquidate the LTTE MFs with extreme prejudice.

    SF sire, no, you need not pay attention to these statements from the unpatriotic Urine Pee/LTTE undercover mother-doers!

    OaO Asithri

  35. A harrowing story from a Sri Lankan, a Tamil Sri Lankan heart was heavy after I read this:

    [IDP Voices - Balu Selvanayagam

    Sep 29 (LG) We were living in Andankulam in Mannar. We displaced to Madhu but later we were told to go back to Andankulam by the LTTE. Sometime later, from Ankankulam we displaced to Periyamadu and from there we displaced to Iluppakkadavai. From there because of shelling we displaced Paliyaru. From there we again displaced to Kanesapuram. From Kanesapuram we displaced to Anaivilunthan. From there we displaced yet again to Murippu in Kilinochchi. ]

    The bastards who made innocent Tamil people of SL suffer like this will rot in Hell for eternity!

    OaO Asithri

  36. [Sri Lanka: Can the Tamil Tigers save the Tamils?

    Sep 29 (LG) AS, I write this Government forces are closing in on the last bit of territory held by the LTTE in the Vanni. Everyone was expecting the LTTE to pull a rabbit out of their hat and turn the tide. Other than throwing a few canisters of CS gas they have not produced anything to prove that they can fight the Sri Lankan forces. There is hardly time left either for the LTTE to inspire confidence among the cadres to keep on fighting.]

    Ain't that the story!

    LTTE Mf's in SL have severely let down the Tamil diaspora...I am sure many in the diaspora are now wondering "where did all that hard earned money of mine go"...???

    OaO Asithri

  37. [New threats emerge for Sri Lankan rights lawyers

    Sep 30 (Reuters) An attack targeting a top Sri Lankan human rights lawyer drew U.S. and European condemnation on Monday, underscoring increasing threats faced by those who pursue cases against police or politicians in the Indian Ocean nation. The Saturday hand-grenade attack on the Colombo home of J.C. Weliamuna, head of the local arm of graft watchdog Transparency International, injured no one but sent a chilling message to lawyers handling civil rights, graft and police abuse cases.]

    Wow! Wow indeed!

    So evidently, no one was hurt in this incident! Not even the dog, the cat or even the pet chicken?

    Sure smells a rat to me...

    Now the the MR GOSL is on the verge of liquidating the LTTE MFs, it is quite expected that the LTTE and their agents will resort to this type of stunt to discredit the GOSL and SLDF!

    But alas, one must also consider that this could be a double-whammer…

    Meaning, there is also a suspicion that this ponzy-panzy so called “human rights” parasite orchestrated it all upon himself (remember, not even the pet chicken was hurt?) so that he and his family can get fast-tracked immigration to the US or the EU!

    Moral of the can never be too sure these days and even the white of the whitest may not be white and it can all be nothing but an optical illusion on your part!

    OaO Asithri

  38. One last word to Ninja...

    Saw an earlier post from you re. SF's comments...mate, you made a good point and although the modus-operandi of our tactical execution of it (i.e. countering such truth-stretched propaganda) is what I count as the make-or-break kicker, I do tend to agree with you basic underlying philosophy re. containment as opposed to damage control.


    OaO Asithri

  39. Well, got to go to hell and attend the “welcome service” for that "Ratha" MF-honcho who died recently when he decided that he alone will fight this "Tamil liberation" war all by himself and proclaimed that SLA T-56 bullets were made out of pop-corn!

    I heard some really funny account about this...LMSSAO!!!

    Catch you later patriots...keep cool till then!

    OaO Asithri

  40. Jack,Srilankan
    Kenyan govt disowns the shipment perhaps it belongs to Sudan if it’s so why then should that country wants those arms? Either they are stockpiles for others to use in future or they are planning a large scale attack on the poor lot in Darfur. I wonder why the Malaysian navy rushing to the scene perhaps they might have an interest in it’s cargo. What ever it is, we cant afford to have unaccountable stockpiles floating about in the Indian ocean as they could be diverted to us, just as the afghan based stinger missile found it way to SL and brought down the plane carrying our present Air Marshall’s brother. Perhaps we have to thing like the world powers where their country’s defence goes as far as the furthest corner of this world.

  41. true SL

    I think Boga has lost it, to say that 60% of the LTTE are children.

    If so we could buy them over with an ice cream without having to fire a shot.

    Some of these guys talk without thinking and then someone else has to go do damage control.

  42. Gas Attacks

    It is said now LTTE fill CS gas into grenede bombs and fire using grenede lonchers. SLA wears gasa masks. So far minimum threat.

    1. How did LTTE get CS gas?
    2. Is it possible to localy made? (in wanni)
    3. Under what conditions they can store it?
    4. What if LTTE use a lethel gas which make one dead even having a gas mask? (damaging skin)
    5. Is there any legel (international) problem for SLA to respond in a lethel gas?

  43. About the Galle Road Issue..
    Well Mr. Sarath Silva has made the Court the Cure for Everything..
    1. Year 1 School childrens Problem
    2. The Strike of the Teachers..
    3. How the Monks should behave in court…
    & now to remove all barriers & cheakpoints in galle road..
    Ok , He says that these are ineffective & the tigers get through these & it has not helped in anyway to stop the Bombs.
    Just wonder how he knows?
    The system may have loop holes, but everything is not 100%. Take the same Judicial System & what would be the opinion of the general public on that? Criminals getout & walks Free even when Everyone knows what happened..So are we to stop the Courts from running? Saying the inefficiencies? Well Next court ruling will be to say to the Government to comeup with a Political Solution. He must be waiting till a TNA MP coming with a petition….
    Lets say forces miss 9 out of 10 oppertunities…But what about the things we can save with that 1 opportunity?
    If a Trinco passenger go to courts saying He has to Travel this long way & he cant put his bag on to the Rack & this BREACHES is Rights, I have NO DOUBTS on the Court ruling…
    What Im saying is Are we to go by the Letter of the Law or the Spirit of the Law?

  44. Kevin,
    Fully agree mate..fully agree..

  45. Su
    We must keep SC as a guarantor of our rights and must not put all the faith on the Parliament or politicians. There must be checks and balances or there will be people will drag us to a lawless state.


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