Monday, September 15, 2008

Fighting erupts south of Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were locked firefights south of tiger stronghold of Kilinochchi since yesterday (15th). This front has been relatively quite for the past week, after both parties suffered casualties in major confrontations in Akkarayakulam and Vennerikulam. Fighting was reported in Vennerikulam North, Akkarayankulam, Pannei Kandamadu and Vannikulam when LTTE fighters resisted limited attacks by SLA's 58 division. Fighting was also reported in Andankulam in Mullaithiv district where the 59 division has been conducting operations. Around 20 LTTE cadres have been killed in these clashes and a similar number have sustained injuries. 4 SLA soldiers have been killed and 24 more have been wounded.

Meanwhile several of the remaining Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Kilinochchi have notified that they will cross over to government held territory by today. It is also reported that LTTE has forcibly captured some of the heavy vehicles and supplies from several NGOs that exited Kilinochci in the past few days.


  1. Tamilnet indicates LTTE has seized weapons and also bodies of SLA in this fight. Plese give us a little bit more details

  2. Looks like the LTTE is stealing vehicles. Does this group have any sense of morality?

  3. DN,

    Is there any concrete evidence which could be made public of SLA gunning down a Takaran Air Force ZLIN?

    Can anyone please post an up-to-date map of the Vanni battle progress?

    Much obliged.

  4. George,

    The answer to your question is an emphatic "No". They do not know the meaning of the word "morality" let alone act in such ways. This is equally true for all those who support and/or sympathetic towards these most brutal of creatures.

  5. Pakka-lanka, I agree. There has got to be something seriously vile with the hearts of those who support such an evil organisation. It's disgusting to see the LTTE holding onto the population and using them as human shields, stealing food and medicine meant for the displaced and now stealing the vehicles of humanitarian organisations.

  6. DN,
    Great news the end game has begun.


    While I respect you for your anti-LTTE stance I have to disagree with you here. Moshe is right when he says that the only long lasting solution to this problem is integration of the communities and not segregation.

    Even in that great bastion of racial equality etc. etc the USA, racial tensions are more predominant where there is segregation (inner city Latino, Black etc neighbourhoods. Where there is integration (as in the suburbs) you see less crime and more prosperity for all communities.

    You are also wrong to say the following:

    1. do you forget that just 20km from Nedunthivu is over 70 million of our people

    No. 20km from Nedunthivu you will find over 1 billion Indians. Your people are spread around this tiny island of ours and number roughly 19 million.

    2. The Sinhala people would find it very hard to live here as in the dry season its extremely hot and there is water problems. Stick to the south where you are most comfortable.

    By the same logic you could say that the Tamils should stick to the North and East and not settle in Colombo or in the upcountry regions or the moors should stick to the East.

    One thing that should be noted is that when the government opens the North and East to the other communities (before the LTTE there were Sinhalese and Moors living in Jaffa as you know) ther should be very careful as to how they implement this in order to avoid setting off any sparks. Go slow (not like JRJ did it) and do not try to crate large Sinhala or Muslim colonies. Best is to integrate them into the existing Tamil communities.
    Actually when you consider the nation building that needs to be implemented the current war is the easier task .

  7. All the evil thoughts, racism, oppresion and mass killings of Tamils by Sinhalaese Mobs, thugs and racist including the SLA have it all coming back to them and their supporters.

    What goes around comes around. There have been no ammends to the past wrong-doings by the Sinhala mass so now you face the music.

    -SHARP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    P.S If it makes you feel better 1000 Tamil Tigers have been killed, all of their airplanes shot down, and now SLA is the king after suffering 0 losses, and despite all the evil you have done you are cool!

  8. Sharp,

    Go back to doing what you do well i.e. cleaning toilets.

  9. Hi sharp,

    I don't want to belittle the Tamil community but the Tamils have suffered far, far worse than the Sinhalese during the last 20 years. It is a story of how a community has gone from the top right to the bottom. Tamils have unfortunately destroyed themselves from within and that sort of destruction is far more dangerous and devastating than an external enemy. Don't be surprised if the Muslims now outnumber the Tamils. The next island wide census should show some startling results.

  10. Hey Sharp-Less but Blunt...

    If it makes you feel better 1000 Tamil Tigers have been killed, all of their airplanes shot down, and now SLA is the king after suffering 0 losses, and despite all the evil you have done you are cool!

    If it makes you feel better 500,000 SLDF personnel have been killed, all of their airplanes shot down, and now that Black Shit Oily Pig is the king ...Then

    Awake from your sweet dreams...You are still at a time where Ponsy RW is the PM.

    Those days has passed and reality is a horrible nightmare for you..

  11. Fierce gun battle in Akkarayankulam, LTTE suffered heavy damages
    [September 15 2008]

    According to the latest information received from the battlefront hours-long gun battle ensued between security forces and LTTE terrorists from this morning, 15 September, in general area east of Akkarayankulam causing heavy damages to the enemy.


  12. It looks to me, LTTE want to halt the advance from South. At this stage, SLA should not make any troop movements from Muhamale that could cause high casualities on our troops. The reason is that if LTTE succeed in countering the movements from South, there is a high possibility that they will attack Jaffna. That could distabilise the whole northern province.

    SLA needs to be extreamly careful about any distractic movements in the coming weeks.

    Just my two cents..

  13. choknuti & kaati,

    i have answered kaati's concerns in the previous post. he is a very good guy and i never intended to offend him.

    however, i find it IMPOSSIBLE to understand how ppl can think of ethnic isolation and enclaves.

    i find johnpillai's articles very appropriate and timely. he has written another great one in lankaguardian which MORE OR LESS talks about what i say, DIPLOMATICALLY.

    anyway my apologies for taking away the discussion into non-military matters although it is VERY MUCH defence related.

    getting back to military affairs....

    there is some confusion about the date by which NGOs, etc. must leave. the minister has stated it as 29 september which is 2 weeks away.

  14. Residents in Kilinochchi told BBC Sandeshaya that the Tamil Tigers are increasing pressure on families with two children to hand over one child to the movement to fight against the government forces.

    "The Tigers come and take the children by force. Forcible recruitment of children has been worsened since about a year ago. It wasn't that bad until recently," the resident said.

    The LTTE are desperately seeking more recruits as the government forces are advancing to the Vanni, the residents who did not want to be identified told BBS Sandeshaya.

  15. From strategypage
    Black Day For The Black Tigers
    September 15, 2008: On September 9th, the Sri Lankan military got a major morale boost when their Special Forces troops and air force defeated a three pronged attack on the Vavuniya air base in the northern part of the island. The LTTE (separatist rebels) were intent on destroying a newly installed Indian radar in the air base, and killing soldiers in an adjacent army base. But army Special Forces troops in the base detected the eleven LTTE "Black Tiger" commandos sneaking into the base, and maneuvered to ambush them. Meanwhile, the LTTE was sending its two single engine commercial aircraft, modified as light bombers, to bomb the base once the Black Tigers lit is up. At the same time, the LTTE had moved a few of their remaining 130mm artillery pieces to the front line, which was within range of the Vavuniya base. But the Sri Lankan Special Forces had already quietly alerted the entire base, and the new radar also spotted the income LTTE aircraft. The radar had been installed specifically to spot these low flying aircraft. The Sri Lankan got several F-7 (a Chinese clone of the Russian MiG-21) fighters into the air, and one of the LTTE aircraft was found and shot down. The Black Tigers were all killed. The LTTE artillery fired about 70 shells at the Vavuniya base, killing 14 and wounding 20 people.

    But the big news was the defeat of the dreaded Black Tigers. Last Fall, two dozen of these commandos raided the heavily guarded Anuradhapura air base, 170 kilometers north of the capital, killing 14 air force personnel, and destroying eight aircraft (two MI-24 helicopter gunships, one Beechcraft 200 HISAR naval reconnaissance aircraft, three PT-6 trainers, one K-8 trainer and one Mi-17 transport helicopter). Eight other aircraft were damaged, but repairable. Nearly all (21) of the Black Tigers were killed in what the LTTE declared a successful operation.

    The Black Tigers have been an elite force of suicide bombers for over twenty years. In that time, they have lost about 350 men and women while carrying out suicide attacks. There have been about fifty such attacks in the last year. There are only a few hundred people in the Black Tiger organization. The Black Tiger suicide bombers are carefully selected, highly motivated and well trained, enabling them to get to heavily guarded targets. The preparations for each attack are extensive. The LTTE will sometimes even conduct research to see what types of bombs work best. In one case, a live dog and goat were strapped into the front seat of a car, and then exposed to a bomb blast in the car to see if the bomb had enough force to kill. The bombers themselves undergo months of training and dry runs before they are turned loose with a live bomb.

    The two dozen Black Tigers that attacked the heavily guarded Anuradhapura air base (north of the capital, far from the LTTE base areas) apparently planned their attack carefully, and carried it out successfully, despite the knowledge that few, if any, of them would come back. People around the air base remembered seeing some the Black Tigers before the attack. And the raid was coordinated with an aerial attack by two of the single engine commercial aircraft the LTTE uses as improvised bombers. The pre-dawn raid took the air force guards by surprise, and was over quickly, mainly because the raiders went straight for their objectives (the aircraft, especially the Beechcraft radar plane), regardless of losses. The air force security personnel had to kill all the raiders to halt the destruction of aircraft. In response, the Sri Lankan military are again revising their security measures, sure that they will have to deal with the Black Tigers again.

    This time, the army was apparently expecting an attack. The army commando force has been growing in numbers and competence over the last few years, regularly carrying out patrols and raids deep into LTTE territory, and getting away with it. The fact that the commandos confronted a Black Tiger squad at 3 AM, and wiped them out, makes all Sri Lankan soldiers believe that the last few years of successful operations against the LTTE was not a fluke, but the result of better training and combat experience.

  16. LTTE diehards in LNP says, bodies of 16 SLA soldiers were located..
    Can anyone shed some light?
    Looks like another major battle.

  17. It seems SLA again trapped. LTTE made the trench and some places no trench. SLA seems try to advance in such a place. Obviously, LTTE expect enimy to advance in such 'weak' point and they wait prepared.

    Until this point we hardly saw LTTE fighting in maximum strength and maximum resistance. But I think from this last incedent (where 29 bodies gone) onwards SLA may expect increased casualties unfortunately, though the increase is probably for both sides.

  18. Vigilante

    If true, probably LTTE has boxed two 8 men teams of infantry troops, outnumbered and killed. This is the risk of small teams tactic as now LTTE has to defend smaller area they can deploy larger group of cadres against such small teams more frequently.

  19. Vigilante..
    Can you post the link ?

  20. infinity

    why are you posting links to a non existing elam, check your map link...

  21. That will not be big issue if SLA can kill more of them at one. I'm sure they can't keep sacrificing their caders continously. But if SLDF cant get the kills and just falling in to traps, we are in trouble.

  22. Blogger Shan said...


    why are you posting links to a non existing elam, check your map link...

    September 15, 2008 8:01 PM


    thats a good map infinity posted

    even DW posted that map from tamilnet

  23. Blogger Mist said...

    Can you post the link ?

    September 15, 2008 7:50 PM

    tamilnet says 3 SLA bodies recovered

  24. This looks like a significant territorial advance. LNP rumors and disinformation to hide this are uninteresting. Regarding the map it is mostly good and originally posted by DW.

  25. SLA moved further 6 km in Akkarayankulam area.

  26. Can we use this in Sri Lanka?

  27. if SLA moved up 6 KM

    how far is Kilinochchi

    4 KM or 3 KM ?

  28. Could be heavy fighting tonight as LTTE tries to recapture the area.

  29. Heavy fighting in Akkaraayan, arms seized, 3 SLA bodies recovered - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Monday, 15 September 2008, 10:41 GMT]
    The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Vanni told media that their forces were engaged in a stiff fighting with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) that launched a fresh attempt to advance in the south of Akkaraayan Monday while the SLA shelling reached the A9 highway. The Tigers said their fighters have located dead bodies of three SLA soldiers and seized heavy weapons including six RPG launchers, nine LMGs and more than 20 assault rifles from the battlefield, causing heavy casualties to the SLA.

    Six Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers, five AK-LMGs, four PK-LMGs, two shoulder fired Light Anti-tank Weapons (LAW), more than twenty T-56 assault rifles, grenades and several military equipments were among the military hardware seized by the Tigers around 1:30 p.m., according to LTTE officials.

    The Tiger officials said the fighting was taking place 6 km south of Akkaraayan. Sporadic fighting was still continuing.

    If only 4 army personnel are killed, how come LTTE captured more than 20 rifles?

  30. Bhairav, how come you trust a source who never report any territorial losses (or any other major losses) for the LTTE? Does this mean that you believe that LTTE has lost no territory?

  31. From defencewire...

    A Team of Special Forces that crept through a gap in the LTTE defenceline east of Akkarayankulam engaged in a fierce fight with 5 LTTE teams from Charles Anthony and Imran Pandian units this morning killing 60 Tigers. 8 Special Forces died in the fight and 20 others received injuries.

    4 Battalions of regular infantry were dispatched to guard the periphery of the area as the Special Forces took on the Tigers. Heavy artillery and MBRL fire was directed at the enemy for almost five hours.

    The SF team engaged in today's battle was from 1 Special Forces. Special Forces deployment was increased in the area following the deployment of LTTE 'elite units' in Akkarayan. The decision was made at a meeting between Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Maj. Gen. Jagath "Choola" Dias (GoC 57), SF CO Brigadier Nirmal Dharmaratne and Brigadier Shavendra Silva (GoC TF-1).

    Meanwhile Tigers have started digging another trench parallel to the A-9 from Kilinochchi to Iranamadu via Kokavil using forced civilian labour and heavy equipment captured/surrendered from NGOs. Some of this equipment was destroyed in an air strike yesterday.

    The 59 Division operating in the general area Nayaru are set to capture the Nayaru Bridge within the next few hours. The pace of the operations have increased following intelligence reports of a possible LTTE attempt to blast the bridge.

    If the bridge is captured, the next towns to fall would be Chemmalai, Alampil and Mulaitivu, in that order.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. [Does this mean that you believe that LTTE has lost no territory?]


    No one wanted to argue that LTTE haven't lost the vast amount of territories under their control. What it matters that they are still able to maintain their fighting capabilities and the resources, which often held back for strategic reasons. Since the built of 20km+ trench line, LTTE can put the break on SLA which won't get any free pass as it enjoyed in earlier fronts.

  34. Infinity,

    No the LTTE has never lost any of their territory, according to TamilNut, the most trustworthy website® ever. They have been successfully thwarting all SLA advances since Madhu. They have become such experts at thwarting SLA advances they can now do it while running in the opposite direction! According to TamilNut not a single LTTE carder has ever died – only civilians. You can see how militarily successful the LTTE are by following their thwarting activities from Madhu to Nachchikuda, from Vavuniya to Mankulam and on other fronts.

    On the same token the SLA is on the brink of total collapse with all weapons and ammunition being taken over by the LTTE and all personnel being killed by elite LTTE troops – my foot….!


  36. Ouch this does not look good for SLA. Wherever they were victoriously advancing, they seem to be dying the most... hehe..I wonder why. This is where all the arms and ammunitions are collected as well..

    60 Tigers killed + 28 SLA inured while 8 dead

    Translates to:

    34 SLA dead. Therefore make number of Tigers dead approx double that = 60 (EXACTLY) and then minimze SLA sinhala racist ass losses i.e. 8 dead while 28 "injured". LOL what a formula - if you go through past reports you will see the approximation.Hope ya Racist Sinhala B!tches can take your head our of your a$$e$ yo see that.

    SHARP >>>>>>>>>>>>

    Guys if I am lying or talking crap - please verufy my crap with your contacts...

  37. lkdood says,

    if SLA moved up 6 KM

    how far is Kilinochchi

    4 KM or 3 KM ?


    I dont think SLA moved 6 KM towards kilinochci. But towards east (A9 Road)

  38. I guess according to the DW article, seccurity forces are aiming to capture Mullaitivu BEFORE Kilinochchi?

  39. hi sharp,

    Shall we open a blog for you (configuration is free from us)?
    So that you can post your own defence news + analysis with pin point casualty tolls with accuracy.

    What do you think mate?

  40. Sharp,

    I believe you! You always tell the truth! You are the man!
    we dont need DN and DW punnaku.

    Shall we start a blog then? Lets not come back to these two blogs ever again pal...

  41. To UK based patriots, please make an attempt to attend:

    Date 18 Sept 2008
    Venue - Zorosastrian Centre, Rayners Lane, Harrow. UK

    Attendance -
    1 -Foreign Office Minister - Lord Mark Malloch-Brown - Deputy to David Milliband MP (Foreign Secretary)
    Lord Malloch-Brown has specific responsibility for Britain's relations with countries in Asia, including Sri-Lanka and Africa
    2 - Robert Evans MEP, has a keen interest in Sri Lanka
    3 - Gareth Thomas MP for Harrow West

    All of the above will be happy to answer any questions on Britain's foreign policy, please keep them very brief, to enable others to ask as well, to the point and allow the Speakers to respond.

  42. To UK based patriots, please make an attempt to attend:

    Date 18 Sept 2008
    Venue - Zorosastrian Centre, Rayners Lane, Harrow. UK

    Attendance -
    1 -Foreign Office Minister - Lord Mark Malloch-Brown - Deputy to David Milliband MP (Foreign Secretary)
    Lord Malloch-Brown has specific responsibility for Britain's relations with countries in Asia, including Sri-Lanka and Africa
    2 - Robert Evans MEP, has a keen interest in Sri Lanka
    3 - Gareth Thomas MP for Harrow West

    All of the above will be happy to answer any questions on Britain's foreign policy, please keep them very brief, to enable others to ask as well, to the point and allow the Speakers to respond.

  43. if muslims start to enter past vavuniya. Then people like me, will be forced back into militancy.

    Sinhalese I don't mind as they share many parts of our culture and values.

    Muslims though are dangerous to both communities and I think it's the best thing that Prabhakaran ever did was to remove them from the north.

    Mark my words the next insurgency our country will face is against the muslims. When they start fighting for a seperate state in the East.

    Tamils and Sinhala people will have to unite to fight them off and send them back to arabia

  44. The End HAS come to LTTE.

    It will be over soon. this is not our end. it is LTTE's END

  45. One of my friends living in Canada has sent the following message,

    Dear Friends;

    The film Prabhakaran is shown in Canada on the following venues,

    Show dates:

    Mississauga - Sept. 20th 7pm - at Cine Starz (Central Parkway mall- Burnhamthorp & Central Parkway)

    Scarborough - Sept. 21st 10am - Cineplex Odeon (Warden & Eglington)

    Call for tickets: Daya 416-281-2849
    Mahinda - 416 498 0783
    Hasaka (mississauga) 289- 232 0841

    And another source from Canada indicates that LTTE front runners have requested a permit to protest in front of Scarborough Cinema hall where film "Prabakaran" is to be screened.

    So, the patriots in Canada, provide your support to the team who organizes the film and show up there.

    This would be a good opportunity for Canadian Police to photograph the LTTE supporters and Organizers in Canada too.

  46. Kaati,

    This is the fly in your ointment....underlying racist views.

    As someone has already pointed out and I myself said a long time ago in response to one of your posts; racial segregation is what we should avoid. Ghetto mentality breeds contempt. Think about it brother.

  47. @ Kaati:

    Two things:

    1 - Why do you hate us so much?
    2 - We didn't come from Arabia. We came from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Granted we have a hint of Moor blood. The Moors aren't Arab either, the Moors are black Africans with a pinch of Arab blood.

    If you are talking about Islamists (Muslim Fundamentalists) in Sri Lanka, yes, I don't deny they exist. But do you know the cause of radicalisation? Well, it is LTTE terrorism itself. Muslim youth after decades of isolation, neglect, destituition and living in IDP camps became caught up in a bunch of bastard Taleban preachers idealistic monotones. You see the radicalised Muslim youth are no different from the brainwashed LTTE cadres, in effect, the root cause is the same.

    PS, Pillayan would never be in power without the Muslim vote, I would never have voted for that Hizbollah if I was in the east. Why would anyone want to vote for someone named after an Islamic extremist movement.

  48. Guys This defencenet guy is a asshole. U guyes better read defencewire

  49. See the link

  50. Guys, I think its now time for a dose of multi barrel.

    PS, above post is not from Defencenet. Looks like both DN & DW ids have been stolen. This behaiviour has been observed before, when the pigs suffer a heavy defeat, they start throwing toys out of the pram and go on the ID theft and flaming rampage.

  51. @ all who have ideas about racial segregation in Sri Lanka.

    True Sri Lankans, regardless of their ethnicity, will fight anyone who tries to divide their small island nation, regardless of their ethnicity. This all must realise; particularly those who have a racially biased mindset. There are no Sinhalese areas, Tamil areas, Muslim areas, Buddhist areas, Hindu areas or Christian areas in Sri Lanka. All 25,332 sq miles of Sri Lanka belong to all Sri Lankans. This is the ideal we must strive for. Land in the north/south/east/west must be available for anyone to own and live on.

    It is this inward looking ghetto mentality that generate a false impression of being victimised and think that bad things only happen to them. Wake up! Bad things happen to all ethnic/religious groups, mainly due to gross failures in our governance and underlying corruption. Whatever grievances we may have as individuals or communities, they have to be dealt with through civilised means (eg. Martin Luther King, Mahathma Gandhi).

    Ironically, even war could be waged in a “civilised” manner. The British and German troops came out of their trenches and played a game of friendly football one Christmas day during the WWI on no-man’s land before returning to their hideouts and started killing each other!

    The fat terrorist maniac will never see his irrational dreamlaam® this side of the hell that awaits him. He will die a deplorable death and all his worshippers will go down with him. All those Tamil people who have willingly (or forcibly) fought for the LTTE and died, have died absolutely in vain, for no purpose, for no final achievement, for no gain whatsoever. There will be no remembrance of them. Following VP’s ideology has only brought untold suffering and long term detriment to the Sri Lankan Tamil community (as well as all Sri lankans).

    A sense of supreme frustration and an insatiable void will reverberate in the hearts of the LTTE supporting/supported Tamil community for many years to come. They will have only themselves to blame.

  52. Shyam, Kuttu, Sharp, Thiru et al:

    Here is a fellow ethnic Sinhala espousing the virtues of a Tamil beauty. So where is the ethnic dicord eh? Its all in your mind mate, its all in your mind. 1983 was unfortunate (shit happens), time to move on buddies, time to move on, let it go, let it go... peace out.

    Offtopic, but this singer /comedian died a pauper, during his twilight years he worked as a cashier in Taj Cafe to make ends meet, sad state of affairs, they should have treated him better, true artists die penniless, that is the way of world.

  53. A simple test to see if you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

    When you use the possessive form of the first person personal pro noun in the plural (I.e. when you use the word “our”), what do you really mean?

    If your “OUR” = refers only to any single race/creed/religion

    Then you are a Sri Lankan who is part of the problem.

    If your “OUR” = refers to all Sri Lankans irrespective of their race/creed/religion

    Then you are a Sri Lankan who is part of the solution.

    As simple as that…

  54. Tharanga,

    Thanks for the clip mate. Brought back some old memories, school cricket matches, etc. 'Didn't know old Freddie had died, let alone penniless...sad indeed.

    But nothing could compare to the sad end of VP & the LTTE.

  55. //Guys This defencenet guy is a asshole. U guyes better read defencewire//

    Fake DW 06866582607283496307

    Real DW 06358848115700373983

  56. Does any body know the minimum distances to Kili. and poonaryn now?

  57. Yeah but you go to any muslim areas and there is intense hostility to others even Sinhala peoples.

    Islam faith is all about world domination and wiping out other races. I can specify verses from quran to support.

    Muslims are all about creating ghettos. Any muslim areas you will see that other people are treated with hostility towards both Sinhala and tamils.

  58. Well said pakka-lanka.. The underlying mentality displayed above is what keeps dragging this country down.. and keeps many of us away

    kaati.. agree with u to a certain extent about your comment about muslim dominated areas especially Eastern province. however, I know from my travels in the East that the tamil and muslim community live side by side. In my (I have to say very limited knowledge) of the past the problems between muslims and tamils in the East mainly kicked off after what happened in Jaffna in the 90's but still life goes on with both communities getting along in most places if not all. (about muslims in vavuniya and northwards i dont really know much.. I've only been to the East)

    In every community there is a tendency to stick together. As the saying goes birds of a feather stick together.. but that doesn't mean that people should be excluded on the basis of race. If you go to any western country you'll see ghettos.. and its not just the muslim community.. zeroing back on SL.. there are places dominated by each race where people from other races would feel uncomfortable going to e.g (muslims and sinhalese wont feel at home in Kilinochchi)

    what i'm trying to say is that no person, regardless of community should exclude or be excluded from exercising their rights. Being a citizen of Sri Lanka should be enough for a person to live wherever in the country one wants to stay (so long as they do so following the laws of the land.. and pay for it)I know this sounds very idealistic but unless we start embracing this.. we can look forward to ethnic tensions for years to come!

  59. With this move, now IRANAMADU falls within SLA artillery range.

    And Updated:

  60. See both Sinhala and tamils are borhters and even now there is no animosity even among the "hardcore" LTTE cadres.

    Muslims however everyday pray that Allah will destroy the non muslims and establish Islam as the only religion on earth.
    Even in colombo there are many areas which are no go even for Sinhala people, I mean you will get physically assaulted.

    There is no tamil area like this, no tamil has hatred toward sinhalese in their religion or in their heart.

    all over the world there are problems with muslims. SL won't be different

  61. //Breaking a fortified line was always an option of last resort when sacrificing waves of soldiers was a choice commanders couldn't avoid. In the Southern Wanni the armed forces have been breaking fortified line after line till they met the NACHCHIKUDA-AKKARAYANKULAM line. The fact that differentiates this line from the rest of the lines is the one single fact that this line falls perfectly within the defensive umbrella of the Tamil Tiger artillery/mortar units - the same units that have proved anathema to the combi of 53 and 55 Divisions elsewhere since October 2006.

    With territory shrinking thus limiting space for manoeuvrability to shoot and scoot and with superior SLAF platforms dedicated to hunt such units prowling day and night, tougher testing times are ahead for these dedicated Kutti Sri Mortar units of the Tamil Tigers. Only time will tell...// -LongRanger

  62. kaati,

    UNFORTUNATELY this anti-muslim view of yours is shared by ALL my jaffna friends.

    i'm very disappointed.

    we have to forget racist feelings/thinking/discrimination/intolerance.

    muslims are the largest minority in SL TODAY and there is no way we can NOT LIKE them. if we antogonise them they can be a thousand times more troublesome than the LTTE as you can see from around the world. so why create a problem where there is none????

    i blame RACIST feelings on upbringing. if one had an unfortunate upbringing, i.e., where it was not in a multicultural environment, it is VERY difficult to be a non-racist.

    there are MANY anti-LTTE tamil racists like pillaiyan. they are VERY useful in the fight against the LTTE but little or no use thereafter.

    you claim that muslims,etc. force you to militancy again. well we have ENOUGH bulllets, guns, arti, bombs, etc. for that and we are not scared. once in SL a guy approached me and said he had come out of prison and wanted money to go home in badulla. i gave a few rupees and told him that's all i had. then he said, "this is the problem, you are trying to send me BACK to prison!!!!!"

  63. //if muslims start to enter past vavuniya. Then people like me, will be forced back into militancy. Sinhalese I don't mind as they share many parts of our culture and values.//

    Usually "sinhala-tamil" problem is condensed to a language issue. It is noted that muslim people speak both sinhala and tamil and thus avoiding this language issue in south.

    Kaati's statement highlight another side - the cultural side. It is true, worldwide it is proved when muslims try to be too religious there are some problems.

    We need to find a way to deel with this apart from fighting.

  64. why can't you all understand, the army has not come this far into Vanni because of bomb and bullet.

    It's because of tamils going against LTTE.

    In operation sath jaya, SLA came with many weapons, and basically handed it over to Prabha.

    We have to join together, tamil and sinhalese and remove the muslim bomb from our country.

    Right now they are building up numbers and money. Soon just watch they will start a rebellion against us.

  65. ninja,

    there are more than 1,200,000,000 muslims in the world and only a VERY SMALL FRACTION of it are trouble makers.

    not allowing muslims IN GENERAL (or anyone)into ANY area is NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE. BTW there are hudreds of muslims ALREADY in vanni who are in the SLDFs. NO ONE can stop them!!

    yesterday kaati was against sinhala ppl coming to vanni. now he is OK with sinhala ppl BUT says no to muslims. hopefully by tomorrow muslims will also be OKed!!

    of course there are cultural issues. THE BEST solution for that is MULTICULTURALISM. different cultures are there to add beauti to a society not to exclude one another.

    sorry mate. i'm DEAD AGAINST racial enclaves, even the most subtle ones. there was a wall that came up in some areas in israel. although it is good for short term security, its very bad for racial harmony. many ppl were initially convinced it was a good thing but later they realised it was bad. let the cultures MIX and let there be 'cultural shock'; it tickles your mind!!

    there are over 130,000 tamils, over 160,000 muslims in the GREATER COLOMBO area AND THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. this IS the RIGHT model no matter who is offended.

    if Mr X. has a problem with tamils, muslims, palestinians, arabs, sudanese, lebanese or ppl of any other race, Mr X. SHOULD SEEK PSYCHIATRIC treatment not others.

  66. Tharanga said

    " Shyam, Kuttu, Sharp, Thiru et al:

    Here is a fellow ethnic Sinhala espousing the virtues of a Tamil beauty. So where is the ethnic dicord eh? Its all in your mind mate, its all in your mind. 1983 was unfortunate (shit happens), time to move on buddies, time to move on, let it go, let it go... peace out.........."

    Budyy we too never said that the sinhala people are racists but the go srilanka do ...i don't know whether they are racist or forced to be as a racists to run the Gov Machine ...

    Lets consider about the Defence secretary's message for tamils who lives in colombo ... he said that tamils who lives in colombo will e wipe out from their very near future and they started to work on it ...

    Gov sec is asking the tamils to go to theri own places but in the other hand they asking the tamils move out to LTTE control area to Gov held area ... don't you feel funny about these two announcement by the Gov ....

  67. kaati,

    lets be realistic.

    its both.

    ppl's support and weapons, etc.

    by sending off the UN, etc. ppl's support is going to reduce. still SLA will succeed.

    BUT if the govt is MAINLY concerned with ppl's support it should NOT have started the war in the first place!!!

    anyway over 85% of SRI LANKANS support the WAR and THEIR RACE DOES NOT MATTER.

  68. sham,

    "Lets consider about the Defence secretary's message for tamils who lives in colombo ... he said that tamils who lives in colombo will e wipe out from their very near future and they started to work on it ..."

    if DS said THAT he is a MF, SoS, SoB and an asshole and doesn't deserve to hold office anymore.

    i'm sure he didn't say WHAT YOU SAY!!

  69. Shrapnel-up yo Arse:

    [Hope ya Racist Sinhala B!tches can take your head our of your a$$e$ yo see that.

    SHARP >>>>>>>>>>>>

    Guys if I am lying or talking crap - please verufy my crap with your contacts...]

    Ho ho ho…take it easy cesspit-maggot…at this rate any time now you are going to burst a blood vessel.

    Ouch, the news about 60 LTTE bastards/bitches dieing certainly got you by the balls uh? …LMSSAO!!!

    However, you may be right here maggie…60 LTTE KIA (not to mention the unpublished WIA!!!) might be too much of an exaggeration by our MOD…after all, I agree your “heroes” are quite the clever lot these days…i,e. highly unlikely that they get slaughtered by such numbers…in fact, I am willing to concede that your TamilNet might have a point about high SLA casualties and no (or “one or two”) LTTE casualties in this latest engagement.

    Actually, the following link kinda proves that TamilNet’s version of events can be quite credible.

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  70. Howz that umpire?


    OaO Asithri

  71. Asithri

    Will you be at the DC event 27/28 wkend? i'm planning to attend with a coupla patriots.
    Look up the North Carolina crowd, if you happen to be there.

  72. Very good article by the long-ranger as usual.

    This is a good illustration of how this is going to be faught, IF the initiative shifts to the LTTE once in their turf.

    The game can be different if our boys change the ground realities. The kill-zones talked abt here can become death-traps to the defender if the direction the attacker approaches is completely changed.

  73. KK

    [We have to join together, tamil and sinhalese and remove the muslim bomb from our country.]

    Give it a rest man. You need to jump out of that poisoned-water pond and move on!

    We have had enough of the filthy RACISM …we do not need any more added to our woes. By and large, SL Muslims that I have met have been a nice lot as much as many SL Tamils (the non-LTTE kind) that I have met been an equally nice lot. There have been many Muslim officers in the SLA and STF and they have paid the supreme sacrifice on behalf of MotherLanka and I for one, will not tolerate bigotry against Muslims…not one bit…yes, zippo, zilch, naught!

    This is the same reason that I would not tolerate racism against “Tamils” (excluding LTTE Tamils) as I know there have been scores of Tamil boys/girls who have died fighting the LTTE, side by side with the SLA, and I believe I have pointed this out on many occasions in this forum as well as in others such as the AsianTribune.

    OaO Asithri

  74. Moshey

    [sorry mate. i'm DEAD AGAINST racial enclaves]

    So said a wise man!

    Yup, NO to racial enclaves


    NO to Racial Federalism!

    …the kind that seemingly some do-gooder but misguided Tamil leaders like A’sangaree is trying to shove down our Sri Lankans’ throat!

    SL belongs to ALL and they can live, work and copulate (that in particular with unmitigated glee I might add) anywhere in MotherLanka that they chooses to!

    OaO Asithri

  75. Ok, don't follow the other situations going on in the world. Where muslims are growing in number and then pushing for rebellions via their religious war.(jihad)

    Even in London they want a islamic state.

    Never in mother Lanka, I guess Kaati's fighting will never finish.

    Also by people support , I mean LTTE traitors who give info on where to hit.

    The weapons are really just a means of carrying out action based on intelligence.

    Prabha is in dire state only because of this. If we all supported him, easily he would have acheived his greater dream of takin over the historic chola empire.

  76. kaatikuddupaan,

    What you said about the Muslims is wrong. There are extremists in EVERY community. But you can't deny SL Muslims have been very peaceable. Even after being massacred in the east and ethnically cleansed from the north they have not taken to the gun. So how can they be a threat? It is unfortunate but you're speaking like a chauvinist now :( Sri Lanka belongs to all the citizens and they should be free to live where they want to.

  77. TS

    Bro, looks like I will be in SiliconV that weekend...but on the off chance my plans change, I will look into the schedule and be there (would be really happy to do so...yep, the honor would be entirely mine).

    OaO Asithri

  78. KK

    [Never in mother Lanka, I guess Kaati's fighting will never finish]

    Nay a fear mate...NO ONE is going to form a racist/religious-bigoted state in SL...not racist Tamils nor any bigoted Muslims either - for sure!

    We Sri Lankans have proven our aversion to such loud and clear! The good thing is the next time around, we Sri Lankans will nip it in the bud "with extreme prejudice" unlike this time where we (actually, our so called leaders) totally fcuked it up - over nearly 30 years!

    OaO Asithri

  79. First let the muslims open up their communites and stop setting up densely populated ghettos.

    After that we can co exist. As hosts we shouldn't have to accomodate the guest, the guest have to change to our customs.

  80. OK got to run again…Durwaka called again…evidently daddy’s loose motions went from bad to worse today (wonder why?)

    Catch you patriots later…

    OaO Asithri

  81. muslims are not guests; they are the HOSTS (along with everyone!!).

    and therefore they need NOT change anything. of course EXTREMISTS in ALL communities should change for the good of everyone.

    BTW the chola "empire" in SL lasted a very short time and it ended when king vijayabahu 1 used EXTREME VIOLENCE. i read somehwre that king vijayabahu's conquest marked the start of the collapse of the chola empire everywhere.

    SL obviously teamed-up with other anti-chola countries in the tamil nadu neighbourhood at that time; most notably ANDRA PRADESH & ORISSA. following on from that SL had a king with an ORISSA (KALINGA) background.

    today the biggest obstacle to a "new chola empire" is not SL but india. now chola has become cholera!!!!!!

  82. [[lankankolla said...


    What you said about the Muslims is wrong. There are extremists in EVERY community. But you can't deny SL Muslims have been very peaceable. Even after being massacred in the east and ethnically cleansed from the north they have not taken to the gun. So how can they be a threat? It is unfortunate but you're speaking like a chauvinist now :( Sri Lanka belongs to all the citizens and they should be free to live where they want to.]]

    You a absolutely correct. I totally aggree with You.

  83. Kaati, kaati….

    C’mon brother we don’t need another war here. :)
    We Sinhalese, Tamils & Muslims have to and should live here in our motherland peacefully.

    Yes we have to fight as you said..
    But ONLY IF they(Muslim extremists) came up with arms – pray not to happen it in SL.
    We will fight anyone who come up with arms against our motherland, be it Muslims, Tamils or even Sinhalese. Race doesn’t matters here.

    Mostly the hostilities arise between races because of misunderstandings. And lot of misunderstandings occurs mainly due to communication problems. As I believe, even the problem here we have between Sinhalese & Tamils mainly due to a language (communication) issue.

    I have to admit - as a child even I had a bit hostile attitude towards Tamils. But it lasted only until I met some Tamils (mostly from Jaffna). Today I have some of my best friends among them. Now I don’t even like to call LTTE as Tamil Terrorists because it’s an insult to my Tamil friends (and for Tamils in general.)

    Same way I hope and wish that u’ll also get used to it and find the peace with Muslims one day.

  84. But ONLY IF they(Muslim extremists) came up with arms – pray not to happen it in SL.

    Already happening in EAST BRO

  85. really proud of Maradana Muslims.. who handed over the "drunken cops" to police.. was danced devil that night.

    ppl in SL now they dont protest for any thing unless a political party organize it. cos if they protest one day, they loose their one day pay.. u know COL kills poor..,

  86. the muttur Muslim Armed forces namly “Jihad"

    they do attack SLDF as well as LTTE to protect them selves (MUSLIMS)

  87. for those who not know such..
    The Rise of JIHAD group in SRI LANKA

  88. Kaati and all others,

    Out of all the South Asian Countries Sri Lanka is the best country as far as its people are concerned. As muslims we feel for our country as a sri lankan not as a sri lankan moor. Please understand this. As far as religious freedom is concerned again SRI LANKA tops the list. Because of that reason you can see the people are relatively peaceful when compared to India, Pakistan, Burma etc.. Show me one instance where Muslims resorted to bombings,Shootings, armed conflicts or violence in this beautiful country. We dont need to, becuase we have the freedom to practice our religion the way we want. That doesn't mean we are fanatics.. it is different how each community practice their culture.

    Just because muslims are more conservative than other people it doesn't mean we are violent.Its our way of life. When we take many crowded suburbs we can see muslims live in plenty but do you hear of violence, for e.g. Colombo, kandy, kurunegala etc.. because we are a peace loving people. but as some one pointed out earlier in the thread, There are hardcore/fanatical elements in every community. But you dont portray the entire community as hardcore or fanatical just becuase of a few people.

  89. Guys be assured, just because muslims are different in their outlook ( men having a beard, wearing a cap or women in Hijab) They are aliens, If you happen to interact with them u will find they are one of the friendliest.

  90. Hi,

    Lankaweb has nice article on this today:

    On the "Muslim Problem"

    Prabath Dharmadasa

    Read it :)

  91. Thanks for the dukun,

    The author has reflected exactly what i wanted to say

  92. I have to say I understand Tamils feelings about "having their own area" but the north especially is just way too mono ethnic at the moment to be healthy. I wouldn't be surprised if there were people there who have never ever mingled with a Sinhalese or Muslim person or Burgher person. It needs to be more multicultural, multireligious and multilingual like it is in the south. This is not to say that there are no problem in the south but people do get on with each other. Also I agree with Riyaz about Muslims getting to practice their religion freely in Sri Lanka. You only notice these things when you live outside of Sri Lanka.

  93. Kili & Mula is under attack by SLAF.

    Seems to be surprise attacks..WOW !

    Defencenet any update? :)

  94. Finally UK police is working…these bastards must be killed…destroying the name of Sri Lanka..
    Baby killers, child solders, suicide bombers, credit card fraudsters, robbers, you name it they do…it’s LTTE…Tamil Tigers

    Busted: Gang in £3.5m petrol station card con
    by SUZY AUSTIN - Monday, September 15, 2008
    The gang used surveillance cameras to spy on customers' Pin details Three fraudsters who bought their own petrol stations to steal customers' credit card details were on course to make £3.5million, police said last night.

    The gang, which included two illegal immigrants, used secret cameras in the legitimate businesses to film customers keying in their Pins. They also bribed staff in other filling stations to pass on customers' details.

    The three then cloned the cards in a house they had turned into a 'veritable fraud factory' and sold them to criminals around the world, prosecutors said.


    Latest news bulletin
    Today's top news headlines

    Sentencing the Sri Lankan gang to between three and four-and-a-half years, judge Martin Beddoe said: 'This was a massive, very determined, well-organised and sophisticated operation.'

    Ringleader and British national Ariyakunathasa Pirathesan, 28, and accomplices Sombalu Jeyaganesh and Sivanesan Mayilvaganam began the scam last year.

    They used state-of-the-art electronic equipment - including covert cameras and card readers - to capture Pins at petrol stations and then produced fake cards complete with embossed writing and magnetic strips.

    When they were arrested in March, police found 4,500 cards at the gang's house in Coventry, along with a BP name badge and a commercial valuation for a garage.

    They were charged with £254,000 fraud but police estimated the scam could eventually have netted the gang - which flew as far as Malaysia and the US to sell the finished products - £3.5million.

    Pirathesan, of Coventry, Jeyaganesh, 34, of Liverpool, and Mayilvaganam, 28, of Mitcham, Surrey, each admitted one charge of conspiring to defraud clearing banks at Southwark Crown Court.


  96. Any Explosion in Colombo???? :(

  97. Bomb Explosion in Horton Place Colombo!

  98. unconfirm reports say that it is in a CTB Bus

  99. Blast

    Aiyo Saiyo.... Got to go home..

  100. Bomb explosion near Horton place

    [September 16 2008]

    A bomb explosion was reported near the 'Horton place', Colombo a short while ago at around 1.50p.m. According to available information casualties are yet to be reported. Await more information.

  101. Lucky people. Bomb was detected early. :)

  102. Blast Near Hortan Place Roundabout. with minor injuries. Ya its CTB bus belongs to Mattakkuliya bus Depot

  103. lankadeepa says no one has died.

  104. ppl detected the bomb earlier..luu..

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. No causalities due to the Blast.

    It was detected and the passengers were evacuated.

    Hats off for the people who are always watchful.

  107. This Fcuking idiot earlier said 4 killed now saying 4 injured ...

    Aasai thaan...

  108. olombo National Hospital sources said, adding that 4 people have been admitted due to shock caused by the explosion

  109. Mohammed said...
    ‘To UK based patriots, please make an attempt to attend:’
    These MP are now only after the block vote of this Diaspora and they have realized enough not to support the terrorists cause in SL,due to lobbying by us and by Mr Jayadevan who is very much opposed to the tigers. He was held prisoner by the tigers. All I could suggest to our patriots in UK is to be supportive of these MPs in the next election where they would counter the terrorist vote bank with opposing numbers. Terrorist supporting Diaspora is the elephant in the room which can’t be ignored and these MP can’t ignore their strength, however they will do their best to minimize their impact on the decision made by the government here. It is also up to us to reach to the Tamil Diaspora and make them feel comfortable and wanted, when they visit and invest in SL.Some of the Srilankan born ones longing to visit and even resettle in SL and we must make them know that they are safe and welcomed in all parts of SL.I was happy to meet a such a family in Hakkgala gardens where they were looking for a place to retire in the South, while their children will continue to live in Canada. These are people migrated from the North, trying to retire in the South where they renounce violence or separatism of any kind and we need more of them and they say that forced integration is the best, as the majority of the people are so ever accommodating. I asked them was it the Sinhalese driver, or the staff at Humbugs restaurant that have changed their mind about SL,but they said it was the Sinhalese expatiates in Canada that are good neighbours and work colleagues that made up their mind. In fact their house and their pets are looked after by their Sinhalese and Tamil and even Muslim friends. So we have a future in the island for all of us.

  110. Riyaz and Mohammed,

    while I do not agree with Kaati's views on Muslims (I was lucky being educated in St. Peters where there were students of all communities in my class), you have to understand how his views have been formulated. You have to agree that the chance of someone who was brought up in LTTE held areas to develop a normal friendship with members of the other communities are practically nonexistent.

    Having said that IMHO the Muslim community in SL has to change how they do things if they want to avoid enmity. Just visit any large cooperation in Colombo which is owned by a Muslim and you will see what I am trying to tell you. Holiday Inn, Bhaira (hope I spelt that right) are 2 that come to my mind. You will notice that the staff is almost exclusively Muslim. I wish the government would look into these hiring practices so that the population of SL is provided with real racial equality.
    As I said earlier defeating the LTTE is the easy part of the task ahead of us in order to (re)build this nation.

  111. The Notable Absentees of a Dream in Flames

    Velupillai Prabhakaran cuts a solitary figure now. We see him lighting flames, quite appropriately, symbolizing where his big dream is resting at present - in flames. His facial expressions indicate that he is really an angry man and wants us to be on our guard all the time.

    What is missing in the photographs are his senior subordinates holding the rank Colonel, who used to stand to attention on occasions of this kind, earlier on. Judging by the way things are going, Velupillai is back in square one; he is back at the point where he started this menace, three decades ago - as a solo maniac, on his own.

    The absence of seniors may be due to two reasons: either they are busy in defending what is remaining of the dreamland or the disagreement about the strategies may have come to a head. The true picture is yet to be emerged.

    After looking at the most recent picture of Velupillai, I have come up with my own hypothesis about his desire to light lamps or stay near flames.

    I reckon that he is thinking of his move to the other side. He knows who are waiting in the wings when he goes there - the chaps who were sent to an early grave by his misdemeanours. These young souls will be at this man's throat and Velupillai knows it. So, he is in the business of appeasing the departed souls in the hope of a diluted response from them.

    Velupillai is a Hindu who hasn't collected enough credit to attain Moksha. So, he may be thinking of getting into next available slot in the spiritual realm. If he thinks he can dictate his destiny this way that thought is as silly as his dream of having an Eelam in our motherland.

    I wish a disgruntled cadre lit his pubic hair from behind, while he is lighting lamps for the perished Tamil kids - after sending them on murderous missions, while jealously guarding his own.

    His epitaph will then read as 'The Greates Hypocrite of the Tamil Community in a generation'.

  112. qrious

    more like ''The Greatest Hypocrite of the Tamil Community ever'


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