Saturday, March 16, 2013

DefenceNet ReArmed – War Against Racism

To anyone still reading this blog :

On 19th May 2009, we thought we had published the last post on DefenceNet. A war that plagued Sri Lanka for three decades ended that day. And back then, we hoped against hope we would never have to update this blog ever again. Sadly, a time has come to re-arm DefenceNet, this time to fight a much bigger enemy than the LTTE; racism.

It is no secret that a newfound set of heroes have taken it upon themselves to save the country yet again. Forward Defence Lines of these warriors are not located in Muhamalai or Nagarkovil. They are based on online forums such as Facebook. Through social media pages full of racism and religious hatred, these anti-heroes now trying to start another war; to “cleanse” the country of other religions and races than their own. These Facebook pages and blog posts shamelessly uses images of SLA soldiers to promote their selfish cause. In addition, these extremist groups have also descended to employing scare tactics to drive away people flocking to businesses managed by certain nationalities ( For example – Egg throwing threats against those who try to attend stores such as Nolimit). This in our opinion borderlines on terrorism.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article is a Sinhala Buddhist. As someone closer to the SLA than any of you can imagine, I can say this with pride; The Sri Lanka Army won this country for you. You had just one job; keep the peace. And you are now failing this task. If you have any questions as to where DefenceNets loyalties lie, just browse through our old posts and see how we reported on the war. We are not an NGO. We are not some foreign conspiracy. We were there when true heroes of the nation fought for this country and won it, and when we saw that it needs saving yet again from racists, we have risen again.

Before you share the next racist post on Facebook (or any other medium), ponder this : The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was a racist organization. They wanted one country for one race. Where are they now?


  1. Bravo...!!!

    I recently distanced my blog from some blogs I identified as spreading racial hatred.

    I also know a few people who openly removed their so called "friends" on FaceBook who were distributing/circulating/sharing such material.

    The page linked below documents how I treated one such hate mail I received in January 2013.

    Good luck!

  2. Please consider changing the settings of this blog to get comments appearing at the bottom of the post.

    With the current default setup, when a reader goes to add a comment, they are taken to new page and cannot refer to the post without going back.

  3. @කතන්දර කාරයා,
    Thank you for your comments. Comments form is now changed.

  4. This war needs to be won fast. Good luck!

  5. Good work but I think it is more effective if your message goes to the public in Sinhala. There are many blogs and news websites that discuss this subject but only a few in Sinhala. Anyway wishing you all the success.

  6. Awesome! It's nice to see fellow Sinhalese like you speak up against this racism. I am a Sinhala Buddhist, but I despise this acts of racism by the so called 'Bodu Bala Sena'. Though they call themselves as 'reviving real Buddhism' what I see is that they are destroying it and our country. Majority of Sinhalese are against this type of activities, and we all should speak up against this!

    Good work, and keep it up.

  7. Great! Glad that people are lining up against those extremists!

  8. well said. cant understand why we cant look at ourselves as human beings...

  9. defencenet please stop posting biased articles and pretend you are doing a service to society...if you want to tackle the issue of racism in sri lanka start with a in-depth look at what happened to tamil civilians over three decades....thousands and thousands of tamil civilians were massacred at the hands of the armed forces with direct orders from the top....Mullivakal was a genocide and there is enough evidence to support this ranging from videos, U.N investigative documents, sattelite imagery and eye witness accounts.....if the sinhalese public contiue to ignore this issue and live in self denial racism will flourish in the country and be taken to new heights in the stop spewing misinformation and stop your pretending as an unbiased source

  10. Welcome back.

    Racism has no place in the modern world.


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