Friday, January 2, 2009

Kilinochchi surrounded, Female Black Tiger HQ Falls

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) political capital is about to fall to advancing forces of the Sri Lankan Army. Several Special Infantry (SI) formations of SLA’s 57-1 brigade have already moved into the town and secured several parts of it including the railway station.  Majority of LTTE resistance in the area has either been crushed by the army or has been forced to retreat. Official announcement of the fall of tiger stronghold is expected anytime now.

Meanwhile even the LTTE’s primary weapon, the black tigers (aka suicide bombers), were not able to stop the army onslaught in this instance. LTTE’s Female black tiger command (9-3 base) located in Karadiyapokku (located on the northern boundaries of Kilinochchi town) was overrun by 58 division units several hours ago. A senior black tiger leader was among those killed in the battle.


  1. Great News !

    VP you have few more days to eat that capsule !

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  3. Thanks for the update DN.

    DW says there was a counter attack.....

    Rupavahini news said that kili is surrounded in ALL DIRECTIONS.

    SKR reported that he heard the LTTE cadres screaming for help over radio while he visited the 57th operations station. Does that mean the LTTE cadres are trapped and a counter attack was made to rescue the baboons, or was it just a last stage by those trapped inside? Any news?

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  5. Great news of the new year !
    well done boys target achieved just 1 day after ...

    may the tripple gem bless you all!

  6. VP wont take the pill me thinks :)
    he might try to escape or will get caught to sldf while hiding in a little hole somewhere

  7. What a great start for the New year?.

    We'll hear continuous acheivements of SLDFs in coming days.

  8. thanks DN.

    58 has been the most exciting in the vanni battle front.

    its like a flowing river! unstoppable, powerpacked, constantly changing its direction and awesome!!

  9. Whoa, best news the country has heard since start of Eelam War 4 I guess. Maybe not so important strategically, but the public it would be a big thing to see that the enemy "capital" is captured. A not-so-happy new year to the LTTE, then. Hope we get to know more details about the battle.

  10. So the LTTE is still tactically withdrawing, huh? I guess it's not the waterloo for the SLA, as the Tiger butt lickers assured themselves before.

  11. great news wow welldone SLforces

    "Army 57 Div links up with TF1; control established on A-9 from Omanthai- Paranthan "
    Sri Lanka Army 57 Division troops approaching Kilinochchi town from the South have linked up with troops of the Task Force 1 advancing from the North this afternoon (Jan 2).


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