Friday, June 6, 2008

Explosion in Kandy

A public transport bus was hit by an explosion near the teacher's training college in Polgolla a short while ago. The bus was traveling from Mathale to Kandy when the incident occurred.

Update: 2 dead and 9 injured.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have been carrying out a series of bomb attack against civilian targets (mainly public transports) in Colombo and suburbs in the recent past, in their campaign for a mono ethnic homeland.


  1. Seems "Yana Yakaa Korahath Bindagena Yanawa".

    B A S T E R D S...

    We'll never fogive.

  2. One dead and 9 addmitted to the Kandy hospital

  3. Bana kiyana ratak..
    Bana ahana ratak..
    Yudha bimak vune kelesa...???

  4. Bana ahwatath..., Bana kiwatath..., Bana pilipadinee nahanee bang.

  5. tigers are on a killing spree. the more the receptive the government is the more the LTTE grows bold.

    so many of their recent attacks went 'unpunished' and that emboldened them.

    tigers must be made to pay otherwise this trend will continue. pretty soon they will take the overall upperhand if the govt. is beaten into submission.

  6. Without killing civlians, there is a way to send the explosive war to FAT PIGS doorstep.

    Defency ministry knows , how to do that, grate if they have will to quickly implement it.

  7. doa gree with your thoughts mate

    retaliation has been slow, not much happening at the battlefronts, so it does appear the LTTE feel they can push the govt. into submission.

    We do rememebr how tough the retaliation for the A'Pura airbase was. Why no retaliations of that magnitude?

  8. Andare-
    For howlong the Defence ministry is aware of it?
    Why do you think they do not do that?

  9. This is critical time to Sri Lankans.

    We have to defeat LTTE Terrorist as soon as possible........

    Please join one vision and act as Lion to finish LTTE Terrorist.

    President shall be strong enough to command the nation even this time.

    Human Right is one of FACE OF TERRORIST in the world.

    Atleat now people should come to one idea. That should provide ways of defeat LTTE Terrorist

  10. LTTE appears to be reaching the final stages to unleash such mindless pure terror on civilians. I believe that our military should stick to the plan and others in the south should exercise utmost restraint to safeguard innocent civilians. If this terror bombs do something, that is further strengthening our resolve to eliminate LTTE terror.

    Long Live Sri Lanka!!

  11. We shall not surrender. Barbaric tamil terrorists are no liberators as some people try to portrait. We have to defeat them and this senseless killings of innocent civilians shows that the tamil terrorists are getting desperate. They need to be punished hard as someone pointed out and it should be totally DISPROPORTONATE to this horendous crimes.

  12. what the hell government doing??? WHY OUR AIR FORCE OR ARMY NOT DOING ANY RETALIAON ATTACKS ON LTTE??????

  13. Bloody Hell Look at this

    Can you Imagine the damage it will cause us?

    We realy need a good propaganda plan in SL.

  14. pundey eelam,
    that's true.. that's why i always asking what the hell our government and ministers doing they are well organised against us.

  15. san,

    we should not bomb now because your kind is in rat holes now waiting for us to bomb....

  16. bungu-
    Agreed, the last thing we should do is just use those bombs with out any plans.
    Let's time it and target properly. Rushing towards targets wont necessary achieving the targets.

  17. Two Bombs in one day and how many bombs in a month, Exploded ones and disposed ones. Well ...for me i find good news and bad news in this.
    1.Bad news is innocent Civis are getting killed

    2.Good news is this many bombs cleary indicates how bad LTTE is loosing in North and how close to defeat.

  18. Hey the guy who did the Kandy bomb has been captured by the public when he was runing after leaving the bomb in the bus.. Well good on those guy who captured him.

  19. Listen to the roar of Tamils rising up crying "Human Rights violations"

    Listen to the roar of Tamil Wannabe Faggots ala Kumar Rupasinge rising up crying "Human Rights violations"

  20. Totally agree with Pundey Eelam.

    Seems like fat pig given final order to blast ALL with all costs and all available stuff. Seems like final countdown. Last person captured was with poison on his hand. Also, according to some info their female leader was killed by themselves due to a result of an internal conflict.

    I smell a final bloodbath of LTTE. But its dangerous for innocent civiliens (definitely not for our forces.. because LTTE fear to confront with them)

  21. how many SL politicians writes in this blog who wants to drag this war for another 10 years.we have the proper targets with coordinates we all know that very well.why our government and their supporters can't understand not to fool people anymore WAIT AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN ...

  22. We should ask Amnesty Australia to do a Photo exibit about how many people died in buses in sri lanka..

    I am sure they would'nt even consider it.

  23. priyanka,

    Most of tamils are killed by LTTE not the SLDF.

    Podi Patta Wesa.

  24. The LTTE losses in the last 3 years is around 15000...Not 3000...

  25. My heart and thoughts are with those innocents who lost their lives because of Barbaric LTTE terrorism..

  26. andare,

    "Without killing civlians, there is a way to send the explosive war to FAT PIGS doorstep.

    Defency ministry knows , how to do that, grate if they have will to quickly implement it."

    They won't do that because of commis problem how can they take commissions? they wants to drag this war another decade PLEASE REALISE THE TRUTH BEHIND THIS


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  30. Blogger tangara said...

    The LTTE losses in the last 3 years is around 15000...Not 3000...


    any idea how many are left ?

  31. Why police cant catch that baster. This is not the first time he carried out such a attack in the same area..

  32. May be it was around 50000 when it was started in 2005. That was including the Makkal Paddai..

    Which is around 30000 thosand.

    My guess, There were 20000 hardcore LTTE's.

    My guess is they lost around 5000 of that..


    15000 figure I mentioned based on a certain fact..

  33. Still a quite way to go...

    One thing is sure..GOSL will not stop the war.

  34. ach82000,
    "Why police cant catch that baster. This is not the first time he carried out such a attack in the same area.."
    police cathed
    who detonated the bomb moratuwa kandy and dehiwala railtrack.

  35. Perin/San,

    DM guys are very lazy on out of the routine thinking.

    They like big big purchases like mig29s, than very cost effective vepons, which can be used to destroy LTTE fast.

    If we are not innovative and deceptive, this war will drag for next two/three years.

    I wish DM to have young and so energetic personal to drive special operations.


  37. Govt. imports 8 super luxury Benz cars
    The government has ordered eight super luxury, high security Benz cars from Germany at a duty free cost of over US dollars four million, The Sunday Leader learns.

    Informed sources said each Benz was in the region of US $ 500,000 duty free.

    The super luxury vehicles are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka next month.

    It is learned that the value of each vehicle with full cumulative duties of 500 per cent would be in the region of US$ 2.5 million or approximately Rs. 267 million.

    The luxury vehicles are to come at a time the government citing the global oil crisis is to introduce tough economic measures including the curtailment of the school week to four days by increasing the current daily school duration by 90 minutes.

    In terms of the duty structure the value of the eight super luxury vehicles will be approximately Rs. 2.13 billion.

  38. Andare-
    I do aggree with you about the out of box thinking.
    However what make you think your suggestion is better / will going to work?

  39. PATTHARA MALLI is doing a grate job.
    Go to youtube and search for "rana bimen"
    select "this week" you can uploads for last 7 days.


    Shyam said...


    ...STOP barking.. This is not LTTE work... this is done by MI..........

  41. Perin,
    Because I am a terrorist in the thinking process.

    If the enemy is weak in swimming, push him to the water...

    Do we know weaknesses --> yes
    Can we desing wepon suit for those --> yes
    How long it takes to build wepons --> two weeks with dedicated expertise.

    Training and execution --> another one month.

    Generals/Brigadiers all accept, Wepons are very very effective. but since they do not have a engineering background, they are comming to backfoot in design, training and execution.

  42. Andare-
    Thank you for the reply again.
    I really hope this unwanted war end soon.

  43. In kandy blast they used a time bomb ... but the suspect must be left the bus long time ago but the police have arrested a person who were at the scene .....

    In Morotuwa Uni sinhala Students have beaten the tamil 10 students and handed over to the police and tamils shops and housed also robbed and set fire by the sinhala mobs.....

    Way to go guys ...the south showing their true colors ....

  44. If there isn't any HRC conference in upcoming days ..then there wasn't be any bombs ...

  45. [A public transport bus was hit by an explosion near the teacher's training college in Polgolla a short while ago. ]

    This is how the great LTTE liberation fighters 'fight' our troops... and protect thei homeland!

    What does that say? LTTE cannot fight and chase out our troops... and indeed WEAK... They hope to bet on communal violence!

    It's crucial time take bolder moves by the SLDF and force land troops in Killi and Mulathivu and 'arrange' to set fire to both towns.

    We need to take highr risk.

  46. PLease keep calm and DONT start RACE riots!!.the kandy bomber has been caught with the help of the CIVILIAN POPULATION..WELL DONE!!.This guy had some bomb making accessories that people need in their daily lives like detonator cord,explosive contaminated case etc.He needs these to get to work.Now this guys next step is to apply for residency in GOD IC-Canada on the basis that he could not attend work.

  47. I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our Island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone.

    At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do. That is the resolve of Sri Lankan Government-every man and women of them. That is the will of Parliament and the nation.

    The Sri Lankan defense forces and the people, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

    Even though large number of innocent children, women and men have fallen or may fall into the death grip of the LTTE and all the odious apparatus of LTTE terrorism, we shall not flag or fail.

    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in Vanni,
    we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
    we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
    we shall fight on the beaches,
    we shall fight on the landing grounds,
    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall fight in the hills
    we shall never surrender

    With much gratitude to that great PM of Brits, Sir Winston Churchill for his eloquence.


  48. Result of Mahinda Sinthanave
    Result of Sinhala only Language..
    Result Of Discrimination
    Result of Buddhist psychopathic
    Result of State Terrorism.
    If you disturb other life
    You will have the same.
    Tamils were Burned many time

  49. ["This brutality also shows the efforts of the LTTE to provoke a backlash against the Tamil people, from which it hopes to gain, although the Tamil people themselves are held in thrall by the terror of its so-called liberator.

    I call on the people to remain calm and not give in to deliberate provocations aimed at fanning communal hatred and violence, remain vigilant against the forces of terror, and continue to assist the Police and Security Forces in the task of eradicating terrorism from our country," President said in his condolence message.

    There are three things worthy Sri Lankan need to do.

    1. Support the president
    2. Support the president
    3. Support the president

    Because 1001 elements are out there working day and night... to divide us and instigate us to go against the GOSL... They BET on our action to get divided!

    Stay calm but vigilant... As we have shown, we can catch the bombs and the bombers... if we look...

    After all... there are no winter storms... extreme heat... tornados... or other bad weather conditions presently in our country... making the task difficult for us to look for bombs...

    LTTE is going fail... if they fail to divide us.

  50. To hell with all the International Laws and Regulations.... next time LTTE hides its Guns and Bases around Civilian areas, i say we hit them, without even giving a damn about civilian cassualties.

    The bloody international community doesn't make a bloody sound when the Tigers blows up one of our civilian busses or trains. So to hell with them when we hit LTTE civilians.

  51. ASHOK METHA, THE MF is talking in BBC world.
    Man he is harder than the tamilnet on accusations.
    Accrding to MF, Civilians in the North is being killed by Air Force continuously.
    Bombs in the south is ment for the retaliations for those killings by GOVT.
    Now he is saying IC should come forward with R2P.

    That looser can not bear the susscess achieved by SLDF....

  52. The ones captured with brutal killings should be given Capital punishment.If the law doesnt allow it, then it could be staged as those of the suden deaths of Under world leadrers where Police take them to find weapons and then OH Sudden Death!!
    Get the maximum details & do it Or they will contuinue as otherwise stay some time in jail make a protest there...then PR to a foreign country....

  53. I have a feeling that most of these attacks were carried out by 'part time terrorists'. It looks like they were carried out in haste.
    If that is the case (ie. if they were in fact part timers), then we should be able to get a lot of info from them. Need to break their communication as well as logistical channels for these acts of terror.

  54. LTTE Bastards / And LTTE supporing Tamil Diaspora Basterds

    You will have to dearly pay for these crimes . We will never submit into these crimes . We have suffereing from this stateless rats for 2500 years . we never surrenderd . we will never ever surrender .
    tomorrow may be my familiy or ME , that is OK .

    but until last LTTE basterd is killed we never ever stop this .

    Honarable President Mahinda , We are fully behind you . We know how difficult it is . but never ever think about a cease fire .

    NOW or NEVER.

  55. This continuous civilian killings in south may be an invitation to the GSL to go after civilians in wanni, specially by SLAF and there by expecting R2P from IC.

  56. tiger killer...

    Well said.

    We shall never surrender no matter what... For 30 years these bastards have been hoping, praying, killing, campaigning, lobbying, robbing, kidnapping, maiming, screaming and are expecting one reaction from us... just one reaction... it is...


    Nope... it should never be allowed to happen. We must pass that test.

    Instead... we shall liberate the North too... and give land from both north and the east FREE to each soldier / their loved ones who fought for the country... They deserve it because they fought to protect the NORTH / EAST.

    That'll be the real pain we will inflict these bastards... who have robbed the land from us.

  57. What the tiger honcho said is true. They have no issue with the sinhala civillians. But they do have an issue with the sinhalese living in harmonsy with the tamils.
    SO the escalated soft targetting is to provoke a back lash for propaganda value.

  58. Who want the war, 85%¨of shinhale population voted for war not knowing the horror of war, so let it feel in your place and say really what want war or peace, This is a message LTTE can´t stop the war untill there will be unnormal situation in North and East, basters you all have to feel how people die in North by your SLA AND SLAF DPU , this will make every Tamils as LTTE, so if really want pease tell your MR what you all are want..

  59. [ if really want pease tell your MR what you all are want..]

    We are not complaining... why you?

    We will get the LTTE bastards one way or another... no matter what.

    I agree with you with one thing...

    If the LTTE can kill, kill and kill like this...when they have NO CHANCE of getting any political power.... imagine how much they would kill... if we sit down for talks and show to the whole world... that they 'have' power????

    Our historic mistakes are gone... Today is a new day to hunt down and kill each LTTE terrorist.

    MR is the leader who has embarked on that noble mission. Let's all support the man.... and WIN

    or be a roadblock to his plan and lose.

  60. [Five suspects arrested with Explosives - Yatiyantota
    Five suspects including two Jaffna civilians were arrested from a house in Panawatte, Yatiyantota along with a stock of explosives this morning, June 6, military sources said.

    One hand grenade, eighteen rounds of .22 and .38 ammunition, 820 g of C-4 explosives and three gelignite sticks were found when the police search the suspected house on a tip-off given by a civilian.


    Ah.. Ah... Told ya!

    We indeed can find these cowards... All we have to do is to keep an eye... 24/7. Our country is so small and weather is no issue... and there are enough people. It's all about re-arranging our priorities... and changing our attitude.

    Every bus passenger plus their baggage must be and can be checked by a few volunteers in every bus.

  61. Patriots of Kandy, of all communities have come together and on the look out for suspect people and items. They may do a better jobs than those who are paid to do it. So political cronies, catchers and other traitors who work for dirty money be aware of it’s vigilant people. Go somewhere with your terrorists friends and shelter them at your peril. We are aware that Kandy is under threat as every mule or political donkey seems to go there often, can’t leave us alone to make a honest living.Terrorists! leave us alone! If you know what is good for you?

  62. Gringo said...
    [ if really want pease tell your MR what you all are want..]

    We are not complaining... why you?

    We will get the LTTE bastards one way or another... no matter what.

    do you have undestand about you youself What you mean LTTE this is knd od terror group all all of Tamils

    when you kill my sister do you think I will come and beg you down basteds, terrorist who kill tamils my sister and brothers. stop this first then we can stop

    first of all of your basterds mind Srilanka is only for Shinhales..

    do you value human beeing???
    where you live in aboard can you Think how if they kik out you bastrd like a Srilanken black monkey???

    the same think 2000 years living tamils in srilaka you say migrants you are the patriots mother fuckers since you do not know the History of Srilanka telling lies to the world Tamils are terrorist if then we all we be terroris to dump all of you mother fuckes like you!

  63. SF from LNP
    It could be that LTTE big fish killed in a LRRP attack..

    attacks in retaliation for yesterday....?
    Friday, 6 June 2008 - 10:00 PM SL Time

    intelligence circles strongly speculate that the ltte`s apparent `going nuts` is in retaliation to yesterdays attacks in vanni...

    while there has been little in the form of an information trickle about the ranger attacks that took place in vanni as i reported exclusively here,tamilnet reports of an attack on civilians with no pictures...

    Colombo`s Intel circles suspect that things have pretty much got out of hand in vanni and the ltte is in a clear attempt of holding civilians at ransom to have the govt in to submission...

    so much folks,for the brave vanni tigers...!

  64. Guys,

    The police must come up with a plan to react with efficiency to catch the bastards. All bastards are caught, and it is good news. But the efficiency is not very good.

    For instance, one bastard was caught in Vaunia while he was on the run after Dehiwala blast. He went undetected that far.

    A muslim three wheelar driver tried to catch the animal, but the onlookers did not support him.

    Imposing a curfew is a good move, to restrict the movements.

    Police must be a bit more innovative to save more lives.

    Intelligence gathering is not good either.

    One encouraging thing is the way the savages use amateures to carry out these barbaric acts. They don't look professional, by the way they perform, hide and own up to them.

  65. Another comment made by Specialforce.

    "Welioya progress is satisfactory...the hall mark of gen fonseka's/col rajapkses strategy is to cause maximum casualties to the enemy than to have a land grab...

    for example lets see what happened in mannr...

    for over one year there was speculation as to why we were not making progress.there was no interest on the part of the military to make progress at all.the govt gave the full right of decision making to the military to take as much time as it wishes to make gains as per their battle plan.for your information folks in the east the same tactic was employed till the defenses fell pretty much on its own.this way the SLA has significantly lowered its casualties and inflicted huge pressure on the ltte.and as of late you would have noticed the mannr defenses fell like a pack of cards.and also on the other hand of we go for an intense land grab another phenomenon will take place.

    that is that the SLA will be markedly blunted in its capacity to do deep penetration ranger ops.

    large area in Vanni is practically unpatrollable to the ltte and the ranger units have been having a field days.and the induction of the ltte's civil defence force is reported to be reluctant to do thier duties in the face of increasing attackns and snipers.

    the 3rd SF,3rd commandos and even special ranger teams of the military intelligence corps and as of late as per gen fonsekas brainchild even the special infantry teams conduct special missions behind enemy lines today.the multiplicity of the different teams spanned over a wide area has made it a virtual impossibility for the ltte to contain the infiltrations.

    and mind it the ltte is highly concerned about the welioya front and thus we too need to take care."

  66. LTTE is Terrorist.. (Perioud)

    I work in colombo, and i have many tamil friends, and two of them are very close friends.

    No matter what happens we are still friends, most of the tamils living in colombo just want to live a peacful life, but these LTTE bastered wont let them.

    Sri lanka belongs to everybody.. and its not going to be broken in two. IF YOU LTTE PIGS wants to kill and be killed that your choice.. because we will NOT SURRENDER TO YOU WHIMPS..

    ps.. US Quite HRC, great now lets see what next up..

  67. Shyam,

    What is going on here? Please shed some light on it.

  68. Hemantha
    Happy to hear about the comments from SF.Here too some clever patriots are working hard to scale down their business activities where their illegally collected money have been used, that may otherwise find it’s way to enhance their military and terror capacity.

  69. If you are in UK …you must stop buying from Tamil shops until they stop these brutal attacks on civilians …as per my knowledge there are more than 150,000 sinhalese live in UK contributing indirect fund raising for LTTE terrorists.

    STOP buying from Tamil Shops

  70. this all because of Fu*** Ranil ...I hope all people who want peace must behind MR until we finish off all sakkiliyas...

  71. [STOP buying from Tamil Shops ]

    Tamil stores will survive without the stingy Sinhala customers who hardly spend it. As long as they have rice, their days are fine.

  72. BBC/sinhala sakkiliya in UK backing LTTE to promote propaganda & whitening pigs as much as he (Priyath Liyanage)can.. I still cant understand why SL high commission cant do anything about this currupted bribed BBC so called sinhla service...

  73. sakkiliya can survive any where in the world as long as SAMON & RICE there and if can work 20hrs per day

  74. Dear patriots, good news that the sub-human LTTE Katubadda bomber has been caught hiding in a marsh next to the location of the claymore mine, holding a map and a signal sheet. What we need to do with this mass killer is as follows:
    1. Water board this coward until he sings like a nightingale. Now remember boys & girls, in Sri Lanka we do not torture terrorists. Just as in US we use harsh interrogation techniques.
    2. Sentence him to death and execute him. My preferred method of execution for mass murders is what the ancient Sinhalese kings did to heinous criminals. Tie him to a stake and have him trampled and torn to pieces by an Elephant.
    3. Go catch the other terrorists from information provided by this terrorist.
    4. Go to step #1 and repeat.


  75. konnappu,

    your VB loop is good but lacks a starting point.

    first step would be a catch a new suspect.

    actually this "chain" method is very effective.
    most people in certain areas know about someone who KNOWS MORE about LTTE activities, etc.

    if one of them can be captured, we can catch the one "who KNOWS MORE about LTTE activities".

    from him we can get info. about someone who knows even more about LTTE activity.

    once we capture this third (some times this may be the fourth, fifth, etc.) person we are almost certain that some terrorists or weapons or both can be captured.

    this has been the MOST successful strategy in handling terrorists and their supporters. the civilian casualties in the process is justified because it can save at least 10 times as many civilians.

    also add "the lie detector test" to the water boarding method step.

  76. Moshe Dyan,
    From the press reports it looks like we did catch the main SOB that set off the bomb in Katubedha. So we are ready to begin step #1.

    From what I read water boarding is very effective as even the most hardened AQ terrorists like Kaleed Sheik Mohamad could only hold on for 20 seconds before starting to sing like a nightingale. So our cowardly LTTE terrorists probably will start singing in about 5 seconds. Indeed a lie detector is a good idea because everybody knows that these LTTE cowards are pathalogical liars.

  77. [ June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lankan fighter jets struck Tamil Tiger bases in Kilinochchi district, site of the rebel headquarters in the north, acting upon reports the group was preparing attacks, the military said.]

    DN any updates on enemy casualties? Could this be a reason for yesterday's civilian targeted bombs?

  78. Qrious

    Its the Memorial day of Sivakumaran who is the 1st person got killed by the SLA forces when he made a protest regarding equal rights ... before the LTTE some into the scene

  79. Great news... Electricity bills gonna increase by 45% again ..... Have fun Vedhdha Gov supporters....

    HRC conference canceled ...Oh ma god then its useless for MI targeted the civilian .........

  80. Konappu,

    I think we should get the likes of Shyam, upul, the boss and other sub-human LTTE stooges also trampled by Elephants. Then again, our elephants should not go through the insult of giving them such useless pieces to trample.

  81. [Great news... Electricity bills gonna increase by 45% again ..... Have fun Vedhdha Gov supporters....]

    45%? Peanuts!

    We have a 20million% increase in our determination to wipe out LTTE pigs.

    Buddy... Sri Lankans may be relatively poor... but when it comes to our country... we'll not put a 'price' tag... because Sri Lanka is priceless!

    Bring the pigs on!

  82. Shyam -

    Sakillie, please let me know when the cost of living is 450%...thats the rate I'm willing to live with to watch you sakillies die like the rats you are.

    Vijayabahu - Mt. Lavinia

  83. Sam Perera,

    our classy elephants don't like to get thalathel on their feet. That's why we shouldn't give them to the elephants...they all smell like thalathel.

    On another note, why can't we use sniffer dogs to smell out all the thalathel demalas in Moratuwa..

  84. Boys ....

    I'm counting the days until our boys launch the major push into Mannar and north Weli Oya...

    Per very very reliable source...our special infantry units are now operating South East of Nedunkuni in Weli Oya.

    Once this area falls...all of Mullativu will be in arty range...

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. I'm losing a lot of faith in our terrorist friends...before they use to growl like Tigers...with big truck bombs and air attacks etc.

    Now they are purring like little kittens attacking CTB tukkaran buses...aiyo what happend to the sun god??? coming down a notch on the terrorist ladder no???

  87. You can see how much is the happyness LTTE members in this blog, after a bomb in south and 30-40 civilians got killed. Similarly this tamil di-ass-pora and thise who pay for LTTE get some satisfaction these days only after this kind bombing killing human beings.

    When RW/UNP is in power no bombs. Fully peace every where: i.e. LTTE got what they want, 12 shiploads of whepons, free movement without check points, international recognition, ISGA, then elaam. Now LTTE bombs civilians becuz MR is slowly but surely ending LTTE and they know it.

    Those who kill these civilians and those who beong happy about it are both same at the end.

  88. Have we resumed night bombings by the SLAF???
    SLAF fighters raid LTTE gathering - Pooneryn

    Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets have raided an LTTE gathering place located in the Pooneryn area last night, June 6.

    According to the Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the air sorties were carried out around 11.00 p.m. targeting LTTE gathering observed in general area K-Point in Pooneryn.

  89. So according to Rivira, there would be two more divisions from this week.

    1. 61 division
    2. Task force two (Brig. Ralf Nugera would be the commander).

    If LTTE wants to attack Wanni front they have to do it now (I doubt). But are they trying to attack Jaffna?

    "According to the Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the air sorties were carried out around 11.00 p.m. targeting LTTE gathering observed in general area K-Point in Pooneryn."

    "Two LTTE artillery points, one at Kalmunai Point in Jaffna and the other one at Sorampattu, about 10 km southeast of Muhamale Forward Defence Line (FDL) were shelled at about 1.30 p.m. and 1.35 p.m. respectively."

    "Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Ki'linochchi on Thursday said that the Sea Tiger Marines of the LTTE's naval force launched a sea-borne raid on Sri Lanka Army positions along the coast of Naakarkoayil in the Northern Front at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, destroying 3 posts and causing damage to 5 posts. "
    -Tamilnet (I am not sure weather this story is correct or not)

  90. Tamilnet is still silence about the last night Air strike. I hope it is a well calculated attack by SLAF.

  91. Ambulance knocks down woman

    Alongside the Katubedda blast victims being treated in ward six of the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital was 20-year-old Warusha.

    She was however not a direct victim of the blast but had sustained injuries when a speeding ambulance carrying victims to hospital knocked Warusha down. Guys very sad to hear this.

    This is a indirect outcome of war but its the nature of the war.

  92. Sam Perera,
    I agree it will be very traumatic for Elephants to trample these stinky Thala-Thel smelling LTTE terrorists. However, I believe in the olden days of the kings, they gave alchohol to the Elephants to get them all riled up. After a few shots the elephant might be able to trample these wankers without any problem!

  93. X-File,

    Are you work for Sirasa TV???

  94. In 2006 -- 1004 caders dead

    In 2007 -- 1196 caders dead

    In 2008 within first 5 months -- 918 caders dead

    -LTTE hero's department

    So this LTTE's hero's dept don't read tamilnut. As per tamilnut only 7 LTTE caders dead in 2008.

    In 2008 within first 5 months --

    4081 LTTE caders KIA
    337 SLDF KIA


    So as per GSL 27 caders die per day in 2008

    as per LTTE 6 caders die per day in 2008

  95. Air Sorties will be hardly accurate unless we do something to eliminate the spotters who are providing information on Aircraft TakeOffs. I think we can take two avenues in this regard.

    1. ) Work in collaboration with mobile phone/satellite telephone companies to identify the patterns of calls that originate from near by areas. I know this is going to be hard. but if we give it a try we would at least catch some.

    Because currently what might probably happen is when an aircraft takes off all the big wig LTTE rats wherever they are in Vanni , could go hide in their rat holes. Since aircraft do not take off very regularly they can afford to do this in the long run.

    2.) Or else we might need to figure out a way to deceive the spotters by make regular Fighter Jet landings and takeoffs. That makes it less viable for the terrorists to go into hiding whenever an aircraft takes off. I do not know whether this is affordable considering the fuel costs.

    3.) Thirdly what we can do is to use helicopters in missions deep inside rebel territories to launch missiles. In this case we have to think about there safety from AA and Sam Fire( if LTTE possesses ). But by looking at the success that helicopters have achieved in Vauniya and Mannar this might be a possibility as well.

    4. ) Fourthly I wonder whether its possible to work with international satellite operators to do 3D survey (seismic survey type one) on vanni to identify the underground structures. I am not sure if such a technology is available but if available it might cost a lot. I guess this type of a survey to know the accurate geographic coordinates of the underground bunkers, would be more helpful than purchasing more aircrafts even if it costs more than air crafts .

    Given the fact that we spent something like 10 Million USD to scan the sea in manner, this might be a good possibility if such a technology is available.

    In case we know the exact coordinates of bunkers it’s going be a clean and easy night Arial sweep with minimum civilian casualties.

  96. X-file,
    It's good that you are not using block letters any more.
    And I guess you can improve a whole lot by avoiding posting garbage too. Thanks.

  97. B#1

    Y brother "aththa thithaida?"

    u always comment tamilnut is lieing
    then y u want a report from tamilnut about last night a/attack?

    y u don't think our won't tell the outcome correctly?

    brother don't try to support one side, try to report the current ground Situation.

  98. hemantha




  99. X-file, your tamilnet usually report whenever SLAF Bombs, civilian casualties OR the details of tries in the jungle which damaged due to the bombing.

    But this time your Tamilnet didn't report anything.

  100. B#1


  101. X-file,

    "brother don't try to support one side, try to report the current ground Situation."

    What kind of BS is this? We are not reporters and of course we support one side. We are not from CNN or BBC or something like that. We support the Sri Lankan troops and some others here support the LTTE (each has their own reason for that). We are not competing for something like 'the best unbiased and neutral reporter of the year' award or anything like that. We are here to learn and discuss about what is happening in the Sri Lankan conflict, not to be neutral.

    "u always comment tamilnut is lieing
    then y u want a report from tamilnut about last night a/attack?
    y u don't think our won't tell the outcome correctly?"

    I don't know if you are just having a go at B#1 but if you really mean this, you must be extremely stupid. Maybe you should read the past discussions in this blog and you'll get an idea why he (and also others) wants the tamilnet viewpoint.

  102. There was a sea clash between sea tigers and sri lanka navy at trinco

    wait for details

  103. X-file,

    The answer is "no".


    Again, the answer is "no". I made a kind suggestion and a kind request. And it looks like you have rejected the both.


    Good luck!

  104. chamal,

    1."you'll get an idea why he (and also others) wants the tamilnet viewpoint"

    chamal u r there u got the point, every one knows the tamilnets viewpoint then y should v bother abt that web page.

    2.u can support but u cant lie

    Example:- East was cleared from ltte and north we got big set back 2 times at muhammalai

    both these r truth u cant tell this upside down.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. "Example:- East was cleared from ltte and north we got big set back 2 times at muhammalai"

    Untold story about the North:
    LTTE had many visible set backs in the Mannar and Vavunia fronts. And they had to retreat more than 5 km in the Welioya front.

  107. hemantha

    true i accept ur comment

  108. X-File, your Tamilnet has only few photos and very few videos about SL Army casualties. Most of are edited to satisfy diaspora people like you.

    But believe me Defencenet, MOD has plenty of videos and photos of LTTE casualties. But they upload only 2% of those because their mission is wipe out terrorism from the country not to satisfy people.

    Wait until next Independence Day 2009. MOD will show you all the videos and photos at BMICH. Wow.. But X-file you wont be able to see, Its for 18+ :(

  109. good to note a REAL nighttime air raid was carried out at 11pm. but this seems to be a deterrent attack than a devastating attack on tigers.

  110. B#1

    Brother u remember Ltte's end date :- gotha told before prabakaran's birth day, sarath 31st dec 2008, then y u r extending to 4th feb 2009?

    give me a correct reason!

  111. X-file,
    Oh man can you remember what was your former Political leader saying.

    "Get ready to buried 40,000 Army bodies in North-TC"

    What happen to him. Poor guy. :(

  112. Two more persons injured in the bus blast in Katubedda on Friday died in hospital overnight

  113. B#1

    U r funny man speak abt the present and the future "past is past u cant even buy the past if u r so rich"

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. B#1
    and don't speak like Ltte bocz they only speak abt the past and cheat their people

    i think u must be a ltte man!

  116. x-FILE,'s 1300 SLN personnel killed right?
    oh yeah and only 2 LTTE sea tigers slightly injured.

    Are you a Rambo fan?
    don't watch too much TV man..

  117. Moota mole honda naddha koidha? Vikara kiyawanawa.. Please don't post bullshit here.

  118. B#1,

    "Wait until next Independence Day 2009. MOD will show you all the videos and photos at BMICH."

    That would be a fantastic idea. Do you think we should show "said to be dead but captured and interrogated" videos as well?

    I have seen parrots do the talking ... lolz

  119. X-File,

    Are you feeling ok? The comment "13 SLN Killed when there was a sea clash between sea tigers and sri lanka navy at trinco wait for details.." was posted by you, with your account and not by B#1. Please don't post BS here... and also defencenet says that 'Comments with racist remarks, personal attacks and misinformation will be deleted'


    "good to note a REAL nighttime air raid was carried out at 11pm. but this seems to be a deterrent attack than a devastating attack on tigers."

    Yes, more of a retaliation rather than an actual bombing of a high profile target. But let's wit and see... at least they haven't stopped night time raids.

  120. According to SLA,

    During the last 1 year closer to 5000 LTTE's were killed.

    The 15000 figure for 3 years I quoted recently is likely the correct casuality figure for the LTTE.

    LTTE's figure for the same period is around 1500..


  121. I mean

    LTTE's hero department figure for the same period is around 1500..


  122. No wonder Velu is going bersek...

    It is sad that GOSL has to kill its own people..But LTTE pushed the Sri Lankans to a point of no return with the bombings in 2005..
    Closer to 200 soldiers died in 2005.

    Barbarian Velu's is paying heavilly for his actions.

  123. 7 Dogs have been killed by poison in the area where the claymore was planted near the Moratuwa University .... the people live close to the area said that the dogs were barking strange on the day .....

    Looks like it have been planted early morning ...

  124. Air Force attacks LTTE leaders' meeting place - Puthukkudiyiruppu
    [June 07, 2008]

    Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed an LTTE leaders' gathering place located in the Puthukkudiyiruppu area around 1.20 this afternoon (June 7).

  125. someone mentioned about Shan Wickremasinghe Here, I think he is a cousin brother of Ranil.. but a total different personality. I listen to their program every morning from 7 - 8 am on Isira TNL. They are doing a great job educating and informing masses. its become a popular program now. Even the Katubeddha incident they were warning people not to dump Grabage around that area as it is easy for anyone to hide bombs.

    He along with Hudson Samarasinghe is doing a wonderful program every day from 7 - 8 am. If anyone hasn't listened I request them so as it is quite an interesting and a useful program discussing newspapers.

  126. tangara, sam,

    but it is very unlikely that a large number of LTTE leaders would have died from the SLAF attack. when they hear the jets they run to bunkers and unless most of these bunkers are destroyed, bunker rats are safe.

    if SLAF uses cluster bombs it will be more effective. but accuracy is a major problem just like old bunker busters like KAB-1000/500, M84.

    cluster bombs are a good response to APMs heavily used by the terrorists.

  127. My feeling is though we dont hear much about defence news there is a lot happening around!!

    Guys any idea the 61st division and 2nd Task force already joining the battle field?? It looks like they have already joined!!!

  128. according to whatver news trickling LTTE is losing ground rapidly, soon we may see new fronts opening up, once the periamadhu completely come under control, LTTE will go beserk, like a wild dog.

  129. Those who do not believe, the figures publish by SLDF,
    YoU CAN GET A REALLY GOOD IDEA ABOUT LTTE communications and how are the operations going on

  130. Puli ??? IS THAT SAME PULI?

    I thought you said you had enough explaining in this blog, and that it's awaist coming here? Do you Remeber?
    let me remind you..

    Puli said...

    Machchan its really waste of time to explain this people. Let them understand their own way. Do something fruitful and our Eelam.

    I should not see you in this forum anymore.
    June 6, 2008 3:10 PM

    Malin said...
    I dare you.. Puli..


    But CAN YOU do that?
    June 6, 2008 3:38 PM



  131. Rare Video
    Prabhakaran arresting Pulidevan in wanni (live footage)

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. LTTE wants India’s help to stop military ops


  134. General Fonseka says that the division in Welioya as covered 7km into Vanni and their progress to Vanni heartland is rapidly gaining momentum and the civilians are trying to escape from the terrorists in Vanni.In the meantime it is the duty of the public to be vigilant of the saboteurs and other elements of the infiltrated fifth columnist in the south, without harassing the innocent Tamils peacefully living among the majority. Rest of the battle to fight this menace is overseas where the funds for their unattainable struggle will continue

  135. Rebels Crush Their Peace Faction
    June 7, 2008: The LTTE has yet another internal rebellion brewing, with LTTE senior leader, and peace negotiator, Seevaratnam Prabaharan, placed under house arrest in the north. Prabaharan wanted to cut a deal with the government before the LTTE was crushed. That is still a minority attitude in the LTTE leadership, and Prabaharan was silenced and isolated to keep such ideas from spreading. But the desire for peace is already well established among Tamils in the LTTE controlled north, and LTTE leaders have to deal with increasingly reluctant fighters.

    In the north, the army captured a kilometer of LTTE front line, after three days of fighting and over a hundred casualties (most of them LTTE, according to the army). The LTTE drafted local civilians to help build another defense line (trenches and bunkers) a few kilometers behind the one that was lost.

    The LTTE only admits to having lost 918 "cadres" during the first five months of this year, and only 1,196 last year. A third of this years losses were female, compared to 13 percent last year, and 22 percent since LTTE violence began in 1982. So far this year, the government claims to have killed four times as many LTTE. People fleeing from LTTE controlled territory report more aggressive recruiting of teenagers and women for the fighting forces.

    The Indian Navy has increased its patrols in the waters between India and Sri Lanka. Extra police are also available to examine Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka, and arrest known LTTE members. India does not want the LTTE to establish itself in southern India. If that were to happen, attacks on Sri Lanka would be planned and launched from southern India, causing problems for police in both countries.

    June 6, 2008: An LTTE roadside bomb hit a bus 20 kilometers south of the capital, killing twenty and wounding over 60. A little later, a bomb went off on another bus, killing two and wounding twenty. The government sees these terror attacks as an attempt by the LTTE to stir up violence between Tamils and the majority Sinhalese. That would make it easier for the LTTE to recruit fighters and suicide bombers for a long term fight. To forestall this, the government calls for calm, and asks for tips about suspected terrorist activity, not vigilante attacks on Tamils in general. In the aftermath of the latest attacks, tips came in and arrests were made. Bomb making materials and weapons were also seized.

    June 4, 2008: In the capital, a bomb went off next to a train, wounding 18 people.

    May 29, 2008: In the north, the LTTE attacked a small island off the coast, but were repulsed, with four of their boats sunk. Tanks and artillery in the nearby town of Jaffna were able to fire on the LTTE boats, doing most of the damage there. The LTTE were hoping to raid the small garrison on the island and make off with weapons and ammunition.

  136. LTTE will never get any elaam from SL. However they have some area in wanni under their control. Question is what LTTE will do to keep than land with them. Only way is to stop the SLA offensive. Possible options for LTTE are:

    1. Militarily defeat directly in the battlefield

    ex. Reversing jayasikuru

    Despite all SLA offensives thwarted SLA has now moved from mavil aru to middle of wanni. (Mavil aru, sampur, karadianaru, vakarei, thoppigala, seelawathura, adampan, madu, ...)

    2. Political change

    ex. UNP/RW coming to power in 2002with the LTTE blessing, then CFA etc

    It is unlikely this happen again despite high COL and bombs.

    3. Killing MR/GR

    ex. killing R Premadasa, R Wijeratne

    Few LTTE teams even now are working on these targets on long term besides their part timers killing civilians.

    4. Attacking key places in south

    ex. KAB/AAB

    Few LTTE teams even now are working on these targets besides their part timers killing civilians.

    5. Diplomatic level attacks via INGO/HR/UN/IC/int. media fronts

    This is the only front LTTE is doing well (even with the arrests of some key elements in Europe for fund raising.)

    6. Indian factor

    ex. India stopping operation liberation

    LTTE work hard in this front with tamilnadu elements but I guess so far it is a failure.

    7. Killing civilians in south

    This is the only thing LTTE do well in SL right now. This implies their failure in other fields.

    (yana yaka korahath binda gena yama)


    This means we just need to:

    1. be vigilant all the time
    2. help SLDF
    3. keep the recruitment going on
    4. make sure no 83 again
    5. SLA offensive keep going
    6. MR/GR will be there until LTTE ends. (well, we need a substitute if some thing happens.)

  137. ninja,

    i personally do not think MR and GR are 'indisposable' (although they are the best we had as regards the war) before a military victory.

    imagine the ratnasiri and mitripala team (if MR is killed). although it may not be politically as effective as the MR govt., i think it will be far more active against the LTTE. ratnasiri has already made several remarks on sending free medicine & food to the north and allowing them to be robbed by the LTTE. if a methid can be put in place to effectively deny these to tigers, their casualties will soar. there was a massive economic embargo before 1994 and there is nothing to stop it now.

    i agree with the rest.

    tigers are not going to just wither away into darkness. they will cause HELL before they die. Fonseka's assessment is 100% correct. the welioya front is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE. the more defeats tigers suffer in that the more will be attacks in the south.

    there is a saying before God kills someone, he makes them MAD. it is happening.

    another point is that public support for the war must be maintained ACTIVLY not just expecting it. the 2 bombs have shaken the weak spirited ones very badly and don't forget there is a STRONG anti-war camp.

  138. Moshe,
    "Fonseka's assessment is 100% correct. the welioya front is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE."

    Gen. Fonseka never said any such thing.

  139. Hemantha,
    "The army chief asserted LTTE losses on the Welioya front would invariably facilitate army offensive action on the Mannar and Vavuniya fronts. The gradual collapse of defences on the Welioya front would weaken their resolve to resist the army advance on Vavuniya and Mannar fronts, he said."


  140. hemantha,

    i refered to this. earlier stated by kevin.

    "General Fonseka says that the division in Welioya as covered 7km into Vanni and their progress to Vanni heartland is rapidly gaining momentum and the civilians are trying to escape from the terrorists in Vanni."

  141. merandy,

    didn't know that, mate. that is really fantastic.

    again proves it.

  142. thanks for the excerpt merandy. found the entire article.

    good news. this will inevitably engage more LTTE elites. a good chance to kill them according to our timetable; not theirs. it will also destroy the most important and most secret tiger infrastructure.

    but i wouldn't call a 14 km wide advance in welioya a "wide front". it still seems a thin front. also in mannar, vavuniya & jaffna front we have a few "small fronts". unfortunately in the welioya front we don't have that advantage. so a "thin front" is even more dangerous.

    however, tigers will carryout more savage attacks hoping to stop the advance.

    going by parabakaran's mentality it is possible that his barbarians will cause trouble in monaragala and hambantota districts again.

  143. Another air attack:

    Air Force attacks LTTE leaders' meeting place - Puthukkudiyiruppu

    Any more details on this Defencenet or anyone else?

  144. Moshe and Merandy,
    Yes I read the article before I made that comment. Please read it carefully. There wasn't any such comment. Even he doesn't imply anything close to "the welioya front is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE.".

  145. Hemantha,
    There is no point of debating over a comment word by word unless it is drastically different from Gen. Fonseka's comment. At least,Gen. Fonseka does imply Weli-Oya front is one of the most important.

  146. yes; GSF has clearly implied that it is the MOST important one because it can affect many other fronts (in addition to its own benefits!!) as well.

  147. I would like to highlight few points here quickly as I am in a hurry,

    1. I must highly condemn some Muslims demonstrating in front of the Israel Embassy calling 'Death to Israel- Death to America'. These type of acts should not be allowed in Sri Lanka.

    2. We should arrange mass demonstrations show to the world that all the HR Violations campaigns are part of the LTTE ploy. We should ask UN, Aminesty, HRW, and EU HR legislators whether they ask us to tolerate LTTE bus bombing, child recruitment, and ethnic cleansing, mass murder etc..

    3. Government should keep their counter-terrorism drive on an accelerated footing to safeguard the lives of general population. EU, HRW, AI, UN nor any other HR shouters have not come to the aid of Sri Lanka to dis-arm LTTE and to stop their heinous crimes against humanity.

    4. Government should implement a central database of terrorists. This should have info about terrorists. This should be accessible to permitted security-forces personnel.

    5. Government should keep conducting pre-dawn searches. It is a huge deterrent for terrorists.

    6. SLAF should find low-cost bombs to carpet bomb LTTE jungle hide-outs 24 hours a day. One of the captured terrorist has told that they were constant pressure being scared of SLAF while they were in jungle camps.

    7. SLDF should increase use of UAVs. UAVs can inform terrorist formations, hot-spots, etc.. which can effectively be neutralised through ground or air power.

    8. Strengthen BIA to capture terrorists using the airport for travel and military equipment smuggeling.

    9. Neutralize all type of militancy in other parts, including the Jihad movements.

    10. Hit them hard

  148. Guys,

    Can we discuss here "What are the possible attacks in South at the final stage of LTTE"

    Think like a Terrorist and give your idea please.

  149. I know I am wasting my time here. Any way one last comment on this. We don't have many dozens of fronts. We just have four fronts. Welioya, Vavunia, Mannar and Jaffna. So if one says "Welioya is one of the more important fronts" then what would be the other more important fronts? From this week on, towards the west of A9 there would be three divisions. On the east there would be 1.5 divisions (59 and Task Force-2). So if we consider the resources we have allocated Vavunia and Mannar fronts would be the more important ones.
    In his comment what the good commander was saying is that the Welioya front is moving forward in a rapid phase and engaging enemy there would help the other fronts too. Does this indicate that he thinks "Wlioya front is the most important one". Not to me (During the last week many people were claiming that Welioya front is almost on standstil. I think Gen. SF was replying to them). Vise versa is also correct. Vavunia front is moving very fast too. Engaging enemy there would help the other fronts also. So then it must be the most important front.
    The truth is all these fronts are very important. Success of one front would depend on the performance of all the other fronts.
    And Moshe,
    " imagine the ratnasiri and mitripala team (if MR is killed). although it may not be politically as effective as the MR govt., i think it will be far more active against the LTTE."

    Few weeks back you thought it's better to replace MR with Rathnasiri(without the "killed" part) What do you know about Rathnasiri other than his hawkish comments? And what do you know about Mithripala Sirisena? Never mind. This is becoming ridiculous.

  150. "'Death to Israel"...mmm

    what a joke. israel is here to stay whether some like it or not. it is the fourth superpower with the fourth largest nuclear weapons arsanel.

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. Latest fighting

    Can the defencenet give us an update please?

    It looks to me the new war reporting rules are hitting the blogs too..That is OK as long as it serves the purpose.

  153. Sri Lanka shold stay neutral in the middle east conflict..

    Even though
    Egypt and Turkey are 2 muslim nations which waged war with Isral, they never call for the destruction of Israel..

    The Muslim people in our country should follow those 2 countries. That is my personal view.

    The Sri Lankan Muslim people should ask the question , what do we gain by calling the destruction of Israel?


  154. Let the Israel and Palestine resolve their issue.

    Wise monkey is the monkey who is not going to monkey with another monkey's Monkey..

    Have a laugh.

    No offense to anyone.

  155. Guys,

    MR is the best president we ever had, as far as this war is concerened: he is firm and determined; he has not roosted in military solution during the day and political solution at night or vice versa, as his predecessors used to do; he has made it clear to the international community that he is not for turning; he is not meddling with the affairs of operations for cheap political gains; above all, he is a figure we can look up to, especially at a difficult time like this, as he is someone who is fearless and won't run away.

    I have never been an SLFP supporter and nor will I ever be. However, I admire this man for the stance he has taken against the savages.

    None of our previous presidents had the courage and steely determination that he has, in taking on the brutes: they went mellow under international pressure and delcared ceasefires, only to be broken a few month later, with disastrous consequences both in terms of lives and materials. These weak souls, who occupied the powerful executive, were forced to accept that silly concept - there is no military solutions to the conflict - as they were pushed against the wall, who made a kill by cashing in on the war, one way or the other.

    MR proved that the only solution for terror is a military one and now the international community is keeping mum; they won't embrace him in public, but will certainly draw some inspiration from this strategy, as they are facing this problem on their own front too.

    For instance, there is a great debate at the moment in the UK on a bill that gives the police to detain terror suspects for 42 days without charge; this is something unthinkable in a liberal democracy that UK is, a few year ago. Times and circumstances are changing, folks.

    I am sure quite a few western conventional armies are watching the war scenario in Vanni with intense enthusiasm - how to take on a brutal guerilla force and succeed. On this front, the conventional wisdom pales into insignificance with an urgent need for a credible alternative.

    When the nation went into decades of labour, Gen Fonseka & the team mimicked the metaphorical mother Lanka and gave birth to the phenomenonal baby; the group-based attacks.

    The only nourishment it needs is the patience of the public in general and the opposition in particular.

    Gen Fonseka just swapped the modes of operations with his foe! And it is working.

    What we have to do is to protect MR and his team at this critical juncture.

    Leaders are not trained, they are born. Maithripala Sirisena or Ratnasiri Wicramanayake can never be like MR and it is a non-starter.

    Commanding respect is a strange phenomenon. Leaders shine in their prime. No psychologist has ever cracked that code. Otherwise, there will be so many institutes to train world leaders. None of that kind exists to this day.

    Some, quite foolishly, think that electing an intellectual is the answer to all our misfortunes. They are dead wrong; only thing we might see is an individual who is obsessed with file-swapping, graph sketching, and participating in meetings with subordinates while imprisonning himself in his office block with his secretary. He won't even take that opportunity for a bit of fun, as any other folk would do in similar circumstances, as his intellect gets in the way even against this primay human urge.

    An intellectual sans vision is as useless as an illiterate without a functionning penis.

    Most western-trained intellectuals in the third world are only armed with ambition. That does not provide them with the right velocity to stay in the orbit of success. Pragmatism and career-ambtion never co-exist.

    However, there are a bunch of intellectuals in the west - not all - who are true visionaries. They don't seek after fame or money and contribute immensely to the betterment of the mankind. We salute those gentlemen / ladies.

    You and I can communicate through this medium thanks to one of such a giant - Mr Tim Berners Lee. The Brit invented the HTML code that we use to develop a web page, while working as a particle physicist!! He keeps such a low profile.

    Do we have men like them in our country folks? I scratch my head first before choosing another part of my anatomy.

    Folks, if you really want to have a bitter taste of what I just said, just appoint Professor G L Peiris as our next president and then think of 84000 or so deities that occupy our skies - in that order please!

  156. Qrious,

    Well said mate..Keep them coming...

  157. qrious,

    agree that MR is the best leader we had.

    BUT WHAT IF he is killed? (which is VERY likely) if i were VP i would have killed him by now.

    we should have a plan B.

    the plan B should be feasible and there is a STRONG possibility that we will be grieving, confused, leaderless and looking for a plan B at the same time!!! and don't forget the faggots are there in the waiting on the other side.

    ranil has IMMESELY benefitted from the LTTE in 1993, 1994, 2001 and almost in 1999.

    an internal power struggle in the ruling party is the WORST that can happen. only idiots would support such a move as that will pave the way for faggots to easily come to power. therefore it is WISE to groom the inevitable next president RW (not the fag) and MS (who is the GS of the party) (or KJ - UNPD leader)or better ones BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

    otherwise what happened to the UNP (and the country) in 1993-94 will happen again. it took 12 long fcuking years to overcome that. i'm sure LTTE won't give another MR a chance if we go into another 12 years of bull.

    remember how the media reported RW's appointmnt as the PM? they said a hawk was appointed the PM dashing all hope for 'peace'.

    we know the PM is a nobody. then how can the appointment of a hawk dash all hope for their kind of peace? simple. LTTE can easily kill the prez. (it has killed 2 leaders, attempted another, killed another would be leader within just 8 years); then if mangala (as some expected) becomes the pres. it would have been another fag era. instead if RW (the present PM) succeeds, LTTE would be in real HELL.

    THIS IS A BIG DETERENT for them to bump off MR and MR knows it!!

    as to GR, i have my doubts. there CAN BE a better DS than GR although he is the best we HAD.

    i personally don't think MR is NOT indisposable even at this hour. he is a fallible human being (although lately he and his family have assumed that they are not, according to close sources)and we should be ready for the next MAY FIRST 1993.

  158. Hey my mate Moshe,

    MR has energy that comes from a bottomless pit. It is the envy of the youth.

    I can't think of match in the present hopefuls.

    I can only hope his guardian angels will not desert the man at this crucial hour.

    If the worse comes to the worst, there should be a military take-over, to finish off the job. Come what may. We have been through the worst.

  159. [what a joke. israel is here to stay whether some like it or not. it is the fourth superpower with the fourth largest nuclear weapons arsanel.what a joke. israel is here to stay whether some like it or not. it is the fourth superpower with the fourth largest nuclear weapons arsanel.]

    Another gem is from Mr.Mosquito.

  160. qrious,

    110% agree with you.

    BUT still we must be open to that shitty eventuality.

    LTTE barbarians can do it.

  161. [If the worse comes to the worst, there should be a military take-over, to finish off the job. Come what may. We have been through the worst.]

    Certainly Tamils prefer military coup in SL, but no military leaders would prefer rule of their own when they are given luxuries cars( $500k+ Benz) and sophisticated woes.

  162. My mate Moshe,

    I just hand a hunch from my source in the etherical sphere. MR's guardian angels are not going to leave him in the lurch.

    He is safe; so please don't lose any sleep over the worst case scenario.

    The well-known American Philosohical giant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said that every defect is a product of excess. He further said the law of compensation exists in nature to maintain the balance, while dealing with them with iron fist.

    So, no one will escape the wrath of nature, if indulged in excesses. Our past presidents proved it with meticulous accuracy.

    MR is no exception and as a practising Buddhist he knows it very well. However, he may err as any other mortal, and let's put them into perspective. It is not the same as turning a blind eye on them.

  163. Hey Patriots,

    Please read the following article. A very good one indeed!

    The link:

  164. qrious,

    thanks for the reassurance mate.

    can't express how relieved and thankful i am. actually i had a sleepless night around the may day of this year.

    BUT still we must not forget that we are DEALING with LTTE subhumans / barbarians. they know only one thing - kill.

    good that we at least discussed this.

  165. [we know the PM is a nobody. then how can the appointment of a hawk dash all hope for their kind of peace? simple. LTTE can easily kill the prez. (it has killed 2 leaders, attempted another, killed another would be leader within just 8 years);]

    MR is war criminal and he will be given verdict when the time is right.

  166. Bhairav said,

    Certainly Tamils prefer military coup in SL, but no military leaders would prefer rule of their own when they are given luxuries cars( $500k+ Benz) and sophisticated woes.

    I didn't mean a military coup, mate. I meant military take-over. I hope you know how to distinguish between them. If I get into correct it, it is an insult to your wisdom.

    You have been contributing to this blog more constructively, lately. That is welcome.

    We don't force you to be in our camp. But we can collectively respect the dignity of human life, while taking the racial element off, without going down the drain pipe of ultra-nationalism, that always, as history proves on so many fronts, leads to self-destruction.

    After being borne in an island that is called my country, and then being hindered to move around it with freedom and safety, is the biggest sentimental torture, that a dignified human being can suffer. I am suffering from it and so are millions of my country folks. That is why we want that little freedom. It is not a luxury; just a gentle right.

    Majority also have rights. Being borne into that tribe is not a crime.

  167. Bhairav,

    You have switched back to your previous mode, the very moment I thought you have changed. No wonder peopel always talk about spots while talking about tigers.

    MR is war criminal! How is Prabha? St Aloysius, Pope Benedict, Mother Theresa, Sister Maria, Archbishop Tutu, Fpather Neyyo

    Please tell me his league for the sake of balance.

  168. Vandalpillai Philistinekaran is a barbairan no doubt. his LTTE is just as 'good' as him.

  169. Tangara said:

    "The Sri Lankan Muslim people should ask the question , what do we gain by calling the destruction of Israel?"

    Good point I think. Palastine does not and will not come for our aid in this war. It was Israel that supplied us with Kfirs and Dvoras at a time when no country was willing to provide military support for us. Even now Israeli made equipment (where would we be without the Kfirs, Dvoras and UAV's) make up a large and very valuable part in Sri Lanka's arsenal. Palastine on the other hand, were people who provided training to the LTTE. I don't know what we can gain by drifting away from Israel, at a time when USA and most Western countries refuse to give us military supplies. Even getting too close with Iran is not a good idea for now, unless it is clear that they are able and willing to help us. This looks to me like the same problem that the people of Tami Nadu have, hooting their heads out saying tamils are being discriminated in Sri Lanka just because they feel "it's our own people - people of the same race" and not because they really believe in what they say. We should ensure our own safety first, instead of going around worrying about other people while your own house is burning down.

  170. This comment has been removed by the author.

  171. Guys,

    I see a picture of RanilW in a relaxed mood while Mano Ganeshan whispering something to him.

    I see this sort of pictures all the time: Ranil patiently listening to his people in every one of them.

    This must be bloody torture, I thought. When you need a bit of peace of mind, someone spit out a damn thing or two into your ears, is gruesome, in my opinion.

    I am about to do my simple maths, folks. If he goes to one meeting, there are at least three people sitting around him, if Ranil is in a front seat. I am sure they all whisper to him at different times.

    A politician goes to quite a few meetings in a day and Ranil is no exception. Let's say it is 10. Then he gets about 3 X 10 = 30, whispers a day. Now multiply this by the number of days and it is a collossal sum, mates, even by the UNP standard.

    These whispers are ideas. So, the poor chap Ranil can't dump them as he pleases. He must show the folks that he deeply cares about them or else invites the wrath of whispering individuals. He has enough enemies at present and don't want earn more.

    Now, folks just imagine Ranil's mind. It is an ocean of ideas, isn't it? Do you honestly think that swimming in this habitat is a plesant experience?

    This is what Ranil is expeiencing now. He has been forced to swim in the vast ocean of ideas - against both the current and his survival instincts.

    We all know the unfortuante outcome for poor chap, Ranil. Tooting horns, riding bullock carts and then go-carts, can ring haunting tunes in this battle.

    I think it is time he raised the white flag and sent an SOS for a rescue. It is no humiliation; it is humanitarian.

    May God bless this harmless folk to stay sane let alone come to power!

  172. b#1 said,
    "What are the possible attacks in South at the final stage of LTTE"
    Think like a Terrorist and give your ideas please.

    Well if I am a blood thirsty terrorist, my next move will be to claymor attack on a train.
    1). there are old telephone posts parrallel to the train routes in Col~ Kandy & Col ~ Anurad..& even in the southern way... measure the height from Ground to the window & aim for a Jam packed train, in the middle of Nowhere..
    2). Theere are many places where lands in the side are cut to make the rail road,or use a unguarded bridge or a tunnel, So have 3~5 claymores in about 10meter distance & blow them when a long train like MAHAWA is going....

    Why this:
    1.The risks of detection is minimum the rail roads are not provided with lights, the only light comes from the ongoing trains.So planting of bombs can be done in mid nights for a Morning train or in the evenings for trains that pass the place in dark..
    2.So much of kilometers of vaste paddy fields & unpopulated areas..
    3.though How large a Force is used to secure the way, Only a small opertunity is needed to make a large impact.
    4.if the attack can be done in a middle of NOWHERE...Which means Very limited acces to roads & Vehicles to carry the people the dead along with the people who could have had a fighting chance to live will also be huge...
    But really it would not be eazy to avoid this.So finding the people involve with the LTTE & not keeping any loose ends,Kiling them before they kill us seems to be the only option.

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. This comment has been removed by the author.


  175. Len says

    Major operation in Mullaitivu ?

    any more info ?

  176. The only way of stopping barberic inhumane genocides of LTTE is to liquidate all those MFRs. Lets do that so we can live peacefully with rest of the Tamils and the other ethnicities.

  177. [COLOMBO: Civilians in the North will be required to obtain Police passes to travel to Colombo or other areas in the south under new security measures introduced by the government in the wake of the recent bomb attacks in Colombo and the outstations. This requirement will apply to those living in the districts of Vavuniya, Mannar, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, police sources said, adding that those wishing to travel will be required to make a written application to the Police giving reasons for the visit, places of stay, duration and intended date of return.

    Great first step. Now take the next.

    Tell all folks who have arrived from the North and staying in the south to obtain the passes within seven days... or prepare to be arrested.

    At the time of registraion, check the background and prepare a detailed data / fingerprint base.

    Surprises are guaranteed!

  178. In these trying times... we need radical changes in our society to face LTTE's terror agenda.

    I highly recommend compulsary volunteer hours (minimum 100) by GCE OL / AL students to the community, in order to receive their final certificates.

    These students can choose to work in agriculture, civil defence, social work, health care and other numerous fields. They too would benefit form the opportunity to improve their character and social skills. We must get EVERYONE involved by tactfully creating conditions.

    We simply cannot go forward unless we make changes in our society...

    After all who wants to think like Ranil W... and lose everytime!

  179. Guys,

    Welioya front is hotting up; there may be exciting news in the coming days.

    The JVP, the movement that once was bad, has gone mad now. They hatching up a conspiracy theory about the death of Jeyaraj, something even his wife terms as ludicrous. How low can these idiots go to get a political advantage?

    Are they saying that the government produced the first Sinhalese martyr in the 21st century?

    The left of Sri Lanka has been loony, but not at this level.

    It is high time we kicked these idiots into oblivion in the next general election.

    They always want to have a fight to win something. Why the hell they can't channel that energy to eliminate mosquitoes that pose a major health risk than imaginary vestiges of capitalism.

    Guys, do you ever remember a time that JVP fought for beggars, homeless, the old, hapless kids, poor villages? Not really.

    They are not popular causes. Their best friends are laboures and students - the perfect componets of sabotage.

    Comrade Che must be ashamed of this lot, even in his grave.

  180. Gringo said,

    I highly recommend compulsary volunteer hours (minimum 100) by GCE OL / AL students to the community, in order to receive their final certificates.

    It is a good idea, mate; we expatriate love to be obliged.

    It is sad some of our folks back home are so petty-minded that a determined terrorist can turn a situation to his advantage in a split second.

    The Muslim driver who tried to catch the Dehiwala bomber has said his experience in frustration.

    It is true that all established religions failed to buckle this bloody trend. As far as 'religious' people are concerned, we are the envy of the world. But if we look at the way some of our folks behave in adversity, it is just appalling. So, a good leader must can set an example by making voluntary work compulsory before taking up any public position.

    Our young folks just imitate their western counterparts - only the negative side. The western folks have very good positive side that our folks conveniently ignore as if it doesn't exist.

    If envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.

  181. The following is a comment made by Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka in March, 2007.

    "Q: Finally, how do you think Sri Lanka’s conflict would end? And what is, in your opinion, the best solution to the conflict?

    A: There are those who would like to see it end with a victory for the Tigers or with a foreign intervention that prevents a Sri Lankan victory. I don’t think either of those two nightmares is going to come about.

    The reason is simple; the anti-Tiger section of the population is the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this country.

    The Sri Lankans have nowhere to go if they lose this war. The Americans can go back to the United States from Iraq, where they should not have been in the first place. But we have nowhere to retreat, only the sea. So I don’t see us giving up.

    Sri Lanka is also a democracy and a democracy tends to put pressure on leaders while repressing leaders who do not fulfill their historic tasks. So there is always this democratic pressure on a leader to resist the Tigers.

    Finally I have seen, both at a distance and close at hand, this special nature of President Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Army Commander Sarath Fonseka and the other services chiefs, Wasantha Karannagoda and Roshan Gunatilleke.

    In all my years as observer/participant in the Sri Lankan crisis, I am sure I have never seen a moment when there was such a cohesive team experienced and committed to end terrorism. President Rajapaksa speaks with genuine patriotic feeling. I listened to him yesterday.

    He came across as very authentic. He is relatively young and inexperienced but he is very authentic. And the others are experienced in warfare. And I think that is like our cricket team during the World Cup we won in the nineties.

    This is one of those times in history where the right combination of human resources is at the top. So those are the reasons - demography, democracy and the present leadership - that I think the Tigers are not going to prevail and that those who want a foreign intervention will not be able to ssustain such a policy.

    I do think that perhaps for the first time the Sri Lankan side has got a grip on the game. I think that the Tigers can be beaten.

    Now what would be the best solution for Sri Lanka? I have always been very clear about that. The best solution for Sri Lanka would be the combination of (a) a military defeat of the LTTE, (b) authentic regional autonomy, which provides the political and cultural state at the periphery for the Tamils in the north and east to manage their affairs to a considerable degree, (c) an economic model, which promotes rapid growth with equity, which promotes the narrowing of inequalities, (d) an ideology and consciousness of modernity, reason, pluralism and internationalism as opposed to parochial and even primitive currents that are eclipsed in society, (e) a foreign policy, which is non-aligned, patriotic but not isolated, one that integrates us into the world and positions itself with the social democratic centre-left currents on the globe."

  182. LAKBIMAreports SLA has captured bunkers in 1-4 base.
    Any news on this?


  183. LTTE 's ONE FOUR BASE under attack in Welioya..

    May the force be with our Valient Men...

  184. [Meanwhile, SLA since Thursday has been conducting large scale war rehearsals using artillery, mortar and gun fire in the areas of Vazhalaay, Idaikkaadu and Tho'ndamanaa’ru lagoon that lie close to the SLA Palaali HSZ.

    Nonstop, deafening artillery and machine gun fire, day and night, have been reverberating in the areas around Vadamaraadchi and Palaali for the last two days, according to the residents. - TN]

    ... and these activities disturbed the students preparing for GCE exams....

    he he he

  185. good news from the weli oya front. coincidently, we discussed about it yesterday following GSF's timely remarks.

    welioya front being the most important front, SLAF support must be extended to ground troops. although the welioya fornt was active for some time, there was little advance. yesterday's move has been critical. we are already near the notorious 1-4 base.

    unless the barbabrians leave the 1-4 base and run further into vanni, SLAF needs to offer some assistance.

  186. qrious,

    can 'war preparations' in the north be a diversionary attempt (in addition to a normal rehersal)?

  187. Moshe,

    My lips are sealed; watch great commander's lips. He doesn't talk often, but when he does, it means a lot.

    I can just give you a slight hint; the new task force is not a defencive one, it is offensive.

  188. UN Office is condemning the bus attacks :-)

    Another joke, when they are the ones who have come to the protection of LTTE.

    I totally agree about these job security seeking UN jokers should be brought into perspective about barbaric LTTE terrorists.


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