Thursday, April 12, 2007

Army takes control over A5 road

Infantry units of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry and Gemunu Watch took complete control over the Mahaoya-Chenkaladi A5 yesterday. With this capture, SLA are now in complete control over 90% of civilian populated areas in the eastern province.

With most of civilian populated areas liberated, troops are slowly but surely marching towards Thoppigala, the last major rebel stronghold in the Eastern province. Instead of charging with all guns blazing, SLA is using 4 man and 8 man teams of Special Forces and Commandos to neutralize primary defence lines of the LTTE. This strategy was proven to be successful in the Vakarai offensive. However, SLA is expected to face stiff resistance from at least 300 hard core LTTE fighters trapped in Thoppigala region as they will be forced to 'fight to death'. Lack of a sea based supply route to Wanni has seriously crippled the tigers and have forced them loot civilian held shops and houses for food.

Meanwhile at least 20 LTTE cadres were confirmed to be killed in an artillery duel which took place on the 10th near Mannar FDLs when LTTE directed heavy mortar fire towards army positions in the FDL and towards Muhamalai entry exit point. 36 lorries carrying food for civilians in the besieged northern region were forced to turn back due to the tiger artillery attack. 4 SLA soldiers were killed and more than 10 were wounded in the incident.


  1. Aren't you exposing the tactics of the SLA by publishing the size of SF Units???? Is this a SL friendly site or site meant to pass intelligence information to the Terrorists?

  2. Any idea as to our cassualties? Well interesting article given in the TamilNet site along with pictures regarding this same operation. They even have pics of the bodies of so called SLA Troopers along with ID Cards. Go to the link and check it out.

  3. @Kiri,
    Tigers are well aware of the size of SF units. They don't need to read this blog that's why they have an intelligence wing. Besides, if you read local newspapers, you'll find a lot more information that you may think will be useful for tiger intelligence wing.

    Yes there were some casualties. Around 10. It was an unfortunate incident and let's just say the tigers were 'lucky'

  4. By the way casualties were not from the operations in the east. It was due to the incidents at Mannar FDLs.

  5. DefenceNet

    Hey machnag y our airforce not going to get night vision system install.

  6. hasalaka:

    do you mean the lantrin pods for the kfirs?

  7. Congragulations SLA .kill all mad terrorists dogs .

  8. Great job done by DefenceNet by hosting this Blog. Very usefull and reliable info. for the people closely following this conflict. Keep it up and Good Luck!

    Just curious dudes... how on earth did those bastards get hold of the bodies of our fallen brothers?
    I mean, if our Mannar FDL was attacked using artillery, then this is not possible.
    So what really happened? Did they come and attack us or did we move out of the FDL to attack them?

  9. News from the eastern port city goes on to say that two limpet style mines very found on a ship docked at a cement plant in trinco harbour… also 9 sea mines were found bobbing around the sea off 4km off mullaithivu…

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