Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tamil Eelam Air Force misses its target as elite troops avert major disaster

SLA elite commando units stationed in the northern forward defence lines (FDL) averted a major disaster today by taking timely action to rout incoming TAF aircraft. Two light aircraft of TAF were flying towards Palaly military base at around 1.20am today when soldiers stationed in FDLs observed, notified military command and opened fire at the aircraft causing them to abort the mission. Palaly military base is SLA's largest base complex in the embattled northern region and an airstrike on the complex would have caused catastrophic ripple effects to army operations throughout northern province.

Two light aircraft of the Tamil Eelam Air Force took part in the failed mission. Armed forces on guard duty detected the incoming aircraft and opened fire after receiving confirmation that they were engaged in a hostile operation. TAF aircraft, unable to penetrate the fire curtain created by SLA LMG and .50 caliber fire, dropped 4 bombs near Myladdi area and flew back towards rebel held region. 6 soldiers who came out of the bunkers to open fire at incoming aircrafts were caught in one of the explosions caused by TAF bombing. They succumbed to injuries after admitting to Palaly military hospital.

Pro LTTE media were seen falsely reporting that TAF succeeded the air mission. However DefenceNet has video evidence (cannot be released as they contain footage of sensitive information vital to national security) that will prove them all false. We can confirm that LTTE aircraft did not fly over Palaly base complex and they did not bomb Palaly base complex or the adjoining airfield in the attempted airstrike.

However, it should be noted that the two light aircraft were able to escape back to Wanni. This is the most worrying factor for the SLA in today's incident. If the tiger airstrikes (successful or not) continue, it would seriously degrade SLA ground troop morale.


  1. I rather like to see all unlicensed air craft on the ground all the time. :-)

  2. I think the best place to shoot down this tiger planes in the landing site . I think they may not have 2 landing sites . so we may need to findout their landing sites .

    the time difference from observing of tiger plane and landing may be vary from 1/2 - 2 hours . so if MIG / KFIR ( or any other which can used for both Air to ground and air to air combat ) can reach these landing sites with this time frame then they can easily shoot down these air crafts

  3. Defencenet,
    Please dont give them an official Status by calling it Tamil Ealam Air Force.There is no such country.You can call it LTTE air wing or something.This is just my opinion.

  4. PHEW!!! Now that's some really good news to hear... DefenceNet, Thanks for the confirmation that the damage was minimum :-)

    While at war with the LTTE, it's quite acceptable and reasonable to expect such surprise air attacks from them. But it's certainly not acceptable to allow them to escape back to their bases unharmed... :-(

    There has been this funny thought I have been having for sometime now... is the LTTE really using their runway at Iranamadu or is that a decoy used by them to keep our fighter jets occupied? I'm no expert in air craft, but dont you think that the type of light air craft the LTTE has, can take-off even on a gravel road with considerable length? Anyway, I guess we need some good ground intel. on these LTTE planes soon...

    I've even heard that the LTTE uses underground hangars... makes sense, dont you all think so...

  5. Soon all information in Sri Lanka will be classified as secret. I guess the LTTE through their offices will obtain the video of the attack while the general public will just have to believe whatever is put in webpages like this or in other websites.

  6. Indeed it makes a lot of sense for the Tamil Tiger Terrorists to keep their flying machines in underground hangars.

    Why cannot the SLAF use such underground hangars? With hydraulic powered platforms (for example like vehicle hoists in service stations) to deploy air craft to the runways and to park them back in the underground hangars.

  7. Underground Hangers can easily turn out to be burial grounds if a suicide attack is carried out. Hence its always better to have above the ground bases.

  8. "Underground Hangers can easily turn out to be burial grounds if a suicide attack is carried out."

    That's a really big "IF"

  9. Well fellas,
    Ya can say whatever ya want but,.... these tiger tincans gotta be found at all cost and fast ! geez, now they have a physco advantage over us to cause pressure. But, knowing our boys we'll get 'em. Anynews on the Katu scare or was it a false alarm ?

  10. reason why LTTE avoided the triple a fire...

    previous intel of the locations..so as long as they are far out of range--horizontally or vertically--should be okay

  11. Taking down the LTTE aircraft needs a very innovative approach!

    we need to have IAtype short range low altitude radars manned 24/7 days covering north and southern regions

    need to have strategically placed piston engine aircraft similar to pacura in north, central, southern regions with coverage.

    should allow LTTE aircraft to initially penetrate defenses in the south and then move attack planes in to blocking positions for the LTTE planes returning back and kill them

    a plan should be in place or we will see more of these menacing attacks.

  12. Is it true these Tiger planes were bought at a South African flying club and were trained by SF pilots ? Cuz, during the Bush war these Plz 242's were used by the South African SF against the ANC. Also the 5 planes were smuggled right under our noses thru colombo port with fake Bills of lading and fasle consignments. Anyone ?


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