Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Truth about Chenkaladi suicide bomber

Last week an LTTE suicide bomber tried to drive an explosive filled truck into army's main camp in Chenkaladi,Batticaloa district. Luckily, army personnel on guard were able to change the direction of the truck, therefore averting a great disaster. However four army soldiers and 8 civilians were killed when the suicide bomber blew up the truck after it crashed.

Primary investigations on the wreckage has revealed a startling fact; the suicide bomber who drove the truck into the army camp was disabled. Forensics analysis has proved that suicide cadre who carried out the bombing had one leg missing. 

Apparently the above mentioned suicide bomber was an LTTE cadre who was wounded in a previous battle. A handicapped LTTE cadre is yet another burden for the LTTE. At one point during the Jayasikuru operation, LTTE leader Prabhakaran ordered more than 50 of wounded LTTE cadres to be shot in order to save resources for other fighters.


  1. i guess the question is, did he jump or was he pushed? thanks for the info about the shooting of disabled cadres. just curious though, when did this happen?


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  3. a small query about the timing of this military strike.

    "Military says 23 Tamil rebels killed"

    are the two incidents (the bus bombing and the 23 killed) related?

  4. Sri Lankan Warplanes Bomb Tamil Rebel Naval Base
    By VOA News
    04 April 2007

    Sri Lanka's military says air force jets have bombed a major Tamil rebel naval base in the northeast of the country, setting it on fire.

    Air force spokesman Captain Ajantha Silva says the base is in Mullaithivu district. He says Sri Lankan warplanes hit a fuel storage tank inside the base Wednesday, which contributed to the fire.

    The rebels made no immediate comment on the attack. Earlier, the rebels said Sri Lankan fighter jets raided Mullaithivu on Tuesday, wounding four civilians.

    Sri Lanka's defense ministry says government troops killed four Tamil rebels Tuesday in separate battles in the northern region of Jaffna.

    Fighting between Sri Lankan forces and the rebels has intensified in recent days.

    The military also says it killed 23 rebels Monday in the eastern district of Batticaloa. Also Monday, a bomb blast on a bus in neighboring Ampara district killed 16 people and wounded 25 others.

    Work for the big targets against LTTE Terrorist.
    Ceylon is a wonderful country but due to shit LTTE Terrorist, it is going wrong path.
    What happen your TEAM WORKS?
    All sri lankans shall be in one Mind. that should be "How to Finish LTTE Terror"
    Next is " When to Finish LTTE"
    Still all of country people are not aware of anty Terror Mind.
    LTTE was help to ALQUEDA to hit USA September 11, 2001.
    We never foget that.

  6. The LTTE in any form will continue to exists regardless of all the rantings that go thrugh this forum. The political leadership of Sri Lanka has created this problem and nobody really wants to solve it. Blaming India and others is not warranted. If your house is in order then outsiders will have a near to nothing chance in destabilizing it.

  7. Sri Lanka is great country and will be developed soon write after finish LTTE Poor Jungle bad boys.
    SL Army Heros done nice job to save others life inside the camp in great fasion.
    They are heros and excelect power pact dynamic people who love your country.
    Past Politics now over.
    No more exuse from President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
    He is great Leader after King DUTUGAMUNU. He will attack to LTTE and finish it soon.
    More than 70% Inercent Tamil peoples live in Colombo, Nuwar eliya, Matale, Bandarawela, Pottapitiya, Nigambo.
    LTTE is very bad Terrorist for South Asia as well.
    Get up with Great power and destroy all LTTE Terrorist activity places and LTTE Cardes.

  8. Yo DefenceNet!!! how come no update since wednesday??? Any news on the Sea Tiger base bombing???

  9. Looks like we lost another Inshore Patrol Craft today. Clashed with some Sea Tiger boats. Seems we lost 1 IPC. When is the Navy going to finally upgrade the main guns of all FACs and IPCs.


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