Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SLAF conducts night missions

Following the LTTE aerial attack on KAB, SLAF bombers and helicopter gunships were put to the test with several night mission assignments. Mi-24 (hind) Gunships and Kfir fighter jets were used to attack LTTE targets in northern province at around 1am and 4 am in the morning. Air force pilots have confirmed that the missions were successfully completed.

Pro LTTE media and many international news agencies had previously claimed that SLAF had no night attack capability. Some even used this fact as a benchmark to show that Tamil Eelam Air Force pilots were more skilled than the SLAF personnel.

Meanwhile, after a week of unconfirmed reports and speculation, Defencenet can officially confirm that no fixed wing aircraft was damaged in the KAB attack. However, 5 helicopters which were damaged in the attack have been repaired. These were parked in the hangars nearby the Aeronautical Engineering Wing. It would have been catastrophic had a bomb fell near a hangar which housed fighter jets of 10th squadron.


  1. SLAF needs to make it a priority to reinforce the hangers. There are experienced local contractors who assist the defence establsihment with re-inforced concrete bunker construction which includes the highly effective mobile units that has been in use in the war zone.

  2. to any film maker out there keen to do their bit for the country: make a documentary about the lives of these slaf airforce pilots. they are role models for sri sinhalese kiddies. heaven knows we could do with more of those.

    on a related note. i would love to see more actual footage of slaf strikes. there is a lot to be said for making such material available on the net. in part it generates public support/interest in the military (the ltte inundates expats with their victories..just see the number of videos they have on you tube). secondly it acts as counter propaganda. if we can break the resolve of the tamil expatriates to fund the terrorists, that's half the battle won.

  3. yeah agreed. Sadly our guys still haven't mastered the propaganda campaign, either abroad or among Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    The fact that practically all those fag tamil websites like tamilnet, tamilcanadian, sangam.org are ranked way higher than defence.lk and nationalsecurity.lk and the like really illustrates the point. They should seriously start doing something about that.

  4. Sadly, the GoSL doesn't seem keen on outsiders doing their propoganda. I know several filmmakers, writers, and commuications experts who've volunteered their services, with no result.

  5. Hey Jiffy… I totally agree with you with regards to the propaganda war. But I hardly feel the Air force pilots are the guys to be featured as there are far better role models to be found elsewhere. For one the LRRP boys or even the regular foot soldier I think should get our utmost gratitude and respect for the jobs they do. Our fighter fly boys sit around in their A/C rooms doing F all while their aircraft which is paid for by our hard work go up in flames. When they go on bombing runs they have such superior weapons that their chances of survival are just as good as a pedestrian crossing the road. They are doing a good job but nothing that needs to be hero worshiped. Now when our fly boys can emulate the LTTE fly boys, then we can hero worship them. What ever said and done the LTTE pilots flew basically kit planes with god knows what kind of navigational system across from the wanni bombed our main airbase and got back home. Now that’s something. A dam shame the ltte can do it with an aircraft that’s worth few thousand dollars and our guy who need aircraft that a few million dollars.

  6. yankeezulu writes:

    "They are doing a good job but nothing that needs to be hero worshiped."

    agreed. no doubt the LRRP comrades are the true grit of this campaign. however i think there's a story (an interesting story at that) to be told about the air force pilots. flying a 2 million dollar government asset is a tremendous responsibility i think. it is a terribly mixed blessing. for a poor country like sri lanka making sure it comes back in one piece is a must! having to shoulder that burden as a pilot is an exceptional call of duty. it's not in the same league as the personal sacrifice of the army boys- totally agree with you there-but it would nevertheless make an insightful short film about the responsibilites and pressures faced by our pilots.

  7. with all due respect to the lrrp troops, the flying cubs are better role models, at least for propaganda purposes.

  8. The flying fucks got their 15 mins of fame and barely caused any damage to us. LRRP's effects in eliminating top LTTEers are longer term.

    And propaganda wise, don't forget how disheartened you can get when you know there are enemy special ops operating in your area ready to blow you up in an instant. Just like how we took Vakarai, Sampur and are now retaking Thoppigala, these guys are gonna help us win the war.

  9. lol...the LRRP is a living, breathing anti propaganda unit!

  10. Good that the SLAF can finally fly at night. One could have thought that they have night blindness.

    LRRP is also good. Deep peneteration is a good demolarizer to any enemy combat units but they are effective till they are sold out. In Sri Lanka that should just be in a matter of time.

    Devolution is the only solution to the problems. The good thing about this war is the World gets cheap labour from Sri Lanka.

  11. Yes, nothing like making the tigers shit in their pants wondering who? where? when? the LRRP boys will strike next.


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