Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3 Destroyed 120MM Mortars found in Vakarai

Security forces personnel engaged in search operation in recently captured Vakarai region has found the remains of (3) 120MM mortar launchers. With this latest finding, the total number of heavy weapons captured from LTTE reaches 6; Two 152MM artillery guns(Destroyed), 3 120MM Mortars (Destroyed), 1 120MM Mortar (Functional). Earlier, it was speculated that the fleeing LTTE cadres were able to smuggle 3 120MM mortars along with them.

120MM Mortar is a weapon which is equally dangerous as a 122MM artillery gun . Range of this weapons is shorter than that of an artillery gun but the mortar shell fired by this weapon can cause substantial  splash damage. Therefore this is called by the soldiers as 'arti-mortar' (which depicts the resemblance to artillery gun)

The LTTE cadres who are now in Thoppigala area are said to have several 120MM mortars in their possesion. In addition to that, it is learnt by DefenceNet that they are also in possesion of a 6 barrel Multiple rocket launcher (107MM). How or when they will use these weapons remains to be seen.


  1. Does anyone know if these 152mm guns are the ones the LTTE captured from the SL Army.

  2. No, We confirm that these guns are not ones captured by army. Serial numbers do not match. These guns are chines built D20/D30 models.


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