Monday, February 26, 2007

Special Boat Squadron storms Tango One

Elite commando units of the Sri Lankan Navy special boat squadron (SBS- 'Wishesha Yathra Balaghanaya' in Sinhalese) have overrun several rebel bases in the Kamburupitiya region, forcing the LTTE caders to flee towards Trincomalee north. SBS personnel, along with army commando units have engaged in this operation to clear out a region in the Trincomalee distrcit which the rebels used to establish a supply link  between Wanni and LTTE bases in the eastern province. SBS personnel and army commandos have overrun more than 6 rebel bases during the last 5 days. Major LTTE base codenamed Tango One is among the captured bases.

The above mentioned area was the target of a massive air raid which involved Mi-24 gunships and warplanes, several weeks ago. Before the infantry movement began, the area was heavily shelled with MBRL rocket launchers and artillery guns. This itself caused many tigers to flee causing some of the bases fall to the military without any firefight. With the capturing of these bases, the LTTE have retreated to Trincomalee north.

The Sri Lankan Navy's Special Boat Sqadron is modelled after the US Navy SEALs and is one of the best amd most feared elements in the Sri Lankan military machine.


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