Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Charles Anthony Brigade retrained: LTTE planning major assault in jaffna

The Charles Anthony brigade, which is one of the oldest and a highly trained infantry units of the LTTE, has been recalled to Wanni for a sudden training exercise. It was deployed in the forward defence lines in Muhamalai and Kilali to prevent a possible military offensive into the LTTE held region.

Charles Anthony brigade is the main fighting formation of the LTTE. Military intelligence sources reveal that increased forced recruitments and this sudden military training exercises are indications that LTTE is planning a major offensive into the Army held Jaffna peninsula while the military is focus is on the eastern province. Increased LTTE violence in Vavuniya is speculated to be a diversionary tactic as well.

Related information

The LTTE launched a similar major offensive to capture Jaffna town in last August. Waves of LTTE fighters attacked the army FDLs at Muhamalai and Kilali. At the same time LTTE shelled Palaly military base and Trincomalee naval base, effectively cutting all supply routes to the  northern peninsula. During the first day, the LTTE had advanced 800m into army held area, overruning 15 bunkers. Foreign military analysts and media agents were counting down to witness the surrendering of 40000 troopes trapped in the peninsula. However with an unexpected twist, army's elite 53rd division attacked the advancing tigers in three directions, boxing them in to the very same area they though they conquered. When the first and second waves failed, LTTE tried to land reinforcement through the Kilali lagoon. Susei (Codename Oska Sera) 's sea tiger units attempted an amphibious assault on Kilali defence lines but the landing party was met by a deadly MBRL rocket strike directed as per intelligence information. Meanwhile LTTE was sending infantry units to enagage the 53rd division units head on but they were unable to penetrate the FDL. The LTTE units who were engaged in the offensive were repeatedly asking for permission to withdraw (intercepted communication) but the LTTE command was determined to continue the offensive. By the next day, more than 350 bodies of fallen tigers were scattered in front of the defence lines. It's reported that more than 500 LTTE members died on this offensive and an equal number were injured. The army regained lost ground and after several weeks, advanced one 1km into rebel held area and captured LTTE's first bunker line.


  1. DN

    In your postings u mentioned, LTTE were failed to break the SLA's defence lines but LTTE have successfully landed in Mandativu and and destroyed the base and capture some weapons and the withdraw from there ....

    If they are able to land in Mandativu and capture its not hard to get in to the Jafna town or Jafna fortress ...they can easily come in to the town by using the PANNAI Bridge ..

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