Monday, February 19, 2007

LTTE planning to attack MiG27 hangar

Few weeks ago, LTTE political leader S.P. Thamil Selvam was interviewed by an Indian journalist. During the interview, Selvam was quoted saying that the LTTE had an 'answer' to the SLAF threat. This 'answer' is now no secret to the military intelligence. One of the military informants (codename Rocket) had warned the Air Force against a possible LTTE attack on the Mig27 hangar at Katunayake AB as well as on the Mi-24 Gunships stationed in Minneriya AB. Security was tightened in these air force bases soon after the warning was issued. The LTTE currently has no anti aircraft missiles and several attempts by them to purchase these missiles failed. Recent air force raids on their mortar positions and artillery gun positions have no doubt made the tigers plot to attack the hangars using a covert assault (which usually involves suicide cadres). Meanwhile, SLAF jet bomber fleet strength has increased by 40% during 2007 and is set to expand further when the 3 MiG27 aircraft that's been sent to a foreign country for re-fits, return.


  1. wasn't there a plan to assassinate pilots when off duty as well, last year?

  2. yes there was such a plan. There is still is.

    Air Marshall Roshan Gunatilake is a primary target of LTTE. Days ago, an LTTE cadre who spied on him using a motorcycle was arrested by Army.

  3. Unknown gunmen shot dead a Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) airman Tuesday around 3:00 p.m near the Mosque junction along Vavuniya-Horowapothana road in Vavuniya, sources from Vavuniya said.

    The victim was identified as W. M. A. K. Kumara, 31.

    The assailants came on a motorcycle to the Medical Clinic Centre near the Mosque junction where the victim was buying medicine and shot him dead, eye witnesses said.

    Kumara's body has been transferred to Vavuniya hospital.


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