Monday, February 19, 2007

57th Division: SLA's new offensive Regiment

With the success of Special Forces operations in the east, the Sri Lankan army (SLA) have sent a new offensive regiment to the Northern war theater. The new division, called the 57th division, is attached to the Wanni Army HQ and is established as an offensive regiment. This division consists of highly trained special infantry units codenamed MAX INFANTRY.

Until now, the only special regiment in the north was the 53rd division. 53rd division is said to be the army's single most powerful fighting formation. It consists of Commandos, US Trained Infantry units, Pathfinders, Snipers and the Air Mobile Brigade (AMB). This division is assigned the role of responding to emergency situations that may arise in Jaffa city and suburbs. Because of this deployment, the army lacked an offensive regiment in the north which can be used as the vanguard in new offensives. However, several pathfinder units of 53rd division were used in the failed Muhamalai offensive. Elite units of the Air Mobile Brigade captured second LTTE bunker line at Muhamalai with ease but had to retreat to original positions due to miscommunication and inadequate planning of the offensive.

With the formation of 57th division, the army gets a new offensive regiment to the north. It is speculated that this division will lead all future military offensives in the north in conjunction with the Gemunu Watch.

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  1. this is good news it means that military is responding to the situation and is preparing to keep the inititive.
    you are right about the 53rd division. we need more of those.

    btw i think it is wrong to characterize a 'division' as a 'regiment'. usually a division in sri lankan army consists of several battalions from various regiments combined together and organized into brigades. goc is generally a major general.


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