Monday, February 26, 2007

Army recruitment rates go up by 300%

It would not be an exaggreation to say that the Sri Lankan army have had the upper hand in undeclared Eelam War 4. A series of military victories at Sampoor, Mavilaru, Vakarai and one critical victory  at Muhamalai (August 2006), has increased the morale and public admiration of the Sri Lankan army. This has caused the army's recruitment rate to expand threefold.

During year 2005, 3400 new recruits joined the army. However, in 2006 a massive 10500 new recruitments were made. This is a 300% increase when compared with 2005 statistics. The army is enjoying an even better recruitment rate in 2007; for the first two months of 2007,a further 5670 new recruitments have been made.

Sri lankan army is the world's 34th largest army and is considered as one of the fastest growing armies in the world.


  1. and one of the best. it has successfully contained ( though not defeated) one of the most organized and better funded terrorist groups while better resourced armies have failed miserably against 'lessor' terrorists.

  2. exactly. Look at the most advanced army in the world burn in Baghdad. SL army, with far less resources and equipment, has really done an excellent job on a set of mindless killers who use guerrilla tactics plus cowardly suicide bombings using pregnant mothers and call themselves "freedom fighters"

  3. LST, sorry about late reply to your query in other thread. Previous LRRP was drawn from veteran members of SL Army Military Intelligence Corps.

  4. Good concept for a blog. Imagine what it would do for your credibility if you could calculate percentages accurately. But then, year 7 arithmatic is harder than it looks, no?

    Good thing this war malarky is so much simpler.

  5. colombo,
    why don't you demonstrate your mathematical skills and calculate the correct percentage for us? We could do with some help.

  6. Sure.

    If you're rounding to the nearest hundred, it's a 200% increase.

  7. 10500/3400 * 100% = 308.82%

    Thats 300% when rounded up to the nearest hundred.

  8. The current figure is roughly 300% of the old figure. An increase of 200%. The old figure isn't included in the equation, just the increase.

  9. Nope. The total number of new recruits is 13900.
    2006 new recruits = 10500
    2005 new recruits = 3400

    So its a 300% increase of new recruitments

  10. Now you're adding up the 2005 recruits to 2006???

    If 2005's figures are 3,400 and 2006's figures are 10,500 that's an increase of 7,100. OK, so far? 7,100 is roughly just over 200% of 3,400. Still with me? Therefore, the increase is 200%.

    10,500 is roughly 300% of 3,400. But the increase isn't by 10,500. It's by 7,100 or 200%.

    Can we move on now?

  11. According to out information, 10500 new recruitments have been made in year 2006 alone. But then, our information can be wrong.

  12. DN, you're figures are probably correct, I'm not arguing with that, just with your percentage claim. If your original post had said "Current recruitment figures are at 300% of the 2005 figures", we wouldn't be having this debate.

    Anyway, good site. Keep it up.

  13. Why is it that this rate has risen so much? Is it attributed to the recent failures of the LTTE attacks?


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