Saturday, May 5, 2007

Captain Nilam Missing

Captain Nilam, the previous leader of SLA deep penetration unit (codename 'Mahasohon Brigade') has gone missing in Indonesia. His family members are also reported to be missing. We cannot confirm whether he was kidnapped by LTTE supporters or whether he went into hiding.

Captain Nilam was working against the LTTE arms trafficking network in Indonesia and his protection was ensured by Mgr Gen Janaka Perera who was the Srilankan ambassador in Indonesia. It is most likely that Captain Nilam went into hiding knowing that LTTE cadres will attempt to assassinate him after the removal of Janaka Perera as ambassador 2 weeks ago.

Captain Nilam who was assigned to the Military Intelligence Corps, lead many successful DPU operations against the LTTE including the assassination of Shankar, Prabhakaran's right hand man.


  1. Will c , what happen.(i think hes fine)

  2. We should protect our Hero's at any cost !!!.

    Theses are the sole saviours of our mother land.

    long live captain Nilam !!!

  3. I hope he and his family are safe! Does anyone know much about Nanda Mallawarachchi, the next ambassador?

  4. probably a tactical move. he'll turn up. those dudes are marked for life. that's the price you pay for sri lanka.

  5. If this is true, it is a loss of another great hero of Sri Lanka. Wish I could meet those traitors who gave up these extra ordinary sons of mother Lanka (with all due respect to our cricket team), I can a think of a few things to do with those Udugampola traitor brothers and their moronic political bosses.

  6. Sam ,

    Nilam was not kidnappped.

    I read in a another source this is normal to change the location of MI officers suddenly .

    I am 99% sure that he is Okay .

    Long live true son of soil Captain Nilam !!!!

  7. Does anyone have an idea about what the heck is on the right side of this picture looking like a glass cabinet?

  8. It was reported that his children were removed from the local school a week before.therefor it is clear this move had been planned in advance.these people are not babies you know? They know what the are doing.

  9. Kiri, machan that's not a glass cabinet. It seems like a back/side door of the truck which transport those bodies to that passion.

  10. Thank God.. We need couple of guys like this. Long Life Nilam

  11. Rest assured. I know where he is. He is safe and fine planning his next kill.



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