Tuesday, May 8, 2007

LTTE Camp destroyed in SLAF bombing was used to train Prabhakaran's bodyguards

Army intelligence sources have revealed that Ramanadapuram LTTE base, which was destroyed in one of the heaviest aerial bombardments of recent times, was used to train LTTE leader's bodyguard units. SLAF was able to make a precision hit on the base complex in the aerial raid which included supersonic Kfir bombers. Secondary explosions could be observed after initial bombing, which indicated that either an explosives storage or a fuel storage too was hit. (View video)

LTTE leader's bodyguards are chosen from veteran LTTE fighters who've soundly proven that 'they can be trusted'. Military intelligence has been aware of the location of the base for a while and was waiting 'for the right time' to go for the kill. LTTE casualties are not yet known.

It was only last week the rebels claimed that they had a 'self activating defence system' installed in Iranamadu area which could shoot down enemy aircraft automatically. They also claimed that they shot down a SLAF MiG27 jet fighter using this system. Ramanadapuram LTTE camp too is located in Iranamadu area.


  1. Karuna–Pillaiyan Factions of TMVP Clash in East

    By D.B.S. Jeyaraj


  2. As I have stated in this blog before that Karuna is to be eliminated and people started calling me a LTTE operative. I guess the military intelligence had this idea all the way along.

    Karuna is not useful because he is a potential target. Again he is ignorant of the North. I guess the LTTE or Prabha never really trusted him. Secondly pilliyan could be good in the feild but he is not intelligent enough to outwit the SLA. Hence he is seen to be harmless by the military intelligence.

    The part of karuna being promised the chief minister post was all part of the political ploy. How can a province be lead by a person who has killed hundreds of sinhalese and muslims.

    The tamils regardless of whether they support the LTTE do not want a kidnapper and extorstionist and someone who can be considered a traitor to be their leader.

    Karuna I believed would have been killed after thopigala. However it looks like there is a huge possibiliy that the military intelligence is going to use the feud to get pillyian to finish off Karuna. As I said before nobody is stupid to create another monster.

    There is a saying in tamil similar to the wolf in sheep skin. Its more appropriate in tamil as it is saying goes as the tiger in the cows skin. Looks like this cow is being readied for the slaughter.

  3. 400 Karuna cadres are with Pillaiyan now.


  4. Looks like Karuna's loyal cadres have realised whats instore for him. Some have joined pilliyan in trinco and the asad master is reportely fled to europe. Its the begining of the end for Karuna.

    Hopefully when the elections come they put a responsible easterner to lead the east.

  5. navindran,

    I am really not sure why you are so much against Karuna. If somebody left LTTE and want to get in to the main stream we should help that person. This is a bad example we set for any future defections from LTTE. I am glad that GOSL does not think like you do. In addition, we need a strong leader in the east to counter LTTE threats. World is not black and white. This is not a problem we can solve by military means only. Tamil youth need some hope an that is where Karuna comes in. I still question your motives.

  6. Karuna must be protected at any cost. he is the future hope for eastern tamils .

  7. SamPerera and Tigerkiller,

    Fully agreed with both of you guys..
    As I said, Navindran could be an LTTE plant..

    As long as we go Naveendrans here , we will never going to solve this..Side lining and going after LTTE is onething and finding a political solution another thing..SLA cannot do both...
    Full stop..

    your solution won't work buddy.

  8. Guys sorry to go back to the topic ;)

    But in the MOD video all I could see after the bombing were three fuel tanks? Where is this training camp they are talking about?

  9. Guys, If I was ever an LTTE operative or whatever, I would probabily be operating another blog or etc. This blog is only useful to people who access it or have knowledge about it.

    I will let time tell whether Karuna will turn. Its obivious that the SL military establishment does not trust him. Thats why they are using the split to reduce his power. He is not douglas and not andragrasee. I do not like douglas too.

    Andragrasee has written to the President recently and Asian Tribune has published the report. He talks sense and does not go round killing, extorting and running his own durbar.

    Its an insult to the Sri Lanka Military that there is a need for defectors like Karuna to defeat the LTTE. Karuna is like prabha, they cannot go into a poltical climate.

    The LTTE is not getting sinhalese is the South to be their paramilitaries. The amount of things captured from those guys are outstanding. That implies that they are planning for something outstanding and prolonged in the South.

    Do not shoot the messenger. Remember the arguments that came about in this blog before the KAB attack. Had I said that it was a possibility, then I would have been branded as a LTTE operative. I have not hid my identity behind another name. Thats the first step.

  10. Is it true that some reports indicate that LTTE is using an area in "Vilpattu" National Park for their air operations

  11. navindran,

    Just like anybody else, you are free to speak your mind. As a citizen of Sri Lanka you have every right to do so. Similarly, we are free to talk and we will raise our concerns as we see it.

    As I mentioned earlier, the world is not a black and white, there are many shades of gray. Some times you have to forgive and forget. Why in the world do we have to eliminate somebody who is for a unified Sri Lanka and on the track to democratic politics? Of course, LTTE will be very happy if we do this. Winning a battle is mostly military and winning a war is both military and political.

  12. Karuna just killed the father of one of his ex men. He got the fathers head chopped off. Trust the wolf in Sheeps skin.

    The Mig 29 has been used to shhot 2 cesena aircraft in cuba before as the ig 29 has good manuverability at low speeds. There is more to what most forumers know. However how effective they will be in Sri Lanka's context is another discussion.

  13. very good
    LTTE Should destroy as soon as possible.
    we can do it
    yes yes we have to finish LTTE

    Please see the web

    this is kind of Main Road should be repair otherwise UNP People will be getting more and more chance from this main Road.

  14. Terrorist should be finish
    LTTE will be finish very soon no worries
    Sri Lankans have very dynamic energy to win against this blady fool LTTE Terrorist.
    Karuna and Nvindran should come to docreacy table as soon as finish LTTE.
    Please be a stronge Sri Lankan who would like to join winning team who govern by President Mahinda Rajapaksha

  15. hey guy try to see web like


  16. Well guys I would like to bring your attention to a fact that I have noticed for a while since there has been much debate about the media freedom. As you all know, LTTE for the past few years have developed tactics and links in the sinhala society via the so called free sinhala media personal and so called leftist jokers waring red (no need to mention names we all know ;-))
    I have come across few web news items that directly supports LTTE published in sinhala mediaum. THe authors of these articles have been DBS jeyaraj,and people from "Hiru kandayama" who had connections to the arrested Sinhala Koti in colombo. The ironic thing is that most of these people emphasise the need of dividing the country and they emphasize the braveary and heroics of LTTE.
    http://www.lankaenews.com/English/news.php?id=3226 (This describes the heroic (so called) attacks by the LTTE in the muhamalei front and this is written by DBS Jeyaraj ... well we all know who is he)

    http://www.lankaenews.com/Sinhala/news.php?id=480 (This article says that sencholai is an orphanage not a training base)



    Even the Pro LTTE nitharsanam.com has added a news column published in sinhala and most of the news items there exactly matches with the above mentioned site. (EVEN THE EXACT TEXT)
    SInhala Journalists acting like this is really dissapointing.....

  17. IS that the same D. B. S Jeyeraj, who is a well-known anti-LTTE Tamil journalist, as noted by the MOD?

    More to the point, what happened to the war? It seems strangely quiet out there...

  18. Looks like he has changed sides now.(no one wants to be beaten again I guess!!)
    more on to the topic again heard that Col Prasanna Silva has submitted his resignation. He was a well decorated officer working in the SF. TO decimate the LTTE we need these war veterans now.Wut is going to on behind these scenes?

  19. My enemies enemy is my friend. This is the logic for the newspapers as well a journalist. If they hate the ruling party politics they will engage someone who will disparghe the other.

    It similar to Karuna being accepted by many forumers here as a friend. Too bad he is fleeing the country with all his ill gotten wealth. He has not helped end the war.

    I am speculating here but I believe that Karuna pilliyan split, Capt Nilam missing and Col Prasanas removal has all links back to the military inteligence. In what way they are linked is only a possible speculation.

    There is silence now because both sides are preparing for a massive onsluaght. I expect at least 100s of Sri Lankans to die everyday from the figting. I believe if there are tamil deaths in the vanni area, the LTTE will launch a covert warfare in the South. This will be carried out with their sinhalese parimilatiries. Recently a few were caught. However I guess many more are out there.

  20. DBS Jeyaraj is neither pro- nor anti-LTTE. What he IS is pro-Tamil and anti-GoSL. He writes some of the most balanced and accurate pieces by a Tamil. He's not perfect and he sometimes gets things wrong, but his site is well worth reading, if for no other reason than to get a view from the Tamil side.

  21. Why does the aerial image show the date as 7th May?


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