Thursday, May 24, 2007

Suicide attack on army transport: Pettah

A powerful explosion ripped through Pettah when a LTTE suicide cadre rammed his motorcycle against a bus transporting army personnel. The explosion occurred in 1st cross street, Pettah. Current casualty figure stands at 5 army personnel and 1 civilian injured and this figure is expected to rise.

More information will follow.


  1. As usual LTE cant come out and fight in the open like our Brave and heroic SL armed forces. May this make our resolve stronger to destroy these barbarians who drain the life blood of our nation.

  2. maneesna is it any braver to drop a bomb from a jet?

    This kind of bravado talk should stay in the movies, as the old cliche goes all is fair in love and war, so no point crying over the enemy's tactics, one should be crying over their own security precautions.

  3. This is the exact reason that we need more white vans . if we don't have enough white vans paint all other vans in white

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  5. Guerilla warfare is based on small strikes, not on pitched battles. This is why it is difficult to eradicate. The Isrealis have been trying for years.

  6. We can't stop these kinds of situations when there is a war at the other end. Could be happens in movies but what we have to understand is this is reality. Only thing is we have to get together as a nation rather than pretends to be as war expertise and should do something rather than going to be war experts. Because our army personnel’s is always experiences and better than us.

  7. This is a strange atack. This was happend close to my office. Very big sound.
    I went and see.

  8. b#1, others close to the blast claim it was not very big, but then some say it was, given the death/injuries seems it wasn't too big or the bus wasn't heavily loaded?

  9. Jack,
    Yeah what they said is true. Not big damages could see. Bus also ok, other than the glasses. Sound may big, boz we were very close to the place. We always going passing that place here and there. We feel its very risk live like this.

    Q: y they used suicide attack?

  10. DefenceNet,
    Its not a Suicide Attack.
    LTTE terrorists detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), targeting a bus transporting army personnel in the first cross street in Colombo fort, on Thursday the 24th of May, at 08.55 a.m.

    According to the available information a claymore mine fixed in a parked mortar bike was detonated using a remote device, the defence officials said.

    Hospital sources said seven injured, including four army personnel and three civilians have been admitted to the national hospital in Colombo. Meanwhile, hospital sources further said that two injured are in critical condition.

    More details will follow.

  11. Any news from the North? The LTTE claims they have killed 35 sailors on Delft Islet.

  12. Guys as I mentioned before there is a sinhalese TVMP trained and deployed in the South. I do not know if this attack was by the tamil LTTE element but from recent events, alot of sinhalese involvement is starting to show up.

    Hence white vans are useless unless you want to round up all of the people in Colombo.

    The LTTE also has claimed to have killed up to 35 sailors on Deft Island.

  13. I spoke to my navy mates in trinco … the fighting still going on the ground. Don’t know the damages yet.
    Does anyone knows more info?

    Who is this Navindran guy ? mate … if u are a LTTE sympathizer .. u are in the wrong place… go to lankaenews.

  14. Tamilnet has said that Tamil tiger Marine Commandos (huh..) Have attacked delft. Defencenet, any news abt this cos u r the one that we can trust for correct information. We know the news from tamilnet canot be accepted since they have commited serious false news items in recent times. (eg- Jaffna Bishop's story, MIG attack etc..).Tamilnet can be the book of the gods for LTTE friends but it has proven to be a crap because of these falty claims.

  15. Hasalaka, who are you. I am fed up with replying people like you. Its guys like you who give info which does not have a head or tail. Lankanews forum has alot of self styled experts who know everyone from both sides of the spectrum. Maybe you should go there and add to the mix.

    The military spokeman has said about 10 sailors are dead.

  16. "The military spokeman has said about 10 sailors are dead"
    Navindran, Where did u got these figures and information mate?
    According to MCNS, no dovra has been damaged.

  17. MBRL, reuters and many other news agencies on the net mention BG samarsinghe as stating that about ten sailors were dead. This was before the news on mcns.

    I never mentioned anything about the dovara earlier. However pro-LTTE forum users on lanka news forum claim that a dovara was caputured/sunk/damaged. As usual these military experts cum story tellers will indulge in whatever they wish to say.

    What has kept me poundering since morning is whether these attacks are one off or the start of their offensives. Some say the Delft was a naval radar station. Anyone here can confirm.

  18. MBRL usually the military takes some time to respond. Even the bomb attack was first said to be suicide then bomb IED and later claymore.

    Here is a qoute:

    "The Tigers have attacked a small naval detachment on Delft island in Jaffna. Less than 10 sailors are dead," said military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe. "We didn't even have 35 people there. That's totally false propaganda."

    Others from a google news search which i do usually :

    etc etc etc

  19. according to our information 6 sailors have died in Delft. It was a major tiger offensive which involved 15 boats and the Navy seems to have done a good job to halt the strike. They managed to do this without the help of Special Boat Squadron.

    There are some facts which we cannot confirm yet. Will update as soon as we get the facts confirmed.

  20. Tigerkiller… do you know the problem with the white vans??? Because they seem to be above the law maybe in the not to far future they may feel that you are a threat and it maybe you who goes for a one way trip in the white van… so be careful of what you wish for…

  21. navindran back in disinformation business

    "Guys as I mentioned before there is a sinhalese TVMP trained and deployed in the South. I do not know if this attack was by the tamil LTTE element but from recent events, alot of sinhalese involvement is starting to show up."

  22. tigers displayed the arms they manage to take away from SLN at following link.

    Some one can comment the authenticity of these pictures.

  23. Guys here i6 what I heard from the SBS guys

    8 sailors dead. At the sea air force has destroyed one big Terra Boat.
    Apparently navy guys done well to hold the attack.
    Proud of u guys.

  24. It looks like SLN also lost a boat or two if the picture are trustworthy.

  25. This attacks are ironic cuz, Admiral Karannagoda was in Deflts Isle 2 weeks ago checking the Defences.Which means DB they knew something was up huh ? Some of those captured weapons looks like taken from a navy craft .50cal and the 7.76mm right ? But, the TV screen they captured... what the heck is that ? By the way, on the Russian SLN site, Dvora with the Blown hole on Portside man, that sure looks like a suicide attack & is that a Colombo class FAC ? Boy , so many ????? David Blacker any answers mate ?

  26. Sam you as usual have nothing intresting to contribute. I guess you spend alot of time in Lanka news forum and moonlight here.

    What I was trying to say is that in recent times a number of sinhalese has been caught with alot of weapons and C4 explosives. Even the communication equipment caught was driven by a sinhalese driver.

    The LTTE have managed to get (maybe through their links with the colombo underworld) and also through some disgruntled sinhalese people, the ability to use non-tamils in their attacks.

    I was postulating that it might not be tamil in the bomb attack because a tamil moving suspiciouly near the colombo port area would have been detained. Even when they attacked KAB in 2001 the LTTE was seen listening to sinhalese songs and clapping their hands following their tune.

    Hence I was trying to say even when a number of tamils have been detained all over, the attacks are still going on.

    Sam If you can do like David and some others and break my arguments with points with military basis and I will admit I am wrong.

  27. navindran,

    As usual, you post disinformation. Once again I don't give a rats a.. to argue with you. However, I take my effort to highlight such attempts to spread disinformation.

  28. The LTTE website nithrasanam claims the attack was carried out Revolutionary Liberation Organisation (RLO). These were the same guys that were caught with weapons and explosives earlier.

    As David Blacker argued that the TVMP and SF can be interchanged, I guess the LTTE is doing the same.

  29. So MCNS lied again.

  30. Naindran ,

    "As David Blacker argued that the TVMP and SF can be interchanged, I guess the LTTE is doing the same. "

    what you are saying is exactly correct .

    solution white vans

    and 24*7 bombing on LTTE targets

    I think you be a happy person now

  31. defencenet,
    "the righthand picture , the RPG bombs, these are not the type of rpg rounds that are used by the SL army and other forces.I can cleary identify those (u cn remeber the special force guys carrying 3 or 4 rounds with him in sampur capture)"

    I am seriously thinking about the trustworthiness of these propaganda machines pathivu, tamilnet as well as
    PLS post the some more info regaridng this attack. Most of the people here say various things but no one is sure.
    Navindran, Hi mate... TMVP was created just because the easterners were cornered by praba in the conflict. Praba wanted them only to fight for him. this was the reason.As so called sinhala TMVP stupid are concerned, these are stupid set of mind loosers who wanted to change the society and ccreate a new liberal front BY SUPPORTING LTTE. (just read their confessions .. when they were captured..). They are a stupid lot waering red cloths and acting mindlessly to get some money. AM not saying that TMVP is not working for money . They might be. But they have a clear problem with notherners in the lTTE.
    And as far as TMVP ics concerned, when karuna was killing bikkus in arantalawa, when the unarmed policmen were killed in hundreds, when his leadership bought surprice victories against the army, for the most of the LTTE supporters, HE WAS THE SUPREMO mannnnn.. But now I see quite a lot of LTTE's allys in lot of news forums blaming and critisizing him. Am fonfused!!!

  32. my question is why is the navy always having to respond to these sons of bitches. why cant we be the ones doing the 'hit and runs'. you need to behave like terrorists to kill terrorists. and yes, bring the white vans back. if as navindran says there's a lot of sinhalese traitors out there then no one in the world would care what happens to them. if a tamil in colombo goes missing you can bet the HR ppl will be on the govts ass in no time. but with sinhalese its no one's problem. so if (and it is a big 'if') we do have sinhalese sleeper cells in colombo then white vans are a credible solution wouldnt you say?

    who in the international community gave a shit when we killed our own youth back in the 80s right? one set of rules for communists and sinhalese another for tamils.

  33. MBRL, good observation about the RPG rounds, however if you look at this photo on Pathivu:

    Notice the LTTE cadre has both types of rounds, those seen used by the SF and the 'older' ones, so not sure it means anything at this point.

    For if they were trying to set this up, they have access to the newer rounds to make sure there is no doubt.

    Does anyone know what that monitor is for? Is it a display for a radar? Apparently the base attacked housed a naval surface radar, wonder if that could have been the target of the attack, to prevent interception of arms shippments in the area?

  34. Oh should add, according to the military spokesman this was an out of the way area with 'only 10' troops even posted. If as they claim the place wasn't important, maybe those troops still have to make do with older equipment unlike fronliners like the SF.

  35. Looking at the pictures most of the weapons captured looks to be land based weapons because they are on tripods or bipods. If these weapons were taken from a naval craft they would be on pedestal mounts. With reference to the RPG’s the navy still uses the old style rounds as opposed to what the army now uses. If at all it is only the SBS that uses the newer type weapons in the navy. When it comes to arms procurement the Navy Patrolman class gets step motherly treatment… unfortunately sometime it is justifiable because they do not pull their weight.

  36. TigerKiller, any organisation even the army must have suprises in hand. For the LTTE, they want to use the sinhalese now as tamils will easily be caught. Even the suicide bomber on LTG foresenka was living with a sinhalese family and spoke fluent sinhalese.

    White Vans can help the problem intially but in the long run you need to attack by land. How much bombing can you do. It is a waste of money which can be spent on things like bullet proof vest, better weapons and more specalised training for certain units.

    MBRL,The LTTE obiviously wants to put Karuna in a bad light as they consider him a traitor. (I personely do not like him, thats another matter). Hence their machinery works towards disregarding him in all matters. The LTTE supporters feel betrayed becuase he was the eastern commander and today they feel he was responsible for the east being recaptured by the government. Its the same as being in love with somevody and b jilted by the person for someone else. Your love turns to hatered.

  37. Just curious, did the LTTE use the Delft attack as a diversionary attack so that they could unload some hardware elsewhere? According to reports, the attack went on for about 5-6 hours, right? Enough time for a rogue ship to come closer and unload the cargo to trawlers...
    Anyway, I'm proud of the Navy guys for holding on to their base with limited resources and support!
    Btw, TamilNet talks about a DPU attack that killed 2 civilians (LOL)... any info. on that?

  38. This has become another flame blog. Nothing useful, mostly just ad homiem attacks on people. I was hoping that this would have more in the line of technical know how and not heresay.

  39. Hind Driver, The Blog has been thus far good. However I would hope that things like previous military operations, tactics used by both sides, war heroes etc.

    However arguments not on a personnel note but on military details would be good. Remember this blog is the first to discuss in detail the possibility of LTTE air wing. It was not one persons view. Hence simulating discussions will be very useful. When I intially brought up about the LTTE using sinhalese some said I was fear mongering others that I was spreading misinformation.

    I deduced that from the news reports and trends which this blog discussions produced. The LTTE is starting to mimick the army and vice versa. The army is using TVMP/paramilitaries, the LTTE is using SLO/meccaneries/underworld etc. The LTTE uses gurellia, the army using that through SF in east and now in north. The army using conventional so does the LTTE.

    They both are learning from each other. Irony of this situation.

  40. Defencenet,
    [There are some facts which we cannot confirm yet. Will update as soon as we get the facts confirmed. ]

    Do you have an update on this?

    Please don't keep the forum in dark...

  41. Does anyone knows about " Navy foils terror attack at Delft Islet ". Couldn't find much details about it. Tamil net says we have lost about 30 navels. This is false I know.

  42. Navidran,
    How do you deduct that the attack on the army was done by sinhalese? There have been sinhalese arrested who have had LTTE training. And recently another one was arrested in Kelaniya with arms and explosives buried in his garden. There is no dispute about these findings. But something in the scale that you suggest, now that this plot has been uncovered cannot be believed. And I believe that it is just speculation that you are making.

    Most if not all these sinhala tigers were apprehended from the Railway Department. I am sure investigations are going on still and this collaborators will continue to be apprehended.

    You are trying to puff up yourself with predicting an LTTE air attack. How precise were your predictions? (I did not manage to see it). I guess most everybody in this forum would have expected an LTTE air attack. I did. More so since they launched the miserabley failed attempt to take Jaffna after MR took oaths. So let us know how precise your prediction was.

    The LTTE starting to mimick the SLDF? He he.. In my humble opinion it is the SLDF that has taken a new approach to reach out to previoiusly lesser exploited avenues. the LTTE were already exploding bombs in Colombo, All over the country. LTTE has nothing to learn from SLDF. SLDF has only taken an advantage by adopting new strategies. LTTE has already exhausted that kind of strategy to the hilt. The strategy that you are talking about cannot materialise effectively and there is no evidence to show for that yet. Only a few harmless bombs in IOC sheds etc.

    I still say that you are trying to fearmonger and can't seem to hide effectively the fact that you are a LTTE fan.

  43. "This has become another flame blog. Nothing useful, mostly just ad homiem attacks on people. I was hoping that this would have more in the line of technical know how and not heresay. "

    Hello Hind driver, I don't think it has gone that far yet. If those of interested in information just ignore the personal attacks and concentrate on sharing knowledge then it should survive. Cheers.

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