Monday, May 7, 2007

SLA faces heavy resistance in Mannar offensive

Heavy battles broke out in the northern FDL when LTTE resisted a ground troop movement by SLA to neutralize rebel mortar positions. Rebels have been firing 120MM mortars on the army forward defence line and on the Muhamalai entry exit point from this area.

Soldiers of the 57th division have been engaged in the offensive for nearly 2 weeks. At one point, the operation was temporary halted due to tiger resistance. However, pro rebel media claims about repulsed offensives are not true; the offensive has not entirely been repulsed and is still ongoing. But it has not been a success as government media claim either. SLA was able to break the FDLs and move their special infantry units beyond the enemy lines on some occasions but later had to return to their original positions due to stiff tiger resistance and strategic reasons. However, SLA has not been able to meet the goal of destroying all nearby mortar positions.


  1. Guys
    Does any one knows why the hell we call general Janaka perera back home ? whos idea was it ?? he was doing a pretty good job tracking down most of LTTE arm shipment ? is captain nilam safe ??? We have to protect these guys at any cost.

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  3. defence net i was shocked to hear that col prasanna silva of the special forces has been removed by gen sarath fonseka.

    can u please let us know why this move has been taken.its obviously something big as he has been ordered even to retire.

    pls enlighten us.

  4. Has the offensive been called off? There is no news now.

  5. By closing down Mannar and engaging in a fight to the finish, we'd probably run the risk of not being able to finish it at all.

    By opening up Mannar and chasing the tigers to South India,... who knows, we might even make it the Indians' problem..


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