Tuesday, May 1, 2007

No Kfir or MiG was shot

It was only yesterday that pro LTTE media and Eelamists celebrated the shooting down of a SLAF supersonic jet bomber. However, DefenceNet can confirm that no fighter aircraft of SALF were neither lost nor damaged due to enemy fire or due to technical failure.

However at attempt to shoot down the jet was made by LTTE gunners. We cannot confirm the type of AA weapons used but the pilot was able to out maneuver the 'foreign object'  and LTTE did not acquire their target.


  1. Why This stupid pro website tries to publish utter lies. This is a gud point to the tamilnet believers about its consistancy of facts.Thousand cheers to the guys who were responsible of adding anti SAM devices to the attack aircrafts and lets hope that all SLAF aircrafts have the required devices to face this threat.

  2. Awesome news. Thanks guys. For a minute there I was wondering whether there was some truth to the Tamilnet report. Shame on me I guess. And like mbrl says, fingers crossed that they won't be able to hit any of our jets in the future.

    But the fact remains, they can even attempt to shoot down our aircraft, while our multitude of AA guns across Colombo came nowhere near close to shooting down their flying pieces of shit. I was speaking to a some guys in Colombo who were watching the cricket outdoors and actually saw the aircraft flying overhead, and it appears the only people not to have seen the planes were our AA gunners.

    Something seriously needs to be done to stop this shit from happening repeatedly. The first time was fine, no one was really prepared. But again and again they've attacked, and our air defenses seem to be going from unprepared to incompetent. Cos even though they really don't pose any serious military thereat, they are a threat on a number of other front, especially to troop morale and tourism / the economy.

  3. we heard from a friend, who has got a friend in the airforce that a Mig is missing.

    Also, the AA fire directed at 3am on the night of the match was against our own aircraft returning from a mission in Killinochchi

  4. Ravi,How accurate is your story? Defencenet has already confirmed that no fighter aircraft is missing.

  5. My friend's friend is a medic in the airforce and he's pretty sure that one plane did not return.

    May not have been shot by the LTTE, may have developed engine trouble or something but one is gone.

  6. What is the truth behind this? Do u guys have any evidance of this. SInce the defencenet was launched, I have had gud interest and faith in the posts and this time too.It has already declared that the air carft is safe and all govt sites claim it too. All the shitty pro ltte clumsy websites say they have hit a bomber.Nitharsanam is posting a high tech missile defence daigram too.(Makes me laugh...)

  7. I think defencenet have more secure info and we got to beleive that story.

  8. ..on the other hand, why on earth would tamilnet make such a ridiculous claim? it's so far fetched even by their standards!


  10. Very difficult to get reliable info, govt has a habit of trying sweep things under the carpet - remember the incidents of less than a week or so ago when they contradicted themselves several times?

    The defence ministry article press release/article looks pretty pathetic.



    The air force website also talks only of Kfirs, no mention of MiG.

    Guess we'll just have to wait a few more days and see if any independent confirmation comes through.

  11. Ravi,

    MCNS said that all the aircrafts returned home including Kfirs and Migs.

    I am not sure what it is, but it seems that LTTE is covering up for something bad happened to them with this air craft story. Any idea of the damage caused by the late night air raid in Vanni on the worldcup day? They may be trying to prop the morale of LTTE supporters and cadre after recent losses or unsuccessful air raids in Colombo. Tigers seem to be giving out too much information like the use of "automated air defence system," typically they will not reveal existance of such a system. Otherwise, they are posturing for some bad news to come, perhaps the fall of Thoppigala. Hope that the real news will surface soon.

  12. Ravi,

    This is what MCNS says,

    "When inquired from the Air Force of any Air craft not returning to the base during the day it was confirmed by senior Air Force officials that all Aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force are reported entered in the bases and hangers today subsequent to their routine reconnaissance and other strike missions over the tiger held areas."

  13. Ravi,

    This is what MOD says in response to the LTTE's earlier post about Kfirs,

    "SL Air Force denied speculations spread by the pro LTTE media that an Israeli built Kafir (Lion Cub) fighter has been shot down by the LTTE terrorists. According to the Air Force sources, not even a technical problem has been reported by any of its aircraft during the day.

  14. I suspect that an aircraft might have developed engine trouble but reurned to the base safely. The LTTE might want to claim mileage from the fall as their weapons might or might not have hit the failing aircraft.

    Speculations that all these craft should have returned to KAB. Hence its opens the possibility of a forced landing at pallali or Andandpuhra.

    At this stage the SLAF under pressure from not reacting to the LTTE onslaught might not want to detoriate the situation any further.

  15. The SLAF attack on the LTTE on the world cup night is the stupidest act they have carried ouy ever. It was not well thought off.

    First they must have got some information from LRRP guys on LTTE leaders location and were to eager to strike. Secondly they never expected an immediate response from the LTTE.

    The LTTE attack has been devasting in many sense (not militarily alone). Colombo was relatively awake when this attack started making the capabilities of the LTTE and SLAF and response capabilities to light to the public.

    Typical responses from the goverment minisiters are extremely irratating. They might as well use a standard software to generate a random reply to seem more creative.

    The LTTE attack would have already be ready and they were only waiting for the opportune time to strike. The SLAF attack gave them the justification to do it during the world cup.

  16. MCNS web site is updated with the new news item, "SLAF Bomber Shot Down: Tigers on the Tiger Tail". But they do not say anything about MIGs.

  17. I disagree with the comments that the LTTE are on a down. I believe they are on a high as they have decided to up the propaganda war since the goverment and military establishments are shaky and are falling over themselves trying to cover their mistakes. Ofcourse this obiviously boosts the tamil LTTE backing dispora with the exciting news.

    All LTTE are sucesses in a way till they are stopped. Do not fall into goverment propaganda about they being failed attacks.

    No News source can be entirely trusted. Based on experience and knowledge of the going ons we should make a educated guess.

  18. Its a strange claim by LTTE - it should be easy for govt to allow journalists in to check planes. They should have done that already to counter Tamilnet quickly, but their PR machine is really not good. Now whatever the truth, this will be believed by many.

  19. This is KAB other bases output

    no aircraft shot down by LTTE. one air craft had problem with instruments and was brought down for check up.

    although we did have some damage to the Rotary blade of a Mi24 in central province.

  20. there is no point in contradicting tamilnet stories .everybody who has any sense knows that they cannot be believed. let terrorist supporters believe what they want .after all this kind of fool believe that ltte is fighting for tamils in spite all evidence to the contrary. what can one do with such idiots with that kind of mind set . let them have their silly fantasy. after all way things are going it wont last long. :-)

  21. navindran
    Who attacked first on Sunday?

  22. I have a question for all, why have there been no further air raids after this alleged shoot down of the Mig27?

    At least not that are reported by the MCNS.

  23. Only TamilNet reported this. No international media, CNN, BBC or Reuters published a single word.

  24. Hi all

    I spoke to my friend who is a pilot in SLAF and he confirmed nothing happened as such.
    Good to see u all discussing these issues in the forum.

    We must destroy these LTTE mosquitoes very soon before it will do any more damages to the countries economy.

  25. Does anyone knows what happened to our LRRP team who went missing ??

  26. I believe the times in tamilnet is wrong. Those guys have made many silly mistakes like the date and time on photographs as such.

    However the SLAF was on standby and managed to attack after that. Had the LTTE attacked first, it would look very bad to them and also alot of tamils I believe in the LTTE areas were watching the match regardless of who they were rooting for. A strike by LTTE first would have definetly caused an unwanted response that would have irrated not only the sinhalese but also the tamils.

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  28. On Monday, 26 March 2007 Tamilnet said "Sri Lanka blackout on Air Force losses" (http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=21681).

    Now they have shot down 2 air crafts.

    According to Tamilnet, all most all the SLAF air crafts are gone. Then no more air strikes on Vanni. No more "civilian" casualties. Tigers can enjoy!!! :-))

  29. Hasalaka,Is their any news about the LTTE firing any SAM or whatever missile and whats the capability of the Kfirs and the Migs to thwart them?

  30. I was talking to a cousin of mine who is a Squadron Leader in the SLAF and their view is the LTTE has around 11 light aircraft/choppers

  31. terry,
    I think SA-18 missile scoring a hit against a Kfir flying at full speed and High altitude is around 30%.
    I dont know whether LTTE has any SA-18 with them.

  32. LST- LTTE used to have some missiles which hit the AVROS and has since been found outdted/non functional,What were they? And does the Kfirs and the Migs have a proven anti missile defence system?

  33. I believe that we should not underestmiate the LTTE. There are guys who keep calling their air craft names like tin cans. It does not matter whether they are nothing in comparisson to the SLAF. What matters is that they have them.

    Its important to know how to deal with them. The problem with the SLAF and other military units is they indulge in alot of their own propaganda and maybe are buying into it. We should reframe from buying into what politicians say. They are targeting their electorate and not others.

    Remember the LTTE started with a pistol. Today its got 3 military wings.

  34. ""LTTE used to have some missiles which hit the AVROS and has since been found outdted/non functional,What were they?""

    Those were SA-14 SAM AND/OR Stinger SAM as i remember. It's speculated that LTTE has some of these in reserve in case SLAF attacked Prabhakaran's hideout.

  35. "Those were SA-14 SAM AND/OR Stinger SAM as i remember. It's speculated that LTTE has some of these in reserve in case SLAF attacked Prabhakaran's hideout. "

    Yes I have heard this notion bandied about, but really, if these missiles are so outdated as not to be effective against SLAF jets, what's the point saving them for some grand last stand... they are not going to be anymore effective then either.

  36. I have discussed with a tamil engineer collegue of mine whose relatives are still in Vanni.According to him there is a strong possibility that some of those planes were smuggled in the FARRAH iii ship which staged a pirating by the tigers. I find this story highly credible and the person who told this even more credible.for example the same guy predicted the vote boycott well in advance.

  37. They'll still be useful against gunships and assault transports.

  38. This is something out of the topic,Has insat jammed or stopped the sattelite broadcast of LTTE rado and television broadcast?

  39. The source in the airforce is sticking to the story, says the plane went into the sea.

    Government has issued a denial of the loss of the plane only on the web. No mention in the press, radio or TV? Golden opportunity to discredit Tamilnet missed? Or something is up?

  40. I found few interesting points in an article published by the MCNS.
    "Defence analysts are confused to make out as to how a self activated air defence system
    could push an aircraft forty kilometers away from the point of strike at which point the air craft was diving in to a target on ground at a speed grater than the sound.

    The closest point from Iranamadu towards the Eastern sea coast is Puthukudiruppu East in Mullaitivu district with a distance of forty kilometers, and towards the Western coast is Veravil in Mannar North with a distance of forty one kilometers.

    The distance from the point of strike towards the North and South along the coast from these points increases as per the shape of the island. Never in the world history of air combats had an air craft pushed that far away from the point of strike as is in the case of the yesterday’s tigers having their heads in the clouds.

    For more please follow this link..

  41. Have there been any air strikes after the 30th?

  42. riky, I don't think the lack of further air strikes realy confirms anything, unless the LTTE was able to shoot down all our Kfirs and MiGs with one missile. Even if we had lost an aircraft, the SLAF could easily have carried out further attacks away from the LTTE "missile defence system".

    Given the pretty much universal confirmation here that no such incident did take place, it's probably an attempt by the LTTE to get further support and funding from Tamils worldwide. You could just picture fag Tamils in Europe rejoicing and getting out their wallets to contribute to the Eelam cause after hearing this.

    Final confirmation will probably come in the Sunday Times Situation Report, if he's allowed to report on it.

  43. A little away from the topic, it's good to see the President's devolution proposals haven't given shit to the Tamils. Quite a few people were fearing the SLFP would drift toward their leftist principles a little too much.

    District level devolution? Nice. And a smack in the face of all the bitches who try to divide our country.

  44. "fags" "bitches"

    Yes well I can see that illegal.existence is one to be taken seriously in this blog.

    Also explains his childish attitude with regards to the proposal from the SLFP. The country is being ruined and the SLFP made no attempt to stop that, and you are happy.

    Very childish indeed, after all I suppose you would never be at the front lines dying for the war right?

  45. illegal.existence,
    Please do not use racist comments in this blog. There is a big difference between tamil civilians and LTTE terrorists. For example, most of the Tamils who get displaced due to war are really innocent and the majority do not support tigers.

  46. Defencenet, As I have appealed before, do remove any posting which are racist. This blog as I expect would purely dicuss defence issues not political etc.

    I would like to remind the administrator that it was this indifference that has led to Sri Lanka being in this situation.

    There are many other forums and places where people like illegal existence can vent his frustrations.

  47. Folks,

    As of now (May 3rd afternoon), Tamilnet no longer carries the Auto-activated defence system shooting down a MiG story.

  48. Sam, its still there:


    Just not front page anymore.

    Still wondering why there have been no new sorties yet by the SLAF?

  49. Yes, that is what I meant, not in the front page. This what Tamilnet usually does with their cooked up stories. Also it is siginificant for a story this big.

  50. Rebels 'getting bombs, airforce from Australia'


  51. DefenceNet, guys, yeah I understand your point. Most Tamils in Sri Lanka I know hate the guts of the LTTE. But over here (in the US) and in Canada speak to Tamil expats for a few minutes and hear what they hope happens to our soldiers and you'd be hoping you carried a gun with you to blow them to hell.

    Jack, I stand by calling anyone who donates money to terrorists (LTTE or otherwise) "fags" and anyone who tries to divide Sri Lanka a "bitch". Trust me, most Sri Lankans agree with me.

  52. llegal existences, it does not matter what you think about person X or person Y. This blog is to dicuss defence issues so keep your personnel opinions outside defence issues to yourself.

    The Sri Lankan Tamils overseas are frustrated with the fact that they have to live away from their home. Hence its natural for them to react this way. Just because you are a minority there, you should not try to find security in a web blog like this. Then what is the difference between you and the LTTE.

  53. Anyone got an opinion on this piece? Raman has a pretty good reputation, but at first glance it seems a bit far-fetched.

  54. [I have discussed with a tamil engineer collegue of mine whose relatives are still in Vanni.According to him there is a strong possibility that some of those planes were smuggled in the FARRAH iii ship which staged a pirating by the tigers. I find this story highly credible and the person who told this even more credible.for example the same guy predicted the vote boycott well in advance.

    May 2, 2007 11:36 AM

    This is very much a possibility..
    The Ship was operating between India and South Africa.Remember the tigers hijacked a ship carrying mortars for the SLA which was delivered by the Zimbabvian arms manufacture.They say, Norwegians provided the Intel for the LTTE about this ship.Any way Farrah 111 carrying these planes for LTTE is a stark possibilty.If you remember there was an article written by the B. Ramanan saying tiger pilotes had training from South African flying clubs.Most probably they arranged the shippment of these planes too..

  55. Illegal Existence,

    Lets be realistic, we cannot get away with the issue of devolution..SLFP proposals to solve the issue is hugely dissapointed..Anything less than a Federal solution will not work..Imagine other tamil groups start fighting against SLA all over again?

    The GOSL and Sri Lankans must understand the real issues..JHU and JVP should understand that there is no way that they can have a unified country without giving tamils their own rights..

  56. Navindran, if I wanted to argue with a terrorist, I'd go to the Lankanewspapers forum. But I don't, so I really have nothing to say to you.

    Tangara I understand you points, which I believe are along the UNP lines for solving the conflict (who, incidentally, I voted for in '05). But like I told David before, if you give them an inch today, they will take their Eelam in due course, because nothing short of independence will satisfy Prabhakaran and Tamil extremists like him. If we go for the easy solution and give them a federal state now, 5-10 years from now they will ask for full independence. And a war that would potentially erupt then will be ten times worse that it is now.

    In my opinion, the solution we should be looking at is the military "sidelining" of the LTTE (because a complete defeat seams unlikely under current circumstance), and an economic, not federal, "final solution", if you get my point.

  57. Hi Guys,
    Anyone know why no sorties by the SLAF since monday or no press releases ?

  58. well said illegal. i fully agree.
    its always amusing seeing the lengths to which the "politically correct" go to distinguish between 'regular tamils' and the ltte 'bag eggs'. but if we're brutally honest most tamils prefer the ltte to the sri lankan army. in fact the more accurate term is 'hate'. lets not beat about the bush, "blood is thicker than water". even if they dont want eelam (per se) they dont want a world without the ltte, or at least some counter measure to the sri lankan state. i have no issue with the opportunistic attitude of the tamils; at least they know which side of their bread is buttered, which is more than what could be said for many sinhalese. one day all this political correctness is going to bite us in the ass.

  59. btw i personally dont give a monkey's behind about my ethnicity. i used to, but nowadays im more into not caring. sinhalese or tamil..its all bull at the end of the day. brown, white, tall short, etc. just tags comrade, just tags. dont kill ppl. end of story. but if you must, then dont try to call a spade a cat. the people who support the ltte are tamils. so if you are fighting the ltte you are also fighting a large section of so called 'peace loving ' tamils citizens. if you are tamil you will feel sorry when u hear about the army killing a tamil cadre. if you are sinhalese you are happy to read articles on this website saying how the army is killing tigers. tigers are tamils too!


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