Thursday, May 3, 2007

TMVP prepares to attack Thoppigala

TMVP, lead by LTTE's renegade commander Karuna, is planning a massive attack on LTTE forward defence lines in Thoppigala. Sri Lankan Army (SLA) also launched a massive operation to capture the last major rebel base in the eastern province nearly one month ago. The progress of the operation has been hampered by bad weather. However, armed forces have marched forward without any severe resistance from LTTE and have cornered the rebels in a 120 square KM jungle area in Thoppigala.

Meanwhile Karuna is said to be giving special training to 500 of its cadres in TMVP training bases. Their objective will be to break the LTTE FDL in Thoppigala and trigger a mass surrendering. However, it must be said that SL armed forced and Karuna faction operations are not coordinated attacks and are independent of each other.


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  2. I think we should finished toppigala and attack north very soon. If karuna can give us a hand that will put icing on the cake

  3. There is a reported split (maybe temporary) between karuna and his deputy pilliyan. Hence I believe this announcement in a way is to boost his troops morale and also continue to prove his loyalty to the SLA.

    The problem with karuna is twofold. Firstly if he uses underaged fighters, he will make the SLA look bad. Secondly if surrended LTTE cadres are used in the attack, it prevents others from surrendering. Furthermore if he has to attack it shows that he is the reason why the east was liberated.

    Lastly, he should stop wasting his time delinking the SLA from him. Its akin to admitting the truth. Imagine the UNP announces that it will attack the SLFP offices and the police do nothing. Does it means the police are not involved?

    Its high time karuna is tried for his crimes against the sinhalese and muslims. The faster he is rid of the better for the SLA image unless the SLA is only surving in the east because of him.

  4. I do n't care our forces and TMVP work together or not. As long as kicking out Damn LTTE out of whole country.
    Thunuruwan Saranai Samatama.

  5. I in fact, care a lot about TMVP having their fighters along with SLA. I would like to see the TMVP cadre absorbed in to SLA or STF. I believe that who ever fights for a unified SL should be given the highest recognition in our country. In addition, I would like to see the peace loving Tamils given a decent political solution not a little bone to chew on.

  6. Having Karuna & the TMVP as an element separate to the security forces has a lot of merit, both from a military as well as a political standpoint.

    From the military side, the TMVP provides an effective screen for the darker end of counterterrorist ops. SLA special operations units can be easily interchanged with the TMVP and any human rights violations blamed on the latter. The TMVP can also operate outside the hirearchy and chain of command of the Army, and therefore can be used as a strategic tool.

    From a political standpoint, as long as the TMVP exists as an independent element, it destroys the myth of the LTTE's sole representation of the Tamils. It also prevents the LTTE from presenting the war as an ethnic one. It's the same reason Jammu & Kashmir is so important to India's standing as a secular nation.

    Finally, the TMVP provides the GoSL with a face-safing alternative -- if forced to, it can hand over the East to a Tamil group that isn't the LTTE.

    There is very little to be gained by absorbing the TMVP into the security forces (even if they were willing).

  7. "However, it must be said that SL armed forced and Karuna faction operations are not coordinated attacks and are independent of each other."

    Yeah, right ;)

  8. Speaking of offensives, no mention of this one on MoD pages, anyway my question is what is the uniform worn by these soldiers? Don't think I have seen it before:


  9. Karuna should be absorbed into the SLA. This will give legitemacy that the SLA is a multi ethinic armed force.

    However Karuna and the rest know that they cannot do this as he will lose the support of the tamils. SLA is sometimes despicable in this. All these parties have eelam/tamil in their name. They cannot drop it and the SLA is willing to ally with them just to defeat the LTTE.

    All their previous atrocities are forgotten. I believe there is an eventual plan after the LTTE is defeated by the SLA to not only wipe out these groups like they did the JVP.

    I also believe that eventually people like Karuna and Douglas will be publicly hanged for their crimes.

  10. David,

    It may be of less tactical military value to absorb TMVP to SLA or STF. However, it is of enormous political values if we implement a decent political solution along with absorbing TMVP to SL armed forces. I repeat, a decent political solution is a must.


    I don't think that Karuna and Douglas will be or should be brought to justice ever. Both Karuna and Douglas are accepted parts of the Sri Lankan society fighting against LTTE. If we want to move on with eradicating LTTE, what ever the acts should be forgiven. That is in the interest of the future of Sri Lanka. There lives are too valuable to loose. Matter of fact, we should make sure that Karuna and Douglas remain unharmed by LTTE or any other element at any cost. SLA has done this already several times.

    Lets not get any more political here.

  11. Pera, the problem is that Karuna and Douglas are still doing criminal activities. They are still raping and looting innocent civilians. An SLA Military intelligence officer was killed because he wanted to stop some of the atrocities.

    This is evident for news from many quaters. That is why I keep harping on the fact that they must be executed after the LTTE is defeated. Nothing is fair in war. However as a working democracy SL should prove to the world that people like this will not be tolerated.

    I have a gut feel that Karuna will be finished off after thoppigala falls. He is no use in the North. Else we would create another monster.

  12. Jack, in the pic on the right, the guy on the left is wearing what looks like an east European pattern jacket. Can't ID it for certain, but could be a type known as "Lizzard". The guy on the right is wearing Pakistani cam trousers.

    Sam, there is no sign of any sort of political solution, so its a bit premature to talk about absorbing the TMVP into the security forces. Obviously, if and when the war ends, the TMVP will have to absorbed or eliminated.

    Navindran, the TMVP will have its uses for a long time, even after Thoppigala falls. The East will have to be held to prevent infilteration by the LTTE, and to enable more SLA troops to be moved north.

    As I said, the GoSL will preserve the TMVP at the very least in order to secure a face-saving solution in the East. You won't see them disaappear until the LTTE has been destroyed, and that's not likely anytime soon.

  13. "Jack, in the pic on the right, the guy on the left is wearing what looks like an east European pattern jacket. Can't ID it for certain, but could be a type known as "Lizzard". The guy on the right is wearing Pakistani cam trousers."

    David thank you, would you, or anyone else, know which SLDF units use these types of uniforms? Seems to be an odd mix if they were from the same unit?

  14. Jack, back in the mid-'90s, SL troops that went through the Pakistani SSG course often brought back pieces of Paki uniform which they wore on ops. Haven't seen it in use lately though. Have never seen the other 'lizzard' pattern used before. It's possible that these are TMVP dead.

  15. Karuna group have started infighting. Though the death of their cadres can be attributed to the LTTE. I guess the injuries today was because of a firefight between the guys.

    If Karuna leads the attack again in the east, then why does SLA have generals. Even the conquest of Jaffna was with the help of parmilatiries. What the point of all the western training and weapons.

    I hope that he will be publicly executed. If people in this forum say that he must be around, I guess we should then accredit him with the LTTE rank of Col or higher as he can achieve what the army genrals cannot.

  16. Navindran,

    I have been noticing your writing for a while. You have the utmost desire to get rid of Karuna and Douglas. As far as I know, the people in Sri Lanka thinks otherwise. What do you have against Karuna?

  17. Guys, this LTTE supporter i was talking to said that the LTTE was attempting to invade Jaffna and capture it before July so they can declare independence from Sri Lanka. He said the operation will start soon. What do you guys think about this?? What will the LTTE need in order to accomplish such a task?

  18. I would say they would need a miracle, they currently have somewhere around 12-15 thousand fighters.....they need to uproot nearly 40,000 sri lankan soldiers...loll they will need all of their cadres.

  19. this is what that LTTE guy was saying:

    "Jaffna town is best captured from within because, if it is defended by the Sri Lanka Army, the attackers will suffer heavy casualties as they will have to approach a built-up area with no cover or jungle from the approaches. And with the limited number o f LTTE cadres and the advantage the Sri Lanka Army has in terms of numbers vis-a-vis the LTTE, the LTTE will try to preserve its strength.

    A possible scenario is that the LTTE will infiltrate groups into the town, merge with the civilian population and also get help from that segment of the population that may be sympathetic to it. The LTTE will thereafter go for vulnerable, soft nerve-cent res such as the telephone exchange, water supply, the power house, the Kutcheri (the secretariat), the Town Hall, and the densely populated centres of the town. This will also give the LTTE some mileage.

    The tigers brought in via the recent influx have not engaged in any spectacular operations so far. A few landmine explosions and pistol group assassinations have occurred. But these are seen as routine events now. The fresh crop of tiger infiltrators seem to be engaged in laying the groundwork for major developments in the future rather than confront security personnel immediately.

    LTTE cadres are allegedly setting up safe houses and clandestine camps in the peninsula; the existing LTTE intelligence network in the peninsula is being revamped and enhanced; undercover supply routes between mainland and peninsula are being revised and refined. Arms are being smuggled in and concealed at various points; the dormant “fifth columnists” are being re- activated. It appears that the LTTE is getting ready for a full - fledged assault on the peninsula and the infiltrators are fore - runners of that objective."

    This sounds fucking serious man, and our army has a habit of not learning anything from their past mistakes.

  20. uthumk88,

    What you are saying is a certain possibility. I think that SLA should be all prepared for this. I also think that LTTE tried it last August too. In addition, their is lots of psyops tigers engage all the time mainly to address Tamil diaspora to extort more money. How much of this is credible and how much of your source is spreading propaganda is a question. It never hurts to prepare for the worst case scenario of an impending attack from inside and start rounding up suspects with the help of intelligence agents.

  21. uthumk88,

    In case you didn't notice, India is bringing in equipment and soldiers little by little to a possible future conflict. Right now, Indian Navy and Air Force are laying the groundwork for a possible military confrontation.

  22. Sam,

    Yes, I have the same question for Navindran,

    He could well be a LTTE plant

    In regards to the uthumk88,

    This shocking..

    I read in Indian daily newspapers that LTTE has infiltrated Jaffna peninsula like no other time..
    I am hoping SLA is aware about it..
    The findiing of 600kg's C4 explosives few months ago shows the SCALE of the infiltration..
    May the force be with SLA to counter any LTTE offensive.

    Here is more shocking news from

    Intelligence officer Nilam missing

    By Sunil Jayasiri

    A top intelligence officer of the Sri Lanka Army, Captain S.H. Nilam, who was the defence attaché at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Jakarta, has gone missing since last month. Another top official at the Jakarta embassy has reportedly received death threats from the LTTE.

    State intelligence informed the government that Captain Nilam, his wife and three children had gone missing since April 23, a highly placed government official said.

    He said that the acting ambassador in Jakarta, a Tamil, had reportedly received death threats from the Tamil Tigers recently.

    The latest development follows the recall of Major General Janaka Perera, who was Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Indonesia, and the appointment of the former Army Chief of Staff, Major General Nanda Mallawarachchi- who has not yet assumed duties-as the new ambassador.

    Major General Perera was asked to return to the country during the last week of April, for unknown reasons -- although his term had been expected to end next September.

    It is learnt that, with the support of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency -Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN), Captain Nilam had tipped off the Sri Lanka Government regarding several Sri Lanka bound LTTE arms shipments, and thus curtailed the flow of LTTE weapons to the country during his tenure.

    Captain Nilam was in charge of the ‘Millennium City’ safe house when it was raided during the UNP regime. He was sent to Thailand in order to avoid LTTE attempts on his life. Later he was made the Defence Attaché in Indonesia.

  23. tangara,

    Yes I agree, Navindran has all telltale signs of an LTTE operative trying to stir somethng up. That is why Navindran is keen on killing Karuna and Douglas, which I treat as the most significant Tamils on the side of unified Sri Lanka. Any plans to harm Karuna and TMVP should be addressed with no holds barred. He is one of the greatest human assets we have for the future unified Sri Lanka (for pete's sake, help Karuna to run the eastern province) As SLA had done in the past, we should save him at any cost.

  24. tangara,

    One more thing, Navindran's source from the air force still stands by the story that a MiG never came back, totally contrary to Defencenet.

  25. The news about Captain Nilam and his family is really sad. Does that mean the LTTE has active operatives in Indonesia as well? And if it happened on April 23rd why hasn't the government made it public before now? Because kidnapping a diplomat and his family will certainly draw criticism from all across the board.

    Sam, I agree with you about Karuna. I have a lot of doubts about him, but we've got to remember that before Douglas Devananda entered the political framework, he too was a Tamil militant who had gotten his his training in Palestine (if I remember right). And up to now he's done a lot of good things for the country. Hopefully Karuna will follow along the same lines.

  26. Captain Nilam Missing

    If this is true, it is a loss of another great hero of Sri Lanka. Wish I could meet those traitors who gave up these extra ordinary sons of mother Lanka (with all due respect to our cricket team), I can a think of a few things to do with those Udugampola traitor brothers and their moronic political bosses.

  27. ""Jaffna town is best captured from within because, if it is defended by the Sri Lanka Army, ""

    Easier said than done. 53rd division is deployed to counter such threat. But one must never underestimate the tigers. They are innovative.

  28. "Jaffna town is best captured from within because, if it is defended by the Sri Lanka Army,"

    Maybe this is part of that plan, DBS Jeyraj had an article on an influx of 'human bombs' into Jaffna:

  29. haha now that I re-read the article it seems this is what uthumk has posted above LOL, so not from the LTTE, but its from DBSJ.

    And DBSJ is certainly no LTTE sympathiser, thats for sure, in fact I think he was assaulted in Canada by LTTE supporters.

  30. yea that LTTE guy must have been quoting those articles.

  31. Sam, I have not posted any news about the MIG. I have not claimed anything then making a guess from news reports. I guess you mixed me up from the others who did comment. Please check.

    Secondly just because I want douglas and Karuna out, does that equate me to be a LTTE operative. I believe there are poeple intelligent to understand that people like Karuna and Douglas are not good for a future Sri Lanka. I did not ask for the head of people like Andragrasee who the LTTE also hates. Its people who have a relatively clean background that should represnt the tamil community.

    It sends a tone for a clean break. Secondly helping Karuna is akin to helping Prabha by Premedasa to get rid of the IPKF. Do not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over agian.

  32. Navindran ,

    Karuna , Douglas must be protected at any cost .

    I think Karuna will follow Douglas into democratic polotics . but for now let him to kill LTTEers .

    Karuna should be given chief minister post of East once LTTE is cleaned up .

    I think Karuna should be pused to democratic politcs like we did for JVP .

  33. "Karuna should be given chief minister post of East once LTTE is cleaned up . "

    Well that's the rub now isn't it, since there is no province as such under the SLFP proposals, would Karuna be happy with jsut one district?

    Also The Nation has an article that states karuna's number 2, Pillayan has absconded with 150 men over a dispute regarding the disbursment of funds, sounds like a familiar scenario now doesn't it LOL.

  34. Guy’s It’s not that easy to engage to Thopigala the way we think. It is surrounded with the heavy jungle and even SLAF cannot take the targets because of cover-up stones which is originated by the nature. Best thing is move in to knowing people, which is Karuna. Unfortunately it seems they also have broken up in to 2. But remember these are not having any link with SLA or our government and they are totally independent from us. . We need to expose this to international community for our own good.

  35. "But remember these are not having any link with SLA or our government and they are totally independent from us. . We need to expose this to international community for our own good. "

    Are you kidding mate? Its like the worst kept secret around that K-faction and the government work hand in hand. Its just that things have got complecated now with the split. Since Pillayan represented the military side of Karuna. So does the government back Pillayan, the part they need, or Karuna, the name they have cultivated, quite a pickle.

  36. LOL. Is this blog run by Keheliya Rambukwella.

    "However, it must be said that SL armed forced and Karuna faction operations are not coordinated attacks and are independent of each other."


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