Monday, May 26, 2008

Explosion in Dehiwala

An explosion has occurred near the railway station, Dehiwala at around 4.50PM today. The explosion has occurred inside the Colombo - Panadura train which was in close proximity of the station at time of blast.

Update: 7 dead and over 50 wounded. Among the dead is a pregnant mother. 14 of the wounded are in critical condition. Many hospitalized due to shock.

The blast bears all hallmarks of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attack.


  1. According to Rupavahini News 62 have been admitted to Kalubowila Hospital. I guess the no. of deaths are likely to increase a lot more as the cabin would have been packed with people. Once again they have carried out the attack at the busiest time.

  2. Defencenet,

    we don't care about fuel price hike. Increase it to 200/-. We need more Migs soon.. get them and destroy these bastard..

  3. 64 addmitted to kalubovila hospital 14 critical and 3 ded bodies

  4. Look at this ediots page ..

    So what about our people, All these should destroy. Worrying about civilians but good job DPU.

  5. Adey Shyam, Next time DPU will keep bomb on your Ass . Stop the war ? Huh now you feel stop the war ? Why you hurts now when you loosing inch by inch

  6. Stop the war after killing prabha and poddu ...... kill them they must have a slow suffering death...... not by an air attack or dpu....they must suffer pretty soon...

  7. What are the problems you have to face ?

  8. no negotiations with terrorists.... kill them b4 they kill u.. thats the streategy....
    prabha has his days written ..... soon he will pay for all... for sure.. he will pay
    DPU teams.... poddu and prabha next pls... if u cn catch them alive and bring to galleface..... we all will be there to throw a stone at these SOBs..

  9. "...And it follows allegations by the Tamil Tigers, who are fighting for an independent Tamil homeland in northern Sri Lanka, that government forces had killed 16 civilians in an attack on...." Iqbal Athas on

  10. peccko ur name shud be pako for ur brainy ideas.... LTTE are very gud people.. they r babies they dont do these things.....

  11. This seems to be a new peter who has joined blogger just now. Where's the old one?

  12. peter (new one),

    Using abusing language is not going to help anybody here.

  13. Guys,

    Remember this - they tried for three days to target only civilians. They have suceeded today.

    Whatever arguments you hear from LTTE supporters, don't forget this.

  14. Dont use offensive language.
    Dont impersonate bloggers (terrorist or not).

  15. b#1,
    more migs ?? who use them? still can't get any proper target after tamil selvam's death.

  16. My thoughts are with those civilians who suffered because of the actions of a sick psychopath called FVP.

    This psychopath has been murdering civilians for a long time now (click here for a list).

    They say that this is retaliation for those civilians who got killed in Wanni. Let them call it whatever they want. The whole world will call it “terrorism”. So at the end of the day, they are the ones who lose out.

    There's only one solution that can save civilians in Wanni as well as in other areas of Sri Lanka - kill the psychopath.

    We will not talk with terrorists and all the terrorists will die for the crimes they have committed against humanity.

  17. First of's really sad to see common civilians taking the hit yet again. these are poor folks who take the train cos that's the cheapest mode of transportation. And these people are struggling to get through life with ever increasing COL and even the bloody terrorists are going after them..
    really sad situation :(
    Heard a pregnant mother too is among the dead :( Not that ltte cared about these things anyway...
    i too think the casualty count might be higher before the day is done :(

    I can understand your anger bro but sadly just getting more migs isn't the answer... And not also the 200bucks fuel hike. Like it or not government is corrupt and even the military is not getting all it should to a point thanks to this. If these price hikes are helping the war front directly i will whole heartedly support it. But sadly it doesn't work like that. We have quite an expensive set of politicians to maintain.
    Have you ever seen army bomb disposal unit at work in an emergency situ? I have and believe it or not one day i saw them rushing to a suspected bomb location in a trishaw. I could see into that from the vehicle i was in and all they had was some old body armor and few sets of pliers. Their faces were so focused on the job they were rushing to do but sadly i don't think these guys are equipped properly...

    And simply on war matters...
    imho we need better human intel and high level accurate ones at that too to take out these bastards. SLDF has been doing a great job at taking out their "leadership"...hopefully if the trend continues ltte problem would be nothing but horrible stage of sri lankan history

  18. if anyone here can put some time scale to calculate roughly when the our forces can reach kiilinochchi ? according to current ground situation we need few more years.may be another decade
    so how many civilians going to die in the south by bus/train/etc..bombs before we reach kilinochhci to kill last LTTE terrorist.why our train stations didn't use some kind of security measure.
    Lot of corruption everywhere
    million of rupees spends in vain lot of security check points everywhere but somehow they manage to transport these bombs.who transport may be sinhala koti who helps them ,that's why our forces couldn't find out

  19. Ranil,
    " And not also the 200bucks fuel hike. Like it or not government is corrupt and even the military is not getting all it should to a point thanks to this. If these price hikes are helping the war front directly i will whole heartedly support it. But sadly it doesn't work like that. We have quite an expensive set of politicians to maintain."

  20. DN:
    Thanks for letting me know so coldly, that you are around.
    Anyways, my thoughts are with the people who lost their lives and their friends and family.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. DN,
    Good thing that you have removed unnecessary posts.
    but The wordings of SHYAM of talking of this tragedy as a Great Victory shows how inhumane even these blogging Tigers...
    When that Bomb blasted in Wanni, I dnt think Any one would have celibrated. It could be a setup by the LTTE or could be a mistake from DPU,Bt the thing is Everybody else was against the killing of civillians.If you are STRONG, show your power in the Battle Fields.
    To Destroy LTTE Destroy the Leaderships....

  23. We know it was on the way; we have been there before.

    Are we waiting until UN, EU and world leaders condemn the act?

    Things cannot be more pathetic than that!

    May those innocents attain Nibbana or rest in peace!

    May the savages rot in hell!

  24. Hey By the way,
    Can anybody tell me where to Find Those HUMANTARIAN Activists?
    I like to see how they see these...
    Surely No Money By talking about this so Surely will be on SLEEP till an opertunity arise.
    They are always there in other times.....

  25. guys see what US ambassador has to say...he is saying what I was saying all along.....

    "The US envoy said Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims have been living together in a peaceful manner in the country.

    "I always remind people who are visiting from US that Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims lived together and continue to live peacefully together.

    "Tamils are living in Colombo peacefully with their Sinhalese and Muslim friends. So there is no ethnic conflict here. And certainly the government is defending itself against terrorism," he said."

    see web page:


    Pls comment on this. HOT video during Vanni FDL this month

  27. SLA trying to screw LTTE women Dead Body..

  28. ....I...think the LTTE is trying to keep bombing so that we start giving up...this is their ploy...

    ....I for one...think...absolutely there is no possible way to coexist with ELAM.... If we give into them..they'll form a country north of our part...and that part would be home to all the tamils in the world....

    The we 18mil agianst... 100 mil of them.... get the picture we'll be in the sea....there would be constant border PK and India...or worse...and it wouldn't be too long...before numerically strong ELAM goes for the SL...and sea got sea...only sea...

    So this war is a live or die war for us.....we need to atleast keep fighting...fighting for ever...if we want a palce called Sri Lanka...

    Or...else...lets give our best.. our today for the tomorrow...lets finish this forever...

  29. @ brave1

    from my point of view, this war is not created by sinhalese, muslims or by tamils. this was made by politicians and the government to rule/control the activity of minority. that became to terrer

    but remember TAMILS Muslims & Sinhalese can live to gather/are living to gather still without no issue.

    there are few majority jathivadi and the huggediya + JVP still in the idea on ruling minorities as minorities for ever, and experting to clean toilets in future too.

    cos those people (jathiwadi's) don't wash their own toilets you see..!

  30. CriMeWatCh...macho....I have to disagree with you...

    ....This fueled by the desire for the Tamils to have thier own land..their own country.....

    ...this war was escalated by stupid...Indian as a part of thier cold war....

    I beleive our leaders was not firm enough to deal with it...

    I don't beleive...Tamils are being our land...

    If you go to deep south you could see people living in abject poverty... and... I know for sure Sinhala majority rule has not favored Sinhalese over any one....

    Hence crushing these... savages ..LTTE MFs are quite justifiable...and as US ambasidor Blake says...LTTE is a band of savage terrorist...

  31. ..Tamils and Sinhalese..and for that matter...all who call this lovely coutry thier homeland could live toggether...and they will continue to do so...

  32. crimewatch,
    I could see naked female bodies in your video. Why do you say soldiers are going to screw dead bodies ? Brave soldiers are probably looking for Cyanide capsules or for clues if VP has visited them... lolz

  33. @ Brave 1

    What ever, Now it like wild fire.. All over the pearl Island.

    Do you think this war is the solution to solve Tamils Issues what ever it is?

    I would say NO, Even though they KILLED FAT PIG, it want end(eg. Eraq)

    at least GOSL didn't give a solution to other tamils even in outstations(South). if so GOVT can win indian tamils or the ppl in south. but this trying to rule LTTE only.

    GOVT and advisers are useless. KANAWAI RENAWAI i would say!! Sry


    increase volume and listen to their conversations

  35. san said
    "if anyone here can put some time scale to calculate roughly when the our forces can reach kiilinochchi ? according to current ground situation we need few more years.may be another decade...."

    ltte carders are killed every day. how long can they afford this. their leader is already a amputee, a living dead. even at this rate war will end in less than 3 years.

    Oil price is not even remotely related to LTTE.

  36. Crimewatch....

    Tell me the Tamil Problem...what is it?

    ....and.... if you see the vidoes posted by LTTE... saying these are attacks on our FDL....which are nothing by cooked stories....and you link takes us to another one like that....

    Our soldeirs have access to good living gals... wherever they go..they are..inundated with gals who admire them...and I am very sure... they have their sexual wishes satisfied..many times over...

    So... do not attempt to insult our soldiers... u are insulting your grey matter only...

  37. Not insulting any body, take it easy thats the way of SLA...

  38. CriMeWatCh

    Blame GOSL & SLDF for everything.... but be silent on the LTTE....

    After all, you are 100% sure that LTTE are 'killing' us as part of the great 'Tamil' freedom struggle, right? (

    I my view, you don't have to pass grade 5 to realize that if there's no LTTE... there wouldn't be any violence.

    What is the solution you offer? Talk to the LTTE?

  39. Crimewatch you didn't answere my first question...

  40. I told cann't insult our are insulting ony your GREY Matter...if you have any

  41. B#1 said...
    we don't care about fuel price hike. Increase it to 200/-. We need more Migs soon.. get them and destroy these bastard..

    its the actual reason for the bomb blast ....when the prices increases again there will be another blast ..when ever the Gov gets a bad name from people ; bombs will be blast ....

  42. Tamil's problem is Sinhala soldiers in vicinity.

    If the soldiers packed up and went home, there won't be a "problem".

  43. Peter....

    you are trying to be silly... hehehe...

    Tamil problem is VP and the savges...and the tunes they play...

    Go..get some sleep...get some real thinking....

    LTTE has killed more tamils than any one else...

    I know a tamil gal...a spinster... as she lost an eye from the Central Bank Bomb... you could see the damged eye from a distance... otherwise she is a lovely gal... All becuase of LTEE....

    and every bomb LTTE blast I'm sure there are Tamils who go down with it...

  44. crimewatch..

    boyz will be boyz.. they just joke.. have you seen videos from Abu Ghraib?
    Don't get too excited. I bet you can't post one with action.

  45. LTTE didn't come into existence till late 70s.

    First LTTE cadre died in 1981.

    23 year prior to that, we had

    Wasn't it a symptom of a "problem"?

    Pirapakaran was only a four year-old in 1958.

  46. Peter...

    VP could be 4 years during 1958....
    but long before that... there was a certain demand for 50-50 1938..

    all because Tamils beleive they are a seperate nation... and this notion of tamils wanting to have a seperate state is

  47. could go on and on..till...600bce

  48. ...current... situation is...

    1. LTTE...doens't represent Tamils..
    2. Tamils live peacefuly every where
    3. Tamils ony a very small minority in SL i beleive... LTTE is fighting in the wrong country...

  49. Guys,

    Please don't get sucked into a useless argument with terrorists. There's no point trying to figure out who's right or who's wrong just now. Focus on the bomb blast and focus on the fact that it was carried out by terrorists. And focus on the fact that we will never give into terrorism.

    Don't mind Peter, Shyam & Bhairav, in the previous thread, in their own words they admitted to the following:

    1. Ethnic cleansing
    2. Terrorism
    3. Ealam is a new thing that they've created since 83

    Enough said!

    Peter, Shyam, Bhairav & all the other terrorists,

    What the hell are you doing here? Have you no shame? You’ve just committed mass murder and still show your face in here trying to justify your actions. Get lost.

    Don’t beg from us here please. You guys begging us here is an insult to those brainwashed kids who are dying in your name on the FDL’s. If you feel so strongly about it, go and fight.

    You guys begging here is turning out to be a serious nuisance. You are not welcome here. This blog is for Sri Lankan patriots. So just get lost.

  50. Parakrama...

    I get your poitn...but there was this satisfaction to see these MFs get stuck when we argue with them...on facts to facts...

    You are very right..these pigs have just commited a mass murder...and they have no place in the civilise society we represent and we want to foster...

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Blogger Brave1 said...

    ...current... situation is...

    1. LTTE...doens't represent Tamils..
    2. Tamils live peacefuly every where
    3. Tamils ony a very small minority in SL

    As tamil we say, LTTE is our soul representatives , Tamils not living peacefully in this country and tamils are the 2nd majority of this island ... its all what the tamils have to decide ..not you or any other Sons of ----...........

  53. We should expect more bombs like this, in public buses, trains, markets, schools, ... every where, any time. Giving explanations to LTTE agents in this blog will not stop this civilian deaths. We need to aim zero civilian casualties in south and atleast it will minimise it. The only way to do this is be alert and vigiliant.

    If you have time please try to spend it helping on those civilians injured in some way or help SLDF. It will give you real satisfaction, much higher than argueing with dumb terrorists.

  54. Brave1,

    Well said about the cause of this problem! It's due to extreme racism & nationalism of some power hungry Tamil politicians.

    Sri Lanka will always be one country.

    I just wish these idiots would stop begging us, it's a serious nuisance.

    These terrorists have no shame, they just committed mass murder and come in here trying to drag the focus away from their filthy habit.

  55. Shyam,

    What would you call the bomb today? Remember, it was a civilian train and the bomb went off at the busiest time. So the intention is to kill as many civilians as possible. So, what do you call that?

  56. Shyam...

    SO..truth hurts..and...and you forget the language too...hehehe

    1. and now that you cann't talk of being the sole representative ... LTTE has adopted an intangible notion of "SOUL" foot... (one point lost)

    2. Go to MONDY.. go ODEL ... Go to House of Fashion Go to Crescat ... and count how many tamils wander around enjoying their affluence..and buying stuff which can be considered very expensive... (seconf point gone)

    3. With just more than 8% you can be the seconf biggest major race... MY FOOT... then JVP is the 4th or 3rd largest party in EPC... MY FOOT... (whats left now)

    ..For the Tamil gal who lost her sight from the CB bomb..LTTE is aonly a terrorists...

  57. Blogger Parakrama said...

    its something really bad targeting civilians..but its unfair to say that the LTTE is the reason for the bombing with out any investigations...there are possibilities to point others ...because its a tough tie for the gov by increasing prices ... they have to divert every1s mind from those they might choose this way every1 is silent no1 speaks about the prices or anything.....

  58. LTTE is a bunch of MFs...

    I lost one cousine in previous Dehiwala train bomb..she was prity

    We need to be hard to ensure that..all these LTTE MFs are....vanquished

  59. Shyam..

    u are a joker worse than the joker of bagdad...

    let me come over..and slap you out of your day dream...

  60. Shyam,

    Of course Shyam, it's unfair for us to assume that LTTE would be responsible for single drop of blood cos they are a bunch of saints.....give me a break.

    Why do you piss against the wind so often?

    You are like a dog that is chasing it's own close but SO FAR AWAY....

    We made the mistake of jumping the gun on LTTE atrocities until one of your lot admitted to ethnic cleansing and terrorism. And of course Bala admitted to killing I have to say more?

    So, answer my question please? What do you call the bomb blast in the train today? Is that part of your "liberation struggle" or is that "terrorism"?

  61. Parakrama said...

    according to me it have been done by the Gov MAHINDAR... so i call this as state terrorism .... what u call this

  62. Shyam,

    I call it wishful thinking!

  63. Shaym . Why are you bothering about our prices ?All Sri lankans should bother about it not you if you are not a Sri lankan.
    Are we talking about prices in US or Canada etc..
    Are you Srilankan?

  64. Shyam,

    I also call it "have you lost your mind???".

    DefenceNet has deleted racist posts (which is good), cos if they were there you wouldn't be able to say this as you admitted this was "retaliation" and "it's sad but this is what happens...."

    You either have amnesia or you are a two faced moron who is stupid enough to contradict himself!

  65. Suranimala;

    i am not bothering about your prices .. its our success coz we are making the gov to suffer by all the way cause a lot of problems like ..they are unable to buy weapons ..unable to pay SLA coolies .. unable to give good meals for its people ...

    we are quite success ...we are celebrating it ...

  66. Shyam,

    Fuel price hike and general price hikes in Sri Lanka has nothing to do with you. Full prices are going up everywhere in the world and due to this food prices are going up, everywhere in the world. If you are from this world, you'd have noticed this!

  67. Some questions for Shyam...

    That is why all Sri Lankan governments in the last 15 years have continued to send food and other essential supplies to the north, even though it was well known that the Tiger Terrorists took their share. "The only government which feeds the terrorists who are fighting it" remarked one UN official!

    If Tamils had their own homeland, why did they not sign the Kandyan Convention and allow the Kandyan chiefs alone to sign the Convention which handed over the entire island to the British King in March 1815?

    During the 133 years (1815 to 1948) that the British ruled over Sri Lanka as one country, why did not the Tamils demand to be treated separately?

    Or when the British were leaving in 1948, why did not these Tamils, like the Tamils in South India, demand that they be given a separate state? At that time the Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers and Muslim politicians fought as one people, one nation, to get independence! All this goes to show, that that there could not have been a separate Tamil kingdom in Sri Lanka.

  68. SO..the concept of historic rule over Jaffna by Tamil king is RUBISH.....

  69. [We need to be hard to ensure that..all these LTTE MFs are....vanquished

    Never doubt the ability if Sri Lankans to fight the LTTE head on!

    We have done a spectacular job in defanging the LTTE mad dogs... An amazing achievement.

    Let's unite this difficult hour and redouble our efforts to totally wipe them out.

    When we look back... we have come a long, long way ... little more to go...


    Tell it to the birds!

  70. ok shyam .then no need to mention 1000 times about our prices . because we know about the prices in our country and no one is interested about it. try to talk about some thing have to bother about it only if you are a Srilankan. Otherwise there is no point of talking about it.

  71. Shyam said (we are quite success ...we are celebrating it)
    In which place are you going to celebrate it?US,Canada or norway?
    because east is already belonging to our Sri lanka and your dream country is having just sakkilinochi?You dont have even jaffna under your vp. So are you going to celebrate it in internet?

  72. Cycle of violence continues!

  73. this is all about sakkiliyas ...can anyone tell me where they coming from? originally from? it was from India or somewhere els?

  74. Gringo,
    The LTTE are at fault.There is no doubt about it.What has happened here is at the end of the day people were too eager to go home ignoring their security.They prefer to get home as soon as possible regardless of the security situation.Why cant the forces conduct a security check on each train before the passengers board.It will take say 1/2 hour more..but it appears that people "dont care" provided they can get home ASAP.This is the only conclusion after the previous bomb on the train.I know people are tired and it is very warm..but surely dont they really care if they are going to reach home in one piece or not?.It appears they dont.

  75. this is from United Kingdom

  76. "By entering the democratic mainstream and agreeing to devolution under the 13th Amendment, Pillaiyan has antagonised not only Prabhakaran but also others who dream of an Eelam without Prabhakaran—they want Prabhakaran to get Eelam and perish so that they could enjoy the fruits of his labour."
    -Editorial (The Island)

    click here.

  77. Blogger SAKKILIYA said...

    this is from United Kingdom

    May 27, 2008 3:33 AM

    Gang wars & young people who have nothing to do

    so much death today

  78. "the West, in the main, considers a military victory of the Sri Lankan state over the LTTE an undesirable outcome and would prefer a negotiated settlement. The West does not recognize a pre-eminent bonding of democratic states fighting terrorism."
    -Dayan Jayathilake

    click here.

  79. it is VERY difficult to stop terrorist attacks on civilians OUTSIDE warzones.

    either largescale abductions should flush-out infiltrators which will also result in civilian casualties or make LTTE pay for each civilian attack. Or both.

    retaliation is not a shallow response. it has deeper repurcussions. if SLDFs retaliate each LTTE attack harder, they are bound to collapse. there is no way tigers can play this game with us for a long time. there are many LTTE instalations near civilian settlements in the north. according to the international law these CAN be attacked. a terror attack on civilians in the south is the IDEAL time to attack these.

    when the SLDFs were in the process of gaining the upperhand in 2006 and early 2007 they used retaliation very effectively. after that they seem to have given it up.

    the present trend is VERY dangerous. if LTTE want to bomb civilians in the south, they will simply bomb their own kind first. then they will repeat it in the south and call it "retaliation". this will not stop until SLDFs re-retaliate.

    things will become worse when SLA marches to mulaitivu. LTTE will say "you are attacking our areas, we will attack your areas" and kill civilians knowing very well that killing civilians is the surest way to bring down the govt. to its knees.

    if I were VP, I will bomb civilians to such an extent to force the govt. to abandon the mulaitivu op.. AND THE GOVT. WILL ABANDON IT. then what? STICK TO THE STRATEGY THAT WORKS WHICH IS KILLING CIVILIANS EVERYTIME I WANT SOMETHING.

    terrorists only want results, they don't care about civilians. SL GOVT. should realise this ASAP.


    (hope i worded it right???)

  80. Peeter said,

    9 is not equal to 16

    A bastard, according to Oxford Dictionary, is a product of two human beings, with legitamcy in short supply.

    Since it has been proven that there are other factors that can affect how a foetus is going to turn out, it is high time the definition was revised in the light of new evidence.

    A bastard claims to be human, because he looks human, thanks to the presence of 23 pairs chromosomes that have been inherited from the two, who took part in the act of creation.

    However, if we sit back and relax that the behaviour of a bastard is determined solely by his genetic make-up, we are going to make a monumental mistake. Because, it simply is not the case.

    A couple can produly claim that a particular offspring is their own . However, behind the scences, so many things could have happened, either by choice or accident, which will have a dramatic impact on the product.

    For instance, if the mother of the misfit had a particular liking for her dog, over her husband, she may have fancied the beast in the hope of getting an extra dose of emotional fun, while being engaged in the carnal act.

    What happens without her knowing during that process is, the spontaneous induction of some charateristics of the beast in the very foetus that she carries and nurtures with such affection and care.

    Once being borne, she can cuddle him, educate him and even turn him into a professional. However, a bastard will never be able to suppress the kind of things he got by spontaneous induction, when his mother was in the act of production.

    A bastard may not grab headlines for raping, exposing genitals in public or abusing children. Nor will he be able to hide the set of traits that is now a part of him for ever. When the opportunity is ripe, however, the bastard loses his ability to hold the traits that he does not want us to see.

    As all straight roads in Europe lead to Rome, the vulgar charateristics displayed by a bastard converge with surgical accuracy towards the birth of the creature.

    The evidence is that it is his mother who is at fault in bringing this dangerous product to the civilized world.

    Repentence must be made compulsory for such individuals, in the name of Peter, the apostle.

  81. Sham,

    there is nothing tamil people can decide in SL. that would be a funny racist referendum where people of a particular race only are allowed to vote!!

    tamil nadu by definition is the tamil homeland. why reinvent the wheel?

    any way tigers have already ruined their future by killing their young in large numbers. the impact of child soldiers and pregnant suicide bombers will be felt not now but in another 20 years.

    LTTE is committing genocide against its own Tamil people. and some lunatics call them sole (and "soul") representatives!. as dbs jeyeraj said recently, the govt need not win the war to win the war. it only needs to keep the pressure on tigers. but i disagree. the govt. should win the war by killing all LTTE terrorists. only then can we save tamils and SL needs tamils just like singapore needs them.

  82. Defencenet,

    I wonder if these bloggers Peter, Shyam, Pekko, dickless warrior ... etc belong to the so called group Internet Black Tigers.

  83. Peter

    [9 does not equal 16]



    I hear from the "farm" (not "booked!" how very marvelous!) when the "cherry picking" is done,

    "9 will not equal 16+18" in the next 48 hours.


    Wow indeed!

    Stupid MF - so you think your killing of innocent Sri Lankans have no dire consequence on your filthy lot? If only you knew the “finer details!”…Yep, think again bastard.

    OaO Asithri

  84. As for my pov about this Dehiwela bombing, I have already expressed it in AsianTribue, so let me not repeat it here, but only provide the link:

    OaO Asithri

  85. Another LTTE leader has been sent to hell:

    An LTTE expert in explosive devices killed in air raid

    All of them seem to be waiting for their turn.... Anybody know his rank?

  86. MosheD

    [the govt. should win the war by killing all LTTE terrorists. only then can we save tamils and SL needs tamils just like singapore needs them. ]

    Aha, words of a wise man I see!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. I would only add "with extreme prejudice" at the end of "killing all LTTE terrorists" as believe me...when your disposition is to kill with "extreme prejudice," you tend to do a super-duper clean job, with no loose-ends, no headaches!

  87. Chamal

    [An expert in explosive devices of the LTTE in Mannar front identified as "Dhora" has been killed in a successful air raid carried out by the SLAF MI-24 helicopters this morning, May 26]

    Well..well...the Mi24 birdies have been chalking up one sucess after another since of late!

    As I said earlier, some reports say the late "brigadier" (my f'ing foot!) Baluraj too was made history not long ago by the Mi-24 birds!


    OaO Asithri

  88. Asithri,

    Of course with extreme prejudice ((c) OAOA). "no loose-ends, no headaches". yep. it is like curing cancer as LTTE IS A CANCER.

    I pray that GOSL will not abandon DPU/LRRP attacks just because terrorists managed to kill civilians. i'm sure there were more than 2 "DPU" attacks following the funeral of Baluraj. for obvious reasons MoD does not take credit for these and TN reports only "civilian" casualties. surely many tiger leaders would have perished.

  89. Crimewatch

    [SLA trying to screw LTTE women Dead Body..]

    Aha, that's too bad you filthy LTTE=UNP=TNA motherfcuker!

    You are just jealous right? I bet you wish how it was not a LTTE woman's dead body, but instead was your mother's living body?


    OaO Asithri

  90. Asithri soid:

    some reports say the late "brigadier" (my f'ing foot!) Baluraj too was made history not long ago by the Mi-24 birds!

    If this is true, then it's relly good to see the SLAF finally putting the MI-24's to good use. The hinds are one of the best ground attack helicopters that we can get our hands on to and has a reputation of being a very destructive weapon, but SLAF has not being doing justice to that until very recently. After all 'yuddeta nathi kaduwa kos kotannada?'

  91. MosheD

    The inside scoop from Vanni has it that the LTTE honchos now travel in ordinary vans in which innocent Tamils too travel (most civilians don't even know these bastards as they are so reclusive and rarely come out in public I hear - fearing the Kfirs/MiGs) as their belief is that the DPUs will not attack such vehicles.

    Despite the LTTE orchestrated negative publicity around the DPUs, it is believed that the DPUs have been able to "neutralize" quite a sizable LTTE leadership layer with their deadly and stealth attacks (which LTTE will not publicize for the obvious reasons and no, even our own DPUs will not say a word!)

    The DPUs are indeed damn deadly that the LTTE asked very specifically that they be dismantled in the CFA - the agreement Ranil the Pussy-Pansy signed with the LTTE's Dracula!

    OaO Asithri

  92. chamal,

    may be after we (including me) were literally begging for more use of Mi-24s?????

    it was known as the DEVIL'S CHARRIOT in afghanistan, a name given by none other than the taliban/mujahiddin/al qaeda. although many Mi series copters were destroyed in afghanistan, the hinds have proven their worth. anyway it is the most popular attack heli. in the world.

    if we can replace its 12.7mm gun with a 30mm one, it would be simply EJACULATING non-stop on LTTE MFs and their Ms!

  93. Mama joker Assithiri,

    How is your memorial holiday treating you? It seems that you are one frustrated man as you always speak about mama and cherry picking. All I can say that if your frustration is so high, take a walk in the central park where many cheap cherries will be walking around to fulfill a midget like you.

  94. [Mama joker Assithiri,]

    Not really…they aren’t mere jokes when it comes to your own LTTE filthy, unwashed mama!

    Wow! Now howz that umpire? LMSSAO!!!

    [How is your memorial holiday treating you? ]

    Thanks for asking scummie…it was spent with some of us preparing to meet with US law enforcement agency tomorrow on a very important matter….aha, enough said.

    [It seems that you are one frustrated man as you always speak about mama and cherry picking. ]

    It doesn’t have to be your mamas…I’ll gladly pop your virgin sisters’ cherries too…it you promise to cease cowardly killing innocent Sri Lankans!

    [….to fulfill a midget like you]

    Now now…funny you should say that when last night it was your mama who gagged!

    Gawd, the things I do for MotherLanka, to promote ethnic harmony!!!

    LMSSAO!!! No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  95. @ asithri

    very funny.

    @ Shyam
    Have a Q.
    How can you say LTTE is the soul representative of Tamils?

  96. MosheD

    [it was known as the DEVIL'S CHARRIOT in afghanistan]


    I once met a fairly old guy in London who was from Tanzania and he had fought with the FRELIMO in the wars during Julius Nyerere’s time in Tanzania, for Mozambican independence. This was the time during cold war and what he told me about the Hinds that were supplied by the former USSR to Julius and used with deadly consequences in that horrific war was indeed very memorable.

    What he told me about the Hinds (long before SLAF started using them) was they were known as the “flying Tanks” given the sheer firepower they possessed and mind you, he was talking about the Mi-24 much earlier versions.

    OaO Asithri

  97. [Sri Lanka Special Task Force (STF) commandos in Ea'raavor opened fire on Muslim civilians who protested against the abduction of two Muslim youths by the TMVP paramilitary by blocking the Vaazhaichcheani Batticaloa main road Monday around 5:00 p.m., killing a mother and wounding a 24-year-old youth, according to initial reports. The protests intensified as another /Muslim from Ea'raavoor, was abducted Monday by the paramilitary and subjected to torture inside a Coconut farm in Thannaamunai. He was freed by the Sri Lankan forces. Around 300 families of both the communities have displaced from the border areas. A police curfew was imposed at 6:00 p.m. ]

    What have to say about this by our three quarter(3/4), Mr.Riyaz

  98. OK time to go attend a midnight pongu-thamil rally...

    Catch you patriots later...

    OaO Asithri

  99. Another Good blog

  100. guys guys...why do you have to wasted time with the board clown "Shyam" :)
    he's nothing but a total idiot living far away from SL not knowing much about what's going on in this country...
    even if he did the amoeba doesn't have enough brains to analyze things in an intelligent manner :)

  101. CM (Pundayan) admits TMVP abductions

    Chief Minister Pillayan
    CM admits TMVP members are responsivble for recent abductions in the east
    Newly appointed Chief Minister of the Eastern Province has admitted that members of his organisation are responsible for the recent kidnappings in Eravur.

    Speaking to BBC Tamil Service, Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan known as Pillayan admitted that the person accused of abducting two Muslims in Eravur is amember of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP).

    "The person who was involved in the abduction has been handed over to police," CM Pillayan told LR Jegatheesan of BBC Tamil Service.

  102. Bhairav,

    It is so pathetic to see how narrow minded you are. You only seem to worry about one community. For me every civilian life is important. Looking at yesterday's blast pics makes me very sad.

    First you learn to value human lives. I am against terrorism from any quarters be it muslims tamils or sinhalese. And remember every action has a reaction. and what goes around comes around.

  103. guys Whats tha clip in YOUTUBE.. I cant seems to view it now anybody got new link.. thanks

  104. yes.

    [CriMeWatCh said...
    Pls comment on this. HOT video during Vanni FDL this month]

    can anyone give a new link to this video please???

  105. That video shows dead LTTE eunuchs. Youtube has removed it because of policy violations.

  106. @ bongu

    Ya men, Seriously violated. will see another alternative.. to upload the 3gp clip.

  107. every DPU action there will be a reaction in south this is a message wow...that should be..the lession for your MR,kotta

  108. Riyaz said...

    It is so pathetic to see how narrow minded you are. You only seem to worry about one community. For me every civilian life is important. Looking at yesterday's blast pics makes me very sad.

    First you learn to value human lives. I am against terrorism from any quarters be it muslims tamils or sinhalese. And remember every action has a reaction. and what goes around comes around.

    May 27, 2008 10:34 AM

    Riyaz, you ashole few weeks backing the SLA asholes Now trying to put you cap to othe side MUKKAl pundeyandi.. you know what is going on all your mukkal in baticaloa soon they will go to vanni to seek refugee Asylum status.. any way mukkal all are tamils but they never understand..very sad what happening in bati...

  109. What ever the actions of DPU it will not make a difference in BOMBS on civilians. They will Kill Innocent civilians because thats all they can do. When the army captured Madu church thier was no civilian nor LTTE deaths but then also LTTE bombed innocent civilians. I really feel bad for those poeple who died in killinochi. if DPU was resposible i urge that they take more precautions not have another mistake like that. But I know that NO Tamil Tigger will feel any pain for civilians who dye in the south. Again Dont accept any from brainwashed pigs...

  110. Hey, my name is peter as well. I have the right to post as i wish. It's not right of you to stop a patriot and allow a coolie.

  111. Hey Rupa-asscum,

    Shut up and start masturbating

  112. Well Peter you have the right but I think you better think of another alternate Call Sign since (Peter Anna) already has that name here and he is loved by everyone here :) If you take my drift.. ;)

  113. Hey, you assholes in Canada,

    You should know that the vast majority of the people in colombo want to live in peace together. NObody has an objection to anybody else being there. What these coolies are trying to do is cause suspicion among these peaceful communities by doing these things.
    If there is a situation as you call it how can you explain the demographics of the capital? You cum swallowing sh*t shoul leave your igloos in canada and see the ground reality.

  114. Personally, I am so happy about this:

    ... because I have been lobbying this for long time.

    Patriotic Sri Lankans... reach for your wallets... and GIVE GENEROUSLY... to our proud forces.
    You owe big time for them.

  115. The return of rupa.... another brave keyboard warrior reinforces the mighty brainless LTTE supporters. Anyway, a really intelligent comment from our old and not so much missed friend 'rupa':

    "you know what is going on all your mukkal in baticaloa soon they will go to vanni to seek refugee Asylum status.."

    Yeah... I guess that's why the LTTE 'awarded' them refugee status in the east some years ago, now obviously LTTE is going to take them back to protect them from SLA. I'm amazed at how sympathetic the LTTE are. I guess they were chased out of the east for their own protection in the first place.... to avoid them getting killed by SLAF bombings

  116. Rupa,

    All I say is lets wait and see.. You can dream of another 1983 situation, but only can DREAM

  117. People are more matured than u terras think. The Terras can plant 1000's of bombs in 'South' but they cant provoke. Thats for sure, it will only go towards the people in the south to go hard and finish off this terras

  118. ""we are quite success ...we are celebrating it ...""
    -quote of the day

    Huh, SUCCESS my a**...

    The alleged DPU attack in wanni occured sumwhere in between Akkaraayan and Kilinochchi. Distance from Kilinochchi - the heart of Peelamland to the location is about 10-15 km.

    You have only two square miles of land to defend in which half of it is jungle, but still your brave special forces bata slippers regiments cannot protect your own poor unarmed Civilians from enemy attacks !!!! what a shame.!

    Toooo bad ..., very very bad my dear as the rulers of 2 sq:miles land is nothing but militery armed to the teeth and you guys in Sakkilinochchi simply dissapointed the whole lot of toliet cleaners around da world who fund your ass. Is this the protection you are giving to your beloved citizens of Peelam land??

    And now read again,..a MF says
    "we are quite a success ...we are celebrating it ..."


  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. [All I say is lets wait and see.. You can dream of another 1983 situation, but only can DREAM]

    I wish there was another black july which will prompt Tamil Separate land in a blink of eye.

    How Pakistan,B'desh,Bosnia and other countries were formed?

    Tens of thousands of Muslims were massacred in the Pakistan Independence from India whereas 10,000s of B'desi men and women paid their lives for their independence, and don't forget the fact it was most probably the biggest mass raping of 20th century as more than 300,000 of B'desi women were raped and impregnanted by rouge Pakistani military in the process of B'desh country.

    The Shock Doctrine of Naomi KLein is a good book to start with if you are newbie to many things.

    I do not mind to lose few thousands of lives for permanent peace in SL as we will see two countries emerging in this tiny island.

  121. interested in this? try i update it more than this guy, not just about sri lanka either...

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. A conversation in a (on a) cabinet meeting of a dreamland:

    Leader P: We need a separate country, just like Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Colonel Shya: Pakistan and Bangladesh got it after a large number of their own got killed by the other race.
    Captain Pete: So, I think, if we want a separate country, we need as many of our own to get killed by Sinhalese.
    Leader: hmmm... now how can we get a lot of us killed by Sinhalese?
    Colonel Shya: We'll try bombing their places of worship and randomly killing innocent people and agitate the stupid Sinhalese so they'll kill us.
    Captain Pete: We tried all that. But it's not that easy. I think these stupid Sinhalese are too lazy to kill us now.
    Lieutenant Bhai: Wait a second. I have a brilliant idea. Why can't we kill our own and blame it on Sinhalese?
    Leader: Who said that?
    Lieutenant Bhai: I did.
    Leader P: You are promoted to Brigadier.
    Brigadier Bhai: Thank you.

  124. wonder you are on the process of getting "bata" award for the script writing for your soap opera.

  125. "Yesterday, addressing a meeting of editors and electronic media heads President Mahinda Rajapaksa vowed to go ahead with his military campaign at any cost until the LTTE was defeated, according to a report in this newspaper today. He must be having reasons for being so confident. His pronouncement demonstrates that Prabhakaran’s terror strikes have not had the desired impact on the State. "
    -Editorial, The Island

  126. Hemantha

    while the Prez talks big, he needs to make certain the differentiator between him (and the SL state) and the terrorist group do not fade away. There are a lot of interested parties such as the Scandinavian operators who are interested in painting us also with the same brush.
    This is where it becomes imperative that the diplomatic offensive by him as the President must reach the white House and EU Parliament as well.

  127. Asithri

    I am interested in your efforts, since we seem to be working on similar agendas and even with connected groups. Maybe I even know you...aint' it a small world.

    But I'd ask you brother, to refrain from making declarations that are not necessary in a public forum.

  128. bhairav

    Listen to your daddy..too much masterbation is already making your mind woozy.

    There never will be more than one Sri lanka, from the tip of jaffna, to the sandy beaches of Galle.

  129. Good News to MR A** Lickers
    Diecel has gone up by 20 more RUPEES.

    Uddha karanna Mamita Dolar Ne wage.

    Mahinda Mami Lankawama Hirakarala uddhe karanawa wage, Apiwa kanna hadanawa.

    Pu*e Panuwo kalama merenna One.

  130. hemantha said...
    "Yesterday, addressing a meeting of editors and electronic media heads President Mahinda Rajapaksa vowed to go ahead with his military campaign at any cost until the LTTE was defeated, according to

    wooo opss....take a look in past how many of your presidents promised ....,long life to MR may be the Next bomb for his speach

  131. defencenet,

    Why is there a 1ull in fighting? weather again?

  132. LTTE coolies,

    from the pov of the war, i think it is better to replace MR with RW; not RW the pussy but RW the hawk. RW-MS or RW-KJ would be a better team to beat the shitt out of the LTTE.

    he has already criticised the govt. over sending free medicine to LTTE. the war would finish in no time if the free medicine flow to killinochchi and mulaitivu is stopped. every media considers him to be a BIGGER HAWK than MR.

    when JRJ was there LTTE supporters said he was the worst. when RP was there they said he was the worst. when DBW was there they said he was the worst. when CBK was there they said she was the worst. now when MR is there they say he is the worst.

    don't you see that every new prez. is worse than his predecessor for the LTTE????

    so lets bomb MR. its going to be fantastic thereafter.

    malathi brigade will use my condoms in leiu of bandages. instead of anti-tetanus vaccines LTTE cadres will use tree roots. all wounded tigers will be dead tigers in no time.

    don't forget this is the trump card and RW has promised to play it. threaten to take him to brussels or the hague. nothing will change. he is an old man with no further interests in politics!!

  133. Crimewatch
    [Diecel has gone up by 20 more RUPEES.]

    You motherfcuking LTTE=UNP arsehole…did you realize that Sri Lankans are still paying way, way below the price for crude oil than they should be according to the world market price for fuel and as such they should be paying something close to 70% more at the pumps?

    Did you realize that today Iran is selling SL an oil barrel for $110 whereas the world market price is now hovering around $130 today and the fact that Iran is selling us at this reduced price is only due to the goodwill President MR was able to cultivate with the Iranian President Ahamedineja?

    Stupid motherfcuking moron…learn some world economics before you open your filthy uneducated, kussi-amma mouth…maybe you should be sucking LTTE Prabha’s fat dick more often and that way your filthy mouth will stay occupied and away from making this type of Anti-GOSL/Anti-SLDF but Pro-RanilW pansy=LTTE statements!

    Bloody filthy dog-tick you said in swabhasha…

    [Mahinda Mami Lankawama Hirakarala uddhe karanawa wage, Apiwa kanna hadanawa. Pu*e Panuwo kalama merenna One.]

    Neha, umbey ammage hutthey panuwo kala e para hutthi merenna oney! RW=LTTE supporting dasa-wesigey puutha, awajathaka desha-virodhi paraya…gihilla goo kaapan!

    Wow! I guess I am still very good at choice “swabhasha” when provoked to resort to!


    OaO Asithri

  134. Patriots-

    This "crimewatch" bastard is very much like the RW=LTTE supporting "Chintana" type of paraya (likely the same with a diff handle here) that I have met at LNP and have had the pleasure of castrating - with unmitigated glee!

    OaO Asithri

  135. TropicalS

    [But I'd ask you brother, to refrain from making declarations that are not necessary in a public forum.]

    Point well taken bro...from a broader strategic/tactical as well as a personal standpoint.

    As it is the "law enforcement authorities" are likely tracking my www movements as I have received certain...let's say "unwarranted attention" and they hope to catch the bastards who gave me that unwarranted attention.

    OaO Asithri

  136. kumare

    [wooo opss....take a look in past how many of your presidents promised ....,]

    True...however, no president of OURS has kicked your bloody esticles so hard as President MR to the point that you remembered the milk you drank from your LTTE whore-mother!


    OaO Asithri

  137. esticles = testicles

    Then again...LTTE MF have esticles as opposed to testicles?


    OaO Asithri

  138. OK time to go for the phase II of the midnight pongu-thamil rally and this time it is without, got to run and change to my b'day suit!


    PEACE to all patriots...

    OaO Asithri

  139. when the number of threads suddenly jump by 4-5 around this time, you know the scorpion is out hunting!!

    confronted with this scorpion, there is only one way to escape - SHUT UP.

    cheers OAOA. don't get into probs with the "authorities".

  140. Pala Ponna Asithri, Waren Lankawata therei. Loka welandapolada Mahindage Welanda polada mila ganang kiyala.

    Puka denawa kiyala mehemath ponna wesige puthek pusithri, umabage ammalawage moda huththila nisathamai mahinda wesawo presiddiyw paiya wananne, puluwannam ganing katata..
    Ponna Asithri umbe boru saddeta selenne pakayo, tho hithuwada tho pi tharam nuwanakkara pakayek thawa lankawe ne kiyala.

    muluratama duk vindinawa pennene, thota ponna mahindai paiyai vitharai pennne. paraya.

    DN, sorry for typing like these. your friend started advising me in such manner. if you wanna delete this comment pls delete pusi ponna's too or leave it.

  141. Bhairav said...
    I do not mind to lose few thousands of lives for permanent peace in SL as we will see two countries emerging in this tiny island.
    come and volunteer yourself and we'll start from you..but like your dumb leader I don't think you have the guts to do that face the reality and stop barging about the things you cant do..

  142. CriMeWatCh said...
    Pala xxxxx Asithri,
    hey...keep your political views away from this and mind you language..we are against LTTE..not each other..think twice before you open your mouth

  143. @ Archangel

    Helow BABA, Didn't you read you Thoththa baba Pusithri's language?

    This is the first time i guess i used Majority language in is blog, but P**** Pusithri is a daily shitting on this blog cant u all see those ha.

    I do Against LTTE as well as current governing systems + MR's politics

    there are people started the same during the beginning period. but it fades out after a certain period.

    Stupid Politics, Poor suffers thats my issue..

  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. Crimewatch,

    Umbath Ranil W wagema ponna kariyek. "Janatha paramadhipathya". Bada gena withrak hithana wesige puthaala. Thopilata jeewath wenna thawath paramparawak nethi nisada mehema hithanne. Thopilage ponna kamata api monawa karannadha?

    Apita lamai innawa. Thawa paramaparawak thiyenawa jeewath wenna me rate..

    LTTE eka nisa duk windinne ahinsaka demala minissu. Umabala wage ponnayo nemei..
    Kariya.. (crimewatch)ponna wesa mawan..

  146. @

    Enakku lalla theriyumda, adunale than I HATE MR.

    Michcham irukka sandadi wazla wenum adunalathan anda pusithri pundayandi mela kowam.

    neenga pechchila pee.


  147. crymewatch,

    hey man i'm impressed with your sinhala. honestly (no joke intended) you are more fluent than me. if all the tamils are as fluent in sinhala as you, i recon there won't be a problem in SL.

    according to interpol, even VP talks in sinhala although he pretends he doesn't.

    blloody hypocrites.

  148. People who doesn’t have backbone will comes with the awful words and those who cannot continue with a logic please keep your mouth quiet. DN, there are some kids here please remove their comments. Next time when you approve the people please check their age.

  149. Crime watch,

    ha haha ha..

    "Muttal pee midhiththal moondruedam"

    Poittu nakku VP_da sooothu...

  150. LTTE withdraws 45 KM from Parayalakulam to Mallavi

  151. Guys,

    UNP has gone mad; I see pictures of bullock carts, navigated by people, who in reality, loathe them. All for one day and for camera.

    Is this the behaviour of a credible opposition?

    Farce after farce!

    I saw a picture of a woman MP on a bullock cart. It is funny.

    She should be careful about the horns of the beast. The bull is notorious when it comes to random shaking of its head.

    Hope this woman keeps her distance from the beast or keeping the accident and emergency unit at the general hospital on stand-by - until her journey ends.

    We don't want her to display the ancient punishment - Ula thiyeema -
    with a modern dimension.

    I want her guardian angels to take care of her until this stunt is over.

  152. Hey Guys I just did a search in YouTube for LTTE clips for the last week and there is a majority of clips showing preparation to re-take Jaffna. What are the possibilities of an attack? Because for my non military brain I think its baseless since they would have to take the SLAF head on. So my guess they are just feeding bullshit to those idiots abroad to send them more blood money. Anyway can they lunch full-scale attack to re-take Jaffna? Your comments?

  153. If they to have attack & CONTROL Jaffna, they need to overrun more than 40,000 SLDF.
    So IF (That is a BIG IF) they are going to do that, then they cant maintain the same strengths in Welioya + Mannar fronts. So they will endup in No gainings in the jaffna while they will be loosing vital grounds from the south.So it will only SANDWITCH them up to be Tasted....
    So they would not be rushing for an offensive to Jaffna.

  154. LTTE know that they can't win this war. But they must do something to satisfy the fools who live in abroad and support them by sending money.

    They just cheating the innocent tamils.

  155. @

    aiyo saiyo..

    any way something will start in big scale.. I mean LTTE. cos the PIG is so silence for months.. thats my guess. like what happened to Anuradhapura Base.

    Budhu ammo

  156. What the hell UNP is doing in this crucial moment ??

    Ape gona - YouTube Video

  157. Hmmm these UNP Women should show some respect to thier leader its ok to tell Gonna at home but in the street addressing Ranil as GONNA !!!

  158. Might read this article, food for thought:

  159. I saw a photo where a sri lankan soldier was wearing high soled boots and clearing mines.

    This makes me think that at least some damage control can be done against APMs using this kind of boots. We need to set up a R&D efforst to come up with the best boot that can save our soldiers limbs and lives.

    People look at what is going on in this blog. Everybody is enjoyingly engaging in the bickering going on here.

    Shall we concentrate on the above topic if there is nothing else to contribut to?

    I think we need some moderators among contributors. I suggest they shout "FOUL chamal" (just as an example) if people try to go astray. Let the Terrorist supporters here dance the dust devil in here. I say we ignore them and let Defencenet delete them with impunity when he gets the time.

  160. 'All blasts, no Eelam' - The Island Editorial

    Guys read the Island editorial.

  161. thambala,

    "I suggest they shout "FOUL chamal" (just as an example) if people try to go astray"

    Did I go astray? Sorry then.... but I haven't written crap here, just answering what they write. Somebody with less knowledge about the situation in SL might take it for real if we leave them just like that. It's the same happening with tamilnet etc, only on a much larger scale.

  162. Chamal it was only an example...

  163. Hey you rucist cummies,

    You sakkili assworms. Everyone knows you don't clean your asses after your elders assfuck you. Your asses are full of kari_panuwo.

  164. Hey you makkal pade!

    Is "pada areema" the only thing you asslicking bithches can do?

  165. @ sandun

    seems like its a GOVT set video.

    Purposely done that for BULATH people

  166. Where is peter_the_coolie?

    We are missing that asshole. He was putting racist comments all the time. Buggers like bhairav Shyam have replaced him these days.

  167. The terror coolies have made toronto their base. We can't really blame the canadian politicians for their stance because they are just politicians, hungry for a vote be it anyone.

    Why can't our patriots have this kind of an influence in melbourne? I know that it is sometimes called little sri lanka for the large amount of sri lankans there. Can't we influence and educate the people their of the menace back home?

    Anybody from melbourne here?

  168. Peter the new

    You dont have to shout like an ediot because ur putting your self down to the same level as "peter_the_coolie". before you tell others please correct your self. This is not place to bad mouth another person. We are here because of DN's input and to see what others feel about this war. So please dont act like Uneducated person.

  169. thambala,
    ok mate.... thought I had said something wrong.

    Some wise guys have been changing wikipedia articles related to sri lankan conflict in a way that shows SL forces and government in a bad light and justifying LTTE's 'liberation struggle'. (Eg: making it look like massacres that were carried out by the LTTE were actually carried out by SLA, But there have been a lot more changes like this. Just some crap without any references, mostly dreamed up stuff) These changes are of course reverted but not instantly, and somebody (who is unaware of the actual situation) reading before they are changed is likely to get the wrong idea, particularly as it is a site that is read by people all over the world. If any of you guys are editing wikipedia please watch these pages and try to help in keeping this situation under control.

  170. chamal

    Now that is something we all can do instead of shouting at other people we can try to correct those areas wikipedia. We all have access so i think we can try to do something about that..

  171. when i menat access i said about webaccess.. at least we can put a petition on the area's of disagreement.. i think wikipedia allows u that..

  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. [Sri Lanka should get ready to face energy crisis -- President ]

    Dear President:

    Here's a tested solution (in Brazil, for example). Lead us in this new thinking.

    Once the North is liberated, use the whole area to grow corn or other Ethanol making crops.

    Then introduce legislation to convert all petrol-diesel based vehicles to run on 70-100% Ethanol.

    Now that's a dream that's VERY REALISTIC.

    Sri Lankans demand challenges, fight and action under your leadership... not lip-service.

  174. Chamal,
    That is really Something we all can contribute.

  175. DW has a interesting update

  176. []

    Now where is that 'failed' state in this report?

    hoooo.... hooooohhhh.... hooohhh.

    Great to see stupid LTTE coolies wasting their money and time...


  178. Gringo....

    U'll be grinning more with this...

    Hope you read this....

    I'm sure u'll be haaapppyyyy.

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. Guys,
    I see a lot of people struggling with giving a link in this forum. I shall give you the HTML tag which I learnt recently from a friend, to post a link in this forum.
    If I pasted the exact code here, then it will become a link. So I shall give you most of the code in one line and the last four charachters in another line. This shoudld clear a lot of things up!

    <,a, href,=,"Paste Link"(Line1)
    <,/,a,> (Line3)
    (Take the comas out from ALL three lines I'm having to use them cos the post will come all muddles if I dont :P)

    Please copy and paste the link you wish to post and finish the tag with the code: (line 3)
    Eg: insert:
    [ can use if you did not like tamilnet for some reason :) :)] between the inverted comas in line one and paste the line two just after the word 'Link' (line 2) and the link should nicely appear on the post.

  181. Without Prejudice
    by D.B.S. Jeyaraj
    May 6th, 2008

    Thirty-two years ago, on May 5th 1976 , around 40 - 50 Tamils met clandestinely at a secret location in the Jaffna peninsula and formed themselves into an organization called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    Umamaheswaran became its leader. Prabakharan was made military commander.A five member committee was appointed to control and co-ordinate the new movement. Both Umamaheswaran and Prabakharan were members of this committee.
    Their objective was unambiguously clear. The LTTE goal was to establish an independent state called Tamil Eelam in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

    A revolutionary armed struggle relying on guerrilla warfare was to be waged against the Sinhala dominated Sri Lankan state.
    Nine days later on May 14th the newly formed Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) passed a resolution at Vaddukkoddai demanding Tamil Eelam-a separate state for the Tamils of Sri Lanka.
    In July 1977 the TULF contested the Parliamentary elections on a secessionist platform. The TULF said in its manifesto that the elections was a referendum and that votes for the party meant a mandate for Tamil Eelam.

    The TULF swept the polls in the Tamil majority electorates of the North-East winning 18 seats.TULF Secretary-General Appapillai Amirthalingam became leader of the opposition.

    The goals of the TULF and LTTE were the same on paper. In practice the relatively moderate TULF was prepared to compromise and eventually agreed to the District Development Councils as an alternative to Tamil Eelam.
    The militant youths referred to as "Boys" did not agree with this and continued to pursue their goal of Tamil Eelam through violent methods.

    The anti-Tamil pogrom of July 1983 was a watershed that brought moderate and militant Tamils together temporarily.
    Meanwhile the LTTE split in two. A large number of members broke away under the leadership of Umamaheswaran and formed the Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE). Some like Nagarajah, Aiyer etc went their own way.

    Only a handful of the original LTTE members remained loyal to Prabakharan. A frustrated Prabakharan went away toIndia and stayed there for a while.
    In his absence a triad comprising Seelan, Mahathaya and Ragu " managed" the LTTE in Sri Lanka.
    At one point the LTTE with its depleted ranks began working together with the Tamil Eelam Liberation organization (TELO) led by Thangathurai and Kuttimani.
    There was a time when Prabakharan wanted to merge the LTTE remnants under him with the TELO and form a new organization.This however did not happen.

    The arrests of TELO leaders Thangathurai , Kuttimani and Jegan by the Navy in 1981 brought an end to the TELO-LTTE cooperation.
    The LTTE began functioning independently under Prabakharan who was both its leader and military commander.Later Charles Anthony alias Seelan became military chief.

    By July 1983 the LTTE cadre numbered thirty. There were twenty-three full-time members and seven part-timers.
    There were also many "helpers" of all ages in different walks of life.

    The LTTE killed 13 soldiers through a landmine at Thirunelvely on July 23rd 1983.
    This resulted in the 1983 anti-Tamil violence. There was a spontaneous "rush" by Tamil youths to join the militant movements and fight for Tamil Eelam. India began training and arming the movements
    The struggle for Tamil Eelam itself underwent many bizarre twists and peculiar turns. There was internecine warfare among the movements. The LTTE became the dominant Tamil group.
    The Indo-Lanka agreement of July 29th 1987 caused a sea change in Tamil politics.

    Except for the LTTE all other Tamil parties and organizations accepted it and opted to give up the Tamil Eelam struggle and accept devolution provided under the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

    The LTTE also agreed initially, surrendered some arms and even accepted a monthly payment of money from New Delhias an "incentive" in the early stages. The tigers however changed track soon and resumed hostilities, daring to take on the Indian army.

    The past years have seen many rounds of peace talks between the LTTE and different governments in Colombo. None of them succeeded and the Coutry suffers endless war interspersed with temporary spells of no-war.

    In the meantime the LTTE has achieved tremendous "growth" in certain aspects. The double digit membership of 1983 is in five digits today.The LTTE is a transnational entity today with front organizations among the wide-spread Tamil Diaspora.
    From 1990 the LTTE has succeeded in keeping under its control sizeable parts of the North-East.. The areaof this "de-facto" state has fluctuated periodically.
    Tiger territory has increased and decreased according to the fortunes of war.Yet there has always been a sphere of LTTE control.

    Within this LTTE area the tigers have set up structures like Police stations, Courts, inland revenue offices,TV, Radio, film unit, newspapers ,banks,immigration and emigration offices, business ventures, farms, etc. The tigers have even drafted their own laws.
    Militarily the LTTE has grown. They have infantry brigades, womens brigades, commando units and specialised divisions for laying mines, sniping, firing mortars and artillery, resisting tanks and armoured cars etc.
    The tigers also have a naval wing known as sea tigers and a fledgling air wing called Air tigers. The LTTE has many marine vessels and a limited number of small aircraft.

    The LTTE also has an elaborate overseas network with the Tamil Diaspora as its base. There are multimple media organs engaging in propaganda and myriad activists raising funds.

    The tigers have the capacity to organize mass demonstrations at short notice in many western cities.

    The LTTE also runs many commercial enterprises in several countries both west and east.They also have a fleet of ships transporting arms acquired overseas to North Sri Lanka.

    In short the LTTE growth in the past 25 years has been phenomenal. It is perhaps the only enterprise run" for, of and by" the Tamil people in Sri Lanka that has registered "success" of this magnitude after July 1983.

    This successful growth has come at immense cost to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

    Vertically the LTTE may have gone up but horizontally the Sri Lankan Tamils have gone down.

    This is the unpleasant and inconvenient truth that the LTTE and acolytes often deny and do not like to hear.

    The first world war was only four years long from 1914 to 1918.The second world war was six years from 1939 to 1945.

    This war for Tamil Eelam has gone on for decades and decades with an intensity and ferocity that has debilitated the Tamil people immensely.

    The Tamil areas have undergone a staggered "scorched earth policy" cunningly implemented in phases by different regimes. Death, injury, destruction, displacement etc are part of daily life.

    Fishing has dwindled. Agriculture has diminished. Industry is virtually non - existent. The economy has decayed and unemployment is rampant. Single parent families, widows, orphans etc are widely prevalent.
    Education the mainstay of Tamils has suffered considerably. Many schools do not function. Hospitals are run down. People are displaced from their homes under the pretext of setting up security zones.
    The quality of life has gone down. Infant mortality rates, malnutrition, stunted growth etc are areas where Tamils in the North-east are affected more.
    The social fabric of Tamil society is torn badly, cultural life shrinks, Values are brutalised. Ethical codes crumble.These are the effects of long term war on a small, powerless people.

    The worst impact has been on demography. Tamils have left the Country in very large numbers. Equally large numbers have moved to areas outside the North and East. Only 42 % of Sri Lankan Tamils are said to be living in the North-East now.

    Some years ago at a seminar in Colombo retired Indian Judge V. Krishna Iyer stated that Tamils be given full autonomy.

    Former Central Bank governor N.U.Jayewardena wrote to the newspapers in response.
    NU made three observations. Firstly he said the Sri Lankan population would stabilise to zero growth in 2025. Secondly he said that the high rates of Tamils leaving the Country indicated that the Tamils would only be 1.9 % in 2025. Thirdly NU said that 1. 9 % was a "manageable minority that need not be given autonomy".
    Thanks to comparatively higher educational standards and social problems like dowry, late marriages, aversion to female children etc the Tamil birth rate has been on the decline even before 1983.

    The census figures of 1963, 1971 and 1981 show gradual decrease percentage wise. If a proper census is taken now the Tamil population percentage would be much less. It may not be 1. 9 % as NU said but it could certainly be less than 5%.

    The Tamils may have proved a point by taking up arms against the state dominated by the numerically larger Sinhala people. But ultimately demomgraphy would defeat the Tamils.

    The LTTE and its supporters often assert that a guerilla movement fighting for the goal of national liberation cannot be defeated militarily. This may or may not be true but the point to be taken note of is something else.
    If the prolonged armed struggle for Tamil Eelam is leading to a gradual decline of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka then the ultimate losers will be the Tamils themselves.

    A minority would be made a microscopic minority and therefore made easily manageable by the numerical majority.

    It does not matter then whether the LTTE is defeated or not because the Tamils will be weakened quantitatively and qualitatively.

    To put it bluntly the so called "Sinhala state" need not win this war. All it has to do is prolong the war and sustain the pressure. The Tamils would be drastically reduced in numbers . This is already happening in the Island.

    It is against this backdrop that the LTTE turned 32 on May 5th.

    Through the sacrifices and dedication of its cadre on the one hand and the ruthless violence and authoritative intolerance on the other hand the LTTE has become the dominant politico-military force of the Sri Lankan Tamils today.
    The tigers have become the self-appointed sole representatives of the Tamil people.

    This columnist does not accept the LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamils.

    Not merely the LTTE but no entity on earth can claim to be the sole representatives of a nation or people.

    The reality however is that the LTTE remains today the dominant entity among Sri Lankan Tamils. It is the single-most powerful non-state actor among Tamils.
    Along with such power should come a sense of responsibility. As former British premier Stanley Baldwin once observed "power without responsibility has been the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages".

    The LTTE has been the determining force in Sri Lankan politics for many years. Tragically the tigers have been the sole arbiters of Tamil destiny in Sri Lanka.
    The LTTE asserts that creating Tamil Eelam is the only solution and that Tamils must suffer and sacrifice in order to achieve it.
    According to tiger acolytes Velupillai Prabakharan is the only Tamil leader steadfastly advocating the cause of Tamil Eelam. All others have abandoned it and are therefore traitors.
    But the multi-crore question is at what cost?

    The Bible queries whether it is worth gaining the whole world and yet lose one's soul.

    There is a Tamil provern "Suvar irunthaal thaan Sithiram varaiyalaam". (One can draw a fresco only if a wall exists). Can Tamil Eelam be established in the Island while the Tamil people get reduced in numbers?

    There is also the question of whether the LTTE can achieve Tamil Eelam? The real estate it controlled once has shrunk in size. Can it recapture these areas militarily?

    The tigers have alienated the Muslims living in the North and East and also the Sinhalese. In recent times due to the Karuna revolt a large number of Eastern Tamils have spurned the quest for Tamil Eelam.

    There is also the case of Tamils living outside the North-East. Unless there is violence like in India during the time of partition most of them would not like to return to Tamil Eelam.

    The expatriate Tamils of an older generation may say emotionally that they would return but very few would actually do so.
    As for the second generation they are-as Prabakharan himself once commented-a "lost generation" (tholainthu pona santhathi). At best they may come for extended vacations.

    Apart from the desirability and attainability of Tamil Eelam there is also the question of viability and the situation within Tamil Eelam if it materialises.
    Given the tenacity of the Sri Lankan state in resisting separation there is little chance of Colombo accepting Tamil Eelam.

    Assuming that Tamil Eelam comprises the present Northern and eastern provinces the land and sea borders would be very long and large.. There would be constant friction and strife.

    Even if the Sinhala people accept Tamil Eelam India would not. Thus India would move in quckly and crush it.

    Given the current geo-strategic configuration there is no chance that New Delhi would ever countenance an Independent Tamil state in the Indian ocean unless the Sinhala government does something incredibly stupid.
    Even if that happens (highly unlikely) the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka may be attached to India as a union territory or protectorate. There would be no independent Tamil Eelam.

    If and when Tamil Eelam evolves notwithstanding these factors the resources of the nascent state would be devoted mainly for military purposes. In a climate of war very little foreign investment could be expected. The Tamil Eelam state will be an economic basket case.

    The focus on national security will result in a negation of democracy, pluralism and human rights. All these would be denied under the pretext that an external enemy is at the gates.
    The despotic rule of the LTTE in the regions under its control would be replicated on a much larger and institutionalised scale.

    Even though the LTTE boasts about its parallel state administration the reality is that food and fuel have to come from outside. Besides the salaries and expenses of Government employees, school teachers, medical staff etc are all being currently paid by Colombo.

    The LTTE may have made a name for itself through its armed struggle. But its strength is basically its destructive capacity and not constructive capability.
    In recent times the LTTE has acquired a negative image internationally. The conscription of child soldiers, suicide killer attacks and the adoption of terrorist modes at times has given it a terrible reputation.

    Despite its impressive feats on the battlefront the LTTE is isolated internationally. Some of the most powerful nations of the world including the USA, India, Britain, Canada and the EU countries have proscribed it as a terrorist organization.

    Significantly the LTTE does not enjoy support on a large scale even among the Tamils of India. There is sympathy for the Tamil plight but very little regard for the LTTE. The support of tiger sympathisers like Nedumaran, Vaiko etc is negligible.

    It is in such a situation that the LTTE reaches 32 years in age. After decades of fighting that has debilitated and diminished the Tamil people what are the concrete gains made by the LTTE in winning back the lost rights of the Tamil people?

    Death , displacement and destruction have enveloped the Tamil areas for many years. Despite all this suffering and sorrow undergone by the Tamil people what has the LTTE achieved in its perennial quest for Tamil Eelam?

    Their redressing of valid Tamil grievances and the accommodation of legitimate Tamil aspirations is possible in two ways. One is through the arduous route of secession and the other is through equitable power sharing arrangements within a united but not necessarily unitary Sri Lanka..

    The LTTE while paying lip service to the concept of a political solution has sabotaged any worthwhile effort aimed at meaningful negotiations. It would have the Tamils believe that only Tamil Eelam can achieve results and that only the tigers can quench this thirst for Tamil Eelam.

    The truth however is that the LTTE has many , many miles to go before it can ever hope to attain Tamil Eelam. Even then the quest is elusive as the odds are stacked effectively against it.

    It is like the search of a blind man for a black cat in a dark room. Only in this case the cat is not there. Also the Tamil people are made to pay a heavy price.
    Like a compulsive gambler

    Prabakharan has risked the entire existence of the Tamil people as a vibrant ethnicity in Sri Lanka for the elusive goal of Tamil Eelam. It is an all or nothing gamble for him.

    He is like an invading military general who burns his boats so that his soldiers have no choice other than to fight on for victory or face death. There is no turning back.

    If the soldiers win the war the general will be praised for his steely determination. If they lose there wont be anyone left to tell the tale.

    Ultimately the success or failure of the LTTE cannot be gauged by the size of its military assets or the destruction and losses inflicted upon the enemy.

    The proper criteria is to see how far the LTTE has progressed on its journey towards Tamil Eelam?
    In terms of a cost benefit ratio assessment is the progress (if any) achieved commensurate to the heavy price being paid by the Tamil people?

    The ultimate political destination of the Tamil people can only be the full restoration of lost rights. The important question is whether the LTTE is on the right track?

    How long will the LTTE persist with its unrealistic quest for Tamil Eelam? How long must the powerless Tamil people suffer due to this protracted war?

    It is time for the 32 year old LTTE to do some soul-searching!

  182. DN,
    Seems lot is happening with 57 division going up to Mallavi...
    Any update?

  183. Asithri,

    Do you have any ideas how site could improve their English? I do correct them from time to time when I spot errors – some of them are rather embarrassing. Are you able to help out proof read their articles before publishing?

    As much as I appreciate your attacking responses “with extreme prejudice”™ and enjoy their entertainment value, may be it is more productive to our cause if your talents and time are utilised for something far more productive than responding to brainwashed terras. What do you think bruv?


  184. pakka

    Just abt a couple of months ago I emailed those guys and offered to proof read it wither from the US or to get some help in the SL.
    As usual, there was no sign of life in response.
    Needless to say, these sites must be managed by some guy with a poor English standard and a monstrous ego. People such as those will never admit that they are deficient in something so this situation may continue to embarrass us into the foreseeable future.
    The best way forward would be for someone to contact the higher-up decision makers in the defence establshment and make them understand the implications of this situation remaining unresolved.

  185. tropical,

    While I agree that it's a poor show from when it comes to use of Queen's language.... from real Sri Lankans' point of view, who cares what the westerners think of us... We have our own rich languages to communicate with?

    Let's take an example. Do Arabs, Chinese, Israelis or Timbaktuans care about what 'marks' they get for their English? Actually... those countries and many others always use their own language to give out official statements, transferring the burden of the translation to English to anyone who wants it in English.

    English is a must-learn for contest... but we don't have to be fearful if we make mistakes... because it's not our mother tongue.

    Again, I agree with your point... we must expect a high standard from

  186. Who cares about human rights. Let mahinda and co finish 1500 LTTE barbarians which have been already surrounded by our gigantic army.God help Prabakeran when our army capture him. I am sure our army got the red hot iron rod ready to send in his a..e . Elam is only a stupid dream that Prabakeran is having.Soon he will weak up (only matter of few months ) then time for him to sleep forever.

  187. Rebels Losing To The Trends
    -strategy page

    click here

  188. Gringo : …..we don't have to be fearful if we make mistakes... because it's not our mother tongue.

    Gringo, it is not a question of being fearful, it is about doing a job correctly so that Slankans would be known as a serious people in the times to come.

    There are ours sisters and mothers, almost 1 million, working in the Middle East as house maids, don’t you think that they could have rapidly diversified into better jobs if they had been correctly encouraged to handle English ?

    If which represents a most serious and dedicated institution in SL writes trash, what would be the image of the average Sri Lankan ?

    Isn’t it an insult to the brave boys who are facing the bullets?

  189. Gringo

    My point is, a government body communicating in the global language language, must do so correctly. If not, it only embarasses us as a nation.

  190. is good not to make are all mistakes are alright as long we are hell bent on mastering the correct way....

    when it comes to someone else’s mother tongue....making few mistakes would be alright....

    (lets count umber of mistakes i have done so far... ;)


    If your driver crash your car..thats a BIG mistake..

    If you crash the car…...its alright…… are never suppose to drive it like your full-time driver...who is paid to do just that

    If you are an English teacher you can’t afford to make even a single mistake...

    But if you are someone……who is ...moonlighting as a web editor….. though you are trained to kill LTTE MFs..... i would say... lets show our appreciation... as he is doing damn good job.....

    I’m glad that there is a web…space called “”…I’m glad it is being updated regularly…. I’m glad…. I mean it…. :)

  192. ...I'll rather like SLA + SLAF + SLN to be pre-occipied with fucking the MF LTTE big time.... I wouldn't mind getting screwed up with English.... NOT AT ALL.....

  193. ...I bet all of us want to do whatever we do...the most correct way...and we expect all to do just that....

    ...but...lets not flash our...valor in English....

    I believe...what all of them need is lot of credit....then again more often

  194. Sea tigers destroy SLN camp near Ma'ndaitheevu island, atleast 13 SLN killed and weapons seized.

  195. Last time they did that...the entire attack compny got killed... let see....


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