Friday, May 23, 2008

Images: More pictures from the front line

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A collection of images taken during various operations of the army as well as in training exercises.


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    You Have LOTS & LOT of cleaning to do....
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  2. Really a nice photoes man. They are very cute.

  3. @ DN

    i have another video, a SLAguy gave me captured from his phone. how can i give you to publish on DN

  4. It is very energizing to see the modern day Sri Lankan heroes in action. These are almost unrivalled heroes of Sri Lankan history. Once we kick all LTTE cancers out, they will become the equivalent of great warriors of Dutugemunu, Gajabahu, Vijyabahu, and Parakramabahu fame.

  5. Comment Moderation has been lifted. Please don't abuse this and engage in racial insults, offensive comments etc etc. If you really must fight, fight it out on the battlefield. Exchanging comments in a blog wont make much of a difference.

  6. crimewatch,
    i have another video, a SLAguy gave me captured from his phone. how can i give you to publish on DN"

    Email it to

  7. What about that civilain killings in wanni as said by LTTE? How far away is the place from SLA FDLs?

  8. Also, what about the killings happened in east? TMVP leaders and muslims? Is this a 'jihad' work or is LTTE behind this?

    Civilian killings in wanni may be LTTE own work. We now have to expect a large civilian killing is south as 'return'. This may be designed to lift the moral of diasspora after baluraj death.

  9. "What about that civilain killings in wanni as said by LTTE? "

    Expect a blast on civilian target in Colombo soon.

  10. DN. Can DPU go to that place ?
    May be it was done by ltte to justify next bus bomb in Colombo.

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  12. Well, we have seen most of these photos on defencewire and I posted a comment a particular photo which "captured my imagination"

    This is what I said:

    "Really, I admire the patience of this SLA soldier who waited for a considerable time for the waves to die down before posing without moving for the camera! Nice one!

    Nice pose

  13. Blogger DefenceNet said...

    "What about that civilain killings in wanni as said by LTTE? "

    Expect a blast on civilian target in Colombo soon.


    thats what i thought also :(

  14. Sunnimala err Surani-mala,
    Karunakarala oyage nama moleymala kiyala venas karaganna.
    That will be the apt name for you!

  15. Okay folks..If you compare DN,DW and LNP, What would be your ratings?

    I give you three parameters for your ratings.

    1. bitch
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  16. Here he is starting again!!!!

    Hey is this the way you even have conversations at Home?
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  18. 1. DW - Bitch ( DW owner looks little matured than DN who often dances between his decisions.)

    2. DN - Slut ( He at times deletes mild postings and leave filthy ones. Either he should not worry about any postings just as DW does, or he should maintain linear acts towards the postings).

    3. LNP - Simply Hoe !! moderated by self-centered she-males

    Severity of my ratings in ascending order: Bitch > Slut > Hoe :)

  19. DN,

    Do not be offended! You are sportive.

  20. Some people can't identify truth from false, good from bad, dreams from reality and ascending from descending.


  21. Bhairav,

    Good one, very original ;)

  22. ... and shame from shamelessness, error from correctness, apology from arrogance and head up their a** from head out in real world.

  23. Guys Let this Joker Bhairav post as many comments as he want and all we have to do is ignore him. Because LTTE Brain washed Jokers should be treated as jokers..

    Anyway defence net glad to see you back, was waiting for some fresh news

  24. No mass scale rioting between the various communities of the eastern province.Too bad..just too bad...Well done to those TMVP cadres for disposing of these "pistol gangs" regardless of who they are.Guess this filth supporting this murderous LTTE filth will have to wait just a little while longer.I forgot hey why not involve GOD IC's "human rights" office...they may be able to instigate communal riots

  25. [I give you three parameters for your ratings.

    1. bitch
    2. slut
    3. Hoe

    Answer would be in my posting!

    Heroic liberation (he he he) war of LTTE coolies seem to have been reduced to whimsical slur..!!!


    Full credit to our brave soldiers now making headlines...

    Just like Baluraj who 'embraced' Elaam after seeing the sheer firepower of our forces... these keyboard worms will soon fade away as Sri Lankans liberate the innocent civilians trapped in the North...

    Until then... feel free to rejoice at bombings in the South...!

  26. DefenceNet,
    Nice to have you back.I prefer if our soldiers can fight it on the overseas job market in future.We have to give them preferential treatment in terms of education and provide them with skills that will drastically improve their lives.My dream is to read/see people of ALL communities CURRENTLY living in srilanka competeing for jobs overseas.!!.Lets really challenge this LTTE filth where it really hurts...Theruwan saranai to all our troops.

  27. Friendly bloggers please don't answer to saboteurs.
    Defencenet said;
    Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more.

  28. SriLankan,

    I have a slightly different dream mate...I would like to see bit of a reverse brain drain going on in Sri Lanka! A bit like what is happening in India.

    Anyway, that is probably a very long-term dream, in the meantime, yeah, I agree with you, we need to prioritise SLDF personnel.

    I'd love to see our heroes get preference over all these so-called graduates. These kids are so immature, they think they know it all and ruin the education system with ragging & petty politics and set a bad example for the whole nation to follow, what a shame!

  29. srlankan bro,

    Once upon a time, our soldiers were FORCED TO fight the LTTE pigs with one hand tied to their back. No one can dispute that. Then came hastily arranged CFA which fed LTTE's teeth to grow longer.

    What we lacked was a crystal clear national policy... not to make any deals with terrorists... no matter who or what they are.

    Add necessary 'tools' called deadliest weapons to our soldiers to that policy, and we can hear of many Balurajas waiting in line to buy tickets to visit final destination.

    I'm so relieved that present president is not shaken when the chips are down or when facing the LTTE monster. We all need to support him consistantly and unconditionally... if we want a way out of this. Because our enemies are doing overtime to divide us.

    I am no fan of any politician... but surely a fan of unwavering and unshakable policy to totally wipe out terrorists... and Srilankanize the entire north east. I consider it the paramount duty of a worthwhile Sri Lankan leader.

  30. Guys,

    Send text messages or phone your dear and near ones asking them to be on guard.

    The brutes are going to strike a civilan target soon. The pattern was blindingly clear in the past.

    I am an expatriate, yet I made quite a few calls to Srilanka to alert people. We can do the same here too.

    Let's talk about it here in the coming days, in the hope the word of mouth will become the critical mass.

    It is better to save lives than feeling sorry when things go wrong.

    Please be serious folks!

  31. Proud and sensible Sri Lankans have already realized that LTTE dogs are going to kill them ANYWAY.... war or peace.

    Let's redouble and find the maxixmum number of the LTTE coolies hiding among us... and BBQ them... before we say goodbye to our Motherland.

    We must excel in the very game the LTTE invented. Else we are doomed. Period.

  32. Parakrama,
    i agree with both you and gringo.I think we need to let these people go overseas because they think living overseas is "paradise".I dont blame them.It is also an opportunity for them to further their experience,education(both academic and social) and other skills.everything happens in cycles.As is already evident you may find a small number of their expatriate kids making a contribution to SLanka.I hope their contribution grows in number and magnitude. hence cycle.
    Agree with you bro.
    Being the president of SLanka is no easy task.Right now he has to please every crooked b'sard simply to keep the country together.Hon Mr Chandrakanthan's election is his work.The problem faced in SLanka right now is to do with the attiudes of the people in the past sadly.You cannot decide to vote for a UNP politician simply because he provides you with a free loaf of bread at election time..if you know what i mean.If you catch a crook felling timber and send him to jail he will vote for the opposition next time around..etc.Happyly however this idiocy is changing very slowly simply because SLankans are exposed to the world in general a bit more than in the past.We have to capitalise on this exposure.
    This war the LTTE started was and is directed at the civilian population of SLanka.The LTTE had loads of fun in the early days.I hope they are having even more fun right now.These LTTE idiots made a really bad stupid blunder as a result.During the 1983 riots my family and friends protected some tamil families from these goons and we still keep in touch with them.As you may have read some members of my family are married to tamils.I dont know if they should remain married to them because they are part of the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt"..know what i mean..
    As for your reference to god..actually god passed sentence on tamils as well.this is why the tamils of the north were concerned that it was gods wrath that bought the tsunami on them.At a guess do you think this was because the LTTE sent innocent cows into mine fields to their death or was it because the LTTE forced a devout hindu tamil population to start eating beef.??Thankfully the tamils i know dont share your ideas.

  33. Bhairav said,

    You are just fresh off from

    killing 16 innocent civilians and

    wounded many more in Wanni.

    Think before what you do!

    You guys scorched number of Tamils in 83', and the payback by god was severe, 87,000+ of you were given verdict n the JVP uprising.
    Everything comes in cycle.

    The nearest Sinhalese equivalent that rhymes with your name is Bhahirava.

    Unfortunately, its pedigree is not something to be proud of: it is the lowest rank of the daemon order in the south.

    Your behaviour is ample proof that your choice of name is not an accident; it is a deliberate act.

    May I relate a bit more of this daemon: it is very loyal to its treasure; short in stature; no testicles; penis has atrophied; every other organs function well.

    Folks, you don't have to be an anatomist to guess what Bhairava is really missing and its corresponding sentimental effect - frustration.

    This folk - Bhairav - instinctively imitates our fallen daemon. It shows his social ranking on the ladder of civility.

    He brings in the philosophy of Karma in the end: everything comes in cycle. Well said.

    Let me add this to your cycle.

    Yes, everything comes in cycle. Subject it to the law of proportion; unparalled brutality comes in tornedoes.

    Can you hear the echoes of them in Vanni?

    You can't. Your auditory faculties have atrophied too, little daemon.

    Engage yourself in some meritorious acts before the cycle you refer to, suck you up into it too.

  34. Bhairav,

    "Everything comes in cycle."

    I hope god doesn't take sides cos if that's the case then you are next. I'd hate to see what god does to your lot for the atrocities you've committed....

    How come all of a sudden you are a main of faith? Just yesterday you called lord Rama "Para Rama"???

    Anyways, unless this attack in Wanni was a case of mistaken identity, LRRP would not risk their lives to kill a bunch of civilians. I don't think LTTE targeted them deliberately either. However, it is possible that their vehicle accidentally got caught up a pressure mine that LTTE had laid!

    It just doesn't make sense for LRRP to attack a soft target like this. Once LRRP comes out of hiding and carries out an attack, then LTTE will know that an LRRP team is around. LTTE will then immediately cordon off the area and search for them. This increases the risk for LRRP team considerably as they are 20Km in LTTE territory and can't escape quickly (it'll take them weeks to trek through the jungles and reach safe area).

    Considering all this, apart from a case of mistaken identity, it just does not make any sense for LRRP to target civilians. If they really want to target civilians, there are hundred's and thousands of easier targets than this!

    Irrespective of the cause of death, it is sad to see civilians dying like this, my thoughts are with the poor people.

    Hope we can finish off this cancer called LTTE soon so that everybody can live in peace!

  35. bhairav, Sir,

    Now you are insulting your mother by attempting to displace her.

    Your mother currently holds all three of the bitch, slut and whore illustrious positions. By your general behavior, you validate why she'd never be displaced from that exalted position too.

  36. Basically, that makes you a son of all three...

  37. Parakrama,
    Is it possible that the LTTE have lost some maps of their mine fields?.They seem to be expert at laying mines.I wonder if they are equally expert at keeping records as well.I dont think LRRP did this either because it is stupid since they need the "protection" of the tamil people in the north to maintain their anonymity and they wont kill civilians..are some of them not tamils themselves?..

  38. Parakrama,
    I forgot to add that this may be a ploy by the LTTE to expose the LRRP by giving them bad publicity.If this is the case Vp must be shit scared of them.

  39. Folks,

    As you are aware, LTTE is determined to bring Sri Lanka to her knees by:
    - weakening the defences of the country
    - eliminating whoever is against the division of the country
    - sabotaging the economy of Sri Lanka
    - corrupting and destroying the social fabric
    - bringing disrepute to Sri Lanka internationally and isolating her
    - etc etc

    Never underestimate ruthlessness of these mad LTTE ghouls.



  40. Guys,

    The blast is mistaken identity. It is very sad to see the death of civilians. My heart goes out to those innocent folks who bore brunt of this curse.

    I am glad none of our bloggers draw perverted satisfaction from a event of this kind; everyone wishes an incident of this kind did not happen.

    I am inclined towards Parakrama's line of thoughts.

    Can Bhairav, who leads the daemon league say the same with hand on heart?

    They can't. There were many times they exchanged coded-congratulations among themselves when the civilians in the south were targetted.

    Perverted nationalism is a serious defect. It can only happen if a vulture mates a human being or it flows over the house where human beings were engaged in the act.

    Bhairav, shed some light on it.

  41. I am very much impressed with this guy, Pillayan the politician.

    click here.

  42. Way to go Hon Mr Chandrakanthan..way to go!!

  43. Bhairav,

    I am quite pleased to be engaged in the kind of discussions you promote here - but only as an act of fighting the boredom.

    When I get bored I have two choices: fondle my manhood until it shows the signs of exahustion or respond to racial perverts like you. Today, I chose the latter.

    It is for your own good that I look down on this human defect - racial pervertion - which you and your daemon gang quite energetically promote.

    Racial pervertion, be it is Tamil or Sinhalese, is a collosal crime in the offing. It has to be nipped in the bud.

    You are not short of idols: Adolf Hitler, Slovodan Millosovich, Mussolini, to name but a few.

    Sex with animals is not particular to the Sinhales in the South. It is very common in Europe too. Horses, and a certain breed of dogs are favourites of horny European women.

    It reminds me a remarakable example to prove my point:

    Adele Balasinghem is a white woman who had sex with a Tiger. It did not produce any offspring which is further proof of genetic mismatch!! However, that did not stop Mrs Balasingham from having fun, as any other human being who indulges in this act - be it in the Souther Sri Lanka, Europe or Australia. She stuck to the Tiger to the very end.

  44. Srilankan,

    "Is it possible that the LTTE have lost some maps of their mine fields?" - I suppose this is possible. Another possibility is that just like in Mannaar, recent heavy rain may have displaced a mine or two in Wanni.

    We haven't seen pictures of the damaged vehicle yet. If they show the vehicle, then we can decide if it was a claymore or some other type of mine.

    "I forgot to add that this may be a ploy by the LTTE to expose the LRRP by giving them bad publicity.If this is the case Vp must be shit scared of them." - The thought never occurred to me, but it is very interesting indeed!

  45. hemantha, Srilankan,

    I too am impressed by him! FVP must be very jealous of him right now. Mr Chandrakanthan must be careful as he must be number one on LTTE hit list.

    Right now, we are going through a process of healing in the east. Mr Chandrakanthan visiting a temple and a mosque will not make these wounds heal overnight, but it is a very good and promising start.

    Certain w*****s who opposed his visit should've kept their mouths shut. If he wants to visit a temple, then true Buddhists should let him. True Buddhists will forgive, they will not hold grudges.

    I understand people having a certain amount of resentment towards anybody who's associated with tigers or who used to be associated with tigers. I feel the pain as I've personally witnessed some incidents like the aftermath of the attack on Sri Maha Bodhi. However, people holding influential positions cannot let their emotions get in the way of their duty. Their duty right now is to achieve peace in Sri Lanka.

    What Mr Chandrakanthan did had a huge symbolic significance attached to it. It was his way of saying that eastern people are ready to move on. As Sri Lankan's, it is our duty to accept these gestures and move on and achieve peace.

    It'll take a couple of generations for things to get back to normal, but we have to start somewhere!

  46. [Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets carried out an air attack targeting an LTTE boat hideout this afternoon, May 23. ]

    Go boys go! Increase the stakes... kill more and destroy more.

    That will surely CREATE severe 'heart attacks' (he he he) in more and more Balurajas!

  47. The threat perception of the LTTe in respect of a stable and economically prosperous eastern province where all communites exist in harmony has to be very high, making its destruction a high priority. Hence the need to provide strategic protection until the local government becomes entrenched adequately to survive and counter any threats to it's existance.
    The northern tamils hatred and general contempt for the eastern tamils would make them envy the easterners' potential for new found prosperity. Expect a serious effort to threaten the eastern administration due to these reasons.

  48. According to an asiantribune article Balraj died at the front.

    Although the LTTE announced that senior and a special commander of the LTTE 'Brigadier' Balraj died of a sudden heart attack at the Kilinochchi Hospital, Tamil sources say that he was killed by Sri Lankan troops during a confrontation at the forward defence line. Balraj was 45 years old at the time of his death.

  49. Well said Tropicalstorm. Spot on my friend.

  50. I saw these pics on Flickr mates... BTW... balraj got whacked near the frontlines fellas ? True ?

  51. Patriots...

    Did I not say earlier that I heard from a reliable Tamil source that this bloody skunk – Baluguraj - got fried by the SLDF, more specifically by a SLAF sortie?

    The specificity, whether it was the Kfirs/MiGs or the Mi-24s that did it, there appears to be some uncertainty from the intel that leaked out...but nevertheless it is coming strong and insistent that the bastard did indeed get fried by the SLAF!

    Unfortunately, we will find it difficult to confirm this (at least not until we capture a LTTE kingpin bastard/bitch who knows the truth and gives him/her the "works" to sing the blues!)

    OaO Asithri

  52. “thamileelam” is dead!

    Here’s an independent analysis of why many believe so:

    “Hopes fade for a Tiger homeland
    By Sudha Ramachandran]

    However, the LTTE lunatics continue to sacrifice young Tamils' lives!

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  53. Gringo

    [Go boys go! Increase the stakes... kill more and destroy more.]

    Maru wachana machan! What soothing words! Yours truly humble OaOA could not have said it better! LMSSAO!!!

    Mates, recently I had a conversation with let’s say a “very authoritative figure” in the SLDF (sorry, cannot go into specifics for the obvious reasons) and he promised me a great gala-bash in Sak-killinocchi when the SLDF liberates it …I was only joking and said there are many SL patriots would especially come down to partake in such a bash and he, much to my pleasant surprise, promised to honor that pledge if I did muster that crowd. He sees this as a great PR opening to get us expats in invest in SL, especially in the North and the East. So, time will come when I try to contact you guys…believe me I will and get through.

    OaO Asithri

  54. HiDefencenet
    heard a news early in the morning about a "Blast" in uncleared area of Mannar

    apparently the blast was targeted group of LTTE leaders its further says

    Can you verify this please.....

  55. One other note about the "dead thamileelam"...

    Here is a good article written by the expat Tamil Journalist DBJ Jeyaraj (who lives in Canada?) recently that says quite emphatically that LTTE is moronic to fight this war for a "separate Tamil state” as the Indian central govt. (i.e. New Delhi) will NEVER EVER allow it!

    He says:

    “Even if the Sinhala people accept Tamil Eelam India would not. Thus India would move in quickly and crush it.”

    Now is this not what many have said over the last 32 years and is this not what the brainwashed LTTE gooks, especially the LTTE supporting Diaspora Tamils, have chosen to ignore?

    What a bloody imbecilic lot!

    Sadly, the human cost of this imbecility is horrific for ALL Sri Lankans and that's why the present GOSL must end this soon and with "extreme prejudice," to give a chance for the future generations of Sri Lankan (Tamils, Muslims and Sinhelas) to live in peace in their Motherland.

    OaO Asithri

  56. Tamilnet says

    "SLA DPU activity has picked up..."


    LMSSAO!!! No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  57. OK got to catch an early flight tm am...

    Catch you patriots l8r...


    OaO Asithri

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. defencenet

    "Comment Moderation has been lifted. Please don't abuse this and engage in racial insults, offensive comments etc etc."

    Defencenet this is a really pathetic statement on your behalf. Do you really think that the fools here will stop the mud slinging just because of your pleading? Pull your head out of the sand for once.

    I think this website would do much better if you move to another domain where you have more power to ban the offenders for good. Take a look at, they ban the fools for good if they get out of line.

  60. Please be careful all of the constituents of the democratically elected Mahinda Government.

    I could see a correlation whenever SLF's bombardment and LRRP's claymore targets civilians in Vanni, it reflects in buses in South. It did not happen in the past. After the very people who elected their own government denied to pressure their government to refrain from these civilian attacks in Tamil Eelam, it continues in spite of IC's condemnations.

    Stop 'State terrorism'. I am only worrying about the people who is going to be killed in future. Or only other option SLA have when they target LTTE precisely.

  61. 5 SLA killed in Manalaru and ammo were captured by Sothiya regiment of LTTE.

  62. I am scared to post in this Blogs after Keith Noahr's Nightmare. I do not know whether it is democratic or not in the Sri Lankan Demo-carazy.

  63. [Stop 'State terrorism'. I am only worrying about the people who is going to be killed in future. Or only other option SLA have when they target LTTE precisely.


    Are you going soft? Are you actually 'worrying'? Why don't you come and get your Elaam pie as always promised by Velu?

    Why worry about 'future' terrorism? What the fu*k LTTE pigs have been doing in the past 30 years except killing?

    Buddy... We know that LTTE's #1 agenda is to instill FEAR in the minds of Sri Lankans, hoping that FEAR WOULD DETER us from fighting the pigs.

    What a miscalculation!

    Nope... we won't let up our 'terror', instead we'll up the stakes. In the meantime... just tell the pigs you feed... watch that blue sky!

  64. Gringo you misunderstood me man,

    I am not an LTTE. I ,citizen of Tamil Eelam, believe to live peacefully we should run our own Government as SLA's successive governments have not treated Tamils equally even before the Sinhala Only act. Our leaders democratically in Ahimsa way request the Goverments to answer the Tamils' issues. Your governments crushed their ways and make them as armed warriors. Now you reap what you sow.

  65. About senpathi... I used to read his column for sometime.. as moshe pointed out from few weeks ago, His reporting did show some changes..

    First of all we have to condemn attacks on senpathi, no matter who did it. The culprits should be found out and duly punished.

    I think we have to weigh the claymore attack in wanni, senpathi abducted and tortured and UNHCR loss in perspective..

    Since it is no secret that tera infiltrations in colombo and other south areas(intel and suicide cadres) is high, most of them entered these areas during and immediately after CFA.

    There is a serious concern now the Tigers want to disrupt the normalcy in liberated areas. And they will go to whatever extent to do it. Recent happenings indicate us this dangerous trend.. Since by now they know that Wanni is slowly but surely losing from their grip, now they want to halt the operations in wanni by any means..

    And There could be some loose elements from the south who would like to make some quick cash by supporting these terras in this mission. It is these people that have to be stopped. without help and consent tigers can do nothing. When the recent bombings are analysed it is very clear they got inside support from the local support to do them.

    I doubt some hidden elements who are trying to make some benefit out of these.

  66. Puli,

    where does that tamil ealam exist. It is supposed to be puttalam to Yala, covering 2/3rds of ocean, But We only see a small strecth of land covering just two districts.

    Is it in a fairy land??

    I have a questions, what rights of tamils actually is being forcibly taken away by the GOSL? Please explain

  67. Ok Puli
    I am a citizen of Sri Lanka .I can show my country in the world map. We have place in the UNO and SAARC .I can show to any one my country in the world map. We have written history and people in the other parts of the world knows about my country for thousands of years . If you read about Greek,Roman ,Indian or Chinese history you will see the name of my country . Can you please show me your country in the world map?Can you show me where is your place in the UNO or any other nations organization?Can you show me any other place in the world history there was a country called elam ?Do you have any archaeological proof for it?Do you want to tell me that your country is having just Kilinochi ?Where is your capital and parliament?Please dont tell me that your parliament is in underground bunker .

  68. One thing please remember.. Whatever u tamil eelam dreamers say,

    Buddhist are the majority in this country so they would like to have a constitution that supports the majority. As far as I see it, the minorities are well represented and given freedom in this country.
    As a muslim I would say we muslims have much much more freedom to practice what we beleive than many middle eastern and mediterrainian countries.

    So in the same way we must reciprocate it by respecting their values and live with them peacefully.

  69. Puli said...

    [ ... I am not an LTTE. I ,citizen of Tamil Eelam, believe to live peacefully we should run our own Government as SLA's successive governments have not treated Tamils equally even before the Sinhala Only act. Our leaders democratically in Ahimsa way request the Goverments to answer the Tamils' issues. ....]

    citizen of Tamil Elam ?

    moota hondatama pissu.

    prabakoran ge mano rajjaye kotas karuwek katha karai ... hic hic

  70. Riyaz,

    The Sinhala state's oppression of the Tamil people began in various forms almost immediately, attacking everything that defined the Tamils as a nation.

    A series of laws that discriminated against Tamils were implemented. These included making Sinhala, instead of English, the only official language of the country, i.e. Tamils could not be employed unless they learnt Sinhala. The educational structures were altered to restrict Tamil admissions to higher education. Investment in Tamil areas was minimised.

    Recruitment of Tamils into the security forces was restricted. The Sri Lankan security forces are almost exclusively Sinhalese. The security forces have been responsible for and continue to carry out human rights abuses and atrocities against Tamil civilians on a genocidal scale.

    Sinhala colonisation of traditional Tamil areas was started in the fifties, and was intensified in the eighties with the security forces wiping out Tamil villages and replacing them with Sinhala settlements. Colonisation continues unabated.

    Anti-Tamil rioting, with the active participation of the Sri Lankan security forces, has claimed thousands of Tamil lives. Thousands more suffered torture and rape.

    As the Tamil people sense of helplessness deepened, Tamil politicians advocated a separate Tamil state. In 1977, the Tamil United Liberation Front resolved in its Vaddukoddai Resolution to campaign for political independence on the basis of the Tamil nation's right to self- determination.

    At the general elections of 1977, the TULF demanded a clear mandate from the Tamil people to launch a national campaign to establish the sovereignty of the Tamil homeland. These elections were effectively a referendum the Tamil speaking people voted overwhelmingly in favour of secession.

    The Tamil call for independence was met by island wide anti-Tamil rioting. The Sri Lankan government forced all elected MPs to take an oath that they would not seek a separate state.

    With all democratic ways to achieve equality having failed repeatedly, an armed struggle for independence began, led by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). International Law recognises that the armed resistance of the Tamil people to Sri Lankan rule is lawful and just.

    Today, the LTTE has evolved into a military and political organisation representing the aspirations and hopes of the Tamil people.

  71. Surani Mala,

    Tamil Eelam
    -A Reversion to Sovereignty

    The island of Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, was ceded to the British Crown in 1802 by the Treaty of Amiens of that year. The map of Ceylon attached to the Treaty of Amiens call the Arrow Smith Map of Ceylon depicts the Island of Ceylon as two (if not three) different countries- a Tamil country composed of the Northeast and a Sinhala country composed of the South West and central parts. In an oft quoted minute, Sir Hugh Cleghorn wrote in June 1799 to the UK Government:

    "Two different nations from a very ancient period have divided between them the possession of the Island. First the Sinhalese, inhabiting the interior of the country in its Southern and Western parts, and secondly the Malabars who possess the Northern and Eastern Districts. These two nations differ entirely in their religion, language and manners." (Malabar meaning Tamil).

    Also an illustrious Chief Justice, Sir Alexander Johnstone wrote on 01.07.1827 to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland thus:

    "... I think it may safely be concluded both from them and from all the different histories which I have in my possession, that the race of people who inhabited the whole of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of the Island of Ceylon, at the period of their greatest agricultural prosperity spoke the same language, used the same written character, and had the same origin, religion, castes, laws and manners, as that race of people who at the same period inhabited the southern peninsula of India..."

    The Cleghorn Minute of 1799 and the Arrow Smith Map of 1802 are official proofs that the Island of Ceylon consisted of two separate countries. We quote Sir Alexander Johnstone's letter merely to show to what conclusions even a Chief Justice had come to on the basis of evidence he had.

    It is important to remember that the British Government became masters of the whole island only after the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1815 and the Vanni Chieftains in 1818 and looked at this Island from the distant West as a geographical unit and not as political or national states.

    It was only in 1833 that the administration was unified under a single machinery. It would be appropriate here to mention that though the British Government unified the administration in 1833 it incorporated the different native administrative structures that existed earlier, with the Kachcheri system which it introduced. This shows that the British did not want to make a break with the past. Local and customary laws were allowed to govern relations amongst members of the community. The Roman Dutch Law, introduced by the Dutch in the maritime areas, was continued as the common law of the Island. This is very instructive. No system of law that existed before the RDL could cover the entire Island. This is again testimony to the fact that the Island was not one country.

  72. As far as sinhala only act, it not only affect the tamil educated, as at that time most were english educated. My father was a victim of this crazy rule. But everyone knows that was a major blunder by then Government. other than this argument all others doesn't carry much credibility.

    This tiny island cannot be let to disintegrate anymore. Either we different communities live peacefully with the majority or Get out of this place and find an eelam that will suit us. Tamil eelam is only a dream and that dream is getting further and further away.

  73. Slowly but surely the GOSL's legitimacy is dying.
    The LTTE's game plan is great.
    1) Reduce drastically the support for GOSL internationally.
    2) Simultaneously increase the support for Tamil's external self-determination internationally.
    3) Bring Sri Lanka's economy to a near standstill.
    4) Take the big hammer and deliver one or two blows, the 'Lanka cookie' will crumble to reveal Tamil Eelam standing high!
    Slow and steady Wins the race

  74. Riyaz,

    Another two Muslim youths' disappearance was complained to the Eravur Police. You are happy in Colombo in Slavery mind. Are you from Slave Island?

  75. Well now u seem to refer the british... They are sole reason why today we are seperated.not only our country but many countries invaded by them have met this fate. Divide and rule is their motto.

    Look what happened to India for e.g. The british are masters at dividing people on racial and communal lines.

  76. We know your great LTTE warriors trying to create communal riots in East, first by shooting inside a muslim area and this incident I have strong reasons to beleive the same ltte terrorists are behind it.

    LTTE can never live by ballot they only know bullet culture. Any Dissension is met with murder.. in the dreamland called tamil eeelam.

  77. pecko, first of all your name sounds err.. abusive lol like bhirav demon and pecko is it for penis lol..

    We know you guys are masters in creating unsatbility among peaceful citizens. So your provocations are in vain.. sorry guys.

  78. Riyaz,
    The Tamil bedlem was supposed to be from Chilaw to Yala, but right now it’s been reduced to Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu.

    Soon it will look like the RED area on my Photo URL.

  79. I would say this pillayan guy has something special about him. He has visited the same mosque which the tiger terras murdered worshiping muslims.

    So much for religious freedom under tiger rule if ever they govern.

  80. dont u guys have better names
    pecko - penis
    bhairav - demons
    puli - tiger

    why u keep names of animals and demons and abusive language?

  81. interesting article..

  82. Gringo said…

    ”I am no fan of any politician... but surely a fan of unwavering and unshakable policy to totally wipe out terrorists... and Srilankanize the entire north east. I consider it the paramount duty of a worthwhile Sri Lankan leader.”

    Ditto guv…very well said. This is the view a majority of Srilankans share.

  83. peccko,

    "Slow and steady"

    The problem is it has been so slow.Now neraly 30 yesrs isn't it?Don't you think it's too long? What has been achived in so long period of time?

  84. Riyaz,
    VERY WELL SAID BRO.I am very impressed!!.Well this "avhimsa" should have been practised at the inception of the LTTE.In those wonderful days you find that barber(dead-thankgod) going around with his "pistole" killing innocent citizens of SLanka with that smile of his.This murderous LTTE rabble committed a cardinal sin-they convinced ALL sectors of the population that the LTTE was after the ordinary person on the street.It was so much fun for TC to kill people and pose for photos.I hope it is even more fun now and the LTTE cadres "grins" have considerably widened?.Since lots of tamils have died the logical question to ask is why are the LTTE pistol gangs operating against innocent tamil people even now in the eastern province for starters.Is this activity not killing more tamils? or is it O.k to kill every tamil for that matter every citizen of SLanka who does not support the lTTE?.

  85. Riyaz,

    I value your opinions because they are balanced and reasonable views.

    You said… “LTTE can never live by ballot they only know bullet culture.”

    Many weeks ago I posted a comment analysing the LTTE flag. How could any group operating under such an insignia be for peace of peaceful methods? I made particular reference to the background colour, the ferocious expression of the animal in the middle, its ready and sharp claws, the firearms and the circle of ammunition. They all speak of violence, blood spilling, havoc, death and destruction. Any civilised human being should cringe at the mere thought of having to live under such a flag let alone paying allegiance to it.

  86. Puli.
    Ok . Why we should go back of British we will go to the beginning of this .
    Do you know about the Polonnaru kingdom . After the Polonnaru kingdom jaffna was ruled by 13 Singhe aryans .They came from Orissa and from maga,s generation . Not Tamils . But they didn't get the support of the Sinhala buddhist who lived in jaffna .So they wanted to week the Sinhala power of the jaffna and they brought so many Tamil families from Tamil nadu .
    Just before that period there were 2 or 3 occasions we can see jaffna was ruled by tamil kings from south India but all the times Sinhala kings defeated the the the battle field and sent them to hell .Sankili was the last Sinhaariyan king in jaffna and he was defeated by the Sapumal kumaraya and jaffna was under king Parakrmabhau the sixth .
    Do you know about the yalpanamvipermalei?In that you can see the jaffna was gifted to a Tamil poet called veeraraghavan by one kandian king . that poet brought so many Tamil families from South India.After his death there was a fight between Sinhalese and Tamils and Vanni heads were in the side of Sinhalese .During pararajasekara ariyan ;s period he killed so many Sinhalese in jaffna and others chased to kandy kingdom.He destroyed so many Buddhist temples in the jaffna . read this book you will see what happened to the Sinhalese in jaffna .If you see dutch period . they have written in jaffna always Sinhalese were the ones who came to fight with them .
    ok Come to today can you show me one Sinhala or Muslim person who is against Tamils in this blog ?Ya majority against ltte but remember not Tamils . If we are against Tamils how can more than half of the tamil population live in south with Sinhalese and Muslims ?
    Why didn't you answer my previous question?Show me your place in the world map?

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Well as for answering "tamil requests" the avhimsa way the govt is bending over backwards to do that in the eastern province right now..but who is trying to stop the legimate govt?.Well it seems that the LTTE has become a "money game" where the wishes of the average tamil citizen has been completely ignored.Another important fact that the "fools" in the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt" has understood.

  89. Recently bhairav(wish he had a better name than that) pulled religion and started insulting it. But I never insulted or replied tit for tat. what happened afterwards is well known now.

    But I still condemn kandy and bhairav for that ugly insulting sessions.

    Every action has a reaction. If u do good the return also will be good. if u do evil return will be the same. The same is with everything and every person.That includes the GOSL and LTTE. You reap what you sow.

  90. No_mess (good name BTW),

    I looked in vain in all real-world maps and charts for a thamileelam. Do you have a map of this dream-wonderland?

  91. it is no secret that the tamil expats has to pay a 'forced' tax to LTTE agents in foreign countries. So the LTTE 'chest' is always fat. But what is the use of money if it couldn't utilised at appropriate times. Today the scenario is similar. Have money but no use for military. So now they are trying to use this money to buy thugs and terrorists from the liberated areas. Some are falling in this trap unfortunately.

  92. Puli said:

    "I am not an LTTE. I ,citizen of Tamil Eelam,"

    Hahahaha..... it's good to see a great joke when you come back to the blog after a while. But puli, aren't you part of the 13th airborne regiment of the special forces command of tamil eelam army anymore? I guess there are so many people enlisting, you had to leave to make room for the new recruits eh?

  93. Can anyone verify the pics posted in Tamil net of the claymore attack? There are some doubts in my mind.. Especially the vehicle. it looks more like a shooting than a blast.

  94. Puli,

    What's with the history lesson? If you want to argue, then get your act together first. You lot are saying different things at different times. This is what Shyam said in the previous thread:

    "We learn that the sinhala gov never let the tamils to live peacefully only solution s we have to fight for our own and we must have some place i mean a land to live so we start fighting and captured some land..and we named the land as EELAM, every place should have a name to stat naa..!"

    So, together with Bhairav & Shyam, they've admitted (have a look at the last thread) that:

    1 - that LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing in the east
    2 - that LTTE is a terrorist outfit
    3 – that LTTE is ready to even desecrate Hindu gods to grab some power
    4 - that Eelam has NOT existed before and it's not a historical concept and they are fighting to create a new concept!

    Forget about what the British did because most of the time their action was illegal & immoral. If you want to quote from history, quote from proper history, not some hidden documents that were compiled by the Brits.

    Also, what's it with you guys and the word "Sri". If anything, "Sri" is more of a Tamil word!

    This is the definition of "Sri" in Wikipedia:

    "Sri, Shri, Shree, Siri or Seri means wealth, is a Sanskrit title of veneration, a Hindu honorific stemming from the Puranic conception of prosperity. It signifies the goddess of wealth - Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu. Lakshmi symbolises beauty, wealth and grace. According to Sanskrit grammar, Sri belongs to the feminine subjunctive gender but nowadays it is written as a masculine name prefix, short for Sriman and it is akin to Mr. in English, kreio-n in Greek, Effendi in Turkish, or Thiru in Tamil. It is pronounced halfway between sree and shree.

    The district admissions system did in fact cause some problems to some wealthy Tamil's in Jaffna but it had more of an effect on wealthy Sinhalese from Colombo, Kandy, Galle etc.

    The fact is that it is not a system that discriminates against anybody's race or religion. It simply is a system that gives preference to students from rural districts, which include Kilinochchi & Mullaittivu. It is a great system. There's no way that it discriminates against Tamils.

    Get your facts right before you open your trap!

    Also, get your mates to stick to one story if you are going to fabricate one!

  95. Peter,

    I quote Shyam again:

    "We learn that the sinhala gov never let the tamils to live peacefully only solution s we have to fight for our own and we must have some place i mean a land to live so we start fighting and captured some land..and we named the land as EELAM, every place should have a name to stat naa..!"

  96. Puli,

    Who pays for doctors in Kilinochchi hospital?

  97. "Finally it chucked off the GOSL from the UNUN's Human Rights Council after heavy criticism of its own record. "

    There is no such organisation called "UNUN".

    If you are talking about "UNHRC" - then Sri Lanka got 101 votes.

    If you consider LTTE to be running a state called "Eelam", then all "State Terrorism" that you've been talking about also came from that so-called "State"!

    And here's the story of LTTE's rise!

    Why are you begging here again? If you think you are going to get Eelam, then no need to beg here, go and fight for it!

  98. Puli,

    "It has been banned as a terrorist organization by over 32 countries, including the United States, Canada, India and the 27 member nations of the European Union."

    Before talking about a parliament, let's get LTTE's ban revoked in these countries ok.

    And of course, if you think you are going to have a "parliament" under LTTE, then that shows how much you know about anything!

  99. So so.... peter anna is trying to be smart.

    [Tax is imposed, hence no need to add "forced" in front.]

    Riyaz has given it as:

    [....tamil expats has to pay a 'forced' tax to LTTE agents in foreign countries...]

    Anna, please note the use of the quotation marks. If you don't what they are used for try wikipedia yourself:

    "....important use of quotation marks is to indicate or call attention to ironic or apologetic words. Ironic quotation marks can also be called scare, sneer, shock, or distance quotes."

  100. Puli,

    "It runs a police force , orphanages, universities, a judiciary , a tax system, hospitals, banking, an immigration service for example"

    In 02 districts? It runs everything eh? Graet!Two districts half covered by jungle! Add some more I think there are more to add.

  101. Peter,

    Read the whole definition:

    "a Hindu honorific stemming from the Puranic conception of prosperity. It signifies the goddess of wealth - Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu."

    Are you so racist that you are willing to take a word that is so closely related to your main religion (Hinduism) and use it to gain propaganda points by tracing it's roots to Sanskrit?

    The word is even used in your "original" homeland:

    "It is used in the name of the country Sri Lanka, which means venerable island and as in Sri Perambadur, a town in the State of Tamil Nadu, where the Srivaishnava pontiff Ramanujacharya was born."

    This is not a Sinhalese world, stop twisting facts! The government did not put "Sri" in front of "Lanka" to denote a "Sinhala country". Putting "Sri" in front of "Lanka" doesn't discriminate against anybody, get used to it!

  102. Peter,

    "A parliament is a legislature."

    True, but what kind of "legislature" will it be? FVP sitting in the middle and ordering anybody who opposes him out of the room just like Saddham Hussain did?

    Wonderful, that'll be an example to the whole world on democracy!

  103. Puli,

    You make me laugh. It isn't GR or MR or anybody else who pays for it, it's us Sri Lankans! Be grateful for the fact that we are still feeding you while you bite off our hand!

  104. Riyaz,

    "There are some doubts in my mind.. Especially the vehicle. it looks more like a shooting than a blast."

    No mate it does look like a claymore. Probably mounted on a tree because the holes are mostly on the upper part of the van and not below as it would have been if it was just on the roadside. Whoever did it, the claymore was planted at head level to kill as many as possible.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. When Defencenet is around, funny how peter, puli etc. all vanish. Guess they'll be back in a hour or too when it looks safe.

  107. Pina,
    Dont forget that these privilleges are limited to a few.Most of the tamil citizens dont deserve an education overseas.The LTTE have money its just that they dont want to educate the general thamil population.Those young tamils kids who are "not worthy" of an education deserve to die on this FANTASTIC LTTE front lines.What i need people to understand is how many more innocent people of ALL communities would have been killed if the SLDF was just 13,000 when this LTTE rot started.

  108. We must congratulate the President for making favourable conditions also going for elections in the EP province and also getting the leaders of the major communal groups together in harmony. Though I don’t trust the one time terrorists.pilliayn is on the right track winning the confidence of the nation, by going to the Maligawa,meeting the Chief priest of the Kandy’s temple, being a Christian I commend these gestures of reconciliation towards the Buddhist faith, where so much damage has been done by the terrorists in the past. Having much interest in the EP I greatly value these two leaders getting together and make that area a better place for all who live in it.
    Karuna may be sent back to SL,if he is not allowed seek refugee status and he might jockey for power in the EP and create problems there.It would be advisable for the president to find him a worthy role in the profession he knows best, the army. He should be retained as a regular army man, starting with a rank of a colonel then send him to a place like Sand Hurst eventually ending up as a Major General and he could be part of our defence establishment. As long as they are part of the mainstream the reason for rebellion against a democratic nation will not be there.

  109. Peter,

    If GOSL is discriminating against Tamils by putting word "Sri" in front of "Lanka", then why are you using "Sri" in front of Tamil temple names?

    List of Tamil Hindy temples in Canada:

    Toronto Sri Durka Hindu Temple
    Sri Ayyappa Samajam of Ontario - Canada Sri Ayyappan Temple
    Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Hindu Temple of Toronto
    Sri Siva Vishnu Temple
    Sri Nallur Kanthaswamy Kovil
    Sri Sakthi Durga Devi Temple
    Sri Meenaxy Amman Temple
    Sri Katpaka Vinayagar Temple
    Sri Muthumari Ambal Temple

    You are just a bunch of jokers who would use anything to gain some propaganda points.

  110. Parakrama,
    I am pleased that there are so many Tamil hindu temples in Canada.I just hope and pray that they are not instrumental in filling LTTE coffers.

  111. Srilankan,

    This is not even the complete list, it's just a sample of names with word "Sri" in them. I just wanted to prove a point to the terrorists. They complain about "Sri" saying that by putting word "Sri" in front of "Lanka", GOSL is discriminating against Tamils! That is just childish!

    Unfortunately, LTTE probably uses most of these temples to collect money! My friends in London tell me that it's not only Sri Lankan Tamils that they harass for money, they also harass other Tamils. Most of the time they don't go as far as harassing other South Asians, but the do quite often beg from them!

  112. Kevin,

    Yeah, I agree with you. If we let Karuna go back to the east, then it'll upset the balance there. So, it is better to give him a good incentive to stay away from politics in the east! Hope GOSL is as forward thinking as you are!

  113. Kevin,
    right now some members of the TMVP currently in the eastern police force(at a guess) are the greatest threat the LTTE have and sadly all their lives are in danger.this is because they can identify members of the LTTE when those members decide to become "civilians" eventually of course.

  114. Parakrama,
    Many thanks for your comment.

  115. Pillayan is trying to learn Sinhala.

    click here.

  116. STF defuses a bomb in Ganemulla
    The STF bomb squad defused a time bomb of one kilo and 250g of C4 explosives, recovered in a passenger in Ganemulla a while ago.

    A close call...
    Public Alertness has saved many innocent lives...

  117. [If GOSL is discriminating against Tamils by putting word "Sri" in front of "Lanka", then why are you using "Sri" in front of Tamil temple names?]


    Sri is something to do with the religious thing. Hindus often pronounce "Sri Rama Jeyam" for good.

  118. Riyarz..glad to see how often you worship me by mentioning my name in your posts.

    By the way,"Bhairav" is one of the names of God,"Siva".

  119. Guys..please check out this...

    ISLAND web site is hacked?


  120. [May 24, Ganemulla: Sri Lanka police commandos defused a time bomb which was initially found inside a public transport bus in Ganemulla this evening. ]

    There we are.

    This once again proves that we can indeed find the bombs and the LTTE coolies right under our noses... if we care to LOOK!

    In order to LOOK...we have to change the way we think, look and act.

    Defence foolks, GOSL cannot alone cannot do the job in every nook and corner of the country.

    Let's look and catch the LTTE coolies and their bombs.... then make sure they are handed over to the SLDF for raw BBQ... Leave that part to the experts, please.

  121. ooops should be 'Defence folks'

  122. 3kg time bomb defused at rawatawatte
    ITN news bar

  123. a bus bomb was detected in ganemulla-thankgod the conductor did not ignore the bomb and visit the "thea kade" instead.The greatest force we have is an alert civilian population.WEll done to the driver

  124. thanks guys. Suddenly the blog looks totally changed. It seems the terror supporters are getting a barrage of 'fact' attacks. When we unite nobody can put us down. Even the so called "invincible" tigers become kittens when lions unite.

  125. Riyaz,
    What you are telling is true & those two unsucessful Bombs should also have something to do with it....
    If they had gone off, then Surely they will jump in here with figures and quotes from other sites..
    & with the other usual abuses...

  126. Srilankan and others!
    We just came back from the London Buddhist temple, where there was a thanks giving ceremony for the honourable High Commissioner Mrs ksenuka Seneviratne who has done the best work for the country out of the string of High Commissioners in the past who did little. As a Christian I was really taken up by the sermon and vote of thanks given by the Chief priest there in ENGLISH where most of our guests could understand. Others too spoke in English and the people of other faiths who were there too took part in the Buddhist ceremony by sitting on the floor and humbling before the great golden statue of Lord Buddha. I think there’s hope for our country and not a sausage of a chance for any extremist faction to carve out any piece of land out of the island. Unity of all sects was the theme that was accepted and ruled the day there

  127. Attacking Senpathi was a shameful act. He used to write fairly well researched (given the circumstances), articles that did not support the terrorists (it does not matter if he support the GOSL or not, as long as he does not help people who use terrorism as a tool to gain political power). All in all, he was a thoughtful guy, and such guys are usually rare among journalists. So I deplore that attack.

    People point out that he was recently highlighting shortcomings of our military leadership. If there are faults they should of course be highlighted. Self criticism is something quite healthy, it will help us improve. If someone can't take it in that spirit, that is too bad.

    The attack also shows that there is anarchy within our forces. A good soldier would not attack without a command from his superior.

    I don't buy the argument that the UNP did it. For one thing they don't have balls to do it (even if they wanted to).

    But political elements within the UPFA could have done it (without the knowledge of the military). This is quite possible. It looks more like something a politician would to rather than a good soldier.

    But the final outcome is it puts our country, forces and people in a bad light. And it helps the bloody terrorists. Come on guys, get your act together.

  128. I also got these images some time ago, but didn't share with anyone.

    Def.Wire, would not these put our soldiers under risk, especially if they are used in DPU/intelligence operations in the future?

  129. I hear that US is going to resume military aid to SL,perhaps a few B52 s,laser guided payloads with a few F16s to deliver them would be in order to get the job done in a short time.


  130. LTTE will attack Trinco SLN base before organising more arms shipments to tiger held areas.Therefore SLN must do everything to avoid an AAB style attack on their assets.

    That is the only way LTTE can sustain this war. A decapitating strike on SLN will cripple all operations of SLDF.

    Be aware....

  131. [I hear that US is going to resume military aid to SL,perhaps a few B52 s,laser guided payloads with a few F16s to deliver them would be in order to get the job done in a short time.]

    LOL! You forgot to add F-22 and Eurofighter in your list. Uncle Sam is not a philanthropist to give away any strategic weapons to a 4-tier country like SL who is recently demoted from third world country list. As matter of fact, no country owns the B52 other than US. Why do you think that US did not put its retired F-117 for possible billions of money in a sale?

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. By the way, Tamil Eelam will reach the second world country status within the 10 years of liberation from the banana republic, given the infusion of investment from diaspora Tamils and the Western investors. With the two third of sea resources, the chances of pushing the Singapore into backseat are higher to be a great business hub as Trinco will be a busiest sea port in Asia given its strategic location.

    Everyone will be dieing to be a next Warren Buffet in new Eelam with the tons of money in their hands. Fellow Sinhala bros and sisters, we do not hate you, but what happened between us was inevitable as we were forced to take arms to protect our territorial integrity and cultural values, so you will be always welcomed to share our wealth in our new prosperous Eelam.

  134. Bhairav,

    Hmmmmmm.....I wonder if we are close to a full moon day?

  135. Bhairav,

    "new prosperous Eelam" - Why do you call it "new"? How "new" is it? Can I guess? It's brand new right? It's so "new" that it is not even in existence yet right?

  136. Bhairav

    wake up man it's morning.

    tell momma to put a wet rug near your bed so you don't sleep walk.

  137. I beleive this Bhairav is same as that old kid "the_boss". That one was also wetting the pants just like this..

  138. ATHAS has started another TAMILNET column.
    I am a one, who used to read his column even before, news paper is fully loaded to the internet.
    He has lost the balance and started to speculate mere reumors.

    GOVT handling of Media people like ATHAS is totally wrong.
    Insted of critisizing, media people should have offered frequent visits to commanders, parties etc to build relationships to make them better understand the view of the SLDF.
    Should have established secrat channel to provide flawed information to suit to SLDF view, if necessary.
    Should let them to be in Front line to feel the gravity of the task handled by the forces.

    If nothing going to work, use a SNIPER attack, when they are in front line!!!!!


  139. Andare,
    If nothing going to work, use a SNIPER attack, when they are in front line!!!!!
    I dnt agree with this part man...
    By continuously abusing him the SLDF has turned him also to an enemy.Well just read through what the Tamil News paper columns or there translations and you would find much more fully pledged LTTE supportive style writings.
    The way to go is to prove if they are wrong by the actions.Iits the people who must get to feel whats correct & what is truth.Even now though we know the balance has gone,We still read it coz we know there are things that we can learn even from those....

  140. "...By the way, Tamil Eelam will reach the second world country status within the 10 years of liberation from..."

    well said Bahirav! this will shut up Sinhala buggers around here. They will come begging for visa to enter peelam estate, wont they?

    My house maid says I can come to work at her house when this happens...

  141. bloodyrav,

    karunanidhi has flushed tamil elam down the toilet. only guys like you can salvage it.

    stop begging here.

  142. bhairav, you funny gook

    tamil eelam has already reached much higher world status. It resides in zero world staus, wayyy higher than 2nd world...

    soon the rest of you will reach your zero world residing paradise eLam. At that point your population will have reached the point generally called eXtinction.

  143. Folks...

    Some of us seem to give too much attention to musings of LTTE coolies weeping in their daydreams. Is that worthwhile?

    Unless we are taking on the LTTE propaganda efforts, we can use our precious time to write something beneficial for our country, troops and people? (Ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism, appreciations etc.)

  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. Guys,

    As we all anticipated, the savages committed just that: placed time bombs inside buses.

    They didn't go off and were detected in time, not by strategic excellence, but by a stroke of luck. Unfortunately, the lady luck is not known be omnipresent.

    In here we knew it was coming; I don't know whether the ordinary folks who travel by bus knew it too.

    If they are given the impression that these savages plant bombs at random, then the innocents are given a collective death warrant.
    I don't know whether the autorities warn them intensely after these 'claymore' incidents, against the impending danger.

    Someone in Sri Lanka can give me more information on that.

    Keith Noyar incident is a disaster: it was wrong; badly handled; unnecessary boomerang, thrown at the wrong time.

    Having said that, the defence columnists are not saints either, that include Senapathi of the Nation.

    When they become powerful in their own right, they become too big for their boots: they try to hold the defence establisment to ransom. When the information they need, is not forthcoming, their columns turns against the military or even resort to tactics that border on mild blackmail. When a rival political party makes inroads into the scene, the situation gets out of hand. Defence columnists can't push ruthless terrorists and the defence forces of a government
    into the same league.

    Senapathi's comments became erratic lately and consistency seemed to have deserted his writings.

    Text-book journalism does not exist in the real world; it exists only during the training of these highly ambitious self-righteous folks - the journalists.

    Don't forget that they can't further their careers by writing monotonous stuff; they need dynamism and if they can't find it, they create it - stirring things up.

    A true defence journalist does not have to resort to cheap well-hackneyed modes to popularize his column. Nor does he have to write what the existing government loves to hear.

    Mr Alistair Cook started reading the The Letter from America - a weekly radio address - for the BBC, as a young journalist, just after the second world war and had been doing it until he reached the golden age of 99! - believe me folks, every week without a break.

    He did not always write what Americans loved to hear, yet the Americans, a huge global audience including poor Qrious and even the presidents of America were full of praise for the gentleman for upholding journalistic ethics in his weekly address. It was down-to-earth, rich in style, factually correct and not a single trace of malice. You just get addicted to hear it every week.

    He did not seek after fame; it just came to him, with little effort on his part. Unfortunately, journalists of his calibre are in short supply nowadays, even in the very organization, Mr Cook used to work for so long.

    Our Defencenet has chosen the right path: he does not seek glamour; facts are presented as they are; if errors are made, corrections catch up.

    Have you ever seen any of these defence columnist admitting to things, that they got wrong? Never. That is the arrogance.

    Athas and the gang that he represents got so many things wrong and they conveniently bypass those things as if they never exist. Need proof? Swith on the rewind mode and read their writings during Toppigala battle: read the lines of writing first and then read between the lines too.

    Journalists all over the world have created this mythical status for themselves; they are a lot to be venerated for being impartial and brave. They are neither.

    They are ordinary mortals like you and I, who are desperate to make a living and when become too ambitious and greedy, do not hesitate to turn it into a kill.

    However, I don't approve them of getting beaten up.

    A gentle stroke by the nail-end of the index finger, on to the conical head of the penis, will do the trick, relying on its close proximitity to the solar plexus, the anatomical treasure house that plays the role in filtering in external stimuli, that include making distinction between good and evil.

    When a country is technically at war, norms can change. It happened in America after 9/11 and happened in the United Kingdom after 7/7.

    Only place it has been happening on a softer scale is in Sri Lanka, despite being battered by this menace for well over thirty years.

    Jounalists with an agenda should not be allowed to have their way; they should be stopped in tracks.

    We need freedom to live and travel in our own country without a bayonet over our shoulder; it is not too much to ask for.

  146. Qurious,
    Look at what fantastic work our civilian population can do if only they keep their eyes and ears open!!
    Many many thanks for your comments.
    As for the U.S giving us military aid..did you say that in jest?:):)

  147. Elizabeth, Bush and Mahinda all died and went to hell. Queen Elizabeth said: 'I miss England , I would be pleased to phone England and see how everybody is doing there'. So she called and talked for about 5 minutes.
    Then she said: 'Well devil, how much do I owe you?'
    The devil : 'A million pounds' . 'A million pounds!!!????' and she made him a cheque and went to sit back on her chair.
    Bush was so jealous, he starts screaming,'Me too, I wanna phone the USA , I wanna see how everybody is doing too.
    So he called and talked for about 2 minutes, then he said:'Well , devil
    how much do I owe you?' The devil :'Two million dollars'. 'Two million dollars!!!!!!???' and he made him a cheque and went to sit back on his chair.
    Mahinda was extremely jealous too. He starts screaming and screaming 'I also want to phone Sri Lanka! I want to see how everybody is doing There too, I want to talk to the army, ministers, I want to talk to everybody'.
    He called Srilanka and was talking non stop - he talked for about twenty hours. Then he said: 'Well, devil, how much do I owe you?'
    The devil : 'Ten rupees.....only ten rupees.'
    Mahinda screamed 'ONLY TEN RUPEES??????
    'The devil says, 'Well, from hell to hell, it's a local Call'.!!!

  148. [Brigadier Balraj led from the front]

    how the fuck can person with haert problems, due to morbid obesity I assume, be able to even run 5 meters let alone fight in high pitched battlefield

  149. and man i'm getting tired of these keyboard warriors, from both side especially LTTE, this just a damn blog the war wont turn around just cos you say it will, and tactics wont change just because some nerd who crammed too many shit in their heads says so.

  150. Srilankan,

    Thanks mate.

    Do the media increase the tempo of the warnings in Sri Lanka, after the claymore blasts in Vanni, especially after the civilians get caught, by accident?

    That is what they need doing.

    It is really sad the way those Tamil civilians lost their lives. I don't think it is the work of Tigers and we should not stick to this poor mode of propaganda; it is morally wrong and counter-productive.

    We must take measures to make sure these episodes are not repeated. At least, some form of comensation is a good gesture, if it is feasible at all, not by the government, but by some NGO.

    Only way to see an end to all this is the total elimination of the savages. They don't mind clinging on to even a dead body to further what is left of that excellent goal - the partial destruction of the very race they say they are fighging to protect.

    May they rot in hell!

  151. peccko said,

    "Elizabeth, Bush and Mahinda all died and went to hell."

    Even your faculty of imagination, something that functions perfectly well in everyone else seems to be at fault - making up bloody silly stories to make us laugh. These are not healthy signs man, I must warn.

    If you want to hear a true story I can tell one from a long list of many. If you want to make it funny, you may do it too.

    Did you know that Baluraj - it is easy for us to pronounce his name in Sinhalese that way, without twisting our tongues - lost part of his upper lip, including the famous moustache, which is a part of Tigers' trade mark, during a battle?

    People thought he went to Singapore for heart surgery. I disagree. I am not the only one that get surprised at the news that a Tamil Tiger did seek after heart surgery!

    He went for a skin graft, according to my man, who is now in hell, for committing something bad, but not terror-related, I must emphasize.

    Carried with him was a part of the genitals of a dead female cadre for the operation. The eminent surgeon who attended the brute, performed the task well and wanted to see him at rugular intervals, to see how the graft worked.

    He wanted Baluraj to appear on a web cam for that purpose; obvious travel and visa restrictions were taken into account.

    Baluraj said everything works perfectly, much to delight of the man who work in the theatre: he could trim his moustache, dye the grey in black and even twist it at the ends to create a nasty appearance. But there was a little snag, according to Baluraj.

    The surgeon got really panicked and encourage Baluraj to beat off the hesitancy.

    Whenever, I tried to pee, said Balurj, especially in public, there was a violont twitch in my moustache.

    Baluraj had lost his acumen in battle front, but not his skills in the erotic front, the eminent surgeon realized.

    Baluraj had been a very sexy man too, till his end.

    His late wife had a lot squabbles with the brute. I am sure they did not arise due to lack of provisions in the kitchen store.

    Read between the lines folks. Peccko, you are allowed to use a magnifying glass too.

  152. Defencenet,

    I remember some time ago you posted a article about battle of Elephant Pass 1991 and said it was the first of a series of posts dealing with historic battles. Has that idea been shelved?

  153. These bloody barbarian LTTE terrorists are trying very hard to bomb a bus/train now.

    yesterday and today alone 3 big bombs were flund in buses.

    this is according to LTTE barbarians is "retaliation" for "DPU" attacks on hiace vans.

    this shows that there are MANY tigers and a large number of bombs in the south that can be used at short notice.

    SLDFs must bust all these terror cells soon using whatever methods.

    there should be hard retaliation for any and all LTTE attacks on civilians. LTTE should never be allowed to have the last laugh.

  154. I agree with our mate Moshe Dyan.

    How come they infiltrated the south with deadly cargo in such a manner?

    Vigilance of conductors or passengers must be commended. Can this faculty be relied upon for ever?

    The forces have a lot of explaining to do; especially the police.

    That means their check-point mechanism is in doldrums.

    I think when Major Genearl Lawarance Fernando was in charge of the security in Colombo, things were not that bad. Now the frequency of bus bombings has risen to an unacceptable level.

    The government has a responsibility before the targets are struck, too. Pinning the label of barbarity on the brutes is not enough; everyone knows who they are and no need of any more statistics.

    If the forces feel that the recent court ruling gets in the way when carrying out their duty, there are ways to get round that too: ignoring the ruling or over-ruling it by the executive layer of the country.

    Protecting innocent lives should take the precedence, not the stampede to reach the moral high ground.

  155. Guys,

    The South African government, that is run by the blacks, but acts as if it is whiter than white, is in trouble; the biggest-selling news paper in the horn of Africa now calls for Thabo Umbeki, the president of the regime, to resign over passive handling of the riots against poor African immigrants.

    They took a very offensive position against us recently on the issue of human rights. Now, the damn thing has blown in their own face.

    I think this is what our little daemon, Bhairav called everything coming in cycles.

    I don't think Desmond Tutu's political prayers will save the South African regime from damn shame.

  156. Srilankan
    US will definitely give the aid we need to combat the terrorists. At present the ever powerful terrorists lobby is curbing this, using the laws that prevent military aid to countries that does not conform to their expectations. Their president does not give directives as done in the third world. Our embassies, foreign ministry officials should do a better PR job. I think without the help of them, would not have located those deep sea vessals.Gosl seems to be deliberately making mistakes, seem to have very little vision. Yesterday we were at a heat warming farewell to one of the best High Commissioners we ever had and to transfer them(with two others) at this crucial hour is folly and damaging to our country. Her suttle diplomacy and professionalism has converted many in the ranks of the government here to be supportive of the country’s fight against the terrorists. Much has been done and much more has to be done. I hope the President is courageous enough to reverse this decision to retain these three persons. Every decent country condemns terrorists and punish them in their own borders while our terrorists gain respectability to their cause and justification to their terrible deeds, while our representatives abroad were asleep or doing their own private ventures and now we have a winning team in London, but being moved for some stupid reasons. Our present High Commissioner had her schooling in UK and very well familiar with the expectation of this culture here in UK can do a better job than a unfamiliar retired judge.

  157. Bhairav said,

    Fellow Sinhala bros and sisters, we do not hate you, but what happened between us was inevitable as we were forced to take arms to protect our territorial integrity and cultural values..

    Oh my god, what a change! Bhairav you almost lifted my manhood by shock, not the usual stimulous.

    What a branch of olive on offer!

    You lot tried to protect the territory but not the cutlural values, mate.

    Tamils have a great culture and no one doubts it.

    What brutal Tigers did was to manipulate it to achieve their own ends.

    Let me dissect some of your cultural componets, not that of Tamils.

    You have been blowing up innocent men, women and children for no fault of their own for decades, as retaliatory measures. Which part of Hinduism promotes that barbarity?

    You have been hacking men, women and children while in sleep for so long. Is that a part of the great culture?

    You have been abducting children from parents while robbing them of their precious assests. exploiting their ignorance and financial hardships; in the end, you left thousands of them in perpetual tears.

    Is that part of the great culture as well?

    This is cultural vandalism, not revolution.

    You or your mates are ambitious to be a Warren Buffet, against this background.

    But, that great man did not walk through corpses to stardom. He is well-known for showing the world that capitalism, compassion and buisness ethics can co-exist.

    By dragging the great men to your niche, you just show the trade-mark Tiger trait; pursuing the impossible.

    Try to be a decent human being before stretching out your ambition too far. Enjoying the spectacle of destruction - both human and materials - do not provide you with a shortcut towards that goal. Take one step at a time in the long process of being a Warrent Buffet.

    Judging by your deliberations, if you lived in Italy, you definitely would have dragged the Pope into Mafia, to kick off another great debate, at the expense of the great holy man.

    Tigers spare none, I conclude.

  158. Qrious said...
    'When a country is technically at war, norms can change. It happened in America after 9/11 and happened in the United Kingdom after 7/7.

    Only place it has been happening on a softer scale is in Sri Lanka, despite being battered by this menace for well over thirty years.

    Jounalists with an agenda should not be allowed to have their way; they should be stopped in tracks.’

    Qrious I’ve been reading (and whole-heartedly agreeing with) most of your comments in the past, but I just cant believe you said this. Unbelievable.

    If our country had better media freedom than most other countries who are in the same boat, then that’s something to be proud of and grateful for, not make complaints over.

    And I am having difficulty figuring out the problem in these so called media reports. I’ve read Athas’s column for a long long time, and I simply don’t see the LTTE bias in his reports. He often has very high regard for the forces, and it’s the government and bureaucratic apparatus that he bashes. True, since of late, he’s started complaining more about the lack of press freedom etc etc and less about the actual warfront, but there are enough other sources on the web to get the info I need. Reporting the actual casualties in our warfront surely isn’t a crime deserving vilification and intimidation? (For instance his reporting on the KIA/WIA counts on the Muhamalai debacle – the one that drew heavy criticism from our MCNS - was almost identical to that by Defencenet. Could you please point out his ‘agenda’ please?)

    And some other asinine posters have suggested in this column of ‘bumping’ off reporters like Athas, in the name of national security. My question is, why why why. If the concern is inaccurate reports demoralizing the troops, that’s simply bullshit because the troops know what’s going on in their own battlefronts better than anyone else in the country. Exaggerated enemy casualty counts by the MCNS won’t boost troop morale, or exaggerated reports of our casualties by ‘reporters with an agenda’ wont sag their morale. If the concern is of inaccurate reports causing undue alarm among the public, bring out expedited libel cases against these journalists – surely that’s the way a government acts?

    Our countrymen are divided into two groups – either those irrationally supporting the war at whatever cost, or those willing to go to any extent, even damage our international repute, to stop the war. Whatever happened to supporting the war and our troops within the bounds of rationality, yet backing off and saying no when you see immoral, unpractical or vicious decisions been made by our leaders?

    You say ‘We need freedom to live and travel in our own country without a bayonet over our shoulder; it is not too much to ask for.’ I’m sure you had the LTTE in your mind when you said that, but can’t you see that now there’s someone else holding a bayonet over our shoulder as well?

    Heard what happened to Keith Noyahr? Brutally assaulted on the head and feet, one of his ears torn – just to get him to reveal his military sources. Noticed the trend in that it was the Tamils getting abducted first, now war reporters, next the dissenting politicians, and soon thereafter, civilians who are vocal in expressing their opinions? Aren’t we dangerously close to a military dictatorship, with any measure been taken maintain power over the people? Frankly, that bayonet scares me a lot more than the one held by the LTTE.

    There’s a saying that aptly sums up the current situation in our country.
    ‘He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. For if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.’

  159. Guys,
    Have you read the US ambassadors remarks made recently? I see some change of wording after the eastern elections. I may be seeing crocodiles in the tea cup. Let’s wait and see.

    click here.

  160. Hemantha
    It’s obvious that one day America or any other country, however powerful has to bow down to reality that no terrorism should not be tolerated anywhere against a democracy. All these countries will fall in line to help the countries that are blighted by terrorists,seperatists,etc Countries victimized by terrorists too have a part to play, to be accepted by all important nations to us and that’s the duty of the professional diplomatic corp. ,no political crony could fulfil that task.

  161. Kevin,
    I heard that a retired Supreme Court judge (Judge Nihal Jayathunga I guess) is going to be appointed as the high commissioner. Don't you like the idea?
    Success of an ambassador should be measured from the results. I know nothing about Kshenuka. But I know one thing. In UK, we haven’t been gaining any ground in the diplomatic front recently.

  162. Dear lamak,

    First of all, let me thank you for reading my posts. You have agreed with me in the past, apart from the last one that refers to the media freedom in Sri Lanka.

    As you know, I live in a western democracy where no one talks about press freedom, because it is there. However, there is a press complaint commission in these countries. That may raise the eyebrows of the folks who do not know about the existence or necessitiy of such a mechanism.

    The reason is simple; the media, especially the influencial newspapers are owned by media barons. They have their political affiliations and their publications don't hide which camp they are in - a perfect ground to distort the facts to appease one camp at the expense of the other and vile practices.

    In short, press freedom is abused even in developed countries, not by thugs, but by saintly journalists.

    Just imagine how this model worked out in a poor country like ours to hypothetical perfection.

    The Vijaya newspaer group is owned by Ranjith Wijayawardena - Ranil's cousin.

    Is this particular owner interested in promoting media freedom or boosting his lineage, in addition to selling his publication?

    That is the role handed out to Athas and the likes. I don't read this column, because it frustrates you to the core by his attitude towards the forces; as far as I know, only thing this man sees is defeat and debacles, implying an optical defect - call it partial vision.

    How about their successes? Has he ever written about the successes? I leave it open for interpretation.

    He may write a sentence or two to appease the army, but that is to cover his dirty tracks and motives. He can't fools the audience for ever. You have to look at the context and filter out the motives.

    The success of an army operation is not determined by military hardware alone. The concept of morale plays a key role in it.

    How does Iqbal Athas help to boost the morale of the soldiers, officers, wives and children, when he constantly barks up the wrong tree?

    Military bands, patriotic songs, poppy appeal are designed to address this human issue.

    If Athas thinks his column does just that, he may have shifted his brains to his testicles, for a reason only known to him and his bosses.

    The bunch of journalists that Athas represents have displayed, time and again, they have the bioligical ingredients to be proper traitors.

    If journalists behave in such a way that disturb the morale of serving soldiers, officers and their familites, the government must act on them, as something necessary. Appeasing journalists is not a priority when a country is at war. If they don't behave themselves, they must be treated as determined saboteurs.

    Lamak, you may not agree with me. Let's agree to disagree.

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. Qrious,

    I also read all your posts with interest but in this instance I have to agree with lamak!

    Let me make myself clear, I don't like Athas that much because the overall feeling that you get after reading his report is all doom & gloom. The other thing is that, just like BBC, he never refers to terrorists as "terrorists", instead he always refers to them as "rebels".

    Having said that, bumping him off or beating him up is not the right thing to do. Only bullies (like LTTE) resort to violence when you lose an argument.

    Government should be able to legally deal with all those who write factually incorrect reports. If the legislation is not strong enough, then do something about it. After all, we have sent them to parliament not only to ride in Prado’s and steal, but also to make laws!

    Finally, I think this the way government is handling media during the war is pathetic. They don't know anything about propaganda or spin. All they do is try to hide facts from media. Government should be stronger than that. They should adopt an open media policy and punish those who abuse it.

  165. Hemantha
    I hardly know anything about the present High Commissioner in personal terms but at this critical times she is the most appropriate person to do the job, pure workaholic dedicated to her job. You should have been there yesterday the glowing tributes that were made to her by all sections of the expatriate communities. We have neglected this task what she had been doing, for decades and the terrorist lobby had the upper hand, but no more until this job is given to another person who may not get into the level that she has established. I mean the best for my country and the government too has that responsibility to the best without doing favours to people. London is a critical place where the terrorist have established a foothold and it will be a daunting task for anyone. Many of their financial clout and business are diminished and some are under scrutiny by the authorities here. This takes time as everything is done by the rule book according to the law. Most of the MP s who supported them were brought to the High Comm. and the patriotic expats were able to lobby them, resulting in these MP finding a way out of the hold that these guys have made over the years. Unlike in the third world we don’t have thugs or white vans to sort out the problems but civilized nature of good diplomacy. She is the most honoured diplomat that ever be given a send off dinner by the House of Lords, for her untiring efforts. Over 40 years living here in London no other diplomat has done so much, under the circumstances, where the stupid nationalists have tarred her noble profession, where these nationalists do more harm than what the tigers are doing for the country, completely an introverted bunch of stupid people who should have stayed in Binthanne,Most probably I am insulting the good folks of bintanne.Must go as I am having a very famous Cricket referee to dinner, seems to be a vegitarian,bit tricky this one. Good night!

  166. --Lamak,

    Regarding Athas and Noyarh -whenever a journalist becomes the news, it is time for that journalist to stop being one as there is a absolute and irreparable loss of credibility. Both need to find a new vocation; particularly Atharse.

    The lack of professionalism and politicization of the fourth estate in post independence Sri Lanka has played a major factor in the morass that our country now faces.

    As a matter of curiosity, Lamak to which political party do you belong to? Do you hear a perpetual ringing sound in your ears? It's called behavior modification...

  167. --Onespirit,

    Well, if you were dragged out of your home at night, beaten up sore and dumped back, you can’t help it but make it to the news, can you?

    I agree that the lack of professionalism and politicization of the media in SL is truly deplorable. You just need to look at how blatantly state media institutions like Rupavahini, ITN, Daily News etc are used by the Government to spew out their daily dose of misinformation and political slandering onto the public. And true, some of the private media streams (eg. Maharaja owned ones) have their own agenda too. But intimidating and assaulting journalists gets us nowhere with regards to rectifying this situation.

    If any journalist continuously reports inaccuracies or exaggerations, you don’t need to assault that person to get him to stop reporting. The readership of that journalist would naturally fall so low that he drops out of business. For instance look at our website – thanks to its shameless exaggerations coupled with some extra crappy English reporting, no one takes that website seriously, and instead come to alternatives like DN, DW etc in droves. Get what I’m trying to say?

    On the other hand, singling out one person and then continuously vilifying him would only generate a greater ‘buzz’ around that person’s work, and would only increase his readership - something that person is saying is really touching a nerve in the Government. Undoubtedly, the Nation paper and whatever column Noyarh wrote in it would get unprecedented press coverage in these few days.

    And to my final point, note how the Gov hasn’t taken any substantial legal action against any of these reporters for ‘errant’ reporting? Why go through all the trouble of following these journalists, vilifying them using state media, trying to track their sources etc. when a simple libel lawsuit coupled with a heavy fine/ incarceration (if found guilty) would solve the problem? Just seems to suggest that there is no smoking gun to be found isn’t it?

    And onespirit, nope, I don’t ‘belong’ to any political party. Actually, considering the mass cross overs that happens when the SLFP or UNP comes to power, there is really no difference between either.

    (And I missed your final point on patents of mind control – care to explain?)

  168. Athas and the likes have an uncontrollable urge to belittle SL defences, whatever the Govt may be. Clearly they are piloted by anti SL forces including LTTE. They are the enemy soldiers in the psy-war and must be neutralised in an appropriate manner – IT IS WAR .

    However, it is lamentable to see the incompetence of the English reporters at . seems to do a better job since of late. Why can’t they find few people with a pass in O/L English? They must be taught what psychological impact they can make on the international audience through correctly worded reportings.

    Also, DN/DW are better places for pointing out the shortcomings of the GOSL/Army than through business based newspapers.

  169. keith noyahr's abduction is very very strange as there are many unexplained assertions in his media statements.

    he too, like many other "abducted and released journalists who did not have serious injuries" is not willing to cooperate with the investigators. even his vehicle was not damaged and no one has seen anything strange. this is strange even at 10:30 pm around his house.

    investigators should first concentrate on him.

    lie detectors are very helpful in SL. these can unearth many pretenders. given it is not something that is used regularly here, it can have a huge impact. these can also be used to interrogate less violent terror suspects without causing them much harm.

    in my view, KN's "abduction" was a "voluntary abduction". this makes it almost impossible to trace the "abductors" UNLESS the investigators include the victim ALSO in the list of suspects.

    if the govt. can find a breakthrough, that will change many a misconception.

    if the govt. or a connected party is involved, that shows their utter stupidity 'cos it was very badly timed besides it can not cover up their shortcomings. they could have been much better off killing him rather than releasing him at 5:30 am after 7 hours. very strangely 7 hours! it brings the morning! why wasn't he released at say 2:30 am which is much safer for the abductors?

  170. A cabal of western countries and Japan along with some international financial institutions seem to be actively working against the interests of Sri Lanka. It is difficult to say what their motivations are with regard to Sri Lanka.
    According to a person I know who is affiliated with an international financial institution, the World Bank country director for Sri Lanka is very anti-government. The Japanese lady, Naokoa Ishii, who is seconded to the World Bank from the Japanese finance ministry is heavily influencd by the likes of Dr. Saravanamuththu, who as you may know is another sleeper agent of the LTTE (funny thing being that his sister is an employee of the Central Bank) This is reflected in some of the programs that the World bank has sponsored. Most of the money that they have dumped on Sri Lanka have been for stupid things like rehabilitating court houses, and the justice system. Anyway, with major bilateral donors like China, instituions like the World Bank are headed for oblivion.

  171. CASC,
    I think that attitude is gradually changing now (after the eastern elections). Please read the following article.

    click here.

  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. somson said,

    Briadier Baluraj led from the front

    He led the military battle from the front and was obsessed with launching another battle from the rear too, emulating their favourite creature, the real tiger, I am told.

    The obvious victim - the first in a long list - was his beloved better-half.

    If our mate, somson, can give us an alternative explanation for the desertion of his wife, Varatha, the union of marriage, Qrious is prepared to accept it, but with reservations.

    Tigers emulate their favourite big cat in many ways: stalk and attack; hack the prey by canines to death; mutilate the prey; deceive the prey into destruction; wear the uniform with tiger stripes and many more.

    So, there is no reason to believe that testesterone-fuelled males choose to take orthodox human position only in the process of multiplying the kind.

    somson, you can prove that Qrious is wrong. But he may not be convinced without a photograph depicting the act.

  174. Guys It seems a bomb blast in dehiwala? :(

  175. A bomb in a Panadura bound train in Dehiwala it seems..

  176. Yes. Big casualties there. inside train

  177. This is very bad :((

    It might be prudent for the
    government to stamp a curfew to quell any emotional reactions.

  178. This paints the picture of a tiger with it's posterior doused in turpentine..

  179. What Curfew? Do you think becuase of this bomb that people will go and take retaliation against tamils. Dont be abusrd.. This is Bad news, but dont put us in same state as LTTE. They wanted eye for an eye.. but we should not fall to thier state.

  180. I do not think people will take to the streets.. But its high time that we do something drastic to eradicate the tamil terrorisit barbarians..

    This indiscriminate bombimg by the tamil tiger terrorists is what Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu cheered up for..!

    Where are those Human Rights leeches like Amnesty and HRW now?

    And those teerrist supporting sakkiliyas in this blog.. I guess you are partying tonight right. ?

  181. As DN said

    LTTE has replied ...

    ITS TOO BAD..Sorry for all who get caught.

    really in a worried situ..
    F*** how ever did such nasty thing.

  182. What do the separatist terrorist want by these callous murders?

    1. Evoke racial hatred and violence?

    2. Put pressure on the public to change their mindset towards the operations being conducted in the north and east?


  183. issue.. ob blast,

    These days cant blame LTTE also
    Cos Pillayan Bastered also does the same. Proved by Fort Blast He who has suicide bombers too.

    thats what GOVT also silenced ya.

    Who cares BOTH are terras. even the GOVT. GOVT too responsible for these.


  184. Where these media freedom fighters??
    They are always against MR but support UNP and LTTE.
    Wickramabahu (kary kaapu rilawa wage ke gahanna withrai danne).
    any statement against LTTE so far from these ponna rela..

  185. Expect our old friends shyam, peter, puli etc. to come here and start gloating pretty soon. The rest of you guys please don't answer their bullcrap, it's not going to reverse the damage caused today and it's not going to make them see sense. Remember wild animals are most fierce when they are cornered, as they know their end is near.

  186. About the curfew..

    It's not absurd. Gov should be ready to clamp a curfew at short notice.

    A police curfew was effected in East only a few days ago..

  187. Well all LTTE want with these blast is to put fear in normal civilians and SHOW Those Murderers’ living Abraod who support LTTE, that thier blood money is put to use...

  188. thambala,

    I guess it's the first one mostly (Evoke racial hatred and violence) because these incidents are more likely to increase support for the military operations rather than decrease.

  189. thambala said...
    What do the separatist terrorist want by these callous murders?

    So people like
    Can force Mahinda to stop the war.

    More explosions means LTTE is realy Fucked up. So inaway this news brings sad news and good news.

  190. As predicted by many....

    Pro LTTE web sites will carry a tiny link to the alleged "DPU" strike on civilians when they post news stories of the blast.

    What a justification lol..

  191. By blasting this bomb ltte has showed their nature once again.

    Where are those so called rights groups, activists?


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