Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LTTE expands runway at Iranamadu

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have been expanding their runway at Iranamadu during the past few weeks. Latest aerial surveillance images have shown the runway being expanded possibly to support larger aircraft.

The tigers may be expanding the runway in the hope of acquiring larger aircraft than the existing Zlin 143s which do not require a well built runway to operate from. However given the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF)'s continuous bombings raids over Iranamadu, it is doubtful if the tigers have plans to use the Iranamadu runway even if they do manage to acquire better aircraft. UAV surveillance footage during bombing runs have clearly showed bombs from SLAF jets hitting the target accurately, leaving behind large craters on the runway. These craters however seem to be easily repaired.

The only other explanation of this expansion would be its use as a decoy. This theory is fueled by MI reports which indicated Zlins are launched from locations in Mullaithiv south rather than from Iranamadu runway.However discarding the warnings without proper investigation can have deadly consequences for the security forces. Before the tigers showed their 'air power' SLAF's UAVs picked up images of Zlins parked on Iranamadu runway. Initially the warnings were discarded claiming that the spotted aircraft were dummies. At a later time, a high ranking defence official  (at the time) made history by claiming 'the tigers have brought planes for transportation purposes'.

Military Intelligence believes that tigers have between 5 to 10 Zlin 143 aircraft to at least one a locally built bomb rack is installed. Although the accuracy of the bombing raids are often very low, the threat posed by these aircraft remains significant.


  1. This is a joke. Let them expand, please don't waste our resources bombing this airstrip.

  2. "The only other explanation of this expansion would be its use as a decoy."

    I agree with this. But during the CFA, there might have been other uses (like transportation of valuable equipment and VVIPs), Zlins if I remember correctly only need 615m to take off. And there are an array of places in Wanni where this can be done.

  3. Have the SLAF looked to see if there are any trends that we see when they launch TAF?

    Moonless nights? Most pilots off duty? UAVs in air? Aircrafts in air?

    And also a list of people in the air bases, directly linked with operations, when TAF was launched? Could they be the moles who inform the TAF that it is safe to do a run?

  4. //...a high ranking defence official (at the time) made history by claiming 'the tigers have brought planes for transportation purposes'.//

    This is partly true so far; Other than propaganda they did only transpotation.


    //This is a joke. Let them expand, please don't waste our resources bombing this airstrip.//

    This is not good. Let them build it and let SLAF keep bombing it. Lets assume its decoy but still SLAF should destroy it while going for 'true' one.

  5. We should not bomb them right away.Give it some time let them expose some more of their assets then we can destroy them all at once.

  6. Why expand? In length or width?

    Perhaps the LTTE wants to land an airbus to take VP and the crew in luxury to a lawless African country.

  7. Tiger air capability is basically a result or complacency of our forces. I guess complacency is part our culture. You see politicians taking special care immediately after a bomb kills one of their buddies. But, after few months security drops to next to nothing giving LTTE another opportunity.

  8. In an earlier post, I did a calculation of a 152mm artillery shell based on information in the public domain. It works out to about Rp 30000 each, probably now higher with inflation. I assume that the aerial dumb bombs costs several lakhs each. The laser guided ones must surely cost in the millions. Why waste so many resources making craters on a small dirt runway.

    Zlins Specs

    A comparison of military helicopter specs

  9. Ninja

    "This is not good. Let them build it and let SLAF keep bombing it. Lets assume its decoy but still SLAF should destroy it while going for 'true' one."

    I'm sorry I don't agree with you there mate, I agree with Rover in this case. It totally depend on what kind of runway this is. If it is just gravel, then there's no point in wasting money bombing it as it is extremely easy for them to repair it, they only need a bulldozer and a roller. However, keep an eye on it and bomb it if they start converting it to a proper runway.

    Also, we know where this runway is, so as soon as we know TAF is airborne, send a jet to cover this runway. If those airborne TAF planes come anywhere close to the runway to land, then fire at TAF planes as well as bomb the runway.

    As I said before, if they use Iranamadu runway, then due to logistics they have to have their planes close by. This is especially the case if they use bigger aircraft. So, just wait till they are airborne and then bomb I say!

  10. Tiger leader Shanthan was arrested this morning by the British Police.

  11. 'Military Intelligence believes that tigers have between 5 to 10 Zlin 143 aircraft to at least one a locally built bomb rack is installed.'

    5 to 10 planes?? munge plane wanniye pataw gahanwada? this means they can certainly 'afford' to use one or two planes in kamikaze style, which is i guess when they are at their deadliest.

    and finally, there is no way that the tigers could have procured this many planes without complicity from the government apparatus (be it the ports authority/ military/ coast guard or whatever). More planes at the TAF = a reason for us to upgrade/ buy new jets innit?

  12. Why would the LTTE want to make the Iranamadu airstrip so conspicuous when all of their other bases are well disguised? This airstirp is conspicuous even on Google Earth, it is like a landmark that draws your eyes towards Kili. Is there any other LTTE monument/structure, that is so apparent as this?

    Iranamadu airstrip serves two major purposes at the current stage of the conflict. First, it serves as something that diaspora can readily recognize and relate to as something belonging to Eelam. And second, draw the SLAF/GOSL into wasting its resources. As Para points out, if this was a concrete airstrip, it would be ok to destroy it, as concrete is a precious commodity in Wanni these days, and hence LTTE will be wasting its resources as well, which could be used to build bunkers. But if only a buldozer and a couple of workers are needed to repair the damage, costing let's say about 5000 rupees, when GOSL spends about a million on the bombs, then LTTE is the clear winner. Remember we have finite resources to spend on SLAF.

    So keep the airstrip under observation, and be ready for any eventuality but don't just waste our resources on this needlessly.

  13. Kevin,
    Bro..Lets hope he does not get a "bad stomach" after eating steak and kidney pud with chips followed by spotted sundamale accompanied by several largers and is hospitalised due to this very serious ailment.This LTTE buffoon's "human rights" must be protected at all costs.The guards must ask him the following questions/make statements.
    1)Do you prefer a part of your bedroom converted to a jail your lordship?.
    2please dont take us to the european court..pretty please
    3)do you like to spend just one hour in jail daily.
    4)do you like your wife to bring her "chatti muttis" and prepare food for you just outside your jail cell.
    5)Do you want us to organise a "barathanatyum" in your honour on a daily basis etc..

  14. What SLA should do is to drop dedicated surveillance teams on the ground within the proximity of these areas. Some of these are closely covered by dense vegitation (at least that's what it looks like on aerial maps) which would support a long range observer platform. Monitoring over a couple of months would derfinitely yield results.
    It is possible that the air strip is for arms infilteration from abroad. There are plenty of rogue operators in the former Soviet Union countries who'd fly in an Antonov under the radar and drop off a load for the Tigers.
    The air strips will become a lifeline if and when the SLA completes sea-denial to the LTTE.

  15. Srilankan
    The cops don’t like him a bit, because he is a terrorist. I think he was in possession of a sophisticated GPS guidance system. This may be very serious.

  16. TS,

    The may have used the dirt airstrip during the CFA to get armaments. In fact, UAV footage had shown large wheel marks on the dirt. But I don't think they can land a cargo plane with the new 3D radar in place and the interceptors. They would have to travel too far fro comfort after showing up on the radar.

  17. Kevin, that fellow got was bailed out once after he was arrested right?

  18. Rover
    There is a sinister reason to let them out on bail, so don’t worry as they won’t be allowed to get away lightly. By the way Karuna will be out shortly.

    It seems that tigers are using roads for runaways, but this expansion is perhaps to get down big one, ferrying supplies. It seems that they are bringing in the needed ammo using our fishermen in the south and corrupt officials and they not in short supply and the reason for maintaining the present offensive posture against the numerically superior army of the south. We have compromised at Madhu because there were no captured weapons or pows. Tigers are short of manpower but not weapons. I think they might improve their night time air capabilities in accurately taking out a target at night.They are shopping for such systems.

  19. Happy Burstday!

    It was exactly 32 years ago, when a little known fat boy hit upon an idea, while flicking through the great Hindu text, the Bhagavat Geeta.

    The verse in question was doing one's duty without keeping an eye on its returns - a very noble concept, with universal acceptance.

    The fat boy was Mr Velupillai Prabhakaran, the son of pious devout Hindu parents, with a reasonable social recognition.

    Mr Prabhakaran, time and again, proudly quoted this particular passage from Geeta, hinting that it was the turning point of his life. It certainly was the turning point of a small nation, to be much more precise.

    Having being awakened by the religious sentiment, Mr Prabhakaran then took a flight of fancy by turning the clock backwards, until he saw the riots committed by the Sinhalese against Tamils in 1956.

    He immediately found the root cause of the suffering of his race - the lack of statehood.

    He made the decision - a separate state for the Tamils who are being scattered the world over; the idea of Eelam was born.

    Armed with selective - favourable is the better word - quotes from the Geeta, Mr Prabhakaran then prepared himself for the great struggle that lied ahead of him, in the years to come: he made himself tough by getting into chillie sacs and then tie them up with the strings of exaggeration. He overcame the apathy towards killing by an equally ingenious method - killing insects, birds etc. He wanted those around him to interpret this mode of action as the propagation of compassion. Those who raised questions - or eye brows - were on the brink of getting the ticket of trator, that opened the gate of the grave.

    After long contemplation, he decided how to launch this great battle on behalf of the Tamils across the globe - killing a prominent Tamil. Mr Alfred Doraiappa, the then Jaffna Mayor became the guinea pig. Mr Prabhakaran attached religious significance to this act by carrying it out near a well-known Hindu Temple.

    Ever since this inauguration, he had been surprising all of us, at regular intervals.

    His interpretation of love does not resonate with the love defined in Geeta.

    Does he really care? Not really.

    He does not think that getting into military uniform while moving with his personal photogrpher in tow as a violation of the noble principle in Geeta - expecting fruits of returns. He thinks it is just an extension of his duty.

    It is just by a stroke of luck that he did not lay his hands upon the Das Kapital by Marx or Mein Kemper by Hitler, as he did with Geeta.

    If it was the case, we would not have been alive to communicate throgh this blog today.

    Let him enjoy the wonderful 32 years of service. I am sure 53, 55 and 57 brigade provide the necessary firework for the celebration.

  20. Thanks Qrious, cool stuff, I left you a message where your last story was, you probably didn't see it.

    "Mr Prabhakaran, time and again, proudly quoted this particular passage from Geeta, hinting that it was the turning point of his life."

    Probably the only geetha (except for the numerous suicide Geethas he had slept with) he knows?

  21. "His interpretation of love does not resonate with the love defined in Geeta."

    You mean love (postures) defined and practiced by suicide Geethas? ;)

    I probably will get into trouble with this one, but it was worth it.

  22. Thansk Kevin, do what ever to keep that A-hole where he belongs.

  23. To unlock the kid in me..."i told you so; didn't i?"

    apart from DN's reasons for the possibility of LTTE having larger planes, the following are additional reasons.

    3. SF had some more "circumstantial evidence" including the details of one russian arms smuggler who has sold many stuff including old russian jets to many groups/countries branded evil/terrorists including the LTTE. but no evidence that jets were sold to the LTTE; on the other hand there is no evidence he hasn't sold jets to the LTTE either.

    4. also add to this the LTTE's desire to relaunch "unceasing waves" crap. the SLAF is the biggest potential obstacle for a successful UW attack.

    5. LTTE has reasonable share of superiority in land and sea manuveres with SLA and SLN. however, the SLAF can easily change the balance. so targeting the SLAF is the top priority for the LTTE. the most effective way to destroy the SLAF is by air. katu., hingurakgoda, anuradhapura and the SLAF is history. this was the israeli tactic in 1967 against much powerful egyptial, syrian and jordanian AFs.

    6. many top tigers were killed, injured and restricted by the SLAF. these were carried out by the SLAF with ease and without endangering themselves. chances are SLAF strikes on top tigers will continue. the only way to stop that is to destroy the SLAF. as mentioned above the most effective way to destroy the SLAF is by air.

    7. it was the SLAF that kept the flame burning in spite of a few military "debacles". LTTE has thus far been unable to take this "enjoyment" from us. they will no doubt try.

    8. a LTTE jet or even a subsonic aircraft can do hell of a lot of damage to SLDF infrastructure and personnel not to mention the economy. so LTTE will go to whatever length to get airborne with better accuracy, more explosives and faster speeds.

    9. last year when the SLN destroyed LTTE ships, some had aircrafts on board. recently there was news that LTTE would have received at least 3 shipments recently. there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that these had planes.

    it is also possible that this is a decoy as DN states. it works in two ways.
    1. to mislead the SLAF as to the LOCATION of the airstrip.
    2. to drive fera and terror into the govt./people

    #1 means TAF is planning more attacks. why? because when TAF attacks, LTTE knows the SLAF will go on a witchhunt. they are easily attracted to a paved runway easily visible.

    #2 means more unnecessary expenditure further burdening the already burdened economy and the effective use of the biggest weapon terrorists have which is terror.

    finding a strategy to suit all these scenarios is difficult. but some steps can help.

    1. increase efforts to get more intelligence
    2. identify and destroy what looks like airstrips (we don't want to end up as on 24 march 2007) using effective and less costly means
    3. constant (at least more hours) surveillence from air to trackdown weapons shipments, weapons movement, cadre movement, TAF movement, etc.
    4. round the clock air raids especially at night (all tiger air raids were at night and this suggests increased activity at night
    5. identify more targets from 1 above and destroy

  24. Parakrama said...

    Also, we know where this runway is, so as soon as we know TAF is airborne, send a jet to cover this runway. If those airborne TAF planes come anywhere close to the runway to land, then fire at TAF planes as well as bomb the runway.

    Then why the SLAF couldn't do on the above way you mentioned ...they have night capabilities and air to air missiles (Don't they knowhow to use them ..?)... ma question is why they were unable to destroy the TAF planes ...

    Last time when the tigers bombed in MANALARU they were on air around 1.40 am but the SLAF airborne around 3 am... ARE the SLAF scared of Tiger planes.....But this time LTTE used both of their planes to bomb..in earlier bombing they only uses 1 plane to bomb ..

  25. Decapitation strikes are on the way against Sri Lankan government targets and Rajapakse governments can't do a thing about it.

  26. Sri Lanka Army units launched an attempt to move its troops from Thirukkeatheesvaram towards Veaddaiyaamu'rippu in Mannaar Tuesday morning from 5:30 a.m. till noon with artillery barrage, but sustained heavy casualties, LTTE offiicals in Vanni said. Meanwhile, on another front where SLA attempted to move from Ka'rukkaaykku'lam targeting Vaddakka'ndal was confronted by the Tigers from 8:15 a.m. An Armoured Personnel Carrier was destroyed in LTTE mine, killing at least 9 SLA soldiers and wounding many, according to the LTTE.

  27. An unknown Western nation will be delivering weapons, including tanks via heavy lift aircraft. This is in direct response to Iranian help to Sri Lanka.

  28. More SWETS gone to hell. LTTE daily killing quota of 8/MFs per day has been met.

  29. Blogger Upul said...

    More SWETS gone to hell. LTTE daily killing quota of 8/MFs per day has been met.

    i don't agree with you buddy ..its more than that..its 14KIA yesterday and 17 KIS day before ... don't you know maths just kidding ...
    Are the tigers gonna use their PZL TS-11 Iskra jets for bombing .. Only 2 Zlins are enough for aim the SLA M'F heads

    SL parliament closed for a month hehehe....

  30. upul / sham,

    have you forgotten that DN launched a counter terror attack on terrorists in this blog?

    he knows your IP addresses. be careful. what happened to shanthan MF will happen to you.

    don't forget LTTE is a banned terror group in canada.

    sham, if they know you are running the tamillnation website and promoting terrorism here, they will link the tamill nation to terrorism easily.

    the tamill nation can only exist in the www of the internet. enjoy it while it is there!

  31. why has the parliament closed down?

    it is to screww LTTE MFs mercilessly, violently, with extreme prejudice, ferociously, etc.

    no parliament means all powers are vested with the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES WHO IS THE PRESIDENT.

    naaa na-na naaa naaa
    naaa na-na naaa naaa

    great times ahead. wish i were in the army to do what i fancy in my wildest dreams on the malathi brigade.

    mathivathani, dwarga, maalathi..... here i come.

    yeeeee haa

  32. Moshe Dyan said...;
    Apo ane ...we were very scared and Upul is silent and scared too ...
    DN can't do anything in ma country .. here there is no ban for the EELAM fighters but he can do one ; can kiss ma @ss ... just guess ma country hehehehehehe...chill buddy chill....

    have you forgotten that DN launched a counter terror attack on terrorists in this blog?
    Upul is kinda success because the viewers of this forum is became lower and they are now using defencewire coz of the word verification ....

  33. 'An unknown Western nation will be delivering weapons, including tanks via heavy lift aircraft. This is in direct response to Iranian help to Sri Lanka.'

    Well done upul, good work. U have filled ur joke quota for today, Keep posting a few more of the same caliber and we might have to give you a bonus.

    By the way, here's another idea for ur joke for 2mrw - how about one involving the sun-god appealing for help from his fellow planetary populations, and the martians answer the call and help the LTTE?

  34. Rover and Gorius are faggots.

  35. Defencenet is loooooooooooser as he deleted three of my postings yesterday.

  36. shyam,

    I had to reduce the number of SLA dead from the true number so that Defencenet wouldn't delete my post.
    I have to keep Rajapakse buffoons in here feeling happy even when they are not suppose to be.

  37. Moshe,
    Once again we see Rajapakse diehards like you advocating rape, murder, torture against Tamils. This evidence will come back to haunt you, I assure you that

  38. Correction about heavy lift aircraft. It is in fact not a western nation, rather its another foreign country that will be delivering via heavy aircraft.

  39. Qrious,

    What I meant to ask was "You mean love (postures) defined and practiced by RESONATING suicide Geethas? ;)"

  40. Upul,
    "Correction about heavy lift aircraft. It is in fact not a western nation, rather its another foreign country that will be delivering via heavy aircraft."

    Keep on dreaming my friend!

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  42. who every is really roaring roy is so scared of upul that he has to switch to another account, fearing his home or real life will be under threat. That just cracks me up.

  43. DW;

    its a kind of torpedo ...

  44. [So people like Defencenet believe it or not are profiting from this war, I wouldn't be surprised he is funded by arms dealers and Rajapakse family. He is getting ad revenue for you all looking at his fantasy creations on blogspot.]

    Well..you are right on the money. Yesterday I made some moderate post like "SLA personnels paid the price for Mahinda's own glory at Mugamalai", suddenly defencenet jumped on that post and deleted it.

    May be this blog is run by Mahinda's cronies, could be, his decorated son, yes, vice admiral of SLN :)

  45. SLDF should be innovative to make maximum damage on LTTE.
    It is very expensive to use air force, the way it is used now.
    Migs Kafir Mi24 are being used with expensive missiles in the front lines.
    I think we should use old method, which was used by SLAF in the front lines, where no civilian s close by, when ever possible.
    i.e. to use locally made powerful gravity bombs to just drop on the front lines of LTTE.
    Low cost , but damage can be huge in muhamale type operations.
    GPS can be used to give some accuracy to locations.

  46. [May be this blog is run by Mahinda's cronies, could be, his decorated son, yes, vice admiral of SLN :)]

    if so then WTF you LTTE goons doing here??

    one reason may be because you MF feeling the heat now

    fake eelam state is fastly disappearing nowadays isn't it

  47. Why don't we try to land one of our aircraft on this strip and launch a commando style operation to find out what's out there?

    We can start with a few attempts, getting closer and closer each time and see what they have in store there (AA Batteries? SAMs ?)
    If it seems we can land why not do it?

    Rather than bombing it can't we drop something on to it which will make it difficult for air craft to take off?

    how about stationning a helium baloon around that strip?

  48. Upul said (An unknown Western nation will be delivering weapons, including tanks via heavy lift aircraft. This is in direct response to Iranian help to Sri Lanka.)
    Ada koti upul there are no unknown nations in this world any more. haven't you seen some thing called world map?If no one knows about that how did you get to know?
    Moshe.ara web adaviya karanne oya demala nowana namak tiyana kotiya bawa hariyatama dannawada?

  49. can't we get hold of some recreational remote controlled planes attach a small video camera plus tv transmitter to it and do 24 hour surveilance on selected locations?

  50. suranimala,


    can a remote controlled plane go so far into Vanni from our FDLs? how to control it?

    remember you have to see it to control it (unless it is too sophisticated in which case UAVs suit)

  51. out of the topic. But you should read this..

  52. Kevin,
    Bro..Many thanks for your comment.I am pleased that commander Karuna will be free in the near future.

  53. Suranimala,
    OH god bro..Our skies are going to be filled with C-130 aircraft landing on gravel runways and dropping supplies to thaamil EELAM.

  54. Suranimala,
    Is an LTTE aircraft carrier going to dock at mulathev.

  55. rover,

    What I meant to ask was "You mean love (postures) defined and practiced by RESONATING suicide Geethas? ;)"

    You can interpret it that way too. Any thing is possible with a folk who is determined to stay semi-literate - by not listening, reading or adapting.

    Sorry, I didn't see your previous comment on my piece. Anyway, thanks for it. I will try to entertain the folks, until this damn organization is wiped out. Our fan-club is expanding rapidly with the latest addtion of Mr Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

    raves said the following:

    Rover and Gorius are faggots

    This man is an angry man! A short outburst means just that.

    Short outbursts can be injurious to the health of this young man, I must warn, according to my man who has a knack for diagnosis when it comes to human health.

    raves belongs to the brigade who writes things like hee hee hee, hooo, hooo, loo, oooooose intermittently in what they call comments.

    What they don't know is that a certain part of their anatomy reacts to this syllable-stretching without their knowing, which could bring additional health risks; they already have enough I think.

    As a precautionary measure, I ask raves to hold testicles before stretching syllables in his writing. This part of manhood is known to follow blindly everything its master does in excess.

    raves you are warned and advised too.

  56. Guys,

    The Big Aircraft

    I have another hypothesis regarding the big aircraft.

    It can be a feasible mode of transport for a large entourage.

    Just do simple maths: Velu, Mathivathini, Charles Anthony, Balachandran, Dwaraka, Pottu, Nadesan, Balraj, Theepan, Jeyam, Soosai...

    Is there enough room for this group in that Czec-built aircraft?

    Large boat was constructed in Kerala for the same purpose before, until it was caught.

    Boat ride is ruled out; Karunanidhi has effectively closed the door in Tamilnadu.

    So, Eritreya is the only option left. Only a big aircraft can bridge the oceanic gap.

    Bon Voyage!

  57. Sri lankan machan just now I got news that tamil pundalam aircraft carriers are coming to our shores from unknown country:)))))
    Better to run:)))
    Moshe ehenam minihage antarjala lipinaya lehesiyenma hoya ganna puluwan.wasaya karane koheda kiyalath hoyana eka kajak newei:))

  58. Moshe Dyan,
    You have fired a SAM at my remote controlled plane..

    hmm let me think.. how about a gps unit in the plane that will relay back the coordinates to the controller and a software that can show the position. When the plane gets closer to the destination controller can switch to visual confirmation using the mounted camera.

    What do you think?

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. thambala,

    i didn't mean to man.

    but its good that it happened at the experiment stage.

    otherwise LTTE MFs will claim they shot down the AIRFORCE ONE!!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. according to defencenet LTTE may acquired powerful aircraft than zlin.if they able to airborn much powerful aircraft who saves our wanni FDL?? when SLAF fighter jets arrives all the way from katunayake usually 2 hours later they able to bomb our FDLs and going back to wanni
    why we can't station F7 or interceptor upgraded aircraft in AAB

  63. guys,

    Tamil Eelam + Tamil Nadu = Tamil's homeland

  64. Puli
    Tamil nadu it is in India ya we accept it no matter about it.
    how come you have 2 homelands?:))No nation has 2 home lands :))))and do you know what is the real meaning of ellam?
    and why don't you fight in India to get your pundalam ?first take it from India

  65. hello puli ada wane kohomada?

  66. suranimala,
    you ate the bait..

  67. Defencenet,

    Defence.lk is saying the army has captured palampiddi bridge is palampiddi town under army's control? or is it only the bridge

  68. cable,
    it's only the bridge

  69. tambala
    oh machan .uba hari :)ganan gannne nathuwa inna thibune:))iwasla iwasala hitiyata samahara welawata lee pichenawa machan mun kiyana meeharak kathawalata:)))

  70. suranimala,
    That's exactly what they want you to do.

    The victory is in resisting the urge to respond and post something relevant and useful.

  71. Thambala, Moshe,
    UAV without a Control center can be achieved but dedicated team is requred to develop a working model.

    ARMY R&D has already develop the necessary technology required. (got info from Deyata Kirula Exibition)

    Same technology can be use to develop a cruse missile with grater accuracy.

    I am not going to explain how to do that and it is really dangerous because, any TERRA group in the world can use similar technologies to Attack legitimate govenment installations.

    If you can please share the contact of the R&D team.
    Otherwise suggest them to publish a form in defence.lk to share the idea.

  72. Can't we rename the Bridge???

  73. The six Nation Building Ministers have 43 vehicles at their disposal and they were shared with their personal staff, Leader of the House, Nimal Siripala de Silva disclosed in parliament yesterday. In response to an oral query raised by JVP parliamentarian for Anuradhapura District, Ranaweera Pathirana, the Leader of the House stated that each of the ministers were using some eight vehicles and altogether, the ministers were using 43 vehicles.

  74. SLA knows SLAF leaks MI-informations to the LTTE that's why they didn't informed about muhamale operation.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. http://www.tamilnet.com/img/publish/2008/05/152_mm_right.jpg

    above photograph Clearly Shows how they HIDE 152mm artillery guns.

  77. " http://www.tamilnet.com/img/publish/2008/05/152_mm_right.jpg"

  78. I think the easiest way to destroy is detect them at ground is find where they hangar them using thermal track of the zlins and bombard,
    I wander how they manage to hide them are they using bunkers or sort of foliage???????

  79. patriot,
    this shows how they do it http://www.tamilnet.com/img/publish/2008/05/152_mm_right.jpg/these are normal roofsheets

  80. that should definately have a foil in side the roof
    but now there are radar systems capable of finding these hideouts too
    "we must havea capability to find them in hiding positions, normally under or infoliage. The quest for foliage penetrating (FOPEN) "

  81. we can easily find them just after the firing using FLIR technology available in SLAF,THE PROBLEM IS THEY DON'T WANT TO DO IT.

  82. with normal fireFinder rader we cant. we have to hahve this Ultra-Wideband tech
    i know our guys are doing the the best that they can, but they need the support of highly techies,
    like mit ppl, system still not consist of right part for the war mchine

  83. makings of the Piliyandala mayhem the LTTE way


  84. @Suranimala

    iwasla iwasala hitiyata samahara welawata lee pichenawa machan mun kiyana meeharak kathawalata:)))

    Why do you look on those bastards comments?. Just do no read those. That is the best way to ignore them.

  85. suranimala,
    Thanks for your post bro..this is very serious..did you know that the tiger geniuses have extended the runway of their aircraft carrier just with logs of timber.. i mean timber!! so that they can accommodate their B-2 bomber wing?..

  86. http://lankapage.files.wordpress.com/2006/10/ltte.jpg

  87. puli
    Remove your trouser & bend and look below and you will see your EELAM hanging between your legs, Thats only if you are not fat and have a big stomach like the fat pig Prabha (Pronounced Paka).

  88. PE, Ahh ha mey, magey nama pavichci karanna epa hondey sahodaraya...

    This article is an eye opener for any ill-informed and/or misinformed person.

    Hard core facts by Asoka Weerasinghe. Please circulate among your peers.

    Eye opener - Worth reading & circulating

  89. SLPower,

    Couldn't agree with you more bruv. I don't waste my time reading rubbish posts let alone respond to them.

  90. artillery captured by LTTE

  91. Defnet,

    SL must hit the terrorists where is hurts. Their weakness is manpower. We can weaken it even more if we get lower rankers to leave. What’s the point of having 100 guns if you have only 50 people to fire them?

    Here are two good ways to demoralise the LTTE fighters and expedite their retirement from the outfit.

    1) Leaflet dropping

    Leaflet dropping with convincing messages of the greener grass on this side (ask Karu!) is one method to demoralise lower rankers. Offer them genuine incentives and reasons why they should risk leaving the LTTE and surrender to SLDF. Negative outcomes like getting killed by the SLAF or LTTE as well as positive outcomes like vocational training and jobs abroad should help them make the decision. Lots of pictures of Tamil people living happily in the rest of the country and prospering would help them unlearn some possible indoctrinations. There should be testimonials from prominent Tamil people living in the south.

    Obviously, the leaflet/s should be designed by experts who understand the psyche of the target audience.

    2) Good food smells (this method would work on me any day!)

    This is another proven method used effectively by many authorities to demoralise and neutralise rioters and other trouble makers. Only a couple of prerequisites required. One is that the wind must blow in the right direction. I.e. from SLDF controlled areas to LTTE areas. The other is that this method works only within relatively close ranges.

    Release smells of cooked food; buriyani, barbeque meat, fried katta karola fish, thala thel fried rice, etc., in to the air to be carried in to LTTE front lines. Basically; smells of whatever floats their boat in terms of cuisine. When these half starved cadres get the smells of this delicious grub day after day they are going to go berserk in “gastronomical” proportions. Apart from having to keep their tummy worms under control they would also think that the SLDF are having a great big party. This should demoralise them no end. They won’t be able to think straight let alone aim straight.

    I am sure the SLDF could buy these odours from specialist suppliers from oversees.

    Ps. What does "Word Verification" achieve please?

  92. 43 killed in Sri Lanka clashes


  93. UN watchdog groups denounce 5 nations (including Sri lanka) vying to join rights council


  94. DN, TN claim that one APC has been destroyed in MN. Is there any truth in this?

  95. anymouse one Buffel was damaged

  96. DN

    Sorry I'm digressing from the point but can you pl. give us some indiaction of the SLA new FDL's Mannar. The place names given on DW DN and defence.lk are all confusing and one can't find them on a map.

  97. DefenceNet,
    when you have the time...
    Have we captured all those responsible for the pilliyandala bombing..

  98. [raves belongs to the brigade who writes things like hee hee hee, hooo, hooo, loo, oooooose intermittently in what they call comments. ]

    I'm honored to be join in this exclusive club, again thanks to faggot, Gorius's firt place vote.

  99. Folks... Canadian voters lists is in LTTE terrorists pocket!

    he he he... hooo hooo... hooo

    (Sorry about that...)

    ... And Canada is preaching to Sri Lankans how to peacefully negotiate with the LTTE pigs!

    Not anymore I believe!


  100. Hey guys....

    All us who has one wish...the wish of driving LTTE MFs out of our blessed land will be sad about the Tamils in general after reading the following article.



  101. Where is Defencenet who quickly jumps to delete any posts which contain Tiger words?

    ado Mahinda crony..wake up. Don't use too much cheap drugs :)

  102. "ado Mahinda crony..wake up. Don't use too much cheap drugs :)"

    Boy arent we loved. Initially the attacks began in the form of valid arguments; at least there were some military relevance to these. Nowadays we are being called names which is well...sad. lol

  103. Gringo,
    Very well said bro.If Hon Mrs Prabhakaran of the eastern province wants to take revenge by killing these 8000 LTTE MF's grand children on their wedding day(s) in Canada i will give her all the protection she needs-i pray that she wont do it.This lady has afterall lost both of her parents who were butchered by the LTTE and she has a right to avenge the death of her parents.
    I have nothing against the peace loving tamils in this world for the good reason that i have plenty to do in this life without bothering about some ethnic minority.This started with the tamils in general supporting the LTTE and others immigrating to canada purely for economic gain.If you leave a country on the basis that you will be killed..there is no reason to return to it coincidentally in november on the basis that your mother is dying of cancer(4000 mothers/fathers cannot be dying of cancer at the same time and all in November..how strange).In this situ you will get them/her to canada for better treatment.But tragically for these LTTE buffoons 9/11 happened,Kosovo happened and the sadest of all they found out that these "greener pastures" overseas have got " dirty weeds" growing in them not to mention that they discovered that they are not the only comm-mu-nity in this world that is vying for GOD IC's attention.

  104. Hey but Tamils are called sakillis, oily headss, foreigners without any intervention. In fact it looks like such language is encouraged so what do you expect our response will be ?

  105. Hey but Tamils are called sakillis, oily headss, foreigners without any intervention. In fact it looks like such language is encouraged so what do you expect our response will be ?

    Hey.go speak to the canadian authorities about it.I am sure they will stop funding all these "peace organisations" in shhrrii-laanka which will create a a severe loss of foreign exchange for US.Hon President will also stop this war the moment Canadian ambassador caucasian pussy calls him on the phone in the dead of night.As for calling you names why dont you visit the LNP to findout exactly who has been name calling who

  106. You have NO IDEA what you have got yourselves into.

  107. upul,
    For one last time, we have never allowed anyone to call TAMILS nor Sinhalese any of the words you mentioned. The LTTE and Tamils are two separate things. So are the SLA and the Sinhalese. Since your eyes are blinded by racism, you may see otherwise and we do not expect/want you to change.

    But dude, dont come here saying you were in the right and why you piss all over the forum is because 'Tamils were discriminated'. This is a very lame excuse.
    Say we wanted to discriminate tamils. How can we even determine a person's race by the IP adress (afterall that and the nick is all what is visible to us)?

    If you can remember the past encounters, it was you who started the arguments with racist remarks 95 times out of 100. Since when have you countered an argument with valid reasons? If you cant answer it, you veil your ignorance with a racist attack towards DN or the Sinhalese or the aliens or whatever

    Your whining and threats may get whatever you want in elsewhere but not here mate.

  108. The LTTE are Tamils and Sinhalese period. Don't try to justify calling them a non entity and thus a different set of rules apply to them..

  109. Tamils are discriminated against period. The world acknowledges that and that is institutionalized here.

  110. What sort of MI estimates enemy air -craft strength to be between 5 and 10. That's a 100% variant. Lol.

    I am sure any old Banda on the street would be able to estimate LTTE cadre strength to be between 3000 and 5000 as well.

  111. "Sinhala Only" did not discriminate on the basis of race. I am sure that it benefited Tamils as much as it benefitted Sinhalese.


  112. If any western / foreign intelligence or military officer reading this blog wants to get his / her hand on a real fortune... all they have to do is to dig deep into a cross section of the so-called "Tamil" enterprises / organizations in your country. (Expect catchy names!)

    As uncovered recently by the RCMP... there's a tight-knit, well-organized structures in these 'enterprises' engaging in money-laundering, extortion, income tax-fraud, gun-running, drug smuggling, credit card fraud / ATM fraud... et al.

    In addition, they have written manuals on how to 'rob' government subsidies, welfare, illegal immigration and social benefits... Very detailed manuals, folks... very detailed!

    Of course a handsome part of the income generated of these 'enterprises' is invested in terrorism in Sri Lanka... where the LTTE wants to establish their HQ... and use the opportunities created by the very terrorism.

    Now if you are smart, you will take my word and ACT.. because some smart cookies did so recently, and became VERY RICH!

  113. San my man, where have ya been son ? At Disney ? Anu AB got whacked last year by Black tigers and toto... imagine if we had Mig 27s' at Anu AB parked aaah....can ya say toast ! Whatcha thinking Einstien ? Ltte blew up the Ammo dump & some Cessna's years ago at China Bay AB, Entered Palaly a few yrs ago to blowup Bell 212's & I bet ya heard abt Katu AB attack son ? We cant protect our assets due to infiltration ! Gotta better idea ? Because, this phase of SLDF battle goes nowhere without CAS support ! We better starts looking up skywards around the North while ya at it ! Know whata mean bro !

  114. what really benefitted the majority sinhala population was the british Raj giving the tamil minority preferential treatment and the comments made by some ponnambalams at that time this really helped.
    As for calling the majority sinhala population LTTE..does this give you more security in the world?.
    "Tamils are discriminated against period. The world acknowledges that and that is institutionalized here".If this is the case why are some countries selling us weapons to kill these LTTE buffoons?.All these weapons transactions are based on money and money alone and the "world" does not seem to give a "shit" about a majority population fighting a minority murderous terrorist group (who "the world has acknowleged is discriminated against"). The words "world, international community and discrimination" seems to be a large part of your vocabulary.

  115. Defnet nice work bubba !

    So " A Western nation will be Air Lifting heavy eqipment " That has to be US ! Huh ?

    BTW, San my man, that TmNet idiot photo of 152mm ? Captured from Epass in 2001 but, note the Arty rounds ? They got the mother load !
    Crap !
    Pound the ltte SLA ! Pooound them !

  116. "Sinhala Only"

    brought hardship on the poor sinhalese than any other, because the poor youth dont know english they cant get a good job, or travel. it was a stupid and meaninless thong concopted in the feeble mind of banda aiya

  117. sinhala act did not benifit anybody,

    I dont like english and I'm proud of who I am, but dat dont mean my fellow brothers cant have the choice of a better education and life by learning english

  118. For the benefit of the brainless;

    The Sinhala Only Act was the actions of a monkey with a loaded gun; it ended shooting itself in the crotch.
    As a result of the Sinhala Only act, the sinhala youth were compelled to study in Sinhala while the tamils and muslims had the option of studying in the English medium.
    No matter what happened in the way of inconveniences caused to the minority persons by having government forms and literature only in the Sinhala language, the long term effects of the damned Act was to make the majority of the majority sub-standard in competitiveness.
    The Sinhala Only Act DID benefit the minorities it was intended to SUBJUGATE and hurt the majority it was designed to priviledge at the minorities' cost. Those who design evil against others do perish by its own means, and the Sinhalese paid a heavy price in that endeavor.
    If any of you are incapable of understanding the proportionality of these impacts in macro terms, perhaps this forum is not for you.

  119. Puli

    Tamilnadu? The same one that's arresting and dog-housing LTTe and support monkeys?

    Psycho-Vaiko,Nadumoron and a few nattami's don't make Tamilnadu. In fact the king-makers of T'nadu don't even like to be compared to the Sri lankan Tamils. The real power brokers are on our side.

    That is the reason why the sinhalese are laughing their heads off each time you monkeys threaten with an imaginary T'nadu coming to your rescue.

    In the long term, the Sinhala extremists who want this conflict to continue for another generation so that the tamil menace can be eliminated for ever may prove to be right and even get their way.

    Unfortunately, and this should worry you, a lot of the former moderates are starting to be okay with that too.

  120. I am sad to hear that Mr Gilbert, the principal of Trinity collage have been denied a visa to stay in Sri Lanka,because there was a teacher in that collage that had a connection with the tiger terrorists. I knew him personally and was responsible for getting him there, just to sort out the corruption and the mess created by the previous people in charge. He has improved that collage to near past glory. This is another great mistake we are making in the country. During the tsunami times the Christians in Kandy built houses and gifted many things to village in Vakarai and on good advise they too did the same in the Sinhala and Muslim villages in the south.I warned him not to be naive enough to fall for the schemes of anyone connected with the terrorists and not to be a bleeding heart for them, thus offending the state and it’s majority. He followed the good advise went about in doing a sterling job for this collage,inspite of many enemies, very envious of his dedication to the collage.Mr Kathirrgamar was able to help him with his visa,inspite of many false allegation against this decent and harmless man. I hope the President would intervene and restore his visa.

  121. Autocratic Rule is now official by Mahinda Rajapakse and friends


  122. Defencenet,

    correctly observed about the behaviour of LTTE supporters here.

    they seem to be like those crabs dancing in the water; the hotter the water gets, the more active they dance, until the water reaches the boiling point!!


    their beloved LTTE MFs are LOSING.

  123. hay LTTE MFs,


  124. We are not sad or worried. In fact the opposite is true, we can taste victory in our sights

    *Heavy desertion of govt troops.
    *Heavy battlefield losses requiring censorship
    *Total isolation of Lanka, internationally.
    *Main source of rice supply cut-off
    *Severe economic harship, loss of cash-flow

    Lanka and supporters are two moves from being check-mated.

  125. We are only worried that battlefield losses of SLA will prompt SLA MI targeting innocent Sinhala civilians in False Flag operations to dirty Tiger's name We pray for the safety and well being of all innocent civilians, irrespective of who they support particularly those in clutches of the evil Rajapakse clan.

  126. @ Every one who loves SRI LANKA


    Why do you look on those bastards comments?. Just do no read those. That is the best way to ignore them.

    I say BASTARDS without any hesitation. Because they deserve.

  127. Upul,

    glad you are talking military matters.

    the huge SLA is unaffected by a very small desertion number.

    no heavy battlefield losses and they are not hidden. at the parliamentary emergency debate the PM must reveal the correct numbers (which are higher than MoD numbers) but the correct numbers are public knowledge and that is acceptable as they didn't die in vain. (unlike during the time of the early CFA when SLDFs died in vain without any battle!!)

    SL has no new hardships. the biggest hardship is the fact that LTTE cadres are breathing and living. we have put up with this for 25 years; another one year is no big deal.

    but look at the LTTE.

    their main funding sources are cut-off in canada, US, EU, australia, etc.

    LTTE is complaining that the govt. is blocking food and medicine to vanni

    their numbers are severey decreasing that they have conscripted grandmas LOL!

    the muhamalai incident killed more tigers than SLA when SLAF attacks on canter trucks are added up.

    LTTE cannot maintain 4 fronts at the same time and large numbers of tigers are ADDITIONALLY dying as they lack medical facilities, etc.

    LTTE loyalists including karunanidhi are slowly realising that tamill elam is not possible!! what a bloody blow to it. LTTE is now trying to kill karunanidhi just like they killed ghandi, amirthalingam, etc!!

    SLDFs are preparing for an annihilatory attack. parliamentarians are safe now after the proroguation. tigers are panicking.

    150,000 shells + 10,000 missiles + MiG-29s + + + + are being arrived to blow up the LTTE into shitt.

    who should be laughing??

    thanks for your false concern for civilians and the SLA. by killing civilians LTTE cannot achive anything.

    remember 3 weeks after kabithigollewa where LTTE MFs killed 30 children? it was sencholai more than 60+++.

    remember the AAB attack? just 2 weeks later that cripple was bombed to shitt?

    after the eastern election, TMVP guys will be freed too!!!

  128. Where did you get all this propaganda, or did you pay masters hand this to you on a sheet. The fact is SLA is facing immense loss for minimal gain and use of censorship, interference in press, killing of journalist proves this.

  129. if things are going oh so great for SLA why porogue parliament, impose censorship, admit to immense loss etc. ? Who is kidding whom ?

  130. off topic but interesting article. Shows how demographic changes are causing some social problems within the Tamil community

    “Eelam” women pine for marriage and maternity

  131. Moshe Dyan builds confident on false rumors as almighty SLA can sweep the LTTE within an overnight. Good luck to pot bellied Phd military analysts who think that genuine Tamil struggles against the oppression can be dealt with the military solution.

  132. Upul said... if things are going oh so great for SLA why porogue parliament, impose censorship, admit to immense loss etc. ? Who is kidding whom ?

    Perhaps you don’t understand the sentiments of most Sri Lankans. With apologies to Sir Winston, I have plagiarized his “Finest Hour” speech and changed it to reflect what I belive are the sentiments of most Sri Lankans.

    “I expect that the battle of Sri Lanka is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Sri Lankan civilisation. Upon it depends our own Sri Lankan life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our culture. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Prabhakaran knows that he will have to break us in this island country or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Sri Lanka may be free and the life of the country may more forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole country, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted terrorists. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if Sri Lanka last for another thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their Finest Hour.'”

  133. upul,

    the parliament and the media are not fighting the war. it is SLDFs that is fighting the war.

    who lost most?

    the war has killed 2% of the tamil population whereas this figure is just 0.2% for the rest of the population!!!

    what casc has given is a DIRECT consequence of this.

    so lets keep on fighting. whether SLDFs win or lose you lose, you lose upul.

    what a pity???

    at this rate we will have the last laugh!!

  134. please refer to my calculation above.

    this is the reason why MOST SL supporters here support the war while ALL LTTE supporters hate it.

  135. Dear DN,

    Is there a kind of a situation in Manar ? Pro –LTTE media reports, they killed 9 SLA and destroyed a APC.

  136. From the beginning this place is good heaven for intelligent visitors
    I think now it’s becoming a common forum, please keep the place clean, if you have something to ask just ask… but don’t spoil the place by racism and other personal matters
    If you guys need kinda place, we can suggest a new blog name that can suits for your needs
    My personal believe is in Sri Lanka we have no ethnic conflict, this is just a Terrorist problem, unfortunately most of them are Tamils

  137. Patriot,
    Well said bro.Very well said.
    Tropical storm,
    Your absolutely right about the sinhala only act but i think there were many reasons to pass this..i think it has something to do with establishing a "national identity" as well.
    i agree with you regarding Mr Gilbert.However are you aware of all the facts in this case.when did you last speak to Mr Gilbert?
    Why are you giving "explanations" to LTTE supporters?..why?..
    You have to adopt the attitude taken by websites belonging to overseas govt departments.If they dont like your comments they simply dont place it..as simple as that.
    it is sad to note that the british 7th tank division is being dispatched to SLanka to help the LTTE to get EELAM..

  138. Moshe,
    well said bro.I am still very curious as to the total LTTE losses in the last muhamalai battle.My gut feeling tells me that most of these guys died due to the SLAF and this was not a walk in the park for them either.

  139. patriot/srilankan,

    DN and i don't answer crap posted by saboteurs. but they raised VALID defence related issues today for a change!!

    and don't assume racism just becuase race is involved. for e.g. the calculation i provided is THE TRUTH. before supporting the "liberation" struggle any more, these idiots MUST understand what their "liberation" has caused to them, let alone the others!!

    BTW, don't think you guys can hide in cancada, etc. and evade your sins. ALL OF YOU SHALL PAY FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed including those on your VERY OWN PEOPLE. that is the justice this war lacked SO FAR. hopefully not for long.

  140. Srilankan:

    Why are you giving "explanations" to LTTE supporters?..why?..

    Well said

  141. Slpower,
    Thanks for your kind comment bro.
    I dont think they are really worried about what the LTTE have done to innocent tamils provided its not them.(given this inherited prevalent atrocious cast system).These guys are now hanging on in the hope that there is going to be political changes favourable to them in the U.S or GOD IC.

  142. Heavy fighting claims 66 lives in Sri Lanka: military


  143. in this forum someone mentioned that SLAF attacked ltte canter lorries full of ltte caders during muhamale battle any truth of this?????
    because most newspapers and other electronic media circulated a news that slaf airborn thier fighters lately around 1.30 pm (nearly 12 hours later)but battle started 2.30 am.

  144. this civilwar or ethnic conflict will last forever unless one of the sides can learn to negotiate.


    SEE HOW EASTERN PROVINCE RISE http://www.neweast.lk/

  146. Exposed LTTE news site is back with usual denials and lies.

    Now these LTTE loosers are trying to fool the tamils who they claim to liberate.

    What a bunch of loosers...


  147. san, people like you didnt know the word terrorism existed before 2001 so please don't humiliate urself in public like this.

    There is an ethnic conflict on Sri Lanka. News agencies also refers it to civilwar, so try use one of them.

  148. boss,
    you better humiliating yourself.why don't you go to some other terrorist blog and post your comments.i think you are a child before 2001 that's why you didn't knew it before.

  149. Military captures Adampan tank

    Defencenet any more details..??

  150. b#1 news is true 58 div has captured this area which is roughly 5km to the south from Adampan junction.

    1 soldier killed and 2 wounded.

  151. The Adampan tank and two square kilometers of LTTE territory north of Mannar was captured by the military today after killing at least ten LTTE cadres. One soldier was also killed and another injured

  152. hey boss read this>> Military operations against the LTTE is not war against Tamils: Karunanidhi


    i think Karunanidhi will teach you what is terrorism , who is tamil and lot about LTTE terrorists

  153. If LTTE is not a terrorist group, there can't be any other!!

    terrorists' biggest weapons is terror. but if the enemy (of those terrorists) can beat them in their own territory, they become just pussy cats.

    The adampan operation (which is still ongoing) is well worth documenting. one by one LTTE's strategic bases are falling and LTTE supporters are talking about negotiations!! LOFL!

    LTTE has shown that they cannot negotiate; they cannot honour agreements, they cannot give up barbarianism, they cannot live in a civil society.

    there is one way to handle them : annihilation.

    LTTE is a cancer that unfortunately got into SL. as treating cancer it must be completely annihilated without leaving a single cell/cadre. in cancer treatment even cells that are close to cancer cells are destroyed. so it should be in war.

    this was the solution dutugemunu, vijayabahu, gajabahu, dhathusena, etc., etc. gave to this problem.

    if there are any attempts to restart shallow negotiations, those attempts must be defeated AT ANY COST.


  155. DISCLAIMER: Any/All views on the following article are not necessarily those of Pakka-Lanka.


    He’s had death threats and people calling him a traitor to his country. Eight years ago one of his colleagues was shot through the head because of his work for the BBC. But Priyath Liyanage feels that he has a moral responsibility to his listeners, irrespective of the consequences.

    About the BBC Sinhala service - Priyath Liyanage, Head of BBC Sinhala Service, Bush House, London, UK.

    It’s one of the smallest services in the World Service, but it delivers a huge audience. There are 19m people in Sri Lanka and over 2m listen to us over there, in addition to those around the world, mainly because of the conflict. We have government ministers and Tamil rebel leaders who listen every day. We know that some people in the army listen to us. One guy told our reporter that if he goes on patrol duty when the programme is on, he takes a radio with him. He said it’s the only way to find out if the guy in the next bunker is dead. Once a Tamil refugee came to Bush House and said that he used to listen to us by connecting the radio to a bicycle dynamo and peddling it for half an hour. It’s the sort of thing that makes the job worthwhile.

    Does the government ever try to censor?

    There are about 32 FM stations in the country and the government can switch them off at any time – we’ve been taken off air before. Our FM partner is the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation, so we are on the government radio. It’s ironic because the government doesn’t like us very much for not giving the ‘official’ version of events. They think we are pro-rebel and complain that we ask them difficult questions. On the other hand, the Tamil rebels have stopped giving interviews to us altogether because they feel humiliated when they cannot answer a question we put to them.

    What kind of questions put the government on the spot?

    I asked the security minister an awkward question about compensation for soldiers, which hasn’t changed for 20 years while the MPs’ wages have gone up many times. Recently, one of our producers did an interview with a government minister, who is also in charge of security, about the assassination of an opposition MP on New Year’s Day. In our interview, the minister admitted that the main suspect for the killing is a former bodyguard of another government minister. Since then, the government has denied the connection. The interview was quoted in the press and even raised questions in parliament. The minister later said that we trapped him with a ‘leading question’.

    What do your critics say?

    The government thinks we have an agenda because we will carry both sides of the story. You’re constantly trying to find out the truth from a place where no journalists are allowed. We will get two sets of casualty figures from the rebels and the government, one downplaying the other. Often the government gets caught out telling lies and that’s when they get angry. Similarly, the rebels get annoyed with us when we contradict their propaganda.

    So you have made enemies...

    I have become a pariah and I avoid social gatherings. At parties people have a couple of drinks and that makes them think they have a right to tell me how to do my job. Most of the trouble is from the Singhalese, who think we have given too much exposure to the rebels. I’ve had plenty of death threats too. Ten years ago I was getting frequent, nasty phone calls at home. My wife didn’t tell me about them. I answered the phone once – he sounded like a young guy. I told him if I pushed a button now he’d be arrested in two minutes and sent home. He never rang again.

    The Tamil Tiger rebels I can handle more easily – they are grateful that we put their side over. People assume that we have to take the Sinhala side because we are the Sinhala service. Worse than enemies is dealing with friends. Sri Lanka is a small country and so it’s incestuous. The military spokesman is a classmate of mine. Some ministers and opposition leaders had been to the same school as me. Over the years the rebel leaders have become friends. In some incidents, victims and perpetrators both have some connection with you. It is impossible to be impartial without making enemies.

    It sounds dangerous

    After Iraq and Somalia, Sri Lanka is the third most dangerous place in the world for journalists. People kill journalists with impunity. We currently have one full-time staff member and ten stringers working in Sinhala. One of my stringers was killed eight years ago in the war zone during curfew. Two guys came into his house through a police checkpoint and shot him three times in the head. He had been giving us information on human rights abuses and election rigging. He had three children under five and we had to get the whole family out of the country. The BBC wasn’t too clued up – we had to go begging to Amnesty and to NGOs. With help from some sympathetic colleagues, we managed to get some compensation from the BBC and the family is now living in Canada.

    Can you protect those working for you?

    The BBC can’t offer much protection. I tell journalists not to report on something if they think it’s dangerous. There is no point in asking for police protection. When I go back I still get followed by people working for government security. I don’t have my own security because you attract more attention that way. When the Sri Lankan papers ran a campaign against me in the mid 90s, at the height of the conflict, there would be a half page about me a few times a week, most of it defamatory. I met with BBC lawyers to see if they could do anything, but the BBC has a policy of not suing newspapers. I felt let down, but what can you do? I have a moral responsibility to the listeners.

    Does it affect your family in Sri Lanka?

    My mother was ill when the right-wing papers were writing this filth about me. When I went home she had put my graduation picture up. She said, ‘I want people to know you had an education and you are a good guy.’ My personal life is pretty screwed up.

    How did you come to work here?

    I started freelancing for the BBC in 1987 when I was still a student nurse working with people with learning difficulties. At that time the service only broadcast one programme a week and I was paid £10.50 for each. In 1995 I was appointed head of the Sinhala Service and since then have been running the section. We have three producers, two full-time staff and two to three casuals. We do news and current affairs in a magazine format. The news bulletins carry a mixture of international news and interviews. I started the daily half-hour programme after recruiting new staff. I feel like I have ownership of it.

    What do you do as a release?

    I try to do a bit of writing, I try to be creative. In 2005 I wrote a film that got made in Sri Lanka and which won the presidential award for best screenplay. It was shown in the UK during the Channel 4 Asian film season. Spending time with my children is always a pleasure.

    Where do you see your future?

    I don’t think I’ll be able to get any kind of employment in Sri Lanka. Even my friend in Colombo will not have me. They know the way I work will never change. The way we question things may be difficult but our intentions are honourable. As I said, we’re mainly accused of being biased, of siding with the Tamil Tigers. It can get very hostile. People do have respect for the programme but at the same time would like us to carry out their agenda.

  156. "The adampan operation (which is still ongoing) is well worth documenting. one by one LTTE's strategic bases are falling and LTTE supporters are talking about negotiations!! LOFL!"

  157. British Police today charged the four men arrested for conspiring to support the banned LTTE Tigers, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

    The men, Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar, 51, Jegatheswaran Muraleetharan, 46, Jeyatheswaran Vythyatharan, 39, and Murugesu Jegatheeswaran, 33, were arrested in London, Wales and Swindon recently.

    The suspects accused of possessing laptops, antennas and high-powered magnets for terrorist purposes are to be produced at Westminster Magistrates Court later.

    British police said the arrests were results of a long-term investigation into the alleged funding and procurement activity in support of terrorism overseas.


  158. [Patriot,
    Well said bro.Very well said.
    Tropical storm,
    Your absolutely right about the sinhala only act but i think there were many reasons to pass this..i think it has something to do with establishing a "national identity" as well.]

    These coolies are having orgy here. They consider them as intellectuals and complement each other for their brownie points.

    I hope these arm chair handicaps live for few years to see the Tamilan flag fly in Trinco Harbour. Until then you can reach your climax spreading the hatred among your illiterate village folks.

  159. If you guys missed this...


  160. It is suicidal to film the attack in close proximity to the actual shooter.

  161. Yes

    NO Negotiation with state Terrorists.

  162. http://www.army.lk/editor/images/2008-01/Mannar_3.jpg

  163. puli,
    government is democratically elected government.terrorists are LTTE they killed more tamil politician ,tamil civillians than sinhalese SO DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT WANT TO LIBERATE INNOCENT POOR CIVILIANS FROM TERRORIST CLUTCH AND GIVE THEM NEW LIFE ,NEW ERA LIKE IN EASTERN PROVINCE, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS HAVE A LOOK www.neweast.lk

  164. Who elected this government democratically?

    You Sri Lankans elected. We have our own government.

  165. San,
    some people are having a "break" now.so they need to engage the singhala modayas in conversation.Let them have a "kitkat" instead.Ahh i caught a glimpse of "1948 thinking" there.The intellectual tamil doctor hiring the uneducated singhala as his gardner..aaahhh..hehehehehe..
    DONT waste your time here right now.





  168. Guys...

    Instead of wasting time educating some LTTE MFKers coming here with loads of bull, what I do in my spare time is to research and find ways to pick the pockets of them.

    There are many we can use to our advantage.

    The simplest thing a Sri Lankan living overseas can do is to highlight to the local authorities the history of LTTE's criminal activities, caution them (no lies please)... and encourage them to go after the LTTE front organizations who could be robbing the innocent Tamil community, the citizens, taxman and last but not least the and the government...

    There's no shortage of credible evidence, right?

    Man... you gotta see to believe how appreciative they are...

    The best part is... while these LTTE MFKers are getting caught pant down, you can surely enjoy a pizza while watching a movie!

    Both taste very good to me... especially when I see the surprising results!

  169. san,

    "look at neweast website"

    An appropriate truck bomb at the right location will bring your fantasy world to an end. Just because Mahinda uses his children to come up with fancy websites, doesn't mean squat on the ground.

  170. [Last year, FBI agents in New York arrested Karunakaran Kandasamy, described as the "director" of U.S. operations, accusing him of raising money and arranging meetings between LTTE leaders in Sri Lanka and prominent US fundraisers.

    FBI Assistant Director Mark J. Mershon, who heads the bureau's New York field division, said at the time Kandasamy "hasn't merely supported the Tigers' cause, he orchestrated US support.

    "We can no sooner allow terrorists to raise funds here than we would allow them to carry out acts of terrorism here," he said.

    US Attorney Roslynn R. Mauskopf, in announcing Kandasamy's arrest, said he operated out of an office in Queens, where he raised cash by staging fundraisers for tsunami victims through an organisation known as the World Tamil Coordinating Committee.

    Mauskopf said the LTTE has "covertly operated within the United States" for years, drawing on the country's financial resources and technological advances to further its war of terror. ]

    heee heeee hoooooo

    Or are the FBI boys discriminating against 'Tamils'??

    heee heeee hoooooo

  171. German's did not realise the evil of hitler's deeds until some time after the war was over. This is true for some tamils also.

  172. Timely article in Toronto Star:

    "Nowhere in Sri Lanka are the Tamils safe," a Western diplomat told me in Colombo. "What's happening here is de facto ethnic cleansing," as Tamils flee for India or the Middle East and beyond. "The government doesn't seem to care if they all leave."


  173. we need to shuffle our tactics faster now...

    some night scares from jets, and some night attacks too etc. etc..

    mix em up so that the enemy cannot adapt..

  174. People,
    Look at weapon being used in this video.


    Looks like portable artillery piece? Great sight to see! This must be a really great piece of weaponary that greatly favours the SLA in increasing the kill ratios and advances they make.

    Can we know more about this?

  175. The thambala's idea of remote control planes/helicopters with gps with fitted cameras as a low cost method seems great....
    bt I think the armies are going on just according to conventional procedures & big high tech Israeli ones only at the moment.May be if india or pakistan starts it, then they will even think of looking at it.
    Anyway Nice Idea...

  176. I am a very small income holder. But I would like to spend part of it, if any person/oranization like to file a case against Nueses of rathnapura hospital on criminal charges for killing for patiences due to negligence.

  177. Guys,

    Things are moving in the right direction.

    The police in Great Britain and Canada are on the back of the brutes more than ever before.

    India knows it cannot find a better friend in the South Asia than our beloved island. It looks like it had made it clear to Karunanidhi that it does not want to peace loving people in the island nation for the sake of a terror group. Karunanidhi's change of heart - very dramatic in its own right - reflects this trend. The influence of China in the region is a bigger headache for the big brother than protecting the fat guy.

    These are good omens; the end is nearing for the terror group and let's hold our breath.

    Peter & Co can hold the balls when we do that, in response.

  178. When our heroic forces set fire to the asses of LTTE pigs in the East... the predictions from the NAYSAYERS... was DOOOOOOOOOOM...

    From Barber Selva down to Rohan Perera, to Athas, to 'diplomatic sources' to Diaspora coolies... all said that the earth in the East would be scorched... and we can never make it.... and now they say... east is not part of the Elaam... (he he he… water please )

    But our determined, CLASS-A troops proved all of them wrong... with action... not words... The true sons and daughters of the country.

    New signs coming from the north are very encouraging… and the naysayers are again at work. Who cares?

    If any pathetic coolie thinks that proud Sri Lankans are going to be shaken this time around... think again..... The north will have the HQs of the three forces… the Elaam flag will be flying high on Mars….

    The clock is ticking for the LTTE pigs... Remember your best prayers while ‘escaping’ to the slaughterhouse.

  179. Tambala,
    I saw that also.Looks like mobile artillery.The problem is it does not show how the shells are transported even though a soldier is carrying one.I wonder if we can use the captured shells in our guns

  180. It is called a recoilless gun.

    By the looks of it, I would say it is a 73mm variety used by the Paks.

    While it can fire heavy projectile, range in only a few hundred meters max.

    It is made to be used as anti-tank weapon but Sori Lanka army uses it to blast earth mounds, building etc.

  181. Even LTTE has jujubi weapons like it


  182. [May 8 (PTI) With an aim to promote mahatma Gandhi's concept of non-violence in Sri Lanka, a 19-member committee, comprising representatives of various religious groups, has been formed in the war-ravaged country. Ela Gandhi, grand-daughter of mahatma Gandhi, today said that “the committee will promote non-violence, the only means through which the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka can be brought to an end.” ]

    India: You should've thought about these noble 'principles' at the time you were nurturing the LTTE terrorists on your lap... feeding seperatist sentiments.

    No... thanks... keep your crocodile tears to yourself... BUT stay from our affairs.

  183. "It is called a recoilless gun."

    Peter I thought SLA was carrying some bamboo. Thank you for enlighting me.

  184. sldf,
    your right bro.it was a bamboo.this is because we uneducated singhalas cannot read english manuals..we need to ask the LTTE to read it for us

  185. "An inferiority complex is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way."

  186. Srilankan
    Sorry for not replying to you about Mr Gilbert as I am very busy here. My family is in touch with him daily. He is very innocent and he and his wonderful wife spent most of their lives in India until we got him down to sort out the problems we have been having in that collage there. As a Christian I am concerned that our community have been infiltrated by the terrorists, just as there are plants in our security and political hierarchy and that does not mean the innocent heads should be punished. We have written to the President to give him a reprieve. It seems we are out to disgrace our selves by doing this and I witnessed this same incident in 1965,which made me leave the island.Kadir. liked what he had contributed.
    With respect to the terrorists caught in London, The Police have some good evidence against them now. Also the Likes of Hon MPs Keith Vass and Simon Hughes are abandoning their connections with these terrorists. Ken Livingston learned his lesson. Future is not bright for the terrorists anywhere.

  187. Kevin,
    Many thanks bro.Will reply when i have a little more time

  188. DefenceNet,
    News says Adampan Town Captured this morning.Did they gave it up that eazily!!!

  189. On Lakhanda news this morning around 9.00 am...

    Adampan town captured
    15 LTTE Dead
    2 SLA killed

    Now we should look out for artillery attacks or not??

  190. "News says Adampan Town Captured this morning.Did they gave it up that eazily!!!"

    su it wasnt easy. We've been fighting for months.

  191. Are there civilians in the Adampan town at this moment?

  192. UNP: Adampan Town is not a big town and it's almost like a small "Sathi Polak" and a huge Jungle area around this Pola. Only 50 people lived in this adampan. Therefore this is a useless attempt by SLDF :p

    LTTE: This is a tactical withdraw.. :p

  193. Guys,

    I can't believe the change of attitude towards the savages that sweeps across the state of Tamilnadu.

    I think the influential in the state who were supporters of Tigers know the inevitable outcome of the military operations and don't want to live under the glare of wrath of Tamils who live in the North and East, once they are liberated.

    A slight distraction:

    When I use little imagination while looking at the map of Vanni, it is blindingly obvious to me the relative calm that exists in Muhamalai. It may remain so for some time; commenting further than that is like giving a strategic advantage to the enemy. So, I stop at that.

    Let's be patient with what goes in Muhamalei - setback or victory. Its capture is not a priority and it makes perfect military sense, judging by what take place at other fronts.


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