Saturday, May 3, 2008

Troops recover 6 LTTE bodies : Mannar

Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) deployed in the Mannar front confronted a group of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Chettiyarkatteiadampan, Mannar today (3rd) morning. 6 bodies of LTTE cadres killed in this battle have been recovered by the troops. This incident followed a pre dawn clash in Northern Adampan in which four more LTTE cadres were shot dead by the troops. 1 soldiers was killed and 6 more received injuries in these two incidents.

Meanwhile LTTE detonated a roadside claymore mine targeting two STF personnel riding a motorbike along Kebithigollewa-Vavuniya road. Both have received serious injuries in the explosion. Another claymore mine explosion which was triggered today in Padaviya damaged a high capacity power line.

The two claymore explosions follow a similar blast in Weli-Oya yesterday (2nd) which resulted in the death of 1 SLA soldier. LTTE has stepped up its artillery and infiltration attacks in this sector due to the continued pressure mounted by operations of the army's 59th division. LTTE has fired a large number of artillery shells on both military and civilian property in the Weli Oya region for the past two weeks. Nearly 40 soldiers have received injuries due to these artillery attacks.


  1. How come so many are getting injured in artillery fire? Aren't there enough defences (like bunkers)?

  2. Defencenet,

    What type of injuries they got?
    I mean will they join battle front again soon ?


  3. "What type of injuries they got?" I heard that they lost three legs.

    Why doesn't the army hand-back the LTTE bodies it "recovers"? After all, LTTE gave back the SLA bodies found at Muhamalai.

  4. Peter ok they lost legs . because humans have 2 legs .
    Remember koti peter .we don't like to tell some thing to even to fallen ltte men but you are provoking to tell us some thing .:)
    ok we lost legs but we found amazing thing in ltte dead bodies .Do you know what was it?

  5. @suranimala,

    Leave the poor bugger alone machan.
    Don't answer him.

  6. koti peter . How are you man?how is fat pig and piggi gang :)))do they want pollkudu?
    do you like bbq ?
    any way I am sorry if any ltte carder whom was recruited by force die in the battle because he didn't want to join to the pigs but he was forcefully sent to death .

    About others(who joined by their wish) no one will be sorry .:)))

  7. Suranimala said...

    "want pollkudu?
    do you like bbq ?"

  8. 300 tamils arrested in colombo in search operation (Wipe out operation ..wiping out the tamils from the colombo) In Fort and Kichikade

  9. DefNet,

    Four days ago, Ulyakulam, today Chettiyarkatteiadampan and NORTH of Adampan? Looks like the forces are encircling Adampan.

  10. Blogger Peter said...

    "What type of injuries they got?" I heard that they lost three legs.

    Ya...2 regular legs and one in the middle, which ur LTTE suckers lack!

  11. "Why doesn't the army hand-back the LTTE bodies it "recovers"?"

    Who says they don't? It's the LPTE that don't accept them.... remember that after dying a cadre becomes a civilian? (posthumous promotion system of LPTE: sea tigers->fishermen, ground cadres->civilians) So obviously they can't accept their bodies because they are not cadres or member pigs any more.

  12. heirakels,

    Leave the poor uneducated bugger alone.... he doesn't know it's humans we are talking about. He thinks it's pigs. Besides, don't distract him or he'll stop posting jokes here for our entertainment. I expect another one is coming pretty soon.

    Come on peter anna....let's have another joke. encore..encore!!!

  13. in Pro-LTTE London Mayor Ken Livingston story.....
    [The Evening Standard further reported, "The Mayor also gave the forum his "personal commitment" that he would support its candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square this summer to mark the 25th anniversary of "Black July," a massacre of Tamil civilians triggered by a Tamil Tiger attack on a military convoy.

    "About 1,000 Tamils were killed in this bloodshed, which is generally seen as the trigger for Sri Lanka's civil war. Mr Surendiran said the forum.. ]

    Stating these even as a quote from somewhere,Is this a Necessary Statement to publish there!!
    So really Did that much of casualties resulted in 1983 anyway?

  14. "Why doesn't the army hand-back the LTTE bodies it "recovers"?"

    It does hand them back. But then they mysteriously become "6 bodies of Tamil youth". And of course we don't expect you not to believe that.

    "Looks like the forces are encircling Adampan."

    Yes thats the plan for now.

  15. lankanews yes majority of the injured will be able to return to battle.

  16. thanx for the update defencenet

  17. Lets leave that the SLA don't return the bodies atleat they can put some images over net naaa ...but they never do that .. hey guys do you remember the posted an image(100 edited one) ; they never display any pic untill they find a person who is perfect on photoshop or any image editors ...



    Sri Lanka Army soldier pretending to be a civilian in Jaffna.

    Jap TV actually bothered to translate the "civilian's" comment from Sinhala to English.

  19. Ltte is very powerful in Muhamalai and its very hard to beat them in that FDLs ...

    Sarath Fonseka told to Lankatheepa News paper

  20. Peter you are just a refujee in a another country. you never had your own country and you never will.
    Do you know why the SL army does not hand back the ltte bodies?
    1)There are too many to hand back

    2)Army feed them to the crocodiles, real tigers in the zoo in colombo.

    3 It is free animal meat so the government can save some money on maintaining the zoo.

  21. ["Looks like the forces are encircling Adampan."

    Yes thats the plan for now.

    What? I thought instead the formidable forces led by that fat stinky pig, were going chase the sinhala army away from the Republic of Elaam, fighting to the finish.

    That's what the pig-worshipping Tamil Diaspora assured me when snatching my wallet at gun-point.

    If not real estate, WTF is Republic of Elaam?

  22. Saturday, January 26, 2008

    "Fall of Adampan imminent"

    More than three months later

    Saturday, May 3, 2008

    "Looks like the forces are encircling Adampan."

    Yes thats the plan for now.

  23. SLAF have better weapons, technology, fighter jets than ever before. But they do not want to waste those weapons using on cheap ltte monkies who run in their slippers.

  24. STF said "SLAF have better weapons, technology, fighter jets than ever before. But they do not want to waste those weapons using on cheap ltte monkies who run in their slippers."


    This gets funnier by the day. Did the SLAF buy all that to fight against NATO?

  25. peter,
    "More than three months later"

    strategies change but honestly, have the tigers got the upper hand there now?

  26. DN, two can play your game.... We'll see who loses :)

  27. defencenet, guys

    Can u pls confirm how many aircraft have been lost by the SLAF for the year 2008 till date.

    I understand that 1 Mi-24 was shot down by Tiger AAA fire.Were the pilots captured along with the gunship? pls confirm thankx

  28. "DN, two can play your game.... We'll see who loses :)"

    If you consider dropping a few garbage comments here and there on a free blog a victory... well you've already won.

  29. Simply cannot undestand why we keep answering unwanted visitors.
    I really hope we all will stop answering LTTE supporters.

  30. renegade!,
    "I understand that 1 Mi-24 was shot down by Tiger AAA fire.Were the pilots captured along with the gunship? pls confirm thankx"

    No hinds were lost to tiger AA fire in 2008.

  31. Gooood....goood..Army is moving forward...

    I found some thing very interesting about Tamil Language.

    Apparently the purest form of Tamil language is preserved in Sri Lanka only....I mean...Indians tamils go...gaga..about Sri Lankan Tamil.

    I believe we Sinhalayas (i don't like the word Sinhalese) should be proud of this. In spite of we being the vast majority of this blessed land we have respected the Tamil language and given it the chance and opportunity to be preserved.

    In Tamil Nadu (country of Tamils) Tamil language is already deteriorated to such an extent some words used by Sri Lankan Tamils are difficult to be understood by them.

    So..we Sinhalayas has done a great service to Tamil Nation worldwide.

    Thanks for reading.

    Be a patriot (for those who doesn't believe they belong to this blessed land...sorry'll never get another place to call your own)


  32. Yes Adampan is being encircled. But there will be no point unless we kill the terras inside Adampan. Once we move into Adampan, the Thalli garrison will not have to worry about arty attacks.

    DEFENCENET - can you post a permenany map of the Manner frontlines??

    PETER - Why is the Canadian government harassing the innocent WTM movement? Article on the National Post says that 8 have been arrested and assets (inlcuding two building) ceased.
    Damn Canadian are discriminating the ancient Tamil settlers of Scarborough...who had temples in Kennadi area for many millenia.

  33. Gringo,
    Yes vp's forces are poised to lauch a full scale attack on adampan.Once the army encircles adampan..they will be attacked by the following
    1)The LTTE grand mothers crack commando div.
    2)The green and orange elephant div-An airbourne div
    3)the makkal padai suicide div
    4)LTTE F-18 Figher squadrons.(pilots actually wearing shoes)
    ..just wait and see..dont write them off just yet

  34. Vijaybahu,
    Your comment is very serious.The rights of LTTE thaamils in Canada are being grossly violated..Surprisingly they appear the least concerned.I think that even if a white canadian slaps one of will be gracefully accepted with that thaamilselvan smile..afterall he is white you know..being white is crucial

  35. Stratagies have changed several-folds during the past thirty years. Only the slogan "this time it's different" has been a constant.

    Once upon-a-time, a battle we Tamils refer to as the "mother of all battles" commenced with an objective of capturing the entire breadth of an A road. Slowly but surely, goal posts shifted, and objectives changed from capturing a large town, to a small town to eventually a backyard known as a "bunker".

    On 02 July 2007, the objective was A32. Soon enough it was Illupakaduvai. A bit later it was Vidathaltheevu. And now it is Adampan.

    De-ja-vu, anyone?

  36. Srilankan...

    Yes, I am very concerned. How can tamils be discriminated in their ancient Canadian homeland? I mean 7 have been arrested...its genocide..isn't it?

    Where are the NGOs? UNDP? ....Amnesty??? aiyoooo

  37. "The media have forgotten the debacle in Pooneryn in 1991, the Mullaitivu debacle in 1996, the debacle in Kilinochchi in 1998 and the debacle in Elephant Pass in the year 2000 in which more than 1,300 troops were killed including very senior Army officers."

  38. so now fonsi apparently admits losing 2000 soldiers and 4000 injured last year alone, If that was last year imagine what the casualty rate is gonna be for your so called "bravehearts" in vanni this year.

    Source this week's situation report from Sunday times

  39. Koti(Peter ,Shaym puli)Please don't wait. Call to fat pig and inform about current situation .
    brave 1 I also dont like world called Sinhalese .I am using Sinhala or sinhalayas .


  40. This is must read for President Mahinda Rajapakese, Defencey Secy. Gotabaya Rajapakese and Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.

    We have to get this right , otherwise we will fall with a domino effect.

    It is now or never.

  41. Vijayabahu,
    Genocide it is bro.Definitely!!.They are discriminating against these "thaamil sangams" as well even if the owners welcomes the inquirer with the traditional "sheepish" thaamilselvan smile.This entitles them to half of Canada at least.The worst fact is that they cannot play bollywood music in public..the police say the music is distressing to the majority.

  42. yeah puli anna.... that's right, you show them man. They are racists aren't they... yeah bloody racists. They are the ones who insult even dead people, pigs and their supporters never do things like that..... you better listen to puli anna you bloody racists


    You forgot their elite tank divisions and the grandma brigade that's going to attack from outside the ring, while the others are attacking from inside. BTW any news from LTTE operations command - canada?

  43. These guys are wearing uniforms similar to the army uniform:
    Prabhakaran’s “Imran Pandian Regiment” Terrorists Felled

    Why are they wearing these in a conventional battle?

  44. chamal,
    "Why are they wearing these in a conventional battle?"

    To increase confusion perhaps. Some of the tigers even have ability to speak in Sinhalese. Useful specially in night fighting.

    As for the photographs dont insult out intelligence those are photoshopped images. Imran Pandiyan are gods and never suffer casualties.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. The Loose cannon among the Real Cannons

    The cannons pose the greatest threat to our soldiers in the theatre of war at present. Once air-borne, the ability of these awesome projectiles to land at the intended target, has no hindrance, apart from a turbulent air current, if correct coordinates are used at the time of firing.

    These mechanical cannons earns its repuation for accuracy by obeying a simple law in dynamics - the law of conservation of momentum.

    It is pretty simple; they conserve momentum, during the whole operation.

    When the shell moves forward, the gun recoils. The obvious difference in mass is handsomely compensated by the two different speeds of the shell and the gun - of course, by nature.

    The loose cannon, on the other hand, works on somewhat bizarre principles. It sometimes even falls foul of the law, that includes the law of the Almighty.

    Rev Rayappu of Mannar is a case in point.

    He frequently fires his share of religious equivalent of volleys from a launch pad of comfort, sheding tears on behalf of the suffering Catholics.

    The shells fired by a loose cannon, by default, normally lands in deaf ears. That is a different matter, any way.

    Judging by the way things unfold in Vanni, even loose cannons may be forced to follow existing natural laws for the survival, in the face of the wrath of the masses.

    It is highly unlikely that the Almighty may intervene at the eleventh hour to save the best-known loose cannon in the island from this calamity; HE will not bend his own rules for this silly individual.

    I recommend the following rescue plan for Rev Rayappu and his narrow band of followers.

    They have to abide by the law of conservation of momentum that beautifully governs the rise and fall of a cannon shell; the choice is theirs.

    Bundle them together and give them a meal - not the last supper of course - so that they collectively get an upset stomach. It creates volumes of tummy gases that is needed for my mission.

    Mr Jeyam, the leader of Vanni Tigers Brigade, can give the signal to this group, to fart in unison, by firing all cylinders and they are off - in the air.

    If Rev Rayappu obeys the natural laws even in this late state, rather than doing the opposite that he is notoriously associated with, he may be able to find a soft landing pad somewhere. But I seriously doubt it.

    Our mate, Peter, can map the path of this pious pack, for future similar missions of escapees - the need may grow rapidly soon.

    Guys, do you need proof for the feasibility of this exercise? Just imagine the humble ahas koora that you and I fire when we were in little pants.

    PS: Rev stands for Revolutionary

  47. Sunday times confirmed; LTTE have dropped five bombs and some buildings and vehicles were damaged .

  48. Rice, war and India’s Sri Lankan Policy

    All of them are in the boiling pot. They are going to affect every Sri Lankan.

    Rice scarcity is the immediate problem. No government in the world has succeeded in containing prices of staple food commodities, by imposing maximum prices, without leaving a distribution system in place. The Srimavo Bandaranaike government of 1970s, had the backing of the cooperative system, which handled distribution.

    Yet, there was hoarding and scarcity. I joined the bread queue at 5.00 am, to buy two loaves. There was black market there too. Some stood in the queue to buy and sell at a profit. The bakers also, sold through fixing maximum price for rice, without an adequate distribution mechanism will encourage hoarding. Scarcity and black market. Those who have money are buying up the available stocks. The poor, who buy their needs daily, will suffer.

    All I can do is to quote President Mahinda Rajapakasa’s comment, at last Wednesday’s cabinet briefing. Even if the people keep silent now, they will start to rebel against the government, when they feel the hunger and when their stomachs are affected.

    Remind the government, of the 1977 election results. The people rebelled and gave J.R. Jayewardena government, a five – sixth majority.

    The war is also going to affect the people severely. The Muhamalai disaster tells us that, the war will prolong and it will be very costly, in human and material terms.

    Like you and me, Tigers too knew that, the Army was preparing for a major offensive to break out of Muhamalai. They dug huge trenches in front of their Forward Defense Line, to prevent the movement of tanks and heavy armour. That compelled the army, to send the infantry in front, with the order, to capture the first line of the LTTE bunkers. The LTTE expected that and mined them.

    The soldiers advanced to the bunkers on Wednesday morning, and the Tigers showered the area, with artillery and mortar shells. The soldiers jumped into the bunkers for safety and were killed or maimed by mines.

    Drawing in the soldiers and attacking them, is the well – known strategy of the Tigers. That is why, they are sticking to defensive battle. As a rule, attackers lose more men and material. That is going to be the greatest problem for the government. Making bold statements like “there won’t be an LTTE next year”, is one thing and making it a reality, is another.

    LTTE’s political chief, P. Nadesan told media last week that, they were getting ready to switch, from defensive to offensive mode soon. He also hinted about, the launching of the “soil recovery war”.

    He said that, Tamil soil would be recovered in stages.

    Does the bombing mission by the two LTTE aircrafts on Saturday morning have any significance in this context?

    Significant developments are taking place on the other side of the Palks’ Strait. Look at these two quotes, given by Nalini’s lawyer, S. Duraisamy.

    • What happened to my father should not happen to any member of my family.

    • If the LTTE has any anger or hatred against my family, it should be buried.

    Please place these Priyanka’s statements, along with the news that, three of the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi murder, including Nalini’s husband Murugan, a devoted LTTEer have written to Priyanka, thanking her, for visiting Nalini.

    Do these developments mean that, Priyanka has ensured the safety of her brother Rahul Gandhi, who is emerging as Congress Party’s prime ministerial Candidate?

    Priyanka had, on behalf of her brother made peace with the LTTE.

    In this context, please look at the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly’s resolution, moved by chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, and passed unanimously on Wednesday. The resolution reads “in order to bring peace in Sri Lanka, India should arrange talks between two parties fighting there. The Central government must come forward, to arrange useful talk, that would bring about a political solution.

    Speking on the resolution, Karunanidhi made the following points.

    1. Tamil youth took up arms only after the Sri Lankan state failed to respond, to the Gandhian agitation of S. J. V. Chelvanayakam.

    2. If the Tamil militant group was not involved in battle among themselves, they would have achieved their goal. He said “if they had fought as one group, they would have achieved their goal, as they did in Nepal. They would have achieved freedom like many other countries.

    3. They are weak because, they fought among themselves. Yet, like the mother who helps her sons, considering the intimate relationship she has with them, we like to plead on their behalf.

    With his resolution and speech, Karunanidhi had reemerged as the leader of world Tamils. He has won praise from the Tamils worldwide.

    The pro LTTE agitators in Tamil Nadu are pushing Karunanidhi, to take the next step.

    Please remember that, India is going for polls next year and Rahul is contesting for the Prime Minister post. Karunanidhi had signified his backing for Rahul.

  49. shyam,

    how is your doing man? why fight for this type of petty things killing people? give up your nonsense.

    but you haven't seen the tamillnation yet have you?

    you can look in a toilet pit and will see it, if you are lucky.

  50. Hey DefenceNet,
    I asked this before & with no replies...
    Dont you think it would be great if you could upload a detailed map (even with the current FDls , jst outlines) so that what sort of activities are going on in which areas could be understand more clearly,so it would be eazy to follow the developments like lets say where is Dutuwawa, Yakawawa Small cities in the Manar front & etc...
    Keep up the good work & building a platform to see each others views whether a LTTE supporter or an Government.

  51. Hello (koti(syam,puli & peter)
    How are you ?Did you report about the current situation in Canada:)
    did fat pig send FAF shit to Canada:)?ai aiyo Appa adavane:)))))

  52. yes shyam anna.... SLA is useless. they think LPTE is fighting a defensive war because they can't go on the offensive. WRONG.... it's because they just like playing defense. But they will soon stop playing defense and start playing big just like Sanath Jayasuriya. They will soon launch their soil recovery war, and stupid SLA will have to load all the soil they stole from LPTE into huge trucks and send the soil back to them. Besides, with giants like Karunanidhi whom everybody takes seriously speaking on behalf of LPTE, we will soon achieve eelam. My bet is within eternity+1 years.

    It is also good to see reliable sources like sunday times confirming the heroic deeds of our flying and ground logging pigs. What they say is 100% correct and intelligent whatever the bloody racists say.

  53. Moshe .boker tov בֹּקֶר טוֹב!(it is in your language machan)
    machan me shaym karaya ara tamilnation eka ekka sambanda kamak tiyanawada?

    le׳hitra׳ot axar kaxלְהִתְרָאוֹת אַחַר כָּךְ

  54. Suranimala said...;

    Ado pakaya hithuwatha matta Sinhala Danne naha kilayala...! Mahinda Iyage Sarama Ussala blapan niyama F7G ekak athi ...

  55. suranimala,

    yea; that bugger is the man behind that website. i have some info. he ALWAYS avoids the question.

    C U and have fun!! nice work suranimala with hebrew!

  56. wow..... shyam anna knows sinhala. How amazing!!!! He should get a doctorate for that, just like mervyn silva.

    But shyam anna..... we don't know what you are talking about. Were you scared in a dream or did you see the devil or what?

  57. shyam has copied from LNP when some were discussing about the F7s!!

    as usual a cut and paste job.

  58. No hinds were lost to tiger AA fire in 2008.

    defencenet, in an earlier thread u confirmed that the tamilnet report about the Mi-24 shot down was true?

  59. tropicalstorm

    where r u you racist fellow??..hidin away,eh??..perhaps u tried postin sumthin in the earlier thread but it got cut into pieces by the DN censor board!!! too sumthin without expletives..just try??

  60. where are u sham?

    shyam the sham of

    i know how to chase you out this forum!!

  61. chamal,
    No info from the Canadian front.My source is very busy these days..given his job at a canadian takeout.It is an open secret that the LTTE mechanised divisions have been trained by norweigian special forces and the SAS.As for this imran pandyan bridage i am happy to confirm info from DefenceNet.They can never be killed.if they know that they are going to die they sprout wings and fly away away to dixieland..

  62. Moshe Dyan said...

    where are u sham?

    shyam the sham of

    i know how to chase you out this forum!!

    i wish you for a Good luck...try your best man...heheheheheh

  63. shyam,

    why don't you answer my question?

  64. Ai aiyooo. adawaneeee.elakri Moshe ,Chamal,Sri lankan machan me shyam kotiyata sinhala puluwan :)))))ela ela
    ada puli shaym ubata sinahala puluwan eka hodai .:))))ube maha uratath kiyala deepan:)))))Pundayandi .VP pandi kutti punakku saapiduvaan:)))
    tikkak punnaku thama uta denna ona :)))))

  65. Moshe machan muu api ahana ewata uthara denne na:))))))U laga uthara na:))))))))
    Ada wane :)))wara wara ube loku siya math ekka kathakaleth sinhalen thamai vijithapura lagadi .:)))mama kanata gahuwata pasee u kathakale na:)))

  66. "These guys are wearing uniforms similar to the army uniform:
    Prabhakaran’s “Imran Pandian Regiment” Terrorists Felled

    Why are they wearing these in a conventional battle?"

    And they also appear to be fair skinned.

    A fair skinned guy in SLA uniform.......must be an LTTE cadre

  67. Hello koti peter .Do you know some thing about imran pundayn regiment ?

  68. Syam apa mahatha urage vettiya ussala balapan . mukuth pena ekka na:))))))))

  69. Moshe Dyan said...
    why don't you answer my question?

    Whats your question man......?

    Blogger Suranimala said...

    Syam apa mahatha urage vettiya ussala balapan . mukuth pena ekka na:))))))))

    i did man were there...hehehehe1

  70. Syam okkoma koti eka karana bawa api dannawa:))))polkudu witharai neda tiyenne?:)))))

  71. shaym pati jokek anik pathata adapan padgi pundayan lagata yanakota

  72. Guys,

    renegade has a serious query.

    He keeps asking the Defendenet the same question - the loss of a helicopter gunship in 2008 - again and again.

    I can sense he has enormous sympathy for the airmen of our Air Force. May be he is about to launch a charity on their behalf.

    However, the frequency of this hypothetical - or wishful - question, makes me wonder whether he is the brother of another great sympathizer - Mr Iqbal Athas.

    My microscopic eye detects a subtle thread that links the two.

    At least, Peter, Shyam, Puli & Co have made it abundantly clear which side they are on.

    renegade chose to walk on the fence, creating an aura of impartiality, something that never exists. He needs a pole to balance his act.

    Collection of bizaare facts may be the first step in making that metaphorical pole. I wish him sound sleep before wishing good luck with his pursuit.

  73. Puli,Upul, Peter and others

    read this in Tamil

  74. Guys,

    Rayappu Joseph has fired just another salvo: a three-point plan this time before the return of the statue; a coded message of attaching conditions.

    The army must stand up to this man; enough is enough.

    Majority of the Catholic community is with the government who, like the rest of us, want an end to this war. Rayappu tries his best to drive a wedge between the communities; like his previous exercises, this will also fail miserably.

    The army must get on with its job; the return of statue is not a priority at this stage. I am sure the statue will remain at a safe place without losing both its significance and influence.

    Appeasing Rayappu should not an issue at the moment. The Catholics will not demand unfair things of the army at this time.

    Rayappu is an agent of Satan, not of God. The political role played by Rayappu is ample evidence who he represents.

  75. Shyam, thanks for the link.

    From what I heard it was done by an SA18 over Iranamadu.

    What I heard is similar to Theory #1 on the link. அகப்பட்டுள்ள விமானி ஒரு வெளிநாட்டுக் குடியாளர். They then said it went into the sea, so no trace.

    That also explains why SLAF still hasn't bombed the runway. Even in the last bombing it was a "building" close to the runway. They don't want to dive on runway.

  76. qrious,

    Rayappu Joseph is a traitor to begin with. He also has no right or what so ever to take the statue anywhere. The statue is cultral heritage of the people Sri Lanka, not one ethnic minority. Therefore, Rajappu Joseph should return the statue immediately to where he stole it from. Next this is to administer the traitor's punishmnet at a public square.

  77. I'm surprised at why the archdoise in colombo is not taking any action about kasippu joseph.

    they should stand form and demand from him to return what he stole.

    he is definietely an agent of satan; there is no doubt about that.

    stealing religious objects is one of the meanest things one can do. a catholic priest doing so is simply unacceptable. it doesn't end there. he is holding on to the statue for ransom and extortion.

  78. shyam,

    don't pretend.

    my question is aren't you the guy behind the website.

    FYI there will not be any tamil nation on earth. learn to live with others.

    what happened to child soldiers will be the same thing that will happen to TE.

  79. You might be referring to the website:

    If so you have missed the statement "Tamils: a Trans State Nation".

    "FYI there will not be any tamil nation on earth."

    Perhaps it is time for you to look-up the definition of the term "nation".

    Wikipedia starts: "A nation is a defined cultural and social community."

    Tamils are a cultural and social community. I don't think that I will stop being a Tamil, simply because someone like you says so.

  80. Peter,

    Please take your fake punditry elsewhere. To us, you are just another terrorist stooge, perhaps a LPTE terrorist who is on the path to be buried in history’s unmarked graves reserved for terrorists. We simply don’t give a damn about how proud you are of your terrorist identity; you are just a terrorist buffoon. Here, you can only get in to the laughing stocks.

    Ta Ta For Now


  81. Madu Church is a well forteified LTTE bunker..

    GOSL must demand an enquiry from Vatican into the conduct of Father Reyappu Joseph..Father Joseph has been misleading the Sri Lankans and the International community with false and fabricated statements while allowing LTTE to setup a well forteified bunker complex within the Madu Church..

    This is the best time for the government to act and expose Father Reyappu.

    Madu Church should be renamed , Madu Base.

    If any one believes that god comes to Madu then god bless god.

  82. DN you honestly think, you can't wipe out facts and opinions that run contrary to what you paymasters want you to put out ? Maybe in suri ass sri lanka but not internationally.

  83. upul,

    Your brain must be the size of your penis... i.e. very very very small.

  84. "DN you honestly think, you can't wipe out facts and opinions that run contrary to what you paymasters want you to put out ? Maybe in suri ass sri lanka but not internationally."

    Well its our blog and your comments are being deleted for racism. Btw do you know you are being an online terrorist lol?

    Of course you'll type those again since we cant monitor this 24/7.
    Anyway dude if spamming a blog gives you the sensation of having balls well go ahead lol.

  85. you are the frigging criminal terrorist not me dude....

    You lie to you own people in broad day light....

  86. "You lie to you own people in broad day light...."

    At least we dont go to other peoples blogs to do that lol. Go open one for yourself and counter our stories.

  87. Not that.

    Read the notice we've put up since a month before:

    "Repeatedly posting racist and offensive content will result in all your comments getting chain deleted."

  88. I can comment where I please, I don't have to go and start a site. Ok. You think you are order Tamils around as suri ass in Lanka ? Punk ???

  89. you don't friggin own this site ok ? This is part of google....

  90. k upul the blog is yours we quit lol

  91. upul is claiming the ownership of the blog. His outlandish claims come by upbringing among those who claim parts of Sri Lanka for the exclusive ownership of a minority. Real or keyboard terrorist, they have hard time in changing the old habit of asking for what they don't own.

  92. DN,

    Any news about the air strike?

  93. lankanews no details of actual damages yet. usually will have to be confirmed via ground intel.

  94. I repeat: upul; a really tiny nob-head.

  95. renegade!,
    "defencenet, in an earlier thread u confirmed that the tamilnet report about the Mi-24 shot down was true?"

    We dont recall doing so but if we did (unlikely), that clearly was a mistake. No hinds were lost in 2008.

    We'd love to put a map but with little time we have it seems like a herculean task. If time permits we will post one.


  97. yes, peter... keep shaming your people. You're doing really good work to that end.

  98. tamilnation.og = terrorist jokes
    upul = gets paid to come here and spam
    shaym= another terrorist tamil idiot

    anyone else who supports bunch of ltte terrorists = your all being monitored on here and are being reported. specially thoes with the tiger

    Either these guys are reallllly stupid, or they are really young to realize the damage they are doing to themselves on the internet.

  99. sl,
    "your all being monitored on here and are being reported."

    Actually we dont do that. It would be unethical to violate privacy of visitors, terrorists or not.

  100. "your all being monitored on here and are being reported."

    And there is no valid reason to report them. They are not important enough and 99% of the time what they say is not and cannot be taken seriously.

  101. Thank You DefenceNet for the Reply, and really hope that you could squeeze a little bit of your time for a map..(By the way you are handling the bloggers in a proffesional way)

  102. Sri Lanka military denies report that 2,000 troops killed in 2007


  103. 43 LTTE militants, seven soldiers killed in gunbattles


  104. LTTE unloaded three shiploads of arms in two months: Report


  105. Lkdood the comments widget you've used in the blog, does it allow spam blocking on a selected set of words/users?

  106. Explosives' seizures worry Tamil Nadu cops


  107. Dn

    the chat widget can block certain users

  108. Dn

    for comments i use haloscan

    its better than blogger

    it can block certain users

  109. LK Dood,

    They simply block IP address or range. Both are useless against ppl who use proxies to surf ? comment.

    It's similar to when the SL Gov banned Tamilnet.

  110. If censorship was the requirements, we could have enabled comment moderation or made the blog readable for selected email addresses. On the contrary this was merely a case of few parasites crapping on the blog lol.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Koti(upul,peter,shaym)mama hitanawa thopi okotama sinhala puluwan kiyala.ubala me site ekata kamathi nathnam palayalla wena ekkak hadaganilla .moda harak.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. upul,

    suranimala, speak in english please. sinhala ain't an official language on the web.

    Buffoon, is this according to your pea size brain? Take this penny and buy a few clues you moron.

  116. "suranimala, speak in english please. sinhala ain't an official language on the web."

    Official Language Act
    Certified on 7 July 1956

    1.This Act may be cited as the Official Language Act, No. 33 of 1956

    2.The Sinhala language shall be the one official Language of the World Wide Web

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. suranimala,
    If fellows can speak thaaamil here you can speak sinhala.Too bad if all dont understand

  119. suranimala,

    Mehe inna eelam booruwo hithanne anthar jalyata rajya baashawak thiyenawa kiyala. Munge moley tharama danna nisa mewata hina yanawa. mehma thawa tika kaalayak giyama, anthar jalaynuth keallak illai munge paaramparika nija bhumiya kiyala.


    to other LTTE buffoons,

    Please forgive us for not using Tamil as the offficial language of the Intrnet. As we speak, Thecia Thalivar is amassing his storm troopers to claim your traditional homespace in the Internet, which predates Tamil Eelam as documented Ellalan. Soon, LPTE pink pig group will attack the main Internet backbone situated in Langley, VA. With that the Interlam, the dream of traditional homespace of Tamils will be realized soon.

  120. Guys,

    Peter & Co are up to one thing; there is a concerted effort to divert our focus away from the real issue;

    They think exactly like Tigers; bear the pressure upon one thing for long in the hope that it will collapse from within.

    Peter's selected quotes from the constituion may be a silly part of that exercise.

    The man who is blind in one eye is a pundit in the land of the blind. In the same way, Peter stands out majestically among a band of ignorant elements - Puli, Shayam and the rest in the same boat.

    Pied Piper is a better name for the man who leads this bunch of clowns from the front; they dance, rejoice and emulate the leader.

    I don't know why he chose the name of a great apostle of Jesus before embarking on a dirty mission.

    Folks, we are not going to give in; let's stand firm without giving away an inch under our feet.

    Shyam and Puli, please grow up, for heaven's sake.

    If your kids ask at the dinner table as to how Eskimos keep warm in their igloos, what are you two going to say?

    Keeping heaters inside!!!!

  121. Peter
    (Shyam, thanks for the link.

    From what I heard it was done by an SA18 over Iranamadu.

    What I heard is similar to Theory #1 on the link. அகப்பட்டுள்ள விமானி ஒரு வெளிநாட்டுக் குடியாளர். They then said it went into the sea, so no trace.

    That also explains why SLAF still hasn't bombed the runway. Even in the last bombing it was a "building" close to the runway. They don't want to dive on runway.)
    Peter I have not seen that type of letters in English language.:))When you are typing in Tamil it is ok.did we ask you to not to type in tamil?:))did you forget your own law:)))I think your problem is with sinhala not with some thing else:)))as you do not want to accept that there is a nation called Sinhala in this word ,I can understand your koti mentality.:))))

  122. (Peter said
    (What I heard is similar to Theory #1 on the link. அகப்பட்டுள்ள விமானி ஒரு வெளிநாட்டுக் குடியாளர். They then said it went into the sea, so no trace.)
    Can you show me from which place did you find this type of english letters?
    Upul didn't you see it when your friend commenting?

  123. In that case we should baned all the tamil sites in the world . go to sibernews koti site see how many languagers do they use . stop them.
    Koti patauni. we know that you have problem with sinhala nation and sinhala language .
    we don't have problem with normal Tamils and tamil language we accept that they have right to live and work in their language but you don't want to accept our rights:::)))

  124. Nandimitra ,Sri lankan, Moshe . mun wassakatawath iskole gihilla nadda machan?:))))

  125. koti peter can you tell me what is the real home land of tamils?

    What is the meaning of tamil nadu?

    No nation can have 2 homelands in this world .Please koti peter ,koti puli,koti sham and other ltte pundayandi can any one answer to my questions .

  126. Nandimithra my bro in arms . do you remember Vijithapura . how we wiped out koti puli's great grand father's punda army :))))

    Nandimitha ,Sri lankan .munta sinhala penna ba wage:))))habai demalen kawuruhari mokak hari kiyuwoth munta hari fun:))))munge mole goma da ban tiyenne?:))))

  127. Puli. do you want to tell me sri lankan tamils came from Anuradhapura?:)))))))wow new news :))))))))))))))))
    Ada pundayandi
    do you know the meaning of tamil nadu?

  128. ada boss ponaya kohomada kalekata pase. :)))) mokada kale .wara wara mata ube munabalanna asai

  129. upul ok . just tell me where is the real tamil home land?

  130. Pulikalin takam, tamil eela tayakam
    dreaaaaaaaaams,drreams dreams dreams dreadms

  131. but there is no tamil country in this world today?:)so if it was tamil country today it is a part of India then you should fight with India not with Sri lanka:)
    Pundayandi if you know proper meaning of that word go fight with India :))))

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. tikira malaya kohomada machanmama me koti puliya ge aluth itihasa padama kiyonawa:))))

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. The dream of tamil ealam faded away when the leadership was taken by an unaducated, patti cadu, pardesi nai.

  136. Upul said.(We are descendants of ravanna...)ha ha ha ha ha )))))))
    Are you mad or what ?me kotiya andakaippu kala kasippu bela:)))))
    You are e descendants of elara or no one :)
    in that case how do you have the same language with tamil nadu?do you want to tell us that Ravana talked in tamil:))))))))))))

  137. Suranimalayo,salli dena eke oye kochchera kiwwath amaru wadak,bayate nodith bae,eakath are race danawa wage wadak,anthimete hambechche reddekuth naha, dan thonthu wela wage kiyawanne aeke thamai

  138. Suranimala,

    upul salasum karanne anthar jalayath all ganna. mun eththatama karanne, DefenceNet ala karana eka. Mama hithanawa Defencenet koi welawe hari koti liyapu deawal makala dai kiyala. Ehema kare nethnam, mekath thawa LNP ekak wenawamai.

    Ape meemunuburo raja karana lankawe hamudawata jayawe, jayashri!


    I strongly believe that the time has come for you to eliminate all Littering Pigs of Tamil Eelam (LPTE) from this blog. Otherwise, our favorite blog will be just another LNP. For a starter, we all including pulli koti can send our e-mails addresses requesting the privilege to comment and then you can selectively eliminate all Littering Pigs.

  139. Sam, there's no need to block them,they add humor and comedy to this blog spot, i cant stop laghing after reading most of their posts

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. UPUL and PETER, you guys are talking from your arses and living in a dream world. UPUL give figures to the donkies in your LTTE forum, they will believe you. Stop wasting your time writing rubbish in this web site. Go and work in a petrol station day and night so you can give the money to LTTE ( I will watch my credit card though). Our army can capture weapons from the LTTE that you buy for them.

  143. This comment has been removed by the author.

  144. dear patriots,

    can you please stop arguing with these pieces of shitt.

    this blog is about military matters only.

    these terras come here an ruin the opportunity to discuss military matters.

    who cares about ravana and vijaya.
    sri lanka is for sri lankans ONLY.

    at the rate tamils are leaving SL, there will never be any tamill homeland in SL. NU Jayawardena said by 2025 tamil population will be 2.5% but i think it will happen before that.

    human casualties of the war are 3 fold.

    1. deaths
    2. injuries
    3. emmigration

    all these add up to a victory for one party and a defeat for the other.

    it is everybody's guess who is winning.

    there is no need to rock the boat. "ohoma yang, ohoma yang"

    the fcat that these terras come here is part of a BIG plan to divert peoples support for the war before the battle hots up which is expected to happen anytime soon. these goons are trying to capitalise on the muhamalai incident.

    stay focused patriots and don't fall prey to idiots

    for the tenth time you have avoided answering my question: are you the idiot behind www. tamilnation???

    don't think we cannot find out.

  145. Moshe,
    nothing serious from me,i'm just enjoying my meal.......hilarious,

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. Guys, my my, what is going on here?!

    There is no point in talking about who set foot in Sri Lanka and who descended from whom. All humans descend from the mitochondiral-Eve, a black women who walked and mated (probably had fabulous sex, with many men) and had children and enjoyed raising them in the Rift valley of Africa.

    Don't get drawn into discussion that are based on mythology. Absolutely no use.

  148. Ahem, but now, the LTTE, a group led by a school drop out, is dictating terms to all the decent and educated Tamil people, and also terrorising the civilians of Sri Lanka to get at a political goal. The SLDF is making sure that this plan does not succeed while also contributing to the larger idea of defeating groups that use terror as a tool to gain political advantage.

    And I see that some people here are clutching at straws to keep the LTTE afloat. This is proven by the use of even mythology to justify their cause. Wow!

  149. sham the LPTE doofus,

    Thanks for you crocodile tears for Sri Lankans. Your concerns about us neither requested no required. So, before you want to enlighten us, we respectfully request you to fly a kite or go forth and procreate with yourself.

  150. DefNet:

    Military stalemate..??

    True or false?

  151. rover

    I second yours.

    Reality is now. The rational deal with the present, with a view to the future.


    what a great, terror-free and clean place this is now!! exactly where SL wishes to be after cleansing the nation of all terrorists.

    how nice SL will be without LTTE supporters.

    unfortnately it is not that easy. but at least we get a first hand feel of what SL will be like after wiping out all LTTE supporters.

    riyaz once said he hated coming here as this was infested with terrorists. i'm sure many would feel the same way. now they will invest their valuable time here.
    its like LARGE foreign investors coming to SL when there is no LTTE presence in SL.

    so many similarities

    wow! thank you DN.

  153. it's sad that we have failed to stop the arms smuggling activities of the ltte yet again :(
    these guys were 'careful' with their arti attack all these times due to shortages but it seems like they've managed to smuggle them in large quantities...
    a military stalemate is unavoidable if we don't find away to neutralize this threat or be ready to take in thousands of casualties

  154. Kachchative is a main transit point for LTTE. This needs to be well secured.

  155. "punk"
    what is this..a clint eastwood movie..hehehehehe.This LTTE shit thinks that just because he lives "abroad" he is god..

  156. What effing "internationally" the 70's-80's we singhalese thought that every citizen of the EEC/America joined hands with the "ever discriminated LTTE overseas thaamils" as we know better..then 9/11 happened..the day of doom according to BALA the para balla..too bad just too bad..

  157. DN

    I know now so many people read just the main article and some times only the DN comments.

    If you can set this such that when we post comments first you read it and then you post it (with answers where necassary) that will keep the blog more focus. (Then only you have to read the tiger crap, not for us - sorry.)

    I don't know what is your target audience and may be you loose some ads. But it is good for majority even though you post comments little late. (Even late good food is better than instant crap.)

  158. Defnet,

    Do you know what is this weapon they're claiming is a SLA missile. Is it one of the Baktar-Shikan/HJ-8 ATGM?

    Its about time they mounted a few ATGM's on the SLN FAC's and SLAF Mi-24's as well. Spike would be even better.

  159. shay,

  160. shay,
    its not an ATGM.
    We had plans to buy Spikes for the hinds but they got delayed due to the AAB attack. Replacement of UAV fleet became a primary focus after that.

  161. moshe,

    They will obviously return and post more garbage when its daytime/evening in certain western countries. Of course any comment will be deleted if it is not upto DN standards.

  162. SLN base attacked in Mannar Pallikuda (Konthaipiddi) 3SLN killed and weapons ceased by the LTTE

    RPG propeller 02
    RPG launcher 01
    RPG rockets 06
    L.K LMG 01
    A.K LMG Magazine 05
    Body Armor 02
    Helmet 02
    Comunication device 01

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. Defencenet,

    What happened in muhamale?
    any updates?

  165. Last supper

  166. Terror attack at army outpost thwarted - Muhamalai [Updated]
    Sri Lanka army soldiers thwarted an LTTE attack at the security forces' outpost situated south of A-9 road , in the recently captured forward defence in the Muhamalai area around 9.30 this morning (May 5), said the defence sources in Jaffna.

    According to the sources, a large group of terrorists backed by heavy mortar fire launched an attack at the forward bunker defences manned by 55 and 53 divisions. The soldiers initially retaliated to the attack with small arms fire and then engaged heavy artillery and rockets at the retreating terrorists.

    Two soldiers were killed , one reported missing and 14 others suffered injuries whilst defending their positions. Also, three other soldiers were killed due to explosions of trapped mines . The Injured have been transferred to Palali military hospital . Three of the wounded have been air lifted to Colombo National Hospital.

    Meanwhile, technical sources have confirmed that 10 terrorists including two leaders were killed and at least 52 others suffered injuries in the army retaliatory fire. According to the radio monitors, terrorist have called five vehicles to transport their casualties at the initial stage. Also, troops have found a body of an slain LTTE cadre, said the ground sources.

    Two weeks earlier , the terrorists made a similar attempt to breach the army forward defence line but failed as army launched a fierce counter offensive.

  167. DefenceNet:

    Any updated maps with current FDL positions?

  168. Shyam,

    "RPG propeller 02"

    When you say RPG, it is stand for "Rocket-propelled grenade" so, Do we need to say Propeller again?

  169. DN any news about this ?

  170. anybody know what is this? >

    ltte in pictures

  171. San,

    I don't know how to tell the "Kawasappadai" in English.
    The link you have given a statement of Kernel-Deepan, it says.

    "Let us change the SLA Kawasappadai as our Kawasappadai"
    I think it should be "Armour"
    Shyam, am i correct???

  172. "Another offensive by the SLA's Mechanized Infantry may help us strengthen our Armoured Corps"

    Some were able to pick up a few Tamil words while cleaning toilets at our homes. Shame about the English though!

  173. Evidence of DN conduct - keeping racist messages from Sinhalese contributors is proof enough he too is a racist.

    He is also probably involved in the Tamil extortion racket, considering he has close connections to SLA MI.

    This punk thinks he can lie in broad day light. Let see how long the site stays up. DN you racist MF go join JHU and sing pirith all day.

  174. This comment has been removed by the author.

  175. We also see how many contact you will have left in SLA before the end of the year.

  176. DefenceNet,
    Is there any way to the LTTE to launch their unceasing waves (infinitry+1) in single file?

  177. DN,

    Whats going on in Muhumale?
    any update...

  178. Correction:
    Is there any way to ask the LTTE buffoons to launch their unceasing waves (infinitry+1) in single file?.

  179. srilankan we cannot answer your question right now as we are shaken (trembling in fear actually) by online threats from anonymous accounts.

  180. Kookka no major operations in Muhamalai. There was an attack on a bunker on the FDL. 8 killed 20 wounded by Tamilnet is pure garbage.

    And the other incident was in Mannar in which 2 soldiers were killed in a sea tiger attack.

  181. thanx for ur prompt update

  182. "Two soldiers were killed , one reported missing and 14 others suffered injuries whilst defending their positions. Also, three other soldiers were killed due to explosions of trapped mines ."

    DefenceLK: 5 killed, 1 missing, 14 injured

    TamilNet: 8 killed (of whom one body recovered), 20 injured.

    TamilNet isn't far off official DefenceLK admissions.

  183. how they unloaded three ships full of arms without knowing SL NAVY and SL AIRFORCE Advance UAV surveillance system

  184. searcher MKII

    howmany searcher mkII we have?

  185. "how they unloaded three ships full of arms without knowing SL NAVY and SL AIRFORCE Advance UAV surveillance system"

    DefeneNet, the intelligence warrior who operates all these gizmos was fast asleep.

    If the LTTE had any courage, they would have unloaded these ships while DefenceNet was awake.

  186. Defencenet,

    It was very unfair of you to delete the racist comments of the LTTE stooges, especially before they got paid by the LTTE, for working throughout the weekend. LTTE pay masters apparently looks for who had worked for them only on business days.

  187. Defencenet you better be careful, looks like upul anna is real gangsta.... I hope your residence, work place etc. are well guarded. (In fact I think you should ask the government for a whole regiment of commandos) You don't want to face a hairy gorilla waving a huge club do you?

  188. Guys,

    Now what have you done? You have been calling these LTTE terrorists PIGS, and they are threatening to close down this blog. DN is sooo traumatised we haven’t heard from him for nearly 2hrs!

    By the way do you know why they were so upset at being called PIGS? After 30 years of Eeelaarm, it would have been a huge re-branding exercise to change flags, letterheads and name boards on national / local government institutions. And that’s not all, just imagine repainting all the F-22 Raptors, M1A1s, Aircraft Carriers etc. It could have cost millions of Canadian $s….

  189. I hear that Fernando's former security guards are now jobless. Perhaps DefenceNet can hire them with ease.

    On another note:

    "Today (05) between 3.30pm and 3.40pm in one and half Km West to PALAMPIDDI area Air force M1 24 fighter Helicopters carried out two air strikes attacks on a LTTE gathering point."

    More than 50years after introducing Sinhala Only, SWRD must be turning in his grave.

  190. LOL

    They asked a half naked army guy to lay on the floor and took some photos.

    The so called "dead LTTE cadre" exhibits no signs of physical injuries.

  191. if ltte able to unload three ships full of arms without knowing sl navy ,airforce.this means our entire security in breach.. if they procured some surface to air missiles what will happen?

  192. @ san

    when did they unloaded stuff? is that true? DN?

  193. crimewatch,


  194. @ san

    thanks for the express response.

    seems like these ppl GOSL & LTTE are doing a business. we suffer end of the day ya

  195. 8 SLA KIA and 20 wounden in Muhamalai...

    6 KIA in Mannar....


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