Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fighting rages in Muhamalai

Fighting escalated in the Northern front today dawn when the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) clashed ahead of Muhamalai forward defence lines. Fighting which escalated at around 2.30 AM in the morning continued for several hours. Heavy artillery fire exchanges were also reported. Casualty count for the army stands at 15 killed and further 75 wounded while 52 LTTE fighters have also been killed. The exact number of LTTE casualties are not known yet. Two divisions of the army, the 55th division and the elite 53rd division took part in the battle.

Sporadic clashes are still continuing.


  1. hi defence net
    what has happened there?
    please give us more details

  2. Defencenet,

    The army responded to an LTTE offensive. Is that correct?

    The first FDL was smashed sometimes back; so, this may have happened in no-man's land? Is that correct too?

  3. thanks for the latest news from battle front

  4. was there an LTTE attack that was repulsed or did the army try to advance? Did we lot an MBT becos of the earlier attack or after the advance?Were they able to capture the FDL for some time? DN pls reply when u have time

  5. latest
    32 SLA killed and 84 injured.

    This is very high and the ratio to confirmed LTTE kills must be the lowest for the IV Eelam war. Hopefully more LTTE were killed than what is confirmed.

    I think that attaching flamthrowers to the tanks themselves will mke them more vulnerable to bursting into flames when hit by RPG fire.

    Infantry will decide the war. All other military units that have been developed have been to support the infantry. An area is not liberated untill troops capture. You can pound it all you want, if you want it captured you need to send infantry whether mechanised or not.

  6. DF has become another copy paste news blog. coping frm DW,, tamilnet.. etc

  7. DN and DW r the only relaible sources nw...
    we need to wait and see wut happened>> and tamilnut is pouring crap!!

  8. So far, 38 soldiers have laid their lives while 84 suffered injuries -

    this is bad! who is telling the truth now

  9. lets wait and see...
    seems like LTTE has low casualty figures. 3 or 4 max killed...

  10. 34 brave SLA soldiers died.

    check this link:

  11. hope SLA does not get emotional over the destruction of a single tank. I hope the attack that we are seeing are not a major offensive in retaliation for the lost tank.

    Emotional armies become predictable. LTTE would be waiting for army to make a move, soon after the destruction of the tank, if the LTTE knows that the SLA is emotional.

  12. My heart burns to see all this death & destruction!

    Why can't they finish mannar first and then go here, why cannot they learn their lessons from their previous mistakes?

    go here for pics:

  13. rover,

    i think the tank incident is connected to today's battle.

    the problem is MoD does not reveal any info.

    (of course they don't have to; if they are winning the war that's enough)

    about today's battle there are conflicting claims. LTTE claims a govt. push while MoD claims an LTTE offensive. says SLA moved 500m forward initially before consoliating defences. that means it was a SLA started push. and that also means that the forward push was unsuccessful. to cover-up the failure they claim that they thwarted an LTTE offensive push!!

    another media blunder preceded by a military blunder by the MoD

    38 dead and 74 injured may actually mean much much more. the real casualty figure of the 2006 october operation is estimated to be around 300; MoD gave a figure less than 100.

    this is exactly what we discussed earlier today.

    true it is the infantry that will eventually win battles and the war (they have the highest number as well) but infantry alone cannot do this.

    this is the third time we FAILED in muhamalai with DEVASTATING results. 2006 oct., 2007 Nov. and now 2008 April.

    notably SLAF has NOT provided AS DURING the battle.

    i propose large scale burning of LTTE FDLs and beyond with or without flamethrowers. MBRLs are not sufficient.

    also the SLAF should take LTTE arti. positions DURING the battle.

    without a major change of strategy we should not push forward in muhamalai.

  14. Moshe_Dayan,

    I remember you were calling SLA to move forward and finish the job quickly.

    I think you haven't learn the lesson either...

    I always belived that SLA in Jaffna should defend the territory.

    Let the other units in Vauniya and Mannar go on the offensive.

    I think the field commanders haven't done the home work properly.

    My heart goes to those Valient Soldiers who lost their lives and got injured in these battles..

    May they attain Nib'bhana and never ever face an untimely death like this.

  15. It is possible LTTE may be using images from the October 2006 battles.

  16. i never said SLA to move forward and finish the thing quickly!!

    what i said was for SLAF to help SLA increase the killing rate.

  17. it is good that many are in agreement that we have bulnddered again.

    may be more tigers have died which is fantastic. but for 400-500 metres (times 8 kilometres???), sacrificing so many soldiers is unacceptable. this is only the start and things will get much worse if we continue this way.

    if any MoD guy here please rethink the strategy.


    It is an open territory..

    No wonder heavy casualities on SLA.

    There is no point SLA to go on the offensive in this way.

  19. Aren't we all jumping to conclusions here? MD just pointed out the possibility that it might have been SLA who went on the offensive. Wasnt he? It might well have been that LTTE took the initiative and the army just took the oppotunity to advance. This is also a possible scenario ain't it? So I think before getting in to arguements we should establish what exactly happened first.

  20. Moshe, I agree with you on that it is meaningless to go on another offensive without air support (but we don't really know if this is/was the case).

    Whatever the case is, the causalities will be high, in open terrain, and in such a constricted tract of land as the EP.

    What I think the best thing to do, is, to get enough protection for MBTs (more armor, anti rocket systems) and then make a push into Killi, using the MBTs in a breaching role. Of course the role can change between fire control and breaching, but mainly as a breaching force.

    If this can't be done, the MBTs should be used to perturb their defenses intermittently and unsettle their FDLs, and make the main thrust/s from somewhere else.

  21. Not using CAS is like not using our trump card until the game is over.

  22. I wonder why the hells same thing happening here.. may be it’s not that easy as we talk.
    But problem is (what I feel is) we are not dealing with the right thing,
    My suggestion is
    We need to implement a method to obtain real-time battle field data in order to find artilleries troop and enemy movements etc.
    As I know we don’t have satellite to get such information so we have to build a air-craft that can act as a one with sufficient surveillance equipments that can directly coordinate with bombers, that sort of strategy might help to destroy enemies with they’re supplies + artilleries within short time
    I don’t see other option because they have carpeted mines everywhere , once we destroy artillery positions land movements can do the rest, we have to minimize loosing our brothers

  23. What Moshe said is correct.
    SLAF has a big role to do in Muhamalai. We can replace the bombs but we cannot replace a life.

  24. from

    look how contradictory these sentences are.

    "Jaffna theatre of battle heated up since early this morning (April 23), as Sri Lanka army 55 and 53 divisions put- on stiff resistance to an LTTE embarked fresh offensives at the Army forwards defences on the Muhamalai and Kilaly frontiers. According to the defence sources in Jaffna heavy fighting broke out between troops and LTTE since 2 am this morning, as troops mounted retaliatory attacks at the offensive LTTE formations. says,

    "Tiger terrorists who have been desperately trying to provoke the troops in the opposite side of their defences in the past few weeks, broke off their lines and miserably tried to overrun Army defences this morning (23) at about 5.00 a.m..

    so what happened from 2 a.m to 5 am?

    who attacked whom?

    the injured has risen to 84.

    this is shit; it is our soldiers. planning blunders should not be paid off so heavily.

  25. Jets and helicopters bombed Muhamalai LTTE FDL

    Air Force jets and helicopters bombed several positions of the LTTE at the Muhamalai defence lines a short while ago.
    Wow... way to go........

  26. brothers and sisters,
    May all the brave soldiers attain Nibbana and my deepest sympathy to all the families.
    But we must never begin blaming the officers and go to the conclusions as fast as possible. As I see, although most of us know that tamilnet is always exaggerating numbers, in this kind of situations we begin to believe it.

    Perhaps defencenet will later post us a much realistic picture.

  27. guys , hows this for a battle plan

    1- infantry push fwd at speed twds ltte fdl with arti as backup at abt 3 thinking a two prong side flanking maneuver.

    2- 3/4 slaf hind's are deployed to takeout the mortar/concealed heavy arti launch pads from behind.they can circle from arnd the lagoon and loiter/zone in on the muzzle flash from ltte arti with its rockets/minigun.

    3- once arti threat is nuetralised/minimised, hinds go into high speed strafing runs at the ltte 2/3 fdl lines.ideally,this would take place abt 5-6AM,..point being, ltte cant target the hinds in near darkness.given the hinds new night attack capabilities.

    4- when the infantry break through the ltte 1st fdl, call in the tanks/MID to hold that position.

    5- call back the hind's and call in arti strikes at 2/3 ltte fdl.dawn should be breaking abt now.

    6- infantry begins final push to break the ltte 2/3 fdl with tanks/MID as backup,call in hinds to provide loiter cover eg- dislodge stronger ltte bunkers with straffing runs,target ltte reinforcement movements/vehicles/casualty evac vehicles.

    7- once these ltte fdl's are smashed,MID can have free reign and advance with troop carriers to the next ltte defense lines and engage them from there in a holding pattern,point being- ltte wouldnt mine the areas behind their own 3rd fdl cuz it will inhibit their own movement.

    8- troops consolidate/clear/ hold the new area.

  28. tangara,
    if you see clearly these photos taken by sony DSC p-93 camera and photos taken at 11.30 am according to each photos advance file details.

  29. tangara don't know they are manipulating file details of the each photo.waiting to see defencenet's comments on this

  30. dear patriots,

    i don't want to hurt anyone of you any more. we are all hurt and angry.

    i want the big shots to rethink their strategy.

    if we aren't ready to go forward, let not go and continue attrition of killing more and more while holding our positions until we have the defences for our MBTs, IFVs, etc.

    yes. we need real time data to attack DURING the battle LTTE supplies, arti. positions, offensive formations, high concentrations, even small groups (as much as possible), even their wounded.

    this is a 8km wide neck. no one is living here. its open terrain. why can't we set the whole area that we try to capture alight?

  31. B#1 - LANCER,

    that is sweet!!

    but active during the battle air cover is also needed.

    i'm much relieved.


  33. SilentKnight,

    As a laymen, your plan sounds great.

    Hope some brainstorming will come out of it.

  34. thanks for the casualty figures, oh shit i mean defencenet.

  35. If I am not mistaken, EP was lost in April 2000, 8 years to the date.

    I see the point why SLA went on the offensive..

  36. Hi everybody,
    Don't be panic. This area is heavily protected by LTTE. According to several sources, Army still captures 400-500 m and still holding. They may try to advance further.

  37. Defencenet AFP quoting a military source says that 375 soldiers are injured and 40 dead. can you say what happened today?

  38. This is from colombopae.

    "Many defense observers point out that the present state of battle, especially in the Jaffna terrain, where the land stretch is narrow and relatively open, the military would need a joint effort to defeat the Tigers. However, the publicly known personal grudge between the present Army and Navy chiefs seemed to have overshadowed such possibilities that both commanders have opted to fight isolated battles with the Tigers. Defense observers are in the view that if such a joint effort can be carried out, the rate of own casualties and deaths can be significantly reduced. "

    It is sad that personal grudges put ahead of national interest and lives of brave srilankans.


  39. Going by the LTTE thinking..

    The long term plan of the LTTE is to take Jaffna..They are waiting for an oppurtune moment to strike..

    Their is no room for mistakes..Everything will be lost if we are to follow this trend.

    Looks like LTTE is concentrating most of their hardcore fighters around the Jaffna FDL's for a major push.

    It is better we push from the South until LTTE runs out of its fire power..Then LTTE has two options, either move their fighters further South to hold their southern FDL'S or Advance North and attack Jaffna.

  40. Guys.

    Is there any positional or geographic advantage to the LTTE in Muhamalai? Everytime army tries to push forward they will loose from big numbers why it is happening again and again?

  41. @ tangara,

    thnx, i was hoping to see some positive brainstoming in this blog when i 1st came across it,..unfortuntely all i see is our guys wasting tym retorting to a few sorry a** ltte scum who come here for their daily dose of jollies.

    at my scenario tho, im going for shock and awe type assault, hence the ridiculous min damage to MID.

  42. is it possible that our military was asked make a push due to political pressure????

  43. No need to panic and come to fast conclusions. Fights in this open land will be the same for ever. This area is hostile for offencive or even defencive operations. Many casualties will come even if this was a classic sword and shield combat. After many iterations SLA know what they are doing and they were anyway planning for an offensive. LTTE might have acted before we launch the offensive according to our plan. If SLA is moving forward, definietly as planned.

    As I have mentioned earlier as we go further further inside casualties will be higher. So far we have been openning many taps. This may be the time we blow the tank.

  44. in this kind of operation we must do joint operation(navy , airforce ,army )with all the forces.


    They have (but not exactly in the 'CAS' role that we expect):

    BTW, why is everyone talking about an offensive? I don't know if I have misunderstood the articles, but seems like the LTTE launched the offensive, and SLA after beating them back has advanced into enemy territory. This is nothing unusual after beating back a large offensive, to stop them from regrouping immediately. Obviously this has been the objective, as MI-24's have also attacked their rendezvous points.

  46. Guys I dont think we need to panic. I think Our armed forces have to cop a bit extra casualities in this front, but that should never discourage them from moving forward. I think All these times we were in an attritional warfare and not exposing as in a conventional thing, so a little extra casuality figures are something nobody expected. And I do think all this time we were fallen mostly towards less attcaking options, but now They are trying to increase the tempo and go into real attacking mode. According to reports our brave forces are holding onto some captured territories and the CAS is coming in. may be this could be the Big push the jaffna commander predicted some time back.

    I am no defence expert, But this is my take on things here. What i would like to see now is Increased attacking offensives from the other fronts so as to thin out the terra defences. sort of diversionary attacks. may be defencenet could give us an insight sooner than later.

  47. Sorry guys it should have been "WE NEED NOT TO PANIC" It is a typo errror

  48. sla casualties are higher than mentioned in article. We will give detailed update in few hrs.

  49. Thanks defencenet,

    According to some close sources signals are cut in jaffna region and it seems this will continue for a few more days. Usually the SLDF does it whenever some increased activities are taking place in order to block some moles from giving sensitive info to terras. Defnet could u give us some insight as we trust your news more than others.

  50. Defencenet, I hope its less than 50.

  51. DNET,

    Apart from figures, please indicate what actually happened. Want to know whether "the" planned strategy was behind this. My hunch is tiger's over reacted.

    I may be wrong, I am away from the sources.

  52. B#1,

    It doesnot matter 50 or more. (I am not discrediting the values of our brothers and sisters. My heart weeps for them and know personnely what the battlefield is).

    The point is have we achived the objectives or into what extent. If this was tiger's initiative, into what extent we have beaten them back.

    I am awaiting DNET to share the actual scenario, would love to hear what was the manuvours and movement both parties did.

  53. AFB says that 44 SLA KIA and 375 Wounded. LTTE have captured some SLA corpses...

  54. LTTE left the SLA to come in to their territory and started firing with the same tactic they have used in 2006/Aug... Many SLA wounded and lost their Legs due to the LTTE Mines....and SLA was forced to withdraw their earlier positions ...

  55. Shyam,

    Any clue on LTTE casulty figures.

  56. Thiru,
    Source: ??? Ummoda ammada kalla Purushan..?

    Poda ponayane...:)

    Unda ammada pundaila mudi enni paaru.. =150
    Unda ammada Soothula mudi enni paaru = 400


  57. guys, could it be that, the pre-dawn raid was a diversion to identify ltte
    arti pads?.given that 3 air sorties were taken soon after,...and that too,to target ltte arti site 12km behind lines?.maybe this is the start of the build up to an eventual EPS assault.
    makes sense ,1st takeout their arti, then mobilise ground troops for the push.

    mind you , the closest battle field exp i have is CnC,..still, it doesnt sound too far fetched.

  58. may be long ranger could give some inside stories... He usually is good on this subject.

  59. Laugh on thiru. I was wondering when you assholes were going to come here and start hooting your asses out.

    "We anticipated this!"
    Yes, we know you did, but I really feel sorry that you morons don't have the brains to understand that one victory doesn't cover up a similar hundred defeats.

    "what will happen when the ltte attacks."
    Talking about LTTE attacks, did you know that Poddu Amman himself has advised the sungoat to be prepared to sacrifice more than 6000 cadres if they launch an attack to capture Jaffna alone? They always expect to take more casualties than they inflict on SLA, even if they win. Might run out of cadres one day..... better keep your bags packed, in case they want you to come and join up.

  60. tamilnet says 150 SL ARMY killed and more than 400 soldiers injured many soldiers lost legs ...ANY TRUTH OF THIS??

  61. 150 SLA killed, Tigers locate 30 SLA bodies in Northern Front
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 11:56 GMT]
    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) officials in Ki'linochchi said the Tigers have located more than 30 dead bodies of the SLA soldiers in the clearing mission so far in the Northern Front after a major operation by the SLA was thwarted by them. 19 dead bodies were brought to Ki'linochchi. Meanwhile, a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) source, which didn't wish to be named, verified that 104 dead bodies were initially recovered by the army and more than 400 were wounded. The source further said at least 150 soldiers were killed in action. In the meantime, a Colombo bound passenger said he had seen 12 bus loads of dead and wounded soldiers being rushed to the runway in Palaali military complex.

  62. thiru ;

    Very sad thing is SLA's mechanized infantry didn't play a role inthe battle .. they have just used for some support fire only and funniest think is every uses the Tanks for the cover of enemy fire and in srilanka Tanks used the SLA Infantry as a cover .... great ... i think this is what Sarath Fonseka told the Media...

  63. Chamal, and others...

    Guys, guys why are u getting over excited about some funny jokes the some ltte boot lickers make here. True we have lost soldiers but it doesn't mean we are lost and according to reports some enemy territory captured.When it is done it is natural to expect more fire from the enemy as it is known thing those areas are pre mapped. What I would like to see now is more attack and more co-ordination from SLN and SLAF. It would be nice if we could see some action SBS Air mobile brigades Commandos etc..

    I am sure there is a point they will crumble under our forces have been able to puncture a hole in their defences, with the past experiences they should make the forward moves to destroy them.

    I am sure defencenet would come with some details later.


  64. just logged in & this :(

    52 LTTE & 38 soldiers killed

    how can that be ?

    normally LTTE VS SLA DEATH rate is higher


    how far is EP from the current SLA positions ?

  65. colombopage report also highlights what we have been telling here.

    but what does the navy got to do with this? based on the info. there's little SLN could have done to "significantly reduce SLA casualties".

    SLAF attacks have come very late although it is good anyway.

    awaiting DN's news on what really happened and casualty figures.

  66. "could it be that, the pre-dawn raid was a diversion to identify ltte
    arti pads?"

    But we know that LTTE don't have permanent artillery positions... We have firefinding radars and all, I don't think we need to take such risks to just take out their artillery.

    Talking about CAS, take a look here:


    As we can see from these pics, our hinds are equipped with rocket launchers and autocannon (or maybe gatling gun?) I don't think we have more than 10 hinds, but even so, we can't send all 10 into battle at the same time. There is a danger of them being needed somewhere else at the same time. I am not a pilot, but I think it will be difficult for them if there were a lot of them flying about and all have to attack a small area, maneuvering them will probably be difficult. So we can't use a large number at once, but when using few the firepower is not enough. (the main strength is the rockets so once they are used up, they would probably return for rearming. using the machineguns on well defended enemy positions won't be much use)
    Maybe this is the reason our ground forces can't get full time close air support?

  67. Battle of Agincourt

    A narrow strip of land.
    French troops approx 36,000 in full confidence of a comprehensive victory.
    English troops approx 9,000 fearing the worse.
    The French charge at the English but gets slaughtered.

    Essentially, the terrain favors the defender than the attacker even if the attacker is massively out numbered. All that is required for the defender is to concentrate fire on narrow strech of field. Accuracy isnt that important either.

    Does this remind anyone of what happens at the Jaffna Pennisula? Learn from history. Was there air support? there could not have been since it commenced at 2.00am.

  68. Chamel says;

    Blah blahh"....They always expect to take more casualties than they inflict on SLA, even if they win. Might run out of cadres one day....."blahh blahh

    Now he started to bleave about the winning of LTTE ...great man ...Other fellow bloggers have some idea about what he talking about.. i'll tell you if you hae to kill all the LTTE then you have to kill all the Tamils...

  69. "Air Force jets and helicopters bombed several positions of the LTTE at the Muhamalai defence lines a short while ago."

    oh it's useless after heavy death's useful if they did it during or before the attack.what kind of strategy is this?

  70. if the total wounded and killed are in the 550 range, chances are that we may abandon the push.

    this can be an ideal opportunity for the LTTE to launch an attack to take jaffna.

    troops should be kept on extra alert.

  71. RIyaz said;

    "True we have lost soldiers but it doesn't mean we are lost and according to reports some enemy territory captured.When it is done it is natural to expect more fire from the enemy as it is known thing those areas are pre mapped."

    Muchan are the SLA still mapping from 2006/Aug hehehehe ... ok keep on mapping and LTTE will keep blowing SLA M'F Asses ...hehehehe....

  72. chamal,

    you got point.

    but a single Mi-24 carries more than 15 missiles ech capable of destroying a tank.

    the machine gun is indeed very useful. only thing is that we rarely use it. of course it cannot inflict much damage on fortified locations. but above ground targets can be destroyed.

    yes, many hinds encircling a small area is not a good thing to do.

    appropriately jets can also be used to bust fortified positions.

  73. shyam,

    I'm not underestimating or denying that LTTE has got the upperhand today. Besides, I was giving facts. I don't dream up stuff like you, then actually convince myself that it is true and then go and try to convince others about it too.I'm not as mentally retarded or stupid enough to deny losses as you people do. Stuff like no cadres killed, SLA offensive thwarted, 50 civilians killed, civilian settlements bombed etc etc..... the usual crap.

    BTW, even though you people are shouting so much, LTTE has not been able to defeat the army's advance. LTTE has lost its 1st FDL (tactical withdrawal of course) and suffered more casualties than SLA.

    jay ramen,

    Go to wanni and tell that to the great sun goat. And tell him 'cheers' too, from me.

  74. The SLA's most powerful divisions (53rd division and 55th division) carried out the offensive .....

  75. Jay Ramen,

    If the Tamils are prepared to vacate the South, West and East and willing to live only in North , then this should be discussed and considered..

    Otherwise no point coming up with this idea.

    It must be a ethnically pure Sinhalese state in the South.

    Tamil people who can't live with the Evil Sinhalese in the South should vacate all the South , West and Eastern parts of the island and move North..

    Full stop.

    Chinese Army should be asked to setup bases along the Northern borders.

    Trincomalee port should be given to the Chinese to check on the Indians , Tamilnadu fishermen and ealam Tamils.

    International community should be informed that , the division of the island will result in the above scenario.

  76. "this type of terrain favours the defender"




    no; possible.

    how about setting fire to the whole area leading upto the LTTE FDLs and beyond?

    we may need a lot of fuel but once started it will be a moving inferno. this can TOTALLY destroy the terrain advantage for the DEFENDER.

    any comments?

  77. moshe,

    "but a single Mi-24 carries more than 15 missiles ech capable of destroying a tank."

    This, I think is the problem. Hinds can be equipped with missiles, but I don't think our ones carry them.

  78. My heart is with these poor soldiers who joined the army to feed their families. But they were killed by the politician's desires and keyboard warriors like Asithiri and his followers.

    check this link:

    Possible defences for you guys:

    1. These images have been manipulated

    2. if 40 soldiers were killed definitely 400 LTTE should have been killed

    3. or publish a news Beema-8 base overrun 500 terrorists were killed

    4. reason for failure is either without Air support or IT support or moral support .

    5.It happens in War

    6.Its all false claims, we are 1.8021 km from the Elephant Pass

    7. Ignore these LTTE ass lickers

    8. I have got go my patriots

    9.What about East

    I think its enough

    check this link as well:

  79. tangara,

    "Chinese Army should be asked to setup bases along the Northern borders.

    Trincomalee port should be given to the Chinese to check on the Indians , Tamilnadu fishermen and ealam Tamils."

    actually this got to be done regardless. i recon this is the only DEPENDABLE means of safegurding SL with foreign help.

    just look at at ALL THE COUNTRIES AROUND INDIA. they are ALL (except SL) with china.

    SL being a small country needs a powerful superpower behind it and china is the one. what's more it has already tried to set up a navy base in hambantota.

  80. maybe this 'reduced strength' of our hinds is the reason that they are not capable of delivering the amount of damage that hinds are so famous for.

  81. chamal,

    i meant ATAKA or SPIKE ATGMs.

    these are the basic weaponry and our ones carry them for sure.

  82. Moshe are u getting some inside info or quoting on available reports?

    though the casuality is high I have a serious doubt the terras have turned tables. We have to wait till Dn gives us a proper update.. My take is SLDF should carry on the forward push.. It could end up in somwhat high casualities but The terras too would be suffering as much if not more casualities.. besides the SLA has enough man power for a high intensity push.. Whats your view moshe?

  83. chamal said...;

    Yeahh buddy i know ..this is how you behave when the SLAF or SLA carried out a mission you don't either worry even if a civilian get nailed or Killed but you guys just add them as a LTTE ...There must be LTTE casualties but its not higher like what the SLA says ok...understand about that .... ok i know SLA also human and LTTE also human and everyone are human ...

  84. puli,

    thanks for the suggestions. I am picking this one:

    "Ignore these LTTE ass lickers"

    From now on, I'm sticking to it.

    But before I do that, I must ask all the LTTE supporters here to keep hoping that the same luck keeps on hold for LTTE as today.

  85. /*

    how about setting fire to the whole area leading upto the LTTE FDLs and beyond?

    Its possible with napalm only from air.

  86. short narrow land give more advantage for the advancing troops if they used proper war tactics.

  87. DefenceNet,

    Can you please educate us on this operation? Who started it and what was the motive? Has they T55 tank attack a few days ago got something to do with LTTE's hopes to break through the FDL?

  88. Here is a breakdown on SLA casualties:

    50 KIA + 50 MIA + 250 WIA
    At least two main battle tanks have been destroyed and another two damaged. Figures subject to change.

    There are lot of P1/p2 casualties mainly caused by mines and artillery.

    As for LTTE casualties around 50 of their fighters have been killed. (Excluding any casualties caused by three air strikes). These figures may rise.

  89. If this is a LTTE offensive, then it is our inteligence failure.

    If the offensive started by SLDF, then it is the weekness of planing.

    Possible scnarios,
    1. This can be a offensive started by SLDF with MID on lead position and ASA tank got hit, MId might have retreated making infantry soldires suddndly open and vulnerable.

    2. May be ARMY was preparing for major offensive and LTTE was having prior inteligence and launched a unexpected attack.

    some time one's own pride is coming forward than achiving collective goal.

    Unpredictability and deception is the key to win over LTTE with minimum caualities.

  90. Folks we will give more details later we are having communication difficulty and we cannot post guesstimates without verification hence the delay.

  91. special report see this

  92. Regarding the Hinds, usual weaponry on the wing mounted hardpoints are 2 Rocket pods and 2 miniguns, one each on a wing. As for the guided AT missiles, I highly doubt they are equipped with them, and I have never been told or heard of them being used.

  93. God bless the brave soldiers of SLA!

    Guys, take a moment to show your gratitude to great soldiers who gave their lives for a unified Sri Lanka. Let you wallet speak for your heart. Send some money to Mahanel Mal and other organizations that take care of their loved ones. Do it now, do it often, do the at least the minimum you can do for the nation

  94. moshe,

    Check these links:

    here, no missiles are displayed with the other weapons.

    This also shows our MI-24's without missiles.

    Both these two, and the two link I gave earlier are all pics of SLAF's MI-24's. None of the pics show our hinds carrying missiles. I have seen a lot of videos and pictures (and also with my own eyes - but not in the battlefield of course) of our MI-24's, but never have I seen missiles on them. That's why I thought our ones don't use them. Another reason: whenever large no. of LTTE boats have been encountered, hinds are sent to attack them. But we have never heard that they have used missiles, or obviously the damages to the boats will be higher and the number escaping would be far less. If it's a large boat, the SLAF always sends a kfir and drops a bomb on it.

  95. Gen. Fonseka was in Jaffna recently. They probably knew something was up. Looks like the element of surprise was not there.

    How come artillery was not intercepted by FLIR or fire finders? Would angling the barrel of the gun parallel to ground level hide projectiles from fire finders?

  96. It was an SLA initiated push (although nothing spectacular like EPS in mind). We did in fact storm their line but the artillery fire was devastating.

    It is too early to start the blame game as many have paid with their lives. It is easier to post theories and strategies here but its a different scenario when it comes to actually implementing them.

  97. lankaenews

    52 SLA Killed
    51 SLA Missing

    368 SLA injured

    286 of the injured are P-1 & P-2

    4 tanks destroyed
    2 more tanks damaged

    attacked has been carried out by balraj(LTTE)


    is this info true ??

    is p1 & p2 injuries serious ?

    who is balraj ?

    anybody hearing more info ?

  98. if 50 KIA another 50 missing in action means total 100 sla lost in this single battle .

  99. isoorya

    thanks for posting the link

    sadly for me i can't read tamil :(

  100. Defencenet,

    The bodies recovered by LTTE are listed as MIA & only the bodies that we have recovered are counted as KIA right?

    And can you also give some details on how the WIA are categorized? (P1,P2,P3)

  101. which injury is the most serious

    P1 or P2 or P3 ???

  102. our commanders must realise these war strategies not work with ltte in muhamale front.this is the third time we are loosing with this kind of casualties.
    "rata wenuwen divu pidu weera rana wiruwanta apage pranamaya"

  103. DW says

    88 SLA killed 30 SLA Missing

  104. God bless the brave soldiers of SLA!

    Guys, take a moment to show your gratitude to great soldiers who gave their lives for a unified Sri Lanka. Let you wallet speak for your heart. Send some money to Mahanel Mal and other organizations that take care of their loved ones. Do it now, do it often, do at least the minimum you can do for the nation

  105. P1- seriously wounded
    p2 - less seriously wounded
    p3 - walking wounded
    chamal, bodies they say they have are not listed as kia.

  106. Lkdood balraj is one of their senior commanders like sornam and bhanu

  107. DefenceNet

    thank you for the quick answer

  108. DN are we still holding the captured areas? The LTTE pictures show indicate that the sla has withdrawn from the captured areas.

    If the LTTE retreated how come their casulties are 50?

  109. Thiru,

    The outcome does not help us if the inputs given to obtain that outcome are false. Math is not enough in a situation like this. If we follow you method, how many LTTE cadres have died this year alone, daily 5-15? (if you can present tamilnet figures, i can present figures. but remember what i mentioned above)

  110. Biliipuujaval kavuru satisfy kerannede ?

    The dumbass who were responsible must be made to quit the SLA.

    My homages to the fallen brave young men.

  111. "chamal, you anticipated us on this blog, we anticipate your sorry asses on the battlefield."

    What are you talking about? BTW, my ass is not in the battlefield, nor is yours.

  112. so i ask again, what happened, i thought the ltte was running short of ammunition, full of forced conscripts, using a grandma brigade, losing 20-30 cadres a day totalling 6000 in a year and a half? i guess those grandma's and 10 year olds are too much of a match for the 53 and 55 divisions.

  113. Anymouse said...;

    SLA didn't push back the LTTE ... LTTE just let the SLA to move in and starred to fire at them real hard ths make the SLA's casualties high... the same tactic was used in the same FDL in 2006/aug

  114. DefenceNet,

    I haven’t been posting in the blog for a while now as I’m extremely busy but I’ve been reading it all the time! However, today I have to ask you a couple of questions, hope you have time to answer.

    It’s been 8 years since LTTE overran EPS. They overran EPS without CAS or any real time air recon, how did they do it?

    Are we defending our positions properly? It looks like we have to give credit where credit is due, LTTE is doing really well to defend their FDL in Jaffna.

    Will we be able to do the same under a ferocious attack (like EPS II) this time or will we just “tactically withdraw”?

    It seems like LTTE are able to withstand everything that SLA has to throw at them? Just how are they doing it with all the difficulties that they have?

    My thoughts are with all those who sacrificed their lives and I wish a speedy recovery to all those who are injured.

  115. Tamil Nadu urges India to arrange peace talks in Lanka


  116. chamal, look at taminet's figures and defencewire's figures it's not that far off my friend, has stopped updating this story-i wonder why. As far as 5-15 a day, that's what i'm asking you 6000 tigers dead in a year and a half and you still cant defeat them, why is that? maybe the tigers actually have an army of over 200000 to take casualties like that and survive, because operation jeyasukiriya was called off after the SLA lost that much but the tigers seem to keep fighting strong after these casualties claimed by you, how is that possible buddy?

  117. i dont know why every ones talking abouth this much ..thisa is the war it self..every ones wining every you'd remebered what happened after the A'pura...few days later thamil selvan went up side down..
    see carfully with in few days i am sure joy will be.up side down...

    lets pray foe every one who lost the lives in there...hope every missing soldiers will find by army

  118. I hope the command of SLA will learn a really good lesson from what happened today. I pray we wont make the same mistake twice.

  119. more than 100 SLA killed and 400 injuren in Mukamalai today.
    to see evediance, please visit:

  120. thiru,

    SLA could afford to call off it's offensive operation. However, LTTE can't afford to call off it's defensive operation can they? They have no other option but to hold on no matter what the casualties are. If you "call off" your defensive operation, what would you do? Where else would you go? Jump in the sea?? How would that work "buddy"?

  121. First of all deepest sympathies to the famillies of the dead & wounded may you be born in a better place than the one you have departed.

    This operation looks like a total disaster 100 dead + 300 wounded for what gain? nothing! why do the army keep repeating the same mistakes over & over again. I know i am not a military expert but isnt it common sense not to repeat past mistakes again and again. This whole scenario looks like the rerun of the Ratwatte era again.If any of you remember he was called Sapumal kumaraya when jaffna was liberated but look what happened subsequently. The present situation is begining to look like the same thing all over again.We have to honestly admit that we are stuck in Mannar thats probably why this ill-concieved operation was launched to gain some good PR for the govt before the elections in the east.Sadly the payment is made by the poor souls lying in the bunkers.All the ppl in this blog (and i know that there are many)who think that LTTE is very weak now open your eyes and see the cost of miscalculation by the ppl who initiated this operation.

    As for the ppl who are supporting LTTE just be glad that you are not in SL.Its the common ppl SInhalese & Tamil alike who suffer because of the war do you honestly think that this victory by LTTE will change anything? no it wont it will be just bring more & more misery on sri lankans.

    Sorry for the long ramble but its just the hopelesness i feel about the future of this country

    I just hope Mahinda,Gotabaya,Basil & Sarath Fonseka is at least diturbed enough not to sleep tonight as i know for sure the parents of those boys who are lying in those ditches wont be able to sleep peacefully for a long


  122. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in a statement claimed they had also wounded about 400 government troops in the latest fighting in the northern peninsula of Jaffna.

    "The Sri Lanka army suffered more than 100 killed in action and about 400 wounded in action," the LTTE statement said. "Sixteen valiant LTTE soldiers sacrificed their lives in this confrontation."

    However, the military rejected Tiger claims and said only 38 government troops were killed and 84 wounded. The military said troops had killed 52 Tigers.

    There was no independent verification of the claims. Unconfirmed reports said about 127 soldiers were killed or missing following the latest fire fight.


  123. parakrama, how little you know, it's ok you are not to blame for your stupidity, it is your governments fault. As far as this defensive action it is just part of a much bigger plan that will unfold in the coming months and year. You guys seemed to think that the rajapakse bros and fonseka are soo different from the previous jackasses that lead you SLA into bloodbaths, but just take a look at these two big battles at mukamalai during 2006 and 2008, it should tell you somethings never change. As for cable, i respect your comment as you are the only one who looks like they sincerely care for these soldiers that have laid down their lives for a government that has no vision for it's ppl, as for us supporting the ltte, we have been through the pain of you army and governments and we are full of hatred towards the GOSL with every right to be so, i don't expect you to understand that because you haven't lived in vanni where we have to sleep in bunkers because of you SLAF's indiscriminate bombings but i do respect you as a person for your sincerity.

  124. Let us not insult the dead and the wounded.

    Wherever they are they would definitely prefer to see us continue the fight... and wipe out the terrorists.

    As Sam said, it's time to open up the wallets and help out their families, in this hour of need.

    Our troops are all volunteer and lay their lives in the line with pride.

    The annihilation of the terrorists must continue... until the end of time.

    This is part of war.

  125. thiru,

    What was so stupid about what I said? You said that LTTE must have an army of 200000 to take such casualties and still put up resistance. All I did was to show you that LTTE had no other option. We know that LTTE has somewhere between 40-60K regular/irregular fighters, so they will fight until all of them are dead. If you are not going to put up a fight at Jaffna FDL, where else would you fight? Where would you fall back to? Do you have another option?

    So, what am I missing here? Can you enlighten me?

  126. I think SLDF should try to land on mullian with full force.
    All the Attack planes, Hinds , should be in standby and hit all artilary positions whereever they are.
    Something has to happen to chsnge the trsditional way of SLDF offensives.
    Even though it is very had for the SLDF, it will a utter chaos for the LTTE as well. LTTE will feel the threat of boxed, might retreat to Pooneryn or get killed or surender to army.
    At the same time, ARMY should be marched fast towards EP. Faster the offensive, casuality will be higher at the begining but much more gain can be achieved in shorter period.

    If 3 forces are really cordinated properly, anything can be achieved

  127. andare;

    Great Idea man .... Do u really think the higher ranking officers in the SLA are stupids and they don't have have sense of doing war ...

    A army never use their full Army in a offensive war at a same FDL at the same time coz if anything goes wrong the total soldiers have to be kill or have to surrender.. God sake that you are not a SLA officer ...

  128. @ andare,

    as i see it, we have to focus on 3 different battles,1 for each neck/strip of land.

    a beach landing securing the beach stretch from nargarkovil to the point where the two strips of land join the muhamalai stretch would seem like a good place to protects the landing party's seaborne flank.on the right would be our own fdl, on the left is the bottleneck twds mulathivu.

    as the ltte showed us today, we can use/defend such a bottle neck effectively.

    that would mean the ltte are trapped in 2 sides/3 effectively,swimming across the small lagoon would be their only option out.

    eliminate them from one side of the field.once thats accomplished we can focus on muhamalai, either similarly, or simultaneously.

  129. I just don't know who to trust with the casualty figures anymore.

    But in this instance I reckon the casualty figures are closer to the LTTE announcements this time because Rasiah has resurfaced to give interviews over the phone. He only appears when the LTTE is on top....


    How the hell are the LTTE managing to hold on this long??? They are surrounded on all sides and if this keeps going over the end of the year then I reckon the government will be brought down...

  130. hmmmmmm...what a bunch of jokers most of u seem to be..... every day u guys get together to rave about the army killing 20 there, and the SLAF killing 15 there, and this LTTE base falling and that LTTE FDL falling etc etc, and one bad field day for the army, and some are calling for resignations of the army commanders and some are predicting the fall of the government.... you guys are the exact reason we cant win this war

  131. ...(ctd) the biggest cause of winning a war is patience and perseverance, and most of u seems to have none of it..u want action (looking at the number of quite exuberant battle plans, strategies some of u seem so good at designing, but the moment a few dead bodies come in body bags, and some ambulances scream through on galle road, everyone is acting as if its the end of the world, and as if defeat is imminent.....

  132. Parakrama:
    what thiru might be saying is this:-
    The LTTE isn't carrying out any offensive operations. They are merely defending without losing too many lives. You may argue that they dont have an option of calling off these defensive operations, but they can in fact, force the SLA to call off it's offensive, unnamed operation by mounting a ferocious counter offensive op.But, they aren't even attempting to do it. I think the LTTE have now very clearly demonstrated that they are just playing with this hapless SLA.

  133. ...(ctd)...when the German Luftwaffe was at the height of its blitz, London was under ariel bombadment for 57 nights non stop, and 43000 Londoners died and more than a million houses were destroyed in those 57 days...what did the English do, did they say "aiyoo this is pathetic,we need to change these commanders?" or "this govnment is weak, it cant protect us, we should overthrow them.." ???? .... NO What the Londoner's, buckled up their belts, and joined more and more........

  134. Defencenet can you please confirm this air force data?

    Tanks: Around 70 MBTS, around 250 IFVs. around 25 tank logistics vehicles (recovery + transport)
    Defencenet: April 23, 2008 12:00 AM

    Okay SLA only has 2 MBTs. 1 out of the two was destroyed today.
    Defencenet: April 23, 2008 3:16 AM

    What is correct now???

    shay thanx bro!!!

    The main attack aircraft of the SLAF and approximate numbers are as follows. This is public information.

    - 12 Kfir (C2, C7 and TC2)
    - 07 Mig-27
    - 01 Mig-23UB
    - 03 F-7BS
    - 03 FT-7
    - 06 F-7G
    - 08 K-8
    - 10 to 14 Mi-24/35

    Not all aircraft may be operational at a given time.

  135. Thoughtful Guy:

    Well said. I hate to read loads of sympathy for our fallen heroes. They just don't need that...


    As if LTTE are not planning to kill us anyway... on the batllefield, on a CTB bus or at marketplace or...

  136. ....(ctd) in the AA Gun batteries...cos they understood that a war cant be won overnight, or without they persevered with their leadership, and had faith in their forces and their leaders.....and in the end, they WON.......

    What a contrast to our sorry lot......

  137. parakrama, you say 40-60k troops for the ltte now, what have you and your government been putting out all this time-fonsy boy has been saying that there is only 3000 left and they would wipe them and prabhakaran out by june, you government has been saying that the lion flag will be raised in vanni next year, so what happened i thought this was supposed to be a cake walk with the "terrorists" only having a grandmas and child conscripts left and with no shells left, parakrama you forget that the ltte is the most organized rebel force in the world and the tiger only crouches to pounce. Like i said these are just strategies in a war and this defensive tactic is just the first phase, but your government will never learn

  138. thoughtful guy

    well said man, you are a real sri lankan

  139. 'you forget that the ltte is the most organized rebel force in the world and the tiger only crouches to pounce.'

    Good challenge for us.

    We have been slowly but steadily matching or exceeding your standard.

    What do you expect? Give in to the
    'most organized rebel force in the world'?

    Enjoy your free beedi today.

  140. defencenet,
    did we think that ltte is lacking artilerary power? did they get a load recently?
    was the attack carried out by the second in command of the division?

    if we were storning in, its a preplanned attack initiated by joint operation command. why didn't we use air power before or in the middle of attack? atleast to take ltte arti positions.

    I don't see any logics with our approaches. we definitely need to stop trying to advance from muhamalai.

  141. thiru,

    Well, you can believe what you want but we are allowed to have our own opinion on it. My own opinion on LTTE strength has never been the same as GOSL. I NEVER believed that LTTE has only 3000 fighters left. This may be a strange concept for you as you have to believe everything that VP says as he is a god to you. We on the other hand have the freedom to form our own opinion!

    I don't believe all of the fighters in LTTE are regulars. I don't know the exact strength of regulars, but it's definitely not 40K.

    Also, in my opinion, LTTE has no other option.

    But in your opinion, LTTE has "tactically withdrawn" from the east, parts of Mannar, Vauniya & Weli Oya. You can believe what you want, but I don't believe your theory about "crouching tiger". This is much more than "crouching". You are free to keep on believing that this is just "crouching", we'll just wait and see if it really is.

    However, I agree with you that LTTE is the most organised terrorist outfit in the world, so this is not going to be a "cakewalk" for SLA.

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. Peccko,

    I don't think LTTE is toying with SLA. My personal opinion is this (please note that I'm not a military guy!):

    LTTE are doing their best to hold on to Jaffna FDL. It is strategically very important to them as if they lose it SLA has a chance of marching as far as EPS or beyond. This would be a devastating blow for LTTE, from which they will not be able to recover. Therefore, they have no other option but to hold on to this FDL at any cost. So, it's no surprise that we incurred casualties today and we will do so in the future if we attempt to breach this FDL.

    However, what is of concern to us is the repeating pattern of battle for Jaffna FDL. Every time we try to breach, we suffer casualties. So, what can we do about it?

    I think the obvious answer is air support. I don't know if this is possible, but we somehow need to bomb the hell out of 8Km by at least 1Km stretch (basically all along FDL and deep into their territory). According to Long-Ranger, it is a death trap for SLA if they march without neutralising LTTE long-range arti positioned at K-point. So, SLAF need to be ready to take these out when we begin the move.

    I think the bottom line is that LTTE is not toying with SLA. If they could, they would've mounted a counter attack either in Mannar or in Weli Oya.

    I firmly believe that we can breach Jaffna FDL, all we need is better planning. This is where we should give credit to LTTE planners, they are defending their FDL really well, in a far superior way than SLA.

    However, having said that, what was the last time that LTTE mounted a successful counter attack and captured one of our bases? That speaks volumes of SLA's current position.

    The losses we suffered today are un-acceptable; therefore we need to re-think our strategy.

  144. thoughtful guy,
    I don't think any of us here are blaming govermnet or airmy. it is very hurt to hear the losses. but most importantly, we all are very concern with strategies use here. this is the third time in same place almost same result. probably we have little changed our strategy or analysed the situation incorrectly in each time.

    my issue is, when its come to 4th time, army may have another strategy or weighted the situation and think output will be better. but how can we make sure 4th time will not result same?
    I think we need a completely new strategy, not guesses or slight advantage is adequate.
    if we are attacking to repulse an ltte attack, why can't we let them come inside and trap them?

    if we have no master plan or very high guaranteed outcome, we should not try on this end.

  145. parakrama, you have your freedom to your opinion? is that why all the media in Sri lanka are not allowed to publish reports against the army and if they do then get labelled as supporting terrorists and receive death threats? you are blind as hell.

  146. parakrama,
    I fully agree with you.
    we cannot loose our bravehearts like this for just trials. ltte is in back foot. our bravehearts worth much more than this.

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. thiru,

    I agree that the government harasses media personnel and I am against any rights violations.

    However, I am not blind and I form my opinion after talking to people from affected areas, consulting many news sources and reading comments on blogs like these (believe it or not, it includes your comments as well!). Unfortunately, it is you who are blind!

    People in glass houses should not throw stones! Can you tell me about freedom of speech in LTTE held areas? What about their human rights record?

    So, please don’t try to preach me about all this crap. I know the strengths and weaknesses of both parties (GOSL & LTTE).

    If you want to continue this conversation, please don’t try to change the subject. Let’s talk about why LTTE is defending this FDL so ferociously and overall situation in the country the best strategy to move the country forward etc. etc. If you can’t talk to a point, please don’t waste my time with sentimental crap.

    Theraputtha, thanks mate!

  149. Long Ranger wrote another article on the EPS debacle that took place exactly 8 years ago (on 21st of April 2000). The timing of this latest attack with this anniversary seems more than a coincidence. Some of the historical lessons learnt in that experience are still pertinent to the latest ground situation. Also, he previously wrote an article on flank attacks where I believe he showed the feasibility of a seaborne landing, a very interesting concept.

    The mother of all debacles: 8 years since

  150. Thoughtful Guy ,

    Slighting the death of 100 or more young soldiers, not questioning the planners who are responsible, is a grave error.

    When we see the unprofessional manner of war reporting in, etc .. one wonders justly as to the competence of certain high ups.

    Planners of successful operations must be promoted and of the failures demoted. That is what most of us want. We never hear about demotions when blunders are done.

  151. hahaha!!

    over 125 SLA killed. can we call this Muhamalai III?
    When will SLA learn it, you cannot fight on that front. U get hammered every goddamn time. My god.. this feels so orgasmic.

    So many SLA death. 2 divisions? put it in my ass cuz u just got OWNED.

  152. DefenceNet,
    I dont know what to say ..268 P1/P2 is really tragic..the MIA's are probably injured and will be brutally murdered in cold blood.How can this balraj coolie take on a whole army and kill so many?.For christs sake any child will know that the tactic is to draw the the soldiers into an area and then use the artillary.the only things these coolies have are their artillary and these mines.MY god why dont we learn from our mistakes..god why not!! since this pattern has been repeated for 30 years!! and every military man knows this.Then their is this moron in spewing useless bullshit..Why dont they just tell the truth..or have these guys been lying for so long that they dont know what the truth is anymore?

  153. DN,

    I wish you delete pretenders together with all anti SL agents. It is a nuisance for me to skip them.

    There are enough of their samples in LNP.

  154. According to defencewire..
    88 soldiers KIA,
    30, be murdered at the leisure of the LTTE,
    376 injured meaning mostly P1/P2..what kind of donkey authorised this?

  155. parakrama, i never said everything in vanni is perfect however i do stand for what i believe in as well and that is thamil eelam, the thing that bothers me is ppl in this blog and the GOSL coming out with statements such as tigers are finished or that the government will finish off this operation in 6 months. I am not blind, i read several sources daily and i also know the weaknesses of both sides, i am not saying that the tigers are finding it easy these days howver they are defending their fdl and the SLA is not gaining much after a year and that is the truth

  156. as far as this fdl, it is very important to our movement as it is a very crucial point for any major assaults on jaffna, now that is something everyone knows, these are also used as supply routes.

  157. Srilankan,

    You may also stop your “ Coolie “ and “Bata slippers" vocabulary. LTTE are fanatic crafty ghouls.

    So for Christ’s sake, as you said, be serious.

    Champagne UNP !

  158. parakrama,

    You seem like a sensible guy, but there have been many wolves in sheeps clothing who have come here only to fall apart an lose all sense of sensibility.

    No one's trying to change the subject. We are interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts about exactly what you said, taking the country forward. Most here don't believe the LTTE is fighting for Tamils and many here believe that the LTTE is only using discrimination as a preset for their own agendas. Yes the GOSL has weakness in them, they have shown their weaknesses for example during the '83 riots. LTTE only exploits these weaknesses for their own gain, usually blowing things out of proportion.

  159. thiru,

    I have to disagree with you on dividing the country!

    However, I agree with you that LTTE are defending well and SLA is not finding it easy. I don't believe in GOSL propaganda that LTTE is a spent force. If this is the case, then we should be able to finish this soon. Obviously this is not the case. However, recently, SLA’s had the upper hand.

    This will be hard to swallow for some of the readers here but the truth is that the current situation that we find ourselves is partly due to better planning from LTTE. If we don’t admit this, then we will never move forward.

    It is sheer stupidity on the part of GOSL to impose deadlines and come up with below par propaganda. It is counter productive at the end of the day.

    I think the biggest mistake that SLA could make is to underestimate the LTTE. Who ever is willing to critically assess their strengths & weaknesses will eventually succeed. As far as I can see, at best, SLA is reluctant to learn from past mistakes, this makes them vulnerable to more situations like the one they find themselves in right now.

  160. Parakrama,

    What your also fighting here is not just the GOSL. You're fighting the very fabric of democracy on which Sri Lanka runs on, because that's the only way you will gain advantage in this war.



  161. mathmathica,
    I'll say what i want when i want it and to who iwant to say it.A party i will never support is the UNP..and that idiot RW.I say this because i am related to both him and Hon President and i know this donkey RW very well..he cant boli an effing egg.If not for this donkey RW.we will be in a much better situ now..

  162. Folks,

    LTTE has shown one and again, that it is made up of brain washed, fanatic set of blood thirsty ghouls.

    These voracious ghouls are highly efficient killers. NEVER FORGET THAT.

    Those who are not alert, vigilant and diligent are as good as dead.

  163. will see what gotha says.tommorow more than 100 funerals in srilanka

  164. mathamathica,
    There is nothing crafty about retreating and having artillary raining down on the enemy.its common sense!!.since this is all these LTTE murderous filth can do even if balraj or his grandmother heads the LTTE pink/green buffalo division.

  165. Machang,

    I’m no wolf, have a look at my previous posts if you want although I haven’t posted in months!

    You are dead right though! LTTE are a bunch of terrorists and all they are interested in is power. If they achieve TE, then it will stay a dictator ship for the foreseeable future, Tamil people will gain nothing.

    I am from a small village at the tip of North Central province. I know the record of accomplishment of LTTE, I’ve seen their handiwork first hand!

    However, we have to admit that they have evolved into a formidable force. This is mainly due to excellent planning on their part, although their methodology is very dubious.

    It is also partly due to the fact there is no sovereign Tamil state anywhere in the world. This means that, every Tamil person has at least a subconscious need for a land that they can call their own. LTTE has been clever enough to exploit this to their advantage. But I don’t see why Sri Lanka has to suffer because of this. We should keep Sri Lanka as one unit, should not give into terrorism.

    All this stories about discrimination is only partly correct (there is discrimination everywhere, even in developed countries like UK, USA, Norway etc.). However, all these stories about ethnic cleansing by GOSL and genocide are all bullocks. I don’t mean to say GOSL is 100% correct, they have their own set of faults. However, the solution is not TE!

    My argument is that we need to change the political landscape of SL completely. The problem we have at the moment is not about Sinhalese and Tamil, it’s about those with power not treating the poor people properly. Both Sinhala & Tamil people suffer at the hands of politicians. That’s what we need to fix. We also have to devolve power to North & East. There is no military solution to this conflict, there has to be political solution as well.

    However, LTTE are terrorists, so cannot negotiate with them. I think GOSL got 50% of the strategy right, now we need to start seeing evidence of the other 50%.

    To defeat LTTE militarily, we need to start by admitting that we are now dealing with an advanced enemy. We have to respect their capability and not fall into the trap of underestimating them.

    However, it saddens me to see that SLA keep repeating the same mistake again and again like a child who’s is confused.

  166. Srilankan ,

    Paswaan Dhasakata Buduvanne Deevayan Vahansha,

    Since your handle is Srilankans, its your responsibility to represent the image of the ideal Sri Lankan.

    How does your MR/RW/X/Y/Z relations matter to this discussion ?

    And what do you call one who gets swindled by a bunch of buffaloes?

    (Any anger against my fellow Sri Lankans are very transient)

  167. parakrama,

    I agree with you completely. The political landscape needs to be changed, but it's hard to do.

    All the good guys, Kadiragama et el, get killed by either GoSL ministerial mafias or by the LTTE. The LTTE want their dictatorship, so they make sure an environment is formed to do that.

    As for GoSL, well that's the thing, corruption is there all over the world, in every democracy, there's no utopian democracy. In the words of Churchill, democracy isn't perfect but it's the best form of government we have.

    At least in a democracy, demons may run a mock, but come next election time, the people have the power to elect them out.

    I disagree with all the people who try to make Sri Lankan look like a completely lawless land, it's not, it may be corrupt, but it's not completely lawless. We have a right wing and a left wing here as well, who continue to argue with each other, in a way it's a good check and balance. Make sure no one from either side abuses their power.

    As for supporting MR, I support him right now, because we cannot let the LTTE reign. They have to be defeated. We don't want the country to be split and for it to become something like north and south korea. Neither do you it seems.

  168. Parakrama,

    Its not advanced but cunning and crafty. They do a job with Bata Slippers and simple Ambudes.

    What shame to our gold braided 5 star generals !

  169. Puli said...
    My heart is with these poor soldiers who joined the army to feed their families. But they were killed by the politician's desires and keyboard warriors like Asithiri and his followers.

    Puli, if it was not for keyboard warriors who shape the image of LTTE on the net, just to get more attention and more funds from diasporians (racketing), this war would not have been.
    Just think a moment, do you take LTTE as your sole representative?

  170. Mathemathica,
    The reason i told about my relationship is for you to know that i know RW pretty well.this is why i know how useless he is.and for no other you get it?.I am not trying to further my "employment prospects"
    As for these fellow SLankans you speak about i dont wish to insult any slankan but i wish for once in their life that this donkey who types this crap on speaks the truth..thats all we want the truth!!.not a lesson in scottish("wee hours") or a lesson in english!!
    As for the FDl in muhamalai..there is only one solution..that is an offensive from the south..we want balraj and his grnadmother trapped in elephant pass and we want to make sure balraj and his gang literally explode!

  171. for the third time, LTTE use the same technic.

    Can we counter LTTE and silence their big guns forever... Yes We can.
    (I am writing posibilities)
    SLDF has the biggest advantage of ablility to attack LTTE behind at any time. i.e. using SLAF.

    MI knows where the BIG GUNS are hidden at least to nearest Square KM.
    If ARMY start a big offensive in the night with the corporation of the SLAF, I believe Big GUNs can be silensed.
    Set of MI24 can be made hovering with the safer hight over the suspected areas with infrared visual devices to lock down and destroy the targets (should be already avalable with MI24), when ever guns are used.

    Attacks should be highly accurate to minimize the colateral dameges.
    Every attack should be recorded to use as proves.

  172. for the third time, LTTE use the same technic.

    Can we counter LTTE and silence their big guns forever... Yes We can.
    (I am writing posibilities)
    SLDF has the biggest advantage of ablility to attack LTTE behind at any time. i.e. using SLAF.

    MI knows where the BIG GUNS are hidden at least to nearest Square KM.
    If ARMY start a big offensive in the night with the corporation of the SLAF, I believe Big GUNs can be silensed.
    Set of MI24 can be made hovering with the safer hight over the suspected areas with infrared visual devices to lock down and destroy the targets (should be already avalable with MI24), when ever guns are used.

    Attacks should be highly accurate to minimize the colateral dameges.
    Every attack should be recorded to use as proves.

  173. Andare,
    Big conventional offensives are e xactly what we dont want bro..we want a few soldiers to penetrate into FDL muhamalai and do a bit of killing..and excel at this.what we dont want are these massive "conventional offensives" with flags flying and trumpets sounding which is what these fellows and their anti-tank units want..because we know that any coolie with an amude can squeeze the trigger its easy..

  174. Defencenet,

    Are they still fighting in Muhamalai FDL?

  175. parakrama, we have two different views on the issue of separation but i do agree on the current situation. The GOSL has had the upper hand in gaining control of the east, which by the way i have never denied but i do deny the casualy figures that the GOSL gave in that battle as the tigers withdrew to the north, but in the north battles it is a stalemate.

  176. "More than 100 Sri Lankan soldiers were killed and another 400 wounded Wednesday when troops attempted to advance toward a stronghold of the Tamil Tigers rebel organization, highly placed army sources told CNN."

    "The army sources also told CNN that at least 30 soldiers were reported missing in action."

    Total: 130

    This number is closer to LTTE / TamilNet claim than DefenceLK

  177. Srilankan,

    Yes mithraya, neither do I understand why SLA is not advancing from the south while keeping the status quo in Jaffna.

    May be the civilian causality problem .. the traitor Kasippu Joseph factor (the Sri Lanka Bishops’ Conference)

    For years, I have been crying from roof tops for about the incompetence of our big guns.

    Gotabhaya and MR changed a lot but they cant do every thing.

  178. This also made me laugh today:

    "The latest setback came despite official claims that the separatists had been virtually wiped out.

    At the start of the year, the military said there were only 3,000 Tiger rebels left.

    Latest official defence ministry figures, which include Wednesday's toll, show that 3,073 Tigers have been killed by security forces this year."

  179. machang,

    I completely agree with you about unity in SL. If we divide it, then we'll end up in a shit situation like India/Pakistan, North/South Korea, Somalia/Eritrea etc. So, no, keep SL intact!


    "What shame to our gold braided 5 star generals !"

    Spot on!

    If I was MR, I'd do this tonight:

    - Call all mid-ranking army officers and get them to express their opinion freely about how to conduct the war, don’t just rely on few top ranking officers
    - Immediately investigate this "grudge" between army & air force chiefs
    - Put in place a joint command structure where ground troops can request air support (and they get it when they need it, not after the battle)
    - Put in pace a good research and development team for the army
    - Support army chief in his efforts to give promotions on credibility rather than seniority

    Now here's a little story about how good the communication is between our forces:

    Two Navy Dvora's were patrolling the seas in the north and they were manned by SBS members. They got attacked by a cluster of LTTE boats. They managed to fight off the LTTE but one of the Dvora's got damaged and they Navy decided that it could not be salvaged. The situation was too dangerous to hang around as LTTE could come back to the spot with reinforcements. So, they moved those who survived the battle with LTTE to remaining Dvora and the life boats. They called SLAF to destroy the damaged Dvora as otherwise LTTE would have been able to remove some weapons etc. But SLAF didn't respond in time. So the persevered with shooting at their own Dvora and managed to sink it. They were then waiting for Navy to come and rescue the remaining Dovra. All of a sudden they heard a helicopter gunship coming their way and they knew what was going to happen next. Some managed to jump overboard but the gunship shot and sunk the Dvora and we lost some SBS members in that attack.

    So, at the end of the day, some SBS members died and we lost 2 Dvora’s instead of one. This is how good the communication used to be. Mind you, this was a good few years back, hope things have improved now.

    I know this story is true as my uncle was one of those who jumped overboard when SLAF opened up on the remaining Dvora!

  180. Pete: Only in Sri Lanka can such plain spoken lies by Rajapakse bafoons end up as truth!
    I think even the LTTE is underestimating SLAs losses. Probably someone from SLA warned of the impending offensive and LTTE was just playing dead for these guys. Many of those killed were from the elite 53 division. They sure are elite in loosing. The govt. was hoping once weather got dryer just try again for elephant pass. The Tigers are effectively bleeding out SLA manpower. Matter of time before the whole Sri Lanka house crumbles away.

  181. Srilankan,

    I don't mean to offend you, I know you are a bit down like the rest of us, but...

    "because we know that any coolie with an amude can squeeze the trigger its easy.."

    That's not easy mate. We have to give credit where credit is due. If it was that easy, why didn't we do that in defending EPS 8 years ago? May be there were other factors at play back then, but we need to start accepting the strengths of LTTE, otherwise we'll fall into their traps again and again.

    Like you, I'm completely surprised by this news today. I just can't believe that SLA would go into a battle in open terrain without SLA standing by to neutralise the arti. This is just unbelievable. But then again, I'm not a military guy and this is just my opinion, there may have been other factors.

    One thins is for sure, the way the government handles media is a disgrace. They are not even giving those who fell today the respect they deserve! This is unacceptable.

  182. Lot more dead bodies of enlistees who have should have known better:

    Many are just fighting to get a 5000 rupee wage per month. Life is so cheap in sinhala south.

  183. Parakrama... that story is sad man !

    BTRW, that MBT destroyed wasnt a T-55 ... but a Sinodefence Type 89 !

    We lost some brave soldiers not to that Idiot Balraj... Ltte Mortar & Atry fire in the box ! Come'on we should have figured out something by now !
    But, Ltte KIA's triple that of SLA cuz, they lie abt. everything !
    Pund them SLA, Pound them !

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. This must have been the stupidest battle in history. It was a text-book replica of Muhamalai 2006. Col Theepan also oversaw this defencive.

    Tonight's NTT news has shown live footage. You can watch a clip on Pathivu.

    If you look at the CNN report closely, it says more than 100 killed and at least 30 missing. This means 100+ killed and 30+ missing (killed), so definitely 130+ killed.

    Upul, you are correct! LTTE does seem to have under estimated SLA loses.

    In addition 100+ of the 400+ injured are P1. These guys are "as good as dead" because they can not return to battlefront. They will just be burdens to their families.

    53rd is meant to be the best of the 5 divisions involved in the Vanni battle. From the photos it looks like Charles Anthony were involved from the Tamil side. I don't see any signs of Imran-Pandiyan, even though TamilNet said something about commandos.

  186. This photograph sums up the struggle:

    The dead sla soldier is wearing all this high tech gear, bullet proof vest, shoes, helmet etc. In the end what for? It doesn't help him, he is lifeless on the ground and look at the Tiger fellow having the discomfort of having step over this dead body. He has none of these high tech equipment yet he is alive and kicking!

  187. Upul,

    The photo you published is awesome.

    I am going to get this printed on A3 and hang it on my wall.

  188. Parakrama,
    You missed the point bro.the only thing these LTTE coolies have are people, the AP mines and the artllary.Without taking out the artillary..mines..((in that order) this advance is pointless.Take this typical murderous LTTE coolie..what does he have? amude,a weapon that can takeout tanks and knows how to press the trigger..its what you call taking out something very expensive as cheaply as possible..The one factor that worries the LTTE are these forays of small SLA units into "simon gardners-ltte areas" and killing them..because in this case we have used the most precious but cheapest possible resourse(our brave soldiers lives) to take out similar..i hope i have explained my idea better.

  189. OMG

    just now i saw..

    Military glory--that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood--that serpent's eye, that charms to destroy...

    ~Abraham Lincoln


    I think all of you saw these

    Really sorry for them.. Do we need these?

  191. The cause of these casualties are not charles anthony or his grandfather or cousin sisters gay lover..its the artillary a repeat of previous tactic thats all..nothing magical..any kid can figure this tactic out


    different pictures

    SLA Kills 100's of LTTE South is happy and we don't care about them, We enjoy while looking at the pictures stories etc,

    if we face the same to SLA what ever said we really worried and not giving details even to others. ya

    Life Sucks..

  193. "any kid can figure this tactic out"

    Not the 700+ morons that when marching in today.

  194. Fellas, ya still falling to the ltte faggort trap of propaganda by images ! They kll the Cathlic priest and realised noone bought it so, here it iz ! Dont fall for it ! Remember, those are on the defensive baby !

    Tell me how ya feel when SLA post photo's of ltte dead ? It's all propaganda for the Diaspora !
    Now, Balraj can kiss my ass !

  195. by end of the day what people get was

    daily mirror

    Fresh offensive in north, heavy toll
    The military this morning advanced its forward defence lines in Muhamalai to Kilali by 500 metres after a fierce battle. At least 52 LTTE cadres were reportedly killed. The military also confirmed that 15 soldiers were killed and 74 injured.

  196. Both the state security forces and the LTTE suffered heavy damage from the fierce fighting erupted since early hours today (23) in the Muhamalai and Nagarkovil Forward Defense Lines of northern Sri Lanka.
    Army Spokesman said
    Army Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that the LTTE attacked the Army FDL today and the Army retaliated. He said that 52 LTTE cadres were killed and a large number were injured while 38 soldiers died and 84 injured from fighting.

    Brigadier Nanayakkara further said that the security forces had captured around 500 meters beyond the FDL and the LTTE's second FDL had also been attacked by air.
    Unconfirmed sources said
    Meanwhile, the websites linked to the LTTE said that the state security forces invasions on LTTE territory from Nagarkovil, Muhamalai and several other areas were repulsed. They said that 150 state security forces personal were killed and 30 of their bodies were in LTTE possession. A LTTE Special Commando unit was deployed in the attack. The damages suffered by the LTTE are yet to be announced.

    Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources said that 52 Army personnel were killed and 51 had been disappeared. 368 personnel have been injured and 286 of them are categorized as P-1 and P-2 or the casualties of serious nature. Four battle tanks have been destroyed and two more have been damaged. Army has retreated from Nagarkovil FDL but advanced in Muhamalai FDL.

    Unconfirmed sources said that Balraj conducted the LTTE assault.

  197. Guys in SL,
    Blood is needed immediately for the wounded soldiers....A- mostly


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