Thursday, April 17, 2008

SLAF bombs Muhamalai, Oddusudan

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), after being relatively inactive in the past two weeks due to bad weather conditions, have stepped up air strikes over LTTE targets in the northern province. Fighters of the 10th fighter squadron conducted nigh time air raids on a series of LTTE bases in jungles of Oddusudan on the 15th while helicopter gunships of the 9th attack helicopter attacked a LTTE mortar launching pad near the Muhamalai defence line on the 16th. The Air Force conducted air raids on an LTTE communications facility located south of Kokavil, Mullaithiv, also on the 15th. Exact damages caused to LTTE cadres from these air strikes are not yet available.

Meanwhile several friendly foreign intelligence services have renewed their warnings of LTTE infiltration in Colombo. According to these intel sources, between 75-100 hard core cadres from LTTE's intelligence wing and Black Tiger suicide wing have entered Colombo. VVIP assassination (the president is a top priority target of the LTTE), destruction of economic structures, disruption of day to day civilian life and assasination of key military personnel are some of their objectives. The LTTE, as usual, have deployed several teams working on the same target. This strategy is known to boost the success rate of the mission as there is always the chance of another team successfully completing the mission even if one gets busted.

A foreign intelligence service had previously warned of LTTE threats to minister Jeyeraj Fernandopulle. According to these warnings, two black tigers had been given the task of assassinating the minister. One of them apparently succeeded.


  1. good job SLAF!

    DN .. 75-100 is a big number.
    do you think the current security setups are sufficient to avoid any major mishaps?

    we cant afford to lose some big names for a while.

    although history shows that leaders emerge somehow.

    a bit out of topic... why is it that norway gets ridiculed(or punished) by the IC for training LTTE in underwater demo and such?
    AND all of that while they were a mediator. if not it could have been excused even. but not when they are playing an active role in the process.

    these days however they seem to be trying to take a 'neutral' stand because i bet you they know that the end is near for the ltte.
    down with the mofos who are messing up lives of thousands of civilians.

    i know for a fact that sinhala and tamil people can live peacefully together... we just have to beat to death the people who are trying to pitt these people against one another.

  2. First of All , Happy New year to DN and to all constructive bloggers.

    Second of all , I am disappointed with the standards of the discussion threads . I blame DN for this. You have really let the faeces throwing eelam monkeys to go wild in here . I was going through the back in the day (feb 2007) threads. There were some quality arguments and ideas being thrown about (of course there was the A and DB arguments but they were entertaining). First time I read those I was impressed enough to encourage lot of people from MIL I knew to read this blog so they can get some ideas to work with. Now I tell them not to waste their time. DN, you must never tolerate the un-tolerable for the sake of tolerance. It only destroys the very thing you are trying to preserve.

  3. Have any of you know the truth about news regarding Canadian police raid on LTTE support center.
    If this is true, then this is a very big blow for LTTE :-)
    I've just read the news and delighted.

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  5. me moda huttige putha Peter mona paiyakda metana karanne. Kari LTTE ballek.

    suththala mudiyada ?

  6. You guys need to understand for what reason tigers come here. Tigers here do their job at their best. When a sucide tiger tiger killed Jeayaraj or when tigers attack AAB is there any point complaining that (to anyone?)

    Its upto us to deal with them. Its same for here too. Most easiest thing easy is DN deleting all pro-LTTE comments, like a white van do it. No one knows what happened to what they wrote. If not we need learn to live with tigers in the blog same as in Colombo.

  7. Tamil Nadu back as LTTE's safe haven ?


  8. Iran to invest in expansion project of Sri Lankan oil refinery


  9. aqua,
    "DN .. 75-100 is a big number.
    do you think the current security setups are sufficient to avoid any major mishaps?"

    Most of the time they are. However tigers are consistently on the lookout for a flaw in the plan. In the case with Jeyraj we played into their hands.
    And another thing VVIPs must avoid is traveling against the wishes of the personnel in charge of their security. The president is known to dismiss the claims of security personnel and go wherever he wishes. Consequences can be far worse.

    "I am disappointed with the standards of the discussion threads . I blame DN for this."

    We take the blame and we know that the standards have dropped way below. (As for the last thread no one was here to moderate so it was free reign for many lunatics.)

    But as we said before, the real solution is to ignore them and move on (there is not much logic in most of those arguments when you come to think of it). Never reply; it only makes our job harder.
    Moderating DN is getting more difficult by the day but we are trying our level best to keep the flood of crap under control.

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  11. so slaf has night strike capabilities now?

  12. MR is not the kind of guy who likes to bend over and kiss his own ass goodbye until the job is done.. So it looks like a 100 suicide podiyens will have to kiss their communal asses good bye soon.

  13. Peter

    what that thrice removed friend told you is the first air raid made velupillia drop the chicken sausage he's stuck in his pants and pottu crapped his pants.

  14. tropicalstorm,
    Sadly these killers have to be successful only once.we need the support of the people here as they are the most significant intelligence tool we have.


    defencenet, can you confirm whether these aircraft have arrived yet?

  16. We crossed the new year...
    Anything happened in the Battle Field ?

    Are we near Adampan ? Madhu ?

    Is it a war of Attrition ? Then why where we promised about defeating the terrorists by new year ?

  17. My Shadow,
    Happy New Year to you...!

    Yes, we have not crossed Unda ammada pundai... and your appa's sooothu yet.
    Poda ponnayane...

  18. Thamilan.LK,

    i dont celebrate symbolic new year. I can only celebrate when this country sees peace. When every citizen of this country enjoy their equal rights, when every part of this country is free from guns and shells

  19. MS,
    The only way to bring peace to Sri Lanka is eradicating LTTE trrrorism. No way out.

  20. My heartiest New Year greetings to all peace loving ppl in Sri Lanka and Abroad.

    Saamaya Sahajeevanaya piri Suba Aluth Auruddak Weewaa !!!!!

    Hope the whole coulntry, including all our tamil friends in Kilinochchi also, would be able to celebrate the next new year festival with peace and harmony !!!

  21. First we were like: Lets go for Vanni, Then it was like: Lets go for Adampan, And Now its like: Lets atleast capture Madhu Church!

    Nice! We are fighting a war for Keeping Politicians in Power!

  22. Defencenet, Can you tell what exactly happened when LTTE launched a major offensive to capture Jaffna town in last August? and How SLA countered it?


  23. 'missiles' from slovakia seem to be 3 metres long! phew. we know it is fired from MB launchers. 10,000 of them will be a mighty fireworks disply on blooody LTTE crap in hellholes.

    i don't think they can hide in ground holes, hell holes, fox holes and survive.

    hopefully they are fragmentation type to cause MAXIMUM carnage to terrorists.

    can't wait till they arrive. SLA should capture their firing/targets on tape.

  24. jay ramen:
    Read the 'Related information" in

  25. Jay Raman said:

    "When the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, INS Sandhayak, a survey ship, and INS Sukanya, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, arrived at Trincomalee on 27 Dec. Three truck loads of dry provisions and medical supplies were handed over to the district government agent and the Sri Lankan Navy. One Medical Officer was deputed to the Trincomalee civil hospital. The balance of the medical team, along with Sri Lankan Navy, set up medical camps at outlying areas around Trincomalee.
    India was busy securing Sri Lankan harbors with more than five Navy ships and Aircraft carriers, and the only Sri Lankan international airport with Indian Air Force units and crafts, while its own people from Tamil Nadu were waiting for Food and shelter!

    India is not Sri Lanka's Friend or Ally! We can trust the Chinese and the Russians but not Indians!

    Sri lankan Army is fighting a War for India! Remember they are watching!

    Jay Raman,
    What is your source???
    How come you come to know about this???
    What evidence can you provide for your claims above???

  26. Defencenet,
    Will you get rid of this annoying saint in here?

  27. India wants a base in Trinco. They will do anything for that! The death of 1200 of its Finest men doesn't really bother India, cause 5000 people are born every minute in India if not seconds...But The Pain of being back stabbed by Sri Lankan Leaders when everything was going as India planned to get its hands on Trinco Navel Base is the my main concern!

    Indians are opportunists they cannot be trusted by anyone.

    Some one in this blog is asking me how i know the info about Indian Navel Force's activity in Trinco, when Tsunami hit Sri Lanka. I am afraid i cannot answer that question.

  28. Jay Raman said,

    "I am afraid i cannot answer that question.

    I think it's because you can't substantiate your claims.

    Thanks that explains it.

  29. good news for new year.

    15% vat for WATER.
    Mahi Aiya has nice Chinthana ha.

  30. crimewatch, yes the only solution nw is to give the power all mighty RW the economic god!! the power and go to another ceasefire and limit all the naughty SLA units inside thier camps and allow the jaffna youth mixed with LTTE to stone them freely..
    cool idea.. ne


    "Meanwhile, Kalpitiya Police apprehended a large consignment of gelignite explosive sticks at a Police roadblock in Thethawadiya yesterday (16). According to Police sources, 99450 gelignite explosive sticks were found along with 35ft long 7 detonator codes. Two suspects, driver and assistant were immediately arrested with the lorry while investigations continue, Kalpitiya Police sources said."

    Isn't this a significant find? 99450 sounds like a lot. How heavy would this be?

  32. Goooood morning Pukkaland!

    Totally out of subject…

    After almost every major war the cinema industry boomed with heroic war stories. Guns of Navrone, Private Ryan, Rambo series, Platoon, Good Morning Vietnam, etc.

    One of the classics would be “The bridge on the river Kwai” mostly filmed none other than in our own PukkaLand. If you visit Ceylon Hotel Corporation’s Kitulgala Rest House you will see a lot of memorabilia as the film crew and cast stayed there during the making of the film. The other sites were the Mount Lavinia Hotel and the Peradeniya Gardens. One of my late uncles, who was a very light skinned Burgher (kerapothu lansi – no offence), was picked to be one of the British POWs who whistled the famous tune as they marched in to the POW camp. Ahhhh…very nostalgic indeed.

    The Bridge on the River Kwai

    Already there are attempts to make films based on the current conflict (‘Hope Mr Peiris would get his film back, I am looking forward to see it).

    Most of us here on the blog are of the opinion that the LTTE is on the decline and sooner rather than later the war will come to an end.

    An economic rebuild would follow and I believe the cinema industry would be a major contributor - if piracy is kept under control.

    However, the danger of war based storylines is perpetuating sentiments of hatred in to generations to come. Israel & Jewish communities exploit this (rightly or wrongly) to their advantage to project themselves as an oppressed people surrounded by their enemies. They won’t let the memories of the holocaust fade away and use the cinema to great affect….rightly or wrongly.

  33. That is really shocking. Please dont get me wrong but SL now needs 'foreign' intelligence services to provide the security services with a quantitative assessment of the level infiltration of Colombo? I'm sorry but that is pathetic!

    SL has been fighting these animals for 3 DECADES and still we don't have a decent intelligence service! Instead we have to rely on Indian intelligence services and RAW to provide us with information which they deem to be appropriate for the consumption of SL establishment. Everytime there is an attack on a vip the usual things pop-up in the media saying that there were 'warnings' from the intelligence service albeit vague as usual.

    Another thing, is this first night-time sortie by the SLAF? I remember the others being early morning or dawn raids. I hadn't heard the Mig-29s were delivered already....

  34. news on 10,000 missiles from slovakia.

  35. Watching the aerial attack video clip on, I managed to find the exact location of target on Google Earth. If anyone wants to see the Google Earth pictures of this ex-LTTE logistics complex and engineering yard, open Google Earth and find your way to the following co-ordinates.

    Latitude - 9 degrees 23 minutes 33.35 seconds north

    Longitude - 80 degrees 33 minutes 05.58 seconds east

    Comparing the film clip to the Google Earth pictures and counting the number of explosions, it looks to me like a very accurate and devastating hit. I would be surprised if anything in the yard was left standing.

    Pukka! I say...

    Well done SLAF!

  36. Tamilnet:
    "The attack targeted a civilian settlement destroying civilian huts."

    Tamilnet, Better you upload some images of so called civilian huts also.. :P

  37. This is not to blame or discredit the SLAF.
    Out of 3 air crafts only two were able to hit on target. First Air craft totally missed the target and bombs were landed on the marshy Land.
    Area is 80mx80m large and if the Pilot is not capable of hitting in side such a big area, he should be assinged a different job to save mony and life both. May be the pilot is in different pay roll and he just want to dump bombs somewhere with out hurting the civilians as well.
    Anything is possible due to money.

  38. Once again the SLA targetted the civilians ... 15 yrs girl killed in the air rais

  39. pl,

    good job.


    it is a big problem SLAF should overcome. i think they have cameras on every plane and records every attack. hopefully they will analyse the footage and take appropriate action.

    effectiveness of SLAF op.s is extremely important. pilots' confirmation should not be relied upon.

  40. Pakka- lanka
    I too had the opportunity getting a part in the film Bridge on the river Kwai’some of it was filmed in Kandy in mid 50s and several of my friends took part in it. One of them is still living here in UK who acted as a Lt. was shot in the film and his name is Chris Greet, who subsequently took part in several films like funny bones. I dragged persons like William Holden, Jack Hawkins and Sir Alec Guinness to my home nearby to show my hobby collections of stamps, bird feathers and butterflies. My friend Richard Goggely and I was tasked to collect a special type of butterflies for the background setup ant the Major’s office in Peradaniya gdns where I was stung by a poisonous wiper at Hunas mountains and nearly died.These were memorable times in Ceylon we had and we too took some roles in Elephant Walk(Liz Taylor) and Purple Noon(Gregory Peck) and these good and happy memories we had with that country will never vanish and I blame the terrorists for our bad fortunes. These happy old times make me attached to the country of my birth. My friends like Richard took their lives, just as 3 others, out of despair and I am helping that are left behind now in SL.

  41. hey guys did u see the video ...the SLAF using google earth to find out the LTTE targets ... what a advance tech the SLAF using ...very funny bastards ...

  42. shyam,

    Why don't you tell us the technology the LTTE use to drop bombs from their fleet of hi tech planes?

  43. Shyam,

    You big knob-jockey, the google maps was used to show that it's the same place being bombed. Give it a rest and go out and take a few breaths of fresh air and contemplate how lucky you are to be alive today. Faggot.

  44. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
    what is this near the iranamadu area

  45. Andare,

    While the first two explosions did seem to have happened in the empty fields to the south of the target, the rest seemed to have hit with accuracy. Bear in mind that these are not guided missiles; they are launched from a fair distance above ground level and released from fast flying aircrafts. Accuracy depends a lot on the skills and experience of pilot/s. If 66.67% of the bombs fell on target I would consider that an accurate hit. The main thing is that the “pottay shots” didn’t land on civilians. That’s something to be thankful for.

    While I agree with your factual analysis, I do have reservations about your subjective comment below.

    ”May be the pilot is in different pay roll and he just want to dump bombs somewhere with out hurting the civilians as well. Anything is possible due to money.”

    One must be very careful when making such comments. It could be very damaging to the people concerned if there is no truth in these comments.

    People who are chosen to fly these (expensive) machines are not selected without due diligence. They don’t join the SLAF as just another job. They take pride in what they do and would sacrifice their lives doing it. As such, would they resort to deliberately not dropping the bombs on target because their colleague flying the next fighter jet gets paid more than them? I doubt it. Would they be put in an expensive aircraft with expensive payloads because they produced a letter from the local MP? I doubt it. May be the fisrt pilot is less skilled and on his first major sortie. Let’s commend him for having the courage to do it for his motherland, for you and I.

    With money you can do mostly anything (not anything) in SL due to corruption at all levels. This is very much a reality within the realm of politics. However, it would be grossly detrimental to the morale of the SLDF and their well wishers if the grassroots of the defence forces are treated with the same suspicions (unless one has irrefutable evidence of course, which I don’t believe you have).

    When this war is all over, I believe our SLA/SLAF/SLN Pukka boys/girls would have enough combat experience and be in a position to teach a thing or two to US, UK and even the Israeli forces.

    No hard feelings Andare, I acknowledge that you did not intend to discredit SLAF.


  46. Actually, Google earth is a very useful tool to identify suspected LTTE target for further reconisence.
    Majority of the sites which were marked by be on google earth as suspected site, were really LTTE sites and SLAF bomb those.

    BTW I belive our defence establisments are very much infiltrated by LTTE moles.
    You just tru to call defence ministry INTEL numbers, you will see VOICE quality is very poor.
    One reason can be, these line TAP in several locations.
    Who knows whether security council meetings are being listened by LTTE live.
    Electronic spying gadjets are so cheeap and easy to hide.

    Is anybody doing thorough check on people comming for cleaning, repair works, IT works etc.

  47. Kev,

    Thanks for the post. They were indeed wonderful times and I too blame the terrorists and some politicians for their selfish short sightedness for the current situation. I am truly sad to hear about your friends.

    You seem to have moved with some very interesting people. What part did you play in the film? A lot of our white burgher boys were picked to play minor roles as it was cheaper to do that than ship europeans all the way from England. Good film.

    When this is all over soon we shall meet up for a pint (in England or Pukkaland) and talk about the good old days! What do you say?

  48. There are ways, which can be used to destroy LTTE using LTTE money.

    But our INTEL guys in defence ministry are not interested. they rather like to spend millions and dump bombs to marshy lands.

  49. Kev,

    Glad you survived the wiper bite...

  50. Defencenet,

    "Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has emphasised that the North will be liberated from the terrorists this year, and civilian life established."

    What's up with Army commanders deadline comments? He really shouldn't make any comments like these. My two cents.

  51. SLDF,

    I agree. Dead-lines could end up being dead-ropes.

    In his own words, it is not good to put dates and times to war. It is better to under promise and over deliver.

  52. The Army commander was talking to the soldiers (for the New Year). This is what the good commander actually said.
    "The whole nation value the sacrifices made by SL Army to liberate the Eastern province in the last year.
    In this year, our aim should be to liberate the North and free the people living there"
    (Go and see the video if you guys don't believe me).

  53. Pakka- land
    I was too young to be taking part in the military scenes, but we a gang of 5 guys were asked to light crackers in the Udawathhekele Kandy to let off the bats in to the sky also we were part of a Burmese village scene. Also we set fire to the mana and part of a scene in a village on Elephant walk. We were a discipline bunch of 5 youngsters, became known to any film crew that came to Ceylon. Must get together in London for that drink, as I really enjoy my life in London, but can’t forget my folks left behind.Hey What does Pakka means? Burghers use that to compliment something that is good, like Pakka shirt or pakka meal.

  54. hey fucker shayaam,
    you basterd just kill 7 teenage marathan runners.kiiling innocent huh shame on you...

  55. Kevin,

    You sure you haven't mistaken the word patta for pakka. I have no idea what pakka means, but if you pronounce it in a certain way it sounds like a bad word.

  56. Kev,

    What fun? I wasn't born when the film was made but sure wish I had the chance to chase some monkeys in Udawatte Kelay. Yes I remember the scene where 100s of bats were disturbed.

    I come from not far from there you know; Ranavana, just off Katugastota is where my roots are...Udarata Sinhala...ha..ha.

    I am glad you asked the question. Pukka is the correct spelling. I changed the handle to Pakka because "Pukka" offended some of the Pukka bloggers here (like Machang above) perhaps because they were mis-pronouncing the word and missed my original explanation.

    This is what Pukka means

  57. pakka-lanka,

    Actually pakka sounds even worse. LOL. I didn't know pukka meant that in english. :)

  58. Hemantha,

    No reason not to believe you. If that is what SF said then that is excellent. Apologies for jumping the gun. Samaavenna :(

  59. Macho,

    I vowed not to get involved with arguments/discussions about my name in this blog. So I will not comment. But glad you found out the meaning and increased your IQ a fraction ;) It will be a bit easier for you to live with my name now.

    This word was used quite a lot in conversation once upon a time in our Pukkaland. Particularly if you went to an English medium school.

    I have mentioned this twice before, but there was a cartoon strip on the front page of a daily English news paper called "Pukka Sahib" in the good ol' days.

  60. Pakka
    I think Pakka is a better name than the other one as or likes of Matchan will take the Mickey out of you. I have cycled to Ranvana couple of times.As Ravana mentioned above these tiger terrorists are getting so unpopular daily, killing the Marathon runners are utterly repugnant and I doubt that they will ever be let out lightly by the civilised world. They will never be allowed, politically or otherwise to run any area in SL.We have been too soft on this ethnic affair for far too long. There should no ethnic or religious parties ever allowed in any part of the world. People in the West beginning to accept this fact and they will redraw the accepted norms and rules. Minorities must learn to live peacefully with the majority without demanding the absurd. we shouldn’t have gone to any talks on this issue and what a mess we are in ?Too busy and must go,bye!

  61. "puk·ka also puck·a (pŭk'ə)
    1. Genuine; authentic.
    2. Superior; first-class.

    so "pucka denawa" has whole new meaning eh? :-D

  62. Upon some research it has become apparent that pukka (pronounced pucker) is actually British slang. We don't really use that word, I went to an english medium school, british syllabi actually and never heard of that. I just asked one of my british collegues if he knew what it meant, according to him, it's a bit old school. So now I know that you guys are quite old. lol.

  63. The military said so far this month 399 Tamil Tiger rebels, 34 soldiers and 16 civilians have been killed in clashes, while the air force has carried out 11 raids during the month. "Reuters"

    Is this true Defencenet?

  64. machang said...
    "Why don't you tell us the technology the LTTE use to drop bombs from their fleet of hi tech planes?"

    Haha...Good one, If the LTTE can build tin can planes and scare the crap out of Sri Lankan Army and Sri lankan People, then I believe they have achieved their goal! The LTTE did all this when they were banned by every powerful country.

    Now imagine what the LTTE would do if they had the backing of countries like India, China, Russia?

    The only reason Sri Lankan Army was able to create an Airforce because they are a Government! That is the only reason! If Sri Lankan Government was a Rebel or banned organization they wouldn't have achieved an Air force!

    believe it or not! This is the truth forks!

  65. Machang,

    You are quite right buddy. I am from the old school (as my name suggests). That is why I know what our PukkaLand used to be like and what caused these (unnecessary) problems. That is why people like us could give a more balanced view of the bigger picture in a rational and civilised way. We know certain things first hand, as opposed to hear-say.

    Sure, younger generations have a bigger and major part to play. And I believe younger Machangs like yourself would fit that bill. LOL! (Whatever that means – Lot of Love I guess).

    Here’s another link to stimulate your mind...

    ..and perhaps other parts too. ;)

  66. Well, I don't like to drag this name argument. But let me add this.

    This pukka or pukka was unkown to me as a english word, I initialy thought it has some other origin. Anyway If one has a name which sounds as slang in another langauge best thing would be to use a different name and don't use problem name in that langauge. This is much easier than giving explanations all the time and this avoid mis-understandings.

  67. Kevin hi,

    Thanks to Bridge on the river Kwai & my handle, they have sussed us out be the "oldest geezers" on the Never mind. Thanks to our brave SLDF they too will live to be as old as us one day.

    I know you’ve gone to get your beauty sleep. When you awake from you slumber, say pray I, is it true that public transport in England is so bad that you wait ages for a bus and then three arrive all at once?

    A bit like our SLAF neyda? Not a humm for a long time and then three come along!

    Pukka…no… truly Pukka!!


  68. Just because a country has a government does not mean it has access to powerful weapons. Back in the 80s and 90s, Sri Lanka was forced to buy 40 year old piston engine Avros that were destined to a scrap yard. The Britsh were refusing to sell spare parts for the Ferret and Daimler scout cars, vintage 50s and 60s. The artillery was basically WW2 anti-aircraft guns and 25 lbs field guns also of WW2 vintage. The Chinese pleanes of that era, were not as sophisticated as they are today. Some of the Chinese Yak 12 Transport planes purchased in the 80s are still flying today. Sri Lanka started the eelam wars with basically WW2 weapons. It was fighting an adversary that in some respects was more sophisticated and better armed than itself. The Indian intelligence establishment trained and armed the LTTE and other outfits with RPGs, AK47s and provided them with expertise in sophisticated bomb making and mine laying, etc. Against the fully automatic AK47s of the LTTE, some of the Sri Lanka troops had .303 Lee Enfields (the army even had in their armouries Lee Enfield No.1 Mk3s of WW 1 vintage), Bren machine guns and Sterling sub-machine guns, of WW2 vintage. The Indian troops that later fought with the LTTE equally handicappd in some respects. The Indian troops had the semi-automatic .308 FAL, also known as the Ishapur Rifle, (a much inferior weapon to the fully automatic AK47 or T56). No one in Sri Lanka had seen a RPG untill it was introduced by these militant groups, including the LTTE. Today, with access to Russian, Chinese, and Israeli arms, the situation is completely different. The army is very professional, highly trained, and highly motivated. In terms of size, the SL army is now much larger than most of the European countries, including the British army.

  69. Ninja,

    How are you bruv?

    Wise words but I don’t mind giving a quick explanation to any curious enquirer. Also there is value in something that has caused a bit of (innocent) controversy. “PakkaLanka” would be remembered by many DN bloggers for a while. Who knows, the word “pukka” might come back to decorate our (English) conversations yet again as a result of my stubborn persistence.

    I did compromise a bit in response to you mainly, didn’t I? So let us meet in the middle and shake hands in accepting each other for who we are. LOL (see I am learning! :)

  70. Pakka Lanka
    Having the vee brake. I don’t sleep so early and believe me, we are just workaholics here, and I will be lucky to sleep more than 3 hours at night.Must go back to work,bye

  71. PE (don't want to say your full name, it sounds so rude aney - cheeya),

    To which post did you say "go on!!!"

  72. Kevin,

    Okay machan, go back to your work. But is the bus story true?

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Pakka-Lanka said...

    When this war is all over, I believe our SLA/SLAF/SLN Pukka boys/girls would have enough combat experience and be in a position to teach a thing or two to US, UK and even the Israeli forces.

    When you have any worthwhile expertise, you sell it and earn at least the heavy investments you made to gain that expertise. Anuredde Ratavattana Nilame vagee katha kiyanne aepa…..

    Once Daily Mirror boasted that a US company had obtained a patent for a plant extract from our Singharaja forest. What the idiot did not see was that with that patent, the US company could block any - even local - product containing that ingredient unless royalties are paid.

    Somebody said that the colonial slave shackles are still in our brains.

    Pakka-Lanka, you would do a great service to our lads if you could help improve the English at,, ..


    makes interesting reading.

    Apparently, west of Madhu is more holier than the north, east and south.

    The holy site was only liberated in 1999, less than a decade ago. I pray that the deity can withstand this repeated "liberation".

    On a more positive note, Fonseka has promised to capture Madhu and Adampan by May Day.

    Senior LTTE leaders were killed in today's air raids.

    General area south of Adampan aka general area north of Giant's Tank was captured by "security forces".

  76. WeeraSooryas should watch this video

    SLAF is using the ever-so highly sophisticated technology known as GoogleEarth. If only the "bataboys" had access to such gizmos.

  77. Matha M,

    I don't think I get the gist of your first three paragraphs, sorry. My post simply says that with our (SLDF) combat experience we (SLDF) would be in a position to educate, advise and provide consultancy to other leading armies of the world. Whether we charge money for it or obtain patents (intellectual property rights) for our knowledge/expertise is another matter. Am I making sense?

    With regards to your last paragraph, I take it as a compliment. Sincere thanks. I am no English expert by a long chalk (my mother was one though) but there are only two things to get right when writing good English – spelling and grammar. Spelling is easy; just run your discourse/article through a spell checker of a good word processor. Bingo!

    Grammar is a bit tricky. It is not just grammar; it is how you present the whole idea. How you construct the sentence. Is it easily readable? Does it look “back to front” or “inside out”? Which ideas do you want to emphasise, which ideas should you downplay, etc., etc. I am quite happy to proof read some of the articles; that’s the least I could do for my PukkaLand. In fact I did write about this to sometime back.

    Any idea how I can offer my services (for free of course and I would not press for a patent either)? LOL.

  78. Pakka lanka
    The bus story is true to an extent and our dept have set up a security system for them where each bus passes a certain spot will communicate that bus’s position by a data link to their mainframe where that bus is on real time and position the buses at distances from one another and this system breakdown when the controllers at the desk is falling behind but our system is mainly security and surveillance based and their traffic management seems to be secondary. Therefore it’s rare to see them together.

  79. Kev,

    Wow, that sounds hi-tech maaahn! Just for buses? Meyva apita godayata magic vagey. Interesting nonetheless. Can’t remember any of that on the No: 112 red London Transport double decker route master I used to take to go to school. If the buses in England have such trickery adorning them what must the trains be having? Sunthanum meyniyanee..!

    I hope our Kfirs are not fitted with those real time positioning what-nots and gadgetry so the stinking pulis won’t find out when they are on their way to drop their precious cargo on their stomping grounds!

  80. Pakka-Lanka,

    In military matters SL is 100 years behind US, UK and Israel… It is not a thing to be ashamed of because ours in not a civilisation which believes in violence … it is forced on us. … we will talk about teaching once we have erased the LTTE neat and clean.

    To teach others something, our lads must master English perfectly. So there is a way to go…

    I am sure, a proof reader like you can do a lot for those web sites …

    And let us not put the cart before the horse.

  81. Recently some LTTE assets were confiscated in Canada because of reasons unknown.Is that greek-caucasian goat going to show his ugly bum to the canadian govt or do a greek dance this time i wonder or is he just that tit bit scared?

  82. Matha machan,

    Aha, I think I see your point now. May be I am getting a bit too excited and carried away with my cart and “bull” ;) (sorry only bulls available here. Jahaa…)

    You are too right; we are not a nation that believes in violence. The only thing I am ashamed about our PukkaLand is the level of corruption. Much better compared to some other nations in the region, but shameful just the same. Anyway, that’s another subject.

    After 30 years of continual combat are we really that far behind those nations?! In terms of technology, resources and other material aspects, may be. But in terms of experience, tactics, strategy and other practical/human aspects of warfare, I don’t think we are far behind, if at all I believe we are leading.

    I hear that SLN is the only navy in the world currently engaged in real warfare. I hear that even the US forces are seeking SLN expertise on how to respond to suicide attacks, etc, as they have limited experience and indeed very limited exposure to such.

    Let’s see if other bloggers have any opinions about this one way or the other.

    ” To teach others something, our lads must master English perfectly. So there is a way to go…”

    I am from the old school but even I don’t consider this to be true anymore. Therefore, with respect, I disagree with your comment. We learn a lot of things from others who have NOT mastered the English language perfectly. Conversely, others too could learn from us regardless of our mastery of the language.

  83. It's early in the morning..Got to get ready for my day job. Nice talking to you all. Sorry if I bored some of you in to a Coma. I will try to keep quiet for while until I next get the urge to say something.


  84. Pakka lanka
    I think you should have a bit of shut eye before you get to work. We are still at the infancy of technology and interestingly expanding rapidly. With respect to defence matters,US,UK and Israel is very much ahead, they could overcome their foes or opponents easily may they be in Iraq or Palastine,but for their respect for the international conventions that leads to HW and others legal obligations. Technological achievements in weapon systems are more than sufficient to deal with any situation any where, but for the reasons given. Also these countries are answerable to their people but can you say the same for counties like Zimbabwe and SL.Where in Zimbabwe the President is afraid to declare the election results, clinging on to power and in SL,I was just told the IGP has re remanded a JVP MP while he is too corrupt to remand Mervin Silva. Therefore SL luckly hasn’t the might of US or UK or it would have been misused by the thugs like Mervin, so good god has his own plan, in the correct order. Good Night/morning.

  85. Vaiko meets PM on Sri Lanka Tamils issue


  86. pakka lanka

    I am good. No big deel on your name. But I learned new english word. lol.



    So finally SLAF started night duty. Any updates on this?


    Any one knows when his (monsoon) rain will be over to north?

    Why this AnandaS crying about night air attacks?


    It seems di-ass-pora money getting dividends from tamilnadu. We should not under estimate TN factor. As VP predicted consewuenses of RajivG killing is tempory. This didn't change any racist mind in tamilnadu. They just had to keep mouth shut for while. Apart from using this as a tool in TN internel politics there is no genuine worry among tamils about RajivG. We should expect tamilnadu to act as same way in 80s soon and be prepared with counter stratergy. RajivG killing factor will go away at some time.

  87. "Haha...Good one, If the LTTE can build tin can planes and scare the crap out of Sri Lankan Army and Sri lankan People, then I believe they have achieved their goal!"

    They didn't build the planes you moron. They just bought them.

    And another idiot here is repeating the same question (answered earlier) about SLAF using google earth. Maybe they should read through the rest of the comments before setting their asses on fire and start typing.....should help them to stop exhibiting their stupidity.

  88. SLAF using googleearth to bomb LTTE targets???

    what complete stupidity is this?

    may be this is how they think.

    1. slaf bombed tigers
    2. there was a googleearth map in the video

    therefore slaf uses googleearth to bomb!

    what petit brains these tigers have?

    no wonder they are supporting LTTE's "LIBERATION STRUGGLE".

    BTW ananda sangaree should not be allowed to spoil the fun.

  89. hmm.. google earth is there for all, so let SLAF use it. whats wrong in it. I have seen the sate light receiving target finding unit in SLAF camp next to Trans Asia Hotel. very nice equipment that is. i think have to pay a huge sum to hire the satelight scenario to use it for hours.

    nice one..

    I never seen such computer before, so after looking at the units, i was confused and asked a SLAF guy, what is that computer, doesn't have ROM's Floppy drivers Kiyala. the Unit head herd what i asked from the other guy, and said there is a limit asking question here, i will tell you for a basic, but don't ask me anything more, i was like hmmm.. silenced, and he said its a sate light receiving machine, if a person holding a book in his hand we can read that too. thats it.

    kept quiet my self. happened few years before. now might have super equipment for sure, these guys think google is the only way to find targets of LTTE or what ever.

    come on..

  90. Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide(PDF-12 MB)

    Download from:



  91. Not sure if there is any truth to this story. If it is true, then it means that the Govt is considering hiring an international security firm for VVIP protection.

    Gurkhas for VVIPs

  92. crimewatch,

    (only for crimewatch and not for others)

    i had a similar experience when i visited mulaitivu in 2003. i found a one lass by the name sivagowri of puthukudurippu wearing something that looked strange and when inquired she told me it was a suicide brra and explained to me in GREAT detail how it works. she told me that she will be visiting colombo soon and promised to visit me before heading to devananda.

    a senior LTTE officer then dragged her out of the conversation and told her not to talk to strangers. he shouted "saniyan, saniyan, paavi, paavi" at her.

    she also told me that pirapaharan is a maniac, an ogre and an animal with no human qualities.

    later i found that she was given 1019 lashes after she was produced at the Mulaitivu tamil elam court. 19 lashes for disobedience, 1000 lashes for revealing a tamil elam state secret.


  93. Moshe Dyan said...
    "i had a similar experience when i visited mulaitivu in 2003. i found a one lass by the name sivagowri of puthukudurippu wearing something that looked strange and when inquired she told me it was a suicide brra and explained to me in GREAT detail how it works. she told me that she will be visiting colombo soon and promised to visit me before heading to devananda.

    a senior LTTE officer then dragged her out of the conversation and told her not to talk to strangers. he shouted "saniyan, saniyan, paavi, paavi" at her.

    she also told me that pirapaharan is a maniac, an ogre and an animal with no human qualities.

    later i found that she was given 1019 lashes after she was produced at the Mulaitivu tamil elam court. 19 lashes for disobedience, 1000 lashes for revealing a tamil elam state secret.


    Haha! Nice! I love your story! It stance as an evidence that Standardization didn't help you as it helped me! Now I realized the importance of Introducing Standardization, I guess Srima realized that people like you needed some kind of advantage!

    Anyways, Suicide bombs can not be carried in a women's bra! well atleast not something that has the power to kill others!

    So you do believe everything Sri Lankan Government tells you! Nice!

  94. "Govt is considering hiring an international security firm for VVIP protection."

    Whoever thought of this, it's a ridiculous idea. They'll be doing their job for money, not for their country. I think they can easily be bought over by the enemy. Why can't we train our own soldiers who are dedicated to their country, instead of hiring foreigners? It's not practical to assign commandos for everyone's protection like they have for president etc., but surely we can specially train existing people if they are not skilled enough or train more people.

  95. Guys what is this that i am hearing about an Artillery attack on Varini, Sri lankan Army's Artillery base!

    Defencenet tell us what you know!

  96. jay ramen,

    "Anyways, Suicide bombs can not be carried in a women's bra! well atleast not something that has the power to kill others!"

    The recent suicide attempt to kill Douglas Devananda was with a bomb in the woman's bra, and it did kill his aide. I assume you saw the video, or are you saying that it was something made up by the government? Maybe the video was all an act huh? Do you know anything about how much explosives are needed to create an explosion big enough to kill somebody, or that there are ways to enhance the damage made by that explosion? If not, shut up.

  97. Hi all,

    Some good news!

    General areas south of Adampan aka north of Gian't Tank were captured today.

    Air raids killed senior LTTE cadres.

    Madhu and Adampan will be captured by May Day.

    Due to global food crises, Punnakku is in short supply. I will try my best, although my feet are way-too-small for DefenceLK's shoes.

  98. Again to the Air Raid.

    First two bombs missed the target and after 10sec next two bombs hit on target.
    That 10Sec is enough to a average person to run 50m without any problem.
    Casuality rate may be very low for the LTTE because of the first two warning bombs.
    SLAF should use, their most experienced and trusted (should be secreatly verified) Pilot to carry out the very first bombing.

    We sould make Cruise missile to do the job accurately from the remote.

    Main part of the technology is already avalble with Army's reaserch unit. Making minor adjustments, it is possible to make a one which can easily hit a target of 20mx20m.

  99. I respect these Gurkhas as they are the best out of the best. According to my sources, few of our Special Forces guys have also been sent to receive the dreaded Gurkha training!

    However, what are the odds of the LTTE infiltrating the Gurkha ranks?
    Then it will be case of 'Nariyata Kukulo Baara Dunna wagea'...

    May be we can get their advice...
    but that should be it!

  100. Defencenet,
    The saint is back.

    Please delete with impunity!

  101. Andare,

    How can you say "First two bombs missed the target"????

    IS it since you cant see anything important in that area from that UAV footage?? You are a joker..:P

    Have you watch the video of SLAF bombing on LTTE oil tanks.. ??


    According to this the weight of the seized gelignite is about 100 kilos...

  103. Mahinda's government abducted 40 youths in 2 months -Kiriella
    Complainants were abused and chased
    (Lanka-e-news, 17th April 2008, 10.20pm) UNP MP, Mr. Lakshman Kiriella disclosed today (17th) at a press conference held at the Official residence of Opposition Leader that within last 2 months, Human Rights Commission has received 200 complaints on violation of human rights and abductions of 40 youths in Batticaloe, and complainants were abused and chased away when they went to report about same.

  104. LTTE's first ever Grandma Brigade
    Fri, 2008-04-18 01:17

    By Shenali Waduge

    When the LTTE launched its baby brigade it caught international headlines. Years later, the UN the custodian of world peace is yet to take stern action against the LTTE for forceful recruitment & use of children as child soldiers. It is perhaps why the LTTE has decided to go a step further by introducing another brigade known as the Grandma Brigade. If action against the LTTE's use of child soldiers has yet to see results we can imagine the state of the Grandma Brigade as well.

  105. DN and other experts,
    Yesterday's attack on the logistics facility seems to be well hit and Defencent shows us the video. I have read in Asiantribune that Mr.Ananda Sangaree appealing to President to stop night time air raids. My knowledge says it is better to attack the terrorists at night, because it avoids civilian casualties. (Mostly people don't move around at night, only thieves and terrorists)
    For me his appeal seems to be inappropriate and pointless.
    Can someone confirm this in military terms or are there any possibility of civillian casualties?
    P.S. : I'm not a believer of tamilnet pictures of bomb raids

  106. Hey B#1,

    Take the video of the attack and compare it with the googe earth. You can clearly see first two bombs hit on bare/marshy land.

    Normally google images can be 1-2 years old if nothing has built by the LTTE on the marshy land next to the logistic facility, first two bombs might have been a waste and it might have given terrorist ample time to take cover.

    What I want to say, nothing should be taken as granted and bombs must be used effectively to create maximum damage to the terrorists.

    It is really interesting, some time back, I have marked some suspected LTTE sites using google earth using simple criteria and in three ocations it became reality.

  107. The TamilNadu politicos Jumping up and down because the LTTE terrorists are getting a real beating should be investigated for taking money from the LTTE.

    Specially M Karunanidhi, Vaiko and other small time politicians must be investigated.

    On this front Jayalalitha can take them on.

    Some semblence of sanity must prevail on the people of Tamil Nadu not to take the path of expansionism and violence which will ultimately lead to suffering.

    Do the Tamil people in Tamil Nadu have cause enough to destabilise the state of Tamil Nadu by following the path of Vaiko and M Karunanidhi with regard to LTTE?

    Some sane people of Tamil Nadu must come up and counter the arguments of these people to prevent any emotional upheavals
    in the Tamil Nadu state.

    Specially these politicians must be investigated for taking momey from LTTE terrorists. If M Karunanidhi cannot be investigated then at least the small timers including Vaiko must be.

    Madam Jayalalitha please launch probes to investigate why these politicians are so concerned about the LTTE!!!


  108. This comment has been removed by the author.


    what is this ??is it another ltte runway or underground tunnel in middle of the jungle,actually this is nearly 10km below iranamadu tank & runway.any body know what is this?

  110. Some interesting news about VIP security in Daily News today (the last few paragraphs):

    "It was in this backdrop the Sri Lanka Army decided to form a separate battalion exclusively for VVIP security since they have to commit troops from various regiment for providing VVIP security.

    According to the initial idea troops will be recruited from various regiments of the Army while giving priority for the Commando regiment for this battalion to be operated under one Commanding Officer."

    Quite a different story from the Gurkhas....Maybe they are just going to help in training, and the story got twisted into Gurkhas actually being used for VIP security? Anyway this seems like a good idea to me, instead of keeping our best men to guard VIP's instead of deploying them in the battle zones. It's useless to give them advanced combat training of all sorts and keep them here for the protection of VIP's, they should be making use of that training and skills in the battle field.

  111. San,
    that's prabha'd appendage..

  112. What do you think guys?

    Does M Karunanidhi and Vaiko et al
    take money from LTTE?

    Can Jayalalitha build a good case against them?

  113. "Can Jayalalitha build a good case against them?"

    Don't think there's much chance of this, not even if they're presented with a ton of evidence (not while Karunanidhi is chief minister anyway) The Indian courts didn't even do anything to return that film those morons took hold of.

  114. andare,

    Maybe you have marked all the LTTE sites in Eeelam land, but still you or any of us for that matter are not in position to go and bomb them. Only the SLAF can do that.

    If the 1st bomb landed on an empty field – assuming there was no bunker underneath this area – still we don’t know how successful the other bombs were.
    If I use your logic to Jeyerai Fernandopulle’s assassination, I would say that the LTTE were way off. They wanted to kill the Minister, but most of the shrapnel landed on innocent bystanders.

    If you are a true Sri Lankan, I would say ‘Let us all get together and do our utmost to get rid of this terrorism.’
    That means:
    (a) Supporting the armed forces / SL government during their highs and lows.

    (b) If you are based in SL, help the police by been vigilant and cooperating with them. The country is at war with the LTTE -the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world – there will be occasions where security of the land will come before human rights. I know it is easier said than done, after 30 years of hardship.

    (c) If you are based out of the country, use your spare time to educate the misinformed public/ politicians and media about the true situation in SL. (We need more kevins!).After all you are now in a ( relatively) privileged position due to the benefits ( academic + character ) you gained by going through the Pukka(pakka) SL education system.

    One thing is certain, this is the best and the last chance we have.

    I’m a strict 0R member, I never address the other side.

  115. san,

    this seems like an old runway. this was discussed here about 2-3 months back.

    you may also have seen the other two/three runways in googleearth.

    googleearth images for SL are a bit old though.

  116. 9° 4.951'N
    80° 4.589'E
    Check the above cordination in Google Earth.
    It is very much like a runaway near attimodai. 500m lond and 20m wide. Easily can be used to smuggle thing from India by air as well.

  117. Karinanidi, Saiko, Nadumoron, Ramdas all want India to intervene and stop SLA offensive. Don't they read tamilnut? All SLA offensives were thwarted. Or don't they belive tamilnut?

  118. Bro No_mess,
    AS a Proud sinhalese from down south, now living in abroad, I have only two ways to help my country in my capacity.
    Help the innocent people in border vilages to stand on thir feet and help SLDF to eliminate tamil terrorists from the SL.
    I have done both to satisfactory level on my capacity. Three months back, I have given 20 bycles to school childrens from villages devastated by LTTE.
    However helping SLDF is not that easy, because Defence ministry do not even like to think about in house developed wepons, which can be used to destroy LTTE easily.

    We need really good engineering panel attched to Defence Ministry, who can evaluate and recomend ideas comming from different sources.

  119. Andare,

    "However helping SLDF is not that easy, because Defence ministry do not even like to think about in house developed wepons, which can be used to destroy LTTE easily."

    We are developing some equipment that are within our capabilities. Eg: Unibuffel, Dvoras, Arrow boats) I hear they're also making some weapons like mortar bombs etc. Is this true, can anyone tell?

    But making weapons are not easy as we think, it takes a lot of research, time and money. Even out of the many weapons that developed countries produce, few have been successful in battle (there are various problems that make them difficult to use in different conditions). All these problems must be countered and solutions must be found. Having the skill and technology is not enough. It's no use making 'galkatas' like weapons just because we say we should build our own stuff. We should remember that it's the soldier who uses that weapon in battle, not us. If we hand him a piece of crap saying 'this is made in Sri Lanka so you should use it, forget about foreign weapons no matter how good they are', that's not going to work no matter how much we argue. What we give to our forces should be the best we can get. If we can't make it, better to find it elsewhere.

  120. "By M.R. Narayan Swamy
    New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is keen to play the peacemaker in war-torn Sri Lanka. Claiming that he enjoys the trust of both the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers, Ravi Shankar says he does not need any invitation to act to try ending one of the world’s longest running armed conflicts.

    “If someone’s house is burning, you don’t expect an invitation from them! A sensitive person will simply jump in,” the spiritual guru told IANS over email from Norway.


    Hey Guru... Thanks for your crocodile tears...

    But let me (while getting burnt) assure you that... if you're trying to divide us and LOOT while allegedly 'rescue' us... we'll make sure you are roasted too!

    We know your sinister plans, 'ol boy.

  121. Chamal,
    This is the exact mind set, which is with the INTEL guys in defence ministry.
    Can't there be other ways to destroy LTTE???
    Using Weaknesses of LTTE
    Bit of Electronics

    Yes, there are very good ways to try, but that bit of electronics is like making a rocket to the moon for the guys who take down ideas and no move beyond that level.

  122. French relief organization pulls out of Sri Lanka


  123. It wonderful news to hear SLAF is bombing the daylights off the Tigers in the middle of the night. This is what I kept advocating for a long time. Keep those tigers restless and demoralized at the same time wipe 'em.

  124. CASC,
    Thank you for your link on IED Awareness Guide. We should publicize this documents for civilians.

    It is very good guide on:
    1)what type and how IEDs are concealed in the road.
    2)Blast radios for various type of IED that people should keep out when a IED or suspect vehicle is found and what precautions we need to take when there is suspect IED.

  125. hey guys,

    Remember a couple of months ago Ajith Cabraal of the Central Bank did an interview for the British bastard corporation (BBC) and there were allegations that the tapes had been 'lost' and as such the intervire WON'T be broadcasted. Incidentally there were rumours that it was bcos Mr. Cabraal had been unexpectedly well informed and astute with his answers the programme wasn't aired.

    Well the video has appeared on youtube have a look and enjoy:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    these are the only parts available for the moment when they are uploaded i will post...

  126. Kevin said...
    Therefore SL luckly hasn’t the might of US or UK or it would have been misused by the thugs like Mervin, so good god has his own plan, in the correct order.

    Traitors to the Nation like Mervin – of course his drunken misconduct is a treachery – weakens the Nation from the inside, an inadmissible situation.. There are external elements (US, UK etc…) who weakens us from the outside, that is normal world politics.

    Funny thing is that US, UK and Mervin seem to be all inspired by the same good old god, …. Yahave..... Nice plan .

    One thing I am sure of is that the PROPVIDENCE who presides over birth death and in between of every thing, provides the ones who toil with a purpose:
    - a Nation satisfied of being quasi slaves will be provided with all the attributes of the slave,
    - a Nation who aspires for dignity and nobleness will be provided with attributes of the kings.

    Irrespective of the number of times we may fall, SL nation will always aspire to the second category. After all, it was a person like Mervin who became Konappu Bandara … and Chandashoka became Dharmashoka.

    Pakka-Lanka said...
    We learn a lot of things from others who have NOT mastered the English language perfectly. Conversely, others too could learn from us regardless of our mastery of the language.

    No. All Sri Lankans must master English, down to the toilet cleaners. It is no more the language of the elite, the brown sahibs.

    English is THE Global language and it is a must for the technical people. How can one read Technical Manuals of any military equipment without knowing English ?

  127. Nothing to to do with Sri Lanka but under the heading of intelligence gathering.

    Thanks to Wikileaks, we can get a glimpse of the UK's ISTAR program(Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance). It's described as a intelligence gathering system for decision makers at various levels.

    Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance

  128. Mathaermatica
    Very well said about that idiot Mervin, shame to all of us. Also amIcorrect in saying if you are equating this Mervin with Konappu bandaraI understand the latter is a hero who rebelled against colonials in 1848? Does that make him a hero like Muthadar al sadder in Iraq? Then you are absolutely right, putting a line through the persons, Mervin will be glorified in future as a hero. I am happy with myself not giving two cents for a history that we could witness our self. The rate we are progressing in science, we may be able time travel to check on the history of this planet, until then I will stick to the known present.
    I can assure you that there’s no deliberate external pressure to weaken the nation, but that pressure is generated within. There is a great misunderstanding of our problems abroad, due no positive action taken by the then gosl and the immense pressure extorted by the mere numbers of their Diaspora, who are well organized in every western country.

  129. BlackHawk,

    Cabraal's interview wasn't a big deal. He did't do a great job. He did correct some figures that the BBC reporter had like the BBC reporter said that 40 odd percent of the counter lives in poverty but the central bank figure is 15.6% and so on. The interview is on teh hardtalk website.


  130. Kevin,
    I sincerely wish Mervin would change his ways and become a reasonable person.

    Konappu Bandara was earlier known as Don Alfonso and worked for the Portuguese, before leading the Kandyan army against them..

  131. grinco,


    if ravish-anker wants to solve problems, he has enough problems in india.

    but the problem in india is there are too many of his like. he has no regard in pakistan, bangla, etc. so thats why he is trying to land here.

    if he saves the LTTE from sure extinction, he is doing an evil deed than any good.

    we don't need anymore mediators/facilitators/go-betweens. we need more WEAPONS.

  132. moshe dayan once said, " the US gives us money, weapons and advice. we take the money. we take the weapons. But we don't take their advice"

  133. Here is the Defence.LK article
    "LTTE looting medical supplies: Hospitals in North face shortages'....

    Then here is the BBC LTTE Service who stands on behalf of discredited Tamilnet.

    "'No shortage' in Kilinochchi hospital"

    The Defencenet Article highlights the fact that LTTE loots medical supplies destined for civilians.

    BBC LTTE Service cover that up and says 'there are medical supplies available in Killinochchi'. Totally two different points, even though they are related. However, the beauty is that how BBC LTTE Service is quickly stand-up to defend LTTE.

    About BBC Hard Talk
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Cabraal has certainly kicked the sorry ass of BBC on that Hard Talk interview. He was calm and collected, and was not stammering at all. Only very people come out of well on such a ferocious grilling at you. The Hard-Talk guy has all the time to prepare his questions and a team of researchers are behind the interview -mainly the LTTE suck ass BBC LTTE Service maggots.

    Cabraal has done quite well. The video shows how desperate Stephen has been, cutting in without even letting Cabraal reply - a very un-gentleman way of the Hard-Talk guy.

    Our friend OaO Asithri, love to hear your comments about the above two subject matter.

  134. Mathamatica
    I am glad that Don Alfonzo didn’t win or we may be still under a cruel dynasty of feudal rulers. Would you like our latter day Don Mervin to be the president? In future he will be glorified as a hero? In reality we must follow the examples of winning countries, where most of the people given chance would like to settle. My only wish is to bring some of the goodness that we are enjoying in these countries to our humble and suffering people in SL.
    World is in the brink of food shortages and it is being felt heavily in Sri lanka,with the rice prices being increased and shortages being experianced.GOSL should fast track an emergency program by getting commercial farmers from abroad, like in Zimbabwe and some of them are temporarily settled in places like Aus,Canada and UK.I am sure they would like to settle in SL and grow large-scale commercial rice farming in places like in the cleared East, where I saw thousands of acres of paddy lands being neglected by the tigers, places between Kathakkuddi and potuvil,perhaps in Ampara district as well. With a crash program, we could be exporting rice.All we are hearing is punishing the traders and what a way to meet this urgent need?

  135. We gave advance notice on this blogg about the hard talk program of Mr Sakkur’s interview of Mr Cabral to be shown on BBC World service.We were told that there wasn’t anything sinister in delaying this presentation, as others took priority.It wasn't M/s Badawi who did the HARD TALK prgram as stated a month ago.

  136. Here is the Defence.LK article
    "LTTE looting medical supplies: Hospitals in North face shortages'....

    specially this sentence "Hospitals in North face shortages'...." show that you people thinks everyone in the north are LTTE great man .. everyone know about the state terrorism and know about wipe out tamils from this country .....

  137. NOLTTE=Peace said...
    "Cabraal has certainly kicked the sorry ass of BBC on that Hard Talk interview. He was calm and collected, and was not stammering at all. Only very people come out of well on such a ferocious grilling at you. The Hard-Talk guy has all the time to prepare his questions and a team of researchers are behind the interview -mainly the LTTE suck ass BBC LTTE Service maggots.

    Cabraal has done quite well. The video shows how desperate Stephen has been, cutting in without even letting Cabraal reply - a very un-gentleman way of the Hard-Talk guy.

    Our friend OaO Asithri, love to hear your comments about the above two subject matter."

    You must be kidding me! Man are you out of our mind? This Cabraal dude basically made himself look like an idiot in front of millions people just so that he can remain as head of Colombu bank! He tried to play around the dire situations in Sri Lanka, even though the BBC dude was on his ass the hole time!

  138. This is on, about 3 escaped LTTE 'policemen':

    "On that fateful day on 31st March 2008 terrorist leaders unlocked them from the prison and made their way to the north of MANNAR across dense jungles with thirty-four more “LTTE Policemen,” including three of them for deployment for LTTE duties. Consequently, twenty-five of those “Police” youngsters were ordered to serve PARAPPAKANDAL area, north of UYILANKULAM, and the remaining nine “Policemen” had been brought to a “Police” point near CHETTIYARKATTAI ADAMPAN, to the east of GIANT TANK to replenish some 15 Tiger “policemen” who had by then vacated the area, leaving only two “policemen” behind for work at that point. An LTTE leader called, ELIL KANNAN in MADU area conducted the nine-member team to CHETTIYARKATTAI ADAMPAN LTTE checkpoint, but was furious to find that even those remaining two “policemen” had also gone missing from the point with no trace, according to those escapees."

    LOL Wonder why they left.....?

  139. @kevin
    yeah wat is even more important is that we will not need to import rice. But general corruption may make progress slow.

    If this was a skeem to kill of the tamils how come the eastern hospital aren't running out of supplies. According to you its apart of eelam.

  140. @ Moshe dyan
    "we need more weapons"
    I agree, to be more precise we need more high technology weapons.

  141. friends!
    I have been reading this blog for a long time but could not write to this. I get lot of information/knowledge from this blog. So in return, i thought of sharing my knowledge with you all as well...

  142. Hi all,

    Another day and another news-bite!

    Another few bunkers have been captured in the general area north of Giant's Tank aka general area south of Adampan.

    Another few kms advanced towards Madhu and Adampan junction.

    Another few terrorist leaders killed in air-strikes.

  143. theraputta,

    Welcome to the blog!
    But you'll find a load of rubbish here too now, apart from knowledge & information. There's a good example in the comment just below yours.

  144. kevin ,

    Now Kevin, where on earth were no feudal rulers before democracy ?

    Look at Thailand. There is still a great King there, country is prosperous, people are wonderful and happy. I certainly prefer had there been an evolution from feudally to Democracy in our own way as in Thailand.

    It would be catastrophic to give lands to foreign companies for commercial agriculture. We know how to manage small scale farms efficiently. If the imbeciles like Yankee Dicky JR who thought much like you did not blunt the local agricultural and industrial initiatives set in place by Hon. Sirimavo B, our GDP could have tripled.

    In Africa, there are many countries with large commercial agricultural exploitations while people are dying of hunger. Further, the mechanised, toxic chemical agriculture is non sustainable.

    I believe, Sri Lanka being a small island Nation, all its people must brave the seas and travel the world over to work and see how the things are done elsewhere.

    Our women folks are really brave to go for work in the middle east. What are few thousand dollars from you or me compared to billions brought to the country by these brave village folks?

    Technology does not belong to the west alone. It is based on mathematical analysis originally practised in India. I am not an AnthanoMathica but a MathaMathica. Does that enlighten you as to the origin of the word Mathematics.

    Diso disa yantham kaira,
    Veriva pana verinam,
    Michcha pani hithamchiththam,
    Sosiyonam thatho karee.

  145. Hey guys, defencenet!! watsup?? been a long time..greetings and suba aluth avuruddak wewa to everyone!!(i know its already gone,but still..)

    I'm currently based in the UAE,been pretty busy as shit!!.so i only get 2 read the blogs, no time for blogging (or bogging.for that matter-hehe)!!

    Great news on the purchase of the MBRL's, but BAD news on the proposed purchases of Mig-29's,tho..

    Anyways, will start my bloggin ASAP!!


  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. how do you post an active link here?

  148. Shyam, Peter and other terrorist supporters, read this...

    EU tightens anti-terrorism laws

    European Union ministers have agreed to punish incitement to terrorism through the internet.

    For more:

  149. rover,

    "how do you post an active link here?"

    (a href="")name of link(/a)

    Just replace '(' with '<' and ')' with '>'

  150. "Security forces have killed at least 2,903 rebels since the start of January"

    -- AFP

    Only around a hundred to go

  151. Matha mate,

    ”No. All Sri Lankans must master English, down to the toilet cleaners. It is no more the language of the elite, the brown sahibs.

    English is THE Global language and it is a must for the technical people. How can one read Technical Manuals of any military equipment without knowing English?”

    Emphasis in bold are mine.

    Learning any language, particularly the current world language English is a worthwhile aspiration, perhaps a compulsory one. I am not disputing that. What I am saying is that, mastery of the language is not absolutely necessary to share information (just look at this blog!).

    The Japanese made it to be one of the top industrial/technical nations, and I don’t believe they befit the title “Masters of the English Language”. The same is true with other technologically advanced/advancing European nations like Germany.

    Of course they realise that to make further/easier progress in this global village they need to learn the current world language. Therefore, English/American teachers are in high demand, for instance, in Japan. In that respect you are right and I am of the same opinion. The rest, my Pukka fellow, we might have to agree to disagree.

    More importantly I wish to point out that you seem to be contradicting what you are saying with your apparent attitude. The phrase “down to the toilet cleaners” has a condescending tone, like something a “brown sahib” would say. And in your next breath you are disdainful of “the elite”.

    Take it easy all…got to go before the other half tells me off for spending my precious weekend with the computer…:)

    BTW how do you like my new insignia? Sorry its B&W. In the fullness of time it will go full colour, I hope.


  152. EU tightens anti-terrorism laws
    By Oana Lungescu
    BBC News, Brussels

    European Union ministers have agreed to punish incitement to terrorism through the internet.

    At a meeting in Luxembourg, EU justice and interior ministers tightened existing laws.

    Public provocation to commit terrorist attacks, as well as recruiting and training people for terrorism will be punishable offences throughout the EU.

    The ministers also agreed on an action plan to prevent terrorist groups from getting explosives.

    EU officials said the decision to punish propaganda, recruitment and training for terrorism through the internet filled an important gap in European legislation.

    Early warning system

    They described the internet as a virtual training camp for militants, used to inspire and mobilise local groups.

    Earlier this month, the EU anti-terrorism co-ordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, said the threat of terrorism in Europe had not diminished and about 5,000 internet sites were being used to radicalise young people.

    National courts will now be able to ask internet service providers to remove such sites.

    Britain, Spain and Italy already punish public incitement to terrorism.

    But under pressure from Nordic countries and civil rights campaigners, ministers made clear that the new provisions may not be used to restrict freedom of expression.

    In a separate move to combat terrorism, they agreed to establish an early-warning system on stolen explosives and detonators by the end of the year.

    They also resolved to create a database giving police permanent access to information on incidents involving explosive devices.

  153. Machan Land Rover,

    Try typing the string below with the following two additions. (If I type them in it converts to an active link and you would not see the synyax)

    1) Type '<' before the first letter (A HREF) of the string.

    2) Type '<' and then '/A' and then '>' at the end of the string.

    A HREF="http://www.the url of your webite.html" REL="nofollow">The Title you would like to give the link here

    Let me knwo if it works.


  154. Sorry,

    Should read "Let me know if it works."

  155. Chamal and PakkaLanka, Thanks for the info, now it is quite clear.

    Machang sahodaraya has put up the whole article, but I will put up the link anyway. It is nice to read it on BBC (oora's malu being cut on the oora).

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Machang / Rover - EU tightens anti-terrorism laws.
    Guys have you seen any pro LTTE blogs in English? Just wanted to find out their reaction….

    By the way if you google “pro LTTE blogs in English”, DN comes as no3!

  158. Rover & all,

    I watched the HardTalk programme. Mr Cabraal’s presentation was commendable indeed. It was more of an economics debate rather than a terrorism/political debate. But Mr Cabraal handled it very well. Respect!

    Talking about “oorage malu…”, Cubby could have done better if when challenged about corruption (BTW I have strong views about corruption in our PukkaLand). He could have reminded the interviewer that the “plank” in UK’s eye is also of a significant size when it comes to corruption. He could have reminded the interviewer that the Suadi/UK military aircraft deal and the corruption behind it, with none other than the previous & current prime ministers of the UK involved right in the middle of it!

    Mr Cabraal, sir, if you are reading this, please find out a lot about the failures of the country pointing the finger at us when preparing for this type of interview. It throws them aback when a question is answered with another question more serious than the one they asked. Review some of the HardTalk programmes levelled against the Israelis. There are things to glean from those programmes. I am not advocating smoke screens to avoid giving answers to hard questions; not in a million years. But along with the answer we must also point out that we are not lone “culprits”.

    It is also possible to lead the conversation in to areas the interviewer is not particularly prepared for. Eg. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can find parallels to what the US, EU and UK are doing, to our situation and our political decisions. The Israelis do this to great effect. There were instances in the programme where these double standards could have been highlighted (May be you did but the editors have edited those out?).

    The HardTalk presenters are trained to dominate the conversation, but if the interviewee could take control that would be Pukka….no… truly Pukka… (but the tape might get mysteriously erased in the high-tech BBC studios). That’s my five cents worth….


  159. Noltte=Heaven ;-)

    [Cabraal has certainly kicked the sorry ass of BBC on that Hard Talk interview.]

    [Our friend OaO Asithri, love to hear your comments about the above two subject matter.]

    Glad to…

    I watched the Hardtalk interview with Nivard Cabraal.

    In one word, Nivard’s performance was – OUTSTANDING!

    Why do I say so?

    1) Nivard very well disproved some of the errorneus stas/numbers/measurement concepts that the BBC mf brought (likely with the BBB’c LTTE biased research wing) to discredit Sri Lanka and he very cleverly “clean bowled” the bastard. Some noteworthy examples:

    a. How inflation should be measured (like how the UK, US, Canada does) and not the skewed and overly simplistic method used in the BBC’s report

    b. What a real “IMF report” is vs. an “IMF staff report” which is not something the GOSL has been given a chance to respond and clarify/correct apparent errors and/or omissions. An analogy I would draw is this is like quoting statements from an “audit draft report or audit working papers” and not the final audit report (sorry, I am in Business/Finance, hence this example).

    c. SL spends only 3.8% of the GDP on Defense (simililar Nivard said to most other countries), whereas a county like Singapore that has no war, spends 4.9%

    d. The BBC mf said SL has 45% people below the poverty line and Nivard corrected by saying it was never 45% and in 2002 it was 22.7% and in 2007 it had come down by 15.2%

    Of course, when the BBC gook got trapped at his own misinformation (thanks to swallowing LTTE lobby’s garbage) the bastard moved the discussion away from the stats/numbers by saying “let’s not get too technical”…!!! A typical big-talking, brashful, white gook of a mf! (I have had bastards like this for "breakfast" in my work in this world I live in and every time, it never fails to enliven me up for the rest of the day! LMSSAO!!!)

    However, most of all, Nivard got two messages out, very calmly, composedly and stoically I believe and they are:

    1) Sri Lanka reserves the inalienable right to fight this terrorist war, at her prerogative and no one else, to not only elevate the country economically, but to allow “democratic Tamils a chance in the governance process”

    2) Sri Lanka cannot and will not succumb to unfair pressure re. trade concessions (like the EU’s for the garment exports) as firstly, these concessions are not something SL can depend on forever, secondly these concessions tend to impair our ability to compete with all due efficiencies in the market place, and thirdly (and this one very subtly and cleverly) that SL will not yield to bogus human rights accusations and let LTTE have its way just because foreign governments may tie such accusations to hints of concession removals.

    As such, this is why I say the man did an OUTSTANDING job.

    He, although not a politician, did very well to standby Sri Lanka’s war against LTTE terrorism, conveying subtly that our sovereignty and independence is not negotiable. Actually, he spoke much better than I have seen Rohita Bogollagama when under fire. Nivard’s English was impeccable tool, which I am sure was somewhat the envy and discord of the white gook.

    As for a suggestion by my Pakka brother PakkaLanka that may be Nivard should have pointed out to the BBC gook that other countries (including the UK) have had much odious records of corruption/scandals as a way of deflecting criticism from Sri Lanka, respectfully, I disagree. This is a cardinal rule I myself have been taught when facing critical questions (an “inquisition” basically!) from a panel (of authority) or the media: Never point out to another entity’s “black” record (even a record relevant to the “inquisitor”) as that is a sure-shot way to get the message out that your own house is “blackend” and in typically OaOA’s language, royally fucked up. Basically, the audience is interested in knowing whether you are guilty of the accusation “A” and NOT that someone else is guilty of accusation “B.”

    Greets to all my patriotic bros/sis here….just too damn busy these days to blog as often as I like. :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  160. No_Mess,

    I didn't read any pro LTTE blogs, but they will be silent for sometime before someone comes up with a "theory" defend themselves.

    "By the way if you google “pro LTTE blogs in English”, DN comes as no3!
    OMG now I’ll get raided by THE BRITISH ANTI TERRORIST / REBEL FORCE.!"

    The reason for this, I believe, is DN has a link called "pro-ltte websites", and links TamilNet. This must be why DN comes up in the search.

  161. Chaml,
    as defencenet tells us all the time, ignore the rubish, lets have our information and knowledge shared among us. however thanks for pointing it out!

    airforce has attacked 3 ltte boats smugling arms to mulativ. airforce confirms that boats were destroyed....

  162. Pakka-Lanka,

    Without directly asking a question, Cabby could talk about situation/trend in the interviewer's own country (in this case UK), to explain that it is a prevalent problem everywhere (this is acceptable, since the UK audience will understand their own problems better). Not admitting altogether, if the allegations are true, is also bad, as Cabby will then loose his credibility.

    Anyway, yes, Cabraal was pretty good in that interview.

  163. Talking about pro-LTTE blogs, does anybody know any? Would be interesting to know what kind of crap they talk about these days...

  164. theraputtha,

    "airforce has attacked 3 ltte boats smugling arms to mulativ. airforce confirms that boats were destroyed...."

    What's your source? Nothing about this on any of the websites yet.

  165. chamal,
    "Talking about pro-LTTE blogs, does anybody know any? Would be interesting to know what kind of crap they talk about these days..."

  166. Cabraal is highly regarded amoung acadamics in Sri Lanka.once I had a chance to listen one of his acadamic speech. I was amased with the calm and collection he had within his speech. though his dialog with BBC guy does not show, he has in integrity in what he speaks. only guy I knew of such character before was Kadiragamar.

  167. chamal,
    ""airforce has attacked 3 ltte boats smugling arms to mulativ. airforce confirms that boats were destroyed....""

    news is true read new article.

  168. "By the way if you google “pro LTTE blogs in English”, DN comes as no3! "

    Just tried it both 1st and 2nd results were from DN. A little disturbing lol.

  169. Noltte=ecstasy ;-)

    Bro, regarding the medical supplies in the Killinochi hospital, really what the MOD said is not true.

    There is no need for the LTTE to loot medical supplies sent to the hospitals in the Vanni as the Hospitals ARE the LTTE!

    All the hospitals are crammed with wounded LTTE mf’s and all civilians who are not on the verge of death have been chased out (based on reports from escaping civilians to GOSL controlled area).

    It is in LTTE’s best interest to say there is no shortage of medicine in the hospitals (sure there are acute shortages time to time given the high LTTE casualties that keep coming in) as the danger might be eventually, GOSL can justify the closure of those hospitals and moving care to the nearest “cleared area” hospital and if that happens, then LTTE knows it is finished in double-quick time! In many war theatres on this planet, this is exactly what has happened…the state refused to supply/fund hospitals in guerilla controlled areas citing acute shortage of supplies and due care for the civilian population and justified moving care into the government controlled immediate vicinity hospitals (that were naturally under the state’s military care and as such, not only was it true that the guerillas could not come in an loot stuff, but more importantly, the guerillas could not admit themselves after being wounded fighting the very state it is fighting against! Well, they could, but you know how it is ….need not spell out the obvious do I? LMSSAO!!!

    Yes, I, would say GOSL should hasten that change with the right posturing and justification (needs to be built up with the right PR campaign in the IC). That will be a sure-shot way to stop this war in double-quick time!

    OaO Asithri

  170. chamal
    wait... it will appear on websites soon.

  171. "By the way if you google “pro LTTE blogs in English”, DN comes as no3! "

    Just tried it both 1st and 2nd results were from DN. A little disturbing lol.


  172. there are many new lands being given for farmers to cultivate. my prifile image itself was taken from such newly cultivated Chena. I was amased and very happy to see these lands being used for cultivation. fresh lands - rich in fertiliser. Yes a problem to wildlife, but a food shortage worldwide is around the corner. we need to be prepared.

  173. Asithri,
    mate, your comments are little too long :-). but I find you are rich with ideas all the time.
    my personal view is, we sould send the medicine to uncleared areas as we do now. eventhough most of them may be used by LTTE at least some will go to civilians. as long as civilians benefit from it, we should send.

  174. This comment has been removed by the author.

  175. DN – Thanks for the pro LTTE links. Now I can read fairy tales whenever I want.


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