Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy new year!

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We wish all our readers a Happy new year!


  1. DefenceNet,
    "suba aluth auruddak" to you and your team who continuously provide a great service to us all amid great difficulty.

  2. It is also Tamil New Year today. So best wishes!

    I thought Sinhalese followed the lunar calendar as they are from Bengal/ Orissa region. I am surprised to see you guys using solar calendar for New Year.

  3. DN, suba aluth awuruddak wewa and my wish for this year... is that google blogger team would get the idea of facilitating the user blocking feature (to get away from the brainwashed genderless rubbish homo irectus pending PR nutholes... from canada and norway ).....

    may all patriots have the chance of celebrating the next year... with out LTTE....and VP.... and human bombs .. and all.. may all asylum seekers be expelled from those rich countries to tamilnadu and jaffna to understand the sufferings of the sri lankans...

  4. man this new year is depressing, no rachina, ahas kuru, I'm stuck in england with only kiri bath,
    hope yours is better

  5. Suba Aluth Awrudake Vewa Oba Samta!!!
    Pirunda Nale Wale karudu !!!
    Wish you all a very happy Sinhala Tamil New year !!!

  6. Defencenet and other folks,

    Wish you guys a happy new year, have fun. Where I am, there is not even kiribath, miss SL.

    Special thanks to DN for a stunning job.

  7. A happy new year to the DN team and all bloggers and readers.

    however, i made a sinister find!! (please excuse me for sceptisism)

    strangely the picture (on new year wishes) appearing in and defencenet is the same (subject to few changes here and there)!

    i find it very intriguing.

  8. Moshe, the image was frm an email we got. Didnt know defence.Lk had it too. Anyway we didnt design it.

  9. reports,
    77 LTTE and 12 SLA dead.

    Looks to me very heavy fighting.


    Untold story of those brave men...

  11. Happy new year everyone. The best we can hope for this new year is peace for our country....

  12. Oh I forgot. May the jackass LTTE supporters find their brains and put them to use this new year

  13. wish you all a happy new year and wish my brothers and sisters in the three forces and police all the success for the new year!

  14. Peter,
    Sinhalese are not from Orissa. Sinhalese are Aryans, purely indegenous to Sri Lanka. Contrary to some reports, Sinhalese are not of Dravidian descent.

  15. is disappointing is that these LTTE cadres keep conducting "tactical withdrawals"..we need to ambush these guys and take them out while retreating..I hope they will surrender."Theruwan saranai" to all our forces.On this special day may god give our forces strength to liberate our land from this murderous LTTE filth that has dominated it for the past 30 yrs.May the blessing of the maha sanga give our troops the mental strength and determination to rid our country of this "vyashanaya".

  16. DN, bloggers

    suba aluth auruddak wewa

  17. i really dont understand all this tactical retreating..where are the LTTE F-18 squadrons?..where are the following LTTe division
    -the yeller austrich division
    -the albino leopard division
    -the yellow tigers with pink feathers division??
    not forgetting the purple buffalo crack commando division?

  18. 88 Ltte & 12 Army killed in battles


  19. sri lankan, be patient my friend, they will all be up ur ass at a future date and will not dissapoint, remember jeyasukurya, they let you come in almost 800 sq km and then demolished your forces in one month, so be patient and your wish will come true.


    Read this it's from the sunday leader

  21. Wish all you folks a happy new year, specially to the brave troopers manning the gosl defence forces front lines and also to the misguided youth who are on the other side. We wish the mislead rebels will crossover to the government side and enjoy the opportunities in the wider world, outside their mythical homeland.

  22. Suba Aluth Awurudak wewa to you all! Keep up the good work DefenceNet!

    Jayasri to our brave men and women at arms

  23. Happy new year to all bloggers, Sri Lankans, and most importantly the men and women of our armed forces. May they get more strength, courage, and luck at eliminating LTTE cancer from my homeland.

  24. Arakshaka Hamuda Saha Obe Sameta

    Subha Nava Vasarak Weva !
    Iniya Puththandu Vaalththukkal !
    Happy New Year !

  25. thiru,

    I am shivering man. Can you get any more scary? Please don't do that. Make sure to change your diapers at least twice a day.

  26. sam perera, i wasn't trying to be scary my friend, i was just stating facts and i know that the word tiger alone causes you to change your underwear but it's ok.

  27. I wish everybody (every Sri Lankan!) a very happy and a prosperous new year!

  28. thiru,

    Please stop it man, I beg. I am very very scared. Whew.

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  30. Folks,

    If anyone knows the author of the following report, please tell him that he can do a better job by paying constant attention to improving his writing skills. The thing is, I understand perfectly what he wants to say but it must be remembered that what is written in English is mainly for the international audience.

    GOSL spends millions in international relations by maintaining Embassies world wide but when we are not able to present facts in average English in the Defence Ministry web site itself, I can say only one thing, that is MANDELEE KACHAL.

    Let me propose few useful words to the said reporter:

    LTTE gets heavy beating in Mannar; 77 LTTE cadres killed
    [LTTE gets decimated in Mannar ...]

    Sri Lanka Army infantrymen backed by artillery yesterday (April 12) gained a significant area of ground [ground area] by driving off the terrorists on the Mannar front further into the Wanni non-liberated areas. As troops commenced their military onslaught [commenced their onslaught] early in the morning, day long fighting reported from Kattankulam, Udaiyadi, Munkilmurichchan , Ilantaivan areas[????]. Also, snipers deployed in the Puliyankulam Malikaittidal, Vannakulam, Parayakulam and Ittikandal, claimed gunning down of 7 LTTE cadres.

    According to the reports received by this morning (April 13), intercepted radio transmissions have confirmed terrorists numbering 77 killed[confirmed 77 terrorists being killed] and at least 26 others[more] injured on Mannar front alone. In addition, 12 soldiers died in the battle (made the supreme sacrifice) while 29 others suffered injuries, reports revealed.

    During these operations, 8 LTTE bunkers located at various positions on the battlefront came under (over run by the) army. During the search operations conducted so far 1 body of slain LTTE cadres have ( 1 terrorist body has) been found.

    According to the defence sources in the area, LTTE cadres in the frontlines were in a desperate situation in the face of military advance as the terrorists leaders leading the battle from the back [ terrorists leaders behind the front line] failed to send sufficient reinforcements. Terror leaders Bhanu, Lakshman , Selvi and Ramesh were heard in the radios from their command posts miles behind the frontlines pleading their reserves in Palamodai area to move forward but failed as the junior cadres refused to comply, the sources said. In absence of any casualty evacuation arrangements, LTTE leaders cast down to the calling [ignored the calling] of help from the withdrawing LTTE cadres , the sources added.

    Troops are consolidating their positions.


    Just need reading few war reporters from thousands available on the Internet.

  31. 'Even though Sinhalese follow the lunar calendar with their Poya they have decided to steal our New Year and add a "Sinhala" in-front.'

    Oh please man, could you stop being such a jerk atleast for today? How one could steal a New Year day is beyond my comprehension. And who the fuck cares man, its just a festival, and the more the merrier innit.

    Umbatath suba aluth awuruddhak wewa!

  32. Me peetharya maara uddachcha patti harakek!

    The Tamil race is the greatest race in the world. The sinhala people were all tamils before and everything sinhalese evovled from Tamil culture.

    Further more sanscrit, pali and even english came to be from the Tamils.

    The Tamils invented the sun and the moon and made them spin and orbit according to the Calendar the Tamils made beforehand.

    ok. lets rest the case and have some kiribath for avurudu!

    Suba Aluth avuruddak wewa! Hope I made your day.

  33. Happy Sinhala and Tamil New year for all.
    I very well know it won't be for all of us. If LTTE decide to lay down it's arms and agree to peaceful settlement, it would be happy new year for all us.
    Unfortunately it won't happen in near future. Their supporters (like Hiru) still waiting for major attack from them (I think that then they can count no of dead bodies, like counting score in a Cricket match)
    Hmmm...we are playing with human lives...I don't think any major attack from them. If LTTE wants to get considerable advantage they have to get rid of our leadership, namely Mahinda, Gotabaya and Sarath Fonseka. Otherwise, better to get the early appointment to meet yama king (the king of the hell). Day by day Sri Lanka army is fixing few appoinments for them. If they plan to execute major attack, SLA will definitely have a chance to fix more appointments in bulk.

  34. To all at DefenceNet – Suba Aluth Awruddak Wewa

  35. Suba Aluth Avuruddak Wewa Guys
    oH BOY ...!! The Last sinhala New year With LTTE.

    in 2009 April I am going to Celebrate with Defencenet guys in Kilinochchi.
    All of you are Welcome !!
    Even "peter" if he is not dead by then.

  36. We will reach kilinochichi by early September... or november!!

  37. DN/others


    Lt.Col.Jagath Ratnayake, Commander of the 4th Gemunu Watch division of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) responsible for the Forward Defense Lines (FDLs) at Muhamaalai was seriously injured by sniper fire of the Liberation Tigers, Sinhala daily Lankadeepa reported.

    is it true ?

  38. Sam_perera,
    Looks like a masala dosai thosai kade has opened up in Canada called tamilcanada.....hehehehe.Nevermind thiru is a canadian citizen now so he has nothing to do with SLanka.As far as the LTTE are concerned we have to do something about LTTE blue buffalo crack commando division.This fellow thiru is probably disappointed with good mrs prabaharans speech(eastern province)yesterday.Did you know that today every citizen of canada has joined hands with their fellow thaamils on the street protesting about "the chauvenistic singhala buddist" govt's violation of tamil rights?.See these LTTE thaamils are so important to the canadian population in general.

  39. To all patriots …including the fine bravehearts in SLDF,

    Subha Aluth Awuruddhak Wewa!

    Oba sawomata, kiriyen paniyen ithireywawa!

    A special greeting is in order for patriot DefenseNet for hosting this blog where likeminded SL patriots have been gathering and exchanging views for a number of years now. Keep it up brother – time is not log when you will convene a social gathering (I would call it the party of the century! lol ) in Killinocchi soon and of course, you can count humble OaO Asithri to be there!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  40. Suba sinhala/demala aluth avuruddak oba semata!

    Vishaysha suba pethum DEFENCENET vetha.

    Senka machan, don't be too sad for not having ratchinna (wherever you are in the world). We have a lot of fire works over here including multi-barrel ahas kooru, for the exclusive enjoyment of LTTE. Don't worry, be happy!

  41. Cesspit-maggots promised to teach “SLA a lesson” at:

    1) MavilAru


    2) Sampur


    3) Mutur


    4) Vaharai

    then, finally, "for sure" said will "make it SLA’s cemetary"...

    5) Thoppigala!!!


    1) Over 2500 cesspit-maggots turned themselves into organic fertilizer and another over 1200 permanently disabled!

    2) Today, “Tamil” but now strongly “Sri Lankan” TMVP is set to take in reigns and assure that no cesspit-maggot ever comes and craps all over their (our) EAST (which is now permanently separated from the NORTH thanks to the JVP!)

    3) Opened the gateway for the SLDF to pincer into the North!

    Wow! Wow Indeed!

    Nice bloody "liberation” record eh? Who needs "thamileelam" with Utopian results like this?


    No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. In the true spirit of Awurudu, yours humbly OaO Asithri will "try" to desist from his usual spicy expletives... LMSSAO!!!

  42. sl

    [Happy Sinhala Sri Lankan New Year!!!! Death to all LTTE tamil motherfuk#rs!!!!!!! Terrorists dont deserve to live on this eath and specially in our country called SRI LANKA!!!!!!!!!!]

    Maru wachana malli!


    OaO Asithri

  43. [Even though Sinhalese follow the lunar calendar with their Poya they have decided to steal our New Year and add a "Sinhala" in-front]

    Damn it, those Sinhalese!

    Not only that, they even highly-satisfed my LTTE mother when my droopy-poopy LTTE dad was not around! Damn...damn!

    So, another 2 reasons added to the long list of our grievances to justify our own thamileelam!

    Down with the Sinhalese who steal everything from “New Years” to our mommas-in-depravity!


    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  44. Ninaja (and others who agreed), regarding your post on the previous story on April 13, 2008 7:21 AM.

    I couldn't agree more, young warriors. Zero Response is the best way to respond to the irrational posts on this blog. They get some sort of sadistic pleasure when we respond to their ludicrous comments. Let us not allow them to highjack this blog. Let us all [bar Asithri :q)] make an aluth avurudu resolution of ZERO RESPONSE.

  45. Asithri,
    Subha Aluth Awuruddhak Wewa!to you bro
    keep up the great work!!

  46. OK, time to run off to a New Year bash upstate...

    Once again, best wishes to all SL patriots for the LTTE scummies, well...may they never lose their cyanide vial (in need now more than ever!) LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  47. aha, just saw two posts...

    SriLankan...obatath obey sawotama, mama aasiri pathanawa!


    [Asithri :q)] make an aluth avurudu resolution of ZERO RESPONSE.]

    Now mate...that's I would say making a resolution to stay celibate would be easier for me!


    OaO Asithri

  48. asithri,
    Many thanks.Theruwan saranai.

    A very happy new year to you bro.

  49. Asithri,

    I know I know...that's why I said "Let us all, BAR Asithri...make a resolution..."

    Anyway...Subha aluth avuruddak vayva!


    Obatath esayma vayva!

  50. Asithri,

    :) :)) Umbava nam hadanna bae...

    Keep 'em coming. You are hereby absolved from any resolution. But if you really want to stay celibate, I think there is a vacancy going for a priesthood in a church near Vanni. Good pay and personal protection service from the world's best bodygaurd service. But you must bring along your own statue. Interested?

  51. katargame -pithulle -kalege one police officer killed on lightning

    Amparai between palukunave and thanthimale STF 3 weeler vehile Attacked by LTTE two STF killed

    JAffna Neliaddy ARMY convoy Attacked by clymore mine casualities NO information

    Jaffan Kilaly FDL one Sla injured in LTTE sniper fire

  52. oooops...

    Elaam map was not found through this link...

    "Page not found"...!!!!

    hee hee heee...

    Behead more LTTE pigs and... we can make sure that the website will vanish too!

    My warmest and most respectful New Year wishes to all our troops... (the best in business now).... and the wise leadership of the nation.

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  54. gringo...tamilcanadian is an intricate part of canadian culture so it is there to is highly respected by the entire canadian population.

  55. DefenceWire seems to get irked when ever I mention "Standardisation".


    "Gringo said...


    Elaam map was not found through this link...

    "Page not found"...!!!!

    hee hee heee..."

    Clearly "Standardisation" didn't help you.


  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. srivathsa

    we wish all major and minor happinesses as you celebrate the new year in eLam. Go ahead and logon, grab your dick'n double click!!

  58. peter,

    What a great dig at the shameless Sinhalese trying to portray this day as Tamil-Sinhala New Year.

    Even though Sinhalese follow the lunar calendar with their Poya they have decided to steal our New Year and add a "Sinhala" in-front.

    This is great material for TamilNet. Hope you will win the TN Pullitzer for this work. Keep up good work until the advent of Eelam era on earth.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. There's still some hope for Upul and thiru and the clan;

    Just surrender to the nice sri lankan soldiers and you'll get a full meal, security and then even a chance to go abroad for a job..
    That's a whole lot better than slaving under some uneducated LTTE monkey, where the only reward is your own cynide capsule and suicide belt to go out with a bang..or if that fails, frothing at the mouth...

  61. Podiyens are begging for mercy and a lifeline..psycho-vaiko is even kissing ass to Solheim to stop the SLGs punishing assault. For once they fear 'annihilation of an ancient race' of pure terrorists.

    What amuses me is how these guys seem to assume that the audience is stupid. Solheim is a known LTTE supporter, but his intelligence is what's under attack.

  62. Wish you the same, defencenet & all the sri lankan.
    Hope to celebrate the new year in Killinochchi next year.

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  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. Happy new year to DN and bloggers


    For some tamil racists even the sun and moon is tamil.

  66. peter,
    Thanks for the link to the map. Funny thing is, the 'eelam' map shows the north, east and north western part of Sri Lanka as it is. They've even forgotten to change the sinhala names in some places (which they deny even exists and have substituted with their own tamil names, to make 'eelam' look more genuine)

    Anyway, they still seem to think east is theirs, and jaffna too.

  67. chamal,

    the same was pointed out by ninja.

    these racists even make the sun and the moon theirs!!!

    i think it is a mental disfunction to claim ownership of everything.

    in a way it is good. let them live in a fools paradise when we can slowly destroy their strongholds.

    i'm sure even thereafter they will make similar claims!!

    tamil elam is in HELL.

  68. for Defencenet Team and All,

    Thabana thabana paya ..
    SATH Piyumak wewa...!
    Yanena Yanena thena ..
    SITHA Sathutama wewa...!
    Sithana Sithana sama ..
    PATHUMama itu wewa...!
    Aluth Auruddha, Wasthu laba
    yasa isuru sapiri wasanawantha diviyakatama hethu wewa...!

    120ta 220k Aayubo Wewa...!

  69. lkdood,

    The sniper fire incident is true. It seems that the sniper has aimed at his head but he has bent down for some reason at the moment the shot was fired, and the bullet had hit him on the shoulder, covered by the bullet-proof jacket.

    The LTTE top level leaders don't really have to worry about getting hit by sniper fire, (unless it happens behind the lines) they rarely come to the FDL's these days. The fighting is mostly left to the low level commanders and the top people lead them from behind. But that is not the way it happens in the army. Most officers have to be in the front, leading their troops personally.

  70. ITS been a pain for a while these eelam bootlickers.....
    Sounds ok if they talk about the military operations and related stuff..

    WUt are these fools telling,,
    1. killing singhaleese
    2. singhalese are converted tamils..

    and whole heap of shit....

    can anyone do anything to save this blog from mentally handicapped peelam asylum seekers .....

  71. attack

    What tiger terras want is some eelaam. It doesn't matter for them how many humans (sinhalese or tamils) being killed for that. They try to talk like some eductaed civilized people but some times tell the truth (what realy in their heart and mind, no brain).

  72. Defencenet,

    Any news on the battle in Mannar on 12th? Both sides are giving huge casualty numbers... And it seems (according to a local news bulletin) LTTE has also used the new 'Pasilan 2000' that we've been discussing sometime ago. How effective has this weapon been in the battle?

  73. "The Media Centre for National Security wishes its viewers a happy and prosperous Sinhala and Hindu New Year."


    First the Mahavamsa and now a "Hindu New Year"

  74. Peter, put the race differences aside for once and enjoy the new year mate.

  75. MCNS statement shows ignorance. To point it out is not raciest.

    The chaps maintaining that site are supposed to be some of the most media savvy in the country. Yet, they could not even check out "Hindu New Year" in Google.

    Above all, it shows that those at the MCNS have no idea whatsoever about Tamils or Hindus. The fact that the greeting has remained there for more than 24hrs also shows that Tamils, who would have recognised the statement as an error, have little sway to get it corrected.

  76. "Iniya Sinhala & Tamil Puththandu Nalvaalththukkal"

    May this year the final year that all peace loving Sri Lankan celebrate the New Year when VP is ALIVE...!

    Mr Peter,
    In next year,
    01. If there is a New Year Day, VP cannot be alive OR
    02. If VP is alive there cannot be a New Year Day..

    I think you probably go for the second one..LoL...

  77. Gotha promised that VP won't be around for his next birthday. I'll go for that one!

  78. B#1,
    Many thanks for your kind comment.A very happy newyear to you.

  79. Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!!

  80. Looks like 8 LTTE bunkers were destroyed yesterday in northern front. But nothing still on or MCNS. Any news on this?



  82. Any Truth about this news item>
    "(Lanka-e-news, 12th April 2008, 11.00 pm) According to the information sources from Sri Lanka Air Force, we have been learnt that LTTE is getting information regarding any air attack before it commences. After the death of LTTE Political wing leader, Tamil Selvam, they have managed to get prior information of the air attacks and because of this , SLAF were failed in targeting any of the LTTE leaders after Tamil Selvam's death.
    As learnt by 'LeN', after receiving proper targets from Military Intelligent Units, SLAF study the targets, check the condition of the carft which is going for the attack, fix the bombs and then hand over the craft to the pilot which will take atleast 20 minutes to the Engineering Division of SLAF. The pilot will take 17 minutes to complete his job. During this 37-40 minutes period, LTTE leaders get information about the attack and are able to move to the hiding places. "

  83. San,
    I am no military person but i wouldn't really pay much attention to this..Lets put it this way the moment the noise of planes are heard LTTE cadres near ALL sensitive LTTE installations go for cover..but in future this is going to be difficult and they are going to be cornered when more land falls under the forces these fellows are going to be trapped.Most of these LTTE secret hideouts are inside civilian a guess because they know they wont be bombed.I am sure the LTTE have spotters to inform on incoming aircraft also.

  84. lkdood,
    There is something wrong here the canadian police will NEVER move in on their own flesh and blood.. the respected LTTE thaamils in canadian thaamil eelam...this info is false!!.If this happens there will be mass riots in every canadian city joined by every canadian citizen!!

  85. 'Gotha promised that VP won't be around for his next birthday. I'll go for that one!


    A fat pig called Velu 25 years ago promised that he can jump over the Elaam moon.

    I'm waiting for that day.

    Considering the odds... I'll put my money on Gota.

  86. Guys,
    Nice vedio about Mechanized Infantry,
    Check this link..

  87. 'the respected LTTE thaamils in canadian thaamil eelam...this info is false!!.If this happens there will be mass riots in every canadian city joined by every canadian citizen!!

    Thank you Tamil Diaspora... for making me rich...!

    A Canadian VIP

  88. Gringo,
    If you get on any train/bus in any city in canada...there is a notice that reads
    "Please keep this seat free for LTTE thaamils"
    just shows you how important they are to canadian society in general..they are a just a large multiple of Arbour pus**y.

  89. Lanka protests screening of pro-LTTE film in US


    LTTE launches counselling services for traumatised students


  90. lkdood,
    There is something wrong here the canadian police will NEVER move in on their own flesh and blood.. the respected LTTE thaamils in canadian thaamil eelam...this info is false!!.If this happens there will be mass riots in every canadian city joined by every canadian citizen!!


    nationalpost don't report false news

    it is a top 5 news paper in Canada

  91. Happy New Year to All including our brave troops in SLDF!

    Can you comments on type of bunkers Tigers build? I see some bunkers build right next or under civilian houses. Our SLAF should attack those house from air. F*** international bullshit about attacking civilian crap.

  92. What the f*** we need f*** Indians help for developement of films? F*** the Indians. Those guys are crooks and double crossers. Why cannot we locally develop those films instead of asking help from others? People rise up!

  93. "
    Last Monday, Conservative MP Art Hanger tabled a petition in the House of Commons signed by more than 1,000 Canadians of Sri Lankan origin. It urged the government to "ensure adequate surveillance and prosecution of the LTTE's front organizations and bogus charities."



    To outsource our security to Indians?

    To me, even that thought is a serious insult to defnec folks.

    Sri Lankans should know by now... that if we have to run the marathon... we have to run it ourselves...

    Instead... we must aim higher... and duplicate what great countries like Israel,Iran etc. are order to ensure security... and respect... while odds are stacking up against them all the time.

    We have enough talent among great Sri Lankans to undertake any daring mission...

    Just ask them, first.... and then empower them.

    That's the pride of a true Sri Lankan leader.

  94. Sorry folks...

    I quoted wrong topic in my last post...

    The correct one is as below:

    "The government is considering getting down Gurkha soldiers from India to beef up the security of top political leaders who face grave threats to their lives, reports said.

    A proposal in this regard has already been made to the Ministry of Defence, and it will be taken up at government level in due course.

    Gurkha soldiers are the top choice of heads of state and other VVIPs of several Asian countries to care for their security, as they are considered top experts in their profession.

    A final decision is to be taken after a special security requirement assessment of the top political leadership, according to reports."

  95. [Severe security breach

    On that fateful Sunday (6) morn, Jeyaraj Fernandopulle set off from home before dawn, to reach the Kanthi Stadium in Weliweriya where the "Sri Lak Dahasgav" marathon was to get started. But at 6:30 am, the Minister was surprised to find himself almost alone, as the athletes were still gathering.

    He went to Kanduboda, and returned an hour later. Standing close to him were Sri Lanka’s national athletics coach, Lakshman Alwis and Sri Lanka’s onetime marathon champion and SAF Gold medallist, K. Karunaratne.

    Having made a brief speech that encouraged the athletes to compete at higher levels, Fernandopulle descended from the stage, crossed the road and was directed by Alwis to wave the flag to commence the event.

    Accordingly, he crossed the road, took the flag and waved. Just then, something happened that made the gathering on the side of the curb where Fernandopulle stood, draw back. In seconds, the Minister’s mutilated body was thrown across the road to land some 25 feet away. Alwis and Karunaratne, several of Fernandopulle’s security personnel and aspiring athletes were among those instantly killed. The event organised to herald the Sinhala-Hindu New Year thus turned into a bloodbath.

    Strangely enough, Fernandopulle was a prime LTTE target according to military intelligence and was ranked amongst the top 10 of the LTTE hit list. Besides, it was claimed that the claymore that killed Nation Building Minister, D.M. Dassanayake actually targeted Fernandopulle. Following Dassanayake’s assassination, Fernandopulle left the country for a few weeks.

    Also, top sources confirm that Fernandopulle was issued regular warnings by the IGP that he was under constant threat.

    Besides, two people, a man and a woman, posing off as party sympathisers have allegedly joined the Katana SLFP organisation recently, only to be apprehended by the vigilant authorities for alleged links to the LTTE.

    Intelligence sources also claimed that Fernandopulle was not only a prime target but had his threat level increased following his involvement in the provincial election campaign in the east. At the time of his death, he was tasked to lead the government’s campaign in the Digamadulla District.

    If this be so, why was an event to be attended by Fernandopulle had security next to nothing? Besides the severe security threats he ran, he held cabinet rank and held the top position of Chief Government Whip, making him second in line to the post of prime minister.

    The response from Weliweriya police to the dastardly killing was indeed shocking. The explanation was that, being a public event (the very reason for better implemented security measures), nobody was checked at the point of entering the stadium. Not even the attendance of a VIP under grave terrorist threat necessitated them to carry out the most basic security checks.

    The athletes, if all of them were honest participants would have adhered to a registration procedure. If they were checked, as some say the assassin emerged from among the athletes, the explosion could have been averted.

    The million dollar question is, if a basic physical inspection was followed, how could anyone with a bomb come anywhere near Fernandopulle?

    There were members of the public standing close to the Minister. He stood shoulder to shoulder with the athletes who were ready to begin the marathon.

    In a country where the First Lady’s mother’s funeral had no less than three security checkpoints just weeks ago, why wasn’t there a single metal detector available at an event attended by a VIP under serious threat? This country has stipulations even to obtain permission to operate the public address system that was in use that day.

    Yet the glaring lapses keep costing the country many lives on a regular basis with no measures being taken to avert such.

    A probe into Jeyaraj Fernandopulle’s assassination must ensure explanations from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) who makes a ritual of promising ‘speedy and unbiased inquiries’ that don’t show results.

    Likewise, the Ministerial Security Division (MSD) together with the local police in Weliweriya must explain the lightheartedness with which the security was handled on April 6. Then heads must roll. If not for the glaring security breaches, the assassinated 15 would still be amongst the living and over 80 people would not have been injured.

    It is a given that the enemy needs to be successful only once. ]

    What's going on with VIP security?

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. Happy new year guys... the diesel price is most probably gonna increase by 26 Rupees from midnight.....hmm thats a hot news for people

  98. Jeyaraj Fernandopulle

    Unfortunately some of the successes that the LTTE has had with assassinating VIPs are not due the LTTE's brilliance but due to the sheer stupidity of the VIPs involved. Premadasa campaigning from an open jeep, CV Gooneratna walking in the middle of Galle Road with Prof. G. L. Peris and an entourage of followers, and JFP giving one week advance notice of his intention to participate in a public sporting event. Unfortunately the poor security people who must accompany these VIPs had to needlessly sacrifice their lives too. In these types of situations, it is pointless fingering the little guys for security breaches.

  99. Size of the Sri Lanka Defence Forces (last Sunday's Nation)

    The total strength of the three security forces, is around 200,000. In addition to this, there are around 70,000 Police personnel in the Police Department. The Army has around 150,000 personnel, while the Navy has a strength of 30,000 members, and the Air Force has a strength of about 20,000.

    The basic salary of a soldier is approximately Rs.14,000 plus a ration allowance of Rs.6,374 and cost of living allowance of Rs. 2,125.

    An additional sum of Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 is given to a soldier if he is in an operational area. A disturbance allowance of Rs. 30 is paid daily. Thereby, the total salary of a soldier comes to nearly Rs.33, 500.

    From a historical perspective, according to one of my family members, during the 70s and leading up to the early 80s, the full size of the Sri Lanka Army (both the regular Army and Vounteer Force) was around 13,000 soldiers.

    The annual recruits to the Sri Lanka Army for the last three years are: 2005: 3400, 2006: 10500, 2007: 37000, 2008: 12,175 (as of March 31 per Daily News April 1)

  100. By: Nira Wickramasighe: Professor of History and International Relations, University of Colombo.
    "All the evidence shows that the Sinhalese are a Dravidian community as far back as the historical record reaches. Certainly the textual evidence shows that Dravidian pattern was the norm in the sixth century when the Mahavamsa was composed…
    The exclusivist politics and mindsets of those who have drowned Sri Lanka in civil war must be challenged by a creative recovery of the island's hybrid identities, says Nira Wickramasinghe.
    In Sri Lanka, where issues of history and territory have been at the heart of the claims and counter-claims of leaders of the Sinhalese and Tamil communities, it is useful to adopt rhizomatic approach to history: that is, one where the future and past are constantly in the process of becoming each other."

  101. Silva and Bartholomeusz,(1998) Buddhist Fundamentalism And Minority Identities In Sri Lanka, New York Press

    "The centralised Sri Lankan state became coercive and made many more laws to punish the dissidents. The Prevention of Terrorism Act and the 6th Amendment which outlawed the Tamil Members of Parliament from the Parliament is an example of some draconian laws. The state failed to intervene creatively and positively, and failed to accommodate minority rights and aspirations through a regressive notion of a centralised state which refused to delegate power in the form of regional autonomy."

  102. K M De Silva Sri Lanka: Ethnic Conflict, Management and Resolution,(1999) ICES

    "In 1958, immediately after the Sinhalese language was made the official language communal riots broke out and many Tamils were killed and their properties were destroyed. The state was passively inactive and intervened too late. It delayed imposing a curfew and gave time to the looters and the killers to go on rampage. The Sri Lankan state was instrumental in causing the first migration of its people. The Burghers migrated to Australia and the Europeans to the United Kingdom and some of the Tamil elite professionals migrated to various countries.
    The fact that in 1959, the Prime Minister of the country - the highest executive of the state - was murdered by a Buddhist monk, in collaboration with the other Buddhist clergy and a minister of the Cabinet, has a significance with a multitude of meanings. The murder was committed because the Buddhist clergy felt that the control and power it had on the Prime Minister, was declining. His ascendancy to political power which captured state power, was largely due to the active support of the Sinhala Buddhists who were led by the clergy. He was installed in power so that he would protect the Sinhala Buddhist interests to the exclusion of others. When it felt that their power on him was waning, it decided to put him to death. This act is symbolic of political terror to such an extent that the state with its enormous power structures was stilled into silence momentarily till the legal course of action identified the culprits."

  103. your history was derived down from the British Colonials, there was no mention of Aryan or anything in Sri Lanka until the British introduced the idea (which has proved to be quite wrong years ago) your whole history is a 19th century, white colonial myth!

    Aryan crap is Myth people! There was no Aryan Invasion! South Indians alone with many are idiots who claim that there was an Aryan Invasion!

    Its a Myth!

  104. jara man,

    Lets say you are right for a moment. Does it mean that we should allow the terrorist Mad Velu to create an exclusive homeland for Tamil race which is identical to Sinhala race? Alternatively, the Eelamist can accept your theory and just join the country claiming we all are of Tamil origin and therefore we call our selves Sinhala from today.

    Want to join your blood brothers the Sinhalese than blowing up bombs everywhere?

  105. regarless if jay is right or wrong..its too late for history lessons now..this LTTE filth has to be exterminated..

  106. Happy Aluth Auvurudu guys (did I do that right )man.... ya guys are awesome and good to blog with ya !

    BTW , we kick some ltte butt, this year ! Arohara !

  107. Jay Ramen,

    The belief that Tamil people are distinct from the rest of Sri Lankans and therefore they need a seperate country is a modern day myth propagated by the LTTE. Most Sri Lankans don't deny the fact that all people in Sri Lanka are closely related to each other physically, culturally, historically, etc, and that we are closely related to the people in India, including South India. Being in the maritime crossroads, we know that Sri Lankans also came from other countries within and outside the Asian region.

    Sri Lanka Migration

  108. Most of you seem to think that it was the LTTE that propagated Tamil nationalism, and subsequent aspirations for an independent Tamil Eelam.

    The LTTE didn't carry-out attacks against the Sinhala troops until a few years in the 80s.

    It was the TULF that propagated Tamil nationalism amongst the youths of the 60s and 70s. In fact, many that joined the LTTE then, and are now "senior members" were not enticed by "LTTE propaganda" but by the enticing speeches of the fiery TULF starlets.

    Apapilai Amirthalingam and the modern-day darling of the Sinhalalese Veerasingham Anandasangaree were the most prominent.

  109. Jay... what Baloney you are eating...???

    Velu has had his day... 25+ years... to create history.... killing thousands in the name of a mythical Eelam... but the pig just couldn't live up to his word.

    Now it's proud Sri Lankans' turn create history... by shattering that myth.... and getting real results. I mean allocating REAL ESTATE from the North / East to the landless in the country...

    The best real estate is reserved for the loved ones and families of those troops who were rich enough to pay the ultimate price for the country....

    The Eelam myth of course will be allowed to continue for two reasons... firstly for some folks to squeeze money out from Tamil Desperate Diaspora... and, secondly for inclusion in colorful fairy tales!

  110. peter,

    Your theories are old and we have heard it over and over. Yet, nothing is going to change the fact that it is LTTE committing acts of terror against the people of Sri Lanka, not TULF. Actions speak louder than words.

    Just like all other LTTE supporters, you too have the habit of littering the blog with garbage. Please create your own blog and add enough garbage to satisfy yourself. Leave this blog to relevant topic of discussion. Currently, you achieve nothing other than a pitiful picture of yourself

  111. Please where the hat if it fits, but look at this, written by a Tamil. I hate posting this twice, but this is for the benefit of the cows who are hellbent on creating an EeelFarm.

    An answer to Satheesan Kumaran
    Tamils must ask for what is reasonable and accept their role in the conflict
    by S. Rasalingam

    One of the important, and valid messages contained in Satheesan Kumaran's message, published in the Midweek review if The Island of 20th February is that we need bridge-building among the different communities. But he observes it in the breach.

    Hurling accusations does not help. He claims, "The ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka between the Sinhalese and Tamil-speaking has been a creation by the Sinhala leaders". Then Kumaran proceeds to attack Theravada Buddhism, and gives advice to Buddhist monks. He says "Irresponsible words of politicians in Colombo will only add fuel to the flames of destruction engulfing Sri Lanka politically, economically, militarily, culturally and socially, rather than educate communities on the importance of co-existence." He goes onto claim "what Sri Lankan politicians really want is to create a society of voiceless citizens remote-controlled by a bunch of politicians."

    Surely, such voiceless citizens already live in the Vanni and how did that come about? We Tamils have not understood how we dug our own graves.

    Kumaran says, "A national consensus can only be achieved when the Sinhalese embrace the minorities and win their hearts and minds". Here again it seems that only the Sinhalese have to act. Don't we Tamils have to also act to reassure the majority?

    As an aging Tamil who has observed Tamil-Sinhala politics since the 1940s, I cringe to see the continued repetition of simplified and historically incorrect hurling of accusation, even by a man who recognizes the need for building bridges between communities. People of Kumaran's generation do not know that politicians like D. S. Senanayake (DS) tried to create a "Ceylonese" nation.

    Much false propaganda has been generated and good men like DS have been besmirched. People like Ponnambalam Ramanathan, in collusion with Governor Maitland introduced the principle of "communal representation" in the legislative process. Some Sinhala leaders rejected this ("Ramanathan's deception"), and then came the Donoughmore commission which proposed Universal Franchise.

    Surely, it was a defining moment when the Colombo Tamil leaders decided that their dominant position would be threatened, unless they separated themselves from the Sinhalese, and call for a separate identity. G. G. Ponnambalam (GGP) in the State Council in 1934 declared that he was "a proud Dravidian" and rejected the "Ceylonese" concept of a polity of a single people. Natesan and others followed suit, as a reading of the political history of the times will reveal. Ponnambalam lent his voice to a movement which began to attack Sinhala Buddhists, and the Mahavamsa, their famed historical chronicle. Should I remind Mr. Kumaran that the first Sinhala-Tamil Riot occurred in 1939, in Navalapitiya, and spread to Passara, Maskeliya and to many other towns, when the Colonial government stepped in and stamped it out?

    The riot was sparked by the inflammatory racist speech of GGP in Navalapitiya, attacking the Sinhala Buddhists and the Mahavamsa (see The Hindu Organ, June 1, 1939 and other newspapers of the time). It was then that S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike (SWRD) saw an opportunity, and went to every one of the cities touched by the riots, and established branches of the Sinhala Maha Sabha (see The Hindu Organ, June 19, 1939). It was in this extremely heated atmosphere that GGP developed his fifty-fifty solution as a means of safeguarding the dominant position of the Tamils. Far from bridging the gap between the communities, every action of GGP was designed to drive this "difference" between the Tamils - descendants of the Dravidians, and the Sinhalese, a "hybrid mongrel race split of from the aboriginal Tamils and mixed with Aryan invaders" (as stated by GGP in Navalapitiya in 1939).

    The racism of the GGP et al was matched by the SWRD group. It would seem that SWRD the feudal aristocrat, and GGP the caste-conscious Catholic lawyer, were both power-hungry manipulators of the people for further their own interests. The elder statesmen of the times, i.e., Baron Jayatilleke, D. S. Senanayake (DS), Mahadeva etc. charted a reasonably non-communalist line.

    DS in particular realized that public confrontations would be a grave obstacles to independence and bridge-building between the communities. When the Soulbury commission arrived, Senanayake managed to get the "Young Turks" like SWRD and others not to appear before Soulbury, and imposed a formal boycott while making room for informal contacts. GGP however appeared before the Soulbury commission and whenever possible for three months, claiming that the Tamils were being discriminated against in jobs, education, health, colonization settlements, etc. He even objected to the declaration of Anuradhapura as an archaeological conservation area as an act of discrimination. The Soulbury Commissioners rejected virtually all of GGP's claims as being without foundation. It rejected the 50-50 demand, i.e., equal number of seats to the 12% Tamils and 75% Sinhalese as an attempt to subvert democracy.

    The Sinhala leaders refrained from public confrontation with GGP during the Soulbury period, and this led to a sense of healing between the communities. The state council approved the Soulbury proposals overwhelmingly. GGP leading the Tamil Congress(TC), as well as SWRD and other Sinhala nationalists joined the DS cabinet which believed in the "ceylonese" concept (see Senanayake's Acceptance Speech in the Hansard 1947).

    Meanwhile, dark clouds were gathering. The ultra-nationalist Tamil wing led by S. J. V. Chelvanayakam (SJV) was not happy. They grumbled about GGP's approach, and proposed that instead of 50-50, the Tamils must pursue the "Two-Nation" concept, where the Tamils are equal to, and distinct from the Sinhalese. SJV said that Tamils should pursue their separate destiny. The opportunity to break from GGP arose with the Indian Citizenship Act. Most Ceylonese leaders and the Colonial government had become worried that the Indian Tamil workers and the Estate sector would fall into the hands of the Marxists who had began militant agitations. The new citizenship act required that only persons with seven years of residency could become citizens and vote in elections, thus eliminating transients. GGP and most other Tamils voted for it. But SJV declared that GGP was a "traitor" to the Tamil cause and used the moment to create the Tamil Arasu Kachchi. SJV contended that the Citizenship Act violated minority rights, and challenged it, and the government, in the courts, and in the Privy Council in London. The unequivocal judgments were that there has been no discrimination before or after the Act, and that the citizenship requirements were as reasonable as in the most liberal European states at the time.

    Nevertheless, the Arasu Kachchi kept on agitating, determined to drive a wedge between the two communities, i.e., even among the anglicized Colombo citizens. I have attended meetings in Jaffna where the Arasu Kachchi talked of a separate Tamil nation, while in Colombo they sounded moderate and talked of federalism. A golden opportunity for the Arasu Kachchi arrived with the election of SWRD as PM. SWRD was a politician who recognized the rights of minorities, and an accommodation could have been easily reached with him. But the Arasu Kachchi's public position in Jaffna was well known to the Sinhala nationalists who had deep distrust of SJV, E.M.V. Naganathan and others. If there is no trust, there can be no political Pact.

    It is easy to blame the "Buddhist monks" for the failure of the Banda- Chelva Pact. But what did this Banda-Chelva Pact ask for? It asked for Tamil administrative regions in the North and East. At that time, just as today, the East involved Muslims and Sinhalese and Tamils. The Muslims opposed the Banda-Chelva Pact. The Sinhalese in the East opposed the B-C pact. The Arasu Kachchi had done NOTHING to build bridges between the two communities and win their confidence. Instead, they used every opportunity to confront the Singhalese. Ponnambalam and the TC also opposed the B-C Pact.

    The B-C pact was NOT based on discrimination. It was based on the "Homeland Concept". It asked for the same 2/3 coastal area and land area as a "homeland" for the Tamils (12% of the population) that the LTTE today is asking for. If the Arasu Kachchi had only asked for the Northern province and if its leaders had reassured the Sinhalese and Muslims, the B-C Pact would have had some chance of survival.

    If the proposed B-C pact had actually got enacted, the Sinhala nationalists would have demanded the Tamils living in Weallawatai and Kottachenai to leave. The 1983 Black July would have happened decades earlier.

    I have began from the Donoughmore Era and reviewed the history to indicate to young people like Satheesan Kumaran that the story is not black and white, with the Sinhalese doing all the bad things and "creating the ethnic divide", while the Tamils meekly performed "satyagraha" to win their rights both sides have been at fault.

    The Tamils in the Vanni and other areas are not like their caste conscious counterparts in, whose only desire has been to retain their political power, and rule the North as absent landlords. The Vanni Tamils ("Malabars" in the language of the 1815 Kandyan Treaty, and also in Cleghorn's report to the Colonial office), like the Singhalese, have a lot in common as our religion, social organization and language are very similar to that of the Sinhalese people. Although GGP and SJV attempted to emphasize differences, these are the same stock of people with mere superficial differences.

    The LTTE is a creation of the elitist Colombo Tamils who decided to use the lower caste "boys" in far-flung areas to promote their misguided political struggle making our children mere cannon fodder. Meanwhile, their children, kith and kin have gone abroad and continue to finance a psychopath who has eliminated out teachers, our kurukals, writers, journalists, political leaders and thinkers, so as to create a subservient society toeing his line with no questions asked, in the name of Eelam.

    So, Kumaran what is there to be negotiated?

    Kumaran is proposing conflict resolution via negotiations. As Anton Balasingham once stated, "Only the borders remain to be negotiated". It should not be forgotten that the Arasu Kachchi, while talking of Gandhian methods, secretly supported the creation of young militant groups. SJV personally met and worked with Sivakumaran, who was the first to commit suicide by swallowing cyanide.

    I am sorry to say that the Tamil leaders of the 1930s, and then the ultra-nationalist activism of the SJV platform have been largely responsible for the plight of the Tamils today. Blaming the Sinhalese for all our ills won’t do. We need to soften our acrimonious uncompromising stand.

  112. Ok, now, abt. Anandasagree, well he may have had other ideas when he was young, but Sinhalese will accept anyone if they reform. Or would we ever have associated Pilleyan?

    Velu and Pottu have gone too far, killed too many people, terrorized civillians. They have committed crimes against Indians and other nations as well. So there is noway that that everyone will agree to let them off the hook.

  113. Oooh, I love this part.

    "The LTTE is a creation of the elitist Colombo Tamils who decided to use the lower caste "boys" in far-flung areas to promote their misguided political struggle making our children mere cannon fodder. Meanwhile, their children, kith and kin have gone abroad and continue to finance a psychopath who has eliminated out teachers, our kurukals, writers, journalists, political leaders and thinkers, so as to create a subservient society toeing his line with no questions asked, in the name of Eelam."

  114. Folks,

    Copy the article that I posted here, and keep it with you, it will be useful when you argue with EelFarmers.

  115. Remember Crassus who killed all those slaves (led by Spartacus) in Rome? It is said tha Crassus crucified 6000 slaves captured in battle from somewhere to Rome. But later Crassus lost to Parthian and Parthians poured molted Gold down Crassus's throat. This is what happen to evil men. They have to pay someday.

  116. Gold was used because Crassus was supposed to be very greedy for wealth. Just like VP.

  117. Find out the absolute truth about the great nation of eLamm.

    It's a wild ride.

  118. DefenceNet

    I recommend you adding the following site to your list, in order to provide upul, thiru and a few others an unbiased source of joyous information.

  119. TS

    It was already added long time ago.


    About SL history

    Actulally there is a US funded project goin rewritting SL history. In that new history mahavansha is rejected as lies and 'sel lipi' were also given new interprtaion. King dutugamunu lived before buddha in that history and sinhalese were transformed dravidans.

  120. TS,

    "I recommend you adding the following site to your list,"

    I second that! Funny stuff, but crass, good to give the Eelfarmers a "southern uprising".

  121. jayraman

    similarly, as the Sinhalese evolved from tamils, tamils evolved a switch.
    on their left nipple.

    to detonate suicide bombs..

    you see it on that tragic aunty playing inside her blouse before doing the fancy flip backward without her head and tits, on the now world famous video.

    certainly re-defined the tamil people in an unforgettable way.

    we made sure that LOTS of people saw it here in the US. Repeatedly too.

  122. Ninja,

    "Actulally there is a US funded project goin rewritting SL history. In that new history mahavansha is rejected as lies and 'sel lipi' were also given new interprtaion. King dutugamunu lived before buddha in that history and sinhalese were transformed dravidans."

    Lets ask them to bring it on. Just another myth to disprove. We are ready aren't we?

    Just like the creationists, the Eelfarmers are coming up with theories that can't be disproved (or proved!). It will be like an "ahas koora", glamorous, and a pop, and then darkness, eternal darkness.

  123. Guys,

    can you see the desperation of the tamil elam crappies.

    1. first they threatened us to get TE. in 2001-2005 we feared. but thereafter no more fear. we hammered them

    2. then they begged for the CFA. that failed.

    3. then they dragged Buddhism to save their arses. that also failed.

    4. now they are dragging history to save their sorry arses. that is also failing.

    Dear LTTE supporters, stop begging us. we have NO MERCY for you. you cannot deter us by your clumsy bullshit.

    we don't care dravidian, aryan, etc. nonsense because we are not racists. you are a racist still living in RACE. we are not. we have moved to more civilised levels. but your stone age racism is NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU.

  124. wipeltte,

    i don't think the govt. has learnt anything from it. they are going to have their May day rally in ampara for political reasons.

    how stupid?

    i fear about civilians not about these ASSes heading for ASS-ASS-I- NATION voluntarily.

  125. casc,

    thanks for the numbers.

    i did this calculation before; refined it now.

    the annual cost of this years recruits is going to be more than $40 million.

    that is equal to 14 more old MiG-27s or 7 new Mi-24s!! (subject the exchange constraints)

    we need numbers but this is excessive. it is better to convert the war to more weapons intensive.

    but that depends on the long term strategy. if the attrition is the long term strategy yes, if controlling land is the long term strategy then NO.

    there is a political element as well. SLA has become the biggest employer in the country!

    if the govt. changes someday, the next govt. will be burdened with a $1 billion (and increasing) recurrent defence spend. if they cut it they become unpopular islandwide. if they keep it and wage no war, then it will be again unpopular as people expect economic benefits from a 'no-war' situation.

  126. Rover

    As I know this is well planned project. Some sinhalese who pretend as 'good buddhists' also involved. They probably try to replace current history sylabus in schools at some time. Out come depends on how sinhalese people react. Even Pope had to admit this is land of mahavansha (when he visited SL). Thats why every e-lamist hate mahawansha.


    Interesting findings on AAB attack in Divaina.
    # 20 mins to find misplaced key of ammo storage !!!
    # A cadet was leading the fight with 21 black tigers !!!
    and more .....

  127. Moshey

    May day in Ampara is gambling. If a success A+ for MR. A disaster, eastern election f****up.

  128. Ninja,

    Give us more information about this project. Who funds it where is it based? That should be enough for me to find out more. Then we can have the everything lined up to disprove their claim (if it based on facts, we can argue, if there aren't any, nobody will take it seriously, and it will go down into the dustbin of history).

    The best method to prove that Sinhalese were in Sri Lanka before the Tamils is in something that we use everyday. I am very surprised that our academics have not taken this approach! Anyway, not to worry, there are many other aspects that can be used to prove what is needed. Let them bring it on.

  129. Latest from the SLA’s Big Kahuna:

    [against the backdrop of gradual progress on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts, Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka is preparing to unleash his troops on the Jaffna front. Although the LTTE had expected the government to launch the Jaffna offensive months earlier, the Army Chief has delayed the assault until his troops made progress on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts. But the LTTE, now struggling to thwart the army on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts, would soon face a fresh offensive across the Jaffna frontline.

    Although the army chief has not indicated when he intended to open the Jaffna front, the launch of major offensive action would mark the beginning of the biggest ever ground assault in the entire Eelam War.]

    Wow! Got to love this!

    This was sweet music to my ears! Hope it is to yours too!

    Now you see why Vaiko is licking Soleheim’s balls to get another “ceasefire!”

    Go get ‘em SLDF and liquidate the mf’s “with extreme prejudice!”

    OaO Asithri

  130. I think we should take the cautionary approach when dealing with the purported "academics" woh support Eelfarm and personally I would like to hold back without revealing too much on how we are going to stratergize. When the shoddy work is PUBLISHED we can get into business, shredding it down, then our counter arguments will get greater exposure, revealing the naked lies of the LTTE.

    As I always say, the LTTE has not got anything after fighting for 30+ years because its struggle is based on utter lies, terrorism and deception.

  131. Ok, good day/night to all the Sri Lankans and the skulking eelfarmers.

  132. rover

    Dealing with history is not simple as you think. No one lives now from 2500 years. There is accepted methods and its upto arcealogists and history experts to do their job. I am not histroy expert but I understand how complicated the things are.

    History is always what we say now about past based on facts, evidence and accepted methods. But some times it depend on the person's reputation as well. eg. No one usualy chalnges SenarathP.

    There is a nice arguement based on langauge (difference - sinhala, TN tamil, Jaffna tamil and Nuwara eliya tamil) which shows recent occupying of tamils. Another arguement shows sinhalese were originated from the island (after mixing with indian new comers and existing people.)

    The term 'demala' was used to say 'out sider' or enimy. Thus in history when books says demala it doesn't need to be tamils. It can be keralas or any other invader. Rajavaliya use 'demala' even for Pruathgese !!!!

    It is said Elara had a bell so that people can use it for complaints. Such a tradition is not found in any south indian kingom but in persia (iran). Some claim elara id Persian.!!!

    I will post info once I get confirmed details about that project.

  133. Jey Rama

    So, let me see if I understand…

    So Tamils in TamilNadu one day decided to turn themselves into a race called “Sinhela” and shed their language and religion and invented a brand new language and a religion, all child’s play and just like that eh?

    Wow! Wow Indeed!

    What an Einstein we have in you!

    So, pray tell me Einstein:

    What happened to you? Why are you this way? What calamity befell you, for your brain to come out with such weird ideas? Were you born this way through a genetic deformity, or is it that you had an accident/unfortunate event as a child like…for example, falling from the crib (or what passed for one) and hitting your head on the cow-dung floor? Or did you mother feed you kerosene oil instead of breast milk (as she was saving it for your uncle), Or is it that you were traumatized one day watching you Poppa having sex with the household goat?

    Pardon my ignorance…but these are serious questions…as, for someone to have such an imbecile but an acutely twisted mind such as yours, I certainly believe something major has got to have happened.


    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  134. This spiteful effort to desecrate the Mahavamsa by barbarians without no history must be resisted.

    OK since the situ went so far i though to add my two cents worth. i have read about another version of sinhala, tamil history from a scientific anthropological pov.

    according to that sinhala is a combination of 3 groups (mahavamsa reference - three sinhela or thun sinhela). they were YAVANAS, CAMBOJAS AND SAKHAS.

    Yavanas are the Greek ((mahavamsa reference - SL was formerly known as 'hela' means greece). Also Mahavamsa on many occassions refers to close ties with greece (mahavamsa reference - for the inauguration of the mahavihara?? 30,000 delegates from greece had come)

    Also it says yavanas settled in the north, north central, north east, west. Greeks had a fantastic water management system the best in the world - may be next to Rome. Undoubtedly SL had the best irrigation systems in Asia. this may hint at the greek connection. Also the marvels of our irrigation systems - wew (tanks) and canals - are mainly found in areas occupied by the yavanas and in the down south, south-east there are not many irrigation marvels.

    The other gorup was Cambojas who came from northern iran/turkmanistan region. they settled down in the south, south east, central hills. they were predominantly businessmen/women.

    the third group (a smaller one) called SAKHS also settled down in the south. they were warriors from the northern iran/turkmanistan region and still found there.

    it may explain the OaOA type warriors from the south, seriously.

    all these 3 groups became sinhela and adopted an eastern language, religion.

    there were no major wars between them and thousands of years of tropical climate, tropical food made them look somewhat similar to other tropical dwellers.

    these people are thought to have come via the SILK ROAD thousands of years ago.

    on the other hand tamil is an older race. all the evidence of dravidian existance is found ONLY IN INDIA. tamils come from PRONTO-AUSTRALIS (similar to australian aborginals), NEGROTIS (negroid people who migrated to asia) and A FEW NORTH AFRICAN PEOPLES.

    sinhalese and tamils are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT anthropologically. even the DNA structure is different.

    all three groups that made the sinhalese were Aryans.

    ever heard of henry steel olcott and helena blavatski???

    they had a secret project. their love for buddhism was secondary. they had a grand plan than that.

    they believed in Aryan supremacy. they came to SL to revive the Aryan race that was cornered and isolated in the world. some of their writings on Aryan supremacy is considered 'controversial'.

    a few neo-nazis call for all aryans to unite. although most of them are overly concious about A WHITE ARYAN movement (RED-SKINS in Russia) a very few groups welcome dark skinned aryans.

    although Sinhelas are aryans this is NOT the way to go. that bled germany and the world in WW2 and killed millions of iinocent jews without any valid reason. some idiots still reject halaucaust which is the MOST barbaric thing ever happened in the world.

    the important thing is to identify our differences and move on as a nation.

    let the past burry its dead.

  135. i meant without ANY history must be resisted

  136. Patriots

    I see there are few filthy LTTE momma-doers here out to rewrite Sri Lanka’s history to suit their “thamileelam” wet-dream!
    These filthy momma-doers have tried everything from discrediting our revered Chronicles to refreshing (!) proven anthropological/ archaeological revelations to get their way.

    Now one of the things these filthy bastards are totally embarrassed about (that they stealthily sweep it under the rug) is that in the Tamil lexicons, including in the classics from TamilNadu, “eelam” is defined as the “land of the Sinhelas”…!!!!

    Can you believe the bloody insidious nature of these momma-doers? I can!


    OaO Asithri

  137. OaOA,

    their grand project to change one of the most illutrious chronicals of mankind must be defeated.

    mahavamsa is backed by ground evidence which LTTE tried so hard to destroy.

  138. When tigers say eelaam they have to add tamil eelaam. This means eelaam is even not tamil. Eelaam is just another name for SL. Earlier SL was known as sinhale. In tamil this become sinhalam and in tamil they din't use s in front thus sinhalam became elaam.

    Also, Dravida doesn't mean tamil. Tamils are draviada but dravida can be andra, kerala, tamil, any south indian ethnic group.

    This 'aryan' is to name a perticuler group of people. It doesn't mean they are 'superiour'.

    Some suggests tamils came to india from middle asia.

    This history game is always a part of elaam plan. Thats accedamics who should work on this front. Unfortunately, money can buy accedemics.

  139. MosheD
    Fully agree…we should not let these filthy bastards/bitches rewrite our history.

    Yes, there are all these possibilities noted of the Aryan origins in SL, but the simple truth I think is the one that is backed by irrefutable evidence and that is - there is a distinct and very strong connection of the Sinhelas of Sri Lanka to the Indo-Aryans in the states of Orissa, Bengal and Bihar (all bordering states to each other, with Bengal and Orissa only having the sea – Bay of Bengal). I have visited these states and in these states you will see many semblances of what we see in our own history – especially in the archaeological sites. In Bihar I marveled to see a place called “Anuradapur” for example. It is a fact that the Sinhela race, like every other race on this planet, has had mixes with other races, but the fact remains that most Sinhelas look like Indians from that part of India and not just the looks, but in every other part of our life, we are connected (albeit distantly now) to that region. If you sail out from Bengal or Orissal the sea currents and wind patterns invariable take you to northern-west Sri Lanka (this is now established knowledge in the modern day sailing information/techniques) and it is no mystery that people from those two NE states (that has sea as a border) would have landed in SL – if they didn’t then that would be a great mystery. Of course, in turn, the people in those states have had strong connections to Gujarat and Rajasthan states as per their own history (this is probably why I found “Wickramsinha” last name quite a bit in Rajasthan).

    Anyway, this is all history and although history matters, today we are – PROUD SRI LANKANS irrespective of our origins.

    As such any filthy maggot that wants to break up our Sri Lanka Motherland will be squished with our jack-boots (now there’s an unmistakable “Aryan” reference from not very long ago! lol) to a messy-pulp. LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  140. OK to leave now.

    MosheD, thanks for the interesting discourse...although not strictly military related, but nevertheless intricately interwoven to today's conflict and as such, the anti-terra military campaign in SL.

    Tare care...

    OaO Asithri

  141. Yes, bengal, Orissa, etc. were also habitated by the kambojas according to anthropological history.

    actually aryan name was made deliberately to highlight superiority. Arya mean superior. But no race can ever be superior to another and we all know that.

  142. Sam Perera, Casc and Srilankan:

    Lets not talk about LTTE or the creation of Tamil Eelam.

    My argument was that Sinhalese and Tamils are people of identical backgrounds! I was challenging those people in this blog who claim that Sinhalese people belong to that Aryan race!

    Nazism was derived from Aryan doctrine; The "Aryan race" is a concept in European culture that was influential in the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It derives from the idea that the original speakers of the Indo-European languages and their descendants up to the present day constitute a distinctive race. Aryan means Noble, superior to other race, ect...
    Nazism was derived from the Aryan Myth, the belief that a Noble Race exist, that was the reason of the Holocaust committed by Hitler's Men!

    Tamils and Sinhalese have the same background and culture! Same people!

    But the Civil war has nothing to do with Aryan vs. Dravidian; its about a minority community which is fighting for its rights! It was deprived of its rights soon after the Independence from the UK.

    Sinhala Extremism is the Cause of Tamil Extremism! Tamils had to take up arms to tell the world whats happening in Sri Lanka!

    Guys, Just ask yourself who was responsible for the creation of LTTE? Call it Terrorism if your like,
    but for me, The word "Terrorist" is a political word used by Politicians to tackle political opponents! If you label me as a terrorist right now, then whatever i say wouldn't matter. There are people in this forum who basically ignoring my views just because I have a label "Terrorist" slapped on my Blog Name!

    Who introduced the Cease Fire? was it the LTTE or the Sri lankan Government? the truth is Both parties don't trust eachother anymore! Tamils and Sinhalese are pitted against eachother for Indian and Western political objectives!

    Only we can solve this ethnic problem! Tamils have lost their faith in Sinhala Leadership and Sinhalese beginning to identify Tamils as "Terrorist"!

    There was an incident in Southern Sri Lanka, where a Tamil girl was asked to strip naked at gun point by the Sri Lankan police because they thought she was a Tiger! Later they took her into their police station and after hours of Interrogation It was revealed that the Girl was in fact a Sinhalese girl without prover ID card. So you see, just because this Sinhalese girl who looked Tamil was under suspicion, but most of you will blame the LTTE for this incident, but lets come back to the first question, who was responsible for the creation of LTTE?

    All these incidents only apart Tamils and Sinhalese! It doesn't unite! The Irish people still remember the horror cause by the British as if it was yesterday! People don't just forgive and forget that easily!

    Its better to Divide and Live! Keep that in mind!

  143. jay ramen,

    Have you read the description of Defencenet?

    "This blog is dedicated to discussing military activities in Sri Lanka."

    It's NOT dedicated to discussing bullshit, languages or (false) history. If you don't have anything to write about military activities or anything related, just shut up.

    And BTW, if as you say sinhalese are really tamils, I don't understand why the LTTE are fighting for a separate tamil state? Sri Lanka is already a country with a tamil majority if sinhalese are really tamils?????

  144. chamal:

    I see you haven't read my post, either that or like Peter said, "Standardization didn't help you much I see"?

    Its not about Tamil or Sinhalese, its about A minority fighting for its deprived rights!

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. jay ramen,

    "Its not about Tamil or Sinhalese, its about A minority fighting for its deprived rights!"

    Can you please enlighten us on what these 'deprived rights' are? I don't see any hardships for the tamils (or any other minority) that is enough to start a war.

    The LTTE (and other similar groups) were created by India to destabilize the country. The fat moron called Piripakaran was fed bullshit and made to believe that tamil people wanted a war. He in turn, fed bullshit to his friends and later everyone at large that war was what they wanted. Apart from that, there was no reason to fight for a separate state. If there is a deprivation of rights, then why aren't they fighting for those rights, and fighting for a country? (a country that is going to be no better even if they get it, looking at the sun goat's leadership in the LTTE)

  147. according to the island SLA is going to start the grand operation from jaffna.

    i guess it will be after May 10th. it will be the biggest ever battle and i'm looking forward to it.

    i think it is important that we discuss various scenarios about it here. brainstoring can bring about new insights. SF started a good discussion in his blog about a move to poonaryn sometime back.

    i want the SLAF to do more with offensive support, surveillence, destroy LTTE supply routes to the battlefront, block its ability to replenish. SLN will also have a bigger role.

    very interesting to see how tigers who are overstretched now, will manage four battlefronts.

    interstingly the gap between the mannar front and EP can be fully covered by long range arti. if troops make a downward move from EP. this can cripple the LTTE in the north-west.

    it will be fantastic to commence the advance from weli-oya to mulaitivu at the same time.

    these two offensives can potentially cut all links LTTE has with the outside world by denying them safe access to the seafront.

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. chamal:

    Tamils have fought Politically since 1950s for their lost/deprived rights! In turn they were faced with Sinhalese hoodlums and mobs attacking their Gandhi Style protest!

    The Demand for a country was up forward by Tamil politicians in 1960s-70s because the Sri Lankan government was determined to crush any type of protest against the government policies! Tamils have lost their in Sinhala Leadership! In order for the Tamils to live in peace and Dignity they must create their own country in Sri Lanka!

    In order for anyone to have a Gandhi Style protest against a government, you must have a decent government to protest against! Sri Lankan government is not decent! Sending Mobs after peaceful protesters will not solve anything! Tamils had not choice! but to take up Arms against Oppression!

    The Demand put forward by LTTE was already put forward by Tamil Politicians in the 60s and 70s!

    Tamils tried everything and nothing worked, They realized that Armed struggle is the only language the Sri Lankan government will understand!

    Mr. chamal, I know you have no clue regarding Sinhalese Ancient History but atleast learn the present history! When you feed your children with your illegitimate knowledge they too become blind, and the cycle repeats itself!

  150. Jay,

    "In turn they were faced with Sinhalese hoodlums and mobs attacking their Gandhi Style protest!"

    Come man, don't talk in bits and pieces, if you want to say the story well, say the entire story. Don't pick up bits and pieces just to support your conclusion! If you don't know the whole story just shut up, and leave us alone to do our discourse. Go read Mr. Rasalingam's story as well, for starters.

  151. Jay,

    "They realized that Armed struggle is the only language the Sri Lankan government will understand!"

    Brilliant plan. Is that so? Then pray may I ask why the LTTE are begging the IC and Norway to mediate and stop the war? Did they get too much of their own medicine?

    I can't get enough of this quote.

    "The LTTE is a creation of the elitist Colombo Tamils who decided to use the lower caste "boys" in far-flung areas to promote their misguided political struggle making our children mere cannon fodder. Meanwhile, their children, kith and kin have gone abroad and continue to finance a psychopath who has eliminated out teachers, our kurukals, writers, journalists, political leaders and thinkers, so as to create a subservient society toeing his line with no questions asked, in the name of Eelam."

  152. Moshe,

    "very interesting to see how tigers who are overstretched now, will manage four battlefronts."

    Their only hope is to be good boys and convince the IC to stop the war, and they are already attempting it.

  153. Skulking?! Oh well, I really must go this time. Good night.

  154. jay ramen,

    I did not ask you how you people carry out your glorious 'struggle for liberation'. We've heard all that rubbish before. What I'm asking is to tell us about the problems and hardships tamils are facing that is enough to start a war? Your comment has no answer or connection to my question whatsoever. If any LTTE supporter here can answer this question with reasonable answers (not bullshit, please) they'll be welcome.

  155. Guys,

    Senior officials had told DefenceWet that Madhu will be captured by May Day.

    In the meantime, they captured general area north of Giant's Tank aka general area south of Adamapan.

    Also, don't forget that there are five divisions of the SLA, each attacking from a different front.

    With DefenceLK reducing its numbers I don't want you guys to suffer from malnutrition.

  156. "problems and hardships tamils are facing that is enough to start a war?"

    I think the answer to the previous question has been repeated several-folds. Yet if someone is interested that can visit and find out for themselves. Of course not all may agree with the reasons, but it's just one side of the coin.

    In simple, the "hardships and problems" have been enough for more than 20, 000 Tamil youths to lay their life down. Further, billions of dollars of Tamil earned money has been spent on resolving the "problems".

    Now I'll probably have someone asking: "What have LTTE achieved in 25 years?" My answer to that is that LTTE was never given a timeline. They have an aim, but not a set date to achieve it by.

    Incidentally, the above question can also be reversed.

    "problems and hardships Sinhalese are facing that is enough to fight a war?"

  157. Dear patriots...
    why wasting time over.. these...
    brainwashed genderless rubbish homo irectus pending PR nutholes... from canada and norway )

    There are not worth to have an argument ...

    pls dont waste ur time mate....

  158. jaya raman's comments are civilized and acceptable even though its baised but this peter ponnambalam dude is a total mentally handicapped package

  159. All nations want peace, but they want a peace that suits them.

    ~Admiral Sir John Fisher

    Happy New Year DN & folks

  160. Some people want to start wars but wannt the enemy to lay down arms!

    Hoh hoh hoh! Lah lah lah!

    What a pack of hypocritical hyenas!

  161. According to latest news Angoda is missing a mental patient...

  162. Peter,

    You all are very lucky because you live far away from the North/Jaffna. I believe that you all know very well that
    what will happen to you if you live in North.

    You will forcefully put to the FDL with a maximum 2 weeks of training with an AK 47, and your parents have to expect return your body within 10 days.

    This is a real story one of my friend's cousin brother faced recently.

    His mother is still crying like a crazy.

    "Deivam koduththa Saabama Idhu...?
    Manithan seitha Paawama Idhu...?"

    If you really love the innocent tamil people, you should not encourage sinhalese to kill them, but you should beg LTTE leaders to STOP this war..
    Please think about our Nation not the land..

  163. Jay,
    The good tamil people in my sinhalese family disagree with you...It is too late for all this now.the path vp has chosen is leading into an abyss for the tamil people.. very sadly i must add.

    Is there no way for them to escape from this and come to liberated areas?

  165. Sri Lankan,
    No. I don't think. They cant even think negative on LTTE policies.
    At that time (when he forcefully recruit) that boy was trying to go abroad.

    BTW we should understand that more than 50% LTTErs do not need this bloody war and sacrifice their life for an unachievable dream.

  166. Lt Colonel of Kemunu Watch division and the who is in charge for the Muhamalai FDLS is wounded by the LTTE snipers yesterday ......and also Brigadier Kunaratne from 55th division also wounded by the LTTE snipers ....

    well done guys now you have started to scope and trigger down some high ranging SLA's .... great job..

    I understand.As a sinhalese i have no words to express my heartfelt deepest sorrow to your friend's cousins family.Pls understand that we are fully aware of what is going on in these areas mainly because our intelligence has improved substancially.

  168. Ninja,


    Dealing with history is not simple as you think. No one lives now from 2500 years. There is accepted methods and its upto arcealogists and history experts to do their job. I am not histroy expert but I understand how complicated the things are."

    I quite well know all this, and I also know about the intellectuality of the current Sri Lankan archaeologists. They are not doing a good job - they are pretty much stagnating in our campuses. I will go as far as to say that since Paranawithana's and perhaps Baker's seminal works, we really don't have any new ideas (an exception is the works of Shiran Deraniyagala, who is a brilliant researcher).

    But even the old ideas (not the historical accounts - these don't change, unless new historical documents are found and/or are interpreted differently) have not been analyzed using modern analytical, tools.

  169. Attack is the best,

    [Kemunu Watch??]

    Well spotted matey. I would never have noticed it because I hardly waste my time looking at posts from certain quarters.

    Let me enlighten you.

    "Kemunu" (or even "Hemunu") is the 100% correct pronunciation of the word we Pukka Lankans 100% incorrectly pronounce as "Gemunu" these days. For example, the Pukka king who defeated Elara was Dutuhemunu. One of his mighty men of valour was Kotabhaya, remember?

    Geddit...??!! (or is it Keddit?)

    Sorry I am 100% Pukka Lankan so can't pronounce these words correctly. :o :q) :-))

    Keep attacking buddy.

  170. Army prepares to open a new front

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General G. A. Chandrasiri asserted that his troops had been able to thwart LTTE attempts to infiltrate the peninsula via Pooneryn on the Vanni mainland and trigger chaos mounting claymore mine blasts, suicide attacks and small arms attacks. According to him, there had been over 2,000 LTTE cadres in the peninsula when the LTTE launched a major attack in the second week of August 2005.

    Pix by Dimuthu Premaratne

    Kankesanthurai jetty

    The assassination of Chief government Whip Jeyaraj Fernandopulle has triggered international calls for a negotiated settlement to the ethnic problem. The international community while condemning the assassination of Fernandopulle emphasised there wouldn’t be a military solution. But both President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Premier Ratnasiri Wickremanayake declared the assassination of their colleague would strengthen their resolve to crush the LTTE. In fact, the assassination would compel the government to advance the military action and bring the war in the Vanni to a successful conclusion as early as possible.

    Action on Mannar, Weli Oya fronts

    Against the backdrop of gradual progress on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts, Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka is preparing to unleash his troops on the Jaffna front. Although the LTTE had expected the government to launch the Jaffna offensive months earlier, the Army Chief has delayed the assault until his troops made progress on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts. But the LTTE, now struggling to thwart the army on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts, would soon face a fresh offensive across the Jaffna frontline.

    Although the army chief has not indicated when he intended to open the Jaffna front, the launch of major offensive action would mark the beginning of the biggest ever ground assault in the entire Eelam War.

    Army headquarters recently organised a two-day visit by the Colombo-based media to the Jaffna peninsula including the frontline where the army was engaged in small group operations.

    The road leading to Nagarkovil

    Lt. Colonel sniped at An incident closer to the Muhamalai frontline on April 8, the day after the media delegation had returned to Colombo, underscored the dangerous situation on the Jaffna front. Lieutenant Colonel Jagath Ratnayake was sniped at when in the company of Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne, General Officer Commanding (GCO) Army’s 55 Division headquartered at Urani. A sudden movement made by Ratnayake saved his life. Wounded in the shoulder, he was rushed to Palaly Military Hospital before being transferred to National Hospital. His condition is reported to be stable. Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General G. A. Chandrasiri visited the officer at the intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital.

    The army chief would have the 55 and 53 Divisions to take the battle into the LTTE heartland. They have been engaged in a series of small scale operations to test and weaken the frontline defences of the enemy over the past few months. In some instances, the newly raised Mechanised Infantry Brigade had spearheaded assaults on the enemy but the army had not attempted to bring territory under its control.

    August 2006 disaster

    Jaffna town

    The last major army action on the Muhamalai front ended in disaster. An ill-timed ground assault spearheaded by armoured fighting vehicles had to be called off after troops suffered heavy losses in October 2006. The action almost crippled two battalions and resulted in the loss of six armoured fighting vehicles. But since then, the army had turned the situation in its favour with a series of significant battle-field victories in the Northern and Eastern theatres.

    Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General G. A. Chandrasiri asserted that his troops had been able to thwart LTTE attempts to infiltrate the peninsula via Pooneryn on the Vanni mainland and trigger chaos mounting claymore mine blasts, suicide attacks and small arms attacks. According to him, there had been over 2,000 LTTE cadres in the peninsula when the LTTE launched a major attack in the second week of August 2005.

    In the eyes of the army top brass, the Jaffna peninsula and the Jaffna islands remained their first priority. The deployment of 33,000 officers and men on the offensive and defence capacity and administrative duties would definitely be the largest deployment in various theatres of operations. Most importantly, Jaffna is the home to the Mechanised Infantry Brigade which would give unprecedented mobility to troops and facilitate rapid progress on the Jaffna front.

    The navy, SLAF and police altogether have about 8,000 officers and men on the ground.

    Muhamalai front

    After touching down at Palaly air base, which is still within the LTTE artillery range, the media delegation was taken in armoured personnel carriers to the Muhamalai front, the gateway to the Jaffna peninsula. The battle for Mavil-aru in June/July 2006 had been a side show. The actual LTTE offensive directed against the Jaffna peninsula launched on August 11 stunned the army. Troops abandoned their frontline positions as the LTTE seized the initiative. Had the LTTE succeeded in crippling the Trincomalee-Kankesanthurai sea supply line as envisaged in its overall action plan, the peninsula would have been vulnerable. Despite initial setbacks, the army fought back and after three weeks of bloody battles regained positions it abandoned in the second week of August and by the first week of September, the army seized the enemy’s first line of defence at Muhamalai. Today the army’s Muhamalai front line is what the LTTE lost in the first week of September 2006.

    The visiting media delegation was first taken to the Muhamalai front line where Lieutenant Colonel Jagath Ratnayake, the officer in charge of the area directed the journalists to wear flak jackets. "Wear body armour and follow the army. Don’t deviate from the path taken by the army to avoid being a victim of a mine explosion," Ratnayake said. The LTTE had its frontline positions about 400 meters away from the army line where the journalists had been taken on a field visit on the afternoon of April 6.

    Infantry in special role

    The journalists met a heavily armed six-man team returning from a reconnaissance mission across the no man’s land. One of them had carried a sniper weapon. Major Roshan Jayamanne, the second-in-command of the 4 GW (Fourth Battalion of the Gemunu Watch) deployed at Muhamalai said the team coming from a three-day mission was part of the infantry engaged in special operations.

    Jaffna Commander Chandrasiri asserted troops engaged in operations ahead of their positions along the 12 km long army frontline had killed terrorists almost on a daily basis. The frontline extended from Kilali to Nagarkovil on the Vadamaradchchy East coast. Chandrasiri said the frontline cut across Eluththumaduwal, Kadolana (marshy land) and Muhamalai. Fielding questions, he said his troops had the overall superiority in the area. He estimated the number of infiltrators operating in the government held area at about 25. "Troops worked hard over a period of time to neutralise the threat posed by infiltrators," he said. According to him the LTTE had deployed about 800 cadres to resist an army advance. Once the army opened the Jaffna front, the LTTE, he said would have to make drastic changes on the ground as it wouldn’t be an easy task to battle the army simultaneously on different fronts.

    55, 53 Divisions ready

    Chandrasiri has two fighting Divisions under his command and would unleash them on the enemy. Once the 55 and 53 Divisions swing into action, the LTTE would be forced to re-deploy both men and material to face offensive action on different fronts. Unlike troops engaged in operations on the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts, the 55 and 53 Divisions would engage in large scale ground action. The ongoing air strikes tragetting a range of LTTE assets based in the Vanni and the navy’s success on the high seas which resulted in the destruction of eight floating arsenals would facilitate the final onslaught on the enemy. The Mechanised Infantry, which would spearhead the assault, had been assigned to the 53 Division. Brigadier Samantha Sooriyabandara of the Commando Regiment functions as the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 53 Division headquartered at Mirusuvil. Colonel Ralph Nugera commands the Mechanised Infantry which would play a critical role in the battle for territory between the current army frontline and Elephant Pass. The LTTE would have to deploy a sizeable force to resist the army advance which would largely depend on the Mechanised Infantry’s ability to make rapid progress on an extremely difficult ground. In fact, the final outcome of the battle for Vanni would largely depend on the army’s ability to move rapidly towards Elephant Pass,

    The army chief laid the foundation for the Mechanised Infantry a few years ago and today it has the wherewithal to provide a critical battlefield breakthrough on the Jaffna front.

    Two Divisions on ‘holding role’

    Chandrasiri has four Divisions under his command. The 51 Division headquartered in Jaffna is deployed in the Waligamam area. Major. General L. B. R. Mark commands the 51 Division. His troops face LTTE units deployed across the Jaffna lagoon at Pooneryn. Mark said his troops had repeatedly thwarted LTTE attempts to infiltrate the peninsula in the guise of fishermen. Among the infiltrators were suicide cadres, he said.

    The 52 Division, headquartered at Varani, is deployed in the Thennamaradchchy and Vadamaradchy sectors. Brigadier Mano Perera functions as the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 52 Division. The 51 and 52 Divisions are responsible for security in the peninsula. Neutralising the threat posed by infiltrators on military, civilian and economic targets would be their primary task.

    Brigadier Kamal Gunaratne of the Gajaba Regiment said troops under his command would push forward once they received the green light from the Army Chief.

    island defence Column 15-4-8

  171. Lt. Col Jagath Rathnayka's injury does not seem to be caused by sniper fire.

    According to one commentator here another SLA high ranker was "wounded" by LTTE sniper fire.

    If these were sniper fire the LTTE snipers seem to be rather myopic by these standards.

  172. Hey guys your proper pronounce never saves the SLA's ... . I don't know whats that exactly mean .. i just seen it as a name of a division ok .. it doesn't matter if its Kemunu .. or Gemunu or Kong or Gon watch ... hehehehehe .. Like you people pronounce the LTTE's Victor Forces an Veter forces... make your self perfect... Don't comment others while your asses stings ok...

  173. About Kemunu...

    It reminds me of how ThambalaGamuwa became ThamapalaKaamam...

  174. Talking about Dutugemunu defeating Elara the Dravidian invader (a 100% fairy tale BTW), allow me to think aloud….

    If my memory serves me right, in our 100% fairy tale lessons at school we learnt that Dutugemunu defeated Elara in a duel. With the help of Gotabhaya (and the rest of the mighty men like Suranimala, Nandimithra, et al) he also subdued Elara’s armies but allowed Dravidian men (civilians) to settle in the northern parts of Pukka Land. Amazing how a 100% fairy tale could be so close to the ground reality!

    It looks like the 100% fairy tale history is about to repeat itself. And what’s more, we have a Gotabhaya in the picture…!

    Back to defence matters...

    SLAF pounds LTTE covert communication facility - Mullaittivu'

    This site at Kokavil was that of the first TV repeater station established in the early 1980s. The SLBC (before SLRC was established) did the ground work to select this site because it had the highest elevation (with a trig point a few hundred yards in to the thick jungle on the left hand side of the road as you travel towards Yalpanam).

    TV signals from Piduruthalagala transmitter were picked up by a relay station at Madukanda and relayed via a microwave link to Kokavil. This was because the Piduruthalagala signal did not reach as far as Kokavil. The Kokavil TV transmitter then retransmitted the signal to the North on a different frequency on the VHF band. This SLRC TV station was attacked and captured by the LTTE many years ago but its geographical advantages meant that they used it for their own 100% non-propaganda communications. It’s pay back time….

    Well Done SLAF!

  175. thambala ;

    Like Kudumpimala became Thoppigala... Manalaru became Weli Oya ... . Mankulam Became Mankulama(Whats the meaning for Makulama)..... and as you mentioned Thampalakamam became Thabalagamuwa i correct buddy ..... i am just enjoying people for your silly arguments ... any way keep it up always ...


    This will help the doubters who think that SLA is loosing the grip on LTTE.
    Think twice..

  177. Guys, it is a waste of time arguing with a jet faced LTTE idiot.

    Let the joker has his daily dose of fun visiting the blog..

    Poor bugger...


  179. peter,

    I didn't find anything in that explains what has driven 'tamils' to war. Only thing I found there is what happened during the war. Why don't you tell us yourself?

    You guys have failed to answer my question:

    "What are the problems and hardships tamils are facing that is enough to start a war?"

    I'm sorry but it looks to me like you guys don't know shit about why this war started or what the LTTE is. Just because you 'hear' that they're fighting a liberation struggle, you think "wow..they're fighting for us. it's our duty to support them". That is the only reason, you don't know facts or anything. You people just blindly support them, eating whatever kind of crap they feed you on how they are doing in this war, and listening to or believing nothing else.

  180. Moshe Dyan

    Since you are an economist, I think you can see the economic consequences of this war more clearly than most of us.

    I belive that the military will probably be the largest employer for many years to come. One of the reasons why this conflict has dragged on for so long is because successive governments were as the saying goes "penny wise pound foolish." The defence forces were underfunded in terms of equipment and manpower for the last two decades. Even in the 80s and 90s, the SLA was never able to hold on to territory because of the lack of manpower. The vast areas of the Wanni will need to be saturated with troops for years to come to prevent groups like the LTTE taking refuge in these areas. I remember a quote by Air Marshal Harry Gonnetilleke where he said that to patrol Yala alone there needs to be at least 4000 personnel.

  181. EU Greens Criticise Slovakia for Arms Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka


    Daughter visits Gandhi assassin


  182. Intl panel asks Sri Lanka to clean up human rights record


    India to play 'decisive' role in Sri Lankan crisis: Norway


  183. Indian Supreme Court fixes April 29 for Sethusamudram project hearing


  184. -kudumbimale is kuda dimbulagala. Also Kudumbi kanda as used in sinhala too like
    kudumbiya and monarakudumbiya the plant
    - mankulam as in muva wewa (muva=man=deer)
    - As in many other tamil conversions like Veli"G"ama -> Vali"K"aamam, Mallaa"G"ama -> Mallaa"K"am
    Thambala"G"amuwa became Thampala"K"aamam. But again I think the previous name is being used again.
    This fact is a well documented linguistic fact in Tamil.

    Sorry to drag everyone in to this...
    I won't be commenting on this post again.

  185. Guys,

    Something is going on here. Fighter jets are flying over Katunayake area.

    DN: Pls check and update us

  186. "Dear patriots...
    why wasting time over.. these...
    brainwashed genderless rubbish homo irectus pending PR nutholes... from canada and norway )

    There are not worth to have an argument ...

    pls dont waste ur time mate...."

    This is what I am talking about! This guy doesn't want to listen to people like me cause there is a label "Terrorist" on my blog name!

  187. Patriots,
    We need to keep a extra vigilant in our cities for possible suicide bombers. Hope we have top commandos and special forces protecting KAFB, AAFB, MAFB, Colombo Port, Sapugaskanda Refinery, World Trade center, and other Critical infra structures. Please watchout for terrorist trying to infiltrate disguise as maintenance workers, utility workers, police, army, airforce personnel, etc. In Srilanka with appropriate money anything can be bought. We MUST protect critical infrastructure while northern fighting is going on! People report to SLDF any suspicious actives you see right a way.

  188. Srilankan:
    "The good tamil people in my sinhalese family disagree with you...It is too late for all this now.the path vp has chosen is leading into an abyss for the tamil people.. very sadly i must add."

    Sorry bro, these Tamils you speak of don't know the present situation that the Tamils face. Recently my cousin who is a Tamil, came to the US to meet my family and I for the first time, He lived in Colombu all his life.

    When I asked him what he thought about the current situation in Sri lanka, The only incidents he can mention was the "Bus bombing in the South, Assassination of Government Minsters, Attack by Tamil Tiger Air Wing and ect.". I asked him about what happenings in the Tamil North? and He didn't know much, so I told him what i know and read off the internet, and he was shocked! He didn't believe me when i showed him news articles and Human Rights records by the Human Rights watch/AI.

    You see, Even Tamils in the South don't know the plight of their counterparts in the North! Its not about weather being Tamil or Sinhalese! Tamil and Sinhalese in the South are fed with filtered news, Pro-government news, Pro-War against the LTTE.

    Guys, Sri Lanka Army is fighting a War for the India! India is waiting for a good chance to come into Sri Lanka in the name of keeping Sri Lanka together. Indians want a Base in Sri lanka! Past sri Lankan Leaders knew this was the Indian Intentions and basically gave Weapons to the LTTE to fight against the Indians! India could've have wiped the LTTE in months, but they didn't! The kept of fighting them in small scale so that they can stay in Sri lanka longer, drag out the issue and create a situation where the Sinhalese can't stand on their own legs, and will latter will have to accept the Indian Base in Sri Lanka!

    The Indian Navy is waiting for a Command form the Center to land its forces in Trinco, Jaffna, Silavathri!

    I will give you an example on how ready the Indians are.

    When the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, INS Sandhayak, a survey ship, and INS Sukanya, an Offshore Patrol Vessel, arrived at Trincomalee on 27 Dec. Three truck loads of dry provisions and medical supplies were handed over to the district government agent and the Sri Lankan Navy. One Medical Officer was deputed to the Trincomalee civil hospital. The balance of the medical team, along with Sri Lankan Navy, set up medical camps at outlying areas around Trincomalee.
    India was busy securing Sri Lankan harbors with more than five Navy ships and Aircraft carriers, and the only Sri Lankan international airport with Indian Air Force units and crafts, while its own people from Tamil Nadu were waiting for Food and shelter!

    India is not Sri Lanka's Friend or Ally! We can trust the Chinese and the Russians but not Indians!

    Sri lankan Army is fighting a War for India! Remember they are watching!

  189. Jay,
    I agree with you in one regard. Indians are not Srilankan's friends. They are double crossers. I hate the living guts of those axxwholes. I agree that Chinese and Russian are probably our best friends in wiping those tiger maggots off.

  190. CASC , Moshe Dyan ,

    Globalised private security agencies are already a big business. World class private soldier earns 30K USD/month !

    Defence Ministry must look far …

    But when you see the level of English in,, MCNS …

  191. WipeLTTE,

    India’s fall to Moghols/Nrits was also our fall.

    Indian Independence led to our independence.

    Our future is intricately linked with that of India. After all, we are more or less the same people….

    It does not mean that we should forget other mutually beneficial friendships.

  192. MathaMathica

    Global Private Secrity Agencies is a good idea. Also, with a large standing army, peace keeping with the UN is another option. The risk is fairly small. Bangladesh is the largest contributor of UN troops (about 10000). Nepal has a contingent of about 4000. Five years ago, Sri Lanka started sending troops to Haiti. I believe they get a basic stipend of US $1100 per month.

  193. mathematica,

    I second your view. We can no way separate from India. Whether we like it or not, that is where our languages and religion come. If it is left for me, I will walk the extra mile to strengthen our relationship with India.

  194. "Air Force jets this afternoon raided an LTTE Communication Center south of Mankulam. The Air Force claimed it had destroyed the target completely." -Daily Mirror


  196. ..World class private soldier earns 30K USD/month !..


    what ?

    $ 3O000 per month ?

    companies like blackwater(USA),dyncorp(USA),Aegis(UK) normally pay US$ 100000 a year + benefits

    some positions are rewarded more but $30000 a month ?

    what company/org. pay $30000 per month ????

  197. Sam Perera ,

    Politics with India is a delicate business… Indian Brahmins (Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western!) are real top brains … and they are also well informed as to the way of the world.

    However, our security must remain in our own hands till there is a mechanism by which we can intervene in Indian decision making as any Indian State does. Proposed South Asian Union can be the answer.

    Sri Lankans must learn to think like Brahmins, fight like Kshathriyas and do business like Tatas … never seen such a patriotic lot.

  198. LKDOOD,

    Blackwater pays upto 1000USD a Day for exposed operations.


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