Monday, April 21, 2008

Troops overrun Lima Base - 3

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers operating in the Mannar front overran the small-medium sized camp which the LTTE calls Lima Base-3 in a pre dawn attack today (21st). 7 LTTE cadres were killed in the firefight that ensued and five SLA soldiers too sustained injuries. The army has taken control of roughly 1km stretch of land ahead of their previous defensive positions following the clash.

Meanwhile the LTTE has accused the army's "DPU (Deep Penetration Unit) of slaying Rev. Father M X. Karunaratnam who was the chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR). The army has flatly denied any involvement in the matter. According to our sources, no long range surveillance teams were active in the said area (Mallaavi - Vavunikku'lam Road) on the 20th (Sunday).

Tamilnet is known to attribute the name "DPU' to even regular FDL recon teams of the army. On the 19th, army's special infantry formations laid an ambush to LTTE reinforcements in Mannar, which resulted in the instant death of 7 cadres. Even these infantrymen were not from the LRRP or 3SF squads. Flagship LRRP teams are only deployed by the army to hunt down top priority LTTE targets. And it will be highly unlikely for the army to deploy its deep battle space units (which are comprised of some of the best in the army) to hunt down civilian targets such as Rev. Father M X. Karunaratnam, whose death gives the army no apparent gains.


  1. It would have been great if there was data to show the likelihood of the priest being killed by the LTTE against SLA.

    But since I lack data (btw it is great if someone could provide this), let me make an educated guess.

    It is known that LTTE kills their own agents if they even make a small step away from their doctrine. This is typically the mentality of an organization which believes that violence is the solution to all problems. Why else would the closest confidantes of VP killed, by the LTTE itself?

    Did the current GOSL kill any of its supporters?

    Let's take the priest now. According to most, he supported the LTTE's cause by finding fault with the army/gosl. The army has been dealing with this preist for a long time (giving him access to go through checkpoints ect.).

    But currently, there is a big discussion going on about Madhu, the removal of the statue ect. among the catholic community. What if the Father took even a small step to challenge the view of the LTTE?

    You decide.

  2. Ahem, furthermore, GOSL gains pretty much nothing by killing of a man in a cloak. And to risk using the skilled DP Units for this is unthinkable. DPUs are much too valuable to be risked on a solitary priest.

  3. And now, lets look at the flip side, and apply the old detective adage "who gains most out of the crime?" to this.

    The manner in which the people in Tamil Nut are rattling their balls, you decide that as well.

  4. Lots of LTTE supporters like Navindran and STD have their own fantasy land theories on how LRRP would waste the ultra valuable resources to get to a relatively useless target like Father M. X. Karunaratnam.

  5. Slaying of Rev. Father M X. Karunaratnam is sad. Irrespective of his beliefs he is a religious leader and killing of Rev should be condemned. Its not even wise to argue who killed the Rev. Let our LTTE friends believe what they want and satisfy their "eelam" desires for time being.


    Is it correct to say that Army officers are not happy with the placing of time limits to ongoing military offensives in the Wanni?

  6. [Four Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) kifir fighter jets in two sorties bombed Monday around 9:30 a.m fishermen engaged in fishing in A'lampil in Mullaiththeevu district in Vanni killing a youth and seriously injuring seven innocent civilians including two small girls. Four SLAF bombers again struck Ma'nalkudiyiruppu, a civilian settlement near Mullaiththeevu town and fishermen, around 4:10 p.m in four sorties dropping more than 43 bombs in a continued air strike that lasted till 5:20 p.m. The head of the youth killed was severed from his body in the bombing]

    I hope the birds didn't disturb students studying for OL exam in December 2010!

    he he he

    Well done... SLAF... and our proud troops.


  7. Sam, I would like to hear those theories, lets see if they appear in this context.

    SLDF, yes I agree with your viewpoint, but personally I don't think our army did it, so it pains me to see them being drubbed in the mud by a bunch of terrorists.

  8. //"Desertion by three so-called ‘LTTE Policemen’ in their twenties with uniforms and their subsequent most recent arrival in Mannar with pleas for clemency from the troops, ...// (Island)

    Peter, Upul, Thiru etc will also can surrender and can get a life.

    EU has decided to ban using internet for terrorism. (Divaina) So now DN need to think about this. (I am not sure about legelaties for DN in this regard, though) If you allow tiger terrosrists to spread (online) terrorism in your blog you may be in trouble. !!!

  9. SLDF and Def.wire,

    I think placing of deadlines can be perceived as psy-ops. If we give a deadline for a specific objective, the LTTE will try to stop us getting to that objective during that stipulated time. This can only done by using as much man-power as possible. In this process, LTTE fighters will die. LTTE is really the people who are CONSTRAINED by manpower, not us. Though they perceived it as a short term "victory", in reality it is a gain to us. since we are calling the shots now, we can easily say, ok, now the primary objective has changed, and we are going to get another objective achieved by this day. And LTTEers will then have to sacrifice some more to defend that objective.

    Since they don't have waste amounts of spaces to run and hide, like they did when the East was "un-liberated", they now need to stay and fight to defend the small area that they control now. To digress, when Napolean was pursuing the Russians, the Russians ran away for a long time, thinning the French formations, creating supplies nightmares, and taking them through rough terrain (eg.bitter cold). And when the Russians crossed the Volga, they turned back and hit Napolean's army really hard.

    So, since the LTTE can't afford to do this anymore, it is a good thing that we give them deadlines and reduce their manpower.

  10. sorry, "Vast" not "waste", and about the other mistakes one makes when writing rapidly.

  11. DefenceLK says a base in Kattankulam was captured today.

    This news has come as a real relief as I was starting to believe that fighting was actually taking place in relative proximity of Aandankulam.

    Looks like the SLA is still a distance from Aandankulam, let alone Adampan. May be Sarath Fonseka was wrong. If the SLA has only just taken Kattankulam, they are unlikely to secure Adampan junction by May Day.

  12. I prefer to look at the big picture. It doesn't really matter if Adampan is captured tomorrow or in two months; or Kakka-Kullam (shit village) shits all over the place. If our objective is to reduce LTTE manpower, capturing land is of no value.

  13. Land will fall when people defending it are converted or taken down.

  14. Rover,
    Fully agree with you bro.We can do without kakkakulums right now..No point grabbing land without a strategy behind it.

  15. "I think placing of deadlines can be perceived as psy-ops."

    Rover, deadlines and identified objectives can certianly confuse the enemy. I'll agree with you that. However, it also demoralizes the public when hyped up deadlines are not achieved by the Army.

  16. "Land will fall when people defending it are converted or taken down."

    Agreed. Patience, constant pressure from land, sea and air will do the work.

  17. Fellas....a must read by Lone Ranger on EPS II ! Good one !

  18. SriLankan bro,

    Oh yeah, I am much impressed with this strategy than the Army gallivanting across Vanni, where civilians are bound to die, and vast environmental damage would be unavoidable. This way, we set deadlines, terrorists come to us, we get them, set more deadlines, so on and so forth. But we can only do this because they got themselves trapped into a very small area and the war for them is unviable if they loose more land, especially the Western seaboard.

    But small adjustments need to be done continuously to correlate with the changes in enemy strategy. This appears to be happening.

    Hanibal tried to use the same strategy which he used when he was young, of using his elephants to smash through the Roman formations, when he was old as well. The Romans just changed their positions just a little bit when the elephants charged and attacked the flanks of the elephant columns which were really vulnerable. So a change of strategy is needed.

    In Sri Lanka, Vanni scenario is very close to being a seige. Where the enemy can't move, and have to put up with anything the opposition throws at them.

  19. how can the EU crackdown on cyber terrorism. This is the biggest joke ever.
    EU is biggest promoter of terrorism. Their Law Makers are rallying after trrorist organizations for fund raising for terrorists.
    I used to hate islamic terrorists, now no more. These countries should taste real terrorism, untill they realize to cease the support for foreign terrorist organizations like LTTE.

  20. SLDF,

    "However, it also demoralizes the public when hyped up deadlines are not achieved by the Army."

    Yes, quite so. It is a balancing act. I would rather have the civilians in the dark if the LTTEers are swallowing the rope. But people like P. Wicks. can prey upon the prejudices of the common people. So MR needs to be conscious of that, and do his part in convincing the populace. But army should be allowed to continue their strategies unabated.

  21. Andre,

    "I used to hate islamic terrorists, now no more."

    This is a very serious statement to make. I would never say this. Terrorism should be defeated even as an idea. If terrorizing of civilians is practiced to achieve political objectives, it should be defeated. Especially a country like us, who are plagued by the terrorist menace for 30 years, should never ever support terrorism, in any form. If we are true to ourselves, and believe in ourselves, thinking that we can make a difference in SL by defeating terrorism, people will start believing us and will take us seriously. I am talking through the experience of pain (which I have got over, for the sake of the country) of loosing someone dear to me. No body should loose anyone for something conceptually as primitive as a terrorist attack.

  22. What was fr. karunaratnam doing in uncleared vanni? Did he go there to say the last prayer for the rat Prabakrhan who in near death in his rat hole in vanni. you cannot call them tigers
    as they fight more like rats. And sldf are doing a pest control at the moment. I am a catholic but this fr. karunaratnam looks like a desguise ltte massanger by looking at his movements.

  23. SLA's duty now is to kill maximum number of tigers while minimize own casualties. So If Adampan is such a good place so that you kill number of tigers daily while having very low own casualties what's the problem stay there and finish the tigers. Unlike in east here SLA choose where and when to fight. (May be Adampan is the best place for their job!)

  24. stf,

    there are hundreds of priests in uncleared areas. they are not necessarily supporting LTTE. 350,000 people living in uncleared areas also practice their religion.

    i don't think LTTE killed the priest.

    if we apply the "who gains" (motive) and the "opportunity" theory, it can well be the govt. as much as it can be the LTTE.

    we have killed in deeper territory.

    but we are no better informed than the govt. and the LTTE who blame eachother.

  25. ninja,

    agree with you.

    if we wait till tigers convert, we will be waiting forever.

    one day when we are to bring practical peace where the likes of you and me (or anyone for that matter) can go and live, work, do business in mulaitivu, killinochchi, etc. we will have to kill all the tigers.

    better do it ASAP while keeping own casualties low. numbers are the weakest link in the LTTE and we must hit them where they are weakest.

    if this war is between lions and tigers, LTTE are the clever lions. lions kill intelligently identifying the weakest part of the body of the victim. as a result lions can kill heavier, larger animals.

    but tiger although bigger and heavier than the lion, uses sheer power (and stealth) to kill prey which are always lighter than itself. in most cases the bite (anywhere in the victims body) kills the prey.

    SLA have been fighting like tigers (not "tigers" as in english but the wild animal).

    we must conciously identify LTTE's weak points and DELIBERATELY ABUSE THEM TO THE MAX.

    their biggest weakpoint is numbers. now they are coming up with a grandma brigade. soooo desperate.

  26. 23 today. At this rate we'll clearly differentiate between the tamils from the tamil animals.

    The innocents will have a pulse, and a vote.

  27. Moshe

    You bring up an interesting topic, comparing the conflict to the animal kingdom. It is interesting because there are obvious comparisons that can be attributed to the seperate characteristics.

    The tiger will attack anything, somewhat like a hyena. The lion usually doesn't, but will go to extra-ordinary lengths when under extreme provocation.

    Reminds me of a story from a zoo, where a tiger used to claw at its resident neighbor lion whenever passing by his cage. Over a period of time the lion developed wounds which needed constant attention and even irritated the zoo staff, some of whom even wished the Lion would do more to defend itself. But the bigger animal appeared unpurturbed overall.
    the lion's inactivity emboldened the tiger to the extent where it finally decided on a 'final war' declaration. It stopped in front of the Lion and sprayed urine into the Lion's face. Then the tiger turned around to see the reaction of the lion.

    The zoo staff picked up the tiger's head from ten feet away.

    Very characteristic of the way the sinhalese have historically been tolerant in the face of provocation, finally ripping the head off its opponent.

    A long time ago a sinhala scholar wrote to beware of the sinhalese who with his back to the wall, finally decides to take up the sword, for then his enemies die like flies.

  28. Ninja

    "..Peter, Upul, Thiru etc will also can surrender and can get a life.."

    They were Peter, Upul and THiru, now thumping away on a Sri Lankan govt computer, fed by the sri lankan tax payer...

  29. "Is it correct to say that Army officers are not happy with the placing of time limits to ongoing military offensives in the Wanni?"

    Generally they do not like it. But we cannot say it is the case always. It is our opinion that placing deadlines casts unnecessary pressure on the armed forces.

  30. "Generally they do not like it. But we cannot say it is the case always. It is our opinion that placing deadlines casts unnecessary pressure on the armed forces."

    No, How about letting our Brave Lion Hearts to work their rear off for the $5 salary they earn every month!

    Guys! Lets all join together and fight against Terrorism!

    And what is this that I am hearing about Hindu temples and Christian Churches being Buddhist temples?

    I don't understand what our Holy monks are saying! Are they on Gunja? No I think they are on Kasipu! Yeap!

  31. TS,


    "But the bigger animal appeared unpurturbed overall." Tiger is the bigger one, in fact the biggest cat weighing 40 pounds more than the lion on average.

    My point is SLDFs have been fighting like wild tigers using their sheer might whereas LTTE has been fighting like lions using the scarcest of resources to achieve bigger results.

    This will change if our focus changes to killing as many LTTE cadres we possibly can (while keeping own casualties low).

    If the SLDFs are obsessed with the KILLING RATE, i'm sure they will innovate new mechanisms to do so.

    i recently got hold of the mechanical engineering division and the R&D division of the SLA with UTMOST DIFFICULTY to propose my hot air balloon idea. i tell you they are the MOST lethargic of all creatures. a brigadier told me last week that these guys are DETERMINED NOT TO DO ANYTHING!

    we can split hairs about this idea. but we need expert input to know for sure whether it works or not. at least a desk research with expert inputs will put the matter into permanant rest.

    this is only only example. i'm sure there have been thousands of little ideas to make things a little better that were simply not even listened to by our ME, R&D guys.

  32. and we unashamedly call the LTTE "technologically most innovative terror group"!!!!


  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Link to Long Ranger blog...


    Well, here it is…LTTE is now pleading for a “ceasefire”…!!!

    This is happening while the LTTE mf’s who slither in here are uttering one bravado after another about the LTTE’s invincibility and its military prowess!!!


    This is a classic example of “burying your head in the sand,” except in this case the bastards buried their head in the kakkussi-bucket and now can’t get it out!


    OaO Asithri

  36. Few days ago the F7 did the night sorties and today the Mi-24's did the same!

    Simply outstanding SLAF!

    Now how about a "Dresden" of the sort, to bomb these terra sub-humans into either literal disintegration or stupefied fear-paralysis, whereby leave alone a T-56, they will never ever lift even a water pistol?

    OaO Asithri

  37. Jayramen

    [How about letting our Brave Lion Hearts to work their rear off for the $5 salary they earn every month!]

    $5/month is what I hear your mother charges for full-service.

    Filthy maggot, so you think you are being funny with your anti-Sinhela posts here eh? Pray tell me mf, who taught you to be a racist? Was it your mom or was it your uncle who "visited" your mom when your dad was fighting the great "Tamil liberation war" at the FDLs? Now if that's true, then I say... naughty naughty!


    Listen scummie, time is not long for you racist filthy bastards...our (the proud Sri Lankans) own "liberation" is almost here and soon we will feed you bastards to our stray dogs!


    OaO Asithri

  38. PakaLanka

    Just now saw your earlier post...I am only even further humbled by your kind words brother! You yourself provide an intellectually uplifting "tangy" kick to this blog and hence, I too look forward to your posts!

    PEACE to you bro...hope you have a pukka day/night! LOL!

    OaO Asithri

  39. Moshey,

    How goes it bro? Keeping well and under control? lol

    Thanks mate for your kinds words too earlier...appreciate your vote of confidence!

    In thick or thin with you against terras always,

    OaO Asithri

  40. OK time get some Zzz's as need to get up early tomorrow to make more widgets! :)) :)) :))

    BEST to all my patriotic bros/sis here...

    OaO Asithri

  41. Asithri,

    Never been happier!

    Cheers mate and take care.

  42. LTTE TN crap says SLAF had dropped at least 43 bombs on a sea tiger base.

    just orgasmic!!!!

    "bomb these terra sub-humans into either literal disintegration or stupefied fear-paralysis"

    yes, yes, yes, ye......e.......sssssss

  43. Tamilnet reports that several more LTTE cadres were promoted to the rank of 'civilian' after an SLAF air strike. It also states that hospitals used by the LTTE are running out of medical stocks and requests the GoSL to send them in ASAP.
    Tamilnet also says that LTTE killed 7 SLA and injured 21 more. Also it says "The Tigers have not issued casualty details of their side." because if they are revealed, it would be pretty embarrassing for the LTTE.

  44. Moshe,
    I totally agree with you regaring the R&D in SLDF.
    I am one of the victim of their neglegence. Defence Ministry needs a mechanism to submit the ideas, comming through different channels to a highly trusted expert panel, so that proper evaluation is guranteed.
    I have several ideas practical and can make highly successful.
    1. To destroy LTTE leadership/Assests/cadres using thir own resources. No damage to the ARMY what so ever.

    2. Information gathering in a strange but can be very successful way with out spending big money.
    3. Rounding up isolated terrorist groups effectively using Military technologies and computer technologies. (part of this was revealed in this blog)
    4. Make a low cost MBRL for short range accurate usage with in days.
    5. Body armor to withstand Land mines--> needs testing and can be successful or unsuccessful depending on the power of the mine and how convinielt to use it by soldiers.

  45. andare,

    very intersting.

    we should discuss.

    two heads are better than one and two (possibly more) can make a bigger effort with these R&D sleepers.



    Impotence Against Terrorist Attacks

    The assassination of Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and with him the killing of 14 bystanders and wounding of 90 other people will be mourned and justly condemned both here and abroad but even more regrettable is that none have been able to do anything about such


  48. Moshe,
    I like to discuss 3 and 5. Other ideas, I do not like to discuss with parties other than the Defence Ministry.

  49. One doesn't have to be a brain sergon to understand, the priest Rev Father M. X. Karunaratnam was killed by LTTE to discredit the Sri Lankan army, and hinder the ongoing operations of the army to liberate the tamil speaking people from the brutality of Velu.

  50. Hi All,

    Here is news that is interesting for the Mig-29 fans. Check out the video.

    Russia 'downs Georgian drone'
    Georgian military officials said that footage from the drone showed a Russian MiG-29 [File: GALLO/GETTY]
    Georgia has claimed that a Russian warplane shot down an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that crashed over the breakaway region of Abkhazia.

    Officials in Tbilisi released footage on Monday that they said came from the drone's onboard camera and showed a Russian military MiG-29 jet launching a missile at the aircraft.

    More on -

    YouTube Video -

    So guys, this means a Mig-29 used properly can bring down a slow moving aircraft effectively. But then the question is "Are we using a sledge hammer to kill a fly?"

    DefenceNet, would welcome your views on this.

  51. SLA Tank destroyed in Mukamaalai - LTTE (
    "A Sri Lanka Army Tank was fully destroyed at Mukamaalai Forward Defence Line (FDL) Tuesday morning around 7:30 a.m. when Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) anti-tank unit confronted the SLA soldiers who attempted to break the Tiger FDL, according to LTTE's Northern Front Operations Command. Meanwhile an SLA artillery and mortar launchpad has got fire as the Tigers targeted the installation, the Tigers said.

    The launchpad targeted attack by the Tigers was located in Ezhuthumadduvaa'l in Thenmaraadchi.

    The SLA has sustained heavy casualties in Mukamaalai, the Tigers said. "
    Any truth about this tamilnet news item???

  52. Guys,

    Direct Proportion

    When the relationship between two things is so strong in such a way that the increase of one thing leads to the same of the other, it is mathematically measurable; we say, the two things in question are in direct proportion.

    When this simple law make inroads into politics, it produces metaphorical fireworks; it is fun to watch, sometimes in amazement.

    The drama unfolding across the palk straits is one case in point.

    If the index of fear of Vaiko-the-Joker and the intensity of epic Vanni battle are quantifiable, they produce a perfect example of the concept of direct proportion in political world.

    The more intense the Vanni battle gets, the higher the body temperature of Vaiko becomes.

    His meetings with men-in-power show no sign of abating - Eric Solhem, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukharjee.

    I am sure his intended audience must be much wider than this; it may well include enviable gentlemen like Osama, Zahwari, Laloo Prasad too.

    When the body temperature is affected by a factor other than an invasion of a micro-organism like bacteria or virus, the mode of behaviour of a man can fluctuate between very unpredictable extremes.

    No other factor can account for the frequency of manoeuvers of a bankrupt politician, even if that chimp is Vaiko.

    Guys, let's call it Vaiko Index.

    If this index shows an exponential increase, the epic battle is about to be unleashed on the brutes.

    So, folks, keep an eye on Vaiko Index. It is something we can't ignore, even if Tamils ignore this rascal.

    It is the perfect Litmus Test of the Vanni Battle.

    Let's salute our brave soldiers!

  53. DNET,

    Can you please confirm on this report of Tank destroyed and a Motar launching pad.

  54. I am not suprised to hear these kind of incidents. We are at war and this kind of thing might happen. But I can sense the LTTE MFs will start dancing the jig as they have won the war.

  55. Guys,

    "The destruction of the tank in Muhamalei, according to Tamilnet"

    That news has lost its spark suddenley on the Tamilnet. It has evolved into a less significant one in a matter of seconds.

    The ghost of Charles Darwin will haunt the editors of the Tamilnet, I must warn!!

  56. I was out of the country for a while and had no chance to add any thing to the blog. But I kept on reading. With LTTE infilitartion to the Blog, the strategic discussions, brainstroming and knowladge sharing has disappered.

    Kind of worried.

  57. Qrious,

    I noticed the disolvement of the "Tank News" from the TNET. It gives a hint that this can be a false news or propaganda.

    I am waiting DNET to quote on this.

    Need to clarify whether it is a Tank or a MID vehicle. Usually SLA deploy tanks as fire support, but hardly as infilitration formations. A Tank in fire support mode is operating in a relatively safe ground.

  58. Regarding the Vaiko Index...

    I am sure that the likes of M Karunanidhi, Vaiko et. al have their pockets full of laundered Green Backs from Canada, UK, France etc.

    I am sure that he got a big bundle a few days ago as Vaiko's batteries seem to have recharged again. Check here

    I am surprised as to why there does not seem to be any politicians who see the extreme danger of supporting and lobbying for LTTE terrorists in this manner in Tamil Nadu.

    Surely Jayalalitha should have enough clout and interest to look in to the assests of Vaiko which also should pump up her political image as well.

    These corrupt elements will bask in the glory of money taken from the LTTE and ultimately the unsuspecting people will suffer in terrible misery.

  59. What happened to Madu,Adampan Town Centre!

    check this link

  60. "What happened to Madu,Adampan Town Centre!"

    it will be the same as it was for mavil aru, sampoor, vakrai, toppigala etc :) :)

  61. I have a feeling that this tank story is entirely false....But let's see what DefenceNet has to say about this.

    According to another article on tamilnut, LRRP has attacked a civilian lorry. But this is no surprise because according to LTTE, LRRP is permanently living in Wanni (probably have their own camps as well), can go anywhere they want as long as it's in LTTE held territory, and only attacks civilian targets. Similarly the SLAF only bombs civilian settlements, SLA only shells civilian settlements & SLN attacks only fishing boats.

  62. DNET
    Is the tank story is true?

  63. don't worry guys it wasn't a tank, has just came out with the real story, it was a SLA soldier probing the the tiger FDL on his bicycle. The attack was carried out by the victor unit in which the bicycle lost one tire and the SLA soldier returned to base with the bicycle and no injuries.

  64. So he lost a tyre? No spokes strings broken I hope...

  65. SriLankan,

    “We need to be very careful with this "civilian exodus". I get this feeling that some of these fellows are terras..”

    Valid suspicion saho. Did you watch the latest rather long video clip on defnet? Towards the end of the clip one of the commanders were interviewed. He makes it clear that they are screening people against just that. So hopefully infiltrations would be kept to a minimum.

  66. Pakka-lanka,
    Thanks sahodaraya..i watched it a few days ago..will watch it again.As for the tank story..i am not surprised if it is a tank..cannot help it in war.. we just need to use our AForce to kill as many terras as possible.However we need to do our utmost to save the conscripts.

  67. T 55 Tank ? (model I guess)

    Any truth in it?

  68. Sri Lankan army tanks destroyed with pictures here...

  69. LTTE agents are living in a fantasyland. The lawyer for, Nalini,the convicted killer of Rajiv Gandhi, speaking about Priyanka Gandhi says:

    "Priyanka said that she had forgiven Nalini. She went further and said that she had forgiven the killers. What does this mean?” asked Doraiswamy, who has represented Nalini.

    Nalini had facilitated the assassination without knowing about it, Doraiswamy said. The plotters and the actual killer, a female suicide bomber, were members of the LTTE.

    “I had told an English language daily that her forgiveness was not confined to Nalini and that it applied to the Liberation Tigers also. I say that again,” Doraiswamy asserted.

    “As far as I am concerned, I will say that even Sonia is not angry with the Liberation Tigers, because if the daughter says she is not angry, will it not apply to the mother also? I can say with certainty that others in Rajiv’s family also feel the same way,” he said.

  70. OMG Lima Base is such big like Panagoda camp.

    Great achievement. this is the fault what our guys does. u see they made LIMA base story a huge victory, should maintain like that. rather than showing a village sort destroyed house and the bunker. In vanni houses are like the same and each houses has bunkers (by default).

    spoiled the image of victry by showing pol athu maduwa.

    my imagination lost. even though its true..

  71. Thambala,
    This shows the gruesome pictures of war!!.We have lost 6 tanks due to Panzerfaust?.What a sad and tragic waste!!.. 18 soldeirs have been burnt alive!!.Theruwan saranai to them.we are not getting anywhere with this war are we?

  72. Pakka-lanka,
    Watched video your right.Many thanks.
    Hmm how do we know this is not the imran padyan crack commando division in disguise?
    We have lost a tank..official confirmation by DefenceWire.

  73. Pakka-Lanka,
    Are these the poor srilankan citizens this LTTE filth are recruiting to their FDL'S?..What a monumental tragedy.Does anyone know how many tanks we have?

  74. Abhaya said...

    With LTTE infilitartion to the Blog, the strategic discussions, brainstroming and knowladge sharing has disappered.

    Kind of worried.


    I share your frustrations too.
    To my fellow bloggers, we need to ignore these lunatics without wasting our time arguing with them.

  75. so we lost a tank, so what its not a big deal, its war and things like that happen, isreal lost a lot more tanks than we did, and 1000s of tank was lost in WW2
    this story about a tank being lost is insignificant,it should not even be a huge news item

  76. but theruwan saranai to the soldiers in the tank

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Senkadagala Sinhaya said...

    but theruwan saranai to the soldiers in the tank

    hahahaha nice try to say as soon as possible for the SLA M'Fs in the FDLS okok ...

    This is not the 1st Tank SLA Lost its 9th tank since 2006 and LTTE captured 2 of them on 2006/Aug .. SLA's trial mission on Muhamalai FDLs ended up with a lose ..

  79. weapons ship left south africa -







  80. From my news source, apparently the tank erupted into a fireball and all those inside perished.

    A well made tank can mow through a battle, a 50s, 60s cheap crap thats in the SLA inventory is a death trap for its drivers.

    Unable to withstand the fury of the Tiger assault, the remaining SLA infantrymen made the 100 m dash backwards.

  81. [Lawyers 'responsible' for CC crisis - BBC]

    It's stragely hilarious that the Bloody Biased Corporation cannot still realize that their attempts to divide the Sri Lankans... after 25+ years of trying... have failed...miserably.

    Every article of BBC... if one closely analyzes... is written either to divide us or insult us.

    Fixing that agenda is not difficult... for great Sri Lankan leaders... Just copy what the Chinese, Malaysians, Singaporeans do.

  82. Yes folks a T55 MBT was damaged beyond repair when it was engaged in a preemptive strike today morning near the tiger FDL. Possible from Vetter anti armor fire. They are deployed somewhat heavily in this sector in fear of mechanized infantry brigade.

    "From my news source, apparently the tank erupted into a fireball and all those inside perished."

    Your source is flawed. The crew of four survived the attack. They are now being treated.

  83. "This is not the 1st Tank SLA Lost its 9th tank since 2006 and LTTE captured 2 of them on 2006/Aug .. SLA's trial mission on Muhamalai FDLs ended up with a lose .."

    In 2006 failed offensive:
    1. 6 MBTs were lost.
    2. 6 IFVs were lost.
    3. LTTE did not capture any tanks (other than usable parts)

  84. DefenceNet ;

    LTTE have shown the damaged Tank which they pulled out from a trap ..and they confirmed those two tanks are taking part of LTTE Tank unit ...

    and Thats not Vetter(LTTE doesn't have any forcess on that name) ..thats VICTOR ok..

  85. "LTTE have shown the damaged Tank which they pulled out from a trap ..and they confirmed those two tanks are taking part of LTTE Tank unit ..."

    Thats bull. They dismounted the cannon. Even that may not be usable. But no functional tanks were captured.

  86. DefenceNet,
    is it victor..or the "masaladosai" division

  87. Thambala,

    Thanks so much for photos of "lima-3 base".

    This really has made my day. The scale of the "news" had actually made me worry that the SLA had captured a "base".

    Now I am so relieved.

    Once again, thanks so much!

  88. DN you sound like you were there with the LTTE's Viktor regiment ? What gives ? You have second career or something ?


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