Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sea tiger base raided : Mullaithiv

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets raided an LTTE military base located in LTTE held Mullaithiv district today evening. Jets of SLAF's 10th fighter squadron bombed the pre identified target located in Chemmalei at approximately 2.15PM today.

Meanwhile LTTE's senior leadership has showed signs of abandoning Madu. Almost all senior cadres deployed in the area have retreated to command bunkers located in LTTE held territory further north in the Wanni. The move escalated pace when two of army's fighting formations advanced further after a renewed round of fighting in the first week of April. However the tigers are taking care to fill the possible entry routes with mines and IEDs. New intelligence information has suggested that the guerillas may have booby trapped some of the church buildings as well. LTTE continued to blame the army for shelling the church premises.

The government officially released casualty figures of the armed forces for the month of March. According to government released figures, 93 security forces personnel have been killed and nearly 700 more have been injured in the fighting. during March. Our sources suggest that the actual  number of KIA is 104, as opposed to 93. However media reports claiming 300+ deaths of government soldiers in March are completely inaccurate. LTTE casualty figures are believed to be much higher with guerillas suffering 10-15 (one one day as high as 52 KIA) deaths daily.

In other news several foreign media reports have misinterpreted an arms purchase by Sri Lanka. The army is not buying any type of missiles as claimed by the report, but are merely buying 10000 122MM rockets for its RM-71 MBRLs to be used against the LTTE in the ongoing confrontations. MBRLs play a significant role in battle as they are known to be an effective counter against LTTE's 'human waves' approach.


  1. "In other news several foreign media reports have misinterpreted an arms purchase by Sri Lanka. The army is not buying any type of missiles as claimed by the report,..." and others,

    I am sure these guys knew what the Army was buying for sure, they probably needed to get everyone's attention towards Army's transactions. And there is also this propensity for even these false reports to find their ways into serious reports of the IC (remember the recent US country report?!).

  2. A TV crew should be sent with the first Army personnel that enter the church premises.

  3. When 100s of false reports are published, at least a couple of dozens can find the way into genuine reports. As I always say, LTTE is build around lies and deceptions.

  4. As always, we already know BBC is the biased reporting agency with plenty of Tiger sympathizers infiltrated into the editorial ranks. I never believe what BBC says. Remember how BBC, CNN and Fox, ABC and others reported prelude to Iraqi invasion with false ( or more selective reporting of evidence) to justify Iraqi invasion. F*** the EU. Get our weapons from our buddies in Russian and Iran to wipe those Tiger fu**ers.

  5. Wipeltte:
    Your nickname is your dream and likewise, your dream will be just like your nick name - Never be real.

  6. Dear DefenceNet

    Jeraj ge photos balanna puluwan kawadada?

  7. Reporting lies, mis-interpreatation by int. media; It just says how badly LTTE suffering these days. Probably, this may be a part of some long term propaganda/ action plan against SL.

    Is it true SLA Col. injured by LTTE sniper fire at Muhamale? 500m away from enimy lines ! Not a good idea to send top commanders that close !

    How come 11 defference in KIA between DSL and DN figures? Is this due to MIA-dowra? What about LTTE KIA/WIA in March?

  8. according these published tiger casualties and what casualties has been published from the beginning of this war the tigers have one of the biggest armies in the world, losing 200000 cadres and still able to defend vanni, wow, i mean losing 10-15 each day and as high as 52 on one day and still holding on to territory, man they must have an army of over 1000000!

  9. "Jeraj ge photos balanna puluwan kawadada? "

    Send an email to
    We will not publish them in public again.

    Ninja LTTE casualties are above 300. Army is maintaining a kill ratio around 1:4 so actual LTTE casualties may even be higher than that.

  10. "the tigers have one of the biggest armies in the world"

    They sure do have one of the best methods for forced conscription.

  11. Rover:

    [When 100s of false reports are published, at least a couple of dozens can find the way into genuine reports. As I always say, LTTE is build around lies and deceptions.

    Well observed.... especially when a bunch of gullible Diaspora waiting to digest with open mouths...

    LTTE Terror Inc. is built on fraud and thrives on terror.

    But the award for shattering the fake Tamil homeland daydream goes to none other than:

    Our PROUD & BRAVE TROOPS... AND THE PRESENT LEADERSHIP... the best since the independence.

    Maximum number of Tamil terrorists must be killed rather cold-blooded whenever possible... giving maximum pain.

  12. 'still holding on to territory, man they must have an army of over 1000000!

    Imagine the pride the SLDF will have... killing this good number of very people who were supposed to be thE FAT PIG!

    I call these LTTE terrorists pests... to be treated and killed like flies... mosquitos etc...

    It's plain Pest control... nothing else.

  13. DefenceNet,
    That is a large number of this on all fronts..why so many injured i wonder..and do you know how many wont return to the battlefield

  14. Gringo,
    These fellows are going to keep performing tactical withdrawals and finally withdraw into blue sarongs+bata slippers becoming "civilians".We need to ambush as many of these Pri**s as possible and not let them mingle into the civilian population

  15. "A TV crew should be sent with the first Army personnel that enter the church premises."

    --Don't forget to ensure that it is SLRC

    In other news,

    I hear that LTTE's "Col" Soosai was "seriously injured" in the air raid. "Ground sources confirmed that 320 of his body guards from the Radha regiment perished." -- Says MCNS

    In even more news, the SLA's 58th division "advanced 10km towards Madhu" today, while the 59th division managed to capture another 40km sq in the "general areas south of Adampan", otherwise known as "general area north of Giant's Tank". Intercepted radio communication even revealed that about 420 "terrorists" were killed during the day's operation.

    Banda and Silva, the two "valiant" soldiers leading the Wanni operations were slightly injured.

  16. //, i mean losing 10-15 each day and as high as 52 on one day and still holding on to territory, man they must have an army of over 1000000!//

    Actually its not worth commenting on this.

    Every month GSL announces SLDF casualties to the parliment and then all the key board tigers be happy like 100 SLA KIA in one second. We hear this BS from tigers here monthly when GSL give the figures.

    DN says 1:4 kill ratio. Thus for last six months SLA KIA 100 per month avarage and hence 400 tigers KIA which means 2400 tigers are dead within 6 months.

    If we follow MCNS figures around 15 tigers KIA daily thus for six months 2700 tigers KIA within 6 months.

    May be many of LTTE terras ere just can't do the math, so they think about some large number (and typed) 10000000000 tigers are dead and 100000000000 tiger force still there. Just funny.

    Given the DN/DW estimates of total tigers (40,000) a long way to go.

  17. srilankan,
    "is this on all fronts..why so many injured i wonder..and do you know how many wont return to the battlefield"

    Yes this is including all fronts and including police force as well. Majority are P3 wounded. We dont have exact figures right now.

  18. Out of topic (OOT)

    3 vehicles belongs to 3 Ministers stolen from the parliament Car park?

    Any news on this?

    It's a Huge Security Lapse.
    So , it means even LTTE can sneak in and install a bomb or two to ministerial vehicles?

  19. "The latest toll raised to 2,700 the number of rebels said to have been killed by security forces this year."

    07 April, AFP

    2700/98 = 27.55

    At this rate, it will take another 1354 days, or 3.7 years, to neutralise the whole 40, 000.

  20. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your input.

  21. thiru,
    The 'F' you got for maths in vanni eelam high school does it mean fail or fucked up?

    Either way i think you need to learn maths again.

    Start counting first,

    Ondu Bata + Rendu Bata = muundu Bata

    got it ?


    News from the front..

  23. JVP seems to be disintegrating.

    Regardless of their politics, as an opposition party, the JVP has consistently supported the Govt's war effort. They have also championed Sri Lanka's interests when the IC and neighboring countries interfered in the affairs of Sri Lanka.

    Not sure about the accuracy of this report.

    JVP in Crisis

  24. It is sad to hear that our PM had visited the West bank, very ill advised, if we are to get the Israeli spares, couldn’t see a valid reason, unless he e was attempting win the Noble peace price. It’s like asking a PM of another country to visit Vanni and expect the gosl to do favours. I hear the Israelis are unwilling to sell what we want. If we are to win this battle, then we must seek the goodwill of the countries that matter to us.
    Also we hear some important guys have escaped Madhu.How come?

  25. It is sad to hear that our PM had visited the West bank, very ill advised, if we are to get the Israeli spares, couldn’t see a valid reason, unless he e was attempting win the Noble peace price. It’s like asking a PM of another country to visit Vanni and expect the gosl to do favours. I hear the Israelis are unwilling to sell what we want. If we are to win this battle, then we must seek the goodwill of the countries that matter to us.
    Also we hear some important guys have escaped Madhu.How come?

  26. rover,

    "I am sure these guys knew what the Army was buying for sure, they probably needed to get everyone's attention towards Army's transactions."

    exactly. this is what they want. it is like the 70,000 deaths of the 35 year old war!! that means only 2,000 deaths on average a year which is nothing numerically compared to 120,000 dying every year from all causes.

    if anyone in the IC is REALLY concerned about saving lives in SL they should prioritise how to tackle heart attacks not the war!!

    But if they shout about heart attacks in SL, no one will finance them.

    The war was NEVER A MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH IN SL. But is its the economy that suffered from the war, surrender, stalemate for the past 36 years.

    Many people are fooled by media hype that they miss the woods for the trees!!

  27. ---Int. media's dead 70,000---

    Moshe pointed an importent thing. Actualy if one has the figures for say from 1980 of how many dead in SL and the break-ups, say, how many due to natural deaths, cancers (cigerettes/arrack), other health issues, accidents, committed suicide, due to war- SLA/ LTTE/ civilians etc you will see the real picture and can also understand the int. media's intention.

  28. What ever is being said and done, LTTE is built around lies and deceptions, that is why they don't have an EelFarm after fighting for 30+ years.

  29. "the tigers have one of the biggest armies in the world"
    They sure do have one of the best methods for forced conscription.

    forced conscription of 200000 youths according to your government's calculations, you gotta be kidding me man!
    According to the GOSL figures there shouldn't be any tamils left in vanni.

  30. On next Tuesday (15th)at 9pm BBC TV is showing a documentary on terrorism world wide for past 40 years.

    Try to watch it. some bad press for LTTE too. They have desperatly tried to change the way Tigers are depicted in it. But now the final version is approved. No more changes will be done.

  31. When you put it that way Moshe, 2000 is not much.

    But most of the guys that die young could provide so much manpower for SL for development.

    LTTE is having it much worse. Let me put it in a sociobioogical context. Lot of LTTE women are dying. Nobody in the right mind would let their women die (except of course the "white" assed VP, because women are precious. Women can have only a limited amount of children during their lifetime (production of ova stops after 45, generally can't have more than 1 child at a time, and there is a gestation period of 10 months, and also a period of care that should be provided for about 4 years until the child is independent). But men can have many many children, as they are independent of the constraints mentioned above - sperm is cheap, ova are not.

    But utter idiots like VP think that they are doing a great job when they send their women to war. And the diaspora is blind to this.

    I'll talk about the children that are so blatantly sent to war some other time.

    And their are even more idiots than VP, cheering him on!

  32. yeah yeah, keep it up Thiru!

  33. EelArm sounds better, because eels don't have arms, and also it is superficial, frivolous and vulgar.

  34. I recently ran a mathematical model on how the LTTE would do, based on their recent losses, use of women fighters and children and the results are truly amazing, and I won't share this with you.

    Just a word of advise for the LTTE die hards, save your women and children and give up arms NOW!

  35. ----The End !!! ???---

    VP has understood SarathF very early but not us even now. Majotity in south just want to capture K'chi within like a week. But SarathF's plan is different. It seems SLA wants to reduce LTTE man power until it become weak and then get the land. It seems still we are in the begening of the first step.

    Considering DN's 1:4 kill ratio and MCNS/ GSL figures let's assume 15 tigers KIA daily. Also assume reamining tigers are 40,000 including every one- makkal pade, kids, grandmas etc. At this rate it will take 2666 days or 7.3 years to the end.

    Now let's consider the recruitment rate as well. As we know, LTTE has maximised already their recruitment rate and hence it won't be easy to recruit 5475 (loss per year at 15 KIA daily) per year for them. Assume they recruit 2475 per year. Then 3000 loss per year and within 13 years its finished.

    Note that for the SLA if they can recruit 10,000 per year and say 1000 KIA and 1500 WIA out of battle field still there is 7500 increase.

    Thus if the war exists at this level say within 15 years LTTE is over. Note that if SLA doule the kill rate time lengths become halfed. Also this won't be like a compuer game. At some point SLA will change their tactics and change the phase. Removal of VP (by diabatics or SLAF/ LRRP) will change things. And hopefully end the war say within 4 to 5 years,in an optimistic veiw.

    But the question is if this is the case (i.e. LTTE is getting a gauranteed extiction) LTTE simply can't let continue the war. They have to stop it some how.

    1. Obviously, try to kill MR/GR/BR etc. -
    But LTTE killed Naval commander, president, defence minister, foriegn minister, and many individuals simply every one was replaced and things go on. Thus even killing MR/GR may not deliver VP's expected outcome. Only success story here is killing GaminiD and the ponsy replacement.

    2. Economic targets - Harbour, air port, KAB, Trinco etc. If succeed this might affect the continuation of war.

    3. Going for CFA - This the tigers' anu time dream. (Ofcourse, as per Nadesan LTTE still hold the CFA, not abandoned.)

    4. Change in war stratergy - Let SLA to walk in and go for fully guarilla tactics with large number of caders.

    5. UN/IC intervention - The project now LTTE/GO/UN working on.

    6. Recruiting from tamilnadu (obviously our key board tigers won't go to eelaam, they stay in e-elaams in Canada, EU, UK, USA etc.)

    6. Other methods ??

    Thus so many other factors can affect the ongoing war and can make it better for SLA or LTTE.

    ---- A nightmare ----

    1. Suppose MR will loose eastern PC.
    2. UNP capitalize on that and win other PCs in south.
    3. JVP run independently, break some votes and thus UNP win districts, get bonus seats.
    4. In this way UNP come to power. Ponsi become president.
    5. War is stopped. Go back to CFA. (citing COL.)
    6. Give LTTE an interim council (i.e. handing over N/E) with IC/UN blessings.
    7. It is upto LTTE then do the ground/ diplomatic work and go for Kosovo type at right time. Probably when next SLFP admin comes to power.

  36. rover,

    i agree that even 2,000 is a VERY HIGH casualty rate and most of them die young.

    my point is there are OTHER BIGGER causes of death than the war and THOSE MUST ALSO BE CONSIDERED AS MUCH AS THE WAR.

    for instance snake bites still kill more than 1,000 a year!! rabies also kills a sizable number.

    unfortunately SL still ranks #1 in suicides. mostly young people dying due to frustration (over love, jobs, etc.). This figure is in the thousands.

    correcting these HAVE NO OPPOSITION unlike the war!! But very little attention is paid to these. Almost NO INTERNATIONAL attention as they DON'T REALLY CARE.

    rover's mathematical model may be something like,

    total tamils killed ('liberated' according to VP pig) / total tamil population????

    (only guessing).

    This figure is =35,000/1,800,000 = 2%.

    for the rest of the country it is 0.3%!

    Now who is REALLY liberated and who is not?

    I wish the uneducated VP idiot and his arselicking LTTE supporters had an ounze of intelligence to understand this.

    what's worse they are willingly killing their WOMEN & CHILDREN!!

    they are digging their own grave.

    all tamils who love fellow tamils must come forward and stop the lunatic. he is like Hitler who destroyed germany itself which he setout to 'liberate'.

    it is foolish begging us to stop the war when this is the reality. he is the bastard who started it and he is one to stop it.

  37. ninja,

    i agree with most of what you say.

    you have correctly identified LTTE's weakest point as its manpower.

    if MR is killed ratnasiri will take over. i bet he is a ruthless killer! Anyway he got nothing to lose and BEST KNOWN AS A HAWK.

    4 - 5 years of war is unsustainable.

    an election is due in late 2009. govt. cannot win it unless they pull through a sizable victory before that. also the longer the war is the higher the chances are for internation mediation, terror attacks, political instability, reversal of military victories, etc.

    the longest unbroken stretch of war in SL history is 1983-87 - 4 years. 1996 july to 1999 november - 3 years.

    therefore going by the past this war which started in 2006 must end by 2010. not only the LTTE even we cannot continue this.

    SF's strategy seems good. why rush into a trap.

    BUT the killing rate must increase.

    good to hear the purchase of 150,000 shells and 10,000 rockets. hopefully they will be used EFFECTIVELY.

  38. A note on LTTE casualties…

    “if GOSL claims of LTTE casualties are true, then there would not be any LTTE left in Sri Lanka”….

    is a sarcastically hackneyed statement I have seen from LTTE mf’s and RW-UNP traitors often.

    What these bastards/bitches are doing with this sarcastic claim is diverting attention from the fact that the LTTE has been “liquidated” severely and they continue to be so with the onward march of our brave SLDF!

    Now for some rationale (for the sane minded, not the LTTE mf’s):

    It has always been suspected and GOSL even candidly admitted that LTTE had over 18,000 fighting cadres (in varying degrees of combat capabilities as the majority in this number was never deemed “crack fighters”) as it is widely known that the ill-conceived, ill-executed CFA that RW pansy brought in 2002 allowed the LTTE to increase it’s strength by over 10,000 in just 1.5 years (from approx. 8,000 it had prior to the CFA)!

    Now if you add up all the LTTE casualties that GOSL/MOD has claimed since about early 2006 when this round of “eelam war” began, you will see that it simply does not add to or surpass the 18,000 figure.

    Rather, it would add up to about 8000 mark, meaning that there’s got to be about another 7,000 LTTErs alive today (again, these are all not “crack fighters” and likely only 3,000-4,000 of that number are such; the rest are basically civilians forced to carry guns and they will desert at the first opportunity as currently seen). (note: bear in mind that LTTE lost about 3000 instantly when Karuna left).

    So, this is the stark truth, but of course, the LTTE mf’s and the RW-UNP traitors love to utter the above noted sarcastic nonsense every time MOD publishes LTTE casualties to discredit MR GOSL and destroy the morale of the SLDF (LTTE’s motive is to demoralize SLDF and win “thamileelam” whereas RW-UNP’s motive is to disenchant the population against MR GOSL and win power at any cost).

    Therefore, if you take the 3,000 – 4,000 figure as the ones in need of "terminating with extreme prejudice,” yes, then this war should likely take no more than another year to finish off (this is considering the “multiplier” factor as when the size depletes and the morale sinks, then progressively the maggot kills/day also tends go up substantially).

    OaO Asithri

  39. MosheD

    [4 - 5 years of war is unsustainable.]

    [SF's strategy seems good. why rush into a trap.]

    [BUT the killing rate must increase.]

    Very well said bro...I agree whole heartedly! kudos!

    OaO Asithri

  40. Pakka-Lanka

    [The main active ingredient is “Wallopo-tiggaras”, in latin. It is also known as bash-sum-pulis.]


    Actually, two more ingredients in it are (also in Latin, sorry for the unpronounceable, long names):





    [Being the cunning teenager that he is, he has designed a cocktail of juices to make the drink even more potent. Unfortunately I don’t have any details of his modifications. May be he himself will tell us? Pretty please??]

    Nay a worry patriot…OaO Asithri’s motto is “service with a wicked smile!” LMSSAO!!!

    Here are two “other juices”…now that you twisted my arm:

    - ripe mango juice, extracted from mangoes grown on “ex-maaveer” fields

    - oil derived from “sea-guppy maaveer” ingested sharks

    Aha, now you see why this cocktail is potent and there is no one like OaO Asithri!


    No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    So damn despicable, I love it!

    OaO Asithri

  41. to catch an early flight, that's it for now.

    Greets to all partiots...


    OaO Asithri

  42. Greets OaOA.

    A daily dose of hard medicine for LTTE MFs!

    TC mate

  43. As much as this is the end of the road for the LTTE, the majority in Sri Lanka needs to keep something in mind; Beware of those who have nothing to lose.

  44. "forced conscription of 200000 youths according to your government's calculations, you gotta be kidding me man!"

    Where did you get that figure of 200000? Dont fabricate stuff.

  45. Chamal,

    About Mi 24...

    What I meant was can't we acquire some guided missiled that can be fitted to Mi 24? Then Hover around sea battles just far and just high so that they can avoid any AAMs (Anti Aircraft missiles) and be on the look out for suicide boats and then fire those missiles.

    what do you think? Can we acquire and fit such missiles to Mi 24s? Is this feasible?

  46. thambala,

    Mi-24 comes with ATAKA missiles which are ATGMs. we can fit SPIKE (a better type from israel) ATGMs if required.

  47. Who the flying F**k gives a damn about this grandmother of a pu**y bit** arbour and her recent comments..After all her BS she is trying to put things "right" in typical pu**y fashion 2 days before she leaves office.she needs to explain her opinion to the forcibly conscripted tamil kids in the wanni.
    DefenceNet..sorry i got carried away here.

  48. Rover is right, if one looks that the demographics disaster waiting for the LTTE in Wanni it is easy to see why the armed forces are taking the attrition approach.

    With that said we must make sure that we hold and rebuild the East at all costs. This region is too important to ever let fall into the hands of the LTTE again. We have to get the Eastern economy up and running so it can create jobs and other opportunities for its people.

  49. Former SLAF chief Harry Gunathilake has passed away.

  50. Any news about charly boy? (Charles Anthony)

    What is he up to?

  51. Our deepest Sympathies to Mr Harry Goonetilleke,father of the [present Air Marshall. May he RIP.

  52. 500 houses built under UAE aid for victims of LTTE ethnic cleansing in Puttlam

    Bloody mruderous smuggler!

  53. LTTE Air Force F-14 squadron pilots might find this useful:

    Warranty for McDonnell Douglas military aircraft

    When they finally get into action they might need the warranty it offers. BTW, anyone with inside information from LTTE know when these sqaudrons, along with the F-18, Kfir and B-2 squadrons are going to be deployed?

  54. Sri Lanka says 26 rebels killed


  55. New article on


    "....along with textile goods"
    Does this mean that they were going to send it through the airport? It's not likely that they smuggle textiles from Tamilnadu to Killinochi is it? Not when the navies of both SL and India are hunting for arms smugglers...

    Wonder how much they've managed to get across... Problem is, they're not the only ones doing it.

  56. "forced conscription of 200000 youths according to your government's calculations, you gotta be kidding me man!"

    "Where did you get that figure of 200000? Dont fabricate stuff".

    I was being sarcastic in case you were too slow to get that, what i mean is that your pathetic governments from past to present have released some foolish figures and the stupid public in the south keeps buying it!

  57. JVP & LTTE

    Our security forces mus te be protected from JVP….according to the news reports from SL, JVP leader is linked to LTTE. This is a dramatic development in SL. The fact is in international level IC always think that hardcore Sinhalese not willing to negotiate looking at JVP. If LTTE is behind JVP…..present anti Indian & Sinhalese extremism might have been created by JVP to help LTTE to develop more problem in the county and Sinhala people …on the other hand through out in the history LTTE & JVP did the same thing to the country…so this shows that we as nation we will never solve this problem until we find our real enemy …

    If you check Tamilnet these days they never publish anything related to split of JVP…
    I have a question WHY?

  58. thiru,

    "I was being sarcastic in case you were too slow to get that, what i mean is that your pathetic governments from past to present have released some foolish figures and the stupid public in the south keeps buying it!"

    Oh you were being sarcastic!!!! You're such a genius you know, now why didn't we guess that before. Next time when you try to post a joke please make it sensible, don't make it crazy like the rest of your comments. (We are not geniuses like you, so we find it hard to spot the difference between your jokes and your other 'serious' comments)

  59. Chamal,
    Very well said bro..:):).Of course wherever in GOD IC this fellow lives he is living in a mansion like buckingham palace..hahahaha.the majority population in that country want him so bad that they have given him a mansion free of charge.

  60. Smuggling cyanide to Vanni??

    We should turn a blind eye (just to cyanide). Now that the LTTE are up against the wall may be there is a high demand for the stuff.

    Adel Balasingham should be the chief guest at the presentation ceremony; she has previous experience.

  61. pakka-lanka,
    I have a better idea..why doesn't she taste a sample to see if it is genuine?..and not sugar or salt

  62. Ahhh..ha...ha... Sirlankan...good one bruv.

    Monavada mey katha? It would be like the day our old royal gester Andaray ate sugar!

  63. "why doesn't she taste a sample to see if it is genuine?..and not sugar or salt"

    Yeah, that's true.... It's going to be pretty embarrassing for a LTTE cadre if he doesn't die when he bites the cyanide capsule when surrounded by SLA.

  64. Moshe bro,

    We are talking about two different issues, and it is my fault. I shouldn't have talked about what I did when answering your post death by other issues being important as much as death by war.

    Yes, I agree that there are other causes of death, other than by the war that are significant, and people don't give too much attention to preventing these. Especially snake bites. In Sri Lanka, especially in the Anuradhapura district alone, about 400 people die due to bites caused by Cobras, Russel's vipers and Ktraits. But nobody cares about these things (they should).

    "total tamils killed ('liberated' according to VP pig) / total tamil population????"

    Ha ha! No, it is not something trivial as that! It involved several demographic parameters and biological constraints (as I outlined in my previous post), and I was basically trying to get a handle on the cost of using women in warfare instead of men. It is a pretty bad thing to do as far as population growth rate is concerned. Did this just for fun in Matlab, but I want to make sure that I got it right, before I share it with policymakers/economists (I am not one of these), and publish it where it matters. But I have shared the major conclusion, and this wouldn't change even if I tweak the other parameters a little bit.

  65. "Former SLAF chief Harry Gunathilake has passed away."

    God bless his soul.

    But he is survived by his son, who I am sure will be a great a man as his dad.

  66. rover,

    i agree with your conclusion 100%

    hopefully as many tamil women and children could be saved by the humane operations conducted by the SLA in addition to the war.

    it is futile to expect the LTTE to have an iota of concern for its own people!

    what a sin?

    re: Harry G...He wanted to see a permanant end to this war. may he RIP.

  67. Musharraf pledges support to end terrorism in Sri Lanka


  68. LTTE seems to be getting their hopes up:

    US to drop ANC’s terrorist

    The poor morons are trying everything to get back on the good books of IC I won't be surprised if some 'professor' or somebody like that comes and gives a comparison between the LTTE and ANC, same as they tried to compare kosovo with peelam.

  69. Moshe-dyan,
    "good to hear the purchase of 150,000 shells and 10,000 rockets. hopefully they will be used EFFECTIVELY."

    hehe.. Don't worry my friend. When LTTE captures most of this stock, it will be more than effectively used against the hapless SLA!
    Let me make a prediction here:
    When LTTE begins its operation to capture Tamil Eelam's capital Thirukkonamalai (Trincomalee) - much sooner than you think, they will use these shells and rockets.

  70. Mahinda is a man of his word.

    Many Sri Lankans were not serious when he said he would pack off the Vikings... He did

    Then the weak hearted folks said we cannot liberate the East... now they are eating Eastern sour grapes...

    '(Anal)ysts sitting comfortably in 5-star hotel rooms predicted that a severe guerilla moment will bomb the Sri Lankans in the east and south into pieces... but elected officials are now busy taking reins of the east... the south is economically progressing.

    Then this Tamil Diaspora predicted that UN was going to classify Sri Lanka a failed state... instead UN is now assisting Sri Lanka in all areas of development.... Not a hum from the west...

    CFA was torn into pieces on public.

    But there remains some 'Sri Lanka experts' who scream... (feeling the pain in the wallets) that there's no military solution for LTTE terrorism...

    Mahinda led GOSL is proving very well that they are wrong but they wouldn’t admit...

    Whacking the LTTE pigs hard woks. That’s proven Let us bestow upon the LTTE and their sponsors the MOST EXTREME TERRORISM known to mankind...

  71. Cool, Moshe, keep up the good work.

    "re: Harry G...He wanted to see a permanant end to this war. may he RIP."

    Yes, he will RIP, knowing that the SLAF is in good hands.

  72. '
    Paradise Derailed

    Mohan Tikku’s new book condenses the tumultuous history of Sri Lanka with perspective and empathy, says MR NARAYAN SWAMY

    Sri Lanka: A Land in Search of Itself
    Mohan K. Tikku
    National Book Trust, India
    Pages 158 (pp), Rs.50


    Here comes another 'expert'... selling his book for Rs.50/=... lokking to EDUCATE Sri Lankan 'kids'!

    When will the fans of these a**holes learn?

    he he he

  73. I hope our incompetent cops will give the full support to the funeral of Air Marshall’s funeral and protect the present Air Marshall, as the terrorists might attempt another massacre where AM Roshan Goonetilleke is bound to attend. Trust no one search anyone, including goons that may attend with Mervin. Terrorist will use all their resources to get at AM. They better have a low key affair, with minimum exposure.

  74. Gringo

    You missed a big one; the SLN blew away those 10 tiger ships in international waters. And the world sighed in relief. Creamed tamilchella and some of them even laughed in private, while not making even a hum.

  75. TropicalStorm:

    Spot on! Thanks!

  76. I think MR's visit to china is significant in the light of other war preparations.

    as a small country we need a bg backer of the war so that others don't get involved. india failed to do that and AS A LAST RESORT the govt. is relying on China. China has already given the green light.

    Also this is a good time to take BIG action against terrorism as regards China.

    150,000 mortar shells, 10,000 122mm rockets, closer than ever SUPPORT TO FIGHT TERROR from china and pakistan means only one thing.


    LTTE will do their very best to either intercept, destroy or stop the weapons. Special security measures are needed at the ports, seas routes, storage facilities, etc.

    The JVP has resigned from all PATRIOTIC movements it had a presence! This is also significant. There can be a REMOTE possibility of a last ditch LTTE attaempt through the JVP like in 1987-90 when the JVP created such BIG nonsense that the IPKF that was successfully fighting the LTTE had to be sent off giving tigers a vital lifeline.

    Someone mentioned that TN is very silent about JVP's split. VERY strange indeed! But i don't think the tamil JVP fellow from Australia is a major player. Bugger may be doing some work for the eastern PC election as he is from trinco.

    May be govt. need to do what JRJ did with the TULF to keep the political support for war. In another 7 months there is another budget and chances are very high that it will be very tough to get it passed. Otherwise the war may end.

    Tigers are BLOODY LUCKY. they somehow get a protector. we should anticipate these BEFORE starting the grand next phase of the war.

  77. BBC Tamil and Sinhala Services have been renamed as the BBC LTTE Service.

  78. //But i don't think the tamil JVP fellow from Australia is a major player.//

    As I know he is a major player and some times he is the major player. It is said his word was the final word in crucial situations.

  79. I have to add a word about this tamil leader in JVP. His name is Kumar Gunarathnam and I know him and his brother who died for JVP during the crackdown. They are the most genuine patriotic srilankans you can find. They are not from Trinco as one mentioned. They are from Kegalle. Father is tamil and mother is sinhalese. Both are engineers. Older brother gave his life. Younger one equally dedicated. Racially motivate folks are trying to make something out of nothing.

  80. One more thing. Kumar is more Sinhala than tamil. I dont think he can read or write very well. But, he can speak. Went to a sinhala school and studied everything in sinhala as far as I know. Creating fear just because he is tamil is total bullshit.

    BTW, I am not a JVPer and I do not agree with their policies. I am not trying to white wash anything, just speaking the truth.

  81. What comes in media is often distorted. So going by the claims of a friend, we can assume that this tamil JVP fellow is at least not violent as shown by the media.

    if he is patriotic he cannot attack the JVP patriotic group. interestingly he is with soma who has severed links with the patriotic national movement and the manel mal movement which is doing a great job. the best thing is a conciliation between the two factions. resorting to 1989 style violence is barbaric.

    we have enough violence in the north; we don't need any in the south.

    hopefully everyone will support the war effort (to different degrees) at this crucial times.

  82. About tamil JVP leader;

    Daily mirror report may be destorted saying he is from trinco (may be his father) and combined fight against IPKF. Actually he is (cultaraly) sinhalese as onecountry said. As I know all the things are correct said by onecountry regarding him. But I heard he lives becuz he betrayed a lot to SLA at got a deel. His brother also was very close to RohanaW. Now he is officialy not a member of JVP but handles every crucial thing.

    The real issue here is about policies. Somawanshas/ Tilvin fraction need to done it without power develution. Weerawanshas have kind of support to MR for develution. Both fractions of JVP want LTTE to be defeated military. Each fraction charge against the other saying opponents stratergy helps seperation. This is apart from economic issues. Thus this Kumar is targeted with his tamilness. What realy goes on I don't know. This is my guess.

  83. Guys, did you know that Sinhalese Kings signed in Tamil?

    I wonder why they did this!

  84. must see sir

  85. thanks isoorya for the video

    its a MUST WATCH !

  86. Despite the rains during the last month, the SLA had claimed some progress in their creeping offensive after inflicting heavy casualties on the LTTE. On March 21, 2008, the Media Centre for National Security spokesman has claimed killing 6,867 LTTE cadres so far in the operations that commenced in December 2005. As against this, the security forces had lost 1,501 troops in action. The casualty claim at end February 2008 stood at a total of 6,486 LTTE cadres, and 1,196 military personnel. These figures could be inflated or include civilian auxiliaries and need to be confirmed by other sources. However, the Media Centre figures indicate a sudden escalation in the security forces casualty - 305 troops killed in the four weeks of March 2008) as against a total of 1196 troops lost in the earlier period of 24 months! Moreover, as against the security forces loss of 305 the LTTE had suffered 386 casualties in the same period. This is an alarmingly low ratio between the two, achieved never before.

  87. "Guys, did you know that Sinhalese Kings signed in Tamil?"

    Brāhmī letters (and later letters that evolved from them) are not tamil you moron. Languages evolve, just like everything else. The letters used then and now are different.

    A lot of people here have requested you and your friends to get your facts straight before you post something here, but you still seem to be going your usual way in posting bullcrap. If you don't know anything about history, stick to whatever thing you know.

  88. balaguru,
    That 300 odd death figure is horse****.

  89. "If you don't know anything about history, stick to whatever thing you know."

    Its funny coming from a person who believes the Stories in Mahavamsa are true! Seriously people, you history has been created and promoted for political gains, nothing more and nothing less!

    If you don't believe me, Go to the Dutch museum and you will find Letters and documents Signed in Tamil by Sinhalese kings when Dutch were there!

    Mahavamsa degrades Sinhalese people and their existence and yet you all believe in it!

    You have been feed with Lies and Hate! You claim that your war is not against Tamils, then why don't do something about the Tamils in Jaffna who are facing Starvation? Why don't People like yourself get in front of Sri Lankan Parliament and protest? The answer is simple! You don't care about Tamils!

    Ragapiza believes that Tamils are a threat to Sinhalese people, He and other Sinhala leaders promoted this "Majority having the mentality of a Minority", views in the common Sinhalese today! Sinhalese are continuously made to feel "Consumed" by the Minority Tamils, and therefore justify the need for the colonization of Tamil Areas of the East!

    If the LTTE are a Major Threat to Sinhalese, then WHY AREN'T THERE ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS and Radars @ PUBLIC PLACES, PLACES OF WORSHIP, MARKETS? All of the Radars and Anti-Aircraft guns are placed near parliament, Military Camps and Airbases! but why is it so?

    Because the Sinhala leaders know that LTTE will not attack Sinhalese people! The small scale attacks you see to day are just tit-for-tat attacks for the killing of Tamils in the north!

    If the LTTE was really a Terrorist organization like you say then They would have just dropped bombs on the Carnival event which was right beside the Sri Lankan International Airport and Airbase!

    They could have killed lots of Sinhalese people! But they did not!

    I know that all my above comments wont make it into your head of the Warmongers in the Blog...but there are some of you who hate war, maybe this will help you to make some decent decision which will atleast help save innocent lives!

    Why is the Sri lankan government attacking and banning the Media? Why are all the Sinhalese people who speak out against the Governments policies are classified as Sinhala Tigers?

    Believe it or not, There are growing # of Sinhalese Intellectuals who support the Idea of Two Nations in the Island! It provides more stability!

    Almost all these Sinhalese Intellectuals have left the country and are living abroad, watching some corrupt Sinhalese and Tamil Politicians destroy Sri Lanka!

  90. After everything is over Mr. Mahinda Rajapiza and his brothers will be living in Luxury homes in UK and USA! The money that they looted as service charge for buying Weapons and Fighter jets are saved in their Swiss Bank! And will write essays and letters about their mistakes while they were in Power in Sri Lanka! This is what Our Great Lady Chanthrika did!

    Grow up people! Just give the Tamils their Eelam and live in Peaces! Just Look @ Malaysia and Singapore after they became two nations!

  91. jay ramen,
    Thanks for your detailed & completely intelligent analysis. I'm flying to Holand first thing tomorrow to see the documents mentioned by you.

    "Believe it or not, There are growing # of Sinhalese Intellectuals who support the Idea of Two Nations in the Island! It provides more stability!"

    Yes of course, we are not in Sri Lanka and we don't know the exact situation. It's you people who are in SL that provide us with the real situation there.

    As for the rest of your bull****, I'm not going to reply to them, as it's going to need quite a lengthy explanation. I don't want to waste my time and blog space here doing that, since I know you're not going to get any of it into your head anyway. Keep holding on to those ideas in your head. The best of luck in achieving eelam to you.

  92. "The best of luck in achieving eelam to you."

    Why Thank you Mr. Champel! This is why I love you guys!


  93. Chamal seems enjoying argueing with drunked, mentaly retarted, ganja poravals, etc. (No offense to chamal, drunked guys, mentaly retarted guys)

  94. ninja (and all others),

    I won't be replying again to him, sorry for wasting space here for something that was going to be useless anyway. It's not like they were going to listen...

  95. Tamil New Year weekend.

    Best wishes to all!

  96. "However, field commanders told DefenceWire that the church will probably be captured, for the second time since 1999, by the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations begin."

    Ha, Ha!

  97. Guys,

    I sense a subtle correlation among Jeyaraj's death, Vaiko's appeal to Eric Solhelm and Nadesan's appeal to the Norway Government to Save the Madhu Church.

    The LTTE is feeling the pinch of the military might of GOSL and its inevitable effect of claustraphobia, especially for the senior folks.

    My hypothesis is that they may have given Jeyaraj an ultimatum: use your influence in the government to stop the war and we would come to negotiating table.

    Jeyaraj, emboldened by the military successes, successful completion of Eastern election and his owm immense popularity, may have turned it down. Then the Tigers resorted to what they normally do with their 'contacts' - decimation.

    One of Jeyaraj's last political comments supports my hypothesis: he said the war will not be stopped by any factor, that is why the President appointed his younger brother as defence secretarty.

    Jeyaraj must have had some contacts with the movement, despite his strong stance against the brutes - at some level. So, the Tigers may have put pressure on him to dance to their tune, failing which they got rid of him.

    There are others who followed the same course before being annihalated: Neelan Thiruchelvam, Amirthalingham, Kadiragamar etc.

    It is ironic that VP determines the fate of these noble gents, at a time of his choosing.

  98. The joke of the century,
    Vaiko masala dosai fatty is appealing to GOD IC to stop govt offensive against LTTE..his party is called "26 letters of the english alphabet".The way our brave soldiers have suffered and are suffering..this offensive should be stopped only after the extermination of the LTTE.

  99. jay_ramanen says

    If you don't believe me, Go to the Dutch museum and you will find Letters and documents Signed in Tamil by Sinhalese kings when Dutch were there!

    Can you please give me information of this Dutch musiem?

    But one thing keep in your mind if it is true I wouldn't think that is a big thing either. Because we know how the culture in the last part of our dynasty.

    I wouldn't even mind today if a Tamil person get in to as Sri Lankan president as long as he works to the entire nation.

  100. Guys,
    stop arguing with this raman shit. he is a racist. who cares about the language of a signature of a king, minster, etc.?? it is like the cricket team. we don't care about the race/religion of the cricketers. if they play well for the team thats it.

    the world is NOT divided into races.

    unfortunately LTTE supporters are still living in the barbarian era when race was everything.

    this war is not about tamil verses the others. it is about LTTE verses all others. others include tamils in TMVP, EPDP, EROS, TELO, EPRLF, DPU, LRRP, etc. in fact according to what i hear most DPU (the elitist SL forces) are tamil!!!

  101. Lakshman Kadir, Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, etc. were tamils!!

    he he.

    Even Pillayar is a tamil!


    we LOVE them.

  102. Passing of the Lanka Lion throne to Nayakkers show how delicate a matter international relations to Sri Lanka then as much as today.

    At that epoch, the whole Indian Subcontinenet was quasi occupied by the western powers. To blance the Western influence SL Royalty / Aristocracy maintained good contacts with South India and Sout East Asia(Burma, Thailand…). Thus they were able to obtain arms and fighters from these areas.

    Sadly, Aritta Kiivendu, the advisor to King Tikiri Bandara Rajasingha, drew a wedge between the Singhala Royalty and the aristocracy as Paskaralingam drew a wedge between India and SL during Premedasa time.
    Through fine manipulations, the throne passed to Nayakkers and the aristocracy was divided between pro/anti Nayakkers.

    Nayakkers and their partisan Singhala Chiefs might have used Tamil script to show their allegiance to the new dynasty.

    Sadly again, when trying to get rid of Nayakkers calling for help the Brits, the Lanka throne passed to Brits.

    The lesson to be learned is that if we try to sub contract our security to third party because violence is abhorred in Buddhist philosophy, then we are sure to loose big.

    We will go into the finest non-violence aspect of Buddhism once we are sure that we are able to assure our own security. Even then we have to be prepared to threat from barbarians which may come from unexpected corners.



  103. Qrious,

    "My hypothesis is that they may have given Jeyaraj an ultimatum: use your influence in the government to stop the war and we would come to negotiating table."

    Looking at the kind of man Jeyaraj was, I think he'd have made it public if any such request was madde from him. And the LTTE too wouldn't be stupid enough to ask him, of all people. If this was made public (as of course he would have done) the great sun goat would have died from embarrassment. I mean, the mighty unbeatable LTTE begging from government officials? No, they are too arrogant and overconfident for that, even at a very desperate stage. They immediately try to eliminate people that oppose them, they don't try to bring them to their own side. Their policy is, 'you go against our great sun goat, you die' This is what they've been doing from the start of this war.

  104. mathematica,

    There was another reason for the sinhala kings to tie up with malabar/nayakkar kings. Malabar/nayakkar is NOT tamil but rather Kerala. Tamil nadu and kerala had their own problems between them.

    the sinhala kings tried to use it to screww their enemies who had close ties with tamil nadu.

    Before the kandyan kingdom a sinhala king had a gallant commander by the name nissanka agalakkonara (???) from malabar/nayakkar who fought tamil invaders.

    The Kandyan malabars took up place names (still this is so in kerala).

    e.g. ratwatte, possibly rambukwella (not sure though), possibly kobbekaduwa (not sure)

    so they were NOT tamils but keralites.

    The dalada perahera is an EXACT COPY of a hindu festival in Kerala except that the dalada perahera has some added local features. it was started by the malabar king keerti sri rajasinghe.

  105. sorry guys for again brining in this baloon theory. i stubbornly believe that UP-TO-DATE information is the key to war. found further support from iraq.

    according to this persistant surveillance is the key. i think this is EXACTLY WHAT SL ALSO NEEDS. but we cannot have the high tech gadgets. i propose humans with necessary safety, health, technology.

    i tried to contact GR and the mechanised engineering division but failed so far. may be i will sound very impractical.

    i want to just give it a try. may be away from the ACTIVE battlefield. if it works it can be rolled out elsewhere.

    delft, kytes, mannar would be ideal starting places.

    any views?

    this was discussed before here and at some forum i can't recollect by some group. if any of them are here PLEASE shed some light.

    it may well be used (if it works) during peace times as well.

  106. Grious
    You are spot on, there are others in the same trap and what motivates some is for love of money and other privilages.Unknowingly the terrorists will creep into your lives, starting with a small favour backed by generous reward, then another, then another, then blackmail you into much more serious favours and then the day you refuse they will finish you off. This happened to Rajiv Gandi,Premadasa and this new assasination.Our people, our leaders are very venerable to this, as a race we are generous and humble, too cowardly to say no.’Hitha Honda gain hamadama badding’.I have met people, gangsters who may have taken life, yet they can be easily manipulated to say black is white. This type of compromising character is dangerous and very counterproductive and I have learned the hard way from the foreigners from my very young days to realize our weaknesses. I could write pages, just crying in the wilderness of ignorance.

    Yes there might come a time when we might have to have foreign help to sort out our terrorist and other economic mess as both compliment each other.

  107. A Corporal in the British Army is paid GBP 25k, or US$ 50k a year.

    The same in the Sri Lanka Army is paid SLR 250k or US$ 2.3k a year.

    A shell for the 152mm arti costs US$ 100.

    BA soldier has to sell 500 of these to earn annual wage.

    SLA soldier has to sell just 23 to earn his annual wage.

    If a group of 100 people are involved in the op, then for BA to make a reasonable sale, they will have to shift 50 000 where as SLA only has to shift 2 300.

    Recently LTTE took delivery of new amo, and most people wondered how this was possible as all of LTTE's blue-water ships had been sunk.

  108. moshe,

    Aren't balloons easy to shoot down? They are more or less on the same spot, not moving fast like an aircraft. It has to stay low too, otherwise it won't be much use without high tech surveillance equipment. Balloons can't fly all over enemy territory, so we'll need a lot (and i mean a LOT) of them, and the cost would be very high to fit them all with these equipment. Getting fewer equipment and fitting them to planes may be better, it allows them to monitor any given place anytime. During bad weather, keeping them in the air will be very dangerous and surveillance is impossible. I think it would be better to buy some more UAV's with the same money. Balloons need a lot of gas too, and because of using them in large numbers, the cost would probably be close (if not greater than) to UAV's.

    "i stubbornly believe that UP-TO-DATE information is the key to war."

    I agree with this, but I don't think balloons are the best way. Only the lines can be observed from them anyway (assuming that they are fixed from cables and not the free flying type) which can be done from our own lines and with the SI teams that frequently go there. If the need for information is very high, SF & commando recon teams can also be sent to the area, who'll probably be able to get more accurate intel than the balloons.

  109. In short, 100 SLA guys can get 10year salary in lump sum if they shift 23k arti shells. The cost for LTTE is mere US$ 2.3mil, or GBP 1.15mil, which could be one Tamil family's donation.

    The main trouble with SLA is its salary structure. It is very difficult to ask 150k people to blow-up their annual wage in just a matter on mins. At least 10% of these, 15k, would find it a difficult act.

    Which is why, since inception, LTTE has been able to "purchase" most essential items from SLA.

    If any of you have the chance to talk to Pilliyan, or anyone else who left the LTTE, try asking about the deals. They won't mention names, but they will admit that this is a daily occurrence.

  110. Mose Dayan,
    The names you mentioned, those families and their members are married to the family of my best friend in Kandy. Those families are definitely from south India. In fact the Basnayake nilame of an important devale in Kandy told me, last August that they all came from there and the people who lived in the vicinity of the devales,like aluth nuwara are their close aids and servants are from south India. This very guy is so arrogant to his employee and to my friend’s employee as well. All these families still have the old medieval arrogance, Evan up to now. Old Kandy perahara was only meant for the king and for a selected nayakka associates, never for the humble Sinhala people and the only road that ever excited was the Malabar street, much restricted to the humble people. The perahara as we know was created by the British, where they expected all their subjects to enjoy life to the fullest. the fist perahara was thus created in 1827(I think)was a such a threat to this arrogant hyrachy,then the governor had to station nearly 1500 arm troopers to guard the event. The most holy relic was brought to the Maligawa by the Governor himself. Over the years, sadly I see this beautiful historical even is being corrupted by it’s custodians, bring back to the old times gradually. This started 30 years ago, by the local municipality, where the humble balloon seller,nala seller,vade sellers,etc,etc were being chased out. They waited a whole year to make some money. Then the happy carnival that sprang for the enjoyment of the people is banned. Poor villages are never being told were the route is until the last moment and the historical routes of the perahara is changed to satisfy the seat selling friends of the organizers and the young DN,walks like a Maradana thug, with no dinity,surrounded by equally intimidating body guards, which is another demonstration of our medieval arrogance. All this harms our well being as this is the accepted standard in that island, where the leaders think that own everything that the country has. Unless you go there and work there invest there one never realizes the problems that people face. My friend constructed a metal gate at the cost of 4 lakhs to prevent un authorized vehicles coming to his premisus,but was pulled down by the council the very next day and not even the Mayor can get it to put back, due to corruption and other reasons that is being practised by the authorities there. No one know who is running that town. I think we need people from outside to rescue our country and this is the honest truth and you can shout and laugh at me, but I will have the last laugh. I am sorry for any grammatical mistakes as we have to rush to west london to hear Mr Anura Dissanayaka.

  111. GUYS.... HOT NEWS.........
    read this......

    LANKA e news nw says that MIG 27 is the best fighter that we had bought and says that its a very good deal....

    DN, GUYS
    MUN katakaranne katin da nathnam p...nda?

    This was the website who published crap abt this deal and MIG 27s.

  112. thanks kevin

    thanks chamal for your comments.

    obviously balloons are easy targets, UNLESS they travel above LTTE SAM, RPG, gun range. that is above 2,500 metres. at 3,000 metres oxygen is required. 2,600 metres is not a bad altitude visibility wise assisted by telescopes.

    the problem with UAVs, beechcraft is that they are in air for a few hours; maximum 4.(??)

    SF and other recon teams can get VERY little info over a period of time. and it is a VERY dangerous mission.



    1. this week LTTE boats tried something in the jaffna lagoon. thanks to SLA MBRL fire they aborted their mission. radar cannot provide these info very accurately.

    2. last year LTTE attacked delft. although radar was operating its info is not enough

    3. tis year LTTE mingled with fishing boats and attacked an UFAC. there was no way of knowing what was going on there beforehand

    4. in 1995 LTTE launched a massive attack on welioya front. fortunately we knew before hand from HUMIT. what if we didn't?

    5. the 2006 galle attack also is of the same type

    6. the 2000 trinco attack is another example. the threat is still there

    7. large scale tiger movements towards Ep could have been detected in 2000

    8. still there is some chance of unceasing waves style attacks. existing equipment cannot identify this.

    in all the above cases balloons could have provided the edge.

    we don't need to monitor EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. monitoring strategically important locations is enough.

    i agree that flying over LTTE areas is too risky.

    just imagine the amount of info. a balloon can provide DURING A BATTLE. MASSIVE. even along FDLs if we can pin point large LTTE build-ups at most unexpected times, it is fantastic.

    the monaragala, kataragama terror movements could also have been easily tracked from the air by PERSISTANT SURVEILLENCE.

  113. MD,

    You are spot on ...It is bloggers duty to hightlight these lapses on the part of SLDF establishment...
    Keep them coming..

  114. moshe,

    I have no doubt that balloons can provide us with intel. But I'm not an expert in aerial recon and I can't provide a detailed comparison between balloons and UAV's.
    My main doubt with using balloons is safety. If somehow they crash land in enemy territory, it's very likely that they will get at least some of the advanced surveillance equipment. Unlike a plane, chances of these being destroyed in the crash are low. And they need to be grounded immediately in bad weather and high winds. It's not going to be good for the operators if they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a rainstorm... Appropriate defensive measurements should also be there, and I don't know if these are available as most modern militaries are not using this method (eg: air defence systems, warning systems) I'm also not sure if they are less expensive than UAV's. Has anyone here got any idea on this?

    But if your idea is possible, then it can also be used for directing artillery & MBRL attacks on enemy positions, apart from reconnaissance. And it might also get the enemy's moral down, when they know they are being constantly watched.

  115. There is a series of Videos about Wanni Operation in You Tube.

    Use the search term "Wanni" and you can find them there.

    Another example of LTTE goons Churches for their mean acts

  116. kevin ,

    Thanks for exposing the idiotic arrogance of the Nilemees of the Maligawa. We people respect them because they are the people elected to protect and serve the most venerable symbol of what our people believe.

    I know many other Nilemees who are really honest dedicated people and they are sidelined because due to JVP, JRJ, VP thug culture, thugs have hijacked the steering wheels of the Nation.

    Kevin, you are infatuated with the British magnificence … for me they are simply good business men. Rational, down to earth .. ready to achieve their objectives by hook or crook.

    Any way, only one thing matters, the Sri Lankan Nation. If Brits are of use, then so be it.

    Thanks again for exposing the thugs who bring but misery to the Nation. If each of us 20 Million Sri Lankans do our little contribution by preserving our integrity, nothing can go wrong.

    We are the people who built Anuradhapuraya, Sigiriya .. and the worlds first sustainable agricultural complex which made our country the granary of Asia.



    Moshe Dayan,

    Are you sure Aritta Kiivendu was not Tamil?

    I think we overdid our co-operation with other Nations by loosing our throne itself in the process. It is really welcome to integrate Malayalis, Tamils etc into our aristocracy but risks are many. I read that even Jews fought for Singhala kings. We need more blood links with Begal, Bihar, Punjab, Orissa … Burma, Thailand …

    As long as they are for the Sri Lankan Nation, and ready to share our destiny whole heatedly, all are welcome. Sri Lankans are not a racist lot, lesat of all the Singhaleses.

  117. defencenet, the 300 odd figure is horseshit but the 6486 number is right on eh?

  118. thiru,
    Whe did we say that 6000+ figure was correct?

  119. See original story above from Defencenet
    "In other news several foreign media reports have misinterpreted an arms purchase by Sri Lanka. The army is not buying any type of missiles as claimed by the report,..."

    This is the response from Saferworld:
    Saferworld and BBC news article
    Saferworld was recently quoted in a BBC online article regarding the transfer of military rockets from Slovakia to Sri Lanka. We believe the original article was not a fair or accurate representation of the discussions between Saferworld and the BBC.
    Saferworld contacted the BBC with its concerns, and the article has since been changed with all references to Saferworld removed.

    Good old BBC, just change the article, who cares about little sri lanka.

  120. Peter said,
    "Recently LTTE took delivery of new amo.."

    He he .. Who told you that ?
    Your grand pa ??


  121. Norway opposes ‘external’ solution to Sri Lanka conflict


  122. JVP split could bring greater Indian involvement in Sri Lanka: Expert


  123. Indian and other military research indicate a state of 'stalemate' in the anti-terror effort.

    Stalemates are bad. Over time they prove to be bloody and endless.

    Initiative only will break a stalemate and tip the status quo.

    When it comes to initiative, the tigers have historically proven superior. This time, the govt will have to shake itself into proactive action if not to be caught napping and checkmated.

  124. defencenet, although you have discarded and discredited tamilnet's figures you have rarely debated MCNS's figures thereby being prejudice, if you want to discredit one side's figures then the same should be done to the other figures as well.

  125. thiru,
    Well we cannot discredit's figures without proof.

    The reason why we trash tamilnet's claims is this:
    Through our sources, we can exactly know if TN's figures are correct or not as we will have access to SLA actual casualty details (most of the time).

    But we do not have a source within the LTTE. How can we post any confirmation or denial on figures (unless ground based intel says otherwise) without any external confirmation?

    The bottom line is that we post or trash figures which we exactly know that are wrong or correct. We do not work on speculation.

    "thereby being prejudice,"

    We quote from our first post:
    "We hope to keep the content of this blog as impartial as possible. However, we do believe that the LTTE is a terrorist organization."

    Anyway it doesn't mean only news beneficial to SLA will be posted here (as you may have observed). Just want to tell you that we dont have any respect for the LTTE so yeah it may look partial to you.

  126. Will the JVP split pave the way for a renewed Indian military initiative to clean up the mess in Sri Lanka?

    Some apparently think so, and it may even be the best way possible. extradite/kill Velu and the others, rehab the tiger pups, straighten up the mess in the Vanni and get some money into the economy, stamp lasting allegiance to the greater India from the majority. A practical way forward for both countries, while India negates decades of Sino-Pak influence in a single stroke.

  127. A rare article from Sinna Manni.

    "Sadly, the fact that life is unfair has to be recognised. But it is also counter-productive to the common goal of the civilised world to combat terror while preserving human values, that there is hardly any recognition of the tremendous care that the Sri Lankan armed forces have evinced about their own citizens while fighting against terror."

  128. defencenet, it's not that hard to figure out that figures are bullshit, if they were true then it would be a cake walk into vanni, i know that your going to say that gaining land is not their objective right now but we all know that they want to capture vanni, if they have killed that many tigers then it shouldn't be difficult to walk into vanni and especially with the news of all the people in vanni waiting for the courageous SLA to liberate them, if all these people are waiting to be saved like the GOSL claims then it should be a cake walk but we know now that it isn't.

  129. TamilNut is a terrorist mouthpiece.

    "discredited" is its first name.

  130. There is greatly incresed potential for a surgical military strike by India, followed by a strategic initiative towards firmly entrenching SL in its sphere of influence by winning the loyalty of the majority. A great way forward for both nations.

    It doesn't mean we drop our old friends in China or Pak either.

    check out the article referred to above.

  131. Rover said...

    What ever is being said and done, LTTE is built around lies and deceptions, that is why they don't have an EelFarm after fighting for 30+ years.\

    wow what a folish you are do you know eelam is already your SLA or you Police can't go there

  132. To day News

    in four fornt the SLa try to push forward to Vanni came under LTTE attack SLA 30 killed 75 injured

    in Amparai one police killed in claymore Attack

    In Jaffna point pedro one Sla killed in claymore attack

  133. Is this a blog about history?

    Duh! All of you are walking in to the booby traps here..

  134. I am getting restless waiting for unceasing wave infinity+1? there anyway to instruct them to attack singlefile?

  135. "The government has thwarted a move by anti government elements to create a scarcity of essential food items" -- Says Sunday Observer

    LTTE behind global food shortages?

  136. When LTTE get battered, Norway is organizing Peace and Reconciliation conferences to give Oxygen to LTTE.

    The participants have been tricked into attend the conference by calling the conference "Peace and Reconciliation in South Asia", but the hidden agenda has been to support LTTE.

    Prof. Harsha Wijesinghe, Venerable Brahmanawatte Seevali Nayaka Thero from Amarapura Mahanikaya, Venerable Maduluvave Sobitha Nayaka Thero from the Nagavihara Kotte, and Niranjan Deva Aditya, Member of European Parliament all have been tricked into attending this conference that Waiko and LTTE supporting agenda taken center stage.

    Norway is now trying to target individual patriots of Sri Lanka to weaken the popular support of eliminating LTTE for everyone's good.

    Beware patriots, identified to Wolves in sheep clothing!

  137. Come on!

    Why are our brave soldiers unable to reach Madu.

    Is it too far?

    Why do they take such a long time?

    You could have walked to New York and have a pint of beer with 'Acid'thiri by now.

  138. mathamatica,

    "Are you sure Aritta Kiivendu was not Tamil?"

    No. i'm not sure about this name.

    But the malabar kings (an minsters) were from KERALA.

  139. for all the pathetic brainwashed individuals who believe the bullshit that the GOSL puts on, read this article:

  140. LeN refers to a cost of USD 25mil per for the Mig-27s, when they cost only appx $2.7million.

    The best part abt this newspaper is its pictures..

  141. LTTE get info before air strikes

    //According to the information sources from Sri Lanka Air Force, we have been learnt that LTTE is getting information regarding any air attack before it commences. After the death of LTTE Political wing leader, Tamil Selvam, they have managed to get prior information of the air attacks and because of this , SLAF were failed in targeting any of the LTTE leaders after Tamil Selvam's death. //

    //In the meantime, our information sources say that critisizing the controversial purchase of MIG 27 is baseless. MIG 27 is the world's cheapest but accurate and easiest one to use. Further, spares for same can be purchased directly from Russia at a cheaper rate without going through a third party. Even though rumours are spreading all over regarding commissions, there are no other fighting craft in the world which can be purchased for 250 million dollars.//

  142. LTTE getting info before air raids:

    When LTTE used SAMs after CBK ceasefire then SLAF cheif late HaryG said it was a technical failure nad send secnd avro. One pilot killed was his son. His other son, now SLAF cheif beleived VP got injured due air raids. I hope he learns from father's mistakes. This tipping story I have seen from other sites too before this.

  143. About LTTE terras here (again)--

    This blog is to discuss and share info about the military conflict in SL. Obviously, this has to be done with likeminded people.

    DN said some tigers we saw some time ago were not gone just has new handles. We have two types of tigers here. Some explicitly write as tigers and others start as 'neutral, innocent' ones or even as patriot sri lankan. For the first type it is easy to ingore them and its the best option we have. We may get into the trap with second type and waste a lot of time explaining and argueing. Thus need to be vigilant.

    These di-ass-pora has their own version of SL histoy and LTTE character certificate. 4000 years old tamil kingdom in NE, British combined to countries for administration and give freedom to that new single country, thus now need old eelaam back.

    My experiance is just by argueing you can't change a UNP/ SLFP/ JVP person to another stream. Same applies to LTTE. Reason is when you argue both parties want to show they are right and other is wrong. There is no intention of finding truth, what is correct or simply not ready to reveiw own veiws.

    If you explain every thing to a tiger here he will come back with a different handle ask same BS again. You have so many sources if one realy needs to find out other parties veiws, details of history/ conflict, specialy for di-ass-pora. But simply they are not ready for that. Rather just wanted to have some good feeling after reading 'disturbing' news from DN.

    Best option is to ignore them. Other option is have some fun and asithri does that.

  144. Tropicalstorm,

    "LeN refers to a cost of USD 25mil per for the Mig-27s, when they cost only appx $2.7million."

    I saw that too, by the story that they are trying to say, they seem to be referring to the Mig29s, not the Mig27s!

  145. Ninja is right. When we try to argue with them, we are giving further exposure to the lies. And we really can't argue with someone who is storytelling, and someone who is not ready to change their opinions when historical and cultural FACTS are laid down in front of them.

    Lets try not to argue with them, unless they are intelligent folk who come here to clear up a misconception they have.

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  152. DN thanks for all your efforts..

    Wish you all have a wonderfull New Year. !!


    BTW sla has issued a new video (not public) but saw it frm one of my friends...(That has a scene where SF guys carry a 4 malnutrition ed imran pandian thugs killed in the welioya front...hope that this will come to public soon same as the thoppigala video )
    and have heard that there is a another uncensored video i the mannar front (tractor load of bodies.... approx 30 ).. and the the news that I got said that only 9 them were transfered to LTTE via redcross becos others were decomposed badly. anyone has any new abt this??? my contact in SLA will nt be reachable for some time.. so anyone has immediate contacts with sla.. pls post somethig abt this as well..

  154. All the LTTE Crab dances last till the water get boiled enough.....

    Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year For All....!

  155. attack

    This blog is to discuss military conflict in SL. There are two sides LTTE and GSL(SLDF). We and blog admin is not in LTE terrorist side and we are in SLDF side. There is no question about it. I beleive DN has all rights to delete tigers' crap.

    If there is nothing to say this di-ass-pora atleast say they achieved elaam yesterday night, 500 SLA killed or some thing. Its just natural any patriot to respond tigers. But absolutely no use. Let them talk to themselves. (Its upto tigers to divate it.) Its upto us to keep the blog on focus.

    But remember one thing. All these tigers have done their job for peelaam (paid $$$) and do more by taking part of useless propaganda. What we have done? Apart from talking here we need to do more for SLA.

    Second, whenever you read terras comments remember no matter how good you argued with them before, they have not changed their mind. You disproved one crap they have a second crap. (There is one truth but many lies.)

  156. Guys, why do you bother with this idiot pETER, remember his Easter message to the world:

    “A friend once said: "The next best thing to Tamil Eelam is the absolute destruction of Sori Lanka."
    So, see you in Tamil Eelam, if not, see you in hell.

    "Peter virra Ponambalam"
    March 25, 2008 12:54 AM
    The bugger is a SOCIOPATH. You have a snowball’s chance in hell to educate (or reason with) him / her /it.

    As Pakka-Lanka suggested sometime back, apply 0R to this kind of vermin.
    Leave the extermination work to Maestro OaO Asithri (hope you don’t mind the added responsibility bro..) and of course The DefenceNET

  157. no mess,
    No i have not forgotton that comment.
    well said.This guy is a citizen of GOD IC NOT ShriiLankaa..The point here is that this guy makes 2 comments and expects the rest of us to spend all our free time engaging in pointless counter arguements while he spends his time on more productive aspects of his own life which make us the real fools here not him.If our next meeting with him is in hell ..what the eff is he doing here?.
    As for OAO Asithri..he is very busy and can spend his time better than engaging in these stupid arguements.

  158. I was going through a audio recording of Mr Anura Dissanayake,who spoke at a gathering in west London yesterday, where he says that the government ministers are too extravagant, doing foreign shopping trips with the pretext of attending important meetings and engaging in official duties, thus wasting valuable hard earned money of the country. Also he said that the President too, went on an extravagant trip to China, taking nearly 170 drummers and dancers, just to show off, which I think is unnecessary when the country needs every penny to fight the terrorists. By showing off with such extravagance gives the wrong message to any donor country as it should be commonsense to know that one has to be a bit humble to get any help from a donor. It seems our leaders have little sence.We could have used this money to buy at lest 3 more MIG 27s for the money they seems to be wasting on these trips.

  159. What will the future hold?

    The US has banned the same group of bad guys (44) along with the LTTe for another year. Yet, the restrictions on the arms to SL may necessitate us to seek alternate means and also to be more resourceful.

    There are events in history and other nations that are worth analysing in a situ like this...

    Here's some info I found on how South Africa dealt with a more extreme situation, by developing their own Kfir style Mirage clone; The Cheetah, which was finally retire recently.

  160. Rover

    They were referring to the Mig-27s.

    Even the Mig29s are costing only $15million each, totalling $75Mn for 5 units.

  161. If For any reason if Israel refuses to sell any spares(I hope not),the gosl must buy the MIG27s,not MIG 29s this is a high altitude interceptor which is unsuitable for our needs. These pictures of the carnage of the Marathon was given to many sponsors and participants of the London Marathon yesterday. They were shocked and shaken and one of them was a diary secretary of a powerful Cabinet Minster. They will influence their local MPs and the government itself. We printed over 2000 prints with an explanation and one of the helpers was a disgusted person from the state of Kerala. He and his friends constantly tells us that the people in southern India hates the Tigers in SL and their corrupt friends in the politics in South India.

  162. Kevin,
    Keep up the great work bro..well done!!

  163. Guys,

    All the indications of the Vanni battle on the northern front converge on what we had been anticipating for so long - the mechanized division.

    With the disappearance of the first FDL, the brave soldiers were operating from the no-man's-land for some time; it is a matter of time before what remains of the second FDL get blown up too, in style.

    The enemy that have been squeezed on four fronts are running out of options.

    The war is entering its most decisive phase and going to be more theatrical.

    The blind followers of the main actor in the drama, still hope he will pull something out of his sleeves at the eleventh hour, as he used to do during the past three decades.

    I hope it is going to be a metaphorical beedi that burns at both ends; it is an indication that everything this monster stood for, is about to go up in smoke.

  164. Kevin,

    Two thumbs up once again!

    Give our utmost appreciation to your colleagues involved in these activities as well!

  165. I think some of the aspects we have to concentrate on at this specific moment in time are....

    - Do a massive drive to get LTTE cadres to surrender

    - Come up with some solution to APMs, IEDs and other booby traps. AFAIK APMs are one of the greatest problems the armed forces are experiencing.

    - capture the north west coast line.

    - prepare for any massive flow of refugees from LTTE controlled areas.

  166. Guys,

    Something is going on here. Fighter jets are flying over Katunayake area.

    DN: Pls check and update us


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