Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Troops make progress in Mannar front

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers after securing the Madhu church premises has made further progress in the Wanni battlefront. They have gained territory in Palampiddy, Manthai and Thirukethishwaram and Kaththankulam regions. At least 10 LTTE cadres are believed to be killed in yesterday's (29th) fighting.

Meanwhile it is now confirmed that one of LTTE's artillery guns was hit in a SLAF air raid on the 23rd. According to MI the gun has been damaged. Whether its repairable or not is yet unknown. In other news DefenceNet can confirm its readers that LTTE casualties in Muhamalai battle are as high as 80 (as said earlier).


  1. God bless our soldiers! Hope that we will not re-repeat the same mistake in the national front. Perhaps, it will not be necessary altogether if we can use the most porous front (Vanni) to our advantage.

  2. LTTE casualties 80? Means 80 dead? Then what about 98 names?

    What about that Lankadeepa report on SLA used missiles for the first time?

  3. "theruwan saranai" to all our brave soldiers.May the blessing of the maha sanga protect our soldiers and guard their lives.May they succeed in eradicating this murderous LTTE filth.

  4. Puli anna wanakkam,hows life,hows akka is she all right,
    Anna,which way do u prefer to catch a tiger

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  6. The Wanni war front will ultimately become graveyard for SLA. With even its sophisticated warefare, the 300K+ strong US army learned the lesson in Vietnam war by losing 70k+ of its men and many more wounded. Former USSR with its 500k+ military personnel in Afganistan, they haven't done much either except humiliating withdrawal of its troops in late 80's. What I see that SLA walk into unfriendly terrain which is very much suitable for guerrilla warfare than conventional one. Please march to Wanni, it will be more of walk in the park for many defencenet keyboard warriors as they assume. Tigers will find the floodgates once they find the loophole in enemy's mission. Eventually you guys will see 1000s of Lankan army will end up KIA and MIA.

    How many of SLA ended up as PoW with LTTE in the latest Mugamalai battle? Some unconfirmed report says dozen of Lankan army got caught with LTTE. Anyone can verify this news?

  7. Puli anna,thank you so much(romba nandri) for providing the link to educate our selves,stupid uneducated sinhalease.

  8. PULI anna i was talking about your wife(I call her akka,i thought you knew that) any how,there's nothing between me and her ,dont get upset.

  9. Defencenet,

    please shed some light on the news item about SLA using a new missile. was it part of the slovakian lot? or was it a ATGM (baktarshikan, etc.)?

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  11. Hey Bros,

    Does anyoone know about the news which was published on Lankadeepa about first missiles attacked carried out by SLA ? Is it true?

  12. Vanni is already becoming the graveyard of the LTTE thanks to the attrition warfare.

    Every effort must be taken to accelerate the killing rate without unduely risking security forces.

    hopefully this will happen when the 160,000 shells from paki. and 10,000 missiles from slovakia arrives.

    according to initial reports they should have arrived by now.

    if LTTE thought the muhamalai incident was THE END, they will be surprised that it is only the begining.

    that explains why all LTTE arsselickers are LOUD in mourning for the muhamalai incident. one LTTE supporting bittch was begging me last night to pass some e-mails, sms.s to family members of security forces friends. not even a free screww convinced me!!

    there are organised gangs in SL sending SMSs, emails, making phonecalls, personal meeting people to take away the public support for the war. most of these seem innocent on the surface. for the first time i'm seeing strong LTTE/UNP supportersconcerned about soldiers!!! some go to EXTRAORDINARY LENGTHS to do convince people!!

    they are VERY active to create an anti-war climate SOON so that future operations will be difficult.

    i hope the MoD is fully aware of this and take necessary steps.

    this is somewhat serious.

  13. MasterOfAll,

    Not only Lankadeepa, SLRC has telecasted this (with a video) in yesterday (29) evening news (8pm) bulletin.

  14. pulli

    I really like your comments about beating a cat until it confesses to being a tiger. I really enjoyed that.
    By the way, so did your wife. We both really enjoyed your wit.
    ..and being away.


  15. So shyam, if you are in that area make sure you don't lose your baggage. BTW, according to pro-ltte media there might not be safe for your life more thsn your baggage. Got to vanni. LTTE will take care of you...

    That will give a chance to spend time with Fakkaran during his last few days...

    SLA lost many soldiers due to some mistakes but at the same time LTTE terrorists died like hell. Do you hear anybody care for them? Simple ugle truth is those frontline ltte terrorists are just disposables to Fakkaran..
    All the tamil souls are disposables to top ltte terrorists who benefit from this terrorism...

  16. for the first time i'm seeing strong LTTE/UNP supportersconcerned about soldiers!!! some go to EXTRAORDINARY LENGTHS to do convince people!!

    Well said Moshe,
    BTW, we should not forget how Sirasa TV help them and behave as a responsible media.

  17. TS
    though i think it's rude to have said what you's a cracker mate :) :) :)

  18. ranilb5
    what are you saying man. LTTE is the best and wanni is utopia.
    people have everything and ultimate freedom to decide for themselves.
    LTTE is winning eelam and all SLDF folks are dead or dying.
    the great ltte will lead all great tamilans to be the greatest nation of this universe and all will live happily there after except the racist sinhalese :) :)

  19. Last month
    1. LTTE removed many of its carders from Manner front and deployed them in Muhamalai and was relatively successful (who won this battle???)

    2. As a result of weaken Mannar LTTE defenses, Army could move forward easily and capture Madu…(?)

    3. There are reports about increasing clashes between Army and LTTE in welioya. They even try to use their so called TAF fighters to bomb the area probably targeting MBRL positions. Are they going to move their equipment and additional men from Muhamalai and attack walioya.


    1. LTTE is doing a real operational research math calculation (deploying their limited no of carders and equipments on one front and excreting point loads on ARMY fronts and causing as much damage as possible. As a result they will attack moral of Army, politicians and general public and to win the heart of their diasporas.(?)

    What are the precautions Army has taken if LTTE remove its manar front completely and deploy the entire resources to break the Welioya front ?

  20. I know the fact that LTTE has promised Di-Ass-Pora that they will secure the return of their investments in the Pee Larm. Di-Ass-Pora was ordered to contribute 25% - 60% of their earnings. LTTE used to issue receipts for every penny they collected from Di-Ass-Pora. Even Di-Ass-Pora has contributed with their hard earned gold jewelries. LTTE has issue receipts for these, promising they will pay back with the interest.

    So what’s happening now? Will they get what they were promised?

    This is why Di-Ass-Pora becomes so upset and desperate because they realized by now they will never going to get the return of their investments or the priority in their mythical Pee Larm.

    This is the desperation all the pathetic LTTE supporting maggots shown in this forum.

  21. Defencenet can you please update us about the missiles used by SLA? are those from Slovakia. Love to hear more technical info about those.

  22. Hey upul and Shyam maggots...

    You will never get your return of investments...... no never....


    Sri Lanaknas would definitly defeat the LTTE terrorists. If not today.... It will be tomorrow.....

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  24. shyam,

    We don't care what we did to the tamils. The fact is that we're going to kill you terrorists.

    The rest that survive will be toilet cleaning coolie refugees like you in western countries. It is a fact that the SL tamil population has been significantly reduced because of the war, whereas the sinhalese are now an even bigger majority (muslims have also increased).

    So keep dreaming of ealam until all the tamils get wiped/driven out of SL.

  25. upul said,
    [listen extreme you modaya,
    Sri Lanka is F.... with a capital F. Even if it defeats the LTTE by some miracle, the country is doomed for hundreds of years and remember LTTE won't roll over and die. They will take down Southern Sri Lanka with them. Whatever way, Tamils will get Eelam.]

    Dawalda ?

  26. Piribaharan will not see the Pee Larm.... his children terrorists won't see the Pee Larm....upul, shyam and their next generations will not see Pee Larm......till there would be 76% of Sinahala population........

    Now try to blast more bus bombs....

  27. Upul/revy the sakkiliya

    "shay it takes years for tree grow to certain height and it only takes minutes to cut it down. Understand this in the context of what you just wrote"

    stupid analogies about trees doesn't alter what I just said. You losers cant even come into this country, you can only preach from Canada. Its amusing to hear you toilet cleaners who have hardly been to this country trying to tell us how bad it is here. The fact that you are over there means you have already lost. Enjoy your peelam in Canada you loser.

  28. shyam said,
    [shay it takes years for tree grow to certain height and it only takes minutes to cut it down. Understand this in the context of what you just wrote.]

    He he he.... This is exactly what we say......

  29. upul said,
    [listen bus bombs are false flag attacks done by sri lankan MI to divert attention away from battlefield humiliations.]

    Next thing you are going to say is Prabhakaran's butt is white...don't you?

  30. shyam said,
    [you are correct buddy, i agree with you..... tamils population is reducing we know that ...and you are agree with that the Sinhala Gov doing themurders and abductions on tamils right ...]

    There is a spelling misstake....

    It should be corrected as Sri Lankans would diminish the LTTE terrorist MFrs

  31. Defencenet:

    Pls give us an updated map with positions of fronts, if possible.

  32. syam said,
    [.. and we can take sinhala koti too in to the our separate land... what do you say...???]

    There are no seperate maggotts like sinhala koti.... there are only LTTE MFrs,

    Same as there are no Sinhala/Tamil/Muslim/Burgurs.There are only Sri Lankans.

  33. Extreme:

    let those LTTE MF's to be in their sweet dreams.

    You can't fill water to a cracked pot, so as those mindless, brain washed LTTE bastards here in the blog.

  34. There is no mono-thnic state in the world as of now....

    None would be in the future....

  35. Hey shyam, upul,

    What do you going to do with the receipts you received for the payment to LTTE?

    Going to burn them and paste on Prabhakaran’s white ass once he bite the dust?

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  37. We love Mahinda and majority of Sri Lankans do. Because he kick the ass LTTE as never before...

    You know that well enough....

    Let's make this straight....Sri Lanka survived more than 3000 years from the invasions and stood straight.....It will survive today.... and will survive tomorrow....

    Yes, we feel the hungry..... more than that our hearts feel the victory.....

  38. upul said,
    [while your money, extreme is going to fund Rajapakse and co.'s nightly parade of whores.]

    he he he..... no never.... you will not get the return of investments......

    Better buy some Appam to some Canadian dogs .......with your $200

  39. Sri Lankan Navy destroys LTTE ship


  40. Well i am very happy to read about civilians taking this bomb threat seriously.Another potential bombing in bandaragama averted.It just shows you what a determined population can do.

  41. As LTTE Terrorists do Organized Crime; Upul, Shyam and other LTTE fans are dying to post as much as crappy comments here and disturb the intelligent bloggers by violating democracy in this blog as LTTE do it practically.

    Please let them post some more and flush the shit once and for all just like running a batch process in periodic intervals.. Poor losers..! Shame on you!

  42. upul said,
    [extreme, my 200 dollars probably sent dozens of invaders to hell. many more living but with missing legs, arms, other vital body parts (like balls).
    and not to mention funding blowing that Fernadapoulle as*hole.]

    Spending $200 is so much for a toilet cleaner.....

  43. DefenceNet,
    when you have the time..i am confused about the actual no of LTTE casualties in muhamalai..if it is 80..why does have 98 names to which a further 12 should be added.

  44. Extreme,
    Dont waste your time bro.If these guys need to waste a bit of time..they can goto another blog..but not at our expense

  45. B#1,
    agree with you.

    Hope sirasa will not use the good opints it gained by helping the soldeirs to promote the political / terrorist goals of its owners indirectly.

    extreme and others,

    please forget about these LTTE maggots. they are simply following the strategy i mentioned.

    they want to distract the people (even the bloggers) from the war. They KNOW very well that the goods have come and now LTTE MFs are going to be history soon.

    stop wasting time. let's discuss military matters.

    discussing military matters is the MOST hurting thing these LTTE crappies could ever get!!!

    many good stuff has been discussed here. someone mentioned about grammer/spelling mistakes in and it was corrected meaning someone at MoD is also reading these.

    this is a good opportunity to make them aware of our collective brainstorming. many here are either professionals or universoty students. (of course LTTE supporters are toilet cleaners as they have ALWAYS proven that they cannot bring in a decent argument.)

    So we can do some worthwhile discussing here and lets do it.

  46. What is the solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka?

    April 29, 2008 at 10:46 pm · Categories: Colombo, English, Peace and Conflict, Politics | by The Titular Republic

    Any satisfactory answer to this question must examine, and consider the root causes for this problem; however, the solution must be sensitive to the numerous complexities brought about by the conflict itself. In the case of Sri Lanka, it would be naive examine this problem from a purely pre-1983 perspective.

    The fundamental cause for this conflict is the perception by one race that the other race was privileged; there was a general perception racial inequality was prevalent. How did this perception arise? The origins lie in the 19th Century; the American missionaries established a wide network of schools in the Jaffna peninsula that molded an educated, English speaking group of people. The British then tapped into this ready pool of resources in order to fill posts in the Civil Service. Another reason for this was the British colonial policy of “divide and rule”; in fact, there is evidence that the British actively discriminated in favour of Tamils when allocating senior positions in the Civil Service. Hence, the Civil Service became dominated by Jaffna Tamils; their often arrogant attitude and simply the fact that this small minority held vastly disproportionate power was a cause of great resentment on the part of the Singhalese. This was amplified by the fact that Tamil’s were often able to use the administrative system more effectively; for example if a non-English speaking Tamil went to a government department the Tamil civil servants there would aid him in filling up the necessary forms etc. and explain the process in the vernacular. However since most of the Tamils did not speak Singhalese, those belonging to the Singhalese majority would not be able to do the same and hence felt resentment against the Tamils.

    Economic success was another reason for the Singhalese antipathy of the Tamils. The Jaffna Tamil originated from an extremely harsh, dry environment where existence depended on careful planning and investment combined with frugal consumption. The Jaffna Tamil applied these experiences when conducting business; and was content to operate on small margins, live thriftily and ruthlessly plough back profits as investment. Therefore, a state arose where a small minority, the Jaffna Tamils, controlled a large proportion of wealth and power in Sri Lanka; the Singhalese naturally resented this modus operandi, however the power of the British Raj prevented them from actually responding.

    After the bestowing of independence in 1948 the relative peace that prevailed in Sri Lanka in the preceding century was steadily eroded. The process began with the venting out of popular Singhalese umbrage against the Tamils by electing S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike for his “Sinhala Only” (a policy of making Singhalese the sole official language) policy in 1956. The treachery of S.W.R.D with regard to the Bandaranaike-Chelvanyagam Pact of 1957 amplified increasingly strained relations between the two races. These reached a boiling point in May 1958 when riots broke out in Colombo and the provinces; the most notable implication of these pogroms, besides the greater level of antagonism between the races, was that the Tamils began to lose confidence in the Government of Sri Lanka to safeguard them and treat them as equitable citizens. The primary reason was for five days the government had stood aside and had done nothing. This perception was intensified by the riots of 1977 (where the government again failed to protect Tamils from Singhalese gangs), the burning of the Jaffna Public Library (a symbol of Tamil culture and an important repository of original texts relating to the origins of the Tamils).

    The role of standarisation must not be forgotten; the Jaffna Tamils depended on education for economic advancement. The introduction of standardization in 1973 meant that Jaffna Tamils would lose their niche position in the Civil Service and private sector. In 1969, the Northern Province, which was largely populated by Tamils and compromised 7% of the population of the country, provided 27.5 percent of the entrants to science based courses in Sri Lankan universities. By 1974, this was reduced to 7%. This is repeatedly cited as evidence of State discrimination against Tamils, and hence contributed in undermining the Tamil’s confidence in the State.

    In conclusion, by 1983 the Tamils were treated as second-class citizens; their language not recognized, advancement in the civil service limited, discriminated against in terms of education and not protected by their State. Furthermore, they were considered aliens in their own land. This general perception was dominant at even the highest levels of government:

    “If there is discrimination in this land which is not their (Tamil) homeland, then why try to stay here. Why not go back home (India) where there would be no discrimination. There are your kovils and Gods. There you have your culture, education, universities etc. There you are masters of your own fate”

    - Mr.W.J.M. Lokubandara, M.P. in Sri Lanka’s Parliament, July 1981

    This can be considered with ease as a lucid breach of the social contract; the Tamils then felt it their right to rebel and restore their rights. The Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 had firmly placed this restoration in terms of a separate sate. A guerilla movement emerged from those dissatisfied and brought the conflict into a new phase.

    One must not fail to note that the riots of 1983 were caused by Tamil militants viz the LTTE. Tamil militancy, by this time, had already developed to the extent where attacks of this nature ( 13 soldiers were killed) could be successfully completed; this revealed that 1983 did not instigate the ethnic conflict but was a manifestation the extent to which it had developed and that events were increasingly reaching an ever higher crescendo of violence and hatred. The widespread backlash, the killing of thousands and the governments repeated failure to protect its citizens convinced the Tamil population that its rights would not be respected and that they would be classified as second-class citizens if they remained within the Sri Lankan state.

    The next 25 years was fraught with greater violence, hatred and oppression. Both the LTTE and the government committed numerous human rights abuses. The LTTE repeatedly attacked civilians, such as the massacres at Anuradhapura in 1985 and repeatedly at border villages such as Thiripane, not to mention the bombing of busses. Government forces too have committed many violations of human rights e.g. thousands of disappearances, the killing of aid workers, and the rampages of soldiers are but a few of the many instances. The mutual animosity that existed before 1983 has deepened and matured into a state of utter mistrust and bitterness. Many, if not most, members of a certain ethnic group view the members of the other group as subhuman and not worthy of existence due to the above reasons. This psychological and sociological baggage cannot be ignored and must be dealt with if any solution is to exist today.

    In conclusion, the root cause of the ethnic issue is the feeling of inequality and oppression and for the ethnic conflict to be solved these must be dealt with; however this must be done within a framework considering the mutual hate and the deep rifts created in the last 25 years.

    Today, 30th April 2008, a country deeply divided, over 60,000 dead, a generation (or two) lost, children brainwashed, hatred and above all fear. What can be done? The solution is simple yet concurrently complex. It is that the based on the cry of the French Revolution “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”; all ethnic groups must be treated as equals. How it is to be achieved? The solution lies in the creation of a modern liberal democratic structure that ensures the rights of all citizens are equally upheld. All citizens must be treated equally. A sense of national identity based on the principle of the nation state rather than ethnicity must be instilled and cultivated.

    On a practical level this means that the government should not consider the race of a person for any purpose e.g. the indication of race on national identification is unnecessary and counterproductive. Furthermore, the use of a common non-sectarian language (such as English) should be encouraged. In addition, a culture of principle and policy, not ethnicity, politics must be encouraged. A firm independent judiciary with power to enforce its decisions must be developed. Finally, the state must be secular, in order to prevent discrimination from that direction.

    For all of this to occur legislative, constitutional, administrative and sociological change must occur. The LTTE will not accept any system of plurality and hence it would be na├»ve to expect any change from the LTTE, or the brainwashed and oppressed people under them. The burden lies on the average Sinhala voter (the majority) to elect a government that will ensure that all these goals are achieved. The perceptions of the Sinhala voter must be changed via education and exposure (and perhaps war weariness). Only when these goals are achieved and all ethnic groups feel they are equal citizens the “voice of strife” be dumb and only then will “we march to a mighty purpose”, the betterment of all our citizens, united as one.

  47. Shyam,
    thats OK.amuse yourselves till you have to goto uni or work:)

  48. Defence Net, Could you please explain us about recent report of Missile usage of SLA. Rupavahini showed some terrible shots in this regard.

  49. "Even though the real ealam is a dream, we will create Cyber Ealam in this blog... he hehehehe..."

    Aney Ponnaya.... so you know exactly peelam is a dream.. huh

  50. srilankan & Moshe....

    I agree with you guys....

    But it's fun to play a game with these 'Kundi Kulies'

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  52. shyam said
    [what are you.. yeahh we know that you are very professional in toilet cleaning and are you all doing degree on it...]

    You got it wrong.... not everybody in this world is a toilet cleaner like you..... live with it.... if it's difficult wear a face mask...when you wash the pathetic Kundi Kuli

  53. shyam,
    "Even though the real ealam is a dream, we will create Cyber Ealam in this blog... he hehehehe..."
    at last you realised

  54. LKDOOD said..
    "Sri Lankan Navy destroys LTTE ship"

    LKDOOD you fool! This was news in 2007 March or something..

    This is "olds"

  55. Moshe Dyan said...

    [Discussing military matters is the MOST hurting thing these LTTE crappies could ever get!!!]

    Well said Moshe.....
    When come to real war related info. They have nothing to say. When it comes to gossip. they are far superior than us. Their weakness..nt ours 

    extreme ...
    niyama uthtara tika machan. e unata enargy nathi kara ganna epa me sakkili thalayanta answer karanna gihilla...:):):)

  56. machang ,

    The article you posted, blame almost everything on Singhalas ?

    We must know that the Indian Brahmins are trained for 1000s of years in the use of intellect and they are the best. Even then, the GOI (Govt. Of India) even today has a system which favours lesser clasees/castes in admission to Universities & public services.

    Did the Brahmins revolt? Did they start killing the soldiers?

    Not at all. It is better to say that those were Brahmins themselves who introduced these discriminations against their own interests. At the beginning there were few young Brahmins who committed suicide because they were not able to enter Universities, and nothing unfortunate now. Brahmins were sufficiently intelligent to understand that undue privileges can not last long.

    This little sacrifice by the Brahmins, has made a united and a dynamic India which is moving forward confidently.

    Tamils must mend their ways as much, rather more than the Singhalas.

  57. DN

    If you have a time please post a map of current SLA positions. What is happening around Adampan Junction?. Seems SLA going to box it and force LTTE to leave, rather than direct invension. Same thing happend in Madu. isn't it ?

  58. ananconda,

    Thanks bro for the advice...

    I don't lose energy as I put it to the fun part......

    These maggots don't have any logic in their arguments....anyway what more can we expect from these Sakkili toilet cleaners......?

  59. Don't insult the people using the words Sakkili, toilet cleaners.. etc.

  60. Shyam and Upul,

    Do you guys have bolls??? if u guys are real guys, u cant say such things to the dead people.. Just unzip ur trouser, and check wheather its dar or nt.. just check no one insulted ur dead leaders in dis blog.. be a man..

  61. Sakkili & Toilet cleaner are not insults. That's the truth.

    How does the revealing their real proffession (???) becomes an insult?

  62. any truth about the missile attack ??

  63. DN . Did SLA use missiles for the first time ?

  64. Extreme Machan. munta melo deyak terenne na machan paya 24 kudugahala inne:))

  65. DN why did u deleted the comments from me and Upul ...? those are just the answers for the other fellow bloggers

  66. Dushantha machan .no need to check machan ltte MFs know that they do not have balls.they think balls will grow after getting pundalam

  67. Defencenet, deleting posts like this is an terrorist act. All the NGOs and human right fronts should come forward take consider this media freedom and should take an action against this....

  68. Ninja . does not matter 80 or 98 .It means they also suffered . comparing to their strength 80 is a big number. .

  69. Shyam. So ...if DN is deleting your terrorist comments why are you coming to this place ?go and open another blog no one will stop you.This is not a part of vanni. this is free world .

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Thnks DN.

    U have done the right thing.. dis is nt a place to keep shit comments of shit people. Medaia is a pure thing.. coz of these shit people, meadia has become a shit place. The respect we had to the media has havished form our mind because of shit people.

    DN keep up ur gud work..

  72. OH!!! NGOs and human right fronts, Please protect LTTE :D

    The only relief LTTE has righ now..

  73. shyam said,
    [Don't insult the people using the words Sakkili, toilet cleaners.. etc.]

    Consider 'Sakkili' as your ethnicity and toilet cleaner as your profession.

    You are a disgrace to the real Tamil people whom I know and work with.

  74. extreme. machan .ltte MF are disgrace to all humans in this world. dogs are much better than them .

  75. "Defencenet, deleting posts like this is an terrorist act."

    Of course mate you are the one to talk. You were the one who spammed the blog because we deleted your comments a while back. That was an online implementation of what the LTTE is trying to do to Sri Lanka.

    As we've said before, dont ask why your comments got deleted. DefenceNet is a blog and it is controlled the way we please. If you want your media freedom, go open a blog yourself rather than trying to hijack others.

  76. as for the missile folks lets just say we did use some newly acquired weaponry in that front

  77. srilankan the casualty figures were what our sources confirmed. They may be higher than that.

  78. DN said,
    [as for the missile folks lets just say we did use some newly acquired weaponry in that front]

    Thanks DN for the information....

    Yes... don't reveal what weapons used...what only matter is how many Maavir's newly created each time the weapon used....!

  79. "as for the missile folks lets just say we did use some newly acquired weaponry in that front"

    I am impressed! the way to go forward forces!

    defencenet: if it is ok to reveal, pls let us know the gravity of damage that it can makes....

  80. ho ho... the blog clown Shyam is accusing DN of cyber terrorism eh..
    bugger off and get a life moron!
    like DN says go an open ya own blog...
    nobody is stopping you :)

  81. [If you want your media freedom, go open a blog yourself rather than trying to hijack others.]

    No...I'm a member of Tamil Diaspora and 'therefore' I', entitled to 'above-the-others' treatment and acceptance. You MUST allow my behaviour. Even the western governments tolerate us.

    Or else...

  82. [I will do my best whatever i can do for my Motherland, thats all.!]

    Your best for motherland is not defecating in here. Help the innocent tamil children to have a good education and have a life. Get them out of the grip of the terrorists. That is if your motherland is Sri Lanka.

    But if your motherland happened to be Peelam, get your ass in to wanni front, get in to a pair of bata slippers, get hold of a T56 form a dead comrade, station yourself in a bunker and get ready to be a mahaveer!
    Good thing is you dont have to suffer long. Cause we are coming soooooooon.

  83. shyam,
    oh, you quit? poor baby. Finaly you understood after all this time.

    But I suggest you shouldn't. You have been entertaining us for so long we will miss you. And also you kept us reminding how moronic the LTTE MFing ass lickers are!

  84. "I will do my best whatever i can do for my Motherland, thats all.!"

    yep.. you took whatever you can from SL and now sucking up for piraba and the gang putting down SL...
    must be tough to be honest for a change

  85. LTTE illegal phone card business busted in ataly

    Well done Mr Hematha Warnakulasooriya


  86. Shyam,

    you are running away like a LTTE imran pandyan coward!!

    atleast you have the whole markham to hide. poor tigers they will be BBQed pretty soon.

    So you thought the muhamalai incident was THE END; hahaha

  87. DefenceNet;

    Someone using ma name to comment here .... can't i identify and block the fake profile .....

  88. Yov people you had a nice conversation with a Fake Shyam not me ..not the Shyam® hehehehe
    But i am surprised with if any fake bloggers were here DN delete as soon as he can ..but in ma case DN is very silent ...

    Anyhow hot news ... Ltte fires Arti on Welioya FDLS ....

  89. LTTE: Sri Lankan MIG-27 jet fighter shot down..?!?!

    Is this true?

  90. Oh man shiyam, u r like Pro-LTTE meadia men.. If our SLAF bombed to vani.. only civiliance and trees getting distroy, but not dar carders.. u here saing sm1 is using ur name.. hehehehe.. Funny men

  91. "as for the missile folks lets just say we did use some newly acquired weaponry in that front"

    this is DefenceNet's way of saying
    "we have no idea"

  92. shyam,
    Fake is 11926334329327304627

    Original is 00491643194712962581

    "But i am surprised with if any fake bloggers were here DN delete as soon as he can ..but in ma case DN is very silent ..."

    Oh comon man. How many of those (along with most of your originals) do you think we have deleted? Original and duplicate are both pains in the ass for us.

  93. "this is DefenceNet's way of saying
    "we have no idea""

    of course guns.

  94. If there is a real Shiyam fake.. lets stop dat doing.. we dont need to fall into Shiyam's caliber..

    We are Sri Lankan.. we are nt helpless LTTE

  95. The guy who is in ma name;

    Buddy DN is crying for the bloggers like me,upul.puli and all ... we kinda against for them we supports eelam but you are not then why are you doing so and disturbing your own side ...Are you a sinhale Kotti ....Lolzzz

  96. DN'

    I knw you are suffering by us..but can't help naa...we can't let you to mislead the innocent sinhale people ... we have to help them....

  97. we can't let you to mislead the innocent sinhale people ... we have to help them....

    Hey you LTTE MF SAKKILIYA.., mind your own toilet clean business. We can take care ourselves.


  98. extreme said...
    shyam said,
    [Don't insult the people using the words Sakkili, toilet cleaners.. etc.]

    Consider 'Sakkili' as your ethnicity and toilet cleaner as your profession.

    Maxa brother... :) :)maxa..:) ) Could not stop laughing,,,..are u a poet or novelist ???? well said man..

  99. Missile attack,
    wow i can allready smell LTTE BBQ.
    Good bye...LTTE

  100. slpower said...

    we can't let you to mislead the innocent sinhale people ... we have to help them....

    Hey you LTTE MF SAKKILIYA.., mind your own toilet clean business. We can take care ourselves.

    Just like you liberating tamils from the LTTE hehehehehe....

  101. liberating tamils from the LTTE

    What we'd like to see is not liberate but Evaporate LTTE MF's.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Miss.Shyam and Ms.Upul,

    DN or ne blogger in this blog does not cry coz of u... infact we like jokers like you giving us kind f entertainment in our busy working life.. thnx alot for that gilrs,, but i would like to request one thing. Please respect for the people who already dead.. Thnx to DN all your damn shit comments are deleted now.. anyways, im honestly worring abt the status of u and ur falling LTTE. they have no option but to get the help of NGOs to survive.

    NGO bless u!!!

  104. srilankan army used newly acqiured weapon WOW!!! Ltte caders running

  105. Peter hasn't posted for a bit. Maybe he was one of the three arrested yesterday in Engalnd and Wales by CTU. Hmmm... wonder which one of the three he is-

    1)Jegatheeswaran Muralieetharan ?
    2)Vithy Tharan ?
    3)Murugesu Jegatheeswaran ?

  106. Guys,

    What's this news about our people using a missile? (I haven't been able to keep up with the news for the last couple of days) Was it a Surface to surface, or fired from a jet or what?


    Says who? It's not in Tamilnut, and they should be howling about it right now if anything like that's happened (even if it is not true).

  107. This sounds big:

    1-8 base falls

    This time they have got CAS when they needed it seems. Any news Defencenet? Anyone know the location of this 1-8?

  108. New bout of Sri Lanka jungle fighting kills 34 Tamil rebels, 1 soldier
    The Associated PressPublished: April 30, 2008

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    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka: Fighting between government forces and Tamil Tiger separatists across Sri Lanka's embattled north killed 34 rebels and one soldier, the military said Wednesday.

    In the latest fighting, the military said army troops pushed into rebel-held territory in the Mannar district early Wednesday, triggering a battle that killed 11 guerrillas.

    Soldiers backed by artillery and mortar fire advanced into the Tamil Tiger territory and attacked rebel positions in two villages, a Defense Ministry official said on condition of anonymity because of government restrictions on speaking to the media.

    Scattered battles Tuesday in the Vavuniya district, just south of rebel-held territory, killed 11 rebels and a soldier, he said.

    In the same area that day, army troops attacked and destroyed a rebel bunker and killed three guerrillas, the official said,

    Today in Asia - Pacific
    Singapore succeeds at managing everything - except datingAfghan security forces raid suspected militant hideout in KabulOlympic torch arrives in Hong Kong
    Other gunbattles along the front lines in the Jaffna and Mannar districts killed nine rebels, he said.

    Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan could not be reached for comment.

    It was not possible to independently verify the military's claims because the fighting took place deep in the northern jungles where access is restricted.

  109. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your comment.I hope the list of LTTE dead and wounded in muhamalai will be published...not for propaganda purposes.just for people to know.I think even with minimal SLAF involvement during the battle(as opposed to after it)the army was pretty deadly..which means full credit goes to the infantry for their courage and clear thinking whatever their commanders did.

    I dont believe these AFP's.prst,reuters,the brighton grandmothers association one time these fellows had pics of dead troops and had a field day in SLanka..for me the info from DefenceNet is more precious and valuable than all these sukkili.

  110. Chamal,
    It's a small-medium base of the LTTE. And yes we did get air support in time.

  111. Defencenet,

    Thanks, that's good news about the CAS

  112. lkdood, check the actual link from india times, it's from last year, there was no ship sunk this year on april 30.

  113. Ada pavikala,

    With adding another i, some other Puli is in the seen. I love that Pulii.

  114. 7 SLA KIA and another 20 wounded in Mannar FDLs

  115. Blogger thambala said...

    LKDOOD said..
    "Sri Lankan Navy destroys LTTE ship"

    LKDOOD you fool! This was news in 2007 March or something..

    This is "olds"

    Blogger thiru said...

    lkdood, check the actual link from india times, it's from last year, there was no ship sunk this year on april 30.


    OMG !

    my bad :(

  116. DefNet:

    For the kill numbers, is there anyway to verify these, for instance from body counts, pictures etc?

    Anyway, it is good news.

    Where the heck is Asithri? Hey Asithri, get off her and get over here, dumbass..


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